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File: 3d87c9092768c1b⋯.jpg (56.27 KB, 500x385, 100:77, the meme guys.jpg)


same as it ever was



File: cf62dc677277e8d⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 599x337, 599:337, 1334497791254.jpg)


File: 764820272f41377⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_osmj9jJGsV1tvpjvbo1….jpg)


File: 3bc1edd9b4c56bb⋯.jpg (980.01 KB, 1045x1507, 95:137, 1499601302844.jpg)


Star Wars is just a shit version of Dune

Star Trek is superior


*wwalks wwithout rhythm*


is little mouse still here

was he our Muad'Dib


File: 42c7a38b00cacbb⋯.png (54.67 KB, 750x286, 375:143, IMG_8818.PNG)

File: 871e799bfc599e9⋯.png (54.02 KB, 750x296, 375:148, IMG_8815.PNG)

File: dd1337370713216⋯.png (54.81 KB, 750x300, 5:2, IMG_8816.PNG)

File: a9ef6faa3024ea9⋯.png (53.44 KB, 750x296, 375:148, IMG_8817.PNG)

he literally trusts putin's word more than the word of the us intel community


>joint cybersecurity venture with russia



Tell me of the waters of your homeworld, Usul.


File: 261a5691d8c80c1⋯.png (1 MB, 954x959, 954:959, ClipboardImage.png)



seriously why is pearl so ugly



she's the ugly friend, we've been over this

she makes choco octo look hotter


File: e97a5be1f4c0633⋯.jpg (722.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1499608177644.jpg)

lol steam


I must not update.

Update is the mind killer.

Update is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my update.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

And when it has gone past I will turn my inner eye to see its path.

Where the update has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.


File: eaaeeec35d38bb1⋯.jpg (81.83 KB, 808x669, 808:669, tumblr_ostvy9Ox7o1w03l7wo1….jpg)

File: 0af889acca92d86⋯.jpg (83.16 KB, 808x669, 808:669, tumblr_ostvy9Ox7o1w03l7wo2….jpg)

File: c482c0b071f493c⋯.jpg (59.08 KB, 808x669, 808:669, tumblr_ostvy9Ox7o1w03l7wo3….jpg)


File: 1ddbebb8f5c1ec5⋯.gif (120.06 KB, 497x372, 497:372, 1466539284586.gif)

redpill me on purplekecleon



File: c32b56f695478cd⋯.png (12.95 KB, 771x98, 771:98, 1499603523516[1].png)

good image



they have a very pretty art style, even if it's furry shit



homestuck wasn't even the first pne to incorporate the ideas onto the internet format


that reminds me

i really need to finish problem solvers or whatever


File: 05491575851c1f8⋯.gif (49.97 KB, 734x938, 367:469, 1358495926854.gif)


Homestuck turns women into lesbians

and Speedrunning turns men into women

anything else?



feminism turns women into literal fascists


*holds up spock*




i'm glad Davepeta's fucking dead

i really am



wasn't it actually not

it was alive in the credits or something




nope! he's dead! kaput! mort! muerto! no need to check the credits!







i still say all the sprites should have died on game completion

they're game constructs it only makes sense

the troll session made it seem like all sprites were fated to die before the game ended


File: ea492788ad9dafb⋯.png (48.94 KB, 750x387, 250:129, IMG_8820.PNG)

And Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on NBC’s “Meet the Press” said of the possible cyber collaboration with Russia: “It’s not the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard, but it’s pretty close.”



yeah you say that as if hussie gives a single shit about anything


>Team Nimbus is creating Cloud Meadow adult video game

>3,436 patrons

>$13,340 per month

guess how many of them wasted their money on Breeding Season too

guess how



you know they're just going to line up behind his policy again, right?


remember when the sprites just finished the ultimate alchemy because who cares


a fool and their money etc etc

still though wow, i would've been sure they wouldn't be able to swindle that hard

i wish patreon didn't make it so people could hide the amount they were getting, it takes the sport out of it


who the fuck is davepeta

are you guys making shit up again



oh i have no doubt

spineless bastards


i think ive taked about this before but it seems like homestuck went wonky because hussie refused to commit to caring about something

he just didn't want to make it seem like he cared about anything important so instead the comic only cares about dunb shit like shipping and davepeta and dave and dirk



i definitely get the impression that hussie cares a lot about making it look like he doesn't care at all




he crashed the titanic to prove he didn't really care if he got where he needed to go


File: 1014e8f394a2965⋯.png (72.96 KB, 750x444, 125:74, IMG_8821.PNG)

On Sunday, Priebus said “the individual that set up the meeting may have been” associated with Fusion GPS, the Washington, D.C.-based strategy firm behind a leaked intelligence dossier that suggested Russian officials possess materials that could be used to blackmail President Trump.

“There’s more questions on the Democrat side than anywhere else, Priebus said on “Fox News Sunday.”

He pointed to an article on Circa, the news site owned by the right-wing media giant Sinclair Broadcast Group, which cited a spokesman for Trump’s legal team. The story was splashed on Drudge Report on Sunday morning.

“We have learned from both our own investigation and public reports that the participants in the meeting misrepresented who they were and who they worked for,” Mark Corallo, a spokesman for Trump’s lawyers, said in a statement published by Circa. “Specifically, we have learned that the person who sought the meeting is associated with Fusion GPS, a firm which according to public reports, was retained by Democratic operatives to develop opposition research on the President and which commissioned the phony Steele dossier.”


"yeah we met with a kremlin lawyer but uhhhh it was the democrats fault"


the best part about 17776 is that it has a defined end date

july 15



what if the author writes a newspost that says there'll be an epilogue


File: 4a9775b71753174⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 540.09 KB, 900x1063, 900:1063, 1899337 - Davepetasprite^^….png)


homestuck was going to end in 2010


hiveswap was going to be out in 2014



stop that


I'm trying to list up my commander deck so you can see the bullshit I have going on in it


haha oh my god what?

this "poor condition" revised edition forest is worth almost 3x what a mint HoD forest is


File: 6cd55b786430536⋯.jpg (81.37 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Brie_01.jpg)

the need

to brie



mmmmm fuckin brie ugh god ohhhh yes yummy cheese yeah melt it all over lil cranberry lil cracker ugh yes brie mmmmmmmm tummy yummy


File: e0b9665dc75fb72⋯.png (509.67 KB, 722x1000, 361:500, IMG_8822.PNG)

i love that their eyes are weird



Pearl needs to look more hideous


File: 345a009aef8d562⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1200x4818, 200:803, IMG_2261.PNG)

Pictured: Good fanart


File: c5e57d77a9e51e5⋯.gif (11.52 KB, 200x300, 2:3, 1358495180016.gif)

woah DOOM ends with a pretty big cliffhanger



you seriously didnt' know that


File: 5859d3e0747f493⋯.png (25.42 KB, 1084x168, 271:42, ClipboardImage.png)

you ever read something that shook you to your very core?



no i was able to play the game spoiler-free



i forgot how doom ended



god pearl is so cute



post it please



"heh, nothing personnel, Marine"



pretty much, yeah


>pearl is worst gem

>pearl is worst squid




17776 update



just guys being dudes


the weirdest thing about Spiderman Homecoming is thinking about all those times I've seen Marissa Tomei topless and now she's Aunt May




i hate the mcu now, I feel like i can't watch homecoming without watching all of the other movies, which is how i feel about cape comics in general.


god i just made myself sad



it's ok anon, we're here for you


File: 6a9733eaee40001⋯.png (791.73 KB, 1280x1085, 256:217, tumblr_ostujfbWF61w5jbxno1….png)



>callie skeleton




yeah its especially funny that modern Marvel and modern DC both were like "we understand people hate endless crossovers and dozens of *see issue 3431* references in our franchises, therefore we're starting new, more self-contained reboots"

and then both of them proceeded to do the same exact thing as last time

and their subscription lists are both still plummeting



is this a porn game



good thing the movies sell like gangbusters

or at least, marvel's are



is that flexible survival?



i like the Marvel movies quite a bit

DC is meh at very best and literally would not exist if not for the lasting legacy of the Nolan bat trilogy


>Why does this (free) porn game give a more detailed description of a girl mouse than a guy mouse

should i start posting caps from coc and trapquest


File: b6323f1fa73828c⋯.webm (4.12 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fuck movies.webm)


wonderwoman was apparently "decent" as well



Bravo Nolan


actually i think that's saying they're fine with girls being more detailed as long as it's text porn instead of drawn porn



it was weird

there was a clear definitive point where the movie could have ended and been like there is no dark conspiracy, Diana, Ares is not the cause of WW1, its just humans being humans but then WHAT A TWEEST actually the guy who played Remus Lupin IS Ares and it really was a plot of his!


Homestuck Cinematic Universe



I haven't seen the movie but I thought there was a point with "she kills Ares and then finds out that humans are just kind of dicks sometimes"


File: ad7d0f6b1bf6f7b⋯.png (434.14 KB, 452x616, 113:154, ClipboardImage.png)



yeah but the whole movie she's chasing this General Luhtendorf who she suspects of being Ares because he refuses to get on board with the Kaiser signing the armistice

she finally confronts him and after a fight (bullshit superserum subplot) she kills him, thinking that she'd killed Ares, before she looks back out at the German command center to see the machines of war still going and producing new weaponry/bombs/gas/etc

its like they had a moment where they wanted her to realize the folly of man and move on, but its a comic book movie so there had to be at least one flashy CGI fight scene THEN she gets to do her "I have learned much of humanity" monologue


chapter 1: juice roasts 9's camera

chapter 10: juice criticizes capitalism




opening week box office take of WW exceeded the lifetime box office take of ghostbusters 2016


File: 3c438a45bf0cc97⋯.png (46.72 KB, 375x52, 375:52, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 2b2a6d5d73a0a60⋯.jpg (328.2 KB, 1800x1041, 600:347, IMG_2348.JPG)


i need to stop jerking off to her because it only makes me miss her more



what about jerking off to mom/son vore



too often do i find myself picturing her as the mom


File: 077607f837794a9⋯.png (31.96 KB, 375x52, 375:52, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 6ea501b45d4c084⋯.jpg (173.09 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, IMG_2316.JPG)

>freud was right


>i'm one of those fucking mommy gf r9k whiners

oh my fucking godddddddddddddd


File: 45c93b310e915c9⋯.jpg (169.71 KB, 1280x1557, 1280:1557, tumblr_oqantxYNcm1u4qgeao1….jpg)

God I'm so drunk right now but that's good because that makes hsg kinda fun

and fuck people that pretend to be drunk and "ttype liek thes" I really doubt you can operate a computer so drunk that you can't see the red grammar correct squiggle lines


File: 11df6944d06e418⋯.png (131.76 KB, 250x205, 50:41, ClipboardImage.png)

>you aren't sponge


File: 85c68f5d206124f⋯.jpg (38.91 KB, 610x330, 61:33, IMG_2341.JPG)



cute hu



keep drinking until you stop giving a shit about grammar


File: d13330b3b31c152⋯.jpg (102.33 KB, 704x1000, 88:125, d13330b3b31c1529906176b678….jpg)


I will never stop giving a shit

even if it takes me twenty minutes to type a message because I'm so shitfaced

i'm gonna play fallout 4



play DDR instead


File: 3982fda40ddac6b⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 260x260, 1:1, IMG_2149.JPG)


/tv/ fucking sucks. or maybe it's just tpg. for a bunch of people that claim to hate reddit they sure as fuck can't shut up about it.



isn't that that pedophile board



i mean, it's the television and film board, but yeah, i guess


IDE/Theory: pearl is a hyperevolved goofball


File: 6fad146a8ed0bc5⋯.webm (2.8 MB, 1000x500, 2:1, Dragon Ball Super Episode….webm)

File: 3fa734c6413dbea⋯.webm (2.61 MB, 1000x500, 2:1, Dragon Ball Super Episode….webm)



>anime studios reuse animation











File: 1d6ba1708f4f1be⋯.jpg (229.8 KB, 1321x1101, 1321:1101, 1499630184510.jpg)



I remember getting drunk once and making retarded typos on purpose because I thought it would be funny.


File: 483b3a57d0205e8⋯.png (672.26 KB, 700x1715, 20:49, tumblr_nywoxnOoVW1r5kws5o2….png)



literally me at the bakery because i dont know the different types of bread


File: f574236728692b9⋯.png (277.72 KB, 800x857, 800:857, ClipboardImage.png)



File: e4a542acbdbcc79⋯.png (11.19 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, ClipboardImage.png)



is this porn

this looks like porn



i thought the same thing but no he's just got a weird art style

it does get super violent later on though, i think


>jerked off three times before work




what time span was this?



from noon to a few minutes ago



what time zone are you in

that's still a lot regardless, probably


>He's cool and all but don't act like you're meeting the president

teebeeaych i'd think meeting star would be better than meeting the president

that's not even really an epic jab on trumpy too, why would you care if you met the president? unless you specifically really liked them, i guess



maybe this was written before november 2016



it was three days ago



>mommy gf r9k whiners



man aho girl is fucking dog shit



everyone on /r9k/ has mommy issues and wants a gf who coddles them and makes them tendies



>not wanting to meet the president that made america great again



File: 2d804385b12ef63⋯.png (9.09 MB, 2102x3000, 1051:1500, ClipboardImage.png)


cam and shark keep posting about made in abyss but i dont want to watch little girls and boys get brutalized by terrible monsters



really that seems right up your alley




i thought you liked brutalized little girls



you'd think, wouldn't you

but I think a little tiny moe child literally melting while screaming "IT HURTS" is a little too much for me, tbh



What's this from? Berserk?



hey they don't die, i think



Made in Abyss



File: 56481e42f848478⋯.png (463.44 KB, 1080x1029, 360:343, 1499632386823.png)

damn shia get your shit together



i saw people complaining about the "cave-raiding" in the anime

and the little girl not drinking piss


File: 7434e20aa65c4b9⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, ClipboardImage.png)


according to the /a/ threads they don't start The Adventure for a few episodes


GuruGuru next week motherfuckers get HYPED


remember homestuck



you mean 17776: the prequel?


File: 91034976d738e1e⋯.png (830.19 KB, 808x805, 808:805, 1498605335194.png)






is he getting help for his alcoholism


someone please remind me this tuesday to sign up to the gym



sure thing, person with no identifiable characteristics



y not sign up today



you want another obnoxious namefag around, boy?


because it's late



the more the merrier

it's not like this place could get any worse, could it?



never 2 late 2 do the right thing



yeah you should tell yourself that more often


everything can always get worse



take your own advice and kill wonk


I wonder how Cletus is doing...



File: 4bcf0d861fa132a⋯.png (167.76 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2330.PNG)


xlr what the fuck


xlr is great


nice going asshat



>take your own advice and kill wonk


that was in response to me going "digest me tbh" btw

she'd love to






he's here do it now


File: c0eb697fa1a9124⋯.png (319.3 KB, 640x684, 160:171, IMG_8823.PNG)

File: 9012c619427123d⋯.png (86.92 KB, 640x895, 128:179, IMG_8824.PNG)

File: bb74fca21fa0765⋯.png (100.5 KB, 640x895, 128:179, IMG_8825.PNG)

File: 8b662f0719bb870⋯.png (99.28 KB, 640x895, 128:179, IMG_8826.PNG)






can we get some tiddies or are your mouthsluts not that trashy?


File: b1186f96e973ddd⋯.png (884.31 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


is discord kill



i don't think so


i want these godawful summer commercials about horny young adults at the beach to end



it was

its back now


File: 0e01edc785e20e2⋯.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_1930.PNG)


they usually aren't this sexually liberated



why do you post these people here

its fucked


File: 3d912f9bea4e0e3⋯.png (4.5 MB, 1280x1616, 80:101, ClipboardImage.png)



[in sponge voice] it's epic...


File: ec1e16f5ce55a2f⋯.png (153.87 KB, 385x288, 385:288, james.png)



sponge isnt particularly good at morals


File: 30d15032da9ff3e⋯.jpg (77.39 KB, 1139x573, 1139:573, junior goes to moscow.JPG)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

sponge you might like this



i miss atomic


File: a90a9ef257679f0⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1280x1085, 256:217, ClipboardImage.png)



how many people developed a tf fetish from this


File: b753614f72023f7⋯.png (806.51 KB, 750x922, 375:461, ClipboardImage.png)



please stop reblogging this post.

the original version of this image was made by gli/tch/edp/up/pe/t/,a known abuser/pedophile who has been notorious for quite some time. c//at//boun//try is another extremely awful person (not to mention frequented kiwifarms harassing mentally ill ppl lma) unfortunately receipts on both of them have been mostly deleted. either way though can you all like, Not (the post isn’t even that funny??)

edit: found a comprehensive post for c//at//boun//try: http://shatbountry-blog.tumblr.com/post/128045755512/avoid-tumblr-user-catbountry-she-is-ablest



oh yeah i saw that

whoops or wahtever






will epicly watch soon



is jimmy not pleased?



which one is the original?



i have no idea

i would assume >>982230 except without the "pirate"

at least my initial feeling towards the image was (probably?) right




these tumblr retards dont even use an archive thing so all thelinks are dead


File: 685c07e3a2e2a15⋯.png (950.26 KB, 1200x1017, 400:339, ClipboardImage.png)


did some digging, this is the original



something I’d like to add: it looks like those links are dead in the source post, but that’s just bc the blog changed URL. they still work if you use the proper URL instead


gender communism


File: bea8fb2ae1ff626⋯.png (103.94 KB, 540x203, 540:203, ClipboardImage.png)


the funny part is that there was an edit i reblogged that used the upper left corner copied



that camera angle makes her forehead huge




but thats fucking gay



so exactly the one i requested when you posted whichever edit you did

i assume it was you, sorry if it wasn't


you shouldn't need a callout post to know a furry is a bad person



i think her forehead is huge



that was me


i don't mind

if anything it makes her more unique



goddamn poor girl


File: fd094def3a9349b⋯.png (490.5 KB, 537x597, 179:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0a385ace573b22⋯.png (483.33 KB, 542x578, 271:289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8c2f28e87757661⋯.png (425.35 KB, 546x607, 546:607, ClipboardImage.png)

Who's purplekeckleon? The name sounds sort of familiar.




give a quick rundown that isnt that stupid ass forum




yea yea they're an awful person I get it

what would they have made that i would have seen


wait she makes forbidden flora

oh no



is a furry



a furry what was apparently a mod of a pokemon mystery dungeon rp forum


why oh no?

what is it about?




say no more fam


File: 9a1517788fa5a02⋯.png (50.39 KB, 658x195, 658:195, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d230eba5657a9f7⋯.png (76.69 KB, 929x241, 929:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f06d571691d2784⋯.png (115.32 KB, 927x397, 927:397, ClipboardImage.png)

hot writing tip: feel better about your shitty writing by looking at the best-selling erotic on amazon


File: 452e74539c453d6⋯.gif (853.92 KB, 380x380, 1:1, quick rundown.gif)



it's porn



my mom vore is better than this



is it good porn?



do i dare post it




i'm a big boy i can take it



File: 264354213826e2e⋯.png (2.59 MB, 1895x899, 1895:899, ClipboardImage.png)

gonna give this a no, probably


File: 828acfb695411c9⋯.png (564.55 KB, 594x443, 594:443, ClipboardImage.png)




it's shitty furry porn so it's definitely right up your alley


File: c43cf14f17040db⋯.png (349.17 KB, 564x775, 564:775, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4abc494f6047745⋯.png (38.4 KB, 500x402, 250:201, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b3689923ea721f⋯.png (38.04 KB, 500x424, 125:106, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cb85c5ae17883f8⋯.png (46.78 KB, 500x315, 100:63, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c642522d58a1f06⋯.png (52.01 KB, 500x367, 500:367, ClipboardImage.png)

gift for sponge


File: ff0ca0c50424f32⋯.png (96.72 KB, 500x498, 250:249, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0773ec20387be73⋯.png (209.07 KB, 564x564, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7312b13961912a⋯.png (89.97 KB, 496x472, 62:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f228505e33b053⋯.png (84.83 KB, 500x516, 125:129, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 24a35336bab34f1⋯.png (100.47 KB, 400x598, 200:299, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 86c8a378d2c6ccb⋯.gif (74.35 KB, 480x270, 16:9, it's not gonna beat itself.gif)



you know it's quality when redlining of the porn is in the google image results


man all these dicks are featureless tubes



File: 5dacba2c1f5c543⋯.png (269.71 KB, 875x1252, 875:1252, ClipboardImage.png)

sassy lambchop


i like the "priest you think is evil but then aren't entirely sure" character type


especially when they go back and forth between you thinking they're evil several times


i want to become an epic lolcow for the win




I'm going through old shit and I've got like 10 prima guides, one of them for pokemon platinum.

I forgot they just put the entire pokedex in there, so it's like three times the size of a normal guide.


then they've got the move/item/ability/contest move list and then a bunch of other lists of this stuff in aplhabetical order


wait i was wrong, it's an aplhabetical list of every pokemon move, except it shows you which pokemon can learn it below the name

the list for what pokemon can learn "Attract" is almost an entire page long



people just don't know how to draw a good horse cock anymore


1-32 is a tutorial on pokemon

33-258 is the actual walkthrough

259-520 is the pokedex

521-624 is various other item lists and other lists in alphabetical order


i didn't know the guy from westworld was on it's always sunny


File: ce209a42da1f821⋯.png (325.66 KB, 1261x682, 1261:682, 1496837691473.png)




259-368 is the sinnoh dex and 369-520 is the natdex


File: caf121ae517b1fa⋯.png (327.42 KB, 657x674, 657:674, ClipboardImage.png)






File: fdfe5a49bebdb59⋯.mp4 (7.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cupcakes - i can't decide.mp4)



File: 88fa077cf1b4fc3⋯.png (859.8 KB, 1150x1725, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)




considering namefagging

should I y/y



>you can't be killed if your core isn't destroyed


File: d1f6082ae214329⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1779x1300, 1779:1300, ClipboardImage.png)


his head was destroyed though, i think


File: 564a091e862404c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 387.59 KB, 800x601, 800:601, ClipboardImage.png)


i quit my stupid shit idiot job today



congrats on escaping wageslavery, your tendies are in transit


File: 0c07ab58e51448b⋯.png (258.89 KB, 488x500, 122:125, 0c07ab58e51448bd016b5799a2….png)

File: 637d73d437a86be⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1280x847, 1280:847, 637d73d437a86be0eb9f0a02bd….png)




didn't you work at a grocery store or something



what if i kind of like both but generally prefer the former



honestly? both of those demons suck



>mkx mileena



i love howard but some of the wendy the retard stuff is hard to listen to




File: f7577294bead305⋯.png (265.88 KB, 710x770, 71:77, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cbd9fe4b82e66cb⋯.png (4.33 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

reblog if the girl on the left is just as acceptable as the girl on the right




though not gonna lie i did like rachnera a lot less when i raelized her design is essentially just "girl sitting on a giant spider"

if you took away her "human" legs I'd like her design a lot better


File: 1ac744875418259⋯.png (62.15 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

>shadow sae


>coworker won't stop talking to me about video games i don't play


File: 402b61ffea7d268⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1280x738, 640:369, ClipboardImage.png)


she's not even that great honestly, her personality is decent but since they don't show you her shadow form at first i was kind of hoping the "fighting" would be more literal and she'd be some autist who actually did want to fight you "fair and square"

i forgot the same thing happened with burger king though

her palace is pretty good though



Yeah I don't like those weird human-ish legs either


>hsg won't stop talking to me about video games i don't play


>friend got a pc from his mom

>she stopped using it because all she does is play sims and it stopped working

>she never turned it off and installed a fuck ton of mods

>its his first pc and its not turning on

>tell him to just take some things out and dust it off and check the processor

>"my mom wont let me take it apart"

its just unscrewing some things and replacing the thermal paste just let me do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


File: 2b0cd02019c1c46⋯.png (27.09 KB, 570x250, 57:25, ClipboardImage.png)

>The guy who made the opening to ed edd n eddy was shot by cops who showed up at his house

>Cop was acquitted










File: 00157ea11b98563⋯.png (24.42 KB, 480x197, 480:197, ClipboardImage.png)



christ rev fucking calm your tits


the fuck happened there


extrey extrey read all about it

old man yells at image



just act like youve contracted the adhd and try to change the subject




goodbye homosuck gayneral

probably won't post here again



seeya tomorrow



you'll be back

they always come back


File: 04caccbe9f43df1⋯.png (536.95 KB, 1280x1495, 256:299, ClipboardImage.png)



bye anon, we will cherish the memories



i just stood there and sort of conversated

disgea does kind of look like fun



hope you don't leave






it's on PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4, DS

fucking play it


check out the questions on page 12 (374)

even by yourself, they make you think... (no meme intended)




god speed young lad




do you work with rev sponge



9: So if you're French, why do you talk like that? Where did that come from?

10: Oh no.

Juice: let me tell you about homestuck

10: NO



i don't get the joke, "talk like that"



like dave

fast and all lowercase

whereas, i assume, they think french people should sound posh and uh french or whatever


so can you play salmon run by yourself with ai or do you need real friends

or is it like a lfg thing where you can just hook up with randos to do zombie, i mean salmon invasion


they'll introduce a fourth sattelite soon






how do you know this


time to drink some gin because i've learned nothing at all from the past two weeks





foot ball is bad

home stuck is bad


foot ball home stuck is bad


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

have you heard of the "redemption movement"

back when the government went off the gold standard, they put up all its citizens as collateral, by giving them birth certificates which are actually bonds, worth millions of dollars



in this video the social services are literally the german SS


i have a feeling they're related to the "let's not pay taxes cuz they don't own us" movement



>Understanding how admiralty (maritime / commercial) law has usurped common or constitutional law. This is a very important concept to understand because by understanding it you will understand how the government and the global cabal have systematically planned and conspired to remove your inalienable right to soverignty.


this all sounds familiar



where's CIA in that pic


uhhhhhh am i being detainedl ol


File: 1251ec6ca05b300⋯.png (275.71 KB, 879x885, 293:295, ClipboardImage.png)


i put cold perdue precooked chicken tenders on my sandwich

its kind of a weird feeling

but its not bad



if you like ffta/tactics ogre/fire emblem/advance wars style tactical gameplay and lots and lots and lots of it, you'll like disgaea

the complete version of the 5th one is on the switch, and for the most part the games aren't connected, so you don't have to play 1-4+d2 in order to "get" it.



how's your tendie sandwich


*cosplays as CIA*




its also got mozz ham turkey and these vlasic bread and butter pickles that are hella good



nintendo switch™ is kind of a shit tbqh fam


do you think, if i believe hard enough, i could be something like BOB? or at least something like The Arm?



you cant be anything


File: 243930a8754810b⋯.png (75.65 KB, 299x221, 23:17, IMG_2346.PNG)



belief is nothing

you need to take action



you're absolutely right anon

that's what fire is


oneyng needs to make more cartoons



there's a lack of third party development that's going to haunt its lifespan, but it looks like nintendo's working on courting indies (and good indies at that) to fill that out. that said, i re-bought disgaea 5 on the switch after buying it on the ps4 because it's much nicer to be able to pick it up and play while watching an lp or something.


port nintendo games to pc you fucks



i think he quit doing that because the pay was shit and the memes were too dank, kakkacarrotcake

now he just does podcasts and lps


File: f12a206111ef900⋯.jpg (189.12 KB, 827x1169, 827:1169, 1497966733428.jpg)



>no virtual console



>Futaba's prostate pummeler



if there is a chance in any field that someone can access a nintendo game without paying you can bet with great odds it will either have some draconian eula terms or it just plain wont happen

theyre fuckin rabid about piracy



virtual console is supposed to be coming, but i'm not a huge fan of nintendo's schemes for it. Ideally, you'd be able to transfer your licenses from older consoles to newer ones, but it looks like nintendo wants you to buy your old games again again


>Tfw played p5 and then again immediately afterward

>tfw playing it again will probably do nothing for me

you fucks better announce some dlc


even after watching the splatoon 2 direct i'm seeing very little reason for this to be a sequel instead of just like an expansion pack or something, the only significant changes are the ones that don't affect the gameplay of the multiplayer (which while it's actually the part of the game I liked the least it's supposed to be the main part)






you can't charge $60 for an expansion pack



you'll have to wait for persona 5 golden festival in 2021


lovin every laugh



you can, actually

what did you think the last 15 years of baseball, football and basketball games were



you can though

it'd also make it so we didn't have to put up with a goofball and a sort of ok octoling



>you'll have to wait for persona 5 golden festival in 2021

They're supposedly announcing more persona games on the 2nd, but yea there's probably not gonna be any 5 stuff for a little bit.

They milked 4 to high heaven get the lead out on 5.


File: a693e3bd40af03e⋯.png (96.34 KB, 250x205, 50:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ced04411047f0d8⋯.png (251.87 KB, 500x271, 500:271, ClipboardImage.png)


Splatoon 1: Do you like Rei or Asuka

Splatoon 2: Do you like a downs 5head or a race traitor



what the fuck


File: e2e7b6ddb980a32⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

and again their "catch phrase" is so bad


btw there is a correct answer to "rei or asuka"


what the hell were they thinking with this gremlin



yeah, misato


i wanna stick my peepee into the niggo octoling



I've seen a bunch of people say she was intentionally made hideous to make marina seem better in comparison.



i know she's barely fuckable



you actually got it right




i'm sure there'll be more modes and maps, plus the move from one screen to two necessitates that specials are less important


they mention that the octolings are still rivals of the inklings so why's she there


they still have the dumb "You can only play 2 maps that rotate every 2 hours" thing, right?


File: 6962134b63e126f⋯.png (874.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

the REAL answer is penpen



she's a race traitor clearly


>people liked botw zelda for some reason

>... the forehead, of course!



>people liked botw zelda



who's fishing for them?

what kind of hooks?


File: c22b7c5962f2e36⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 792.51 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT….jpeg)


>for some reason



well humans have been extinct for a while, so who knows



>kids like that nasty looking doll from childs play with the distended forehead and stretched out face right

>yeah alright lets slap it on a squid and call it a day



nice link



you at least get a new box tho





the correct answer is kaworu



yeah, but they've split out rankings by mode, plus now there are leagues, apparently?


File: b05df9b13da4a3f⋯.png (649.65 KB, 1280x546, 640:273, vlcsnap-2017-07-09-20h46m2….png)



>yeah, but they've split out rankings by mode

well i'll let my e-peen know that it's safe but i sitll have to wait multiplt intervals of 2 hours to play something i care about


File: 86e142c6cccca8e⋯.png (408.23 KB, 680x603, 680:603, ClipboardImage.png)

pearl looks better in the official art


pearl & black pearl lol


I may have misunderstood it, but I think the leagues are just "you play in a 4-man premade for 2 hours"


File: 4aa9c801ef94845⋯.png (279.55 KB, 668x508, 167:127, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 81ba205c478c7db⋯.png (109.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

new official art for pearl


File: 5f007ec381b90fd⋯.gif (12.83 KB, 114x120, 19:20, chaingun.gif)


File: 390bab06b471796⋯.jpg (53.8 KB, 825x656, 825:656, BOSS LOSS.jpg)



that's weak

they didn't even try


File: 33db449a8e17ef2⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 480x480, 1:1, fuck is this.jpg)

File: dd29dedf6921a53⋯.jpg (304.11 KB, 2048x1552, 128:97, THE FRIDGE MAGNETS.jpg)


my dad is so cool

sometimes it makes me wish i was a better son, and then again this is kind of his fault


sponge do you think your dad jacks off to mom/son vore


sponge do you think your dad jacks off to dad/son cockvore



i wish i was a better son but it's too late now because he's dead




no and yes


i'm sorry. unless you're one of a few posters i doubt yours was too much more disappointed than mine


did i tell hsg i started wearing my ex's brand of deodorant? i did, and i smell like her all the time now.



that's super unhealthy







you are really not helping yourself

although consant exporsure may be a good way of destroying the association


i had even seen scott pilgrim before i moved to texas... it tried to tell me the real super power was self respect...



File: aa1e6b30c8975b0⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1280x1808, 80:113, 04_Page_4.jpg)

jokes on you guys my dad died a month after i was born if he's disappointed in me he's gonna have to be disappointed from whatever afterlife exists, if any


if people were more respectful i wouldn't be like this and i wouldn't be here, but i guess that's true for all of us



yea that was one of the good points iirc

instead of going with "power of friendship is amazing" they went with "power of friendship is ok i guess but you should really respect yourself and have confidence in yourself"



you still have the chance to get it




the resemblance is uncanny



what does that have to do with anything



i have it more than i did then i just think it's really sad that i didn't realize it then and it ruined that relationship

i think it's sad the most romantic thing i ever did ended like it did :(




youve got lots of life left to live sponge

learn and move on

you'll have more chances


it's sad, but it's not like you only had one shot at it


File: 77fc55764b00faf⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1095x1430, 219:286, ClipboardImage.png)



i know, and that's why it's so important i learn from it

but i've never been so open with a person before. and we talked for almost two years straight and i keep lying to myself that i don't miss her. and now she's dating an ugly transguy. i'm just bitching i guess because i like to act like i don't feel bad things

i appreciate your input jimmy


i'm going to stop jerking off to her. i can't keep doing this to my poor brain



good call lad

now all you need to do is exercise the self-control to follow through



no I think I would be here either way




>i'm just bitching i guess because i like to act like i don't feel bad things

i understand

being honest about negative feeings is really important though but good job recognizing that's a problem for you

i believe in you sponge and i hope the best for you


tomorrow I have to spend my free time finding contact information for every developer who ever worked on the original xbox

I'll find this fucking xdk documentation if it kills me



i hope for the best for you too, wonk

i think i'm working through most of my issues but sometimes i think my illness is getting worse. but maybe it's just getting more epic


File: f45eb88b5e96659⋯.png (511.58 KB, 650x920, 65:92, ClipboardImage.png)


File: e88baf53076bc73⋯.webm (540.59 KB, 960x540, 16:9, KMC2_4.webm)


what the fuck i just watched the first episode of that

stop it



i've been waiting for it for like 1.5 seasons


File: 65914d3a3f2c5da⋯.gif (133.92 KB, 468x60, 39:5, 9b7bee54d2673927723aaa4345….gif)

at least the aco ad banner is decent


if you didn't vote for trump

kill yourself


the lesson to be learned from tonight's badposting: what jerking off three times in a row after not sleeping well does to you


so many of these studios are now defunct

it's not looking good



individual developers off the credits of games may be more worth following up with than entire studios


File: b9fc4dd569bcbc8⋯.png (4.7 MB, 1320x2520, 11:21, ClipboardImage.png)


me no wanna go bed

but dentist appointment 730





File: 3015d48503bcd61⋯.png (9.69 MB, 1648x5208, 206:651, ClipboardImage.png)



I realize that, yes, but maybe you aren't understanding the scope of that suggestion

I would have to reach out to literally every single person involved.

If I just reach out to the studios first, as many as I can find contact info for, that will be a foothold.



not every single person, just a few lead developers or producers or something, and ask them if they have any inkling on who'd have the documentation

what's the documentation youre looking for anyway? has it not been posted anywhere online?



>Fight! Iczer One

>Gall Force

I want to kiss whoever made this chart, even if it is a joke


>Hits "swap all" in team comp, thinking it'll auto-balance the teams

>It swaps all people so he's just flipping who's attackind and who's defending

smart boy



the from-microsoft XDK documentation for development units of the original xbox

and no, I haven't found so much as a hint of the actual documentation as of yet

this is an important piece of history and it needs to be public


tfw you want to


kill your self my man








hey prisma illya got less pedophilic and more plot-centric, maybe i can actaully watch subsequent seasons


when youre a grown person and you have no friends and just rotting away on a phone screen in the dark on the floor


File: 344442f7941ca2b⋯.png (34.04 KB, 305x217, 305:217, breakfast.png)



yeah the manga became focused on a shirou for a while which is good shit


fuck you


time to die


>Rockstar San Diego

>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

> (Redirected from Angel Studios)




i don't particularly care that much about actual fate but it's more of a "i've never bothered" more than a "i don't think I'd like it" and i tried the cute girl version upon request and liked the parts that weren't pedobait, which is apparently the majority now


goo night hsg


File: 3e0d4b83f4556c7⋯.jpg (118.28 KB, 1200x804, 100:67, Butterfly_Affection_03b.jpg)

File: a3b889593aea2eb⋯.jpg (133.34 KB, 1200x830, 120:83, Butterfly_Affection_04b.jpg)

File: 486f80db6fabd7f⋯.jpg (107.44 KB, 1200x873, 400:291, Butterfly_Affection_05b.jpg)

File: cabee49c4c1be56⋯.jpg (125.65 KB, 1280x920, 32:23, Butterfly_Affection_07b.jpg)

I like monster girls


that's actually a good idea, I'll save this email as a draft and go to bed

I've only got 10 contacts for it and I'm going through this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_games



is that an actual mod for headpat simulator or just fanart



it's the same artist i think



I think it's the same artist but a different girl

this one deserves headpats and pancakes too though




i unironically think f/sn is a good read except for the first route which sucked in a lot of points



File: 422a260ea498810⋯.png (410.25 KB, 777x531, 259:177, ClipboardImage.png)


Gen 7 had good Pokemon but not much else


wait what the fuck




what if instead of a tattoo i got a scar





great idea! might i suggest some sideways scars on your wrists



didnt you want a brand anyway



remember kids, down the road to get the job done, across the street to cry for attention!


>S3 of twin peaks has an ongoing ARG too, apparently

that's so fucking cool

that's so fucking cool



yeah thats why I thought about scarification

maybe I'll have some sterile ink rubbed into it too






le... me


I'm sorry guys but I can't do my Judge Fudge impression right now

I'm far too busy...being delicious


i liked drawn together

it was cool seeing a bunch of different artstyles interact


god i gotta poo

god i gotta poo


File: bf28def79f78e0c⋯.jpg (426.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)


im sweaty ; (



s æm

fuck this summer shit gimme my fuckin snow back


it's so hard to find girl's that'll be cool with calling you their little girl

i just want to be somebody's little girl again...




File: c3705bbd347d307⋯.jpg (1020.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)

File: 92f91efd2f2d0c7⋯.jpg (971.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)

File: 995bf808e6245af⋯.jpg (1019.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)

File: 2d3393b6bdae5b7⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)


File: 07529ec06097def⋯.png (188.11 KB, 990x855, 22:19, tumblr_ossrdgdQHW1sz4sddo1….png)

I want a girl who wants to fuck me



bad porn tbh


shit i just reminded myself of malkavian kanaya again


tfw your opponent in shadowverse ranked bitches out at 9 health because your deck is 2 good

i love bloodcraft


broly diver, a Dragoball Z amv


File: 671e87399ad29c3⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alice neutral.png)

this deck is so retardedly good

I love it


I haven't lost a single ranked match since I started playing

This deck is going to get nerfed



File: aacf8eb651afdb9⋯.jpg (859.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)

File: 937faa77ee07110⋯.jpg (836.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)

File: a2d4c0ed1f49bfe⋯.jpg (814.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)

File: a1504621444a5ea⋯.jpg (865.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Commie] Monogatari Series….jpg)


File: 26d202cc2b164e3⋯.png (575.62 KB, 1480x992, 185:124, ClipboardImage.png)



7 game win streak

this deck is fucking cancerous and I love it

I'm going to live it up until it gets nerfed


okay, so, in order to watch homecoming, i need to watch civil war. In order to watch civil war, i gotta watch the winter soldier, thor the dark world, iron man 2 and 1. in order to watch the winter soldier i have to watch captain america, the avengers and the incredible hulk for thor the dark world, and i think there's something i missed but assuming that each film is 1:30 (which is extremely generous), that's 12 hours of movies, i think


File: 90d4d75f87eff42⋯.png (622.1 KB, 715x1000, 143:200, 1499648681196.png)



u dont have to watch any of those


(because they're bad except for iron man 1 and 2)



or you could watch good movies and not capeshit


watch legion

its cape kino



i found all of the above bretty gud, just watch a movie or two an evening

the ones on that list i least enjoyed were hulk and iron man 1 and 2

just do your normal internet shit as you will but with the movie playing in the top right corner or something, you'll get through them quick


the true capekino is spiderman 1+2


File: c986c80b6e3e60b⋯.png (435.05 KB, 600x700, 6:7, ClipboardImage.png)

look at this daring synthesis


actual capekino: the spiderman game on ps1


spiderman 2 game is better


Ultimate Capekino: Sky High


finale capekino: playing as spiderman in the tony hawk games


the true cape kino is baneposting


File: 85dbf5e363bbbed⋯.png (1.54 MB, 2508x1771, 228:161, 1499664069117.png)


i still hate that youtube mashup man who calls all his shit "high quality rips"

1) he (was) too popular and memed by people who act like obnoxious teens

2) his stuff is easily mistakable for the real thing

3) hes a doughy faggot and made a real gay video about him quitting but then unquit


le grand father flint stones ....



I hate that they all meme about Love Live instead of the objectively superior fictional idol franchise, [email protected]



pretty sure he unquit a bunch of times

i get its supposed to be done as a joke but like, its not funny so......,,..


𝓦𝓮'𝓵𝓵 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓪 𝓰𝓪𝔂 𝓸𝓵𝓭 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮...


flintstones reboot that's nothing but grand dad memes


File: 3aa0c54508b03cb⋯.jpg (493.13 KB, 962x1422, 481:711, img000030.jpg)




log off


why did WWE have a crossover with Flintstones

why does WWE have so many animated crossovers


File: 0d19064116dee44⋯.png (10.66 KB, 100x100, 1:1, chikn.png)


File: c0a02b57114d59f⋯.jpg (227.77 KB, 658x370, 329:185, Vince-McMahon-Money.jpg)



is that what kids these days want


actually, the wwe/flintstones crossover is kinda weird, if you think about it.

Flintstones is a hanna barberra property, which is owned by turner (turner is a warner brothers company now), which ran a competing wrestling promo in wcw, which was bought by wwe.


i like john cena meet scooby do


File: 2f9bbaf1a586331⋯.png (417.25 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, otterphantasy_by_freezingi….png)

pictured: Vince's fursona sucking a fish's anus


>get down to a crippling 8$ of steam wallet left

>list very very rare but niche tf2 thing ive been sitting on for sale on community market for 200$ a few days ago

>notice now that my wallet is 173$ heavier

[in black man voice] im rich biach

*honk honk*



i'm sure there's some contract that says that they have to make something using the license every so often or they lose it



just like fantastic four....



exactly like fantastic four


we're probably due for a new fantastic four soon



nah, last one was 2015, they have at least five more years before they have to make a new one


File: bbae40c69fd4045⋯.png (780.23 KB, 734x690, 367:345, 1499691841822.png)

sako whos this weiner witch





...khloe aliapoh?


File: c88e5204ed5878d⋯.png (396.63 KB, 717x399, 239:133, 1499691705689.png)

DSJ is getting shittier and shittier



why would u do that


uhhh good art machine broke lol


ive gotta get my soul back from hell


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme



are you heading over to shark's house to fix it


File: 2aa1b2313ba00cc⋯.png (97.08 KB, 750x670, 75:67, IMG_8827.PNG)


File: 47934baae0e8fb5⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 489x212, 489:212, 1267634347895.jpg)

>"Isla Harley obsessed anon"

why am i reading this words in 2017




where did you even read something like this


Jade's swampy cunt


john as shrek

jade as ogre!fiona

dave as donkey



the author's tumblr



why are you on the author of isla harley's tumblr in 2017



because i saw them on my dashboard and i got nostalgic of Karkatquest so i checked their tumblr




now there's a relic, i dont remember much except feferi's part being the best one


the twitch prime stuff for pubg is now on market

u too can buy a gimp mask


File: 967cf926276a0d6⋯.png (175.21 KB, 640x827, 640:827, IMG_8828.PNG)

File: 41953c7f800f46f⋯.png (209.73 KB, 640x827, 640:827, IMG_8829.PNG)

File: d75d54577b6c604⋯.png (196.96 KB, 640x827, 640:827, IMG_8830.PNG)

>fanart of satellites dressed in clothes from their time period

we live in a beautiful time


the entire twitch prime set sells for like 10$

im so tempted to sell it and buy back when its cheaper


i believe theres a high chance it will be cheaper

but i don't want to risk it for a biscuit, not with 180$ in my steam wallet

the twitch prime mask is too good with glasses


could 17776 be the homestuck of webcomics?


the unopened twitch prime crate is 80 fucking dollars though



where do i buy this stuff

i have 13 bucks in my steam wallet



the steam community market


File: a973a0622ac57b6⋯.png (278.76 KB, 540x360, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 2bac59a28ec2b4b⋯.png (836.08 KB, 1200x1056, 25:22, ClipboardImage.png)



why would i buy that set

i don't want to be associated with twitch


File: 7163774f7bcbf19⋯.jpg (153.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170613223132_1.jpg)

File: 4d977b1016b2f6b⋯.jpg (244.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20170624064553_1.jpg)


goggles and glasses with the mask is a silly look


why does the box cost 80 when the stuff inside is like 10



i imagine it's more of a collectors item type thing


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

real thread theme

goddamn this is catchy as fuck


>Police shoot man and woman dressed as Batman characters during sex act at Australian nightclub


File: 2ff11b0d1464b9f⋯.png (193.88 KB, 600x430, 60:43, ClipboardImage.png)


>I shall depart at daybeak to capture you

based Leader


File: 1b71d78aa6da91b⋯.png (148.37 KB, 880x208, 55:13, ClipboardImage.png)


i have a stupid shit idiot interview today



wwhat kinda job



floor worker at the dick sucking factory



oooh nice


File: 4103a02c3314911⋯.png (18.43 KB, 222x64, 111:32, Untitled.png)


File: 07663ded6f09a0a⋯.jpg (134.9 KB, 875x551, 875:551, bW6AHhKzE04mLcBOV7_e_9y98P….jpg)


i like that real ben garrison became the /pol/ ben garrison



the hands in this reminds me of those foot fetish deviantart pics



it really was a very interesting descent into madness


you know, i realized

once i move i dont think i'll ever have a single real life friend again

that's kind of sad from an outside perspective



what do you mean 'again'

whats stopping you



i will have no drive to make any friends and not much method to make them either

i don't want to make friends anyway, it's just the realization i won't have any is kind of like

a depersonalized sad? an out of body pity?



pretend i posted the 'you'll always have homestuck general' image


File: 8038f2251dd4f14⋯.png (188.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, YOU'LL ALWAYS HAVE HOMESTU….png)




man imagine being back in a time where people thought that would be true


reminder that i can gift steam games for cheaper than store price over paypal :)



thanks rev



it is true

we're still fucking here



I liked Drawn Together just for how incredibly quotable it was.

>soon I'll have more arms than the whackiest god in all of India!


..........so this mc server i'm playing on has deliberately re-enabled obsidian generators

you just need string

I'm settled in a corner of the map, and there are 11 cave spider spawners under this town


oh okay maruruk's a boy



so infinite obsidian

what will you do with it


also link to the server rev



File: 77fd0c747db0b6f⋯.png (359.37 KB, 535x468, 535:468, img000001.png)



does shrek lay eggs


File: e063da981171c0c⋯.png (115.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, does john care if i lay eg….png)


hi john


*wwalks into school*

*shoots fucking erribody*

*takes a greasy shit into donald glover's mouth*


File: 7df24a20f01d0ce⋯.png (429.5 KB, 690x461, 690:461, ClipboardImage.png)


oh man, that reminds me, someone post the "eridan warns a police station about a tidal wave" screencap



what's this from I see a centaur




is that an angel hitler


File: bbb6f06da5a0fad⋯.png (198.43 KB, 1024x2715, 1024:2715, tsunamis_and_secretaries.png)


new hiveswap interview

>Introduce yourself to the fans! What is your specific role on the Hiveswap team?

>I’m James Roach, and I’m the Sound Designer for Hiveswap! I teamed up with [Undertale creator and composer] Toby Fox to compose the soundtrack for the game. I’m also responsible for most of the game’s sound effects and ambient sound alongside Marcy Nabors!







surprised they haven't been flooding the undertale tag in a desperate bid to stay relevant tbh


File: 63fc43bf44c7e8e⋯.png (112.91 KB, 750x751, 750:751, IMG_8831.PNG)


konami got back to me

they "have no information at this time"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i get the feeling ive already read this before

was it the interview with this track embedded on the page


File: e0defee5f573cb4⋯.png (752.09 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, img000006.png)

good lord what a hero



what from



made in abyss i believe



its not monster musume is it

i think thats a thing that has centaur



centaur's something

its got a currently airing anime


File: 092973afaa303c2⋯.png (447.31 KB, 910x1490, 91:149, tumblr_opqzg7aeXA1vmybc4o2….png)



is this frisk undertale




Adventure Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Seinen


Beast/s Bespectacled Protagonist Child Protagonist Exploration Human-Nonhuman Relationship Orphan/s Orphanage Quirky Characters Robot/s Young Male Lead



centaur no nayami


>17776 has an intermission now

history dictates this will be the best part




isn't vamp girl supposed to be really good

what's the meme strat for this



doesn't shark have any irl friends?

literally my entire friend group i got from them also being dylan's friends, and he came up to me initially because i was wearing a homestuck hoodie


what if they're speedrunning homestuck

how long before 17776 kickstarter


someone give me a quick rundown on foot ball homestuck


i mean

i dont think i'd have anything in common

and i would feel weird about attemtping to pirate friends


i managed to watch one episode of one thing airing this season

im all good on anime for a long time now



what was it

football homestuck is about sentient satellites talking to each other, at least in part about football. that's about all i know


File: e260ae6d266d493⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



trade secret

gotta protect my brand


File: b0fe5d0888433a2⋯.png (1013.75 KB, 567x834, 189:278, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3f1f7f3f86fe04e⋯.png (996.47 KB, 567x834, 189:278, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11c79f78dbb2283⋯.png (1.04 MB, 567x834, 189:278, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d1392af6e039a69⋯.png (952.34 KB, 567x834, 189:278, ClipboardImage.png)



the f*ck is this sh*t



some chart of characters that the guy who made headpat made, with his in pink and the others being other artists, presumably


i never played the headpat game, should i


File: efdd0ce0570dbdc⋯.png (351.51 KB, 319x450, 319:450, ClipboardImage.png)

>Episodes 1–3 were previewed at a screening at Anime Expo on July 2, 2017. Regular broadcasting will begin in October 2017.

oh neat


File: aec8cf5d7bbbe21⋯.jpg (6.5 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 1496239043972.jpg)

>BART (san francisco metro system) Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid ‘Stereotypes’



i never did either, it's probably ok


File: 9f10196c7161087⋯.png (18.74 KB, 222x238, 111:119, 1400487647502.png)


do you know what it is about?

because i dont think it's for everybody



you take in a girl who was tortured or something and then you can either choose to take care of her or torture her some more, and then you fuck her


pretty sure a guy in NK went to jail for playing it



that is, legally, "aiding and abetting"



you can probably go to jail for coughing on a picture of kim in NK, who cares



okay you're good to go



based best korea



that wasnt me but yeah i got the gist anyway


>TWO new sattelites introduced



File: a3f3ea8918d867d⋯.png (356.08 KB, 639x586, 639:586, ClipboardImage.png)



god she's so bad



at least we're gettin some good images out of her


post more choctopus


>friends fighting over which place to eat pizza at

this is incredibly serious


File: 1db40400d85c1bb⋯.jpg (27.88 KB, 360x400, 9:10, Syndrome.jpg)


how many more memes until they rewrite splatoon 2 so that pearl gets killed off in the first 5 minutes



what do the nips think of her


>i want to cum on her rash

i love how succinct and gross imageboard posters can be at the same time



you're in no position to judge buddy



i'm pretty sure you can do exactly that

assuming you're talking about headpat



someone said that they like her more than marina but I don't know if that's true



no i mean i actually love it

most of the time my grossposts aren't quite that compact, though



i vaguely remember seeing some journo say that but i think it was about the western audience, so i'm assuming it was a joke


try and make a gross fetish post in as few words as possible


whose rash is being cummed on







File: 93f97ba9f131dce⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1025x730, 205:146, ClipboardImage.png)


headpat girl, i think



damn, you crushed it


File: 1fe08d7f9aeeb83⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2369.PNG)


>Some company is making a monster hunter clone except they have mico-transactions to increase drop rates for carves

if this game isn't f2p that's one of the most jew things I've ever seen

even then it's still pretty jew-y




i bet hanako could beat up headpat girl tbh



does she do anything in the game?



im one of the people that hasnt played headpats so idk

im just saying im pretty sure hanako could fuck her up



i'm asking if hanako does anything in the game

she's the burn victim in cripplefucker right



oh yeah

she stammers a lot, reads books uh

really hates it when you wish her a happy birthday



why, something to do with the burn?



i haven't read it in ages but i think its a misdirection, you're led to believe its the anniversary of when she got burned or something but the real reason is she doesn't like people coddling her, which people do a lot on her birthday in an attempt to make her feel better


heres a fact

waffle cones are the superior ice cream cone


File: 4d106f594ad741d⋯.jpg (14.3 KB, 236x231, 236:231, pizza cones.jpg)



i havent had one of these in years


it looks like all the threads in /vg/ got suddenly deleted



File: bf5e15f6c9d1479⋯.png (27.03 KB, 1103x155, 1103:155, ClipboardImage.png)



>thread explicitly about talking about video games themselves is deleted

i could almost understand people not bothering to deal with /pol/shit, buy why delete legitimate video game discussion


oh it seems to be a large trend, maybe some mods are chimping out


of course it's a furfag


or is it the /vp/ thing too, because there's only like a page of threads


that 17776 intermission is really something else

beautiful, even

humans really are creatures of play

it made me realize that the greatest question of humankind has already been asked and answered

the answer, of course, is yes

the question: are you ready for some football?






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: f70dbd23ae595fb⋯.png (396.57 KB, 720x540, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



play Abyss Spawn when you have eight mana (or less if you pulled it using Baphomets Enhance Ability

Evolve it

Win the very next turn because you just played an unkillable 18 damage in 1 turn nuke


by unkillable i just meant "it can't be targeted by enemy spells or attacks until IT attacks"

and by the time it attacks it's already done a minimum of 16 damage


File: a45e7f5340d52a9⋯.png (210.44 KB, 439x700, 439:700, ClipboardImage.png)


what's the criteria for ambush


my mother's being put in a lockdown unit and I think it's happening right now but I don't have fucking bus fare to get out there and watch their very large dog and very small cat for the week they'll both be gone

and it's just over 4 hours to ride my bike out there



it's like stealth in hearthstone

it's just active from the moment you play the card and ends when you attack with it



>my mother's being put in a lockdown unit

isn't that for if a person is arrested

maybe homicide runs in the family


okay sorr,y minimum of 12 damage and a max of 18

that's still ridiculously powerful


File: 91cebd14475a0b4⋯.png (665.77 KB, 1410x449, 1410:449, ClipboardImage.png)



so it's hexproof except they lose it when they attack or defend?

that's kind of weird but ok


i assume there's some way to sac it for it's death effect?






risk of suicide due to repeated past attempts. I guilted probably the best neighbour i've got into bus fare, and I don't like it.


>tfw you would help rev out if you weren't spending all of your meager cuckwages on drugs, food, and thots


File: b20153687b1f169⋯.png (465.53 KB, 408x570, 68:95, ClipboardImage.png)

yea 8 mana for an 8/9 with hexproof is good

but what about this




even if I got money via paypal I'm not sure I could use it for bus fare until TOMORROW

I have to be there TODAY


>when you cast

that's what happened


I'm still probably going to have to ride about 9 miles on my bike



Annihilator is "When this attacks, the person you're attacking has to sacrifice X permanents". It doesn't even have to connect, just it attacking causes it.

and that's before they can block


File: bddbb9ae714965f⋯.png (606.95 KB, 635x740, 127:148, ClipboardImage.png)

Hanweir is also one of my favorite cards in the game, and it too is an eldrazi.



there are precious few ways to stop the Annihilator trigger


File: 8b18687bb97edfc⋯.png (754.07 KB, 600x837, 200:279, ClipboardImage.png)


as it should be


File: 0d640fa668cf538⋯.png (104.22 KB, 223x311, 223:311, scour from.png)

basically you have to exile the Legendary Eldrazi, or you're in for some very nasty shit destroying you


alright I have to leave

worst case, she ends up in long-term psyc care


File: cfd8c3c65e60f5d⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_20170710_161553.jpg)

So the bus system has WiFi now apparently



wait what





Scroll up nigga


oh damm rev

im sorry

good luck


File: 3092e0b8078c3b9⋯.jpg (236.2 KB, 1232x1456, 11:13, CV2xeoT.jpg)

I love this country so much


File: aa62fb1fba18b08⋯.jpg (3.82 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG_20170710_164925.jpg)

Tanks have crude in em

Placard is





File: 3d2ce59e08e7500⋯.jpg (141.77 KB, 750x530, 75:53, IMG_8833.JPG)

guillotines for everyone


i didn't know i was going to unload a truck today



My mother's internet speeds are roughly 15Mbps down and 5Mbps up

Fucking comcast


File: 9886e60738a496b⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 640x463, 640:463, IMG_0273_0.jpg)

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