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This board is for the discussion of all things equine.


1. Follow the global rule
2. Keep it civil
3. Off-topic shitposting, especially that of the "EW U GUISE R SO GROSS!!1!1" variety, will not be tolerated
4. Try to keep things horse related


Contact me with any and all questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions at mred@horsefucker.org, or just post in this thread.

Happy celebrating and revering!
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Those willing few?

I could only dream of pleasing a Stallion, I would even be willing to pay for such an opportunity.

Anyone live near Lancaster Pa and willing to share a good time?

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Horse BJ

Anyone got horses giving head, licking, or sucking?

Since GayBeast seems dead, I can't seem to get my fix.

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looking for that vid of the dude on his back on a bale of hay or something that's wrapped in some white material out in a paddock, and then his pony stallion mounts him…it looks like it has been deleted from here but id love to see it again

(pic for attention)

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horse sex

i love it

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Horse fuck

Hi, anyone here know how to get kinda close to horses? I’m dying to have a sexual encounter with a horse but I don’t own a horse, I know some people who do but they don’t know me as a horsy person at all, so me wanting to be in their stables would probably be suspicious. Any ideas?

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can someone find the source of this gif. a video or something else would be great.

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>all these horsecock
How about a mare thread?
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This board is dead, isn't it?

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Hey /horse/ I wanted to get some feels off my chest because I cant really talk about this irl with anyone and not suffer for in some way. I will try to keep this brief.

As a kid I kinda figured out I was a sick fuck coz the first and only thing I fapped to were horses but it felt alright so I did it anyway. As I grew older I kinda stopped doing it but was still tangentially doing it /d/, /fur/ etc. I started lurking here since moving from half chan and took to the old habit again.
Im a normalfag for the most part, however I had an experience recently that threw me in for a loop.
I visited my rural living relatives for Christmas and they have some horses on the farm. No, before you ask, I didn't do anything with the horses. Just got to pet them and feed 'em a few carrots. However as weird as this is, when I got to pet the mare I sniffed her mane and I got as hard as fucking diamonds. That musk was like pure aphrodisiac.
So once the festivities were over I got home and had me nice long fap. I swear to god its like I was thirteen again. I came buckets and was ready to go within minutes after each fap. Nothing in all my life even came close to satisfying me this good well cept for the old times.

My issue is what the fuck do I do now? Like no matter I do, I know it wont ever be is as good as this nor will ever be able to do it irl. It's like I cant discreetly keep horses, its expensive and more importantly prolly raise a few eyebrows too.If I ever got caught it prolly be the end.
I dunno feels I guess.
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Draft horse pics or videos

Any one got and pic or videos of draft horse mating ect

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Dumping my collection

Attempting to dump my collection of mostly mares, but also some geldings and stallion parts too. Some of these are probably from TBMP, but a lot probably haven't been seen before and need to be shared.
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I would celebrate and revere the fuck out of this one.
Seriously horses are pretty fucking awesome.
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Seriously, what's your reason to be here?
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any nasal content out there? reading understanding bestiality and zoofilia and came across this

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Damn, why is horse anatomy so attractive?

Mare or stallion, it doesn't matter. No other animal, (save maybe for cows) gets me even the slightest bit aroused, but show me mare pussy, stallion cock, or even some teats and I'm ready to go.

Why is it so attractive, alluring, and beautiful?

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Mare stories

Since there’s a thread for stallions figured there should be one for mares. Anyone have any stories to share?

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i like the horses sexually.

and i have gathered a miriad of cartoon horse porn.

but of course, depicting autentic genitals, will share a little

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I know this board is primarily sexual, but is it possible we could get some discussion on what to expect if you actually want to own horses?
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Our Anthem
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well, well, well…. what do we have here?

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Police acamedy horse


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Horse cocks

Just preaching the truth about cock size!

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>Post anything horse related (even porn if you so desire)

mah nigga
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hello where's the horsecock

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girl fucked to death by horse

Hey, does anyone have a link or the video of a girl being fucked to death by a horse? or any other "horse fucking girl" video? can't seem to find anything except those girls using horsedicks as dildo videos…

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Does anyone here have any experience with horse dildos? Particularly between baddragon and eroticexotics. BD is kind of cheaper but the fact that EE has actual life cast ones seems really tempting, are they worth the extra money?
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Ok Horse I got a weird topic for discussion.
I have been horse riding for 5 years now and never had any weird pervy thoughts about horses before.
A while back my horse was in estrus or whatever and she was winking.
Ever after that I've had the urge to grope her girly bits. Nothing too lewd just want to slide a finger or two in there. Thing I keep myself from doing it for following reasons

- it was difficult building a good trusting relationship with the horse and i am afraid she may get spooked or think i was trying to hurt her and be mentally scarred

-i feel like shit afterwards for taking advantage of a being i genuinely care about

-im afraid on catching something giving the horse something i dunno dirty hards and whatever

-although chances are really really slim but getting caught would be a shitty turn of events.

Still sometimes curiosity wants to get the best of me.

help me out /horse/
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Beastaltiy Discord :D


Come join us!

We have a custom chat for people who have had experiences with animals and then an all around zoo porn chat.

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What will happen if you fuck a mare with a Vibrator?

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Kik group chat

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Horse source?

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I'll just leave this here for anyone wanting to see two male horses having sex.

if anyone has any more feel free to contribute, i'm way into stallions. >w<

(Pic related)
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/horse/ can we have silly/funny/reaction image thread. Just something to balance out all the porn.

ill start

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Anyone have any true experiences? (Male horses only)

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The Last Unicorn

What do you think of this movie?
American made, but animated by the studio that became Studio Ghibli

Has a pretty horse that becomes a pretty woman.

I don't post here but this seemed a better place to ask than /b/.
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Oy vey, not a thread again, anudda shoah commited by the horsefucking scum.

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Horse General

Welcome to /horse/. This is the first thread so let's keep it simple, horse general. I'll start with a glorious andalusian.
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Miniature or Pony Fucking

Anyone got stuff on fucking small horses?

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Okay, sooo… has anybody here ever done anything sexual with a horse?
If so, please share your experience.
(I never had the opportunity myself.)
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Mare Doujinshi

Not sure if this is the proper place for it, but I did a coloring of this mare doujin.

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Hey /horse/, what would give to make her yours?

How is she so perfect?

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what habbend to the board? nobody's posting anything anymore. like, at all

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Friendly reminder that you should kill yourself

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Virgin mares

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I was wondering how long a board about horses would devolve into horsefuckery. Scrolling your front page, it was three threads. Good job lads, you beat my expectations.

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Yah still alive horsecucked?

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How about torrents and links? Those okay to post? I think most people who browse here would appreciate knowing about the Best Mare Pack and Pleasuring Mares Guide
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Does anyone have any real videos of a stallion getting a handjob or blowjob and blowing his load? The only ones i can find are fake.

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hey guys look what I found on /pone/

Some canuck is living the dream
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Of all the years that I've lurked various online communities and chans, in the thin hope that some sort of viable and active group would arise in the horsefucking fandom, nothing has really happened (this board aside, ur gr8 Mr.Ed)

Is there some sort of memo that I have missed? Surely, people aren't settling for the fucking re-uploaded content paysites and that godawful beastforum full of grandads and spergs. I like to imagine that all of my fellow fetishists are hidden somewhere, and I lack the masonic-style decrypting skills to find them.

You would think that bronies would have brought more curious anons forward, but the same pattern has emerged yet again:

-No one knows eachother

-No one shares original content

-No one networks or starts a skype group

-Everyone grabs the same 2 or 3 torrents, asks for more content somewhere and then gives up entirely.

Are we afraid of eachother? Are we afraid of being uncovered? Is the horse fandom really not that significant in our lives that we feel no urge to commiserate or connect?


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Is there more?


Does anybody know something of this?

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Are icelandic horses the manlets of the equine world?

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>human needs about 3.7 liters of water per day
>horse produces over 6 liters of urine per day
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Do you worship the Sun?

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hey /horse/
which Pokémon would you fuck?
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Let's talk about rain rot and what you do to make them feel better

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Hey horse an honest question here. I have been tasked with cleaning a gelding. Lovely lad, well manered and gregarious but filthy as fuck.

Getting to the point I had to clean his junk coz it looked like insects started building a nest in there, but it was impossible to clean all the gunk out becuase he never never went erect.

I have to get him cleaned before next week(deadline friday evening) and any advice how get his member out in a socially acceptable manner ?

Pic related not him but thats the level of gunk we talking about. I fished out some clay like shit out of his sheath the size of my thumb.

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Is this board being affected by the beta migration?

The zoophilia board is being migrated to the beta. Will this board also be affected? It would be best to back-up the board anyway just in case.

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My drive just got wiped, can we have a horse scat thread?

Pic unrelated.
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Horse sex toy, like a hot horse vulva ?

There's something like this on the market ? where ?

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hey hey hey this guys into donkey BDSM, lol cause he hates people.

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Horse Appreciation?

I'll just leave this here and be on my way.
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Anyone have videos of stallions cumming? I remember a gif of a stud rubbing his dick on the side of a mare and shooting a huge load.
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Horse poop thread

Post horseapples here
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Idea for a "health" product

I want there to be a stable toy that you attach to the wall and vibrates when it's touched. It could be semi-spherical, or big hand-shaped, and it could have a silicone cover over it that you could take off and throw in the dish washer. It'd help a horse scratch an itch and it'd be funny to watch horses rub themselves against it.

It'd be cheap to make, and I predict record sales, as even casualfags find it amusing to watch horses masturbate.

Now then: who's willing to pitch this idea to a famous horse product retailer?
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Who dis?

Seriously, who are they and where are their vids?
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anybody like art of mares? I can't get enough of that shit

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Hello, I am looking for a a better resolution of pic related. I accidentally deleted it, so I am hoping someone here has it and can post it.

Thank You.

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Okay /horse/ guess where this hand has just been

Spoiler: horsepussy

Double spoiler she was in estrus

Tripple spoiler ask me anything

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Denmark has approved a law banning bestiality, in a move to tackle animal-sex tourism. Those found guilty of engaging in sexual relations with an animal will now face fines and prison terms.

Danish lawmakers approved the ban in a 91-75 vote on Tuesday. Five abstained from voting.

Those in favor of the legislation said Denmark did not want to remain the last northern European country where bestiality was legal, as this was attracting animal-sex tourists.

Welp there goes my reason to move to Denmark. Damn shame too I live like few hours drive form the border.

>TFW you will never experience horsepussy

Hold me /horse/

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Understand Horse Communication

Hey /horse/, any thoughts on this? Is it accurate?


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

Derby Thread

A bit late to the party, but yeah.

Free stream:


Everything you need to know:


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Can anyone find the video of http://www.gaybeast.com/movie/40491/fun_with_two_stallion so I dont have to pay for it?
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interesting horse things

Lets have a thread of horse

Starting with a documentary

Also, the default name on this board should be Hippophile.
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hi wich horse do u appreciate the most this is my favourite
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Cum on Mare thread

Personally I think we need more images and videos of mares being cummed on. I don't have much, but I'll post what I can
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Serious question, /horse/.

What are the differences between cows and mares, sexually? I'm around jersey cows a lot, and one of them acts very affectionately toward me, even when she's not in heat. I've gone as far as touching her vulva, and she responded very positively. I've considered doing more stuff with her, but I don't have any good sources to figure out if it's even a good idea or not.

Any tips/advice?
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>>'horse appreciation'
>99% bestiality

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Guys. I think there are a lot of people coming here lurking, fapping and leaving without making a post. We could make this board into something great. What are your thoughts about it?

I mean. I broke the circle. Try it aswell. Post, contribute. :V

Pic related.