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File: 1424571089921.png (199 KB, 900x409, 900:409, 1424407166117.png)


wwelcome to hell


Is that so?


Fight me


identify yourself


I am just an anon.


File: 1424571317461.png (2.38 KB, 154x132, 7:6, roxykitten exile.png)

*gettig sick of wondering round all these boarbs*
feet hurt


sweet, am i free to abuse tripfags here?






File: 1424571460600.gif (684.26 KB, 160x111, 160:111, 1404666364176.gif)


If you want, I am only here to moderate if needed.




File: 1424571510903.png (42.93 KB, 440x566, 220:283, damara put off by all this….PNG)

is this going to associate me with some sort of hsg faction agenda
why can't we all just take it easy


>why can't we all just take it easy
Because mods keep doing shit just because they can that isn't in the spirit of HSG




Zwid shouldn't be a tyrant.


Chaz shy.

You are part of the elite now.

We are the upper echelon.

We are as the gods.


Don't you mean IDs?


no, forced trips


We've had this discussion.

A board that forces people to use a tripcode.


IDs are basically forced trips though.


zwid you're not taking it easy!
this is like robot destroying paradox


So… IDs then.


Is this change real?


why do we need another board
we already have … 5 other boards now


i don't like this board
the number triggers my autism




is this like when you ask a child why they're behaving badly and they say "because [other child] is [doing x thing]!!"
because it sounds like that

shut up horsie


they only last a thread and we can't have a nice name associated to them


These are questions, not snark or anything.

People can't be bothered to make a new thread, I guess.








is this a virus website?


Its not the SAME


Don't click! Virus! :)


What the fuck, this is LITERALLY reddit


Don't tell me what to do Chaz.

I'm sorry that was kind of rude.


Make a thread on >>>/operate/ or something, I can't do anything about it.


Shut up Horsie.


Its just a joke zwid.



ur mum's a joke


zwid turn things back so we can go back to homosuck pls


Yeah kinda.


Zwid please change the shit back so we can just go back to homosuck and have fun


i just want to take it easy zwid
this isn't easy


cool kids club


Zwid, where you live. We can only determine this through a game of yu-gi-oh to the death.


so we're definitely not letting zwid be mod again


he's only an hour away from me

should i go kick his ass


What kind of deck do you think he's running with?





Give me your address, I'll send you my b deck.

Don't trust you with my main. You probably couldn't handle it anyway.


are we seriously considering posting here now


i meant assault him with my fists
not the heart of the cards


*drinks a fart*


who knows

we don't even know the admin of this board, they could be worse than zwid


Why the fuck would I want that?


can we post on a board without a number in it



File: 1424572416645.gif (20.74 KB, 270x347, 270:347, 1376835801418.gif)




File: 1424572506171.png (157.06 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 43674866.png)

uh sorry

i don't play card games for nerds lmao


What the fuck else is the board suppose to be named, hsg was taken.




this is what we get for letting a child run things from the start

why no one bothered to scare him away when he was like 15 browsing hsg i will never undersstand


Don't you play kancolle. That's cards.



>>63 I'm feeling pretty good about it. The turbo nerd doesn't even have a deck.


tenryuu and shimakaze best kancolles


it's a web browser game

but i don't actually play it since i haven't won a lotto


because he didn't actively act like a 15 year old.

drsonic should leave though, he's 14 and likes like a 13 year old.


Yea but aren't the grills represented as cards.


post of hsg was underage back them


tbh, I made this board as a joke to what was going at the last thread, but I really don't care if this change is permanent.


I was 16 when I joined HSG.

That was in 2010 though.


Get ready to be rocked by my usa themed deck you curmodgeonly rake.


zwid general


just use >>>/hsg/


ban zwid from this board


i love plants


Give the board to zwid.


fuck no


>five years at hsg

whoa, you're like an elder shitposter…


File: 1424572834817.png (13.45 KB, 625x335, 125:67, 1415255845406.png)

i don't play web browser games for filthy otaku scum either


but if you kill him, you'll be just like him


>doesn't like trips
>continues using a trip all the time


>not posting since the /v/ threads




why is zwid so jealous


people who follow my blog ig


Sit down on my lap sonny and let me tell you about the shitposts of old, when "homosuck" was just a thing Grant spammed when he was bored and for most intents and purposes Grant was Roasted.



i have a gf tho


Alright so what are we working with here? How about a good game of d&d?


are you going to ban rudy?


I thought you said you were asexual.


Yea but aren't you asexual or something.

Do you two even do anything together?


sexuality =/= romance


If he isn't a huge ass here, no.

But I don't even know if he posts here anymore though.


Zwid listen to me, I have a full 3 more years of life experience than you and let me tell you why that is shit


Uhhh, it kind of does.



you're young and stupid

mostly stupid


Horsie listen to me I have a full 1 more year of life experience than you and let me tell you why that is shit.


fucking is a type of love

not all love is a fucking


Do you have cancer


I don't fucking know anon. I'm only 20 years old. I don't know shit.


why doesn't #farts just make a board


you don't know what love is by the age of 17


So you like people romantically, but not sexually?


i don't care about love tbh



Nah, I'm Capricorn. ♑


>I Don't care about love
>I care about people romantically


> I don't care about love but I do appreciate romance.

Wwhats the difference.


Zwid how old is your gf?


what you're focused on and what the goal is?


literally two years older




*gets your panties preggers*


lucky motherfucker
How big is she compared to you?




and full of cum


shorter gfs > taller gfs


10pm or Midnight?



It's like 9 for me.


what are we doing here


Zwid o clock




can we move to /hsg/ pls

pls my autism


you're wrong


zwid is throwing another fit because hormonal teen


Who's even the admin of that place.

because of forced anon?


Might turn Forced Anonymity off at said times but eh.


>Who's even the admin of that place.


this was supposed to last three days tho


zwid, you don't get to be the mod anymore

you're fired


Let's make a zwid board


you don't get to make decisions you're like 14


answer my question zwid


just fuck off dude


File: 1424573812080.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1077, 640:359, Majoras-Mask-3D-screenshot….png)

Like the witching hour except it's the shitposting hour?


He's 17 isn't he.


it's like

a day and a half in


the damage has been done



Guys, what if the admin of this place is the 16/15 year old


same difference


this ain't psychology


I know I was making a bad joked because 3 days.
I make a lot more bad jokes now because of my bff/roommate/brother. I'm actually somewhat worried about it.


boner ruined


moving to /hsg/ is a Bad idea


Is this the new hsg?
Why is zwid not banned?


BTW that anon that said the dead moe waiter was better than genius klim fucking nick is a piece of shit and needs to be banned.


As many issues as moody has I actually don't think he'd use mod powers to fuck with people.


He didn't do anything wrong.


you're nuts
of course he would


I think you would be a good mod. I don't know who you are but still.
now you compliment me


zwid turned trips back on
go back to homosuck


Horsie I know you know me. I used to talk to you semi-frequently.


Well I don't recognize this trip then.

I'm waiting.


no /homeshit/ is mine

and honestly i probably wouldn't do shit as a mod. hsg should be lawless


i can't
i was permabanned for no reason
we really need to get away from zwid permanently


are you moody


This is the only trip I've ever used. I'm Ben/nocturnalTherapist.






i don't believe you, moody


moody's not even banned, is he?


Zwid just permabanned me, what the fuck


In my tummy?


Post ban page.


One second, I'm on my phone.


Looks like my appeal was filled already???

I don't fucking know, but he had me permabanned for asking ben a question




Who is Ben


[8:11:14 PM] Nameless Rumia: why are you so desperate


zwid mad no one wants his shitty moderation




i don't even know


holy shit, who hasn't he permabanned at this point


>zwid mad no one wants his shitty moderation
I thought everyone left here



lets get em boys >:)


Shit I forgot to hide the IP address.

Pls don't hack


i've gone a week without jerking it and i dont feel as disgusting as usual


File: 1424575597609.png (205.41 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2015-02-21-21-2….png)

It wouldn't hurt you to add a "no advertising" rule, you ass.


Or an unspecified reason rule :(


Advertising, spam, what's the difference.


>linking to a new board when some people want a new board is spam now


Am I deleting your posts?



I wasn't really trying to advertise or spam, I was just seeing what would happen.

Unban me pls




File: 1424575830147.png (251.08 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 150221_212808.png)

Hey why did I get banned though. I mean I get the ban evasion one, but that was a mistake. I was trying to pull up the banned screen but the post went through. I think it had to do with my WiFi being off? But yeah, what the fuck is up with the first ban.


Thank you.


zwid why did you permaban me? you said it was for "ban evasion" but i never ban evaded and the post you listed happened before the ban took place.


which ban



Zwid pls


keep the ban zwid


these bans don't have names on them

and i don't memorize every one of them


please don't
please i'll be good


i doubt it


You know. The one that says horsie



Zwid, what did I even do


he's upset and lashing out, just ignore him


I just want to know what I did anon. I thought he was a pretty okay guy.


>finally unbanned
oh god, thank you
god really is real


don't talk to him, he needs some time to take it easy


I guess i would describe myself as p buttmad


why is steven universe so comfy


wow dude grow a spine it's just an imageboard
you're literally groveling in front of a 17 year old kid


lmao zwid blocked me on skype





Are you banned over homosuck? I haven't been following up on the news lately


perma'd out of sheer butthurt


Post ban page









*Docking this board*
*Spitting black roma-tobacco spit on the deck*
Argh, how are you been, landlubber?


File: 1424604508561.png (5.52 KB, 147x230, 147:230, roxy kitten clothed.png)



Well, hello kitty.


File: 1424619295265.png (3.2 KB, 190x133, 10:7, roxykittenclothedup.png)

heilo! hullo! rudy heylo!




File: 1424671575968.png (49.29 KB, 824x654, 412:327, wwhy.png)

pls help


How can we help you, m10?


stay here and hang out with me and rudy


So, the number of exiled is arises.
Are we going to be a crew or something?


Sounds like a plan.

What do we name ourselves?


he turned on forced anon again






el farte


i'm still wondering what i should do about this whole pizz dilemma


le fart


what's the dilemma?


fuck off


Fuck ON


one pizza place is within a 5min walking distance but costs more

other one is cheaper but is a 10 min walk, meaning the pizz might get cold


i'd go for the cheaper one
i mean, if it really does get cold you can always microwave it


>microwaving a pizza

i didn't think you were a filthy heretic


How big is the price differences?
>microwaving pizza
subhuman detected


it's 3.70 EUR for the one i want to get


how much is that


2.69 GBP


how many chores have you done recently?


it's 4.15 USD


File: 1425047444857.png (245.89 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2015-02-27-08-3….png)

What the fuck are all of these options


i don't see those


Well yeah, you have to be logged in as board admin


i just saw a picture of hotwheels and laughed and now i feel horrible


I have to poop really bad


go poop, anon
it's good for you


i always chuckle at the image where the stereotypical jewish guy is looking over his shoulder


S+ = ???
D = Delete
D+ = ???
B = Ban
B&D = Ban & Delete


>there's only four people here




it's morning, there probably aren't many people online in general
just link to here later in the day


Hopefully Zwid doesn't ban me by then.


good luck!


illuminati general top kek like subscribe and upvote xD xD(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Fuck off, Zwid.


wweww laddy


Shit how long am I banned for


"Ban Eaters" like in Harry Potter story Death Eaters were. And the Dark mark analogue might be "B&"-hammer.
Another option is "Moody's Army" like Dumbledore's Army in samy story as far as were are now being hosted by Moody. Or even "Rudy's Army" because I was first who get under attack of tyrant's repressions.

Or we can just hate Zwid loudly.


We already do that everywhere


generally it'll tell you on the ban page


File: 1425060692471.jpg (94.49 KB, 502x347, 502:347, bustin all in on up in thi….jpg)

Am I late to the tripfag board?


Why's his shadow is so bright like it's a person or made of light?


It's the light shining in from outside.

Which doesn't make a ton of sense for other reasons but eh


I see the "don't derail threads (only I can decide what that means -u-)" bullshit rule is gone, which was the main reason I didn't consider this place a viable alternative.

I guess I'll try it out.


Does this place even have a mod? What kind of schmuck would sign up for this.




Wait a minute, is Moody the admin here,


i'm pretty sure this board isn't run by moody
that's the other ones



How many of them are even exists on land of HSG?
Dumbgarbage, Homosuck, HSG2, 4chan/co(?), Tumblr(?), Reddit(?)
There are also at least two HSGs in ru-net - 2ch.hk/c and Holmesduck, but I don't think you guys will go there.


If Moody is the admin, I'm fucking out. At least Zwid retains the possibility of getting g bored of being retarded, Moody is bound to be an idiot tyrant who feels the need to show his authority.


>Moody is bound to be an idiot tyrant who feels the need to show his authority.
Is that so? I have never seen nor notice any tendencies like that from this guy.


You haven't been around. I don't mind moody at all, but he's not what I'd call a stable mod, either.


Sounds like a cool story that should be told. Whould you mind to help it to be told by thy person?


Uhh man. I don't want to gossip, you know? Basically he really, really wants to be A Someone to HSG, and seems pretty dependent on it for validation. He got banned for three days by Zwid, and kind of pestered him a lot about it, and got pretty desperate about it.

I don't think you have to be emotionally calloused to be a good mod, but one who's desperate for attention and respect is kind of a recipe for disaster down the road.


> I don't think you have to be emotionally calloused to be a good mod
Doubtfuly. Perhapse being a mod is perfect for him.
Anyway, we will see that time later. Give him a chance at least.


Nah, man.

Moody is pretty much the one single person in the entire history of HSG that I'd pick as the least likely to function as an admin. He is basically guaranteed to use it as some weird social posturing bullshit to make himself feel "superior" to HSG proper.


>giving a guy with an inferiority complex power

sure, that sounds like a great idea!


lol internet


File: 1425304691252.png (78.73 KB, 798x646, 21:17, 14222758908200 (1).png)

I've made a board on 8ch. It's /hsgts/.
Is that bad?


Is this what's left of hsg? What's it been like, wandering in the void this last year?



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