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File: da310c22ee2dc3c⋯.png (479.71 KB, 584x600, 73:75, a2b3bc16f83bf276e07402af49….png)


I'm planning on developing a trainer game but something that I've seen multiple times on this board is the distaste for RPG maker games. I don't personally know why and would like to know what makes people hesitant on trying a RPG maker game.

The alternative would be Renpy, I guess, but I'm not a programer so I think I'd fall on the same steps as Oni did (besides the money making) and be working more on fixing bugs other than creating more content to the game.

Since we're at it, please tell me some features that you like about trainer games.


I think the problem alot of people have with RPG maker games is they seem really lazy? like they give off this vibe of low-effort


Please use alternative assets. Whenever I play an RPG Maker game, I get that same music stuck in my head and it reminds me of all the other games I've played with the same exact music.

RPG Maker games can be good, it just shows how much effort you really put into it.


Is it too much to ask from RPGM game to let me resize the fucking window?



RPG maker game's resolution is placed on the coding/programing of the game, meaning that I can change the resolution but the one playing can't. I've seen a game that had an option to change resolutions (on MV) but it didn't change anything to me, so I don't know.



Something that works is using borderless gaming. It will stretch the game so it is in full screen borderless.

Still can't really resize it but at least i don't need a magnifier to see wtf is on the screen without fucking up all my multi monitor action.


With Renpy you can generally get to any location with three-four clicks. With RPG you have to take a couple minutes per location any time a quest completes to check for new options. Who has the patience.

My favorite part of trainer games is the girl discovering stuff about herself… The downside of most of them is it turns out the girl is up for most anything if you push her hard enough which I find unlikely.


Pirate some original tunes and use those as the soundtrack.



For me it is because:

1. I hate spending 80% of my time travelling between locations

2. It is very easy to get stuck

3. The combat system just feels grindy, I would honestly just play pokemon or ff if I feel for such things.


Theres nothing enjoyable about rpgmaker gameplay. It only serves to introduce pointless grind. Also how is the ui so bad, I mean what the fuck? We're playing on a desktop with keyboard and mouse, not a handheld with 10 buttons.





Thanks for the feedback it's really apreciated.

So from my understanding there's a lot of displeasure on wasting time on meaningless actions (who knew!?), this goes from moving to grinding.

>>My solution to these would be have a quick travel system to the most important places, and no grinding at all since I don't plan on making a traditional rpg game.

The other complaiens were to storytelling, how a girl goes from first meeting you to cump dump in a few days and how it can be complicated where you need a walkthrough.

>>When it comes to progression my plan is to make every girl [yes I'm making multiple that way it's easier to milk the game(jk)] unique from each other, where they have their own boundaries (they may overlap in some aspects but not all). And to help the player I plan to add an optional help, where the UI will tell the player where he needs to go to advance the plot or the girl.

If these ideas stink, please let me know, if you have a suggestion feel free to tell me as well. Although I'm jokingly saying that I'll milk this game but I'm hoping on making money out of it for it being something the player enjoys.


Personally if I'm playing a porn game I'd rather be able to do everything with the mouse than have to use the keyboard.



>I'm playing a porn game I'd rather be able to do everything with the mou

I'm planning on using MV which allows you to do that.


my problem is that I'm stuck using a macbook from 2012 and unless i'm an idiot and my google-foo is weak, i cant play RPG maker games. would love to be proven wrong



This is an old thread, but I need to chip in here.

RPG maker is blocky, grindy, difficult, un-intuitive and kind of a pain in the ass. It's really not difficult to say "Oh shit I can put the key in the box" and fill an entire room with meaningless boxes.

The loot system is shit.

The pay-off is underwhelming unless executed to a tee.

The characterization can be sabotaged

The play style is more for mindless exploration and time wasting; the traveling is mind numbing, and then animation counter is defeatist at best.

There's no guarantee that they or you know what the fuck you're doing. Remeber the boxes? Secret doors and 100%ing enemy clearing are hallmarks of this.

The lack of a clear map is a nightmare.

>The limitations of the engine are disastrous

That's just minor gripes.

>Save locations suck

>Bosses are OP as fuck and number scaling is garbage

>The grind is atrocious

>The healing system makes me want to blow my brains out

This is just some of the major ones


Japanese RPG maker games are fine, it's the western ones that are shit.

Japanese adult games: couple of drawn hentai pics + crappy story to glue it together.

Western adult games: 800mb of 3D renders and parallax mapping, tryhard backstory / battles / fighting system, infinite "potential", and shit jokes everywhere.

Japanese got DLSite. They know they can make 1 porn and sell it. 1 very simple porn by 1 single author. They use RPG as a way of viewing porn. A media.

Westerns are trying to revolutionize the entire gaming genre with RPG maker. They want start with grandiose plots in a fucking porn game. Something that will give them patreon $$$ for evur. They think they can pull it off.

Japanese don't think they can pull it off. They don't care. Because they're making PORN you enjoy in RPG form, they are not making the ultimate RPG game that has a dump of naked pics in it. That's why they don't care if they use the default assets or if the monsters are unbalanced as shit or if the story is straight linear and has no replay value. That's not the point.

You play it. Jerk it. And be done with it.



the fuck are you on about nigger, most nipp rpg lewd games I play take themselves way too seriously and spent atleast 10 minutes introducing characters and plot, and then up to 4 hours worth of grinding to corrupt a character or some shit



Which ones? Clymenia games are great.

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