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File: 57bfda4f479d8c4⋯.gif (214.79 KB, 1920x500, 96:25, xYzVRFNfQGKi3lqP21GPEg.gif)







She is, you nigger.

Explore the labyrinth more, she's the character that ends up becoming your bartender.



A question, I get the thing is to 'train' avatar girls but is there a more over arching plot as to why this is the case?



Play the game and see for yourself nigger



>She is, you nigger.

I don't want to play Book 3 till is finished. I won't be blue balled.



Unless I've misread the situation:

There's some weird sexual spirit shenanigans going on in the future, and the Avatar needs to be trained up to deal with it.

So the Painted Lady is sending you through time to get you trained up in the elements. Except that she might not actually be on your side. It's unclear. Also something worrying about the Avatar's sexual desires getting stronger every iteration.

Anyways, you're training up and getting waifus or slaves, while also dealing with whatever plot there is for the timeperiod and element you're on, said plot varying depending on wether you pick the love route (best route IMO) or the slave route.

For example, in Book 2 (fire), Love Route lets you play as Zuko and seduce your sister (Azula).

Book One (Water) is the most basic, effectively serving as a prologue for how things will go. Book Two is fucking amazing, and Book 3(Earth) hasn't been finished yet but looks like it will be just as good.


Kek, I just realized I put Four Elements Trainer in my namefield.


File: ced3233959d9a73⋯.gif (203.83 KB, 215x206, 215:206, ced3233959d9a73e0cdedd1e00….gif)



As unfortunate as it sounds, this is one of the best games I've played in a while. The humor, drama, progression is spot on. Half of the stuff they're selling on steam pales in comparison, and this game is probably 90% socially unacceptable. I might not want to meet the people who talk openly about it.

Nevertheless, play the damn thing. You won't regret it.



Yes, in a nutshell. Game's worth giving at least a shot.



>Book One (Water) is the most basic

Yeah I feel like he should go back and redo parts of book one. He's gotten a lot better since then.

Only after best girl loli is done, of course.



Danke. I have played it but some of the more finer points escaped me. I'll go back and give book 2 a try then.



>Yeah I feel like he should go back and redo parts of book one.

Oh fuck no. Once they start doing that nothing ever gets fucking finished.



He redid all the art IIRC.

Though it could use more plotstuff maybe.



I had not noticed


Holy deuce, this game is amazing. Plot is top tier, genuinely enjoy the character interactions. Talents are wasted in porn, should do a full on RPG.



Man, we need quality porn too, come on



This. Porn games being taked lightly is why all these games are shit. What about someone with actual fucking pants doing a full porn RPG? I want fucking porn games with quality, and that includes the "game" part.

Also, the guy wasn't always like that, compare Book 1 to Book 3 and you see the abysmal difference, MiTY just got better with practice over time.


How the fuck do I get out of the hole in the labyrinth? I found the key for June's shackles there, but I have no clue how to get out. Anybody know, or is it just not developed yet?



Click on the walls to inspect them, then earthbend when prompted.



Agreed. If MITY ever wants to buff up the first book to put it on par with the others, they can do it AFTER they finish the rest of the damn game.



>they can do it AFTER they finish the rest of the damn game.





The game can end after book 3 for all I care. fuck Korra, she is a shit character and book 4 should focus on Jirona to keep the whole Water, Fire, Earth, Air. So it'd be nice if he held Whorra back to re-do Book 1.



That being said, hey can simply use one of those sites to rise enough money to pay for fucking commissions instead of discovering MS paint, but I guess their furry brains can't manage to think about that.


File: 86e70726574c0e6⋯.jpg (804.05 KB, 842x1191, 842:1191, lusciousnet_korra-raped-by….jpg)


If there was no love route and instead there was a second, more vindictive slave route. Muh cabbages.

That's the only way I'd like a Korra book.

Make her repeat the phrase "You're the Avatar and I've gotta deal with it" while forcing her to multi orgasm through tears with an hitachi in front of Tenzin and his family.


anyone still have a link for one of the old 0.2 versions?


File: 6b0a766de6e89df⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 304x158, 152:79, KeanuReevesWhoa.jpg)


Clearly they're doing something right.

>there are half a dozen decent games on here right now

>this one is the only one I'd even consider donating to

MiTY a best, very impressed

Hope Toph love route is good




>inb4 a shill

>witty GoT wildfire explosion implying.gif

>inb4 reddit spacing


Okay, argument's done, lets continue. I really like this game so far.




Actully, MiTY so far have proved to be pretty god-tier. My only complain was that he wasn't going to make Toph a loli and he blew that one like a champ. Now my problem is Korra being the focus of book 4 for some reason, but that's hardly a deal breaker. I considered giving money to this one, Incestral Awakening and Long Live the Princess, but considering the former is stupid enough to keep supporting patreon and the later went to shill on fag95, I'd simply never will give money to patreons.


can you fuck toph already?



korra is trash. not looking forward to book 4, hopefully the enslavement route will make her more likable.


>>33787 i can only assume you'd say that bc of how the creator got political at the end but even in that instance it would mean 3 way like in book 2 with korra and asami as for korrasami worst move ever in a anime/cartoon series plus if anything korrasami is bisexual and or bicurious since they both had a thing with mako at one point so becoming lezzy at the end has no continuity or if he was pandering which makes more sense even worse than before Leftist Cuck



>i can only assume you'd say that bc of how the creator got political at the end

Not really. Yes, the legend of Korra show on itself is trash and there are a really REALLY few salvageable parts, like Jinora or even Mako's relationship with Asami that was pretty genuine, UNTIL KORRA RUINED IT. Korra as a character is the single worse thing from the show in all the seasons no matter how much she "changed", since she actually barely changed other than for plot device. She is selfish, full of herself, she is the embodiment of "strong independent woman" in the worst way possible you can do that. The relationship between her and Korra really came out of the ass, they were getting along, yes, but she was also getting along with everyone else, and even then in the end it was just a half-assed and vague "statement". The only good thing about Korra is that she is fit. I can keep going on and on, as in how the show was supposed to end in Season 1 only to drag it's corpse for 3 more seasons, resulting in one of the worse thought overall stories ever unlike the master piece that The Last Airbender was.

Honestly, Book 4 would be better for anyone as a protagonist but Korra, and if she is indeed the protagonist, I'd rather go the slave route.



>book 4 should focus on Jirona

I’d have preferred that too; my guess as to why this isn’t the case is that MITY doesn’t think Jinora has enough material to pull off being a focus character, or they just didn’t want to push their luck by having a second loli-character after Toph be in the front-and-center.

That being said; MITY has been really good about including a couple of side-girls in each route with at least one side-quest and sex-scene of their own each, so I really hope that they at least make Jinora a secondary-character to lay with.


i'm gonna take the silence as that yes you can fuck toph



You can play with her breasts and jack off in her face. Development of book three is still in early stages and hasn’t progressed past the heavy petting/mutual masturbation phase of the relationship.


File: 8a92c3b6df647c7⋯.jpg (122.7 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 01_ZhWGJL7.jpg)



Tbh it would be best if he did something similar to the comic with Jinora mind breaking Korra

pic. rel. shit was so cash



>Long Live the Princess

Sounds interesting

But yeah 4et is the only game worth giving money to in my opinion



I'll be completely honest; there were some frankly ridiculous contrivances in this story that almost made me drop it while in progress namely Korra being illiterate, which really didn't work for multiple reasons but the psychological manipulation was so masterfully handled that I stuck with it and did not regret it in the end. The twist was kinda hackneyed, but again, the execution was for the most part more than worth it.

Truly a shame when the Ben 10 comic came out afterwards and the artist became a full-on virtue-signalling anti-Trump faggot in the middle of it.


I've had a lot of fun with this game. More than I thought I would. I'm sticking to the love routes though. Even though it's a game, I feel like a scumbag making the choices I had to make in book 1 to mindbreak Katara.

I really liked how book two let you develop and get a more personal relationship with Azula. Honestly, I'd probably have played book 2 even without the sex parts if it was just about strengthening Zuko's and Azula's bonds as brother and sister, and working out all their problems and history with each other, as gay as that sounds.



Not really, always preferred the love route. Slave Route sounds a little..well, like you're that creep in those h-games that need 50 guys to break 2 women.


File: 9be0ab7ae11ea79⋯.jpg (120.27 KB, 850x651, 850:651, 9be0ab7ae11ea795f0e63250f8….jpg)


>the artist became a full-on virtue-signalling anti-Trump faggot in the middle of it.

I'm really afraid of becoming an artist myself because the faggots tend to end like liberal garbage.


Azula deserve lots of love, the kind of love she was denied her whole life. I wish I could fix her.



>Truly a shame when the Ben 10 comic came out afterwards and the artist became a full-on virtue-signalling anti-Trump faggot in the middle of it.

Really? Where? I didnt notice it, and while his stories arent perfect i really love fixxxer artstyle and how he handles corruption/brainwashing. Stories are deep and developed enough and isnt just >*snap* u mind broken now serve me slave

like in tons of other comics with same fetishes




The part right before Gwen gets broken out of juvie by Hex. The psycho ringleader of the rape-gang catches Gwen and the butch girl together and basically goes on a multi-page rant about how she’s racist and hates Gwen/Charmcaster because she’s a “gypsy”, how she’s made a deal with the guards that keep injecting Gwen with that drug that’s making her dumber, and how when she gets released she wants to run around shooting up non-white women with the drug to make them retarded sex-slaves and “Make America Great Again” (she literally uses that phrase verbatim)


File: 786d10719fb5428⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263.67 KB, 913x1402, 913:1402, 35.jpg)


My boner must have blinded me because i didnt see it when i was reading it.



The same. This story is pretty well done, even besides the sex.


File: ba0d99b0a0c116d⋯.jpg (79.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Maybe she meant was referencing Senator Armstrong. Those nano machines really do a number on you.



What if it was supposed to be a pro trump reference instead of anti trump one?



Considering she’s the psycho bitch antagonist and gets unceremoniously killed 3 pages afterwards, I doubt it. Even if it was, it’s still a cringey as shit statement/equivocation to make, even if it wasn’t written in the middle of a goddamn Ben 10 Mindbreak porn-comic.



>and gets unceremoniously killed 3 pages afterwards

read the sequel



Having Jinora as a character might be interest, but there's already a comic of her dominating Korra. We need original stuff that breaks new ground.

We could always take the Fire route and make a custom character, or go for a twist and play AS Korra. My guess though would be that we play as the one asshole who could firebend. I want to break Asami or cuck her for Korra.



My guess is that we will play as a guy from the intro since he is in the korra timeline and he just learned all that bending from his dream sequences that is book 1, 2 and 3




(people shared my opinion yay)

The loli part I can willfully ignore because moe, a cup and sex, but I wasn't big on Azula. I liked the shop girl more. You know, to each their own.

The sheer amount of content was overwhelming, though. Took forever to power through, and I kinda found myself actually reading the dialogue to find easter eggs.


There's a post on the patreon called "Merry Christmas". Did the new version get released?



File: 12116086d8c5621⋯.png (112.47 KB, 853x608, 853:608, 1458501218915.png)


Two avatars do not exist at the same time.

Katara remembered and recognized the protag(twice!) so it is not a dream sequence.


Mai is awesome but I prefer Ty lee. Too bad we never got the zuko route.

see >>33878 , I would love azula with zuko if we had more shit like this.


We do not because none of this has broke new ground.

If we play as Korra then Mity can go fuck his self. We will be Tenzin, Milo, That one child of Katara that awakened to airbending or as you said a custom npc who will most likely be an awakened airbender.

Book four will only be good if I get to fuck everybody's daughters and ginger.


File: 69ee0313f98dcc5⋯.png (100.32 KB, 853x606, 853:606, 1458501270435.png)


File: e54caf960d89bea⋯.png (106.6 KB, 851x601, 851:601, 1458501313485.png)


I'm hoping to play as Tenzin, yeh.

That way we can fuck our wife, we can fuck Lin (Toph's daughter who might be our daughter here), Korra, etc.

That, or we play as Amon. Because he's cool, and he could also fuck those people.



>Katara remembers you so it's not a dream sequence!

I still don't understand the retarded logic of this statement. How it is not a dream sequence just because Katara remembers you? That just means is a long dream sequence. If you actually changed things in the past you wouldn't exist in the first place and the timeline of events isn't really clear either. You said it yourself, there can't be 2 avatars at the same time, so it's obviously a dream and not time travel.

As for playable characters, the random air bender for the slave route sounds nice in Korra. Love route should involve… Mako, I guess.


>Wanting to play as the old man

>Amon is cool




But how would you count how many avatars are there though? We use Aang's body for the majority of the Game(s). We haven't seen an avatar switch bodies yet so no idea if we can use the avatar state in a borrowed body. Naturally you do not exist at the same time as Aang or Korra, your spirit does.

You haven't bent more than one element at a time before book 3(B1 is fine since that is the first element you learn but what about B2? Yes you can't bend others before you confront Azula or you will give your ass away but what about after you learn who you are and you go to confront her? I say because you aren't in an avatar status approved body).

If this was a dream sequence why would it matter whether or not they can see you leave the body you're using? Why would they recognize you and treat you like they know you instead of who you are inhabiting(Aang, Zuko or the thief)? Back to my point why does it matter if it is a dream?

Look at Katara at the beginning of B3, When she first sees you she's all "thanks Aang" then she goes trained mode when she notices it's "you".


File: c7245ce609ab79f⋯.png (26.18 KB, 271x304, 271:304, happpppy.png)


if we get to have a 3-way with the 2 loli daughters then i will be ok with the korra trash



>Book four will only be good if I get to fuck everybody's daughters and ginger.



pretty much. it's the only way i will be able to stand being around that cunt korra



Don't really see how Korra is a cunt, She seems like any other teenage girl.



>Don't really see how Korra is a cunt

>She seems like any other teenage girl.

You just answered your own question



she loud, annoying, violent, self-centered, spoiled, mary sue with no redeeming qualities.




The same can be said about Azula.



>I'm intimidated by strong female characters.




if that's what you consider a strong female character then i feel sorry for you anon. you must have had some bad experiences



Pretty sure Avatar state have always consisted in shiny eyes, so that's not exactly it, not to mention that the avatar state consists of previous avatars, not future ones.

>Back to my point why does it matter if it is a dream?

One of the reasons I insist with dream sequence is because time travel in anywhere you put it is beyond retarded. I understand that if it's a dream sequence, the things you do are inconsequential and some people doesn't like that, but I do because it doesn't change anything in universe except your own experience of it. It would be nice if there was a Book 5 with original characters in republic city, with the current avatar after all he learned and some shoehorned mechanic to copy the girls you met before or something of the sort


Azula was really powerful but she was flawed as a person which is the whole point of her arc in the show. She is a broken person, not to mention that she actually had to work hard to be as good as she is.

The minute The Legend of Korra starts the first thing Korra says is "I'm the avatar! Deal with it!" while bending 3 elements at the age of maybe 4 or something.



Korra is not an strong female character, Korra is a stronk womyn who need no man, I hope you understand the difference.



Azula is also much better to look at than Korra.


File: 8544ccdc519ca09⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 960295.jpg)


I actually disagree with you on that. Korra is pure eye candy if you're into tomboys. Azula is far more intimidating than Korra, though, Korra is just childish.



When the hell did Azula work hard? She was born into royalty and handed servants to do all her shit for her.

Korra struggled to master air, dealt with having her bending taken away, and much more.




What this guy says.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Watch vid. Learn from it. Then watch next vid.



She was a prodigy in fire bending, but since she is a bootlicker she kept practicing agni kai with her father.

>S-she struggled with air bending!

And suddenly mastered it even though she didn't had bending powers at the time because she is a mary sue, not to mention that she could bend the other elements when she was a goddamn toddler.

Korra is a mary sue and a shit character in general. See >>34362


Azula is a villain in the first place, so her being overpowered is understandable. Korra is a really shitty protagonist.


File: 96d35bb03149a5a⋯.png (2.24 MB, 1200x1524, 100:127, f72c08f3be320f407fc36d648c….png)


>Korra struggled to master air

No she fucking didn't, she did nothing but sulk and whine because she didn't learn it overnight then the talentless writers just gave it to her without effort because fuck character development.


>Korra is just childish

She's selfish and arrogant cunt who acted like spoilt brat when she didn't get her way, this wouldn't be that bad a character should have flaws otherwise they become may sues but the writers didn't treat her disgusting personality like a flaw hell when ever she did fuck something up or acted like a bitch to others, which was all the time, they would blame someone else and have that character take full responsibility for something she did. I doubt the writers even think she's an selfish bitch the way they wrote her just reads like some tumblrfags self insert fanfiction.

The only good thing to come out of the garbage sequel was the porn, that's Korra's legacy she's just a 2D brown fuck toy.



>Korra struggled to master air

Her mastery of air, which are ostensibly Buddhist teachings, were naturally learned through arena brawls.

Struggled my ass. She tried it once with a brilliant master teacher, gave up and then just picked it up by doing what ever the fuck she wanted. Then her fucking master guru of a teacher said she was right and he was wrong because he was a disgusting white male and needed to check his privilege around an oppressed Woman of Color.



Azula isn't intimidating to me whatsoever and Korra is a dumb bimbo and the writers are assholes for making her.

I'd fuck her, impregnate her and leave her dumb ass alone. She can have fun.




How did you not commit suicide the second you found this place, you fucking feminist dyke?



>Azula isn't intimidating to me

Only because you lack imagination which is a sign of being a psychopath.



if you think psychopatchs lack imagination, you dont know what psychopathy is



>Superficial charm and glibness

>Inflated sense of self-worth

>Constant need for stimulation

>Lying pathologically

>Conning others; being manipulative

>Lack of remorse or guilt

>Shallow emotions

>Callousness; lack of empathy

>Using others (a parasitic lifestyle)

>Poor control over behavior

>Promiscuous sexual behavior

>Behavioral problems early in life

>Lack of realistic, long-term goals

>Being impulsive

>Being irresponsible

>Blaming others and refusing to accept responsibility

>Having several marital relationships

>Delinquency when young

>Revocation of conditional release

>Criminal acts in several realms (criminal versatil

it's hard to find someone who doesn't have some sign of being a psychopath


File: 9a918d8ab01eb40⋯.png (256.97 KB, 604x613, 604:613, 1504643493521.png)


I am a psychopath.



i think you're mistaken

thoses are traits shared by most of the SOCIOpaths, not PSYCHOpaths


pretty sure you're a sociopath, and not a psycho

but to be fair, 99% of us shares many traits with the list he shared

we're all sociopaths down here




i've seen other articles where they say the same exact things but for sociopaths

moral of the story:

don't trust the normies media, they're all saying the same things




Sociopathy is the more modern medical term for the same condition that was previously called psychopathy. Just like how idiot, moron, and imbecile were once used as technical medical terms for varying levels of mental retardation.


File: ec0efcf765aca74⋯.gif (1.69 MB, 360x360, 1:1, 1434837537943.gif)


Then you give her a small amount of affection and she hooks on. Yes, she is a bitch and will probably belittle you at first but you just keep being kind to her and she gets flustered and doesn't know how to deal with you.


File: b84f2f4201a51cc⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1159x1500, 1159:1500, 892c2dcfda3db5b117f11c5713….jpg)

guys, what if there is a cuck route in where Korra starts acting like a bitch towards asami, then you confort and talk nice to her while you start putting the idea of being cucked in korra's mind by hypnotism or giving her hints of it. Then you star doing daring things with asami like getting a handjob from under the table, korra notice but dosen't say anything, just blushes and gets turned on by watching you, or maybe if she's trained enough she masturbates discretly.



Sounds shit



you sound like a massive cuck, every part of that idea was terrible.




just say harem route dude, why do you have to do something so boner killing as calling it a cuck route?



Which is why you should play as Tenzin. There's a perfect harem right there for the corruptin'.

It could involve Korra I guess. Just keep her in a dungeon and feed her only semen.



because the point is to maker her suffer and see her destroyed, to take her partner from her and make her enjoy watching it happen.

i don't like cuck porn, but when the character is as garbage as korra is, then i don't mind.


File: 4e0f7d75016a4ac⋯.jpg (216.11 KB, 1262x834, 631:417, nottheringfinger.jpg)

He put the ring on the wrong bloody finger.



> as calling it a cuck route?

Because he's a 12 year old from 1/2 chan.



Azula, who else?



>Wanting to play as the old man

Give a rest to the idea, fucking faggot. What would be the difference between playing as Tenzin, Mako or a faceless guy?


That's called cuckqueaning, fag, and at the end it sounds more like she'd enjoy it more than anything, not to mention that I doubt it'd happen the way you want it. MiTY is not that cruel, and neither am I even when I hate Korra.

Making her a proper lady after breaking her sounds a better idea than just making her suffer.



No fucking reason for Mako. He can't airbend.

Tenzin has the best chance to go for every female in this bitch. He doesn't have to do shit to get his wife, can go for the daughters easily, Can be a father figure for Asami, Same for Korra, Lin has(had) feelings for him, ect. so on and so forth.

Facless/oc guy can be done thanks to the awakened airbenders.

Playing as Tenzin can happen after Korra returns his bending or when they go to search for airbenders. Where the fuck does Mako fit in?



>He can't airbend

So? It's not like previous books have been thematic about that.

>Tenzin has the best chance to go for every female in this bitch

Meh, sounds better when an "outsider" like Mako breaks the girls. Might as well play with Bolin as well.

>Where the fuck does Mako fit in?

Gee, I don't know, the guy who was fucking both Korra and Asami doesn't fit in.



Anon that sounds retarded to me.

Reality would go nothing like your fantasy.

She would probably think this is how she should be treated as the princess/firelord.

Continuing to act like so even if she "decides" to be mean to you to will make her think you are doing it out of fear like everyone else. Denying that will make her think you are lying.

Continuing will most likely end with you being executed.

Your idea would go if she was not so broken, more so or had an interest in you.


File: 17cde3468246d28⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 1010012.jpg)


All Azula wanted was the love her mother and brother denied her. The whole reason she acts like that is to fill the void and to get her father approval. She admits as much in one of the best episodes of the show, where she was actually being honest for once.

I'd say she needs to be stripped of everything first, including her princess title. She also needs someone that can handle her. She doesn't need to be broken, she can act the way she always have in front of other people to keep her confidence while being an adorable bunny in private. That's truly a moe gap.

>Denying that will make her think you are lying

Well, prove it to her you're not by dominating her like a man, FAGGOT.



>So? It's not like previous books have been thematic about that.

Book1:Water=Katara training you in Aang's body(avatar) to learn waterbending.

Book2:Fire=Azula training you in Zuko's/Thief's body(firebender) to learn firebending.

Book3:Earth=Toph training you in Aang's body(avatar) to learn earthbending.

And now you suggest

Book4:Air=Play as Mako and just break bitches and say fuck you to the rest of the stuff we have done up to this point

>Meh, sounds better when an "outsider" like Mako breaks the girls. Might as well play with Bolin as well.

So Mako gonna go the incest/backdoor route? or is it that Bolin and Tenzin aren't attractive to you while Mako gets you fired up?

If you want an outsider, faceless guy can do that. Also that guy who poisoned Korra. He got access to like two more bitches.

Are you telling me >>34297 Tenzin can't break bitches? Looks like he is about to break Korra.

>Gee, I don't know, the guy who was fucking both Korra and Asami doesn't fit in.

The guy who fucked one then the other and made them go lesbian?



>Well, prove it to her you're not by dominating her like a man, FAGGOT.

How FAGGOT? The bitch can basically fly, can shoot electricity and burn your ass alive.

Lets assume you/we/us can't bend nor have the training like Ty lee or Mai, How do you suggest we do this?

It seems like you want someone that looks like her rather than her.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was an episode in Legend of Korra where airbenders started to appear out of nowhere. Considering we wouldnt play Korra (thats gay) and that Tenzin is old af, I think that we could pretty possibly get book 2 situation and play as an original character.



That's what I was assuming would be the story for book 4. Each book has made the target our bending teacher as well. The silhouette in the back is clearly Korra, so she's most likely going to be our air bending teacher as well. It seemed the most plausible way for that to work would be with one of the new air benders that arose with the return of the spirits.




While this is all well&good, I think the argument is more so if they use an established character who it should be.

For that we have:

Tenzin(Natural):+Will be the easiest to get all (main)bitches/-Old

Meelo(Natural):+Young/-Basically Shota

Zaheer(Awakened):+Two other bitches(Ming-Hua,P'Li)/-Will be hard to get others


Mako(Not an airbender):+Young,Not shota/-Not an airbender,Made Korra and Asami go lez,May try to "play" with his bro

Bolin(Not an airbender):+Young,Not shota/-Not an airbender,May be "played" with by his bro

If ya'll can think of others(characters/postives&negatives) please add on.


File: 55257fb0850863b⋯.png (182.54 KB, 250x375, 2:3, Avatar_The_Last_Airbender_….png)


>All Azula wanted was the love her mother and brother denied her.

do you mean Zuko denied her Ursa's love or that she wanted both Ursa's and Zuko's love? Because if it's the former you are wrong since it was Ozai who fucked things up not Zuko and if mean the latter it's also wrong because even after everything happened Zuko still loved his sister unconditionally, "The Search" and "Smoke and Shadow" comics directly confirmed that since Zuko practically told her that no matter how fucked up she is he will always love her. Ursa loved Azula as well she just doted on Zuko more since her was weaker and reminded her of her first love, Azula was always more capable and bullied Zuko from childhood so Ursa thought that she didn't need her as much.


File: 2534134e85db478⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 675x938, 675:938, 12115864.jpg)


>Azula training you in Zuko's/Thief's body(firebender) to learn firebending

Technically, Zuko already knew Firebending. I don't remember why exactly did Azula agreed to train you, but Zuko already knew the damn thing. My point being that there really isn't a theme, specially since you use Aang's body twice, and Zuko's body was mostly an accident. If something, that just proves that an Avatar's body is most likely what the spirit wants you to use, that would mean being Korra, so good luck, faggot.

>So Mako gonna go the incest/backdoor route? or is it that Bolin and Tenzin aren't attractive to you while Mako gets you fired up?

How did you even get to that conclusion? I meant you could just use Bolin as the player instead of Mako. Anything but a disgusting old man, faggot, specially Tenzin.

>Are you telling me >>34297 Tenzin can't break bitches?

No, I'm telling you Tenzin is a disgusting old man.

>The guy who fucked one then the other and made them go lesbian?

Yes, exactly that one, better than the old man who does almost nothing at all.



By having fucking balls. That's what Azula needs AND want. She literally have daddy issues, that's the kind o men those women go for, and that's honestly the kind of man that can handle her without screaming in terror, which is actually what she wanted too.

>How do you suggest we do this?

You can't, you fucked up for being born as a really average guy, that can't really handle her in the first place.


Fuck off, faggot.



>Wanting the fart happy little shit

No thanks.




Never make that joke again, anon. Even Saying Korra is canon is an stretch.

As for the rest, even if the comics were canon, Azula didn't know how Zuko or Ursa felt at the time, she just felt like she was tossed aside by both her brother and mother, and could only rely on her father, who only fed her madness.


File: 6b476e83826a996⋯.png (974.62 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, Photo Jun 08, 6 50 01 PM.png)

How much content is actually present in the game as of right now? It seems interesting but I want to know how far in development it is.



The thief was the accident. You get trained by her to firebend because you don't know how(thief)/forgot(Zuko). You lose your memory because of how carelessly you were put into a body thanks to the snake spirit. The thief route has you thinking you don't know you can bend until Azula tries to kill you and as Zuko you admit you don't remember how to when she tells you to light your fireplace. Learning bending is the Main(only stated) reason your going to each of these people. Yes training bitches for a ending harem is the likely hidden unsaid secondary objective of your journey but not the primary.

By no means was Zuko an accident. The spirit literally tells you "you're going in his body".

So tell me, as Mako or Bolin, how are we going to learn Air when thanks to LoK the only way to bend more than one element at once is to have the spirit Raava merged into your soul/body(aka being the avatar)?

The reason I brought up you wanting gay incest was because you said play with rather than play as.

Base point, whether you're Mako or Tenzin what they have done is irrelevant, it's what you (can)do in there bodies that matters.



Two parts out of four done, third part in the works with some already out. Good amount of content, bit grindy but you can leave it on auto at least so you dont have to think about it.



Got through Book One and Two, how do I access the Book Three content? (If it's in yet.)




What about General Iroh? That dude's awesome, but has less screen time. Wouldn't mind playing him

Come to think of it wouldn't it be possible to choose which character we would like to play as? You suggest Mako but I suggest Iroh. Or use the creation like the thief



Yeah, we're either going to make an OC Airbender or we're going to replace that one cool kid so Jinora is viable.


If that whole Wan bullshit is even acknowledged in this game I'm going to slit some throats.


The new build got released, does anyone have it yet?



I think the letter releases are just bug fixes but here you go.








Wait, never mind. The fuck you talking about nigger?


File: fecc275122b2e3e⋯.webm (432.21 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ds9-sloan.webm)


I think the mismatched yin-yang spirits are referenced. Don't forget to write an epic manifesto before your spree.



I don't remember that.

Though the real Avatar series had yin-yang symbology with the fish so it might be referencing that.


So, what´s new in the update?


I'm in book 2 and trying to do the love route. I just unlocked the farm and have no idea what the morality score affects, will lowering morality close off the love route?



It affects the ending. You also can't make Ty Lee drink piss if your morality is too high.



so whats the difference? so for instance if you have low morality will you and azula rule as 2 evil dictators and if you're good you turn her nice?


New build out in a few days get hype



Does it implement anything for the love route or just add to the slave route?



Its just adding to the slave route



well that's just disappointing, wake me up when the love route gets finished



>not having a save of each




I play both routes, but the slaves one are always trash. Wake me up when a slave route has something like that island.


File: 8640fbe5f0c230e⋯.png (174.6 KB, 444x250, 222:125, Raava_battling_Vaatu.png)


I'm pretty sure one or both of these fhitstains are mentioned in passing. I'm not playing through the whole game to screenshot a one-off sentence


File: 9f60b669b73854f⋯.jpg (40.75 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 640.jpg)


<Twi and La, push and pull, yin and yang.

I hate myself for remembering that all these years. It's something spoken by Ko the face stealer, towards the end of the first book I think.



remember how they had the fish spirits for balance, but then added another pair of SUPER spirits to make the avatar?



I bet this time its gonna have something similar to that since people really liked it in book 2 love route


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Korra literally fucked over the entire lore of ATLA


When is new update?



This is one of the worst things I've ever seen.



whorra or the vid?



I've never seen Whorra but, the fact that they just killed ATLA with some incredibility dumb shit makes it one of the worst things I've ever seen. The vid itself was great.


anyone got the new playtester version?


these were posted on f95:



>Four_Elements_Trainer_v.0.6.03-mac .zip







from f95 board

"I played through a bit, and found some "problems". But I will talk about that later.


You can upgrade your house and you can upgrade the shop. You can also build a brothel.

Toph has a 2 new lessons, one gives you access to new part of the tunnels where you find Suki. You can free her and hypnotize her to get naked for you.

The other lesson gives access to a new scene with Toph where you can titfuck her. Same rules apply as the tit massage, small tits and big tits both accessable.

Furhter more you can hypotize June to become a slutty waitress.

Joo Dee has received some scenes.


Game crashes when I try to have a crab battle with Iroh.

Upgraded my Shop but I can still upgrade it.

Ty Lee "joins" the group only if you upgrade the Brothel, but there is no option for it.

Lastly after a few hypnotize sessions with Suki, she vanishes from the chair.

That is all I found so far, if you guys found anything else let me know."


Where is Suki? I have wandered the tunnels upside and downside yet cannot find anything. And I cannot receive more Earthbending lessons after levitating the rock.


I got stuck in iroh stupid crab battle, I couldnt do anything


File: 66c5956d76112b8⋯.jpg (121.46 KB, 680x1342, 340:671, b24.jpg)



Been awhile since I've heard that mentioned.


File: ae6f2a76df90c0e⋯.png (736.37 KB, 1300x1700, 13:17, ae6.png)


File: d4ec269aab54a5d⋯.png (2.09 MB, 2112x4200, 88:175, d4e.png)



I think you have to reestart the game, she is on the place of one of the girls you already released



After you’ve done the “levitating a rock” training, go to the first four-way intersection in the tunnels. Don’t go left to the steam or right towards the locked door, go straight to the beige wall with an “x” on it, that’s where Suki is hidden in.


anyone know how to edit the enemy crabs health in book 3?

In book 2 enemy_crab_hp= xx

was working but it's not in this book.


File: 870df0fb3ce21b0⋯.png (5.74 KB, 600x474, 100:79, spurdo goncern.png)


anyone know how to free june?

I've got both the kyoshi dildo and the strange key plus before that I've managed to get suki to run the brothel.



Just click on her




I did and it asks me if I found the key to which I can only reply that I didn't



You get the key from the girl you rescue earlier on. After you make the hospital and get her there, there will be a small scene where she is having PTSD or some shit, just have patience, and then you get it.



it does not open the locks of june only the chests.



The key the nude girl gives you is for the door to the second part of the tunnels where you find June. The key to her shackles is found past her on the upper floors of the dungeon.



could you post the screen of the key and where it's located?


File: 7d26ea747c7c77e⋯.png (232.77 KB, 828x558, 46:31, Capture.PNG)


I've climbed the stairs where do I go next?



Keep going right and then down when you find the hole.



How do you get Suki to run the Brothel?



Keep making her more submissive until she gives in.


Anyway to upgrade the brothel yet or not implemented?


Anyone knows book3's money command?






aight, thanks famalamadingdong.


Where does one find obsidian?



rando girls in the tunnels. One spawns where you find Suki after freeing her.



I can't go down the hole.



Use the down arrow instead of clicking on the hole.


anyone found any more of joo dee after she stops being at the house or is that not added yet?



Not added yet.


Is there something I'm missing or does the game just end after finding Ty Lee?



you mean in book 3? book 3 is still under development


>>34977 I know, I meant in this patch.



then the answer is yes, it just ends


File: a570fa5d22e6957⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, avatar spooky.png)

2 spooky


File: 1a2d870c8ea61c9⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Image.png)

>>35000 (Checked)

Spoops boi!



made me snort, thanks mah nigga


is there enough smut in the game atm or should I wait another month or two if I wanna whack it



Books 1 and 2 are completely done with tons of smut to go around. Book 3 is just starting without enough smut to get off to. So if your question is to the game as a whole, yes. But if it's to Book 3, then no.



Shit, someone already posted it as i got it


File: da53ad635ca30ea⋯.mp4 (482.12 KB, 1920x978, 320:163, 2018-01-06_02-08-47.mp4)

Was this normal when cheating or wut



wew now there is a 0.6.04 update straight after 0.6.03b

Sad i can't read the changelog. Can someone up the new update?



Courtesy of halfchan

>Hey gang!

>Version 0.6.04 is finally here! The implementation of the arena caused a bit of ruckus in the code, as did the addition of material in the maze/tunnels, but I think we've finally got it sexy-functional.

>We'll release the changelog soon, but for anyone wondering why the version number has changed from the playtester version, well… we've fixed so many bugs since 0.6.03a that it honestly feels like a different build, but more importantly… we've added another scene! We pack in everything we can in every release, and during the bughunt we were able to finish one more scene.

>Plus, it's more fun to release a clean version number than one with letters, but mostly it's the extra scene thing.

>This version (0.6.04) should work with existing saves, which took a little finagling, but is totally worth it (as long they do actually work). Early development usually has a few builds that require starting that book over, since the structure of it changes some with each release. Hopefully, that's not the case with this one, and hopefully it won't happen often, but this is just a general heads-up that it might happen at some point.

>Thanks for being amazing supporters!



>Mac: https://mega.nz/#!4uhEWTza!rmU_KkIiHsyT_BFBwY_mH6c4VXMbD05PsaXJAV-LQr4

>PC: https://mega.nz/#!Q6whnZqS!dI7g1jJo-dpjQUbjHlyu8cXU6kFVcNbwiTfItj9RcQs



not sure whats new. Crab battles, but who cares about that. Get told to check out the tunnels, can't break any walls. Am I retarded or did nothing new porn wise get added?



found the new scene. its a dildo scene with suki



Yes you are but that's besides the point. If you were told to go check the tunnels and can't find shit then you might wanna restart Book3


How to fuck Suki with dick? Is it nececery to beat Iroh's crab?


I wish there was a submissive player route in book 2, its almost obvious lol.



Go cuck someplace else.


File: 366efe27d99aa16⋯.png (328.58 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, suki3.png)



Mein neger is that an edit or is it real? If it's real then how did you get it?




Solution for Katara in the third book. Just have it be dependent or route you pick, slave you enslaved her the first time, love route you took the love route with Katara the first time. Problem solved.




>tfw got the key

>tfw try to use it "I don't have the key, should be somewhere in the tunnels"




sp_kyoshi_dildo_key = True


im thinking about playing this game. if i read this thread correctly book 1 and 2 is 100% done but book 3 and 4 is not, right?

also what routes are best for each book? slave or love



1: Whatever

2: Love Route



1: Slave

2: Love

3: Love

4: Love or Slave. Mainly Love


How do you get Obsidian? I spend mine already for a hypnosis room



Why is book 1 so shitty?




why love tho? is it because you personally are not into slave stuff, or is it because love route is simply better ( better writing, better scenes / more content )

because i personally like slave stuff more. but if its really that bad i might go with love aswell



I think there isn't much to consider. Katara has some parts that are special, but when it comes to this whole thing then I feel she didn't have much to do



For book 1, love and slave route are basically the same, with the same content, but some changes of dialogue, so there's no particular difference.

For Book 2 is because love route has a lot more content than slave route and the story is simply better, like with everything you mentioned.

The difference for Slave/Love is also meaningless since the MC is a dick in both routes, only difference is that by the end of slave route the objective is completely broke one of the girls while the love route is about winning her heart.


I feel like it was really low effort. It's like MiTY learned the ropes with book 1 and started doing things right in book 2.

>All scenes are lack luster

>Gameplay is even more simple than book 2

>There's not a lot to do

>Repetitive as shit due the above



The love route has quite better stories. The girls are someone we want to ship with. The characters became interesting

Slave is mainly about sex and it feels like a task, and while I did like the sex, but I just feel the story feels kinda boring. They haven't got anything good to like about. Feel it needs to have better content and some improvements



>I hate myself for remembering that all these years.

why? the original show was actually good.



where do I write that



In the console.

I'm going to just copy and paste because I'm lazy.

>Go to "Renpy game xxx"/ Renpy / Common / 00console.rpy

>ctrl+f and enter config.console

>Set config.console variable to True

>Example….. config.console = True

>Save file

>in game press shift O (letter)



the dildo key is for the green door? because I set it to true and it still says locked


File: 64a8ee70a6e4893⋯.png (782.96 KB, 1244x895, 1244:895, Screenshot_3.png)


talkin bout this door



There are something new with Toph or just massage her boobies?




no the dildo key is the triangular key for the dildo you get after you go through that door.

There is a sp_maze_key1 boolean so try that one.


File: 343cf771674754b⋯.png (264.22 KB, 925x666, 25:18, screenshot0001.png)

how do i break that wall? i did the earthbending training with toph, but it keeps saying that i'm too week to break the wall. should i level up? i'm level 10



this doesnt work dunno why. I want this >>35148

But I somehow still dont have the key in that scene. I already got the key ingame too.



Can't get through that wall or the steam until later releases as far as I know.


It worked for me. I had that exact issue where I got the key on a previous save so I got the 'don't have the key' message. Turned the boolean to true and it worked.

Though that pic, while in the game files, isn't available yet I think. Just the dildo for now.



any other key commands? because it already said I had the maze key 1



Every sp_maze_key1 true value is dependant on another variable so you're missing something else. You probably need a new save at this point. It wouldn't take that long to grind with skipping

> if sp_maze_key1 == True and current_room.sp_content == 0:


> if sp_maze_key1 == True and current_room.maze_enemy == False and current_room.sp_content == 1:



I know, but it still makes me cringe abit. At least I'm not that idiot who went on a national quiz show with A:TLA as his special topic.

Show was Hard Quiz, S2E18m got eliminated first round.


Is it just me or is the crab battling system broken? When I do the Impale attack it does massive damage but if I do any other attack the enemy crab's health resets, also is the random girls weaknesses reversed? Because I could've sworn it was supposed to be that fire<water<earth<fire but it seems to be the opposite for damaging random girls



Well I guess in general the crab system is still bugged to hell with sprites showing up where they're not supposed to and other errors, but still this is the worst one


So apparently even if you don't cheat, having more than a thousand coins gets it confiscated


File: 02dddabbc0c1f5c⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 609x691, 609:691, 02dddabbc0c1f5c4163428d5b2….jpg)

I wanna Love Route Joo Dee


anyone got 0- 0.6.04 patched?



So do I, anon, so do I.



Dunno about patchs, but link to 6.04 is down. Could anyone repost?



Well it was the first one that was completed so of course he still had rough writing and art, but honestly I liked it although I'd take Book 2 over it any day.


I can't build the hypnosis room or upgrade anything. any tips?


I keep hearing hypnosis in the new patch. What is the new hypno content?



You need Obsidian and 10 wood and 10 metal to upgrade buildings to tier 2. You get obsidian from one of the chests in the front of the dungeon, the alter with the skull in the back of it, and from freeing girls chained in Suki's spot after saving her. Currently only the shop and your house can be upgraded.


You upgrade your house and it adds a second room to store your brainwashing equipment. After saving June and Suki, you can invite them to the room promising to break Long Feng's conditioning, but what you're really doing is adding your own to them. In both cases it basically just boils down to making them both submissive exhibitionists, though Suki can also be made to manage the brothel and develop a sacrilege-kink



I think you are lost and confused.

What does it have to do with cuckoldry you dumb nigger?



The dungeon? I feel like i have explored the whole maze and I haven't seen that. Do i have to be certain level to progress?


If you've already done the bits of the dungeon that would have given you obsidian, you'll need to start Chapter 3 over again.



>hey I want to play out my fantasies as a sub

>n..no I'm not a cuck you dumb bull



Train with Toph until she performs the "lift the boulder to the top of the screen' training excercise, then break down the dirt wall with the x directly down the hall from the entrance.



The problem is that i can't do anything with her except rub her tits.



Keep doing that, it raises her relationship value until she feels like doing more training again.



is there anything beyond rubbing against her clit?



No, that's the farthest you can push her for now.


I was dead set on just waiting for the love route, then I saw the patch notes.

>Here's the changelog of the differences between 0.6.01 and 0.6.04!


Suki idles

Rescue Suki from the tunnels

Suki face-job scene in the tunnels

Rescue additional girl after Suki

Hypnosis scenes with Suki

Hypnosis scenes with June

June wench outfit idles

June wench titplay

June wench scene

Kyoshi Suki idles

Toph titjob (and pussy-rub) scene

Joodee bra scene

Joodee titplay

Kyoshi Ty Lee idles

Suki brothel scene (with variations)

Toph swimsuit and bikini scam progression

Teach Iroh how to crab battle (time travel is fun!)


Catch and battle crabs! With multiple rarities, unique moves, stats, status effects, items, and automatic move-learning, the arena is the ultimate crab battling setting!

Expanded tunnels

Added brothel

Added hypno-room

Added shop options

Shop and house can now be upgraded

> Joodee titplay

So I download and extract images.rpa.

>has images of Joodee sucking her own tits

>welp, guess I'm playing slave route now

>cum harder than I have in months

>no regrets



Could you share your extracted images?

It would be vastly appreciated.



Are you retarded?



Your thought process:

>to be gay you have to be alive

>therefore living is gay



To be fair living is pretty gay



Nice strawman, faggot.



Extracted images are broken up into pieces that are pieced together in the game, so raw extracted images aren't really worth anything other than information gathering.



If you want to extract them yourself all the info you should need is in this youtube video and contained in the description.


Four Elements and Summertime do something weird where RPATool doesn't work, but this method still works fine.


File: 9ef3e0fa8792cad⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 127.15 KB, 320x667, 320:667, aslj.png)


you can always assemble them in a image editor



Is there a point where you get Toph into the bikini, or is that just the ability to suggest it on the changelog?


File: 60d0bbf84038dd8⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 268.99 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, a_mindbreak_legup_2.gif)


Yeah, but if I'm not going to do that for myself then why would I do it for someone else (though I have done a very few for myself, mostly gifs as attached). Anyways that why I also posted the link to the extraction tools. >35517


Changelog suggests it's part of the scams you can run in the market. I haven't done it myself yet.



can you repost it the link is down



This is literally your thought process.

>X is a prerequisite for Y

>Therefore X is Y


File: c1e02234063d288⋯.png (84.21 KB, 182x233, 182:233, c1e02234063d288cffe6f85111….png)




Since you faggots keep aclaiming this game as the god-sent game

I'm waiting for it to be finished to play it

Do you have any ideas when that might happens?



Completion of the whole game is probably years out. Honestly, you get very satisfying story conclusions at the end of books 1 and 2. There's a minor thread going between each book, but the interactions with the girls are well concluded at the end of each book. So if you're waiting for "completion" then the end of each book should be sufficient to sate your palate. Each book is made to be the size of a game itself.


File: 00558c57a000b0f⋯.png (175.22 KB, 500x435, 100:87, 9de4d2e2d6865e5ae540b95823….png)


hoooo, okay then, thanks fair-gentleman

good enough for me, but would you kindly answer only three more questions?

Is the book number 2 finished?

How close to the end is book 3?

Where is the last version of the game?



Books 1 and 2 are done.

Book 3 just started and has a tiny amount of content for the slave route only (books 1 and two have two full playthroughs on a "love" and "slave" route).

PC: https://mega.nz/#!tnA0karb!ytLQXbq9opl4c_Pj2-42KnX_JjfzSM_PYbFtyu-z05U

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!97RjWCBA!foHM5yWMm6Jv92yAz2IJzvRSwYIvguYS-sfKyRybrZk



Book 1, btw, is just alright, and I heard some complaints about MC's dialogue in the slave route (unless degredation's your thing, though I never played slave route there). Book 2 though was really great (though again I only played love route).




Thanks guys

I already played Book 1, and it was indeed a little underwhelming

It was good, much better than what we usualy got, but it was still a little overwhelming

But then again, when i played it, it was way the fuck long-ago

I'm gonna play book 2, and then i'll wait for book 3 to be finished

Is there gonna be any book 4 i guess maybe?



Yes, from the silhouette book 4 will feature Korra. MC learns one element per book, so book 4 will be air.



Will there be a chance of multiple characters to play as in pursuit of Korra? Would like to play as General Iroh and keep the fire bending powers, but would be nice to have lightning in use



No, the continuing story is that you are the avatar from some future time after Korra. But you really suck at being the avatar because you can't even use a single element. So a spirit abducts you and sends you through time and into the body of other people to learn each element. So you play as a single character jumping through time into the bodies of other people Quantum Leap style.



is this an edit or no?



No, it's an ending that was added with or just before 6.0


Man they've added so much shit since the last time I played (back when it was just katara's route and it was super barebones), god damn.

So glad this game hasn't stalled its development like so many other patreon funded h-games, because it really is legitimately great, hits all the right notes for me, art is good and pretty faithful to the original show, story isn't bad if a little weird/contrived.

This is one of the best western trainer games I've played in quite a while, and it's still got a good portion of the game left to develop before it's "done" assuming they end the story after the air chapter.



"obsidian = x" in console is what I did (where x is a number of obsidian you want to have)


File: e67cc75f9293610⋯.gif (769.4 KB, 640x360, 16:9, lewdness intensifies.gif)

Despite my complaints about Water, that was probably the most comfy version of the game.

Anyone know why part uno was the most fun, and not the others?



Burn out or the need to meet patreon specific demands

Or maybe Mity tried hard to break the mold of akabur that he started off with

Too bad Book 1 is the only one I had fun with and only because it resembled a worse version of an akabur game




idk fam i enjoyed book 2 more than book 1

also katara worst girl


How different are slave/love routes and are they worth replaying? i played katara slave and azula love routes


File: 0895be2c1acc32e⋯.png (6.23 KB, 238x193, 238:193, d.PNG)



The online save edit website has the field parsed out as plaintext, too. You can edit it there.



File: f34a85c590b22f6⋯.jpg (223.5 KB, 837x1500, 279:500, 1542186 - Avatar_the_Last_….jpg)


>also katara worst girl

>that shitaste

Your loss, bro


File: df52d01da022be2⋯.png (740.44 KB, 998x711, 998:711, shiggy.png)


>posts shitskin

>says i have shit taste


File: f6fdcdc832e0008⋯.jpg (349.49 KB, 711x1032, 237:344, e2ee7feccff98f5280f021f273….jpg)


Brown is best if it's 2D.



Toph is best girl, although not really in this game.


File: bdf6730f56418ed⋯.png (237.23 KB, 500x363, 500:363, 179.png)


Whorra is trash, kill yourself anon



I never said Whorra is best, she's only good for lewding.



Katara reminds me of the first love of my life to every single detail


She is, both best girl and in the game.


The reasons Korra is thrash have nothing to do with her skin color.



She reminds me of my second girlfriend.

I feel like her stereotype is the female version of a chad. They act all tough and try to start fights with other girls but when you get them alone they're really the weakest little girls that just crave attention.



That's called moegap, fag, and I don't think that's something common is a "Chad" archetype even when the personalities are similar. But you're right, I guess Korra fits that definition, but again, that's not even close to why Korra is thrash. See this whole thread >>>/co/950703



Chads, deep down, aren't little pussy boys desperately looking for positive affirmations?

Just like rap music, when they're talking about how amazing they are. How 'alpha' they are. They know deep down that they're just worthless niggers.

When people put on a front to present themselves as important. They're the least important of all.


File: 929fc9de0663e90⋯.jpg (885.08 KB, 2500x1585, 500:317, 1783967 - Avatar_the_Last_….jpg)



>posts femdom and the most anoying character

Man, no wonder you guys enjoy NTR so much, you deserve that.



File: d29887bf3fa67b8⋯.png (470.37 KB, 600x665, 120:133, 03941c31159906730f5d5d307a….png)


File: 6356ca7abe5d2bc⋯.jpg (107.18 KB, 892x889, 892:889, Azul.jpg)

>be the king

>sister is now waifu

>fuck the shit out of her on the throne

>impregnate her

My kind of ending



>didn't choose the monogamous relationship route




How can you get that?



I was okay with that but kinda didn't want to fuck her in public.

Does anyone know if you can get the 3 girls pregnant and end the game like that?


File: 77986f9f9a4d6cb⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 77986f9f9a4d6cb545170117b9….jpg)


>Pick Mai

>Side with Mai every chance I get and reject Azula

>Run away with Mai to the Island

>Get married

>She gets pregnant

>Protags runs off like a nigger not two seconds later


does anyone have an up to date link that isn't dead


Anyone else unable to the Wild Crab Blast?

I tried with the latest version of the game, v.0.6.04e but it seems like they haven't patched it yet. Shame.

Decent so far, I played through both routes each time and got all the endings. Not much for the slave route but to each their own.

Here's hoping another update soon might add a little more to do.

Already maxed out my Crabble Royales, defeated the enemies, and played through everything with each character so far. Even upgraded my house and shop, that took ages.


Unable to do the Wild Crab Blast sorry, was typing far too fast and missed a word.



thats why harem is best end, after you run off they have each other to support themselves.

plus all the servants and money they would need



Just in case you guys wondering here's the 0.6.04 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:36D028F7C028B069C8BA05418E11718A98A1E17B&xl=1206068138&dn=Four_Elements_Trainer_v.0.6.04d.torrent&tr=http%3A%2F%2Fserversib.com%3A2712%2Fannounce


so i have finished book 2 love route , along with its 3 ending , and i didn't see any real scenes with ty lee except the harem ending and seeing her sleeping with the vibrator , did i miss anything ?



ty lee is more involved in the slave route



How to get that ending?



book 2: love route, i think its the one where you leave town with neither of the girls



which sucks because ty lee deserves love.



She shows up in Book 3 willing to trade sex for a place to stay away from Azula. In another couple of months we’ll probably have the chance to get properly involved with her.



>tfw love route on book 2 is not canon

it hurts



Book 3 is chronologically before Book 2.



oh, I didn't know that.



I don't think so, Shady shows up and has his slave girl merchants with him wouldn't that make it take place after book 2?



he says hes gonna go to the fire nation if things go to shit in earth. Considering hes worse off in fire, fire comes after earth


As much as I love more Ty-lee, I wouldn't have minded giving someone else like Jin some love in Book 3 since Ty-lee was already in Book 2.

Book 4 won't be happening for a while but I'm hyped for potential Asami content.




pretty sure it was clear stated that book 2 happens after book 3


File: 6f33cb98e4b11d0⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1434x811, 1434:811, 3272727-0009.png)


those type of characters are all caucasian girls with brown skin, if they wore actual niggers nobody would find them attractive


File: 90f10267c7da6f9⋯.jpg (9.57 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 1 (45).jpg)


How many different endings does book 2's love route have?



3 if i recall correctly

1)End up with Azula

2) End up with Mai

3)Go back to Mai and Azula


File: 156e84a32a7c2ef⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1785x757, 1785:757, sorry.png)



I'm sorry, could you please repeat that brown skin is just good with caucasian features? This brazilian amazonian loli doubt you.


File: 1f813f3d9dc7981⋯.png (459.05 KB, 765x990, 17:22, sausage bender.png)

Guys…I want Korra to be in the game. Am I a bad person?



Into the cuck pits you go.



>that filename




yes. yes you are.


File: 291e9a3c12b73f0⋯.png (9.79 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1 (1).png)



I'll not bother you then



that's a well draw dong.



Nope, Korra is brownlicious.


With Patreon crackdown of incest games will they go after azula love route?

But I already impregnated her



Also dead.

Can someone reupload those links?





File: 61578fcf2d20429⋯.png (605.21 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 410daa194044cf7f5c8032c27d….png)


No Whorra was made for rough fucking.


File: 30cebe4e5107977⋯.png (545.23 KB, 765x990, 17:22, 1513235630142.png)



I'm glad to see I have anons by my side!



The link down.

Can you re-reupload?



File: 9b1ba9b4135c879⋯.png (283.05 KB, 426x570, 71:95, 1511324404165.png)


are you kidding who doesn't wanna give korra THAT DICK and the the inpending corruption boi



why cant korra look like this ingame, current art is so fucking sHIT



Korra can't look like this in the game because she isn't IN the game yet.


File: d4526b92896c30f⋯.png (982.12 KB, 1358x977, 1358:977, jackpot.png)



Best girl in the whole game



Because the one ingame is Katare


File: 74c545cff9ee7fb⋯.jpg (92.33 KB, 670x237, 670:237, kk.jpg)


Because in the game we have Katara, not Korra.

If you're not sure who's who just check the haircut (and get some glasses aswell).



Whorra's not in the game yet she will be in book 4 which won't be started for a long time book 3 only just started production.

Whorra is the Mary sue no one likes outside of porn, Katara is the one with good writing, character development and a likeable personality.


File: 034f515cf3a8fa9⋯.jpg (211.29 KB, 2559x1439, 2559:1439, Screenshot_1.jpg)


>confusing korra with katara


File: f5fe5cd5e69adf1⋯.jpg (267.79 KB, 2559x1439, 2559:1439, Screenshot_2.jpg)


fucking imbecile. dont call her whorra. korra is 10 times better than katara. katara has no tits and is just an annoying little girl.

korra is more powerful and has done more to help the world than aang ever will. she is the most powerful avatar


File: 080612eff2c922c⋯.jpg (34.05 KB, 550x633, 550:633, Now That's What I Call Bai….jpg)


>korra is 10 times better than katara



> korra is 10 times better than katara

Why not fuckin both? I'd love a caramel sandwich


File: db0e724cb589380⋯.jpg (39.75 KB, 349x642, 349:642, db0.jpg)


i know it's bait but i can't resist.

kill yourself anon, Whorra is trash and so are you.


File: 0a176998378a536⋯.jpg (378.06 KB, 957x974, 957:974, 0a176998378a5369a5ddb7d7e7….jpg)


Korra is probably the only character I'd approve of abuse. At this point it's obvious she is going to be in, so I hope she suffers.


I don't. I don't want to corrupt her, I just want to make her miserable.


I don't see Mei or Ty Lee there, but there's Azula Book 2 is so good, god damn it.


>and a likeable personality.

That's going too far. At least in the first 2 books, she is usually a self-righteous bitch, she just grows out of it, particularly that time Zuko helps her find her mom's killer.


>katara has no tits

I hope you die in a pit for this alone.


File: a4c2e015d628d0e⋯.webm (6.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 18340b13bbba3a22275c39ab8….webm)


>Not wanted to degrade and mind break her to turn her into a cock craving slut

Making her "miserable" is boring, corruption is the only true way to fix her shitty personality.


File: 716868a66787949⋯.png (579.74 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1398623863712.png)


As long as it doesn't involve other men, it could be the same as Azula, but I don't care, since I only want her to suffer.



Kyouka is so hot…

Anyway, I agree on how good book 2 is



Shame her storyline was the shittest of them all.



Yeah.."miserable" is boring…breaking her is fun but not the "I lock you up in a basement and blood bend you to make you suck my dick" thing. I want her to fight..give her just a good amount of hope….and then you take it away. Or..you beat her as in knock her down a peg. She's a tough fighter? Well…let's see how she react when the unassuming guy took her down a peg.


File: f0620f3785bf808⋯.webm (3.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, korra kamehameha.webm)


shut the fuck up. this is korra WITHOUT her avatar power.

meanwhile katara : hey look i can splash some water.

fuck off degenerate filth


File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, puke.jpg)



But isn't that from the bright carpet being bonded with the avatar spirit? Literally that's all avatar power, if not for avatar power, she'd literally be just an annoying non-bender that would've ended up an equalist because she's so far up her own fucking ass with her ego and need to be special




You are the type of guy who enjoys crab fights in this game. WHO FUCKING CARE ABOUT POWERS INA PORN GAME? I just want have options about if i want to force someone to fuck with me or fuck with love, and Katara is a loving person with great assets and in book 3 she looking really promissing than in book 1.



In the nu-canon, yes. In the wold canon, no. People who likes avatar usually don't consider Korra canon. Korra destroyed all the mysticism and symbolism the original had. It went to abstract meanings of the self and the whole to a fucking bright carpet that gives you power. In the original if you didn't know how to move your body correctly you couldn't bend, on this one you just need to move your arm. Avatar Wan was a fucking joke.


>It's just a game!

Kill yourself, nigger.


>Kill yourself, nigger.

Imagine be this autistic for just a porn game, get some help.


File: 0f8a757c632c3bd⋯.jpg (26.86 KB, 511x496, 511:496, avatar zuko screaming.jpg)

I've just about finished Fire, and gotta say, I'm impressed by this book. So far the books have all had a unique feel to them, and I've even smiled at a few of the jokes.

Not sure what's gonna happen at the end of fire since I fooled around with Azula as Zuko, then told Mai I was pure as snow. Is Mai gonna kill me when she finds I that I was just using her slutty mouth?



The characters aren't that nuanced. You'll get a slightly different scene but the story remains the same until the endings.


File: da12ba992dcbf17⋯.webm (5.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, korra avatar state failur….webm)


nah, she is an energy bender. literally the most powerful form of bending in the universe. the only other form of life besides korra that can energy bend are the lion turtles.

so even without the power to bend elements, she would never be a "non-bender equalist" since she can energy bend.

in fact, the avatar spirit is holding her back and suppresses her real power. here is what the avatar power actually is :

the avatar spirit fuses with a creature/human, giving it the power to bend all elements. in addition there is also the avatar state. aka super saiyan.

however the real power is not the 'super saiyan state'. but the fact that while you are in the avatar state, you are connected to all past avatars. basically like a hive mind. you know all tricks, techniques and battle experience of thousands of avatars. this is what makes you really powerful.

however the avatar spirit Rava, or whatever its name was, died in season 2. thus destroying the link of all the past avatars. Korra lost the ability to bend the elements. but she gained the ability to energy bend ( which you saw in my other webm, giant blue korra who casts a kamehameha )

when Rava got resurrected and fused with Korra again, she got her avatar powers back but lost the power to bend energy. however the link to the hive mind is forever destroyed.

so right now, Korra can bend elements and has the super saiyan state, but not the hive mind anymore. which makes her way way weaker than if she didnt had the avatar spirit at all, since she would be able to energy bend.

so in short Korra is weaker WITH the avatar power. which is why every episode after season 2 sucks. because she is weaker than she was ever before. makes no fucking sense. imagine Dragonball where everyone becomes weaker instead of stronger. its disgustingly boring. thats also why most people hate Legend of Korra.

i for my part like Legend of Korra more than the original avatar, but only up until the end of season 2, then it sucked.


>power is not important

retard. turning her into a slave/ breaking her mind is way more satisfying when she is powerful as fuck. thats why i loved book 2 and azula. its boring when you mindbreak a literal nobody like katara, instead of some powerful feminist bitch like Azula or Korra.


File: 2de28a201e0abab⋯.jpg (93.01 KB, 500x667, 500:667, 2de.jpg)


>Like Korra more than the original

>Past season 2 is when it got worse.

God damn… that's like the exact opposite of me. Season 3 of Korra is when things massively picked up because it wasn't because it wasn't about Korra's dating problems anymore but was about a group of radicals branching off from the White Lotus that wanted to change everything. Oh and Korra being poisoned by Mercury.

But all this is moot because because you actually like Korra more than the original.


File: ae3dcd9ebda7477⋯.png (609.45 KB, 518x885, 518:885, f35.png)


File: ec033cbdc00c6dd⋯.jpg (33.12 KB, 192x512, 3:8, ec0.jpg)


File: e50d5b29ad9149c⋯.png (1.24 MB, 900x1165, 180:233, e50.png)


Man, I really did have alot of shit saved in my picture files.


File: b669d6475aaf808⋯.jpg (294.51 KB, 542x1471, 542:1471, b66.jpg)


File: a0dcb9a94a05db4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 887x1540, 887:1540, a0d.png)


File: 8acb9c52e006c39⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 550x478, 275:239, 8ac.jpg)


File: 411b32ae0947154⋯.png (1.47 MB, 680x540, 34:27, 64e.png)


File: a7cb486f4392b23⋯.jpg (26.65 KB, 438x500, 219:250, 68e.jpg)


File: c8e81e1492c83c6⋯.jpg (46.46 KB, 323x700, 323:700, 636.jpg)


File: 56d9cc2d891f8ca⋯.png (444.15 KB, 500x1077, 500:1077, 56d.png)


File: 1b8fca5ca5e74f3⋯.jpg (861.3 KB, 720x4096, 45:256, 1b8.jpg)


File: 1e0c350b1fe5b56⋯.png (718.25 KB, 500x1134, 250:567, 1fb.png)


File: eaf6a9e6ea267dc⋯.jpg (54.88 KB, 680x515, 136:103, 064.jpg)


File: d06bff445baf904⋯.png (259.65 KB, 552x373, 552:373, 051.png)


File: de8d0d270f5bb34⋯.jpg (560.2 KB, 550x8668, 25:394, de8.jpg)


Damn, all this stuff was years ago. This is it for now.



Book 2 is best book, by far.



>tied up Korra

My…my dick feels funny


All hail anon, bringer of somewhat dank except not really memes



"the fact that while you're in avatar state you are connected to all past avatars"

That line there shows you're simply full of shit and probably didnt even watch the series, as Aang can connect to his past lifes and talk to them just by meditating, without the avatar state as he was locked out of it, check "Sozin's Comet, part 2"

Also, "the only other form of life that can bend energy besides korra are lion turtles", well, Aang could do it as well, and that's how he took Oozai's bending

Also, Korra CAN'T energy bend, she only astro-projects herself thanks to the power of the Tree of Time

Korra is shit, she can't do anything



Would have liked a conclusion with more substance. Too bad CN jerked them around so much. Really enjoyed the series, despite its issues.



>Really enjoyed the series

I really hope your talking about the original and not the whorra one.



Avatar is Nickelodeon, not CN, though.



Sorry, replace CN with Nick. Been a long time.


Nope. No complaints about the original.

Was in my late teens when Korra was airing. I liked the first season a lot. From memory it dropped off a bit in the second book, though I could be thinking of a different season. Memory is poor.



It dropped off because everything was rushed. Every single season was "World is ending and only you can save it!" trash. Compare with TLA where it was 60 episodes to prepare, plan, and execute a world saving adventure.



I'll pay that. I had fun with the characters and I liked Amon and Zaheer as villains but it definitely did feel weaker by comparison.


In the show's defense, Nick kept dicking them around on how much of a show they'd actually get to make. They made Season 1 as a one-shot, then got told "Now make another," then while scrambling for Season 2 they weren't sure they'd get to make a third, and then Season 4 had the shitty task of trying to tie this disjointed mess up in a bow and give some kind of closure.

The first series had such a tightly written, well put-together story because the writers knew going in exactly how many seasons and episodes they had to work with, and they could use that to plot out every character's arc properly so you wouldn't get the reset button slammed on character development to keep the plot moving, which is what happened in Korra.




Oh shit nice. What's new?



Bugs, probably.



Heres what ive encountered so far, no particular order because im tired

>Hypnotizing ajala and playing with her tits

>Toph and katara quick lesbian scene

>JIN IS IN THE GAME AYY. Shes behind the first cracked wall in the first left. Cant do anything with her after leaving but she will blow you or you can rub on her ass

>Toph footjob

>Toph blowjob

>more hypnotizing june

>Actually fucking suki

Hope i got it all.



oh. and suki tongue fucks ajala after you head home in the city and then back to the tunnels to see ajala



>Toph and katara quick lesbian scene



Wow this slave route is brutal, MITY went off a tanget there definitely.

Damn i wish for a faster love route.


File: 7aa32788b8af59a⋯.jpg (69.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3f0a071423beeb72402d1a7885….jpg)

>June asks if I want her to keep her bush or shave it

>Tell her to keep it

>She then leaves

>Comes back and lifts her skirt


Fuck you woman.



They added the option to keep the bush now? Awesome. I hate shaved cunts.



For June yes but it's glitched, no matter what you tell her to do she shaves it all off.







"more hypnotizing june"

how? i go to the tavern to talk to her and she just keeps repeating the same scene where she gets naked and you spank her while she's bend over cleaning a table, and that's from last update



I fucking hate that "hyponitize and Mind control" bullshit.

I liked the idea of mind breaking them but hypnotism really?

It's half of the fun making them slowly submit to crave your dick and not controlling and tricking them to be into it.


can someone releases a walkthrough for new content


File: dc790cbf74c21ba⋯.jpeg (12.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, residentsleep.jpeg)





What did you expect? As a earthbender, she's barefoot all the time and we already got footjobs previously. It was obvious that would be a thing with Toph sooner or later.



I mustve missed that then, my bad. Scratch that from my update.



Figure it out. Its not hard.



Are you dumb? It's a serious question as this game holds your hand the entire way through with things like "You need to be trained more" or "Perhaps you'll find what you need at blah" or "this part of the game is still under construction".

It tells you what you need to do, and then tells you when you're at the end path for that version.



Damn, hopefully they throw out a bug fix ver in the coming week. How the bush was drawn wasn't actually bad, most r34 bushs range from horrible to meh/barely passable.



Get yourself a Renpy extractor and just extract the new images instead of wasting time on an unfinished product.


File: 03897de8a6583c6⋯.jpg (33.78 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 9d7cbd53-82a2-42bc-a9b5-37….jpg)





>I remember a wall that seemed breakable

What to do? The only unbroken wall I can find require stronger earthbending. And there are steam shit with same problem. And one closed door left.


File: a148fe7af283bf8⋯.jpg (8.58 KB, 210x240, 7:8, toph-beifong-avatar-the-la….jpg)

Currently finishing my first run of Fire. I noticed that they changed Azula during the pegging scene so that she's wearing more erotic clothing for the occasion. I'm talking about the scene were she fucks the criminal girl on the throne, not Zuko, that would be gay.

Not sure if it's just me, but Toph always came off as someone who'd really be into anal/rimming. Hopefully gonna have the option to romance her in the future without rubbing cummies on her mosquito bites.



As much as I love being a sadistic ass in the game, I find it hard to do the slave route with Toph.

Treating her like trash don't feel right.

inb4 waifufag


File: df2c169de31fbdb⋯.png (759.06 KB, 1358x977, 1358:977, screenshot0100.png)


> I'm talking about the scene were she fucks the criminal girl on the throne

That scene?

Can you show the new outfit, please?



Maybe you need to make her sluttier first?



I agree, I was fine with it with Azula as she's a cunt and deserves it but with Toph it just feels wrong.

Wish he did the love route before the slave route for her.



>I was fine with it with Azula as she's a cunt and deserves it

Love route is the best choice with Azu tho



You need to get her public stat up.

Is there a smooth transition from book 2 to 3 like there was 1 to 2? I feel like I'm missing something and can't go forward until I find it.

Already have azula mindbroken and all that shit.


Is finding rats enabled yet?


File: 9ece638536f7980⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 314 KB, 831x599, 831:599, 1517763046704.png)

Preview of new Toph scenes



memes ;D



Seems legit.


File: da08f9589f11e0d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 443.16 KB, 1358x977, 1358:977, Katoph.png)



That event was a little disappointing, with all that build up I was expecting at least some pussy eating action pay off but all we got was light kissing and tit groping.

Hopefully he will implement some more heavier lesbian scenes between those two in the future.



I found one in the maze, I think in the room you drop into but I might be remembering that wrong

bitterly disappointed over the lack of Joo Dee scenes tho.





Yeah, that's the right room.


Does this version just fix bugs or add new content?



Got a changelog?

I can't seem to progress, it says to check out the labyrinth but I can't find another entrance and the other stuff still says I'm too weak.

I'm at the point where I cum on Tophs tits daily and upgraded my house, but what the hell am I supposed to do to get further? June says she won't wear her wench outfit.

Also how the hell can you catch crabs, there is no "pokeball" option although I can buy them in the shop but it just gives me a crab instantly.

Also how do I upgrade the shop, she says I need it to buy better traps.

Or do I need to start anew? Last I played was 0.6.01



Oops, nevermind the crab catching I mentioned, just found that item to buy.

Damn I played the crab minigame for longer than the normal game.


Am I loosing anything if i don't play the crab battles at all? For me they are just useless filler and i just done battle crab on the island. If there is no h-content, story content, or "extras" i don't care.


Version 0.6.07

Added level and rarity visuals to arena menus

Added tutorial tips in arena

New damage formulas for arena (to better equalize level discrepancies)

Added rarity stone and legendary evolution

Added another arena section

Crabs give exp based on rarity now

Added more trainer fights

Changed letter from Toph’s parents to a rumor instead

Swim training scenes

Katara/Toph lesbian scene

Textbutton in maze to visit Ajala added

Toph Footjob1 (repeatable)

Toph Footjob2 (repeatable)

Toph handjob

Suki dildo now shows vibration (when unlocked)

Suki missionary (makeup/no makeup option)

Joo Dee quest and titplay replay

Jin character idles

Jin scene

Ty Lee pressure point attack

New section of the tunnels

Toph blowjob

Ajala nipple rub scene

Ajala/Suki lesbian scene

Pornlove maze quest


File: 8a9c3c1627ed516⋯.png (184.05 KB, 927x692, 927:692, your mom on her fours trai….png)

The game chapter 3 has about 2 months and is already in half of the slave route, i guess. My prediction is that love route will arrive in june.

Also, i think i complete the 6.07, but i keep dreaming that shit, is there more content for Joo Dee or just titplay?



>prediction is that love route will arrive in june.

The sooner the better, I always prefer a love route over the slave one.



>Also, i think i complete the 6.07, but i keep dreaming that shit, is there more content for Joo Dee or just titplay?

I looked at the game files and there is nothing else for Joo Dee after tit play so thats probably where it ends for now



where the fuck do i get the rats at



go back to where you find the key for the dildo, click the pile again and you'll find the dead rat


Does any other Patreon game come out with content of this quality at this pace?

It's only been a few months since Book 2 ended and we are already this deep into Book 3. I am so unaccustomed to this behaviour from Patreon devs, it is actually kind of shocking.


Does anybody have the game's musics ripped? I don't know how to extract them…


File: 064eee433198a84⋯.png (13.99 KB, 835x413, 835:413, 72048_unren6.png)



Here's UnRen.bat. Extract it into the game directory and run it.

If you're not on Windows there's rpatool.




I will try that. Thank you anon






i think this game has the most content in general

but i've only played like 20 games and demos


File: 0e1e10d3f1799da⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 969.71 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, toph7.gif)



File: 1b3a030e376c6e9⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 319.62 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, toph3.gif)




think you could gif the footjob scenes?


File: 3d37324af2b6264⋯.png (498.24 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, !book3 whores 1.png)

Book 3 is amazing.


File: dc07b27be0a2b0d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 492.53 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, !book3 whores 2.png)


File: 117fcf86861190e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 691.14 KB, 1224x972, 34:27, !b5395cbdf4b5142edb9ef265f….jpg)


File: 863a194c939f17a⋯.png (283.24 KB, 477x546, 159:182, wew lad.PNG)




>didn't finish a single game since princess trainer gold

>plays videogame and watch anime everyday

>didn't even get accepted to vanarts

>uses clickbait titling

get a life Akabur


File: 5156ff015bea736⋯.gif (118.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5156ff015bea736cd50e5f3517….gif)


>Girl on the left

Holy mother of god, I've always wanted her since Zuko left her alone. I will wait with delight till the game is finished. MITY seriously stepped up his game.


>Hack calls a guy who do the same things he do but better a hack




He says in the post that he's only played the water book.

From that perspective he's not wrong. Just ignorant.



>Akabur - $4,816 a month

>MITY - $13,194 a month

I think that says it all really.



Plot was okay. But the creators intended Korra to be a dyke from the get-go, so there's nothing redeemable about the creation.



>Korra to be a dyke from the get-go

I hate Mike and Bryan for being NuMale hacks and think modern Nick is full of virtue-signaling faggots, but c’mon boy, lying about stupid shit accomplishes nothing. Korra was supposed to hook up with Mako in Book 1, and that was supposed to be the end of it. Then the execs got obsessed with squeezing blood from a stone and made LoK a full-sized series, only to get bored and want to drop it half-way through season 4. Bryke got the memo that their animation careers were unsalvageable when their budget got slashed and the final episodes got tossed into web premiere only, so they made Asami and Korra dykes in the literal last-minute of the show as a blatant controversy move to spit in Nick’s face.



It's because MITY produces monthly content. With Akbar you're lucky to get an update every 4 months.



I remember day when Mity's patreon does not have even 500$. And now such many money. How he not afraid to go in jail for it?


File: fbabcf3e4835b6e⋯.jpg (489.33 KB, 1100x1106, 550:553, !mezz-466632-Sleep_tight_K….jpg)

I think I found his old jobs on HF. (Mezz)


File: 431221830ce5269⋯.png (436.24 KB, 538x478, 269:239, akabur3.png)


Before that post I thought that Elements is kind of shadow "side" project of Akabur (because of these sounds and familiar interface style). Now I see all.



>But the creators intended Korra to be a dyke from the get-go

No she wasn't when it started she was straight for the majority of it, it wasn't until the very end that they decided to retcon her as a lesbian.


I don't think they did it to spite Nick I think they did it for publicity and virtue signalling points, might have been a desperate move to become relevant again even if just for one episode due to their ever shrinking viewer count.



Somebody is butthurt, he should already let it go since he was beaten in his own field and should just fuck off to making his inferior games




Wait is book 3 slave route finished already?



it's not.

This >>38454 image is just a collage on a background of your house in 1 book.

And the Korra one i isn't even from a game.


Can't wait to play Korra's uncle in book 4. That, or Bolin.



Neither of them can Airbend, so that’s not happening.



minor detail, he couldn't get a visa to go to vanarts. rest is pretty much true


13k for 2 devs I think

5k for 1 dude when he used to be north of 6k. sc34 lack of sex hurt him pretty bad but once he gets turtle game out there + sc34 with sex he'll climb up maybe

4 elements exceeded my expectations by miles tbh I thought it was gonna be shit


5k buys a lot of wodka and beets.



>not potatos so you can moonshine your own vodka

western spy cyka



>Muh tenzin

No, fuck off. Playing as Korra would be gay, but with tenzin would be just disgusting.



Then get ready for some shota Milo BITCH!


File: 59577632c5777f0⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 3031x2480, 3031:2480, 661100fc8897d0559337c3ef5e….jpg)


You wont play as Korra as she will be the main target, as for the protag probably some OC like in the book 2 slave route.



did he delete his VK account? I think his name was Ilya Timofeev or something



I mean what did he expect? he's got a better chance in Israel anyways



No one fucking said anything about Tenzin you literal retarded niggerfaggot.

The most likely thing to happen is that Book 4 takes place in LoK season 3 and we play an “awakened airbender” OC like how Azula’s slave route had us playing a nameless, customizable thief.



As long as he isn't as disgusting, but the little fucker looks like a fucking alien anyway.



Would be alright, but it's an undeniable fact that 3 books love route so far includes a character of the actual show. I wouldn't mind playing an OC in both love and slave route, though, considering the options.




You will play as a Futa Opal in love route and Futa Asami in slave route.


last time i played this only the first chick was available and not much you could do with her. it was near the start of the game's lifespan.

is the lastest version worth a download? I have to be careful of downloading, i'm on an internet cap



That's the first book. Book 1 and 2 are completed, Book 3 should be around 20%.



ok, cool. i'll give it a download and try it. thanks



undeniable fact that 3 books slave route so far includes characters of the actual show.

>Katara(1&3, Mentioned in 2(May be love route cause I don't remember slave route paths/endings))

>Azula(2,Appeared in a dream and mentioned by Ty Lee in 3)


>Ty Lee(2&3)


>Joo Dee(3)



>Iroh(2(May have been love for him)&3)


>Long Feng

>Fire Nation Soldiers(They appear in the show but not really much personality from them)

>Dai Lee(Same as FNS)


2 of which had a protag from the show

>Aang(1(Been a while since I've played the first book but don't remember it mentioning putting you in Aang's body but the beginning of book 3 implies you were in it before)&3)

The love had an additional protag from the show


Fun fact: Katara, Azula, Toph and the others all appear in either route seen so far in the books 1-3



I mean, so far all protagonists have been actual character in both love routes, as how the OC pretends to be Aang in Book 1 Love route and how you're literally Zuko in Book 2 love route. In Book 1 slave route, you drop the Aang thing pretty quickly.

It makes sense that the MC in book 3's love route would also be an actual character instead of OC, in this case Aang, so I think it makes as much sense for the same thing to happen in Book 4.



You only use Zuko's meat puppet and whatever of his features that overpower yours



Doesn't change the fact, though. You're technically using Aang's meat puppet in Book 1 and 3.



> Book 3 should be around 20%

i kinda have a feeling it's actually more like 40-50% right now

but i hope they will add more stuff

and remove the fucking crabs nobody likes that shit



*oh and i mean slave route

it's probably at least halfway done



>nobody likes that shit




Wait, are you actually serious?


File: 62b16e1db7002a9⋯.png (75.45 KB, 290x265, 58:53, confused_locker_room.png)


>nobody likes that shit

I like it


Wrote down some random thoughts while playing

Book1 Slave route:

Why is Katara happy being my slave this sucks I want her to be completely broken, hurt and crying, everytime. A happy slave is a bad slave.

Is there a way the fuck those at school? I am only able to visit them and look.

Would be a great way for a gangbang

Book2: slave route

>be prisoner

>gets free because of you have bending

>muh dagger now azula herself trains me, an unknown peasant with shit fire ability

>gives a prisoner important tasks

Wouldn't happen

Azula feels out of character, she wouldnt care about your rank and just kill you for being just a bit dominant, she gives in FAR too easily

>happy slave again (witch bad morality), worse than Katara slave route as Katara would be easier to break

Azula spitting in my mouth is free endless money. 195 money in 1 minute, even faster with space + enter

>ty lee has only 75 coins, winning again still has 75 coins while she should have none

>Azula with green nail polish

Book2: love route

speech between mixing drinks is annoying (same with the volleybal minigame). mity can have recipes as text in bg, instead of opening each time, more time saved that way

carb games is just spamming hyper boom snip

Better than slave route

In this book I couldnt scrollback, bug?

Book3 slave route

showing the current amount of resources you have would be great (smaller than money and calendar since you wont need it so much)

city building is nice

While giving Toph five slaps, you give her 10

the crab battles need more info

More should happen during the sessions, naughty trivia would make it more interesting like they had the frist time they got hypnotized, boring grindfest now.

the stampcard shows 4 free fucks after 4 battles, but it onlygives you one

after fucking suki with dildo I got errors (ignored) now cant hide gui, anyone else?

telling suki to go nude or kyoshi outfit everytime you visit her has to go

Askin June to vist the hypnosis room, diretly after it you tell her your still waiting

The girls being virgins but there being no blood is immersion breaking

I hate how they make all the girls look/say older than they are, real shit.

Toph is 18 while shes 12, Azula should be 14, Katara 14, …

I just need some loli.

They should just move to another platform to get paid



>mity can have recipes as text in bg


Also use ctrl to skip text, it doesn't break volleyball and mixing drink (because mixing have drink name on it)


File: cffcbb223924705⋯.jpg (59.62 KB, 508x487, 508:487, 1518616327001.jpg)


Anyone knows how to make Lia swallow ?


File: 5e49ea41e413a3a⋯.gif (339.08 KB, 213x199, 213:199, 5e49ea41e413a3a5e606026612….gif)


Well, I'm glad you sent some time writing that.



Seek therapy. When the therapist asks whats wrong, show them your post. They will understand.


File: 7e000d2215a3586⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 431x450, 431:450, 5Kg7Y04.jpg)


>Cares about immersion breaking

>Complains about lack of scroll back in book 2




crabs were cool thing in book 2

in book 3 they are weird and feel unnecessary



> I hate how they make all the girls look/say older than they are, real shit.

> Toph is 18 while shes 12, Azula should be 14, Katara 14, …

pretty sure that's because of legal reasons


So any patreonfag knows what this art update patreon post is about?

Does it say when the next update is getting out?



Games cancelled patreon got mad about toph and katara


File: 6945d1bfd093bf7⋯.gif (236.92 KB, 390x269, 390:269, image.gif)


I love Toph's small titties much. Wish to kiss and lick her sensitive nipples while she moans and getting wet.



Bitch Lasagna


File: 4dbddf638cfd521⋯.png (60.72 KB, 172x173, 172:173, ~le japardo face.png)


>toph is a loli with a loli body


>toph still a loli with a loli body she says is 18y old


Seek help



>Bitch Lasagna

But I prefer pizza


File: aa1a36aba0a7124⋯.webm (6.04 MB, 960x720, 4:3, vegana.webm)


I wish that I had a dream about Toph's small breasts tonight again.



what did i just watch….



Top notch indian flirting skills.



>another rip-off

More like an evolution, to me. I'd pick unfinished 4ET over Witch/Princess trainer any day!

Not enough Ty Lee scenes tho…

Also this >>38500



Book 3 will be amazing when the Love Route will be available. Being an asshole to Toph makes me feel like shit.



As much as I love being a sadistic asshat in trainers, I can't bring myself to do the shit they have written for Toph.



i just cant bring myself to do toph.


File: 5e128c87102bb94⋯.jpg (82.07 KB, 600x804, 50:67, toph_by_mahenbu-d7rmtbk.jpg)


nobody is perfect. how about adult toph?

really hope we get some kind of aging spell or scroll so we can have adult toph instead of granny toph



Really like adult Toph. Wish we could have seen more of her. Also, teenager Toph in the comics is pretty good.



This is adult Toph, she just hasn't grown much.


Just ended book 2 love route and started book III.

I must say, that was maybe the best story in a porn game i've played. The Azula-Zuko-Mai dynamic was awesome (why so little Ty Lee?!) And that Ember Island…wow. Especially the house burning scene.

Shit, it was definitely the most funny game as well. I'm into Shadys humor and most of Shady guys and Guard #1 and #2 dialogs ale pure gold. Can't wait ti explore the shit he made for Earth kingdom…


I just finished watching Avatar after starting the book 2 Love route. Playing the Zuko route left me satisfied, and gave me more closure with Azula's story than any of the comicbooks that came after the series ever did.


>In this book I couldnt scrollback, bug?

You can in certain portions of book 2, though I couldn't find a discriminant between the passages where you can and those where you can't.


anyone got Assets 20?


Just for the record, is FET still going out, or has it been affected by patreon cancer like other incest games?



still around and going strong as far as i can tell. compared to the games that got patreon strikes and even got taken down, incest here really touches only a fraction of the game. it is book two love route, and not even on all parts. also, the protagonist isnt really the brother, he has just taken over his body. so, a point can be made that it is not actually glorifying incest, even if it features fapable sibling sex.

well, i am not a patreon watchdog, so i can only speak from my own sense of justice, and i could never get why patreon is persecuting incest so hard in the first place.



>i could never get why patreon is persecuting incest so hard in the first place.

Grapevine says, it's Paypal that's pushing for them to be taken down. Paypal really hates immoral non-christian shit, according to a lot of my art pals.


Sooooo… whats the best way to farm obsidian for building upgrades in Book 3?



You need like 2 right now, and I am pretty sure they are only placed in a couple of places in labyrinth.



If you gamble with Ty Lee, you can't scroll back afterward. Presumably they forgot to enable it again afterward. Just save, close the game, and open it again to fix it.



Actually, it's been confirmed, you play as either Mako or Bolin depending on if going for Love or Slave route.

Bolin is Love Route.


File: f6aec23a09d3fa1⋯.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f6aec23a09d3fa1cd2e9de343….webm)


That's fine at least it wasn't Tenzin.



Do you think you can just come on the internet and lie like this?



so you either play as a mentally retarded guy or you play as a cuck?




I didn't say you didn't.

>>38564 was the retard who said you were actually Aang in b1 love while impersonating him in the slave route






Where is the audio from?






*picks up what you put down*



[citation needed]


File: 44159a952af947e⋯.jpg (344.87 KB, 825x775, 33:31, Cory na casa do caralho.jpg)



Good thing that i don't know shit about the show and can enjoy the game without bias.


Yeah, never watched the show except some snippets on youtube. Havinga great time playing it



>not playing as Asami that cucks literally everyone and fucks Korra

she has machines and technology, she can probably impregnate Korra



that sounds not that bad



is this the same guy who did ME:A autism porn?



That's stealing anon




What are you talking about?



Mass Effect: Autism.

Normalfags call it "Mass Effect: Andromeda" I believe.



Still nobody can understand you. Maybe bring some pictures next time.



>being this fucking retarded





the only retard here was you


File: 9447728050f7605⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, 349:642, db0.jpg)


el famoso "no u">>39500



>telling a retard that is too dumb to figure out search engines a name is spoonfeeding



File: 285f05256177a5b⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 481x482, 481:482, 168fc0210964f066add2637d73….jpg)


>using a dead meme from a french-forum

>yes "el famoso" is spanish, but it's a french-meme, look it up fags

could you please go back to your french safe-space?

we don't like frogs-fags down here


File: 5039bcf7adb4f1c⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 691x720, 691:720, 5039bcf7adb4f1ca0d7f562214….jpg)


>thinks there's dead memes in this world

>done a google search and begins to explain memes like he's an expert or something

Heh, seems like I triggered someone there.


File: 7506aba0e0f36e0⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 654zer465y6z54u89u456468az….jpg)


>get told to fuck-off to his french-forum

>dosn't even bother to deny-it

>"hurr durr u mad bro"

aren't you too young to be here?


File: 1f365eecbbd117a⋯.jpg (85.44 KB, 500x688, 125:172, 1f365eecbbd117a0d35ba23194….jpg)


>thinks that if I use a french meme, I'm necessarily french

>continues to be that triggered

I love it.



Not sure who are you trying to impress with that bullshit, but I definitely recommend a cold glass of bleach.




surrender already frogs!!


File: 50b474023a553e5⋯.jpg (22.3 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 40af05f6ad95285ac9fb4b0838….jpg)


anyone know the latest dev update?



>the waters are empty because the french alredy abandoned paris



Latest dev update:

What up, friends!

February is a nonsense month, but the build is super close to finished! We're still a couple days away, but feeling good about how it's come together – it's crazy how important 3 days are when you don't have them.

There's gonna be a couple small tonal changes in this book's direction and I think it feels better for it. Little changes, but a different word choice or expression can change context drastically, and context is everything, you know?

Keep an eye out, good shit on the way!


File: 43371e74cb75ddd⋯.jpg (29.39 KB, 500x541, 500:541, 43371e74cb75ddd1dbe054d998….jpg)


I hope that means not being a dick with Toph anymore.


File: 5c418d421c0fa77⋯.jpg (162.18 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 16298423_848893348546915_6….jpg)

>>39640 not likely until slave route is done or love rout starts i down for either really


So percentage wise… how much of slave route for book 3 is completed? 75? Are we almost done?



More like just past a quarter. I'd expect slave route to be finished around August, love route to finish up around this time next year maybe.


I see…

I have the materials and obsidian to upgrade the brothel but the option is greyed out. Ive seen Ty Lee and she went until i "build up the whorehouse", so i need to wait for something to trigger, or is it not yet in the newest build?


File: b95197b8aa071c6⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 443x332, 443:332, images.jpg)

Please with all this Patreon war against fetishes tell me that book 2 love route is still safe



you're funny, they'll eventually just purge every patreon with anything they don't like. Only thing we can do is hope for another company that isn't being run by censorship happy prudes


File: 5fab5ad9a7d74e5⋯.png (82.84 KB, 321x239, 321:239, Honeyview_2017-11-13_00-00….png)

Bughunt 0.6.09 is out

Where da mega at?






Toph’s slave training is less vindictive

Toph missionary scene

Toph & Katara masturbation scene

Toph handjob added to scams

Katara’s blowjob scene now repeatable in shop

Ty Lee "stuck" blowjob scene

Ty Lee balance sex scene

June thigh job scene

June anal scene

Naga blowjob scene

Sex fistbox scene

More June hypno sessions

June shaven/bush bug fixed

June shave bush option

June menu added

Introduced Skye to the brothel

Brothel upgrades

Old Toph nudity

New training sessions

New maze section


Maze spirit story development

Maze Ty Lee rescue

New story development scenes

Switched confusion and poison in arena



More June and Ty Lee?




dog bless you


most of these are pretty self explanatory but,

>Sex fistbox scene

??? can someone explain what that means?



you fist a box.



With one of the dungeon guardian chicks inside



How close is Earth to being finished? Why no large insertion and fisting content?



>Old Toph nudity

What this suppose to be? please don't be



Does she at least have sagging tits?


File: b40e7f23c6d37c8⋯.jpg (94.12 KB, 599x800, 599:800, b40e7f23c6d37c879e08664fa4….jpg)


>Toph’s slave training is less vindictive




why would you want to enslave her to begin with?

love beats all.



>June thigh job scene

>June anal scene

>More June hypno sessions

>June shaven/bush bug fixed

>June shave bush option

How do i get this? Also Mai is in the tavern for some reason.


Nope, flat chest.


File: 3f5669a1f5c93c1⋯.png (762.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Anton Chigurh.png)


Forget, i just needed to talk to her. Also, Ty Lee scenes are the best, hope for more.

This game turned out to be the best patreon h-game, solid updates, full of content, no NTR bullshit. Just great.



>This game turned out to be the best patreon h-game, solid updates, full of content, no NTR bullshit. Just great.

What did we do to deserve this blessing?


So im a bit lost with this new update, it keeps talking about ty lee not turning up and mentions I should go into the maze, but I can never find anything new down there.



Sometimes God look upon us and reward good taste.


Train with toph, go to the maze and find a crack spilling gas.



It really does blow me away how every other Patreon dev manages to suck so fucking much compared to these guys. Is anyone else even close to being this competent?


> Maze Ty Lee rescue

Fuck, if they give us the ability to hypnotize Ty Lee I am going to go nuts. That sounds so fucking hot.


am i missing something?

I can't find joo dee or get passed the earth wall


File: 45f64581e72458a⋯.jpg (277.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Four Elements Trainer 2018….jpg)

Where exactly is the strumpet (Ty Lee) in tunnels?



Oh nevermind


For those confused about the old Toph showing up and Mai in the tavern:

They're illusions created by the snake lady.


>Ty Lee stuck in a wall

>can't fuck her from behind without her knowing that is you

>can't get a free blowjob after you just raped her

Huge miss opportunity. But the whole scene was HOT.



>Old Toph Nudity

I feel the creator's trolling us at this point and i'm not even mad.



> Toph’s slave training is less vindictive

was it bad before? like real fucked up torture? kinda wanna play older versions now.



Blackmailing and almost make her crying. But in the new one you just treat her better and can still sufocate her (if you are into that shit), everyone wins.



Good, good, don't care about the crying, i'm down for some choking.



Based devs appealing to the sweet boys and the creeps.


>Book 3 is Aang(basically)/Toph

But thats haram niggas, Toph belongs to Zuko.

Sokkafags need no apply, he is death anyways.



>How close is Earth to being finished?

We’re technically not halfway yet, seeing as the Love Route isn’t started yet. But in regards to the Slave Route, yeah we’re definitely close to the end. The Dai Li hideout is fully mapped out, Toph is letting us fuck her, and we’ve got some LORE with the Lamia spirit. Assuming MITY doesn’t add anymore new OC-girls or side-content and just finished the remaining loose ends, we should be done in two maybe three updates max.

Here’s what I think is still left to be done in the Slave Route before completion:

>Jin’s promised hypnotherapy content has yet to be made

>Suki doesn’t have any new/alternate scenes for increased sluttiness yet

>Crab Battle Arena needs a proper resolution/conclusion and the hinted sexy award

>Whatever the Tavern upgrade and “quest hosting” is supposed to be (though that might be meant just for the Love Route plot)

>Jun can still be hypnotized more after becoming open to anal, hinting at one more scene for her at least

>Joo Di likewise has a lot of hints at escalating scenes she has not delivered on yet (we haven’t even seen her mentioned kid yet)

>Fountain hasn’t been used for anything yet (obviously it’s gonna feature in Jin’s content, but I bring it up for completeness sake)

>Raising Toph’s “Public” stat through handjobs in the market doesn’t do anything substantial yet

>Can’t do anything with Skye directly

>Ajala needs to capstone her hypnotism scenes (this one will probably tie into the climax of the main plot though)

>One or two more sex scenes with Toph to make her submit completely

>Follow through on the plot-thread of PC getting possessed by the Snake Demon, hallucinating past lovers, and losing control of his libido

>And of course the proper ending of the Book with beating Long Feng, meeting the Earth King, and accidentally freeing Appa like was joked/hinted earlier

Most of this stuff ties into each other and/or could be resolved in just one or a couple of extra scenes each. Once this all is cleared out, the Love Route (aka, the real good stuff) can commence.


File: 154d280f16dcd3a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 438.19 KB, 1035x720, 23:16, toph facial.png)

What if somebody does mod dedicated only to all these sexual actions of 4E, no plot/no minigames? Like you just go in town and find girls to have some fun instanly with many options. Or it's insane?


File: 558ead1a9188cad⋯.png (388.63 KB, 889x940, 889:940, 558ead1a9188cad166b6b934bf….png)


>Toph’s slave training is less vindictive



>Toph’s slave training is less vindictive

FUCK, it's a slave route, he should go all the way. this FUCKING SUCKS

Slaves are for love hurting



I agree, I hate lolis.


You niggas lied to me, I thought you could make toph cry by brutally beating her and raping her.

She just cries when you blackmail her, this slave route is a bust.



You know what? I'm down for mc accidentally freeing Appa, it'd fit the game's mood. Also we need more Katara scenes for the greater good.


File: 4730b0c7b91384c⋯.jpg (186.64 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1499923588601.jpg_thumbnai….jpg)


File: 38ccc123e01fe29⋯.jpg (30.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, FB_IMG_1489324473737.jpg)


i don't think MITY had to change a thing it's slave route cleary not everyone he has played a slave game or two they way it was was pretty normal and it was very tame compared what could have happened we don't all like vanilla normie cucks





Calm your ass down, creeps. You can still choke her and we haven't get to the part where we broke her little mind. Everyone will win, but i admit that Toph is the least interesting girl from book 3.

Also, the game never had stuff like beating, rape or torture (and will never have), Patreon rules.



Save your anger for Whorra, she deserves the hurting.


File: fe4cf54ff07a4a3⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 545x453, 545:453, 1327370506694.jpg)


>mfw we'll get to brutally torment whorra

My entire life has been building up to this moment.



Do whatever anon. I wouldn't touch it though.


>snake lady blowjob

I love this game


File: 99dd5b6142742af⋯.png (412.79 KB, 708x925, 708:925, went.png)

>Fug Ty Lee again

>It's internal

Now that I love. Joo Dee, June & Suki are all amazing too. I just wish I could creampie June's vagina not her butt and I wanna fug Joo Dee too that's gonna be great. I'll wait for the Love Route for more content but as it stands the slave route with all these girls has been great.



Joo Dee is gross, I want more Katara.



I have a thing for older gals. Gals around 30-45 at the oldest anyway.



You mean wouldn't touch this lazy job for yourself or wouldn't touch like it disgusts you?



Love route you are probably get to impregnate everyone.



I don't have problems with older gals. I feel like there is something unsettling about her mouth and it really shuts down my boner.


I feel like you should have been able to fuck ty lee's butt when she is stuck.

also - how to sex toph? Seems I still have all the old same menu options, do I have to restart my save?



do day training, get lesbian scene, visit during night after you cant train further.



June, Suki & Ty Lee would be fine.



hmm. lesbian scene with kitara and her? at the lake?

This happened on my save before the new patch. I'm guessing that theres a new trigger put into place which I can't hit without starting a new save.

Stuck at where I can't train anymore during the day.



Nope, at the hospital.



cool. Thanks for the tip.



Ty Lee stuck blowjob scene, how do I find it?



At the dungeon, after the cracks spitting gas.



Train up till you can fill cracks. Go back to the maze and fill the cracks then explore.



But anon, we've been able to have anal since the beggining.



what a fucking faggot, they do more work in one year than he does in five


So I'm confused. I see Mai at the tavern but I have no option to talk to her. Wat do.



That's because the snek lady is fucking your mind up, you can't really do much with this mai because she's a hallucination.



I mean, I wouldn't put it past the dev after that disgusting scene with old Togh. But is there anything left to do at this point?



After rescuing Ty Lee? I don't really think there's much to do after that. If you ever doubt about reaching the end of the build just go to Toph's house at the morning. If the door's closed then chances are that that's about it.



I guess I'm done then. Hope I get to have a titfuck from June. Who thought getting to rub your dick on an ironing board like Toph was a better idea than some phat pillows is beyond me. I would have preferred her as the tall adult form or even her daughter TBH.


Less Vindictive? Kinda disappointing.

As long as she becomes a cum-slut though it's all okay.


So I downloaded the new version, I haven't played since apparently August 23rd.

I have no idea what I was doing since I last stopped playing because Earth book was just starting.

Man I hate this feeling, probs just best to redo all of Fire Book.


any way to disable the "special cursor" ?

i prefer the default, special cursors tend to lag me for some reason.


Anyone else dealing with bullshit bugs on the crab battles? Poison keeps ADDING health, like what the hell, it's been bugged as shit for a while now, thought they woulda fixed it



You seriously play crab pokemons in a fap game?



You seriously don't play crab pokemons in a fap game?



I mean I don't even fap to that game, I like it's h scenes but yeah, and when I've unlocked everything what else am I gonna do? Shit might be locked behind winning the crab shit for all we know



You think theres some reward after "Being the very best"?



Either that or I remain the same age for a few decades somehow never getting past average and rotating a set of friends for eternity.

Really thought they did make sure to give us some insane crabs to beat, I mean a level 99 crab for nudist shopkeep girl, maybe it's obnoxiously beefy for a reason?



Like no one ever waaas


File: 71cb7b0562c562d⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 320x240, 4:3, l_aa2202d1.jpg)


Oh yeah, in these days people search porn games not to fap, they are just swaging in their bdsm costumes fashion style, playing these games to match, smoking vape sigaretes.



Both. Disgust is more so my personal opinion at the disregard towards the game. I think it would be completely gone if it was just gonna be you adding a gallery function.

I stand by the view that if you just want lewds go look at pics, stories and comics.

In closing, I don't know why you're listening to my opinion. Do you.


File: 50925f152a91666⋯.jpg (94.93 KB, 886x912, 443:456, katara_by_chupipupi10-daip….jpg)

What if Katara dominate you?



every other girl in avatar is so much better looking than katara is not even funny.


File: cd56560d16f3f50⋯.jpg (295.27 KB, 886x912, 443:456, 50925f152a916663de6987bbff….jpg)


yes, please.



Fuck yeah man

Book 2 really made me kek with the crab battles and 'take me away from this insanity'



No reason to forgo humour just cuz you're beating your dick like it owes you money


what is that slave girl thing you can buy from Ty lee in book2? cant figure it out



File: 05aa5aa699d2951⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 391x391, 1:1, gpTdtZse_400x400.jpg)

>these games drain me of cum like nothing else

pic related



Not even slightly convincing.



So just played book 1 and 2, first time. Went love route each time. Book 2 didn't really feel like a love route. Azula was a bitch all the way through. Unless I was supposed to be going after the shop girl, whatever her name was. I kind of brushed her off for the sister. Ending with the sister felt really stupid too. I started Book 3 but it apparently isn't finished.

My favorite scene was easily when you were fucking the sister over the shop girl.



Well obviously they're not going to change Azula's personality. She's a crazy bitch even when in love.

The whole love/slave thing is more about how the main character acts, rather than how the girls act.



I know nothing about the Avatar series. I just kept hearing about how good this game is. I might try to watch it at some point though. If only so I can better understand this porn game.

Because I ended up liking it. Tonight I'll start Book 1 again but this time as the slave route.



I decided to watch Avatar just so that I could better understand the L O R E behind the game.

I recomend it. Pretty good, 8/10



The ending is better if you go off by yourself



is there anything that connect the three games any decision carrying over or so?



You know a porn game is good if it convinces you to check the source material. For story xD



It might when meeting Katara in Book 3.




The books are meant to be played in the correct order, but it doesn't seem like there are plans to have decisions carry over from book to book. They might at some point, but I doubt that, personally. It's a lot of effort for little effect. They certainly don't carry over at the moment.



>There is a sp_maze_key1 boolean so try that one

what is the exact command, please.



sp_maze_key1 = True


From new Korra comics,


That evening, Kya sought out Korra and Asami on Air Temple Island. When she found them, watching the sunset together at the gazebo, she told them they made a beautiful couple. She explained to a shocked Korra and Asami , as it reminded her of the first romantic getaway she enjoyed with her first girlfriend; it had never made her happier.

Surprised by the revelation, Korra noted that she had not known about Kya's romantic preferences, to which Kya answered that, while all her friends and family knew, she had no interest to share that piece of her life with everyone.

When Korra asked how Aang reacted when she told him of her romantic preferences in women, Kya fondly recalled that her father had been "nothing but supportive".

She reminded the new couple that each nation had their own customs when it came to same-sex couples and that their story was their own to made public when and if they desired to do so.

they better be lesbian threesome. where MC will only watch!



I blame to the fire nation for that, they went too easy with those water tribes.



Bet you she be dick crazy if Zuko was here daddy


This is one of those projects that I'd be more than happy to support financially since I enjoy it so much, but the minimum tier to get the actual games is $5 a month and that's stupid as fuck.

If it were $1 a month like Something Unlimited and Rogue-Like Evolution, which I give $1 a month each to, I'd do it.

But $5? Fuck that.


File: eca1b82039561f0⋯.jpg (138.2 KB, 240x425, 48:85, 17361594_1712059249085493_….jpg)


>be me

>be a lurker

> see the thread bumped

>no new build


>read the thread

> random fags faggoting

>conclusion better off on F95 Zone

>wait and watch



Not to defend them or anything (its a fucking porn parody game and if you're shelling out cash for that you better be busting all the nuts or do a reevaluation of your shit) but if you got the actual main product from a $1 donation most patreons wouldn't be viable for anyone using it as a main source of income



can one "well-made" porn game not be shit?


>supporting a last-minute ass-pull lesbian romance done for libtard brownie points

people like you are why they think they can make luke skywalker gay for wedge.


Who actually cares so much that they take time out of their day to hate gay shit

sure its fucking gay but its not affecting me because its fucking fictional too.



anyone who waste their brain power and time ranting about shit like cucks or gays just won't admit they're into that shit and vent their hate that they like it on to others to not do it. If its not my wife or my ass getting fucked, I don't care



Every one who don't like faggots and pushing faggotry into peoples throats is a faggot. Makes total (((sense))).



>It's totally harmless goy!

>Even though it had no buildup and came out of our ass to attract tumblrites

>Ruining any kind of character development and the show as a whole by retconning

Fuck off back to whatever liberal shithole (((you))) came from.



Wait…isnt 4chan the epitome of liberal?

Most non liberals would cut your balls off for dabbing i. The filth on this site



yes, but its also loaded with angsty children who lash out on the internet because they'd get the shit beat out of them if they did it in real life.



you've said this for years and I still don;t think it's true



I dont question that you do care that much, but how do you care that much?

Its not like the gays are coming over disguised as asylum seekers, or doing other heinous shit or whatever. I totally understand the hate for muslims, their extremists are credible threats but the gays? Naw son, those guys just like dick.




>they just aboninations of nature

>they just sexually assault children at much higher rates than the heterosexual population

>they just serve as incubators for plethora nasty microbes that spread diseases like hiv

>they just die at incredibly high rates

>they just produce less on average

>they just are overrepresented in the prison population because of their propensity for crime

>they just like dick

fuck off kike



>>they just sexually assault children at much higher rates than the heterosexual population

No more than your average Priest, son.



>priests arent the gayest gays ever

mang they eat jesus dick all day erry day



Seriously, how fucking stupid does a person have be to think citing pedophile priests is a counter to accusations ogays being child predators.


Seriously guy, are you legitimately braindead? Being retarded is no excuse, even literal Down's Syndrome patients know full well that almost the entirety of child sexual abuse by clergymen is homosexual in nature. When was the last time a priest was in the news for raping a little girl? When was last time a joke about the Church scandals wasn't based on Alter Boys?

Seriously Anon, I am genuinely confused and want to know: How retarded do you have to be to actually forget that the vast majority of pedophiles are also gay?



The investigations into the priests who did engaging in pedophile attacks against children showed that they were disproportionately homosexual and having sex with eachother as a way of networking



>If a priest does it, he's no longer a faggot too and therefore doesn't count!

This is your brain on gay.



Alter girls were not molested, in the past, because they could serve until 1992. Only then the catholic Church has officially accepted both women and men as alter people.


>their propensity for crime

So, gay = criminal? This explains a lot about Sturmabteilung.



This isn't 4chan, retard.



You are either a retard, an ignorant or a kike.


File: fe4125d7d4cdb76⋯.mp4 (12.15 MB, 320x240, 4:3, astley.mp4)


>an ignorant



Guess I must've hit the same nerve your dad did after years of abuse.









if you werent such a faggot you could find your own sources

of course you are a faggot and so you'll ignore the statements made which are common knowledge to anyone here and have been presented countless times before with sources to distract from the argument instead of accepting verisimilar information that is contradictory to your ignorant and malicious worldview no matter how often it is presented

tl;dr just die of aids already niggerfaggot



At one point it was common knowledge that the earth was the centre of the universe

You want me to just take your word for shit? Quit being such a faggot.



>misinfo shill kike fudgepacker also betrays his penchant for coprophilia


maybe if >>42136 was presented in a format you are comfortably used to you wouldnt have such antipathy toward the information presented there

should i have







Any news on a time window for the next update?


File: 3f46b6e3721083e⋯.png (119.15 KB, 439x861, 439:861, 1522600331933.png)



Lmao April fools at full swing


File: fbd25b6289a5897⋯.jpg (80.13 KB, 320x212, 80:53, 15645317_1282516768479255_….jpg)


even if it is april fools i didn't find it funny as FET is a lit af game so lit we justify waiting a month even more so for MITY making 16k a mnth for what it's worth tho im much tainted more if anything and i love good ole corruption games something about breaking them down and having them bend to your whim


File: 28c1fc3ba26e68f⋯.png (526.07 KB, 1541x980, 1541:980, Catch1.png)

He made a joke game. Apparently you can get more sketches if you get 20~ onwards for the cats without a loss in hiscore modo. However it plays like shit so who cares?

Real release when?


File: 22e60ddbfa37373⋯.png (592.36 KB, 1421x976, 1421:976, Catch2.png)


>Eats the other image.



File: 207a531bbf0abc3⋯.png (290.02 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, 03.png)


Saw some shit after hacking.






Why am I an Indian pls explain?



Because you were born in India, that's why you are and Indian. Hope the explanation in good enough.




Want to show the other pics?


File: 56273b7f01bfa8a⋯.png (192.04 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, 01.png)

MITY posted three of the four secret hi-score sketches on Patreon, anyone got the 50 cats picture?


File: cc7b19f84214505⋯.png (144.12 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, 02.png)



I so want to romance her



Meanwhile you can barely speak English. Good work?


Started playing this, water tribe was good but the fire tribe was a journey. I don't think my dick will survive if the rest is comparable.


File: b1b7fcff7d8ac34⋯.png (207.11 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, 04.png)



here's the last image from the april fools game.


File: a2e57fa9b49238f⋯.mp4 (234.8 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Thats not my problem.mp4)



And quoting MITY here fella's;

Hey playtesters!

The bughunt version is below. Let us know if/when you find problems so we can get to squashin' and get this build out properly!


Toph-Katara scene

Joodee sex

Toph drunk

Suki titty-shake

Toph anal with Katara

Toph solo anal

Jin blowjob

Jin hypno sessions

Toph bathing sex

Shady girl flash

Secret reward for beating Iroh's crabs!

Main storyline continues

Iroh quest

New maze section

Buncha new dialogue




File: c77e9444cb437a0⋯.png (260.02 KB, 487x558, 487:558, ty_lee_sad_2_by_no_not_tha….png)


>nothing new for Ty Lee

What a shame. But i'm sure i will enjoy.



Shame but we still got to stick it in her last build and that was decent. I wouldn't mind some more June and this Suki doesn't add much.

I can't find Jin in my fucking save file anymore for whatever reason.



He could at least add the April Fools game scene into the game, that scene was nothing stupendous but will remain forgotten on a silly april fools game.


Yup, continuing from a prior save Jin has totally fucked off the face of the Earth.



Can someone post what is the Secret reward for beating Iroh's crabs!? I thought this was pure filler and i don't want to fight crabs if the prize is not good enough.



Someone probably will eventually. I haven't bothered with it either so I got no clue.


File: 0dc94ac14d67a07⋯.jpg (158.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, daym.jpg)


Did I read this right?



awww yis.


File: 87fa636afadf4eb⋯.png (212.12 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, body_tylee.png)


I'm sure it will be, if you extract the game files, Ty Lee is separated from her cat outfit.



I'm at the end of the content on my end. Same time next month maybe?

Joodee was pretty great. You play with her tiddies and cum inside her.



Now we just need to impregnate Ty Lee 'cos reasons :^)


Ok, i'm stuck. Toph said "SURVIVE" and now i'm in a tunnel.



In the second room, with the second wall to your south I mean, click on the wall. You see snek, rotate snek.



Thanks, pal.



Seconding this. The crab battles suck.



Not gunna lie, that was everything I dreamed it would be

Didnt find the Jin blowjob but whatever, thats so much filler for me.

Didnt see the Iroh quest come to think of it



Same here.

Also, it's a shame i need to make a save to see Toph & Katara scenes again.


hey bros to get jin back you gotta talk to joodee ask her to have sex, she says no

then go to ajala in the maze she will say you need to hypno jin more in order to get trigger phrase for joodee. go to tea shop and then you can ask jin to come to hypno room

in order to get jin bj you gotta finish iroh quest (hint: talk to all the ladies) iroh gives you a key to the backroom of tea shop

i did this with my previous save, no fuckin way i'm restarting this shit



>He doesn't engage in the noble art of crabfighting

By Jove



You suck, crab battles are FUN


File: d3df6f9e692fdb7⋯.mp4 (740.77 KB, 326x326, 1:1, d3df6f9e692fdb7e7500737bc0….mp4)




At least saves are update compatible and only once did I run into an error back when. I can play old saves from the 5.0 love route and it works fine, and still play some from the water route as well from even older.



t. can't feel it




Beat Iroh's crabs yet?


File: f16a9fe7726cebb⋯.jpg (571.22 KB, 1497x1927, 1497:1927, 03255.jpg)


I got peep hole from him, what next? People say I need to talk to Jin, where the fuck is she?



Well mister empty head. You must continue the story and she'll reappear.

ur also a faget.



So what if Iroh gave me the key but whenever I go to the tea shop she isn't an option, only "battle his crabs" more?



It’s a glitch; according to bug hunters further up the thread, if you progress Joo Dee and/or Toph to the next scene, she’ll come back. If you already did the other girls’ latest stuff before doing the thing with Iroh and Jin, tough luck you’ll have to reload an old save or wait for the debugged build next week.


File: 32c5ac4d04980eb⋯.jpg (13.5 KB, 290x294, 145:147, 14776833706070.jpg)

When is new update???



You have to beat all the crabs, anon.



Just wait for the unofficial patch Todd.


File: 675997c19e9fb94⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 400x533, 400:533, 1b822b553344e8b8949a4d2fbf….jpg)


Todd? Who's this Rod fella? Sounds like a swell guy tbh.


stupid question, i havnt gotten back to this for a while, how do i run it? im not seeing any exe file




>Post these here

>It's an OP on cuckchan

Kill me Pete.



You probably downloaded the wrong version, the PC/Windows one should have a fairly straightforward .exe in the main folder of the game after extracting it. You can run it manually from Python too, but it's complex and pointless.


Can someone please upload there save I keep running into the joodee glitch and I already gave the old man his panties.


File: 90df3e14ecf4348⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 424x64, 53:8, bandicam 2018-04-14 08-15-….jpg)




bandicam, u rly don't have anything else better suited to take a mere screenshot?



Best program




Thanks, God. Already faped, what to do now? I wish to regenerate my mana faster.


File: 96dbef14f71fbb2⋯.png (35.18 KB, 787x296, 787:296, Untitled.png)



Basically no new content or changes compared to 0.6.11, don't get your hopes up too high. A few 1-2 line bugfixes (Joodee and the crab system), and Toph's feet are slightly smaller in her anal scene.



Well, 0.6.11 was bughunt so this beign a patch sounds fine



I know yeah, just thought I'd clarify. It's more or less a re-release of 0.6.11 with less bugs in it, as the name would imply.



How much content is there in this game so? Like, will it just blue ball you or can your actually play it for a few hours


So what do I get for beating Irohs crabs? because I already have the Peephole.



There are a few minigames you can waste your time on (literally, you'll probably want to get an auto-clicking script at some point), otherwise it's a fairly standard "talk to a girl to unlock progressively more sex options" trainer game affair. Katara and Azula are finished, Toph is about halfway done and Korra is the final one after that unfortunately. There's a "slave" and "love" route for each of them with different scenes, and a few miscellaneous/side characters in every chapter.

There are maybe 10 "big" scenes per main character, and 2-3 occasional ones for the rest. I'd say it's worth about 5 hours of gameplay, with 10-15 wanks depending on how much you like it.

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