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File: 0727f07fb768d19⋯.jpeg (14.48 KB, 443x332, 443:332, images.jpeg)


Anyone know some games


Bumpity bumpity bump





Nearly all of them? Next to no games here actually contain NTR, people just to meme that term everywhere.


File: ac0e3bed5cb1d2d⋯.png (302.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, RowanxAlexia_3_3.png)

Seeds of chaos



I said without NTR …



Its optional!



It's "optional" the dev of that game it's a fucking jew





Optional. You can let the red demon rail your ass instead of your wife's.



The fuck is NTR?



Netorare which is basically cheating. Its the jap term for cuck. Is when any girl in a game fucks anyone but the protagonist. You are meant to be aroused to see the girl fucking anyone but the protag.



That's not quite how it works. It's not NTR if the protagonist and the girl don't have any sort of attachment and/or are not on a relationship. NTRfags just get off having their couple fucked in front of em.



>It's not NTR if the protagonist and the girl don't have any sort of attachment and/or are not on a relationship.

It is. If the game baits me with a character that im meant to like and then trow some cuck angle at it, i the player, get cucked.


Ancestral awakening is without NTR






NTR has many classifications, it can be a guy cheating on the girl, the guy cheating on the girl. Incest doesn't count, the players feelings don't count for NTR it has to be an actual romantic attachment or infatuation. Step siblings and Parents can count for NTR as they aren't blood related. NTR could also mean the main character Stealing the Significant other from someone else. However there are dipshits not knowing the actual definition throwing it around. Count NTR and Cucking as if the player has bad feelings or doesn't have their character screwing someone even if the player's interest character is Masturbating with a toy.






every single girl in the game that you can fuck are already yours by default.

they are destined to be with you, you will tame and fuck them so if any other man comes in and fucks the you got cucked.



File: f7c6b27e6043c04⋯.jpg (177.83 KB, 1077x1393, 1077:1393, cuckcover1.jpg)


Gotcha covered


File: 1669bbbe598b85a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.83 KB, 577x359, 577:359, 137283_1466725824323.jpg)


informative i wasn't privy to the complexties of NTR only know it inside of Hentai




People on /htg/ are generally morons. To them ANY female having sex with someone else is you being cucked or "NTR". Doesn't matter if that girl was in a relationship when the game started or anything else. They see any female character in a relationship as the MC being a cuck.



because it's a game and the whole point of the game is to fuck all these women. they are yours by default even if they don't start out as your they are destined to be yours so if some other guy fucked them then ofc its cucking.



>they are yours by default

No they're not you fucking retard. Go back to halfchan with your "cuck" idiocy. Tired of you faggots infesting every part of the internet with that stupid fucking meme.



You do know that halfchan has no problem with cuckshit? Which is why YOU should go back. This place is and always will be against cucks like you.



>Incest doesn't count, the players feelings don't count for NTR

>The feelings of literally the only important person in the game, you, doesn't count


>I-it has to be romantic!

No it doesn't. If the character is included then it must be yours. Otherwise it shouldn't even exist. And if it does and it's not yours is cuckshit.


Can confirm. Best game.



Wasted art.





It's right where it belongs: In the trash. Plus, it's just stolen assets.



Never understood how fags could enjoy drawn shit over that of 3d (even bad 3d models). More realistic = better.



Spoke like a true pleb. Never go to /v/. In fact, just kys already.



Being called pleb by someone who likes anime style shit is like being called a retard by someone with downs.



>Everything 2D is 3D

Heh. Kys, pleb.

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