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File: 9244993164c2c20⋯.png (584.67 KB, 1440x360, 4:1, 132512_banner0.png)


You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where beautiful women stay! Upgrade your hotel, grind brownie points with girls, fast forward through their stories, and pork them.




Anyone has the 0.4 update (not the beta release)?



>only posts the patreon

post the newest version or fuck off runey

Also taming the yandere when? Yandere should only be psycho towards others never the love interest eg: Albedo from overlord





This has potential but it needs a bit more work before I play it. At least the creator is using custom HS models for his work and not DAZ, god if I see another bad DAZ model it'll be too soon, so this is easier on the pallet to play though.


I just want to fug the android ;_;


I want to bully the elf with her slutty sister.


Has anyone got a copy of the $5 Patreon release?


This is a nice game


File: aee8f2f7c55536a⋯.jpg (39.11 KB, 800x450, 16:9, DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.jpg)




Wtf? How can people play this?


File: 0d90cbab30b7c55⋯.png (7.58 KB, 429x431, 429:431, 0d90cbab30b7c55868d3175c8f….png)


File: 1c3545cbb2073ef⋯.jpg (78.41 KB, 792x612, 22:17, 1390351381082.jpg)





File: 6932fa0b71cd914⋯.png (9.77 KB, 939x103, 939:103, Untitled.png)




This game is starting to get too big for my liking.




i'm in



Other then the two optional cringe VR headset scenes, none so far.

Better end with catching her and breaking her down in the dungeon or something.


File: 057a7596095f04f⋯.jpg (119.33 KB, 438x638, 219:319, 057a7596095f04f1f8c90f0977….jpg)


How have MEGA fucked this hard all of a sudden?

I can't download this piece of shit because my browser just keeps using more and more memory until it's at 4k and refuses to respond.

Never had issues with big downloads before. Guess I'll have to use the megasyn shit.


Is there an easy way to increase sluttiness and friendship with all the girls? It seems like a grind at this stage.


>link from Fag95

>full version, not the crunched one

(~900 MB): mega.nz/#!m3wxAAoS!QkOA5dNpGRQ0JqGF92ifaD-lM5mFNvqvgmsWtgUZ8-w



post the version number dumbo



It's v0.4, same as >>58932.



Yup. Forgot to say: >>59049 (as well as >> 58932 ) is the Win/Linux version.


Which browser? So far, I've seen people complaining only about Firefox.

If you don't want to install Megasync, try uGet (there is also Jdownloader, but people says the installer contains malware/adware).


>scenes can change based on traits and your relationship with other girls

>the guide to what changes what is patreon only




That's a Patreon supporter's self-insert ($100 tier, I think), which explains a lot. There's actually a computer code that adds her to the game proper, but I don't think she does anything yet (it's described as non-canon, if that matters).



Jdownloader only contains "malware" (more like bloatware really) if you're a retard and click accept to everything. Otherwise it's perfectly fine, it's been around for decades and has a solid track record.


The computer asks for codes; anybody got 'em? What do they do?



>Input the code: truestory on your pc in your room to turn Felicity and Emma (the cheerleaders) from "Clones" to "Twins."


File: 4d7a6d6e1cec8fd⋯.png (488.16 KB, 1108x878, 554:439, puff.png)


Well, thanks anyway. Friggin' Patreon Moral Guardians.



I'd have assumed that clones would be even worse than twins for incest but who am I to judge?


this is good shit


I'm not entirely sure i'm okay with the girls being exposed to everyone but at the same time they only watch and only the playable character gets to fuck them so I don't know.



It's exhibitionism, look but don't touch essentially. I'm fine with it if they don't actually touch.


God Ashley is such an insufferable cunt, why is she such a dick, even to the poor innocent android girl.

What happens if you Free Lin from slavery/keep her as a slave, does anyone know?


Also Maria a shit.


this game needs to allow you to punch bitches, like not bdsm shit, just let you punch bitches.


Change log stated he added more codes, how does one find them?


File: 8cbc8bde472a357⋯.png (34.53 KB, 139x143, 139:143, 8cbc8bde472a357598a5423095….png)


>Filling email



Thus far, nothing, but Runey has said that it will matter in the future, so take that as you will.


Extract and decompile the game files, then find the part of the script that concerns the codes. Most add money or max out the girls' stats. The public code (truestory) turns the twins back into twins, the others might be intended as Patreon rewards; the Violet one definitely is, but I don't know if it does much at the moment (it's spinningtv or spinningtvs, I can't remember).



>Thus far, nothing, but Runey has said that it will matter in the future, so take that as you will.

I fucking hate devs like this.

>oh yeah here this fucking important choice you have to make!

>results will matter in like 20 updates lol hope you like what you chose! and don't wanna change it later!

I decided to free her, if she goes later fuck her, she a hoe anyways. Kali and her sister are best girls, Android is a slut, Maria is a turbo slut, Ashley is crazy, Felicity is a turbo cunt and Emma is too attached to her cunt sister.


tried the spinning tv ccode, it is correct. does not do much, but adds Violets bedroom ,but no action.


File: d54696b2ec8dcf5⋯.gif (148.03 KB, 311x360, 311:360, HowDoICompooter.gif)


Greg for fucks sake stop

You need to get off the internet



Fug off retard.


Good Game well done to the Dev. But what is the point of the "Ice Cream Machine" It seems pointless or did I miss something?


File: 8ab1f05e1866ba5⋯.jpg (51.05 KB, 600x1058, 300:529, greg_heffley.jpg)




This is as good if not better than Mythic Manor. Android and elf girls are 10/10.

My only nitpick is that you lose the android commands as you level her up and she does things willingly.

As a mind control connoisseur that displeases me greatly.



>The file you are trying to download is no longer available.






or compressed version





adds? fixes?


Yeah this one's pretty fucking great.



File: 7d27be5dab7d80d⋯.png (72.83 KB, 1019x528, 1019:528, Untitled.png)

>Some leech wrote a walkthrough/mod for the game and paywalled it behind his patreon.

As expected from the FAG community.


File: aed2eba77906ba0⋯.png (39.87 KB, 981x284, 981:284, Untitled.png)


Modding is and should always be free, if you wanna set up a paypig account, go for it. Spruke it from the roof tops. When you start gating stuff, you're a dick.



Some charitable soul is going to pirate his mod soon …

Now one thing I find obnoxious are devs who make anti-intuitive games to force players to look for walktroughts behind paywalls. This is an unprecedented level of hebraism.


File: c653bb43b14e63d⋯.jpg (74.84 KB, 547x692, 547:692, what the fuck.jpg)


>someone else did it so it's okay if i do it too

What year are we in.


File: 3079f870b796b41⋯.png (39.24 KB, 1017x402, 339:134, Untitled.png)

Fuk I hate this new UI. Made a small mistake, that's from the thread for Mystic Manor, this one is Harem Hotel. Both paywalled however.



As much as I hate it, those mods are decent. Therefore I'd be willing to "donate" a onetime payment to grab them and share them here. But I'll do so when Mystic Manor and Harem Hotel are both finished, therefore only need to do it once and not grab it every time they update.


>fire up game

>fuck Felicity in the morning, afternoon and evening for days on end, cumming inside her every single time

>fap to the fantasy of knocking the bitch up and starting a loving family with her

Nothing wrong with me.


File: 05530e434d996e5⋯.png (191.68 KB, 874x1224, 437:612, Cupboner.png)

>Lin and Kali discussing Manager.

That right there is the good stuff. A few more scenes like that and it's gold.



Yeah, the game gets that character development actually matters in a porn game that lasts actual hours


File: d31eaee38ea10fb⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1699x940, 1699:940, Untitled.png)


It's taken me 3 days to max Lin, Kali Ashley and Maria. Got the twins and android to go. It's pretty damn good for a sandbox.

Only niggles I could find was it was jumping twice in some scenes when I clicked twice and I'm pretty sure that's not because of my mouse. The animations in some of the earlier scenes look a little janky compared to the full motion ones later. Lin waking you up in the morning is a good example of small motion but having sex with Ashley on the table could use full motion. Difference between 3 and 30 shots used to simulate it I guess. Few more pee scenes than I'd like but other than that

Also headpatting for obedience is always good.

Someone also posted the cheat mod, just copy into the main folder.



File: 8845ecb99e5e678⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1713x936, 571:312, Untitled2.png)



*clicked once, I meant.


File: 8f34099da0d3732⋯.png (536.5 KB, 1729x882, 247:126, Untitled.png)



>DUDE I'm only making 6000 dollars a month, you expect me to WORK for that??



Holy shit! That's a lot of money for a game which infringes copyrights.

Incidentally, this dev and the author of Mythic Manor needed to be a bit more careful about what they are doing. Charging $20 to give access to a game made with screenshots whose rights are from Illusion is a risky strategy and for sure they have already caught the attention of this company.

First rule when you do something illegal: stay in the shadows.

Note: Runey doesn't look like a bad dev to me, but he's definitely not very well-versed in programming.



o fug

This isn't going to end up being another Yandev scenario, is it?


anyone got 0.5?



Looks to me more like a flopped joke; he could easily have written the scene such that no matter which option you picked, Manager ended up doing the "right" thing, but instead there's this. Another reminder that meta-humor is very hard to pull off.



Looks more like a standard 4th wall breaking joke than him actually complaining. Like in AC where Resetti would yell at you for not saving your game.


6k might seem like a lot to you but enforcing copyright law from across the pacific ocean is expensive and probably not worth it for them.

Also don't many of their games have a studio type mode where its implied that the game is to be used to make scenes? If so that might muddy the waters a bit although ultimately it comes down to whats in the license agreement.



4th wall jokes are pretty shit in any medium and only "funny" because "so randum".

I know a lot of people want to copy akabur for some reason, but despite being one of the first few to deliver a "quality" finished game, his games are more likely cancer and they usually have to be fixed by mods or by re-releases.

People should stop copying Akabur.



Whether the joke is funny or not is neither relevant nor my point. There is a real difference between a dev actually complaining and trying to make a joke.

Your response though reminds me of something I've noticed of late, people on here seem to be very deeply concerned with how much money devs are or are not making and my question is why? Why do you care if its 1k, 5k 10k 100K. Are you giving them money? If so and you are not happy then stop doing so. If you aren't giving money they why do you care if others are getting duped and milked.

Conversely if you enjoy the game and think the dev is doing a good job then wouldn't you want him to make as much money as possible? I just don't get where the apparent bitterness is coming from.


File: 15a97d4c7bc56ef⋯.jpeg (99.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, WhatsApp Image 2018-12-06….jpeg)


My point wasn't if it's funny or not either, I said it's shit. It might be funny but it's toilet humor-tier writing at this point.

>people on here seem to be very deeply concerned with how much money devs are or are not making and my question is why

Gee, I wonder, you'd think that someone who makes an amount as big as that would be able not only to make a quality game but he'd also be able to make it faster and better. However, the more a patreon makes the shittier the game gets. Take a lot at stuff like Summertime Saga and Seeds of Cucks.

>Are you giving them money? If so and you are not happy then stop doing so. If you aren't giving money they why do you care if others are getting duped and milked

<Just close your eyes and let the shit continue

<Just let others burn their money on shit things

Defeatists are not welcomed. Kill yourself.

>Conversely if you enjoy the game and think the dev is doing a good job then wouldn't you want him to make as much money as possible?

No, because that usually makes the games worse. Look at Long Live the Princess and how it added cuckshit after not only getting big but the dev saying here that he wouldn't add cuckshit.

It's almost as if you're completely new to this thing called "video games" where instead of improving with time and money they only get worse. It also and obviously apply to porn games.



Let's not forget the fact that most (((Game Developers))) are leftist trash, which explains their shit taste choices when it comes to fetishes and the such. I swear to god that most if not all of them have rainbow hair or something similar.



I know you're full of shit because if you were serious you wouldn't be whining on a lewd mongoling tapestry weaving board.




This is the only place with actual freedom of speech. Fag95 and cuckchan censor criticism everywhere.



Yes. There is a Poser Studio in Honey Select but every screenshot saved in Studio have the Illusion watermark. This way they encourage people to be creative, but without hiding from whom are the true rights of that image.


>4th wall jokes are pretty shit in any medium and only "funny" because "so randum".

The worst thing is that these things spread like memes. After the "Doki Doki Literature Club" basically every amateur VN tried to make a story that involved breaking the 4th wall.

If an adult game makes use of comedy of this style, several authors will try to imitate. I do not know why these people are so impressed with this shit. It is so dumb…



>Conversely if you enjoy the game and think the dev is doing a good job then wouldn't you want him to make as much money as possible?

Of course not, man.

There must be a balance. A very low salary can be discouraging, but a very high salary can also create problems in the development of a game.

And you need to remember that most of these devs don't have the mindset of the entrepreneur who will allocate resources in ways that will improve the efficiency with which the game is made.

On the contrary, they have the mentality of the employee, that is, they will seek the least efficient way possible that guarantees the highest number of monthly payments in Patreon…



>I do not know why these people are so impressed with this shit. It is so dumb…

Jumping on a bandwagon is way easier than coming up with ideas yourself. Plus, people want to emulate the people/games/studios that got them into the job in the first place, so if someone reads DDLC and says "Man, I really liked that game, I should do something like that!" they're of course going to make something like DDLC.

This applies to most games in general though, and pretty much always has. That's why we have eras that are just swamped with different genres, from the Platformer boom around Sonic and Super Mario Brothers to the First Person Shooter boom in the early 2000's, to today's Battle Royale boom. People see someone making shitloads of money off a concept and think they can make a slice of that pie, or if they're particularly stupid steal the pie out from underneath the guy already eating (Fortnite actually managed this from under PUBG, but that's rare). Sometimes a company ends up baking a particular concept into their identity as a producer, like Bethsoft with their FPRPGs. The idea has evolved, but both Fallout 4 and Skyrim are still basically the same game that Marrowind was.

I agree that metahumor is generally pretty awful, although I disagree with the assessment that it's universally bad. And I agree that not every game should be an Akabur game. But there's plenty of games that aren't; you just have to find them, and support them in converse to the bleating masses supporting Akabur Clone Game #324


This is talk of unfunny jokes and how shit capitalism is, seems great and all anons, but where is the newest version.



Dev said it doesn't come out until Friday for his higher patrons.


File: cb310a44cf07e4c⋯.png (378.72 KB, 710x445, 142:89, Cats eyes.png)


I would say this dev is bandwagoning, as harem hotel and mystic manor started around the same time. The reason this gets thumbs up however is that it's competent. Has distinctive characters, different fetishes, no cuck shit. Bam, dev makes 6k a month because he saw the niche and made something that isn't complete shit. And the reason I held back was so I could bite into it and I liked what I went through, playthrough it over multiple days so that's always a good sign when I can fap to it, take a break then come back and continue.

And honestly, I'll take more girls in a harem situation where only you interact with them over the endless flood of badly done DazIncest 'games.'

The meta stuff did feel a little forced, for the record that part came up after picking the option about 6 times. Joke wasn't too bad for the rule of 3 but since that was the 6th option, it did draw it out.




>I would say this dev is bandwagoning, as harem hotel and mystic manor started around the same time.

Bandwagoning off of what, by the way? I'm in a constant drought of H-games, so if there's actually a competent one out there, I'd like to know about it.

>And honestly, I'll take more girls in a harem situation where only you interact with them over the endless flood of badly done DazIncest 'games.'

I agree wholeheartedly with that. It's not that I find incest intrinsically repulsive, it that it's so saturated by this point that I can't even ignore it, so it ruins my enjoyment of otherwise alright or good games. It's like everyone in the west wants to fuck their sister or something. but I sure as fuck don't. Part of why we decided in the BnHA Trainer thread that we wouldn't let Duku fuck Inko or Bakugo fuck Itsuki.

>The meta stuff did feel a little forced, for the record that part came up after picking the option about 6 times. Joke wasn't too bad for the rule of 3 but since that was the 6th option, it did draw it out.

Sounds more like an easter egg than anything at that point. I try not to judge games off easter eggs, since they're stupid injokes by nature.


0.5 is out but I'd hold off on playing it as it still has bugs.


>Ashley asking to get impregnated when fucking in public

uhh my dick cannot handle that shit, good stuff.


The author of this game was intelligent, he's copying not only the assets of Honey Select, but the game itself, but adding personality to the girls, something Honey Select does not do.

In addition, he was strongly inspired also in Mythic Manor, but he will already surpass the Jikei in number of patrons, which I think fair. Mythic Manor is, in my oppinion, a piece of shit.



>no inflation


Decent game but the pacing needs some work.

As much as I love a good buttfucking it's pretty ridiculous how the girls are just like "Oh hey I just lost my virginity NOW FUCK MY ASS" practically the next day.

One of the stats says they're corrupted but it doesn't feel like you do much corrupting it's more like you just watch these insane whores develop.



Lin was really retarded about that one. She begged to be assfucked like 2 days after losing her virginity for the first time and for a while you could only ass fuck her.

Ashley is mentally insane and just wants to please the MC while pleasing herself so thats fine.

Maria is a turbo used up slut so is whatever, Android is a sex bot so is fine, You cant have anal with Kali which makes sense since she kinda is like between a prude and a bitch.



Even Ashley it seems kinda dumb with since she's desperate to have MC's babies, would have been better if you could force a finger in her arse and she'd be like "Holy shit I can feel that good there!" then you can buttslut her up and tell her she can have even more babies in the bum hole. Fits with her anatomical knowledge.


0.5 is here but I'd wait a .1 or .2 as there are still bugs.





Anything huge or just minor shit?



Cowgirl outfit for Android isn't being picked up when ordered is the one I came across in the brief time I've played it. I would say it's mostly playable but still some minor bugs.

Compressed: https://mega.nz/#!kx9R1AoK!IvvQdOg3Dl7vXFzq0M4mDFAfUK315owlUN2ZfS-LK9g



Possible solution for bug.

Had a save from 0.4, and Android on alarm duty. I took her off, slept a day, then put her on the next day, woke up with her and now I can pick it up. Weird.


File: 88626e2f7861b94⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1699x942, 1699:942, Untitled.png)

Maybe being nicer to her wasn't such a good idea.


File: 597258720ad454e⋯.png (3.24 MB, 1707x937, 1707:937, Untitled.png)


One upgrade I won't be getting.


File: e9603aec4a10905⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.73 MB, 1717x939, 1717:939, Untitled.png)

I don't know if this is amping up the story or it's bait to lure in more people to donate to find out what happens.



Finished what there was. Some good stuff, plot hooks for next few releases and so forth.

Lin's long event in this was pretty good, goes to show you can train any girl to take dick and call her a slut but if you train a girl to take only your dick that warps into a weird relationship of love and makes her that much enthusiastic about it. Kinda curious about Sylvia as well, I think she'll be brought up again at some point. Other than that, it's gonna be a bit of a wait for the next version. Got a weird feeling that she could be the third maid? One would be need for floor 3.

Also wish so much time wasn't wasted on Violet, know paypigs have to be fed shit but you can use that time to do other stuff.


so anyone have the full save?


File: 58bad92eaacf061⋯.swf (3.12 MB, Saves.swf)

I assume you know where to put these. Hope you like being called Mr Manager.



Save 1 is 0.4, each girl will only have 2 extra scenes. Save 2 is end of 0.5 with every trait and almost every scene professional quality

Honestly it's worth starting from the start as there's a bunch of stuff you'll miss otherwise.


Does someone have the mod?


Are there any cheat codes besides the twin and money cheat?


>new girl

>not even an ounce of lewd content with her

the fuck is even the point of this """update"""



More content with decent waifus like Lin and Ashley.

Although what we really need is a threesome with us, Kali, and Kali's sister. If there's one in the game already, I haven't been able to find it.



There is one in Violet's new event but I'd rather just wait for a proper one.



I can't believe we don't even have threesome content with the (((clones))). They're basically made for it.

Instead we have Autumn, who doesn't even have an H scene to her name, and isn't even very hot to begin with. Even the Donut Steel cheat vampire is a better character.


Version 6 beta 3


Plus all current codes

Harem Hotel - Game Code List (use the computer in your room):

truestory - (makes Felicity and Emma twin sisters instead of clones - enter this code at the beginning of the game)

spinningtv - (Violet joins Harem Hotel - I recommend using this code between days 60 - 100)

ifuckedlucy - (allows the player to fuck Lucy if you didn't do it earlier in the game once Lucy moves in with Kali)

gimmesomemoney - (gives you $1000)

gimmeallyourmoney - (gives you $999,999)

hi - (Runey says hello)

maxall - (maxes all character stats as of the current version - all story is skipped)

maxfelicityandemma - (maxes all character stats for Felicity and Emma - all story is skipped)

maxbot - (maxes all character stats for Android - all story is skipped)

maxmaria - (maxes all character stats for Maria - all story is skipped)

maxashley - (maxes all character stats for Ashley - all story is skipped)

maxkali - (maxes all character stats for Kali - all story is skipped)

maxlin - (maxes all character stats for Lin - all story is skipped)

skiptoend1 - (advances the game to day 30 with some story already completed - only use if you wish to skip the beginning of the game, not recommended)

dayplus10 - (skips time to 10 days ahead, no story progression)



holy fucking shit i wanted porn, ashleys new shit just made me sad



Ashley got the extra long event this time, Maria got more story, Android got Anal, Lin got options to purchase more elves plus her sister Twins got… I honestly forget, Autumn got up to Handjob. There's a Bar where Maria works and some side characters got stories, Ellen of the desk is slowly more lewd personally and Kali got threesome scene if you had sex with Lucia.


how the hell do you raise the andriod's friendship?



>Twins got… I honestly forget

A date with Felicity plus the option to sleep with her (sleep not fug).



How do you unlock the handjob? only got her pictures and scene with android proving herself to be best girl again



I meant that'll probably be her next event as she's agreed to do them.


File: 652e5b840e95af6⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 4.png)

>Photos you take of the girls will be usable as wallpaper in an overhauled computer system

>You'll also be able to preview the Elves you can buy. (Website probably going to be named Elf-Bay)

>Maybe final release of 0.6 but probably in 0.7 you'll be able to play strip poker in the bar.

Gotta give Runey credit, he's doing some decent work.

>Also 9k a month now on patreon.



So you can get decently paid, and still roll out good updates? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGTH

For real tho, Runey, Mity and whoever was the dude that makes Mythic manor are probably the only devs here that dont make me instantly rage



Jikei does Mythic Manor. It's nice to see people doing it properly instead of just milking people for free money.



Also wanna note that the game has it's first anniversary in May and has over 7k renders so far. I can't think of another game that has that many in under a year, when the average DAZ game flats out at 3k.



Ecchi Sensei is another one that generally releases monthly, has a lot of content and doesn't look like it will ever get cuck shit, it seems like it's going to be a massive harem game. Also it looks like you'll get to fuck your 13 year old daughter.



Daughter and her many similarly-aged classmates. A new update just released, actually, if folk are interested. It's six updates worth, and there's quite a lot there (it has the normal VN style of progression, unlike Harem Hotel and Mythic Manor). The only troubling thing about it is the scope, which is planned to include a year's worth of content, and each update is, so far, one day (plus the odd holiday special). While this is likely to change over time, I wouldn't hold my breath for it being done any time soon.



It's also in 3 different files instead of all together days 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 and so forth. No idea why he'd be a retard and do that, to save on bloat maybe? Still stupid.



Presumably to keep the file size manageable. I'm not sure if he's switched to WebP like seems to be popular these days. Maybe he'll make a Week 1 version afterward, I don't know. I don't follow the development too closely. At least it's not as bad as Daughter For Dessert, that shit's awful.



He kept the days separated into chapters in order to keep the downloads manageable and there has been talk of a week end version.


File: 555e6a74af9dc50⋯.png (19.88 KB, 133x107, 133:107, thefuckisthis.PNG)


Girls look kinda ok, but once this came out on the screen I almost fucking died


File: a131e1f8147d548⋯.png (685.65 KB, 926x522, 463:261, Rin.png)


>doesn't look like it will ever get cuck shit

Cough cough…


Ok, wow, this update had a lot of weirdly heavy stuff: the smoli is tiny because she was starved as a child and the slutty one acts out because she was an unloved orphan and your robit may be slowly defaulting to factory settings

It's weird when games go all "Acting Lessons" on ya like that



Is this the most up to date version of the game?



What is this?



>fuck your 13 year old daughter

Didn't the F95 mods stop that from getting added because they suck?



That was the 9-year old one, I think.



>click Rin in mine

>cuck shit avoided



It makes the fact they're addicted to [Manager]s dick all the sweeter, like the scene with Lin willing to blow off the heads of her own people because she thought they killed [Manager], Delicious. I can only hope they fall deeper and deeper.



They stopped the 9 year old from being added. They seem to be OK with loli content now so long as it's not daz3D. Drawn doesn't seem to have any limits except probably toddler. Honey Select has a limit of "they have to at least look like they have, or are going through, puberty.


Haven't fully played this update, but that is surprising since the father is constantly saying things like "no other man will have her" to pretty much every girl. That and he went out of his way at school to show that there are no male students and only two ugly male teachers. Other than that it's a game with 40 or so female characters.



The updates all seem to have 1000+ renders. He puts two chapters (two days) together each time to keep the file sizes down.



>smear shit on corner of a steak

<just eat around if you don't like it, goy

and then faggots wonder why they get murdered wholesale every time shtf.


File: 0190e96033a7354⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1729x971, 1729:971, ClipboardImage.png)

is there a code for this second "let's have some fun" option? am I being stupid?


File: 28e8d7c1bce78db⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 49.66 KB, 1250x385, 250:77, Lucy.png)


Just progress in the main quest.


File: e56868f1559e693⋯.png (65.82 KB, 1183x572, 91:44, Untitled.png)



File: ae101efaffc3660⋯.png (67.65 KB, 1191x506, 1191:506, Untitled.png)


So some jealous faggot called Giochi is reporting his page because Ashley looks underage? Wonder if Runey would be willing to move to a different service?



Giochi = giochipremium.com . The name of the faggot is Jacopo.

He sells wegs translated in Italian (originally he claimed to be the author of all the games on sale).

Runey asked him to remove HH from his site and he retaliated.

Then Patreon contacted Runey and told her that Ashley looked too young.

They all are retards, imho. Jacopo, Runey, the staff at Patreon and those idiots that buy pirated stuff.



File: 6472e4151464e87⋯.png (177.8 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 6472e4151464e877bda8f672e5….png)


That's a false equivalence and you know it. If you don't see it, it doesn't exist. Every game is like that. Like who you safe in ME1. Everyone can chose differently wich character dies, but it doesn't impact the rest of the game.

It would be a different story if it was unavoidable. But as it isn't, you are just being angry at something that doesn't impact your gameplay in the slightest.

And to explain it in your form of reasoning.

There are 2 steaks. One of them has shit on it and the other doesn't. It's still your choice what you will eat and what you won't. Except if you are a completionist, in wich case, have fun with your shit-steak.



I didnt realise that A Friend plays this game.



the cuck shit always starts small, then it takes over everything



ironically when things starts with lots of cuckshit it gets less and less cucky with time like tafy tales. it started out as pure cuck shit yet now at least according to fag95 it is "cuck free" so it went from 90% cuckshit to 50% cuckshit



I've finished every storyline, the thing is still greyed out

might be a bug



When everything is cuckshit, everything is cuckshit.

Let them make themselves mad. Cuckposters are the lowest common denominator of the chans.



Enter the code "truestory" into the computer.





>loli content is abundant

I feel vindicated for bullying runey.

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