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File: c737794d59afd2d⋯.png (12 KB, 480x340, 24:17, MamonoCorp__logo.png)

File: 7d42441fbcbc1af⋯.png (57.97 KB, 1197x415, 1197:415, MamonoCorp_introduction.png)

29573c No.70

ITT: Mamono and Humans working in a corporate environment and the shenanigans that follow; see the attached screencap for a short blurb for new arrivals.

Previous thread: http://archive.is/PiQ1a

Eighth Thread: http://archive.is/Ck9ep

Seventh Thread: http://archive.is/2CUqK

Sixth Thread: http://archive.is/o4yI1

Fifth Thread: http://archive.is/wzPn3

Fourth Thread: http://archive.is/lvHdf

Third Thread: http://archive.is/HUqPq

Second Thread: http://archive.is/AISiW

First Thread: http://archive.is/dlsJy

Current Events:

>MamonoCorp employees have assisted in organizing followers for a new goddess.

>A manager in the finance department has inadvertently stumbled onto the catalyst for a seismic shift in an established religion.

>These two combined have led to an imminent religious war, the two noted faiths facing off against the followers of Illias. Management is not happy about this.

>Plans are still in motion for a massive legal/ethical shakeup in terms of how AI and Automata are treated.

>Constant eventful occurrences aside from the above, possibly due to the influence of the goddess of Discord.

51c172 No.71


Was just compiling updated current events to post it myself. A little slow this time I guess.

29573c No.72

Management, I've filed the appropriate forms regarding the absence of myself and @Warband these past few days. We've taken measures to hopefully ensure that any fallout from our actions gets deflected from the company.

Jade, you didn't have any family at the Illian regional HQ in the northern Mist, did you?



I may have pushed the System on that front, my bad. Hopefully the stuff I did ask it to put in the event log will suffice, although admittedly the events, while massive, weren't great in quantity, so there wasn't much to add.

<Chances are that'll change by the time the next message-system refresher rolls around, Source knows the day-to-day of this place is a Ratatoskr's dream assignment.

8d0bbf No.73

Notice: all departments please inform any cheshires working in them that Research and Development will no longer be accepting any paperwork or memos on modified company letterhead. While modifying the printed letterhead to SCROLLING MARQUEE FLASHING COMIC SANS is an impressive feat, is is NOT professional.

51c172 No.74


>Ilian HQ in northern Mist

So that's what that mess was about. Abbess Jinyu sends her compliments on the light show.


>Comic Sans

I just had flashbacks to my first internship as a web dev. Not the good kind.

Shura, when you've got a chance, I've upgrades planned for the drone network's magic components that could use the attention of the individual who designed the whole thing.

29573c No.75


>comic sans

Ended up having to look that stuff up. On the one hand, it's not as bad as some of the handwriting I've read over the years. On the other hand, it being standardized and printed means that's not an excuse.


>compliments on the light show

Appreciated. Hadn't had a chance to really cut loose like that in a while, and with both strong motivation and an appropriate target, we didn't exactly hold back. The "Hellknight" project may have been a farce at the time, but blazes if we didn't work to live up to the title.

<Speaking of: before razing the facility, I used some Sabtech infil programs to mine their servers - accounts, plans, names, that sort of thing. I've finished cleaning out the coghaz, and I'm forwarding the data to you and Jade.

And before you ask, aside from the expected indoctrination idiocy the murderpals are relatively healthy if seriously unhappy. Once Cousin Frank's psych team gets them sorted out, he'll have a couple hundred new castle-cleaners.

>upgrade plans

Be right there. Feels like it's been ages since I last did anything with the Network.

<Not complaining, I'm glad I don't have the lot literally on my mind, but still, nostalgia.

8d0bbf No.77


Mostly, it's causing problems copying and scanning it. Because it's scrolling and blinking it just leaves dashed streaks across the copy. Whenever we get one of these, we have to take a high shutter speed photo timed just right, re-take the photo if we got it wrong, then run the photo through OCR software to convert it to a text file and THEN proofread it against the original for errors. It's just a needless hassle. As for the font itself, it it's intended place it's fine. As the name suggests, it was originally designed for use on comic book pages to replace hand-lettering.

29573c No.79


>actual practical problems: not font but effects

…Great, another for the jar. Should have guessed even our amazing tech would be out of sorts after getting flashed a bit. With any luck the new regulation should limit the possibility of this cropping up in the future, but until then I might have a simpler solution. I took another look at one of the prank memos, and it's surprisingly similar to some of the jokes one of my professors used to showcase more complex information-manipulating effects; one of our assignments was putting together a pattern meant to bring that sort of thing into a semblance of legibility. I'm forwarding you my notes from those lessons, as well as a prototype design for this particular case meant to lock down the text before scanning. Let me know if you can make something of it.

8d0bbf No.80


Or people could just file their godsbedamned paperwork properly.

29573c No.81

Kurt, the upgrades to the Network's magical aspects should all be ready. Looking forward to your take on the Update Bulletin.


It would indeed be great if these pranksters could decide to be sensible for once. That said, consider how HR and Adverts were, and what it took to finally bring them in line. We don't even have the benefit of the putzes all being in one department this time.

<I've got no problem going with whatever you decide we need to do to enforce sanity, but I'd rather we have options, especially so the work we do have to deal with already isn't complicated unnecessarily. Either way, you're the boss - give the order, I'll follow.

51c172 No.82


>arcane upgrades ready

Good. They'll be rolled out soon, but I'd rather roll them out in concert with the associated tech upgrades than separately.

Related to the above, if some of our resident troublemakers could pay a visit to IT, I'd like to stress-test some upgrades for the tech side of the drone network against the more damaging shenanigans that occur here.

29573c No.83


>stress-testing, troublemakers

I'm not sure if I should be worried about what you're going to let them do, or excited for the SCIENCE that will happen. I'm heading over to watch the show.

<Far Fires, I'll give it a try. Been getting some lessons on tech at the Sab labs as part of Vendor Rep duties, might as well see how far I've come.

51c172 No.84


There's a very good reason for why I'm conducting the testing in one of the subplanes you provided. The test batch will be ready in 5, only rule is that you're to keep it within the bounds you'd use to avoid getting fired for causing too much collateral damage.

29573c No.85


>test procedure, limits

Ah, that kind of stress-testing. Sounds like what I was doing with Test Dummy for the longest time, and the original tests of the initial Network as well, now that I think about it. I'll keep the rule in mind.

<Looks like it's time for another "lightshow." Might as well make it authentic. @Warband: Ro, Cress, get over here, time to have some fun.

51c172 No.86


Thanks to everyone for helping with the stress testing. The data collected will be used in finalizing the upcoming upgrades to the drone network.

29573c No.87

<Good news, everyone!

No, seriously. The Corps sent word that some students went through the Alp transformation, and due to the stabilization chambers, there seem to be no mental issues. Two of them - Morgan and Cassidy - became Automata; they've come by to discuss various things, both the serious matter of their new state of existence, and options regarding mods and appearance customization. Tandy, Margie, I could use some help here, there's only so much I can explain even with everything I've learned and Tess for perspective.

<They're treating the situation like I did my own Mindsplit, and are more interested in learning about the technological aspect than anything else. The fact that they're female now is almost a sidenote. Wonder how long that'll last…

57a80e No.88


>stabilization chambers work

That's great news!

>sidenote comment

If Tee's any indicator, it'll remain a sidenote until they find themselves in relationships. To quote an understatement from Zuzi on the matter, their instincts are "going to pop when [their boyfriend] gets close enough". Again, this assumes that Tandy's case is typical, so take it with a grain of salt until we know more.

29573c No.89



Yeah, I remember that. Funny how things work out. Feels like forever since I made the bet to which that statement was a response, and I don't regret losing in the slightest.

<I swear this place is turning everyone into robots. Tandy, myself halfway, you on occasion, these two…who's ready for the machine uprising?

Speaking of: considering these two are AI now, they need a Vendor and Rep until the Seattle thing is done, right? Both have expressed interest in working here (and have appropriate skills), so if that could be taken care of alongside the hiring process, I imagine it'd be a load off their minds.

<A load off my mind, too. They're fellow Corps, and I want to see them well. Not to mention that adding them to our ranks would only expand the opportunities for technological fun.

8d0bbf No.90


Bring them down to the bowling lanes and introduce them to Margie, I'll bring Maria and meet you guys down there. As for the robutt revolution, considering an entire class's worth of washouts produced only two, I doubt the organic world has anything to fear.

29573c No.91


>no robolution

<Jokes aside, it's probably for the best. No point letting those nutjob anti-AI groups or money-grubbing lobbyists have even the slightest satisfaction.


Introducing them to a life of numbers and circuits…while bowling. I don't know if this idea was born of brilliance or insanity, but from what I've seen of their response it's been a ruddy good one. Thanks, it's good to know they're in good hands.

<Especially having Maria around, the idea of even a child being able to handle this really helped them. Admittedly Maria is a class of genius in her own right, but still.

…speaking of Maria: Kurt, Tandy, I hate to say it but I have some serious Rep business to get out of the way. It's been roughly a month since I took the role, and while you two being her Legal Guardians means much of the work is already taken care of, there's still one last point of order due to her unique situation. I've consulted with the Strausses' staff to confirm this particular issue, and I'm posting the summary they provided from the legalese.

"Her Vendor is required to, at bare minimum once:

-Inspect at least one place of 'residence' - which is to say, a place where she tends to spend much of her time, which for our purposes is this facility - and audit its safety.

-Interview her current caretaker(s) on her well-being.

-Perform a basic, at minimum visual, inspection of her Core for safe handling and structural integrity.

This must be undertaken by no less than three (3) individuals from the group her Vendor is marked as, at minimum her Representative, a member of the Vendor's techlab, and a ranking member of the Vendor's organization."

It doesn't have to be done immediately, the deadline's the upcoming Sunday. That said, I do need to know a good day and time for this, because I need to know when to bring in the others…mostly so I can get provide fair warning to the rest of the staff. As for who they are: Tandy, you've met my grea-nan Jessy, you know what she's like. The techlab representative, my sister Kesseren, has been the one passing along all the tech stuff I've been bringing in; she might as well be a Satyros with as little as she cares about Sabbath propaganda, and as much as she avoids looking the part.

I want to make clear that I'm not happy about this any more than you, but with the Seattle thing and others in place and as many layers of bureaucracy as are arrayed against us all, I can't see a way of getting out of at least letting these two come in, say hi, sit around drinking tea and chatting for a few hours, and walk out. And yes, unless you allow otherwise that's all they're going to do. I know you've been keeping the little one in good care, this is just a matter of boorish lawmongering gone overboard.

57a80e No.92


>vendor audit stuff

I can have a conference room reserved on short notice for the matter. Send me a list of documents to bring.

Also, I've bounced your request regarding job opportunities to Dana in HR. She should get in touch with you soon to set up interviews with Morgan and Cassidy.

29573c No.93



Docs you'll want:

-a list of safety precautions you've been using, both physical and digital

-a list of educational methods, detail optional but helpful

-a list of people she encounters on a regular basis and their degree of (relation? affiliation? how she's connected, proper term escapes me)

-a list of interests she's expressed, such as intellectual pursuits, reading preferences, physical activities like sports, that sort of thing, and what you've done to develop those interests

-a list of what possible threats currently exist, physical, digital, legal, etc., and what you've done to prevent them affecting her (yes, this is different from the first; that one was stuff like injuries or accidents she could get into, this is about stuff that could go after her)

-a list of anything you might consider relevant to her life, and which is not already on the other lists

-a list of questions you, Tandy, and the Strausses want answered; open for anyone who's got questions of their own, such as about the techlabs

Don't worry about having them in any sort of presentable fashion; the writeup has to be done based on them, notes, and recordings, but the docs themselves aren't getting submitted. It's more for convenience on both sides than anything else. Let me know when you two are ready.

<The interview itself is going to be more casual than anything else, don't be surprised if things go off on a tangent such as tech developments, magic, games, or even cooking styles. Up to you two how carefully we stay on topic.

>job ops for the new bots

Thanks. She's already gotten them scheduled for tomorrow - that Anubis works fast. Looking forward to seeing how they place.

Relatedly, you wouldn't happen to know a good current method of homehunting, would you? I'm currently putting up Morgan and Cassidy in guest rooms in my mountain, but I don't doubt they'd want something more permanent and private eventually, preferably nearby if they get hired.

<I don't exactly have experience in this regard - aside from guest housing, dorms, and camping, the only permanent home I've had in the past two decades is the one I built personally - and I don't really know how to help them start searching when it's time.

57a80e No.94


>housing question

Best method I know is having a good real-estate agent recommended to you. While I may not have any help to offer for such a recommendation, I do know a decent apartment complex not too far from here. The landlord's a loud, abrasive guy who's married to the Oni that does maintenance. Good folks if you don't mind the profanity, excessive drinking, and general rough edges.

>Dana work pace

I honestly suspect she's the main reason that the whole of HR hasn't been cleared out for incompetence.

>interview details

Got it, I'll be ready day after tomorrow.

29573c No.95


Tess' network connection is ruddy handy - I got your message bright and early, and we went out to see that complex first thing. The owner was just as you described, and we all had a bit of fun shit-talking each other. Good folks indeed. Anyway, nice as the apartments and their owner are, they aren't an option. The last unit just got rented out yesterday; from what the owner described there was some sort of massive work transfer involving a bunch of Mantises and Beetles, no idea what organization(s). He gave contact info for an RE-agency, and according to them the housing options are pretty much the same all around right now, but they'll notify Morgan and Cassidy when there's openings to check out. Until then, I've got plenty of room to spare.

Also, the interviews just concluded. Good news: they're still working out which departments they're falling into, but they're in. Quick as Dana is, chances are you've already gotten the notice/request for setting up their accounts. We seriously need to organize something nice for her.

<Meantime, they're here in R&D getting caught up on the last fifteen years of tech. Feels like just yesterday I was in their shoes, completely unaware of how to computer. On that note, I'm compiling a set of courses for the Corps regarding the matter, forwarding my initial design doc for critique.

57a80e No.96

Notice to all Staff:

Tomorrow, the company drone networks will be undergoing a substantial upgrade throughout the day. During this time, large-scale and low-priority responses from the network will be slightly delayed. Thank you for your patience as we continue to bring improved service on the part of the drone network.


>departments TBD

Until they're placed in specific departments, they'll be under the relatively new subdomain "newhire.mamonocorp.int." File a ticket when the departments are decided.

>tech courses

Look into the CompTIA A+ cert, might be something to help structure the course around.

>apartment results

Well, glad you were able to get in touch with a good agency.

8d0bbf No.97

Shu, you might want to arrange a safe practice space for the newbies, they were exceedingly enthusiastic when I gave them some extra copies of my book.

29573c No.98


>department ticket notice

Noted, I've added it to their todo lists. Chances are they're going to be getting started working tomorrow, today's all about relearning the basics, as it were.

<Got them linked into the notes I took from all the lessons I've received in my time here, formal or otherwise.

>cert recommendation

Thanks for the advice, that program's going to help quite a bit.


Already taken care of. You know full well how I am about precautions and redundancies. I've got a replica of the Playground subplane set up for their practice efforts, and I'll be supervising everything. I won't coddle them, but I will keep them from taking unnecessary and stupid risks.

<Also, "exceedingly enthusiastic?" They were just recently prospective Wizards. Think about how crazy I get about learning new things, and how I was when I first got my hands on the book myself. This is normal. I'd be worried if they weren't this excited.

8d0bbf No.99


>recently prospective Wizards

Considering they've been talking in terms way above me about it since, I'd say there's no worry about their future magical careers, and I'm betting they'll probably be writing the level two treatise someday.

29573c No.100

Hi! Cassidy here, trying out this neat computerized message thing. I'm one of the new hires, along with Morgan. Thought I'd introduce myself while I recover from trying out that neat Algorithmancy. Pleased to meet you all!

Oh, that reminds me. Kurt, I just got my assignment, and I'm told you're the one to talk to about that. I think I've filed the "ticket" for getting it set up, but just to confirm, I'm being put into something called Advertisements.


Thanks! We might not be able to go the Wizard route anymore, but I'm looking forward to figuring out this road as far as it goes. And, um, sorry about nerding out so hard, it's just that this stuff is really really good and we weren't expecting something like it so soon after becoming…this. It's a thing we understand in a sea of confusion. Still a lot to learn. Thanks again for the help with that the other day, and to Misses Margie and Maria as well.

…Also, what the hell even is that robot that follows Doc around? Neither Morgan nor I can make heads or tails of the explanation he and it - she? - provided, something about split minds. Did Doc clone himself or something?

8d0bbf No.101


Not just a split mind, but a split spirit. Basically, a portion of his spirit got bound to it, and then overwork led to his spirit getting twisted such that he is now operating under a persistent perceptual illusion that the parts are disconnected. So that bot literally is him.

57a80e No.102



Email updated. Good luck in the advertising department.

>bot following Shura around

Expanding on >>101, Tess is a fragment of Shura's spirit that has taken on a life of its own after an accident where Shura was messing with Soulclay before we found out its properties had been documented. If memory serves, it's something like metaphysical sympathetic connection, which stretched his spirit between a vacant sleeve and his body. After a period of intensive work, his spirit's natural state became that of a split between the sleeve and his body. It's somewhat like when an AI is jumped into multiple sleeves as far as I can tell.

Also, "Doc"? That's new.

29573c No.103

Greetings, I am Morgan. I've just been hired, and look forward to working with everyone.

Kurt: Two items of note. First, I've been assigned to HR, and have filed my ticket. Second, Cassidy is having minor issue with her login, specifically the subdomain. Is it "@adverts," "@marketing," @sys.marketing," or something else?



…He's both. To quote Cassidy: "Holy fuck, that's both awesome and exponentially more confusing." Then again, it makes a bit of sense that a member of Research might meet such a fate. It also explains why Tess was reluctant to answer our questions to any degree of detail. Still, I confess a bit of confusion regarding one detail: robots are all female, correct? How does one manage such a conflict of perspectives?

As for the "Doc" matter: Cassidy began referring to Shura by this after he repaired damages we'd sustained due to not quite understanding our new bodies' limits, before the more thorough explanation provided in the bowling lanes. That she continues to do so may be due to finding a somewhat absurd quantity of textbooks on both medical work and technological repairs lining one wall of his library, all showing signs of regular reading - cracked spines, dogeared, notes in the margins, etc.

8d0bbf No.104


Oh, he didn't meet this fate in Research. He was Maintenance when that happened. He transferred to Research after he engineered himself out of a job. He automated the maintenance of the building with magic and drones. As for how one manages such a conflict of perspectives, I imagine it's done in a similar way to how you two are handling it. I mean last week you were on one side of his perspective, and now you're on the other.

57a80e No.105


>Cassidy login issues

Advertisements is under "ads.mamonocorp.int". Son't let the resident pranksters in the department fool you.


Done. In case anybody in HR tries to pull a fast one on you, it's "HR.mamonocorp.int".

>perspective conflict

Expanding on >>104, Tess and Shura act as almost entirely separate entities, despite being the same person. The only times the two aspects are fully joined of mind are under circumstances similar to when Shura and his Nightmare wife join minds.

>doc explanation

Not that surprising now that I think about it, given his work with the medical corps.

29573c No.106

I drop out of the network briefly due to being in a Faraday zone, and next thing I know my underclassmen are questioning the nature of my existence.

<And yet, this still isn't one of the craziest topics we've covered. MamonoCorp, everyone!

Cassidy, Morgan, the explanations provided above are pretty much spot-on. In addition, I've asked the system to mark the relevant portions of the Archive, and I'm forwarding you my notes. If you still have questions I can answer them later.

<Also, seconding the warnings regarding HR and Adverts. Details are in a second set of marked portions of the Archive.

Anyway, just got back from finishing up some last bits of paperwork prep at the Sab office. Kurt, Tandy, the Vendor audit's ready to take place any time between noon and day's end tomorrow; we'll start with the interview, work from there. No question is mandatory, nor is there any specific preferred answer format. Feel free to ask questions of your own, and to steer the conversation as preferred.

29573c No.107

Man, this system's easier to get used to than I expected. IT, major props on that. Been running through the archives, and man, we missed out on a lot of crazy fun times. A paladindu marrying a Devil in Hell? The stuff in the deep basements? Doc turning himself into two people by accident while a janitor? All this sociopolitical fuckery and the newest religious conflict? I thought becoming a robot and having ladyparts was weird, now I'm feeling like I've got one of the simpler, more mundane situations around. I think I'm gonna like it here.

Speaking of here, Adverts is working out pretty nice so far. Yeah, these fairies are perverts beyond belief, but aside from the occasional talk about pornography or joke about the whole Alping thing, they've been really helpful in getting situated. They may have pulled one prank - an illusion of sudden nudity - but after I returned the favor with a couple pranks of my own, it seems I've been accepted into the group. Really glad I specialized in Psionomania and Elementarism. It's going to take some time to really get the hang of all this stuff, but that's to be expected. A couple of the Sidhe here have floated suggestions about customizing this Sleeve I'm in - learning that the other day was one hell of a mindfuck, the whole "my body is a vehicle, not really me per se" thing - and to be honest, if I'm going to be in the department where artistic creativity is a must, I might as well take advantage of being able to exercise that. I'm thinking of going with "Caster Medea" to start; that one's decently modest, and from what I've seen of the character, it feels…right, somehow. R&D, forwarding you the design, mind letting me know how much it'll set me back?

29573c No.109

HR is a nightmare - no offense, Mrs. Nubia - and I cannot for the life of me understand how it was allowed to remain this way for so long. I'm most glad for Dana's and Alex's efforts in bringing me up to speed, and we've been going over plans for improvements to the department. Pending approval from Management, you can expect change soon.


…I'd be worried about the potential for character attack claims, if not for that particular word filter being directly requested by three of our own "paladindu" employees, current and former. Benjamin, Gareth, and Jonathan must have quite the sense of humor.


The archives were indeed maddening, but this new electronic brain has made parsing through it far simpler. I'm looking forward to seeing what new insanity we might add going forward.

>warnings re: hr

That warning was well received, and Dana provided us much advice on dealing with their antics. See above statement regarding change.

>sleeve modifications

While I don't have any specific request at this time, getting used to this new state's wider options - particularly appearance - might help with acclimation. I'm willing to consider suggestions, especially if they fit with the "jumped into multiple sleeves" function I've heard about. The idea of being in multiple places at once is…intriguing.

8d0bbf No.110


>how much

Not much at all, considering we don't have to pay anything for materials anymore.

29573c No.111


Awesome! Placing the order, lemme know when it's ready for install.

be5a96 No.112

Apologies for my absence thus far in the day, the appropriate paperwork has been filed.

Related to the above: Shura, if your colleagues would like a practical display of and/or briefing on some of the defensive measures in place, it appears my adoptive mother's family has done a rather thorough job of working over one would-be threat. I had no idea that my extended family was keeping this close an eye on things, but apparently Maria's grabbed the attention of the entire extended family, including Vampyres that history seems to have forgotten.

Unrelated to the above, if the Frans would kindly stop by my office, I'd like a word regarding the activities that (I presume) they undertook during the drone network upgrade and a preferred target for their shenanigans.

29573c No.113


<Order up. Come on over whenever you're ready.


…Wow. Yeah, this is going in the writeup. Mind, it's not the "colleagues" so much as it is the bureaucrats that are after us to do this. Stupid bureaucracy. Anyway, good that there's another layer of defense (and what a dreadnought it is, at that).

<Also, Grea-nan Jessy may have taken that as a challenge of sorts, and keeps muttering about plans to try and match that level of power, to get rid of some equivalent threats. Should I try and talk her out of it? Might be difficult, but if you say so I'll give it my best shot.

be5a96 No.114


>Jessy, challenge

Considering that the threat in question was a junkie looking to make a quick buck by breaking into a law office affiliated with my family, and the fact that I'm hearing things that seem to indicate that the first Vampyre is among those who have taken an interest, I think she'd be better off talking to my relatives about (among other things) what they did to that poor bastard (and will do to more serious threats). This is more a case of a gnat tripping a landmine than any credible threat.

29573c No.115

Apologies to all for the excessively loud laughter followed by two shrill, goat-like shrieks recently heard from Conference Room Three. My sister and great-grandmother encountered information they were not remotely prepared for.


Is that what happened, then? On the one hand, talk about too dumb to live. Seriously, there's stupid, there's drugged-up, there's the combination…and then there's that. On the other hand, we do indeed have to collect those details, and I'm pretty sure these two Baphs are going to be bloody well hiding behind me like terrified kids. The idea of a First anything getting involved is not the sort of thing they like contemplating. There's a reason we try not to wake the First Baphomet, Old Jezebel, without there being a serious global catastrophe in progress…which is basically what we're at risk of, if the crusade-war going on between the Orders of Light and the Nameless against Illias goes much farther. Fuck.

…I think it would be best we take care of the rest of the Audit first, though, to get our minds back into a semblance of (relative) clarity. Could you (or Tandy, if you would still prefer not to be near Sab personnel) please bring Maria to CR3? We just need to see, and I do emphasize "see," her core for a moment, to be able to check that box off the list. Then we'll finish the "interview," collect the documents, go on the facility walkabout, and see about getting in touch with the Strausses. Going to need a significant quantity of Yom's tea first. Normally I enjoy talking with them and their associates, but I'm not sure this is going to be quite as positive a meeting. Confounded bureaucracy.

be5a96 No.116


I'll be there shortly with Maria if Tee doesn't beat me there. Someone decided to cause trouble during the upgrade, and I'm trying to track them down for a reprimand referral.

29573c No.117


>troublemakers, track down

You'd think people would learn not to mess with you by now. Seriously, what in the Ninth Rime? Best of luck to you. I doubt you'll need help, but you know I'm available for a quick scry-and-grab if it comes to it.

be5a96 No.118



Not actually somebody causing trouble on purpose this time, seems somebody scared a slime into losing her cohesion in a major way, and she was too embarrassed to come forward.

The only reason we didn't know about the involvement of Die Dame der Nacht sooner is that Mina's great-grandmother is, in the words of Dame Nacht herself, "Dumpfbackenen." With the lifespans of Vampyres and Noble Vampires, there are far fewer intervening generations between Dame Nacht and Mina than one would expect. When Mina and I found out, it was in the form of a letter from Dame Nacht's estate. Here's a couple translated excerpts:

Addressing Mina:

>I'm glad to see you're doing well for yourself dearie, I've arranged for the individuals who paid for that junkie to go after your firm to get their comeuppance.

Addressing me:

>It's been a long time since any member of the House of Night has done something that I find to be this worthwhile. Adopted or not, you and the family you're building have my full support.

29573c No.119


>it was just a prank

Well, that explains why my wives didn't get involved earlier. I hope she's alright now, at least.

<Lemme guess, the Frans pulled one of their usual attempts at funtime without thinking?

>Die Dame der Nacht

…I may have been worried before about the chances of beating back the Sabs' claim on Maria, but now I'm pretty well convinced you're covered on all bases. There's a list at the compound of folks not to cross under any circumstances, and Dame Nacht is the fifth entry.

<Also, take your time. Grea-nan fainted on seeing Dame Nacht explicitly mentioned; Kesseren's getting her back to consciousness, but she's pale as well. Got two pots of tea brewing, they're going to need one on their own.

8d0bbf No.120


>folks not to cross

Pff, that's nothing, my Wooden Doll sleeve has been hanging out with Kurt's Gam, did you know she occasionally has tea with the Crawling Chaos? Nyaruko-sama is pretty cool.


We're already on our way there.

be5a96 No.121


>just a prank, guess

No idea at all, poor girl was so embarrassed as to be nearly incoherent.

>Sabs' reaction to Dame Nacht

Guess what in that letter prompted my mother to do the same? If you're having trouble, it involves something that you decided to brush up on your etiquette for.

29573c No.122


>nyaruko-sama is cool

Bloody right she is cool; she lectures at the academy now and then, and the study hall has to be expanded to fit everyone who attends, current students and alums alike. Worst headaches of my life, best ruddy lessons I ever learned.

<How do you think I got the amount of Realitwisting understanding I needed to go after the AP Jet subplanes? A bit of madness is a ruddy good thing.


>guess (etiquette)

…Dame Nacht is coming to visit the Strausses, perhaps, and most assuredly going to be at your wedding?

<I'm bloody glad Gran came by that day and pulled a nuclear-grade Lecture on etiquette, now that I know of Dame Nacht's involvement. I'm also still terrified.

Anyway, thanks for helping me get this bureaucratic mess out of the way. Sorry about Jessy being…well, herself. Hopefully my sister's significantly un-Sab style helped compensate.

29573c No.123

Wait. I was focused on your grandmother's reaction at the time because of my own degree of "nobility" and family name, until the Vampyre thing came to light - don't tell me, you and the Strausses are getting something along those lines, the landed title and all that?

be5a96 No.124


>Gam and the Crawling Chaos

That explains so much with regard to Gam's eccentricities.



Right on the money. What Mina's been able to get put of the courier (apparently one of her distant cousins) seems reassuring with regard to how she usually acts towards family and friends of family.

>bureaucratic mess done

The whole thing was far less painful than expected for bureaucratic scheisse.


>>Landed name

More like we had that this whole time and didn't know about it, thanks to the whole records/airheaded great-great-great-grandmother issue. The estates which would have gone to those who were affected by Dame Haberlin's airheadedness have been held in reserve until their owners were found. Supposedly, one of those manors has my name on it, but it's overseas so it'll most likely end up as a vacation home or something similar.

8d0bbf No.125


Why not just set up a passage to the place from our house here?

be5a96 No.126


That's a thought. Shouldn't be too hard to get done.

29573c No.127


>less painful

Could always be worse, I suppose. I still have to compile this all into the paperwork, but at least that is something I'm able to relax with.

<Five Skies, I am seriously glad I picked up that particular habit.

>guess verification + explanation

Great to hear! Good luck with the portal passage.

Now, if you all will excuse me, I need to contact the Strausses for an interview with a Vampire (or several). This could take a while, depending on both how long it takes to get the time and how long we end up talking. Not sure if I should be worried, and if so, to what degree.

<Cassidy, Morgan, if you need transport back to the mountain you know how to reach me. Worst case, there's always the dedicated portal in Security.

be5a96 No.128


Mina and Fredrick should be able to talk in short order. You may also be able to catch the cousin that brought that letter if you want more info on the extended family. Good luck with your interview, though I doubt you'll need it.

29573c No.129

Greetings. Management, when you have the chance, please review the documents we've sent regarding a planned revitalization of HR. Full details are contained within, but the summary is our intent to see all current members brought to a minimum degree of competence such that Alex, Dana, and myself are not covering for their inability to perform even basic tasks properly.

Unrelated to work, I have some news. It's not easy for me to say this, so apologies if it reads odd. Last night, Cassidy demanded we go into the city to see the nightlife. She headed home partway through out of disgust at no longer being able to enjoy normal drinking, proclaiming she'd try again later. I, on the other hand, met someone. We got to talking, and I, well, I ended up rather taken with him; judging by the other bargoers' demands that we "shut up and kiss already" or "get a room," he was in the same way for me. What came next, you can probably guess. All I will say is that, in my case, Zuzi's remark was most definitely an understatement and then some. It seems a life of chastity followed by becoming an Alp Automaton causes one's new Mamono instincts to be rather intense. I did not anticipate things progressing so quickly. Cassidy, fair warning.

Shura, I assume you'll receive this through Tess. I've filed the paperwork you sent in regarding your anticipated delayed arrival. When you've spare time, I need to discuss housing options. While technically serviceable, Nathan's apartment is little more than a glorified broom closet, one of those extreme economy options like in Zipangu, chosen not due to pricing but simply because it was all that was available. Would it be too much to ask for a room expansion at your place to accommodate him, even temporarily? We can pay rent if that's an issue.

8d0bbf No.130


>eventful night

Welcome to the club, dear.

29573c No.131


I fucking knew it! No wonder you didn't come back to the mountain last night, you were too busy coming somewhere else. I wonder how many bets just got settled? And yeah, I got the warning. Honestly not sure if I should be worried or looking forward to it…nah, fuck worrying. Life's too much fun for that. Also, seeing as you're taking suggestions for multi-Sleeve-feature designs, I went ahead and placed an order for you. Five additional sleeves, plus six reskins to that 2B character. R&D, I know the forms and payment went through, mind setting her up when they're ready?


See, this is why I left early - not because of the booze problem, that I knew about ahead of time. I knew that Morg wouldn't get off her shiny metal ass and actually see about seeing what's what without a push. I mean, at some point I've gotta go myself, but fuck it, I ain't worried. It'll happen when it happens, amirite?

29573c No.132


Interview did go well, thanks. Spoke with the cousin first, then let Jessy and Kesseren head back to the compound to decompress while I spoke with your folks. Things were a lot more relaxed with the Baphs out of the room. Got the interview done up, compiled all the data, and spent the rest of the night/morning putting it to documents. I can't believe I'm saying this, but by the Star-Burned Shores I could use a break from paperwork. Anyway, that's the last of the Vendor duties done; barring any unforeseen events, we should be all good until the legislation's burned out.

Separately, couple points I'd like to address regarding the time spent speaking with the Strausses. First, the conversation ended up going on for quite a while, to the point that your parents decided to provide refreshments, some sort of wine. I wasn't about to turn down hospitality, so I accepted a glass, but I'm a little confused as to what exactly I drank; I didn't bring it up at the time because it would have felt impolite, but I could swear it tasted strongly of blood. Is there such a wine like that, and if so, is it at all common practice among Vampires to serve it to guests? Second, what all have you been telling the Strausses about me? Once the Audit questions were done, Fredrick and Mina had quite a few questions of their own, and it almost felt like they had been given some ideas about me they weren't quite sure about. It wasn't uncomfortable, mind; mostly just curiosity about my work in the Corps, the associated training, and my current capabilities. It's just a little confusing, is all.


Congrats. Got a section of the mountain ready for a larger guest suite, I'll get on carving it out after work. I wouldn't wish that sort of cramped quarters on anyone.

<Meantime, I'll be working on this order >>131 . You did offer to let others decide how you look, after all.

dbf521 No.133

Whoever designed the printer/copier in workroom B on the fourth floor needs to be shot. Multiple times. That device and its ilk are evil incarnate.


>vendor stuff done

Good to hear.


That'd be "Bloodwine" so named for its resemblance to blood, and the fact that it completely rejuvenates one from the negative effects of exsanguination. It's expensive stuff. Expensive enough that, before all this business with the Lady of the Night and familial relation to her, Mina and Fredrick had only gotten a bottle once. Things being what they are now that the relationship has been rediscovered, it's much more available. Even so, because of its value, Bloodwine is only shared with guests who are considered to be of significant import.


This is actually related to the Bloodwine. The bare facts of your part in recent events combined with Maria referring to you as "Uncle Shoe" and the fact that I have described you as "a coworker and friend" have made you a significant person in their view. As such, they almost certainly wanted to take their own measure of you. Given that the taking of said measure began well before the first audit question was asked, the fact that the interview went well should be a pretty clear indicator of what they think.


>Nathan, eventful night

Hope he wasn't too attached to anything he had on.


Yeah, standard alcohol relies on biological processes that Automata don't have. However, you can load sim-drunk programs that are supposed to be pretty effective. And they're reusable, so you'll not need to buy more alcohol over and over again.

8d0bbf No.134



Honestly, it's not the same as the real thing, and I wouldn't recommend it, but then I wasn't that big on alcohol when I was organic so that might be influencing my opinion.

On the other hand, it was part of what got me and Kurt together that one day, so ignore everything I just said.

29573c No.135

Morgan, your new Sleeves are ready, as is the skin for your current unit, come on by for install. I recommend you get used to moving around with them before sending a few to collect Nathan and his belongings.

<One additional body is confusing enough, five isn't something I'd even consider starting with. Good luck.



…Wow. I thought they might have been simply curious about Wizards, or pulling a bit of odd humor with some blood-flavored Merlot, but instead it's that? And for those reasons. By the Source, I'm nearly at a loss for words. Thank you. I'll do all I can to live up to the trust you've placed in me.

>sim-drunk programs

I popped one of those into Tess a few days after the drinking contest, just to see if it would have any effect. No such luck, both of me stayed dead cold sober.

<Apparently this curse even works on the idea of alcohol consumption. Guess I'm stuck with memories through dreams. Nu, seriously, thank you for that.

29573c No.136

File: 91a569039d6f2c6⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 960x758, 480:379, 91a.jpg)

HR Bulletin:

Recently, Management have approved a number of measures regarding the internal reform of the HR Department. The amount of resources wasted was appalling. As such, in order to bring them to a level of competence necessary to provide the services required of the department, all HR staff will be going through a series of courses on all forms of technology use, paperwork management, personnel assistance, and basic common sense. IT, please see the forwarded documents for a set of plans on the matter; we will be requiring appropriate software for these educational purposes, and if you are able to work the use into a scheduled seminar, it would be most appreciated. Similarly, Logistics, expect deliveries over the next couple weeks related to this endeavor. All associated forms have been sent for your review.

>comments on the eventful night

It was definitely eventful. You all have my thanks for the assistance in acclimating. Nathan is doing well, by the way, and while his work as a tailor means he is unlikely to be part of our company, it does mean that the, ah, recent loss of clothing will not be an issue. For reference, he owns that one outfitter downtown, the name of which is easily spoken but bizarrely difficult to put to print. He sends his own thanks, and has asked me to relay an offer of discounts on commissions for those who have aided us thus far.

On that note - Nubia, that order of outfits will be ready by the evening. I won't pry as to your intent, but I will say that the selection of suits and dresses was exquisite.

(Message from Warband: YAY! Dreamer, do me a favor and drink that special tea through the day? I have plans.)


Neither Cassidy nor I have been much for drinking either, the locale was selected primarily due to the people…which in hindsight explains why her reaction seemed so bizarre.

Cassidy, I appreciate the help in the matter, and that you've been somewhat more…restrained…than you might have been, both in the manner of help, and the choice of Sleeve designs. That said, while the drive of media you sent this morning regarding my current "look" was amusing, I'm slightly cross with how much of it was outright pornography. The attached image is, I am told, a decent approximation of my reaction.

dbf521 No.137


>training software

I've got a few ideas already for possible candidates, expect details soon.

>tailor, discount

I may need to pay Nathan's shop a visit for a new suit soon, events being what they are.

>media drive

Goes with the territory of using sleeves based on popular characters.

29573c No.138

>morgan got hit with the porn

Honestly not surprised, considering Cassidy and the Adverts fay are working together now, and her general way of thinking. Probably thought it might be a way to get Morgan past the realization of said porn's existence.

<Got hit with that myself, back when we first set Dummy with the Saber skin. Feels like that was ages ago.

>tailor commissions, nubia already put in an order

Why am I not surprised? Oh, right - because Dummy was originally used as a glorified mannequin, and that hasn't changed with the transition to Tess, not that I was ever excluded from the outfitting either. Also, yeah, upcoming events.

<I don't know if I'll ever understand the whole suit-and-tie obsession, but I suppose it isn't that big a deal, especially for loved ones. Doesn't hurt that the tea's good.

Unrelated: Kurt, got some news on the matter of meditation training. The Lotus monks have come up with an idea that might help me finally get around this stumbling block the Source tether's throwing at me, and I'll be over at the temple for a bit during the day tomorrow seeing how well it works. Shouldn't take too long, hopefully not even long enough to merit paperwork. I'll let you know how things turn out afterward.

Anyway, work. If anyone needs me, I'll be here in R&D. Nothing serious going on, so I'll take any projects that come up.

<Don't mind the "whistling," I'm planning on practicing sub/ultrasonic comms a bit on the side.

29573c No.139



Much obliged.


I'm forwarding you a list of appointment openings you should find convenient, and his contact details if you need further information. One of my Sleeves is with him presently and can assist with arrangements if needed. Yes, I am taking advantage of this "being in multiple places at once" thing.

>media drive

To clarify, it's less the existence of such porn, and more that Cassidy put in the effort to fill a rather sizeable drive with it. Some of it was tasteful and most was high-quality, but that often comes with large filesizes. I don't even want to contemplate the bandwidth wasted on downloading it all.

8d0bbf No.140


Maybe you should appreciate the effort she went to for you, then.

29573c No.141


…I suppose that's fair. I'll simply have to return the favor, then.

Cassidy, it's your turn tonight. This time I'm picking the location, and I know just the thing.

29573c No.142

Management, or whoever it was that assigned a dozen of the Mofucores to be my assistants in the lab: why? For what purpose? And were you aware beforehand that they're disturbingly effective?

<Seriously, it's like I've got a new set of Network drones, all of them Monarch-grade, all of them absurdly helpful. I honestly thought they'd be a nuisance, but they just keep proving me wrong on that point.

29573c No.144

You know, Morgan, I dunno what you were thinking with those places we hit up last night, because we ended up right back at that same damn tavern. Really subtle, ditching me the moment a single guy showed up. I know you had good intentions, considering I did the same fucking thing, but still, I know you're capable of being less obvious. Thanks for the effort, I guess? Anyway, dude got snatched up by a damn Bicorn and Kiki almost before the door finished closing, and I'm not getting involved in that sort of fuckery. After that, the damn place was dead until closing.

Doc, sorry about raiding your wine cellar. Those sim-drunk programs are technically effective, but having the actual booze on hand seems to make it work better, and I needed something to cut the disappointment. Yeah, I know I was just at a bar, but fuck it I was trying to not give the impression of drinking off sorrows while there. Hopefully I didn't get into the too-expensive stuff.

be5a96 No.145


>Mofucore assistants

Unorthodox, but apparently effective.


I think I may know a better place to try your luck. At the very least you'll have something to do if you strike out. And since it's a gaming cafe, you should have a reasonably large pool of singles to mix with.

Unrelated to the above: Cass, would you be so kind as to remind your coworkers in advertising that I can see their web traffic? I'd think a Wyrm would have learned this lesson by now, but one of your coworkers hasn't.

29573c No.146


Thanks for the advice, I'll check out the cafe after work.

As for the web traffic thing, turns out it was a prank one of the Sidhe were playing on another. One dumbass went to go get some refreshments from the cooler and left her terminal open for another to mess with. Considering just what was opened, I'd say this was less a case of fucking around online, and more an attempt at self-policing, a tangible reminder of just why we close the things down when not actively using them. Just in case, I've passed along your message, and I'll be keeping a closer eye on these idiots.

29573c No.147

Management, my apologies for the no-show today. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to cause this.

Kurt, remember how I said yesterday that some of the Lotus monks believed they might have a solution for my meditation problems? This morning Tess and I went in to see what they had available. They did something to take a look at my soul, and the next thing I knew both of me were waking up somewhere else, stark naked, each clutching what looked to be a bloodied, white wing. I found myself in the old junkyard from ages ago, Tess ended up in a Gremtech factory. Only thing I remember before losing awareness is seeing a face full of rage and hearing furious Enochian or something similar, then a sudden roar. After covering up and getting back together, both of me went over to the Lotus temple, but it was shut tighter than a fortress - warded or something to half a kilometer out - and I haven't been able to get in touch with them. I don't know what's going on, and I'm scared.

dbf521 No.148

File: 0f9d8531ba657eb⋯.gif (859.74 KB, 350x200, 7:4, what's going on.gif)



See the attached for where I am on this. Whatever happened, it led to some very pissed off Celestials assailing the temple you visited. The entire Order of the White Lotus is on high alert, and all of those who walk the path of the world (active members who don't stay at the temples full-time, like me) have been warned to exercise caution. Marduk and the other non murdercult celestial faiths are gearing up for a fight, the murdercults are in the warpath, and I've no idea what about.

If you or your family need to lie low for a while, guests of any member of das Haus der Nacht is afforded the full protection their hosts have, and the estate that I've been given is a veritable fortress itself.

29573c No.149


…Fuck. I'm going to take you up on that offer of sanctuary, at least with regards to my daughters. No way on this or any other plane am I risking their safety. My wives, on the other hand, are as ready for conflict as I am, and if something's gunning for us we'd rather be in a position to fight.

<Talk about irony; I went in to try learning how to relax (meditate) better, and I come out with one of the most stressful situations we've ever seen.

I do still have these wings, do you know of any way to get them analyzed, and if so who to ask? Could be a lead into what happened. Also, I'm bringing a drive with the dump of Tess' memory stores from that period; I can't get it to open in anything, but then, I'm not a technomancer like you.

<Tried reviewing them myself, felt like my soul was being torn apart again.

dbf521 No.150


>sanctuary, fight

I've extended similar offers to other White Lotus disciples of the world. They're a force to be reckoned with, as are the forces that Dame Nacht and the other estates have marshaled for this. That said, both the Council of the Lotus and das Haus der Nacht have no intention of waiting passively for the fight to come to them.


I can't open the relevant data directly, I've fried three terminals trying. However, I can analyze it without actually opening it. Comparison of the raw data against other sectors of storage seems to indicate a high degree of similarity to memories from around the time you went into that mediative state and made a bunch of those cores, as well as the time that the Source was on your case about how you handled that Dark Slime infiltrator.


They create disturbances in the flow of the ambient Ki reminiscent of Ilian relics and those of the faith my biological relatives adhered to, but on a much larger scale. I think these came off a celestial being aligned with one of those, or a similar faith. R&D may have the tools to pull genetic material, and I think your colleagues in the Corps may be of some help for more in-depth magical analysis.

29573c No.151


>stands strong, not standing still

Good. Knowing that there's places my children can be safe while this absolute mess goes down is a load off my mind. Means I can keep my mind on whatever we need to do to make sure the fight stays away from the children.

<When this is all done, I want a way to properly thank you, your family, and the Dame.

>wing analysis suggestions

Zuzi, I'm letting you have one of these for whatever tests you can come up with, and I'm taking the other directly to Screyton. I'd help with tests, but I physically can't stand to be around them much longer than absolutely necessary.

<Only reason I held onto the damn things was because of the circumstances, I'm feeling nauseous just looking at them.

>memory similarity, can't actually read

…Right. Only three options here that I can think of. One's getting someone bloody good at opening up a brain and letting them in. Nu tried everything and hit a wall, so I'll stop by the Corps' medical labs overnight, see what our Mindflayers and dedicated Psionomaniacs can turn up.

<Another option's tech, if someone with better hardware can read the data. I'll drop a copy off with the Sabs on the way, and I've made spares for anyone else you can think of. Might as well try to get a few second opinions, and if they can't read it, no harm done.

Last option is to dive in myself through the big dreamlinker. I'm…worried about that one, but I want, no, need to know what happened. If the other two don't pan out, hopefully this will. Considering how the machine works, I'll need help with reading whatever data it provides.

8d0bbf No.152


I'm going to have to pass this one to the gals at GremTech. If I did it here I'd be half-assing it, and that just isn't done in my shop. I'll have them forward a summary of the results to you.

dbf521 No.153


>kids kept safe

That'd be why those defenses are as strong as they are. Maria's staying there and jumping into additional sleeves to visit anywhere outside the estate until this blows over.


A bit of clarification: the raw data being similar between two sectors of memory data storage usually means some elements were similar. It's not much detail, but it's a start.

Based on the wings, memory data, and the events going on, I'm gonna guess that this is part of what happened: You had an encounter with a mid-to-high-ranking celestial affiliated with a faith that is probably close to the mindset used in warlocksmithing; and when it tried to act in accordance with that, you handed it its ass on a silver platter with a side of righteous fury.

Keep in mind, that's just a guess, and I've no idea which faith it would be or why you encountered it, but the explanation seems to fit the facts.

29573c No.154


Appreciated. Those ladies work right quick, already got a response.


Considering what I've just learned, your guess is surprisingly close to the actual events…which were, as usual around here, bloody insane. Got a lot of info here from the memreaders' deep dive and the wing tests, and I can't really condense it much further than this.

Turns out, that thing those Illians did to me after abducting me way back when was a seriously botched attempt at baptism. It didn't quite take, but did catch the eye of one of Illias' lesser featherdusters, one who was about as much Illian as I am a Sabbathite. I ended up with a rather ditzy angel acting as a "guardian," one who barely knew what she was doing and had zero support or recognition from the higher-ups; think "Flonne." She'd been under orders to "keep busy and stay out of the way," and took that to mean "help others and keep from being noticed." She did this by locking away a chunk of my Spirit capacity, effectively turning it into a sort of subplane pocket and using it to hide her existence while providing minor protections. How she did so, how it avoided notice from literally every scan, and how it held through the Procedure are still unexplained, and a team of researchers have been assigned to figuring it out. I'm guessing it was an accident, like many of my own accomplishments, possible only because she didn't know it wasn't. Seems she was hidden almost too well, as she didn't know what was going on outside her hiding place whatsoever, and had been effectively forgotten. Whatever the Lotus monks did kicked her out and undid the binding, and when she found herself in the temple, she panic-dialed her boss.

It's at this point that one of Illias' Archangels (whatever the term is, I don't know their heirarchy) showed up and threw down a heavy ward between me and the monks. Seems an angel claiming to be a guardian, stating that her charge was unprotected and among potential hostiles, merits immediate attention. Since I'm officially an enemy of the Illians, the Archie attacked right away, and I got to try out fighting with a decent Spirit capacity for once; talk about a rush, the sudden boost of power pretty much overwhelmed my mind to the point I was running on auto. I got the Archie grounded while the monks worked on bringing the barrier down, then she called her boss. Whatever that one's rank, she was powerful; she tossed out some Enochian and slapped both of me into low orbit, at which point I heard what I assume was Marduk roaring. Taking the wings was apparently just a matter of accidentally holding on while being blasted away. And that's about all my memories held. Waking in those locations was likely due to an emergency-reflex teleport, and while I understand the junkyard, I've no clue why Tess ended up in the factory - any ideas?

I do have some lighter news, though. That pseudo-guardian angel showed up on my doorstep this morning; apparently she's been excommunicated and didn't know where else to go. Much as I'm annoyed at the ditz for her part in things, she never meant harm, and she did help keep me alive those two years in the junkyard, so I'm willing to give her a chance. She's turned to the Nameless' service, and hopefully that goddess will figure out something, but I'm likely going to be hosting her at the mountain until the Nameless provides an alternative. Also, it would seem that my visit was successful for the original purpose. Without the binding on my Spirit distorting things, I can now meditate properly, no interference; the Source link wasn't the problem, and listening to its "song" under meditation is quite relaxing. Improving the Resync may not get much further than where it is now simply because my Soul's apparently stabilized like this, but as used to it as I've become, I don't even mind anymore. Funnily enough, that means I can simultaneously meditate and work on other things; Tess has been in such a state the entire time we've been here today per Lotus recommendation, and it's why I'm as calm as I am.

dbf521 No.155


>spirit capacity

And I thought you were powerful before. Working under a limit on your Spirit before likely means that you're now more powerful than you would have been if you'd not had that limitation.


I think that may have been the plant Tess was built in.


Seems he doesn't care for Ilias any more than most of us as far as I can tell.

>everything else

I spent about half an hour trying to figure out a response to this, still got nothing.

In related news, the Order of the White Lotus and das Haus der Nacht are still keeping on alert until the murdercults simmer down.

8d0bbf No.156

In other news, a Discordian group has apparently started a new relief program and is collecting packages of Midol to send to Ilian temples.

29573c No.157



The odd thing is, I don't really feel any different, and I can't exactly scry myself to check. Haven't had a chance to get an official test either, so I don't even know what I'm working with now. Should probably get that taken care of.


<If true, that'd make a lot of sense, all things considered. Talk about a crazy homecoming. Speaking of, Zuzi, I've been asked to pass along compliments from Architects Margut and Zedran (spelling? names only heard, not read) regarding the mods you put in me.


Official word from Dispatch amounts to the same thing. They start shaking spears in our direction or that of civvies, we drop the hammers.


Far Fires, that's hilarious. Lemme get my checkbook, I'd like to arrange a donation.

29573c No.158

Kurt, Tandy, thank you for letting our children stay with you while all this goes on. They're having a wonderful time with Maria. We just hope they keep up with their schooling as well, and that they don't get too rambunctious.

Shura, there's a report from your Corps that just arrived at home; apparently they collected the information on your Spirit as part of a standard scan during the memory read, and according to this the capacity you've gained - or perhaps regained is more accurate - roughly equals that you had before. As for why it's not feeling any different, have you tried using a substantial amount at once? I'm certain your department can come up with an appropriate test if need be.

Logistics can soon expect the arrival a large package originating in the more rural areas of the EU, marked with a stylized letter "I." Mount's sister has sent a care package of chocolates for the company after hearing about our…eventful lives. There should be a couple boxes marked with an additional stylized letter "A," the contents enchanted to not affect the mind through biology, but rather the soul, and with any luck they should allow AI/Automata to enjoy the effects of the confections. Feedback on that particular set would be helpful for Imbri's attempts to refine the process for the next batch.

Finally, a minor Security Issue to handle. Would the three Sidhe in Programming who keep attempting to suborn the Lights drones please cease and desist? Your attempts will not work no matter what you try, so not only are you risking violating policy, you're wasting your time. It is likely only that the particular units you've been attacking have specifically belonged to our department that IT has not been involved. If you want a drone for transit, seek the Motors department for available quadcopter kits. If you want a customized model, you know full well that Kurt and Shura are the ones responsible for crafting the Network and its drones, and should really have simply asked one of them.

be5a96 No.159



They've been great, no issues so far. Regarding the schooling issue, I can see about getting the tutor who was responsible for educating Petra and I if needed.

>care package

Much appreciated, please pass on my thanks.

>drone shenanigans

If it keeps up I may authorize more forceful reactions from the drones. Fair warning to the culprits.

29573c No.160

>testing significant spiritual use

Yeah, okay, now I'm feeling it. Tried burning through as Vis much as I could in the Playground subplane, and blazes, was that a trip. Kurt, I think you may be right about the power improvements being more than otherwise expected - working with less before means more is more.



If it's possible, that'd be a great help. Let us know if there's anything we can do to assist.

>drone shenanigans yet again…

I'm honestly not sure whether I should be glad the things are in such high demand, or just annoyed that our coworkers are so stupid as to think that trying to steal them is a good idea. Pretty sure this's been going on forever, too, with both the Ugly Sticks and the Birds and Bugs getting hit.

<Honestly, if they just filed a formal request, I'd be happy to make a personal drone or two. Send word if any of these fools wises up and makes a commission. Meantime, if you do need to use force, try and record the more amusing events. That itself could work as deterrent.

29573c No.161

Guys? I saw the news, and I've been going over the message log, and my mind is full of fuck. I know that this sort of stuff is a lot like what has been in the archives, but actually seeing it as it's happening is crazy. Fuck it, now I know I'm gonna like it here.

Kurt, your suggestion to go hit up the cafe was right on the money. And not just because I ended up getting pulled into a fighting game tournament, only not getting disqualified because of limiters on the joypads. This one guy, Phil, was the most irritating asshole I'd ever met, and we ended up fighting for real over the results of the competition, going to his place to prove that I wasn't cheating. Fucker's got a studio above his coffee-and-tea shop, and it's pretty cozy, admittedly. Anyway, we ended up bickering and fighting and fucking for a day…sorry about the sudden disappearance, by the way, kinda lost track of time. And my clothes. Uh, Morgan, there is some sort of precedent for scheduling around that, right? Please? Anyway, Doc, I don't have much in the way of stuff, so the jerk's invited me to move in with him. Also, he's asked me to relay a request for a meetup with the folks responsible for making those crazy coffees and teas you all drink here, in the off chance he could either work out a trade agreement, or at least learn from them how to make it himself. I dunno how likely either of those are, and I told him as such, but hey, I'm just the messenger.

Oh, and regarding work: apparently these fucking fairies have voted me as their representative. For all I know it's so I get hit with all the lectures or something, but whatever. Management's approved the appointment, so I guess I'm head of Ads now? Yay…

be5a96 No.162


>events reaction

Welcome to MamonoCorp.

>description of Phil, context

Hamlet, Act III, Scene II, Line 2125


Check your inbox, I've forwarded you Yom's business contact info.


Congratulations, and good luck.


>tutor request

The tutor I reached out to should reply soon.


It's already recorded and stored temporarily, might have to start sharing some of those recordings.

29573c No.163


Cass, Firewine'll be contacting you regarding the matter.


>tutor response

Good to hear, thanks.


<Send some my way when you can?

Additionally, I have news regarding the murderpals. I just got word that one of their groups attempted to attack a Corps-guarded village, and the Corps have mobilized in response. We did warn them. I've been called to the front; Jade, your official orders are to guard this locale. The plan is to put Marduk's Pals in a position to sweep Illias' core group and put her out of business ASAP. We're only going after the troops, Marduk and his holy warriors have to handle the central Celestial presence; as such, with the entire Corps active we won't need to be involved too long. I'll be in a bit late today because of all this, so I'm sending in the appropriate tardy forms. Morgan, mind taking care of filing that for me?

be5a96 No.164

File: 4ad738401c77aa3⋯.gif (1.59 MB, 500x227, 500:227, talkShitGetHit.gif)



I assume the attached is something similar to what is about to happen. I'll make a few calls, see about getting a little extra force on standby.


See your inbox.

29573c No.165

(Message from drone_network: Lights unit 725 engaging remote control mode, logging into account "Shura" with provided credentials in temporary memory.)

Currently out on the field. Things have gone well, only a couple strongholds left for the Corps' side of things before we hit the main Illian HQ. Then it's on Marduk. Expect us back later today. Sorry about the disappearance of our Security staff, but I wasn't about to let my Warband miss out on this. I'm requesting similar tardy forms filed on their behalf, Morgan. Lightfull, if you've got a problem with our involvement in this, we can hash that out after getting back.



Pretty much. Patience only holds so long, and the Illians have pushed the button without thinking for far longer. Gotta say, being able to go out and make some actual, meaningful change is therapeutic. Not to mention I'm finally getting that good fight I'd been pining for.

<Chances are it'll be in the news before long, if it isn't already - there's a group of Ratatoskrs with seemingly no concept of fear who've been following our group, carrying cameras and getting shots of everything. Dunno if it's vid or stills, haven't had a chance to ask.


Yeah, these are some right good ones, thanks. Ended up coming in handy for establishing an appropriate "mood" for work out here.

<Nothing like a bunch of berserk Wizards in full armor-robe getup, charging a position while laughing like maniacs.

(Message from drone_network: Lights unit 725 logging out of account "Shura," purging credentials from temporary memory, disengaging remote control mode.)

29573c No.166


>the lady doth protesteth too much…eth

I see your Shakespeare and raise you Catullus 85. When I think of Phil, I just want to wipe that annoyingly entrancing smug grin off his stupidly handsome face, whether by proving I'm better than him in a game, or fucking him senseless. Dunno if it's the new instincts going wild or the Psionomania training affecting my emotional states, but I'm trying to push the negatives into affectionate insults so I can focus on the positives, alright? Kinda envious of Morg and Tandy for their relatively-smooth emotional transitions. Besides, you should hear what he calls me. Outside the workplace, the guy's got a vocab like that Gazza dude.

Related: Zuzi, I'll be dropping by R&D later, and that Mog grem's place after work, for a few…upgrades. Yeah, let's call 'em that. Got plans for Phil, and I'd like for this bod to be able to handle the task, as it were.

>yom and firewine are up for talks

Thanks. I'll pass word when we know what sort of thing Phil's able to work out with them.

>good welcome to company, congrats and good luck

Also thanks, with what these morons get up to I have a feeling I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. If nothing else I should be able to keep them mostly in line; if they try fucking up again in a way I don't catch, lemme know.

8d0bbf No.167



I called Mog, she's bringing some stuff over, we'll get you tuned up and tricked out.

29573c No.168


Fuck yes! Uh, I mean, thanks! The sort of stuff I've seen you guys put together from looking through the archives is fucking amazing. Just pulled up the log of all the things you put into Doc's robutt half for ideas, and damn, that's some heavy-duty hardware…and I'm not just talking about the flight kit or the more combat-ready gear. Definitely looking forward to this.

be5a96 No.169



>Catullus, upgrades

I get the distinct impression that what you've in mind is going to be cathartic and perhaps a touch dangerous.


>finally getting a good fight

Nothing like a little dustup to get the oil flowing, eh?

>mood, reactions

I want a recording of that if it exists.

29573c No.171


>cathartic and maybe dangerous

What, like "making it with a loader" or battlefucking a dragon ain't dangerous? Jokes aside, this is just gonna be a matter of getting more in touch with my new nature, pushing past the Odi so the Amo can bloom. Might go for some of the more powerful kit later, after I've had a chance to put Phil through a proper fitness routine, but for now it's all softness and cuddles. Lewd, I know. The Sidhe here pulled up a pic they think appropriately describes things, attaching it to this message.

Also, I got a message from Corps Dispatch; seems Doc's able to keep watch of comms even if he can't talk, and he sent a couple recordings, one from the squirrels and one from his robutt eyes. Forwarding to you, enjoy. Depending on how the HQ assault goes, he and the Warband should be back in a few hours.

(Message from HR: This post has been sanitized due to excessive lewdness. Really, Cassidy? Handholding?)

29573c No.172

Unending Suns, what a day. Chances are the events have hit the news outlets by now, and it'll be interesting to see how that's handled. Some stuff won't have hit the media yet, though, and I can at least report that.

The HQ battle was a right mess, murderpals and Illian Celestials everywhere. One of their groups threw down a hefty lockdown ward, meaning there was no exit until roughly everything in the compound got punched a few times. Which, naturally, was the order of the day. Illias ended up getting right fussed about all her featherdusters getting messy, and showed up herself…right in time to get smacked down by Marduk. I can't say if it was more awe-inspiring or hilarious, and I made sure Tess took recordings. Anyway, the faith of Illias has been officially disbanded, the remaining members being sent to appropriate facilities. Those who didn't believe but went along to keep their families safe are in protective custody, those who were indoctrinated are getting Mindflayer/Psionomaniac treatment, and the die-hard active zealots are on their way to various forms of prison depending on their sentence. Jade, I made sure to have the processing teams check your younger family members for any chance of psychospiritual recovery, just in case, and they'll pass you the results. There's an active search for any hidden cells of the faith, and hopefully that should eliminate the remaining forces soon. No clue about the various Celestials, but Illias herself is in the equivalent of an orange jumpsuit and Hannibal Lector restraint (yes, I got that in the recordings), and if she ever gets out of lockup, my guess is she'll be doing - at minimum - what amounts to community service for several millennia.

Bit of odd news to go with this; on the way out, one of Marduk's Pals - I think it was our group's Preceptor or Bishop or something, they all had those helmets on - handed me a small box and told me to open it later. The contents are an iron key, a piece of parchment with my name and the symbol of Marduk, and what seems to be a gold coin stamped with Order of Light heraldry. I don't know the significance of any of this, and the paladindus aren't exactly available for comment. Any help with interpretation would be appreciated.

Some bad news as well. I took a bolt of Warlocksmithing to the face, losing my right eye and ear; it's a good thing Cress was on Tess at the time, or she'd have been hit instead. The damage isn't repairable - nothing short of divine intervention can undo Warlocksmithing, and the deities are obviously a bit busy right now - so I'm going to need replacements. Zuzi, if it's possible to prep a synthetic eye and ear for wetware integration, soulclay-based or otherwise, I'm pretty sure I could get the relevant nerves connected. Might be interesting, being able to mod those like with my left arm and Tess' systems.


>nothing like a little dustup

Damn straight.

<Though dangerous, combat is quite vigorous exercise.


<Sent a few earlier on, and I've got some more besides to share, along with those noted above. They'll all be arriving shortly on flash drives, have fun.

9c9e51 No.173


>Ilias smacked down by Marduk himself

Heilige Scheiße. That must have been a sight to see.


No clue here.


That's unfortunate. Best of luck on getting the synthetic replacements and making a speedy recovery.


Many thanks, I'm going to enjoy this.


>put Phil through a proper fitness routine

I've put together a few things that may help make that a little easier on him. Should be on your desk shortly.


No comment.

29573c No.175


>sight to see

No kidding. I did my best to catch it on the recordings, but there's nothing quite like the sheer presence of two deities duking it out.

>no clue

I suppose I'll just have to hold onto them until it's cleared up, then. I'll try and get in contact with Marduk's Pals when they're available.

<If nothing else, they make a nice souvenir.

8d0bbf No.176


I checked the footage to see the dimensions the prosthetics will need. I'll have something whipped up in a bit, we'll paste them in with some soulclay and you'll be better than new.

b65558 No.179

[forwarded from an external mail server]


Looks like you've had even more excitement than me during the recent events, Shura. I hope everyone is ok, or at least mostly so. I don't know who among Illias's strategists decided that attacking my martial arts instructor and me during a lesson was a good idea, but the attack appeared to be directed more at Kyuba than me, and it did seem a bit personal.

So a large squad of Illias's murderpals charged in on us while I was in the middle of trying to catch Kyuba to get her cell phone away from her–don't ask, it's part of her training methods…also don't ask where she likes to keep said phone during the training. Kyuba winked at me, tossed me her phone, and asked me to step away for a bit and call one of the numbers stored in there. The last thing I saw before turning away was her flash stepping right behind one of the murderpals while saying "Itadakimasu" in a sing-song voice, and I will never forget the look on those guys' faces at that moment–well, after they finally processed what had just happened and what was about to happen.

Anyway, after teleporting out of earshot and having a nice little chat about the situation with her friend–some kitsune kid, apparently–I came back to find one very lively succubus, some extremely subdued, barely conscious murderpals, and an even larger group of rather angry looking Illian featherdusters (nice term, btw) who had just arrived. Fortunately, a bunch of kitsunes showed up out of nowhere not long afterward to even the odds–sent by the kid, I guess. Let's just say Kyuba, the kitsunes, and I all got a good workout that day, but in the end we managed to send the intruders ignominiously fleeing.

Stay safe out there, everyone. The remaining Illian cells could still do some damage before being rounded up.

[begin Psionomania perception filtering keyed to Shura, Kurt, Tandy, and Jade]

>eye and ear injuries

My condolences. For what it's worth, my coworkers and I have been tasked with personally hunting down those cells as well, and I intend to make them pay for that. Between the magic, combat, and stealth training at the new job and my kazejutsu style martial arts lessons, I'm already much more formidable than I was back at MamonoCorp. They'll also discover that our raiju friend can do more with her electricity and senbon than just acupuncture treatments, and I really doubt they'll like what she can do with mere pocket change–from several hundred meters away. The nekomata has also been pulled back to help with Illian cell cleanup since Maria is safely under the protection of das Haus der Nacht. We'll get the Illians, and we'll bring them to justice, so don't be too surprised when your people happen to find some of these holdouts all nicely gift wrapped and delivered to them. (The gift wrapping part may not be entirely figurative; I saw one of our cheshires actually picking out gift wrap colors and patterns earlier.) We already have several leads to go on, some of them provided by Kyuba's friend. I have no idea who that fox kid is, how she's getting this intel, or why so many other kitsunes follow her, but she's certainly no friend of Illias, it appears that she and the chief know each other somehow, and her information checks out.

Time to go to work. Zeke out.

29573c No.180

<Great, the server pigeons are drunk again. Did someone find, open, and leave out a bottle of Mad Slav's vodka? If so, it's their funeral.


The new eye and ear are working great, Zuzi. Thanks for getting this set up for me. It's kinda funky, being able to see and hear the same way I do as Tess, even if only through one side. Could be useful.

<Trying out subsonics and actually hearing it from both instances was bizarre. Kurt, Tandy, Zuzi, if you've any ideas for tests or mods for the new eye and ear, I'm interested.


Zeke, on the off chance you end up reading this, thanks once again. It'd be nice if there were a way to send our appreciation of your efforts. Best of luck and happy days to you. Looking forward to when we meet again - I'll bring the booze.

>zeke sends regards, still through untraceable connection (by my lack of skill, at least, good luck kurt)

I'd go about trying to find the guy, but chances are he'd be the one to find me…and I'd only realize it after he'd already walked off and disappeared again. I'll have to talk to Gran about that, see if the ancient cat can rustle something up with her own skills and resources. Still, good to know he's doing well, and still wish I could see or try the training myself; for some reason, I get the feeling this Kyuba is completely taking it easy on Zeke, and could be working him a lot harder. I'm not surprised that the murderpals and featherdusters tried wreaking havoc there, considering I found a group trying to break into my mountain when I got back. I'm guessing they found out about either myself or the angel I'm hosting, but it didn't work out so well for them either. Anyway, Kurt, I'd say it's a good idea to keep those additional forces on call. Even if they end up not seeing any action, knowing they're available should hopefully reduce worries until the rest of the murderous morons get swept up.

8f2383 No.183


>Zeke update

Is it just me, or is Zeke working with someone close to Inari-o-Kami? Regardless, it's good to hear you're doing well (yes, I know you can see this).


>prosthetic tests

The obvious one is a HUD/handsfree setup connected to a portable terminal.

>forces on call

Funny you should mention. Some idioten decided to make a move against my estate. They got right up to the gate, and were then given a rather thorough demonstration of why such actions were unwise. I'm going to be stepping out for a few hours later today to take part in teaching those who escaped why they should rethink their lives.

29573c No.189

The reforms program here in HR is progressing well. A few of our more rowdy members are lagging, but should catch up soon. Kurt, many thanks for the programs provided, they've made the remedial training sessions much smoother. Hopefully they'll be productive members of society by week's end.

Unrelated: with employees constantly chatting or disappearing to the far corners of the world at all hours, it's simply a miracle that we get any work done around here. I can only imagine how outsiders must view our antics. I know there was a list of explanations drawn up a few months ago regarding questions of how we excuse such activity, but with the various departmental restructurings and other events, perhaps a new set is merited. Even if not appropriate for use as informational materials, it might boost morale.

29573c No.192

Pigeons, I swear!


>obvious hud setup

Obvious for a reason, even I thought of that. Got a basic model installed; Cress, Nu, and Ro are working on adjusting the design for aesthetics.

<Still a good idea, and much appreciated. If you've got any feature suggestions or programs you could forward for said HUD, I'd gladly accept them.

>idiots attacking

Yeah, I'm getting reports of a few of those at various locations. Irritating, but easy enough to deal with. They won't last the week.

<Dispatch tells me we just received a literal clown car full of Illians, in full sad-clown makeup to boot.

Speaking of stepping out, I just got a response from Benny's Preceptor, and I've been asked to stop by their temple over lunch tomorrow. Not sure what we're going to cover, but hopefully the box will be explained. Should I try to get some of Marduk's Pals sent your way as reinforcements?

8f2383 No.193


>hud suggestions

Forwarding you the layout data I use for the HUD in my glasses. The "readouts" section is designed as a generic data display area, should prove helpful in your R&D work.


The offer is appreciated, but this particular batch won't need it.


>HR reforms

Good to hear. I expect that'll make your job much easier.

>activity explanations

If I've fixed a problem before, I most likely have a script to make fixing it faster this time around.

29573c No.195

Zuzi, those mods you and Mog put in were just perfect, Phil loved them. The plan went off without a hitch, and if I'm not wrong, this "new me" that I am is now truly the "me" that is me. If that makes sense? Fuck it, you know what I mean - I love him, and that's that. Anyway, I've got Phil on exercises to hopefully bump up his Spirit throughput for more…intense activities, so to speak. Matter of fact, I didn't even get a chance to suggest the fitness regime - he brought it up himself, claimed he wanted to be able to keep up with me. Kurt, that package you made ready for the purpose is helping immensely. He's not up to Wizard training schedules yet, but I'll get him on par soon enough.

Of course, it's going to be a while before he's able to get much done in that respect, as he's currently taking lessons from both Yom and Mrs. Firewine. Seems they're fine with the brews being made more available, so long as the one crafting them puts time and care into the process…and if I know my boyfriend at all, he's going to do just that.

Morg, I'm still pissed with you about slapping down that pic I posted, it was completely within guidelines. Is this because I ate the last of your Thin Mints? Just get Doc to get you some more if that's the problem.

Doc, Kurt, could I ask you to make a few custom drones? Like the birds in the daycare, the glamour-focused kind, and about a half-dozen. I'm not up for multisleeving on a regular basis yet, but they'd let me keep in touch with Phil, and would help keep better watch over the department.

>activity explanation

The sales figures, you know they don't lie; whatever we're doing, we make people buy.

8d0bbf No.196


Kurt, dear, I caught Maria… inspecting your modded MCB, so we had a talk about respecting other people's things and I'm getting one of her own. I'll have it put on "educational" settings.

8d0bbf No.197


Pigeons, I swear.

8f2383 No.198


I suppose I should set the charging pod to lock when I'm not jumped into the unit stored there.


>package helpful

Glad to hear it. Most of the contents were selected from personal experience with their effects, so if you think of anything else that may help, please let me know.


On it, will let you know when ready.

29573c No.201

One of these days I'm going to come back from a meeting and not have more to say than how delicious the catering was. With all the crazy stuff that happens around here, the gods have been watching us for a while. And, well, apparently my activities, contributions, and general involvement in events have merited response, and I've been given boons. The bishop threw a joke about me being an "honorary dragon" due to various factors: I have a lair (my mountain), a hoard (riches both financial and otherwise), act a bit like a dragon (supposedly), and my sister Ada is one herself (yes, Wurms count). At least, I think it was a joke, but who even knows with that guy. Anyway, the items in the box represented the gifts. The parchment marks that my children and their future generations will have spiritual guidance and protection through Marduk and his angels; Jonno and Telia apparently petitioned the Lord of Light for that, as with the way things are they're understandably just not in any position to act as godparents. The coin stands for fortune: a portion of the valuables and resources from captured Illian compounds were set aside and sent to my home. (Jade, your own family's fortune is on its way, expect it soon.) The key represents ownership; my mountain is now somehow legally a sovereign territory encompassing the summit to the base and downward to bedrock, and I've been given the title of "The Old Man" in recognition of both the extensive periods I've spent in time dilation and the likelihood I'm simply not going to die of old age. Not entirely sure I understand the last item's implications with regards to meaning of title or land; would the Strausses or Sir be able to explain?

Also got news on Illias' trial and sentencing. One thing I truly respect about the gods is their lack of concern for bureaucracy; the trial was done with supreme efficiency, and she's been stripped of her mantle, station, and power. If she wants any of it back, she'll have to earn it like us base mortals, and prove she's responsible enough besides. Which won't be any time soon. Her first task is building homes - by hand - for those her murderpals inconvenienced on their merry marches. I don't envy the lot who have to keep track of her, she was swearing up a storm of Enochian last I heard.

<Anyway, to work. I'll take any projects available, as usual.

29573c No.202


>job easier

Easier indeed. With the improvements in workflow and general practice, safer online habits, and overall cleaner environment, there's now room to breathe. For those of us who breathe, at any rate. This should make our department less troubling for you as well, so long as this lot remembers their lessons. Considering the effort Alex went to during his portion of teaching, and the time Dana spent organizing things, I believe that should not be an issue. Some of them may need to attend your next standard seminar, of course, but the rest ought to be prepared for proper work now.

Additionally, your outfit order should be completed soon, Nathan will message you when ready.

8f2383 No.203


>reform results

Good to hear, I appreciate the effort to make my job easier as a part of the shakeup.


Excellent, looking forward to it.



Wow. I'll let my folks know to call you about the title and land.

>Ililas' trial, result

I do love a happy ending. Maybe now that she's not leading a band of murderous crazies, she'll find someone to mellow her out?

>catering remark

Maybe, but we've garnered the attention of the gods, so it may be a while.


There was a request for custom drones a while ago, specifically requesting some "like the birds in daycare."

29573c No.204


>fit plan requests

Yeah, actually, I've got a few ideas for additions, forwarding the info. Phil's not anywhere near that point just yet, so there's no rush, dude can't practice brewing at the same time as this stuff. Might be fun to watch him try, but that's for later, eheh. Gonna need to buy some nice aprons…

Also, got a few requests of a more relevant-to-IT nature. First, some of the idiots in the department decided to try messing around on the net again; I cut them off at the pass, no need to go full-lecture, but I am gonna need some of that stuff you sent Morg on teaching sane practice. I'm not letting my dumb-Sidhes drag the department down, they can do better than that. Even if I have to learn them up right good first. Second, pretty much all the terminals in here are gonna need new, well, everything. All those things that Janet fairy did took their toll on the systems, and a couple of the drives are physically fucked up from the overdone forcible rewrite-erasures. I'm sending you the details.

Separately: R&D, a cousin of mine is need of an MCB, and asked if the whole "stands up to a full-moon crazed Ushi-Oni" thing is accurate. She's kinda new to being an Ushi, ended up getting turned in an emergency medical procedure recently, and is still learning her own strength.

29573c No.205


>illias mellow ever

<I dunno, do you think there's anyone out there besides Shinpuru with that level of chill?

>birds request

Thanks, I ended up missing that one. I'll have some ready shortly, and can add magic to any you've made if need be.

>folks will call

Much obliged.

8f2383 No.206



Much appreciated.

>teaching assistance

The software I dug up for helping Morgan with the HR training was specific to the HR field. I'll let you know what I find with regard to advertising.

>Janet, ads terminals

Was haben jene Idioten dieses Mal getan? I'll work out the tickets from the details you've sent, then I'll need to have a word with Janet about hardware damage to company property.


Might also want to look into getting a seal if she hasn't already.


>chill level

I think the man's got college-age grandkids who can match him, but I'm not sure.


Case full of them is on the way down there.

29573c No.207


>what'd they do

They haven't done anything recently, I'm pretty sure this is just the aftermath of that rampage the fairy did back when these morons tried making that VN. Might have been partly on the Warband, as well, considering what they did through Doc's robutt. Dumb-sidhes were too embarrassed and terrified to send tickets for getting things fixed, as the stuff's apparently been like this ever since. Only found out about it myself when I checked things personally.

>teaching tools soon

Good to hear.

>cousin seal

Oh, she's got a stack of the things, keeps spares with her at all times. Paid extra for added durability and reliability to boot.

>i see you guys are working on my birds

Damn you work fast. Thanks again. Doc, I'll be by shortly to pick them up.

8d0bbf No.209


Trust me, the Boyfriend dolls can stand up to some serious abuse. You should see the equipment we impact and crush test them with. The unit Kurt splits into didn't even need any structural reinforcement to stand up to my heavy loading sleeve frame.

29573c No.210


>they're durable as fuck

Definitely good to know. I've sent her the info, expect an order soon.


Oh, right, that mindsplit thing, like what Doc's got with Tess. I'm placing an order for the dreamlinker and batteries, plus a sleeve and MCB with some custom specs and mods. Phil's been asking me what it's like, the whole "being a robutt" thing…time to give him answers. Besides, I hear the dreamlinks are fun. It's not a rush order in the slightest - I'm gonna need to bring him around to the idea first anyway - but could you let me know when they're ready?

8d0bbf No.211


We've got link units and batteries ready to go, so you guys can play around with that while we get the robutt hardware ready. I mean, the mindsplit is only an incidental feature of the dreamlink, I highly recommend its intended main features as well.

29573c No.212


I'm seconding Tandy's recommendation, try the link to its fullest before worrying about the split. Aside from the more recreational aspects, it'll help you learn a lot about each other.

<The job is simple enough that it shouldn't take too long, but we'll make sure it's done right, so have fun in the meantime.


I still find it amazing that the thing took off so well. I mean, I originally put the idea forward due to lack of knowledge about just what an AI was capable of, basing it on things Nu showed me. Feels like so long ago.

<And the split itself, when I remember how that came about, I laugh. Now we're marketing it as a bloody feature. MamonoCorp, am I right?

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