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File: 1434348547480.jpg (852.08 KB, 1280x828, 320:207, g77u.jpg)


Here will be the thread dedicated to the mansion.


Tributes will be refereed to as 'Guests'

It will likely not be as lewd as Virgin Isles or the Arena, but lewd events are planned to only happen at night

The butler will be in the mansion, his role is currently unknown

There will be maids there too, their roles are currently unknown

Enemies that are planned to be added are: Zombies, Ghosts, Werewolves, & Trees


Create some events before doing a test run

Think of some rooms the guests will go to

Choose a role that fits the butler & the maids

Think of some weapons the guests will use

Think of some traps the guests will either set or accidentally trigger

Come up with a name for the mansion, only suggestion so far is 'The Spooky Spencer Mansion'

Think of some more enemies


Event: Spooky Skeleton Invasion!

>The dead arise from their gravestones in search for living flesh!

>Safe: (Player1) manages to find shelter!

>(Player1) is found and dragged away by the skeletons!

>(Player1) decides that it's better to take (his/her) own life before being taken by the skeletons

>(Player1) sacrifices (Player2) to the skeletons to save (him/her)self

>(Player1) hears (Player2)'s screams while (he/she)'s being dragged away

>Unwilling to share (his/her), (Player1) kills (Player2)

>(Player1), (Player2) and (Player 3) decide to fight against the skeletons. They were never heard from again.

Is this about enough?


Here are some idea for weapons that the "Guests" can use:

Knives (Can be taken from meals and the kitchen)

Pistols (Could be be taken by the nominee right before they enter)

Cooking fork (Kitchen)

A Statue (Most places)

A Piece of broken glass (Could also have an event where "(Player1) finds a window mysteriously broken.")

Stands (?)

Personas (?)

Swords (From the statues)

Fire (Fire Places, molotovs (which could be crafted by the guests) and the oven in the kitchen.)

Water (Sinks)

Heights (Pushing off people off the roof or out of the window (Could have a non fatal variant))

A Butchers Knife (Kitchen)

Do these fit?



Hmm…I might need some time to think about allowing Stands & Personas.

Other than that, these work!


Works good.



Correction on an event

>Unwilling to share (his/her) shelter, (Player1) kills (Player2)


File: 1434350479760.jpg (12.74 KB, 128x121, 128:121, 43r4e3r3r.jpg)

One thing I forgot to mention is this particular guest here, will he show up again since he seems to be in different arenas under many aliases?

If so, what is the name of this beast?



The Master Chief.



Or the hungry chief?

Maybe just as "The Chief"



Well the name should be kind of short since the character limit is 100.

I'll consider 'The Chief' for know.

So far for the bloodbath entrances, I have guests shaking hands with the butler before going inside.




Oye yo…


File: 1434351133289.jpg (221.84 KB, 565x810, 113:162, Hunter.jpg)

>(Player 1) spots a hunter and quickly gets away from it

>(Player 1) encounters a hunter after turning a corner and is beheaded.

>(Player 1) encounters a hunter and kills it before it jumps.



EVENT: Spooky Feast

>The bell that signals the feast echoes throughout the mansion.

>Safe: (Player1) decides to not go to the feast

>Safe: (Player1) goes to the feast; (he/she) ate until (he/she) was satisfied!

>(Player1) is followed by something… (he/she) never made it to the feast

>(Player1) arrived before the other guests to the feast; however, (he/she) wasn't there when the other guests arrived.

>(Player1) attends the feast; the food (he/she) ate somehow looked like (Player2)…

>(Player1) finds (Player2) on the way and takes advantage of the occasion to backstab (him/her)

>(Player1) and (Player2) enter into a room they weren't supposed to enter…

>(Player1), (Player2) and (Player3) go to the feast together. Oddly, only (Player1) and (Player2) get there successfully.

>Safe: (Player1), (Player2) and (Player3) go to the feast together and had a great time.

You may expand upon this to your heart's content



Are we going to have two feasts? One where the tributes gets stuff from their friend and families while the other we make it into a separate event?

Also, we can't have 3 safe events, I think we can only have 1 so I suggest using the "(Player1) goes to the feast; (he/she) ate until (he/she) was satisfied!" event.



I thought about adapting the feast to the spooky theme, but it's up to the people in charge of the theme.

If we can't have more than one safe event then yeah, just go with that one.



Well theres the hard-coded feast and the arena events, with the hardcoded feast it always have the "(Player1) decides not to go to the feast." event happening, so we can make two feast, one that used the hardcoded feast to fit the theme and one arena event feast.



Well shit, I thought you could change the feast more than that. There's no point in having two feast themes in my opinion.




I just realized that you can have more than one non fatal event for the hard coded feast.

I feel a bit stupid now.



Yeah I can only have one safe event, 1 fatal event that kills 1 guest, and 3 fatal events that can kill certain amount of guests.


Want me to put those in the feast events then?



The events described here:


Will work, though we might need to make some more non fatal events for the feast.





I have some ideas for encounters with the Chief, what if when ever a guest goes near the Chief they try to cut them up? There could be events where its goes like "(Player1) gets (his/her1) arm slices off by the Chief but survives the bleeding." and "(Player1) gets (his/her1) arm slices off by the Chief and dies shortly after."?



Well there will be events where the Chief will go after the guests but I dunno about the idea of having a guest getting his arm sliced off but surviving it…

Oh well, if RNGesus in the arena can make skeletons suffocate & Aiden Pearce die from eating despite actually eating some tributes, then anything is possible (Although I'd be a bit careful with being crazy in the mansion)


Some possible bloodbath events:

Bloodbath Events (Non-Fatal):

(Player1) enters the Mansion to investigate paranormal activity.

(Player1) enters the Mansion carrying a book-bag.

(Player1) enters the Mansion with (Player2) & (Player3) as bodyguards.

(Player1), (Player2), (Player3) & (Player4) enter the Mansion to make an amateur film.

(Player1) enters the Mansion to search for the deed to the property.

(Player1) enters the Mansion on a dare.

(Player1) brushes past a spooky gargoyle as (he/she1) enters the Mansion.

(Player1)'s phone dies as (he/she1) enters the Mansion.

(Player1) hopes the Mansion will have good food available.

(Player1) doesn't realize it, but (Player2) is only here to kill (him/her1).

(Player1) believes (Player2) only came to the Mansion to kill (him/her1).

(Player1) & (Player2) hope to have sex in the Mansion.

(Player1) sneaks into the Mansion by crawling through the window.

(Player1) stumbles into the Mansion after getting in a car crash.

(Player1) takes a swig of whiskey before entering the Mansion.

(Player1) hopes to steal something from the Mansion.

(Player1) admires the gardens before entering the Mansion.

(Player1) is highly suspicious of the trees surrounding the Mansion.

(Player1) feels as though the Mansion is somehow familiar.

(Player1) remembers trick-or-treating at the Mansion when (he/she1) was a child.

(Player1) fixes (his/her1) tie before entering the Mansion.

(Player1) tears (his/her1) clothes on a statue as (he/she1) enters the Mansion.

(Player1) takes time to admire the architecture before entering the Mansion.

(Player1) makes the sign of a cross before entering the Mansion.

(Player1) gets the chills as (he/she1) enters the Mansion.

(Player1) introduces (Player2) to (Player3) before the three enter the Mansion.

(Player1) flirts with (Player2) as they enter the Mansion.

(Player1) carries a massive briefcase into the Mansion.

(Player1) shows up to the Mansion in a fancy sports car.

(Player1) & (Player2) carry (Player3) into the Mansion in a large coffin.

(Player1) unloads (his/her1) heavy backpack upon entering the Mansion.

(Player1) takes photographs of the Mansion exterior as (he/she1) enters.

(Player1) accidentally leaves (his/her1) phone out in (his/her1) car.

(Player1) thinks (Player2) is too young to be entering the Mansion.

(Player1) starts complaining the moment (he/she1) enters the Mansion.

(Player1) quietly watches the other Guests as (he/she1) enters the Mansion.

(Player1) & (Player2) come to the Mansion to hide from the cops.

(Player1) takes a vacation from (his/her1) police work to come to the Mansion.

(Player1), (Player2) & (Player3) come to the Mansion as a family get-together.

As they enter, (Player1) listens wordlessly as (Player2) explains the Mansion's history.

(Player1) & (Player2) eagerly discuss the Mansion's history with each other.

(Player1) sneaks a bag of cocaine into the Mansion.

(Player1) is forced to relinquish (his/her1) handgun before (he/she1) can enter.

Bloodbath Events (Fatal):

As (Player1) walks down the path, a vine reaches out and drags (him/her1) into the forest.

(Player1) accidentally misses (his/her1) turn-off and keeps driving past the Mansion.

(Player1) finds (himself/herself1) too sick to travel to the Mansion, and stays home.

(Player1) gets lost driving through the forests, and winds up in a fatal car crash.

(Player1) is gagged and dragged out into the woods by a pair of hooded men.

While (Player1) tries sneaking through a back window, a gargoyle falls and crushes (his/her1) head.

(Player1) wanders off towards the gardens. (Player2) tries to follow (him/her1), but finds nothing!

Your thoughts on these?


File: 1434397139132.jpg (27.92 KB, 300x450, 2:3, happy-excited-man-blue-shi….jpg)

Fuck, this event looks really good. I'll probably show up just to name some random events whenever I think of any.

List for Mansion Names:

The House of the Dead

The House that RNGesus Built

Miserable Mansion

Squigly's House of Pain

Terror From the Home

There could be more, but I'll just put five for now.

Event Ideas:

(Player1) finds a blood trail and follows it into an empty room.

(Player1) can't help but feel as if they're being watched.

(Player1) takes a painting off the wall and finds a bag of jewels!

(Player1) jumps into the arms of (Player2) after being spooked.

(Player1) tells (Player2) that there are no such things as ghosts.

(Player1) manages to capture an evil spirit.

(Player1) finds the mistress of the house. They fuck until dawn.

(Player1) finds the mistress of the house. She rejects (him/her1) and (Player1) leaves.

(Player1) finds the mistress of the house. (He/She1) decides to kill her.

(Player1) captures a maid to do (his/her1) doing.

A maid attempts to kill (Player1). (He/She1) easily kills her.

The butler offers (Player1) a red glass of wine. (Player1) accepts the drink.

I'll probably come back to write some more soon.



I added most of them as they were good.

But I feel though that some of them feel like filler events like '(Player1) & (Player2) hope to have sex' or they were eh.

I think we're sort of good in filler bloodbath events



As a minor correction, dead don't arise from gravestones under most circumstances, but rather from graves. The gravestone is the memorial placed at the head of the grave, while the grave is the plot of dirt that the body is interred inside. You also left out a lot of periods, despite including them in the last event. I think the event should read:

Event: Spooky Skeleton Invasion!

>The dead arise from their graves in search of living flesh!

>Safe: (Player1) manages to find shelter!

>(Player1) is found and dragged away by the skeletons!

>(Player1) decides that it's better to take (his/her) own life before being taken by the skeletons.

>(Player1) sacrifices (Player2) to the skeletons to save (him/her)self .

>(Player1) hears (Player2)'s screams while (he/she)'s being dragged away.

>Unwilling to share (his/her) shelter, (Player1) kills (Player2).

>(Player1), (Player2) and (Player 3) decide to fight against the skeletons. They were never heard from again.


File: 1434407972337.jpg (99.5 KB, 471x516, 157:172, The Butler.jpg)

OK, so lets talk about the butler since it seems that he is going to make appearances in the mansion.

In real life, butlers usually take care of the house, the owner, & prepare some food.

In most films & games (That I've seen or played at least), the butler usually isn't the villain but rather character who is well-dressed, polite, & isn't afraid to help any guest out, even if its against his/her employer.

On some occasions, the butler will know a thing or two about combat & try to stop criminals or sometimes be a criminal themselves.

So my idea for the butler in the mansion is that he is simply refereed to as 'The Butler', he is in charge of making food for the guests & the chief during Feast Time, & he isn't too talkative.

What are your guys idea for a butler?



Why is he called the chief? Surely "Chef" would be appropriate? And butlers don't typically prepare food - that job falls to a dedicated cook or chef.



Its a placeholder name for the 'Feast Beast' guest who will show up, have yet to decide on a final name.

Also, noted.


File: 1434425874744.png (57.21 KB, 162x187, 162:187, DarkThoughts.PNG)


What do you think of my events OP? I got a few more that I thought of now.

(Player1) finds a first edition of the board game Clue. (He/She1) plays it with (Player2), (Player3), (Player4), and (Player5).

(Player1) accuses (Player2) of being the murderer. (He/She2) scoffs at the idea.

(Player1) decides to plant a red herring in a bedroom.

(Player1) finds a skeleton key to the entire mansion.

(Player1) walks into an all-ghost orgy. (He/She1) runs away in fright and disgust.

(Player1) walks into an all-ghost orgy. (He/She1) decides to join in on the fun.

(Player1) finds the long dead corpse of Vincent Price. What a shame!

(Player1) finds the long dead corpse of Bela Lugosi. What a shame!

(Player1) finds the corpse of Sir Christopher Lee. What a shame!

(Player1) finds the long dead corpse of Klaus Kinski. What a shame!

(Player1) finds a set of bloody footprints leading into the kitchen. (He/She1) decides not to follow them.

Note: that last event could be part of the feast, if we had the feast take place in the kitchen or dining room or something.

(Player1) finds an old cane that hides a sword in it.

(Player1), out of ideas, decides to take a lamp as a weapon.

(Player1) decides to spend the night watching old horror movies.

(Player1) finds the long dead corpse of Boris Karloff. What a shame!

(Player1) starts a room of the mansion on fire. Luckily nobody was hurt as it burned down.

Only these next 2 are fatal. The rest of the events I listed aren't fatal at all.

(Player1) starts a room of the mansion on fire. Unfortunately, (Player2) and (Player3) were inside it.

(Player1) starts a room of the mansion on fire. Unfortunately, (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) were inside it.

(Player1) finds a snazzy suit in a closet and decides to wear it.

(Player1) finds a beautiful dress in a closet and decides to wear it.

(Player1) tells (Player2) to start believing in ghost stories. They're in one right now.

(Player1) finds a dumbwaiter and hides in it for the night.

(Player1) manages to seduce a maid and sleeps with her for the night.

(Player1) finds a pile of dead maids in the lobby. (He/She1) immediately blames (Player2) for it.

(Player1) suddenly gets the urge for blood.

(Player1) is starting to wonder if this mansion is haunted.

(Player1) calls for the Butler, but he doesn't show up.

(Player1) reads some good horror stories to (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) for the night.

(Player1) reads shitty creepypasta to (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4).

(Player1) ain't afraid of no ghost.

(Player1) smells something like blood in the air.

(Player1) encounters a headless ghost. (He/She1) screams in terror and runs away.

What do you think?



Half of 'em are good, the other half…I'll need time to think.



So which ones in particular did you like?



To make it easier, I'll put it in numbers…I counted 32 events.

The ones I liked are: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 (Although I'd modify it to 'reads some horror stories'), 30, & 32.

OK its not half but most of them are neat.

Kinda wish there was a clever way to name the corpses of Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, & the like though.


We still haven't discussed the role of the butler so its still anyones guess as to what he'll do.

And I guess the maids' roles will not only be tidying the place but engage in lewd acts with the guests, clean them up in bathes, showers, or washing up their outfits.

I've also decided upon the name of the code to be 'Miserable Mansion' as I find it to be rather short catchy.


>(Player1) starts a room of the mansion on fire. Unfortunately, (Player2) and (Player3) were inside it.

>(Player1) starts a room of the mansion on fire. Unfortunately, (Player2), (Player3), and (Player4) were inside it.

(Player1) sets a room of the mansion on fire

here's your fix.


Event ideas:

Events (non-fatal):

>(Player1) picks up a cane sword.

>(Player1) picks up a regular cane.

>(Player1) cannot sleep due to bizarre sounds inside the mansion

>(Player1) and (Player2) drink tea in a classy manner.

>(Player1) gets angry at (Player2) for eating (his/her1) plate of fine cheeses.

>(Player1) is scared by a tree.

>(Player1) molests the maids.

>(Player1) and (Player2) burn down a creepy painting.

>(Player1) burns down a creepy painting.

>(Player1) finds a mysterious book lying in the ground and decides to read it.

>(Player1) raids the mansion's fridge.

>(Player1) notices some stratch marks in the walls of the mansion.

>(Player1) discovers a bite mark on (Player2)'s arm.

>(Player1) discovers a bite mark on (his/her1) arm.

>(Player1) is startled by a maid.


>(Player1) turns into a werewolf.

>(Player1) beats (Player2) to death with a cane.

>(Player1) drowns (Player2) with tea.

>A creepy painting suddenly springs to life, flying to where (Player1) and (Player2) are, killing them.

>(Player1) is killed by a ghost coming out of a book.

>(Player1) gets crushed by a statue possesed by a ghost.

>(Player1) is taken to a mysterious part of the mansion by the maids.

>(Player1) slices (Player2) with a cane sword while (he/she2) isn't looking.



Maybe we should make the butler be one of the more helpful people in the mansion?



Suppose it'll work since one of the events has him drinking with a guest.

I think we're good to go in terms of doing a test run (Assuming nobody has any disagreements with the name 'Miserable Mansion')


On 2nd thought, we should probably discuss the rooms in the mansion.

Judging by the image that'll be used when the game gets screencapped, there is 3 floors & rooftop access.

How about brainstorming some ideas? For example, the kitchen could be 1F & the observatory on 3F


I just had an idea for some events:

(Player1) finds a mysterious mask inside of a box.

(Player1) puts the mask on (Player2), only for (him/her2) to become insanely strong and kills off (Player1).

(Player1) puts on the mask, (he/she1) felt more stronger and now have a thirst for blood.


Well since usually theres about 48 tributes, does that mean we make sure theres 48 rooms that the tributes can be inside of?



Let me change those events a bit

(Player1) finds a mask made out of stone inside of a box.

(Player1) puts the stone mask on (Player2). (he/she2) becomes more powerful and kills (Player1).

(Player1) puts on the stone mask and felt more powerful.



*48 guests

And no, there doesn't need be 48 rooms, there can be many since there is no clue on how big the place is

Heres my general idea of the mansion

1F: Kitchen + Dining Room, Ballroom


3F: Observatory

I dunno where the bedrooms would be but it'd probably be a better idea if they weren't specified since they could be on all 3 floors



What about adding a basement to the place? It wouldn't be too out of place for one to be under the mansion. Also there could also be a library in there, the tributes could go there to read, hang out and maybe even hide some stuff in there?



Sounds good for the basement.

And the library would probably fit in the 1st floor.

Here's what I noticed when I added custom events, fatal night events tend to have more supernatural enemies like ghosts kill the guests while the fatal day events tend to have more of the guests killing each other.



That could work, though you could probably add some night time exclusive kill events where the guests kill the other guests so the guest still can kill in both the day and night



Yeah we could have the guests kill each other at night but I kind of don't want to reuse events or have them shared with day.



They could be some of the more sneaky kills like (Player1) kills (Player2) in their sleep.


(Player1) plants a blade trap disguised as a book in (Player2)'s bedroom. (Player2) opens it and dies.



Sounds good, I got those added in.

Bit surprised nobody has thought of an event that has to do with bats.




Event count

Bloodbath: 36

Filler Day: 24

Filler Night: 38

Filler Feast: 2

Arena: 1

Fatal Bloodbath: 8

Fatal Day: 3

Fatal Night: 7

Fatal Feast: 1


you could have several noms gather around an ouija board in hopes of contacting the dead


Yo, Nepfag.

Can we have a swamp outside of the Mansion? Not right next to it, of course, but within sight?



Sounds good.



As of right now, I need to think of more feast related events, arenas, & more fatal events since there ain't many.


And I finally came up with the name for Miserable Mansion's Feast Beast

The Spooky Beast

Sound good? Or you got better ideas?



Oh, trust me. Once I'm done with these, we'll have a lot more deaths.

Right now, I'm writing up the creepy, non-fatal variants. I'm trying my hand at compound events and the like as well, to test the limitations on the 100 character limit.


(Player1) discusses the paranormal with (Player2) while (Player3), (Player4) & (Player5) play cards.


That works.



Very well.

Resident Evil 1 might have some good ideas for events, I'll look into that.


I've got a couple of suggestions

Non Fatal

(Player1) and (Player2) find and explore a secret passageway.

While relaxing near the fireplace (Player1) foresees the death of (Player2) in the flames.


(Player1) explores the garden only to be devoured by a man eating plant.

(Player 1) decides to join the skeleton army.

Night only

(Player1) is startled awake hearing a tapping on their window. It was just a tree.

You could do other endings with that one.

It's a raven or owl or a skeleton. Fatal or not for Skeleton.



Great! Got them in!



(Player1) went into a small room and was almost a (Player1) sandwich, but was saved by (Player2)

(Player1) went into a small room and ended up as a (Player1) sandwich. [Fatal]



The famished monster?



Sounds all right.


File: 1434844631275.png (895.27 KB, 533x572, 41:44, t53tg35.png)

I got some bad news….the Mansion code is kill since it seems the author is cracking down on old codes & makin room.

We'll need to keep some events backed up for other arenas in the meantime in case they are killed also



Hmm, isn't there an option to save it for 6 months?



Well there is the 'Keep forever' option which means it can stay for 6 months



Wait, hold up. Why just the Mansion one? What made it different from all of the other Arenas that we've made in the simulator?



It wasn't anything different but I imagine because of how many games the author had to keep track of, he must've deleted seasons like this one to make room.

The Island & the Arena are safe because we recently used them.



What? Well, that sucks.


I haven't gotten through the lethal events yet, but I'll dump the non-lethal events that I've come up with so far, and two Arena events. A number of the lethal events tie into these in some way.

Non-Lethal Daytime

(Player1) helps (Player2) with revisions for an amateur horror screenplay set in the Mansion.

(Player1) discusses the paranormal with (Player2) while (Player3), (Player4) & (Player5) play cards.

(Player1) explains the long and dry history of an ancient painting to a bored (Player2).

(Player1) spends the day in the kitchen flirting with the maids. They seem impressed.

(Player1) spends the day in the kitchen flirting with the maids. They don't seem impressed.

(Player1) palms a small but incredibly valuable item while the Butler has his back turned.

(Player1) sets up a camera while (Player2) discusses film casting with (Player3) & (Player4).

(Player1) watches with curiosity as (Player2) moves through the garden in a trance-like state.

(Player1) tumbles off of a third-story balcony. (Player2) acts quickly and catches (him/her1).

(Player1) finds a mysterious wardrobe full of ordinary fur coats.

(Player1) looks out (his/her1) window and sees a woman clad in black standing out in the swamp.

(Player1) feels the presence of something behind (him/her1), but turns around to find nothing there.

(Player1) searches through medical cabinets, and discovers a number of strange chemicals missing.

(Player1) tries to make a phone call, but is unable to get any form of reception.

(Player1) hears a booming voice demand: “Get out.”

(Player1) hears the sounds of rats crawling through the walls.

(Player1) & (Player2) discover a strange room under the Mansion with a large Altar.

(Player1) swears that the statues are watching (his/her1) every move.

(Player1) & (Player2) head outside to collect firewood.

(Player1), (Player2), (Player3) & (Player4) have a successful boar hunt out in the forests.

(Player1) watches (Player2) wander through the halls muttering to (himself/herself2).

(Player1) lures (Player2) out into the gardens for a romantic walk.

(Player1) starts tearing down paintings in a fit of rage, forcing (Player2) to restrain (him/her1).

(Player1) expresses to (Player2) how much (he/she1) despises (Player3).

(Player1) tells (Player2) that (he/she1) thinks (Player3) is up to something sinister.

(Player1) places (his/her1) lunch in the fridge, but finds it missing when (he/she1) returns.

(Player1) steals and eats another Guest's lunch.

(Player1) investigates the graveyard near the Mansion.

(Player1) heads out to the swamps to take photographs of the wildlife.

(Player1) discovers that (his/her1) phone is missing.

(Player1) is unable to find a suitable power outlet to recharge (his/her1) cell phone.

(Player1) looks over collected camera footage, but finds nothing out of the ordinary.

(Player1) tries to look over collected camera footage, but discovers it mysteriously erased.

(Player1) discovers a one-way mirror allowing (him/her1) to look into (Player2)'s bedroom.

(Player1) practices singing in the music room while (Player2) plays a grand piano.

(Player1) & (Player2) put on a performance for (Player3) & (Player4) in the dance hall.

(Player1) wakes up in the morning lying naked in the grass outside the Mansion.

(His/Her1) hair having grown longer than usual, (Player1) is forced to take longer shaving.



Non-Lethal Nighttime

(Player1) stares out (his/her1) window and sees a mysterious light flickering in the forests.

(Player1) is kept up all night by the sounds of rats skittering in (his/her1) bedroom wall.

(Player1) starts to head outside to grab something from (his/her1) car, but decides not to.

(Player1) feels (Player2) holding (his/her1) hand, but opens (his/her1) eyes to see nothing!

(Player1) heads to the bottom floor to raid the fridge.

(Player1) finds (Player2) passed out drunk on the bathroom floor.

Blood drips from the ceiling onto (Player1). (He/She1) screams, waking (Player2) & (Player3).

(Player1) is awakened by a loud scream.

(Player1), (Player2) & (Player3) decide to have a midnight hunt. Nothing unusual happens.

(Player1) spends the whole night reading books in the library.

(Player1) sleepwalks through the Mansion hallways, creeping out (Player2).

(Player1) talks to (his/her1) reflection in a bathroom window.

(Player1) wakes up and begins scratching runes into the floor with a dinner knife.

(Player1) lays paralyzed on (his/her1) bed listening to the sounds of something under it breathing.

The power in (Player1)'s laptop runs out as (he/she1) looks up the Mansion on the internet.

(Player1) lays awake all night listening to the ticking of an ancient clock.

(Player1) hysterically rampages through the Mansion. (Player2) wakes up and calms (him/her1) down.

The antics of the other tributes keep (Player1) & (Player2) from getting any sleep.

(Player1) & (Player2) sleep in the same bed in order to make each other feel safer.

(Player1) finds (Player2)'s bedroom door open, but decides not to worry about it much.

(Player1) tries taking a warm shower before going to sleep, but only cold water sprays out.

(Player1) slips into the Maid's quarters for the night.

Arena 1

Scenario: The guests pop open an ancient altar in the Mansion sub-levels and discover hidden chambers beneath.

Survival: The Butler warns the guests to stay in the Mansion, so (Player1) does just that.

Fatal 1: Strange, ape-like creatures appear in large numbers and drag (Player1) into the darkness.

Fatal 2: A cult of demonic beast-men capture (Player1) and sacrifice (him/her1) to a nameless god.

Fatal 3: (Player1) is driven insane by what lies beneath, forcing (Player2) to put (him/her1) down.

Fatal 4: Spectral hands reach from the walls and drag (Player1) through the stone as (Player2) screams.

Fatal 5: While looking around, (Player1) finds the rat-chewed corpse of (Player2).

Arena 2

Scenario: Some of the guests decide to participate in a particularly fateful hunt…

Survival: (Player1) doesn't see the point in hunting, so (he/she1) stays back in the Mansion.

Fatal 1: (Player1) takes aim at some wild game, only to be dragged off by werewolves.

Fatal 2: (Player1) makes (his/her1) way back, telling of a beast which tore apart (Player2) & (Player3).

Fatal 3: (Player1) is lured into the swamps by will-o'-the-wisps and devoured.

Fatal 4: (Player1)'s horse turns on (him/her1), bucking (him/her1) off and eating (him/her1).

Fatal 5: (Player1) finds an ancient obelisk in the woods. The mad writing drives (him/her1) to suicide.




Event Count

Non-Fatal Bloodbath: 46

Non-Fatal Day: 56

Non-Fatal Night: 58

Non-Fatal Feast: 4

Arena: 3

Fatal Bloodbath: 7

Fatal Day: 1

Fatal Night: 3

Fatal Feast: 1





More events:

Daytime, Lethal

(Player1) tumbles off of a third-story balcony. (Player2) rushes over, but is too late.

(Player1) lures (Player2) out into the swamps and drowns (him/her1) in the marshes.

(Player1) is pulled into the swamps by an unseen force just as (he/she1) tries to murder (Player2).

(Player1) finds strange camera footage of (Player2) screaming to be let out. (He/She1) keeps it.

(Player1) finds strange camera footage of (Player2) screaming to be let out. (He/She1) deletes it.

(Player1) disappears after heading to the kitchen to flirt with the maids.

(Player1) leans against a railing in the great hall. It collapses, which proves fatal for (him/her1).

(Player1) calls an ambulance to take a severely sick (Player2) out of the Mansion.

(Player1) finds the cold, dead body of (Player2) laying next to a patch of flowers, smiling.

(Player1) opens a wardrobe to grab some clothes. A tentacle bursts out and drags (him/her1) in!

(Player1) approaches a mysterious wardrobe. It teeters over and crushes (him/her1).

(Player1) wanders after a woman clad in black outside of the Mansion. (He/She1) never returns.

(Player1) peers out the window to see a monstrous woman's face. (He/She1) falls dead from fright!

(Player1) rushes at the sound of (Player2) screaming, but turns the corner to find nothing there.

(Player1) drugs (Player2). (He/She1) runs some experiments, which wind up killing (Player2).

(Player1) is brutally murdered by the reanimated corpse of a deceased guest.

(Player1) pricks (his/her1) finger on a needle. (He/She1) collapses dead on the ground at once.

(Player1) hears a strange voice on the phone, driving (him/her1) to cruelly murder (Player2).

The sounds of rats in the walls drives (Player1) mad. (He/She1) claws (himself/herself1) to death.

(Player1) locks (himself/herself1) in a sound-proofed basement room, never to escape.

(Player1) stabs (Player2) with a dinner knife, and plants the bloody weapon in (Player3)'s room.

(Player1) opens the fridge. A huge black dog lunges out and drags (him/her1) in.

While (Player1) walks about outside the Mansion, a gargoyle falls and crushes (his/her1) head.

(Player1) is gored by a badly scarred boar while out in the woods, and left to bleed out.

While (Player1) is wandering the garden, two hooded men appear and drag (him/her1) off.

(Player1) uses an ancient book of summoning to summon a demon to kill (Player2).

(Player1) makes a mistake while using an ancient book of summoning, and is dragged to Hell.

(Player1), (Player2) & (Player3) accidentally unleash a swarm of spirits, which devour their souls!

(Player1) rampages, killing (Player2), (Player3) & (Player4) before (Player5) puts (him/her1) down.

(Player1) & (Player2) gag and blindfold (Player3) before tossing (him/her3) into a well to drown.

(Player1) finds (Player2) hanging from a rope with a bloody suicide note laying at (his/her2) feet.

(Player1) wanders into the library and finds (Player2) crushed to death under a bookshelf.

(Player1) stabs (Player2) in the back out in the gardens and hides the body behind some bushes.

(Player1) falls in love with a painting and jealously stabs (Player2) to death for looking at it.

(Player1) slits (his/her1) own throat to summon a demon to butcher (Player2) & (Player3).

(Player1) dies from a seizure after eating some food poisoned by (Player2).

Spectral hands reach through a mirror and drag (Player1) through the glass!

(Player1) breaks a stone sword off a statue and uses it to murder (Player2)!

(Player1) is pursued by wolves while outside the Mansion. (He/She1) is too slow to escape.

While (Player1) practices singing in front of (Player2), a chandelier falls and crushes (him/her1).

(Player1) wakes up in the morning to find (Player2) lying dead in (his/her1) bed.

(Player1) tries to plug (his/her1) phone into a power outlet and is electrocuted to death.

(Player1)'s hair grows to an extraordinary length and strangles (him/her1) to death.



And the rest, for the night; plus an Arena event.

Nighttime, Lethal

(Player1) heads outside to get some fresh air, only to be snagged and dragged off by a werewolf.

While out in the gardens, (Player1) is attacked and devoured by a possessed lion hedge.

Noticing how silent (Player1) is, (Player2) turns to see (him/her1) with (his/her1) face torn off.

(Player1) is drawn out into the forests by the glow of a will-o'-the-wisp and soul drained.

(Player1) discovers all to late that the “maid” (he/she1) seduced is a blood-sucking vampire.

(Player1) & (Player2) have sex in an empty grave. The werewolves leave it somewhat less empty.

(Player1) hallucinates (himself/herself1) being drowned in blood so vividly (he/she1) actually dies.

(Player1) casually walks into (Player2)'s bedroom and suffocates (him/her2) with a pillow.

(Player1) rises as a vampire. (Player2) holds (him/her1) off so (Player3) can stake (him/her1).

(Player1) tries to perform an exorcism on the house. (He/She1) is sent running and never returns.

(Player1) heads out to (his/her1) car to grab some stuff, only to be nabbed by hooded figures.

While searching for the deed to the house, (Player1) triggers a spike trap and is impaled.

During the night, a horde of rats swarms up to devour (Player1) in (his/her1) bed.

(Player1) goes insane and stabs (himself/herself1) in the face until (he/she1) dies.

(Player1) tries to make an escape with (his/her1) car, only to crash it into a tree and die instantly.

(Player1) slips on a pool of blood. (He/She1) sees (Player2)'s blood corpse pinned to the ceiling.

(Player1) is strangled to death by (his/her1) own possessed bedsheets.

(Player1) & (Player2) grab (Player3) and seal (him/her3) away forever in a sound-proof coffin.

(Player1), (Player2) & (Player3) have a midnight hunt. Werewolves manage to get (Player3).

(Player1) has a nightmare so bad (he/she1) gets up and throws (himself/herself1) out a window.

(Player1) heads to the kitchen for a snack. Possessed knives stab (him/her1) to death.

(Player1) is attacked by (his/her1) evil clone, who hacks (him/her1) apart before vanishing.

(Player1) is strangled to death by (his/her1) amputated hand.

(Player1) is strangled to death by (his/her1) own reflection in the mirror.

(Player1) sleepwalks up to (Player2) in the Mansion halls and stabs (him/her2) to death.

(Player1) sleepwalks through the Mansion hallways and falls off a balcony to (his/her1) death.

The reanimated corpse of a former guest bludgeons (Player1) to death during the night.

(Player1) mixes up (his/her1) sleeping meds with deadly poisons and never wakes up.

(Player1) hears breathing under (his/her1) bed. (He/She1) gets up and is dragged under.

(Player1) tries to punch the mirror in (his/her1) bedroom, only to be sucked through it.

While (Player1) admires a taxidermy deer head, it lunges and rips out (his/her1) throat.

(Player1) tries to plug in (his/her1) laptop to charge it, only to be electrocuted to death!

(Player1) stabs (Player2) and uses (his/her2) blood to draw alien runes on the ground.

(Player1) & (Player2) duel out near the graveyard. (Player1) wins the duel fairly.

(Player1) & (Player2) duel out near the graveyard. (Player2) uses treachery to win the duel.

(Player1) goes to take a shower, and is roasted alive by boiling water.

(Player1) goes to take a shower, and is frozen solid by the icy cold jets of water.

(Player1) heads to the boiler room to check the boiler. It explodes, killing (him/her1).

(Player1) goes into a hysteric rampage. (Player2) chokes (him/her1) to death to shut (him/her1) up.

(Player1) listens to the ticking of a cursed clock, which ages (him/her1) into dust.

(Player1) heads out to (his/her1) car only to find it possessed. It runs (him/her1) over.


Scenario: Some of the guest accidentally open a portal to summon a powerful demon. Oops?

Survival: (Player1) holds onto a pole tightly and manages to keep from being drawn in.

Fatal 1: (Player1) is grabbed by demonic apendages and ripped apart.

Fatal 2: (Player1) helps in banishing the demon, but winds up drawn through the portal.

Fatal 3: (Player1) assists the group in banishing the demon by sacrificing (Player2).

Fatal 4: (Player1) is possessed by the demon's evil, causing (him/her1) to kill (Player2).

Fatal 5: (Player1) tries to flee from the mansion, only to be torn apart by lesser demons.



>(Player1) rampages, killing (Player2), (Player3) & (Player4) before (Player5) puts (him/her1) down.

This isn't possible to put in because (Player5) will also get the kills.






Checking through the code, I found a few minor errors:

The events:

(Player1) & (Player2) play a round of croquet in the yard.

(Player1) & (Player2) have sex together with a maid.

Both have one tribute listed instead of two.

The events:

(Player1) slips on a pool of blood. He sees (Player2)'s blood corpse pinned to the ceiling.

(Player1) thinks the maids in the mansion are semon demons.

Both have spelling errors [(blood -> bloody) & (semon -> semen) to be precise]. I take responsibility for not double-checking before posting that first one.



Transferring event suggestions from /v/ & event ideas


>(Player1) hears a woman giggling & runs way scared.

>(Player1) hears a woman giggling & decides that (he/she1) will kill her.

>(Player1) enters the mansion to find a cute ghost girl to fuck.

>(Player1) & (Player2) pull a prank on the butler

>(Player1) feels an evil presence in the room.

>(Player1) examines a bizarre stone mask hanging on a wall.

>(Player1), (Player2), & (Player3) search for ghosts.

>A maid gives (Player1) her "special service".

>(Player1) steals a rose from a pot.

>(Player1) finds a creepy blue doll.

>(Player1) feels creeped out by a mysterious stone in the art gallery.


>(Player1) is killed by the mysterious stone's touch.

>(Player1) is killed by a lady coming out of a painting.

>(Player1) puts the stone mask on, becoming a vampire.

>(Player1) kills (Player2) by repeatedly stabbing (him/her2) with a teacup.

>(Player1), indignated by (Player2)'s lack of manners when drinking tea, stabs (him/her2) in the eye with a teapot.

>Headless Horseman shows up looking for his head.



I actually didn't write the teapot eye-stab event to be fatal.



Ah, my bad, I thought the wording of the event implied that.



I was thinking on Fugo and Narancia's scene in Jojo's bizarre adventure part 5, when Fugo stabs Narancia with a fork for failing a simple multiplication when I made it.


Nonfatal events:

(Player1) spots a old looking bow and arrow on the wall, they take it off the wall and keep it.

(Player1) opens up a secret container to find a stone mask.

(Player1) felt the urge to shoot someone.

(Player1) was shot by a stand arrow and developed a stand.

(Player1) decided to trade some goods with (Player2).

(Player1) and (Player2) had a discussion on what they should do next.

(Player1) went to the library to read history books.

(Player1) went to the library to study on a topic close to (him/her1)

(Player1) went to the library to read up on mysterious occurrences.

(Player1) and (Player2) went to the library together.

(Player1) spied on (Player2) and (Player3).


(Player1) tested the effects of the mask on (Player2), only for (him/her2) to kill (him/her1).

(Player1) was burn to death by sunlight.

(Player1) was shot by a stand arrow but died.

(Player1) used the power of (his/her1) stand to murder (Player2).

(Player1) grabbed (Player2) and sucked out all of (his/her2) blood.

(Player1) convinces (Player2) and (Player3) to murder (Player4).





File: 1435389552067-0.jpeg (50.2 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Nemesis.jpeg)

File: 1435389552083-1.jpg (50.2 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Pyramid_head.jpg)

File: 1435389552092-2.jpg (84.51 KB, 643x900, 643:900, PoeSisters.jpg)

File: 1435389552092-3.jpg (39.33 KB, 615x615, 1:1, King_Boo.jpg)

How about these classics for enemies in the mansion?

Nemesis from Resident Evil

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

The Poe Sisters from tLoZ

(Red is Joelle, Green is Amy, Blue is Beth, and Purple is Meg)

And King Boo from Luigi's Mansion


File: 1435389742969.jpg (35.13 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Redead.jpg)


Wow, how could I forget this nightmare inducing horror…

the Redead


File: 1435389907200.jpg (45.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DeadHand.jpg)


And lets not forget….

The Dead Hand









File: 1435466967580.png (398.6 KB, 900x1059, 300:353, maid ika.png)

Will we do a maid themed round in the future that's in the mansion?



Its a possibility (I'd talk about it in the meta thread though)








I just had a great idea for the mansion code. We can make lots of events based on the Board game CLUE.

Something Like

(Player1) kills (Player2) with the candlestick in the ballroom


Some fatal Night events:

(Player1) runs away after witnessing a maid kill (Player2)

(Player1) accuses the Butler of being the murderer, (he/she1) was right and is killed.

(Player1) makes a snuff film with (Player2) as the killer and (Player3) as the victim.

(Player1) is possessed by a ghost that forces (him/her1) to commit suicide

(Player1) has had enough of this shit, and leaves the mansion


(Player1) socializes with some grim grinning ghosts



Good idea, but maybe we should only do a few of those so that they don't happen way too often.








New Arena Event Submission

Scenario: The remaining guests collectively decide to work together and make a film.

Survival: (Player1) participates in the filming with nothing adverse happening.

Fatal 1: (Player1) accidentally kills (himself/herself1) while performing a stunt.

Fatal 2: (Player1) gets in a car crash trying to drive back to town for supplies.

Fatal 3: (Player1) & (Player2) have an argument, leading to (Player1) killing (Player2).

Fatal 4: (Player1) & (Player2) go missing trying to find a place to film in the woods.

Fatal 5: One of the props becomes possessed by a ghost and kills (Player1).

Tying into the filming and stuff.





(Player1) wakes up to find a mysterious black stain in (his/her1) pants.

(Player1) ties a bone to (his/her1) boner to bone a maid.

(Player1) is worried that he might end up on a missing poster.

(Player1) fears that (Player2) will be the first one to go.

(Player1) hopes that (Player2) is the next one to die.


(Player1) shoves a vacuum cleaner into (Player2) and sucked out their organs.

(Player1) admired a painting, only for it to pull (him/her1) in.

(Player1) gone through the tape footage, revealing that (Player1) murdered (Player2).

(Player1) examines a grandfather clock.

(Player1) finished a piece of meat and uses the bone to stab (Player2).



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