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File: 948206614b72a03⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170813-172648.jpg)

File: 1fffbb05db423dc⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20170813-151741.png)

7ecd66 No.102179

We know the location, why haven't we taken it yet

7ecd66 No.102180

Also, no they didn't move it that's just Luke tryna throw us off, it's not in California that's bullshit and it's not at the serpentine gallery either

023b02 No.102223


> it's not at the serpentine gallery either

No museum will host it. No gallery will accept it. No farmer will let it up his flagpole.

HWNDU has been reduced to a sad, lonely, insignificant man taping a flag to his parents' basement wall and pointing a webcam at it.

And we are the only people watching the stream.

We should set up our own stream with the original liberated flag, suitably edited of course, and laugh as it gets more hits.

ed99d0 No.102233


absolutely great idea! we could have a open chat that goes along with the stream and the game will be to find lecuck within the chat bitching and complaining , but i doubt it will be that hard because all we have to do is spot the first time the word fascist is used and we will know oh there goes shia lol!

fc8364 No.102235

Personally, if this one gets taken it should be mailed to Shia in one inch square pieces. From different countries. Fucked flag packet switching

fa2e14 No.102244


Would be fun to see if Shia and co can find it with nothing but info from the stream.

215b5e No.102251

one of the reasons this flag had been up so long is that stealing it is going to involve more then some petty theft and trespassing this is going to involve some lock picking or strait up smash and grab I think most anon's are going to be hesitant.

however i am reminded that the Liverpool season had the idea to attach a laser to a drone to burn the flag. If we have a tech savvy arsonist lurking that might be a viable solution. Still illegal as fuck obviously.

4f2d9e No.102254


Gonna have to remind you that back in Liverpool an anon literally climbed the building to get to it. He risked his life just to get a flag, you underestimate weaponized autism

bdbe47 No.102255

I feel like you're all missing a big point. Shia was humiliated last time, he's had months to plan this comeback. He probably *wants* one of us to do something stupid like smash a window and illegally enter private property. Then our guy will be arrested, likely jailed, and paraded around on the media as an alt-right Nazi white supremacist hacker troll to boot.

We need to come up with something smarter.

ce8e6b No.102262


His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

4f2d9e No.102263


First of all Congrats on dubs

Secondly maybe we could back the stream or shut down the site? Cause I doubt Shia knows how to stop a hack attempt

bdbe47 No.102264


How exactly was the flag found? I can understand working out the basic location from day/night cycles, but London is a pretty big city. How did Blue Team know to check that specific house?

bdbe47 No.102265

9743d5 No.102268


Set up a projector on the other side of the street and project Pepe onto the flag.

Leave printed Pepes in the mailslot, under the door, under all the windowsills, etc.

0f0d1c No.102269

File: ddd035fcf27674d⋯.jpg (184.79 KB, 800x423, 800:423, Kaito-kid-c-kaitou-kid-112….jpg)


Is it still considered "unlawful breaking and entering" if he has willingly made his house the site of a public art exhibition that houses an object best known for being hidden by one group and then retrieved by others?

At this point, would it legally be considered an invitation due to the events surrounding the HWNDU Flag?

3ed16c No.102270


Excellent idea, actually.


Yes. It definitely is, but feel free to argue it in front of a judge.

0f0d1c No.102271

File: 189d55de816ab53⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 620x387, 620:387, daredevil1_3253279b.jpg)


It sounds dumb, but Britland has some absolutely retarded home defense laws. Life sentences for killing armed invaders, ability to sue a homeowner if you injure yourself while breaking in, inability to seek retribution against immigrant vandals, etc.

If we could find some viable precedent and crowdfund a native British lawyer, we could give one of our own the green light to retrieve the prize that Luke is willingly advertising online, knowing that he has a safety net under the trapeze that is HWNDU season 6.

9f07ae No.102272

File: 2d8a7bcdba4b799⋯.png (347.08 KB, 800x547, 800:547, watch_yourself_panzer.png)


That's some impressive lawyering there. You jewish?


I had no idea about that. Holy shit wtf Bongs?

>Life sentence for killing armed invaders

Might as well chop your own balls off.

I still say the best bet is a 1 Watt laser. Plenty of juice to burn whatever. I'll do some reading about the effects of windows on cutting lasers but even if it cuts the beam by half 500 mW will light shit easy.

Hell I could even build one with a capacitor and a lens. That would really fuck shit up. I feel like building a laser now.

0f0d1c No.102273


>You Jewish?

Nope, just an autist with a puzzle to solve.

What kind of effective range does that kind of laser have? The buildings across the street have pretty climbable rooftops.

9f07ae No.102274


So that's the easy part. We can lens to essentially any range you want. The bad part is if it's a weird distance then we might be leaving the off-the-shelf lens category and entering custom lens territory which would be profoundly cost prohibitive for this exercise. I will need to know the range we want then do a little basic optics math then go shopping for lenses.

I'm going to find out the ranges we need and get beck to you.

911281 No.102275


How was this location found?

9f07ae No.102276

File: 5376bde9ffbbe42⋯.jpg (126.82 KB, 968x535, 968:535, Lasing_position.JPG)

This plan is looking less doable now. They don't make off the shelf laser lenses for 20 meters, more like 20 millimeters. Beam attenuation is going to be a big problem for us across that distance. Options for me are to try and remember how to do the math for stacking lenses and see if 20 meters is even possible or just oversize the diode as much as we can and hope for the best. I'm going to read up on optics now because it's been a while since that class.

9f07ae No.102277

8ffacd No.102278



i like it

9f07ae No.102280



I found an off-the-shelf laser I think can do the job. Added benefit is the beam is invisible to humans so Luke or whoever is minding the flag likely won't notice until it goes up in flames. This laser is meant for wood burning. We'll need laser-anon to buy a regular laser pointer also so he can shine it in each window and we can determine which room the target is in. Worst case scenario we hypothetically light up someone's drapes. No big deal.




This last link is a page that gives a rough explanation of beam attenuation. Hypothetically some industrious anon could buy this thing, set it up and leave to watch the fireworks.

Note: everything here is satire and hypothetical. Nothing on this board should be used or acted upon.

050ad5 No.102282

Are you fucking tards so autistic you have not just tired USING A FUCKING TV REMOTE. They use IR LEDs to send commands to your tv. Just go get a friend and test how far your phones camera can see it being shined through a window at an angle.

3b41df No.102283

Knock on the door with your own webcam.

bdbe47 No.102288


One anon reached deep up his arse and pulled out a random address. There is zero evidence that this house means anything, just some vague screenshots floating around. We don't even know if the broadcast is live; Shia could be playing back footage he recorded months ago.

I don't even think this counts as a new season. The whole point of a flag is to be displayed, and the whole point of the artwork is that people can interact with it. When it's being hidden away inside a house, the game is dead.

db6b36 No.102299

File: d095ebb3dfdda88⋯.jpeg (30.96 KB, 480x355, 96:71, denialsystem.jpeg)

File: af98d09ac32e4ff⋯.jpeg (40.03 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, mcirowaves.jpeg)


Maybe you could use a microwave magnetron with a metal horn setup to beam the microwaves into his house and set it all on fire without anyone seeing.

If you use a powerful enough voltage transformer, than you could build something that could set fire to his flag.

055465 No.102304

File: a4894fcd5ebb085⋯.png (310.42 KB, 331x561, 331:561, Screenshot_2017-08-18_09-5….png)


This is the wrong house. We want

Flat 3, 13 Belsize Square, Hampstead London, NW3 4HT

Google Maps will give you the wrong streetmaps if you type this in. Here is the correct streetmaps (zoom in on the doors to get the correct address number)


3ce0f2 No.102305


055465 No.102306


We don't have solid evidence that the flag is at the location. There is hearsay that a light was shined and confirmed on stream, but we don't have any proof of that. That's what we're trying to get by getting bonganons (which apparently don't exist anymore) to go to 13 Belsize Square and tell us that they're about to shine a light on stream. What we do have is light circumstantial evidence that the flag will be there.

What we have:

>Luke Turner's business is registered at this address

>Judging by the fact that lamps are being turned on and off, along with what appears to be reflection from a TV or computer screen, this flag is in a residential home.

>Judging by the fact that the flag is so high up (since the sunlight comes from bottom left), it is in a residential home. This makes sense if Luke doesn't want to be seen on stream, but wants the flag flying in a location that he controls.

>Flickering on stream corresponds with bus schedules and traffic rushes. This makes sense if the flickering is caused by vibrations from the engines shaking some shitting connection in whatever chinese camera Luke is using.

>Sunrise on stream corresponds with sunrise in London. The flag must be at some location in London. Luke's place makes the most sense because then he has the most control over it.

We need brave bonganons to:

>Shine bright, non-natural colors into the windows. Let us know before you do this so that we know it's /hwndu/. Use colors like green or red. White, yellow, and blue are pretty normal to see in cities like this. If you're going to shine one of those more common colors, shine it in a particular pattern and LET US KNOW FIRST so that we can have someone record the stream.

>Idle your car in front of the house. Rev the engine. If the vibration theory is right, we can test it this way. Try turning off and on your car. We will have people record the stream if you let us know before you do anything.

>Take pictures through the cracks in the curtains and blinds. Try to get any shot of the inside that you can. We have a rough layout of what the room likely looks like (two artificial light sources, a TV, and a window). If we can verify that any of the rooms look like that, even if we can't directly see the flag, it will help our case.

>Cut the internet line. If the stream goes down, we win.

Using an IR/UV laser pointer is a shit idea because if we don't have direct line-of-sight to the flag from the window, we're fucked. All that time and effort and a trip out to Luke's is wasted because the flag is slightly too high on the wall.

>but anon, we don't want him to know that we know

nigger his house has been posted to twitter, his team knows about this board, and we can just do all of this in the middle of the night when he is fast asleep (like after the TV has turned off, which we can tell from reflections off of the flag)

bdbe47 No.102307


It's indoors on a plain white background. No way of finding it until one of the (ahem) artists is sighted. There simply isn't enough info to narrow the search down past longitude. Best thing you can do is enjoy the fact it's been driven out of the public eye.

1bf4c0 No.102309


They shined a light through the window of the house and it was confirmed on stream I witnessed it with my own eyes. Pol autosaged the thread tho so i cant get any pics

ec8409 No.102312

File: 4cd0be8d078134c⋯.jpg (558.28 KB, 1280x2232, 160:279, HWNDU WANTS YOU.jpg)

40c904 No.102315


It's not a random address. 13 belsize square is Lukes apartment

40c904 No.102316


The door color doesnt match with what blue team tweeted

d75e1a No.102350


bdd7b2 No.102354

Londoner here.

going on recon TOMORROW MORNING because blue team is busy sucking dicks

will let you know

planning to wake up 9am, have huge breakfast, and leave before lunch

get there by 12 pm and then let you know

9c32d1 No.102355

File: 1b9a4f5330591d8⋯.jpg (81.73 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, bsod in the mall.jpg)


The door could have been painted, or Blue Team could be retarded. If you just type the address into Google Maps, you get the wrong address. You need to actually look at the door numbers to get the right location.


This has been seen at various times throughout the stream. It is unrelated to whatever shenanigans Blue Team is doing, and the flashing pattern looks similar (at least to me) to what you'd see if someone was watching TV on the opposite wall. I've looked into a lot of windows at night, and that's the type of flashing that I usually see from a TV.


Hello brave bonganon. Please read >>102306

d75e1a No.102358

File: aecca05b87f3a06⋯.jpg (4.15 KB, 142x140, 71:70, 2017-08-19-18-00-12-.jpg)


Godspeed anon, Godspeed

d75e1a No.102359


What time is that in pst?

9c32d1 No.102360

d75e1a No.102363

Let's hope he puts it somewhere fun next time, or better yet, he gives up

3ed16c No.102364


Real question: Why doesn't someone just knock at 13 belsize and ask? If they get mad or close the door we have confirmation. We may totally still have the wrong place.

9c32d1 No.102365


bonganons are needed for all of our plans.

Bonganons are scarce.

3ed16c No.102366


Make a recruiting thread in some british boards.

Someone start researching lasers that will not burn, but will discolor fabric

216a9f No.102367

9c32d1 No.102368

File: f99492d46690941⋯.webm (5.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, flag.webm)

Flag is blowing slightly in the wind right now. He probably left a window open b/c it's so hot since it's still Summer.

9c32d1 No.102369

File: 0c641c4b2a9adcc⋯.png (69.82 KB, 492x609, 164:203, Screenshot_2017-08-19_19-4….png)

File: 244de825c9394d4⋯.png (194.91 KB, 1255x818, 1255:818, Screenshot_2017-08-19_19-4….png)


Could make sense if the window is on the south side of the building, otherwise I don't really see wind coming into the room.

9c32d1 No.102370

File: 23fa9344c016c6a⋯.png (253.2 KB, 1048x753, 1048:753, Screenshot_2017-08-19_19-5….png)


This reading is London exactly. The wind direction on the site is the direction that the wind is originating from, so SW wind means that it's blowing from SW to NE.

d75e1a No.102371


OK when you're there look for a house with a slightly open window since the flag is slightly blowing which means there's either a fan or open window. Send an update when you're about to do it and we'll confirm if it's blowing or not

9c32d1 No.102372

6:26 am UTC.

light near flag just turned off.

I don't think it's on a timer. I think that someone wakes up around 6am and turning it off is part of their morning routine.

9c32d1 No.102373

File: a7b450b0afd9799⋯.jpg (74.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

File: 6e528a966a85810⋯.png (10.55 KB, 304x271, 304:271, Screenshot_2017-08-19_22-2….png)


Real dark this morning. Probably second pic related.

Flag is still blowing slightly in the wind.

9c32d1 No.102374

File: 5d7fd65f066e966⋯.jpg (69.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, days ago this time.jpg)

File: a7b450b0afd9799⋯.jpg (74.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

File: c49454709c95b2f⋯.png (17.77 KB, 1212x155, 1212:155, days ago weather.png)


Comparison of 08/14/17 and Today for brightness at this time. Brighter is 5 days ago. Also weather for the 14th.

This weather pattern matching provides additional evidence that the flag is in London, should reconanon >>102354 fail to confirm location of the flag.

ff2b2d No.102376

Do we have visual confirmation of the flag ?

d75e1a No.102377


I don't think he's there yet

9c32d1 No.102392

File: d98802784138e36⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 494x457, 494:457, britain bin that knife.jpg)

Flag's still blowing in the wind. London has a SW wind.

If the flag is in a room on the back of the house, it becomes much more difficult to get visual. The back yard is behind a locked gate, and borders other backyards on all sides.

d4628f No.102393

fucking hell what a shit season. and where is that britanon out on recon? He was suppuosed to be there by lunch.

9c32d1 No.102394


Perhaps he got murdered on sight by Luke.

Maybe that's why we have hardly anybody doing recon. Maybe all the bonganons show up there without announcing it here first and end up getting shoa'd.

d4628f No.102396


lol I made a similar reply to someone. It IS strange how we never hear from them again tho...

fa6aad No.102398

We need a drone with a flashlight in the area

d75e1a No.102402




He already checked it out. Look at my other thread "we need to act now"

9c32d1 No.102403

File: de9507e74dba140⋯.webm (6.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, flicker.webm)


The pics in that thread are timestamped for the 16th. It is presently the 20th. Also your thread is shit. The images were already in another thread on the first page, and you uploaded the thumbnails.

This flickering has been going on for well over a minute.

Stopped right before I hit "New Reply"

9c32d1 No.102404

Does anyone know what time Luke usually turns the lamp on? He usually turns it off around 6:20am UTC, but I've always been asleep for when it turns on.

d75e1a No.102405


Wait what

9c32d1 No.102407

Just saw a bright but brief light go from left to right over the bottom of the flag. Didn't get to record it because it was very quick.

9c32d1 No.102410

Bright lightshow going on right now. Lots of whites and reds. Long flashes and shadows appear to be coming from the window. Recording but the file is going to be fuckhuge so head's up on that.

9c32d1 No.102411


Reminder that we haven't seen red on stream before.

9c32d1 No.102412

File: 7be663b65681850⋯.jpg (61.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

File: ee5906876de28d7⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

It's also generally brighter right now.

How the flag looked at 5:59pm UTC vs how it looks now at 6:22pm UTC. Earlier is darker.

d4628f No.102414


street light? meaning the curtains might be pulled back, if its not facing the backyard ofc

9c32d1 No.102416

File: 61577a26e2b95af⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0005.jpg)

Lamp just turned on.

7:46pm UTC.

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