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File: d98ae539c148241⋯.png (355.41 KB, 1236x688, 309:172, Frogland.PNG)

File: 1d414fdefce68a7⋯.png (163.76 KB, 889x496, 889:496, FroglandFlag.PNG)

5664bf No.102724

Season 1: New York

Season 2: New Mexico

Season 3: Undisclosed (FOUND)

Season 4: London

Season 5: Finland

Season 6: Luke's Apartment

Season 7: FRANCE

16 OCT 17: It's go-time gentlemen. The new stream is up, the flag is flying again and ready to be captured. This time it's in frogland, le lieu unique museum in Nantes to be specific.

Good hunting lads

5664bf No.102725

File: 6b71c3dc15ea0b8⋯.png (145.92 KB, 702x883, 702:883, lespewunique.PNG)

Holy shit I'm laughing my ass off at the museum's description of HWNDU right now

f3dc63 No.102726

It has lost its meaning, no even on US soil. Desperate Luke.

71baee No.102727

how will someone get up there to capture the flag?

5664bf No.102728

File: 21fdd043b727b1d⋯.jpg (399.61 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, highup.jpg)

5664bf No.102729

File: 7febac09eb755fa⋯.jpg (122.14 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, nantes1.jpg)

File: b177bdbeb593ba9⋯.jpg (273 KB, 566x1005, 566:1005, nantes2.jpg)

It doesn't look too bad but it might require some climbing experience or equipment

d8d2c3 No.102730


Drone + Flammable Fluids + Hexamine Stove to light it

b2d1e7 No.102731

File: 003315946e26192⋯.jpg (12.12 KB, 207x244, 207:244, autisticdrone.jpg)


Autistic Drones inbound

5664bf No.102732


We've been memeing about drones for like 4 seasons now is someone actually going to fucking do it?

71baee No.102733



a4bb2d No.102734

We need to get in contact with the French chapter of Generation Identity. They're extremely well versed in climbing shit. Like that's all they do. Gen Identity is a right wing activism group all over Western Europe.

Try contacting the well known Austrian leader: Martin Sellner


fd81ae No.102735

maybe we just get lucky and t gets hit b a thunder

d90b12 No.102736

File: 8160150ae694652⋯.jpg (155.44 KB, 700x467, 700:467, most-powerful-burning-lase….jpg)

Why not buy one of those powerful lasers that can burn things just by pointing it at something and use it at the flag?

f42455 No.102738

File: 6cb35d1344c9ad5⋯.png (139.03 KB, 324x260, 81:65, 69a214d01b3795ae05facbf03a….png)

Reporting in. What's the phone number for the church? Asking for a friend;-)

43a95f No.102739

I posted one of the first threads for this on /pol/ got banned for it. fucking 4chan censorship. but our discord is


if anyone cares

fd81ae No.102740


+33(0)2 40 12 14 34

969244 No.102741

File: 6728be4e7c84788⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1355x795, 271:159, 4209434.PNG)

File: 1f92bb92f5c4b64⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1506x893, 1506:893, 5467tvhb.PNG)

File: ce9036b38e9c234⋯.png (3.21 MB, 1918x928, 959:464, 2435rxcfgv.PNG)

1. Birds eye

2. Back of the building (looks like the best place to get up there, not to many eyes on you especially at night)

3.Side of the building. 3 sets of stairs. (to the left is where picture 2 was taken)

f42455 No.102742

File: 21b74551ac5f371⋯.jpg (36.25 KB, 590x395, 118:79, e6631ef9fc026d37128fd14234….jpg)


Something tells me they're gonna cuck, and fast.

969244 No.102743

File: d7ba0900133aa92⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1343x786, 1343:786, 453edu.PNG)


One more

1657f9 No.102744


Because they burn things which are dark and absorb light, and the flag is white and blowing in a breeze.

959cf4 No.102745

File: 2e7775601fbcbc9⋯.jpg (119.95 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_20170916_125716.jpg)

The roof looks pretty long. What if we had an anon get up onto the first roof and then pole vault up to the next level?

c6b51b No.102747



This. A drone is going to be the best method.

bf4042 No.102748

File: 3f834f5edfb082a⋯.gif (405 KB, 250x144, 125:72, frank.gif)


This looks so much like a temporary setup... won't that crane be needed for real shit?

Speaking of, if the crane could be used in some way to smash the flag, that would be the easiest way it seems.

3023d6 No.102749

Mods are deleting all hwndu threads elsewhere, keep it here

818ca0 No.102750


Won't a blowtorch be enough? I've seen a guy attaching blowpipe to a drone and burning some stuff remotely. It may not only lower costs, but also do the stuff faster

818ca0 No.102752

Half-chan/8-chan coordinator. Halfchan admins keep removing threads with HWNDU, routing 4tards to this thread.

3023d6 No.102753

As they always did before

90515e No.102756


yeah I'm not sure why people always bitch about mods deleting hwndu stuff on half-chan when its been happening from the very beginning

818ca0 No.102757

I'm going to re-route half-channers to 8chan nau.

Is it okay for ya?

3023d6 No.102758


8/pol/ won't take them either, just bring them here seeing as this is what the board is for

e16cea No.102760


Idk, won't getting too much attention make the OP much harder?

e305cf No.102761

File: 7ebda2843dbf8fb⋯.jpg (218.31 KB, 1400x945, 40:27, hilter saluting his troops.jpg)

We need:

- Butane torch

- Drone

- Duct tape

- Brave Froganon

Froganons, I know that you come from a long history of being pussies and surrendering at shit, but this is your chance to prove the world wrong, and show Luke that the blood of Napoleon still runs in your veins.

e06372 No.102763

i dont think this one is possible without a drone

cff917 No.102764

File: 462896f56d7f0ef⋯.jpg (68.68 KB, 634x422, 317:211, 1408142559120_wps_2_July_2….jpg)

Hire a refugee to steal it

5a0d52 No.102765

Can we just torch the building?

1360f1 No.102766


That'll probablly happen if someone does set the flag on fire.

e305cf No.102767

File: 71d9b6db419ce3c⋯.jpg (244.7 KB, 596x727, 596:727, disappointed.jpg)


Every time we talk about torching buildings, people come in this thread and say "but muh innocent lives xDDDDD" and discussion dies.

Allegedly (according to Luke's twitter), arson was the final reason to move the flag out of the states.

5a0d52 No.102768


No, I mean, go to the doorstep, and burn a gallon of gas on it.

Burn the whole building down to get the flag.

774803 No.102769


"Evil racists are attacking our art exhibit!"

*Refugee steals flag*

*Mind snaps*

Hahahaha I'm laughing already

8d7002 No.102770

Just call the building and put on social media to make a ruckus about how it offends Islam and Mohammed. I mean it is France... they'll fold like a wallet at any signs of pissed off muzzies.

d206cf No.102772

Is it possible to burn down a flag by shooting it with a flare gun? I think that would be the quickest solution to destroying the flag.

2cab70 No.102773


Top Kek.

4ea163 No.102774


Or terrorist's

f3207e No.102775

File: ac11aa65385b944⋯.jpg (75.45 KB, 636x642, 106:107, 01.jpg)

Hey guys, what's going on in here?

10a9d2 No.102776


HWNDU flag posted in Nantes, France. Located already and now finding a way to fuck with it. Join the discord.

bfba5d No.102782


Fly a drone with a remote controlled grabber arm to snag the flag.

507b08 No.102783


boomerang that shit

eb78f2 No.102784

File: 9a0393fe116e0ce⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 464x510, 232:255, hello darkness my old frie….jpg)

And there goes my social life.

Give me a new banner.

eb78f2 No.102785

I hoped the next time around would be another interactive thing.

At least it's challenging, but fuck you Luke.

686761 No.102786

File: 21bac52dc794604⋯.jpg (60.2 KB, 762x464, 381:232, 21bac52dc7946046e51aad3951….jpg)

>Christian church

>located in France

Looks like we can get the help of somebody experienced here for a small cost :^)

969244 No.102787

File: 0090e85c8439c0e⋯.jpg (77.73 KB, 720x585, 16:13, 1506833328399.jpg)

10a9d2 No.102788

File: 020e86a09a6d973⋯.jpg (35.61 KB, 600x200, 3:1, Kek.JPG)

18fc40 No.102790


Launch some fireworks at it. Won't burn it completely but might blacken it. If that fails we still got a nice display and they might take it down to stop further attempts

f45a60 No.102800

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Anyone got the blueprints to that drone that drops a cylinder over the poll- so it covers their flag and a Trump flag flies over the top of it? A bigger drone may be needed to handle strong winds.

The square may also have security cameras. Approach and evac need to be planned like a military op.

Ideas boil down to theft or sabotage of the flag the pole, or the camera. The camera is harder to sabotage- as there's nothing you could place in front of the shot that couldn't just be removed, and smashing it seems petty compared to the heists. I'd also argue stealing the camera is a no go- as it costs something decent (compared to a flag) and a decent theft charge can be made against you (if ever we get to the stage the flag is in a metaphorical "unbreakable" place- we just talk until they get jumpy or think of something else though stealing the camera would be hilarious if ever they made the effort to make the flag look impenetrable)

I'd suggest:

Flag removal

> Lie to French authorities/muslims/SJW (maybe even the church, depends on how informed they are or if you're charismatic enough to pull off the lie) claiming it's anti Islamic or white nationalist ("He" being allah or mohamed- or even the head of the EU, depends on the politics in that area and who you talk to). You could even back up this evidence with Shia's drunken rant at that waiter calling him a nigger. Hell- depending who you're talking to, they may not recognize a photoshop (police yes, SJW maybe, mudslime definitely not) With all the white SJWs (I'd wager) who will be running the event- and their short fuse- it'll take a long time for the error to be cleaned up. Bonus points if you can get french SJWs/mudslimes to attack it for similar reasons. Try not to have them destroy the building. It is a beautiful piece of European architecture, from a better time. I'd even argue if minor damage is done will climbing, anonymously send a few Euro to them so they can restore it- and confuse the hell out of them that the "evul nazis" want to pay for damage.

> Fire is out of the question. Paintball is not. If you can get a high-enough caliber paintball gun, it could mess the flag up. But you would be carrying a rifle around a city so maybe not.

Livestream Disruption

> Assuming you can get in front of the camera (if you lot can work out where the flag is, I bet you can work out the camera's position) Just say triggering facts on livestream. "The economy has risen to [whatever]- the highest since [date] thanks to President Trump." "Jobs are up [whatever] thanks to President Trump." Basically, hammer in the good he's done- and that he is President. I highly recommend being /fit/ and a Big Guy or in a large group (but still /fit/ and Big Guys- since police will probably be called (and they've been told you're a white nationalist) so they will be rough with you- assuming militant SJWs don't try to sucker punch + run first. I assume after "compromising" the event- they'll shut it down. Even if it doesn't, them wigging out helps redpill the "newer" SJWs to how batshit they are against opposing ideologies. Just remember to bring enough material to keep talking- and be READ UP on the facts, even if they aren't. Look up debate techniques, GG's "OP Vulkan" and/or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uwrur0rmOAw so if one of them tries to debate you, you can easily make them a fool but without being an ass. Do not debate if you're a hotheadmock them instead.

> Similar to the above, get in contact with anti-EU/anti-Immigration/anyone who'd have a reason to like Trump (whatever France's equivalent to 8ch is) and organize a flashmob to fuck about in front of the livestream camera- like with the first HWNDU event (IIRC). A few people stealing a flag boils the blood. A crowd of people being defiant to your cause shows how fucked you are.

> If their security concerns are hyped up, based on >>102725 - merely go onto the easier to access roof next to it, record yourself fucking about, and then we share it. We boast the security is "compromised" and that's enough to get it pulled. But it's kinda weak IMO.

f45a60 No.102801



This >>102764 isn't even a bad idea.

Assuming you find one nutty enough to climb the building I may have typed this before seeing >>102728 He won't get punished, he won't have values, he won't need paying that much, and he can run like a Kenyan- probably because he'll be one. Plus if he dies, the fact a dindu died will make it worse for them PR wise, so they'll take the flag down and hush it all up.

Just remember to pay him after. He may run off with the money and- looking at the fucking building he might die. And use caution- they are animals. If they know you have some money, they'll assume you must have more.

That, and a death on your conscious or other security cams put you near the scene (you "killed" a migrant and end up going to prison).

Fuck- now I think about it a burka might even be a decent disguise (for the approach and escape after- fuck climbing in that thing) or if you're brown enough, can grow a bushy beard ("a handful" is optimal for them, apparently) and get arabic/shitty clothing- impersonate a mudslime. Again, depends on the area, the politics, who lives there (would it be out of place? Would white nationalists cave your head in? Would an arab thinking you're unattended if you're in the burka?). Police will be told to drop any "migrant" crime.


Like all nations that are cucked- they fight back in small petty ways. When speed cameras were first introduced- they poured expanding foam into the keyhole, resulting in them looking like a freeze frame in an explosion. They want to fight- they just lack solid leadership and a method to vent their anger.


Drone or some FUCKING dedicated parkour guys. France is big on that- right?

Hoping this >>102734 is true. Remember to use a new Twitter account not linked to any email police could trace (10 min mail, protonmail, etc) and use a VPN when logging in anyway. If he gets caught, he could point the finger or French NSA looks into it.


Depends- we need info on how hot a firework burns to ensure the building doesn't burn should the firework go off on the building (if it gets tangled in the flag). It'd also need good aim to make sure it doesn't go through a window.

You could disguise it as rowdy teens launching fireworks on/prior to Halloween (if it lasts until then)- but it depends on how well the square is monitored (civilians and police) at night.


This is going to end like a Loony Tunes cartoon, or someone dying. Possibly both.

Please do not attempt this if you are not trained. No one should die for Shia or his cause.

28a1ae No.102802


>Season 6

I completely missed this, can anyone please summarize?

c9089a No.102803

Before finishing em up. Get a drone with a speaker with Shadilay playing and paint. Block their view and make those cucks listen to what a real anthem is.

fe2e8d No.102804


For a few weeks Luke (or whoever) streamed the flag hanging on a wall, inside a building. That's it.

18f0ff No.102805


how about a drone with clorox?

could erase the flag

f45a60 No.102806


Assuming there is audio. The blog post earlier says people are "invited to say he will not divide us" on the livestream- but depending where the camera is, that might not even be possible (just to have totally sane people repeat what the flag tells them). Plus the microphone (if any) needs to be near the camera- not the flag.

Would a spray paint be blown off track? You've got to remember- it'll be flapping like crazy. Avoiding the drone being struck by the flag itself will be hard enough- trying to get paint on it even harder.

Remember- every idea on the drone adds weight- which means it takes longer for it to change course and makes it harder to control.

f45a60 No.102807


And bleach the building's paint as it drips down. Again- harm done to the building harms our position of superiority (cheeky chapies trolling Shia Vs. giving evidence and weight to the "extreme right" claims pinned to us).

Could you spray it with water to make it so wet it doesn't fly properly? They'll freak out and think it's something else (piss/fuel) even if it fails, and "enough water" could be fucking heavy.

efc121 No.102809


Yeah this could be possible actually, they've invented this radical new dousing system called 'rainfall', if we could just get our hands on that at some point in the next few months this might be doable.

f19fbe No.102810

Did anyone suggest a drone with a blade or chainsaw attached?

f45a60 No.102811

File: 4b11bf5a106b60b⋯.gif (29.94 KB, 408x640, 51:80, serveimage.gif)

File: 8f0de2548e270a2⋯.jpg (146.26 KB, 1155x1155, 1:1, serveimage2.jpg)

If capping the pole with another poll and a flag is to heavy- why not just drop a net on it?

if it's square/round with no frame, shove some kind of weights at the edges, and it could be heavy enough to weigh down the flag- but not the drone. It would require the net to land dead center.

If the drone can take the weight, add a ring to the net (like pic 2 related minus the handle) and if the net is big enough, it'll drape over the flag and the weight of the ring will hold it down. Less accuracy is needed, but you've got a big ass metal ring wish could make shit worse.

Maybe even add a few frog plush toys to the net for extra effect.

18f0ff No.102812


thats it, make it heavy so it doesn't fly, and put something to cover over it

f45a60 No.102813


Calm down. The only reasons flags don't fly in heavy downpour is due to strong winds. Soak the flag akin to a heavy downpour, and any wind outside of a storm won't make it fly.

Depending on the material.

18f0ff No.102814

>>102811 has the right idea

c946bc No.102815


Welcome back, lads. Well fuggg. Looks like it has to be a drone this time. Do we have any drone pilots in the area? The old "cup sock" trick from previous seasons seems like the only way to get the job done this time.

bd707c No.102816

Small pen type high temp butane torch extended on a dowel could work if CG is not thrown off too bad. Have to think as light as possible with most rc anything.

18f0ff No.102817

>>102816 no harm drones, it has already been explained

d12b67 No.102818

c946bc No.102819



If we drench the flag in a liquid, can it be something that will become adhesive or sticky over time, making sure that when the flag dries, it'll be crunchy as fuck and incapable of flying.

f45a60 No.102820


"Light as possible" is worth taking from this post.

I'm all for Cup Sock- if it's light enough.

The net may be too heavy.

We need test runs IMO. Which isn't easy since you'd need a fan to replicate the wind speed up there (no surrounding buildings at that height could mean it'd be pretty fast- not to mention transmitter range. But if some fuck can fly over the Kremlin, who knows).

Parkour people and the French Right are last resorts, but try to court them now to get our foot in the door if we have to rely on them.

10a9d2 No.102821

File: e8ee34b511a8b74⋯.jpg (46.18 KB, 589x393, 589:393, Tetherball.jpg)

Remember tetherball?

e06648 No.102822


what about a football with a rope/string? thats easier and more accurate than a weight

0c1e52 No.102823


Couldn't someone just crash a drone into the flag, wouldn't that be enough force to take it down?

18f0ff No.102824

>>102823 could damage the flag pole

0c1e52 No.102825


Hmm, didn't think about that one.

c946bc No.102826

File: 456dbe25c78b754⋯.jpg (4.86 KB, 196x230, 98:115, 0fcea4bf102df7b7c9ed67c7b0….jpg)


Something like a sheer legging would be light enough, long enough, and strong enough. A hook at the toe attached to drone. a cup or ring heavy enough and large enough to fit over the top of the pole and slide down. If done at a time when the wind isn't blowing, we should be able to cap the flag this way, like putting a nylon condom on it.

f45a60 No.102827


Any chance of it drying while "flying", we don't want to freeze it mid flight and do the job for them.

If it wasn't for the weight- I'd suggest the expanding foam idea from earlier attached on a spray can.

Adhesive isn't really needed- solidifying is.

But, it needs to weigh down the flag in liquid form- AND not too heavy to lift.


As an extension on this- depending on how big the flag-pole is, a super big + long santa hat might work, or a stocking. Heavy material- so it might be too heavy for the flag?

I have novelty chair covers for xmas that go over the back of a chair, but the material is light. So I''d argue the bigger it gets (less for wearing, more for novelty and putting on other shit) the lighter the material.

A dress could also have the same effect, but the weight only needs to be at the bottom (hence the santa hat suggestion, since it has a fluffy collar around the open end, and no other weight apart from the bauble).

I still think nets would provide the best weight balance- but you never know. Someone might have some materials knocking around more than others.

8ed591 No.102828

Seen on fagbook it has an emergency release valve at the bottom to lower it down if it loses power or anything.

Anyone know if any truth to this?

0c1e52 No.102829


The flag pole?

f45a60 No.102830


If you miss, you will break a window.


The sock (whatever material it is) would have to be scrunched up during flight- then released (like a rolled up stocking). However- under it's own weight it needs to be able to unfurl. Too light- and the sock stays curled up on top of the flag like a condom straight out the wrapper.

I'd argue leggins would be too light and delicate to use effectively (I can see the second it releases the breeze carries it away like a piece of paper).

Think of different leg based items- you're on the right track!

cf8511 No.102831

File: 4078ebdd6c76a7c⋯.png (213.54 KB, 889x453, 889:453, hwndu green light.png)

this happened a two hours ago sorry if it has already been posted

c946bc No.102832


The cup or ring would be glued to the thigh opening, keeping it fixed and open. It would hang down the entire time, during flight. If the ring ways enough, it should hopefully hold the legging extended the whole time. The only problem is if wind against the nylon would affect drone flight.

f45a60 No.102833


I imagine it'd need hella force to push it (so drone's out) or it's behind a plate that needs to be opened.

But- if it's something that's suppose to be done during a power outage- that means it's either automatic (no elec- release valve) or something you could do 15ft up in the air, on a ladder, with a torch in hand (though why you'd need to take a flag down during a black out I don't know).

Learning more about the flagpole is always golden. Look up any restoration the building has gone under, or what the original flag poll was like.

c946bc No.102834



733b3d No.102835


Yes Here is the video from that scene


2652e2 No.102836

File: 2720b9b1881ab6a⋯.png (348.42 KB, 883x462, 883:462, The Aids.png)


Maldraw go home!

f19fbe No.102837

File: b7edfa0c8b16c41⋯.png (77.65 KB, 250x367, 250:367, Kneesocksb.png)



18f0ff No.102838

File: 0a09bcdfe1c4448⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 383x500, 383:500, potato-sack.jpg)

>>102827 a potato sack maybe?

c946bc No.102839


That's what I've been thinking with the sheer nylons. Something along these lines.

f45a60 No.102840


Apart from leaving it dangling during mid flight (risks being blown off course/torn) I'd argue that's OK. I'd still use a more sturdy-but-light material than nylon, but it's the right idea.

Experiment with weight and material. The fishing net seems easiest, but we may have to go the extra mile.


Shit, anyone able to calculate how big that is? It seems bigger than the last few flags. I don't want any efforts to be at half-mast because we underestimated it's size.

cf8511 No.102841

we could calculate the size with the height of the building

f45a60 No.102842


That'd do it- assuming it's not too heavy to fly when a ring/weights are added.

f45a60 No.102843


Are there any records on the building saying how tall the flagpole is?

Surprised Wikipedia hasn't got info on that, they love useless shit like that.

c946bc No.102844


>fishing net

Just had an idea. Rigging up a fish hook and fishing line. Both are super light and super strong. You could snag the flag with the hook, then fly circles around the pole, wrapping it up with a spool of fishing line.

e3aa30 No.102845

New idea for a drone lads. Hear me out.

> Get a long (1-2 meters) metal wire, builders wire or whatever.

> wrap around base of drone

> get a ball of yarn or slow burning material

> lightly soke in diesel fuel

> attach to metal wire

> light it up

> fly drone to flag

> burn flag

> drone is unharmed

> profit ?

efc121 No.102846

e06648 No.102847


wew lad dont go around burning shit

0c1e52 No.102848


Hey FBI. Nice plan, too bad it won't work.

0c1e52 No.102850


Sounds like a good idea to me, it'll work regardless of flag size too.

cf8511 No.102851

theres a problem the pole might be flammable which means the whole building could go down into ashes

bd707c No.102852


Yea I guess fire is a bad idea. We also have to work within frog capabilities.

c946bc No.102853

File: 07859603f8134c9⋯.png (2.54 KB, 133x120, 133:120, 1474019541685.png)



Also, no harm done. Send the drone flag fishing.

18f0ff No.102854

>>102850 thats better than a sack or sock

be94df No.102855


that doesn't sound like a problem to me

32f387 No.102856


>three man team

>drone operator, flag collector, getaway driver

>you need a drone with a cutting extention and a getaway van

>van drives drone operator and drone to discreet location

>drone operator sets up drone

>flys, cuts down flag

>flag collector collects the flag and legs it

>drone operator flies drone to the getaway van

>van driver stashes drone, drives off

>drone operator puts remote control in backpack and walks away


this is the best I've been able to come up with so far

feel free to use any of this

f45a60 No.102857



Right up until it naturally unfurls and the wind makes it fly again.

Not only would it need incredibly accuracy, you'd need a way to make sure the drone can disengage from the line AND then hold it down.

Plus being a bigger flag means a tough material might be being used.


Or embers/pieces of the flag drift down and ignite. Or the drone crashes in a fireball thanks to the fuel. Hell- Shia might snap and burn down the fucking building as a false-flag.

Don't give them fuel to paint anyone as a "right wing terrorist". It needs to be harmless fun.

f19fbe No.102858

File: e9f294a83e1de10⋯.jpg (55.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Top-Angler.jpg)

e3aa30 No.102859

For those worried about the flag pole being flammable just call the authorities or owners of the church a minuet before a froglad is about to send the drone up. That way if anything does go wrong there will be minimal destruction to anything but the flag.

18f0ff No.102860


>stick a fish hook to a speaker playing shadilay

>drone catches the flag

>speaker weigth makes flag stop flying

c946bc No.102861



Oh shit, lad. I think you've got it!

f45a60 No.102862


Memeing aside, it'd need a way to hold the flag out straight (the fishing hook- assuming it'd even work), and any electric cutting tool (since sawing by moving the drone is out) would weigh down the drone.

Cutting it down is fine if you're on foot (despite from risks of walking around with a knife in europe and false-flag claims you stabbed someone), but it's not gonna work with a drone.

10a9d2 No.102863

Sorry, fellas. The whole city is a no drone zone.

e06648 No.102864


well fug if thats true we're gonna have to have more primitive methods

f45a60 No.102865


Still get charged with setting a fire, and odds are they could track the phone unless you buy a "burner" and use it in a location out of sight- then remove the battery, smash it to ribbons, and ditch it without suspicion.


Hook may not penetrate the flag- we do not have enough info on the flag's material.

But- good idea on just pinning a single weight onto the flag as oppose to a net. The question is- how to pin it?

32f387 No.102866


yeah I'm not sure what can and can't be done with a drone these days


that doesn't necessarily mean you can't get away with it

f45a60 No.102867


How do they enforce it? Fuck it- are kites a viable substitution?

049f87 No.102868


See >>102818 for cordless hot blade to cut off flag

f45a60 No.102869


>yeah I'm not sure what can and can't be done with a drone these days

Think of it like an RC helicopter. All that's changed is it can go higher and has more rotors. Cast out any images of military drones or the like.

It's still subject to the wind, and only really designed to stick a camera onto for aerial shots. But- modifications can be made.

e06648 No.102870

Do we even have a frog with a drone? half chan threads are getting deleted so finding people willing is a little more difficult

10a9d2 No.102871


Cops, radar tracking(in case of terrorism), possibly shoot it down if they had to, and two nearby police stations to enforce.

Kites are a viable option, but best would be roof access.

f19fbe No.102872

If anyone can design a drone and film the field tests, they could send the blueprints to the Frogs.

10a9d2 No.102873


We do, but the city is a no drone zone enforced by police.

c946bc No.102874


I've seen alot of flags in my life and used fishing hooks. I'm about 90% certain any flag would get hooked, as the barbs are so tiny and sharp. If it is made of some special material, then Shia really thought this thing through this time. Although, I don't know of a material strong enough to stop the hook that would also be light enough to blow freely in the wind.

32f387 No.102875


again, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't do it

it just means it's against the law

which, when you consider that we are all conspiring to commit vandalism anyway, is kind of a moot point

e06648 No.102876


So I guess messing with the flag itself is the easy part but getting away with it would be difficult.

e3aa30 No.102877

Will mock up a Porto type of my flame fisher drone in about 3-4 hours will post results.

e06648 No.102878


lad i really dont think we should be burning things

d80326 No.102879

>super soaker full of accelerant

>spray the flag

>let accelerant dry so the building isn't damaged (flag absorbs the liquid)

>shoot roman candle at flag from afar


>super soak flag with lighter fluid

>soak a piece of very thin yarn in same lighter fluid

>tie yarn to projectile (blow gun with sharp tip or fishing pole apparatus with hook)

>snag flag and light yarn as fuse

Am I being too autistic?

10a9d2 No.102880


Even from the roof we couldn't get close enough for that, and if we did, I think paint would work better.

c946bc No.102881



No burning. That one anon says it's a no drone zone, but really, you'd probably just be fined. Burning shit means they could possibly be charged with attempted arson or even some terrorism bullshit. That's not what we need.

bd707c No.102882

Could just jizz dye all over it.

Modified version of this


Is there a frog version of Peter Sripol?

3d6059 No.102883



Just use a beefy laser pointer

32f387 No.102884


this is between us and shia

lets try not to hurt anyone else along the way

it'll be really bad press

61dfc5 No.102885

File: ea7bc118fff2ee6⋯.jpg (27.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fVsfZraDXDuH.jpg)

Drones will be more more efficient in this situation

e06648 No.102886

File: ea7e8d88ee00c42⋯.png (16.86 KB, 293x267, 293:267, Screen-Shot-2017-01-09-at-….png)

a9e5e3 No.102887

can i get an invite for the discord?

3d6059 No.102888


Who the fuck cares

3544c1 No.102889

For once it's decently close and I can't even participate. But hear the advices of a neighbor wanting that flag to go down.

Drones are a big no.

Security is heavily enforced on the whole country, and if a drone approaches, police has the authorization to either destroy it or capture it. On the other side, painting balls can work, assuming you're using something light to send them from close (good old slingshots have surprising ranges, if well done).

The best option is the raid through the neighbor roof, best assumed with rapefugee/burka costumes for additional cover and outrage. Act together (four or five people at best), take advantage of the night, and scout the place from as many places as possible in order to ensure there's no unexpected risks. I'll try and gather information next day, but it's 1am there atm, so everyone is asleep.

f19fbe No.102890

What's the punishment for drone flying? Is it just a fine? Fines aren't going to ruin anyone's lives unlike arson charges.

bd707c No.102891

So we crowdfund a drone to sacrifice big deal. Use it then fly it to the police station front step. Here take it.

3d6059 No.102892


And what, they have attack drones ready to go? Or do police there carry birdshot and 12ga shotguns?

If you use fpv and git good, how will they even find you.

d80326 No.102893

File: 03469d1e05069fc⋯.png (358.37 KB, 765x486, 85:54, Untitled1.png)


Laser won't work. No one here has one anywhere near strong enough. It would have to be focused on one single spot for far too long.

18fc40 No.102894

File: 6e1668764e63cb1⋯.jpeg (84.78 KB, 620x465, 4:3, image.jpeg)

With some balloons filled with dye or something?

e3aa30 No.102895

Do we know how high up the flag is. Need to know so I can simulate how long it will take to get up and back with a drone.

3544c1 No.102896


From what I've seen, they have drones ready to go, plus disruptions ready to make you lose the controls of your drone so they can recover it.

One option might be to use cover and shadows during the night to let a drone climb the building as high as possible, then rush to strike the flag before going back to the shadows. But that'll require two things - REALLY GOOD precision, and some closing to ensure you can keep the control of your drone as much as possible.

3d6059 No.102898


So go on the internet and buy one.

I swear to God, if I have to take vacation hours and schedule a flight to do it, I'm blaming tumbler for it

8ed591 No.102899



Dye or paint would probably work.

c946bc No.102901


>worried about a drone

>not worried about burglary and tresspassing at a national museum

Even if we did have roof access, it would take some hardcore parkour and ninjitsu to scale the top of that steeple.


352ac2 No.102902

File: 890500552627cca⋯.png (184.26 KB, 1411x753, 1411:753, LU.png)

File: d0cbd410db62e4f⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1600x837, 1600:837, 1.png)

File: 543c141915a72c4⋯.png (184.66 KB, 1599x842, 1599:842, 2.png)

Actual french anon in Nantes here, it's one of the most liberal cities, frequent protestations against stupid shit politicians do, like creating a 2nd airport to get paid by building company.

Not that many refugees but there are some muzzies infested areas which, if put propaganda all over could be used to rile them up if they're already in extremism.

Most of the ideas involve a drone but I think we could again pressure the Lieu Unique to remove it even though it'd be boring, it would at least ruin it again for a bit. Buying a drone is too much for me so I'll pass.

Pic are all the technical staff who can be contacted via email, just search lieu unique nantes and I made other pics to help actual retards access the other staff emails if you truly want to talk to them and convince them. Maybe if you speak french they'll answer.

Discord link is down too so send again.

PS: Nantes isn't my hometown so I don't know that much shit about it but it is very touristic-friendly and "green". Anarchists are welcome everywhere in this fucking city.

0ff0e0 No.102903

sup guys, good to finally see new season starting. i've read the whole thread, been checking out the pics of this building and the geometry of that tower. it might very well be high enough to safelty base jump off of as an escape route if it is over 100 feet tall. getting to it wouldn't be a problem because of the outlying staircases to the roof, but scaling the exterior of the dome would be difficult without some kind of grappling hook, extendable ladder, or other apparatus. i just head about this, so i will be working on it until we capture the flag. been here since the beginning of these, good to see you guys again.

d80326 No.102904


Why don't you just spend a little bit more money and get a super dooper powerful laser that you can shine from your house all the way to France???

f19fbe No.102905


Yeah, while we could still make plans for the flag itself, we need other ways to disrupt, e.g. snatching the camera, contacting staff.

f19fbe No.102906

File: fe7601449013eab⋯.jpg (37.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (3).jpg)



f45a60 No.102907

File: 9334ab4002c858f⋯.png (570.64 KB, 1498x2428, 749:1214, __Shill Tactics Master Lis….png)

File: 66967bdb9443a0a⋯.png (757.05 KB, 1169x6371, 1169:6371, __Shill Tactics Mega List.png)

File: ee2c2a55038ed93⋯.jpg (232.92 KB, 1873x834, 1873:834, Goon Tactics.jpg)

Drones are out.

Fire was always out- and anyone sug>>102734

gesting otherwise is an idiot, doesn't read the thread, or a shill looking to help Shia if he false-flags or hoping a retard will do it. You only need to explain to someone once

Parkour is our only option now IMO.

Again, no fires. And no amateur climbing.


This might be our best bet.

511062 No.102908

I know the real objective here is the flag, but if the lasers are not strong enough to burn it, couldn't we just point them on the camera, blinding it completely?

32f387 No.102909


this is a good point

we need some logistics

anybody know how tall the building is?

we can add it on to how tall the flag pole is

(standard size flagpole I assume)

18fc40 No.102910


Won't last long

2ae0fd No.102911


send them some swastika and other stuff we did at new york and tell them hwndu is a cover to recruit neo-nazis. DO you think it could work ?

352ac2 No.102912


Oh yeah did anyone figure out where the camera actually is? Should be easier to deal with than the flag.

4f6a4a No.102913

An idea:

>Acquire drone

>Fly the drone into the flagpole

>Crash into it

>fuck everything up

alternatively, one could crash it into the camera

3d6059 No.102914



Fuck off niggers with your no fire bullshit.

18fc40 No.102915


Camera is probably on the roof and that's easy to get to because the fucking stairs. Could just go up there and spray paint it

f45a60 No.102916


Then I refer back to my earlier idea- false info that Shia is a right-wing white nationalist playing them for fools (though I imagine the museum has done their research- the general public there won't have). His drunken rant calling a waiter "nigger" might help sway most of them. Anyone want to brave french SJW websites to share it around?

So the plan now is false info turning SJW in on themselves, or Teenage Parkour Rightwing Frenchmen Heroes in a half-shell.

That or we look at the camera and see if we can get an object in front of it.


If it misses, you hit the building. Someone has to wash it off, hopefully not a permenant stain. Or you hit a window and it goes through. Because you'd need a LOT of momentum to get it up high enough AND assuming the wind was strong enough to keep the flag flat to hit it- and not have the wind blow it off course.

Projectiles- no matter how soft- are a no go in my mind.

e4dd24 No.102917

yo any one got a link to the stream

4f6a4a No.102918



Replace the dot with a .

Il n'y a pas du vent ce nuit en France.

f45a60 No.102919


> Half-chan/8-chan coordinator. Halfchan admins keep removing threads with HWND, routing 4tards to this thread.

> All suggestions in thread are now fire and destruction based.

There's a reason we don't try to "rescue" anyone from there anymore.

51ca15 No.102920

is there no sound this season?

32f387 No.102921


>or a shill

go back to /pol/

18fc40 No.102922



What do you want to hear? A fucking flag flapping in the wind?

0ff0e0 No.102923

File: e69cc4abc368c6c⋯.jpg (68.5 KB, 550x413, 550:413, le-lieu-uniquez.jpg)


i've been trying to figure that our from all the different pics. this is probably the best straight on view that's not at a weird angle. if an average car is around 5 feet high, at this vantage point in comparison to the tower, it can be no less than 65 feet tall (or 6 stories) high from the top of the roof. from the ground it would most likely be 100+ feet in totality..

51ca15 No.102924


yes i do want to hear a fucking flag flap in the wind and fellow anons can make noise on the stream retard

f45a60 No.102925


You can also use spoilers around the https and www.


Since you manually copy and paste, it also prevents the website from knowing where you came from (if you don't have certain anti-scripts enabled).


Or leave a picture of Pepe in front of it.

Keeps the cheekiness. Stopping the camera is like we don't want them to see it. Hindering them shows that we want them to see they can't stop us.

I've been racking my brain- thinking of an object to place in front of it that can't be moved. But shy of superglue for outside/tar/Flexseal liquid I have no idea.

b9a640 No.102926


It could work since the earth is flat. Good idea anon.

0ff0e0 No.102927


no audio is most likely a deliberate decision.

a9e5e3 No.102928


>more free exposure for kekistian cancer

18fc40 No.102929


Attracting attention isn't a great idea. If we get any parkour ninjas near the camera they gotta be stealthy and not meme yelling faggots

32f387 No.102930


haha, that's fantastic

I've been googling a bit and I can't find any information, which is weird, because you'd think the details would be somewhere on the internet, a neat little trivia section somewhere you know?

can't find anything tho

b51207 No.102931

20d39c No.102932


The one worth saving will find themselves here on their own anyways.

d80326 No.102933


65 ft tall from the bridge. Not the street it's located on.

e3aa30 No.102934

If you fags don't want fire then no fire. How about instead we get a heap of froglads sieg heiling in front of the flag, posting it all over the net, make the flag a sign for white power. Then hireacrowd.exe and pretend to be liberals against the flag being up, if lucky other SJW nerds will fall for it as well and it will snowball. Half the froglads pose as white nationalists half pose as SJW's. The museum won't want the hostility especially if the 'protestors' move into the museum and are screaming at each other. This would be a hard operation to pull of but is doable.

f19fbe No.102935

File: 60b99a8ec068f25⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 341x700, 341:700, all-holes-completely-fille….jpg)



352ac2 No.102936



I need to be sure of it.

The Lieu Unique was actually and old LU Biscuit factory then got refitted for its new purpose that is being a contemporary art museum. You can find that on wikipedia


Same for me, no info. I could ask locally though tomorrow.

18fc40 No.102937


If the camera is boxed in behind glass again you could stencil a Pepe and spray paint it on

0ff0e0 No.102938


that's what i meant. 65 feet while being on the roof of the building. that's how high an anon would have to climb on their own. that's not counting the lower level with the exterior stairs.

cf8511 No.102940

climbing is not an option the highest accessible point is the thing below the square and then its all climbing which is almost impossible

b51207 No.102941


Some sort of ink ballon or gun is best bet. Or fucking the camera

fa3fab No.102942

Been doing a little bit of research on the building the past 10 minutes or so.

The building used to be a LU (Lefèvre-Utile) factory.

In 1999 it got renovated by the Patrick Bouchain and CONSTRUIRE - atelier d'architecture.



Maybe a French anon could look for an archive where the technical drawings of the project could be found, my French isn't sufficient enough to make my effort a productive one. Perhaps you could LARP as an Architecture student or something and ask the architects if you may use the drawings for educational purposes.

9f89f5 No.102943


Aim for the text. It is bleck.

0ff0e0 No.102944


same here. in the us you can usually find department of buildings details, even schematics and blueprints. i can't find anything about this place as far as it's construction. might be some frogland thing. it's ok, weaponized autism is what we're good at. if i have to count individual bricks and pixels i'll figure it out.

e06648 No.102945

What about tetherball like someone suggested before? 100ft isn't far for a thrown object like a softball or american football, and those probably wouldnt brake any windows.

bd707c No.102947


Frogs don't play baseball and probably throw like girls

efc121 No.102948

Without drones or fire, the only option is to do something from range. A long-ranged projectile to damage the flag (eg, super soaker with hardening glue) seems best. It's cheap, inconspicuous, and won't damage anything else.

As far as I can tell, the only other alternative is to find more information out about the building. They had to have gotten the flag up there somehow, so if there's a brave anon ready to pull off some James Bond shit that seems like the only real alternative.

3d6059 No.102949

If this was America, you could just shoot it from 1000yds away. Can you still do this in frog or no?

d80326 No.102950

File: 91b0c0048e47dba⋯.png (701.25 KB, 865x581, 865:581, frontbridge1.png)


Maybe an anon could get access to the stairs on the side. That would help with not being seen as easily.

Not sure how much higher the roof is than the bridge though.

dc4dda No.102951

What about using a paint gun to paint it Green?

8ed591 No.102952


What supersoaker is going to shoot a thick liquid 100 feet?

32f387 No.102953


>They had to have gotten the flag up there somehow

I believe they used a crane

really not making it easy on us this time around

3d6059 No.102954

Do they have a phone? I can just call them and threaten a bomb threat, or arson, ect. I'm sure the will take the flag down over that.

e06648 No.102955


t. fbi

efc121 No.102956


That's the core idea, you can alter it a bit. A paintball gun with paintballs filled with coloured hardening glue would do it. Possibly even a slingshot.


No, Shia's taken his time to think about this one.

efbb46 No.102957

I should be putting energy into the new HWNDU, but i'm stuck watching HPEtv.


9f89f5 No.102958

Paintball to stain or BB gun to tear holes in the flag maybe?

0ff0e0 No.102959

File: 69370c894a6af77⋯.jpg (122.58 KB, 1080x1002, 180:167, Crane-Bucket-Truck-Service….jpg)

wait, guys.

i think we might be missing the obvious. we're all talking about drones and lasers and ninja climbing, think about how they got the flag up there in the first place. a crane. we could easily rent one, just drive up, grab it and go. are there any anons out there who are in construction who have access to one of these and know how to operate one? this might be the easiest CTF ever.

8ed591 No.102960


> we could easily rent one, just drive up, grab it and go.


98bb83 No.102961

wow 4/pol/ hotpockets are mass b&ing people just for replying to threads with the reason

>Replying to a raid thread.

and handing out perma b&'s for making threads

I'm kinda impressed

9a50b0 No.102962

Has anyone mapped out exactly where the camera is located?

511062 No.102963

File: 3915bfd2659a18c⋯.png (1.13 MB, 923x831, 923:831, Tour lu height.PNG)


If the translation is correct (mind you i know very little french) the tower itself should be 38 meters tall that means 124 feet

f19fbe No.102964

lol what if the next season takes us underwater?

32f387 No.102965


it's just crazy enough to work

ac5684 No.102966

Why not aim a bunch of fireworks at it, then have a remote igniter, if you slowly lay out hundreds all angled and aimed correctly and they are all hidden, then one night you can light them all remotely and randomly with a burner and we can burn the flag down. some will be bound to hit it.

efc121 No.102967


But that's from the ground. You could get closer by standing on the bridge in the foreground, or potentially even scaling partway up the building or an adjacent building. Need to find out how high off the ground the bridge is. And then how much the angle from the bridge to the top of the building increases the distance.

18fc40 No.102968


Won't reach it with a fucking cherry picker and I'm sure it's not easy to rent one the size they used

98bb83 No.102970


roman candles are cheap....

not a bad idea

fed5a0 No.102971


Ever operated one of those things before?

Didn't think so.

It's also the easiest way to get tracked down and v&.

Projectiles aren't likely to work unless someone in the area has a decent pellet gun and can find a hidden position to fire from.

Face it, it's gotta be drones or fire. And I don't see a way to get fire up there without a drone.

efc121 No.102972



Fireworks are dangerous anons, we have to do this safely and harmlessly lest we become the bad guys ourselves.

5fc58f No.102973

pressure washer filled with a light weight paint or some other colored/black liquid? could easily shoot from a rooftop close or maybe even the ground.

d80326 No.102974


The wind is coming from the north, so it would appear that the camera is located on the roof behind the dome.

0ff0e0 No.102975


wow so i was right on the money of the distance from the roof.

wait, there has to be a way inside to the upper belltower thing. it's a museum right? why not just walk in and climb up there?


i'm starting to think the camera is not on the premises. the angle and distance of the view make it almost impossible for it to be on the roof of the building. it has to be in an adjacent building looking out at it, now knowing generally how tall the spire is.

3ef9a5 No.102976

File: 6047bc58ecd1029⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, Drone, Bucket, MAGA Hat.jpg)

Somebody suggested this during Season 4 in Liverpool before the flag was taken down.

Could probably be modified to have net instead, making it lighter.

98bb83 No.102977


nah I've fired/been fired at with roman candles its safe

c946bc No.102978


If there had been audio, we could have sent an acapella group to sing Shadilay outside the museum.

e06648 No.102979


>Anarchists are welcome

>police shoot down drones


5fc58f No.102980


a telehandler will work perfectly if it's possible to use one

ac5684 No.102981

ac5684 No.102982


Its what I originally thought of using as the fireworks, they have rage and fly in a generally straight line, also they aren't really dangerous. Even more, there are ones that are like incendiaries.

ac5684 No.102983


5fc58f No.102984

you fags keep using the term "crane" when the equipment used to put the flag up, and where the camera seems to be, is on a manlift. A person can't be on the boom end of a crane as there is no basket.

59712c No.102985


Bring a ladder, climb up stairs in first pic. go on roof. use ladder to climb tower

easy peasy guys, now we just need french anons to do this shit

98bb83 No.102986


bottle rockets are firecrackers that fly

roman candle are basically flares

511062 No.102987

File: 138e921c1aa8a89⋯.png (8.6 KB, 426x100, 213:50, Tour lu contacts.PNG)


Dunno if this is useful or not, but i also found the phone address and email of the tower staff itself.

9dbf5a No.102988

File: 63f40c5b279c39a⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1300x505, 260:101, LTL anatomy.png)

An attempt was made

b0378f No.102989


The main issue with that is getting a drone powerful enough to be able to resist the crazy forces the flag is going to put on it due to any teeny amount of wind

b0378f No.102990


use a drone to get a lasso of 400lb fishing line around the pole at the top

ac5684 No.102991


wait..... why not attach roman candles to a drone and have a wireless electric ignition to the fuse?

That is super lightweight right?

91cdc8 No.102992


There's a nearby airport, and so is likely a no fly zone :(

ac5684 No.102993

Or have the fuse extended if you know how fast you can get the drone there?

98bb83 No.102994


>why not attach roman candles to a drone

what could fucking possibly go wrong

32f387 No.102995


duly noted

I'm still gonna call it a crane tho

ac5684 No.102996



352ac2 No.102997


You think anarchists would buy drones? What for? Stealing flags?

b0378f No.102998


Well its also a no tresspassing, so breaking any minor law kinda already happens

8e9dff No.102999


That is positively one of the most retarded ideas I have ever heard. Do it. Do it please.

32f387 No.103000


yeah lots of anons been saying that, but, as >>102998

points out, we are already kind of breaking a few minor laws here, so

if you got the balls for it, go for it lad

91cdc8 No.103001


Some drones don't operate in no fly zones

e06648 No.103002


Really? damn hope someone has an oldschool drone i guess

c24d75 No.103003


some CIA tier field analisys right here

c45ade No.103004


>> Fire is out of the question

frenchfag here

i dont mind fire

in fact i dont mind anon's suggestion to torch the whole building, although leaving a bucket of burning fuel at its foot wouldnt do the trick

make it bigger, make it newsworthy


>Drone or some FUCKING dedicated parkour guys.

i used to climb

this building >>102729 seems easy enough to climb, probably doesnt even require any hook

> ensure the building doesn't burn

come on it's not straw, actually even building-straw is hard to burn

>No one should die for Shia or his cause.

why not?

good press

seriously hwndunigger got boring now

a big chad thing would revive it

a virgin approach like yours is low energy

98bb83 No.103005


ok you know what drones+fireworks is a great idea fucking Canadians man

32f387 No.103006



438780 No.103007

File: 0aa4fbe7f6b0638⋯.png (821.28 KB, 821x886, 821:886, fawfawdw.PNG)

File: 3ca5a1e3a168756⋯.png (1.06 MB, 905x872, 905:872, dwafawdwads.PNG)

b51207 No.103008


https:// discord .gg/srzz5tU

we need more french fags

ac5684 No.103009



deez trips are something

08738c No.103010

what about firing paintballs at the flag from one of the adjacent buildings?

91cdc8 No.103011

>>103007 Fucking brilliant

c24d75 No.103012


thanks anon

ca0881 No.103014

Small disposable drone. Person in remote location. Blow torch lighter attached to the drone. dispose of both in the river.

2cab70 No.103015


Just call the French and ask them nicely to surrender the flag. Its a white flag too for extra irony.

18de10 No.103016

what about taking a drone with a rope, getting it around the flag, land the drone and just pull the rope to break the flag pole?

Rope wouldn't add much weight

32f387 No.103017


top fukken lel


c45ade No.103018


they asked for it

the elegant approach is one angle and i agree with it, but the prankster jackass one is another i like as well


thing is they wont declare defeat over such a simple impediment of the flag's function

they'll just fix the flag

it's not like the flag season in the country, this one is on top of a city art building, they have resources and manpower

elegant anon is somewhat right, it is all a psych war, they're all haughty and pretending to be on the side of righteousness and our job is to ridiculize and neuter them

jewish art has been pushing shit for decades, we have ammo against their words

0ff0e0 No.103019

File: 88a055f3827542a⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 528x424, 66:53, french-pepe.jpg)


top kek

14df5a No.103020

If you would like to share info on the HWNDU vs Kekistan server say so!

91cdc8 No.103021

File: 0c0c4096461cc6a⋯.png (165.76 KB, 553x478, 553:478, Assassin's Kek.PNG)

14df5a No.103022

So do we know of anyone in france who is willing to preform the tasks we set before them?

91cdc8 No.103023


We've got a guy leaving from Dover at 04:00

c45ade No.103024


they'll change the flag the next morning

then what

then they'll know we're there and will be extra prepared for a bigger attack


yes mommy


just do something that makes the shitty art museum renounce to the project

that's how we won everytime a city was involved


excellent cheap way to take down one flag without risking any climbing, good idea

but they'll fix it in hours


>If you miss, you will break a window.

fucking fuck off with your mommy bullshit will ya


>the whole building could go down into ashes

this isnt murrica

that is a stone bulding

you'd need to surround it with tons of wood, or other fuel for it to catch fire from the outside

e06648 No.103026


Well fuck we need a plan for him then

ac5684 No.103027



a9e5e3 No.103028

14df5a No.103029

Okay I am not sure if this is true but apparently they just stepped up their security so we might have to think of another way to get in. Again this is a rumor not a confirmation

4f6a4a No.103030

File: e33eeef155c7a41⋯.png (528.02 KB, 876x492, 73:41, le drapeau en nuit.PNG)

So the plan currently is: fly a drone up to the flag and fuck with it. Cut it up, light it on fire, just something

e06648 No.103031


sauce? where are you getting info

b51207 No.103032


Where is this planning going down?

c94116 No.103033

File: 44fd9affab95994⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 540x392, 135:98, masaka.jpg)


b51207 No.103034

https:// discord .gg/srzz5tU

for live updates and discussion

4ea667 No.103036


>The whole city is a no drone zone.


it's not like defacing a public art exhibit is legal either

but drones arent necessary if you climb on the roof and use some wire/tether rope/fishing pole method

it just makes you vulnerable to being caught easier than through piloting a drone from reasonably afar



unless you can construe droning will be used to bring up heavier charges

the terrorism one is tempting obviously


and i think harming one flag wont cut it

they'll just up security after flying a new one

and that isnt a win for us


then what



91cdc8 No.103037

4f6a4a No.103038

File: 33b7ed3e7e9f996⋯.jpg (43.16 KB, 550x413, 550:413, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Shia goes to France to put the flag on this building in Nates, France. 38 meters high, current plans are to attach a blowtorch to a drone and light it up

f45a60 No.103039


Actually, now I think about it- if an object can be placed in front of the camera, liquid rubber or cement would work a charm to hold it in place (assuming you placed a card "ring" around it to hold the goo in place). Even if Shia hired people to watch the stream 24-7 and call when shit was wrong- I bet it'd take them time to get there, and it could be dry by then.

4dcdfc No.103040

File: d14a3f0f2bbb4c9⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 992x744, 4:3, climber.jpg)

Time to track down Stephen Rogata and his fucking suction cups that scaled Trump Tower last year.

http://www .nydailynews.com/new-york/trump-tower-climber-pleads-guilty-avoiding-jail-time-article-1.2983564

05ece6 No.103041

File: a69089ab82266e4⋯.webm (5.08 MB, 854x480, 427:240, hwndu7.webm)

cfd95c No.103042

File: 151f33720dc471c⋯.png (28.69 KB, 640x520, 16:13, IMG_2047.PNG)

Dudes - we need a big ol Pepe flag , not a retarded kekistan faggot flag but a good pepe flag. Fly it high from the fucking Eiffel Tower. Fuck his little faggot flag

Or the paintdrone. Valid. Or fencehopper frogs. Equally valid. I say Pepe flies high though


0ff0e0 No.103043


>shia puts flag on top of 124ft high spire on french museum building

>no fly zone, close to an airport, many drones cannot operate in these areas due to lockouts

>taunts us and says we will have to do assassin's creed level shit to steal it

challenge accepted.jpg

>already working on plans

>still looking to secure operatives in area

that's where we're at

a679dc No.103044


Fucking really, actually enforced? I guess that's necessary with a muslim population the size france has.

I still think drone is the only option so scale that building, so what if you do the following:

>scout out the AO

>figure out street watching cam locations nearby

>drive vehicle as close to the building as possible (like literally right in front of it)

>must be during the night without getting seen in cameras (if there are any)

>if possible figure out when the local police have shift change, what time of week is the most opportune time to strike. (busiest for local police, when they might be laziest, if there are local police events that take resources etc)

>alternatively if you are seen by a camera, mask the vehicle (use old and shitty car preferably belonging to someone from the next closest county, modern cars have in build GPS and shit) by falsifying the license plate (use white tape or something to change the look of the vehicle (like to two white stripes on engine cover) temporarily and change them all back once done.

>every participant of the OP should be disguised also, black clothes, balaclavas etc, if you are cocky maybe get isis headbands or antifa/communist propaganda gear

>time is critical here, once on the spot simply launch the drone from the car and quickly fly on top of the building and do what you must, land and recover the drone (maybe flag if it is easy and has fallen somewhere nearby).

Shouldn't take more than 3 minutes on the spot , maybe even 60 seconds is enough, i bet those french cops can't get there that fast.

Nobody should have phones or any shit that can be connected to you wirelessly. If drone is smart phone operated dunno what to do about that. Also buy drone from another county or online.

bc33d0 No.103045


But if he dies we have no fun

0ff0e0 No.103046

for people just coming to the thread, location data:


2 Rue de la Biscuiterie, 44000 Nantes, France

47.215276°N 1.545749°W

14df5a No.103047

Does anyone have an invite link to the

Internet Historians server?

f45a60 No.103048


It's roughly 6 stories, so that's 3/4 stories plus a flagpole designed to flex in the wind but not carry human weight. (If the rope tying the flag up isn't behind a locked panel then it's fine).

91cdc8 No.103049

a17136 No.103050

4f6a4a No.103051

So drones are out of the question. I suppose now a brave froggo will have to ascend the building and do... something to the flag.

cfd95c No.103052


When any kike died we win anon

e06648 No.103053


They aren't, the response to the drone can only be so fast especially late at night

cfd95c No.103054



sage for drunkposting

Kek bless pbr

bc33d0 No.103055


Winning is game over

Game over is no more fun

32f387 No.103056


>leddit spacing

look, seeing as this is a unique board, can we leave the /pol/ memes in /pol/?

occasionally people write like this

and occasionally people write like this

it's not a big deal fam

438780 No.103057


It's not pol you fucking newfag its 8chan in general.

bc33d0 No.103058


Pol is about to do a mass ban

91ff55 No.103059


This is /pol/s hwndu containment board for all of the retards there, the memes will continue.

3cded6 No.103060

Has anyone attempted to climb the building yet?

a679dc No.103061


Also the operation should be executed at the quietest time of the week i'd wager that is 0300-0500 AM on Monday night.

32f387 No.103062


you wanna try that again with a little less anger?

le leddit spacing is a /pol/ meme

the rest of the internet are totally ok with indentation and besides, this isn't even leddit spacing

this is leddit spacing

when you make each individual sentance a paragraph

this is annoying

I totally get it

but you're just getting mad about people who are using indentation in the correct manner

it's petty

we have bigger things going on right now

14df5a No.103063

Thats when most people go to work again, La

te shifts those dont combine

f25ea4 No.103064

since it's in france how about we just wait until a terrorist attack and then take it when no one's looking.

14df5a No.103065

A drone wont work and people on my server are convinced that bc a drone is fast a human wont work

8549f2 No.103066


you fools are overthinking this

We just need a French anon to walk in there with a reflective vest, a tape measure, and a hard hat. That anon will request access to the roof and then take the flag down. It's that simple.

14df5a No.103067

No that will take too long we need this done as quick as possible

14df5a No.103068

I think you are UNDERthinking this

438780 No.103069


this isn't hitman you idiot

cff917 No.103070


why not hire a refugee like i suggested

14df5a No.103071

Well this is gonna go no where if people are suggesting bs

7b8209 No.103072


They will have been told there will be attempts to remove the flag

14df5a No.103073

Indeed, which is why we need the BEST attempt, we cant just try things and expect security not to increase

4f6a4a No.103074

File: fbf46a5d8238795⋯.jpg (87.91 KB, 920x960, 23:24, 1508191124933.jpg)


Hiring a rapefugee isn't a bad idea. They can get away with anything these days in France and Shia gets BTFO'd by the religion of peace

14df5a No.103075

Yes it is. We dont know how they will preform in fact we dont know how any of this will turn out which is why we need a time of day and process to enter of climb the building

14df5a No.103076


98bb83 No.103078

File: 5800a2a14a9d70a⋯.png (129.3 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Screenshot_2017-10-16_23-1….png)


already have been its why im here

someone on irc got perma b& for making a thread

a lot of mass banning IE the whole thread so don't post in threads

14df5a No.103079

Maybe a sunday?

14df5a No.103080

Yeah happened to me too, which is why I made a server dedicated to this

4ae328 No.103081

File: ea768def52d290d⋯.jpeg (13.54 KB, 306x320, 153:160, grapplinghook.jpeg)

File: 43f2c4ec298f415⋯.jpeg (5.81 KB, 300x198, 50:33, dronerope.jpeg)


>Remember tetherball?

Just sacrifice a cheap toy store drone with some string and hook in tow.

>fly drown up to flag

>get string snagged on flag

>fly drone round and round wrapping up flag

>they will have to spend money to send manlift up and untangle flag and remove drown.

The building owner will start freaking out about the liability if people keep comicazi'ing drones in to the thing and make him taking it down.

7b8209 No.103082

Never underestimate what a few homeless guys will do for a few frog snacks

58f306 No.103083

File: 69679ea5aee1f0d⋯.png (3.19 MB, 1868x1504, 467:376, location.png)


at 10:30 pm in france the wind was going 2.3 mph NW.


at 830 pm Eastern, the flag is generally *towards* the camera but is off to the right, so invert that and the flag is pointing to the left of the camera, therefore the camera is more towards West than Northwest

Open up google maps.There is a hotel within this direction

14df5a No.103084

Couldnt we use a drone as a diversion for someone going to steal the flag?

b3d556 No.103086

File: 5d3f4130b297930⋯.png (38.16 KB, 440x500, 22:25, pipa.png)

You are thinking too hard.

Just use a kite with "cerol" as a wire.

Cerol is a miss of glass power + glue + line.

It can cut the rope that holds the flag and you only needs a kite.

98bb83 No.103087


ya know freeclimbing is risky and doing it in a hurry is a sure fire way to fall and die

6407ee No.103088


If anyone has a drone they could just fly it around until the camera sees it and calculate its position from there. If drones are haram in France then even a little RC helicopter could work for that purpose.

14df5a No.103089

who will be there to get the kite?

f6f38b No.103090


Is shutting down the camera a legit victory


b1c17d No.103091


Aaaaawwwwww yeah! Let's give these faggots the what-for, boys!

4ae328 No.103092


No. Then we just lose visibility of the target.

6407ee No.103093


Does it matter though? The camera and flag will blow away (if decently windy) and that itself is a victory. Have another anon or two downwind and it could probably be caught.

6407ee No.103094


Meant "the kite and flag".

4f6a4a No.103095

File: 133e9c91b13c21c⋯.png (508.86 KB, 572x700, 143:175, 1500516100526.png)


If we can't fuck the flag we may as well fuck the camera

8549f2 No.103096




My point is that we just need to have someone assume an identity to gain access to the flag.

14df5a No.103097

No destroying our only picture of the flag would ruin the victory. We wouldnt be able to see it happen that would be B to the A to the D

c946bc No.103098


Agreed. If we can't get the flag, the camera gets it. Shia's project is worthless if nobody sees it.

b3d556 No.103099

File: 18b0ba6e4fd9b00⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 3754x2504, 1877:1252, pipa.jpg)

File: 82d8d83e146c7fe⋯.jpg (106.4 KB, 800x605, 160:121, cerol.jpg)

Behold the brazilian technology that is CEROL


a679dc No.103100


But anon they needed the crane to install the flag in the first place. Even if you get access inside the building you cannot get up to the cupola

See here >>103044 for the only functional plan

8549f2 No.103101

6407ee No.103102


If they've been notified of potential theft, then they'll at least do a cursory credential check. Besides, roof access is the easy part.

6407ee No.103103


Would there really be enough strength from a kite to cut it? What about an arrow with an attached string of this shit, plus someone on the other side of the building to pull it. It seems like you'd need supernatural cutting power to do it with a kite. Hell, why not just a flaming arrow?

4ae328 No.103104


>the only functional plan

The only problem with that plan is the "recover the drone part". Thats how you get caught.

Deploying a cheap drone and wrapping the flag up then abandoning the drone is a safest bet.

If cops show up just drop the remote and walk away.

a35d27 No.103105

What if we dont need to capture it ourselves, but we instead need to get the place to abandon the project!

b3d556 No.103106


A kite hold by a kid can decapitate people on bikes. It is a real problem here is Brazil.

It is powered glass glued to a line, cut like wonder.

c946bc No.103107


That's some scary shit, anon. I like it.

a35d27 No.103108

We just need to do something dusrupting and irritating to them that tells them its about the flag so they can abandon it. Sorta like how when people were constantly trying to get onto the roof by lying to the workers up front and when someone got onto the roof.

cff917 No.103109


fuck that defeatism, people didn't think we could get the liverpool flag

cfd95c No.103110


Call them up nigger , say something along the lines of "hey that flag is a known oppression symbol of Nazi hate" and those cucks will take it down

a679dc No.103111


What do you mean "recover the drone" you fly it right down and take it. Then you can dispose of it if you're concerned over holding onto it.

cfd95c No.103112


Inadvertent sage

a35d27 No.103113

>>103109 It isnt defeatism, its just another way of getting the flag taken down

0c1e52 No.103114


This is just crazy enough to work.

14df5a No.103115

I thought drones were out of the question?

8a47df No.103116


That shit cuts through power cables, it's quite something.

3efa81 No.103117

>>102902 Who delivers pizza in the area?

a679dc No.103118


If you do it fast enough there can be no response to it, the drone of course must of a type that can function in a no drone zone.

a35d27 No.103119

>>103117 Cmon how is fuckin pizzagate going to work here

14df5a No.103120

Ok if a drone files and cuts the line have we worked out who needs to be where in order to retrieve the flag bc the drone is less important than the flag.

c946bc No.103121

File: 984c025afd3fc1c⋯.jpg (63.06 KB, 800x606, 400:303, 800.jpg)


What?! Are you suggesting that we send pizzas to the museum for teh lulz?! MADNESS!

0ff0e0 No.103122

File: 236ce88ff3d332f⋯.png (249.4 KB, 927x583, 927:583, eachine-h8-mini-2.png)

i'm starting to think cheap kamikaze copter might be best solution. i know it's capture the flag, not destroy the flag. but shia is leaving us few realistic options. just get a few of these super cheap $15 pieces of shit from any toy store, set them on fire or strap a cheap weatherproof zippo to them and fly them directly into the flag. again, i'm not usually on the fire/destruction thing but fuck shia and fuck his flag. kamikaze is best quick and dirty solution outside of cranes, infiltration and parkour.

i'm also wondering if he planned for this, we don't know what the flag is made out of. it might have fire retardant material or something in it.

14df5a No.103123

What up

14df5a No.103124

Lel I "wonder who that is"

4f6a4a No.103125

File: 290efa614e1e7a5⋯.png (304.44 KB, 849x647, 849:647, sale et pepe.PNG)


Funny you should ask...

cff917 No.103127


it's a sign

6407ee No.103128

3efa81 No.103129

>>103119 I understand the staff would like to pay for a few hundred, no sauce, no cheese, jalapenos ...

c946bc No.103130


>wondering if he planned for this

He had alot of time to think about this while hanging out in his cuckshed innawoods.

ac5684 No.103131



14df5a No.103132

Yeah but in that sense we wont win, we need to stick to tradition and steal the flag

c946bc No.103133


PRAISE KEK! The memes are real.

4ae328 No.103134


>you fly it right down and take it

Then all the cops have to do is watch the drone and follow it right to you.

Kamikaze'ing the drone in to the flag and walking away is safer. If the operator was out of site they would have no way to know who was running it.

Doing "tetherball" and wrapping up the flag keeps it from flying in the breeze and they will have to PAY to hire a manlift to go up and untangle the flag and remove the drop hazard (the dangling drone). Do that once or twice and the building owner will start freaking out.

a679dc No.103135


If the flag is cut instead of burned or whatever and it's windy that flag is likely to fly away from building instead falling on it. Then it can be recovered where ever it fell.

14df5a No.103136

I agree you must ditch the drone so using it for footage is pointless. If you are planning to livestream from it its gonna cost a lot more than 15$ per piece

a679dc No.103137


You did not read my first post >>103044

in this thread did you, the idea is that you park you vehicle as close to the building as possible you do it during the night and as fast as possible there is no chance of getting caught on spot that way.

2f3b62 No.103138

File: a5427ea8dd063db⋯.jpg (169.9 KB, 555x833, 555:833, 9240_IU_HR_2_project_main_….jpg)


One of these, but really long.

14df5a No.103139

>>103132 How would we find out where it fell its not like satellite is up to date

a35d27 No.103140

Alright this is gonna sound pretty fuckin autistic but what if we got a bucket that swings to attack to the drone and we put something like termites or weevils or whatever eats cloth like that and dump it on the flag

14df5a No.103141

>>102728 *slow clap*

14df5a No.103142

You were right it does sound autistic bc WE are trying to steal the flag not destroy it

4f6a4a No.103143


>use a stick

>38 meters high


8549f2 No.103144

14df5a No.103145

??103138 and how would we do that without being spotted?

14df5a No.103146

>>103145 and how would we do that without being spotted?

6407ee No.103147


Unrealistic from ground level, but from the roof...

14df5a No.103148

>>103138 not even from the ground someone could easily see that large pole even if we are on the roof

cfd95c No.103149

File: 79bc12c8f94a9f6⋯.png (139.6 KB, 894x894, 1:1, IMG_2008.PNG)

File: 0d1b3cbf102f30d⋯.jpg (38.58 KB, 249x255, 83:85, IMG_2036.JPG)



Kek is here.

Drop that flag

a35d27 No.103150

>>103142 From past seasons, it seems that we only took 1 flag and that was in the easiest conditions to do so, and from looking at the rest of the seasons that included flags, it seems that our "at least" goal is to get the flag down

14df5a No.103151

>>103142 Do Kekistanis do the minimum requirement?

7b8209 No.103152

File: 8c80ad234f949d5⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1429x829, 1429:829, S07E01.png)

Here is where the cam might be

6407ee No.103153

Do we have any official numbers on the height of the building?

14df5a No.103154

I thought it was 150m from the roof of something

32f387 No.103155

File: 00be60d4026b6a3⋯.png (705.78 KB, 727x455, 727:455, Gyrorama-05-1100x687.png)

if anybody was wondering how big we are compared to the tower

14df5a No.103156

I am not positive so dont quote me on that

e06648 No.103157




nice find

a35d27 No.103158

I feel like we get these things done better on discord servers, since those are more orginized.

5315a4 No.103159

a35d27 No.103160

here were just naming off unrealistic ideas that we will probs never end up doing

6407ee No.103161

32f387 No.103162


even ezio auditorre would struggle

even with all of the upgrades in the last game

he'd probably jump glitch to his doom, in all fairness

0ff0e0 No.103163


hahahaha oh man. it's a sign. praise kek!

14df5a No.103164

>>103153 That seems more accurate

14df5a No.103165

>>103155 We are trying not to hurt anyone except for like shia and his goons maybe so...

e06648 No.103166

What the fuck is with these fed tier posters who have no idea what they are doing like above

d857aa No.103167

We don't necessarily need to capture the flag. If we cause enough of a disruption to the facility they will take it down on their own like in liverpool.

14df5a No.103168

>>103167 interesting point.

14df5a No.103169

Lel like the people saying Praise Kek the whole time Lel

a35d27 No.103170

>>103167 That is exactly whay I said.

0ff0e0 No.103171


hm. thats true. but who sells a telescopic pole thats over 60 feet long?

f6f38b No.103172


Its good to throw as many ideas as we can think of out there though

a9e5e3 No.103173


we actually did something in Liverpool

14df5a No.103174

So should we focus on capturing or damaging?

6407ee No.103175


Yeah I underestimated the height, it would take a massive ladder if at all. Seems like one of the worst ways to do it.

33c1c3 No.103176


The brits didn't have knives, how could they have done anything other than climb the building? It might have been a much sweeter victory if we claimed the flag for our own again.

14df5a No.103177

I dont think its likely that someone could take down the flag so maybe a drone has to cut the rope and somehow we're going to have to see where the flag flies

a35d27 No.103178

File: 16a740b2626aa67⋯.jpg (19 KB, 500x410, 50:41, FB_IMG_1499315871228.jpg)


Were pretty battle-ready on this Discord so come join

7b8209 No.103179

Focus on the camera. Looks like it is coming from across the street. Narrow down the camera location then we can start messing with whoever owns that apartment

6407ee No.103180


I don't know if we can hope for more than damaging. It would like be a suicide mission for a drone, so I think >>103177 is the most likely.

14df5a No.103181

Same with this discord as well >>103178


4ae328 No.103182


I did read your post. A drone big enough to carry tools for cutting is going to be loud as fuck in the middle of the night and no way your cutting a flag off in only 3mins. Thats going to be a delicate operation that would need live video on board (or spotting gear from the ground) and some precision flying.

Your also talking about doing an illegal act (dressed up as isis?) in a CCTV covered country thats very jumpy about terrorism. Getting caught with a weaponized(knifes? Fire?) drone in an illegal car is a lot different then getting caught with a $30 drone with some string hanging off the back.

And ditching the remote in the storm drain or trash then if your questioned down the road there is nothing to tie you to anything.

14df5a No.103183

??103182 EXACTLY I was talking about drones being to loud earlier, and when someone suggested fake terrorism, I thought WOW autism!

a679dc No.103184

File: d6f698f8949c979⋯.jpg (17.28 KB, 413x395, 413:395, laughts4.jpg)


>fed tier posters

All we need is a toyota hilux and 250kg of tannerite and that flag is going to go down alright, we can make sockpuppet SOME accounts and pretend to be isis members to shift blame to them.

14df5a No.103185

>103166 no.

9242e8 No.103186

Why not use a high-powered laser? Shouldn't a 2W laser be enough to burn that flag?

fe2da7 No.103187


>get drone

>sharpen wings

>cut up flag with wings

>"ceci un accident!"

5479e7 No.103188

fe2da7 No.103189


Not sure if white things catch on fire w/lasers.

14df5a No.103190

>>103187 Again drones cutting things makes a lot of noise and could alarm guards and pedestrians

d857aa No.103191


The flag is white, so a laser will not work very well on it.

9b30d6 No.103192



dress like city workers with clipboards and shit

just doing your job

0cf6b8 No.103193


But what is the reference?

Sea level? Ground? Starting point?

Just go on the roof and start the drone. And anyway, who cares? It's night work.

a679dc No.103195


What kind of cutting instrument are you talking about here, a chainsaw?

14df5a No.103196

>>103195 obviously not but since it needs to be quiet during this performance any noise like that could trigger guards

fe2da7 No.103197

File: f3aebb820316b92⋯.png (117.43 KB, 600x800, 3:4, smug gilda.png)


Who cares, the deed's done at that point now that it's shredded the flag,


Cuckchan, learn to follow a reply chain before you come here.

fe2da7 No.103198


Blades* fuck.

9b30d6 No.103199


it's capture the flag, not burn the flag, m80

14df5a No.103200

>>103197 we dont know how quickly these guards will react

98bb83 No.103201


or if there is any

fe2da7 No.103202


What are they going to do, climb up the entire building to grab a drone? It's already doing a mating dance with the flag and it's blades at that point, there's no point.

14df5a No.103203

>>103201 Based on history, there are guards

5479e7 No.103204


Capture, destroy, or they retreat. As long as it comes down.

d857aa No.103205

if the camera is indeed in an apartment and we can find the apartment building and room number we could

>order food to apartment

>shine IR lights into camera to blind it

>fill locks with epoxy

>get tenant evicted somehow

>if camera is wireless, flood access point

a679dc No.103206


Am i supposed to take your idea of sharpening plastic wings on a shitty few hundred dollar (tops) drone seriously? Surely you jest.

b51207 No.103207

TWITTER " white flag=white power" NOW

a09c84 No.103208

File: 61110564894e236⋯.png (103.87 KB, 463x436, 463:436, 61110564894e236334215c9f37….png)

Please stop messing with the flags, thanks


fed5a0 No.103209


Wifi mitm is stupidly easy. If some half-competent script kiddie gets on the network you could easily replace the feed with meatspin or some shit.

98bb83 No.103210


the flag of france is not a symbol of white power shitlord

14df5a No.103211

we need to distract the guards somehow we may need more than 1 drone or more than 1 human

0cf6b8 No.103212


That could be half the part.

If someone doesn't want to get filmed during the flag removal, one team could be shining a laser at it when getting into camera view (provided they find the location) then get the flag and bail.

fe2da7 No.103213


You might be right, what do we know about the location of the camera ATM?


It might be enough to fuck up the flag, but yeah, it's not really that great an idea. Maybe if you attached a utility knife or something to the wings.


Not really, The guards aren't going to be scrambling up a building for some flag they don't give a fuck about.


Fuck off shia.

14df5a No.103214

>>103212 Do you have a laser in mind with good range?

5315a4 No.103215

cac956 No.103217

File: 3dfb55aad547977⋯.jpg (17.4 KB, 376x216, 47:27, 3dfb55aad54797770e4680579a….jpg)

e4dd24 No.103218

FAGS we need people tweeting out #whiteflagwhitepower to make libs think this is some hate symbol

d857aa No.103219

although a bit pricey, i have owned a Wicked Lasers S3 Arctic (2W) that would do the job for sure

d857aa No.103220


meant to reply to >>103214

fe2da7 No.103221


Fuck that, just hack the camera to display gay porn while they take the flag.

6407ee No.103222


It might work at first, but it would quickly be picked up as a trolling campaign.

fecc7f No.103224

Some 9/11 Truth guy made a one-time cutting torch from thermite which sliced a big steel girder in seconds. If you could get a drone to lift a small version, you could cut the entire pole and grab it as it falls.

14df5a No.103225

>>103212 know anyone who can do that?

e63d02 No.103226

File: d31152e9448870e⋯.jpg (119.3 KB, 1002x608, 501:304, drone from here.JPG)

Drone with barbed wires or hooks to snag the flag and keep it from flapping.

fe2da7 No.103227

File: 0e91a37f725ddce⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 665x574, 95:82, am I retarded?.jpg)




>barbed wire

That should've been fucking obvious, fug.

ab1a5d No.103228

File: 67e6c640cdd6e41⋯.mp4 (201.37 KB, 640x360, 16:9, niggers.mp4)


Here's what we'll do.

>Construct a nail bomb

>Plant it inside the building

>Detonate it

>Buy a drone

>put a lighter on it

>fly the drone up to the flag

>burn flag


Thoughts on this idea?

250dd6 No.103229


>cut the entire pole and grab it as it falls.

Kek, why slice the whole pole with thermite? How about just a drone with remote controlled scissors to cut the rope holding the flag? Then the wind will blow the flag away, hopefully to somewhere where an anon can recover it?

e63d02 No.103230


or razor wire. You slam a drone into it full speed with a foot of razor wire on it. You're shredding that flag.

e63d02 No.103231


just ignite the flag with the thermite

14df5a No.103232

>>103224 we need more than hope to make this..

a679dc No.103233


Honestly landing some type of container on the pole would by far the easiest thing to do. Cutting that flag remotely is going to be very difficult we'd need to have an engineer anon on spot to figure something out.

The easiest thing would be a remotely activated (could start on ground too i suppose just have to watch out where it points at) laser, but one that can cut that flag is not cheap especially one that can do so fast, and it is likely not going to work during wind and it could set something on fire.

I don't think doing anything to the wings is going to be possible good luck and it will just bounce off the flag bad luck and the whole drone comes down.

Using a fixed blade on the drone, i don't know might work if it is really sharp and comes at right angle but very iffy.

I can't think of anything easy after that which wouldn't need some complex custom systems.

14df5a No.103234

>>103231 No we are trying to capture

e63d02 No.103235

Drone with a road flare attached. fly right into the flag

8ea5c7 No.103236

You stupid fucking CUCKS!! Get a fishing rod with some 50kg break strain line and a trebble hook.

Cast it at the flag and rip that fucker down. I thought you people were supposed to be smart.

a679dc No.103237


was supposed to reply to this post fug >>103213

98bb83 No.103238


no we are doing it for the lulz faggot

ab1a5d No.103239


Give a refugee enough money, and I'll guarantee you he'll do it.

a4ebfd No.103240

File: cd4178ee1654f12⋯.gif (5.47 MB, 480x264, 20:11, droneflamethrower.gif)

98bb83 No.103241


this is why china will win wwiii

14df5a No.103242

>>103233 I am not worried about the drone cutting Ik it will, I m worried about the noise pollution it may cause thus alarming the "guards" AND if the flag flies off, the only direction we know it would be in is based off of the cameras, And because we plan "to hack the cameras" how will we know where the flag is?

Then we will have gotten rid of the flag and some cuck may throw it out

0ff0e0 No.103243

File: af643f26e135085⋯.png (891.24 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, correct height.png)

ok guys i figured out the exact height. i wasn't off by much, my original estimation for the climb was 65 feet from the top of the roof, it is actually 79. i wasn't off by too much. but that from ground to roof is 45 feet, as whole building from ground to spire is 124 feet, pic related.

5b1e1d No.103244


Wasn't France the birthplace of parkour? I'm sure somebody will be able to get to it.

18fc40 No.103245

>get mirror

>get the suns reflection

>get magnifying glass

>use mirror and magnifying glass to focus suns light on flag



a679dc No.103246


civilian drone itself is almost silent (electric motor), how many guards do you think there are? this is a small museum if there is even one in a night watch i'd be surprised.

6407ee No.103247


Really I think this is by far the most doable option that some French anon should get to work on. If someone wants to go with one of the more out there ideas, that'd be great, but this keeps it from being potential terrorism and is barely illegal, so cops won't give a fuck. It also makes use of the fact that he put it so high up: even if he wants to remove the container he'll have to use a crane, and then we can just do it again. All you'd need could potentially be one of those cardboard cylinders wine comes in, you could use any sort of drone or RC helicopter since it's so light. With a legit drone you could fill the inside with super glue making it a real bitch to get off.

14df5a No.103248

>>103245 We plan to do this at night.

98bb83 No.103249



b0378f No.103250


nice work anon

90ffa7 No.103251

File: 66767b31364ebcc⋯.jpg (41 KB, 403x638, 403:638, 2014-09-09-gilbert-stuart-….jpg)

One might ask oneself, if one finds it desirable for dispensing of the most expedient methods presently at hand. To this, to those who answer in the most affirmative sense, I say the following: crash a drone into the flagpole and break it off

ab1a5d No.103252

File: f852c0340de67c0⋯.mp4 (920.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, HE'S GOING OVER THAT CLIFF….mp4)

What if:

>find a semi-truck

>steal it

>drive it into a crowd

>buy a drone

>put a lighter on it

>fly the drone up to the flag

>burn flag


Thoughts on this idea?

18fc40 No.103253


Use moon light

14df5a No.103254

fe2da7 No.103255

File: 6b8acd97395bfd9⋯.png (5.34 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


>remote controlled scissors

Too complicated


>some of it falls on the church

>froganon who executed it is fucked


>get a giant black dildo

>hollow it out

>drop it on top of the flag by drone

<shia is cucked by a black dildo

Fucking genius.

0e71c3 No.103256

File: 6159b240835d240⋯.jpg (24.28 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _97164158_billboard4-2.jpg)

Ravioli ravioli discord link pls

14df5a No.103257

>>103255 If you are gonna cuck arround and not help gtfo

14df5a No.103259

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=MKZ70cNDeYU check this out it may help us understand the scaling of the building

060ac3 No.103260

Two alternative options:

Flare gun

Rifle with tracer rounds

Those would be good for taking flag out without using a drone. Can directly shoot the flag from a distance then simply fly a drone up and place a bucket/hat/flag on top of the poll.

Don't do this:

Use a drone with gasoline bucket to cover the flag in gas then using tracer rounds/flare gun to burn the flag. Not a good idea due to gasoline covering the building as well.

ab1a5d No.103261



Here you go.

14df5a No.103262

>>103260 i completely agree with the 2nd part people who were suggesting thought the building wouldn't catch on fire Lel

a679dc No.103263


you don't much about drones do you? what do you think that pole is made from matches? That drone is not an mq-9 mate commercial drones are light as fuck it'll probably weight like 500g +-.

ab1a5d No.103264

File: c55594dfcb7e35d⋯.mp4 (7.12 MB, 474x360, 79:60, cocks on a plane.mp4)





fe2da7 No.103265

File: afeaf784fd6f544⋯.png (151.15 KB, 288x437, 288:437, smugAnubis.png)


Too sturdy


>can't ctrl+f



Anon, I wasn't being ironic when I said that was a good idea. We're putting a fucking dildo on top of the flag

90ffa7 No.103266


JESUS CHRIST under NO circumstances should taking this flag down involve shooting. not that eurocucks can own guns anyways lel get rekt

0e71c3 No.103267



hillarious goy


doesn't realise anons were too stupid not to use single use links, all are expired give me the link

d857aa No.103268

how about dropping a net over the flag?

14df5a No.103269

>>103265 But we aren't no one took that post seriously. We need a way to distract the guard(s) and we need to cut the line and retrieve the flag and dildo wont do that.

0e71c3 No.103270


literally why a net, you can't even spreaypaint a pepe or something onto one

14df5a No.103271

>>103268 And then what?

060ac3 No.103272


Just use the flare gun. Even europoors have access to those. Tracer rounds should be fine tho.

fe2da7 No.103273


tbh it's really up to the frog doing this.


Lame and gay, kys.

fe2da7 No.103274

Speaking of which


18fc40 No.103275

File: ad29710418de02c⋯.jpeg (197.37 KB, 900x900, 1:1, image.jpeg)

Got it!

65a495 No.103276

nice impractical

8edbf6 No.103277

If a frog could get a big enough ladder with some climbing experience, you could easily get onto the roof from the stairs on the side of the building, then have two or so frogs hold a ladder in place as someone makes the climb

It also would help that if the frogs had to run away from police the ladder could be left behind and not traced back to them

060ac3 No.103278



ab1a5d No.103279

File: 9ad151ba246856c⋯.webm (1.66 MB, 700x392, 25:14, HEY.webm)


What's a fraganan

e176a8 No.103280

File: fd4961d68237f7e⋯.jpg (25.96 KB, 600x468, 50:39, Free-Shipping-Plastic-torc….jpg)

Easiest way is to just burn the flag...

Need a french faggot with a drone to attach a jet lighter tp the drone, light the lighter and put the lock on so it stays lit. Fly over to the flag and either burn the flag or the rope holding the flag..

Watch shia cry

90ffa7 No.103281


and when you inevitably miss?

65a495 No.103282

honestly the flaregun is best option atm

froganons listen

060ac3 No.103283


Don't miss.

a679dc No.103284


If the museum has a night shift guard you could call in a pizza delivery at that time. Tbh guards irl are not very attentive most of the time probably wouldn't notice anything even if the guard was watching the flag from a cctv camera screen. Remember if there is a guard the guard is there to guard the museum interior not the fucking flag on the roof.

14df5a No.103285

>>103280 Again, capture not burn and that could fuck up the building as well and that could make things VERY bad

fe2da7 No.103286


Cheese eating surrender monkeys.

0e71c3 No.103287

File: b386ed8545f3d11⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 587x500, 587:500, marinefrance.jpg)


froganon is here

ce5ec3 No.103288

File: 261570dd52869cd⋯.jpg (155.86 KB, 818x818, 1:1, 261570dd52869cdc2874b47615….jpg)

8chan feels so much faster than last season

c946bc No.103289

File: b83c4619a407c3b⋯.webm (877.83 KB, 854x480, 427:240, the flag - Copy.webm)

65a495 No.103290

>>103284 yeah its just private security, 40+ year old fatass normies with no idea wtf they're doing

e176a8 No.103291


Who gives a fuck if it burns not my fucking museum faggot

0e71c3 No.103292


Also still waiting for a discord link that works, anons. Would be nice if we could actually coordinate.

14df5a No.103293

>>103285 A lot of rational people

8edbf6 No.103294

90ffa7 No.103295


>French gunman

>Don't miss

pick one

65a495 No.103296

fe2da7 No.103297

File: cd01a209aaaf72b⋯.gif (2.61 MB, 600x300, 2:1, frog rides a motorcycle in….gif)


Any other cheese eating surrender monkeys here?

65a495 No.103298

>>103297 nah mate i'm in cuntland

ab1a5d No.103299


>buy an automatic rifle

>enter local mall

>open fire on the crowd

>buy a drone

>put a lighter on it

>fly the drone up to the flag

>burn flag


Thoughts on this idea?

bfe9ad No.103300

File: 18f803921e7c8e9⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1211x468, 1211:468, latourlu.png)

ab1a5d No.103301

I got kicked fro the discord for not saying I was kekistani.

14df5a No.103302

>>103299 That could get this frog put in prison for life/ we aren't trying to hurt innocent people we are trying to fight against shia and his goons

14df5a No.103303

>>103301 No you were kicked for not picking a team

d857aa No.103304

non kekistani discord


a4ebfd No.103305

If any Froganons end up taking the flag physically, please replace it with either a MAGA hat, a pepe picture, or even better, an ISIS flag.

0ac073 No.103306

the french can actually be savage opponents when they get riled up, it's just that they've been around a while and are like people who can't get excited by normal sex anymore. You have to basically take their country away and subjugate them before they can get it up.

0ff0e0 No.103307

who's working on location camera location? i think i'm done with all the height and building geometry work for now.

d2dd5f No.103308

File: c546fa224ca3879⋯.png (45.79 KB, 1224x726, 204:121, ClipboardImage.png)

0ff0e0 No.103309


i apologize for my shit typing. i'm so fucking excited i can't string sentences together over all this.

90ffa7 No.103310


this is useful and just making sure it doesn't get buried

14df5a No.103311

File: 9d4d62a3fb9b3b1⋯.png (944.65 KB, 1429x829, 1429:829, 8c80ad234f949d555ff3064c6b….png)

File: 6664b9747c172b5⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1868x1504, 467:376, 69679ea5aee1f0dde181ce82b9….png)


f1a323 No.103312

Has there been any contact with the flag? Like a laser at least?

aad9e7 No.103313


nah the flag must be secured in hand

14df5a No.103314

>>103312 A green light was spotted under the flag hours ago but other than that no

0ab03c No.103315

File: c0945efb1973712⋯.jpg (246.81 KB, 1040x1040, 1:1, DeathStar2.jpg)


>get several burning laser pointers

>have several frenchmen get as close the flagpole as possible

>when the wind dies down, all anons concentrate their firepower on the lowest point, so the flames travel up the flag's length.


I don't know if powerful lasers are legal in France but if they are, we could easily destroy his flag.

bfe9ad No.103316

fe2da7 No.103318


No-one atm, what do we know aobout the location in general atm?

e24b0b No.103319

File: 6916c7391487a80⋯.gif (1008.59 KB, 390x219, 130:73, consider the following.gif)

Personally, I'm thinking the drone is by far the best idea, but all this flamethrower and cutting shit is unrealistic as fuck. Use an adhesive! Just slap something onto the flat! Make contact, and you can fly away! A half-assed wire piece wouldn't even require any remote controls or advanced construction - Just make contact with the flag, unhitch your drone, and abandon it!

Plus, you get to make the ultimate flextape meme!

14df5a No.103320

Ewww. The HWNDU is high and proud rn you can even see the words

9242e8 No.103321


CO2 lasers run infrared and will burn white.

e24b0b No.103322


If this is true, this is pretty genius. Any idea how much a good CO2 laser would be? If anyone takes this route, make sure to figure out the direction of the nearby airport and shine your light AWAY from it.

a3af40 No.103323

Just fly a drone up there with a chainsaw and cut it down.

e24b0b No.103324

14df5a No.103325

>>103323 unrealistic and dumb

bfe9ad No.103326

bucket approach would have a higher success rate

aad9e7 No.103327

File: 7375fb3e158d180⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1362x651, 454:217, niggershia.png)

slightly more secluded stairs around back

746adc No.103328

dress up like a art gallery employee and just infiltrate

0ff0e0 No.103329


not much. just average google map aerial view data. but we're fairly sure the camera is not anywhere in or on the museum itself, the angle that we're seeing the flag at implies it's in another location. even if the camera were on the far side of the building, we'd still be looking at a near vertical shot of the flag, as we now know how tall it is from the roof to it. camera can only be close to laterally parallel on the same plane.

i also believe that they've left the audio off, iff not to deter people saying funny shit from the street, but also because it would give away the fact that the camera is nowhere around the building. if we can't hear where it is, we can't easily target it. shia actually thinks he's smart this time around. during all that cuckshed innawoods time, he must have been sitting around thinking all this shit up. at least this time around he's given us a more logistical challenge.

but fuck you shia, we're all smarter than you.

14df5a No.103330

>>103326 incorrect. Our best bet is to have a dronge cut the line and hopefully we will be able to track where the flag goes but now the question is how ill we track the flag?

0ff0e0 No.103331


gb/2 cuckchan. i saw you over there spamming that retarded bullshit earlier.

a3af40 No.103332



They sell drones with arms now. Send it up there with a turkey carver and have the other hand hold the flag while cutting

e24b0b No.103333


You are fucking retarded if you think you'll be able to accurately cut something that tough, remotely. Bucket or adhesive are the best ideas here.

14df5a No.103334

>>103330 OK you suggest something that doesnt involve autistic buckets

bfe9ad No.103335

File: 756271f94cfbc7b⋯.png (117.15 KB, 514x387, 514:387, whitby-rope-cutter-12539-p.png)


if thats the case, pilot would be fighting that thing till the cord finally lets loose. then there's the factor of losing the drone

d857aa No.103336

could an acetylene torch be attached to the drone somehow?

14df5a No.103337

>>103330 In any scenario the drone is used in we have to let it go if we try to fly it back to the frenchie guards will see right where the drone goes. And then our frenchie will be tracker down and the flag will be rehung

ffd24c No.103338

what if we forge tweets from Shia to Kim Jung Un daring him to nuke the flag instead of the east coast of america

e24b0b No.103339


Any drone we use will have to be abandoned once the deed is done. Land it somewhere on the roof, and lose the controller on your way out of the area.

d006a0 No.103340

fishing hook with multiple barbs on a piece of string, fly around the pole, snare the string around the pole, circle around the pole and bind the flag

14df5a No.103341

>>103337 of course which is why the possibility of the drone not being able to cut quick enough and breaking isnt a problem bc the drone will be abandoned anyway

0ab03c No.103342

what if we put the laser on a drone, then flew it up close? I have no idea how we'd rig the laser to fire, perhaps we just tape it down and fly quick, but mite b cool

14df5a No.103343

>>103342 haven't we tried that before? And no it didnt work

e24b0b No.103344

What the fuck is wrong with the idea of slapping something on the flag with an adhesive? This seems WAY more entertaining and possible than some fucking laser, burning, cutting bullshit.

aad9e7 No.103345


but that's not in the capture the flag spirit

47ff47 No.103346


this is probably going to be the most effective course of action. use adhesive or hooks and tangle the whole thing up around the pole

ffd24c No.103347

File: e183e11f2c9d823⋯.jpg (15.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, c_693_laser3.jpg)

What about projecting messages onto the flag with a cheap projector?

Maybe #Trump2020

Or #Divided

552e27 No.103348

Guys it's not as glorious but there's really only one way this gets done. From the inside. Crowdfund a bribe to get to a member or security employee. Your research should be on membership lists and employee records, not ways to physically take it down.

14df5a No.103349

>>103348 Many have proposed that and I dont think anyone is willing to bribe people with money

aad9e7 No.103350


or get a frenchie to get a job there and nab the flag

14df5a No.103351

>>103350 Obviously but how will the frenchie get it

d006a0 No.103352

get a parkour guy or urban climber to take it down

14df5a No.103353

Humans arent tall enough to reach it from the roof

c613f5 No.103354

I saw an idea on /pol/ of using a drone and PVC pipe to cover the flag, with one end covered to keep it from slipping down below, and the other end with a membrane to hold green paint in the pipe, so that when the drone pushes it down, it perforates the membrane, coating the flag in paint, so that even if the pipe gets pulled off, the flag is ruined.

7b38fd No.103355

I know nobody wants to remember AC: Unity, but it was in France. This is possible.

c613f5 No.103356

here's another Discord: https://discord.gg/GjkdM6

8d452a No.103357


doubt it. it would be a lot safer trespassing on the property than violating French airspace. pretty sure you can get tried on a Federal level for that shit, and the museum is smack dab in the middle of a no-fly zone

ffd24c No.103358

File: 79bd522b9bf8f72⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 634x461, 634:461, 3C571FDA00000578-4142680-S….jpg)

or how about a sky writer once we have the camera location established?

3a8a73 No.103359


Best idea so far

c613f5 No.103360


nah, stream is mute. Even with the volume turned up, it would just be a waste of a speaker.

51b7d9 No.103361


>sky writer

No-fly zone

3a8a73 No.103362


Archery. Use a cross bow with string and mini speaker or weight attached to the arrow. Shoot arrow through flag>>102865

c4451f No.103363

Season 6 was a pretty bad filler season

Hopefully season 7 gets back to canon

572e91 No.103364

You guys will not get our flag this time, nazis.

a06e46 No.103365

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Someone call Lars Andersen

4b1d94 No.103366

Build a flamethrower drone and fly it when the flag isnt blowing for optimal results

3a8a73 No.103367


With the arrow ensnared in the flag and the weight hanging on string below it, you may even get the tetherball effect going

18fc40 No.103368


Stream has no audio

a9e5e3 No.103369

multiple lasers at the same time

d857aa No.103370

Domain Name: hewillnotdivide.us

Registry Domain ID: D56201292-US

Registrar WHOIS Server:

Registrar URL: whois.schlund.de

Updated Date: 2017-03-08T16:34:31Z

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Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-11-10T23:59:59Z

Registrar: 1&1 Internet SE

Registrar IANA ID: 83

Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited

Registry Registrant ID: C58564387-US

Registrant Name: Shia LaBeouf

Registrant Organization:

Registrant Street: 2000 Avenue of the Stars

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Registrant City: Los Angeles

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Registrant Phone: +1.4242882000

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Admin Email: info@luketurner.com

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Admin Nexus Category: C11

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Tech Name: Luke Turner

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Tech City: Los Angeles

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Tech Postal Code: 90067

Tech Country: US

Tech Phone: +1.4242882000

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Tech Fax Ext:

Tech Email: info@luketurner.com

Tech Application Purpose: P3

Tech Nexus Category: C11

Name Server: ns1025.ui-dns.biz

Name Server: ns1086.ui-dns.com

Name Server: ns1058.ui-dns.de

Name Server: ns1032.ui-dns.org

4b1d94 No.103371

File: 23518426cc2e3c9⋯.jpg (6.53 KB, 301x167, 301:167, 2017-10-16-20-43-43-.jpg)

File: acd816b533751a7⋯.jpg (5.18 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 2017-10-16-20-43-56-.jpg)

You can buy a cheap drone at Wal-Mart for like a hundred bucks or however much it cos ts in France. Make a working flamethrower attachment and send it up

0e71c3 No.103372

File: fcec68c8e545f4a⋯.jpg (64.94 KB, 588x596, 147:149, Hol_up.jpg)


american fucking dumb burger faggot we don't have walmart in fucking france you kike

4b1d94 No.103373


Another example of Weaponized autism

4b1d94 No.103374


What do you have then?

e6c5e6 No.103375


avoid DIY flamethrowers

fac6c1 No.103376

Just found out about the new french season

We back on for drones?


4b1d94 No.103377



47ff47 No.103378

I think drones near by an airport in a no-fly zone will be difficult and potentially very illegal. If one wanted to use a really long pole and a manual cutting mechanism, windsurfing and sailing masts are incredibly sturdy. You could potentially build a telescoping set of four 20' windsurfing masts. just spitballing here.

4b1d94 No.103379


Double dubs

fac6c1 No.103380


So many things going on lately I completely missed this whole event ugh

a9e5e3 No.103381


bread despensers

d857aa No.103382

Phone number here for filing complaints with the web host:

Hosting Address: 1&1 Internet Ag, Axel Fischer Brauerstr. 48, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany

Hosting Country: Germany

Hosting Phone: +49 721 91374 0

Hosting Website: www.1und1.de

3fda4d No.103383

Why not just pose as flag inspectors? Or better yet, cosplay as Shia to gain access? How hard could it be?

51b7d9 No.103384

File: 291f2186b425ffd⋯.gif (9.82 KB, 157x149, 157:149, french frog.gif)

I wonder if this Le Lieu Unique got involved specifically to be part of the capture the flag game. They know about the Liverpool incident, they must be expecting some kind of trouble.

d857aa No.103385

If you need to file a complaint, report abusive behaviour or need to resolve a dispute which involves a domain name registered with us, please use our dedicated email address below:

Complaints support@1and1.com

Abuse abuse@1and1.com

Prior to filing your complaint, please browse through our processes:


If you need to file a complaint, please contact our complaints department, who will contact you if any further information is required. The processing time normally takes 48 hours but may vary dependent on each specific case.

If you need to file an abuse complaint, we will contact our customer and keep you updated on any next steps due to applicable legislative requirements. The processing time normally takes 48 hours but may vary dependent on each specific case.

8e5941 No.103386

Discord: mXbUNR

fac6c1 No.103387


If anything it's good publicity. Never heard of the place of before. Now they are on the map of internet lore.

4b1d94 No.103388


That could work. Or maybe just make a jihad drone to destroy the flagpole, ditch the controller ( paint the Isis flag on it) and watch everyone shit themselves

fac6c1 No.103389


Brutal but love it

4b1d94 No.103390


I've gotten dubs twice in 5 minutes. Jihad drone is on

3589c2 No.103391

File: 46d346bd54a400a⋯.jpg (47.41 KB, 820x620, 41:31, Untitled.jpg)

dbf2ba No.103392


I hate you pussies so much. The chans didn't used to be like this. Now, we have people like you who are trying to fight for everyone to obey CNN and the jewish media because they won't like us if we don't obey them (even though they already paint us as right wing extremists and everyone except us who reads that thinks its true).

You do realize that the jews have already won if you obey the media and refuse to do anything the jews in the media tell you not to, right? You are the same as the leftists, shaming everyone into obeying the media. Seriously, what's the difference? They want people to obey the jewish media, you want people to obey the jewish media.

4b1d94 No.103394


>fly drone to flag pole

>drone explodes

>Isis claims responsibility

47ff47 No.103395

File: 528486becb267b3⋯.jpg (170.59 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 528.jpg)


>HWNDU flag gets Truck-of-Peace'd in France

dbf2ba No.103396

Anyone who thinks you will burn down the building by lighting the flag on fire is an idiot. It is so fucking difficult to light a building on fire from the outside. Everything these days is fairly fire-retarded to meet building codes, even old buildings have to obey these codes or else they get shut down. If you think a burning ember from the flag is going to light the outside of a museum on fire, you are fucking stupid.

4b1d94 No.103397

Or better yet

>claim flag is offensive

>France surrenders the flag


7b38fd No.103398


>violently rip flagpole off of old church

>tear the shit out of the roof

>pull sharp fragments of roof and pole through streets

I like it.

c613f5 No.103399


current plan from some frenchies on our discord: cover the flag with some PVC pipe and super glue using a drone, with the Kekistani flag attached to the outside

98e311 No.103401


i've actually owned one of these and they're much more finicky than they seem. it was a 1W spyder krypton IIRC. it's a far cry from the light saber shtick they're marketed as.

first of all, i doubt that flag is made of a highly flammable material, and even if it was, a laser probably wouldn't ignite it. it's definitely a synthetic material. you'd be shining it at the flag from a very long distance and the beam needs to be tightly focused at the STATIONARY point of contact, which brings in a whole other problem. the flag is always moving in the wind. you would need a very calm day to get a stationary point of contact for even a few seconds, it would be practically impossible to get a tight focus at that range, and all it would do is singe a little hole under perfect circumstances.

here's what you could do though. this plan is practically impossible to pull off, but it is theoretically possible.

over a long period of time and taking advantage of the rare calm moments where the flag isn't moving at all, you melt the rope holding it to the flag pole and the flag falls off. assuming the rope is a dark material, that is.

of course this is impossible. everyone on the stream would notice a huge glowing green laser dot and everyone locally would notice too. if you could get the job done in less than 5 minutes or so, it might work, but it would probably take weeks at least.

4b1d94 No.103402


That's actually brilliant. Also checked

47ff47 No.103403

>>103399 (checked)

this is a good idea but

>the kekistani flag

for the love of god...

4b1d94 No.103404



7b38fd No.103405


Bumping the frog's plan

3a8a73 No.103406


Or razer wire gets hooked into flag and drone acts as weight holding it down/tether balling it. Have a combo of several strings with hooks + strings made of razor/barbed wire, fly drone full speed into billowing flag

a73c46 No.103407


So just dress as a muslim and you can go right up to it and take it

3a8a73 No.103408

98e311 No.103410


this is reality, not a wiley coyote cartoon.

3a8a73 No.103411


Have the container have flag of kek unfurl from exterior as the container covers the fag flag

4b1d94 No.103412



fac6c1 No.103413

File: 87b00b5da641062⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 593x446, 593:446, LieuUniqueNantes-Alien.jpg)

Maybe we can wake up that Alien statue they have on display inside

8576e8 No.103414

File: 4de9c7b4c69a025⋯.png (748.88 KB, 5280x4976, 330:311, 4de9c7b4c69a0258604fe662c6….png)




4b1d94 No.103416

Shoot at the flag from a hidden vantage point. The gunshots will spook the frenches and the museum staff. Like back in albequrqe

54b5c7 No.103417


by far the most hilarious route

98e311 No.103418

File: 7922b4ff3b4279e⋯.gif (177.83 KB, 500x411, 500:411, 7922b4ff3b4279efcdf6c62209….gif)


as much as i want this to happen. this would be far more illegal than simple trespassing. you're flying a container of flammable liquid, with an ignition source, over pedestrians on a sidewalk and road.

if anyone does this, be careful you scrub this thing of any traces of DNA, fingerprints, or anything that could trace it back to you because you'll probably end up in prison if you're caught. also be mindful to not hurt any innocent people who might be under it. what if it falls from the sky for some reason and turns into a flying molotov? what if it falls on a car? you'd have to be insane to actually try this, considering the possible collateral damage.

709df9 No.103419

File: 25875066ad4e9ea⋯.png (385.33 KB, 900x500, 9:5, razorgun.png)

File: d652961b0e78510⋯.png (1.25 MB, 953x699, 953:699, Screenshot_7.png)

here are the pictures I've created for this project so far

6bd626 No.103420


Actually a decent idea of getting it on but it could simply be removed. I suggest by adding some sort or paint or ink inside of the tube to ruin that flag even if it is removed.

8e5941 No.103421

Join in on the planning Discord: mXbUNR

c613f5 No.103422

With this new season, Shi's committed the seven deadly sins.

season 1, wrath: He was wrathful towards Trump, so he started the protest

Season 2, Greed: He didn't pay the locale, so it got shut down

Season 3, gluttony: He bit off more than he could chew with the new flag idea, and paid the price

Season 4, Pride: He liked this idea too much to change anything but the location

Season 5, Lust: He missed having us around, and wanted us to be face to face to him again, even if it was through a cabin

Season 6, Sloth: The idea was lazy, just a flag taped to a wall.

Season 7, Envy: Shia missed all the attention since he was in jail, so he shut down his friend's idea and started up with the flag polls once more. Because of this, I think we should honor the sins and paint on the pipe vertically,: "7 seasons" on one side, and "7 sins" on the other.

d2dd5f No.103423

File: 8d36b10ee017734⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1000x999, 1000:999, 1476077816956.png)



>Or leave a picture of Pepe in front of it.

This is what I'm saying, we need to think deeper on this one.

The flag is almost unreachable. We could literally just put something annoying up there and force them to bring the crane back.

4b1d94 No.103424

He will nut inside us

9242e8 No.103425

File: cb40d542976465d⋯.png (119.08 KB, 386x429, 386:429, wrongtrump.png)

8e5941 No.103426

54b5c7 No.103427

File: 0d7e7caae589161⋯.png (14.15 KB, 790x170, 79:17, kek.png)

98e311 No.103428

File: 6dffe7967327ea2⋯.png (35.53 KB, 1094x816, 547:408, october 10.png)


another important addition to this is to add some kind of weight to the bottom of the tube. it will be hard to get it onto the tube with the wind blowing, but also the flag bunching up and the resistance caused by sticky epoxy will keep the tube from sliding down over the flag. it might even barely get onto the pole and then fall off.

18fc40 No.103429


Nice link

8ea5c7 No.103430


The bottom needs to be a cone shape so it self aligns.

c613f5 No.103431


What type of tube we talking? Cardboard or PVC pipe? Cardboard will definitely be too light, but PVC should be good enough that it doesn't sway too much.

54b5c7 No.103432

54b5c7 No.103433


8" PVC is heavy as fuck, you're not going to be able to haul that with any standard drone

98e311 No.103434


yes that's also a good idea but it's not going to seat properly unless either there is some added weight or the tube is heavy enough on it's own. or it's wide enough that bunching wouldn't be a problem. the original schematic was 8" tubing but i'd shoot for a foot wide if possible.

98e311 No.103435


if you use a wide enough tube, made of a light enough material then the flat bunching and causing improper seating won't be a problem.

bfe9ad No.103436


acrylic maybe in this case?

its a brilliant simple idea

9242e8 No.103437


Remember to le upboat other good reviews.

d2dd5f No.103438

File: ecbf4adae0dfebb⋯.png (243.99 KB, 800x612, 200:153, kork lightning.png)



Just use Outer Heaven IE the hwndu wiki place


54b5c7 No.103439


8" PVC is 5.39 lbs/ft

12" PVC is 10 lbs/ft

c613f5 No.103440

File: 7032ca7af4ce0b4⋯.jpg (16.62 KB, 248x191, 248:191, 1508215125-1508214797-intu….jpg)

From a frenchie

18fc40 No.103441


>replace flag Pepe

But the French will just eat it

bfe9ad No.103442


with a pin pull lock.. oh that'd just be devious

d2dd5f No.103443

File: 7ce3fe42e8dd284⋯.png (131.28 KB, 600x642, 100:107, 8pol.png)

Drone + magnet with a pepe thing on it.

Since this all about envy, simply having a thing there that triggers him will give us the results.

98e311 No.103444

File: 7fd2910406d827b⋯.png (36.26 KB, 1094x816, 547:408, april 9.png)


also this is also super important. regardless of the tube you use and how heavy it is or what it's made of, you have to chamfer and smooth the edge that will be going over the flag. remove anything that will cause resistance. sharp edges rubbing against bunched up fabric is going to cause a lot of resistance.

98e311 No.103445


it has to be a pain in the ass to remove. epoxy on the flag is one thing, but if the epoxy holds well enough, they may even have to remove the pole and replace it. the pole is probably covered in dirt so probably not, but who knows.

0177f5 No.103446

A drone equipped with some cutting tools and a team to seize the flag once it lands could do the job

d2dd5f No.103447


Everything is a pain in the ass at that height.

aa73aa No.103448

File: 7b56fc1df535dc2⋯.jpg (110.4 KB, 1076x720, 269:180, HWNDU Creed.jpg)

I don't have photoshop and this is shit, so you fags can go ahead and try on improve on it.

0177f5 No.103449


38 metres isn't too bad

2236e5 No.103450

File: 626513a471ee4cb⋯.png (775.2 KB, 798x810, 133:135, HERE.png)









Ok here is the winner:

Spread this around on R&M boards in France. Spread rumors that 'McDonalds' or some e-celeb is gonna be giving them out gratuit/free.

aa73aa No.103451

0680f9 No.103452

File: 2879a8bf2ae0353⋯.jpg (111.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ScoobyDoo_Magnet_1024x1024.jpg)

After talking with the guys on Discord, some of us quickly drafted a new plan. Here's the first sketch of Operation Mystery Machine.


The op will consist of three teams, as follows:

-Red Team, consisting of a drone pilot and a spotter.

-Blue Team, alone driving a van..

-Yellow team, consisting of two to three people.


1) Red Team and Yellow Team get into position: Red Team in some place high up and a little away from the building, Yellow Team across the street, Blue Team waiting around the corner with the van.

2) Red Team touches down with the drone, signaling the start of the op. Blue Team turns around the corner and pulls up.

3) Yellow Team hook the lasso to the drone and then to the van.

4) Red Team pilots the drone and lasso's the flagpole.

5) Blue team puts pedal to the metal and pulls the flagpole down.

6) Yellow Team unhook flag from pole, Yellow 1 departs with the flag while the rest of the team unhooks the rope from the van

7) Once rope is unhooked, Yellow Team taps on the van's side to signal for departure. Yellow and Blue teams get the fuck outta dodge.

Any questions?

151787 No.103453

File: 634a9dd5a81302c⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1885x1051, 1885:1051, I have objections.png)

afee80 No.103454


I have a question. what kind of dangers do you think a heavy spike falling from 100ft might pose?

afee80 No.103455


if you have access to a drone, this >>103414 is a better route

98e311 No.103456

File: a79e2c4e8024c76⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 306x335, 306:335, a79e2c4e8024c76c1d08826e97….jpg)


some muslims might get impaled

a1da75 No.103457

Someone should just go during the night and shoot it with a paint ball gun or something. Generalized vandalism to the flag or the building it self will cause them to take it down.

3706d0 No.103458

File: d92322fb17f8e67⋯.gif (331.5 KB, 500x281, 500:281, e2fa9bbd4aad50d49db60c5c31….gif)

Hier wird kein Leben zerstört!

d78c06 No.103459

>get swastica and other offensive flags

>march though street near where the flag is

>also include HWNDU flags in march

>place thinks it's something racist, gets exposure in teh news

>they take it down

54b4f2 No.103460

Simple. Hire some immigrants to take the flag in the dead of night, supply them with 2 ropes with pre-knotted sections and a loop at the top.the first one gets them onto the roof.

The second one lassos the flagpole so they can grab the flag. Supply them with scissors and extra rope. Bingo.

aa73aa No.103461

File: 84bf8ef46660a85⋯.jpg (111.91 KB, 1076x720, 269:180, HWNDU Creed.jpg)


Ah, what the hell. I went and redid it myself with GIMP.

3589c2 No.103462


good work anon

9cf0a1 No.103463


>Not "Assassin's REEEEEEE"

0680f9 No.103464


Doesn't matter what you do if you get caught, it's a stint in jail for vandalism either way. Go big or go home.

aa73aa No.103467

File: 26afb60c7cd2d19⋯.jpg (125.03 KB, 1076x720, 269:180, HWNDU Creed.jpg)


Still not great.Polished it a bit more. This is about as good as I'm gonna get it. Anyone who can make it look better is welcome.

158951 No.103468


someone get one of these and tape a razor to it


that'll cut it down.

c16780 No.103469

File: eb74ba762422f46⋯.jpg (268.96 KB, 1078x720, 539:360, assassin's hwndu.jpg)

Here's my version

f3dc63 No.103470

File: a291e1ef1a31c77⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 564x438, 94:73, Closetpepe.jpg)

greetings, I was just told by a wise person that if someone were to shoot paintballs full of kerosene/gasoline at said object, hit it a few times and then shoot a baby mini flare gun at said object, said object would ignite in a nice vicious flame.

aa73aa No.103471


See that's better than what I could manage. Think it's better to say "Reclaim France" as the first thing, though.

5ffc8e No.103472


french grammar is wrong

should be "je suis pickle rick!!!!"

prob not perfect but better than the equivalent of "i'm it's pickle rick!!!!"

ac3910 No.103473

File: 5cc439d892b30e5⋯.jpg (81.13 KB, 1071x547, 1071:547, Screenshot_20171017-171555.jpg)

File: 25a5ee0594baca4⋯.jpg (369.34 KB, 810x2466, 45:137, Screenshot_20171017-171719.jpg)

File: 1d91101c18a461f⋯.png (2.51 MB, 1080x1652, 270:413, 20171017_171510.png)

Ok what ive got regarding camera location

Accuweather says Nantes winds are from the SE.

The flag was blowing from right to left, perpendicular to the camera.

Therefore camera is situated south west of the flag if accuweather is to be believed and accurate.

Also if the french anons are going to do what they said it might be good if we get our lazors and ddos the stream or website while theyre doing their op? Just a thought.

058185 No.103474

File: 2f3d441c5761ff2⋯.gif (8.5 MB, 720x540, 4:3, s4blCsU.gif)

Perhaps take a cheap drone, load it with some cheap explosives, and alluah snackbar that bitch?

5ffc8e No.103475


Or rather "J'suis Pickle Rick!!!"

or just "I'm pickle rick!!" is known in france

for your viewing pleasure...


71baee No.103476


that could damage the building and give luke/shia proof that we are fucking completely crazy

aa73aa No.103478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Where is Sogeking when you need him?

8943ab No.103479

0680f9 No.103480


And autistically calculating commercial plan fight trajectories, weather patterns, star charts and honking horns wasn't proof enough?

98e311 No.103481

File: f3ce620e1c14556⋯.gif (1.27 MB, 480x360, 4:3, watermelon-of-pain.gif)


paintballs aren't something that just anyone can manufacture in their garage. it would be easier to just fill some water balloons with gasoline and launch them from a big slingshot

058185 No.103482



the building is pretty

f3dc63 No.103483


I've seen a lot of stupid things over the years on the chans, but this sir was just about the dumbest thing ever. Oh wait, thanks for baking new bread!

158951 No.103485

Guys, perhaps we're going about this all wrong

why don't we take the camera this time?

60ba72 No.103486

058185 No.103488


Why don't we just hack the site?


0bdb81 No.103491


I don't think that gen identity cares.

f3dc63 No.103492


HH. They tried that the first time, it's too hard and what not.

158951 No.103493



checked, shrek'd, kek'd.

that would make him seem like a victim. no need to give another child star with a midlife crisis a reason to feel victimized.

f3dc63 No.103494

Hey, what's the bump limit on /hwndu/ friendos?

6bd626 No.103495


Their domain expires in a month, you could try and buy it.

98e311 No.103496

File: 6ab4f019f8028fe⋯.gif (1.84 MB, 268x200, 67:50, giphy.gif)



no. don't settle for less, and don't try to convince us to give up like you

058185 No.103497

File: 7dafbcbc23202bc⋯.jpg (54.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1492542446964.jpg)


Aw c'mon, the dude already feels victimized over fucking french fries.

Is there anything new with him on the cinematic front? Something to exploit for laughs, like a premier or filming in progress?

aa73aa No.103498


Isn't it like 750?

969244 No.103500


it is 750

158951 No.103501


not that I know of.

I'd love to ask him how he liked his part in the latest transformers. :]

f3dc63 No.103502

File: e0ceba8413a2547⋯.png (263 KB, 500x308, 125:77, gasolineballoons.png)

What do you guys think? Imagine it took 40 gas filled balloons to hit it, end up burning down the block. Probably just better off to buy green paintballs and paint it green.

058185 No.103503


>Giving up

>not realizing the potential in expanding to different areas

158951 No.103504



Tho I still wanna screw with his stream, I miss the museum.

864704 No.103505

aa73aa No.103506

File: 04067fa22042e24⋯.jpg (70.67 KB, 596x496, 149:124, Infinite rustling.jpg)


>anons can't decide

>do all three

6ea4a2 No.103507


That last line doe

>"...closely connected to reality."


f3dc63 No.103508


That's a sign, reminds me of the night we heard frogs croaking when trying to geo-locate the flag in TN.

98e311 No.103509

File: 2ba561ccd001b96⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 271x278, 271:278, b94.jpg)



>Season 8: Zimbabwe

>Season 9: Iraq

>Season 10: the lowest basement floor of the library of congress

>Season 11: the top of the freedom tower

>Season 12: Pyongyang

>Season 13: baloon hovering in the stratosphere

go big or go home

058185 No.103510

File: f901ecc535c107f⋯.jpg (173.79 KB, 1280x728, 160:91, 0cdd53cc230e9dda51e8474d3e….jpg)


Season 14:

the 4th Dimension

9aa996 No.103511


maybe add an upside down funnel at the bottom so it can drop onto the pole more easily, also add paint to the interior so it gets on the flag

d8839a No.103513

File: 7e905a760e855a8⋯.jpg (552.54 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 1504779632289.jpg)

feels bad that there hasn't been a HWNDU for australia :(

98e311 No.103514

File: e40a71e95fea49c⋯.png (176.89 KB, 548x410, 274:205, b866cb02585bef6deb0838dce4….png)


>Season 15: time travel is introduced. the flag is now on the roof of building 7 of the world trade center on 9/11/2001.

we have 1 hour before the planes hit

969244 No.103515

File: 89c31200a3f22d4⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1343x786, 1343:786, 453edu.PNG)

Everyone is over thinking this whole thing. No drones.

Just a ladder and a frog who is experienced in climbing.

aa73aa No.103516


>assassin anon scales building and takes down flag

>camera suddenly removed by another anon

>site hacked

>replaced with image of Pepe and Shadilay on endless loop

98e311 No.103517

File: 05adc1c17ecf1f6⋯.png (6.32 KB, 129x127, 129:127, f6e.png)

058185 No.103518

File: 66815f9b3e676e0⋯.jpg (140.87 KB, 1169x684, 1169:684, starchild-2001-space-odyss….jpg)


>Season 16: Shia; being literally cucked out of reality, has become the B-list Starchild, requiring us to literally find the monolith that is the HWNDU flag

864704 No.103519


it's an Italian food & pizza shop just down the road from the biscuit museum / hobo squat warehouse that has taken pity on shia lecuk

> https://youtu.be/e9x7GdOR8hI

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Lieu_unique#History

>Shortly after the building of the tower, the staff as well as builders adopted the Jewish word 'Shadilay'. This term was coined by the company for only a brief period before it lost value after the Jewish head of staff died in 1998.

rly makez ya think.

98e311 No.103520

File: 9993cf6d84709c2⋯.gif (3.05 MB, 360x203, 360:203, 908d05ad-801a-459b-827c-4e….gif)


that might just me crazy enough to work

f3dc63 No.103521

File: 867f092f125083a⋯.png (362.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, dokiVomit.png)


>>Shortly after the building of the tower, the staff as well as builders adopted the Jewish word 'Shadilay'. This term was coined by the company for only a brief period before it lost value after the Jewish head of staff died in 1998.

>rly makez ya think.

We broke something during the great meme war of 2016. Its things like this that make me nervous.

aa73aa No.103524


A not-so-subtle anon added that today.

864704 No.103526

File: da48b4f046622fd⋯.jpg (220 KB, 1417x1071, 1417:1071, 2d855864-4b80-4f0a-806f-06….jpg)

File: bb23e7aace141a2⋯.jpg (87.5 KB, 900x1312, 225:328, 358-180dpi.jpg)

File: d285c69a8f1a66b⋯.jpg (196.74 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 71hlD1QGZqL._SL1500_.jpg)

864704 No.103533

File: f930aaa05f746f2⋯.jpg (309.17 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, IMG_0104_QXU.jpg)

ca46d4 No.103534

This may be too simple a thought, but this is Europe. If Shia has a right to negotiate putting a flag on as an "art" or protest, who says that couple of anons can't go to the authorities and register a legal counter-protest "performance art" and simply get a permit to hire the same fuckin' crane as Shia and just in plain sight, under police supervision replace the flag with a french flag with a tiny kek flag in the upper corner? Could double as a French nation patriotism stunt.

864704 No.103538

File: 03b4799c86c6eed⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 640x426, 320:213, IMG_3739.JPG)

File: d391dad05f00d2a⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, butterkeks.jpg)


check 'em, in case u think i'm just ranting, look at this m8s.

> The Leibniz-Keks is a plain butter biscuit, or Butterkeks as it is known in German, inspired by the French Petit-Beurre created in 1886 by Lefèvre-Utile. The word Keks in Leibniz-Keks was originally a corruption of the English word "cakes" by Bahlsen. Due to the popularity of the Leibniz-Keks, Keks has since become the generic German word for a crunchy, sweet biscuit.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leibniz-Keks#Name

if u are looking for some in the States or Leafland, check Aldi

> https://aintfoundagoodtitleblog.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/aldi-chocolate-coated-butter-cookies-cafe-bistro-food-review/

1bf30f No.103541

How did season 5 and 6 end up? Are we losing our edge?

0680f9 No.103543


Season 5 ended with Shia arested after a drunk altercation at some bowling alley or whatever.

Season 6 ended with anons destroying Luke by pulling the oldest trick in the troll handbook: ordering pizza.

d2dd5f No.103546

File: 49354afdbf34616⋯.png (288.38 KB, 600x865, 120:173, DPT.png)


I give you, the meme that will never end.

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