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File: 7832bc16c94b2f5⋯.jpg (226.35 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 506d07acc6a65de03d75837f74….jpg)

04b10a No.97541




All the other threads end up flooded by comments and people watching the stream.

If you are watching the stream and want to comment, go elsewhere or make another thread.

This will be the most difficult task to day this board encountered.

Lapland is 100,366 km2, and we have so much less information about it's location because we don't get to see the outside.

Every idea is can be useful and should be disussed, but without noise in the chatroom.

After two weeks of doing this, the amount of info and ideas will be so overwhelming that if all of our thoughts are divided among different threads and drowned in comments, data will be lost, ideas go unnoticed.

We need to have a ==NO FUN ALLOWED== thread dedicated to narrowing down his location.

Do not even discuss here what to do when we find him. Anyone reading the thread should be able to get only the good stuff.

All other comments, jokes, memes, questions that are unrelated or not contributing should be avoided.

04b10a No.97545

Reposting from the other thread:

First off we start with some assumptions. We can't be for sure that he's not lying to us. We have to first verify he's in Finland. He claims he's in Lapland, but does that mean he can be in Sweden too? It's mind-gamey but it's shallow enough for an idiot like Shia to think it'll work. Also we can't assume that he rented from a public renter. He could be using a friend's hut or he could've built one specifically for this purpose.

Probably the best way to go about this is to start looking at all the possible places he could have rented out publicly. We need someone or a group of people to start working on a spreadsheet which contains all the possible names of locations he could be, along with those locations' coordinates.

The most informative information will be sunlight. Sunrises and sunsets can tell us how long the day is thus where he is in terms of latitude. Local weather patterns will also be useful when we narrow down the possibilities further. Also when it's high noon there will be less sunlight directly shining through lateral windows. No matter where you are in the house, the light in the house will drop when it's high noon. We can use this to pinpoint his longitude. We can at least verify that he's in Lappland using these techniques.

Sunrises and sunsets are also very prolific and tend to show shadows of outside scenery. If he's in a forest we'll know because of the sunset.

While the sunlight might be too exact to tell us exactly where he is in terms of exact coordinates, we can at least narrow it down using sunset/sunlight shadows, and trying to approximate high noon (since that is a more resolute phenomenon than length of day) Also if it's a public mokki then the place should be booked for the next month.

If we can even narrow down the thousands of mokkis in Lappland to a hundred or two, we can start to generate areas of highest likelihood. At that point we can perhaps employ honking techniques and ground troops like we did in season 4.

Some people were also talking about hijacking stream metadata. If you have any experience with networking or any skills that could be useful for this post in this thread or join the discord immediately. Even if we could hijack some phone signals or whatever from one of Shia's cohorts anything is a lead. Some people are considering launching a DDOS on his stream. It won't be very hard considering he's probably hosting it himself.

We will of course need plenty of finanons. If any of you righteous motherfuckers are willing to contribute stay tuned we'll have jobs for you soon. We could possibly even crowdsource some funds for you to travel if you have nothing going on. You'll be the most important part of this.

In fact anyone can contribute. The more we provoke Shia the more likely he is to make a slip and give us a lead. Tweet him, email him, call him, do anything that will drive him insane.

Godspeed you glorious bastards.

1d6229 No.97547

Read a thread, nerd.

Shia gave the coordinates. Unless those are proven to be false (I don't think they will), there's no hunt.

dc5ee5 No.97551


Stop shilling the fake coordinates

04b10a No.97553


I was just going to talk about that, I was looking for them.

>Unless those are proven to be false

We need to verify that they are the true coordinates first, and this thread is for that.

If some finnanon wants to go to the coords, I do not oppose.

What is on those coords? I can't find them

2a5963 No.97557

File: 0c50e2b714724a6⋯.png (380.32 KB, 443x750, 443:750, shialol.png)

not sure if its fake

8d3855 No.97566


all day yesterday shia was saying he couldn't give away any info, even point the camera outside because fascists are trying to find him

and now he gives away his coords?

seems false flag to me, unless he had a sudden change of heart overnight

if that is real we would at least be able to find that message on the official stream archive

872f41 No.97568

File: 0fda58c21a117ab⋯.png (45.33 KB, 811x789, 811:789, LocationSapmi[1].png)


>. He claims he's in Lapland, but does that mean he can be in Sweden too?

Yes pic related is the whole of Lapland. But it is most likely in Finland, assuming that Nastja Ronkko arranged the whole thing.

Tin foil hat claims of resident schizoids that they are in the museums basement or similar should be disregarded.

DDOSsing the stream is a stupid idea in my personal opinion.

8d3855 No.97570

we need a better way of archiving the text messages coming from shia and co

ideally raw text with timestamps, but getting the text out of the video would be hard i guess

maybe a script that took regular timestamped screenshots? I have no idea how to do this but sounds possible to me

872f41 No.97573


Obviously fake - their responses text is centered

2a5963 No.97575


sorry yes, I see that now

bb8dcc No.97604

Said in other threads but might be good to add here:

They supposedly have only 8 hours of electricity per day. Some say they have a generator, some speculate solar panels. Did they actually state they are running a portable generator outside? Reply to this comment if you know more.

Either way, they are off the grid. No power, no phone line or fibreoptics. GSM or satellite to connect to Kiasma. Obviously no running water or plumbing (they're using outhouses). This knowledge can be used to rule out some of the rental cabins.

The stream started on 12. April and ends 14(?) of May. Use these dates if you go through cabin reservations via sites like





The reservation might have begun a few days early just to set things up safely before streaming started.

04b10a No.97616



it's 100% fake man.


>He would never say

it's bullshit

>He doesn't get there by helicopter

Why the fuck would he know the coords in the first place. Do you really think he just took his phone and look up the coords? If so, he would have posted what comes out of google maps or something, not that well formatted shit

>The text

it's obviously fake, it doesn't have any compression noise by the cellphone camera

04b10a No.97617


I've seen so many people archive the stream, I'm sure on of them must know how to get the captions

457cba No.97621

Apparently (from the other thread), no cameras are allowed inside the cabin anymore.

fe8b37 No.97625

File: 9fc10e6d21e5473⋯.gif (36.22 KB, 679x604, 679:604, cirno smile gif.gif)


Just take a photo from outside w/ zoom

ea4a80 No.97626

File: 9c81c46cdcb4a17⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1306x744, 653:372, 1492089817934.png)

File: 85ddf860986bce7⋯.png (1.07 MB, 937x588, 937:588, 1492088399916.png)

I've seen two possible locations so far found on half chan based on rental data. Have they been disproven?

da5f7e No.97629

How's the internet infrastructure there? Could you disrupt service to specific areas while he's streaming to determine his location?

04b10a No.97630


stealing the flag was also not allowed, the thing is how much time can an anon film before being removed

We need a good, clear HD shot of the bakground wood

Wait for them to leave for a moment, and take a pic the best you can.

I think it's the least we can do, in case we find pics of a matching rental

47f92e No.97631

not sure if this really helps but worth a share, from ronkko's (the girl) instagram


eb2d8d No.97634

How about this:


Shia said something about being close to the tundra, could he have meant tundrea?

Its also in Käsivarrentie.

bb8dcc No.97637


The first claims that the brown sofa is the same as the gray reindeer hide covered chair Shia uses. And claims the unpainted chairs are the same as the chair that is painted white that Luke uses. An similarity of wood paneling doesn't mean much. Standardized paneling used in thousands and thousands of cabins and villas around Finland. It has not been debunked because it doesn't need debunking.

It was reserved from 12th of April onward according to the screencap but about a hundred other cabins have been reserved beginning from around the time streaming begun. We cannot just go check them all. This cabin doesn't deserve priority over others of similar plausibility.


The latter is based on the fake coordinate drop in >>97557

It's just someone trolling Finn-anons to waste fuel and go on a wild-goose chase. These cabins are just as likely or unlikely to be Shia's location as any others. Sure, there's three of them, which is probably why the one who photoshopped the fake photograph used that coordinate in particular. Too bad he failed to pay attention to centering the text instead of aligning it to the left.

I would say, that these overhyped BS images need to go die in a furnace. We should probably browse cabin rental sites but limit the criteria on both beginning and end date of reservation. Otherwise we'd get too many results. And we'd probably still get tens of results even if we use several criteria to rule out clearly false ones.

c157cd No.97639

Anyone have dox on Mr. Security? Being able to distract him or call him away with something like a faked family emergency could be incredibly useful (eg, creating an opportunity to pick open and explore the hidden door in the wall).

47f92e No.97645

0a1795 No.97647

File: dc016f329b811dc⋯.png (384.42 KB, 433x460, 433:460, shailacuck.PNG)

Doesn't that wood look really thin?

Maybe he's in the south part of lapland.

e7440e No.97649


The post if from 2016, although it is intresting though

6f0e0d No.97652

File: dd442418773e856⋯.png (462.57 KB, 1063x618, 1063:618, just do it.png)


Usually when you rent a mökki, you only do it for couple of days, or a week, so it could be hard to find one you can rent for 4 weeks. I checked this portal, and they have only two you can rent for such a long time.

0a1795 No.97653

File: 5684b5fdea6c972⋯.jpg (267.06 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12070693_970272909686335_4….jpg)

File: bfadf039adc5c1e⋯.jpg (160.49 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 12106177_428896990646097_2….jpg)



nastja commented 'swanlake' which sounds like a name. I looked up 'swanlake lapland' and I found

https://www.laplandthemagazine.com/hunt-for-the-green-october-auroras-in-lapland/auroras_over_swan_lake/ and



Both link to rovaniemi, finland. HE MIGHT BE THERE

0a1795 No.97654


wait it's a false flag, he was there 77 weeks ago

47f92e No.97662


While this is 77 weeks old there might be some sort of link between this and the sheds. I took another look and realized the location of the photos is stated on the instagram page (under her name on the photos). You can click them and get a piece of a map as well as more naming. The area seem to be called "Rukatunturi"

2ab690 No.97665

Could we possibly mark the locations they talk about on a map and see if there is an area they avoid mentioning?

Sounds a bit dumb reading it back to myself, but maybe if there is an empty spot on the map it might give us something?

6cdc56 No.97677

File: 3545cd70d5b9dd0⋯.png (920.76 KB, 1250x929, 1250:929, laplandcabin.png)

Just to expedite this- here are the only words that match up in that post, but I don't speak the language. Is this a vacation spot -or the general area of a family owned cabin?

t. mono-lingual burger

783e27 No.97678


Could we ask the other two participants if they know their coordinates as well? I would imagine that as this is something set up by an institute or whatever they would actually give them that information in case they ever have to contact emergency services and get airlifted out or whatever, so if we can prove that the other two are on the level then maybe what Shia said is true.

6cdc56 No.97679


I know -I know. Maybe just visiting a park -but there's a chance it's a spot Ronkko visits regularly?

eb2d8d No.97681


Its a national park. I don't know about Finland, but camping/living in a national park is not allowed in Sweden except for reindeer-gypsys

6cdc56 No.97682

File: 93747ce4f3b420f⋯.png (167.72 KB, 764x807, 764:807, lapland weather.png)


That matches their supposed weather better than northern lapland.

6f0e0d No.97684

File: 5dcf33d6779df31⋯.png (121.29 KB, 670x753, 670:753, fmi weather.png)



Jesus christ what a pussy, few snow flakes, the weather has been unstable in the whole country today


6cdc56 No.97689


I wouldn't rule out the paneling completely, provided we get clearer picture in the future -wood grain is like a fingerprint. It would at least keep them from switching cabins, so it should be documented.


City to city snow coverage isn't very accurate in my area either, but we may be able to eliminate a large area by finding the places that recorded 0-snowfall.

Also, yes. Everything is cold to Cali people. They wear jackets at 60f.

4057c1 No.97699

File: 4571cb749133b23⋯.jpg (67 KB, 800x534, 400:267, riekonkieppi.jpg)

File: 58a1d8cf2c7f575⋯.png (30.45 KB, 846x467, 846:467, Riekonkieppi_calender.png)

Don't know if this is already known here so pasting from the finnish board.


She lists a bunch of towns she has lived in and the ones of interest are Kittilä and Tornio, both in northern Finland.

Someone said that this cottage renter is friends of Nastja Rönkkö:


They found this one cottage called "Riekonkieppi" at Näkkäläjärvi (Lake Näkkälä) that has been unlisted from the site as I understood it, but someone was able to dig out the reservation calender and it's pretty close to the supposed streaming event length. Stream ends 14th and the cottage is reserved until 13th.

5a7af6 No.97707


Fake and has been debunked.

The text is not centered and is to the left. Therefore some shill 'shopped it.

13dbb7 No.97709


obvsly they themselves said that they can't tell their location but that there is a lot of green around like woods.I think it's somewhere in video thats called "shia talking with chan boy"

fb9fca No.97712

Guess I should say some finnanons are going to Lapland on the 14 to check out 68.606455, 23.580080 if you have more cords you want them to check out send it here and i can send it to them

13dbb7 No.97713


here at 9:28 says lot's of nature around


0c9aad No.97717


Note that Shia says "nature" and not "trees" or "forest". He could of course just keep the conversation intentionally vague, but if he said nature instead of trees it could mean he's sitting somewhere far north where trees don't grow anymore due to the cold

c157cd No.97718

File: b494ff19bd60a99⋯.png (455.88 KB, 757x566, 757:566, PiPoE-new.png)

There's been talk of an unguarded router in the cuckshed.

Assuming this is true, it would be possible to install a microcomputer (like a pi) with dynamic DNS configured to host a VPN. This could be powered by PoE (Power Over Ethernet), which is available for pi through a small add-on board.

What this would do is essentially provide remote access to the cuckshed/museum's local network.

c157cd No.97719


Additionally, other devices could be combined with this to increase its utility. One example that springs to mind is a usb mic, if there's one small enough (like a modern wifi dongle).

I'm not sure what else could be useful while still keeping the overall device size small enough to be concealed.

6cdc56 No.97720

File: fde1c1d209a6f5c⋯.png (795.41 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, shia'scucksign.png)



Better not rely on the museum because-

>they are in full control of the info going out to the kiosk- misinformation probable

>there is no way to put the conversations in context (pic related)

1d6229 No.97721


he did say forest at one point

c39a3f No.97723

We need to go to the museum and use "Nmap" and find the direct stream IP.

e8ef60 No.97724


It could be they've just been planning this since then.

13dbb7 No.97725

6cdc56 No.97726


Planting something -or screwing with hardware is going to be James Bondian task. They have someone watching the front constantly, and apparently the place is crawling with cameras. >>97725

f66484 No.97727


i could write a script in nodejs, but this could take me about 12 hours max. also i would need a live feed with matching transcripts styles to test it.

d10549 No.97728


We're gonna have to tap into the cameras.

63775c No.97730

Is it possible to find Nastja's friend's facebook/twitter account and see if he is clucking about renting or meeting a washed up movie star?

c39a3f No.97731



This could be to use: https://www. youtube .com/watch?v=gMNgfzU7OME

c157cd No.97732


I heard it was in the cuckshed itself. Perhaps this was incorrect, but if it's in the shed itself, it should be fairly simple to install and remain unnoticed. Just use core principle of magic and scams - distraction + subtlety. Have something else going on while it's being planted and then bend down to "tie your shoes" or something while you slip that thing out of your sleeve and pop in the cable in the ethernet port.

bb8dcc No.97734


This assumes (again) that Shia ever released his coordinates. He did not. It was a photoshop. Shia never said it.


You do know that park is 50 miles long and 25 miles wide? It's not a trivial job to just visit the place to outrule the possibility. It would need to be done by foot (skis) as there wouldn't be that many roads across a national park. There would be numerous open-for-all laavus or unheated cabins to cater to park visitors, most of the not accessible by car. I'd skip it. They wouldn't set camp and carry a portable generator 10 miles into the woods to create electricity to a permitted camping location.

There are lots of rental cabins just north of the park, though, and they're accessible by roads.

And there's a second set of more luxurious cabins at Saariselkä (they cater to a skiing center). They are on the electric grid, though, but can we trust them when they say they have only 8 hours of electricity (whether generator with limited fuel supply or solar panels). They did likely "color" the amount of snowfall quite a bit. "2 feet" of new snow? HAHAHA! (see >>97684) Pussy-ass bitches. Though it could have been that they weren't lying intentionally, just exaggerating because it's a new experience to some of them.

63775c No.97740

640710 No.97755

Why not call up the museum, introduce yourself as a culture-journalist and you want to do a piece on the art-installation and talk to the three participants?

People are stupid, i doubt the museum in Helsinki of all places has geniuses in charge.

bb8dcc No.97769


Even if they were dumb, I doubt they'd go completely against the idea of the exhibition itself. They wouldn't reveal locations to the media.

If you part of their support team, they would be more positive about you visiting them. But if they pretended to be supplying them with 50 extra liters of gasoline for their generator, they should suspect you if you actually have to ask them where they are.

i.e I'm not convinced their location can be phished via so obvious means. The only people they'd collaborate would be whose who the need to collaborate with, such as posing as a police officer who has an international warrant for Shia's arrest or interrogation. Posing as a police is however a crime that gets you actual jailtime.

We have lenient laws on stuff like trespassing and even have a concept of jokamiehenoikeudet that grant rights to move through other people's land, pick berries, mushrooms, and conduct fishing, or set up a tent, etc., all without permission from the land owner as long as that land is not in immediate vicinity of an inhabited building. That means we have freedom to roam all across the countryside, although using motor vehicles on private road can be limited by road owner as well as the right to use snowmobiles on private land and outside publicly open snowmobile trails. Although free of legal risk, searching for Shia manually is practically extremely time consuming due to vast land area that would need to be searched. That said, searching for Shia can be a fun past-time for some Lap-anon with nothing better to do. Still, the plausible locations should be made into a list.

Would something like this be a good means to keep an up to date list of possible locations:


It's free for all to edit so people interested in editing it should copy-paste all contents to local notepad from time to time because it would likely be blanked of by some shilling cuck, like that one Bee-fag at some point and would need to be restored.

That way we wouldn't need to repost long lists of cabins over and over again on the thread. Just add a new line if you find a highly plausible cabin (I added Riekonkieppi into it, just to make an example).

1eb493 No.97775

File: d5bb75299a650e1⋯.jpg (255.98 KB, 1600x1144, 200:143, Finland.jpg)

Found some of Nastja's facebook friends who have the same lastname and doxxed.


670f36 No.97785

Here's a retarded idea that requires three burgers

>Have three anons go in on different days

>Camera anon fucks up cameras somehow day one and never returns

>Hacker anon and Distraction anon go in at desperate times

>Hacker anon dresses as a cuck to minimize detection risk

>Distraction anon goes in and spergs out

>Hacker anon does what >>97732 says during so

>If anyone is arrested, they can go to the American embassy​

bb8dcc No.97791


Nice. Although I would hope people wouldn't waste the possibility to properly phish location info from relatives (who may be less prepared for phishing than museum staff) and just go harass them by phone randomly and without goal. After they've received any harassment calls, they'd be less likely to succumb to much more beneficial phishing attempts. Also, they're bystanders so nothing really to gain from making unplanned phone calls. One should not waste a great opportunity doing anything unplanned.

7edaa4 No.97794


>if there is an area they avoid mentioning?

>empty spot on the map

This might be very useful, but hard to apply.

But we could use a variation of that:

see >>97677

We can start marking places on the map using whatever info we get from them.

Start asking about cities, places:

"Oh, Lapland, nice! My granma is from Rovaniemi. Do you know it?"

"I own a house down the lake near the [impossible to write] National Park, we go there with my kids two weeks every summer"

"Ah, yeah wheather is shit sometimes there. You are probably flying throught the Ivalo airport, and I had a terrible experience..."

Depending on the response, we mark the map with:

Green: They know the place (they've been there on their way up north, or arrived into that airport, or are near, etc)

Yellow: Getting uncomfortable

Red: Honestly seem to never have heard about it.


We also need to know if they are near each other.

Ask Ronko "When this is over, you are going to give the guys a tour on the mountains, aren't you? Or are you very far apart?"

7edaa4 No.97795


Can we find out about the laws in Winland?

898304 No.97798

File: 3c02815ce680258⋯.png (399.67 KB, 800x547, 800:547, HWNDUS5_old_photo.png)

We have a couple finnanons agreed to wireshark their network. Hopefully it's WPA and not WPA2.

Additionally, anyone with experience cracking hashes? I'm basically a script kiddie when it comes to this shit. If I have to I'll DL john the ripper or something.

OC meme.

7edaa4 No.97799


>Note that Shia says "nature" and not "trees" or "forest"

We really need to narrow down the flora and fauna

Do not ask so much shit to Shia. Focus on the other two.

"Aren't you afraid of passing bears?"

"Do you cut down your own firewood?"

You can try and scare Ronko into telling a vague location by trying to give her advice and warning about bears, maybe in fear she will answer in what area she is to know if there are spurdo bears

898304 No.97800

1 hour 30 minutes until sunrise over finland.

898304 No.97801

ecf75d No.97802

Another way of determining the general area of the cabin would be to look up cell network coverage maps and try to determine where the cabin could be or could not be located. From Wikipedia:

>2G Data Transmission Capacity:[3]

>With General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), there is a theoretical maximum transfer speed of 50 kbit/s (40 kbit/s in practice).

>With EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution), there is a theoretical maximum transfer speed of 1 Mbit/s (500 kbit/s in practice).

>In market implementation, 3G downlink data speeds defined by telecom service providers vary depending on the underlying technology deployed; up to 384kbit/s for WCDMA, up to 7.2Mbit/sec for HSPA and a theoretical maximum of 21.6 Mbit/s for HSPA+ (technically 3.5G, but usually clubbed under the tradename of 3G).

I'm not sure how much the livestream requires from Shia's connection, but 2G seems like it might be too slow for streaming. Can any network experts verify this? Here are some operators websites where you can check a map of network coverage:


https://www.dna.fi/kuuluvuus-ja-peittoalueet (Click the "Avaa kartta" button)


bb8dcc No.97804


That's BS at least when Finland is concerned. You are not allowed to camp outside of camp sites but within camp site inside national parks, you can camp freely. Some camp sites have laavus, some place for setting up tents.

Even though legal, I'm doubtful that they'd camp at national park cabins as the cabins they are heated and looking relatively comfortable (laavus are open to environment, only heated by keeping a campfire). Also, they wouldn't want to carry a power generator, fuel and a month worth of drinking water and food many kilometers from the nearest road.

i.e I think national parks are out-ruled for reasons of pragmatism. They plan to stay for a month, not just overnight. Legally speaking there might be no problem, though, as long as they follow rules regarding nature protection while inside the natural park.


http://www.finlex.fi/en/ for English

http://www.finlex.fi/fi/ for Finnish

Also available for Swedish but fuck the Swedupetterit.

7edaa4 No.97806


Who is up to paying the fee for a month straight just to ask about the weather?

4440ec No.97807


>but 2G seems like it might be too slow for streaming. Can any network experts verify this?

Yes 2G/3G would be to slow.

But like I said in the other thread they could be using Ka/Ku satellite for the video feed OUT of the woods and then using 2G/3G for the text questions back to the woods from the exhibit.

Ku sat

>Video: cabin in woods--> exhibit

2G/3G cell

>Text questions: exhibit--> woods

b42ff6 No.97809

I am willing to drive to Lapland, from Helsinki if someone can give me waterproof evidence of his location

7edaa4 No.97810


Also on top of all, keep track with timestamps of what they said if possible. The info will be more understandable to the anons because we see it mixed up, but we could still use the references to go back into it to catch subtleties on how they say it with more info we gathered later.

bb8dcc No.97811


To add to previous, the most relevant part of Finnish law would be Rikoslaki (The Criminal Code of Finland). Other laws tend to deal with minutia.


Jokamiehenoikeudet (Everyman's Rights) are not codified into law but are still followed by principle that what is not explicitly prohibited is assumed lawful, especially when related to wilderness.

7edaa4 No.97812


just don't fall for the "Shia gave out the coords" bullshit

Go when there's a fucking map up

898304 No.97815


Don't do it yet anon we don't know where he is yet

82a9f9 No.97816

898304 No.97817

Autismo prepared to do the math to find luke if you anons give me sun angles at noon and sunset.

898304 No.97818


Why aren't we claiming that?

8261d6 No.97819


what if we act like we did to fuck with him in to going insane?

bb8dcc No.97820


Fake as FUCK! The image is an obvious photoshop and the article claims Puosuniva to be his location (yet the cabin in that photoshop isn't even Puosuniva).

Puosuniva's "resembling" chairs aren't the same as Turner's chair in the stream. Close but still different (in shape and color). DO NOT DERAIL us with shit articles.

b42ff6 No.97821

I am aware of that hoax. Waiting for proper info that can be supported

7edaa4 No.97823


How much trouble would all this stalking Shia would get you in Winland?

Just spending a month doing intel on him to go knock on the door and just say hi and take a pic?

This must be illegal in some part of the world

7edaa4 No.97824


Make a thread about this.

It might be useful for other anons who are willing to go, idk





ok, let's drop the subject and keep on topic like OP said. Make a thread

bb8dcc No.97826


I don't think MOST of that would qualify as a crime in Finland. We don't have laws against knocking on doors (some people wish we had due to Jehova's Witnesses). Taking a photo into a private area (inside a cabin) is a violation of privacy so either don't do that, or vacate the area after you have the proof.

Shia would get a harsher sentence for punching you that you would get for blasting Shadilay outside his cabin for a day non-stop (distrubing of peace is a crime but you'd more likely be told by the police to GTFO rather than be actually fined).

b42ff6 No.97827

>>97824 Yes.

7c3a04 No.97828


Pine trees, some snow and hill somewhete close by. Could spot some reindeers no and then. Doesn't rule out much at all.

What we coul do is try to figure yhe orientation of the cottages from sunlight, but even then they're usually aligned towards one cardinal direction. 3 southward aligned cottages isn't much if half of the cottages are also southward. And on top of this we really only see one wall and have to guess which way the door is if theres windows at multiple sides.

7c3a04 No.97829


If you broke in and started screeching and playing shadilay, if he assaulted you it'd be way more serious for him. He's supposed to call the cops and have them deal with you. Too bad it can take several hours for police to get there in lapland. Your home is not your castle in finland.

bb8dcc No.97838


They won't be cutting their firewood. You are from a city, right? Because you sure appear totally clueless. You don't cut down a tree, then make them into shorter pieces and slice them with an axe immediately. You let them dry over a year. You don't burn fresh wood.

They'll have premade firewood. (Although they may need to chop them with an axe to make smaller pieces for starting up a fire that has gone out to help ignition.)

I also believe most Finns know this, even if they lived in electrically heated house. It's common knowledge... probably. Dunno about residents of Helsinki. They are detached from reality anyway.

Also: Rönkkö is a girl who has lived in Lapland. She's likely to be less of a wussy than the other two when it comes to wilderness, even though having a vagina. Don't expect Rönkkö to be the first to cave in by scaring them with bears.

Bears hibernate through the winter. They do wake up a few times during the winter temporarily, and wake properly in the spring. I don't know if the fact that springtime hasn't really reached Lapland yet affect that. There's not much food for bears yet, but they probably cannot wait much longer to get something to eat. They'd probably get out of their caves about this time even in Lapland. In southern Finland, they have obviously done that already. While Lapland is still snow covered, the amount of snow is probably reduced to the point that bears can hunt for moose & deer. They might also be pretty pissed off while hungry.

Still, I don't think you can truly scare Rönkkö by mentioning bears.

dfda8d No.97840

I still think trying to get information from anyone the 3 of them have spoken to recently or find info through hacking any of their social media somehow. Also figuring out who Shia's talent agent is and finding contact info and act like an interested entertainment company or some other party to get info on Shia. Another route could be maybe figuring out any contractors that have worked with the Art installation to make the cabin. There has to be a paper trail somewhere. The museum may have a weak link somewhere, email account or something that would give a lead.

bb8dcc No.97842

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you actually were to break in to his cabin, I'm not sure who'd be worse of. I mean... he's the Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf, after all.

This is gradually derailing outside of the topic. To return closer to the topic, just tracking him down and knocking on the door to verify is perfectly legal. (Breaking in is obviously another thing.)

Let's not discuss what pranks to do to him. Finding him comes first. Just finding him will not be illegal. We are not in the "free" America where you could be charged with trespassing. Trespassing is pretty much an alien concept to us Finns. So rest assured, no legal harm will ensue for just scouting if the scouts don't go further than that.

bb8dcc No.97867

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Contractors for Kiasma cabin wouldn't know anything about the cabin(s) they've rented from Lapland (assuming they even are in Lapland but we can suspend theories about Kiasma basement hoax or "they are all in California" for this thread, and open separate threads for alternate theories - just to keep focus pinpointed on one route of investigation for effectiveness's sake). The cabins in Lapland are pre-existing, not constructed only for the purpose of #ALONETOGETHER. A cabin alike what's in Kiasma wouldn't keep you aline in Lapland. They do use rental cabins, or cabins provided by their associates (friends, relatives, hidden sponsors, etc.). This is a near certainty.

There's also no guarantee the museum itself knows where Shia stays. They do however know of the protocols the use to access the streams even if they don't know where the cabins are. Whether it's satellite or GSM, the IP locationing is rather inaccurate or completely off. (Tampere region point all the way to Helsinki for example, where as IP location for a hardline internet access can be pinpointed within 1 km.)

It's almost 6AM already here. I'm going to sleep. Can't wait to see everything that has happened while I was asleep. Our operation might not be as prompt as Liverpool but at least we won't be fucking it up. Or I hope we won't. There's always a chance some total retard makes a bomb threat to Kiasma to ruin all fun for everyone involved. That would totally suck. I rather like the good-natured trolling and this scouting game involving the hidden location(s). So see you guys later. I'm out (for a while). Let this be a Good Game.

833d05 No.97869

bb8dcc No.97879

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm not asleep just yet. This is SRS BSNS Thread. GTFO with off-topic.

7edaa4 No.97887


>They won't be cutting their firewood. You are from a city, right?

I know it doesn't work like that, it's just a random question to get them to mention anything about the sorrounding area. Just a poor example. Thanks for the insight on woodcutting, I really am a city person.

The question might have sounded strange to Ronk maybe, but I'm sure Shia and Luke wouldn't have found it that strange that a finn knows shit about firewood.

Scaring ronk with bears was pretty idiotic I guess

1b25fd No.97893

File: cbe5ac30dd92053⋯.jpg (241.69 KB, 970x768, 485:384, VHYUAihr6dJcCMbNtpLO9qXTKr….jpg)

Found this pic floating around halfchan. Can anyone do some fact checking before we announce confirmation?

ef529f No.97894


I saw that too


The issue here is that we need someone to confirm. We didn't get the flag house right the first few times, we found it after getting the vicinity. We need contact with a Finland anon who can go there on foot and honk.

1b25fd No.97895


We need all FinAnons to report in and mobilize immediately. Shills browse halfchan threads on the reg, they may be onto us.

ef529f No.97896


Shills browse here. That bee faggot.



Actually if they're talking via text we can't use ambient sounds such as honking.


Get the anons we have that the museum and have them monitor Shia and them. Call the police to the house so if Shia leaves to go talk to the police we'll know it's confirmed.

1b25fd No.97898


Simpler plan: anons use binoculars to look inside the windows of the suspected cabins. Judging by the video feed and the claim of "no electricity", there must be some ambient lighting. If anons see someone wearing the same clothes as shia/luke/ronkko in the cabin sitting at a table, it must be a match.

482014 No.97899


You could order pizzas or something, instead, if it's not too remote

513161 No.97900


>Get the anons we have that the museum and have them monitor Shia and them. Call the police to the house so if Shia leaves to go talk to the police we'll know it's confirmed.

That's illegal, mane.

This operation has to stay above board.

Does anyone have a good explanation of the technology they have set up to communicate?

If we can compile a list of IPs in the area, we can try to correlate data.

Or, if someone can figure out how the kiosks are programmed, I could really speed this up.

I watched some of the video, and it seems they have no internet aside from the stream, but there is a mic and camera in the museum. So, hijacking siri won't work.

d5d0e3 No.97901




This is already been covered.

1b25fd No.97902


>That's illegal, mane

So is trespassing on someone's property and stealing their flag. Hasn't stopped us before. Won't stop us now.

24de7d No.97914


is there aven a flag any longer? anyways you could just walk to tho door, and knock (preferebly in a pepe or some other green furry outfit), he would have an instant meltdown, webm that, and... profit

035bfa No.97915


if you don't need Doppler level accuracy this sight is p good for cloud cover. If anyone has any met questions feel free to ask

>t. atmos physics student


d5b910 No.97924


>rovaniemi, finland

That's maybe a 40 minute drive from where I currently am. Any solid evidence it's the place, or just speculation?

034e0d No.97925


Just speculations.

Do you think you can go there and loiter for a bit, to check if anyone of the trio is present?

513161 No.97929


>So is trespassing on someone's property and stealing their flag. Hasn't stopped us before. Won't stop us now.

That was a single op though.

Planning a criminal conspiracy online is a great way to get your discussion shut down. That's why I only roleplay at this.

269c45 No.97946

If trolling Shia is the main goal here why find his cabin? I mean I understand you could prank it and such or physically shut down the cabin connection with a snip of wires. But to me the easiest and most infuriating thing is just to disable communication between Shia's cabin and the Museum and for that all you need to do is hack the museum. Someone said there was a router in the museum cabin well you could easily attach an SBC device to that router (Pi/Beaglebone/etc.) and become a new network on the existing network. Or if that's too high tech for local anon I presume you have access to a large Neodynium magnet. Just go into the cabin and set that magnet under the router. Goodbye connection and it will take them days to probably figure out/replace the router.

269c45 No.97947

Without a communication between museum and cabin his end of the art-experiment is over and he'll be forced out of his cabin in the woods.

034e0d No.97948



I appreciate (and agree), but this is finding shia and only that.

269c45 No.97952


My bad.

The cabin pictures look like mini townhomes. Wouldn't they have individual internet access. Wouldn't a tracert from an ip address get you at least the isp in the area and from that a possible way to dox the info?

I guess if the video feed in the museum is just pics then it could be a cellular transmission which would be a much larger area to find him in. But if it's all hardline it seems tracking him digitally is easier than trying to do it physically, no?

06b018 No.97953


That is pretty cold though

t. Aussie

06b018 No.97954

does anyone have any pics of the stream in shia's cabin

what does it look like in the inside

034e0d No.97955


There are some videos on youtube but cameras are forbidden now.

06b018 No.97956


Is there any screen cap of the inside

034e0d No.97958



There are more detailed pics of cables and stuff.

d5b910 No.97960


I can't really leave the house for long over the next few days (can't really explain why without doxxing myself).


Any substance to this? I can walk to Tornio easily. It's a town that's small enough so that there's plenty of space around for private cabins around the exterior of town, but large enough for shopping malls, nightclubs, fast-food and any other desirable things a movie star might not be able to live without.

What's the rules he's living by? Does he leave the cabin at all?

Also, he mentioned somewhere it's only 4-5 hours dark at night? He's either talking shit or way, way north. The sun rises here at about 5am and sets around 8pm currently.

71cb94 No.97968

dividers, has the possibility of them all being in a hotel with cabins? I mean, he's definitely not telling the truth this time about his location. Why should we look for him where he wants us to try to find him? I've been lurking around since day one but haven't seen somebody mentioning this.

IF he is at a hotel, he doesn't have to worry about many things (laundry, food, internet access, etc) and we can find good pictures of the insides of the cabins as well as corroborate with Finn/Anons that may have family staying at the same hotels.

any ideas where to find these hotels besides tripadvisor/booking?

bc2dcf No.97973

3f5cfc No.97978

Maybe the best cause of action here is to leave Shia alone and let his paranoia work for 30 days. See if he lashes out at people without any involvement.

034e0d No.97979


Could very well be, but still, this is not a suggestion thread: strictly find shia.

502fe7 No.97983

Have food delivered to all the suspected locations at different times. You'll have to have an anon present viewing the stream. The anon can confirm the location when Shia gets up to answer the door. You can have a different food delivery service deliver there again if you want to reconfirm the location.

b6132d No.97987


>preferebly in a pepe or some other green furry outfit

I'm tired of Pepe

Winland merits irl spurdo posting, come one

If you are austistic enough, start spurdotalking

beniss :DD

d1f419 No.97988


Best idea so far.

b6132d No.97991

File: f9ca87e189075bd⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 320x237, 320:237, Bush_baffled_small[1].jpg)


>Have food delivered to all the suspected locations at different times

My life keeps taking all these strange turns...

Now I'm considering delivering pizza to the artic circle.

b6132d No.97994


It's easier to work on his paranoia when he knows his location is public and will spend the last 20 days paranoid about every strange noise

dfda8d No.98056

File: 3689f97d88459a4⋯.jpg (11.95 KB, 203x249, 203:249, imagesJAK74X8Z.jpg)


This is a pretty good idea, if we have several teams of people doing this we could knock off a lot of possibilities for locations. FINNS WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU CMON!

502fe7 No.98066

Update to my food delivery idea:

If there is a large number of suspected locations, we can speed up the process by dividing them into groups (let's say 5). We can test a group of 5 locations at a time until Shia answers the door. When he does, we will have just 5 possible locations. Then, we can test each of the 5 locations individually until we finally eliminate all except 1.

Remember, the caller should ask for the ETA or how long each delivery will take. If the longest delivery time to a location in a group is an hour, wait an hour before ordering deliveries to the next group of locations. This is to avoid getting our groups mixed up.

Also, the anon viewing the streams has to go undercover. Don't compromise the operation by shit-posting or trolling at any time. I know it's tempting because this will require lots of patience and dedication (as autists, we have short attention spans). Interact with the "artists" if you have to, but be friendly and try to blend in with the normies to maximize the amount of time you're allowed to monitor the streams. Keep backup on standby if the museum limits the amount of time you're allowed in the cabin.

2e88d3 No.98067

What even is there in the way of law enforcement in Lapland?

502fe7 No.98075

What we should do when we get there:

This requires serious ninja skills. Hide a speaker outside his cabin and blast either noises or music to cause a distraction (Shadilay would be hilarious, but it'll also make things obvious. It's up to you!). Then, sneak inside his cabin and get on stream when he goes outside to look for the source of the sound. Of course, place the speaker away from the direction you'll be entering.

Have someone at the museum recording the stream. Even if recording is not allowed, there are ways you can still record conspicuously, such as crossing your arms and pointing your phone's camera at the stream. The anon at Shia's cabin can text the person at the museum upon arrival to prompt the recording.

What you do on stream is up to you (dancing while wearing a MAGA hat and/or Pepe mask would be ideal). Be prepared to put up a fight when he returns. Your best weapon might be a camera if he tries to do anything to you off-screen. As you start filming him, he'll pause for a moment. That'll be your cue to run.

Finland, we're relying on you. Please, don't let us down.

-Food delivery anon

4b7476 No.98119

File: e02fc75c38f01c5⋯.png (284.19 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-01.png)

File: b5b64e42fb89636⋯.png (306.38 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-02.png)

File: 8e9b05f2706a2af⋯.png (188.5 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-03.png)

File: a6a77d1a8c410c1⋯.png (126.7 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-04.png)

File: 7e11f020f80080b⋯.png (631.82 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-05.png)

Datafag here. I think I just solved all your problems.

4b7476 No.98120

File: 204f20d59f4d5d4⋯.png (304.47 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-06.png)

File: 323cd4c65c08d85⋯.png (161.1 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-07.png)

File: 80b89915e94cf19⋯.png (168.59 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-08.png)

File: b6460ae1b8dcd98⋯.png (166.53 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-09.png)

File: b500fa543ff7d7e⋯.png (298.47 KB, 1241x1755, 1241:1755, glw-10.png)


Part 2

4b7476 No.98134

4b7476 No.98135

File: 970d4ce30c3eeca⋯.png (326.81 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, ECC-01.png)

File: eb5df7e717fcc88⋯.png (386.44 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, ECC-02.png)

File: 696186632e64180⋯.png (406.6 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, ECC-03.png)

File: b07415ff9baffd6⋯.png (378.46 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, ECC-04.png)

File: e181222028a397e⋯.png (294.8 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, ECC-05.png)



Come on guys, work with me here.

4b7476 No.98150

File: b2fdbeaf237ebc2⋯.png (471.49 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, LetThereBe-1.png)

File: 44c82da63567811⋯.png (569.38 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, LetThereBe-2.png)

File: b7ce84ae45360c5⋯.png (645 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, LetThereBe-3.png)

File: a7eb90a391f6e9a⋯.png (452.15 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, LetThereBe-4.png)

File: 2b3eac35e36038e⋯.png (512.21 KB, 1275x1651, 1275:1651, LetThereBe-5.png)


>The most informative information will be sunlight. Sunrises and sunsets can tell us how long the day is thus where he is in terms of latitude. Local weather patterns will also be useful when we narrow down the possibilities further.

>Also when it's high noon there will be less sunlight directly shining through lateral windows. No matter where you are in the house, the light in the house will drop when it's high noon. We can use this to pinpoint his longitude. We can at least verify that he's in Lappland using these techniques.

I got you fam.

111f45 No.98174





NIce, but we need to get the cabin stream first

861f22 No.98179

File: 699c81f539b4ba2⋯.jpg (179.56 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13741029_1143709142339385_….jpg)




2016 iz only 4 monthz into the past. reposting pic for archiving.

the comment on her post sez

>Lucky in Urho Kekkonen National Park

according to jewgle tranz.


it's only an hr drive from Inari where cuckz claim cabinz to be near.

4a6257 No.98180

the scientific papers about some vague webcam studies people are posting are useless, there's no outdoor camera, and we don't (yet) have the raw shia feed.

9c20c0 No.98290

File: 372acd7826415e4⋯.png (465.39 KB, 1107x846, 123:94, billnye.png)


And like I said in the other thread, there are ways to devise a data driven attack vector, even if it's not as simple as "get the webcam".

a1270e No.98324

File: 56c19f933265b60⋯.png (771.33 KB, 1199x786, 1199:786, 56c19f933265b60823e36de626….png)

Help me out here

Did they fuck up the screens' ratios?

Why do the two guys look wider?

e7ca77 No.98325


angle the pictures taken from methinks

1ba0d8 No.98327

File: ec9362e24743f0c⋯.jpeg (346.81 KB, 800x534, 400:267, riekonkieppi.jpeg)

File: 00fbf6c4f316f93⋯.jpg (62 KB, 451x581, 451:581, thirdwheel.jpg)

File: 022570f53f23433⋯.jpg (45.19 KB, 1394x103, 1394:103, dos.jpg)

File: 96f669444e320b3⋯.jpg (35.2 KB, 898x120, 449:60, uno.jpg)


Turner is in this cabin. Thickness, colour and bevelling of the logs is consistent.

This archived thread over at halfchan has more info http:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/120920024/this-new-project-is-already-getting-softly#p120932150

e8ac71 No.98328

File: 2680de169099c26⋯.jpg (382.52 KB, 1052x1402, 526:701, 1c59ebc20463e7f0.jpg)

10 invites bois


243ee5 No.98330

File: 72ef4029cde3820⋯.jpg (236.57 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Turner's new place.jpg)


Hate to break it to you but Turner has changed his location and so has Nastja. Not sure about Shia.

1ba0d8 No.98332


Or there could just be a different looking wall somewhere in the same cabin. The best information we have at this point is that Turner is at Riekonkieppi. I would assume Shia is not too far away.

243ee5 No.98334


we have checked out more Riekonkieppi photos on Näkkälän Eräpalvelut's fb page and all the interior walls looked the same (as in the promo pics and pics from earlier this week)

We have also had two Finbros scouting the Näkkäläjärvi shores and premises without any results.

1ba0d8 No.98335


Post the photos from fb please. I went through their page earlier and couldn't find any of Riekonkieppi.

243ee5 No.98336

File: f8a7b2ba2bd028a⋯.png (45.04 KB, 482x60, 241:30, they_changed_location.PNG)

This implies that they have changed their location yesterday as some of us were already suspecting.

243ee5 No.98338

File: 9fd6b1c68946c8e⋯.jpg (124.52 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 26274_110445008991595_5446….jpg)

File: d1ecadf3687e086⋯.jpg (88.79 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 26274_110445022324927_4642….jpg)

File: 54bd4725ffe44d9⋯.jpg (89.54 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 26274_111428848893211_2478….jpg)

File: 3f9fc2c57448eb2⋯.jpg (80.32 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 26274_111428858893210_7404….jpg)

a1270e No.98340



This means we hit the jackpot with one of the places?

the OP pic couldn't be more spot on.

So, tell me quick, which of these pics are the latest one: >>98312?

a1270e No.98342

File: c61b79a170462c3⋯.jpg (191.66 KB, 672x710, 336:355, HWNDU mughsots.jpg)


ok, forget it

I made a thing

e62aa9 No.98345

File: 6f2bca2a66ff2fc⋯.jpg (41.45 KB, 1032x581, 1032:581, 20170415_153511.jpg)


Seems like something happened at one of the cabins before the day they offline (yesterday, pic related).

I forgot to take in a lot of the evidence, since I didn't consider that they could be important. It was mostly some tweets.

This change is part of the evidence >>98342 >>98324

along with this >>98336

It's the smoke, (but not exactly the smoking gun) that makes it seem like yesterday's break wasn't actually planned.

435622 No.98358

File: 845ced31404d1c0⋯.png (142.23 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 845ced31404d1c0aa9b7b228e2….png)


Did you guys see this? Scout in the area says most nakkala cabins now debunked. This could be big

56fa4d No.98360


Finland is truly a special place.

e56c53 No.98362


What are our suspected places and which pizza places will delivar to them?

59bdd7 No.98363


Did they check Riekonkieppi for signs of someone having lived there? Because Riekonkieppi seems pretty close to a perfect match to the wall behind Turner and the window position seems to match.

59bdd7 No.98369

File: 3350770e4685d60⋯.gif (15.04 KB, 679x78, 679:78, 8ch.gif)


They definitely pay attention, so it's most likely we were close and they saw it, then decided to move it.

a4e844 No.98373


please tell me this is real.

And what is the "error phase"?

59bdd7 No.98375


It's real. Just removed everything except the text, since the camera just shows outside the cabin.

I guess it's what he views as the "being wrong about stuff" phase.

59bdd7 No.98379

File: 4a150f2db40d6f3⋯.gif (167.32 KB, 989x472, 989:472, shiakamili.gif)


Definitely, they must've picked up that from halfchan though, I think. Someone joked about bringing a gun, just in case Actual Cannibal Shia LeBeouf would surface.

Looking at his writings across a whole day, it seems he really lives in a bubble. Plus, there's a lot of mumbo-jumbo from the liberal arts people Turner and Rönkkö. Surprised no one has showed up, brought sources and wrecked them.

3d22b5 No.98390

We have a server dedicated to finding Shia. We have a couple of leads on where Shia is currently located and where he will go next.

https : / /discord . gg / xqQv3T2

No drama, no bs, just alone_together

d99752 No.98400

afb0a0 No.98402


That was me in the suit.

Shia and especially Luke are even more insane and outright bigoted than I thought.

Guards tried to "convince" me to leave and they called the police. Cops checked my Id and left.

If ypu have more screenshots, post em please.


260d29 No.98403


Examples of insanity and bigotry, please.

Did that dumb cunt say anything?

d99752 No.98404


what were you actually doing there and why did security approach you, why did they call police??

afb0a0 No.98405


Shia went straight into his racist/"you are pathetic/divisive rant. Also accused me of voting for Trump, to which I pointed out Im not a US voter.

Luke was the surprise. Started ranting about safe spaces and how I am threatening the others in the hut and making them feelnuncomfortable.

Some women in the hut started insulting me and claiming I was preventing them from speaking.

A woman guard and then two male guards came in and asked me to leave to make space for others. I refused and pointed out Im not taking any more space than anyone else, and that why dont they ask someone else.

They then closed the installation. I went for a walk and stood by the hut as if tonpaiss on it for a few minutes to annoy/confuse the guards.

I was going to write signs to show to the cam, but guards immediately said its not allowed, and would constitute "protesting" which is not allowed in a public space (Kiasma is a municipal owned venture) without a license from police.

When the cops showed up, they checked my id, asked if the staff wanted me removed, to which head securitas guard said no, so they left.

Basically Shia/Luke/women in hut, 3 guards and police all tried to bully me into leaving.

All failed.

The oppression and forced censure around this "art" is palpable. Truly fascist. There is no freedom and the bias is very real and completely intolerant of a different opinion.

If someone has screenshots, please post them, as I wasnt able to nab any myself. I want them as mementos of this experience.

afb0a0 No.98406


I was challenging Shia and Lukes views.

They immediately started huge escalations and skewing the topics completely out of whack so as to support their own self-serving narratives and world views.

Meanwhile other idiots asked if its cold in lapland, or talked about the new shoes they bought today. Totally pointless small-talk.

Then they tried using passive aggressive sarcasm and outright insults on me. I responded like a man (something they apparently have little experience with) and they turned to conplaining to the staff instead.

91f299 No.98409


Well at least those fingols has a nice Easter adventure.

0a6b2a No.98414


what about to use usb killers or wifi jammer like nodeMCU at the museum?

d66221 No.98415


Are you surprised, that they can't handle well thought arguments?

8fa306 No.98416


Now the media is catching wind of this.

We need to hurry up and find him otherwise Shia is just gonna end up getting what he wants. Attention.


775c0c No.98423

File: 1a06841c3c92e06⋯.png (10.62 KB, 215x200, 43:40, 1419156422093.png)


>Truly fascist.

If I can hop in here quick, could people please use the appropriate terminology? Stop throwing Fascist around like it means anything. These people are Marxists. There's a pretty wide distinction between what these people are and what Fascists are. Do consider this in the future.

640710 No.98426


>Truly fascist

There's nothing wrong with fascism. And it isn't this oppression of your speech, that you think it is.

4a0892 No.98442

Question. I just want to bring this possiblity up. How do we even know that he is in Finland. For all we know he could be on some other part of the world like some snowcabins somewhere in burgerland with his friends. Can we confirm that he and the other 2 are in Finland ?

0c4bea No.98443


>wanting to find us and kill us

Holy shit, is this real? How delusional are they that they think anyone wants to kill them? The most anyone wants is to show up at their shit in the middle of a stream and start yelling about Pepe.

4a0892 No.98444


I know right, why would we kill them. They are much more fun alive.

afb0a0 No.98445


They dont care.

This is a us vs them situation.

Its not about dialogue, its about winning at all costs.

afb0a0 No.98447



This was fascism.

The complete suppression/oppression of any view different to theirs.

They couldnt handle me in the cabin, so they shut it down.

Then they sicked the guards and later the cops on me.

You need to understand that fascism isnt what you think,

afb0a0 No.98448


No reason for them not to be in Finland.

79b2d7 No.98451


>implying Shia and his lackeys aren't bog standard hollywood liberals

d99752 No.98452

File: 1aedeec338ece82⋯.jpg (93.34 KB, 606x603, 202:201, 17757297_1437429236303342_….jpg)

Okay ive been thinking

I think we might be going about this the wrong way, we got those flags in no time, but this is different, they have wised up about us and know we are a force to be reckoned with. And obviously they aint gonna give us any visual hints as to their location and albeit there have been some very impressive ideas I think our only realistic chance is through info gathering\dox in the hope that one of them has slipped up


• I don’t think they are genuinely isolated from eachother and the outside world, I did read that they were at the location 3 days prior to the exhibition, suggesting that they weren’t sat alone for 3 days doing nothing they were with each-other and others

• I don’t think that they would be completely cut off from the outside world for safety reasons, what if there was a fire or their heating broke, in finlands temperatures they could die overnight, also what if they had an unexpected visit from a wild bear or something. I doubt they are genuinely alone for safety reasons

• I also don’t think they are alone for technical reasons, I don’t think any of them are capable of setting up this live stream to the museum, and again if there was a problem I don’t think any of them are capable of fixing or maintaining it, also the finbro that was in the black and white suite yesterday that was bullied by security and then the police said it happened because shia +co didn’t like him challenging their views, and then security challenged him, suggesting that the 3 of them have a way of reporting abuse or another line of connection to the outside world other than the livestream, it could be a phone line, email, or direct chat with museum management depending on how “cut off” they really want to be.

• If they were told to move locations like some anons have suggested it proves they are not #alonetogether

What we need to start doing is creating the mother of all doxes on them, and not so much shia, hes in the public eye a lot, he knows to not go uploading pics to clouds and keep passwords difficult to guess. But the other 2 not so much and certainly not the technical team they have with them.

Is there any way we can find out who the technicians are in the museum and track them down on jewbook see if they happen to be out in the wilderness atm

If we could get a skype for any of them and it rings we could netstat an ip

If any of them did upload a pic to a cloud account in the three days prior to the exhibition is their any chance the exif has an ip attached to it

Come on guys, that’s wrap this up so we can concentrate on getting le pen memed into French history

God speed and praise kek

4325c8 No.98454


>What we need to start doing is creating the mother of all doxes on them

With the recent Windows 10 vulnerabilities being exposed, it's likely that some tech-savvy Anon could at least do something beneficial, assuming the other 2 are using Win 10. I have the .zip and the Github link if anyone needs it, although both are available on /pol/ and /polk/. What do I know, though? I have no idea of the limitations of what people can do with that shit. Just a thought

d99752 No.98456


im not to bad with my tech, just finishing 2nd year of a degree in computing, although a lot of the new exploits are beyond me. but to my knowledge the recent cant help unless we have an ip

atm i do think our best bet is investigating the technical teams, or the family of the finnish gash, im betting the cabins are being rented from a realative or friend on her jewbook, if anyones got it

0ce339 No.98457

File: b4e0e6cb3ce71e0⋯.png (434.05 KB, 769x615, 769:615, ok.png)


You did a great job making Shia and his friends so assblasted. At first we couldn't even tell if you was one of us or just went there on your own. You are an absolute madman.

I've got this pic of you.

c2fa20 No.98462


I'm very proud of you. Keep punching holes in their safe spaces if they claim it's a public exhibition. The real world doesn't care about fee-fees.

29e760 No.98464


>They have been trying to find and kill us

jesus fuck, he took us seriously?

29e760 No.98465



they changed cabins, meaning we were onto the in some way or the other

c49e9f No.98466


But from an angle they should appear slimmer

0ce339 No.98467

File: 5ec41fc62260004⋯.jpg (41.29 KB, 600x885, 40:59, 1491251344905.jpg)


I'm pretty sure they are just playing victim card.

>some anon joked about fucking Shia's mother


afb0a0 No.98470



Im am oldfag.

Thats why I did this, and even I couldnt crack the division.

The situation is worse than you can imagine.

The division is real.

Dialogue is not possible.

They hate us absolutely.

4440ec No.98471


There are people who seem to think the exhibit is on WIFI.


All you need is an android phone or a laptop.

>Download and install your fav wifi stumbler.Make sure its one that can see the clients and not just the AP.

>You don't even need to be in the cuckshed. >Just stand outside next to it by the wall the PC is on.

>Look for a mac thats super strong and moving lot of data (the HD stream)

>Figure out what wifi SSID its connected to.

>What type of security its running

Bring back that info and maybe some tech anons can come up with a game plan. Once you have the wifi info you can work on the exhibit from the snack bar or outside on the sidewalk.

Get in the wifi and you can find the backhaul stream.

29e760 No.98473

File: 71801cdcd58378b⋯.png (295.25 KB, 1689x258, 563:86, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm pretty sure they aren't lying when they say they don't use the internet.

Why would they? It's not that fucking difficult

The fact that they obviously have some emergency connetion doesn't mean they spend their nights lurking 8ch.

Shia's attitude is pretty understandable. Come one, it was fucking obvious we would do that, and all the questions.

Also, he said this, which both explains why he acts like this, and that it's obvious he doesn't use the internet.

I'm sure they were told to move by the museum staff, reading threads from here.

Moving the goalposts like this is not playing nice...

I guess that with all of Shia's "THEYAR E COMSING TO GET UUSS1|!||1" stuff, all my dreamse of him welcoming his new position in our life are dead in its tracks.

apparently Shia is to become a reluctant lolcow. What a shame, I wanted him to play The Joker.

d99752 No.98474




dude can you sort us out some wifi diagnostics ???

afb0a0 No.98475


Give me an idiot proof guide of how to do this, and I will run it.

But I need it explained like to a child.

29e760 No.98476



because we have a lot of memeing teenage faggots (no offense) and like two or three people worth it.

Hey, suitfag, could do it? Even if you are not a leet hax0r, just try to do >>98471 to the best of your abilities. Be smart and try and take note of any info that seems interesting, even if you don't understand fully its implications.

BTW:' I'm calling you "suitfag", not "suitman", you don't get to choose your won name.

d99752 No.98477


you give the cuck to much respect

social eingineering attacks tend to rule

they will have slipped up somwhere, we just got to do the legwork

afb0a0 No.98478


>I'm sure they were told to move by the museum staff, reading threads from here.

suitfag is fine.

im jot a leet haxxor, but im also not an idiot.

tell me how, and I will do it. but it might be a week from now depending on my schedule.

i ALWAYS deliver.

0ce339 No.98479


Do you think security is going to just let him in as nothing ever happened? Keep in mind, they called a police when he was there.


>I'm calling you "suitfag", not "suitman", you don't get to choose your won name.

Now that's what I call edgy

afb0a0 No.98480


They will let me in.

I have done no wrong.

4440ec No.98481


Well thats going to be hard to do since you haven't told me what you have available for equipment.

Cell phone? What type?

Laptop? What OS?


29e760 No.98483


>Now that's what I call edgy

call me edgyfag then

It's just that he's been pushing the name "suitman". He said it around five times

0ce339 No.98484


I hope so. I'm worried that they will watch closely your every move.

29e760 No.98485



Or just dress like a bum

Maybe this time Shia will take well to you

afb0a0 No.98486


crappy iphone and a itablet.

my samsung tablet gave up after years of use.

afb0a0 No.98487



afb0a0 No.98488


Its to identify myself for purposes of communiction.

Suitfag works just fine.


afb0a0 No.98489


Yes, they will almost certainly watch me.

But they did now too, so no real difference.

0ce339 No.98490


He deserved it, tho.

>came in the cabin and made Shia mad

>security tried to kick him out of museum

>security called cops to get rid of him

>that madman managed to stand his ground despite the odds

I don't see any reason not call him a suitman. He's got quite a pair and I respect that.

4440ec No.98491



Ya your SOL..

You need to to use someones android phone or Windows/Linux/OSX laptop.

Your looking for a program that will run on that device called a "wifi stumbler"

Kismet and KisMAC are the 2 I have experience with.

(2 seconds with google)


The problem with iThings is unless they are rooted you wont be able to passively scan and see the clients.

The PC in the cuckshed is the "client". The router its connected to is the "AP aka Access point"

You identify the the client by running a stumbler and walking around the room. As you get closer to the shed the signal level on one of the many mac addresses you see on your scanner will get stronger.

Stand right next to the shed and one of them should be peaked and moving tons of packets (the HD video).

Once you have that then you can figure out what wifi its connected to and how to go after that.

If you can join the wifi then you can bring us the WAN IP (the internet address) of the network that outside anons from around the world can work on it. And someone in range of that wifi can work on it from the inside to attack the PC itself.

OR at the very least you can rule out its using wifi and we can move on to another attack vector.

d99752 No.98492

File: 97e743584623f1b⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 480x320, 3:2, 1492325080805.gif)


anon you rock

an actual technical plan

suitanon if you cant do this anytimesoon do you know somone who can???????

afb0a0 No.98493


I can get access to an android phone.


Ty, bro.

I was walking a knifes edge and had to improvise quickly. The situation was dangerous and one misstep would have been disastrous,

4325c8 No.98494



How hard is it to hit the shift key once in a while, or spend .01 of a second longer to type out a acronym? How hard is it to not space every sentence apart like we're Reddit? Fucking hell

afb0a0 No.98495


We are not the same poster.

Nonetheless, shove your grammar policing up your ass and fuck off back to tumblr.

4325c8 No.98496


How many layers of irony are you on right you absolute moron?

afb0a0 No.98498


I dont do irony or sarcasm.

They are the cousins of Lies.

I may be many things, but a moron is not one of them.

d99752 No.98500


due seriously


no we not the same poster


you need to check the thread one of my last posts was this


which im working on, do you have anything to contrubute or you rather bitch about grammar

seriously dude crawl bk under your rock

(bk means back) in case you cant find it in you DICKtionary faggot

seriously fuck off and dont come bk

9772a1 No.98502


thanks for that :-*

afb0a0 No.98503


you cut his dick off.

damn, man...

Anyways. Back to topic!

bb8dcc No.98504

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Consider actually contributing to the thread or STFU. Memeing is annoying enough in a srs discussion thread but just randomly insulting another poster for grammar isn't even funny.


I wouldn't be too worried. They're already paranoid to the max. They cannot get any more hysterical than they already are. Shia, Turner, Rönkkö, museum staff, all appear to be on the edge - even more on the edge than that article and the embedded video would give reason to. They think we're about to kill them, just from "Operation Finnish Him". They being so batshit only makes things more interesting and funny. It's not like the cabin trolls are doing anything criminal anyway.


Thanks for you work so far, suitman. I'd hope we'd get some recordings of your discussions with the trio next time. And if you are willing to try WiFi sniffing in there. If they are in Lapland and using mobile IPs geolocating their IP might point to Helsinki (as that's where many of Finnish mobile service providers have their headquarters) but it would be extra funny if the stream IPs would point to Shia's home in California or some movie studio close by. Or if they're hardline or directly WiFi connected from Kiasma's basement.

While IP likely cannot pinpoint where in Lapland they are (if they are in Lapland) we could expose their "art" quite early in the exhibition if the streaming IPs are totally dubious.

It might not be the time (yet) but at some point some cabin visitor could hint that they suspect that the trio is bluffing and aren't in Lapland at all. Rather than trying to pry for information (which they refuse to give), try to provoke them to turn their camera toward a window by accusing them of being frauds who stream from a basement. They would likely go total apeshit regardless whether they are really in Lapland (because everything the do is questioned) or indeed if the accusation is correct (for being caught so early on).

It might not be the time to go nuclear on them just yet, but I'm pretty sure you could make them blow up with such an accusation. They'd be more likely to dox their location if you pretend you don't want them to dox themselves, and just accuse them of lying. Psychological warfare.

773cbb No.98506

What about finding what airport they flew into?

They has to limit what area he has access to.

If any anons know any flights attendants, we can trace what airport any of them flew into. Ideally, they may have flown into two separate airports, implying they traveled somewhere in between them.

d99752 No.98507


we are getting somewhere here, theres gotta be records of that

4440ec No.98516


>I can get access to an android phone.

Good then your all set.

Learn your tools before you go

On your own WiFi at home connect your 2 iThings to your wifi and place both of them at 2 different spots in the house. On one start a HD stream. Then use the android phone running the stumbler to "find" it. Then how to tell the one thats streaming from the one thats just idle.

There may be tricks and delays you might have to work out with what ever app you find. You don't want to do that on the spot in the museum surrounded by 100 other smartphones and people watching.

Mute the sound and take lots of screen caps. You never know whats on the screen that might come in handy.

Good luck!

7edc2c No.98523

Now that cameras are banned in the exhibit, people going ought to tool themselves up with watch cams or body cams (eventually the museum will respind with pat-downs or even X-rays, no doubt, which will be a piece of art in itself. "Come and freely share your opinions with us, after these heavies have searched you"). These can be had surprisingly cheaply on Ebay, though the cheapest ones tend to come from HK or China, so might take a week or so to get delivered. Quality may be variable, too. I bought an "HD" dash cam once which just scaled up a 640x480 picture to HD size, so it may be better to go with one that admits it only records at a good standard definition instead. Oh, also, a lot of the watch cameras you see are hilariously obvious fakes of designer ones, and you'll be surrounded by hipsters. Effective concelment of a body cam presents troubles of its own, though. Maybe tape it inside the pocket of a cheap shirt and rip out the button?

e5bcd7 No.98529

File: 319ae3e03d5bee7⋯.png (605.59 KB, 893x505, 893:505, Fish.png)

Picked up this little titbit, hope it narrows it down.

f99df6 No.98531



They're withing walking distance of a stream? We need some mapanons in here NOW!

f99df6 No.98532


Also, what do you mean you "picked up" the titbit? We aren't permanently recording the stream?

e5bcd7 No.98533


I suspect we are recording it, however I was watching it live at the time, I'm that autistic.

1a58d2 No.98534

File: 18db8706551c1d2⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, ClipboardImage.png)

4bb4dd No.98535

Do we know if there are restrictions on fishing in Finland/Lapland (licensing, fishing seasons, acceptable amounts, etc)? if so, we should report him as I doubt LeBeef would care about trivialities like the law when he's going about his nonsense.

243ee5 No.98536


In Finland ice fishing and fishing with a fishing rod is allowed for everyone without any permits or other limits.

1ba0d8 No.98537


Pretty much every cabin in Lapland is going to be near a river or lake.

9aa97b No.98540


Yeah, the bear thing won't work with Rönkkö but maybe we could combine that with this >>97794 idea? Maybe we could warn Turner about a bear that we claim we saw in the news? We could say that the bear is moving around an arbitrary location in Lapland? The news article could claim that the bear has been raiding cabins and isn't too afraid of people. Then just see how he reacts. If we get lucky, he might look nervous. If not, we could possibly rule that area out of the search.

9aa97b No.98541


We could try to "interrogate" them about these things. We could get a few curious anons to go there at different dates and ask these questions from them and see if they all stick to the same story every time. If they don't, we would know there's something fishy going on.

06da7c No.98543

File: 11793e5f7e1b216⋯.png (534.98 KB, 776x407, 776:407, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwOi8vaS5pbW….png)

d99752 No.98544


pleeeeeeaaaassssseeeeee be true

has the feed been hacked

afb0a0 No.98545



Apparently their cabins are atleast partially warmed by wood fireplaces.

87b2e6 No.98546

File: f4effeb98b87dd3⋯.png (508.9 KB, 1367x607, 1367:607, AT 18.4.png)

File: 0f48424243905f9⋯.png (561.1 KB, 1367x607, 1367:607, AT 18.4 2.png)

5 hours drive from a hospital and the nights last for 4 hours.

243ee5 No.98548

File: 1486a1da14185a9⋯.png (113.36 KB, 706x376, 353:188, 5 hrs, average 70 kph.PNG)


The closest (and only) hospital in Finnish Lapland is located in Rovaniemi. Included is a map which shows with medium accuracy, how far you can get from Rovaniemi in 5 hours, and with 70kph average driving speed. The service I used to calculate that is https://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-can-i-travel.htm

Feel free to play around with different variables.

What comes to the day/night cycle, I think Shia (?) is overexaggerating. Even in Nuorgam, the most northest part of Finland, the night lasts for a bit under 6 hours (length of dusk and dawn excluded!)

63775c No.98550


Kind of like how they were whining about the feelings of loneliness and isolation on day 1. And 2 feet of snow. And how one had to dig their way out. Worst case scenario one of them got a bit of snow drift blown their way.

They are autists and absolute shit numerical estimations.

9d0e6e No.98556

File: 0270e85af054219⋯.png (12.59 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


I don't know how fast you can go in the frozen tundra, but here's something intersting:

The circle shows the radius from the hospital, that is how long would it take to get there, but there are other hospitals.

If Shia were in the south, I'm sure there are more hospitals, he doesn't need to go to THE hospital in Lapland.

Of course, there is a large error, but think of it this way:

It only takes a hospital on the lower border of the circle to reduce the maximum driving hours to two or three.

This needs a bit more study, but I'm confident he must be somewhere in the green area then, which is very, very restricted given how far north it is

bb8dcc No.98559


Also, lower end of 4 hour drive radius isn't Lapland anymore. Anything south is Rovaniemi is Lapland only technically and 4 hours south of Rovaniemi is not Lapland even in a literal sense.

Also, the further north you go, the shorter the night becomes (after spring equinox has passed).


Official length of night is when sun goes below horizon. However the twilight after sunset can last for quite a while longer especially up north. It's only a matter of how dark is actually dark.

Night might be 9 hour here in the southern Finland and only 7½ hour around Inari's latitude. Even here in south, it takes almost an hour to become truly dark so you clearly see stars & shieeeet, reducing darkness from 9 to 7 hours. In north, it'd take longer. 7½ would likely shrink to less than 5 hours of truly dark nighttime.

640710 No.98561

Is it possible that they landed at the Umeå Airport? And went from there to their respective cabins? Hired cars from there?

Don't know if there is any airport closer to Lappland than that in Finland? Or if they landed in Helsinki first to check off with the museum.

7b5398 No.98563


There's an airport up here in Arvidsjaur, though I don't think it takes international flights.

9aa97b No.98564


There are many airports that are closer on our side. For example in Kemi, Oulu, Enontekiö and Ivalo. The airports in Enontekiö and Ivalo are located in the 'good' zone of this >>98556 wonderful map. But of course this doesn't really mean anything, they could just as well have driven from Helsinki, there's no way to know for sure.

Also, as fun as asking around from car rental companies sounds, I doubt they would travel to the cabin by a rented car. If they did, they would have to pay for the whole month for a car that they cannot use. I guess that they had someone who took them to their cabins and returned the car after that, given that they ever had a rental car in the first place. If that was the case, the car would have been rented by the driver, not them.

I guess this >>98471 is the best way to continue.

d9d670 No.98566




Found these links from a Huskie dog travel website for Northern Finland. Don’t know if they are helpful. The first link lists all the reservable cabins and huts in the Lapland area. The second link lists all the private/locked cabins. It also details travel times, transfer terminals, etc. for all the area. Could Shia be in Enontekiö? Some of the things they link to are in Finnish.

http:// www. hettahuskies. com/en/location/accommodation-and-huts/wilderness-hut-network

http: // www.hettahuskies. com /en/location/travel-to-and-from

d9d670 No.98567

File: 2b7d53569375955⋯.jpg (98.22 KB, 730x642, 365:321, scand1.jpg)

658ccb No.98568


Assuming he took a flight from the UK I found no common flight path coming from any UK airport to the Enontekio airport, but found a common flight path to the Ivalo airport. There are some cabins there too.

(I used www. skycanner. net)

He could still have just used a car from any other airport that's somenthing to keep in mind.

44e7da No.98573


Reached out to a flight attendant friend. She said she would only have access to his records if he flew on her airline we knew his reservation number and last name.

Someone higher up within TSA could potentially be able to find him. However, if we know what day he left and where he flew out of, we could limit the number of possible airlines he flew out of. But he could have had a few lay overs so it might be fruitless effort.

If we have any skilled Anons we could crack his email and Check for flight information.

This game will require more creative effort. We need to think outside the box and try new methods.

44e7da No.98575

We truely don't even know if they are in Finland. They really could be here in the states.

We need access to his email or have that Wi-Fi anon to come through. We have no information that truely confirms they are not sitting in Alaska or based Russia.

I think searching for cabins and airports is worthless until we know for a fact he's in the area.

ee9fdf No.98576

File: d810736af1ddf15⋯.jpg (161.94 KB, 497x604, 497:604, 123848 - Copy (2).jpg)

Shia has stated he is 5 hours from the nearest hospital. There are 3 hospitals in Lapland, according to a 2007 post by forum members at tripadvisor:

https ://www .tripadvisor. com/ShowTopic-g189915-i2262-k1139064-Nearest_Hospital_in_Lapland-Lapland. html

Assuming Shia was not just throwing us a misleading bread crumb, his cabin is going to be 5 hours from one of these 3 locations. Presumably, this 5 hour route would be the shortest available one, excluding helicopters/emergency pickup. This would mean traveling by car, going the speed limit, boarding an airplane at an airport (if applicable) etc. There is no question that before he left, he and his team were made aware of the nearest hospital in case an emergency happened. According to the aforementioned forum post at trip advisor, the only nearest proper hospital is in Rovaniemi. The one in Saariselka is a private non-urgent care facility, and the one in Ivalo is not very big. He was probably referring to the one in Rovaniemi. If we are to assume he was referring to the one in Rovaniemi, then he must be pretty far north. According to another webpage, Hetta, located in Enontekio, is 5 hours away from Rovaniemi by bus. If Shia was not just total bullshitting us, his location would be somewhere around this latitude, and if so, would explain his reference to melting snow, 4 hour nights days, etc. We can not presently know how much he is bullshitting or not, but we have to start somewhere, and so far, the trail is leading somewhere pretty far north, around the Enontekio region perhaps. Apparently, Enontieko is kind of a gathering and starting place for many of the places in Northern Lapland (see this webpage:

http:// www. Hettahuskies .com/ en/location/travel-to-and-from.

d1c35d No.98578

I haven't followed the entire thing so I apologize if someone has already suggested this, but is it possible that the museum staff might own cabins? Would they lend them out to Shia and company?

afb0a0 No.98580

I dont think Kiasma would have agreed to show the installation if they are infact not in Lapland, as they claim.

We Finns are an honest people, and Kiasma is a municipal owned venture.

534cec No.98582

Yesterday he mentioned that he went fishing.

d6854d No.98583

What if we keep pretending we've found the cabin so that they keep getting moved and we keep track of new bookings until we actually find it?

1ba0d8 No.98588


Yeah but you're forgetting the hospital in Kiruna, Sweden, three hours from Hetta. But then again maybe it's a very remote cabin that can only be reached on foot. He did say he was helicoptered in didn't he? Anyway, I think he'd be closer to the Russian border because it's more remote (at least I imagine so).

I think the cabins might be wilderness cabins that are closed during the colder months. They probably could have convinced the relevant people to let them use it for their art project. In the most recent photos from the cuckshed both Nastja and Luke had pretty basic looking log walls behind them (thick logs, not finished particularly well, but at the same time not raw logs). This would suggest they're in more basic cabins, which I assume they would be for the authenticity of their project. Shia was last in a cabin with a loft, as indicated by the sloping wall behind him. It could be the original cabin he was in as he is free to move his webcam around I presume. Anyway, from the research I've done, the cabins with lofts are usually bigger and are less likely to be in isolated spots.


And I agree with this Finnbro that they are in Lapland.

640710 No.98595

Why don't we just cut off the feed to the cabin at the museum?

That would make them go nuts.

e600b7 No.98598


>Assuming he took a flight from the UK

He must have spent some time at the museum, and gone from there. There are a lot of stuff to talk about when doing installations

e600b7 No.98600

File: 3ae8bc32ad22005⋯.png (86.94 KB, 558x206, 279:103, ClipboardImage.png)


I like you

It is worth noting that Shia probably didn't guess the 5 hours time.

He doesn't live there, so he probably was told so. Or traveled past there, which might be more inacurate

BTW, this jsut happened

e600b7 No.98602

File: fccc9ee61f74bde⋯.png (517.54 KB, 1033x781, 1033:781, ClipboardImage.png)

>I don't know where we are


This is great news.

This confirms that they are isolated as FUCK

The "5 hours drive to teh nearest hospital" is all he knows then.

IT was not guessed by him, he was told so, which means the stimate is a bit more reliable.

We should not look for cabins near any kind of civilization.

The point of the project was being isolated, and they did so to the letter.

I'm guessing this narrows it a bit, but idk if these cabins would even appear online for renting

38de25 No.98606


Is this Shias cabin near Saariselkä?

38de25 No.98607


There is helicopter landing pad, generator and outhouses.

63775c No.98608


Helicopter landing pad would not be significant if they are "5 hours" from the nearest hospital. That suggests driving in. They are on an art budget and only getting paid $400, food & shelter.

e62aa9 No.98609


Sorry to burst your bubble, but that only means that he's not close to main roads. True, it's likely that he's not in southern Lapland, but that leaves a lot of territory open.

You're correct on one thing: this does narrow more than half of what we thought possible previously.

That "I have no idea where I am" made it seem like he's not in a studio. Very accurate to the way parts of northern Lapland feel if you don't check where you are on a map.

He can still be pretty much anywhere in Northeastern Lapland unless other evidence rules that out. Even *somewhat* close to civilization, Northeastsern Lapland can be somewhat rough terrain and difficult to traverse. It's also difficult to get to the closest hospital, which is located in southwestern Lapland.

c5cc54 No.98610

What if we do >>98548 to all hospitals in Lapland then mark all possible locations where they could be and go on with searching for cabins in the marked locations?

e62aa9 No.98612


There's actually another hospital in Kemijärvi according to google. I'm simulating 5 hours from there right now.

c5cc54 No.98615


I'm simulating 5 hours from another Hospital in Kemi (not Kemijärvi) right now

c5cc54 No.98617

File: a8a491807bbfc29⋯.png (132.72 KB, 728x470, 364:235, HWNDU.PNG)

This is the simulation of 5 hours from the hospital in Kemi on the very accurate setting. Now we need another simulation of 5 hours from the hospital in Kemijärvi and maybe another one of the one in >>98548 on the very accurate setting

e62aa9 No.98618

File: b9da4ed8e917195⋯.jpg (73.35 KB, 699x388, 699:388, Kemijärvi.jpg)

File: 7c28f6b644e651d⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 388x364, 97:91, Rovaniemi.jpg)


I'm guessing that it's odd if that reduces the are any more than the one from Rovaniemi, but I guess it doesn't hurt either. Here are results I did from Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi @ 70 KPH.

I accidentally added the less accurate circle also to the Kemijärvi hospital circle.

c5cc54 No.98619


This was also made on 70 KM/H forgot to add that

c5cc54 No.98620




Now we need someone who can join these images together and mark the possible locations

e62aa9 No.98623


Apparently one way is to just run all of the simulations in one window. Someone else might be better for that, as I accidentally all the data.

c5cc54 No.98624


I'm currently simulating the first one from Rovaniemi on high accuracy, gonna take a while but I will do all of them. Will post updates along the way

c5cc54 No.98625

File: 94e66f4b8da892b⋯.png (530.55 KB, 1493x817, 1493:817, fuck.PNG)


Fuck I just noticed there are far more hospitals in Lapland

243ee5 No.98626


those are just small municipal clinics etc.

if there would be a serious accident/emergency, you would be taken to Rovaniemi.

e62aa9 No.98627


Pretty much this. The 5 hours is most likely rounded up anyways. If you have a cabin in mind, you can check the drive time on google maps anyways.

c5cc54 No.98628

File: aa74e3adedc27ed⋯.png (625.42 KB, 1570x949, 1570:949, HWNDU.PNG)

So this is what I got after simulating on Medium @ 70 KM/H for Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi

6c134f No.98629

File: fc76e9c77369a37⋯.png (180.84 KB, 1280x641, 1280:641, 1280px-Gulo_gulo_distribut….png)

We know hes seen wolverines. This means he must be in an area of Finland that is in the geographical habitat range of wolverines

c5cc54 No.98630


If we get a closeup of the habitat of wolverines in Finland/Lapland we can match it up with this >>98628 which might eliminate more area of where his location is

00ad82 No.98632

File: e4664d04e776c3c⋯.png (70.34 KB, 999x735, 333:245, reindeer_killed_by_wolveri….png)


Wolverine isnt easy to spot. It's predator after all. So Shia had a sheer luck, or there are quite a lot of wolverines around.

243ee5 No.98634


Afaik they only have stated that where they are located is part of the wolverine range.

Reindeer herders will kill all the wolverines they see and catch because those are quite the beasts, they can kill reindeer "just for fun".

On top of that, wolverines are extremely shy and timid. They want to stay as far as possible from humans.

87b2e6 No.98635

File: bf537c6ca76977d⋯.png (41.1 KB, 347x304, 347:304, e4664d04e776c3cc6627be2193….png)

Did Shia actually state actually seeing a wolverine on the stream or did someone perhaps just tell him that there are some around the area?

4c1f6e No.98637




Guys, let's stay focused here. If Shia is not really in Lapland, like Sweden or southern Finland or even a studio somewhere, then that would mean he has lied to everyone, including all the museum goers. If he's done that, then in a way we've already won. So let's assume for this thread that he is indeed somewhere in Lapland. All evidence indicates he is somewhere in the far North. There are small clinics in Lapland but if his team was alerted of where the nearest hospital was for an emergency, then it would be either in Rovaniemi, OR, perhaps somewhere in a neighboring country.

3829aa No.98638


if we look at the wolverine data he's probably not in central lapland. Either north or east.

7c6c4c No.98645


That's a huge assumption. I understand we want to assume this to make it feel like we are making progress. But why would we trust Intel from him? Not trying to derail but we need wifi fag to come through or some other 3rd party to give us additional information about his location.

51eb12 No.98647


I agree we need the wifi thing, and anything else that may help us as well. Like I've said, we don't know how much he is bullshitting. But I would guess he is at least in northern lapland.

51eb12 No.98649


It's a starting point to narrow down. If something else comes along that shows otherwise, we'll go from there. If not, we'll have eliminated/learned more of some places.

00ad82 No.98653

File: dd028cd8d69036f⋯.jpg (173.66 KB, 592x650, 296:325, guessing.jpg)

Some random thinking: can he be in Muonio area? Also, finns map sitethat can be used for some analises: http://www.paikkatietoikkuna.fi/web/en

e600b7 No.98658



>Sorry to burst your bubble, but that only means that he's not close to main roads

But this isn't meassured in territory. We are taking about actual things that were built.

By FAR most cabins are near roads or some kind of civilization. Just look around a bit on rentals.

Until now I thought he would be in a small town or something. Now it sounds like there is very few to no people there.

That would narrow down to at least 10% of the original searching space.

He did say something about a road and no cities, so it might be he's near a small village.

Can some finnanon talk about the place he is living in?

Don't be autistic and jump straight to that. Engage in conversation, feign interst, and talk about how the hell is not going nuts there, then drop questions like "oh, so you HAVE regular contact with people" and in denying that he might talk about the place.

e600b7 No.98659

File: a83359283725c1b⋯.png (457.82 KB, 792x458, 396:229, ClipboardImage.png)


that still leaves us around here

don't trust too much on all of this

>5 hours

>the 70 KM/h average

>the site's stimation

I think that saying that he is in the northern chunk is all we can guess

e600b7 No.98660


>But why would we trust Intel from him?

It doesn't fucking matter if it's a strong assumption

We have nothing else.

Also, why the fuck would they lie.

It's not that fucking difficult to commit to an art project.

And specially Shia. He is the JUST DO IT man. He's fuking nuts and you are sooner to find him dead than to not commit to shit he does. He really believes in that stuff.

Also they don't plan their lives around us. Can you imagine Ronko saying "ok, let's conspire with the whole museum crew because Shia is paranoid"?

1ba0d8 No.98667

File: 65c11607b8aec3e⋯.jpeg (23.9 KB, 400x298, 200:149, db0a0575-f95a-4bab-a5af-9….jpeg)

Halfchan reporting that he is in Sirkka. Aparently his email was compromised. This is his suggested location https://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/accommodation/p8129088. Chairs appear to match. Take with a grain of salt.

1ba0d8 No.98668


Nevermind, false alarm, wood backdrops do not match.

78df9e No.98671

What if Shia rented more than one cuckshed and will relocate once the place is investigated (since he has eyes on this place) so he can safely continue in the initial place without further fear of being discovered and meme'd? I know I would do that if I were a paranoid cuck afraid of frogs. Would be a great way to troll people.

e6436a No.98673

Anyone speak Finnish? Here are some very informative websites that list many Northern Lapland cabins, including reserved/locked ones.

http:// jouninkirjamyymala. nettihotelli .info/at/#Aluejako

http:// patikka .net/Eramaa_alueet.htm

e6436a No.98674

File: 0029d4dfecfeabf⋯.png (109.98 KB, 1280x875, 256:175, cabins.png)


http:// jouninkirjamyymala. nettihotelli .info/at/#Aluejako

71401a No.98676

File: 6914da467e39fb6⋯.jpg (31.53 KB, 244x474, 122:237, tmp_29620-1492650944189109….jpg)

File: 0e1c6e2099f8b70⋯.jpg (59.83 KB, 746x457, 746:457, tmp_29620-1492650324595301….jpg)

File: b025f2ec0b6df13⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 700x467, 700:467, tmp_29620-1492651912932-11….jpg)

It looks like he's in a loft with a sloped ceiling. Pics related.

833d05 No.98688

File: 07e2e08c5668ef0⋯.png (391.51 KB, 1032x581, 1032:581, alonetogether.png)

I just want to throw something in. The incident where Shia went off on the Bartender in the bowling alley happened April 6th which was a Thursday night. So I assume, if he indeed left the USA, he may left Saturday AM, since most overseas flight happen in the morning.

Shia said on stream, that they came 3 days before the event which started on the 12th of April.

No one has seen Shia at any airport and I am pretty sure paps are everywhere, even if it's a B actor like Shia. What I am getting at, how long is the flight from L.A to Finland?

I assume there were stops or maybe he flew to the UK to meet up with Turner.

Anyhow, I am just VERY suspicious and said it many times - I don't think he is in Finland.

He said on the stream, when someone asked, that they are on cam during museum hours, which would be 8 hours.

Then a day ago, he said they are 10.5 hours on cam...

Also the copypasta he makes, indicates he indeed has internet.

I saw on day 1 on the stream, that he looked at something which looked like a mobile phone. It was a split second, but he did had the phone which looked like on his lap or next to him, bench etc.

5b94a0 No.98690


GoPro or hidden camera could work. Not sure how viable or if the picture would look like wank but it might be a good shout.

0601b2 No.98691

Why bother looking for Shia at all?

Why not divide things at the museum?

The goal was never finding the flag. That was always a means to an end.

The goal was always trolling Shia. It was always shutting him down.

Looking for Shia is a red herring. We should be looking for ways to shut down his "art".

a61a23 No.98692

This may be a retarded suggestion, but would it be possible to find out which numbers they're texting from and use that information to help narrow down the search?

a61a23 No.98693

double post, who gives a shit

Just saw one of them say on stream that it's "Almost 2". Didn't think to snap a screenshot until I had already checked timezones.

They can't be in the Norwegian or Swedish laplands. They're in Finland.

Doesn't narrow it down much, but every bit helps.

a61a23 No.98694

File: 546d5dccd06c253⋯.png (480.95 KB, 892x503, 892:503, screen.png)


went back and grabbed it

a61a23 No.98695

File: a930ee0799279ee⋯.png (443.87 KB, 889x502, 889:502, screen2.png)

He's inviting people to the cabin. No idea who this YARA is, but we might be able to find out where he is through them.

5b94a0 No.98696


Originally the goal was just to go shitpost his stream for keks.

When it got shut down we took the win as a consolation.

It was about having a nice platform to redpill/just piss people off.

I think it would be funniest to find him and do whatever Finns do when they find someone.

So we'll continue to find him.

5b94a0 No.98697

12157a No.98698



your dad was right kill yourself

2017- the year shia won

2017- the year shia won

2017- the year shia won

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2017- the year shia won

2017- the year shia won

2017- the year shia won

5b94a0 No.98699


Cool story bro.

b3a90a No.98700


Wow. Now get off the internet. You also should be more careful what you say faggot.

dd0fb7 No.98702

File: 5f4a5e9883b5e4c⋯.png (10.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0093 - d17POJc.png)


presuming we lose this season (we wont) its still 4-1 Shia, stay mad you D-List Reprobate

e20876 No.98704

Might be heretical to say, but what if we let Shia win this one? If ultimately the goal is to keep the game going, might it be best if we let him think he's got a fighting change, rather than forcing him to take him ball and go home out of spite and despair?

b3a90a No.98705


Get out of here fucking normie.

1c0d28 No.98706

File: 026209f5cc60fe2⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1210x1192, 605:596, jfo7r aag.png)


The only thing that can surpass HWNDU's former glory is fresh celebrity blood.

5c59ac No.98707

File: f771eb5256212ed⋯.jpg (329.92 KB, 868x1228, 217:307, Where's Shia LaBeouf.jpg)

554e04 No.98708

lmao, like shia knows how to fish or start a fire. never forget he's (((shia)))

prolly lying about all this

b3a90a No.98710

So much Shitposting in here

1fade9 No.98713



I agree with both these posts. Finns in the area should be trolling him every day. We should also be doing whatever we can to find him. We need more intel. There has to be a way to find more about the internet connection, etc. I think it would be extremely funny to somehow hack the stream and play a gay porn video or something. I would laugh anyway

1fade9 No.98714


Here is their website

1fade9 No.98715

aae96c No.98716


They were smart enough to leave shit off of social media this time and I also don't believe for a second the whole thing of "dropping crumbs", reeks of disinfo, too easy for them to do. The hacking angle to find an iP sounds the best angle, but ourguys who show up tend to be ops not geeks. Any chance we can get a bit wallet bounty going for a hacker? There has to be a finnanon skilled enough to pull this off.

090c1e No.98720



860c72 No.98727


I don't speak Mongolian. What does it say in English?

3db902 No.98729

Has anything happened since the 2 periscopes of Shia?

833d05 No.98730

File: 3eb6482ea38c5a8⋯.png (98.2 KB, 511x169, 511:169, died.png)

Shia said this at 11:11am Finland time, that someone died in the same cabin he is in...pic prrof

833d05 No.98731

833d05 No.98732

File: 6f7aba1015c6511⋯.jpg (127.66 KB, 634x615, 634:615, 3B180DB600000578-4004812-i….jpg)

Map of where the woman has died...

9aa97b No.98735


The links are names that the dude has given for the regions. For example, Koillis-Lappi = northeastern Lapland. I'm not sure, but I think that the numbers after that mean the amount of desert cabins in that region. The text after that is just describing the borders of the regions, supplementing the map. Finally, in the parentheses he has listed some notable places that can be found in that region.

The pic doesn't really say anything relevant. I doubt they would be in a desert cabin, where anybody could just march right in.

d5173c No.98736

Can someone sum up what's happened so far, I haven't followed in a week or so. I know you guys found him and that you know where the cabin is but is anyone harassing him yet? Any good freak outs or mass upset? Thanks

833d05 No.98737

63775c No.98744

File: c49e71498be5e10⋯.jpg (18.15 KB, 500x201, 500:201, bigger.jpg)

File: 304b1912b52d9a3⋯.jpg (88.84 KB, 1042x408, 521:204, generatorinwoodshed.jpg)

File: 2358010fb293904⋯.jpg (101.56 KB, 964x459, 964:459, frozen-lake.jpg)

1. One of their cabins is a little bigger than the one in the museum.

2. Generator in Woodshed. That all have access to saunas and an outhouse.

3. They get their water from a frozen lake.

4. He goes fishing for pike fish on Mondays, but has yet to catch anything.

5. They don't have running water or showers.

347fdc No.98745


>5. They don't have running water or showers.

God my dick is hard just from imagining how Nastja smells right now

d31557 No.98746


Stop shitposting faggot

87b2e6 No.98747

File: d6fb236179f1399⋯.png (19.08 KB, 370x67, 370:67, alonetogether snow mobile.png)

File: c79255d8f074fed⋯.png (59 KB, 1181x909, 1181:909, Enontekiö_eu.png)

Every individual piece of evidence seems vague on their own but when put together they seriously could point to Enontekiö. I think we should focus on that area for a while.

dd0fb7 No.98748

File: e15c1100a782d1d⋯.jpg (2.36 KB, 125x112, 125:112, 100bother.jpg)


its possible, but I have a bad feeling Shia is giving false info, he's retarded but this feels a little too easy

b2d1c2 No.98754

shia also speaks of being near a lake thats good for fishing this sit shows the ones that are good for fishing in


now if we can find cabins that match the lakes in there

b2d1c2 No.98755

File: 73967d07fd4578f⋯.png (138.64 KB, 276x358, 138:179, ClipboardImage.png)

also this image shows the best places that have lakes with pike in them just hope you guys could use this to triangulate better


63775c No.98758


About at what time (finnish time) did Shia say the bit about snow mobile travel?

e5bcd7 No.98759

File: f526356f7c01a3c⋯.jpg (6.97 KB, 231x218, 231:218, kek.jpg)



Good shout mate, but it should be worth mentioning that the comment implies that the person died from exposure and any media coverage on the subject wouldn't be on a foreign paper. Any anons that speak Finnish able to do some digging for news stories on people dying from exposure? Not sure how common an occurrence deaths of this nature would be in Lapland but it would surely give us something to work with when cross-referenced with everything else we have...

bb8dcc No.98762


"Cold as fuck" LOL. It's about 0 deg in the day and -5 deg in the nights. It's springtime, not midwinter. What they have there is rather cozy. And I actually think -20 deg C is rather cozy if properly prepared... clothing, winter grade sleeping bag, etc. Pussy ass bitch.

If someone died in the cabin before, it was more likely just a heart attack or something. He's just making Lapland sound more dramatic than Lapland really is. Finns will just laugh at him for being so hyperbolic.


If it's not a homicide, but just a natural death, it wouldn't end up in news, let alone in international news sites. A stroke or such similar incident wouldn't hit news media except maybe on municipal level. Lap-anons could possibly remember if their local newpaper or web news reported on a death case. Of course the person who lived in the same cabin before might be an incident several years before. If any Lap-anons are here, try to refresh your memories if you've read about news of a person dying in a rental cabin (whether natural death or death by starvation, freezing, etc.)

63775c No.98763


The claim by Shia is that the person before him fell through the ice and was stuck alone and died.

87b2e6 No.98765

File: 0e6fe6026117d6e⋯.gif (15.75 KB, 345x267, 115:89, webatt_20031104_162327_223….gif)

File: 7dd15a6b10bb416⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 345x200, 69:40, Krievu_speki_artika_Somoja.jpg)

File: b996a546af87e77⋯.png (924.38 KB, 1367x607, 1367:607, Pöyrisjärvi 1.png)



The only recent deaths by exposure around Lapland that I could find are both from January last year. A man died from exposure on a skiing trip in Urho Kekkonen National Park in Savukoski and a refugee froze to death in his car on the Russian side of the border in Alakurtti. The most recent deaths in Lapland by googling are that Scottish woman, two men who drowned in July 2013 at Lake Pöyrisjärvi which is located in Enontekiö, people in house fires in Kemijärvi, Simo, Sodankylä and Rovaniemi in 2015 and the usual car crashes. The more natural deaths are not reported as widely.

4c1f6e No.98766





Hey, check this out!I According to Shia, he has to get water by hand, there is a sauna, there is a generator, and there is an outhouse. We also know based off the slanted ceiling that he probably has a loft (2 stories). The below link lists a majority of the reservable and private cabins for northern lapland, INCLUDING all of the above details for each one. All we need to do is go through the lists and cross reference them with the aforementioned details Shia gave. Even if Shia is bullshitting, he has given such specific details that there will only be a handful of them left that match. If Shia's cabin is not listed, then we will not be able to do anything about that. But this is worth investigating.


bb8dcc No.98767


So, falling through weak ice (early winter or in springtime), i.e death by stupidity. Not really "hazards of Lapland", just hazards of having no brain. I do kinda understand why Shia would be worried, though.


> two men who drowned in July 2013 at Lake Pöyrisjärvi

Sounds the most promising so far (it can't be a cabin fire obviously, because then there'd be no cabin left). When they drowned, did they fall through weak ice or was it summer time (toppling a boat or drowning when swimming drunk)?

bb8dcc No.98768


>get water by hand (from a lake)

Doesn't make things easy as we are a nation of "thousand lakes" (which is actually severely understated).

>there is a sauna

This could probably remove quite many hiker's cabins & laavus from consideration. Not that I'd expect them to sleep under a laavu anyway. (And the streams don't support that possibility.)

>there is a generator

Could be portable, i.e not usable to shorten the list of possibilities.

>there is an outhouse

Every decent cabin that doesn't have running water needs to have one. Some hiker's cabins might lack an outhouse, making visitors shit in crouching position.

>he probably has a loft (2 stories)

Probably most useful to shorten the list. Definitely not the shittiest of hiker's cabins.

4c1f6e No.98769


If I spoke Finnish I'd be going through it already

9d56b5 No.98770

File: 81cbfefaf1bac45⋯.png (14.6 KB, 438x220, 219:110, autiotupa.png)


I think it's very unlikely that they are in "autiotupa".

bb8dcc No.98771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm in process of downing beers so I'm not in the best condition to go through long list of cabins right now. I'd rather not do a half-assed job and miss a viable cabin because of it.

Tomorrow, however, I'll have time and sobriety to read them. I'll start with Olkapää region as that includes Pyörisjärvi, then read though other regions after that.

Regards Finn-anon.

4c1f6e No.98773

File: 616e64b76f86311⋯.jpg (148.79 KB, 590x775, 118:155, Ducreux1.jpg)

a61a23 No.98774


Also check if any of the viable cabins are rented out right now and, if possible, how long they've been rented, If you can get this info it'll be the keystone of our success. Any cabin that's been rented for longer than 9-10 days will be a dead ringer for holding one of them.

Godspeed, you Finnish bastard

4c1f6e No.98775




This list may only include all the "autiotupa", which are the unlocked cabins available for everyone. So there may be a lot missing from the list. Worth a look though

bb8dcc No.98776



That site ( http://jouninkirjamyymala.nettihotelli.info/at/ )

list "autiotupa" types of cabins, listed with abbreviation "AT" on the list as well as some "VK" which I presume to be "vuokrakämppä" (rental cabin), as well as "LAAVU" (half-open rain shelters), etc. It doesn't contain information on reservations ("autiotupa" cabins don't likely even have one, people just arrive and hope it to be vacant).

The syntax for the abbreviations used in the lists is rather long:


...so I guess I'll have to help deciphering it when I sober up. It's "a bit" information heavy to run though auto-translator, and the translation would likely be quite a bit off considering Finnish isn't even a Germanic language.

Most of the rental cabins won't be on the list linked. But considering that (providing Shia isn't bullshitting) he doesn't have electric grid or running water, hiker's cabin might not be completely outruled from possibilities. Most rental cabins are closer to tourist resorts anyway, and would have luxuries like those.

ce67dd No.98777


We found a flag with only the sky as a tool for finding it. He knows we're extremely resourceful.

He's probably not even in Finland. We need a new plan of attack.

bb8dcc No.98779


There used to be a thread http://8ch.net/hwndu/res/95745.html but due to 8ch hack on April Fool's Day, it now gives 404.

Basically, there used to be a thread about seaon 4½, bonus round, interlude, whatever one might call it, with the idea of planting Trump rubber ducks into Shia's home pool on his California residence. That, or rubber frogs.

I have never rejected the possibility that Shia might still be in his home or in the general area his home is in, or in Kiasma's basement, however it is reasonable to separate differing routes of investigation to individual threads of discussion. I'm totally in support of Cali-anons keeping their binoculars on Shia's home but for reasons of practicality, we can at least pretend within this thread that Shia is actually in Lapland, in order to stay on a single topic.

a61a23 No.98785


Even if he isn't in the laplands, he's at least smart enough not to be seen in the US while he's supposed to be in Finland.

Also, shame the Pool's Closed DLC didn't go through. That would have caused a quantum division.

42c6e3 No.98788

well here we go again

e5bcd7 No.98790

File: 68226127307caf7⋯.png (564.59 KB, 895x499, 895:499, Confirmation of death.png)

Confirmation that it was a male who fell through the ice before him. Also he's talking about the snow being too deep to get very far, but I can't find much in the way of weather reports in English that don't involve ski resorts. Even in Finland there can't be so many cases of men falling into icy lakes (and recently) that we can't find him from this.

210000 No.98791

File: ad6242935bcad1e⋯.png (42.1 KB, 479x784, 479:784, ice_thickness.PNG)

File: d8b7adab6a77734⋯.png (21.87 KB, 551x592, 551:592, snow_depth.png)


Finanon here.

Here's some graphs and figures if you think these are useful. Snow depth and ice thickness are in centimeters. The snow depth graph is updated today and the ice thickness graph two days ago.

e5bcd7 No.98795

File: 07368e65e194752⋯.jpg (61.46 KB, 800x356, 200:89, Ice safety.jpg)


Cheers mate, have you guys found anything that could be the dead man? It's unlikely that even a more common type of death would escape the local media.

If people are visiting Shia and are somehow able to make it past the insane vetting apparently going on, it may be worth asking him if it's currently snowing where he is, so we can refer to precipitation reports.

As for the ice thickness 4 inches is about 10cm, however we do not know if there were any circumstances behind the ice breaking (eg over-drilling or general idiocy, that would likely appear in local news stories)

Also it should be noted that the ice would unlikely be thin enough to break from a guy walking across even with the idiocy factor in the areas with the heaviest snow depth, as the temperature will logically be much lower in those places.

Although this estimate should be taken with a pinch of salt, as you don't get much snowfall in my country I would estimate that as Shia is 1.76m tall, and if you decide to take into account the 'pussy liberal' factor, he may consider the 60cm range difficult to travel through.

He has also mentioned that he had around 5 hours of darkness, which relates to the natural phenomenon known as a 'midnight sun'. Helsinki today is estimating 15 hours and 13 minutes of daylight, meaning that they will have experienced and 8 hours and 47 minutes of darkness (although split between earlier this morning and the evening to come later). Any mathfags willing to try and calculate how far north he is from Helsinki based on that information?

Also someone else please take over, all this autism is making me want to go outside.

bb8dcc No.98798

Alright, I'm checking through certain place listed on


It lists forest ministry's cabin, open houses and rentals.

Pöyrisjärvi that had two men drowning in July 2013 >>98765

can probably be dropped from suspicion since July means they didn't just fall through ice. (Back when I commented it, I missed the word "July" there.) It's also about 20km away from the nearest road. It does have a nice cabin, though. I'm just pretty sure they wouldn't carry a portable generator and tens of liters of gasoline for that long a distance.

Also, dropping "LAAVU" type buildings similar to this


and "KAMMI" type structres similar to this


will weed out some of the places not suitable for winter accomodation.

Abandoned cabin work on FIFO principle (First In, First Out) so that if there's new arrivals needing a bed to sleep in, the old ones should make room or leave if no room. They'd probably need a guaranteed place to stay, and have a rental cabin to unsure it.

87b2e6 No.98802

File: 5d702a86d2c3b07⋯.png (25.96 KB, 140x244, 35:61, 140px-Posio.sijainti.suomi….png)

File: 1dc4f4088a8713c⋯.jpg (18.54 KB, 406x507, 406:507, suomi.jpg)

File: 21886c4be0d0e82⋯.jpg (42.48 KB, 628x353, 628:353, 64ccf15950b44627bdb78752ad….jpg)

Did some more research. Article from 23.10.2011 reports of a fisherman drowning at Lake Nuottijärvi in Posio (water wasn’t frozen but cold). In 16.11.2015 a skier fell through the ice of (river) Torne and drowned in Palla. In 21.8.2015 a man spending time in a cottage in Enontekiö was found drowned in a lake (none of the articles mention the name of the lake or whether it was frozen). And in 1.11.2016 a local fisherman drowned at Lake Inarijärvi (he was on a boat so no ice and one article updates that he didn’t drown but died in some other way).

e5bcd7 No.98803


The area around Enontekiö is probably the strongest match out of those when you look at everything else we have, despite the timing of the death being over a year. It has a Sami presence (around 20%) and heavy snowfall, and if the article regarding that has an emphasis on 'was found' that might imply a remote location. Great work!

9d56b5 No.98804


Muotkajärvi-lake in Enontekiö. He was with a group but decided to go swimming alone. His friends found his body the same day.


9d56b5 No.98805

File: 39c8f35ff134d9c⋯.jpg (176.23 KB, 682x829, 682:829, muotkajärvi.jpg)


Unfortunately Muotkajärvi is not a very remote location.

9d56b5 No.98808

File: 89b27229d1654c4⋯.jpg (63.56 KB, 661x658, 661:658, kätkäjärvi.jpg)

A man fell through 3-5cm thick ice and drowned in Kätkäjärvi Muonio 18.10.2014


e5bcd7 No.98809


I'll admit it's a stretch, but I wouldn't completely disregard it just yet. I'm looking around the general area on google maps satellite, and according to Wikipedia Enontekiö has a total of 1900, with the provincial capital Hatta near Muotkajärvi that has a population of 800. If you're a Hollywood celeb, even a D-lister then maybe you'd consider that remote?

Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of anything concrete, we are literally just reliant on what Shia says. Did the guy really drown in the specific lake Shia is camped at or is he paraphrasing or butchering the story to impress the audience?

5fd2f6 No.98810


You'd have to get some more experienced math's fags to check, but I think he was exaggerating when he said 5 hours. Just looking at an online daylight calculator, that would place him somewhere north of Scandinavia.

According to this tool, at a latitude of 71, there's ~ 6.5 hours of darkness

At a latitude of 70, there's ~ 6.9

At a latitude of 69, there's ~ 7.18

At a latitude of 68, there's ~ 7.43

So if I'm correct, he's somewhere north. He could also easily be in Norway or Sweden. He could also be in Russia, but I have a feeling he's not.

So why did Shia claim to only have five hours

1. He exaggerated. Because to a pampered rich guy from Hollywood, not having the option of sleeping 10 hours in near complete darkness is a travesty

2. He lied to throw us off.

Then again, this does assume a random online tool for calculating this is correct. Can someone verify the tool isn't full of shit? I might be completely off here.

9d56b5 No.98811

File: 010736cbf7b8809⋯.png (281 KB, 1280x875, 256:175, 1280px-Daylight_Length.svg.png)


The further North you go the longer the twilight lasts. It doesn't get dark immediately after sunset.

5fd2f6 No.98812


Ah, that's what I was missing.

How long does twilight tend to last?

9d56b5 No.98813


Many many hours!

e8486e No.98814


Finnanon, need your help again. Do any of these cabins match up? This one lists many more cabins, including many private ones (not public). Still looking for: Sauna, outhouse, loft (2 stories), Northern Lapland Region, no running water.


fb5a8d No.98815


That site lists ”autiotupa”s and ”kämppä”s and “laavu”s.

Finland is a weird country, even among other Nordic countries. We have a network of these unlocked free-to-use cabins, intended for temporary use (1-2 nights), and operating in first-in-first-out basis. If more people come, you must leave.

Those cabins and shelters are very unlikely locations for Shia &co.

bb8dcc No.98821


I'm pretty sure that there's no ice in August. Much like there's no ice in July. The summer can be quite warm in Lapland so it's not like it permafrosted.

I don't know if it's necessary that the previous person fell through weak ice. Shia (or someone else, as we have just text chat) said he "went the way of the lake". That might include swimming accidents, falling from a boat, etc.

Basically we have reports from Pöyrisjärvi (lake Pöyris), Inarijärvi, Nuottijärvi, Muotkajärvi, Kätkäjärvi if we include all sorts of drownings or just Kätkäjärvi if it needs to be about weak ice. Or river Torne, if we include rivers (Shia has said he goes to a lake to fish and collect water, though.)

bb8dcc No.98822

File: 0b054e09308d1b6⋯.jpg (125.2 KB, 666x500, 333:250, jelikon_kota.jpg)

File: 2756f12a67c3cdf⋯.jpg (195.16 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, Sortovaaran kota_AT_Pikkur….JPG)

File: 0d273ded9cbb8e7⋯.jpg (45.58 KB, 700x525, 4:3, kota_iso.jpg)


There's lots of cabins there but it is a useful site to view open houses around a single lake for example, i.e after the rough area is known.

I doubt there's too many 2 story abandoned cabins out there. It could be that Shia is staying in a "kota" type of cabin. They're single room teepee-tyle cabins with slanted walls that also function as roof. They may have plank walls as well, although usually they're vertical. Maybe it's a kota type small cabin instead of a 2 story villa after all.


Many of those abandoned cabins are sectioned to public housing and a separate room for rental (the public being FIFO, the latter being guaranteed housing). So I wouldn't say these housing options can be outruled.

He'd rather unlikely to be on the public side because being required to leave the cabin without prior notice, in middle of the stream would be quite a no-no.

bb8dcc No.98823


Those pictures of kota-type cabins aren't of any suspect. I just googled for some sample images. The one from the inside is a kota with lower half made of logs. The roof planking is horizontal in that one. There are thousands of these in the wilderness, off the grid. Not the most winterworthy of cabins and you'd need to sleep on the floor or on a hard bench but the winter is already ending up there (and already way over down here).

e8486e No.98824

File: d351fca4dd5db90⋯.jpg (449.71 KB, 700x989, 700:989, finland-political-map - Co….jpg)

File: 37e73e652197895⋯.png (244.46 KB, 800x1392, 50:87, 800px-Kittilä.sijainti.suo….png)

File: 44d5515cdefc404⋯.png (269.62 KB, 872x886, 436:443, Lake Muotkajarvi - Copy.png)


Alright Gentleman, please correct or add anything you have to this. I am not Finnish and much of this may be going out on a limb:

Places in Finland that Nastja Rönkkö has lived according to her website http://nastjaronkko.com/home/ :

1. Jyväskylä (city)

2. Helsinki (city)

3. Kittilä (region)

4. Tornio (city)

Of all 4 places, the Kittilia region is the only place she lived that was in the northern Finland area. There is absolutely no question that this whole thing was somehow involved with the girl (Nastja Ronnko). She lived in Finland many times over the years. The other 2 fucksticks (Shia and Luke) were from different countries, so they'd know nothing about the area. In other words, there is a good chance she was behind the planning of this to some extent. The first cabin we suspected was Riekonkieppi, located by Lake Nakkala. After we suspected it, they apparently all moved to new cabins. Now Shia has mentioned a man drowning near the cabin where he currently is. The only person that drowned that really matches is the man who died in August of 2015 in lake Muotkajärvi. It looks like they may have simply moved south from Lake Nakkala. If they really did move, they would then be on full alert, as they would realize that we were on to them. This means Shia's statement of being 5 hours away from the nearest town by snowmobile could very likely be completely false- an attempt to fool us from his actual location, which, if Lake Muotkajarvi, would actually be very close to a town. Note how both Lake Nakkala and Lake Muotkajarvi are located near the Kittilia region, where Nastja lived. Could this be where they are?

We also need to make sure we are watching their cabin streams closely to ensure if they move again that we are aware of it.

a61a23 No.98825


This seems like the best lead we've had. Should we hatch a plan now?

e8486e No.98826


It's up to you guys. I'm just thinking out loud.

a61a23 No.98827


I won't decide for the whole board, but once there's a general opinion we can start.

Also, it'd be best to discuss actual plans where (((they))) can't snoop in.

e8486e No.98828


I agree. They are watching this I'm sure

fb5a8d No.98829


>There is absolutely no question that this whole thing was somehow involved with the girl (Nastja Ronnko)

I'm sure this was planned by Nastja, she is half Finnish (dad), half Russian (mum); and she lived in Kittilä.

>Shia's statement of being 5 hours away from the nearest town by snowmobile

He said "nearest hospital is 5 hrs", (if we should believe what he says). The only hospital in Lapland is in Rovaniemi. There are of course municipal clinics but the only real hospital is in Rovaniemi.

>Kittilä region

>Could this be where they are?

Still looks the best region. Too bad they escaped our Näkkälä recon team!

f3baf5 No.98830

Should we be thinking of questions finannons could ask at the museum that can help give us more clues without tipping shia off?

c7229e No.98831


Thought HWNDU S5 was done already?

Anyone have high res photos of their eyeballs?

It will be a like looking at a mirror into the room. ;)

f3baf5 No.98832

So are we looking for a place where there is 20 hours of daylight? If you guys have co ords of the region you think he is you can input here and check daylight hours.


fb5a8d No.98833

File: 310a30112cc614d⋯.jpg (68.46 KB, 618x464, 309:232, csi_zoom_and_enhance.jpg)

e8486e No.98834


Finnbro, can you search for any cabins near the Lake Muotkajarvi area with 2 stories or slanted ceilings, matching this lead? --> >>98824


If the above lead is really true, then we need local Finnanons to investigate the area/hatch plan, but I don't know that here is safe. We also need people to keep doing their own original research, keep monitoring the streams, etc. Lastly, we need pictures of the inside cabin stream to ensure that they haven't changed cabins (hidden camera?).

c7229e No.98835


Fractal image enhancement =

Infinite resolution anon


f3baf5 No.98836

Location: W025 43, N66 30 Rovaniemi

In April the max hours of daylight is around 13 hours if I inputted correct info from the link I shared previously. This means he would be North of that city which I think is what we have been expecting.

f3baf5 No.98837

Lake Muotkajärvi has up to 18 hours of light a day. A lot closer to the 20 we are looking for if Shia isn't exaggerating. Possibly North of this location.

f3baf5 No.98839

tested the most northern point of finland and that has up to 19 hours of light in april. So either:

-Im using it wrong >>98832 (link here)

-Website is bad (try to find another)

-Shia is exaggerating by at least an hour (plausible)

-He is not in fact in Finland but Sweden

f3baf5 No.98840

I am off to sleep now but my last suggestion is finannons asking local areas if any weird foreigners (with lots of money) have rented small cabins separate from each other. Godspeed.

e8486e No.98841


I'm sure he is exaggerating on length of night. Wouldn't hang too much on this.

c7229e No.98843

In addition to obtaining hi-res eyeball photos, are there Photosynth-able repositories of images of Finnish cabins?

(Probably the closest, but rudimentary, would be Google map with user added photos.)

Other random weaponized autism thoughts:

>Which nation visits Finland the most on holiday? Say X.

>Find terms used in X language for "holiday" "cabin" "photo"

>Search social media of X country for hi-res image data.

>Match knots in wood panelling to identify location.

7e216e No.98844


>a little too easy

A. nothing to loose

B. we spent four seasons already saying that

7e216e No.98845


>he probably has a loft (2 stories)

I don't think so

afaik some huts/cabins have very slant roofs for the snow. I've seen a very extreme case one, but pic related is enough to convince you

I don't think he would go to the loft to stream, but of course I can't rule that out

We need to ask where is he sitting, on his bed or if the bed is near.

Because the dam bed is not going to be on the roof

Or just ask him if he has a loft, idk

7e216e No.98846



>> two men who drowned in July 2013 at Lake Pöyrisjärvi

You know, that is one thing we can question him about without arising suspicion. It can pass as regular teenage morbosity

"You must be freezing to death. Has anyone died there?" then ask how many, and how.

It will narrow it down a lot if the deaths are listed.

7e216e No.98847


He seems to be eager to speak about that man.

If someone asks about him say you saw it on the livestream (because it would get too suspicious)

And you can get him to talk about him being a tourist or not, which would tell us if it's a rental

7e216e No.98848

File: 068fa74cd8e414f⋯.jpg (24.38 KB, 452x300, 113:75, 23050-004-8CD20EBA[1].jpg)



this >>98811

Remember we are talking about a place where the sun sets in a slant angle, and the line between day and night is quite blurred.

He probably means "5 hours of honest to god can't-see-shit darkness"

1ba0d8 No.98855

File: 78cc6e39c4d20d2⋯.jpg (89.46 KB, 476x443, 476:443, cabins.jpg)


This could be promising. The Hetta area has come up as a possible location during my own investigations. Shia said the cabin is only accessible by snowmobile I believe. There is a big snowmobile track that runs between Hetta and Näkkälä I believe.

I also found this map of what I believe to be reservable wilderness cabins (the most basic type of cabins) in Lapland. I need a Finn to confirm though.

https://www. google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1LUl8mdgsdWS6cOdq27IFu9_f8iU&hl=fi&ll=68.56032088637454%2C25.5920930625&z=6

Not sure if it helps or not

f3baf5 No.98863

So it seems we need fin annons to go to the museum again and ask some questions. Id say ask about the guy who died, the daylight hours, the weather and how his cabin is.


^also a good idea

If any finannons live in northern finland around the tourist areas it may be good to ask around about any weird rich foreigners or even if any celebs have come around

d0ef67 No.98867


I haven't really seen this idea before, but maybe some finanons could look into finnish boulevard press or something similar? I have a finnish friend, who isn't into chans and so, but he was aware that Shia is in Finland.

fb5a8d No.98869


The Shia &co performance was announced as part of ARS17 several weeks before their performance began. ARS17 exhibition opened two weeks before Shia’s cabin was opened to visitors. I knew that one of the best ways to find his cabin would be to follow social media before he gets into his cabin. I found zero reports of Shia being in Finland and our tabloid journalists did not report anything about him until their performance had begun. It was only then that all Finnish media reported that a Hollywood movie star will spend a month in Finland!!

b89051 No.98870


Because no one has seen him, there's a possibility that he isn't even in Finland, or even in Lapland. There's also the possibility that they are staying in Rönkkö's relatives cabins, they do own a couple in Lapland.

fb5a8d No.98871

File: a9c8e3367d8fb34⋯.jpg (257 KB, 1680x953, 1680:953, shia_goes_fishing.jpg)

The museum is closed on Mondays and Shia’s plan is to go fishing tomorrow. If he gets anything he said he’ll show his catch to webcam on Tuesday. If he gets anything our biology-anons might help us narrow down his location.

d0ef67 No.98872


But shouldn't there be some small Laplands newspapers cowering this huge event of a Hollywoods star living in their humble small town or their county? They usually are really plain and tend to make a shitstorm even about the smallest happening.

87b2e6 No.98873


He’s not that big of a star and even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have visited Lapland twice in the past without anyone knowing.

To local rural Finns, Shia might just as well be some fag from Helsinki or Espoo.

59bdd7 No.98874

My two estimates are either at the area around Kittilä or around Inari and Ivalo. Kittilä was my earlier guess, but it doesn't fit with the 5 hour drive to a hospital.

I think a big problem is separating who has given what information, because it might be that they are quite far apart. This might cause information to muddle the location, unless you know exactly who said what.

There's also the case of the 5 hour drive to a hospital. It severely limits it to the northeastern parts around Inari, or it's a case of a place much closer, but has terrain that makes it hard to get to the road without wasting time driving the snowmobile around lakes and mountains and things like that. Snowmobiles can go pretty fast, so the terrain would have to be somewhat rough.

I don't care if he's lying about stuff, because I view it as a win if he has to lie. So far we know that there was a blizzard at some point, there's a lake(?), there's been somewhat warm since the ice was melting, then there's the reindeers and wolverine, got there by snowmobile, not much around, uses gaspowered generator for electricity, lake has fish and someone died on the lake? Oh, and there was a helicopter? Did anyone check anything about the chopper?

4484ef No.98882


Come on guys, let's stay focused. We've already been down that path a million times. Yes, he might be in some other country and we'd have no way of knowing. But we can't do anything about that, so let's just assume he is in Lapland unless we have some kind of evidence showing otherwise. And so far, we have nothing to indicate that. But we do have evidence, good evidence, that they are or at least were in Lapland. Look at the Riekkenkieppi cabin, you know , the one that was rented through the 13th of May, the one that matched the interior of Luke's cabin exactly, the one that was taken down from the internet before they started and could only be accessed via the wayback machine, the one that they moved out of immediately after we started suspecting it. THAT cabin. That is evidence, not speculation. And we know Nasja Ronkko used to live in that region, which makes even more sense. We need to concentrate our efforts on what we do know. The "how do we know" speculation can go on forever, and will only ensure that we never find him. The man that drowned in August 2015 had been staying in a cottage, left his party, and drowned in lake Muotkarjarvi, a lake south of the Riekenkkieppi cabin. I don't know if that is the same man Shia was talking about or not, or even if he was being honest, but the point is it's evidence, something to investigate. We also know Shia is in a cabin with a slanted roof, and according to him, 5 hours away from a hospital. Another piece of evidence. Let's FOCUS.

466327 No.98885

They have a film crew right?

Can we search mentionings of Social media about film crews in Finland?

Someone probably snapped a few pictures

bb8dcc No.98888


If you add time needed from cabin to the nearest paved road, there's some extra time to be added, so I wouldn't rule out region around Kittilä.


Do they? Why would they have a film crew with them? They're basically just streaming stuff from a phone or webcam.

They did likely have support crew back when they were setting up for their stay and when they moved cabins.

7edc2c No.98892



A wilderness area, few paved roads / icy, snowy roads etc all sound like a recipe for hikers and hunters being injured a long way from where a land ambulance can reach them, so they will need airlifts. Radio scanners could be used to track rough flight paths of the chopper, and anons in the cabin could ask questions along the lines of "it must get pretty quiet, must be nice to hear animals instead of traffic at night" and see if a chopper is mentioned.

054cb7 No.98896


What about security cams in Kiasma or outside of it, there should be still stored footage of when the trio was in museum on start of the project, maybe even with whom they left, also are there really no people who saw them?

811b8a No.98915


can't we just find a way to take the strem down?

f3baf5 No.98916

I just think that we need more organisation which is hard to over this forum. Ive heard there's a discord about this?

>>98892 - good questions, should get fin annons on that if they can still go to the museum

>>98915- another good suggestion which is why I think it would be better to organise into groups and have central point to discuss. could we get the museum to remove the project, Shia has a record that they may not appreciate. Assault, disorderly conduct, shouting at servers while pissed off his head etc.

Ive heard reports over at halfchan(not reliable I know) that ppl have already found the cabin in finland and have tried to get him to come out. Anyone else heard about this??

f3baf5 No.98917

Ill try to find this discord for tomorrow unless you guys know it already. I think they have some more leads

78eb45 No.98920

Holy fuck you're actually identifying the wood, you people are fucking brilliant!

Back on track


What bugs me is how it's 3 different styles of wood. Now if this is a luxury cabin, I imagine they'd want it to look nice. Why use 3 different styles of wood? It's fine to have different wallpaper in different rooms, but I'd have thought a mish-mash of wood styles wood have been ugly & cheap looking.

Are they just wood panels like fencing, and they're at home? (How is latency of the video messages?)



How close/far are these 3 different locations? I think they're bullshitting about being far-apart or not knowing where each other is. I.e. If one of them feels they're are about to be discovered, could they flee to another? Do they prefer their friends close by fearing (nonexistent) assault or harm, or do they feel safe enough to be separated? Do they have transport to the other cabin (and odds are a major road so they don't have to drive snowmobiles at night in the forest or some shit) or someshit) or are the cabins are near each other like a hotel complex?


Also, the slant in Shia's photo could indicate a "loft" room- look for 3 floor cabins- maybe 2. (It'll be the sort of building that looks like it's too short. I.e. 3 floor that looks 2 floor, etc).


These FB photos could have been taken when they were looking @ cabins in advance to see if they'd book/rent them out- to give us a false lead. Also, would they think that far ahead?


Ask/follow examples of GG on how to spread/meme info.

They talk about how he wants to be perceived, show the world what he really is. IRL, Twitter, whatever, keep spreading memes.


I am concerned he'll escalate to the point he an heroes and we're blamed for it (suicide note or not).


Not even this far. Look for cabins pulling/sending a large amount of data.


Has anyone been looking for smoke during the day?


So being it's on the west side of the "goat's head"- the only other place are those 2 red dots.

I doubt Shia could identify a wolverine, unless he's been told "Don't go out by yourself, wolverines can attack you."

Can we get an overlay of those red dots and the blue catch area? (Though at a glance it seems even the north-most red dot is too far south)



Could he have brought a false-panel to throw us off?

It's more likely 2 different places have similar style chairs though.


I suspect this is BS- making himself sound tough. He has comforts.


Not without hacking. We could have done that to the flag streams. The idea was to prove his "super hidden locations" can be found. It shows the "flilthy alt-right" are resourceful. And to humiliate him on stream.

He "wins" if he's silenced by some script kiddies not letting him speak.

We win if he's humiliated (since he's a narcissist like all SJWs).

They censor. We expose.

898304 No.98921

File: 1b4cf8bf52a5dd5⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, suomen latu kiilopaa.png)

This is a possible I found for Turner but the wood gran DOES NOT match. The slats/planks look similar though so I speculate he could be in a different cabin in the same lodge.

898304 No.98922


I have been trying to get this done for two weeks. No finnanons will risk it. I have a guy willing to slip in a rubber ducky though. Working through that now

59bdd7 No.98923


I think you're onto something at least. Inari or Sodankylä are the likely places I'd say. From the numerous cabins I've watched, they seem mostly to fit best with the cabins in the Inari and Sodankylä municipality. If we assume that, then Urho Kekkonen National Park might be an option. Or any place between Inari and Sodankylä.

2e03ce No.98924

If Shia can't be found, we have to ddos the stream and keep sabotaging every one of his shitty "art" projects.

978434 No.98926


Thank you, I agree with your assertion that Inari is a good place to look. I'll keep going through photos but this is the most substantial lead I've found thus far.

978434 No.98927


That wouldn't be very intellectually satisfying though would it?

I mean any idiot can ddos. Our autism is stronger than that

978434 No.98929


Get in here faggots. DEAD THREAD

26ba55 No.98932



This is the only place that has wood kinda matching the vid

You might be onto something.

Where did you get it, and are there other cabins?

Doesn't look like the kind of place that is a standalone

1ba0d8 No.98950



Him being in a lodge would fit with the theory that we found his cabin and they had to hastily relocate him. We need some boots on the ground. Maybe ask him if there is anyone else staying at the lodge to try and trick him.

add4fd No.98960

so you finns found the place

when are you going to meme

a61a23 No.98964


Agreed. It'll make our search a lot easier if we can catch one of them slipping up.

Better than my plan to have a fem-finanon butter Shia up enough to get an actual location.

77f2c4 No.98965

File: 3eaaab92544b401⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 555x272, 555:272, oBSpPHH[1].jpg)



regardless that sounds like the ylilautees are 99.5% teenage boys, if /int/ didn't lie to me about finns, the girls are not going to feel comfortable with being bold about "buttering up" Shia

a61a23 No.98967


I don't mean anything sexual or provocative. I just mean making good enough conversation to make him want to invite you to his cuckshed to be eaten, like he did in this case >>98695

59bdd7 No.98971

Thinking about it, we might try a gamble and test him. Some fin anons could go to the Kiasma cabin and say "We know you are in <likely suspected municipality>! 8chan are on the way towards you right now!". If we hit right, we'll probably get a reaction. If not, then we can scratch of a municipality and save lots of energy and time.

Another posibility is acting normal and start talking about a few municipalities and what he thinks about them, trying to gauge his reaction or see if he tries to steer the conversation away from it.

f3baf5 No.98973


why not try both angles. we have multiple fin annons right?

78eb45 No.98974


Could it just be where the camera quality warps some of the colors? Though the black thing in the top right makes me curious (low ceiling? Second floor? Black curtain around a shooting area?)



Look up how con artists gain trust- even tactics that need 2 people.

Either we get someone inside, or we get him so mad with political discussion he looses his shit and spills beans on something.

For the latter, even just sending him simple questions that an SJW can't answer will make him look bad. (Do you think borders are needed to deal with Islamic terror? Did you know Trump increased jobs by # and reduced national debt by $#?)

Remember- honest debate exposes the SJW as a moron.

fb5a8d No.98975

File: 9df241197f8d6ae⋯.jpg (308.73 KB, 1604x844, 401:211, mugshot.jpg)

File: b8f39ad109847b6⋯.jpg (327.04 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C9hknsiXsAIcFQ3.jpg)


>black thing in the top right

78eb45 No.98976


Well there goes that theory.

But, at least we can see all 3 panels are a similar color.

The girl seems to have better color balance on her video than the other two- but apart from warping the color on the guys faces, I don't think it'd be enough to alter how the wood looks dramatically.

2e3744 No.98985



bb8dcc No.98988

So much pseudointellectualism in >>98920 that I really need to correct some:

>What bugs me is how it's 3 different styles of wood. Now if this is a luxury cabin, I imagine they'd want it to look nice.

Different cabins, different wood. Even if they were in same or close by cabins, they'd want to create the illusion of being separated by vast distance, i.e either by chance or by design. To have similar background would be idiotic for them. I don't even understand why you consider it weird rather than plain obvious.

>Also, the slant in Shia's photo could indicate a "loft" room- look for 3 floor cabins- maybe 2.

Or just 1 floor "kota" type of cabin. They have slanted walls almost from ground up. They can have just a few logs against the ground, before the slanting begins. The purpose for this type of roof is that snow doesn't pile on top of it to make it collapse, even if left unmaintained for the winter.

>I doubt Shia could identify a wolverine, unless he's been told "Don't go out by yourself, wolverines can attack you."

No wolverine has ever mauled a human in Finland so I doubt locals would warn him about them in particular. Bears are more dangerous, especially mothers with cubs. In very few cases a wolverine has attacked a human for self-defense but there's never been fatalities. They fear humans even though they are total butcher machines when it comes to deers. They are primary scavengers and killing more deers than they can eat is a survival strategy, as they eat rotten carrion as well as fresh meat.

Then again, I'm rather skeptical that Shia has even seen a wolverine. They aren't that common and they'd probably leave the area before being seen by an amateur. At the very least he would have had to approach from downwind.

>Has anyone been looking for smoke during the day?

If you have smoke inside the cabin, you have a problem with the chimney or the user. Latter more likely with these people. They would however have learned how to make a fire already without flooding the inside of the cabin with smoke.

What's the point anyway? If there's smoke, the only thing you'd prove is ... nothing. They are either in a real cabin or they have a fog machine to provide special effects. And if there's no smoke, they are either in a movie studio or they actually like in Lapland but know how to operate a stove or a fireplace. Either option proves fucking nothing at all. There's absolutely nothing to be gained by investigating those streams for smoke inside the cabin as any observation can be used to argue in favor and against any theory.

>Could he have brought a false-panel to throw us off?

Pointless. If he wanted to fool people what much, he'd still be in California. (Note: I don't outrule this possibility. I just outrule the possibility that he carries fake backdrops with him while living in Lapland. Fakery and being genuine don't go too well together, especially if fakery requires extra effort, i.e expect him to lie but don't expect him to carry fake backdrops.)

bb8dcc No.98989


There are probably thousands cabins matching those log walls in Finland and quite many of them in Lapland.

Then again, that tourist resort has about 40 cabins in near proximity of each other so it's not like scouting a single cabin out of thousand similar ones on a futile wild goose chase. There's at least a 40-fold chance of hitting a side target even though he's not Shia himself.


Did we? When? I think it was embarrassing enough that quite a few people declared victory over that one cabin that didn't even match the pictures on any of the three streams. (Then the news got to "journalists" and then every Youtuber and their son declared Shia's cabin to be found.) Declaring victory over a troll comment is embarrassing, but so is declaring victory prematurely over preliminary research done without intent to mislead.

537f48 No.99001

File: 4d3ca8ae04587ef⋯.jpg (166.79 KB, 1058x705, 1058:705, IMG_0857.JPG)

I think it is time we step up our game. Shia has gone full cabin mode. We may need 'full time' squads on his ass. Foot soldiers/scouts, profilers cracking down on social network, etc.

Sunday afternoon trolling time is over people. Either we relent or we step up to this bedlam.

a61a23 No.99006

I brought this up in another thread, but could the mods find out if any posts that support Shia are from a Finnish IP to remote enough be from the cuckshed itself, maybe by implementing post flags and checking the IP of suspicious Finnish posts?

I'm mostly spitballing and I know it's an outlandish idea, but it is suspected that he has internet access, what with him plagiarizing a whole string of tweets word for word.

a61a23 No.99007


That is also assuming this board has active mods.

d0121f No.99011



I do check in daily (sad, I know) but I can't see IPs, I just see posts grouped under a hash of the IP for moderation purposes.

This is pretty good desu, you don't want any mod on a power trip to know youjr IP.

a61a23 No.99012


Damn. I guess it is a good feature though. I guess I wouldn't want someone to fuck with me IRL for shitposting.

b87e76 No.99046


Infinite resolution != infinite (true) information. The computer will imagine what details may have caused the pixels. Those details are almost never the same as the details that actually caused the pixels.

a61a23 No.99050

New in-shack recording:


Not sure when this was recorded, but it had to have been recently. My eye is untrained, but it looks to be the same cabin.

We really need to get boots on the ground and try to milk some more info out of Shia. Where did all our finnanons go, bingo?

63775c No.99056


The video feed quality is substantially better. No more jerkiness. Live movements. No more screen smears. They upgraded to a much better internet connection.

bb8dcc No.99064


Could it be related to them switching to new location? The old videos were from the original cabins, after cabin switches, there's mostly just been still pictures and screencaps of the public Kiasma stream (only gives the image of the cabin and text messages).

Maybe they've had better video fluidity all the time after switching cabins? Maybe they switched cabins BECAUSE they had such bad internet in original locations, meaning they could be now located closer to a town / popular tourist resort? That, or they changed their cell phone connection provider to a better one. Different providers have highly varying signal strengths in each specific area. There's three mobile network provides in Finland: TeliaSonera, Elisa and DNA. Each of them can have several brand names, or independent operators purchasing their connectivity from a major network but there's basically these three.

bb8dcc No.99065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like how Skeytch Parker managed to trigger Shia & the hipsters with the "men cannot be raped" thing. Lefties are all about feminism and disregarding female perpetration, yet they can totally forget that talking point when they're personally involved. GET REKT SCRUB!

Then again, let's not get sidetracked. It's plenty fun but aside from improved video fluidity that indicates improved bitrate and stability, there wasn't anything in that video that would give up information on Shia's location, unfortunately. I'll check the previous Skeytch Parker video as well to see if that has anything relevant.

bb8dcc No.99066

Skeytch's older video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saFtXS-zFtU ) is back when they had the old locations and bad bitrate. Thus improvement of bitrate is rather likely to be an explaining factor to improvement in video quality, rather than just changing SIM cards and using better service providers. Better frame rate, better resolution, no dropped frames or corrupted macroblocks.

They have either moved closer to a town or tourist center and have 4G now, or they are now in a WiFi area, or maybe even a hardline provided by cabin rental, because the increase in video quality is not just to the point of getting rid of horrible glitches, it's several orders of magnitude improved.

It could be that they relocated from old positions because of bad connection, and only wanted to scapegoat "4chan trying to kill them!" as the reason why they did it. Lying bastards. Never expected better of you.

363ad9 No.99068

File: d7dbafd0ab45e4f⋯.jpg (467.64 KB, 1182x1025, 1182:1025, elisa-saunalahti.jpg)


Elisa Saunalahti


purple 4G

yellow 3G

green 2G, at best

the rest is some gsm text/phone connection if lucky.

The other service provider is Telia-Sonera but I couldn't find a reliable map.

ca1dbe No.99070

This might sound tarded but:

Has anyone gone to the museum and tried using their phone as a virtual eddystone, or Wifi, or Looked on AirDrop (assuming he has iPhone) and looked to see if any of them had something like "Shia's iPhone" as a name?

After that, Anon can wardrive near a suspected area and if they find that same name you know you are close.

If you can get the MAC address too, that prevents him from throwing us off by changing his phone's name

ca1dbe No.99071

bb8dcc No.99073


Greens on that map isn't 2G. Bright greens are natural parks and faded greens are just forests and wilderness.

When you took the screencap, you hadn't ticked "2G". And it's better that way because 2G is too slow to stream video. 3G with maximum signal strength would probably be adequate, 4G would be good even if signal wasn't totally maxed out.

So they could reside on purple regions, or within some parts of orange region, close to a cell phone mast.

bb8dcc No.99074



Obviously, there's those other two providers (TeliaSonera and DNA) so it's not just Elisa (in that pic).

The others are probably somewhat similar-ish. Due to similar demand for network coverage where people live or travel as tourists.

42c6e3 No.99077


Kek, is someone compiling all the highlights?

0b10a9 No.99097

We must end this stream. Find the doctor, he will guide you.

87b2e6 No.99103

File: 24495578fd2d7c7⋯.png (797.72 KB, 1367x607, 1367:607, lataus (21).png)

From 15 minutes ago. Not sure if helps anymore but he mentions that his cabin is a SAMI cabin and that they only get 3 hours of dark. Also some gay stuff.

705d43 No.99104


>They supposedly have only 8 hours of electricity per day. Some say they have a generator, some speculate solar panels. Did they actually state they are running a portable generator outside?

You'd have to be retarded to genuinely think they're out there in nature, or even in a reservation. These are soft pampered city hipsters we're talking about. They would break if they had to experience any hardship at all. Do you really fucking think they would give up all the comforts they had their whole lives to make a statement? I'll bet you any amount that they are in a luxury rental cabin each, and use an empty side room to broadcast and give a false sense of austerity.

TL;DR: disregard that shit, you'll get nowhere.

a61a23 No.99105

Okay, so we've gathered that is's likely a SAMI cabin with a 3G-4G connection and a sauna. Likely a generator as well. At least one is walking distance from a lake. All in the Finnish (or Russian, but I find that much less likely) Lapland. Anything else I glanced over?

It's a shame we don't have as many autists as season 3 or 4, but I think we might have enough info to find a cabin in 9 days.

0f2c1d No.99106


Most people don't look at this thread because it's a sticky, if you made a new thread with the new lead; people will flood in to find Shia.

a61a23 No.99107


Sure. It'll take a bit of time to compile the relevant info, though.

a61a23 No.99109


Not sure if I got all the relevant info, but I got the important stuff.

4d10e9 No.99123

File: 3f266e4a598591f⋯.jpg (46.94 KB, 402x540, 67:90, 1932275_672242392835762_20….jpg)



I think nobody looked because it was going nowhere.

Either way, I was going to propose a new thread anyways, to start over with a clean mind.

I will let things flow again, and unsticky this.

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