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Obedience Will Bring Pleasure


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File: a18a797cc5abc89⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2400x1680, 10:7, BambiSleep.jpg)



bump to say Thankyou.


File: 1511139fc9d02b9⋯.jpg (134.8 KB, 1024x804, 256:201, 1490274927279.jpg)

holy shit…..this seems sooooo good. Permanent IQ reduction stuff is normally a no-go for me (and an insane turn on at the same time), however these suggestions often put me out of trance.

From the FAQ:

>Although the main transformation effects are very powerful, they are not permanent. The listener will become Bambi only when dressed as a bimbo in sexy feminine clothing. However, some addiction to the training and lasting desire to dress as a bimbo is to be expected. Do not let the temporary nature of the transformation fool you: the effects are extremely intense and repeated listening will result in drastic changes whenever they are triggered.

>The sessions cover many topics including obedience, amensia, personality erasure, mind control, IQ reduction, body transformation, desire and addiction, clothing, make-up, high heels, posture, mannerisms, voice, cocksucking, orgasm triggers, and a variety of enforcement techniques. Though the subject's receptiveness to hypnotic control will be massively deepened, there is no suggestion of submission to any one hypnotist in particular. Unlike some other feminization-focused recordings, the tone is generally positive: there is little humiliation; no mention of the listener being a "sissy" or other degrading terms; no impotence suggestions or attempt to changes the listener's sexuality; and all suggestions are presented in an encouraging and pleasurable way. The sessions are really aimed at listeners who want to feel like a real bimbo girl rather than a feminized man

I am fine with that.

And it uses the bubble induction and high quality TTS and binaurals and subliminals. It seems like someone created my dream file


can confirm files are good. But I couldn't even get passed the first one because of HFO.

This is easily top ten material. I can't even believe its a free set.


Can anyone upload the individual (specifically the IQ reduction) file, please? Right now my internet is too shitty to donwload 200+MB files. Thanks.



have you read through the guide? It's just a body file with no induction, no deepener, no awakener


File: 89567649723a9ac⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 776x1028, 194:257, prince_bambi_by_princelion….jpg)


>03 Bambi Named and Drained

>The subject learns that her name is Bambi.

but Bambi is a boy's name…

Specifically a young buck who ends up being a Prince of the Forest.


>This is easily top ten material. I can't even believe its a free set.

International trust of a few selected jews put this out for free to weaken and demasculize white males and further promote race-mixing, homosexuality and transgenderism.

Those god damn jews man, nothing is sacred not even our femdom porn



yes i am aware of that, but it is zipped into one compressed file


I haven't heard of a modular hypnosis session like this since Mind Mistress, and her recordings are pretty old. Why don't more hypnotists structure their recordings like this?


Technically, it's androgynous, but mostly used for women.



>Are the sessions for men or women?

>All sessions at Bambi Sleep have heavy feminization elements particularly designed to wipe away masculinity and transform the listener into a very good girl. However, suggestions are worded to be gender-neutral throughout and there are no explicit references to the listener's previous gender or anatomy, so they should work well for female listeners as well. Be aware that the sessions do link many powerful triggers to the wearing of sexy feminine clothing, which could be a more ubiquitous predicament for female listeners.




>International trust of a few selected jews put this out for free to weaken and demasculize white males and further promote race-mixing, homosexuality and transgenderism.

Good thing for us that it doesn't actually do anything. Emasculation is occurring on the womens end not on our end. They consume media that trains them to dis-value the majority of men and avoid traditional relationships. To them Men are nothing more than a means to acquire material goods.

Race mixing only occurs because these women were genetically bankrupt to begin with, nothing of value lost.

I'll tell you my main reason for trancing to this, its because I am envious of how easy women these days have things. They don't work hard, everything is catered to them. Then they bitch because everything costs more. that's because you have a hell lot more options and a hell lot more pandering to. A mans life ain't so easy, if you're not rich women want nothing to do with you. Seriously that's the only quantifier that women look at for a potential mate because they want free shit so they can annoy the other women in their social circles in some kind of social circlejerk arms race to see who can screw their husband's paycheck over the most.

For once I get to trance there and think of being a self entitled stupid whore of a woman. Its fun and all, but once its all over I sit there and think, yeah but who the fuck would want to be like that every day their whole lives.

Its escapism.

Thanks /pol/.



had first ever hfo, best files ever based on that alone.

this also had me doing shit i didn't even hear the command for, EXTREMELY powerful



jesus, anon. You got to get out in what ever shithole you are lining in



what sort of shit? and when did you get the HFO?


yeah i also had an hfo, being drilled by that machine felt so good for some reason



I think we're self aware that this shit ain't good for us. But I mean it could be a lot worse, I could be on drugs. Frankly the fetish hasn't been what it used to be and I think I'm getting too old for this.


Holly crap this is good. It's damn scary as it seems like a pure takeover file eventually turning the user into a bimbo. I cant see how this is not a permanent file.



>I cant see how this is not a permanent file.

I know right.

I listened to 1 2 and then skipped to 9 and I've come the closest to a hfo I've ever been, heart was racing and was breathing really fast. I've been listening to this hypno shit for a long time and that is the first time I've ever experienced something like that.

Gonna dive into the whole thing tonight. Not even into the whole bimbo thing.




Can anyone tell me which tts voice or program was used for these files?



I'm tempted to as well. I agree with how good this really is. I've listened to my fair share and this is sneaky as and is written so well that you just loose all protection of your mind and let whatever happens happens.



>Holly crap this is good. It's damn scary as it seems like a pure takeover file eventually turning the user into a bimbo. I cant see how this is not a permanent file.

The FAQ lied.


I dunno, seems like alot of the suggestions are worded like "when you are dressed up…" etc. But I could see how it could still get interpreted otherwise








I believe the effectiveness of the file can be attributed to the Bubble Induction. It is by far the most popular induction file on WMM for a reason. There has been a thread on nfc that reached the bump limit, concerning a file using this induction called Gogo Bubble. Many anons in that thread were surprised to be taken over by a go-go girl personas, and having difficulty fighting feminizing and slutty urges. IIRC, there have also been one or tow accounts where marriages have been destroyed as a result of an anon listening to the file, and losing sexual interest in his wife!

Tread carefully when experimenting with recordings that use powerful techniques such as this.


Oh my goodness…. I just had my first HFO. EVER. I have literally been listening for years and could only feel tingles and close but this fucked me over the edge… Listened almost to the whole thing.. Shit.. I think it was to #8 or #9..

Just listen to the induction and skip to there. Should be fine.. I need to lay down.. My brain feels fucked. But wow.. HFO wasn't a myth after. Actually jizzed.


Blog is down, wtf? Anyone know what happened? Does the creator post anywhere else? Pretty sure I have her on Giga.


Wow. This takes the best from everywhere (Lutz Bubble induction, Mind Mistress Acceptance amnesia training, etc) and is one of the most pro recordings out there. Background voices utilize ones similar to other hypnotists to tap into any obedience already there. Hopefully the site goes back up because id like to see the descriptions again.


>Stop to finally read this thread

>Never had HFO everyone seems to be saying this one works for really real

>Site has been removed



I have the link cached, still seems to work. 8ch won't let me post it though?

goo dot gl slash NnE3Jf



I'd thank you, but this shit fucked me up bad, and I've never really had hypno do much to me at all.

I'm sitting here consciously running through my memories, talking them out, to resolidify myself as a real fucking human being and not a puppet



Damn, it's gone? Does anyone have the file descriptions so I know if I want to listen to it?


seeing the reactions i free'd up two hours last night to go throgh 1-10 in one sitting

never had a reaction like that, slightly scary imo


And for the descriptions im glad i pulled it all of into a txt file

Bambi Bimbodoll Conditioning

This is the first bimbo hypnosis and conditioning release from Bambi Sleep, containing nearly four hours of intense bimbo brainwashing hypnosis content. It is a complete and powerful training program that will transform the listener into a perfect dumb slutty bimbo girl called Bambi.

The full hypnosis session is over two and a half hours, so it's split into separate tracks that can be rearranged into sessions of shorter length if necessary.

Track Listing

00 Rapid Induction

Rapid induction that places the subject in deep trance very quickly. Requires training with track 10 until the "Bambi Sleep" trigger has been learned.

01 Bubble Induction

Induction that places the subject in deep trance. Sets the "Bimbo Doll" trigger, which is used throughout.

02 Bubble Acceptance

Powerful deepener that makes the subject mindlessly, compulsively obedient, and massively increases the strength of all following tracks. Sets the "Good Girl" trigger, which is used throughout.

03 Bambi Named and Drained

The subject learns that her name is Bambi. Her old personality is drained away. She learns that she is a bimbo and is prepared for further training with more deepeners.

04 Bambi IQ Lock

Bambi's intelligence is completely erased. Her IQ is drastically reduced and her higher thought functions disabled. Her mind is trained to wipe itself over and over again and this effect is linked to many different triggers. Bambi is a helplessly dumb bimbo.

05 Bambi Body Lock

Bambi is anaesthetized for hypnotic surgery. Her body is transformed into that of a perfect bimbo fuckdoll. Includes breast and butt enlargement, waist reduction, facial restructuring, and collagen injections. The effects are made to feel completely real.

06 Bambi Attitude Lock

Bambi is trained to be addicted to dressing up and looking perfect. She is given deep irresistable compulsions including getting dolled up, doing her makeup, and wearing high heels. She adopts submissive feminine posture, movements and voice.

07 Bambi Uniformed

The listener is programmed to become Bambi whenever she dresses in sexy bimbo clothing. All effects of the session are strengthened by the wearing of a bimbo uniform. Bambi finds that trying to undress when she is dolled up and pretty is extremely difficult. She is conditioned to need to wear her uniform.

08 Bambi Takeover

Bambi's control is reinforced. She is made more powerful than her old personality and given the ability to take over completely. She learns how to take complete control and replace the old self.

09 Bambi Cockslut

Bambi is trained to suck and fuck. This consists of a lengthy erotic fantasy including obedience, cocksucking, and being fucked to orgasm. Sexual submission and orgasm are linked to pleasurable bimbo enforcement triggers. Bambi is made to cum on command and this reinforces her conditioning.

10 Bambi Awakens

Bambi is made much more susceptible to hypnotic conditining. Her training is reinforced completely before she is awakened as a perfect bimbo doll. Sets the "Bambi Sleep" trigger, which strengthens the inductions used in the session for next time.

Training Order

Tracks 00 and 01 are inductions; only one of these should be used at a time. The rapid induction should only be used once the subject has learned to go instantly into a very deep trance with the "Bambi Sleep" trigger.

Track 02 is a powerful deepener and is recommended, though it adds about half an hour to the session time.

Track 03 should always be included as it turns the subject into Bambi and prepares her further conditioning.

Tracks 04 to 06 are the main bimbo conditioning tracks. They are generally optional and can be included in any order.

Tracks 07 to 09 are reinforcement tracks that strengthen all effects and set post-hypnotic triggers. They are also optional and can be reordered, but are most effective after the conditioning tracks.

Track 10 features more reinforcement, sets the "Bambi Sleep" trigger, and then wakes Bambi up.

Some ways the session can be listened to are:

To train the subject for deeper trances as efficiently as possible, use tracks 01, 02 and 03 followed by 10. This skips most of the conditioning and focuses on deepening trance.

Add in tracks 04-09 as desired for conditioning.

When the subject has learned to go very deep with the sleep trigger, use tracks 00, 02 and 03 followed by tracks 04-09 as desired and then track 10.

For the most advanced subjects who can go extremely deep with just the rapid induction, use track 00 only followed by all of tracks 03-10 for regular ongoing reinforcement.


W-why would they removed it. What does it mean?



I don't know. I downloaded the whole thing but only listened to the intro. My computer went to sleep and did the strange glitching thing it always does. So my potato computer snapped me out of it.

It did sort of creep me out though. I will have to keep my computer from going to sleep next time I have the time to listen to it.


I don't know if I'm lucky or unlucky that I got the whole series before it vanished. Late last night I listened to 1-4… and only barely managed to turn it off at the end of 4 because I got a tickle in my throat and coughed… I rolled over and mindlessly passed out.

I've been hypnoing for a number of years and I've NEVER been pulled in so deep in only one listen. It's a little terrifying. I woke up this morning and was a hot mess for about a half hour before I could even find enough coherency to get myself out of bed. Part of me wants to call in sick to work and just put the files back on.

If you are easily suggestible (which I am NOT btw) then be extra cautious with these… if the descriptions are any indication… these files will leave some long lasting marks on you. Hell it might've already left some long lasting marks on *me*, and I didn't even get halfway through. *shivers*


Hi everyone. I downloaded them all. Get the files here while you can: https://volafile.org/r/bmf55k9g

And don't forget to share with others. With the site down, who knows when next these files will be made available.

Others are saying this is ridiculously entrancing and permanent. I didn't have the same experience. Definitely some good hypnosis tho, if you are into the theme.



I can't seem to make it to the Takeover file. I usually snap out of it around the Uniform file. I think it might be too much for me.






File: 66d251eb110800b⋯.jpg (83.39 KB, 457x810, 457:810, 1492076287517.jpg)




The original description said you don't have to listen to them all at once you can pick and choose.



Perhaps someone did some DMCA; it totally had some of Kei and Neuralnetsandprettypatterns stuff running in the background when I skipped through to check the content on some of the parts I wasn't sure I wanted to listen to.



That doesn't explain why the blog itself was pulled down.


thank for sharing, blog may be down but original files are still available so it's not a dmca prob


Let's assume the creator browses this site, and collects files from various hypnotists like the rest us. This may actually be the case because, as >>24144 mentioned, there are clips from from other artists in the subliminals. What probably happened was the creator the creator read this thread, and finds out that his files are better and more popular than he thought. So, he deactivated the dl link, closed the blog, and will likely reupload the files behind a paywall like WMM, Niteflirt, Patreon, etc.


Reporting back after listening to the full thing three nights in a row.

- Can't remember any of the files' content. I used to remember some stuff after the first and second listen, but now it's all completely blank. Can't even retain the file descriptions if I try to reread them. Will space out for a second or two if something reminds me of them (for example: this thread) Difficult to even right this without spacing out every couple of seconds and losing where I was.

- Lose most awareness of time. All three listens didn't feel longer than 30 minutes, despite it being a 2 and a half hour file.

- HFO towards the end every time.

I love these files, and I'll be continue to relisten to them indefinitely. I spend the whole day looking forward to relistening to the files again that night before bed. I actually don't remember what they're supposed to do though, but I must've wanted the effects or I wouldn't have listened in the first place.


File: 9c8eb83bb12475c⋯.jpg (91.02 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, MorningMeditation.jpg)

If anyone gets freaked out about the effects of the file. or regrets to have listened to it, i recommend listening to Deep Clean by vive. it should get rid of unwanted triggers and make you feel alright again.



Poster from >>24134 here… I just wanted to clarify that I'm not suggesting these files are "dangerous" or will "destroy" you or something. It's fun to get off on the fantasy of that… but hypnosis (especially pre-recorded files) really doesn't work like that for 99% of people.

My warning was that the 1% of people who *are* hyper susceptible should be careful and have a de-programming file on stand-by if they have a listen. That's all.

That being said… I've been thinking about last night all day… and I can't wait to curl up with these files again tonight. The structure of the induction and the layering and sound effects are… really effective… especially if the TTS voice doesn't throw off your trance (which I know it does for some people).

A non-sissy, non-humiliation feminization file… it's like the holy grail… yesterday I'd have said the bimbo IQ drop part of the file would knock me out of the trance… but… nope. I fell right in line with it. Can't wait to see what happens after I get through the rest of the files.


does anyone have a copy paste of the website and file descriptions?



>File Descriptions



the blog is back up.



>So, he deactivated the dl link, closed the blog, and will likely reupload the files behind a paywall like WMM, Niteflirt, Patreon, etc.

this kind of thing is stupid though because it ultimately gets leaked back here.



Like that has ever stopped anybody.


Hey girls!

I am planning the perfect night for hypnosis. I have some girly clothes, male upp etc, to dress me up like a girl.

Also a little licor, alcohol makes me always a little more sugestible.

Im only looking for the right hypno file.

So my question, do you think the files of this blog are the right things to listen to, or do you recommend others?

And, how do you think of the night that i am planning? You think that it is dangerous to combine those three things? Or dou you have better suggestions or experiences?

Thanks for thinking with me!



Just do it. Get dressed and listen to these files. You will enjoy it. That's a promise.



If you don't mind the semi-permanent suggestions (ie. becoming a bimbo while dressed femininely), you're golden.


Made a version of track 06 Attitude Lock which doesn't mention needing to get makeup and clothes. I can't afford a shopping spree right now and wearing heels with a sprained ankle is a bad idea, so I had to cut it out. Not sure I got everything though, I've listened to these files enough that they are hard to focus on. Even writing this is tough.

Anyway, here it is:




>listened to all the files more than once

>have no recollection of files mentioning you need to get makeup and clothes

Oh fuck.



Not necessarily needing to buy more but needing to have them on.


File: a0c7eaa721b8c2b⋯.jpg (57.03 KB, 500x667, 500:667, pink-flower-bridal-lingeri….jpg)


You should wear your uniform, Bambi



>Listen to bimbo conditioning hypno

>Get HFOs

>Continue listening to said bimbo conditioning for more HFOs

>Suddenly develop urges to buy expensive feminine shit

>Be unironically shocked that this has happened to you

Color me fucking surprised!



I should but everytime I do I end up listening to the files again. I ended up listening to them twice yesterday because I gave in.


Files are amazing. I want more.


Anybody knows were you can buy good bambi clothes?


File: 37175620c6f0ed9⋯.jpeg (217.88 KB, 532x1278, 266:639, photoblur1493853090980.jpeg)

Found my uniform



Amazon hun. You can get everything in an anonymous package and if you already order from amazon nothing will seem out of the ordinary. Find anything "slutty" and it will work fine!


looks great! Keep up the great work.

I have little to none receptiveness to hypnosis even though its a great fantasy of mine. Lets see if this file works for me!


There are new files up. Bambi should get in uniform and have a listen.


Hihi, control loop barbie is so much fun!



A sleep loop, excellent! I might be able to sleep tonight without Bambie forcing me to relisten to the whole thing again


I listened only to half of the files, while dressed up.

But the last feel days i feel the need to listen to them all. I never felt this way. Feels like im addicted already.


File: 2f07f01ef60d1af⋯.png (218.73 KB, 560x577, 560:577, 2f0.png)

Has this post created a bambi cult? Shiiiiit is good. Need more Bambis.


This series pairs really well with Vives Bimbo Pride.


File: bb000131831475f⋯.gif (231.27 KB, 500x281, 500:281, b4b0db1a6806d1e0d08ff49d1c….gif)


>won't be long before curiosity gets the better of all the Anons on this board and they all get replaced by Bambis





All the high praise has certainly caught my interest

I had no interest in sissy stuff or cocksucking when I started this fetish ten years ago, and I avoided it for a long time, but I didn't check some files beforehand then listened to them a whole bunch and now I'm fucked

I should be scared by this but I'm excited instead. My cock is twitching just typing this out.



Just listen to these and you won't have to worry about whatever your interests used to be anymore.



Well that's a rather exciting prospect



you guys try to hard


This is really fun and all, and I am probably bisexual but does anyone know how to create these audio files?? I''ve tried making a file with subliminals and binural beats in the background alongside a script for affirmations from jack drogo in WMM… does anyone have any tips for making subliminal/hypnosis audio. I cant tell if the subliminals are working with my audio but when I listen to goddess gracie or bambi files I know they work like a charm so I'm really wondering what I am doing wrong. If anyone has any info they could share it would be awesome and I'm not triyng to make a profit by making these files btw


Ignored this at first when I saw that it was "positive" taking it to mean it was just going to be "express your inner feminine beauty or some bullshit".

All these posts heaping praise and saying it was dangerous made me give it a go, though i was still skeptical it would just be similar to Kei who also gets some praise but really does nothing for me.

This series is the best hypno I've ever listened to, and I've listened to a lot. Just a wonderful experience. If you're interested at all in the subject matter go for it. If you're worried about being a helpless addicted bimbo, well, won't say it won't happen, but I'll say if it does it's not because the file addicted you, it's because it was just that good you kept wanting to listen to it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'm guessing you have the audio track(s) you want to be your subliminal be isolated to either the left or right channel, and have them played at a barely audible volume


Someone just parts or techniques from the most effective hypno files created, and put them all into one session.

>Lutz's Bubble Induction

>Storing memories away from Mind Mistress' Acceptance

>Breaking up sessions into smaller parts for modularity in the style of Mind Mistress

>Bubbles expanding and popping sound effects like in Little Miss Squidgy - Bimbo

>Just add Bimbo Virus, Goddess Gracie, and Kei for subliminals



True, but they stood on the shoulders of giants and put it all together in a really great way.



Wait what the heck, why should it be isolated to one ear?



Usually, at least by by experience, whenever there are subliminals there are two playing in each ear, or three playing in left, right, and center.



It's so goddamn effective. Files like these are where I actually believe these >>24043 people with their conspiracy.



Oh, I was listening the other day and I think I heard something from HypDom in there too, but I can't remember anymore what was or what I was listening to


I'd like to see the same high quality production skills produce some visuals to go along with the audio. Not that visuals are really needed, but I like them to help keep engaged as I seldom actually go into a sleepy trance when listening. Not hardcore, but softcore stuff thats more "for her". The visuals from "total slut hd" come to mind here.


File: 937ee32dfa0b9b7⋯.jpg (253.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, kgsjjqw.jpg)


Same Bambi anon reporting back after listening every night for one week + some listening to the loops.

- Complete amnesia when it comes to the files. Can't even remember stuff I used to remember. Something to do with bubbles. I'm 100% for real straining to think of anything else. Loss of time is more pronounced too.

- HFOs every time, and they're getting better. Big mess after tonight's listen. HFO occurs before file actually ends so I don't keep the memory of it happening.

- The control loops are good, I think. Similar amnesia with those but not nearly as strong. I don't think they instruct you to forget everything, but I have trouble remembering what happens.

I'm going to sleep with the Sleep Loop running again tonight, but the main training files are still the best part. Will keep listening to that once per day or whenever possible.

These files are the ideal hypnosis experience I've wanted my whole life, so thank you so much OP. You've made Bambi a very happy girl!


I'm really excited about this prospect. I'd love a Bambi cult with lots of Bambi friends.


I need help from you bambi girls. So i have the bimbo conditioning files, should i listen to every file or just listen to some of the files to get used to it?

Sorry if there's any mistake/typo, english is not my native language.



Check the bambi sleep blog. There are examples how you can listen to them.


Poster from >>24162 returning with an update.

I've listened to the files at least once every night so far. I don't typically have much luck with amnesia/memory loss suggestions, but I do find myself… just not caring to think about what's in the files. I can recall things if I want to… I just don't really want to anymore… it's fun to *not* think about it. Exciting.

Out of curiosity I put on a pair of my gf's underwear a couple days ago… and then I couldn't take them back off… I mean I guess I *could have*… but my fingers kept shying away every time… I ended up grabbing a candle and giving it a good long deep throating… before I was finally able to pull them back off… so… yeah that happened. I've never really done anything like that before…

Normally I can't trance more than an hour before waking up and stopping. But it's getting easier and easier for me to run the whole gauntlet of these files without stopping (although I did start subbing the rapid induction in place of the normal one).

I listened to one of the loops last night, but I wasn't as impressed. Maybe it was that the use of that bimbo song was fairly distracting and disrupted my trance. But that is one of many. I'll be trying the others this weekend.

That's it for now. So where do I sign up for this Bambi cult? :)



Since you didn't like it, I'll go ahead and say both the Bambi and Barbie control loops are song ones; the other two control ones might be your speed, and I don't think any of the other loops have songs in them, but I also don't think I've listened to all of them yet?

Huh, I sorta see what that other anon mentioned about blanking out a bit while typing. Probably not the files, just me being suggestible and liking the idea.

Oh, right, remember point. Don't really know why the control ones are labeled as loops; they seem more like little one-shot tasks to train with; you can loop them, but it's less a loop and more repeating a short file. Wheras the rest of the stuff is more looping.



Wait not Bambi and Barbie, Bimbo and Barbie. But I guess that makes sense when Bambi is a Bimbo! :D


File: f7dab18679cc5a8⋯.jpg (2.6 MB, 2404x3000, 601:750, xNJeIDm.jpg)


Bring your gf into this, you can both be blank bimbo dolls with matching uniforms. That way you can both DROP FOR COCK


File: 62276b0a84ee660⋯.jpg (953.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Oshiete! Galko-chan 12 4-n….jpg)


I um.. made a discord server for our Bambi Cult https://discord.gg/fnmup

This server is for Bambis who have completely accepted their hypnosis training, or are intending to. I hope we have a lot of fun together!



Could be interested but only if there is a way to use discord anonymously, is that possible? I already have an account for gaming.


I haven't been on feminizing hormones for a while. But after listening to these files I started up again: anti-andro + estrogen combo. I believe that these files have the strongest (and most pleasant) feminization training around: I'm particularly interested in the parts that train the ego and memory "rewriting". I'm less interested in the fun&games around dressing up and not being able to undress, and the low IQ stuff. Some more training loops that hit on ego training and memory rewriting would be great :-)



You'd have to make another account I'm afraid. Maybe you could use a second browser program and have a seperate discord account as the default on there?


File: 8fc3bf290414646⋯.jpg (9.58 KB, 188x268, 47:67, images.jpg)

Bambi army will soon take over the world. Everyone should listen to the file at least once… For that hfo. Then.. you will find a superior way of living as you see the bright pink light!



anon, would you please re-up?



Me here reporting in. Listened once and it was pretty powerful. I listened and it was crazy long. had to piss like extremely badly and ended up leaving trance before the HFO. Unfortunately I was not able to have an HFO so that sucks. Regardless the effects were amazingly powerful. I found myself looking at feminine clothing and thinking about "trying it on to see if it fits" which I had figured out was bambi trying to get me to let her out. In listening to it that one time I really felt split as if there was Bambi and Me where we were the same people but still different. Even in the week I had of Listening to EMG's Curse Female Takeover I have not had those feelings at all. Also I mentioned that I was not good at entering trance in my last post. That is still true and Lutz's induction didn't give me what it gives others however the deepener did allow me to go pretty deep. I was going to listen yesterday but ended up falling asleep and when i woke up I didnt listen any more. :( The urge to listen is not too strong but I still want to. This file gives me the ability to be free from myself and all the stresses in my life. I want to listen as much as I can and force myself to be addicted to the file so I can give up my previous lifestyles to be Bambi. This is so fucked up too. Oh also about the memorization I do remember little bits and pieces as some people have said them. The bubbles popping I remember those (you will understand if you listen). I remember the HFO part but only because I wasn't really in trance while listening. I remember my cotton candy brian being placed in a box. But i dont want to remember anything else. If i tried I could but its like there is a screen stoping me from trying. The day after I listened i did put on female underwear but didnt really have Bambi take over. I will try and listen as much as I can this weekend. I love the Bambi cult!


I would like to point out that this thread is 100% discussion unlike the circlejerk of requesting files and reups like all the other threads on /hypno/. Congratulations to all of you who made this a great thread of discussion!



Hang on a second, you're being very vague lol, so I should have a left left & right right subliminal or left right and center correct? or I have only 2 tracks one that has the right one that has the left or three from left, right and center?



Two on the left and right, or three left right and center. Each track are all isolated to one side.


As someone who isn't particularly interested in feminization but is willing to go along with some amount of it just for the angle of being toyed with, I was intrigued by all the gushing in this thread and finally got around to checking this out today. Personally I got over an hour of high quality trancing time out of tracks 1-3, grew increasingly uninterested during the first main conditioning tracks, and around the second or third one realized I was already fully out of trance and got up. Quickly skipping through the rest of them it seemed like I wouldn't have cared much for them anyway.

…which seems pretty much as I should have expected I guess? Really liked the deepener and intro parts though. Not really going anywhere in particular with this, just saying in case any likeminded anons have been wondering too.



Oh you are right! I feel stupid now lol. Thank you kind anon.


Bambi would like to listen the sleep loop all the night but voices turn me on too much



Your reaction makes perfect sense. The induction is really well put together, but 2 and a half hours of trancing/conditioning is a helluva lot for a topic that is not like… your main kink. I'd recommend skipping the conditioning tracks, and going straight to track 9. Even so, it may not hold you due to content.

Not that I exactly remember the content… anymore… xD

Getting quality feminization hypno without all the sissy and humiliation stuff… is the real draw here for me. I like the fantasy of becoming an actual horny girl with all the depraved urges that come with such a transformation… not dressing up like one and getting shamed mercilessly for it. Frankly these files indulge that exact fantasy, and that's why you see so many of us gushing over it, I think.


I listened to it and it's surprisingly powerful. Seems like a wonderful way to destroy your life.



looks like someone isn't ready to have fun :l


I'm gonna try to give these a go when I have free time, can't wait to let my Bambi out ;)



I like sissy and humiliation stuff… to a point. It's just that most of it is all about being gay and having/getting a small dick.

I'd love to see a control file that went something like this:

Told to put on panties at the start of the file.

Sleep trigger.

Challenged to remove them.

Failed attempt is met with being a bit teased and taunted and forced to wear more of her uniform, kept somewhat unspecific to avoid conflicts with people who don't have specific items.

Throw in some bits like from the puppet or doll files in between challenges to remove, only to fail and add more.

Once fully in uniform Bambi is told to kneel and start sucking on a dildo.

Old personalty is told to resurface and soak in the position they are in, how much control Bambi has, how little they have, and how much they love it.

It's then pointed out that with the dildo you have a chance to escape your uniform now, something you didn't even think about, because you didn't want it.

Once again challenged to remove their uniform, only to immediately have the lock trigger spoken.

Trapped again, controlled, helpless, and played with some more.

That right there is like my dream file for this series. The humiliation aspect is derived mostly from being helpless and trapped due to the mind control.

I'd just would really love some nice long drawn, out control files to go with the training.



If you listen enough, even if you focus on just the uniform file, I can promise just trying to get the uniform off is going to be a way wilder time than this.


>I like sissy and humiliation stuff… to a point. It's just that most of it is all about being gay and having/getting a small dick.

Don't remember anything about a small dick. I also am not gay, hate the male body but I do enjoy sucking dildos- if that makes any sense.



I meant other files in the same genre do the small dick/gay stuff, this series doesn't have anything like that, and it's better for it. I'm just saying there are other forms of humiliation it could go with that I do like.

And while yes, you could get a similar experience I'm suggesting by yourself. It's about having something to reinforce it. To get you to really try, "punish" you for failing,

Like having you say mantras with each failure to admit your just a silly bimbo toy. It would be like a programming file, but with more active play element than just laying there.


Fairly new to hypnosis, just asking for some tips on how to "go into trance" easier? Do I starts listening to it with my eyes closed for example?



Get somewhere comfy and quiet. This is usually laying down in bed but it can be a comfy armchair or recliner. Kill the lights, make sure you're dressed in loose clothes or naked, and shut your eyes.

Breathing exercises help, the audio includes once but you can do one by yourself to get yourself in the right place. Slow, paced breaths.



I am having the same issue with trance. However, I found just relaxing and breathing deeply. Also not to over think it.

Also I am training with these files :1 - 3 for a week or two.



This is correct generally speaking, but these files actually recommend dressing in femme instead of the usual naked/loose clothes thing.



I'd start without it especially if you're new to trance, because it's going to be a distraction. Work up to it.



I unironically bought feminine clothes at Wal-Mart, downloaded the series again, and listened to the whole thing a second time today.

Hopefully I stop this, it'll be ridiculous if I don't.


Could you make a new link, permanent this time?




I second this motion.



Why is the best hypno always gay shit.



>Unironically becoming Bambi


it's not gay if you are bambi :3


My mind keeps racing with thoughts even after parts where im told to not think and eventually forget, am I doing something wrong?


No, it's okay to have these thoughts during the process.



You should focus on the acceptance bit where you're told to listen, accept, and forget. You aren't supposed to forget what you were told, you're supposed to forget that the idea came from the voice instead of you. The idea stays with you and it makes you feel like a GOOD GIRL.



You will additionally internalize this process and think it is your idea.



any tips to help fall under? i have listened to all the files one time through and the first three three timed through but i'm having a hard time staying remotely down then i stop.


Great, now I have dissociative identity disorder. I think I need a therapist.



Or you could keep digging this hole until you reach the other side, Bambi.


Hypnotherapists get a licence for a reason. They put warnings on their shit (Or used to) for a reason.

:s If you're gonna indulge in your fetish then you better be sure about just how far you intend to take it. Playing with the biggest sexual organ (your brain) has its price.


File: 405ede14e1cdea1⋯.png (187.25 KB, 1054x410, 527:205, Do you know what this mean….PNG)


But what about the CROCHET BIKINIS?!



This series is the strongest and most well-made that I know of. It has lots of subtle triggers to bring you back that aren't verbal. I was rubbing up against one yesterday when I decided to stop listening. Resisting only makes you more docile, it only makes you want to obey and become Bambi again. And because of the amnesia, you don't even notice all of the little things that are said. You might not even pay attention to them the first time. But then you willingly come back and listen to the file again. Every time you do that, the voice suggests to you that you must've come back because you wanted the effects of the files. Every time, you believe it more. Every time, you start internalizing all of the other suggestions that you don't really notice as much. And you don't even feel bad about it, because the files don't have a malignant tone.



to me it hasnt done shit and im on day 2. i do have some trouble falling into trance though and can remember most of what is said due to my autistic vigilant mind. i wish i was at actual risk of becoming a girly bimbo though, but alas. maybe ill try trancing drunk on the files one day.



Try Nyquil first, it's easier to get to the right amount. And less likely to make you need to pee, for that matter.



→ WarpMyMind Bubble induction for sissy hypno

→ Using Bimbo Virus files for layered subliminals

→ Nothing I haven't listened to before.

Pretending all of my memories go bye bye is nothing more than a fetish. Some people take it so far that they forget that it's only as powerful as you let it be. Forgetting that very fact is the only way I can go under, and even that's not easy to do.



Are you retarded?



fuck off, randy


It's inevitable that soon two Bambis would trance together. Maybe even holding hands during the HFO….



wow this´s like so many words like your are really smart. Maybe you could make like a play list or something like it would be nice of you if you did…


After one listening of it all I dont notice much difference in anything except I have this urge to look at porn of real cocks and fap to them compared to my usual fapping of art.

Im not complaining :D


Is it ethical to advertise this and make more Bambis?



The Bambis from the cult discord all sound as if this is having hugely positive effects on them. I mean, it IS unethical if you think people being turned into cocksucking airhead sluts is unethical, but it's certainly not ruining their lives.


I've enjoyed some feminizing Hypnos around here but as some have stated the humiliation element has always been a turn off. I'm not well versed in some of the hypno vocabulary people have mentioned earlier like binaururals, subliminals, inductions etc and would like a better understanding of these. The rave reviews have my interests peaked and it sounds like a good experience overall.


Jesus fuck you heap of degenerates are god damn repulsing - and what's worse is you have no idea of the amazing things you could unlock and experience with stuff like binaurals and vibration in general.

No. You use it to humiliate yourselves and become Bambi, a random lobotomized unstable fuckslut without even any memory recollection, as to not feel the shame of the shit you do in the days after.



join us and become bambi!



I don't understand what you're saying like i feel like i should be mad at you or something like you´r are a mean person. Like Jessica like she's such a bitch all because she went aut with Jon and she knew i liked him but like what ever she knows i get mor cock than she does and like thats like OMG like these files like I like them so much like yay!!!

Like be happy or somethig, you should listen to them like that would be so hot like me like HOT!!! not like Jessica but Hot, Like are you a guy like I think like you´re a hot guy or something like you have some opinions like maybe you´ll like to go out or something…







You seem like… so tense, honey… all worked up for some silly reason… *giggles*. Maybe you should just sit down and relax… take off your pants and let Bambi show you a good time. ;)












>Can't find the MP3 player I put the files on

>Girlfriend was over today

Fucking RIP my relationship. This was bound to happen sooner or later.



Ho boy. I'm guessing she's not the kinky type?



She will be now


Played through all of the files enough now that I've started to get bored of it and I stopped this time without completing.



yay!!! Bambi


Hey! I've given this a quick scan and I'm so excited to turn myself into a pretty airhead bimbo!! The files are amazing. I've ordered a sissy uniform but it won't arrive for another week. Should I take the plunge now and listen to the whole wonderful thing from start to finish, and then do it again when I have my sissy things, or should I wait to do the whole thing until I have my uniform to get the full experience? I can't wait either way!



Do it now, and again when the uniform arrives. It'll work without you even having any uniform stuff.



>Fucking RIP my relationship

What happened specifically?


Have there been any changes?





Nothing. If she has it, which I suspect she does, she either hasn't listened to it or she's chosen not to bring it up.



I hope everything works out dude. Sorry this happened.


Gave a listen to 01,02,03 and 10.

The basic induction as recommended in the blog.

I've always had trouble trancing and craved for a trance today. I remembered my first was with MindMistress' "Happiness", another bimbo session. I browsed this site and found this so I thought why not. Seems strong but I didn't quite give in, mostly made me anxious and stressed due to the *not implied* but mentioned *permanence. Also the description of 02 and 03 conveniently forgot to mention the intelligence drain/drop which I had hoped to mostly avoid of listening by excluding 04. No matter this doesn't work if you don't want to, but if you want to, it can be more than you bargained for and "you" wouldn't even know because what you once were you no longer are.

The last sentence was just to induce the creeps.

Good session all in all.

Have fun Bambi.



Hey, don't kink shame yourself. She might not have seen it or if she did she might not havu.e thought anything of it. If you're in a healthy relationship maybe you should try exploring each other's kinks together? You know, casually bring it up in the bedroom, taking it slow at first, see where it takes yo


This series is probably the strongest I've listened to. After listening to it for a handful of days I noticed way more typos than usual, and when I was trying to summarize an argument about something I was very familiar with I found myself totally incapable of it. It just seemed really difficult and not worth thinking about.

I also bought clothes to crossdress in, watched make up tutorials, and spent a couple hours looking at heels and fashion accessories online. All that despite almost no prior interest in crossdressing.

I was pretty freaked out, especially at the intelligence changes, and it seemed like if I kept listening I might be almost completely overwritten. I listened to a clean file and haven't returned to this stuff since.

Since then, I can remember the actual hypnosis much better, and the triggers aren't nearly as affecting. It's like the memories were there, but I just didn't have access to them because of suggestions. Triggers still do have a limited impact though, and I may benefit from listening to the clean file again to help with this a bit more.

Still, I can't help staying interested in this file. Every couple hours I find myself checking every place I know of where people talk about it. There was a really exciting feeling when it seemed like I might be losing control of my life, and I'm not sure what I really want.


File: db2ac88f61d9d98⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 720x404, 180:101, Lel.gif)

>Trying this hard.


I might start a hypnosis club at my school next semester because this file was so good. I want to become as good or better of a hypnotist and use my powers for good.



Listen to the cleaner again, and maybe Nimja's deep clean a few times.

If the 'losing control' thing is what you like, Vive has a (probably) harmless file that just gives you that feeling


Well, the subject matter is not really my cup of tea. But if I were to believe some of the posters that won't matter once I have listened to it…

I doubt it'll live up to hype, given my past experiences, but with all the hype I'm gonna give it a try tonight.

I'll be sure to report in the unlikely event I become another Bambi.


I got to the Bambi Body Lock and then I got bored and impatient and couldn't relax. Plus my erection really took me out of trance. Still, I can't really remember any of what happened and afterwards reading was a chore. I remember bits and pieces and then my mind goes really blank.


Body transformations are a big kink for me and I've got to say that the body TF track was great. Only gripe would be not enough focus on a big ass as opposed to the huge breasts.

I think I may not completely understand how to use hypnosis files too. How should I be listening to inductions and deepeners and do I really need them if there are files I want to jump straight into.



Sounds like you're on the right track!


I'm a terrible person at relaxing and trancing but for some reason i've been crossdressing way more lately and am constantly thinking of listening to the files. I dont feel any dumber right now so thats nice. I'm also strongly considering shaving my entire body and the idea is growing on me.

Im on my 3rd listen+a lot of loop listening.



You might forget to report for a few days :D



>and do I really need them if there are files I want to jump straight into.

If you don't listen to them, it's not hypnosis; It's just an erotic recording. To listen to them properly, just lay down, queue them up, take a few deep breaths and relax.



I see. Now that I'm finished with finals (and high school) I've got some time to dive into this. Tonight I'll see if I can come and join some other Bambis here.




Like just finished 1,2,3 and 10 and easily the deepest I've ever been. Beautiful file and I can totally see myself listening again and again. Totally checks off all the boxes for a file.


A lot of people seem to enjoy this files, so im gonna share this. I don't remember from where i got them but they are bambi training files focused on turning u into a slutty secretary. Likely from the same creator.

hope u enjoy ;)



>Listen once

>Trance a little, feel some pleasure

>compelled to listen again

>Listen second time

>Humping the air involuntarily when triggered

OOOO boy. This is going to be a ride.



I'm in week 2 or 3…. lost track… and you ain't kiddin. It's a ride that keeps getting better and better… I don't see a plateau in sight.

I haven't gone full Bambi yet… but… I wouldn't mind… if I did. :)




It sounds like a different TTS


Think I can avoid the IQ drop by not using file 4?



Just be aware the IQ drop will only effect you as much as you let it.



The rate of deterioration here is pretty alarming, especially for the more active posters. Sentences contract, filler words show up more frequently, typos sprout up everywhere, and advanced vocabulary vanishes.

I think people may wind up in mental hospitals for this. Maybe a lot of them, depending on if these files go viral.

Don't you fags feel bad for your parents? Aren't you afraid of becoming a gaudy, hideous retard? This isn't worth spending your life on.



yeah whatever dude, just suck some dick man np with this are you gay or what


File: 0cfc8b9fbe2d500⋯.jpg (591.33 KB, 1280x848, 80:53, 1411804542562.jpg)


That's hawt



We interrupt this program for an important announcement:

While it is tempting to respond to you with a multitude of giggles and tawdry come-ons, I'd just like to set the record straight that this is a fantasy that we are collectively enjoying.

Your concern is concern is either genuine, or a not so subtle attempt to shame us in our enjoyment of this fetish. If it is the former, then please fret and worry no longer. Hypnosis is fun and feels good. It rarely is capable of causing lasting effects or actual damage - most especially in the format of pre-recorded audio. However… if your intent is the latter… to shame? Then kindly go fuck yourself with a parking meter. Non-sissy, non-humiliation feminization and mindwiping is my primary fetish, and there is damned little of it in the world… it is some of the most enjoyable stuff I've come across… so please take your bad vibes elsewhere.

We will now return you to your regularly scheduled Bambi. *giggles*


File: 0817ce44778efd7⋯.jpg (430.77 KB, 533x774, 533:774, 1411804451417.jpg)


File: 5d483b90fbabb15⋯.png (84.04 KB, 299x288, 299:288, 1319357089071.png)

probably yet another jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race

and i can't stand TTS



Like go do something good for the world, stop the hating & get you're self all pretty and stuff & go suck some dick or something.

I'm so happy since i listen to these files. Happy!!! Happpy!!!!! Happy!!!!!!!



>Hypnosis is fun and feels good.

So, I should shoot up heroin because it's fun and feels good.


While these recordings are extremely hot I'm still trying to fall into a deep trance. I'm not that experienced with hypnosis and probably am overthinking during the induction stage but anyways I'm about to do a third night in a row of the 1,2,3,10 training session for deeper trances. Still really enjoying the files though.



im taking it seriously in becoming a bimbo and already feel dumber, it's kind of impractical and will likely ruin my life so ill likely stop before a week passes, but it's definitely affecting me "negatively" (but it's aroousing so who cares?? *giggles*)



>Your concern is concern is either genuine, or a not so subtle attempt to shame us in our enjoyment of this fetish

This sentence isn't grammatical, and you realize you can be shamed for your own good? People can think you're fucking up your life and try to guilt you to keep you from throwing important things away.

Hypnosis can absolutely have lasting effects, especially when it's combined with changes in habit and lifestyle. Even if it doesn't, two months of this can have really dramatic consequences, like losing jobs and relationships. A lot of people are digging a hole which makes it hard to evaluate their actions. If you're listening to this file and you can't imagine stopping, you should stop.




Couldn't the same thing be said about someone who spends their free time on a number of things like video games or just fucking around on the internet in general. I highly doubt you have the same worry for someone who spends 20 hours a day playing Overwatch as opposed to someone using a file to get off.



That's a waste of time, but it doesn't threaten to radically alter their behavior or make their personality unrecognizable. You can ruin your life with a lot of things, that's no good reason to ruin your life with this. Calling me a hypocrite doesn't change your situation.



They are both bad because, they make you complacent, and fail to realize and live up to your full potential as a human being. Ascribing to this kind of sensational self-serving hedonist philosophy of "enjoy life; do whatever makes you happy" is why we have more degenerates like than we did 60 years ago. You are the reason why western civilization is collapsing while kebab is taking over.


File: dbd3039ba305116⋯.png (13.78 KB, 142x75, 142:75, BimboBakeriesUSA-logo.png)


That's some really deep shit!


This shit is very dangerous. I went from being a straight dude to crossdressing, drinking my own cum and fantasizing about dudes in less than 3 days of listening.

If i were you people i would recommend you to delete all the files from your PC, download Cold Turkey and block the bambi blogspot's domain forever, like I did.






You guys are so hot like with opinions and totaly smart. I Don't get what you say but I like to read what you write and imagine I'm sucking your cocks while you think these stuf like i'm your… something inspringy or something.

Yay!!! for lots of cock in this self improvement web forum thing.



File: 3f6986c122950da⋯.jpg (321.83 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, e493aa3849781b17147b744a5b….jpg)

File: 470821ea097f898⋯.jpg (87.79 KB, 426x640, 213:320, tumblr_mre6xnFfaN1rm1zwvo1….jpg)

File: 0779b5c9c698ab4⋯.jpg (74.23 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, hot girls sexy girls.jpg)

>>24662 Anon start using this web thing to find role models of how you should dress.



Sounds like you're just a closet bisexual, seriously.



The "you were gay the entire time if you were hypnotized to crave dick" meme is bullshit. Behavior can be conditioned.



Intellectual dishonesty and unrepresentative misdirection.

Conditioning is possible? Sure.

In 3 days. No.



That anon never stated that this was the first time he ever listened to a feminzation hypnosis recording. For all we know, he listens to this kind of stuff as fap material, and doesn't take it seriously.



Also, some people are just more receptive to hypnosis than others. Besides, society on the whole has been conditioned to accept and tolerate gay people. Being gay is way more accepted today than 20 years ago.

Many people have turned gay just by listening to gay conversion hypnosis. Here's a thread with over 2,000 posts discussing the infamous Curse Forced Gay file.




As someone who was decidedly not gay before getting into feminization hypnosis, I have fantasized about sucking some of my male friends' cocks. Not that that is a bad thing, just that my world view has been expanded and i really wouldn't mind choking on one of my friend's dicks.



So, you don't have suppressed homosexual urges, nor do you get off to feminization. You are just a closet faggot.



Not if you have an aversion to it. Like, if you hate seafood no amount of hypnosis is ever going to get you to love seafood, but if you think seafood is kinda alright then a hypnotist can make you love seafood.



Actually it seems like most of the commenters are saying they tried it for a while and decided it wasn't interesting to them and continued to be heterosexual.


File: 69175384360d294⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 410x477, 410:477, tumblr_ojrcqdQ2LC1ti8e0fo1….gif)


File: a25daffad9664c1⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 500x281, 500:281, uniflock_1.gif)



This is anecdotal but I listened to hypnosis files for ~7 years and dick still grossed me the hell out until I started watching Samantha Bandler videos. I still have no interest in men, but I do have an interest in dicks now. Something changed. Maybe it was an internal change that had nothing to do with the hypnosis and it was a coincidence, but I want from absolutely having no interest in dick to getting really excited by the idea of sucking a dick.


File: 21d68a606c62017⋯.gif (2.31 MB, 384x288, 4:3, 1234.gif)


File: fd49cf5c10b4628⋯.gif (512.7 KB, 500x273, 500:273, ac_ob.gif)


File: d7aa18ab11149e8⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 500x280, 25:14, BDL.gif)


File: 2230ebb2ef2552a⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 400x265, 80:53, tumblr_o94mpbpQB51rljuf9o1….gif)



It's amazing how what I like changed. Wonder what was going on in my mind before, was I repressed? or did this open up new amazing possibilities?


i am bimbo


Do you feel that this is well done hypnosis ? It felt veeeery long to me and I couldn't keep it up. I have trouble fully letting go as suggested to becoming 'unconscious' too.

All of the suggested effects are very hot to me and I can do with the idea of "permanence" but I was tired out and just turned the audio off.

What time of the day do find the best to listen to? Are you put off by the length ? Are the effects strong?

I am eager to hear as I really want to make this work.



Practice trancing by listening to tracks 1, 2, 3, and 10 first before getting into the transformation files.


File: 55b8e8da9e4c003⋯.gif (2 MB, 540x516, 45:43, tumblr_omk892752X1ux2seyo1….gif)

The Cockslut Control Loop is one of the best brainwashing files I've listened to. I find the mantra popping and I start chanting along with it. It's so powerful.



Does anyone know where this mantra comes from? It's a human voice that says it in the file



File: f620db82191215a⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1490722524422.jpg)

>listen to this once

>feel nothing

tfw my mind is to strong to succumb to this degeneracy and I will continue my bloodline



Too bad you'll never find anyone willing to breed with your degenerate ass.



Your mind isn't strong enough to distinguish between too and to.



As apposed to the people turning themselfs into ugly trannys



WTF is "apposed"?



Maybe they listened to the conditioning more than once!



what is a HFO? sorry new to this



nevermind i found a description



dont you want to drop for cock?



You are role playing and not just retarded right?



Please learn English.




I'm sure you used an archaic as fuck term in a barely technically correct sense, and didn't just make a typo.



Lel stay retarded kiddo.


File: e9ebd5c10d9bc3a⋯.jpg (14.42 KB, 274x402, 137:201, 1478918264337.jpg)




>Being this autistic to not admit you made a spelling error.



If you looked at or knew that definition you'd notice it makes no sense in context. Ignoring "themselfs" and the inability to pluralize:

"As placed onto the people turning themselfs into ugly trannys"

"As placed in proximity to the people turning themselfs into ugly trannys"

"As put against people turning themselfs into ugly trannys"

In no world do any of those make sense. Hopefully whoever wrote that has been listening to the files. Then there'd at least be an excuse.


how shall i prepare myself for sessions, i always have the urge to pee during track 5 and lose trance cos of it.


File: be37c60da86eb82⋯.jpg (59.12 KB, 550x613, 550:613, JJ4XPI9_d.jpg)


it makes sense in context If yout not a retarded wannabe tranny




What do you think we can do about you weak bladder? Do you think we all use catheters or stopped drinking 24 hour priors or what?

i swear this retardness has nothing to do with the bambi conditioning



you're overestimating women


I'm pretty new into hypnosis, but these files really interest me. However, every time I start the induction I find that I soon come out of trance and turn the audio off. Is there any way to keep me under for longer?



You have to practice or listen to something to relaxes you a bit more. Try to keep up with your breathing.



many people have commented that samantha blandler uses very strong and not-moraly correct techniques in all of her videos when making the induction and bringing you down to trance, also she doesnt warn you about the effects the file will cause on you or the triggers it will implant, it just starts conditioning you with pink color, pretty girls, sexy voice and subliminal trance

for me, I was usually into bedwetting and bladder control loosing but it wasnt until a very dark file from jennykins (wmm) that I started slipping into the sissy-side of hypno, I have been struggling to get rid of that shitty habbit ever since, more than 5 years ago, even if I quit for a while. The thing is that my wetting fetish eventually leads me back to that file so I need to quit all my degenerate desires all altogether and its too damn difficult

Still though, I admit I downloaded these files and I gave them a listed but luckily they had no effect on me, I think I might not be beyond saving



Without dissecting the files and just from a listener's standpoint, it seems clear that she does. And her descriptions are certainly over-simple. I still can't stop watching/listening though. And that excites me.

Honestly it's a miracle I went as long as I did without dipping a toe into that side of things.



dont give in annon

only depression and a sad life await you at the end of that fappy road



How is that different from my life otherwise?



well what can you experience and unlock?


I've listened to a lot of bandler files and just never really feel like I've gotten what I wanted out of it.


File: 0911f821a39c180⋯.jpg (16.39 KB, 340x297, 340:297, sartre-1.jpg)


You get it.



> futureyouchose.jpg

I'm just here for the lulz.


In fairness, duplicating words is a common typo, but in this context failing to proofread and fix that typo before posting should be cause for concern. Or they're LARPing. I hope they're just LARPing and not actually turning themselves into mindless zombie bimbos. Still, lulz.


For the love of all that is Good and Holy, please let that be a LARP. lulz


> The "you were gay the entire time if you were hypnotized to crave dick" meme is bullshit. Behavior can be conditioned.

Gay? No. Insufficiently straight? Yes. Faggots recruit, but their recruits are removed from the gene pool, removing also the genes that fail to produce adequate disgust towards faggotry. We'll breed faggotry out of our race eventually, if we can just keep it tolerated without destroying society in the mean time. "Forced Heterosexuality", the degenerates call it. I say it's bad because it forces faggots to breed instead of dying out.


> too strong

That's not how it works. More like you've got properly functioning reproductive instincts. Find the right woman and start making babies, we need more of you.

>>24777 (trips of great lulz)


> let's just shoot up heroin and meth, what could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong, indeed?


I have some questions before diving into this bambi adventure =)

What are the intended effects of the control loops?

The names are Barbie, Bimbo, Doll and Puppet.






Go away. this chan is for hypno not transphobic bs




Oh ok so they don't add much content to the main conditioning files then?

I'm gonna do 1-2-3-10 for at least 2 or 3 weeks before adding 4 to 9 ^_^



It's a chan where free speech Is allowed. Instead of all these gifs and pics using photos of real women you should replace them with pics of ugly trannies theses files want you to be, but guess that's not "fun"



They'd rather swallow cum than the red pill by now, I guess. Disgusting.



They're sorta less intended effects and more just fun exercises.Descriptions in spoilers!

First two are "listen to this bimboey song and sing/dance around!" Barbie girl is one of them, I think B I M B O is the other. Doll is some trigger play and has you drop in and out a bit, and Puppet has you repeating the 1,2,3,4 I'll suck your dick and beg for more mantra thingy from neuralnetsandprettypatterns

Deleted and reposted because I messed up the spoiler



Nope! Just play. Though I like to think Doll is some good practice time :)


When I listened to 09

sucking the cock felt so amazing, like nearly cumming while sucking it and started to expect the HFO to be from sucking. Then felt really good from the fucking machine, but couldn't keep up (flexing my kegel muscles along with the cock)



May need to do 1-3, and 10 a few times more. I'm not sure how long between each listen we're supposed to wait before it's recommended to listen again. I know that I listened to 1-3 and then 10 a couple times before the whole series, and then went through all of them and found myself nearly having a HFO.

However, the next day or two later when I had some more free time, I just listened to all 1-10 and instead of having a near HFO, I felt like I was going to pee (I haven't mentioned this before, but felt like I should since I've read a couple posts here and there saying that they've felt similar iirc).

I'm legit not sure if there's something in these files that makes me feel like I gotta pee, but I'm not concerned enough about that cause it just seems like something I can ignore.


File: 972b083a7b2d651⋯.jpg (116.85 KB, 960x544, 30:17, 1477031077833.jpg)

i can't get off to robot

don't vocaloids sound better than this



That doesn't mean anyone likes you.



Who said anything about getting off, bitch?



I like me, Hence why im not trying to turn myself into an ugly tranny



>Homosexuality is genetic

Damn son, you didn't think that one through did you?



Pretty sure it's just long


I was at the check-out with this really cute feminine guy. He was the cashier, and he made me realize that you can still look masculine and feminine and be really feminine and pretty. So anyone saying your just going to end up a ugly mix is probably wrong. If you can't make it all the way to girl 100%, you can still make it most of the way and still be really cute. It's about projecting genuine femininity (not gayness) that can make a lot of hetero guys attracted to you.



You red pale bastards are never going to have the willpower or imagination necessary to achieve the impossible. You're afraid, really, afraid the whole world is changing faster than your gorilla brains can process what's happening. You just want things to stay the same and you want everything given to you because you think you have some fucking divine birthright for being born with a cock. You're the worst example of handout culture because you don't even recognize you need other humans to live.


File: dd494a706ca21c8⋯.jpg (36.21 KB, 600x449, 600:449, No.jpg)


File: 0788ac7cc5ab3f0⋯.jpg (6.64 KB, 215x234, 215:234, ugly1.jpg)


Your future awaits



What is that, your daddy?



Sharing pictures from your family photo album I see.


File: 6187f279f60de53⋯.jpg (7.62 KB, 259x194, 259:194, UglyAF.jpg)



>Being this mad when faced with reality


File: c534fd69c45be85⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 214x317, 214:317, wachowski.jpg)


>Implying gender dysphoria isn't a well documented medical reality


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This thread caught my eye and I have downloaded the files. Before taking the plunge I have read the postings on 'Warpmymind' and 'http://www.newfapchan.org/hypno/res/16682.html'. They seem to suggest that this is a very powerful set of files so I thought I'd just listen through some of them to see what is being suggested. WOW!! They are really something. I haven't been that hard in ages. I thought this is too dangerous but the more I think about them the more I feel like giving them a go. It seems really hard to resist, I find myself thinking about it all the time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be listening real soon so to perhaps to try to limit the effects I'm going to listen to 1,2 and 10, maybe with 3 as well, first and see what happens.



> having a mental disorder and call ing it normal instead of seeking treatment.







The only one here that's ugly is you.


File: 329999002dd61ef⋯.jpg (122.29 KB, 763x1200, 763:1200, DAH8hCYUIAAdsWI.jpg)

Apparently she's the new face of ugly.



thats pretty gross yah,



And now we know everything you said has been completely insincere.



Lol you must be retarded if you think that looks good


File: 55270ef915d6f98⋯.gif (16.27 KB, 267x200, 267:200, deal.gif)


Your whole fetish is based on the extreme objectification of women, i think you are the one who doesn't understand the value of human interaction



No it's based on my own extreme objectification, not all women.



no, the whole point is that it's degrading to act like a woman and people get off on that. every single person here listening to these files finds it degrading. if they wouldn't, they wouldnt get off to that.



SJW detected.


>no, the whole point is that it's degrading to act like a woman and people get off on that. every single person here listening to these files finds it degrading. if they wouldn't, they wouldn't get off to that.

Emasculation is the word, the whole Humiliation thing doesn't really work, so many videos around of stupid bitches just saying hateful things into the camera ain't going to get me off. What is going to is the idea that you're being forced to act like a woman, but on top of this, you're forced into a style of woman that will entirely get you objectified. I think its more the loss of control and that if you're dressed like a provocative woman you're going to end up with unsolicited attention- which is why it works, at least for me. I'm completely disgusted by men, but the idea of being forced into a situation outside of my control is what drives the fetish- well at least for me anyway.

This is more to do with Forced Fem anyway. Feminization is for transsexuals. Forced Fem isn't, its more about taking someone straight and ruining them. Its the corruption element that is why at least I keep coming back.

Bambi scared the crap out of me, so I haven't tranced in a few weeks. I will say though I really hope the file series continues if I ever have a relapse because as I said above earlier, this set is one of the best that has even been put out… its so good that it actually put me off the fetish because of how good it worked.


Huh, so I guess I should share this since I can't stop thinking about it. I definitely had a moment at work where a male customer had approached me, and after he left, I had begun a conversation with myself (or Bambi I guess). Like, more than just when I'm being rational with myself. Truly felt like another part of me was giving me thoughts/ideas and I was enjoying them.

Only lasted until I realized I was feeding into something I shouldn't be, which was only for about a minute I think.

But I remember how it started. I'm not sure if anyone else goes through the same process when they're about to go into trance, cause I've actually never read anyone's description of what it feels like to them to go into trance.

Anyway. I was already sitting down and a little relaxed. After the male customer had gone away I just kind of tuned into my heartbeat. I didn't know it in that very moment, but I was starting to trance. I tuned mostly into my heartbeat (I felt like I _needed_ to focus on my heartbeat for no reason), my breathing was already fine without thinking about it, my head was becoming blank, I started to feel so relaxed, and before I knew it I was becoming Bambi.

The thoughts and ideas I had about the guy, wasn't actually about the guy, and more so about the cock between his legs. Which made the whole moment pretty damn hot for me.


So… Is there any hypno files that makes you want to fix your life, achieve new heights, go the extra distance, etc?

I am completely new to hypno and the last thing i need is to fuck myself up. Is there anything like this?


I'll share a story. Been listening to hypnosis the last 3 years…But this one is definetly the BEST one ive heard and i'll tell you why:. listened to it about 4 times in total (First time i went through all 1-10 then i've been using the ones meant for repeated listening). Got really deep on my last listen, as i went completely 'blank' and felt like it was really hard to think of anything not bimbo related for the next day. I live at home with my parents, but what was really interesting is, the next night i went into my sister's apartment (who were out on vacation at the time).. Brought a few dildos and a chastity cage. As soon as i entered i was finding myself inside her closet, trying on her bra & panties and cute outfits. Actually went so far to put on nail polish and some face make up. Deepthroated and fucked myself with the dildos as i was using a VR headset to indulge myself deep inside the hypnos, fucked myself back and forth for a few hours and then it happened.. I had the best fucking orgasm ive ever had!!.. Then i went on to clean up and put everything back in its place so my sister never noticed anything different. Even writing this took me wayyy too long as im struggling with words after becoming addicted to this file..



Your life isn't going to become fucked up over this. I have been suffering with depression throughout my life. I've generally felt a little happier listening to these files… less self harm, better mind-set, an improvement to say the least.

The fact of the matter is that you are still in control of what happens to you. I still strongly recommend going through the files to see if you HFO, since I've never gotten that from any other files aside these ones.



You do realise that The Matrix was directed by two trans women, and that the whole "reject the world as you know it by taking the red pill" is almost certainly on some level symbolic of trans people embracing their identities?

But whatever, I'm sure being disgusted by people you'll never meet is a wonderful way to pretend you're not a complete waste of skin.



Did you take the Bimbo-pill?



Anyway, i have theory about the matrix dudes, that in reality they were only larping as trannies in order to make it in Hollyjew… Or maybe im just seeing what i want to see. It's no doubt that the red-pill meme has been wildly succesful for jew enlightenment.



Trannies are an abomination.



You say that till you have to shift gears



does cutting off your penis and saying you're a woman go across time



who knows, maybe they were mkultrad to destroy their reputation



>no, the whole point is that it's degrading to act like a woman and people get off on that.

Not at all true.



As if only LGBT people can find work in Hollywood.



Your religion is a con.



>You do realise that The Matrix was directed by two trans women, and that the whole "reject the world as you know it by taking the red pill" is almost certainly on some level symbolic of trans people embracing their identities?

Except that the actual symbolism completely lost relevance over time. By the end everyone is having strange monkey sex in Jewish Zion. Its propaganda to make you all lust over the idea of leaving your wageslave lives and becoming a whore for the kikes.

Probably why /pol/ needs to stop using the term redpill. The matrix movies only really appealed to edge lords who dreamed of pulling the metal detector scene at their worthless highschool. The rest of us see it as a mediocre movie that barely even grasps simulation theory.

Really the Matrix was made up as it went on. Hence the poor quality of the final two movies. They had a good idea in there, in the form of hacker culture, but they totally fucked it up with all that mystic bullshit.


>new posts

>just shit posts

Heh. Oh well.





Yeah would be nice if we go back to talking about the files and not bicker about things :P




File: 6f30afb055bd522⋯.mp4 (9.63 MB, 400x228, 100:57, TV ROCK BIMBO NATION.mp4)





Oh no! Oh hoe!




Oh no! Too slow!



Too late, mods killed it. This thread won't be ascending anymore.



I'm planning a set but it'll be a few years off at this rate. Try searching for "self-improvement hypnosis".



>International trust of a few selected jews put this out for free

They should actually start doing this. Might sway my allegiance in the upcoming race war



so are we allowed to make a new thread (without the random bickering)?


File: 228612fbe2e406f⋯.jpg (241.41 KB, 640x853, 640:853, e43bca84-64cd-4615-a48b-57….jpg)

These files are so good, I only started listening recently but have had interesting results, especially cause its the first time I've listened to erotic hypnosis files in a few months, and I'm already addicted again, especially to this one.

So far I've listened to 1-3 a few times just to strengthen the effects because I'm not good getting into trance yet, I can't seem to stay in it, my anxious worrying mind is unable to relax and let go easily and I'm analyzing the words and suggestions but sometimes I do feel something like a trance, at one point it felt like I briefly lost awareness of my body and her words felt like they were being spoken out of my mouth it was so weird but lewd.

But I have problems with the 2nd Bubble Acceptance file, the idea of my memories being played like that is so thrilling but anxiety provoking at the same time and by the time the bubble popping starts because it just feels intense and feels like it might happen for real, and my mind panics my heart goes doki-doki and any trance state is ruined and my brain goes into fight or flight mode and I have to pause the file to calm down. I'd like to be able to be deep in trance by the end of the 1st induction but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Also something I've wondered, how much effort are you supposed to put in when you're told to imagine something? Do you have to try and visualize and feel it as if its happening to you and focus your attention on that? But then it feels like that pulls you out of focusing on your breathing and out of any trance. My problem with erotic hypnosis is that, not being sure if I should focus solely on steady, deep breathing and letting the file play out, or focus more on the words and what you are told to imagine and feel and try my best to do that, and also whenever I start to feel any sensations that may signify oncoming trance (losing awareness of your body, feeling waves of relaxation if deep enough) my mind panics and heart goes doki doki because the sensations are sudden and I'm prone to anxiety easily, and I'm out of the trance and fully alert again, and its such a struggle to even go deep with just one induction because of a mixture of excitement but also anxiety, should I concentrate on getting a deep slow breathing rythymn going first?


I have listened to 1-3,10 a few times and love them. I am thinking about doing some quicki trances like 1,10 a few times. Anybody ever tried it?


I have listened to 1-3,10 a few times and love them. I am thinking about doing some quicki trances like 1,10 a few times. Anybody ever tried it?

-Bambi ;)


I think it's entirely possible that there's some shilling going on from the creator, but the files are free so I can't really argue that very strongly.

The files are very good though. I would say it raises the bar - I found these files so easy to listen to. I previously thought MsJ files were the best ones, but they're more specific. These are nice and generic, and focus more on the mind war, which is what I like.


File: 4fac49a7275e284⋯.jpg (55.6 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1409619353145.jpg)


MsJ are hard to stand once you listen to Goddess Gracie and the much softer and easier to listen to TTS voice those files use, but then this voice that these Bambi files and I think Demon Girl files use is even better, the best I would say, and really helps you relax and get lost in trance, its the most pleasing of all the TTS voices I've heard in all the hypno I've heard and fapped to desu



goddess gracie is a piggu piggu, can't take her serious



piggu piggu??????????????


so how's everyones bambification going?



GG is just a text to speech, what are you saying anon


File: 3eb1e36979accd9⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 384x274, 192:137, tumblr_obyyvf00tk1vdrj0mo1….gif)



One of thes sissy hypnos I've listened to.

Too many focus on humiliation, there should be more that actually give you positives and make you feel sexy to be a girl.

Any more like that?



Can someone please re-up the slutty secretary files ?



If erotic hypnosis is prose then, Goddess Gracie would be poetry, and I don't mean that in a good way.



There's no focus on humiliation

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