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File: 8ed9005b47072d3⋯.jpg (55.54 KB, 522x381, 174:127, Bambi Forever.jpg)


Old Thread: >>25618

>Bambi Bimbodoll Conditiong


>Bambi Training Loops


>Bambi Fuckdoll Brainwash


>Bambi Cult Discord Group



Bimbodoll Bambi, the creator of the files, is working on a batch of add-on files for the Fuckdoll Brainwash series. There are 3 files, each of them is a fantasy transformation scenario. The transformations are cowgirl, maid, and blow up doll. She said the scripts are just about done, but she is having trouble finding a suitable track of girls mooing for the cowgirl file.


new thread, no new files

why bb, why


Shitty Bambi cult must be dying. The files are quite good though. Definitely worth at least one listen.

I've listened to them a couple times and I achieved my first HFO which opened the gates for other files to give me HFOs. So there is that.



which one gave you a HFO?



damn it




maybe, i would say dormant - need new files. not much to talk about without them, and you can only repeatedly listen to one set for so long (even if they're this well made)




You can throw other types of files in the playlist to spice it up. Some Bambis have done that which had interesting effects.



It's the 9th file from the first set. Can't really listen to just that one though. You need to listen to 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10.


Ok I liked the first sets but this animal shit is losing me. Mooing, really?!


File: 211884378546db2⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 537x416, 537:416, aa6.jpg)


This always happens.



They're all extensions of the main theme:

- Maid, submissive, follows orders

- Cow(girl) - breast-centric, dumb

- Blowup doll - objectification, mindless



looking forward to the maid add-on



The other two can fuck off but the maid shit should be great



Blowup Doll is actually just as much my fetish as bimbo is, so I'm really looking forward to that one. Maid should be fantastic too, but I'm really not interested in Cow.


Cow files are great - you get to relax, go blank and play with your nips - while you are milked - mooo


Looking forward to Cowgirl and Doll



>Bambi Cult Discord Group

>she is having trouble finding a suitable track of girls mooing for the cowgirl file

Sometimes I like to step back and realize how fucking ridiculous it is that any of this is a real thing



imagine if all your ancestors became ghosts when they died and now they're seeing their lineage listen to hypnosis tapes that makes them create cow noises while pretending they're women because a female sound created by a computer program told them so



You may not have dead ancestors looking down at you from the afterlife, but I'm sure Google knows exactly what you're up to. Your ISP, too, probably.



And……….they wouldn't care at all.

Don't you think they'd be more concerned with all the hate, criminality, oppression, and subjugation that's happening. Or you think the spirits feel shame because their lineage are exploring their consciousness and nervous systems? lol



>I'm sure Google knows exactly what you're up to. Your ISP, too, probably.

I live in a country in which privacy laws are pretty good and I use only https sites while browsing porn so ISP only sees domain names. I also use ublock with almost all filters enabled and disconnect and noscript. I don't use google as my search engine and I use almost exclusively free software. I even used VPN at one point but stopped some time ago.


>Don't you think they'd be more concerned with all the hate, criminality, oppression, and subjugation that's happening

what exactly are you talking about? Our lives are objectively way better than our ancestors' so they would be amazed how well the humanity is doing. Aside their offspring jacking off to crooked shit like this of course.


I'm surprised you Bambis don't viral market this more.

Post threads with links to the blog on /r9k/ and /lgbt/ and you'll have way more people listening to and sharing this stuff, especially if you can dress it up as a challenge or you can bait people into replying/bump it before it dies.



SSL was broken a while back, HTTPS doesn't mean much if you're talking about ISP security. Needs some serious computing power to do so it stops your average layman from cracking it but there's still nothing stopping an ISP from cracking it if they wanted to.



Of course I shouldn't expect much from a Bambi, but you are wrong. There have been vulnerabilities, but they've all been mitigated or fixed in the newest TLS versions. The only issue would be if your ISP also is a certificate authority and can forge certificates that way. Certificate pinning can help detect this.



not everything gets better with more attention





shut up bambi



You are complaining about free shit. Kill yourself.



>complaining about the LACK OF new files

>is like complaining about the files

also even if you weren't a retard on that front

>something is free

>therefore you can't complain about it

lay off the IQ drop files mate



Now listen here you dumb slut, she is still making those files for free with no strings attached, and all you are doing is being a fucking ingrate. She hasn't promised to create more files. Therefore, she isn't obligated to give us anything else. Also, you aren't even content with the free shit you already have. You are nothing than a selfish bottom feeder in this regard. Seriously, kill yourself.



I'm unsure as to whether or not that post was the same one complaining about the lack of new files, but the one you replied to wasn't wrong. I'm assuming you're dabc, because they seem pretty pissed in the discord. I joined to observe and have file updates but happened to see you bitching, huffing, and hawing.

She isn't obligated to put out more content, you're not wrong. I don't follow whoever the creator is closely but they can make content or they can stop whenever they want. That being said, people can absolutely complain about free content. Maybe before telling people to kill themselves you should put aside your cum squirting dildo and think for yourself for the first time in a few years. Something being free does not excuse quality or lack there-of, timeliness, or effectiveness among other things. I have no real dog in this fight, hypnosis intrigues me and what are most commonly used methods, but holy shit you're going beyond being "Bambi" dumb.



>Something being free does not excuse quality or lack there-of, timeliness, or effectiveness among other things.

Alright then, explain to me why it doesn't.



Lets say you have long hair, and I have run a salon or a barber shop. I just opened up and I'm running a special for new customers, first cut free. You come in, and ask for a few inches off. You have roughly 12-14 inches of hair. I cut 8 off. That's my "few" Do you complain?

I'm a game developer by trade and I look for people to play my game so I give advanced copies out to various personalities on Twitch and Youtube in order to generate some noise about it, you're in the list of people I get it to. The game itself is a F2P game. Simple mechanics, no P2W no cash shop 100% free all the way. But it is, in your honest opinion, absolute shit. I am, however, working on a second game in the series, and plan a third. Can you complain?

Can you complain if I invite you over for a free meal and everything I cook you are allergic to or is something that disgusts you? I mean, it's free. Sure, you had to wait at my house for an extra 2 hours after dinner was planned, but it was free.

Do you get the picture my dude?



>Lets say you have long hair, and I have run a salon or a barber shop. I just opened up and I'm running a special for new customers, first cut free. You come in, and ask for a few inches off. You have roughly 12-14 inches of hair. I cut 8 off. That's my "few" Do you complain?

Few is a relative term, and you should have been more specific with how short you want it. Hence, you have no one to blame but yourself. Of course, this argument doesn't apply at all since Bimbodoll Bambi hasn't accepted any community input on what files to make.

>I'm a game developer by trade and I look for people to play my game so I give advanced copies out to various personalities on Twitch and Youtube in order to generate some noise about it, you're in the list of people I get it to. The game itself is a F2P game. Simple mechanics, no P2W no cash shop 100% free all the way. But it is, in your honest opinion, absolute shit. I am, however, working on a second game in the series, and plan a third. Can you complain?

This one also doesn't apply. It's implied the game developer has a personal stake in building a consumer base in a competitive market. Offering a critique of the game can be beneficial to the company since it tells them what to do, and not to do next time. There is a difference between criticizing something on it's own merits, and sperging out like a whiny entitled bitch like >>28505 did. Besides, the creator has no personal stake in the community, and has actually made the files for herself since the beginning.

>Can you complain if I invite you over for a free meal and everything I cook you are allergic to or is something that disgusts you? I mean, it's free. Sure, you had to wait at my house for an extra 2 hours after dinner was planned, but it was free.

Well, if you are forced to wait for 2 hours, then it's not really free now, is it? This is the most fallacious argument out of the bunch. Nobody is telling anyone to sit and wait for the next batch of files to be released. You are free to do whatever you want in between releases, even listen to other hypnosis files.



I mean, I can acknowledge my examples weren't the best on the fly, but if I had known you were actually that far off the deep end, I wouldn't have responded from the start.

The hair one, yeah, it doesn't really fit the exact scenario but I figured it'd fit the line of mine you quoted. The game thing, I never said I was making games to make money in the future. I want people to play them like she wants people to listen, but I'm making them because I want to play them ultimately. It's not going to have an impact on how I do things in the future I just want similar people to play them. Distributing them via sites is a similar concept as her blogspot and discord. Something happened and the original plans went wrong and dinner had to be scrapped and re-started. You didn't have other plans and nothing else on the night was inconvenienced. As I said before, I'm not saying people should complain that she hasn't put anything out. If she puts something out, or she stops, or the next thing that she puts out is an Undertale x 50 Shades of Grey Fan Fiction audio reading that's 14 hours long in a monotone voice with a parakeet warbling at the end of every paragraph. If it makes her happy and she's having fun, that's the important thing. My problem is that you don't seem to get the fact that free things can be criticized. Everything can benefit from constructive criticism, which was what I was, probably poorly, trying to shit out. I was giving situations that either have happened (1 and 3) or likely have or will happen (2) and you decided to dismiss them because none of them explicitly list doing something for themselves because they want to for themselves, then deciding others might enjoy their work so they share it.

Flat out, >>28505 is a fuckboy. >>28544 however, if not the same person, was not wrong in their assessment. I do think they misunderstood you to some degree, which led to this whole shebang, but shit happens. I gotta go the fuck to bed now because I gotta be up in 3 hours.

If you're not doing this just to get a rise and have a laugh at some asshole on the internet, I hope that at the very least you keep a little bit more of an open mind about what I was trying to say. Even if you don't agree with me, understanding where I'm coming from might help you understand someone else if this comes up in the future my dude.

Anyway, have a chill night/day/whatever. Don't take any wooden nickels….unless you collect them or some shit.


you can criticize free stuff but that wasn't criticism it was just moaning that there wasn't more free stuff already



>if I had known you were actually that far off the deep end

Dude, you were the one who came up with bizarre corner cases for your arguments, not me.

>The game thing, I never said I was making games to make money in the future. I want people to play them like she wants people to listen, but I'm making them because I want to play them ultimately. It's not going to have an impact on how I do things in the future I just want similar people to play them.

Bullshit. You clearly stated you were a game developer by trade, and wanted to generate noise. There's an obvious ulterior motive for making the game, and handing it out. Of course, the player's feedback is going to have an impact on the things you do.

>you don't seem to get the fact that free things can be criticized.

I addressed that. Reread my post. As I said before, there is a difference between criticizing something, and reacting irrationally over it. The Bambi hypno files are deceptively powerful with the purpose of the bimbo personality taking full control of yourself. That is worthy of criticism. We were arguing over semantics the entire time, and if you want to claim a paltry victory over something as petty as semantics in order to inflate your own ego then, fine by me.

>Flat out, >>28505 is a fuckboy. >>28544 however, if not the same person, was not wrong in their assessment.

If we are to assume they are two different people, the first anon was being a whiny faggot, and worse, the second anon defended his repulsive behavior. Who's side are you on?



do you really think that it's wrong for people to express their appreciation of the files by proxy of complaining about the lack of new ones?

if someone complains that firefly got cancelled, isn't that something the creators are happy to hear (at least on some level)?



>Show appreciation by complaining

How high are you right now?



… No, really, if people are complaining about the lack of new files that means they're interested in more files in the series. Complaining about the lack of files is a kind of bitchy, sidehanded way to say that they like the files enough to be aggravated when new ones are taking forever to come out.


File: cffbdc19747ffb4⋯.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 625:626, thisisbait.png)



what part of it do you disagree with?



I'm sure the file creator would appreciate it if her stuff got out more. If the content is more popular, Bambi-maker will probably churn stuff out longer.


Enthusiasm for a product is great, getting it for free is amazing.

But the content creator here churned out a great deal of content very quickly. I imagine that's a pace that's unsustainable and/or could lead to burn out on their end.

Be patient, do you want something now or do you want something good?


File: ac6cf1f8fd6cefa⋯.png (117.13 KB, 680x528, 85:66, why.png)


anyone have any interesting personal experiences to tell about using the files?



I can't listen to these files properly anymore because I get 3 files in and I've already HFO. Its probably a good thing because all the files past the third in both sets do a lot of bad things. It would be good to get a new file to see how I went with it. The loop files are a bit shit and have no effect on me, I wish that there was a sleep file that was as good as the Fucktoy set because I need a file that is playing over the noisy street I live next to in order to get to sleep. I use Hypno to fall to sleep.

These files still have an effect on me despite my above issues, the files have lasted me much longer than others because I don't get bored with them, I do however with the loop files because they are just poor quality. The two bambi sets so far are very high quality and have a better effect than what I'm used to- but because I never finish the sets I'm not getting the full dose so its not having a major effect on me. Occasionally my brain starts repeating shit from the files but I'm never compelled to do anything. They're still a lot of fun all the same and I enjoy them when ever I get bored and need something to do. Another file would be great though. I'd especially like something along the lines of emasculation because it helps with the whole forgetting and desiring to behave the way the files want you to.



Yeah i'd like a general emasculation file a lot. I don't like how this whole hypnosis is centered around affecting you when you're only wearing women's clothing. I crossdress and i suppose most crossdressers only do so once every week or few weeks so to go through the effort of listening to hours just to have an effect on those very specific occasioins is kinda shitty.

Not complaining though they're probably the best quality hypnos i've come across, maybe only kei and goddess gracie come close.


I’ve been kind of apprehensive about trying these files, though the whole idea is a big turn-on.



me too, anon. Would you be up to trying it together? Both of us going down the rabbit hole at the same time.



It won't hurt to try it, its just don't expect to be trancing to it constantly. I found its not the type of file set that you get addicted to. I'd say the first set is the best place to start, Fucktoy is really intense and its the one I have the most difficulties with. The first set is also as bad though but only towards the end of the set. Fucktoy it hits you right away which pulls me out of it a bit.

I will say though while you're under it has a scary amount of effect on your brain, you do start to loose yourself a bit but it fades eventually. If there was a loop file that had the same kind of impact then it would be nightmare fuel to say the least because as long as you kept playing and didn't HFO you'd be stuck like that until the files stopped from your phone's battery dying, tethering yourself to a computer would be crazy. I mean its probably a good thing I don't do this.





What track number in the playlist is ideal for the new file? I can't wait to listen. I've been looking forward to the blowup doll file for months.



lol speak of the fucking devil.



I should clarify that Fucktoy should mean Fuckdoll. The newest file being Fucktoy is not what I was referring to. Just to avoid confusion. So Fucktoy Fantasy is the new file.



I want a Bambi lesbian file. I'm not interested in silly penises. I want to snuggle into a warm pussy :O







>blowup doll

hot as fuck





Blow up doll was amazing though I really question what physical purpose it had, the only reason for its existence is to establish the bambi cum trigger and I feel it could be better done in another context.

Maid was a bit meh, the whole separate uniform thing threw me off because bambis supposed to be a one track mind, putting her on two separate tracks seemed pointless, the maid file should've been a replacement for the uniform file not an addon. I've never understood the maid fetish because to me it was always a job rather than something fun. You're fetishizing something very tedious, I've worked as a cleaner IRL and I can tell you it sucked. Doing the same thing in high heels would be horrible. I will give the creator benefit though, at least they were realistic about what a maid actually does unlike other files.

Cow file is just wrong, too much levels of wrong. Its this sort of niche of niche bullshit that turns me off this whole thing, though obviously could've been worse it could've been diapers.

Here's hoping future files are better than these. It was a real mixed bag.



I'm pretty sure maid fetish is more about the idealized picture of obedience and submission than the actual tasks involved in the job, and usually has a more idealized fantasy that includes sexual services as well. I can definitely see where you're coming from in not caring for it if you've actually worked a similar job, though.



The three themes are only facades.

N°1 as you said is just there for the cum trigger.

N°2's purpose is to teach the obedience trigger.

N°3's purpose is to sensitize breasts and nipples to an extreme degree.

The blow-up, maid and cow themes are just there to make it a bit funnier.



>N°3's purpose is to sensitize breasts and nipples to an extreme degree.

I didn't know that, now I'm gonna listen to it because I really, really want this



This… Knowing that nows kinda made we want to do them now. Did it have to be so fucking weird though.


not sure how cow stuff is that much weirder than the rest of what's in these files. It's not even cow stuff really to be honest it's just bondage + breast growth basically.


File: 6cd0d29b4c953b7⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1440x820, 72:41, MizuryuuKeiLand-EroAnime-P….png)



Ok I listened to it and I'm so glad I did, that was the best file of all three of them, best sound effects and immersion, really opened up to the idea and I find it really hot now, the file actually had me wishing I could be in the situation depicted even though its not even a fetish of mine but it was done so well, so lewd I love it.

Pretty much the only thing I found weird was the mooing sounds, everything else was great, and I came at the end right on cue with the voice, that was really fucking hot, it wasn't a HFO but still had me aroused as fuck.

In my opinion the best and lewdest files from Fucktoy Fantasy in order are-

>Blowup Pleasure Toy

>Restrained and Milked

>Bimbo Maid

I ended up liking the restrained & milked file so much more than Bimbo Maid, really surprised me



Can you please tell me where I can watch the Mizuryuu Kei Land anime?





Does anyone have an HD download link for the Uniform Lock vid?



how permanent are the triggers?



See OP's pic



As long as you want them to be.


Bambi had her first HFO. She used 09 Bambi Cockslut. And Bambi's big titties are almost… *giggle* …um… she has big tits soon.


It would be good to see more fan made videos.


Why are these files so effective?


Wow. Just listened to the first conditioning session and I'm kind of terrified to crossdress now. That was one of the most intense sessions I've ever had…



I think it's a combination of various things.

For one, the inductions are great and put you under quickly and deeply, which prepare you for the rest of the suggestions. From there, the sessions are very "to the point," with no filler content or strange sounds. They're clean, clearly understood, and have a flow to them that many other TTS files lack. In short, they have very high production quality.

The content itself is effective mainly because it's not super original, but instead an accumulation of different past techniques that had been proven to work. Bubble amnesia, clothing anchors, mindlessness, etc. aren't new in any way, but when woven together flawlessly, they seem to work wonders.

Most of what I heard in the bambi files I first heard in catgirl's. It's just that bambi does it better. I almost can't believe they're free, actually. They're so very well done. It takes enormous amounts of work to make TTS sound like that. Even kei, with all that experience, can't manage it.




Are there already fanmade videos? How good are they?



They've been made using trance.exe. Looped gifs with overlaid text and sound.



I haven't looked into that. I'm on linux and I don't have any hypno gifs saved.

Does trance.exe have a built in way of exporting/importing the video or all the assets used to make it?



Yes, the assets are saved in the same directory as trance.exe or a sub folder. It can export to webm, or h264 for video, or frame by frame for stills.



Oh nice do you (or anyone else for that matter have any exported webms made with it? I'm not particularly interested in creating one myself.



I've made a few, mostly for personal use or interest. I tried to upload one for an Anthro-Cow file on Warp My Mind, but the upload didn't work right, I think the file may have been too large. A 1 hour 1080p file was 9.5 GB originally, I shrunk it to 950 MB, which is where I was starting to notice compression loss, but it may still have been to large.

The Bambi Series would be easy to make visuals for, once source material for the images and gifs were chosen. If I do, I'll post them, but I'd want to make sure that the original audio file team/creator could see the results.



I'm sure the original file creator reads here occasionally, or at least reads the discord. You could post it there, or wait for someone else to if you're not in it.


FYI the creator of the Bambi files is the same person who made trance.exe and has said they will make a combined version available at some point.



Oh, had no idea. I correspond/ed with them a bit to troubleshoot trance.exe




idk if the creator reads here but i just want to say these files are awesome and somewhat unparalleled

if hypnosis techology keeps advancing at this pace then, especially with VR and other unknown tech breakthroughs, society could have a real problem on its hands in a few decades!



>idk if the creator reads here but i just want to say these files are awesome and somewhat unparalleled

>if hypnosis techology keeps advancing at this pace then, especially with VR and other unknown tech breakthroughs, society could have a real problem on its hands in a few decades!


great new files!


File: 19c410007e8f84e⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 422x750, 211:375, d8793e919a58422b1163859db1….jpg)

I really like the part where I only turn bimbo when dressed in uniform.

Are there other files besides Bambi that anchor feminization/bimbo/sissy triggers to wearing sexy feminine clothes?





i think all 3 of these were me

not intentional samefagging, i think the site was lagging like fuck and they all got stuck in a queue without any confirmation


So how does bambi buy a proper uniform if she doesn't want to go into a store and pick one out?



There is this thing called the "Internet" and some say it's going to be pretty big one day.



Doesn't help the paranoia to have an order point to your name and address, even if using vpn to prevent various ad services from serving underwear ads to every page you visit.

I mean fuck, online shopping is almost more personal than just walking into a lingerie shop



meh Google knows what kind of fucked up shit I'm into. If they made it public I wouldn't give a fuck, all it would do is prove how fucked up Google is.

But going into a shop isn't as bad as people think. Best advice I can give, 1. Take a list/use your phone so it looks like you have measurements written down = not buying for yourself 2. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS 3. Pretend like you do this all the time. 4. contrary to what you think going to self checkout isn't always the best option because they can break, which makes the attendant check your bags anyway, the cute checkout chick really honestly won't give a fuck what you bought, the attendant probably will because it makes a shit load of noise and treats you like you're shoplifting (only time I've gotten nervous doing this because those stupid machines never work). 5. Most importantly, STAY CALM. I have the tenancy to hover around these sections, women tend to guard that whole area, if you can try to go during a time that's not too busy, really early in the morning is the best because only the staff will be there, and they usually don't care unless you draw attention to it. 6. Avoid trying things on, use your measuring guides, I usually bring an outline of parts of my body and put the clothes over it. Its much much more weird if you hold a dress up to your chest less weird if you have paper that looks like a woman because again they assume you're buying for someone else.

Online Shopping can be good too, but I find its a bit of a gamble because you might get something good, you might get something completely crap.

That's clothes. The worst is Makeup. Makeup is so fucking difficult to shop for because everyone quickly assumes you're stealing it (guy buying makeup.. what the fuck.) My trick was ALWAYS put in a pack of tampons into your cart, some waxing strips and a big block of chocolate, then no one will care… Trust me this worked, they assume I have a girl at home with PMS.

I think Perfume and Jewlery are the easiest to buy as a man because its expected. The important thing is to have a good cover and not be a total idiot out in public.


Also don't be too afraid of sex shops but be super discrete when going in always use the back entrance. Know what you're buying before you go in, if they have a website, awesome, if they don't just ask. Chances are the sort of shit they're into is 1000x worse than what we're into. Paying in cash is a good idea since you don't want that shit showing up on your transaction log and besides I think they prefer cash anyway.



If Google made data public, everyone deny their history and by extension would not believe what it says about other people given enough time.


File: aa3aa7f0cf9f4cd⋯.png (24.81 KB, 329x661, 329:661, bambis-stuff.png)

I organized the files into a zip archive for portability and so I can password protect it on my phone and not worry about my music player autodiscovering the files and randomly playing them. I also took the associated blog posts and made them into text files. In the future I'd like to have some premade playlists, but I ran out of time today.

If anybody is interested in me throwing it up somewhere just lemme know and I might throw it up on anonfiles or w/e and I'll put it up where I get back.


File: c4a718bc61eaef7⋯.jpg (208.04 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1302706474644.jpg)

bambi files are great

a cum eating bambi file would be sweet


File: b38127c4afe34b6⋯.jpg (22.72 KB, 250x250, 1:1, IMG_6204.JPG)


Did anyone save the in-depth analysis that was made in the 2nd thread?

I can't find it. It contained a detailed list of effects from the first two playlists.



1 - Bubble Induction

TRIGGER: 'Bimbo doll' - takes you to the induction state

2 - Bubble acceptance

TRIGGER: 'Good girl' - deepening trigger/happiness

3 - Named and Drained

TRIGGER: 'B4mb1' - the name triggers happiness

CONDITIONING - locks away old personality for the duration

4 - B4mb1 IQ Lock

CLOTHING TRIGGER: Bimbo uniform (see above, could be just panties) makes you dumb

MENTAL TRIGGER: 'Wipers' While B4mb1 stops you thinking of anything non-bimbo and any thoughts 5+ words in length

5 - B4mb1 Body Lock

CLOTHING TRIGGER: Mentally gives you a bimbo body and libido while wearing your uniform

6 - B4mb1 Attitude Lock

CLOTHING TRIGGER: Bimbo uniform makes you appearance obsessed

MENTAL TRIGGER: Installs anxiety trigger if not perfectly made up

MENTAL TRIGGER: Resistance causes pleasure and the need to be obedient

7 - B4mb1 Uniformed


CLOTHING TRIGGER: Bimbo uniform brings forward B4mb1 personality, states key uniform item is panties

ACTION TRIGGER: Uniform cannot be removed (an thus locks you into B4mb1) unless sucking on a phallic object

TRIGGER: 'B4mb1 Uniform Locked' - prevents undressing even while sucking (length of time not specified, just says it gets longer each time). Attempting to force removal will cause you to go limp.

8 - B4mb1 Takeover

CONDITIONING ONLY: Makes the B4mb1 personality stronger, gives her her own memories

9 - B4mb1 Cockslut

Trigger: 'Drop for cock' - not explicitly set

HFO scenario starting with giving blowjob and then fucked with a fucking machine

10 - B4mb1 Awakens

TRIGGER - 'B4mb1 Sleep' - sleep trigger, brings forward B4mb1

AMNESIA - Sets and forgets triggers and conditions of the file




1 - Mindless Blank Doll

Faster induction, uses triggers from first set to induce fast/deep state.

TRIGGER: 'B4mb1 Freeze' - Body and mind lock - no movement or thoughts

2 - Cock Dumb Hole

Combination of IQ and Body Lock files

MENTAL TRIGGER: Upgraded - now cannot use words of more than 1-2 syllables, and can only refer to oneself in 3rd person (no I/me)

3 - Uniform Slut Puppet

Combination of Attitude Lock and Uniformed

States that the goal of dressing up is to suck cock

Uses the 'Uniform lock' trigger

MENTAL TRIGGER: Upgrade - Your uniform now controls your movements to be a perfect bimbo, and will be completely blank while wearing it

4 - Vain Happy Horny


States that your old personality should just fade away

ERASE OLD PERSONALITY: Visualises that all that is left as your old self now is a pink satin mannequin that you are told to place a blindfold, ballgag and earmuffs on (so the old you can no longer see or hear what B4mb1 does, and cannot speak to B4mb1) and then is lowered into a box which is locked so it can 'sleep forever'

SLEEP TRIGGER: Orgasming as B4mb1 causes you to fall asleep only waking (still as B4mb1) when you're horny again.

5 - Bimbo Drift

AMNESIA TRIGGER - Sets and forgets triggers, and you can only wake once you have accepted them

There is also an additional trigger used throughout 'Zap Cock Brain Obey' - it's never explicitly set or said what the effect is, but it's randomly inserted to interrupt phrases





So, about Vain Happy Horny in the 2nd playlist: does this effect happen only when wearing the uniform?



Only when you're B4mb1, yes


Someone know what is the effect of dumb dreamy giggle time ?

I'm not sure this is the exact trigger but I remember something like this in blowup pleasure toy.

I also remember something like do as your told in this same file but I don't remember being conditioned for any of them.



I cant remember any conditioning, I've listened to B4mb1 3 or 4 times but the files are so effective!



Those are new triggers in the new fantasy files. They just came out of nowhere.

Kinda poor execution on the new files in general imo


B4mb1 files are free so doesn't really need a word filter?



do as you're told is set in the maid file.


Has the theme of the next files been announced on the discord yet?



Filter removed. Further criticisms and suggestions should be made in the meta sticky to ensure that they are seen.


does someone know which TTS is used in the bambi files? I sometimes hear it for twitch donation comment announcers.



IVONA Salli and sometimes Ivy.



Thx Bambi


Hey yall, quick question.

When am I ready to do the second set of files? I´ve been listening to he first set for quite some time, alway shortened versions though. While i do manage to trance most of the time, i cant keep that up for the full duration. longest session i think i actually tranced was like 1hr30.

Also, do you have any tips on how to trance better/deeper than simply doing it over and over?



If you listen to the loops and feel like B4mb1 should, then it's a good sign you're ready for the second set. If reading Good Girl triggers you into bimbo pleasure, even when not dressed up as B4mb1, then it's also a good sign.

To trance better, practice is the best way. What I find works for going really deep for a certain series or set of triggers is to listen to the loops of the file in the background all the time, so it becomes my background thoughts. Although that might not be the best idea for B4mb1.



So if I were to listen to the loops while in my regular clothes, would that be enough to trigger them to become my uniform?


Can someone tell me how long of constant B4mb1 bimbodoll conditioning before B4mb1 starts to take over please. I have been listening to complete set at least once per day for three days and plan on doing it for at least one month.



B4mb1 cockslut is really fucking intense. Almost too much, because I can never just lie limp and focus on the feeling of the dildo. I always end up shaking and bucking hard against the air and can't focus on that feeling at all. I also always wake up immediately when I cum, but that's true for almost any file. Any advice?



Update: I have been listening to constant full B4mb1 conditioning 1-2 times a day for five days now and listening to subliminal training loop non stop. I woke up this morning and listened to complete conditioning set but replaced the first two files with the first file of fuckdoll brainwash. Experienced a few minor blackouts lasting several minutes. I waited half an hour and relistened to a playlist that included all the training files from B4mb1 conditioning and all the fuckdoll brainwash files. I was only able to make through the first 2 files and completely blackout for the last 2 hours. I woke up being told i could only awake if i accepted the changes. I awoke so incredibly dumb and horny and i am so addicted to these files. I had to get my boyfriend to write this for me as i can't even write right now. Im feeling so incredibly needy and love these files and i will keep listening to these to make the changes permanent.



What were you like before you started listening to these files?



It's a bit late, but I'd really appreciate that if you still have it.


Hey B4mb1s, I found this guide and its really neat, makes it so that you can have a transparent layer of video on your screen at all times http://desktopsissy.tumblr.com/post/129094807984/transform-your-computer-into-a-subliminal-machine



Meh i think this is pretty annoying and i am not sure if it works while playing games. You could look into the program called subliminal power 2. Highly customizable but only with pictures and text. I still quite like it. Found it on pirate bay



My Desktop Therapist is a good one. Image, text and video layers plus audio. Should be able to game if you're not in fullscreen.


OnTopWindow + Gooninator is also a fun option.


File: 7b5c94daddc3888⋯.webm (2.97 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dragons Lair Playthrough ….webm)

>be kid in the 80s

>finally make it to the end of dragon's lair

>see this

>new fetish born



File: 7f1df6bffda1cf8⋯.jpg (82.67 KB, 1350x1300, 27:26, woman-bubble-trapped-insid….jpg)



great find! Thanks for sharing.

This makes (especially brainwashing) videos much more powerful.


B4mb1 has a patreon now. No patreon-only files but patrons will get new files earlier than the blog.




word filter messed up the URL, need to edit it back



This is the post on patreon about the upcoming file, for anyone interested:

>Upcoming session:

B4mb1 Fucktoy Submission

This is a second set of add-on tracks for the B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash session. It contains no induction or awakener. The tracks focus on trigger training and mental conditioning, and are designed to be used with the B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash recordings as part of a playlist.

These tracks are nearly finished and will be released early to patrons in the coming weeks, if there's a reasonable number of pledges. It's about 30 minutes of content in total.

01 Bimbo Giggletime

B4mb1 learns how deeply pleasurable it is to giggle. Every time she giggles her head fills up with pink fluffy dizziness and she succumbs further to all of her conditioning. She is given a powerful trigger to force her to giggle and this trigger is firmly linked to any attempt to resist her training or behave incorrectly, so that defiance becomes completely impossible.

02 Mindlocked Cock Zombie

B4mb1 is a perfect whore for cock. She becomes completely blank except for cock. An irresistible trigger phrase is implanted deep into her mind. This trigger shuts her down completely so that her suck-hole can be used without resistance. When B4mb1 hears the trigger she becomes a blank mindlocked puppet with no will or awareness, no thoughts except for sucking and swallowing, and no ability to do anything but suck each cock she is presented with, until she is released.

This is a second set of add-on tracks for the B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash session. It contains no induction or awakener. The tracks focus on trigger training and mental conditioning, and are designed to be used with the B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash recordings as part of a playlist.

These tracks are nearly finished and will be released early to patrons in the coming weeks, if there's a reasonable number of pledges. It's about 30 minutes of content in total.

01 Bimbo Giggletime

B4mb1 learns how deeply pleasurable it is to giggle. Every time she giggles her head fills up with pink fluffy dizziness and she succumbs further to all of her conditioning. She is given a powerful trigger to force her to giggle and this trigger is firmly linked to any attempt to resist her training or behave incorrectly, so that defiance becomes completely impossible.

02 Mindlocked Cock Zombie

B4mb1 is a perfect whore for cock. She becomes completely blank except for cock. An irresistible trigger phrase is implanted deep into her mind. This trigger shuts her down completely so that her suck-hole can be used without resistance. When B4mb1 hears the trigger she becomes a blank mindlocked puppet with no will or awareness, no thoughts except for sucking and swallowing, and no ability to do anything but suck each cock she is presented with, until she is released.





That giggle time trigger in the fantasy files felt so out of place. It's good to see that we finally get the conditioning.



These two add-ons looks really perfect for B4mb1


hi, it's the author

as you may have guessed I've been around on this board and earlier incarnations for a long time. I'm kind of interested what you all think of this model.

I want the stuff I make to be free because I'm frustrated by the general lack of high-quality real hypnosis and the tendency to charge up-front for mixed/unknown-quality content, because paywalls tend to force the community underground and reduce discussion to endless file requests, and because money was never my main motivation for doing it anyway.

at the same time it'd be nice for those who do want to contribute to be able to, and I want to give them something in return. Early access to new stuff seems like a reasonable small thing that I hope feels fair and will attract some interest. I also hope this will let me give something to supporters without reducing community discussion to file requests or having the early access stuff immediately reshared elsewhere, since it'll be available for free officially soon enough anyway. (I'm no stranger to underground filesharing and wouldn't try to stop it if it did happen, but it'd be a little discouraging I suppose.)



I support it! And have added a pledge.

I'm not up for the $40 up-front thing so many do, since hypno's such a personal and variable thing, there's no way to know if what you get is going to be any good for you. But I'm happy to pay a small amount for each file to keep the content creator rewarded, and enjoy the heck out of the files they make that do resonate with me!



Good model, for sure.


all for it also

i much prefer patreon

need to set up another account this week less tid to me but ill be contributing also as this is a good way of doing it.

also much prefer a longer wait for hi quality then spam recordings


Good TTS implementation, sounds fairly natural and the monotony actually adds to the hypnotic effect. Nice background sound, and strong scripts.

Really liking what you've done here, the only problem is the actual bimbo part. For me, a little feminization/submission is fine, but once the audio explicitly says 'suck cock' it is a bit too much. So what I am trying to say is that I am somewhat jealous of the people who actually have this fetish, because this is one of the best series out there right now.

Are there any plans for sessions with a different flavor?



Do you think you could do a writeup on your methodology, what TTS you use, where you source your other files? How you mix them together and why? Why you write the scripts the way you do? Might help lead to more community-produced content in the future.



Also wondering this, only I'm okay with the dick sucking and not as okay with the feminization/bimbo stuff. Although I do like being called "Good Girl".


Do you have any advice for listening to your files? Mainly, when it comes to B4mb1 Cockslut, I can't hold still during the fucking machine part and end up flailing all over until I exhaust/hurt myself



Can you make a control loop like Barbie and bimbo but with Ariana Grande’s side to side and dangerous women?



I'm afraid it's not that likely. I'm into what I'm into, for better or worse, and I just don't have the time or motivation to dedicate to stuff that doesn't get me going.


I can try, but I don't know if it'll be exactly what you're after.

There's no magic bullet. This takes lots and lots of time and practice like everything else. I have probably 10 years' experience in audio production (mostly not kink shit) and almost as long writing hypnosis scripts on similar subjects for crappier earlier attempts that never got shared with anyone. I don't have formal training in any of this, though.

I do most of the audio work in Cubase, because that's what I know. The software doesn't matter as long as it's a real DAW (Ableton, Logic, etc). Audacity is not good enough, although I use it for editing raw samples.

Everything that applies to general audio production applies here. You can find information about that on any audio website, but it will take a lot of practice to get good at it anyway. You can't just shove everything in and hope for the best or you end up with K31.

You need to learn how to use EQ and panning to make space for elements in the mix. Learn how to use FX like reverb and echoes without muddying up the mix. The most important thing is to learn how to use compressors to make the main parts pop and blend the background tracks together.

Random tips: I put an almost imperceptible amount of reverb on basically every track. Don't overdo the FX on tracks that are loud or have constant activity. I compress all the background tracks together including all the FX tracks again and then sidechain that to the main voice so it stands out. One good trick you can use is to take a mono track and delay one ear by a few tens of milliseconds, which will separate it from centred sounds and make it sound like it's coming from inside your head on headphones (that's what I do for the looping side voices on all the newer stuff).

I get audio samples from random sample websites, youtube, the audiogonewild reddit, and occasionally from other hypnosis recordings. Youtube ASMR videos are often good for high-quality ambient samples.

For TTS I use TextAloud. It probably doesn't matter what software you use but I know that one produces high-quality wavs. The voices are Ivona Salli and Ivona Ivy. I haven't found any others that are as good. I used Neospeech Julie and Acapela Heather22 in some older stuff, they're OK I guess.

The main thing with TTS is the pronunciation will be garbage by default even on a good voice. The main tools you have to fix this are: switching between full stops and commas on the end of lines; inserting hyphens between syllables in the middle of words; changing spaces to hyphens between words; replacing particularly troublesome words with misspellings or phonetic versions. Each of these may or may not affect the pronunciation in some random way. You get a feel for it after a while, but it depends on the voice and it's never truly predictable.

I split my scripts out line-by-line according to punctuation marks since the text on one side of a comma/full-stop doesn't usually affect the pronunciation on the other side (in rare cases it can though, which sometimes trips me up). I'll relisten to some lines 20 or more times in different minor variations if they don't flow naturally at first until they sound right. Then you need to listen to multiple lines at a time to make sure they don't sound off one after another.

For scripts, I don't know if I can really say much. I learned from listening to other things and experimenting a lot. I can't articulate precisely what makes a script effective. Prerecorded hypnosis is difficult because you can't adapt to the state of the subject, you don't have the trust and expectation of a live session and so on. You have to fucking force it, don't waste time on things that don't contribute to the goal of the session in some way, make every word count, make it so hot they can't help but succumb to it. I'm pretty much masturbating the entire time I'm working on all this and it definitely slows the progress but it probably helps with coming up with wording that really gets to people.

I spend a lot of time QAing (trancing to) the recordings once they're mostly done and will iterate on some 5-10 times, re-ordering sections to work better, making sure all the other tracks sync up with the main script and don't cause problems, fixing pronunciation issues, shortening or lengthening sections or inserting more triggers so that there's never a bit that drags on too long or something the listener anticipates but doesn't end up happening.

I'm a difficult hypnosis subject and have spent years getting to the point where the stuff I make actually works for me, which probably explains why it seems to be quite effective in general.



Would you ever consider doing custom files, and if so what would be your rate?



you deserve this money

it's an incredibly rare combination of skills - understanding both hypnosis and audio production

i would only say now, before you have 1000 patrons - please keep the quality this high. we've seen far too many content creators get arrogant and start allowing their previously good content standards to turn to shit (cough cough 5h1bby cough cough)



That's exactly what I was after. Thank you very much. Was looking into making my own similar stuff. I don't have the 10 years of audio engineering background, but I'll do my best. I find K31 to be a close second after B4mb1, but yeah, the production quality just isn't as high.

I posted this thread >>31614 about TTS, you may want to consider it for the production of future voices, if you want to get into that type of thing. There's a lot of tech getting developed in those areas and a surprising amount is available to the public if you're a bit technically minded.

I hope that making this information public will inspire more people to try making their own stuff. It's definitely a big help to me, especially the hyphen trick.

I appreciate your dedication, and I'm really impressed with B4mb1.



would you ever consider making anything ABDL/AgeRegression related?



please NEVER do this



I also veto this



That was really interesting, thank you for the insigh, and yes, B4mb1 is REALLY effective, it was the first file that reallky took me under, the quality is astouding.

Out of curiosity, could you post a link to a script and the TTS script? I want to see the need adaptions.



Screnshot***, not link, my bad

Also, I meant insight, not insigh lol



Do you ever draw inspiration from feminization stories? There are some lines in my favorite ones that pretty much make me auto cum. Was wondering if writing like that helps you write your files.


My contribution to your B4mb1 cult : a fap challenge game


Good game.

Link disponible 48 hours.


Let me know what you think about this game : cocotranse@yahoo.com



This. This stuff is phenomenal, except for that focus on cock. Always gets me out of trance -if included-.



>I'm a difficult hypnosis subject

Would you mind elaborating on how you got around that issue besides creating your own stuff?



OMG my nipples!!!!!


I like your game.


Anyone tried combining the B4mb1 files with this program?


Self-bondage blowjob trainer. Lock yourself up, but the key in the CD tray, and it won't give you the key back until you've sucked on a dildo a certain number of times. Could be an evil and immersive training program for B4mb1s.


alright, didn't intend to turn this into an AMA, will answer some things and then go back to lurking



re: cock. I did try to usually word it pretty vaguely without reference to whose cock it is so you can always imagine it's a shemale / strapon / dildo if that's better for you.


no. Like maybe MAYBE triggered incontinence for adult girls, at a push, one day, if I'm totally out of other ideas


sorry I've got no idea what you're asking for


not really. I've read a few I guess


the other big factors were a trance.exe VR setup to go with the sessions (will release some day, not really ready yet). and ketamine


not saying never, but I don't want to end up obligated to make loads of stuff I don't care much for. And it'd eat into the time I have to work on other things. If it happened it would depend a lot on what the content was. If it felt like work, the rate would have to compare favourably to my actual job, and make up for the lost time, so probably pretty extortionate



that's a really cool idea.




They want the script for the B4mb1 files so they can make their own modified files




Sorry, my wording wasn't really clear, in my defense, i was really sleepy at the time.

I was asking if you could post a screenshot of a script, and then the same script after it has been "adapted" to TTS.



Are you ohgodhowdidthis on github?

Are you ever going to look at the issues and provide fixes? I get common crashes and it doesn't work in VR. Kind of a shame because the image and webm/gif mixing works so fucking well



I would like to use your audio text files (ivona voices alone) in my own videos.

Might it be possible for you to upload them on a share site (MEGA or VOLAFILE).




Since I'm expecting you to be drowned in requests I'll keep it at thanking you for your effort and high quality work.

I'll do recommend not to be influenced by outside ideas too much.

I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't mind more "general" files that tackle different angles while staying true to your vision - trying to cater to everyone will do no one any good in the end.


what would the effect be of not wearing femine clothes for this? would it weaken the impact of it? or would I more likely link it to whatever else I consistently wear while listening?



Literally whatever you are wearing. If you are listening while dressed in your male clothes, B4mb1 will be linked to them. This can be a huge problem if you are a male. Some people ended up having B4mb1 be their default state after listening while dressed in their regular clothing. Listening to the files completely naked can have the same effect as well. This is why it's recommended you at least buy some panties before you listen.



I'm pretty new to this hypnosis stuff to begin with, having only listened to n3v3r51d3. How strong can the long-term effects of something like this actually be?


Anyone willing to say what the poll options on patreon are?



Oh yeah, this! I'm supporting the lower teir, not too fussed about getting to vote, but I'm curious to know what's up there!


Have you B4mb1s ever tried to do a strip tease for someone only to realize you have to suck cock while doing it?




There ya go

Vote on the next session

All of the options below will likely be produced eventually, but you can vote on what you'd like to see next.

A new set of 2-3 addon tracks for B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash focusing on physical and mental transformation

A new set of training loops using all the new triggers

A set of tracks focusing on deepening and increasing the effectiveness of other sessions

A set of short tracks reinforcing already-established triggers

The original B4mb1 Bimbodoll Conditioning session remastered to bring it up to the standard of newer material


I listened to the full conditioning session twice about a month ago and then real life started getting in the way.

Just listened to it again for the first time since and holy shit are these some strong triggers. I dropped like a rock and I can't remember a single thing about it, other than remembering somewhat vividly that I couldn't remember hearing any of it before… if that makes any sense. Like, mid-session I had a moment where I went "wow I don't recall any of this" but even now looking back I can't remember when I had that thought.

Spooky stuff, honestly.


Could someone please post all these on volafile?


Could somebody take the barbie control loop and replace the barbie song with ariana grande's side to side and dangerous women? tried doing it myself but couldn't get the subliminal in the background to stay



You know they're free and all up on the links in the OP, right?

I mean, I can up them if you do need for some reason! Just want to check you actually need it first.


Thankyou! ^^



when all of these are produced, we will truly be B4mbi forever.


I don't really know what to do. I've been listening to the B4mb1 files on and off since they first came out, sometimes the full first set, sometimes just 1,2,3 and 10, and I can't seem to really fall under. I haven't really fallen for any other hypnos either which really sucks because I want the B4mb1 files to work pretty damn bad. Any tips? It's probably my biggest fantasy to be turned into a bimbo fucktoy but I just can't seem to be hypnotized.



Try this one.



fucking hell, why isnt there any non sissy equivalent stuff of comparable quality

this just aint fair



What kind of similar stuff/fetish would you like to find?



Because you are too much of a vanilla prude to go outside your comfort level, and explore kinks.



No need to be mad, friendo. Different people like different things.



as much as i enjoy this stuff please don't condemn people for not enjoying it or wanting to try it

i fucking hate the idea of >>31685 and i wouldn't react kindly to someone calling me a prude for not wanting to try it



the triggers work so well, it's incredible

I can't even imagine how well it works after like 2 months of daily listening



I like a file for age regression to older kid and totally innocence but no diaper stuff and without the girly-part.

Same sex, same gender, just school age and totally innocent, no more interests in "adult stuff" (innocent may be permanent). This would be great.


B4mb1 would love an audio to make her expose herself with her bimbo clothes



fuck off



New files are now released on Patreon.



how are they?

when are they coming out on the blog?

wanted to donate but i'm not giving my card details to patreon or connecting my paypal account to this




Well as far as I can tell they do pretty much what they say on the tin. They introduce a new trigger each, and deepen the ones set in the fucktoy fantasy files. General quality is pretty nice, i think even improved a little over fucktoy fantasy.

There is no info on blog release.


Can someone who is a patron post the text info from the new patreon post? Not the files, just the description please


File: 167e82a23f1fe11⋯.png (20.87 KB, 533x323, 533:323, bambipatreon.PNG)


That´s it. Nothing to see there. Description I posted here >>31519



leak them like your mind is leaky! The more we are B4mb1 the more you are B4mb1!



Mm. Maybe it'd be better to wait? We do want this patreon thing to pan out for the B4mb1 creator, and leaking the files early would lessen the incentive for B4mb1s to become patrons. I say this as a casual fan who would prefer to spend the $5 contribution on food.



Patience dear B4mb1, the blog will soon feature these tracks =)




why are people typing B4mb1 like that

the creator literally posts here to give the files away for free, we don't need to make it harder to find



I think the site does it automatically.



Spoken like a true B4mb1 :)





Patron here, exactly this. I won´t take away the incentive for patreon if everything will end up for free after a little while anyways. Should that model change somewhere down the road, I´ll probably begin leaking. Until then, be patient.



There used to be a way to see what words got changed to what, but I forget how you do that.



Try http://www.robertecker.com/hp/research/leet-converter.php?lang=en





so how do you go about listening to these files? do you go to sleep listening to these and wake up changed. do you move around. do you keep eyes open/closed? I am new here I have no idea what to do.



are you a guy or grill ? were you wearing your normal clothes or 'those' clothes during the session?



do you sleep with a dildo in your ass or is that feeling induced by the audio. Also what clothes were you wearing?



What kind of grill - a barbie grill?



I listened to it in my default clothing and that didn't happen



what's age regression?



I meant are you male or female? I tried this but it didn't seem to do much other than numbing my body. I am a guy and I did it in my regular clothes.



You feel and / or act like way younger. How young depends - between baby and teenager. Fully or in parts of your mindset.

Can but must not be a kink (ADBL, Diaper - I don’t like this) or you are like a kid or teen and need education (non sexual ageplay) or it is just a relaxing break from adult life.

It is difficult to do but the OP obviously don’t like it.


What are B4mb1 triggers? what is sleep trigger exactly?


File: ddf4f2cb466417b⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 640x506, 320:253, heelslock.jpg)


Feels good to be locked…


Somebody please leak the new B4mb1 files. I get that we are getting them for free, but damn have them been out for a while now…



What new B4mb1 files? I don't see anything relating to new files..


Well, there came new files 6th of december, only to patreons ofc, it's just that I can't wait for them to be free any longer.




And FIVE BUCKS is too much for immediate access? B4mb1Sleeps has been really good to the erotic hypnosis community, releasing top-quality work for free - and a lot of it.

Please either wait or pay, and stop being so..is demanding the word?

Post last edited at





>literal cuck

suck my cock you fucking plebbitor





Are you really this much of a B4mb1 Jew that you can't pay five fucking dollars for hypnosis files which you know are high quality files?


What do you think this thread is about? The B4mb1s who spread these files are shills by their very nature.

>suck my cock you fucking plebitor

You know, that B4mb1 would've been down o suck your cock if you weren't so mean :^)






I say give it a month to leak, say till January 6th. Beyond that, and the B4mb1 creator would be getting into hoarding territory.

I'm not a moralist and not a patron or a buyer of files in general, but I also want the community to not be too shitty for the sources of original content.



Still looking for freebies, I see.

I like what B4mb1Sleeps has done, even though I seldom listen to the files, and want the effort to continue. The producer deserves more respect than you offer.


Please don't share it. The creator has given us plenty of content for free. It will come out for free, just wait. If you don't want to wait, pay up a few dollars. It's a good model.>>32739



Where can I buy these? Anyone know?



i'm one of the anons asking impatiently when they'll be released for free, and i ask that you please don't do this


I was rather amused to see somebody in another thread lamenting the fact that the B4mb1 files were so effective that they had the potential to turn everybody who listens into mindless puppets, and then I pop in here and it's all just the same kind of generic filebegging by sissy fetishists you get in every thread.

Shills gonna' shill.



t. shill



Shilling the fact this stuff is all hype and no substance, sure. If it wasn't, the thread would be full of brainwashed B4mb1s rather than people whining that their free fetish files aren't being released fast enough.





I don't think you know what that word means, friend



The second time it was being used ironically. The first time it was a direct implication that the person in the other thread was trying to sell people on the B4mb1 files by pretending to be concerned about them.



On the contrary, everyone who bought the files are brainwashed B4mb1s because, they actually bought the files and aren't sharing them. The beggars are the ones who have trust issues and don't want to commit to a single hypnodomme, or are looking for a quick fap.



The beggars should just trust in B4mb1 and keep listening to the files until their fluffy little brains stop caring about new files.



>there isn't a discord server full of brainwashed B4mb1s



they can't be truly brainwashed if they have a gaming subchat. Just saying.

Gaming is not something I'd associate a bimbo doing. Camwhoring maybe, but not gaming.



Don't you know about healslutting?



I only know that guys sexualize it. Grill Gamers are too busy pandering for free shit.



Well, it is a discord.



That's right. There isn't.

There may well be a discord server full of B4mb1 roleplayers, though.


files from patreon are up on the blog now.


If I listen to this stuff and try not to go into trance I'll be safe, right? Is it possible to listen to this stuff so I can fap to it and be able to avoid the trance and trigger stuff?



In my experience, no



Unless you're one of the lucky few who are extremely easily tranced and suggestible, you'll be safe doing what you describe.



It may be just me, but this kind of thing ain't as dangerous as advertised, I've listened to B4mb1 and a bunch of other sissy/gay shit and I'm still not attracted to men, I still love women.

The first time I've listened to B4mb1 I've had one of the best faps of my life immediately after, so give it a try




So aslong as I'm not trying to get hypnotised by it then I can fap to it just fine then? From what I hear about it it's exactly the kind of thing I'm into but dont want it actualy doing anything to me. So if i go in just for a fap and not wanting it to have an effect on me I should be fine and wont come out… as it tries to make its listeners, right?


also theres not something in the files that try to catch anyone trying to resist it, is there?



There absolutely is. There are parts that specifically discourage resisting. I'm the one that said "In my experience, no" above.

But – it's not magic. It might be powerful, and trippy what it can make you think. But all it will do is guide your thoughts. Like any hypno, it can't make you do something you don't want to do. And it's effects will wear off over time.

Not trying to discourage you from trying it. As long as you mind is otherwise healthy, try it, and enjoy the ride.



Also, the triggers are powerful, and you probably will react, but in an enjoyable way, if the time is right. Like if you heard it at work it probably won't have any effect.

This is just my experience. Others have theirs, of course.




Alright thanks for the advice. I'm planning on listening to it at home when everyone is asleep. I still want to give it a shot so I guess I'll just have to do my best to not get sucked into it. Wish me luck.







this is awesome. But imma hold off till after Xmas for obvious reasons. New Years should be fun though.


So, I am wondering if there are any "tips" for listening to the files. Also how long you should listen to the first set before moving on to the second set.


Hey, could you add to the FAQ a list of articles of clothing that is recommended to wear. It's… kind of hard to remember what articles of clothing I should get to "complete" the uniform… I do remember that I am missing some.



I would say sexy panties, a bra, stockings, a slutty dress. Also, cute makeup (just a little foundation and gloss). Have high heels ready to be worn, but not during hypno for more comfort.

Accessories, like a lace choker, cheap bracelets, a little leather pink bag and a nice wig are good to have too.

And, most important of all, ultra smooth skin: zero body hair from your upper mouth to your feet.


The training loops all have static in the background. I`m pretty sure they`re not supposed to be like that.

Anyway we could have them `cleaned up`?

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I love the B4mb1 files and wish they were a little more devious/stronger but while we`re on the subject…could we get a version without that retarded and annoying giggle that repeats in the background as well. It pissed me off every time taking me out of trance. TOTALLY distracting.

Post last edited at



You're a faggot


File: 619d32e749709b5⋯.mp4 (36.83 KB, 480x362, 240:181, giphyp.mp4)

You gotta love when parents turn their backs and let their kids get into all sorts of things online

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what's the verdict on the new files?


Curious if anyone has gotten B4mb1 to manifest.

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It's good that this shit is 3 hours long or I would probably relapse on it during nofap



I can't get that bitch to shut up.



Seriously? How do you experience her?



Took a couple of meth pills (Gatorade ice, fyi) had that shit playing on headphones


See? Replies like this does nothing to convince me of the validity to whether B4mb1 manifesed for the Anonymous poster and comes off as nothing more than a troll wandering in from another board.. Mods should be editing dumb ass replies out and banning the IP whence they came from.

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That WAS B4mb1 responding. ..she likes to get high. Like duh.


B4mb1 is takover

There is no doubt about it



Just try the files yourself. They're free, duh! Either you like them or you don't. This isn't rocket science. There is no reason for you to dis the files.


what're the voting results?



>Google knows

Especially since the files are hosted on Google Drive, and the site itself is on Blogger.


File: 903c305e17144c2⋯.jpg (39.07 KB, 480x720, 2:3, ~tumblr_nid17fRNiW1tt5zpgo….jpg)

If you can be turned into a bimbo by listening to hypnosis files, then you deserve to be. The only way to find out if you deserve that fate is to listen to the files daily for a few months with an open mind. Do your best to be open-minded and suggestible and to trance as deeply as you can–it's cheating if you don't. The hypnotist will try to set triggers to deepen your trance and enhance your suggestibility and cooperation. Accepting those triggers is part of the hypnosis process. They will make your cooperation with the hypnotist automatic. That makes sense, because if you're stopping to think about everything the hypnotist tells you, you'll pop out of trance. You have to accept those triggers or it's not a real test. If the files end up changing you, it is only because you deserved it or because you were that way all along. You have an obligation to find out. It's the right thing to do.

Of course everything I just said is bullshit, but that's your fantasy, isn't it? Moth to the flame and all that? Or maybe there was at least some truth to it? What do you think?



ah yes, the exact choices that led me to experience gender dysphoria and manifested debilitating anxiety

10/10 absolutely the best course of action to take as an insecure and impressionable teenager



Clean your room.


This hypno really fucked me up about nine months ago. Tonight I'm getting plastered and listening to it again. If I had a gun I would probably shoot myself in the head.

I'll be back in 3 hours.


This thread is for the discussion of a specific content creator and their works. Discussion of the politics and philosophy relating to it is permitted, but if it becomes a detriment to the ability of others to discuss the topic of the thread, it will be removed. If you wish to have a general discussion about politics and philosophy as they relate to the topics of this board, consider making a thread for that purpose instead.


How has listening to this stuff affected you?



For me it ended up with takover.

Best way to fucked up your live.

But if you are lucky you will only get split - personality.

It's way better than ending beeing caged in your own mind.


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What is that like? If you're caged in your own mind, how can you express it?



You mean how does it feel to be a passenger of your own life?

Well it bad.

Post last edited at



But if you're a passenger who can never move or act, how can you tell people about it?


After i realized what that stuff can do to people i was secretly trying to help others, preventing them from doing this, but then someone posted about wanting to be takenover, and it was too much for me.

I said the truth.

I said that encouraging others to do this is like encouraging to commit mental cuicide.

And i was banned for that.

Because that's the rule of B4mb1 discord.

You can encourage people to do this, but disencourageing will get you banned.

That's exactly what dabc guy done with me.

He banned me.

You can ask B4mb1 mods about me, they still remember me because i checked recently.

If you want to talk about my experience contact me on Discord


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B4mb1 took over? How? What did she do?


File: 3450e506b8dcb61⋯.jpg (527.97 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, cat.jpg)


B4mb1 discord is requiring phone verification? don't think i want my phone number associated with this.





Perhaps more interestingly, if B4mb1 was takeover for you, how did you get control back?



Because it's like a stick with two sharp endings.

In order to experience takover you need to be very proficient with self hypnosis.

You need to reach the deepest trance state possible.

When you will be able to reach that, then you will have enough knowledge and skills to fight this.

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Why'd you let the takeover happen though?

afaik, the only reason it happened is because you allowed it to, especially if you can reprogram yourself.

Well, I guess being horny would definitely cloud one's judgment, but you don't get that with one listen.



Yeah, i know that statement.

"Self hypnosis is placebo,

it won't work against your own will"

Well they are wrong.

I wasn't asking for this and i wasn't expecting this.

How do you think i was able to resist this in first place.

That B4mb1 bitch almost ruined my life.

And that possession lasted less than hour.

But it was enough for me to understand how the rest of my life will be.

Fucking nightmare.

And yeah, you can get one with just one listening.

Have you ever heard about Esdaile trance state?

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>Yeah, i know that statement.

Except I didn't say it was placebo, though I will admit that I mistakenly premised that the change didn't happen unbeknownst to you.

>Have you ever heard about Esdaile trance state?

As a matter of fact, no. I'm more into the meditation end of trance, and didn't delve much into the hypnosis literature. As far as google tells me, it's nomenclature for "very deep trance". Can't say I'm a big fan of jargonizing.



These files are well constructed to induce DID.

Read this article before going further with the files.


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