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File: 49b1f1a28874947⋯.jpeg (158.12 KB, 1032x949, 1032:949, 9E22BCED-B809-49DE-962C-B….jpeg)


M1tress St3||4 files

Want to create this so we can share her files

Need loop 15 sissys vs alpha males

Ultimate edge slave

Size matters


Second that. Also looking for lopp 10 and fantasy bundle



L00p 15



Do you by any chance have loop 12 & 14?


Size Matters pl0x



Fuck it's gone, can you re-upload? Please




gonna need reupload? are you willing? please. thanks


Don't have


5auna 2 just launched, anyone can upload it now? lol


Yea i need

Ultimate Edge slave and sissy sauna 2



I doubt that it will be leaked today, it just came out


anyone can share loop 15 somewhere?





can anyone share something? the 14th maybe


Requesting loop 15 and sauna 2 please




Anybody have sauna 2?




New room

Looking for ultimate edge slave and sissy sauna 2




Does that mean you have UES?


looking for either of the s4unas, BCO, or alpha males


BCO? 12?


lookin for a re-up of the s4unas if possible



Here you go :)


I'm looking for the Feminization Bundle, Bimbo bundle, and the Enslavement bundles :D




Only have number 1 :/



good shit my dude


Anyone got ultimate edge slave yet



shit i am too late, can it be re-up?



Tried to re-up. Got banned for 3 days for uploading a copyrighted file :/


anyone got plugged pussy?



This is why I always put my hypnosis files in .zip form when upping these days. It seems to bypass the auto bans so until a hypnotist or their fans reports that specific zip file it passes fine. And I have never gotten banned so far even after uploading files that are definitely on the ban list for various known aggressive hypnotists.


any reup?



Check the "present" thread that's up currently.


Anyone have sissy sauna 2



Anyone have sissy sauna 2 or ultimate edge slave before loop 16 comes out



I uploaded sissy sauna 2 in your room


Huh, was going to put up some stuff, but I guess vola has an autoflagging system. Welp, I tried.


L15 by any chance?


Great room, how about the first sauna?


Also requesting L15. Also been looking for L12 and the BCB.



> I guess vola has an autoflagging system.

Obfuscate the name and zip it up. Seems to work.


LP 16 or am i asking to soon?



Yea way too early, id give it 3 weeks till its leaked 5 weeks max


Could someone please upload u1t!m@t3 3dg3 S1@v3 and S!z3 M@tt3rs ft. G0dd3ss Gr@c!3, please pretty please?



Omg i cant find size matters ANYWERE, and i also need ultimate edge slave as well


Anyone have Sauna 1 / 2?


Anybody have the full fantasy bundle by chance?




Hope I am not too late




Do you have the second one by any chance?



you're welcome.enjoy :D

Nope sorry don't have the second one

if you have s1z3 m@tt3rs or u1t!m@t3 3dg3 S1@v3 , please share. I really want those two


Anyone got loop 16 slutty pussy yet


Looking for any files by St3||4 especially mansion and school



Here if you wanna help other people with the files they need


size matters and mansion would be great! please if someone has them send them on the above vola


L15 would be fantastic if anyone has it


Anyone have the complete 3n$l@v3m3nt Bun6le, I´m missing part 2 and 3

and the F@nt@$y Bun6le, Part 1,2,3 ?


i have next to nothing of these but her free files and previews are amazing! can someone reup all the have please? you would make me a happy little sissy thanks



man, St3||4 is like a hawk around here, these vola don't stay up more than a couple of hours


does anyone have slutty pussy loop 16




any hypno loops would be greatly appreciated



New room



Great, you managed to create a new room.

May be next time you manage to upload files?


Build it and they will cum



new thing added



UIt!m@t3 3dg3 SI@v3 and SIz3 M@tt3rs, please, pretty please?



In future could you maybe add a screenshot of the filenames inside your zip collections? Like hl15.zip would have a file uploaded right after called hl15.jpg which would say blahexampleblah.mp3, anotherblah.mp3, examplesgalore.mp3.

I suspect I already would have all the files in those collections so no point in downloading and unzipping for me unless it includes something I do not have yet.


Anyone know if slutty pussy has been leaked


Noob here. What is the "present" thread?



well, we're trying to share files for M1str3ss S3ll@, but her files are really hard to find online mostly because they're expensive af and also cause she (or her sissy minions) keeps on lurking on this thread to catch any uploads and start Submitting copyright take down notices on any uploads of her files in sites such mega.



There was another thread up where you could find some of the older files but the link's been taken down.



Here just use vola rooms , but your gonna have to be quick to download anything people upload before its taken down



Do you have UIt!m@t3 3dg3 SI@v3 and SIz3 M@tt3rs, please, pretty please?


can anyone share these files

Loop 17 - Cum Drunk

Loop 16 - Slutty Pussy

Loop 15 - Sissies VS Alpha Males

Loop 13 - Pussy Free Forever

Loop 12 - Big Cock Obsession

Loop 9 - Cum Slut

Loop 7 - Black Cock

Loop 6 - Sissy Pussy

Sissy Sauna

The Mistress Mansion



I have Loop 9 , Loop 7 , Loop 6

Sissy Sauna or Hot Sauna (are they different)?

Also do you have SIz3 M@tt3rs featuring Godd3$$ Gr@cl3 or at least UIt!m@t3 3dg3 SI@v3?


Also looking for the Sauna files! If anybody wants to but them in in a room, I would be eternally grateful~~~


I've been looking for the whole 8l4c|< c0c|< 8u|\|d13, if anyone has it.



Empty vola room

Need slutty pussy loop 16 and cum drunk loop 17


Can somebody please share sissy sauna 2 and loop 15 and 16 thank you


can someone re-up everything to a vola?


Empty vola room here, can anybody upload the sauna files, or anything really? https://volafile.org/r/hxn1fxmm


Anyone have the assignments or affirmations? Or the @ddic7ed to 57el1a or the p@nt7h05e file?




ass.7z is a folder for assignments



Weak. The room got taken down. Oh well, thanks for uploading. You da best.



ur welcome anon :)

if you have slz3 m@tt3rs and uItlm@t3 edge slave please share them, I would greatly appreciate


Any mega links?



it gets taken down too quickly



anything you want is here.


It says nothing is there sadly. Could you please try again im desperate




With a name like that I have to assume that the link goes to furry porn.

Nice try, furfag. You can't fool me.


Can someone please upload sissy sauna 2 and loop 15 & 16


can someone reup in vola room again ?


anyone leaked slutty pussy or cum drunk yet



heres another room, i have not uploaded anything if your looking for something but you guys can reupload your things


size matters anyone?



Almost everyone here is fucking broke or simply fucking is selfish that doesn't want share what they paid for. if u can afford it, just fucking buy it and share, if u can't, good luck waiting.



Months waiting for shit tier content that is far too expensive is what this community is all about.



I do agree that her shit is way too overpriced. BUT! if you take a look at her patreon, you would see that there some who literally pays 25-100 MONTHLY!!! So yeah, I'm talking about those fuckers that should be sharing her shit. And I'm pretty sure that even them didn't get the complete library through patreon and had buy her shit separately. those are the selfish assholes.



What a shame those people won't violate their terms of service and give you a gift. What moral imbeciles they are!

You are suffering from a distorted sense of entitlement. Sellers are free to price their products at any level they desire (including an extra margin to account for shrinkage such as you desire), and people who purchaes those products are under no, absolutely NO, obligation to share them with an ingrate such as you.

The proper attitude of anyone here who receives a free file from anyone else is to politely say "Thank You". It's people like you who discourage others from sharing at all.



>whiteknighting for a literal whore

lol what a cuck



Not defending the file creators so much as attacking a scrounger who self-righeously attacks the morals of others while demonstrating none himself.

He is not entitled to anything, and people who are not giving him what he wants to get for nothing are not thereby being selfish.

Lastly, explain to me how successful you think a beggar would be who told the public passing him by that they were selfish assholes who ought to give him money? (and a beggar might actually be suffering real deprivation). Would they feel more or less inclined to help him? As a strategy for getting free files, it's dumb.


File: 159fe6babdeac63⋯.jpg (76.64 KB, 465x464, 465:464, 159fe6babdeac63ffd783d572a….jpg)


Thank you. I agree with what you say in every point. I had thought about writing something similar, but concluded that the people here are not worth my time. For my part, I buy the files that I know are free downloadable - just because I want to support the artists. I could not live like these people.



No he's not entitled to anything, but it's pretty dumb to be a member of a community based around sharing hypnosis files and… not share what you have. The people that subscribe to her Patreon may or may not be members here, but there certainly are members here that buy files, talk about having them, and then refuse to share when asked. Of course people need to support the creators by buying their shit, but how many people got started on hypno by buying a file? I think most people who weren't exposed to free hypno never would have given it a chance. Communities like this introduce people to this fetish, and communities like this die when people are stingy and don't share.



this place 100% deserves to die though. Just a gaggle of defeated, brain-damaged porn addicts halfheartedly rationalizing the fact that they're too fucked-up to have relationships and too poor to pay for the mind-warping files that they hope might replace them.

Throw yourself into the road, darling.



>paying for porn in 2018

>not being a loser

Pick one



That's some faulty logic. Sharing files is not part and parcel of being a member of the hypnofetish community. You can't expect supporting fans to act against their moral character to give you files just because you asked for them. Fans who monetarily support the artist also want other fans to do the same. If this weren't the case, every file would be shared here on the day of release, and have the corpora of every erotic hypnosis content creator of interest available to us, like you would for more popular media such as music, vidya, and movies. Instead, it's all just one circlejerk of reups of the same files over and over and over and over again, while accusing the few hypnodommes who do have enough interest in us to post here of being shills, as other anons bitch about the overabundance of sissy hypno and then, go listen to alpha make hypno thinking it will get them a gf, and once the attempt to ask a girl out fails for the day, they listen to a femdom hypno to try once again to get a HFO. Also, there are many hypno artists who give some of their content away for free, and many who giver their entire libraries away for free. If think this is what kills the community, then the community has been dead since day 1.



Not an argument.



Not trying to argue, the only reason sissy hypno is so popular is because sissyshit are the only people retarded enough for files


Anybody have loop 8 pathetic clitty






do u have size matter?



reupload alpha obsesion and sissies vs alpha males please


Can someone share Loop 8 pathetic clitty



People can share or not share, but the loss of a complainer who says he has nothing to share and insults people who do share would be no loss at all. Furthermore, you repeat the insult that people who don't share are being 'stingy'. There are all kinds of reasons for why people choose to share or not share, and for what they choose to share when they do, but you have little evidence or reason on your side to accuse them of being stingy. That again smells of entitlement.

As I said, the only thing you should say to anyone who shares is 'Thank You'. The strategy of insulting potential sharers is self-defeating on top of being wrong.



down already

can anyone reupload?


Her files are so hard to find, fucking dumb whore has nothing better to do by sniff them out whenever they're posted



>Be an obvious fan of Mistress St3||4 and listen to all of her latest files

>Call her a dumb whore when you can't

Cognitive dissonance never ceases to amaze me.



i don't think you know what cognitive dissonance is



Who cares? The point is, you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you.


You should however bite the hand that takes your food.

Besides, almost all of her files are available except like 10 or so.

One of which is a collab with a text to speech artist and all bar one of the rest are like 7minute patreon things.



>You should however bite the hand that takes your food.

That same hand is the one that created the content you want. Hence, it feeds you. St3||4 has every right to defend her IP from people like us. Stop trying to rationalize your illicit file sharing behavior. I would have more respect for you just admit you want the files without paying for them, while knowing that it can't be justified. Instead, you keep rambling on like an entitled little bitch.



stop being a cunt please, thank you.



you too >>38837

stop being a cunt please, thank you.


I believe sharing files is protected under fair use as long as its for educational purposes and not Financial gains.


Go to bed St3||4.


File: 4a6c69c97375eaf⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 240x273, 80:91, dutch boi.jpg)



Not an argument


File: cc210698db726d4⋯.png (374.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, zxccxz.png)


i keep missing the files :D


was loop 17 cum drunk or loop 16 slutty pussy in that vola file


If anyone has an empornium account or knows someone who has one could get the files from there



That same hand is the one that created the content you want.

That would be the mouth I mentioned, and that was my first response.

So no clue what you are talking about.


Fucking hell with u people, just share or shut up



Do you lack reading comprehension?


File: 0cdad6cf5ba2dee⋯.png (104.19 KB, 300x200, 3:2, Well..._We're_Waiting.png)


>share or shut up

you mouthy cunt



Do you?

I literally said it makes perfect sense for a content creator to "bite the hand that takes their food".

>That same hand is the one that created the content you want. Hence, it feeds you.

Not the same hand.

>Hence, it feeds you.

Not me.

>St3||4 has every right to defend her IP from people like us.

Like you, and that's what I said.

>Stop trying to rationalize your illicit file sharing behavior.

I'm not.

>I would have more respect for you just admit you want the files without paying for them, while knowing that it can't be justified.

Why should I value your respect?

>Instead, you keep rambling on like an entitled little bitch.

Made one response that you didn't even understand.

Cry more.


Well… at least now the sockpuppets can't pretend she's anything but a greedy and pathetic whore.



Which files are on Empornium?



all of the loops, most of the bundles, the sissy sauna, sissy school, feminizer pt 1 and 2.


Unless someone have loop 16 and 17 yea ive heard that site has it all



Is there any way to still get an account with empornium or not?



Giga also has those files.


Is it possible to post one of the newest St3||4 audio loops.

Thank you in advance


Any chance of getting Sissy Sauna or other files?


newest St3||4 audio loops please :)




Heres a vola room if anyone has any of the new files


Still need loop 16 and 17 plus cocksucker clinic










It seems that you have many of her files. Do you have (Slze m@tters) and (uItimate Edg3 sl@ve), please if you have them share, please. Thank you.



Why is this room 404ing?


Not sure what happened


New room



No i dont have those files


$@un@ 1&2 @nyon3 or !00p 15 ?






3|\|J0Y, F@GG0T





I just added (uItimate Edg3 sl@ve) here https://volafile.org/r/jn5phx64


I'm looking for clips by Princess Angel. Anyone have any of those?



What is in the 215 mb archive?



Homosexual Steamroom


Anyone have Cocksucker Clinic?



Thank you soo fucking much. Been waiting for someone to upload this for 4 months. Fucking hell, I'm going to love this. Thanks a lot.



Absolutely based. cheers


Does anyone have !00p 12 Big ©0©k 0b$3$$|0|\| ??


please i need sissys vs alpha males and alpha obsesion


Can somebody reup cock sucker clinic? Thanks



room is closed now, could you reupload it somewhere?



Was it uploaded?



bumpity bump



Uploaded something new here.


I have a bunch of files but I don't know how they should be organized?

A lot of them are only 6 minutes long? Are they supposed to be connected in some way?



Probably random p@treon awards, there are a lot of them.



Basically, they are all the files that eventually end up in the Bundles.


Does anyone have the long hypnosis-loop ones?



can someone reup this please?


Does anyone have Loop 13 - pussy Free Forever? From Mistress St3||4



If those aren't coming from any of the bundles, upload them. Those little shits are hard to find



Especially if you have

F0rever M!ne

My B!tch

S!ssy Pr!ncess

B0und and Fucked

G@y S@una


reupload alpha obsesion and sissies vs alpha males please


Any reups available?


newest Loops From Mistress St3||4 anyone?

It will be appreciated


Does anyone have Loop 13 - pussy Free Forever? From Mistress St3||4







LF Loops 11 & 12. Thx


Anyone have c0ck$ucker c|inic?



Thank you very much.



ty <3


Can someone upload cocksuckers clinic? Thanks


ive been wanting to listen to sissy pussy for a while , but haven't caught it here yet :(


i need loop 15 sissys vs alpha males and alpha obsesion thx


would love loop 7 if anyone has it


Got cocksucker clinic or fantasy bundle 2?

Im also missing a few parts from fantasy bundle 1



Fraid I don't have the clinic file. Which files are in the fantasy bundles? I've got some that have a fantasy tag, but I don't know which files came from which bundles.



CSC was uploaded on EMP today.



Cool you got it?



No, i'm not into this stuff.



anon, plz plz I want Slze m@tters featuring G0ddess Gr@cie



Am I just retarded or can I not get into emp?



It's on giga.






Sorry my man, but all I've got of that is a 1:30 sample of that file. Pretty sure you want the full deal.


Just listened to Cocksucker Clinic. It synthesizes the best aspects of MsJ's Sissy Cocksucker: Cure of Curse and IV's Cock Worship files to make one of the hottest St3||4 files yet! I highly recommend it!



Care to share?



Normally, I would, but the entitlement from beggars not too recently has left a bad aftertaste in my mouth, and I'm not talking about cum ;)



These are the known missing files.

F0rever M!ne (Ensl@vement BundIe)

My B!tch (EnsIavement BundIe)

S!ssy Pr!ncess (F@ntasy BundIe)

B0und and Fucked (F@ntasy BundIe)

Gay S@una (Fantasy BundIe)

Hypn0sis L00p - 10 - S!ssy CuckoId - Wife

S!ze Matters (ft. G0dde$$ Gr@cie)

C0ck$ucker CIin!c



Minus the last one now.



Thank you, you are beautiful and i love you.



There are actually two files named S!ssy Pr!ncess, that one's not from the F@ntasy BundIe, but the Hypn0 L00ps, also with the other, there is a wife and girlfriend version. Thanks a tonne either way, willingness to help is always nice and I'm sure someone in here needed those.


how about a reup of the edging one?


can you upload fantasy bundle vol 1and cocksucker clinic


Been looking for the whole 8l4c|< c0c|< 8u|\|dl3 if anyone has it and is willing to share?



Just about nobody. or nobody that shares has full vol 1.


can anyone upload Cl1nic please



ayyyyy, I'd offer to suck your dick, but I think that's a given



could you please share Slze m@tters plz, thank you


Any reupload of harry potter fantasies vol 2??


reupload anything, just any of her file please?


$@u|\|@ 1&2 or ©0©0$u¢k@ €li|\|!© ???


Often just after rooms get taken down people take a break before re-uploading, tends to make rooms live a little longer.



anyone got cocksucker clinic or loop 18





sauna 2222222



I'm a newfag. How do I connect with whoever on Giga has those files?



I wish there was some easy way to just pool money and buy the damn files so we could share them.



Or you can, you know, by the file yourself and upload it for everyone else to enjoy.


Or you can just not listen to shit content.



In what way is it shit?


So now, the only (known) files that aren't floating around of hers are:

Forever Mine (Enslavement Bundle)

My Bitch (Enslavement Bundle)

Sissy Princess (Fantasy Bundle)

Bound and Fucked (Fantasy Bundle)

Gay Sauna (Fantasy Bundle)

Everything else either has been here, or somewhere else, HL18 will show up here pretty soon as it's already around.


Does someone have cocksucker clinic or bimbo brain drain?



can someone upload cocksucker clinic today?





anon, it seems that you have s!ze M@tters featuring G0ddess Gac!ce. If you do, please please upload it.



Yup, planning to soon, but right now rooms aren't even lasting a full day, might try that new service from another post the other day.


OP, did you got girlier and girlier?


File: f51da76c75f5b3e⋯.png (902.75 KB, 755x1478, 755:1478, ClipboardImage.png)


> planning to soon, but right now rooms aren't even lasting a full day

Mega + base64 stay up for a while.



OMG, thank you so much. >>41554


noobie here. Cannot see a Mega link in thread




Premature gratitude.





thank you so very much



am i stupid or how do i use this?



It's a volafile room

Don't bother, already taken down



yeah thats why i was wondering. a shame



Will you be a hero and re-up the file?


Please re upload



Hello $i$$y Bitche$, this is anon fellow $i$$y…..

Do any of u have $@u|\|@ 1&2 ?


Anyone got L00P 18 B!mb0 Br@!n M3|t?





anyone care to share or re up?


Anyome got $i$$Y $school audio


Anyone has Cocksuck3r Cl1n1c?

It looks soooo good


there is a link for clinic on f3md0m-p0v.n37 (with letters)



l00p 18?


Does anyone have a file map for Ste11a?

I don't want files.

Just looking for a "best listening order" type of picture…

Or maybe a picture with a list of all of her files on it


I decided to put up a new Vola. I put up all the files I have to start, which isn't a lot - I do have at least *some* payfiles, though. To try and avoid detection as copyright infringement, I'm putting the files as encrypted zips - password is MAQrIGgXfz. Anyone else adding files is encouraged to do the same - that might keep the room from getting taken down too quickly.

up at kqzjkf20



(If this also gets taken down, next time I'm going to try Base64ing the filenames too.)


>>42579 Try her web site: St3||4Hypnosis com


>>42634 That's weird. I didn't change the ella in her name?



'Tist names are automatically 1337ed to try and prevent them showing up in search results.


|00p 18 or 8|4ck c0c|< 8u|\|d|3 please



Is this password correct? 7z is giving error message for it.



Yes, it's correct. Just pay some attention to the 4th character: it's a capital "I" (i, as in indian), not a small "l" (l, as in love).



Like a .txt file with all the file names?


|00p 15 anyone?


8|m80 80ut|que anyone?



So far we've got |00ps #1 - #11, plus #13. Can anyone fill in the rest?

Room's still up, so encrypting them seems to be working so far.



That would help too if you have something like that

I just don't know where to start and which files are related to others



You probably mean the 5th letter is a capital I (I as in Indiana), right?



You know she watches this thread right? Encrypting won't do anything.



If I knew that, why would I have made a big deal about trying to avoid copyright filters?

I thought the problem was Volafile itself detecting files.


Me personally think that she is doing a wonderful job. She is talented and does this hypnotic thing very very good. If you wanna shared the files that is nice but at least be thankful to hear efforts and unique way of creating things.



It is both, vola out detects some files but St3||4 herself is here so what we would have to do is post it somewhere she woun't check or would have to stuggle to check it is her files


Those anyone have one of the newest loops? I will appreciate it if someone posted a 24 hour vola room




Not my list, I just put it into pastebin.


doen anyone have the: Sissy Affirmation - 41 - Small Clitty Loop


Anyone have the pastebin link/text file that had the mega collection link in it?

Also if someone could post Sauna 1 or 2 or some loops then that would be amazing



TBH, if her files were about 1/4th the price, I would absolutely pay for them; they *are* really damn well-made. But $40 is just too much.



Message me on Tumblr. I don't mind discounting my files for those who can't afford them.



If this is St3||4, for real?



Just an anon trying to make you get ignored or humiliated. Don't believe him.



I mean, i know St3||4 reading these threads, but the statment


I don't think that! someone do a IP Trace on that post see were it leads.



I bet someone already doing that



8ch mods and admins don't have access to complete IP from users.


File: 340346056d264df⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 1140x712, 285:178, bigbro.jpg)


Best 8chan and St3||4 supporters. does anyone have the new Loop? It will be really appreciated if one of you host it. Thank you in advance



Nah, honestly sounds about right.


Can someone upload this files? ty

Hypn0sis L00p 17 - Сum DrunК

$i$$y $Auna

$i$$y $Auna 2



Just tried cocksucker clinic. The cure didn't work…..OH NOOOOOOOO!



Can someone re-upload $Auna 1 & 2?


Hi, I'm new here, how do I download files from here? Does anyone have G1rl1er and g1rl1er



You can download from https://volafile.org/r/m0hj810g

This room will stay live 1-2 days. Moderators always block our rooms on volafile




Put hl18 and g and g there.


Anyone has

L00p19 $1$$Y 3DG3




Anyone have addicted to St3||4 (for men) or ultimate edge slave?


saunas please?





Fellow supporters! any body have loop 19. sissy slut edge slave ?



This thread is literally dedicated to sharing her files you idiot.


anybody have loop 19. sissy slut edge slave ? thank you :)





Here you go, enjoy it, anyone got Ch@$t!ty bundle in return?






You're welcome, also b!mb0 b0ut!qu3 would be greatly appreciated as well and also if anyone has any requests I have most files but not all


can anyone please share f3min1zer, parts 1 & 2? thank you



shit, i missed it, any reup soon, please?

anyway there a new file looks good though


Does anyone have 11. d33pthr0at d0ll, 12. big c0ck 0bs3ssi0n, 15. sissi3s vs alpha, and 16. slutty pr1nc3ss? please thank you



seconding this


Can anyone share B|mb0 B0utIqu3 ? Please. Thank you.


anyone have loop 19, cuckold therapy, or brothel bitch?



Got 19, need the others.


Was about to upload but "Your files have been removed due to a copyright claim and major autism." will later.



nice, whatcha got?



load it in a .rar



The file isn't banned, I am, will probably just upload elsewhere, seems easier. Maybe Giga,



maybe try zipping the file, change the name and share through mega?



shit i missed this, any chance for a reupload?


https://volafile.org/r/me3bw544 empty room

i need bimbo boutique, loop 19, ultimate edge slave, cuckold therapy, and brothal bitch



Hit it up with what I have. If anyone wants to slam dunk any of these other files in here, that'd be sweet.



I added G1rl1er and G1rl1er, along with $1$$y $chool


added l00p 14 & ch4st1ty :)


thanks guys, room got taken down just now


i need addicted to St3||4, bitch brothel, loop 19, and cuckold therapy




https://volafile.org/r/mhx1nw4g new empty room


still need loop 19, brothel bitch, and cuckold therapy also addicted to St3||4



Lots of stuff requested here, looking for a brotheI for myself



added B.B.C Bundl3

I would like Ch@st!ty & Den!@l Bundl3 please., Thank you


Anyone has the assignments files. specially the 30 till 40.








You are welcome.


Anyone has the assignments files. 30 till 40.







You're a hero,

Please, do you have the Ch@st!ty & Den!@l bundle? Please, share them if you have them. Thank you very much




Can some good samaritan maintain a mega.nz archive for St3||4? I am uploading in transfer.sh or volafiles which only retain file for about 10 days.



Thank you very much.

I tried to share a file before but it only stayed up for a day cause it was taken By mega when Mistress St3||4 herself requested a DMCA



Any reup please?


uploading ultimate edge slave. should be done within 10-15 minutes.




ffs, it was banned on vola. i'll put it on mega



Are any files currently live?



I posted in volafile.org/r/n70a57wm just earlier, link to it was in >>44495


Anyone has the assignments files. 30 till 40


Who can upload this files?

Si$$y $uckhole

Br0thel Bitch



thanks so much



They're up.



Thank you!


Does anyone have $lutty pu$$y, b1g c0ck ob$$e$$ion and DeepThr0at D0ll please upload


Anyone still here willing to upload some files? Looking for:

Br0thel Bitch

L00p 14

B1mb0 B0utique

Fem1n1zer part 1 and 2




Doing it right now. B0utique's incomplete though, parts 1 and 2 are missing (only had 3 and 4).



Awesome, thanks! Anything is appreciated!




Oh holy shit, my first time doing this type of download, I didn't know you included all that in it! Thought it was just the B0utique stuff. Awesome! Once again, thanks a ton!



Someone with Hypno Loop 18 around here?



Found it here if some1 else searches. >>44871

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