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File: af5d3f0201d1967⋯.jpg (234.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, proxy.jpg)


Would appreciate if anyone could share her patreon files, since i missed the previous volafile uploads and the Mega links get taken down after a while.



I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the OP, because it is not relevant to my point here, I just wanna say, wouldn't it be nice to do away with the pricks that wanna act smug and condescending to people when it comes to file sharing on…hypnochan!? WTF am I gonna see next? people posting on all the porn sites saying "hey guys come on enough sharing" What the fuck are you here for!?



yes and your wife too you cuck faggot


He came here to "trade" which is still getting something for free, since you keep the file you're using to transact. You just end up sharing the file with smaller selection of people, which will kill the community because the "freeriders" are just going to leave and not contribute to discussion if they can't afford to trade. It even harms the trader's ability to get new files because now they're competing with the person with whom they just traded for the next trade. And you're still hurting the creator because the people who have already bought some files are much more likely to buy more, but they won't buy more if they can just get something for nothing via trade.


>> 45195

>> 45201

>> 45210

Three spams. This is a morally reprehensible thread to share and not too much to discuss Finoa's files - not a philosophy club.

If you do not know her files

You can look here (her public mp3s):



I think her files are decent and can bring joy. Her skills are good and the trances are deep.

A list of her erotic patreon files is at:


(OP forgot to write this)


Is anybody here going to join her Discord server?



I just found this thread and was thinking about sharing the files but after reading this ungrateful bullshit I guess I’m just gonna keep them to myself.



Should've probably kept that comment to yourself as well. Not everyone here is an entitled brat you know.



Who the fuck are you calling an entitled brat? You want everything handed to you for free. Fuck off and get a job, worthless nigger.



If the hat fits…


$60 a year just doesn't seem worth it to me. Can somebody please upload her latest files in >>44156? Much appreciated.


If you ask me its not worth the 60$ a year if you only want F10n4's files. She releases one or maybe two files a month if your lucky. You cant vote on anything. Meanwhile her partner puts out 4+ files per month.

I only subscribe to the patreon when there are enough new files i want. Generally speaking i wish more hypnotists would use this business model.


I wasn't under the impression that this collective board thought it was morally just, what with volafiles and name scrambling on literally every fucking thread. All that's necessary is to prevent these threads from leaking elsewhere and we can quietly jerk off to whatever illegally obtained material suits our fancy. Either start sharing and accept that we're all evil or go back to 4chan



Fucking cancer. I can't believe they still exist.



Someone posted a youtube linnk the other day on F10n4's youtube channel (F10n4 C|34rw4t3r Hypnosis, not U|tr4Hypn0s15) that was a ~50 minute ulisted erotic video, but I can't find it anymore. I swear it was posted to this thread. Anyone have the link?




F10n4 has a new file up called F10n4's Latex Plaything.

"This recording is F10n4’s adaptation of Ultra’s recording Latex Plaything, and is designed for male listeners. Instructions for the listener: Lay down while listening to this recording. Start this recording wearing clothes that are easy to remove. You will be told while in trance to strip off your clothes. This recording will take the listener deep into trance and into a fantasy scenario where they are placed in a full body latex suit. The listener will then be strapped to a table and sexual stimulated. Themes: Bondage, encasement (and subsequent breathe restriction), heavy submission, brainwashing, tickling, multiple forced orgasms, and objectification."

Would anyone be willing to share this (male file ideally) along with the Glory Hole and Edge of 17 files please?



The sad part about this is that you at least spent 5 to 10 minutes editing and posting it. You'll never see those minutes again.



This is a hypno rick-roll. It starts playing the rick-roll song like 26 minutes in, before anything happens.



The sad part is another faggot redditor who thinks rick rolling is funny has found this board.




The asshurt was probably exactly what he was looking for m8s, don't give it to him next time. Be like this dude


Or just don't reply


So could someone put up the actual file then please?





Don't bother downloading this. You can hear what seems to be Michael Scott from the office screaming at arround 47 min. Didn't bother looking further.



Sure…or they can just download the file, skip to arround 47min15 seconds and see for themselves.



I was just skipping through it. Point is, it's useless.


Please, for real. F10n4's Latex Plaything. No memes, no edits. Does anyone have it?



if anyone's wondering it's from season 5 episode "Frame Toby".



Confirmed. It has been edited as a prank.

At 36:30 it plays the famous "turn the frigging frogs gay" clip from Alex Jones.


File: 31f5784da7723ca⋯.gif (390.92 KB, 500x362, 250:181, evil.gif)


jesus… somebody is having a laugh right now



Can you just cut it out and repost it, please? Thanks



What a jerk, whoever is doing this.

Gotta say though, you know there was truth to what Alex said about the frogs. If memory serves, he said that the chemicals that were being added to some food or drinks, maybe the bottles. I can't quite remember now, made the frogs gay when they were exposed to them. He didn't just make it up himself, he was reporting a study by a scientist. Democracy now interviewed the scientist too. People just laugh because of a blend of it being Alex Jones, and the fact it sounds crazy/hilarious. Alex was great years ago, but not now.

Also wanna add, if you don't know, there are frogs that can change their sex when they are in an area where there are not enough females around. Seriously! And I think that process got triggered by the chemicals.

I know you probably don't care about any of this, but in all the years this topic has been getting talked about, I've never bothered to chime in, and now I have.



I think all that hypno has made you retarded.



Aw, you fit in with everyone else! must feel good for you.

Me, yeah, I'm retarded. I imagined the report from the scientist, and the FACT that those frogs can do that.

Don't judge other people because you are ignorant and they knew things you didn't years ago. I read that about the frogs changing their sex years before Alex brought it up. I'm very interested in Reptiles and Amphibians so that's how I knew about it. Maybe you could go and learn instead of being the dumb fuck that calls someone a retard for no reason.



I miss Mojo Jojo.


I uploaded everything of her, I have got here over the last months, to /r/n8pxda00. No guarantee, that there was no stupid shit added to them, but if some asshole tries to undermine the community, there's gotta be backlash.

Be cautious. I wont add more files down the line, so if the collection grows later you know, that the source has changed (not that mine would be any better, but still).

(crosspost from >>43114)


Does anyone have her Cum Eating Slut files?



Lol. Retard.



How embarrassingly lame.


File: 084558addc0ca36⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 470x353, 470:353, michelle-pfeiffer-and-syre….jpg)

Here is the Latex Plaything Male Version File: https://mega.nz/#!D7pRzLzL!ji8ZPZRuQ8PfEYP8KPGsLNHDYeFee4Gna5SRt73t_1s Can somebody post the Adult Version of Comforting Cuddles? I really want it after listening to the free version.



You are the only retard here my friend




Lol. Retards.


>>46878's file is a fake, don't download it. OP just has some Cookie-Monster sounding thing telling you to fork up five bucks for the Patreon file.



Haven't checked it jet, but why don't they understand, that anons requesting a file here would rather not have it, than pay for it?

Contrary, the fact, that the files still get shared, is actually evidence for the advertisement effect of sharing the files here. Someone has to have bought them.

The intentional manipulation on the other hand will connect negative associations with predominantly the files and not piracy, because the brain doesn't

necessarily tie rewards or punishments to actions, that have happened some time ago, but rather to what's happening at the moment.

There have been multiple studies about intellectual property piracy (the ones I know of target video games though) and they almost exclusively get to the conclusion, that it is a waste of resources to try to mitigate it and the additional exposure through piracy might actually help to promote the creator's work and consequently lead to more potential customer purchasing parts of it.

(Not, that anyone here would care, but this has to be mentioned in the presence of these practices, which are designated to hurt the community in the long run.)



I fapped to it.



Ever consider the creator might just be having fun, fucking with people who are pirating files?

I think it's funny as hell.


It's especially hilarious that people beg for these files for free and moan and rant when they get hoodwinked when you consider it would only take one person to fork over $5 to their patreon and make a mega folder to grant the entire board access to every file they've ever made. Stuff like B4nd|3r and 4M3thy57 and Sh3||3 I can agree with in terms of pirating since who the fuck wants to pay $40 for a single file? But when someone and his handful of fap friends are wanting these files and failing to Scooby Doo the identity of who's been supplying edited ones, maybe they should consider it's worth scrounging up a collective $5 of pocket change to stop looking so stupid.



Nice post.

Yeah, I've said in the past that people can get what they want on the internet for free, not everything, not every time, but often. But they were never gonna pay anyway. People who pay do so because they chose to, not because they had to. That's your customers right there. In this day and age, that's the best you can get. I don't think any person that doesn't wanna pay that gets these files for free would EVER have paid for the file, whether they could of found it for free or not. And I also think that people, at least a good deal of them would of paid whether could get it free or not. So I personally don't see much point in punishing people that got it free when you were never gonna get a cent out of them either way. It's just like a little bit of sadistic pleasure to exercise that bitterness.



Well fuck them for having fun while we are trying to fap to our free pron. I have her new Glory Hole file the one where you get head none of that sissy shit. Glory Hole Fantasy Version 1- Receive Blowjob (NSFW) https://mega.nz/#!u641gIrJ!JsNgHSKOpNq2Pu_Yien92nmbIGikNCkJnROxATkv2cM



File's a fake, don't download it.



fuck off faggot

There is nothing wrong with the file




Both files are fake.



LOL it's a TTS rant against file sharing. Pretty funny. And fake.







B4mb1 is better


Anyone got any new files please?



It's $5 for access to all her files. It's literally not worth my time and effort to pirate her stuff for you. Since you can't afford $5, I'll assume you're under 18, and I'm not going to send porn to a minor.



$60 a year. Not worth it IMO. I asked for new files.


You only need to pay 5$ for a month and get a lot of rly good files. If that's not worth it to you, it sure as fuck is not worth anyone's effort.



Once again, $60 a year is not worth it IMO. You do not speak for other people.

Is anybody kindly willing to share any of the new files with us?



It is not $60 per year. It's a one time payment of $5 that gives you access to her files for an entire month. After that month ends, you can choose to continue paying $5 per month to access her files or you can cancel your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time. It would be $60 per year if you kept "pledging" for the entire year, or it could be $5 if you wanted access for just one month. You also have access to all of her files created in previous months. It's such a steal it's ridiculous to not pay for it.


Im beginner, recommend me some files of F10n4. Thanks




can anyone upload her files to a vola?


Can somebody please upload Edge of 17? Having my financial details linked to porn is a big con for me.



Her files are through Patreon, which is not just for porn, it's more for artistic creations.

It just says "Patreon" on your bank transaction statement, no other details. Nothing incriminating about it.


>>50011 She is on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/U|tr4Hypn0s15/videos




Requesting: "Pleasurable Patterns: Erotic & Hypnotic Conditioning (NSFW)",

"Edge of 17 (Male Version) (NSFW)" and "Orgasm Glitch Locked & Unlocked" please


Anyone have hypnotic masturbation curse? I've uploaded some previously requested files at r/v0w6pnx4, I can upload more of what I have if anyone wants.


Why does your version of Pleasure Patterns have U1traHypn0sis as the author and not Fi0na? Hmmmmm…



hypnotic masturbation curse right here r/v14xt8zg



No idea, I just checked and it does seem to be her, but I haven't actually listened to more than 10 seconds of it.




Requesting F10n4's new file, Metronome Pleasure.



Here you go: r/v14xt8zg



Thanks a bunch. :)



any more HFO?



Also hail satan



room taken down by mods, im always late for the good stuff



Use RetroShare, faggot. There's shittons of F10n4 C134rw473r files there.



wasn't up for long, finoa like St3||4 are obsessed with this board that they'll nuke anything they see in seconds.




repostan from another thread for newfags: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:be530893457719582c007d311ed00b5f93113b57&dn=U|tr4Hypn0s15

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