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File: 32e95589a6c5446⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, TurboFap.jpg)

7b7c22  No.58595

4th4|14 thread? 4th4|14 thread


aa1845  No.58676

Does anyone have the qu1z for c4m3lt03?

ccba51  No.58679

Anyone have Br0k3n C15t3rn?

48d954  No.58688


Added to vola

3bffb4  No.58692

"Turbofap" Is that her new one?

ccba51  No.58697


Thank you! You're a saint

0c7c71  No.58699

ba3c32  No.58842

damn downloads fucked up and now theyre expired

could someone reup slip and slide at the very least? really enjoyed that. i've re-upped the few files that i managed to get

ed673d  No.58858

Looking for Th3 Fl0w 5tat3

1b5fd4  No.58868


Kinda offtopic, but this is a 2015 European Corolla dashboard, and I can't help but think it's totally inappropriate to represent MAXIMUM TURBO SPEED with a daily driver's instrument cluster.

aad880  No.58893


What are some good files to start with her?

751fca  No.58897


Kinda like her dissapointing files. Lot's of showy stuff and effects, but no real substance. It's lacking the engine power (trance skills).

She wants to pass off as a Ferrari or Maserati, but she's just an old and lame toyota clunker.

YMMV of course. But so far i haven't hear anybody having success with her past "good files to jerk off to". But hypnosis? Not really.

3b71b6  No.58904

File: 1659fb4371702b0⋯.jpg (182.44 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, skynews-mrs-doubtfire-robi….jpg)


'Resin' was one of the better P.E. ones, with a strong visualisation exercise.

But of course, "her" real problem, the reason "she" isn't sexy, isn't to do with "her" hypnotic skills.

1dbc6e  No.58909


I disagree. Athalia has the best and most innovative PE hypno files, if you have that particular fetish.

3b71b6  No.58911


I find this video a better jerk than all Athalia's MP3s together:


Why, when it's not even hypno? Because it features AN ACTUAL WOMAN.

910e10  No.58919


Resin looks really interesting, do you mind putting it in the Vola?

747176  No.58978

I'm searching for one of her newest files:

Rapid Release: Premature Ejaculation with Breath Control

Sounds interresting…

4b2780  No.58983


Eh hypnosis is all placebo anyway. What you believe to be true counts more than reality in almost every literal sense.

Up to 50% of all pills are placebo or nocebo. Up to 70% of all surgeries are placebo.

In fact, 40-50% of all visits to the doctor are because of unidentifiable ailments. Theory being(doctors theory not mine) that most people express physical problems as a response to non-physical problems.

Now to get like a pencil… Almost all fictional female characters that are popularized and sexualized are made by men(princess leia as an age old example) but that doesn't mean i can't make diamonds for them because it doesn't matter who made what. It's what is represented that counts.

>Protip you're like those people who go on about MUH IMMERSHON

It's your problem, don't try drag people into it that don't really care in the first place.

Now are you going to share or are you going to keep complaining that the reality of things doesn't meet up with your expectations?Buddhist say that 4/5ths of all suffering is caused by this very thing which is inherently true for most 1st world people.

Scientists also say that 4/5ths of your decision making is subconsious which is actually a little lower than the studies actually showed because it was more like 9/10ths.(the subconsious being the thing that makes you expect reality to be a certain way and reality usually upsets you.)

494c29  No.58984


Though i agree with your point. lookup top30 surgeries done each year and realise that the 70 procent thing doesnt add up

f2ce24  No.58994

File: 3540e9ad4ed9c8d⋯.jpg (464.08 KB, 1000x1618, 500:809, 69726666_p3.jpg)

Does anyone have Foot Fiend?

Let go and *drop* as Goddess ramps up your foot fetish to life-ruining levels. Using subtle but effective professional technique, I reinforce your foot fetish and amplifying its effects ruthlessly, turning you into a drooling, cum-leaking, foot-hungry freak.

Enjoy having your mind pulled apart and your vulnerabilities used against you in this mind-bending, cock-stiffening file made for foot lovers only.

3c9d24  No.59108

Does anybody have

Rapid Release: Premature Ejaculation with Breath Control


01258b  No.59158


I threw everything I've got into the vola, if anybody has anything not in there (ideally PE stuff) it'd be appreciated

df11ed  No.59205


Was hoping for some of the newer files. However it's the same stuff that has been dumped here multiple times for the last six months.

c42fcf  No.59218


what an ungrateful lil bitch.

3a2e1a  No.59341


Could you do it again anon? I was too late

26f35f  No.59355

One more file in vola.

01258b  No.59391



258bea  No.59399


>goddess angel


f8e3d6  No.59587



Bumping for Rapid Release if anybody's got it.

bd7242  No.59620

Is there a prefered order in which to see these? Like is there any previous training files?

f2ce24  No.59792

Anyone has Peaches 'N Cream?


97f548  No.59969

Uploaded files for you folks. Not a spam link, just skip all the ads, there is volafile room there, F00t P@R@d3 and plenty of other files. Enjoy. Will try to upload it every 2 days so that u guys can be happy. /r/x5be27jm

Post last edited at

becd78  No.59974

File: 0d5314cd03665aa⋯.png (57.17 KB, 197x194, 197:194, a0e0a25d529ec187e0ffc26219….png)


The files are nice but stuffing them behind six million ads isn't. Can't you make money off something better than a hall of cost?

cc124b  No.59982


Thanks for these, does anyone have this Resin file?

01258b  No.59988


thanks m8, there were a few in there I didn't have

ed673d  No.60012

Still looking for the flow state, looks like it's quite a rare file to find

83c889  No.60073

File: c2fb7bfc20e76e6⋯.jpg (380.88 KB, 1828x1064, 457:266, Freya-Post2.jpg)

Did you notice the similarity ?

15014a  No.60134

Can you reupload the files to the room ?

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