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File: ba93bd1d35cbb5c⋯.jpeg (62.19 KB, 750x445, 150:89, gvufvajglzwuqn05sw6m.jpeg)

56fb0b  No.58597

If I make this thread, will you die?


2b6549  No.58639


Thanks for these OP

2fe6f6  No.58642

Thanks for re-uploading. Does anyone have the 53cr3t 7r1gg3r files to share / trade at all please?

94efeb  No.58644

thank you, great collection

5098d9  No.58650

Holy shit man, you are a god!

888863  No.58666


please don't mind my asking…what is this and how can i access it

b3c7c7  No.58667


It's base64 encoding, just search for it on Google

888863  No.58668


thank u

e5137f  No.58928

can someone post some of her newer files?

9b8cd6  No.59117


Download "starts," but not really,and just sits at zero forever. One small file got through. Am I hitting some limit or should this be at my end?

236d15  No.59183

Anyone has


4c541e  No.59502

Anyone has some of the new files?

39f327  No.59526


Has anyone *tried* her new files ?

17428d  No.59570


I would be willing to try some of them if you upload. =)

39f327  No.59622


normally it's the other way around, you hear about a session, then if you're interested, you get to buy it

87ee46  No.59649


Yes, but just because things are the way they are, doesn't mean they have to be this way forever, nor does it mean it's the best way.

Also, the prices for hypnosis files are insane. I'm not paying $45 for an 1 hour mp3 file. Maybe something like $10 would be okay..

Of course, I totally get that hypnotists need to be paid.

f9c07e  No.59661


Logic: 1) I want what they have 2) I understand they need to be paid 3) I don't find them valuable enough to pay what they are asking 4) Therefore give me free please

87ee46  No.59666


Yeah, I'm totally aware that they might not be able to produce new content if they don't get paid enough.. I say "might", because there may be still more than enough people who still pay.

Of course, the whole situation might change for me, if I suddenly had a lot more income. Although, with people like Taylor Swift (who has a net worth of over $300 million), I likely still wouldn't bat an eye before pirating their stuff. This just an example, I don't actually like her music.

But yes, the points you're listing are likely the reasons for a lot of pirates, though many of them wouldn't ever want to pay for the stuff they download. Especially if they batch download a lot of stuff without checking if they find everything interesting. Of course, that's leaving aside if they even could pay for it all.

e14adb  No.59848

Does anyone have the entire $h3m4l3 $0ulm4t3 audio? Every time it gets posted, it's a corrupted file that only goes 14 minutes.

e14adb  No.59850

Also what the fuck is the deal with these god damn captchas? I can't read a fucking letter that has a giant ring running through it.

b48b51  No.59852


They suck, but they're better than getting spammed.

9eaaaa  No.59933


Honestly wonder how the internet will change once cracking of all kind of captchas can be done easily and cheaply.

How do you protect your site from spam if you cannot differentiate between person and bots?

35d89a  No.60270

Has anyone the DEEP Down Into… Induction #1 and #2 and wouldn't mind sharing them?

(They're missing from the package.)

151b52  No.60272


it would be extremely baneful

e80165  No.60289


Yeah, Induction 1 and 2 are missing for the Deep Down series. You're supposed to mix an induction + another file, so without them it kinda doesn't work.

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