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File: 095ae284688ec26⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 3744x5616, 2:3, 110602_ShelleRivers_465.jpg)

f2b771  No.58600

what did I miss?

20d824  No.58602

Someone got very angry about the idea of keeping his fetish inside a general for a couple days and nuked the catalog with spam.

64d631  No.58605

look in the archives you will see

eb4022  No.58623


>what did I miss?

Autism and cheese, mostly.

e13081  No.58636

anti sissy false flag operations

961468  No.58640


I saw your pic and jizzed all over the server. Soz.

984880  No.58647


Sissyfags being to retarded to read and posting in every thread for content that was already provided and straightfags being too autistic not to read every single post and reply to them as if ANON even cares.

We all hypnofags, everyone just chill. No-one needs to prove a point to an anon.

8faade  No.58648

mods decided that sissy content wasn't good for the board even though the current leader/mod has only been here for a year and a bit

sissies got rightfully pissed. one guy nuked all the threads

mods had a sissy fit and left

20d824  No.58651


>the BO having his position for a year means he's only been here for a year

What makes you think I left?

c29d5e  No.58702


something really gay and not in the good way

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