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File: d41f58426ac7b6e⋯.jpg (26.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, folder_87.jpg)

188ff5  No.62008

Does anyone have any of her paid files?

I got only the ù|\|p@r4||€|3d JOI.

ab76d0  No.62009

Man, I can't even make out your thick leetspeak accent. Is her name Elverbeer Latervlar?

1bbce3  No.62014


3mb3r l4r!m4r

5f39a4  No.62019

Yeah, good old Elverbeer

(She's Russian, I guess)

535d15  No.62020

I've never heard of Devilbear Larpviper, but I'm intrigued just by the name.

246857  No.62022

SpiralSeductions dot com

ab76d0  No.62024

All I have is this one: r/yvugermw

I hope you enjoy it! ;-)

258a4f  No.62026


Fucking leetspeak OVERKILL!

49ff16  No.62034


Not paid, it's free on her site, but she did an ASMR audio that is to this day one of the most relaxing ASMR audios/videos I've ever listened to. It's slightyl femdom-ish, but in a mostly gentle way.

It's kinda sad that she turned into a

>pay me now paypigs or fuck off

type of domme nowdays. Probably means we'll never see another ASMR from her.

d5d778  No.62043


just get in touch with her, tell her you really enjoyed that file and ask if she has any more like it. she really is a nice person if you are polite and respectful. and she is also quite interactive (skype, messages, free on the go stuff where she is just trying out different ways of expressing herself etc).

She also offers quite a lot of files for free, so calling her a "pay me now paypigs or fuck off type of domme" is really unfair imo. esp. since a lot of the income she makes of her paid files is regularly used to support charities.

49ff16  No.62049



Most recent post amounts to

>either give me money or don't bother messaging me

Don't get me wrong, she has good content, but my statement was perfectly accurate.

adb1ec  No.62056


That's because she's not a domme anymore in the professional sense. She's retired and working a different job.So when we, of the masses, contact her about her professional stuff it is literally a bother.

Plus, its kind of a stretch to call her a greedy money domme when all of her library is free for download. So much free content and the only thing guarded by money is her actual time and energy, which she doesn't have to give.

b34b30  No.62065


i think you should read that blog post again.

she just uses that slave of hers as an example. it does not mean you have to "pay" her money if you cant afford it/are not into findom. it just means, that if you want to be her sub and contact her you should make sure she gets something out of your contact too. there are lots of ways of "giving" that dont have anything to do with money.

she also later states in the same post that this only applies to her slaves/worshippers "Lastly, not everyone I engage with has to be my slave, of course! I chat now and again with hypno-subs, engage with a lot on Twitter. I have a whole host of customers over on my other site who are amazing and deeply valued."

So in short, if you want to be her slave (which you dont want to be anyway, since you ask here to pirate her files) trying to enrich her life by any means you have should be the only reason you contact her. which makes sense if you take that worship thingy seriously.

If you dont want to be her slave, just treat her with respect, as a human being and dont be a needy asshole that just wants to consume her. (basically what you learn in "sincere human interaction 101")

I dont try to sound like a shill for most dommes, but in 3mb3rs case there really is nothing negative to say in my opinion (maybe other than all that talk about nicotine in the file that is meant to be listened to while sleeping).

188ff5  No.62068


OP here.

You made me rethink of her completely with your posts.

Now she doesn't look like a greedy pig anymore

Also: |33t FTW!

8e2fd6  No.62071


Which file? ForbiddenFruit or KneelforME?

0a215d  No.62123


Missed the boat, can anyone repost?

8e2fd6  No.62141


It was a troll

0d0d7c  No.62143


I went through a phase of listening to her a couple of years ago - she made some really good stuff.

Just recently I came across her Twitter and saw exactly the kind of attitude you described and it was like "ah, that's a real shame".

Don't get me wrong, folks should be how they wanna be, so it's no one's business but hers - I just found it sad to see that kind of persona clashing with the stuff she'd produced in the past.

49ff16  No.62306


File is just called "ASMR Trigger Test".

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