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File: dc4571fca202174⋯.jpg (174.83 KB, 800x800, 1:1, d022b7157cf50d5b41820bebf3….jpg)


Website: https://Keismindwarp.com

volafile room: volafile.org/r/w2xavk6w

Kei's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KeiHypno

tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/Kei-light

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeisMindWarp

This thread is for discussing and sharing Kei files.

old thread >>>/hypno/50321

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If it's war they want, it's war they get


pal, u forgot to put the vola link volafile.org/r/w2xavk6w

also if people ask for file ill upload gladdly but only that file and in zip so they dont ban or close the room. fuck the mod in hypno board btw



thx i am editing the OP. Didn't know the vola was still active



Mental Block Lesbian Trap plz.


The old one held for ages, this one's quite recent.


it seems like i can upload old files without problem, but new ones are copyrighted and get flagged, also i dont have the new lesbian one


Does anyone have demon girl fairy crown, also the entire hypno board was nuked. We staying here or going back?


>>48 up


anyone have

demon girl:

magic spell compulsion

sex portal

feminine hole


female spirit: feminine indoctrination




I uploaded three of the four.



thank you


Fantastic, thank you!


Anyone got Female Spirit Inculcation? Not seen it in a while.



In the vola



Fucking legend, cheers


anyone got fairy cr0wn or lesbian tr@p yet


File: 3f681eb4c7ecc87⋯.png (37.61 KB, 664x320, 83:40, down.PNG)

Website, Patreon, Tumblr, Twitter

All sources are down except volafile. Who know why?



Thats because of the word filter that was copied from hypno. It should be:

Website: https://Keismindwarp.com

volafile room: volafile.org/r/w2xavk6w

K31's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/KeiHypno

tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/Kei-light

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeisMindWarp


somebody have mental block lesbian trap plox (8




does anyone have the brew version of mental block girl orgasm?


*new version


pls someone upload hentai girl file


File: 40d3f159a394851⋯.jpg (52 KB, 900x810, 10:9, 18e.jpg)

Anyone have these files? Sorry for the caps, just copy pasted.







Could someone re up inculculation and indoctrination files? Thanks.




Don't have special edition but yeah.



Awesome, thanks anon!


can someone upload demon girl fairy crown


Does anybody have Mental Block: Penis Removal?


somebody have mental block lesbian trap plox (8



Got you fam


Anyone have Demon Girl Permanent Fuck Puppet?





anybody have the new demon girl ones ? suck cock and fairy crown



Just got banned due to forgetting to rename the files … be patient, you'll get it.



Check the vola.

Anyone got Lesbian Trap yet?


anyone with demon girl mind control, sex portal, magic spell compulsion, or permanent fuck puppet?


Anyone able to share Rainbow Unicorn?


Anyone can upload H3ntAi G1rl?


FC please? I missed it. Much appreciation for any help. And let's keep hypnoanarchy going strong.


either of the new mental block files,( girl orgasm special edition, or lesbian trap) plz


Just wanted to say again, much appreciation :)







Please reupload. I added the new mental block.


where is mental block? btw upload it in zip or get ban in vola



My bad. Check again.


Anyone got

D33p M1nd Bubble MTF

FS Inculc4ti0n

FS F3m1nine Ind0ctrin4tion

DG F41ry Cr0wn

DG Suck C0ck?


m3n74l bl0ck: l35b14n 7r4p is out there, hope you got it, asI've seen it being taken down several times now. We've gotta be more ninja about that one.



I had to decipher what files you were asking for. Please don't bother with that alphanumeric thing anymore, it's not fooling anyone.



unlearn that habit

takedown requests don't work against this board

vola is temporary enough

then use retroshare or gigatribe for more serious sharing



it fools search results, I believe.


why wouldn't they work? They worked in the old board.



the old board's owner is retarded

so this idea behind obfuscating the words is so they don't show up in google

that would work if the site were both indexed and not trying to be found

the retarded part is WE WANT TO BE FOUND so people can share more,, it is guaranteed that the hypnotits tring to police their content will find this board too

once we're found and sellers of hypnosis can find us, they can just browse for their files and issue whatever notice they want to the hosting site (vola etc.)

8chan doesn't do shit themselves, or the site would cease to exist,, there are boards dedicated to software piracy which is much higher stakes and they don't go anywhere either



Adding to this, it's just a barrier to entry. When I first stumbled on the board and thought to try this stuff out, it took me hours to find out 'B4mb1' meant Bambi. And that those file were publicly available anyway so the confusion was pointless.

Now the funny drama thread has a load of references to an 'SB' who I'm never going to bother looking up. SB could be a retrofitted anti-aircraft installation for all the info that name gives.



anyone got ᶤˢẸˢⓢ litɒ - ᶠᵗᗩⓘᶰ ⓇιﻮⒺ ⒽYℙŜi








I literally read 1337 as normal letters, are you new? Thx a lot btw. Already got the requested stuff from /hpyno/ (made a duplicate post on both boards), but thx again, I'll check for differences!


Don't have the SE.


This one was thinking of sucking dick while writing.


File: c12fac20a3897b7⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 896x504, 16:9, 0488(896x504).jpg)

about to share a big one with like 30 files……. stay tuned in next 30 mins… itll be in the room <3 nicky


does anyone have any of the paid k31smindwarp files?????

a good upload service is filedrop.io




The moment when you understand /hypno/'s BO.


Dude on vola named Epiphron is posting gay porn, but named to suggest that they are kei files. I suggest they be removed since this is the kei hypnosis file vola.






Epiphron = Nicky


Looking for the following ones - if you upload to vola, don't forget to .zip the files, as vola recognizes file-names and will ban you!

Demon Girl: Baby Crazy

Demon Girl: Wet Pussy

Good Girl: My Special Boyfriend

Feminization Spirit: Squirting Pussy Spell

Demon Girl: Feminine Hole

Demon Girl: Feminine Whispers

Feminine Spirit: Expert Cocksucker

Bimbo Love Gas: Breast Enlargement

I'd love to help out with w/e you need!



What's the best Kei file to start out with?



Kei answered that on twitter once. I think it was Feminine Spirit Indoctrination or Inculcations, one of these.


Thx for trying, but the bigger drop got deleted :(



Anyone willing to upload these? I'd love to get started


File: b699ba8742db923⋯.jpg (74.83 KB, 273x364, 3:4, nicky-was-here.jpg)

heres a ton of Kei's files for you guys… its my entire collection.

hope u sexies enjoy and appreciate the share.


<3 nicky



Let me guess… the download is vanilla gay porn? It's odd that you identify yourself AND post bullshit. Not clicking on your link. Go troll somewhere else.

please try being less of an idiot

Post last edited at




actually is a pretty good collection


tahnk you nicky its an amazing collection >>356



ok, have to ask, sauce on pic?


Does anyone have a suggested listening order or good files to start with?



I don't blame the suspicion though.

There was someone in the vola recently that as well as posting stuff of them masturbating, also posted fake downloads that were meant to be Kei files I think. And I too thought that it could be the same person. The picture and the way they wrote seemed the same. So don't be so harsh on this anon even if they got it wrong.


Seconding this please. There's just too many to know where to start. If not an order, how about sharing where you started and if you recommend that route…

Thank you!



He got it right though.


What is a Good file to start with if I have never listened to kei before?



The first time i listened to demon girl mind f. I could swear it felt like another presence was in the room. Really nifty.



Oh, I thought it turned out to be genuine haha.



I can confirm it's legit.



Do you mean Spirit Girl Mind Fuck? There's no "demon girl mind f"



So noted. I will be less of an idiot. I mean if I was wrong, I was wrong. Let's ignore the fact that Nicky was accused of doing this earlier in this exact thread, and I was in the vola room when the gay porn and masturbation videos got uploaded with fake filenames by the person referring to themselves as Nicky and talking exactly like Nicky does on this board. We can go ahead and blame the person legit putting up his whole Madame Y, Carol and Kei collections and re-upping them for days and days, and trying to support this new space. I was an idiot I guess, for thinking that such actions made Nicky's uploads untrustworthy? Or was I just an idiot for supporting this space at all?

So here I am… getting smart. Shutting up and signing off. Don't worry… I'm not going to post in this thread again, so there doesn't need to be drama. Peace out.



Good girl


i love the way demon girl controls me <3



I am lagging behind with new metods of sharing stuff here. What sharing platform is this code for?



It should be pretty straightforward if you put it in b64


quick question, does anyone have keis diaper files


Here's a question, where is kei, there hasn't been a peep out of them since April.?Has anyone attempted contact? just a worried fan.

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