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Rules for /i/nsurgents


1. /i/ is not your personal army.

Ideas for lulzy raids are allowed, personal army requests are not.

2. No politics.

None. Zero. Stop ruining internet culture with your psyop bullshit.

This includes political raids. Fucking with a rainbow-haired social justice warrior or an anally retentive white nationalist because it's funny is allowed, doing it because you personally don't agree with them is not. Thinly-veiled political attacks will also get you anything from a warning to a permaban, depending on the offense and whether it was your first.

3. No moralfaggotry.

I don't care how many children they've molested, how racist/homophobic/transphobic/degenerate they are, how they're ruining muh white culture, or how many times they bullied you in high school. If it's not funny, it doesn't belong here.

Conversely, if it is funny, you will get banned for complaining about it on moral grounds.

Moralfaggotry is a very serious offense here. Lulz is the law.

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Mr Tye

This is a picture of Laowhy86 aka Matthew Tye from New York

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Hey do you guys want to fuck with DISREGARD EVERYTHING I SAY, I SUCK COCKSchan?

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I have an idea.... a wonderful... AWFUL IDEA,

what if we raided 4chin's r9k board.

spammed it with pro women and Juggalo bs to piss off the incels.

say we are from 9gag's /loli/

watch the incels try to retaliate against our /loli/

watch /r9k/ get fucked up by retaliating /loli/tards.

watch hundreds incelfags from 4skinChan get fucked.

sit back and watch the show. (better than watching captain marvel).

>say "tastymayotits" if anyone wants to do this.

this needs to happen over the coarse of a few months for this to work.

whenever anyone feels like it. just go to 4chin's /r9k/ board. post some supirior women thread, claim you are form our /loli/. then eventually the incels will get so mad that they go after our /loli/ in one big raid.

>reply "tastymayotits" if anyone wants to do this.

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Great place to drop by if you want some quick and easy lulz. You need a New Zealand proxy though.


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coords are (376, 1685)

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any ideas for a tumblr raid?

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dangerous kittie 3.0

anyone have dangerous kittie 3.0?

i know its a bit of a skiddie request but still interested

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There is SHadOw MoWnStrrrr MaN iN MuH CLosIt

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Traps not gay according to UrbanDictionary

Somebody should fix this.

>actually boys who have more of a feminine side whether being a homosexual or not.



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these lot get offended by nothing and apparently consider the hammer and sickle as a "hate symbol".

the way the site works is a lot like r/place worked, you can basically make pixel art...

you know what that means.

go all out, swastikas and all. draw over their actual "art" with the most random shit you can think of.

all mods will probably be in their discord server, so view reactions there for maximum lulz.

easy target for sure.

remember /i/nsurgents,


cya faggots!