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File: 1438853660354.png (113.62 KB, 238x231, 34:33, sad.png)


>Be out of high school for 3 years

>No money for college

>Working 3, soon to be 4 jobs just to pay rent at uncle's house, insurance, and bills

>In massive debt to grandmother after parents kicked me out with 0 warning and no job or money so she had to put me up in a motel for 3 months

>Massive medical bill debt from asthma related complications brought on by family that insists on getting several dogs and cats and smoking in the house despite my allergies.

>No time or energy after 3 jobs to sit down and learn to make things

>tfw mother spent $150 on this: https://www.schoolofinteractivedesign.com/training/ to surprise me a year ago


>Literally all of the videos were shit you could watch for free on youtube but she tried and that's all that matters.

>tfw I never had/will never have any time to devote to learning and my year's access is almost up

I'm hoping my voice acting career takes off soon so I can at least move out of my uncle's house and support myself without having to work a 90 hour workweek.

ITT: share your sad excuses reasons for not being a gamedev

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I'm in pursuit of a translation degree which means if I learn to be a coder it'll be sometime in the future.

Am I supposed to post here? It seems most people here do want to be devs

File: 1432188877967.png (96.54 KB, 310x397, 310:397, pota.PNG)



1 entry per anon, 3 person max on a team idea

stick to the theme

have fun

Reward: $20 or equivalent purchase

Deadline: December 20th(open to change based on response)

Theme: Parasites

Mechanics: hostage & chisel


Word Count: 1500 min

Winners will be judged on 3 things on a 1-5 point scale:

Completeness: how fleshed out your idea is, try to avoid vague generalizations

Originality: :^)

Theme adherence: Did they successfully communicate the Theme and mechanics in an active role.

Send Lemonsquare@8chan.co an email with a name if you're planning on participating, so i can get a count. Then send another email with your idea when finished. Ideas can be edited until the deadline. Ideas will be posted publicly in the thread by me.

Slots for judges will open up down the line. There will be a community vote and judge vote.

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tbh I don't think that doing monthly things will ever work with a userbase this small

hell, /mu/ barely has enough manpower to release an ARF album each day

imo, it's better if this would've been changed to something like a bi-annual/semi-annual/(twice-a-year) thing

File: 1424320776531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.75 KB, 285x324, 95:108, 1424113536306.jpg)


A quick guideline to help organize your post,optional but may be helpful


sword n spell, aimy shooty, tps, moba, strategy, adventure, racing, point n click, etc
Buzzwords and comparisons to other vidya “it’s like COD meets Assassins Creed but with tomato guns instead”


My idea is for a aimy shooty with tomato based weaponry in arena style maps, 8 v 8 team death match style
Core features: Bare essentials you’d need for the idea to be complete
more deets, things you’d like, direction, what you’ve come up with so far, mechanics, etc
things you’re not gonna budge on
>Help & brainstorming:
Parts of the design that you’d like more help with or idea generation
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File: 1424300086681.jpg (25.05 KB, 499x372, 499:372, idea-man.jpg)


/ideaguy/ is a board for discussing game design in any shape.

Come here to talk about a new mechanic your designing,a new character you've thought up or a new story your working on.

Give and receive positive feedback to help your fellow Idea Guys improve and shape their ideas.

Have an idea for the next best AAA mmoaimy shootysword n spell hack n slash shooter with real time geothermal mapping to track players in real time? Come share it and get help scaling it down to something manageable,get potential player feedback on what might not work and why.

All in all this is a space to bounce ideas off of your fellow Idea Guys.

LemonSquare @ 8chan.co

Rules: https://8ch.net/ideaguy/rules.html
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File: d36c53b8106cb2d⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2673x2784, 891:928, rsmap3.jpg)


Jagex is obviously browsing this board every day looking for ideas on how to fix their dying game, so here's my proposal: a "reboot" of Runescape, new characters, redesigned mechanics, new overhauled world map. Here's how to resurrect Runescape into the greatest MMO once again.

But before I even talk about the game; nobody from the current teams are allowed in the Reborn team, with the exception of artists and programmers that have natural hair color. Anyone who's currently making decisions regarding anything at Jagex (game designers, art directors, etc) is strictly forbidden from ever touching Reborn or talking to anyone in that team. They are to be treated as filthy low IQ lower class citizens and looked at with scorn, as you should anyone who still thinks WoW is the right direction to take your MMO.

And just a note: I quit Runescape a long time ago before EoC and have not actually had membership since, so I don't know about all the new shit that has been added nor the full extent of how badly the game has been ruined. I can only judge based on what the game was like from around the start of RS2 up until late RSHD, and how it is currently in F2P. I actually think there has been a lot of good changes/additions to the game, especially on the technical side, and I'm not too nostalgic for the pre-HD era. I don't mind change as long as it goes in the right direction, but RS3 got lost a long time ago but never stopped going deeper anyway.

Overhauled world map

Pic related is a prototype of what the new world map structure in F2P could look like. It's hard to get a sense of scale from a map view like that, so some locations may be too big. There's also a lot of things I'm not happy about yet.

There's 2 major changes, the lesser one is that Port Sarim was moved to the left of Falador, and the area south of Falador was expanded. This makes it possible to better expand port sarim (for player owned ports or what not) and do the second change. The second and bigger change is that the entire desert was connected to where lumbridge swamp was along with musa point, and a new F2P swamp/marsh area was added where the desert wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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▶ Primarily for PVP reasons; the direction you attack from matters. Your defense rating is lower if attacked from behind. Thus running away will make you more vulnerable, and you can employ more tactics when you're in a team fight.

Reimagining magic

Magic has always been a bit iffy in my opinion, armor used to give little to no defense, shortage of variation in weapons, equipment can't be crafted, required to use many inventory slots for runes, there's basically only 1 offensive spell in the normal spell book (only it has 10s of tiers), every non-mage armor gives offensive magic debuffs… RS3 helps with some of them a little but takes it in the wrong direction.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of weapon variation for magic. It can easily be turned upside down though: replace the rune providing abilities of elemental staves, instead all staves/wands/books have % chances to prevent certain rune types from being consumed when you cast a spell that uses it. This includes all runes, not just elemental. For example you could have a "teleporter staff" which has 5% chance to provide a law rune, and 250% chance (2 guaranteed, 50% chance for a third) to provide air runes. Combat staves provide some elemental runes and small chance for death/chaos/etc. Magic armor could provide small chances as well, for example gloves with 4% chance to provide fire runes. You can now use this extra property to determine an item's value and utility on top of it's normal stats.

Wands and staves are fletching items (not crafting, fletching needs more love) created with all the wood types in all the tiers similarly to bows. There's no generic craftable offhand magic weapons, they're all unique items though there should be more different kinds than in OSRS. There's 2 other separate ideas and I'm not sure which is better. The first is that staves and maybe wands as well can be further improved by adding enchanted orbs to them the same way you can in current RS, but I'm concerned that it would cause an explosion of items since each staff needs to be combineable with each orb. Since wood is so cheap, maybe there could be an "enchanted" version of them which is required to get decent stats, that would maPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


More interesting ranged

Since melee has lots of weapon variation along with shields that change melee gameplay, and mages have various spell mechanics, I think ranged needs something interesting too. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what that would be, but one idea could be that archers can also throw around offensive traps that are activated by proximity. Strength or special effect duration are affected by success chance which is affected by your ranged level and equipment attack bonus.

Another idea could be to remove poison arrows, and instead add special potion-like vials (crafted with herblore) that can be toggled on/off, and your character will tip arrows into the active one before shooting, giving your projectiles special effects like poison or fire or slowness, or a small % chance to reduce a given stat. In terms of value they would be somewhere around the value of arrows themselves, some being cheap enough that they can be used for PVE. They'd only work on arrows, because crossbows already have enchanted bolts.

I think it might be a good idea to make crossbows 2 handed. The reason is thrown weapons. Crossbows are strong, long ranged, and have enchanted bolts, they already have many advantages and variation to them. Bows could have the proposed potion vials. Thrown weapons could then be the only ranged weapon that lets you equip an offhand item, thus all ranged types would have unique abilities.

Return of player trading

I know new age kids hate interacting with other people, but the grand exchange has got to go. Don't worry though, I have alternatives that are much more interesting and don't require you to shout in Falador.

Firstly fix trading itself. Let players trade with multiple people at the same time, so if someone is slow or indecisive, they won't block everyone else from trading with you. Unlock the trade screen so it only deactivates if you're far away from the other person, not every time literally anything happens. This way you can walk/look around and interact with things without resetting the trade. Add a special traPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Specific skills

▶ Cooking: complete revamp. Eating cooked fish is no longer ideal, it's easy to do and good for XP, but cooking it further into proper meals gives better food. Low level foods also gain new uses at higher cooking levels, so you can hold onto your shrimp instead of throwing it away. Bowls and plates and pie dishes are much more useful and now also stackable, and are returned when eating the food. Flour production made much easier somehow (e.g. mill holds more wheat/flour and all wheat is ground in one go) and it gives a tiny amount of cooking xp. Sinks or something can be used to make dough, so you don't need water jugs. Hopefully this way it will also become easier to make profit with cooking, since proper meals are more useful but not as easy to grind XP with, thus the product is more valuable than the ingredients. To make it a little easier to develop, some fish could be interchangeable. For example if you had a big fish salad, it would accept salmon, pike, or tuna as the fish ingredient. Some foods are just made by throwing lower tier foods together, for example 4 sets of shrimp and a piece of corn or something to create some shrimp dish.

▶ Fishing: add rare/uncommon fish types to different fishing methods, they are mostly used in special high tier foods.

▶ Hunting: spam hunting mobs EVERYWHERE, and let players catch more things. For example normal rats and bats that you find all over should be catchable. Catchable birds and butterflies should be all over as well, not only in special hunting locations. Basically blur the line between "random mob" and "huntable animal". Tweak the drop tables so that things like meat is no longer 100% drop if the animal is killed, but it's a 100% drop if you catch it with hunting.

▶ Agility: most generic fences and hills can be climbed over with an appropriate agility level. Similarly most normal walls can be grappling hooked. Also, higher agility levels will unlock faster animations to various shortcuts.

▶ Thieving: you can attempt to pickpocket ANY NPC, many have weird items and unique punishments for getting caught. I mostly want is as a fun feature that's interPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


▶ Firemaking: you can throw various kind of items into campfires, causing them to give buffs to anyone who interacts with it or rests next to it. There's also firemaking level requirements to doing so. Adding wood makes it give the normal max HP bonus when interacted with, and boost life regen while resting by it. Higher tier wood creates longer lasting fires and better buffs, and adding wood into a campfire increases it's lifetime, can be raised to like 500% of the initial and restored indefinitely.

▶ Construction: complete redo of this skill. Firstly you should be able to pick between several more interesting locations than "rectangle in void" for where the house is built, for example an island or a spooky forest. Secondly the house should be built like in The Sims; you build walls and floors where ever you want and put furniture where ever you want, grow whatever tree you want where ever you want. I cannot imagine any reason why Runescape's engine would make it hard to implement this kind of building mechanic, unless all the real programmers have been replaced with pink haired queers. The only thing I can think of is the collision/path finding system being somehow hard coded so you can't tie it to a custom/flexible tile map wiithout rewriting the whole thing, but the current construction mechanic makes me doubt that. To restrict on how many things can be built, categorize items somehow and limit how many can be built from them. Ideally, if possible, the house should be built on a special location in the world that's technically empty, but each player will have an instance of their own house spliced onto it (or they can swap another player's house onto it).


▶ Tool belt is now an equippable item in a new belt slot, it's basically a separate inventory that only accepts certain tool items. If you lose it you'll lose all the tools in it as well, but you can easily un-equip it and move your tools, or equip an alternate one with cheap tools if you want to go into a dangerous place. There's multiple tiers of course, with different stats and maybe different tool count limits. There's some easy way to move all your tools between belts, so it's not such a chore if you want to upgrade or something.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


▶ Add a much better in-game note taking system. Something so convenient and well made and well integrated to the game that you could use it to take notes during quests and use it in place of the quest log, and write down and save lists and guides and draw with a pen so you don't have to rely on a wiki as much. By well integrated I mean that you can easily move it around the screen and push it aside without having to reset or re-open anything, drag and drop items or in-world objects into it to create icons, copy paste text (including system text like examine results) from the chat, create coordinate links that open the world map in a certain position…

▶ Add more item drops to monsters, especially ones that don't drop anything or only drop bones. Weird cooking materials are a good idea that fits most enemies. For example scorpions should drop a scorpion leg that can be used to cook something, or maybe a low level chance for some venom that can be used in herblore, ghosts should drop some spirit/ash item that's useful for prayer.

▶ Allow all members skills to be trained up to level 10 in f2p, that way they can actually be useful to free players to a small degree, and people can get a better idea for what the skill is like.

▶ Revisit all minigames, they should give you rewards (possibly consumable) that help you with skills, the minigame itself should not be better for any XP type than training the skill normally. Having the minigame reward result in the best XP is alright because you still have to train it normally. In a weird way Fist of Guthix seems to be the minigame with best reward ideas. They're underpowered though and deserve to be buffed, but there's many consumable items that boost XP or combat somehow. It gives you a reason to keep coming back to play it.

▶ Stronghold of security removed, that place is 800% gay, introduced due to obsession with putting baby gloves into everything and treating the players like infants. Ankou can be used somewhere else, and minotaur should be re-introduced as medium level monsters in another location, maybe somewhere in wilderness.

▶ I think it's high time to remove that fucking "you looked awPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1466540253239.jpg (17.73 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1466133098478.jpg)


I have something to ask you, Idea Guys.

How do I write interesting, non-cliche characters? Any tips?


File: d96bcfbc5844209⋯.webm (3.79 MB, 480x336, 10:7, south africa.webm)

Model them after real life



Look for characters in clouds.



Everybody is the main character in their life


bump bump




File: dfd630da26d8fe6⋯.jpg (142.6 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, the_one_that_started_this_….jpg)


Why isn't anyone making this game

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Because it looks "skyrim but with animals" tier.

If you can't make it a simple 2D game, it's too ambitious for an indie. And if it isn't a linear aimy shooty where black people are stronger and smarter than whites, then it's too ambitious for AAA studios.



>there's a word filter for "F P S"

for what purpose



because aimy shooty is an oversaturated market


Poorly developed idea, as in, that's an amazing idea that should be developed more. The whole tiny world idea is brilliant. But as a series I think it would be best. Like the same gameplay mechanics but with different items and quests on different maps that are always being developed and released so that you're giving more designers a chance to be involved. Give developers more of a chance if you want by instead of releasing new installs, add on to the maps.

Release the game as MUD perhaps? Instead of trying to be a fancy indie developer for bragging rights and not wanting to interact with anyone else, build a team and put more work into making it a game instead of a comic with an overall video game theme.



Looks freaking awesome. I'd love to see you develop this more.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A theme park building simulator, except the main goal is to kill as many of your attendees as possible. It's no longer just something you can do to amuse yourself on the side, it's now the main goal of the game.

As the proprieter of an evil theme park it is your task to attract as many park-goers as possible and send them to their doom. Your reasons for doing this may vary, maybe you're trying to summon an elder god through blood sacrifice or something. You are under the influence of an anomalous force and it demands bloodshed via carnival attractions.

File: 1429359186621.gif (1.81 KB, 130x100, 13:10, cat.gif)


I'm tired of never making anything because my projects are too big.

Post very simple game ideas here
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How 'bout a sports-type game where you have to cheat to win?


Take any genre and add rhythm to it.


A sports field where you have to streak nude and evade security.

Pretty straight-forward. Add some fun silly stuff to it, like spawning piles of poop as oil slicks, etc.


File: ed6d839aa40f209⋯.jpg (233.97 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 34528_eightbit.jpg)

Fire building 3D physics puzzler. Ever made a campfire irl? Knowing when and where to place what size sticks to get the fire started is satisfying. Whomever creates an app that does this will earn 1 million dollars.


As a lad I went to neopets.com a bunch. They had lots of simple flash games you could clone. I remember personally getting really into one game where alien fuzz monsters appear on random positions on the screen small and get bigger/closer. You click to shoot them before they reach you and get points from killing them. Spending those points on armor, shields, and stronger weapons between levels was way more of a draw than it should have been for me.

File: 1453444815486.gif (8.54 KB, 300x150, 2:1, shill.gif)



Management sim


There was a cool little flash game called Oligarchy (http://www.molleindustria.org/en/oiligarchy/) here you played as the CEO of a major oil company and basically fucked the world up post-WW2


A management game where you manage a professional online shill company. You have to make it the no.1 shill/propaganda company in the world.


Basically shilling all the time. At first I was thinking of making something like a imageboard shilling sim but then I thought that would be too limited.

You start out as a company of two(?) people. As you shill online and work your way forward you have to expand your company and get contracts from different sectors (Video games, technology companies, pharma, politicians, pro/anti-gun, etc are the ones I've thought of till now)


The shilling part

>Help & brainstorming

I've not done anything concrete, I need help with the specifics of shilling.

I'm thinking of starting the game with shilling on forums and then taking the company to a full-fledged shill machine.

Do I keep the shilling strictly online or venture into other areas? And what should happen once the company does get big?

I'm still undecided between :

>using a Interactive Fiction Engine, writing my own thing from scratch

>making it browser-based or a standalone aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I've had similar ideas.

You know what you can do to extend the time players spend on it, create collectible cards that are simply screenshots of 100% real shill articles. (example–paraphrasing: "Cuckolding is the intellectual fetish for us enlightened people") Use photoshop to render the caps more cartoonish.

The ability to take assignments from both sides of an issue should be skill based and difficult.

I'll keep this tab open for 24 hours or so, if you want we can ideaguy more for this game -but I'm already taken dev wise. Working on two unfinished games and a finished site with tens of thousands of users.



>>I was inspired by Oligarchy, would using Flash be good idea?

Don't do this, it's outdated and will severely limit your playerbase. I had to install it the other day and I just did it temporarily to do a specific task.

This kind of decisionmaking game is perfect for html and javascript.



> create collectible cards that are simply screenshots

This could also be turned into a game mechanic. For example, they're legendary shill ops you can put effort into carrying out (best writers, good budget) and will have unpredictable but probably good rewards. Sort of like finding a rare map in an RPG that allows you 1 use of Epic Zone.





nice ideas

I can do the dev stuff myself, but I'd like someone who can do graphics for me or help point me in the right direction at least

File: 1427488200911.jpg (52.63 KB, 197x190, 197:190, Comfy_guy.jpg)


Come up with the comfiest ideas you can think of. Optionally I'd like it to be for an mmo game.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 8bf5182b0b96095⋯.jpg (526.48 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, feel.jpg)



I was reading your posts and I suddenly remembered reading them before, years ago. Now I remember these elaborate worlds I had dreamed of, all based on your ideas. My mind seemed to have been much more imaginative back then than it is today. I wonder what happened.

Also kind of feels bad (and strange) that you probably won't be here to see this post. It's been so long.



>>Lawless ghettos packed with street thugs.

Just call'em niggas



>Just call'em niggas

Just call'em chocolate mans



kek, well cucked my friend


You play as an Old man who lives near the sea. You fish and swim and explore the water. 10000% based on the book the Old man and the Sea

File: 1428150465059.jpg (1.49 MB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 45064818.jpg)


Everyone knows that a MMO is going to be too large and complicated to actually make and run properly. But it's still a sort of guilty pleasure to ideaguy one.

Post your MMO ideas/concepts here
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.




More ideas I've had. I got extremely intrigued by sandbox concepts and immersive features during some MMO threads in /v/, so here's some.

The game has no in-game map or minimap at all. Instead, you can draw and trade maps in-game. You can also duplicate your own maps, so you can actually make money selling them. You can see the coordinates of any location by hovering mouse over it, and you can find your current in-world coordinates by using a sextant item or something. Making an accurate map is difficult and time consuming, but as a result it can actually turn into a profession. There's also some very simplistic maps sold by NPCs, but they only show the rough location of major cities and stuff.

You can also overlay multiple maps on top of each other, so you could for example mark points of interest over someone else's map, or buy an "add-on" to another popular map, showing additional info.

You can write custom books and notes and trade them. When signed, it has a title and your name on it.

There's a library in which you can submit books to, and anyone can read your books from there. You can also buy the book in order to take it with you. You can collect the profits made by your books any time. In order to browse books, you must search the bookshelf in the correct category. It's essentially like a real world library where each bookshelf is a digital list and spits out the book when you select it.

You can also insert custom written notes in any bookshelf, although if someone takes it it'll be gone for good. In order to find it, someone has to search the exact spot where you placed it.

You can insert items into any crate/shelf/container in the world, and it'll stay there forever. You can also bury items into the ground, and whoever digs on that spot will obtain that item.

Some buildings in cities may be bought by guilds, and guild members can custoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



The game has mounts, but they're actual in-world characters. If you dismount it, the mount will not disappear, it will stay there until taken elsewhere. The only way to make it "disappear" is to bring it to some kind of stable for keeping. Mounts left unattended for a long time will be confiscated, or may even be killed by mobs. They're not super duper specially rare because they have the ability to die, although they're still fairly difficult to obtain. You can also make your mount run away, and it'll end up in a confiscated state. This is so you won't lose it if you end up stuck in a far away quest or something.

They can also hold at least 1 another player, so you could even offer a taxi service. There's no easy/cheap way to teleport between locations, except maybe between the most major of major cities.

There's an auction house that works like IRL auction houses. Items are sold one at a time, and people can bid higher prices. You can only sell "non-stackable" items though, and there's an entry fee, to prevent people from selling pointless junk in it. There's a list of upcoming items so you don't have to sit in there all day to see everything.

Each skill has a "training" level. It's separate from the skill level itself, and will degrade over time. The lower it is, the lower efficiency you have with that skill, and some items cannot be crafted with insufficient training level. It takes about a week to maximize the training, and about a month(?) for it to fall to 0. The point is to make people focus on a specific profession and trade with other people, without removing the joy of levelups and character progression or forcing you to re-levelup if you want to do something.

There's two ways to store items; banks and stashes, both have advantages and disadvantages. Banks are a global storage, you can insert and retrieve items from any bank anywhere, but there's some kind of a downside to using it (tax depending on how much you store?). Stashes are limited storage locations, you can put anything in it for free, but the space is limited, and you can only retrieve items from the same stash you put them in. PlayePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Vanilla+TBC WoW but no bosses or dungeons requiring more than two people. The best items are actually gotten by grinding and insanely hard achievements. A lot of Thief elements/quests (sneaking).



And maybe it's a flaw to everyone but me, but I would rather have WoW vanilla era 3d graphics, tri counts and all, than modern realistic ones.




And Path of Exile skill gems. Fuck yeah.

File: 1424372237740.jpg (136.4 KB, 400x300, 4:3, petergriffincowgoesmooofco….jpg)


I'm up for this board in theory, but "ideas guy", really? We're using some bullshit stereotyped ultimately meaningless phrase to define the board and it's users?

How about video game conceptual development?
12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Yeah thats the general idea of an idea guy, but not what we're going for here,reread previous posts or the sticky if you're confused


So, say I have ideas and I can go to meticiouls length to describe them (not talking about the story, but just design in general and all the little things down to how many milliseconds a process lasts and what sound should play when you press 'start') along with some very shitty concept art (can't really draw though).

Am I an autist or can I be of use to anyone? I had a programmer friend and helped with ideas and tweaking/testing on a game a couple people made for mobile, but at the moment I don't have anyone to communicate with.

Am I out of luck? I personally think that, sadly, game designers or whatever are not needed nowadays. However, both the artist and programmer always said that they aren't really good with coming up with stuff and detailing it and rather have my feedback and just execute it.



someone's gotta translate "mage casts fireball" into: single target x base damage, x cooldown, with x effect on y with z mana cost,3 second startup animation i frames,etc

As i see it an "ideaguy" becomes useful when they can not only come up with ideas that sound good, but also mechanics and numbers, that takes the guess work out of "what does massive fireball really mean"

There's also balancing, pacing, "fun testing",system design etc,etc I'd say thats the role of the ideaguy, You've gotta be able to design on both a macro vague level and a micro fine detailed level


File: 1437958602263.jpg (11.57 KB, 208x229, 208:229, 1436456235357.jpg)

nothing makes my dick harder than idea guys trying to justify their existence



>flame them for having an idea

No they usually get flamed for having a shitty half baked idea and then never making that idea come to fruition because they just want to be an ideas guy. If someone had made a full plan for a game i dont think anyone would flame them.

File: 36a7bd4a87f398d⋯.jpg (136.32 KB, 1011x671, 1011:671, concept01.jpg)


WE both know how popular these two games are, what would their hybrid look like ? Personally I would prefer to use this power to make a soccer moba that does not have a totally decadent metagame and isntead try to allign it with real life making it more of a teaching tool. No reason it couldn't be both.


I think a car moba might be more viable.

File: 5579e2a0031e5a9⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 300x300, 1:1, kamiya-san 2.jpg)


Alright, fags, yesdev here.

I'm wanting to create a 3D action adventure game with minimal RPG elements.

If you got any shitty or okay ideas like this you're itching to see go ahead and spit it out here.

>Can be story driven, but not story focused.

>Cutscenes are just gonna be boiled down to dialogue between the player and NPCs

>I'll be using Unity so physics won't be a problem

>Preferably no generic medieval land

>No full on open world shit. It's hard to pull off both technically and creatively. I CAN, however, pull off seamless, medium-sized worlds you can explore in (Like Twilight Princess)



oh and once the game is done I'm just gonna upload it Anon on Mega and dump the link on /v/ so don't worry about me making money or fame.

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