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File: 9a4fb720de569d2⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_0507.JPG)


Anyone have any methods for conditioning family for incest? Wanted to do this for a long time but am pussy/didn't know what to do.

How do I overwrite the incest taboo in others brains /in/?


There's a lot of variables that'll determine optimal approaches. Firstly what kind of person or people are you aiming for and what is their relation to you?



I'm aiming for sisters and cousins if that helps. I've never been into moms and aunts



In that case you're going to want to try and get their stances on incest, if that topic is a bit of s stretch then try discussing mildly sexual topics until you can casually talk about sex and incest.

If the response is a complete condemnation of incest then I wouldn't suggest trying to go any further. If you get a more nuanced or even a positive response then that's a good sign.

So yeah I'd suggest this as a first step, as well as that I'd recommend complementing them on their looks, perhaps even jokingly calling them hot (only if they respond well to other complements). It's honestly insane how much this can help, I know it's a general stereotype but it's genuinely damn effective.

So yeah try these out to begin with, good luck.



Yeah, thanks for the advice man, that helps.

The topic of incest has actually come up with one sister because of a story in the media, and her reaction was just the general "ewww" like most normies. Wasn't anything like her blushing and saying "oh." Which is ideal but wasn't "fucking disgusting degenerates" either. Don't know if her response reflects her actual opinions on the subject or if that's just the taboo response that most people are ingrained with. Regardless, I'll keep working at it.

I think I'm going to try to subtly find out if she is attracted to me on a physical level first before proceeding.

Anyway, all advice is welcome I need all the help I can get



Also, I had another idea, Letting her "catch" me masturbating

I'm a pretty big guy so I'd have no problem letting her see me jerking it, it's just that I have no idea if this is just a porn/erotica cliche or if it actually turns girls on?

Any anons have thoughts on this?



Make sure to post any updates if something happens or you need more help. I've not had experience with sisters personally but many of the same tricks can still apply.



Will do



In regards to that idea, it's something that is generally overestimated as people assume it'll "do the trick" but I certainly don't think it's a bad thing to try out.

You'll want her to see your body and hopefully have her become interested in your big guy status. You'll also want to become more comfortable to getting seen like that if you're ever to assume a seductive position over her.



Thanks for the help anon



Don't mention it, hope it all goes well for you.


I had the same itch, here's what I did to scratch it.

One. Take her some place farther away. The further the better. This accomplishes two things, it creates a sense of anonymity since you are in a place where nobody knows either of you, and also makes her more reliant on you since your the only one she knows.

I took my sister to go see her favorite band in a city that was about a six hour drive away.

Two. Create a situation that offers and delivers opportunities for success.

At the concert I made sure she had a GREAT time. She got to indulge in all manors of party favors that were passed around. By the end of it all she was very uninhibited. This is a very important piece of the puzzle. By being fucked up it gives her a "moral out" for not only what happens, but also a way to deal with any residual emotional conflicts. ( "I can't believe we were so baked that we did that"…or "I don't remember a thing")

And since it was such a long drive I made arrangements to stay overnight at a nearby motel in a room with ( you guessed it ) one king size bed.

From there you are on your own.

I was able to get us both naked and between the sheets before she finished singing her favorite song that she started in the parking lot.



Thanks anon I'll have to try for something like that



how'd you get her naked?



By undressing her.

She was twice as high as I was, I steered her into the room, sat her on the bed and said lets get you out of these things and ready for bed.

She just kept acting giddy and playful all the while.


one word:


Worked for Lot's daughters….




Sure but how did you initiate sexual contact then? Just waved your dick around in bed?



OMG are you serious?

I guess the saying "You can lead an anon to pussy but you can't make him fuck" is true.

I initiated the sex when I invited her out of town to see her favorite band.

I guess I'll spell it out.

When you have a naked female laying in front of you, acting totally uninhibited and silly, you are already started.

When you start running your hands over her body and she giggles and writhes around, you get naked too.


When you start licking and sucking on her and she mumbles how good it feels.


When you run your finger across her lip and she playfully bites and sucks on it.


When you run your hand over her thigh and she spreads her legs and you see and feel how wet she is getting for you.


Just because she was my sister doesn't mean she doesn't have the same sexual response as any other woman.



The problem with intoxication is that even if they seem almost completely out of it, there's certainly no guarantee they'll be on board with it. There's also a very good chance that they'll remember afterwards and kinda won't be all too pleased about having gone through statutory rape with their brother and if that happens then you'd consider yourself lucky if you don't just end up in prison.



this is solid advice

I went on holiday with my sister after her friend had to cancel at short notice, we fucked on the second night. It happened really easily for exactly the reasons you talk about, away from normal life, having a good time and letting our hair down, she was grateful to me for being there but it also probably helped that it was cockblocking her.

I got lucky but we had talked about going on holiday together before, it could definitely be something that works.


also solid post, if you can't fuck any girl you're probably not gonna be able to get some from a family member, maybe if you beg them to take your virginity you'll be lucky and their pity will override their disgust and embarrassment



That's all fine and dandy, but what comes after this ? Does she dismiss it lightly as something she did while not 'being herself', does it ruin your relationship with her as she regrets it, or even possibly hates you for it because she understands you planned it ? Or is it like in porn where she's ok with it and you fuck whenever from now on ?



When it's drunk sex it's really a matter of luck. I wouldn't risk it, if you're going to have sex with her then both of you should be sober and not under the influence of anything. Sure it makes getting to the act more difficult but lessens the risk of ruining your lives afterwards.>>4009



Hence the so called "moral out" of being fucked up. We both had a very good time. There was no way she couldn't have known even a little what we were doing at the time. The fact that her inhibitions were lowered and that she could later blame it on being high, made things a whole lot less awkward afterwards.

Would I do it again?


If I took my best orgasm before that, and multiplied it x1000, I think I'd still be short what it felt like.



What advice would you give to someone who not only wanted to have sex with his sister, but also wanted a romantic relationship with her?

i'm 25, she's 33, we are both full-blooded siblings (thanks but no thanks 23+me), we were raised together since birth (our parents are happily married and never divorced), in an environment that was free of any abuse or hardships (which I hear could also have helped things along).

I've been in love with her on a romantic and sexual level since I could remember, she always was more than a sister, at first, she was also my best friend, since she was so much older, our parents would have her babysit me, she doted on me, and those times were the best of my life, later, when I started to like girls, I began to notice how hot she was, given that her rooms was right across the hall from mine, sometimes I got to see her body (the best part is that she sleeps in the nude), she also had her own computer, and while i had trouble seeing what she was watching when she did it, I did see her fingering herself, given all this, I used to masturbate to her regularly, it was a very shameful secret, I knew I should have been repulsed by my older sister in anything but a familial context, but instead I was head-over-heels for her, now we are both adults who have lived apart for a while, my sister's biological clock must be ticking loudly as she's been single for a long time since her divorce, she had no children from her marriage, good thing too, the guy was a total fucking psychopath who slapped her around, the time I came over to pick her up to stay with our parents, and I saw what had happened to her, and I took her to the hospital instead, that broke my heart, and made me just want to kill the piece of shit, I know he would have killed her if she hadn't left him when she did, I knew I would have treated her like she deserved if I wasn't her brother, and we were together.

well, now I've got a lot more confidence, and I've decided I want to tell her everything, that I love her as more than just a sister, I don't care if she rejects me, or if it destroys our relationship, she just needs to know how I feel towards her, however, I want her to accept me, I want her to reciprocate, I want us to have lots of sex (of course), and I want us to live happily ever after together, what can I do to maximize my chances of success? keep in mind that I'm not making any of this up, and looking for realistic solutions to a realistic problem.







exhusband was lurking the whole time, caught anon and sis in the act, now they are together forever…

at the bottom of a lake



I was visiting family for easter one year, and one of my younger cousins *(very qt) asked me out of the blue if "I loved her like family." caught me offguard as fuck, so I just said "yeah, of course :)" basically. She want the d? She's always been very close with me since she was small.

Not really sure how to visit them alone without it being weird tho.



File: 59ba14f338931a4⋯.jpg (58.73 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Dad-gives-his-two-daughter….jpg)

Not sure if this counts or not, but here goes.

So my wife is very sexually conservative and is really uncomfortable talking about it at all. Even with myself after years and years of marriage. She's not super adventurous in bed, always wants me in charge (suits me fine), maybe she will want to 69 if she's really horny. The sex was still great, and she always, always played hard to get because she knew it drove me up the wall.

Now I'm not like her in that way. I had a good amount of sex in high school, and when I got out at 18 I hooked up with a woman in her late 30's. She made me do things I never even thought about before. I didn't really have many sexual hang ups before that and after her I didn't really have any at all and a few on kinks on top. One of the things she left me was a love for "slutty women."

Anyway, with our two daughters my wife would never talk to them about anything sexual, leaving it all up to me. I on the other hand would walk around naked often, the girls would follow around asking me all sorts of stuff. They loved to hang out in the bathroom, while I was in the shower (and loved to shower with me), if I was getting changed I was never alone!

I caught both of them masturbating and I openly encouraged them to continue exploring themselves. My wife also caught them and had a different reaction! So now masturbating was only ok by themselves or around Dad.

Again later in life one of them told me the other was making her "do things" with the other. I asked the complainant if they liked doing them? which admitted eventually that they did. So I said "If it feels good, why don't you keep doing it? Just keep it between the two of you and have fun." From then on I always tried to give them lots of 'private time' and sister/sister same bed sleepovers whenever requested.

I took them to the Dr to get birth control as soon as boys and dating started coming up in conversations. I also told both of them I would supply as many condoms and they wanted, no questions asked and I certainly bought a lot until they got brave enough to just ask for some money to get them themselves.

Both of the girls knew I had no problems with them bringing boys home and that I would leave them undisturbed. So whenever Mom was out I could expect one of them to rush a guy in and into a bedroom. I did always insist on meeting the person however mostly just interested in gauging my daughters likes when it came to men (and girls for the oldest). At this point I also started to talk about sex with them a lot. Now I was really getting turned on my the slutty behavior and enjoyed hearing about what they had been up to. I wanted to set a standard that I was trustworthy and that they could confess and talk to me about any issues they had. I got some great stories, I really had to weasel the tale of my youngest' first 3 some out of her, but after that she would tell me anything! It had some other benefits as well, my oldest started hooking up with a guy a lot and most our talks involved her getting high at some point. I was able to get her away from this one and now it's just an occasional thing for her instead of an addiction like it seemed to be becoming.

Both graduated and continued on to college, sexually very adventurous at this time. Both have participated in group sex with each other present and with each other for the group. Those are really my favorite stories they've told me, always gives me a sense of fatherly pride and a raging hard-on at the same time.

I always hoped one or both would make a career in porn or at least dip their toes into the industry a bit but it never happened.

I also hoped one of them would break down and confess that the only dick they ever really wanted was mine but that hasn't happened yet either.



If this is true then you are a terrible father. I hope you realize this is 10 years when they are all washed up whores


File: 8ca23933b878b0e⋯.jpg (150.63 KB, 664x378, 332:189, nerd-tablet-geek-surprise-….jpg)


Terrible parenting advice on the incest forum, in the how to condition your family for incest thread?



yeah he should have been more proactive when he caught them masturbating and spun that into sex with them



This always gets forgotten about. I've had full on sex with both my sister's and a cousin.

I didn't have to rewire their brains, I just used the programming all girls come equipped with and seduced them.

Get close and confidential with them, find out what they like and then what turns them on, same as any girl. Sure you might have to overcome a little more resistance or whatever but they will talk themselves over whatever taboo's are in their heads if your making yourself a desirable sex partner.



tell us a story not summary. This board is slowly dying and there are not many options on web so please.




Well it started with my youngest sister.

She was a bit more tom boyish then my other sister and we would be together alone a lot more often. Both of us are pretty athletic as well, I remember we where playing basketball in the driveway on an evening during the weekend saying bye to my parents as they left to go out for the night. The game was getting a little touchy feely already she would keep pushing her butt into my groin while we played and I eventually started to try and "covertly" grope her as well. Eventually this just turned into us wrestling around a bit on the front lawn mostly enjoying struggling in each others arms.

After a bit of that we went inside and I had a shower and put on some soccer shorts and started flipping through the TV. Eventually she came down freshly showered in some short shorts and a long t-shirt and wanted to watch some movie on TV.

So both of us are lying on the couch watching whatever the movie was, she keeps rubbing her shoulder I offer to rub it for her and she agree's so sit beside her and start rubbing her shoulder. She keeps encouraging me and I keep rubbing her back, working my way across and down. I skip her butt and start doing her legs and feet, enjoying the view up her shorts but not really seeing anything too exciting yet.

As I work my way back up her legs I get bolder and brush against her crotch with my hands before working my way higher and massaging her butt this time. Again she comments on how it feels nice.

This time I slip my hands under her shirt and start to massage her bare back. After a bit I complain and ask her to take the shirt off so I can do it easier/better. She declines sadly and I work my way around her back again and up and down her legs a few more times.

Finally I have my hands up her shirt again and ask if she wants me to do her front and she agrees! So this time I start on her feet again and take my time but slowly work my way up to her slightly spread legs. This time I am more intentional and I watch her face as I rub against her crotch. She moves slightly to allow me easier access and not I'm 100% convinced she's into me going further. Now I run my hands up her shirt again and she giggles a bit as a trace over her stomach and ribs and finally land my hands onto her nipples. She giggles again but doesn't stop me as I start to play with them and I lean in and kiss her on the lips.

She kisses back and I feel her tounge sneak out and brush my lips, I open my mouth and kiss back as well.

Now we make out for a bit on the couch kissing and fondling each other, I remember her grinding on my leg while I have my hand in her pants pulling her ass into me.

Finally I slowly get her to pull off her shirt and shorts and I start to eat her out and finger her slowly. Her pussy tastes great, I feel like I could sit there forever with my mouth clamped on it and her little clit swirling around my tounge.

I pull my shorts off and lie down on the couch and ask her to blow me while I'm eating her out. She does a pretty terrible job, but I'm so turned on it doesn't matter much, she keeps my dick wet enough that the handjob is enjoyable and she later admits that she had never actually seen a real cock that close up before and didn't really know what to do with it.

Finally she starts to quiver in my arms and I keep slowly licking her clit as she starts to orgasm until she squirms away a little bit moaning fairly loudly finally as well, she had been very passive and quiet during most of our previous session.

She keeps wanking me and as I roll off and I start to cum as well shooting a large load all over my stomach.

After that we both cleaned up and snuggled/spooned on the couch watching TV for most of the night just enojoying each others company.

I feel a little guilty the next day and things are a bit awkward. But after a couple days everything is back to normal except we've gotten even more touchy feely with each other. It takes about a month before we get a chance to have some alone time again.



nice story, don't left anything tell everything.


Ok so last night me and my sister had the house to ourselves. Fight over what to watch on the dish turned physical over the remote. We ended up wrestling around and I started subtly adding humping and grinding on her when I was on top because hornyness.

She wriggled around until her legs were a little more apart, then I felt her slightly grinding me back. Holy fuck. There's no fucking way she didn't feel my cock rubbing on her.



>Anyone have any methods for conditioning family for incest?

Start them young, basically

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