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File: e31c03120b7b3dd⋯.jpg (78.32 KB, 848x848, 1:1, 682d31c1c1cbab3380ce668636….jpg)


If you want to talk about your personal life/your experiences, do it here. All other threads about this will be removed.



Isn't the real stories thread for this? a thread died for this TBH



Why not just pin the incest stories thread?




The incest stories thread is just full of greentexts. I made this thread to contain all of the "How do i get my mom to fuck me" posts that people feel the need to start threads for. I'm not going to get rid of the incest stories thread.



Oh ok I'd say to edit the OP to explain that, don't include success stories or actual incest, just the potential incest here. Good idea then sorry for my shit post first reply.


Niece and I were always very close, and I absolutely adore her and want the best for her ever since she was a toddler and i'm encouraging to stick through school even though she wants to give up. Her dad has never been around and I guess i'm the closest thing she has to a dad. Tonight she got drunk telling me how much she loves me and absolutely insisted on kissing me on the lips, and she had her elbow on my crotch (possibly accidentally as she leaned into my chair to hug me). I can't say I wasn't aroused a little bit, still I think i'll keep my degeneracy to fantasy. It's fun to think about, but it has real life implications. -O


Had a potential experience today with my oldest daughter… wife and kids were out with other family leaving the two of us alone. Played some video games together then a broad game before she got "board" and cold. We went up to my room since it's the warmest in the house and chatted a bit sitting on my bed. Not sure who brought it up but we ended up playing truth or dare. Mind you were not blood related and there's only 13 years between us.

Things started of prity tame just some sanded silly things to pass the time. We were using a random generator for the dares and questions. Ended up having to tickle her for 1 minute under her arms. As she wiggles and squirmed my has brushed over the sides of her brests.( 34c)

She ended up getting a dare where we had to swap shirts. Reluctantly she pulled here's off to reveal she wasn't wearing a bra. I give her a little privacy and turn my back as we swap.

Few more dares down the line we get one where she has to loseso,e clothing. She opts for her pants so she's still covered. My dare co,es around and it's a challenge. A race to stip down to your underware, loser has to stay that way for the next couple of rounds.

Well I've got to lose my pants and shirt before she can pull off the t-shirts. She figured it was an easy win and went for it. I won as she managed to get her arm stuck since she was wearing my shirt and it was too big on her.

Well here we were she siting on the bed top less for more of the game wonderful perky brests on display making some effort to cover them but still had enough of a chance for a good look. They remind me of her mother's tits, full and round with lovely sized areolas.

The game goes on and the she has to do a dare out in the open. Leaving them in full view. This time she didn't even try to hide them. She ended up flashing and a few more times before we stopped.

Seems she had fun with all of it and enjoyed herself…. I'll post updates if/when they happen, wish me luck.



pic of daughter?


File: cbd8f42fb05f854⋯.jpg (308.59 KB, 780x700, 39:35, 1460990804267.jpg)

I think my incest fetish might ruin my relationship with my mother. I recently moved back in with her, and I'm starting to see everything she does as her coming on to me.


File: b78fc36be5f41be⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 458x789, 458:789, c46ae4e234b50ce8ec1553b487….jpg)

I'm involved in a relationship with my mother. I grope her breast and ass, kiss her neck, cheek, and lips, push my erection into her butt, and constantly praise her as good looking and sexy.

I only do this so my mom doesn't have sex with other men. I don't know why I'm like this. I'd rather be with her and knowing she's being lewd with me rather than some random weirdo. I'm trying to now actual fuck her to satiate her sexual lust. I don't want my brother and sisters to deal with a step dad. Fucking Eyes Wide Shut is true with women's nature.



Pics or it didn't happen.



>not blood related


fuck off






13 years of difference between you and your daughter? Were you raped by your teacher in 8th grade and she ended up pregnant, or what?


I had sex since I was 9 with my 3 years older cousin regularly up until I was 13, then we did it a couple of times more until I turned 15, but life got in the way and it was never a serious relationship so we stopped. It didn't help that my little brother tattled on us to my mom, we had to keep it very close to the chest after that, under threat of her telling our fathers. On the one hand I had full sex before anyone in class, on the other hand I couldn't really tell anyone.

Then I watched my younger sister grow into a beautiful woman I would love to fuck, but the closest it got was a very stereotypical "found her masturbating" situation. After some embarrasing and not very hot talk, I convinced her to dry hump cowgirl style. Sadly, while she was getting really horny, she got very self-consious when I held her by the hip. If I had just let her get off without touching I could have escalated it slowly over time and multiple sesions.


File: 144c9c822a466a9⋯.jpg (381.74 KB, 780x1102, 390:551, b5f327159ee10b33abaa4336c8….jpg)

My sister brought one of her "friends" (she uses tinder) to our parents house, and now there's an opened package of plan-b left in her room, I'm pretty sure that my sister got creampied by some fuckboi.

Today she's on the couch with a different guy friend giving him half-lidded eyes like she didn't just have a pregnancy scare. How do I get my imouto to stop being a cum dump?



he said they were not blood related. which means she is his step-daughter.



Well seems there's mixed interest, but there has been more going on, I'll share if people are interested.



Just keep going


File: 3b9a1716b06233f⋯.gif (16.5 KB, 650x450, 13:9, 02203_2.gif)


My mom walked around the house naked all the time. It was hard as a teenager to keep myself soft as she just didn't mind around us boys. Later on, around 19, since I would have laundry as a chore, I'd sniff her used panties and cum in them and then throw them in the wash. There's no way I could just leave them like that for her.

Who knows maybe she would've liked it? She did comment on how I must be "bigger than my classmates" in high school after "accidentally" walking in on me in the bath and just staring at my cock. FYI: I'm like barely six inches hard so i have no idea what she's talking about. Probably that Collin kid–he HAD to have a tiny penis.


File: 45d6f00f19cba2d⋯.jpg (48.01 KB, 533x800, 533:800, naked_c_cup_tit-798.jpg)

Pic related from the neck down.


Fair enough here's what happened last time…

>Wife goes out for groceries

>I'm on my pc working on well, work.

>Daughter: "Dad I'm bored can we do something? "

>Me fed up with Excel, cause its a shitty pice of softwar that my job reqires…. "Sure, what do you wanna do?"

>insert stupid back and forth where she don't want to do ToD but wants to do something like it….

Fast forward to actual events

>Decide to play poker, loser of each hand hast to answer any question honestly, run out of chips do a dare, and restart with less chips.

>Throws the first few hands to maker her bet heavier then wrecks her.

>Dares her to loose bra, then panties, still has her other closes on.

>After a few more rounds she's just going all in most hands.

>Throws in some other BS dares to keep it interesting.

>Dares coming fast now, she ends up topless.

>Wonderful perky C or Ds within reach. She's not even trying to hide them this time

>Goes all in every hand

>Clearly just wants an excuse to dare me.

>Dares me to flash her

>Reluctantly drops my pants, she pretends no to look

>I dare her to keep a hand on her crotch, it's a set up for later

>Playing the long game and want her to decide how far to take things.

>I end up down to my shorts

>Dares me to flash again

>I do so

> she "looks away" again but she gets a little red and her nipple are clearly hard

>She loses next hand and it time for her to loose her panties

>acting really shy and looks like she wants to call it quits

>reminds her that she has to keep her hand there so she's still "covered"

>she agrees and I'm now alone with my naked, aroused, daughter with nothing but a thin pair of cotton shrts covering me

>not going to complain

>still not sure how far she wants to push things

>she starts using some truth or dare app to come up with stuff for us

>anything too far she vetoes

>gets dared to giver her ass a massage

>no veto? No problem

>her ass isn't as nice as her tits, still growing into it

>feels good though

>gets dared to do pushup above her….

>wonders how far this app might go

>still in my shorts doing 10 pushup above her bare ass

>my daughter is either totally nieave or massive tease….

>dares her to use my hands as a bra

>MFW she climbs into my lap so I can hold her more comfortably

>still playing hands of poker and she's still got 1 hand on her crotch.

>Garage door opens as wife gets home

>Jumps off me and I catch a glimpse of her forbidden fruit as she darts to her pile of clothes.

>spins around and covers up before I get a clear view.

After getting dressed and putting food away my daughter made it clear that she went a little farther than she was planning to take things. Spoke with her a few more times about it and she wants to do more truth or dare or poker or other games sometime though again. Gave her the idea a writing or own dares dawn to have 8n a bag and draw from in the future so that she can be more comfortable with them.

Still looks like more may develop I'll keep you posted


File: cd3c741c4d6eb22⋯.jpg (4.49 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, mezzed peach.jpg)


keep us updated! see if you can snap a picture! like…make a dare that you have to post a picture? you fucking tease.


Some things are not accurate word for word. I'll try my best it's been about a year since it happened.

I went to stay with my Aunt (my mom's sister) for a year. She's married and has 2 kids. I went to stay and go to school in their area. I was 19 at the time. I've always had a crush on my aunt and when ever she was over, every chance I got I masturbated with her used panties.

So I went to live with them for a year. Her husband works a lot and travels. He makes a ton of money so she is just a stay at home mom. My classes are in the evening and they don't want me to have a job so I can focus on school. So we have a lot of alone time while my cousins are at school.

She would wear yoga pants and like a sports bra while she cleaned up the house. She would be bending over almost right in front of me, showing off her perfect ass and tits. I would sneak pics with my phone and go off and masturbate with a pair of her dirty panties.

This continued for a few weeks then one day I walk into the laundry room and she's in there doing laundry. She's in some tight clothes as she usually is and was trying to reach to the top shelf to get a new box of dryer sheets. (She's like 5 foot 6 and I'm 6 foot 3) She's having trouble so I get behind her and reach up and over and get them for her and my bulge presses against her and I feel it and try to ignore it. I'm sure she felt it. I quickly give her the dryer sheets and make my way to the bathroom. I'm super nervous at this point because I'm sure she knows what that was. I hear her say she's going to take a shower so I'll know where she's at. She's always done this so I don't go looking. It's a really big house.

So I'm in the bathroom downstairs and I'm wanting to get a pair of her dirty panties but she had just cleaned everything so I make my way upstairs with a hard on and walk by her master bedroom and notice the door is open a little and I could here the shower running. My heart is beating so fast at the moment because I know they have a big walk-in shower with very clear glass so you can see everything. So thinking with my dick I slowly make my way into her room and then sees the bathroom door is also open a little and my dick gets rock hard and my heart feels like it's beating harder and harder, I peak inside and there she is, just now taking her panties off. Without even thinking I already have my dick in my hands and stroking it as I watch her get in the shower. This is the first time I've seen her naked and she looked so perfect. I beat my meat so hard and it felt so good. Then I came and it shot a good load into the bathroom. My heart fucking sank because I knew I couldn't get it without her seeing me. I quickly went to my room, nervous as fuck. I sit at my desk looking at my homework hoping to god she doesn't see my come on the floor. But honestly something in the back of my head wanted to know what would happen if she did.

A few min later I hear her knock on my door and my heart jumps. I nervously say yes? She opens the door, she has a towel wrapped around her head and she's in a robe.

She asks what I'm doing and I say, just some homework. She says that's good, you've been working so hard you must be stressed out. I told her yeah, it's not too bad though. She got closer and started massaging my shoulders a little then leaned down and said I saw the present you left me. My heart sank and I nervously said what present? She said the one in the bathroom you left while I was taking a shower. My heart was pounding so hard I felt like I would die. I thought I was fucked and gonna get sent back home. She said, for you to do that you must really be stressed out because of school and here i am getting you sexually frustrated. (My aunt is one of those people that don't really get shy or embarrassed)

She kissed my cheek and said I know what you want and you can have it as much as you want, but you can't let anyone know especially your uncle. She bit my ear then walked over to my bed and took off the robe and towel and bent over it.

It was at this moment I found out my aunt is extremely kinky and she doesn't tell my uncle about her kinks and fantasies. So he gets the normal shit while I get all the good shit! From then on we fucked and played everyday we can and we still do now.

I couldn't believe I was so lucky to have this happen. So don't ever give up. I've become more confident and now working on my cousin for when my aunt isn't available.


File: 235cb9d860b115d⋯.png (451.31 KB, 484x700, 121:175, 1414106952315-1.png)


got any pictures of your aunt you're/she's willing to share?



>>>5700 (You)

>got any pictures of your aunt you're/she's willing to share?


I'll try to find a pic of her.



I'll see what I can do. Got some time off work coming up I'm going to try and put to good use. I'm totally willing to accept any advice or tips on what I should try and do next. I'm thinking I'm going to try and do some more touching over clothes to keep her from shying away from the contact. She swears up and down that she's never masterbated so I'm going to encourage her to explore her own body too. For a little more context I've raised her since she was 7 so I really am her only paternal figure in her life.


i wanna rape this 9 year old who lives next door


God, I think my cousin's daughter wants to fuck me.

So she and her family came over from California and stayed at my aunt's house, I visited them and was greeted by this tall, slutty big tiddied chola 12 year old, let's just call her V.

After greeting everyone I went into the living room and started using my phone, she than sat right beside me and started talking. Nothing interesting really, just your typical conversation until she out of the blue said "Anon, you're pretty cute" as she put her legs on top of mine "Anon, I want to beat your meat" she said, as she laughed it off, I was shocked that such a young girl was this horny and thirsty for dick. Anyways, a couple minutes pass and she strikes a pose asking if I want to go out with her, I'm complete spaghetti by now, I ask her why but as soon as I say that her cousin comes in the room and essentially cock blocks me. I spend the rest of the day hanging out with them but I do notice something, she always tries to put her tiddies in my face, making my dick diamonds.

She'll be here for another day and I don't know what to do…



sorry for the late reply!

did anything else happen, man? also how does a 12 year old become a chola? haha. do you just mean by looks alone? im not sure what you mean?



She acts like one, tries to be "mature" and dresses like one.

Nah, nothing happened, she returned to her home and we stopped talking.

At least I got hugs….


>3 weeks ago fapping and out of nowhere spontaneously thought of my mom and ended up instantly jizzing gallons

>see her totally different since then and constantly fantasizing about fucking the hell out of her

>every fap now entirely about her and I've never cummed harder

>even had a wet dream where I banged her

I was never sexually attracted to her before this but now, man. I know it's wrong but I can't help myself.




>played some CAH last week

>she draws "im young, hot, and full of, ___"

>i play "daddy"

> the look on her face….

Fast forward to today

>Woke her up this morning

>daughter was sleeping topless

>carries on morning conversation

>pulls covers down and puts on some clothes right in front of me

>she didn't bat an eye

>didn't wear a bra all day

>kept bringing up boobs in conversation

>going to try for some pics this week

>she seems to have lost any desire to cover up her tits around me

>gentlemen I think this might really happen



Good luck.


File: 429de8ed6b1178f⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 720x720, 1:1, FB_IMG_1524506053229.jpg)

So, I've been lusting hard for my aunt since I started mastrubating, she has divorced and remarried and she is a closet slut, she keeps it very low key so her social media doesn't have many smutty photos. I know she is a slut though because of her younger antics, high libido, what her friends are like, and her smutty photos I did find. I know she has more photos on anon accounts that I want to find but I don't know how. Can anyone help me find them, I either need new fap material or I'm going to choke her on my cock next time I see her and I'm afraid of how badly that could potentially go.


Do it, if she's a slut she must miss having a cock to choke on. Then tell us about it.


File: adf4b1e20b049a5⋯.jpg (59.04 KB, 471x849, 157:283, 1524950119681.jpg)

I posted this in the "real incest stories thread" before I saw this thread, but reposting here since I want some advice on this.

>me and sister play with each other as kids


>"accidentally" rubbing each other, dryhumping, so on

>one day our father overhears her asking to see my dick

>storms in, angry as fuck, tells my sister to stay the fuck away from me

>we stop

>a few times she shows up at my door in just her panties as the years pass on, but nothing more

>develop distant relationship with sister

fast forward to present day

>normal relationship with sister again

>one day, at a time when we talked a lot

>night before she goes off to a music festival

>she knocks on my door at night

>asks me if i know where her booty shorts are


>no, i don't

>"it's just that i get such a nice ass in them" she says as she blushes deeply and giggles

>"come help me look for them"


>we go to her room

>she bends her back like a pornstar while looking under the bed, wearing short shorts

>I can see her pussy through her shorts, and her perfect ass

>she keeps the pose for a long time while making up some bullshit about not finding her shorts

>even though under her bed would be the first place to look

>i get an almost instant boner

>she gets up

>i sit down on her couch, we start talking casually

>my boner is visible, not much i can do to hide it

>we end up standing in the middle of the room

>she stands very close, a natural pause in the conversation leads her to look into my eyes

>i can hear her breathing heavily

>my heart beats too fast, situation is too much to handle

>i defuse the situation by playfully putting cap on her head and smiling

i concluded that she basically just wanted to present her ass to me, as i wouldn't know where her shorts were anyway. she is moving back to our parents house where i am currently living in a few months, do you think i have a chance of taking this further, or do you think she just wants to tease or get attention?

i am 23 and she is 20 btw



take it further, ask if she remembers


File: 80e754a5430510f⋯.jpeg (281.91 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, bambi.jpeg)

been contemplating posting my experiences here, so here goes

>be 12

>be horny, experimenting.

>look at really vanilla porn

>masturbate a lot

> sister isnt as hot as porngirls but want real girl to stroke my cock

>swimming one day

>take off trunks near her.

>brush her with my hard dick

>she grabs it.

>we touch eachother daily

>get more experienced, watch porn together

>we explore eachothers bodies for sometimes hours a day.

>high school

>have girlfriends, almost lose virginity

>not daily but sister often comes to my room at night to wrap her mouth around my cock

>break up with gf before summer

>sister reaches pre freshman year body

>i ache to penetrate her but never take our times further than oral and touches.

>family event, some anniversary lots of booze

>sister gets drunk and i am tasked to take care of her

>tipsy myself i carry her outside and fall in the grass

>she stirs and soon her hand is pumping my cock.

>were outside, people everywhere

>"sister no, lets to the car and then.."

>not happening

>she strips down in a matter of seconds

>drunkenly pounces on me, somehow still graceful enough to swallow my dick

>i play with her pussy.

>its leaking, warm, and i can resist it

>i sit up and push her back

>balance over her for a second and then stab into her

>she takes my dick

>we fucked in the front yard for about 30 mins

>as im about to cum i start to say

>she stops me and says "anon, cum inside me"

>i cum buckets.

>she falls asleep

this has been a weekly, habit now.

since age 12. My sister and i still have sex regularly.


File: f7fea98ca43efbb⋯.gif (3.64 MB, 624x352, 39:22, Fappedy.gif)


Fuck her from behind and take a video.



File: 318e57c71335413⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 410x400, 41:40, moar2.jpg)



For Christ sake MOAR!


File: 6a4998051cd4f9e⋯.jpg (53.33 KB, 435x470, 87:94, 1515104566811.jpg)


She want's the D.






Laking incest


File: 1ed54d28e5d0dd8⋯.jpg (179.06 KB, 476x395, 476:395, 2018-08-19.jpg)


Did you miss me?

sorry for the shitty image quality, but this is her.

my daughter topless.

she tried a new swimsuit on for me but didn't know I filmed her.

things really haven't gone any farther yet but she's been asking for me to take her out on a daddy daughter date recently so I'll let you know how it goes.

any suggestions would be welcome.



take a vid when you fuck.


So I've got 3 little sisters, and when I was about 7 or 8 we started going to a daycare center because our parents were both working. Some kid had mentioned that if you can get someone to put their tongue "down there" it will tickle. So naturally my sisters and I wanted to try.

We had no idea what we were doing, but we had some instinct that it was wrong, and that our parents would be pissed if they found us, so we all hid in the closet. We did really know what to do, so I remember taking my youngest sister and just telling her that it would probably be like a kiss right? And that the other two could do it at the same time as us and that kid said it was going to feel good so I didn't know why we we're all so nervous.

We all laid down on the pile of clothes in our closet, and me and one of my sisters at the same time placed our tongues between our other sisters legs.I remember absolutely loving having them in my mouth. How sweet each one of them tasted.

I lost my virginity to my sisters and they lost theirs to their sisters and it was a beautiful thing. All four of us did this almost every night for a handful of years, and then we just never spoke of it again like it never happened.

>tl;dr had a foursome and lost my virginity to my sisters when I was a child and I've never spoken about it until now

And my god I never realized it was possible to get this hard



Now that it's on my mind, because I've tried not to think about this part of myself for a long long time, I'm realizing how risky me and my next in age sister tried to make it sometimes. Especially with my dad.

My parents never closed their bedroom door unless they were having sex. We would always look through the keyhole and watch them, because we didn't know what was going on. One time my sister was watching, I pushed her up against the door and ate her out while our parents fucked.

Other things like knowing when just my dad was home, and being just a little too loud, hoping he would open the closet to see all four of his children fucking each other. And honestly? I don't think my dad would have been able to resist at least tasting his daughters pussies. Maybe getting all of his kids to taste his cock.

I would have absolutely loved being able to fuck my sisters AND my dad every day. Some days I wonder if its still possible, but I think I'm too old for him now.

>tl;dr Fucked all three of my sisters and I want to fuck my dad too



There's no one in my family attractive enough to want to have sex with. I had a stepsister who was 20 years older than me and a step-cousin that I would have. They're both fugly, bloated skanks, now, though.


File: f8b4750f91b826c⋯.jpg (105.17 KB, 420x708, 35:59, 30714150_800122136859734_5….jpg)

I was 13 my step sister was 14. One day she randomly calls me into her room and she tells me to come in and close her bed room door.

She explains to me she needs me to hold her ankles so she doesnt fall over into the crack between the bed and the wall, which is totally ridiculous. Nevertheless I obliged. I walked to her bed and she got on all fours and arched her back with her fat ass in the air. "Hold me" she says. I grab her smooth hairless ankles and look directly at her pussy. Her animal print short shorts blocking my view, I stare directly at her cunt and revel in the pleasure and intensity of having my step sisters fat ass and pussy right in front of my mouth. She pretends to be searching for something for about 30 seconds and by the time she's done my penis is harder than it had ever been in my life. When she pretended to have found the item, I immediately left the room and went into the bathroom to masturbate at the thought of what had just transpired.

Pic related that's her today


When I was younger whenever I needed to masturbate I would sneak into my mom's room and smell her feet while tugging on my cock. Turns out she knew that I had a thing for her feet, or something. A few years after I had stopped she would make jokes about me having a foot fetish, and once sent me a picture of her feet after a pedicure saying "Thought you might like this…"

I also slept in the same bed with her until I was much too old to, and would masturbate next to her while she slept.


My mom used to climb into my bed to get me out of bed because she knew it made me uncomfortable. She doesn't do it anymore though.


File: a50f17c4522f0f6⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 280x550, 28:55, 001.gif)


trying to gather fellow family taboo lovers here



File: ca7aac5ae584c71⋯.gif (4.35 MB, 1000x564, 250:141, 013_003.gif)

trying to gather fellow family taboo lovers https://discord.gg/UWFfr3e




Invalid links now.



can we get a new link ?


Came upstairs one extremely hot and humid night when I was 15 to find my 10 year old sister sleeping with her door wide open.

She was totally naked, face up and legs spread wide open. I think I jerked off at least 4 times that night and from then on I never looked at my sisters or mother the same again.

My mom also made the comment in the morning that I must have seen something interesting because she could hear me walking back and forth in the hallway for an hour. She made this comment to me in private and I just blushed I think and shrugged it off at the time, but she got really touchy and flirty with me after that.


Good girl


Category 1 - Degree of Genetic Similarity

sexual partners have a 0%-25% coefficient of biological relationship to one another (Cousins) = +0

sexual partners have a 25%-50% coefficient of biological relationship to one another (Aunts/Uncles + Nieces/Nephews) = +1

sexual partners have a 50%-75% coefficient of biological relationship to one another (Mother/Father + Daughter/Son, Sister/Brother + Sister/Brother) = +2

sexual partners have a 75%-100% coefficient of biological relationship to one another (identical twins, clones, etc.) = +3

Category 2 - Degree of Familial Relationship

Raised apart from each other, reunited after an extended period of time, or had sex without knowledge of being related = +0

Raised together from birth, and either grew up in an unusual home (this includes abusive households and households in zones of war or disaster), or were forced into sex or a relationship by some external circumstance (such as being forced by others, or needing to do it to repopulate the species) = +1

Raised together from birth, grew up either unusually distant from one another, or unusually close to one another = +2

Raised together from birth, recreational sex/romantic relationship within an otherwise normal familial relationship = +3

Category 3 - Age Groups Involved:

Mature (30+) = +0

Older Adult (25-30) = +0

Young Adult (20-25) = +0

Older Teen (15-20) = +1

Younger Teen (10-15) = +2

Child (5-10) = +3

Toddler (0-5) = +4

Category 4 - Pairings Involved

Tranny = +0

Gay (Brother/Brother) = +0

Male Bisexual (Father/Son) = +0

Heterosexual (Sister/Brother, Mother/Son, Father/Daughter) = +1

Female Bisexual (Mother/Daughter) = +2

Feminine/Masculine or Masculine/Masculine Lesbians (Sister/Sister) = +3

Feminine/Feminine Lesbians (sister/sister) = +4

Category 5 - Other:

Sex or Relationship with more than one individual = add up the points for each new individual involved

Something else is going on besides porn = +1

Incestuous family members are also teammates = +2

Resumes normal familial behaviors outside or recreational sex = +3

Relationship between siblings is a secret from parents = +4

Category 6 - Medium

Picture or Story = +0

Comic = +1

3D animation = +2

2D animation, Eastern-Style = +3

2D animation, Western-style = +4



So your thing is 2D identical twins toddlers western incest who keep it from their parents?


No westermarck effect, or reduced westermarck effect:

1. Not full siblings:

They are either step-siblings, foster siblings, or half siblings, sibling incest must be between siblings that share both biological parents, if the siblings do not have resemblance to each other or to their parents, this puts their biological relationship to each other in doubt, therefore reducing the fetish appeal.

2. Raised apart:

The siblings are fully biologically related, but were raised apart from each other, the attraction is due to genetic sexual attraction, and they never had to overcome the westermarck effect that comes from being raised together, the core appeal of the fetish, because the westermarck effect only comes about when the siblings are raised together during their formative years.

3. Broken home / We were very close:

They had an unusual upbringing compared to most siblings, my interest is in siblings with a normal sibling relationship (including rivalry, bullying, etc.) that, through some circumstances, overcomes the westermarck effect and becomes romantic or sexual in nature.

4. mind control / manipulation:

Using some form of preturnatural or technological means to make the sibling's have sex or fall in love, this is a cheat and a copout.

5. parents know of and support the relationship:

No one should know their relationship is anything but family, to keep the secret, the siblings should continue to act like siblings around those who know that they are siblings, only act as romantic/sexual partners when safe from being found out, and be genuine in both situations.

They should also keep from doing anything to make anyone suspicious (such as moving in together w/o a suspicion-free excuse), and they certainly will always use adequate protection to avoid any suspicious pregnancies, which also are acknowledged by the siblings to have a higher risk of defects due to their close biological relationship.

One of the biggest appeals of sibling incest (for me) is how familial love isn't replaced by sexual attraction or romantic love, but instead becomes something that can co-exist with familial love for the same person, something is added, but nothing is taken away.


Grew up with my Mom (mostly single) and younger sister.

Sister is 4 years my junior and loves basketball and cycling, she has some of the nicest legs I've ever seen and some great C to D sized tits.

Mom loves to jog and is extremely fit. Great hips and nice C sized breasts.

Anyways, with those two boner magnets roaming around the house all the time I naturally developed a huge incest fetish and spent most of my teenage years trying to feel them up and spy on them.

Mom was always fairly compliant and would always be up for a nice feel up massage but would never let me get into skin on skin contact past her legs or back and shoulders or get her undressed past some jogging shorts and a sports bra.

Slowly over a year my sister kept sleeping with my mom in her bed more and more often, then from 16 until she moved out at 24 they just slept together every night and I can still hear the little yelps and quiet moans coming from their room at night.

I still laugh when sister and myself are home for the holidays and the guest bed is unslept in but my sisters suitcase is in the room and mom's bed looks like a tornado ripped it apart.

Oh and rumors I always half heard from friends of friends that if you dated my sister and played your cards right you got to have a romp with her and my mom at the same time.

Anyways, I never got a chance to fuck either of them, but my sister seems to be splitting up with her husband now and moving back in with mom so with me luck this holiday season…


This isn’t an incest blog, but I didn’t really know where else to post this.

Over the past 5ish years my brother has only dated girls with almost the same name as me (a one letter difference). He has been through about 4 girlfriends and 1 almost girlfriend. All of them have had the same name, but were vastly different physically and didn’t look like me at all, except the almost girlfriend. The almost girlfriend looked extremely similar to me, but it didn’t work out because my brother /has told me this verbatim/ ‘gets tired of girls after taking their virginity and didn’t want to ruin their relationship.’ The next one was white and was too nutty and terrible, but when they broke up he went to visit his bro in Korea and decided that he loved it there. Then next 3 were Korean with dual citizenship and he’d go to Korea with them and stay with their relatives. They all had the same name though. It’s a pretty American name too so it’s?? Like a pretty specific qualification- Korean citizenship yet an American name. Idk my brother and I have always been super close, I never even noticed any of this until our dad made us go on a family cruise with him and a few things popped out to me as weird, then I thought about it more and I realized that this is all kinda conspicuous? I don’t know, I’m very hesitant to say that my brother has feelings for me in any unplatonic way, but does all of this say otherwise? I’m definitely not going to ever approach this with him, but I can’t stop thinking about it and I’ve begun to feel guilty suspecting anything at all, like maybe I’m just seeing things and am an asshole for suspecting anything in the first place. Any thoughts I guess? Am I just overthinking all of this?



I would just take it as a compliment that your brother finds aspects of you desirable in his girlfriends.

I would say it's fairly common for siblings to have had fantasies about each other at some point but another thing entirely to act on them.

I certainly wouldn't think less of your brother over any of this.



Thank you for responding! I think I needed to hear this. I’ve been catastrophizing this whole thing because I’ve just been left to dwell on it alone too long. I definitely don’t think any less of my brother for any of this, it’s actually surprising he’d see anything in me considering how much he has his life together and I don’t. I don’t want him to be depressed because of this though. I wanted a second opinion on what his feelings might be so I know whether or not to be more sensitive to them by not doing or bringing up things that would inadvertently hurt his feelings, but I think I’ll start doing that anyways. If anything ever does happen though, I’ll post on here. This is an interesting board, I’m glad it’s here



If your interested in pushing things down incest path just try to be more physical with him and see how he responds.

No guy will get creeped out by his sister being more physical and make sure to compliment and encourage any escalating or return contact from him. Don't get cold feet and push him away suddenly is what I'm saying.

You can also let him know you find him desirable, small things like saying sometimes your jealous of whatever girl he's dating because she gets to have a great guy like him and you don't have anyone like that. Compliment how he looks often and drop any other small hints you can think of.

He's certainly entertained fantasies about you and him at least at some point, if he doesn't have active fantasies right now. Just let him know they might be closer then he thinks to becoming reality.

Sorry your original post sounded like you were creeped out a bit by your brother, not that you hoped it might go further. GL.




AND she should, just straight up offer him anal sex. No chance of pregnancy and even naughtier with a relative ;)




Pretty much what the other two have said. Good luck.


I'm afraid that my sister is obsessed with me. I really don't know where else to post this, and since this is an incest board I can kinda guess what the suggestion will be, but I just want to talk about it.

She's 3 years younger than me, and up until recently has been kinda shutting me out of her life. We used to be really close, but it kinda stopped 2 years ago, but suddenly about a month ago she's come back. She's kinda quiet, reserved, but she loves just hanging around me and talking about literally anything, even shit I know doesn't interest her. She's in my room when I come home, almost glued to my back for most of the day and she fucking sneaks into my room at night and wakes me up to talk about random shit, and literally _poetry_

I really don't know how to feel about this. I'm pretty sure it's not normal behavior, but I don't know what it could actually be.



100% she's infatuated with you right now.

This is her signalling her interest and she's hoping you will take the next step. If you want the relationship to become more physical then start to push it in that direction.

See if she wants to cuddle or spoon at night when she comes into your room. Enjoy being close to her, you can start to make up your mind at this point if you want to go further as well.

Feign a lower back strain and see how she reacts when you ask her for a massage. Push her more towards your gluts/butt.

Watch her breathing if she starts to breath deep and regular she is becoming sexually excited. This doesn't mean she's going to ask for your bone, but she's totally thinking about it.



Funny thing that you mentioned cuddling, she came into my room just last night and decided it'd be alright to cuddle up with me before she woke me up. So I wake up with this warm ball just in my arms. It was strange.

I'm contemplating whether or not I really want to take this physical or not. I mean, she's my sister and I love her to death, but I'm not sure I love her that much. But fuck, when she fell asleep pressed up to me… it's a feeling you can't explain.

Fuck me. It doesn't help I'm a lonely bastard.



And it also doesn't help that she's on the younger side of the spectrum. It's legal in the country I live in, but eh…..



How old is she?



She's 16.



Sounds like your sister has her mind made up, it's just you struggling with it.

Personally I wouldn't pass an opportunity for some fun filled times with a horny willing sister.

And incest is legal in your country? or having sex with a 16 years old? or having sex with someone who is 3 years your junior?



Incest illegal, the other two are perfectly legal.

I'm just not sure whether or not I'm interpreting her actions correctly. I did have a talk with her like a week before she started being so affectionate, things like how I can be someone she can come to for help and all that shit, and now I'm looking back and wondering whether or not I might've said something that might have seemed suggestive.

I'm going to talk to her about it. I get the thought of having casual sex with a girl, but I don't think that's what she is looking for.




Alright. Update.

I'm fucked. I sat her down in my room, me sitting in a chair and her on my bed, and we talked about some random shit before I asked her about the change. And after 5 minutes of her saying she was simply trying to make up for the two years in which she pushed me away, she glanced at me and said fuck it.

Long story short, she's been attracted to me since she was 14. Not like "Wow my brother is hot" sort of attraction, a "I need him now and forever." That's how she explained it. She shut me out because, you know, being in love with your brother isn't something everyone does, and she though after I fucked off out of state to college the feeling would go away. Trouble is, I changed my mind about that and went to a college only 6 miles away, so I could stay around with my parents.

To go back, when I went back a month ago and talked to her about what happened to us, she was standoffish. She told me to fuck off after I tried to promote a conversation, I asked what I did for her to treat me this way, she asked my why I cared, and I said I loved her. In a brotherly sort of way. She knew that. Told me to fuck off, I did, and then she started being cuddly and shit.

She told me a bunch of sappy stuff about why she was so attached and so on and so forth, and now I'm walking around the neighborhood wondering what I'm going to do. This isn't some pump and dumb shit, she's in love with me. I don't know what to do.



Sorry is this rambles or some shit, my hands are shaking and I'm typing on my phone.




Could take the plunge with her as it were, and ask if she really wants this with you.



It could just be hormones or fucking something like that. We both don't really have much of a social life, though I'd say I'm the one who fits in more with people. Could simply be latching onto one of the only constant in her life, that isn't our parents. Apparently she's never met anyone as kind and caring as me. Her words.

I just don't want to hurt her, but I have no good options. Hell, I'm still trying to sort out how I fucking feel about all of this, really. Simply trying to stay calm and think rationally. Don't think I'll be sleeping tonight, though.



Well you have a good friend in here at least and someone that would have your back.

Try speaking with her again and ask her how she wants to go forward with you more than anything else.



Might suggest asking her a blunt question if she wanted to try it with you. Sometimes find that asking a blunt question makes a person think about it more.




Well, I asked her about moving forward with all this. We were sitting on my bed, and her legs were draped all over mine, which was kinda flustering. But anywho, I asked her what exactly she wanted out of this. "You." Ok… What if I don't…reciprocate your feels? "That's fine. I'm happy that you didn't freak out all that much." If I wanted to touch you. Like have sex right now, would you let me? "Yes"

Anons, it's hard to describe how absolutely off this all is. It fucking feels like a bad joke. I don't kmow, does she have a fucking mentsl illness? The one word replies isn't something out of character for her, but she's staring me in the eyes through this entire questioning process. She never looks anyone in the fucking eye.

So now here we are an hour later and her fucking legs are still drspped over mine, and she's dead asleep. What a mess. My head fucking hurts.



You know, I'm thinking about this far too hard. Why should I be worried? She said it herself, I don't have to feel the same way. I'm just going to chill out. No need for all this worry.

She's in her bed, she a wispy girl so even I could carry her, lol. This is simple. Just a yes or no. Ok.

What a way to open up the new year.




Well you asked her and got some replies out of her. Might as well go and enjoy yourselves together if she says yes to it. >>6636



So going to try and have sex with her, or going to let that pass?



You know you came here to ask a board of incest fetishists (and also possibly some pedophiles), what you should do in this situation?

You'll almost entirely hear these people pushing you to fuck her regardless of the law, your family dynamic, her mental state, or what's best for anyone.

If this is even real and not yet more people roleplaying, then consider the impact on your life, and her's, all for you to bust a nut.

Just because she says she wants it, doesn't mean you should give it.


anyone has the drive or mega of realgirls2018?


be me, new /in

I just wanted everyone to know that someone is reading all the posts you make in this thread.



Maybe you should ask this somewhere that isn't a degeneracy board


Through most of highschool and part of college I incested my little sister - mostly fingering and eating pussy and masturbating together, though near the end we fucked twice, about a week apart. It brought us much closer together until a stupid book at school told me incest was a thing and it was evil, so I cut her off without explanation thinking that'd do the least harm. Bad plan.



Corey, is that you?


definitely got the hots for my cousin who I grew up with, except we aren't blood related in anyway. Thats true wincest. Starting off with some light flirting to kick it off

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