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File: 1419996708658.png (390.82 KB, 2630x2282, 1315:1141, u9RuaHp.png)


ITT Real incest stories



File: 1420580860314-0.jpg (704.37 KB, 2436x4138, 1218:2069, 0-1.jpg)

File: 1420580860314-1.png (144.44 KB, 1354x1465, 1354:1465, 2-1.png)

File: 1420580860314-2.png (457.65 KB, 1360x3439, 1360:3439, 3-1.png)

Heres some i found


File: 1420580915036-0.jpg (645.63 KB, 1160x3832, 145:479, 1-1.jpg)

File: 1420580915036-1.jpg (712.13 KB, 1149x4039, 1149:4039, 1-2.jpg)

File: 1420580915036-2.jpg (70.28 KB, 769x595, 769:595, 1-3.jpg)


File: 1422111076469-0.png (298.05 KB, 2630x2282, 1315:1141, 1419996708658.png)

File: 1422111076469-1.jpg (1.92 MB, 2346x2794, 1173:1397, 1421098987280.jpg)

File: 1422111076469-2.jpg (1.79 MB, 1500x7684, 375:1921, 1421360800045.jpg)

File: 1422111076469-3.jpg (2.05 MB, 3630x4902, 605:817, 1421360880446.jpg)

Found some more individual caps


File: 1422111106536-0.png (277.13 KB, 1192x4589, 1192:4589, 1421360898116.png)

File: 1422111106536-1.png (410.08 KB, 1350x4956, 225:826, 1421360956863.png)

File: 1422111106536-2.png (530.89 KB, 1583x3529, 1583:3529, 1421360978146.png)

File: 1422111106536-3.gif (315.26 KB, 660x5260, 33:263, 1421361140302.gif)


Fourth image. (1422111076469-3)


File: 1422238347162.png (705.88 KB, 1183x4922, 1183:4922, basement.png)


>any of these
Disgusting fetishists.


There must be more of it somewhere.


File: 1424378448623-0.png (521.82 KB, 1647x3345, 549:1115, LongLostDaughter1.png)

File: 1424378448623-1.png (541.22 KB, 1647x3879, 183:431, LongLostDaughter2.png)

File: 1424378448623-2.jpg (1.54 MB, 3000x2496, 125:104, Neice1.jpg)

File: 1424378448623-3.png (1.21 MB, 1321x5657, 1321:5657, Neice2.png)


File: 1424378528818-0.png (2.56 MB, 1338x7627, 1338:7627, 1424202922270.png)

File: 1424378528818-1.png (1.51 MB, 2558x2730, 1279:1365, 1424203050133.png)

File: 1424378528818-2.jpg (864.17 KB, 3616x2436, 904:609, 1424203140211.jpg)

File: 1424378528818-3.png (115.69 KB, 750x2688, 125:448, 1424203213572.png)


File: 1424378564224-0.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x4526, 960:2263, 1424203455116.jpg)

File: 1424378564224-1.png (613.82 KB, 1294x4665, 1294:4665, 1424203723936.png)

File: 1424378564224-2.jpg (645.63 KB, 1160x3832, 145:479, 1424203921358.jpg)


Wouldn't mind the rest of the story in last image :)


sorry didn't realize part of it is missing. (i haven't read most of them yet). I don't have the second part. i'll keep a look out though





I don't know what to do about my grandmother

You do know if you're a hot guy your grandmother wants to fuck you right?



>Be 19

>Recently reconnected with 2nd cousin from Florida via the magic of AOL.

>Haven't seen her since we were both 10 or so.

>Turns out she's a big SF and anime nerd.

>We email & IM a lot, talk about Robert Heinlein and Ray Bradbury and Project A-Ko and Ranma 1/2.

>Summertime now, I'm home from college. My parents traditionally host the family reunion

>Cousin's immediate family hasn't come to one of the reunions in years, but she wants to come to hang out with me.

>I pick her up from the airport.

>Pre 9/11 - I can meet her at the gate


>She's totally my type. Petite, athletic, lightly tanned, long brown hair in a ponytail, big soft brown eyes.

>She runs up and hugs me like in a movie.

>We chat the whole way home, have dinner with parents, then go to the basement to watch anime.

>Watch some Rumiko Takahahshi stuff - Mermaid's Scar, Firetripper.

>Plenty of room on the couch, but she sits right beside me, hip to hip.

>Leans her head on my shoulder

>herbal essences shampoo scent


>"SHE WANTS THE D" No no, little me, that's ridiculous she's just being friendly.

>"WELL I WANT THAT ASS" Yes, I know, but she's our cousin. Chill the fuck out. We can fap later.

>Getting late and we get ready for bed.

>I'd already shown her the spare bedroom where she'll be sleeping and her stuff is there. She comes out as I'm brushing my teeth.



>"I forgot to pack pajamas. Can I borrow one of your shirts?"


>go to closet and pick out a soft button-down shirt for her.

>Continue pottering about, waiting for her to go to sleep so I can fap without being paranoid.



>"So hey, Anon…" She strikes up conversation about something

>I have no memory of the subject

>All menory is wiped except the sight of her, wearing my shirt. The top three buttons are open and her soft, tanned cleavage stares at me. The shirt hangs below her crotch. I can't tell if she's wearing panties.

>"FEED ME PUSSY!" n-no, little me. You… she… I can't.

>"I WANT THAT" I know but…

>She sits on the corner of my bed, still chatting. White panties clearly visible now.

>Oh god keep it together man, look at her eyes. Stop staring at her tits.

>her legs

>holy fuck her legs. Impossibly smooth, firm, tan

>LOOK. AT. HER. EYES. Dammit man she's going to think you're a creep.

>She puts her feet up on the armrest of the desk chair I'm sitting in.

>pink soles

>I can no longer resist. I have to touch her.



>Be cool, man. Act natural.

>"Here, lemme give you a footrub."

>I pick up one of her feet and begin rubbing. Kneading my thumbs into the ball of her foot, striping up and down the arch.

>She closes her eyes and softly moans.

>This can't be happening.

>She puts her other foot in my lap and and starts stroking my thigh with it.


>This is happening


>She opens her eyes and slyly smiles



>I finish the first foot, do the other.

>She bites her lip.

>I feel I should be saying something but I can't speak. I'm too in shock at what is happening

>I am crazy with lust

>I am terrified

>I must have checked to see if my bedroom door was shut twenty times. Did I shut it? I don't remember shutting it. Did she? Oh god what does it matter

>Trembling, I remove her feet from my lap and move to sit beside her.

>I brush a lock of soft dark brown hair from her face.

>"You're… really pretty."


>She smiles and leans her face toward mine


>Heart is doing triple summersault springboard dives

>hot melty feeling spreading through my chest

>adamantium cock

>we lie down. She's atop me

>her tongue is dancing on my neck



>My shirt is hanging down from her body and I can see her nipples, pink. Like pencil erasers.

>I roll atop her and nibble her earlobe, her neck

>Her breath comes in quick little gasps and moans

>I move down

>I try to unbutton her shirt with my teeth…


>she laughs and unbuttons it

>I slide the shirt open


>I devour her nipples

>her hips are grinding against my thigh

>I kiss and lick down her belly

>reach the rim of her panties


>shut the fuck up brain

>I'm looking at her and she sees my heasitation

>she breathes a single word




>No holding back now.

>grade 5 panty removal technician

>Panties removed, sir!

>Good work, son. Now let's get the lay of the land

>Oh sweet mother of heaven

>neatly trimmed bush, a narrow triangle pointing to baby-smooth lips.

>Subtle outie.

>glistening, puckered, longing to be kissed.

>I kiss them.

>her scent fills my consciousness. It is clean, heady, secret.

>my tongue darts between her lips and she gasps

>her fingers seize my hair

>I flutter my tongue side to side, teasing her lips open

>lick with agonizing slowness from the base up to her clit

>"oh fuck" she whispers between shaking breaths, "oh fuck!"



>I was not aware it was possible as aroused as I am in this very moment

>My pants are still on, my dick straining painfully against them

>Cock is drooling in anticipation so much that a quarter-size spot of precum has soaked through my jeans

>I furiously claw them off as I grind my face into her pussy

>kicking them and my underwear off as I kneel on the floor

>"Come here!" she pleads, breathlessly

>I hop back up on the bed and strip off my shirt, she rises to pull my shirt the rest of the way off of her

>She pushes me down.

>She is hungry



>She rubs her face against my cock. Nuzzling like a cat. Over her cheeks, her lips

>I am not terribly long, but what I do have is girth.

>Her hand can't quite close entirely around me.

>She licks every square centimeter of me

>rubbing my wet cock on her face

>plunging her mouth on me

>pumping her hand

>Her other hand squeezing my ass


>Hold your fire goddammit


>I said hold–

>FIRING IN 3… 2…

>She can sense it

>She wants it

>Her eyes lock on mine as she grins with a mouthful of cock




>All of humanity is united in song

>the universe is love

>she's holding me in her mouth as I twitch with aftershocks

>She deserves a reward for this.

>"Two-Five here, we need to re-fuel and re-arm. We will not be available for some time."

>Roger. I've got fingers.

>Energy still pulses through me.

>I pull her up and she kisses me. I taste myself on her tongue


>wiggle a finger into her. She is still tight, but so completely slick that another finger slides right in.


>She gasps loudly

>Parents are 50 feet away

>She grabs my pillow and holds it over her face

>I was enjoying watching her face, but ok

>begin lifting her off the bed with each pump of my fingers

>her hands claw into the pillow

>muffled shouts, raw grunting, her hips thrash against me

>finally she comes, her thighs clamping down on my hand so hard it hurts

>shaking, trembling, pushing against me, her strength surprising me.

>then she colapses, pulling the pillow aside

>Her face is flushed, locks of hair stuck to her forehead with sweat. Panting, a look of joyous wonder on her face.



>You know damn well


>"Wait!" she gasps

>"I have… fuck!"

>she scrambles from the bed and goes to the door, still naked

>opens slowly, peeks

>darts out

>distant rustling

>she returns, a shiny square package in her hand

>deftly closes the door

>"You… planned this?"

>We're kneeling on the bed, facing each other. Making out

>"No… but… I thought maybe…"

>Kissing as she tears open the package


>she works the condom on to my dick

>"haha, you're the one fucking your cousin."

>handjob motion, rolling it down

>"So are you!"

>"whaaat? You just took advantage of me!"



>laughing, I push her down

>put her legs over my shoulders

>pussy cockslap.gif

>work the head in

>Even with the condom, she's so warm and soft

>feeling her tightness, I grind gently

>she blows out her breath and I feel her muscles relax a bit

>one fluid motion and my balls are resting against her ass.

>like a glove

>Like a fucking glove

>I roll her back farther, her ass pointing up and plunge into her again and just stay there, grinding

>"oh my god" in a high, tiny voice, "oh my god"

>I may not be huge, but she is short, and folded in half.

>I feel her cervix on my head

>With each grind my cock flicks over it

>"oh… mygod…. mygod…. mygodmygod…"



>I pull back and plunge into her again



>Her muscles twitching, gripping me

>the look on her face

>that look alone is going to make me cum

>I have her wrists in my hands, pinning them to her sides. Her body can't move away as I thrust

>"Anon? Anon? Anon???"

>She keeps saying my name

>"Don't scream." I say, but I can barely control my own voice



>rocking forward and back

>Her juice is dripping down my thighs


>her wrists struggle fiercely in my hands

>I let go

>She clamps her hands over her mouth

>I grab her ass for dear life

>Volcanic explosion.gif

>Saturn V launch.webm

>scanners head explode.mp4



Oh and I'd probably just start another thread for it.



Yeah, post it anon



Gimmie a day or two. I moved recently and I'm working off my phone right now. When I get my pc back online, I'll post it.



god speed


File: 1433181815709.jpg (981 B, 35x124, 35:124, .1.jpg)


File: 1433181843802.jpg (1.08 KB, 32x125, 32:125, .2.jpg)


File: 1433182212121.png (409.98 KB, 1064x3773, 152:539, .1.png)


File: 1433182226741.png (417.34 KB, 928x3601, 928:3601, .2.png)


File: 1433183465673.png (304.98 KB, 823x2532, 823:2532, .3.png)


File: 1433183484722.png (186.37 KB, 978x1364, 489:682, .4.png)


File: 1433183510384.png (852.29 KB, 1324x1995, 1324:1995, .5.png)


>tfw horny but too drunk too read




It's up. Sorry about the wait, life has been hectic for me lately.


File: 1433479804336.png (2.56 MB, 1338x7627, 1338:7627, .7.png)


File: 1433485817359.png (631.4 KB, 1848x2921, 1848:2921, .8.png)


Where do you find all these?



I came


>me in high school

>15 years old

>too skinny

>no tits

>bad acne

>horny all the time, masturbate constantly

>mostly to girls cause lolololesbi

>guys are dicks anyway

>no high school relationships because ugly/too scared to approach people


>mediocre at school except English class

>wrote lots of shitty poetry but liked reading

>dress in like the same four outfits every day

>ratty black XL soccer sweatshirt with holes cut out for thumbs

>poor fitting jeans

>didn't know about deodorant until I was like 13

>insanely unpopular

>hung out with a group of vidya guys who only talked about jerking off

>tried groping me all the time but too chickenshit to do anything

>never hung out with them after school, rushed home to fap / play Animal Crossing / Harvest Moon / Pokemon

>my big bro

>two years older than me

>really cool, popular

>hot, really fucking built, worked out all the time

>tried to peek at his dick a lot

>grower not shower, maybe 7 inches when hard

>he never tried to check out me, which was actually kind of nice cause dad (I'll get to him later)

>straight A's no effort in school

>drank/smoked pot but didn't seem like a partier

>awesome with girls

>lots of friends despite us moving all the time, he kept in touch with them too

>good at sports (soccer, basketball, track)

>caught him making out with his best friend Ethan once but whatever he was straight

>had hot girlfriends constantly, would sometimes schlick to them making out or fucking in his room (we shared walls)

>jerked off all the time too

>endless sexual stamina

>dressed normal kind of douchebaggy prep but was usually pretty cool

>really nice to me but kind of a dick to everybody else

>still made fun of my poetry / vidya

>bought me a bunch of books

>would occasionally invite me to play Halo and shit with his friends but I sucked and they'd make fun of me



>our parents


>well paying job all the time, moved us around a lot before high school

>an evil pervert

>huge eye rapist

>undressed everyone around him with his eyes

>"accidentally" barged in on me showering/changing at least a couple times a month since I was 4

>hated him staring at me, got really withdrawn because of it

>he was super jealous of my big bro

>big bro didn't give a fuck kept bringing girls over

>heard him scream at my dad once for hugging one of his girlfriends for too long

>I couldn't bring female friends over cause dad would say/do creepy shit

>bought us shit all the time but kind of ignored us otherwise

>drank a lot with the local priest

>always talked about being on the road

>really fucking supportive

>tried to get me to go swimming all the time/join swim team

>can't remember him actually touching me or anything like that

>big bro watched him like a goddam eagle constantly when he would stare at me /other females

>our mom was kind of dumb and oblivious

>really smart when she wanted to be

>history buff, knew a bunch of home remedies and shit

>really bad cook

>she could fuck up ramen if she wasn't careful

>always told us to eat healthy despite buying restaurant food all the time

>smoked pot in the attic and pretended like she didn't

>cleaned house constantly like an OCD freak

>always playing the Doors and shitty 80s lite jazz fucking annoying but she'd get into it

>had a shitty paralegal job

>pretty sure she'd cheat on my dad with her coworkers

>ignored dad for the most part, sometimes she'd complain about him looking at other women

>also ignored me telling her about all the fucked up shit he did

>acted really housewifey with him

>frozen steak and shit while we got hamburger

>took me and big bro on hikes all the time to the local reservoirs

>birdwatching a shit

>she really fucking enjoyed it for some reason

>she'd go hiking alone with big bro a lot too

>acted really overprotective/jealous around him

>he'd laugh it off

>they'd say weird intimate things to each other a lot

>thought it was normal until I got older


>mostly ignored me/told me to stay away from boys and relationships until I was ready

>didn't really teach me girly stuff

>how to comb my hair basically and told me to shave my legs

>no makeup, no clothes, she didn't wear makeup either

>she shopped at Walmart for her shit anyway

>really fucking cool family

onto the /in/ stuff

>15 years old

>big bro going through bad breakup

>let's call her Tiffany

>Tiffany a psycho manipulative bitch

>hot but wears a shitton of makeup

>tons of perfume smells like a whorehouse

>sashays everywhere ass in glitterbutt jeans

>fucking hate her when we meet for the first time

>backhanded comments about how I look then kisses my brother uncomfortable long

>immediate rage

>gets inside his head early

>like really inside his head

>cheats on him, big bro goes crazy

>locks himself inside his room for two days

>refuses to come out

>our dad gets drunk and laughs really loud about it to mom

>mom worried but doesn't say anything

>finally she asks me to try to talk to him

>I make some pasta and sauce for him

>try to think about all the love poetry I've read for advice on how to deal with this



>knock knock knock

>"Fuck off mom, not right now"

>"It's me, anon, I brought you some food are you hungry?"

>"Fuck, sorry."

>He unlocks door, opens it

>wearing boxers

>holy abs

>really fucking ripped like all he's been doing is working out and nothing eating anything for two days


>scary fucking bags under his dead eyes

>feel really bad empathy for him

>like my heart is breaking

>want to hug him but hands full of pasta

>"holy shit are you ok?"


>snatches bowl out of my hands

>begins to devour

>"Come in," he invites me

>sits down on bed, whole room smells like stale cum and sweat

>pussy wetter than a swimming pool cause I'm young and abs/dry semen

>sit next to him

>"uuuhhhmmm want to talk about anything?" I ask retardedly


>Finishes bowl of pasta, sauce around his lips like he's been eating raw flesh or something metal like that

>Feel overwhelming desire to lick it off

>"Um, so you want more pasta?"


>Look down, a bit of his dick is poking through his boxers


>wetter than the goddam ocean

>grind legs together a bit and inhale

>"Uh…Tiffany came around" I lie

>"What? Don't tell me that shit."

>He fucking throws himself back on his bed

>his dick halfway flops out

>literally just staring at it now

>he's looking up at the ceiling not looking at anything

>"I fucking hate that bitch," he says, "she never shuts the fuck up about herself and she was kissing [someone I can't remember] at a party last night. Fucking whore"

>Can't help myself

>Lunge hand at dick

>grab floppy penis through boxers

>We both freeze

>Pull back hand


>"um sorry I don't know why I did thatwhatthefuckiswrongwithmeimfuckingleavingn-"


>He props himself up a bit, abs defined like a washingboard

>"Look, I don't mind."


>Grabs my hand

>places it on abs

>"Look, I know you're fucking weird. You never have any boyfriends, you keep trying to brush your teeth and shit when I'm in the shower, and I caught you peeping through the doors a couple times when I was jerking off."

>I'm literally fucking shaking

>hand starts moving unconscious across musculature

>"It seriously doesn't bother me."

>"W-w-what?" hand moves up to pectorals

>"Just go for it."

>Next thing I know I'm on top of him kissing tomato sauce off my brother's lips

>he's kissing me back with intensity

>rip off ratty black sweatshirt, I'm not wearing a bra cause no tits

>he immediately starts to rub my nips with his hands, feel like I could carve ice with them

>grinding my pussy against his chest

>I keep making these soft little moans reflexively

>feel his dick harden

>prodding against my bony pale ass

>knock knock knock


>freeze like a rabbit in headlights

>"are you two ok?"


>"Yeah mom, anon's just talking to me about Tiff."

>bro sounds like he's talking to a teacher or some shit

>perfectly calm voice

>"Ok, hope you feel better."

>doesn't open door, can hear her walk away

>god I love my mom

>heartbeat 300bpm

>big bro gently pushes me off him

>"I don't know what the fuck I was thinking," he says. "Bring me more pasta."

>Put sweatshirt back on

>Resist desire to go schlick until I pass out

>make more pasta

>dad creeps into kitchen and sniffs a bit

>"smells really good in here, honey!"


>bring big bro another bowl but he's asleep

>go to bed that night

>finger myself into a coma thinking about my bros dick

>cum at least 5 times



>Next day

>Bro invites me to go to the reservoir for a hike

>I'm wearing shorts panties and my sweatshirt

>he's got a white t-shirt and jeans with a belt on

>I make turkey mayo sandwiches for us on wonderbread

>backpacks with water bottles and generic cola

>we hop on our shitty bikes

>peddle like 10 miles to this glade

>ducks and blackberry bushes for miles around

>a bunch of dirt roads and cracked asphalt for a couple hundred acres or some shit

>kind of a popular spot, lots of pedestrians despite being a week day

>peddle around trying to find somewhere off the main

>eventually find an animal trail or something

>leads to this really pretty pond area

>two big willow trees, a couple boulders sunk in the mud next to the pond

>relatively clean, as we walk by the water a bunch of frogs jump in

>no many bugs

>we eat our sandwiches on the biggest boulder

>kinda sunny and warm

>I'm really quiet, wolf down my sandwich

>he eats slow

>"So, uh, did you wanna talk more today?" big bro asks, mouth full of turkey sandwich

>"Yeah, um…I don't know what I was thinking."

>"When was the last time you had a boyfriend?"

>I look at him for a bit. "I'm not pretty. Boys don't talk to me."

>he laughs and sprays a bit of sandwich out

>"You're not ugly, anon, you could get a boyfriend if you wanted to."

>"Yeah but I'm more into girls." I'd never told anyone that.

>"Really? Well, that's fine," he tells me

>Feel a bit better about coming out lesbi to my bro

>"But you don't like guys at all?"

>"No, they're ugly for the most part. But…"


>goddammit bro chew faster

>dgaf kiss him with his mouth full

>he coughs, pulls back a bit

>spits out sandwich

>kisses me back

>I start making out with my brother


>he's really aggressive, pretty much immediately starts going for my tits

>bites my lip and shit too

>get a little freaked out and slow down a bit

>he stops

>"Something wrong?" he gets really protective all the sudden

>"No, just…"

>"Do you feel weird?"

>think about it

>no, not really at all

>"I'm fine, it's just… I'm not very good at kissing," I tell him

>He laughs

>"Yeah, you aren't. Here," he pulls me close to him with me on top

>romantic as fuck

>starts teaching me how to kiss

>kind of thinking about how weird this is the whole time

>still really getting into it

>hornier than a cat in heat

>making all sorts of little moans, grinding my bony ass on his lap

>eventually spread legs and just grind pussy on his abs/dick

>can feel diamond-schlong in his pants

>vagina literally aching

>his kissing lesson started pretty gentle but gets pretty intense

>think he hasn't had sex in like four days probably dying

>don't know if want to lose virginity to bro

>he runs his hands up my sweatshirt

>playing my nips like a goddamn pinball wizards

>I wonder if I can cum from nip stimulation alone

>my hands all over his torso, start playing with his jeans a bit

>he sticks his left hand down my shorts

>feel his hands slide over my bony ass

>he brushes his hands over my pussy from behind

>"Wanna keep going he asks?"



>moan and kiss him harder

>he starts playing with my pussy from behind

>gets his fingers really wet, pulls his hand out and tastes it

>sticks fingers in my mouth to rewet them

>goes to


>cum after what feels like 30 seconds

>whole body shaking

>stomach almost feels nauseous

>first time with anyone but myself

>his pants feel like the Appalachian mountain range

>gotta get that to the Rockies

>start trying to take off his belt

>hands feel retarded

>"Lemme help"

>he whips belt off in one motion like a fat black python, throws it in bushes

>I'm already working on getting his zipper undone


>my bro's hard dick in my hand

>"You know how to give a blowjob?" he asks



>"Bro you were teaching me how to kiss"

>"Oh yeah" he wraps his hand around mine and starts showing me the pace to stroke him "like this"

>he sticks his other hand back in my shorts and starts going the same tempo and rhythm


>come hard again

>big bro still strong, basically jerking himself off with my hand

>pretty dazed, seeing stars from awesome orgasm

>bro takes my hand off his dick

>pushes my head down to a close up view

>"suck it and see if you like it," he tells me


>not good at it, can't keep a rhythm cause my heart feels like it's gonna explode from double orgasm

>keep catching my teeth on it cause it doesn't easily fit in my mouth

>he doesn't seem to care, tells me he'll tap my head when he's gonna cum if I wanna pull off

>taps my head

>dgaf keep sucking

>he ejaculates buckets

>keeps pulsing for what feels like a minute

>I keep sucking like a hoover

>holy shit does it taste bad

>still really hot

>swallow every bit

>he pulls me off "that's enough"

>"pass me some coke I need a chaser," I tell him

>he laughs and open's a can for me

>lie there on top of him for a couple minutes

>I've got no top on

>his dick's hanging out against my stomach coated in my saliva

>brain starting to come back online

>"Are you ok with this?" he asks me

>think about it for a minute

>think incest is weird, but really feel good with my big bro

>decide it's pretty good


>"Are you a virgin?" he asks

>"Well, yeah. Of course."

>"I'm gonna be hard again in a minute," he says. "I mean, if you want to keep learning some things…"


>grab his dick and feel it twinge

>straddle him

>start trying to suck it again

>He tells me that's too much pressure and to do it gently

>feel his dick get hard in my mouth

>best feeling ever

>he pulls my shorts down from behind

>"Here it's better if you start on top"

>Try to fit it in at first facing him

>doesn't quite work cause I'm too tight

>he turns me around, reverse cowgirl style

>slips in slow

>fits like a glove

>immediately start pulling myself up and he pushes me down again

>we get a beat going

>feel crazy rush coming up my spine

>like I'm going to pass out or some shit

>blank out for a minute

>come too, my leg's look like a fucking seizure

>looks like I've pissed myself

>he's kinda shocked

>"holy shit are you ok?"

>"yeah why?" feel like pikachus are running all over my body and nuzzling me with their static fur, body temp >100F

>"you just squirted or some shit"

>"keep going" I tell him

>we go back to the rhythm

>feel really light headed

>spine tingling again

>pass out



>wake up to big bro drenching my head in water

>"Sis are you ok?" he sounds super concerned and guilty

>"Yeah…I'm fine… what the fuck was that?"

>"You screamed or some shit, you blacked out and I couldn't wake you up."

>"Fuck, are you ok?"

>"Yeah I'm fine, anon, but you felt really really tight, I've never seen that before"

>my pussy feels like it's glowing

>"Please let's have sex like this again soon." I tell him

>Tears of relief in his eyes

>I offer to try sucking him off again if he wants to cum

>he says no and that we need to go home

>head back to house

>parents don't suspect a thing

>I'm acting fucking giddy all day

>veg out on Animal Crossing and plant mad orchards

>bro joins us at dinner that night

>he's quiet but at least he's eating with us again

>can't stop thinking about my bro's dick and abs while dad eye rapes me over his plate

>he fucking shoots dad this malicious look like he's about to tear his head off

>dad stops creepily staring

>love you big bro

>felt weirdly territorial towards mom

>she's still really nice but kind of colder somehow

>healthy loving family

He forgot about Tiffany and basically we started fucking every chance we got after that. I started putting on a bit more weight, and vaginal orgasms didn't give me blackouts anymore. I ended up getting decent at sex but still felt uncomfortable with boys besides my bro, and he never encouraged me to have any other relationship. We still acted normal at home, I was otaku and shit and he went back to being the popular athlete, but he stopped hanging out with people as much so we could go on hikes/fornicate like rabbits when our parents were out. I've got a couple more stories if you want, once we fucked in a park and nearly got caught by people we went to school with, another time we thought our parents were out and they nearly walked in on us.



Nice story! Definitely interested in more.






>year later

>fucking hikes not as frequent

>we're both a little more cautious around our parents

>dad still a creepy pervert

>bro keeps him in line around me with icy death glares

>I'm bit more confident

>more outgoing at school

>friends are a bit more respectful after my brother yells at them for molesting me

>still never hang out with them outside of school

>I'm eating better, cooking more for myself/family

>A-cups evolve to B-cups

>hair gets silky and kinda more feminine

>ass fills out a bit

>way better at sucking my bros dick cause tons of practice

>we still fuck at least 2-3 times a week

>we'd do it way more if parents weren't watching

>almost sure mom figured out we were doing depraved shit but she dgaf

>bro has a gf

>let's call her Katrina

>Kat is bi kinda a whore

>her favorite thing in the world apparently is eating pussy

>big bro HATES eating pussy

>refuses to do it with anyone

>even after I ask he says no

>pretty good at fingerbanging cause he has long pianist fingers so I don't care

>Kat needs pussymunching

>offer to have threesome and do it for her cause lesbi and I want to improve my oral game before a girlfriend

>still haven't been with a girl yet cause big bro has me covered, so eating her out is pretty interesting to me

>bro refuses offer

>says no that's weird, doesn't want rumors getting around high school

>tell myself dammit anon remember this is weird

>finally Kat refuses to fuck my brother unless he eats her out

>he tries

>can hear her in the next room over

>bitching and complaining

>she's hot but she's a mean cunt when she's sexually dissatisfied

>she leaves our house

>go visit big bro

>"not tonight sis"

>looks like he's about to cry/kill something

>can't tell if he's pissed off or depressed

>"What's wrong?"

>"She told me I suck at eating out"

>"Well you hate it right?"

>he starts telling me all the reasons he thinks it's gross

>girls don't wash enough smells like canned tuna thinks about all the dicks previously there etc etc etc



>listen for a while


>"bro you're the only guy that's been inside of me"

>gives me a look like wtf are you on about

>"I mean we can shower or something when dad and mom are out…if you want more practice"

>"you want me to practice eating pussy on you?"

>"yeah if you need it I wouldn't mind"

>next day

>dad decides he wants to go buy more useless junk

>mom goes with him

>soon as they shut the door I hammer on my brother's door

>don't bother waiting for an answer just run into the shower

>get naked

>start fingering myself to warm up

>hear door open


>peek head outside of shower curtain to watch him undress

>keep fingering myself while I watch

>he gets in shower and takes over for me

>like going from a peddle bike to a Gyarados

>cum once

>he's polite and likes to get me off before him

>"ok I'm going to try this now"

>our house had a normal bathroom/showever combo with a thick outer rim, enough for me to sit down

>he has me sit down on the back and spreads my legs

>gets down to business

>he's not actually really bad

>big dog licks, doesn't focus clit just up and down on my labia

>no rhythm though

>I really like the feeling but it's not quite enough

>"stop" I tell him

>"something wrong?" he looks confused and actually kind of pissed off

>"no 1 sec"

>run naked out of bathroom soaking wet still

>grab cheap boombox radio/stereo from kitchen counter



>rush back to bathroom and push power on the radio

>it's some shitty T-Pain hip-pop music

>change station to local classic rock

>Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love"

>get back in shower with my bro

>notice he's soft so I blow him for a bit

>get him close, then stop

>he's half crazy at this point from sexual frustration

>"back to me, I'll finish you after" I offer

>pounces on my pussy like a tiger on fresh meat

>like all he can focus on is my vagina

>starts licking with Jimmy Paige's guitar


>really pretty good even though he's no where near my later girlfriend's were

>I cum hard

>really loud, which is weird for me

>totally different from his dick, which makes me quiet/moan a lot

>pretty much as soon as I'm done he stands up and makes me blow him

>do it for a bit but kinda still dazed from orgasm

>he pulls me up and turns me around

>we fuck doggy style for a bit

>my pussy fucking craving dick at this point so I'm just going with it

>since I have a bit of an ass now doggy actually feels better

>we fuck for a few minutes, he pulls out and cums on my back

Later he mentioned he went down on Katrina a couple times but every time he said she'd never wash enough. He was really loyal to his girlfriends but she ended up leaving him cause she was a whore.

He'd only eat me out in the shower so I never got enough of it because showering together was difficult with our parents around. I could tell he enjoyed bjs/fucking way more than going down on me.

We never used protection, he said he used condoms with other girls because he didn't want diseases. He always pulled out except once when our dad nearly walked in and he had like a surprise orgasm in me. It was really hot (and scary) but my bro had me on plan B like 2 hours later and we were way more cautious, thank christ we never had a highschool incest babby



if you have any more please post


There was a series of posts in one of halfchan's /gif/'s incest threads; eventually anonamiss decided to aggregate them into a tumblr for us spectators.


I'll just leave this here for ya'll to enjoy.


File: 1437464780394.png (531.56 KB, 1343x2770, 1343:2770, 1437463198387.png)

(semi)fresh from halfchan


File: 1437625207242.png (952.44 KB, 3200x4450, 64:89, 1437614540743.png)

And if you want a incest novel…




60 pages in, and I really have to set it down for now, but I must say it is a really cute story


File: 1438434127697-0.png (527.46 KB, 963x6464, 963:6464, 01 - Zoe part 1 The Incest….png)

File: 1438434127698-1.png (383.4 KB, 1346x4448, 673:2224, 02 - Zoe part 2 Does Zoe D….png)

File: 1438434127698-2.png (774.49 KB, 1264x6543, 1264:6543, 03 - Zoe part 3 A Quantum ….png)

File: 1438434127698-3.png (476.11 KB, 991x3918, 991:3918, 04 - Zoe part 4 Wrath of M….png)

File: 1438434127698-4.png (651.7 KB, 1033x5436, 1033:5436, 05 - Zoe part 5 Revenge of….png)




Found 1 more, also the rest of them have too many pixels (>10k^2)



File: 1440129586132.jpg (1.2 KB, 41x125, 41:125, .1.jpg)


File: 1440129644166.png (2.06 MB, 3803x9764, 3803:9764, .2.png)


File: 1440130062944.jpg (592.66 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, .3.jpg)


File: 1440130125073.png (3.84 MB, 5632x7784, 704:973, .4.png)


File: 1440130154291.png (771.96 KB, 1323x4066, 1323:4066, .5.png)


File: 1440130193800.jpg (477.2 KB, 2900x2000, 29:20, .6.jpg)


Does any one have all the zoey posts there is more than 10


File: 1440764188732-0.png (3.02 MB, 4964x9783, 4964:9783, 1440757652293[1].png)

File: 1440764188732-1.png (551.52 KB, 1044x3254, 522:1627, 1440602456203[1].png)

Over the last week there was like a mass out ing on halfchans /b/. I'll try to keep this thread updated with Columnfags and Ems stories

Columnsfag is pic related and Ems is in this pastebin: http://pastebin com/ZL1Sxphs

Also another random wincest greentext


File: 1440895755292-0.png (1.5 MB, 3435x3055, 687:611, 1440893026026.png)

File: 1440895755306-1.png (3.14 MB, 8640x5088, 90:53, EM01.png)

File: 1440895755306-2.png (1.43 MB, 8560x4296, 1070:537, Em02.png)


So here i am, leading you upon this evenings update on Em's story.

Actually it's the whole story so far as screencapped by some other Anon.

Also, another random greentext from this thread and a pastebin of "Hearties" story that i haven't even read yet( http://pastebin.com/TD4Q6F80 ).

There are quite some reguöars at the Wincest threads at halfchans /b/ right now, answeing questions and just talking to each other. You should really check it out.


File: 1440907461102.png (760.06 KB, 2464x3726, 1232:1863, 1440897928921.png)


File: 1440919782257.png (3.14 MB, 8640x5088, 90:53, 1440909271991.png)

I'm looking for the other parts of this story. Would be grateful for any help.



look at >>1457


File: 1441038998257.jpg (12.51 KB, 228x221, 228:221, uturn.jpg)

My first time was with my brother. I was 8, he was 13. We were laying in my mom's bed, watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and he put his hand on my thigh under the covers. He kept slowly creeping closer to my vagina until finally his hand was on top of my pajama pants. He put his hand inside my pj pants and started rubbing my clit. I got really wet and he started fingering me and kissing me hard on the lips. Then he whispered in my ear that he wanted to make his baby sister cum. He started playing with clit again and pulled his pants down and guided my hand to his cock. He folded his hand over mine and started moving it up and down over his hard cock. I came while this was happening. After I came, he went back to fingering me inside while I kept moving my hand up and down on his penis until he was about to come then he leaned over and finished himself into a tissue. And thus began 6 years of playing with and fucking my older brother. Also began a serious incest fetish lol.



bby pls come back with more stories



pleaaaaaaaassee tell me you have more screencaps about katie and her "brother"


Newest pastebin of Rob's and Em's story I have:



File: 1441434997932.png (2.16 MB, 3616x2476, 904:619, 1441431492201.png)



Is anybody even reading these?

Anyway, new pastebin: http://pastebin.com/KjsJ9xZE



yeah dude, please keep them coming



Is there any more after this?





Here's todays pastebin: pastbin.com/kiMGsJYE



That story really got me hooked. Please continue posting the pastebins! Where does he publish it originally?



halfchans /b/




Can you keep us up to date everytime it changes?



New pastebin of columns story here: http://pastebin.com/ALJXYRZg

grab it while its hot yo




not the google doc guy, but: Small Update


File: 1442110162636.png (171.94 KB, 802x614, 401:307, 1.png)

Does anyone have the rest of this series?



Dont bother. Its a troll.






i want more of this watamote chick's stories



what do you mean why? Its a troll story. Im pretty sure it was a walk the dinosaur ending



Is that the most up to date one?



afaik yes



Gutted, looking forward to more.


File: 1442705603136.jpg (1.83 MB, 4160x2340, 16:9, foto_no_exif(68).jpg)


so uh, someone linked this to me. hello! i guess if you guys have questions, i'll keep checking back.

this captcha system is weird.



Holy shit hey dude. This had better not be a trick…

I've never posted before, I just now realized you're right about the captcha. Seems better than the halfchan one though.




no trick! someone just linked me here, so, i figured why not?

i apologize for not checking back in as often i do on 4chan but it doesn't move that fast, you know?



yo robs now that 4chan is owned by Hiroyuki Nishimura are you going to move chans or are you going to keep posting on 4chan



who are you again? which story was yours?



Don't worry, I barely check much myself.


He's the one who ran away with his little sister.



there are at least 3 of those that i am aware of, friend.



Holy shit, I love everything about this, it might be my new favorite place on the internet.

So much that I'll share my story if you want. Or if you don't fuck you, I like remembering this stuff.

Years ago i lived with my dad, just the two of us, mom split when I was little cause she was a bitch. I don't remember much about her really, but we have some pictures, and I know my dad was real hung up on her. She's not important though. We shared the "womanly duties" cleaning, cooking (he's a pretty good cook) that stuff. Daddy daughter team full on right?

My dad would still date, but none of this "Aunt Mary" shit, he always told me they were girlfriends. I don't think he ever really knew how well sound traveled in our house though because I could hear damn near everything whenever a girlfriend stayed over. And at fourteen I was kind of obsessed with sex. Who isn't right? I'd say thank God for the internet but I really didn't need it. The only "problem" was that when I listened to my dad and his girlfriends do it, while I did it, I could only really picture him. I knew at the time I shouldn't, but I mean, it's his voice, I can't not here his voice and not think of him right? I stopped caring after a while anyway. I used to hate it when he brought girls home but once this whole routine started I actually got excited for it.

Anyway fourteen and Dad's got a girlfriend, but it doesn't really last for long. Most of his relationships don't. I still think he's hung up on mom, the bitch. I wanted to cheer him up so I made a plan of a little date night. I'm only fourteen so he's got to drive everywhere, but I told him where to go and what we were doing. We had dinner, saw a movie (A Knight's Tale, I miss you Heath) got Ice Cream. Wanted to take his mind off things, really nothing nefarious until he said that I'd make a great girlfriend. It was like 'knock knock' in my head and then instead of thinking of my dad and just a sort of grey blobby whatever woman when he was having sex, it was me and dad.

So I did what any dumb, horny girl would do, I tried to get into bed with him. Well that didn't work out. At all. Instead of me seducing him it turned into a whole talk about sex and stuff. I told him about when he would bring his girlfriend over and they'd do it, and I could hear them and I'd masturbate to them fucking. I was sent to my own bed that night. Over the next weeks though it started to be a joke, you know? It was real open and loose and looking back it was really flirty. It was strange at first talking about sex stuff, he wanted to know if I had a boyfriend, if I'd ever done it, all those things. I'd tell him no, and he'd say it's cause I didn't have any boobs (They never did get very big) or something like that. It went on for like three months.



Well one day it all sort of changed. My dad hadn't found a new girlfriend in all that time, and one day I remember I told him I felt really sexy, I don't even remember why I said it. But he agreed with me, he a;ways did, so it was joke time ago. I told him that I'd totally have sex with me today, normally he'd laugh at that and we'd go on with whatever we were doing, but this time he said that he would too. I never asked him why he said that, or why it happened that day but that night we had sex.

We'd ended up making out on my bed and it was great feeling his hands all over me he really liked squeezing my butt and I could feel him rubbing my pussy and I was grinding on him the whole time.We got undressed really got down to it. My dad's a little tall. over six feet, and I guess you could say he's beefy? Not fat, but he's not walking around with a chiseled six pack. Just kind of normal you know? It's definitly the memory fogging up, cause I know he's not that big but remembering it it looked like his dick was fucking huge. I laid down and he got between my legs and asked if it was okay and I nodded, I swear I didn't say a word from between when the making out started to then, and he started to put it in me and it was fucking great. He did it real slow, just a little bit, then a bit more and a bit more. He must have had experience with girls first times because it didn't even hurt. When he said he was all the way inside he stayed like that and we kissed, and he started moving and it was just awesome. He held my hand the entire time we did it. I remember it took forever, but it was over too soon, if that makes sense. I wish it could have been like in those stories where the guy comes and five minutes later he's ready to go again but it wasn't. It was better and worse at the same time. When he said he was going to come I told him to do it inside me (he says I was begging him, but I don't believe it) it was the first time I really said anything that I remember, and I remember I called him "daddy" when I did it. And he did it, and I loved that twitching feeling of it. (He'd had a vasectomy years ago, but I didn't really know about it, when he had the operation he just said it was surgery and he shouldn't move around a whole lot.)

We did it a whole lot after that, like any chance we really got. Nothing like days of just fucking but four five times a week. We were both really turned on by the whole situation. Me calling him daddy really revved us both up, and I don't know if it's a fetish but everything always felt better if I could be holding his hand during it. And so it was from when I was 14 until I was 25 when I moved out and he got another girlfriend, they're still together even and he seems pretty happy. We still tease each other though.


Wow. That would be better if you were older, but you consented to it so still hot in my book. My daughter is going to grow up to be so beautiful. I love her mother, but at the same time I know, given my incest fetish, that it will be difficult to hold strong

Not gonna lie, her 15-17 age is going to be the most difficult to hold out on. I'm her step dad, but she adores the hell out of me. Does anything (chores) I ask her to and is very obedient. She sneaks kisses on my cheek and hugs around my neck when her mom isn't around - my wife personally hates it. Thinks it's inappropriate and thinks she will grow up fucked up if that's the case. I think it's cute, and she never did have a father before me.

The weird thing is, my wife and I still have an amazing sex life. She doesn't know my incest obsession though.

When I was younger, my sister would turn me on to playing with her. She was my first kiss (I always thought "sadly"), and the first girl to play with my dick to the point of cumming, also the first vagina I'd ever touched, though it never sent anywhere. Now, I am to the point where I wouldn't do anything with actual family, but the thought of watching or hearing about incest makes me harder than probably anything else. I just wish incest were legal so we could see much better porn (being that it'd be real).

Is it weird that I already kind of plan on sneaking peeks at my daughter later in life? Idfk. If she grows up to be as beautiful as my wife (she is well on her way), then I am extremely antsy.



I don't doubt that it's fucked me up but I mean, I love my dad, I wouldn't give up what happened for anything.



I still am not sure if I was fucked up because of my sister and I doing so much. It was a few years for sure, but I grew up to be pretty normal.

I secretly hope one day that my daughter makes a pass at me. When it's legal, of course.. But right now it seems like she would be in love with me if she understood what it meant. She can do no wrong by me and cries if she thinks she's upset me. She constantly wants to hang all over me, and asks me to help her with anything involving her having a small amount of clothing on in front of me. I always dip out cause it weirds me out a little. But, truthfully I'm scared of her doing it at an older age when she is ya know "fully" in her teen prime.



any update on ems story?



afaik thats the place they update since the story's too long for a pastebin now



what about partitioning the pastebin into two sections? im really intrigued



current updated archive is at

tinyurl com/wincestdrive

Em has a kik group #emandrobs if you're interested in keeping updated


Here's a greentext I dug up for you, Anon:



Anyone got any new columnsfag?



i know you are inbred

and that is actually hot to me but please see






I marked out the only mother-son shit in this thread, saddened by only three posts.


Loved the stories. Don't have any siblings but incest porn and stories turn me on so much. Anyone know any blogs, chats, or anything else. Would really appreciate it.


Loved the stories. Don't have any siblings but incest porn and stories turn me on so much. Anyone know any blogs, chats, or anything else. Would really appreciate it.


this thread needs to be stickied



We have like 2 posts per day, a new thread twice a month and 17 empty pages. I don't think anyone is going to miss it…


Any updates from Column? It's been a while.



try the wincestdrive linked above.



which, tinyurl com/wincestdrive ?


Since the writer checked this thread:

Will you continue writing about Em?



I used to live in the city that column's story takes place. From the way he describes his family, the mall, his baptist church and how he's able to bike everywhere, I'm pretty sure we were even neighbors during the time this was going on.

I'm not going to post his name here(especially since I'm not sure), but I am sure he's from Colorado Springs.


File: 1449982291513.png (107.14 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 40 kekearots.png)




File: 1451841365699-0.png (505.86 KB, 3025x2126, 3025:2126, 1451837001418.png)

File: 1451841365700-1.png (3.48 MB, 2784x1688, 348:211, 1451834965661.png)

File: 1451841365700-2.png (1.78 MB, 3000x6500, 6:13, 1451835721031.png)


File: 1451891365236-0.png (343.75 KB, 3056x2212, 764:553, Daugther.png)

File: 1451891365237-1.jpg (2.17 MB, 2700x4900, 27:49, Cousin.jpg)

>Have to wade through cuck /b/ since those working on the stories and archive are there


File: 1452964542549-0.png (3.15 MB, 3096x3369, 1032:1123, 1452960427775.png)

File: 1452964542550-1.png (387.08 KB, 2124x1732, 531:433, 1452960334030.png)

Some mom stories


File: 1455199496692-0.png (2.64 MB, 904x4897, 904:4897, Like Mother, Like Daughter.png)

File: 1455199496692-1.png (1.87 MB, 1848x3847, 1848:3847, Fleshlight.png)

File: 1455199496692-2.png (1.47 MB, 1634x2220, 817:1110, Twinfag.png)

File: 1455199496693-3.png (80.02 KB, 1064x748, 266:187, PregnantSis.png)



Kek on first ending


File: 1458607790341-0.png (926.45 KB, 3480x3776, 435:472, Naomi.png)

File: 1458607790345-1.png (459.86 KB, 1892x3736, 473:934, Stacey.png)

File: 1458607790345-2.jpg (813.11 KB, 1322x3216, 661:1608, 1455678877240.jpg)

File: 1458607790345-3.png (1.87 MB, 1848x3847, 1848:3847, 1453437788966.png)

File: 1458607790346-4.png (137.41 KB, 1812x1504, 453:376, 1455850731274.png)


The one, the only, the Columnfag


Sup, faggot? You're from the Springs, eh? 719, amirite? Anyways. If you really knew me, then you'd best take some shock therapy or some shit until you forget, because if you knew me, that means I knew you, which in lieu means I could probably find you now if I need to and kill you in your sleep… Not that if need to, right? Lol.

Seriously though. Real talk. If you still even check this thread. Got kik?



Youre a hero Column. But dont leave us hanging for too long. I need my fix.




I'll try not to, but I started a new job recently and work 12/14 hour days 6 days a week, so.. I've less free time on my hands then usual. Fucking sucks.


Jesus, no offence to you anons, but this place is somewhat of a mess, I swear I saw 2 or 3 images that were the same. Still, I'm glad there is a place where good incest stories hang around.



Well, since I'm here, my name is Twitch, as the name and tag and all implies it, I've been archivist for a while, and "for a while" I mean 2 1/2 months. I have a size-able screencap collection in which some I've personally screencapped.


File: 1459672529696.png (96.36 KB, 1200x618, 200:103, (Updated)Pre-2.5.7.png)


In speaking of which here's a png and a link to the Drive I'm talking 'bout.

https://drive google.com/folderview?id=0B32C0dU-sZYVc1ZaQ0FvZkI3cjQ&usp=sharing



Thanks for taking the time to create and update all of this. Doing God's work.







Well I try my best to keep the Drive updated, so thanks for the compliments.

I'll update the Drive by Thursday 11:00 PM CT/ 23:00. After that, I might take two weeks off due to health issues, but on the good side I'll create a thread here so anons at "4C" can post their stories so I can save them for the Drive.



Have you archived the anon and Marcy story here >>>1037?



Not yet, I'm a bit busy saving and editing a few things.


anyone got that HUGE google doc one about the guy with the slutty sister, he ends up being fuckbuddies with his sister and dating her friend and apperently his mom has some sort of condition where she's super nympho for some reason?



Check twitch's archive, it's on there under Tasha's Brother



Oh my god, dude you're a hero, if it's really you. I loved your story and your humour. Is there a continuation? I must know - how did it end?



I just got to the creationist part. I take everything back. You're still funny as hell, but your opinions and beliefs just gave me ass cancer.



What's the news on Rob?



Rumors has it, Rob died in a drunken car crash, the other rumor is that Rob stopped writing due to personal problems with Lacey being written part of the story. I can't confirm whether both rumors are true or not, but I do wonder what happened to him and Em.



Please, i need to know what happenned with rob and em



Haven't read it yet but I noticed Rob's story got an update 2 months ago, what's going on?



That was an accidental update from either me or Kane, probably while re-reading it.


File: 1469734387055.png (4.77 MB, 1920x6666, 320:1111, v father of the year.png)

Does the archiving team have any alternatives besides google drive?


Where are the new stories getting posted anyways?



Either the wincest drive or Twitch's drive which begs the question if they have other secure places.


I guess you don't archive story from other sources, but fwiw I think this is a significant piece of work



Can anyone give me advice on fucking my cousin?



Well actually, I want to marry her. I just need to know how to talk to her. Backstory:

I recently joined the USMC, I am a poolee now. I leave for training in 2 months. My cousin is a complete fucking bombshell. When we were freshmen in high school, she was in my state (she lived in Alabama) for Christmas, we kinda did the friendly childish wrestling, but you know how that goes. Anyway, I feel like she had a crush on me, I definitely had a crush on her. Now she's back in state at college an hour (really two but I speed bad) away. I want to marry her lads.



Have you looked into the law regarding marriage between cousins? There's not much to say other than get to know her and hang out often.



yes, it's legal where we are desu


Who wants to hear a kind of fucked up story that's a little anticlimactic? It's a true one though, not one of those "eventually devolves into a porn script" ones. Warning, it may be a little depressing.

This is the story of how I learned to distinguish fantasy from reality.

First, some background. Maybe the more interesting part to some, maybe not. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I discovered female genitals thanks to my sister who was a couple years younger. My memory of it is very foggy, so I only vaguely remember the details, but you probably want to hear them, so I'll try to remember.

I was watching TV in my room one night with my sister, when we started playing this bizarre game where I would throw toys under the bed and she would try to go get them. If it sounds like a dumb game, that's because it was. The only reason I made it into a "game" at all was because the first time it happened, incidentally, I happened to notice that she was wearing a long t-shirt/nightie without any underwear. Clueless child on the cusp of puberty that I was, I was fascinated. When she went to go get the toy I threw under the bed, I happened to see her bare vagina, and it was pretty much the first one I'd ever seen outside of vague memories from having baths together.

So we repeated that little "game" several times, at my insistence. I'd throw the toy, and she'd go get it, and while she was getting it, I'd stare slack-jawed at her pussy. Eventually she must have figured it out, because out of nowhere, the next time I went under the bed to shoot the toy under it, she lifted up her nightie and stuck her butt right in my view, while laughing. I'm pretty sure we both burst into laughter at that point.

My memory from that point on is pretty fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure I had a boner and ended up showing her, and we showed each other our privates and touched them and stuff. It wasn't anything sexual. I didn't even know what sex was, let alone how to do it. It was just typical innocent childlike experimentation.

That experimental relationship continued in the coming days afterward, and eventually escalated. Whenever we would play in one of our rooms, one of us would sometimes suggest that we "show" each other again, and do lewd things. Nothing overtly sexual, just innocent curious touching, mainly. I think I tried to get her to suck it once, although I didn't know about blowjobs or anything, so I don't know where the idea came from, but the most she did was give it a light peck. We would giggle a lot when we did this, and there was even one point where we got a little overconfident, and she suggested that I walk out into the hallway in my bathrobe with my underwear pulled down underneath it, and my boner poking out in front of me, all while our parents were in the living room watching TV, just down the hall.

While I don't know at what point we messed up, that may have been the moment, as I do remember my dad looking at me from the couch and letting out a loud and angry-sounding nose-exhale. Whether that was the moment or not, as it turned out, our parents eventually figured out what we were doing.

My mom out of the blue decided to give me a bath one day, when she hadn't done that in years, and then out of nowhere asked if we'd been touching each other. There's a certain sense of vulnerability when you're sitting naked in the bath and someone asks you something. She had the psychological advantage. It was really hard to lie at that point. She had apparently already asked my sister in the bath prior to me, who told her everything. Actually, she told her that I was the only one doing all the touching and that everything was my idea, essentially throwing me under the bus, which wasn't true. Although when I told my mom that it was both of us equally, she believed me, thankfully. Our parents sat down with both of us and had a talk about how we shouldn't do that because only "sick" people do things like that, and that they'd let it slide without any serious punishment because they knew we were just "curious" but that we should never do it again. To make sure, from that point on, we weren't allowed to play in the same room together with the doors closed anymore, and we slowly grew more and more distant as siblings. Up until that point, we'd been pretty close, often playing together every day, but that became less and less common as the days and years went on.



Fast forward now to the actual story. I was in high school. I was a horny teenager who'd read a lot of incest doujins, and there was a small part of me that remembered those times from when I was a kid. At this point, my sister and I hardly even talked anymore. She had friends who she hung around with and talked with on the phone all the time, and I was kind of a quiet loner.

Being the stupid teenager that I was, I often entertained some bizarre ideas. One of those ideas that constantly floated in my head was the worry that nothing I experienced was "real". That I was in some kind of dream, or simulation or something. Have you ever had that kind of thought? That maybe everything you're experiencing is just a program and you're just going through the motions or something? It's stupid, but that was the kind of thing that would keep me up at night.

I felt there was only one way to "test" that theory, to see if I was actually in "reality" and not fantasy. And it was to do something outrageous and unpredictable and see what happened. Not that I ever seriously planned on actually doing anything like that. There was no way I could risk doing something irreversible after all, and I was an incredibly shy and reserved person. I had common sense, at least I'd like to think.

But all it takes is one moment for that common sense to disappear. I was home alone with my sister one day. She was upstairs talking on the phone, and I'm downstairs playing video games, as per usual. There was nothing out of the ordinary about this, until suddenly she comes downstairs and talks to me.

"Anon, is the phone working for you?"



The phones weren't working. (This was a bit before the era where kids started commonly having cellphones) At this moment, some pretty dark thoughts started to swirl in from the back of my head. Let me tell you about the phones. There's a bit of background to this, actually. My mother is a victim of domestic abuse from one of her former boyfriends from before I was born. She has PTSD from it, and her trigger is having the phones unplugged. Apparently she has terrifying memories of this asshole unplugging the phones and beating the crap out of her so she can't call for help. It was pretty awful, and various family circumstances led to me finding out about that at some point. I'd rather not get into that. But suffice to say, I had some pretty fucked up memories involving the phones being unplugged.

And yet despite those fucked up memories, the only thing going through my head was "this is my chance." I don't know exactly what I was thinking, but I had a raging boner. Those incest doujins I'd read so often always had a common theme. It only took one "spark" or event before brothers and sisters would go down the rabbit hole and become addicted to sex with each other. I had a bit of a fantasy of being able to fap openly around my sister and her even offering to help out and stuff. I knew it was totally unrealistic, but part of me came up with this idea that "if I were to just drop my pants in front of her and show her my dick, maybe, just maybe she'd play along and I might lose my virginity." I guess the horny teenage virgin me longed for the pussy I used to play around with as a kid. But I knew if I were to do that at any time, she'd just yell and I'd get in huge trouble. The fact that we were completely alone and the phones weren't working gave me that "this is my chance" feeling. The feeling that even if it doesn't work out, my life might not be immediately over.

So my brain went on autopilot and before I realized it, I started putting my plan into action. First, I unzipped my pants while she wasn't looking so that I could quickly remove them. Then I got up from the couch I was gaming on, and sat down on a chair near her, as if I was about to go talk to her. This alone was very unusual, as we almost never talked, but she was reacting pretty naturally, not really suspecting anything. The fact that the phones weren't working left her with nothing to do. I was feeling more and more optimistic about it as things proceeded. Blood that probably should have been flowing to my head was rushing to my dick instead, and I wasn't thinking straight.

Then, without warning, I stood up in front of her, less than a couple feet away, and I did it. I dropped my pants and underwear at the same time, and started furiously jacking off, while staring directly at her tits.

There was just stunned silence for what felt like a few minutes, but was probably only a few seconds, while I jacked off in front of my 15-year old sister, while staring into her cleavage. I was breathing heavily, and she was looking down at my dick.

Then she spoke. Her voice was trembling.

"Anon, what are you doing?"

I wasn't thinking straight, so I just answered "…Nothing." It was probably the stupidest possible answer I could have given.

A few more seconds passed in silence, then she asked again. "What are you doing?"




It was around the second time she asked when it finally hit me what exactly I was doing. I realized that if I didn't get out of there quickly, I might do something horrible. But I couldn't stop jacking off.

All I could do to make sure I didn't pounce on her right then and there and regret it for the rest of my life was slowly turn around and walk away, with my pants still at my ankles, dick still firmly in hand, jerking off the whole way. I literally walked around the closest corner, sat down on the floor, and just started furiously masturbating, my head completely empty.

After a short while, she followed after me without saying anything, peeked around the corner for a moment, and then walked away, in shock. She went upstairs and watched TV, not saying another word.

I kept masturbating until I came, all over the basement floor, and it was probably one of the greatest orgasms of my life.

And it was after that, that I realized "life is still going on. This is real. I actually just did that. I'm not going to wake up."

I wiped the floor off as quickly as I could, pulled up my pants, went upstairs to my room, and noticed the phone cable behind my bed was unplugged, so I plugged it back in, went outside into the living room for barely a moment, as if nothing had happened and just said "…Try the phone now." And then she tried it, and it worked. And then we never spoke of that incident ever again.

Eventually, she got a boyfriend and moved halfway across the country with him. And here I am writing about this story here, still a virgin nearly a decade later. The only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that I at least had the sense to stop before I touched her at all.

And that was the story of how I learned, the hard way, to distinguish fantasy from reality. It's a mistake I will never make again.



I should add, I didn't even find her that attractive, I just thought incest was hot.

A few years later, we were on vacation at our grandparents' house. I hadn't been able to fap for quite a while, so I decided to try fapping using her underwear, imitating a bunch of hentai I'd read. But it wasn't arousing at all, and I even noticed it had brown stains on it, so I never did that again. During that same vacation, she'd used our grandparents computer. I was snooping through her history a little bit, only to find a forum post where she was asking people if it was normal to bleed while masturbating, and that she was concerned that she hurt herself with her nails.

When I read that, I don't know why, but I felt a huge amount of guilt for ever thinking about her sexually at all. I just felt bad, and from that point on, I never felt anything for her, and I don't regret never fucking her. In fact, I'm glad I didn't.

I still think incest is hot, but only when it involves other people's family and not mine.


File: 041f07303790208⋯.jpg (3.6 MB, 1659x6101, 1659:6101, Siscon-Chan Part 1.jpg)

This ones recent



>Showers often

>I'm a bit of a showeraphobe

That means afraid of showers. Something like showeraphile would be accurate. This is what autism looks like, by the way.


Woo. Forgot about this place. It's me again. Haven't died yet. Is this place dead? I might just start frequenting here instead of the half of this place chan.



>he goes to cuckchan



How much longer are you gonna leave us hanging there Column? My balls have turned shades of blue I didnt even now existed.



I'll will try try try for this weekend.



When? 8-ish PM CT?



I have no exact time planned. Late tonight or sometime tomorrow.



A'ight then, also got a phone so I can lay the "Twitch has no phone and it's 2014+2" meme to rest.


i know this was a while back in the thread, but please tell me the zoe stories has more chapters. ive looked everywhere, but part 10 seems to be it. now i know OPs stop updating all the time, but 10s ending was so anticlimactic that no human being would be that cruel. im a person who needs closure above all else, so understandably this is pissing me off. if any anon has more, or a link to more, i would give my left assflap for it. HELP PLEASE ANONS.



It's a specific board for sex and not that much known so activity similar to /b/ isn't expected.


Have you checked the archive?


Why are so many guys worried about pregging their moms?





For those who are wondering, Column is posting is from now, I believe, to the Google Drive.

https://drive google com/drive/folders/0B8Tk-CUBXokmZHZKaG9oblNpUHc

Just add the missing periods.



What happened to column?



still patiently waiting for the rest of 4th image…

can someone put it on a request board



He's fine, just busy with work. That's all.

Can anyone "link" me Rob and Em's kik group?


File: 62d731b96f6cecd⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 1390x9980, 139:998, Siscon-Chan Part 2.jpg)

File: 2f3cd3e68d8c1a0⋯.jpg (3.71 MB, 1641x3882, 547:1294, Siscon-Chan Part 2.5.jpg)


Update on this one, as well as a Q & A he did. Haven't heard anything since.



Didn't happen



Don't know what to tell you, man. It happened.


Got anything new?


i wasnt just reading robs story to jerk off, i was invested on an emotional level that ive never felt with any other greentext yet. this shit sucks!



This one is troll, though it might be funny for those who like this kind of humor. Not my thing personally



chapter 6 is incomplete, it stops halfway through a sentence and chapter 7 start doesn't join with chapter 6 last line. Can somebody fix this?


You still archiving stuff here twitch?


flushpost (just passing through, sorry)



Wow, can't believe this was more than 2 years ago.

We are fine, in case anybody cares.



Timestamp? Any more stories?



Timestamp of what? In the original Thread I didn't post any pictures, I won't do now, I think the reasons are obvious.

And there are of course many stories to tell, since we have been a couple ever since these days, years ago.

But those are not stories worth telling, we live a pretty normal life actually, like a completely regular couple, we just happen to be related. We even got rings that we wear now, so any new person we meet who realizes we've got the same last name, just assumes we are married.

But we did in fact get the daughter I mentioned in the original posts.



Thanks, but I'm good with these already:




Not working, says it isn't safe or I get 403 forbidden.


Rip this fukin thread



I hope to god it's not… I've been edging to Columns story for 6 hours without knowing it isn't finished yet, so much pain…


What happened to the wincest drive? Column's folder is nuked along with a bunch of other shit



Still there for me, try the twitch drive if it's still not working. Is anyone in their kik group by the way?


German incest forum: http://iksdeh.com



Column's story (Column's Crusade Season 2) was in here up to I believe chapter 20 or 21. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3YMBdhaJ7qjdGNBWUo4M3dzd3c



Chapter 6 of the second volume is still incomplete.

Does anyone have the full one?



I don't even see chapter 6, it skips from 3 to 8 for me


Well, since some chapters of Column's story are apparently missing, I decided to upload what I have to my Drive.



File: daaafc555bd00e4⋯.png (72.25 KB, 937x935, 937:935, chap6.png)


It still looks like something's missing from chapter 6.

Does anyone have the full story?


Jail and hospital. That about sums it up.

I should be back to posting again soon, maybe. I posted a huge chapter which should be the end of season two. Kind of wasn't finished with it yet but whatever. Not sure what's up with chapters missing from the drive so I'll try to fix that if I can this weekend. Oh well. Still kind of sick so I'm going back to bed now.

4/20, blaze it.



could you also consider this >>3882 ?

Before they went missing, both chapter 6 and chapter 7 looked unfinished: the last line and word of each of them were truncated, and they didn't link at all with the start of the next chapter



I'll see what I can do about the chapter 6 iasue, but I'd rather try to find the original document than rewrite anything. If I rewrite it, some anon will have to original saved and start yelling that it proves I'm just making it up on the fly. I used to have most of it saved on my old phone.. but then I broke it. Oops.



Someone saved and reuploaded the folder here. It also contains the chapters missing from the original folder, including 6 >>3878



I saw. I'm trying to copy and save everything to my own personal drive now. So if anything ever happens again, hopefully I'll have it backed up. But I'm doing it from a phone so it's taking too long.


Me again.

What's a good site to save a story like this to? Drive is being too inconsistent for me to keep using without having a backup plan. Anyone use writing so com? Or any other 'post your stories here' type sites?



godspeed, magnificent bastard


you could try using a mega.nz shared folder



Meh. I want something more where I can post as I write, and people can come read as they want to.

So I made a DeviantArt account lol.


Column, try either pastebin or asstr.org, asstr is mostly for fiction but I've seen real stuff as well. The guys on /Loli/ use it almost exclusively



Pastebin or asstr column

Btw long time no see



Thanks man, that helps, was angry about that being missing.

Also I noticed in CCS2 that chapters would out of place, so a mod should probably fix that


Hey does anyone know what happened to rob? I heard he might have died in a car crash, so can anyone confirm or deny?

Been a year and a half since last update so I'm overdue for a fix.

Rip rob


fuck it. I'm going to start writing it without the fucking green arrows. that shit gets old when you're working from mobile.

as such, I'm considering going back and writing it fresh, in a more book like fashion. so it'll all be uniform. thoughts?



Yeah, I love greentext but sometimes old fashioned is nice.

Btw column, there's other chans with boards like this if you ever wanted to post there, like 7chan.



Went to 7. Couldnt figure it out. Im too simple.



Took me like 45 minutes first time I visited. The reason for that is that 8chan was made to be an exact clone of halfchan in most ways, while when 7 broke off they decided to make their own format entirely different from halfchan. Was just a suggestion haha no worries column ;) not all Chans are made equal I guess.

Man I wish this board was more active sometimes, Jesus fucking Christ this is dead. 8chan is going the way of the dodo I think.



I kind of like it. This way if i cant get on all evening, i know the thread will still be here the next day.



Yo. I posted chapter one, rewriten, on my deviant art account.

Legacyofcolumn deviantart com



Fucking sweet man, it's good to have a backup.

Get that new chapter out, bro I need a fix lmao.



8chan has been glitchy as fuck for me lately, as well as the drive. Great to see it backed up.


I wonder if I should start my own thread on here on just keep posting on this one. Anyways

Chapter two rewrite is posted, three isn't far behind. I've got a few watchers, followers, stalkers, whatever you call them on DA, so that's cool. Hope everything is well!



now that u have a DA account, will u still update the gdocs?



Not really. Googledocs on my phone was starting to annoy me, so I decided to stop using it. Sorry?



>Legacyofcolumn deviantart com

Surprised you just didn't go to asstr



Fuck it column, this boards dead anyway. Make your own thread


Guess who's back

Back again

Columns back

Tell a friend

Guess who's back

Guess who's back

Guess wh-

Oh. This thread is pretty dead. Well shit.



we miss you column



I miss you guys too. I'm still around, just not as much as I used to be.



Any idea when we can expect Chapter 23?



Gonna be a while, since I'm rewrotonf everything non greentexty.



Don't worry column, you've always got a reader in me.

Keep it up bro! We love ya



keep up the good work!!


So I just posted two new chapters on the DA. I had forgotten my password over the weekend and forgot to reset it. Whoops.



What's the link again?


File: d5866e723978151⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 3200x3000, 16:15, cokewhore.jpg)

File: 6856234e3d2f8b4⋯.jpg (125.07 KB, 720x911, 720:911, lena1.jpg)

File: 7e283484bb2d4d1⋯.jpg (186.85 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, lena2.jpg)

File: 2be2623f4e6cb0c⋯.jpg (173.85 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, lena3.jpg)

File: 80de2157d2a62a9⋯.jpg (175.83 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, lena4.jpg)


File: 2d75d12c9887ff4⋯.jpg (155.59 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, lena5.jpg)

File: 475b77379768413⋯.jpg (65.72 KB, 720x985, 144:197, lena6.jpg)

File: 47e19fe51ad3091⋯.jpg (95.76 KB, 649x1065, 649:1065, lena7.jpg)

File: 99abc084cf99c70⋯.jpg (112.1 KB, 720x1045, 144:209, lena8.jpg)

File: 6cf2d31860b0216⋯.jpg (81.74 KB, 965x719, 965:719, lena9.jpg)


File: 5c0c8bc638e3411⋯.jpg (73.24 KB, 643x812, 643:812, leenaaa.jpg)

File: 00c3ba0ffe49aed⋯.jpg (126.18 KB, 929x1280, 929:1280, lenaa.jpg)

File: 658e90a903dd7b4⋯.jpg (82.07 KB, 719x951, 719:951, leenaa.jpg)

File: ad5efb2637ef931⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, lenaaa.jpg)

File: fa5ae8e14a89cdb⋯.jpg (71.74 KB, 860x556, 215:139, lenaaaaa.jpg)


File: 20a7999c810bad1⋯.webm (5.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, makinithappen2.webm)

File: 9762752219d023f⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 640x352, 20:11, makinithappen.webm)

File: 1abbc1022e88bec⋯.jpg (109.69 KB, 1142x719, 1142:719, lenadone.jpg)



Where is that from?



probably 4chan


File: 0d9d9d7cc417dac⋯.png (87.82 KB, 662x454, 331:227, Capture.PNG)

Probably not a real story, but do any of you guys have the webm of the video in pic related? All links I can find online seem to be dead, lost my copy a while ago.



Don't know about the link, but the photos are used in a caption thread here (if someone's looking):



File: f3922e58ec8ebce⋯.webm (1.99 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Blindfolded sister on XTC….webm)


Here you go


File: dc860257d8052f9⋯.jpg (206.28 KB, 800x451, 800:451, 21de9d4ea3ecf9bdf59c0698e6….jpg)

>Grew up in extremely rural area

>Lived on what used to be a farm, but was now just a big house on lots of land with a dirt road

>Me, 3 sisters, and dad

>Mom left dad when I was three or four, for reasons that will become apparent

>Growing up, I thought it was normal

>Balls dropped when I was 10

>Sisters at the time were 8, 12, and 13

>Dad forbade my sisters to wear anything but dresses; they didn't even own any pants, t-shirts, or anything like that

>Dad and I could walk around the house nude, but only if we felt like it; usually just walking to/from the shower

>But for the girls, it was mandatory; as soon as they got home from school, the dresses came off and they were naked

>Doing homework? Naked

>Doing chores? Naked

>Playing outside? Naked

>Sleeping? Naked

>The only time the girls were allowed to wear clothes at home was in winter; they could wear dresses and coats outdoors, but as soon as they came inside it was naked time again

>They couldn't even wear socks unless it was cold inside the house; panties were only allowed if they were on their period

>Since we grew up like that, we thought it was normal; if any of us questioned it, my dad told us it was because "girls' need to air out or they get stinky and sick"

>The only time my sisters could have clothes on inside the house was if we had guests; none of us could have friends over unless dad approved it 24 hours in advance, and the girls weren't allowed to have boys over at all

>Again, we thought it was normal growing up; I'd run around outside in shorts and a t-shirt, and my sisters would tag along wearing nothing but their sneakers

>Or we'd all snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie; my two youngest sisters would usually cuddle up to me (in retrospect, they were probably chilly from being naked) and my oldest sister would snuggle up to dad

>We seriously never saw anything weird about this, and being as our nearest neighbor was like two miles away, nobody ever found out


File: 19f29cbcfd1d0e1⋯.jpg (184.45 KB, 1200x1055, 240:211, 6855120f1da5d6044c1a2c3caa….jpg)


>Remember when I said my balls dropped when I was 10?

>That's when dad started 'rewarding' me

>He walked into my room to ask about my homework and caught me jerking off for the first time

>"That's no way for a man to get off"

>Called my 12 year old sister into the room and had her blow me on the spot

>I had no idea what was going on, it was weird and it felt good and I came almost instantly

>From then on, if I finished all my chores for the week, I got a blowjob from one of my sisters

>Not long after that, I discovered that dad got a blowjob every morning before breakfast

>Sucking dick was actually one of the 'chores' the girls had to do; they took turns sucking him off every morning

>I never realized because I was usually the last one up in the morning; I have no idea how long they had been doing that

>Again, we had no idea this wasn't normal; the girls just thought blowjobs was something girls were supposed to do, and I was a kid who could get his dick sucked if he did the dishes every day, so I sure as hell wasn't going to question it


File: 42f31efd4eb2795⋯.jpg (384.35 KB, 760x1075, 152:215, 57bf90aadc130eb0e12e9aab8b….jpg)


>I quickly developed a preference for my oldest sister, 13 at the time; she was the best at sucking dick

>Probably she'd been doing it the longest

>But she complained that I kept picking her all the time, especially if she'd sucked dad off that morning, so dad made the girls take turns with me too

>I asked why he got a blowjob every day, and I only got one once a week, and only if my chores were done

>"'cause I've got the biggest dick in the house, so I make the rules"

>Occasionally I could bribe my 12 year old sister into sucking my dick when dad was out of the house or we were outside playing (no supervision), but she'd only do it if I had something she wanted or did her chores for her

>Oldest sister flat refused to blow me unless she had to

>Youngest sister was the worst at sucking, but I eventually discovered she was a lot easier to bribe than my older sister

>Then I started just telling her she HAD to suck my dick whenever I wanted because I was bigger than her; basically, I was applying dad's rule

>She never questioned it; both my older sisters knew why the two of us would disappear in the woods every time we went outside to play, but they never said anything

>If dad knew, he didn't seem to care

>Still held out for those Fridays when it was my oldest sister's turn to polish my knob; those were the best



>real incest stories

>a bunch of /b/ screencaps



File: f70baf3141e1145⋯.jpg (574.51 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 120a55ad1040ea5dc6f1fc9c68….jpg)


>Not even a year into getting blowjobs, and I soon discovered sex

>Specifically, I went to investigate a weird noise and walked in on my dad railing my oldest sister

>Holy shit, you can put your dick in there too?!

>My dad told me to go away, but I just peeked around the corner and watched him fuck my sister's brains out

>He came inside her; as soon as he finished, I ran out of the house, found my little sister, and had her blow me

>I'd had no idea you could put your penis in a girl's vagina; hell, I wasn't even aware girls had anything but a slit prior to that point

>My dad found me when I came back in the house and told me I was never allowed to do that and had to restrict myself to blowjobs

>Threatened to chop my balls off if I ever broke the rule, so I complied

>Spied on my dad having sex with my oldest sister off and on from then on, my adolescent mind totally obsessed with sex

>11th birthday rolls around, dad announces a new rule: every year on my birthday and Christmas, I get to have sex with one of my sisters

>On Christmas, it's a one time deal; on my birthday, it's an all-day affair



>Lose my virginity to my 12 year old sister

>No condom; didn't even know they existed at the time

>Found out later my dad was giving both my older sisters birth control pills so they wouldn't get pregnant


File: a054a94f8b00e9c⋯.jpg (89.05 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 5621011d18ff296a6be2785add….jpg)


>Blowjobs on the regular were awesome, but the twice-a-year sex was the highlight of my life

>Come age 13, I get the idea that since sex is so awesome and I can push my little sister around and make her give me blowjobs on demand, maybe I can fuck her on the sly too

>She's 11 now, and remember, I had no idea birth control was a thing

>Daily routine became: come home from school, do homework, do chores, go 'play' outside

>Actually just laying an old towel on the ground out in the woods and fucking my little sister like it was going out of style

>Middle sister would occasionally join us just to comment or make fun of us; rarely participated because she didn't want to get in trouble

>Blew my load into my little sister almost daily for five or six months straight

>Then she started feeling sick all the time

>Then her belly started to stick out

>Dad got suspicious and demanded to know if we'd been having sex; we denied it

>A month later and there was no way avoiding it: she was definitely pregnant

>Dad was pissed and beat the shit out of me; he smacked my sister too, but relented when she said she had to do what I told her because I was older, bigger, and a boy

>I was forbidden to fuck, get sucked, or even jerk off, on penalty of death; I was so scared I didn't even think of disobeying

>Dad kept her at home instead of letting her go to school, trying to hide the pregnancy

>Finally, it was time for her to deliver, but there was a problem, I don't know what

>Dad tried to deliver the baby himself, but whatever was wrong he couldn't fix, and he became convinced my sister and/or the baby would die

>Finally drove her to the hospital

>After successfully delivering the baby, the doctors called the cops, who wanted to know why an 11 year old had just given birth

>Dad claimed she'd fucked a boy at school but that she wouldn't tell him which one

>Cops questioned her, she was scared of what dad would do and clammed up

>Court ordered a paternity test; found out the baby was either mine or my dad's and assumed it was my dad's

>Cops question all of us, one of the girls (I never found out which one) squeals and says dad was fucking her

>Dad goes to jail, we all go into foster care


File: 3e4a4c0f14dbcae⋯.jpg (420.33 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 3397839fb44098814439b2b17b….jpg)

>Life in foster care was hell

>It was all over the news, and whenever other kids found out my dad was the creep on tv they made fun of us

>Psychiatrist spends like a year convincing us that what we grew up with wasn't normal and was, in fact, pretty fucked up

>It didn't really take; the other kids in foster care with us were fucked up too and I managed to keep getting blowjobs and occasional sex

>Oldest sister turns 18, immediately runs off and is never heard from again

>Middle sister turns 18, moves all the way across the country to where nobody her as "the girl whose dad fucked her"; occasionally get letters from her

>I turn 18, move into my childhood home and manage to pay the taxes on it thanks to my shitty minimum wage job and free money from the state's "lol orphan" fund

>Little sister and her kid move in with me once she ages out of the foster system too

>All is well for a few months, and then…

>She tells her daughter she has to be naked at home or else she'll get all stinky and gross


>"Let me show you what good girls do"

>Sister sucks my dick for the first time in years while my niece/daughter watches

>After a few more demonstrations, it's her turn to try

>I'm really conflicted; mentally, I know this is wrong, but to me it's 'normal'

>I come in her little mouth and tell her what a good girl she is

>I feel like shit afterward

>But I can't help it

>We settle back into the old routine of incestuous sex and blowjobs, just like when dad was running the show

>And that's the story of my fucked up childhood that resulted in me having an inbred baby with my little sister and then proceeding to molest her too

>I've seriously contemplated suicide on several occasions, but I can't stop myself; I keep doing it to them and acting like it's normal

>Why can't I stop myself

>Why can't I stop



I know you may feel conflicted about your childhood but I still feel incest could be a positive experience that brings family members closer together. You have a chance of being a more positive role model for incest than your father. And you should count yourself lucky that you have two lovers while there are so many men who are sexless lonely depressed virgins including myself.



I usually just come here to lurk, but I have to tell you something:

I don't know if this story is real or not, but if it is, please seek help, preferably in the form of therapy. Child molestation is not OK. Neither is any form of non-consensual sex.



>He thinks anything in this forum is real and not a work of fiction



When's Column coming back? I miss Column.



Coming back? When did I leave? Sup, faggot?




How goes the writing?






If real, please an hero on stream. We would all appreciate the view . :-)



Column is dead! Long live column!



are you dead yet?



So is Twitch still doing the archiving or is that place dead? Also this >>3927


Yeah, I'm still alive. I don't know ow what Twitch saves anymore, but my stuff is at

Tinyurl com/columnscrusade

Season 1 and 2 of the original


Tinyurl com/ColumnsWildRide

For the rewrite and new stuff (not much there yet)



I still follow this thread and I'm sure others do just for your posts.



columnfag lives on



does he though



Yes, I'm still alive. Barely.

The holidays have been a little rough, but I'm chugging along. I guess I should update soon though, eh?



Glad to see you back



Yeah, ive been around. I need to get my rythym back and start writing more. I spread myself too thin over too many different projects lately. I'll have something new posted by this weekend.



Anyone heard from redditfag lately?











File: 6caec59ec51f938⋯.png (331.15 KB, 1794x2460, 299:410, 1516006381418.png)



That was great!




>literally paedophiliac phantasies: the thread



15 is pedo now? You're fucked up.



15 is pedo



for someone to be considered a pedophile, must be 16 or older and make an age difference of 5 or 6 years with respect to the child



legal in my country



So, this happened to me a long time ago, I don't remember how it started exactly, maybe because I was young, maybe because of some trauma or because I didn't think it was a big deal at the time. The ages are mostly aproximate as I didn't really keep tally on a calendar.

I used to play with a friend two houses down the road, he was ~2 years older. My aearliest memories of doing something sexual was him and I masturbating together. I wasa ~9 at the time. I could even cum really, only dry cum, which hurt a little.

We started sharing anecdotes of the scraps of porn we could gather on the pre-google internet days (you had to know the address!) mainly what we could watch on a cable channel that had a softcore porn segment on fridays, and mostly fake stories from other kids.

Little by little we got more confortble with

each other until we started taking turn playing male and female. Dry humping, masturbating and eventually sucking each other.

This is one of the parts where I don't

remember how it happened, but some day

my cousins and my younger brother (1,5 year younger) got in on the play. And we started doing pretty much the same. We started dry humping a lot then.

Every time we were alone a small preteen humping orgy would happen.

The only one who escalated to penetration were my older cousin (~2 years older) and me.

By this time I could only cum a small amount of watery transluscent cum, and only once.

They were a nice good couple of years cumming inside without a care in the world.

We were the only ones who kept doing it over the years, every chance we got. It got better over time, with experience.

Even though we were having sex all the time,

my cousin refused to kiss. That was weird, I

would get blowjobs (sometimes) but never


We had a complicated relationship, we didn't share much besides the sex, and she had a bad habit of pressuring me into it when we could get caught or in screwed up circumstances.

Then one day, we were on the pool with my

cousins and brother, and my mom went to shop

We didn't miss any time and started doing it

right there! The others were always surprised

we actually had actual sex instead of just hotdogging. I still remember an "It's actually going inside? That's discusting!" from my brother.

When my mom came back we were halfway there, far along so that we were blushing. We scrammed to pull our swimsuits back on, but she managed to se me doing it. I said the others had pulled on it as a prank and sighted of relief when she bought it. But then, that same afternoon, we where playing hide and seek (Again, I was around 11 at the time.) when my brother lost the game, he got mad and went to tattle to my mother. I pleaded with him all the way "Dude, you're way overkilling it!" And the little shit told her anyway. The fact that we were suspicious earlier convinced her.

She got really mad, of course, and she was the first to tell me something that hadn't even crossed my mind yet. That we were doing incest and that was disgunting. I was just worried because we were kids.

My older brother found out about it, but my mom, told me to never do it again or she would tell my father and uncle what I had done.

We were kept separate but with having to keep quiet about it, my mom wasn't super effective. We still saw each other on family functions and the like, and had sex when we could. When I tried to resist, she would come to me and make sexy noices on my ear until I accepted or got mad and told her to leave.

I still remember once we escaped from a christmas party on my house (2nd floor), and went to my grands house (1st floor) so have sex. We fucked in my Gdad's chair on her insistence.

We kept doing this once in a while, but she was older and had actual boyfriends eventually and it fizzled out. I usually count when I was 13 as the time we sttoped, but we did do it 2 times up till I was 15.

If you wanted a story where we end up togheter happily married with a bunch of kids, I'm sorry to dissapoint you. She DID have a bunch of kids, so many I actually, no joke, lost count. Most from different guys (none of them me). We stopped talking when I saw she just wasn't the same person anymore, but I always thought we would eventually be able to sit back with a beer and talk about things, maybe when we where old.

That will never happen, she died in a car crash a couple of years ago. I'm sorry to say that when I heard I thought the worst of her, sure she was high or drunk (given past experience). It was actually the other driver's fault, who made it out alive. And she wasn't partying as I liked to assume, she was coming back from work.

I know the ending sounds cliche, but it is what it is. I also didn't think something that happens to so many would happen to someone I know.

There's some experiences with my sister and brother. But the most interesting and long one is with my cousin. I can answer non doxxing questions.

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