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File: 9b07263443b48e4⋯.jpg (192.22 KB, 1024x995, 1024:995, EtEv.jpg)


please post just real incest pic & videos and your real stories


sleeping mom


This is gross

I came here for bro+sis

Only incels want to fuck their own mom




kys incest is degenerate


>>5 I don’t want to fuck my mom, I want to fuck a mother/son combo. But whatever, at least they’re human unlike the zoo degenerates


It has been 2 years now my mother and me having regular sex in night. After my father died we came too close to each other and started sleeping on the same bed and were used to cuddle with each other. After few days she kissed me and we felt awesome and we had first copulation. It was too good for both of us and from then we are kind of addict.


tnx for sharing… I hope things go well between you and your mom! haha


nice sleeping mom


Ya nothing wrong as long as both are into it. My lil bro and I started messing around when we were yng…as we got older we laid off of it when we were dating ppl (him-girls me-boys) but during dry periods well hey a hand is a hand and a mouth is well a warm cum bucket

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