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File: f8f971074a413d3⋯.jpg (91.1 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 6p6wjtc.jpg)


has anyone ever touched his mom ass in sleep?


File: 723190204a2324e⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 498x500, 249:250, 723190204a2324e5148be7d78….jpeg)



I've touched my aunt's ass before when she was asleep she has a nice ass





File: aade077bec5fda1⋯.jpg (63.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 0ir53._272.jpg)

my mum is cooking


i think it is normal to touch and feels mom's body when she is sleeping


I'm 26 now, when I was much younger like 6 or 7 and I had a bad dream I used to go wake up my mom and ask her if I could sleep in her bed so she used to kick my dad out to my room, when I hit 13 and realized what a hard on was I used to lie to her and say I had night terrors and used to pretend the only way I could sleep was next to her, so the one night I did this and she was sleeping in a loose fitting top so I slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her breast and began to touch myself while I slowly looked at her tits till I worked up the courage to suck her nipples, the one night she woke up, she asked wtf am I doing and I said and I quote "nothing just trying to cover you up" she said nothing and went back to sleep, nothing happened after that, even though to this day when I'm arpu d to visit she still asks me to sit and talk to her when she's in the bath

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