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/incel/ - Involuntary Celibate (incel)

Hangout for shys, autists, genetic subhumans and emotionally scarred people who can't get a gf or get laid (or struggle to).


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File: e3564f4a1d6f26f⋯.jpg (588.01 KB, 1439x2559, 1439:2559, Snapchat-531227485.jpg)


>tfw when you'll never be this alpha

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>retarded meme ideology

get a load of this cuckold

File: 0b05da7462c24f4⋯.png (401.03 KB, 455x456, 455:456, hamlossus.png)



Involuntary Celibate refers to a group of MEN(Women can't be incel) who struggle in the dating game. They may be virgins or simply going through a long dry streak.


1. No women

2. No Gay shit

3. Bluepills kept to a minimum

4. Message the admin if you have any questions: Mahlo#2892


ITT we drop blackpill bombs


File: b4e6a22179f8f1e⋯.jpg (23.71 KB, 480x480, 1:1, ioste.jpg)

Let me share two simple realizations that will drive your disgust for women to new heights.

>You can't respect ANY woman.

Because they all whore around on social media. From just topless pics to full on orgy photoshoots. You can see it everywhere: snapchats, nsfw boards, subreddits, private messages. Millions of pics. This means all of them do it. Not just Stacy, but also your innocent 14 y.o. cousin and the otherwise shy girl from class. Trust my experience and the experience of all other men or the numbers alone. They ALL whore around on the internet and in the real world probably too. You can't respect any of them.

>They can CHOOSE.

They can choose when to have sex and with whom. They can have sex anytime they want. For men, one of the most important things is sex. They strive for it with every action they take, for most of their life. And most of the men can't get it (as often, or with the ideal partner, or any sex). They just can't do anything abou it. Women, on the other hand, can CHOOSE the time and partner. All they need to do for literally DOZENS of dicks is setting up a tinder account (10 minutes) or going on a drinking spree in the city (1 saturday evening). Men almost can't fathom this privilige and liberty. Most of us are shackled and hopless. But women can just do it. That's why their minds are so weak: They can't imagine the suffering and hopelessness when you just absolutely can't get what you want.


Totally agree with you here, brother! In my experience, the femmoids with the most power over who they have sex with are the most easily manipulated. So frustrating that those with the most power are those that have the least strength. They'll never know what it's like to jerk off to pictures of your waifu, with your semen mingling with your tears as you realize that you'll never be good enough.


I've been poor (won't bother with a 'career'), fat (won't bother exercising) and ugly (well, born dat way) all my life, I have a small dick, I limp with one leg (car accident as a child).

Never had a problem with finding women to have a relationship and sex with. On quite a few occasions women have tried to drag me into their bed. Three or four were model quality pretty (sorry, no pics for you).

Nobody I know (and I know hundreds of men) has had any problem scoring, having a relationship. Most are married.

Don't lie to people.


i dont trust something that bleeds for 5 days and doesnt die.

Women should have their uterus's cut out and entrail torn out spewed across the pavement.


we must unite incel do as brenton tarrant if necessary, but not for racist motives but for incel reasons, my email incelcommunity@secmail.pro


the incel must revolt, make attacks if it is necessary but there are fed up

File: 88eb0354c0de4a7⋯.png (6.36 KB, 512x512, 1:1, New Zealand will never see….png)


Fuck this, you're all just a bunch of larpers.


Master and Sarge sends all of your data straight to the five eyes

File: a1189488cc45386⋯.png (642.59 KB, 1000x633, 1000:633, Tarrant hugged by blonde g….png)

File: 3143a3e634324ad⋯.png (737.68 KB, 768x849, 256:283, Tarrant with 2 girls.png)


Brenton Tarrant was clearly no incel

WTF why must they try to go after incels for all mass killings? Just because that Canada van-attack guy seemed to be an incel doesn't mean they all are. I mean look at this guy with the girls on his arms. Incel? Fuck off, fake news.

File: 0025076fbd2380b⋯.mp4 (6.35 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Incel fascism as a practic….mp4)


Good video. Board is dead so might as well drop it. Post other incel blackpills or solutions.

File: 9dcaa286f8890f6⋯.jpg (86.19 KB, 992x744, 4:3, Elliot_Rodger.jpg)




File: 8a4123963231d14⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 316x202, 158:101, enough.jpg)




She's about a 5, nothing to sneeze at face wise. But she has huge breasts,they were the first thing I noticed about her. We were discussing our adventures in society when I brought up the topic of sexual partners. She said that she never had any, even on high school, because she was too busy playing video games and the fact that she's "asexual". Another problem is that she's black, I normally don't like black women, but I'll take what I can get now

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Why, she said she's a virgin. Why lie to an incel when we seek virgins


If she's asexual she's not interested in sex dumbass.



Into the trash it goes!





>She's about a 5.

I read this as "She's about 5" then see "huge breasts" and think wtf

> the fact that she's "asexual"

Something like that simply isn't provable and I fucking hate the label. ROCKS are asexual. Humans who have lower libidos than average are more accurately termed "hyposexual".


>If she's asexual she's not interested in sex dumbass.

Asexual is just a label people use as a polite letdown, or because they are in denial of their own sexuality. Realists would use "hyposexual".


Came across this meme https://www.reddit.com/search?q=%22volcel+if+you+wouldn%27t%22

Who started it? Isn't it just a clever way of pointing out that 99% of "incels" are actually volcels?


Come and visit us at www.truecels.org, the newest online forum by and for incels only. We ban women and normies on sight.


We're also a free speech board, as long as what you have to say challenges the standard socially accepted general narrative endorsed by modern liberal society. Join us and let us spread the beta uprising to the furthest and darkest corners of the web!


unless someone hurts your feelings?

You lovely little snowflakes…

File: 6fe1e26a596e49b⋯.jpg (71.57 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, sohappy.jpg)


rent a hooker

feels good man



Adorable, but

> weird yellow blemishes on beak

2/10 would not fuck


Has anyone ever heard that you wake up once you die because your brain can’t imagine it? That happened to me today, except with sex. Anyone had similar experiences?

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