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File: 5c1c9f16ed63688⋯.jpg (265.19 KB, 1790x1640, 179:164, 346yrtuty9i78.jpg)


Got any tips for your own, or books that cover your language/other languages better than


I don't think anybody wants to learn portuguese, because brazillians and the portuguese are the ones who speak it.


File: d95c59cf8ce307e⋯.jpg (89.08 KB, 590x518, 295:259, d95.jpg)

I'd like to but nobody wants to learn spaghetti



I do, I'll start when I feel like my french is good enough.


It's not that bad, Angolanas speak it too.



I'd like to, actually, because I want to shitpost like only a sports commentator ever could. It always sounded to me as if it was a language born out of the will of a people to shitpost on their Spanish rulers.



I kinda wanna learn Portuguese, at least I'm more interested in it than Spanish


File: be39d6f5a4a40db⋯.jpg (612.53 KB, 1388x1953, 1388:1953, __antonio_de_oliveira_sala….jpg)


Spanish is objectively superior to portuguese, spanish shares a few of the same flaws but it's not nearly as bad in any regard.

Portuguese is an awful language, and it's spoken by awful people. Spanish is better because it's spoken by mostly awful people, and as a language it's so-so

Here's how you learn portuguese:

>Memorize as many words as possible

There are at least 5 words for anything imaginable, from the smell of feet to the water left on a leaf after it rains. People from different places use different words. You have to be able to at least understand the words even if you can't recall them when speaking yourself. You know how when you want to learn japanese there's the core2k/core6k sets of 2000 and 6000 words that should make you able to understand most of what is told to you in a daily conversation? Try core50k.

>Memorize the spelling of every single word.

Portuguese pronounciation can leave the spelling of the word ambiguous, and the many rules that dictate what is right or wrong have as many exceptions as use cases. Spelling varies by dialect. There are a lot of words with different spellings pronounced the exact same way.

>Memorize the pronounciation of every single word

A word's spelling can very commonly make the interpretation of how to pronounce the word ambiguous, and just because the pronounciation is ambiguous doesn't mean both options are right. What is right or wrong can vary by dialect. Ambiguosity can appear or disappear based on dialect.

>Pick your phrase structure

This isn't much of an issue but there are a trillion ways to structure a portuguese phrase and none of them are valid everywhere, it isn't much of an issue because you can easily understand a phrase that had its words ordered in a different way than you usually do.

>Memorize autistic features of the language

Memorize every plural version of a word, memorize aumentative/diminutive versions of a word, memorize every single conjugation, memorize suffixes, memorize prefixes, memorize when to use dashes, memorize composite words, memorize the arbitrary gender of every single word, memorize the multiple meanings of words that have multiple meanings that aren't related to each other at all, memorize the unique meaning an aumentative/diminutive version of a word can have, memorize aumentatives/diminutives of words that can be interpreted as an entirely different word that is written the exact same way because the suffixes/prefixes used for aumentatives/diminutives aren't exclusive to aumentative/diminutives and some words just happen to have them. Someone's inevitably going to come over and tell me there are mnemonics and rules you can use to be able to tell those without memorization, but they all have as many exceptions' as use cases so they're useless.

>Deal with pseudointellectuals.

Being good at portuguese is almost universally treated as being smart, but that's no different from calling a person smart because they can make fart noises in many different ways. There are people who spent years of their lives perfecting the art of sounding smart while not actually being smart, and this is stupid because you can get discriminated for having poor portuguese. It can backfire and you can get mocked for sounding like an edgelord aswell. There are many cases of people who don't get jobs they are qualified for because they didn't speak the newest version of formal portuguese, and they are also universally rejected by people who don't speak the newest version of formal portuguese either. This falls into the next point, but it's good to say it because no other language has this nonsense in the level of portuguese.

>Deal with portuguese speakers.

Once you learn portuguese you'll have to deal with portuguese speakers for life unless you never speak the language, which defeats the purpose of learning it. There isn't a single person who doesn't also speak something else that you would want to talk to anyway, if you think the Albertos/Cleyssons on imageboards are bad you haven't seen the ones who are unable to shitpost in gringo imageboards. There isn't much portuguese media of value either, so if you're not going to speak portuguese the little benefit you could gain from the language is lost.



Hey /int/, the nominations for Attention-Hungry Games 24 has started:




Here are the tiers of portuguese formality:

>Formal portuguese (correct portuguese)

Not a single person alive speaks it, I guarantee you. Still has dialects of its own anyway. (What is correct varies between Portugal and its colonies).

>Semi-formal portuguese

Proper spelling and pronounciation, everything else wrong. Sometimes people will use slang shortenings of words. Spoken by pseudointellectuals, intellectuals and aristocrats.

>Informal portuguese

The niggerfied version of the language every single person speaks, including commonly the groups who speak semi-formal protuguese at times. Not a single rule is left unbroken, pronounciation can sometimes be correct, spelling is ignored as long as it sounds like an understandable pronounciation when you read it.

I might have missed something, I'm watching east asian cartoons for people with autism. I probably missed something.

When I tell you guys the portuguese are subhumans, I'm sure it flies right over your heads. But they are the "people" who came up with all of this bullshit.



If someone tells you to learn portuguese, they're using the same tricks the portuguese used to get people to immigrate to their colony. They're lying about something that once you figure out you fucked up by doing you're already balls deep and have no way out.



We can't be in because we won the last one.

Don't worry though, we'll be around to parade our whiteness.


Anyone want to learn arabisch?




Yes. I learned the alphabet and some basics but the weird grammar and not writting short vowels put me off again.


no one wants to learn polish


Why don't you post on >>>/lang/



Because it's more dead than here



Speaking of this place is so dead I haven't seen an ausfag in a while.

What the fuck is going on?


File: b4be5fca4c815ac⋯.mp4 (5.63 MB, 500x282, 250:141, b4be5fca4c815acc1839b90308….mp4)


No idea.

Mewch when?


Modern Greek παρακουλο


File: 705783d34d3b952⋯.jpg (181.18 KB, 800x600, 4:3, caatinga AT4.jpg)

File: 1fc46b1fdd468af⋯.jpg (178.27 KB, 800x600, 4:3, caatinga mg2.jpg)


t. Cleberson that can't use formal portuguese because he didn't finish elementary school

It is not that bad if you have an IQ over 2 digits. But you can't expect much from an animefag.



This is equal to a chink who studied chinese writing for 20 years and still can't properly read his own language because it's too complex for no reason defending the practice.



>still can't properly read his own language because it's too complex

Stop projecting, nigger.



Did you try to write "please"? Cause I think you failed.



How about I project my tax increases into you, nerd?


File: 9c3acf51cc92f9e⋯.jpeg (589.83 KB, 1024x774, 512:387, Brazilian jiu-jitsu.jpeg)



>unironically using nerd as an insult


t. brainlet

Not even normies get offended by "nerd" anymore.



>what are commas

Your lack of grammar and punctuation confirms what was said abou you in >>344650.



You're still a nerd.


Maybe you're the brainlet, who forgets to breathe if there isn't a comma to signal it.


File: 1d9f7a0128189e4⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 645x968, 645:968, 1503275927038-1.jpg)


>he thinks a comma means a pause to breathe



>wanting commas in >>344655

that sentence is grammatically correct without commas though


File: 9a2567bef7b7c4b⋯.jpg (82.1 KB, 587x800, 587:800, 1503137179771.jpg)

Does anyone want to learn anglo?



Only useful for its lingua franca status, nobody would want to talk to any native anglo speaker.


perhaps a thread to converse in the language you're learning, along with those learning your native language



Too difficult.



We should make a thread where the various /int/ellectuals in this board can freely speak in english.

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