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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: da50edb0fc6df67⋯.mp4 (8.59 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Big Blacked Theory.mp4)


wouldn't it be cool if in the next season of big bang theory they inexplicably made sheldon, howard, leonard and the indian one cuckolds and all the girls like penny amy and bernadette were taken by big black bulls oh man that would be so cool can you imagine all the young white girls and boys who watch big bang theoiry only to tune in and see their role models get blacked and cuckolded oh man the react5ion s owould be crazy


like you know that one scene where sheldon is hiding in the ball pit and when they look for him he pops up and shocks them by saying his signature catchphrase "bazinga!" well what if they redid that scene but when he comes out of the ballpit he sees amy and penny being gangbanged by big black cocks oh man wouldn;t tthat be epic?


or what if you know how penny sometimes sings sheldon to sleep the song she sings is soft kitty little kitty little ball of fur?? well what if instead of kitty she says white penis and instead of balls of fur she says balls of impotence so when she sings him to sleep she sings "soft white penis, little white penis, little balls of impotence" then we see sheldon fall asleep and penny leave his room only to see a bbc and the viewers watch her and the bbc have sex for the remainder of the episode wouldn't that be epic


there could an entire episode where seldon spends his day calculating the ejaculation and sperm amounts of black men and then comparing the data with the results of white men and then discussing the implications with amy whichll eventually lead to amy performing field tests of her own and getting impregnated by black triplets



what is the source of that last clip?



Is this nigga trying to break her arms?

also this >>12478




the big bang theory


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

big blacked theory UPDATE 1

what if when the gang meets up for pizza friday the pizza deliveryman is a black god and penny answers the door naked because all of her clothes were destroyed in a wacky sheldon science experiment and when penny answers the door naked leonard tries to protect her but she gets angry and tells leonard to go away and jumps on the black god pizza deliveryman and wraps her legs around him and the gang all looks on in shock but then leonard pops a boner and sheldon looks at the camera and says his signature catchphrase "BAZINGA!" and then the audience laughs and the gang circles penny and the pizza deliveryman having sex and howard goes "you know……. this aint ALL bad" and leonard looks over and say hm……… yeah i think i can get used to this! and the audience laughs again and then theres a knock on the door and amy and bernadette arrive only to gasp at penny and the pizza deliveryman having sex then penny looks up and bats her eyelashes and looks at camera and says "calling in reinforcements darth vader" and amy and bernadette strip their clothes and join her having sex with the black god pizza deliveryman while the gang watches and jerks off around them then when all is said and done amy bernadette and penny as well as the rest of the gang are asleep and exhausted and the black god pizza delivery man stands up and says onimously "hm…… theres gonna be szome chagces around here!" then the audience laughs again and the episode ends until the next one.

oh man wouldnt that be epic???? epic win cuckarmy, epic win



the white "men" in this show are all cuckolds


File: db8ca0150c39215⋯.jpg (174.54 KB, 1347x781, 1347:781, RF2_9988B~01.jpg)

she needs BBC


oh man this would be so fricking epic


big blacked theory would be so cool!!!!!! ho boy can you imagine bernadette getting blacked???


File: fb1fe4a1592aff2⋯.jpg (198.71 KB, 1210x1552, 605:776, 私は夕食に犬や猫を食べます。.jpg)


This idea sounds super gay, so gay that I could suck a BBC and be less gay than this suggestion. So good job OP for the gayest suggestion in a while.

Would be better if Game Thrones was cucked, as the amount of heart broken fans seeing their favorite charterers they invested hundreds of hours in following being destroyed by a strong black cock would be great.



Don't eat cats and dogs for dinner asshole.

That's not even interracial FYI. Khaleesi is a nigger according to the one drop rule.



racist comment Please delete this



not your safe space tbh





t. leonard





White "intelligence" at full display. lmao


Has anyone noticed this is an interracial board and yet it’s ALL bbc and bmwf. There’s literally nothing else. None of you guys are into interracial, you guys are all gay and like black dick.



with that voice she needs it HARD



>/interracial/ - Interracial★

Black Male Interracial and BBC porn

You are fucking retarded



It's cause everytime /bbc/ was made, the admins of the board were retards, deal with it cucko



das rite


i wanna see. Penny get blacke d



They delete every non-BBC porn. I would prefer other IR porn here as well but board owners here are just cucks and porn addicts




Glad it's just BBC porn, but I'll agree that the board should've been under another name like Blacked or something. Also this >>12662 . The admin of /bbc/ did nothing against trolls and abandoned it.


imagine if shelden and amy had sex and amy got pregnant and 9 month later amy give birth but it rurns out her baby is black and shelden goes “hmmmmmmmmm i wonder how this happen” and amy turn to him and say “shelden i had sex with 18 black men behind your back” and shelden goes “whaaaaaaaat” then amy will say shelden’s signature catchphrase “bazinga!” And look to the camera so the audience laughes at shelden being cuckolded by 18 black men and amy being black bred


File: 5e4da411c0e102f⋯.png (392.33 KB, 478x558, 239:279, ClipboardImage.png)

big blacked theory (concept)


File: 61567eeb87e55b7⋯.png (229.01 KB, 673x428, 673:428, ClipboardImage.png)

big blacked theory (concept)



this has potential


i just fond out big bang theory is ending!!!! what the fuck!!!!! how will penny amy bernadette get blacked now?????? will we get big blacked theory prequel series lile young shelden ??



young shelden is gonna get caught masturbating his small white pepe to blacked com by his mother and this'll motivate his mom to go get black pregnant and have black triplets that receive more attention than he does



oh man thats so epic can you imagine you g shelden listening to his mom get black bred and he gets curious and walks into her room and sees his mom take a big black bull cock……. holy smokes that would be so awesome especially after he was caught stroking his little white pepe to blacked.com!!! also i love the part afterwerds when his mom gets pregnant with black tripplets and he is neglected because shelden is a inferior whiteboy. she wont even feed shelden anymore because all of her moneyand time is spent on the black tripplets. all of his nutrition will come from sucking black sperm out of his mom and sister’s uteruses. shelden will complain about it and beg for access to food and water but every time his mom and sister will get their bulls to beat him up and then tell him he shouldnt have watched blacked.com or none of this would have happened. man that would be so cool .



t. leonard



GAME OF TYRONES: gray worm and the unsullied are traitorous spies and they are scouting for a big black god army from the continant southoroyos. in the final episoed they will invade westeros from the south in the final episode and danerys , sansa and the rest of the women (exept arya because she is ugly) are taken as slaves by the black conqueror meanwhile john snow and tyrion and everyone else is castrated and turned i to eunuch whiteboy sissies and the first men and andals are genocided and replaced by black gods once and for all

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