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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: f34454c7403f7a3⋯.jpg (295.31 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, black-daddy-1.jpg)


Who here has gone full gay for black men after indulging in the interracial fetish?

I let black men fuck me: I drink their piss, eat their asses out, suck their cooks and lap up their seed.


I'm halfway there. I don't drink their piss, eat their asses or suck their cooks. But I have sucked black cock a few times with pleasure.



You should eat out a black man's asshole. The smell of their musk and sweat down there is plain amazing. It must have pheromones or some shit, because it will make you go mad with lust.


the fuck is wrong with you people



They give in to their porn addiction. Masturbating to much makes your brain empty. If they would go for nofap for only 3 months, they would stop with this obsession of constant degeneracy




>kink shaming

You /pol/yps should leave if you don't like it here.



Kill yourself faggot!



This IS a /pol/ board, though. Interracial is a /pol/ fetish. Normies and non-racists don't find it hot.



An hour browsing through the discords and porn accounts linked on this board tell a different story. Forced meme is forced.




are no-fun-allowed /pol/yps.



Become a 24/7 slave to a black man, bitch.



This is the most jewish post on all of 8chan.


I'm usually a shitposter here but this post outdid me. Fuck. This is satire right? I'm supposed to lose my sides.



It's one thing to like interracial porn. It's another thing to go gay because of interracial porn. Why don't you niggas just watch POV interracial porn so you can LARP as the black guy for a while and not become pathetic beta cucks?


Bullshit. Just don't fap everyday and you'll be fine. Fap 2-3 times a week and you won't become a complete degenerate



>go gay


>pathetic beta cucks

more kink shaming

Spotted the /pol/yp.


You faggots are actually worse than niggers


Not my taste but judging from the physique that guy could satisfy any lover of dick.



Whites in general are worse, so that's redundant



Only racists find the fetishisation of skin color hot. /pol/ and nazis are the only ones that find it hot. Normies aren't scared of "muh white genocide" and "niggers taking our women", only white trash, skinhead, /pol/fags are scared of that. Only they find it hot. A true non-racist will watch this porn, cum to it, feel disappointed that people take skin color so seriously, and move on to incest, bestiality, femdom, etc instead, because their own tastes aren't deeply rooted in racism and bigotry. Fetishes such as incest and feets are just hotter if you're non-racist. That's just how it is.



Source: your ass.

He's right tho. There are links to discords and userbase OC all over this board. Lurk the discords and look at the porn accounts. I have, and I see no indication whatsoever that the porn accounts belong to nazis or any other right-wingers, or that the discords are populated by them. I think most of the userbase, based on my observations which are admittedly anecdotal, are either left-liberal or soc-dem, and disproprtionately gay/bi/trans and masochistic. If this "BBC fetish" is racist then that racism is coming from the left. Plenty of misogyny too IMO.

The non-troll, right-wing posts tend to look like these:






and even they seem to be more generic conservative than anything else.

There are also a lot of larpy/trollish threads and posts like this thread for example.


Maybe its time for some nofap for you



Just because somebody is a socdem or liberal doesn't mean they don't suffer from internalised racism.




Also socdems literally are nazis but without the nationalism. no policy difference whatsoever



there are no such thing as non racists only those who feign incredulity at "racism" for pc points


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


its called interRACIAL ffs



>Masturbating to[o] much makes your brain [prostate] empty.




>I let black men fuck me

Ah ok, so you're one of those bug chasers I've heard about





you fucking queers deserve to be burned alive



>"YoU fUcKinG QuEeRs dEsErvE tO Be bUrnEd aLiVe~!!!"

>Literally on this obscure board where 90% of the post fetishize black penis.

Make sure to ask them to save you a spot by the fire.


File: a21266d3d26a942⋯.jpg (33.38 KB, 600x600, 1:1, black-muscle-bear.jpg)

Like you wouldn't drop to your knees and worship every inch of his body.


This board is the best nofap advertisment


God, I want to sniff a black man's muscular ass


File: 6db1729b4b62ae2⋯.jpeg (4.7 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 9F9EF3C5-A2B9-4719-9C79-0….jpeg)

Barack Obama is a Black God. His reign as president has cemented the United States as a firmly blacked nation. His legacy has forever made white American men cuckold white boys. His awe inspiring rise to power and unparalleled charisma caught the attention of hundreds of millions of impressionable young fertile white girls worldwide. He was calm, cool, collected, handsome, trustworthy. He saved America from the disastrous and racist white boy regime of George Bush Jr. He was one of the greatest diplomats the United States has ever seen. Foreign leaders tried to emulate his mannerisms (look at the cuckold white boy David Cameron who tried to copy Barack’s signature blazer style over 5 years ago but failed and was mocked for it on Twitter by white girls because he couldn’t pull it off like the handsome black man Barack Obama). He truly had no equal. As the first Black President, this left an incredible first impression in the minds of white girls. The USA has suffered impotent, ineffective cuckold white boy presidents for centuries. None of them (except for Abraham Lincoln, but he is only well respected because he is part black himself and he worked to free his fellow black men) managed to collect the same reputation as President Barack Obama. Which is why white girls, to this day, fawn over him. Black men were already cooler, stronger, faster and had bigger penises than cuckold impotent white boys. But Barack Obama made these undisputable facts more widely known. By the time Barack Obama had almost finished his terms as president, the reputation of white boys in America had been devastated. They were known as tiny limpdicked cuckold losers, inferior to black men in every metric. As a result white girls began to fuck Black men at an exponential rate. This is why white boys were so angry in the 2016 presidential election, why the “Alt-Right” gained traction. They were sick of being cuckolded by black gods. They chose to rally around their champion, Donald J Trump, or more popularly known as Drumpf by white girls. This would prove to be their fatal mistake, as they chose to rally around the worst possible champion they could. Drumpf was a big fat disgusting cuckold. The embodiment of old, stupid and nasty whiteboyness. White girls saw him for what he was, compared him to the Black God Barack Obama and saw Drumpf was a hideous racist and worse in every way. Drumpf’s wife Melania is frequently seen eyeing up other men, especially black men. Drumpf is insecure about his tiny hands which is likely synonymous with his penis size. Drumpf is creepy and wants to fuck his own daughter which is gross and typical for white boys. Drumpf is fat and ugly and he mumbles when he speaks because he’s very stupid and inarticulate. Drumpf lies about everything and always toots his own horn. Barack Obama is none of those things, so as a result many white girls miss him. The contrast between Barack Obama’s majestic reign to Drumpf’s shitty one has caused millions of white girls to go to bed every night praying for a return to Barack Obama’s black God rule. Only white boys like Drumpf, so the divisions between white boys and girls are getting even bigger. All thanks to Barack Obama. A true Black God and a champion of the cause.

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