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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: fadb6627ad44180⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 2720818_Blacked_com_Charit….jpg)


How did you get into this glorious fetish?


File: a4175bb439e734c⋯.jpg (121.1 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 089.jpg)


In a boring night looking for something different



Probably started in my preteens. And probably due mix of interracial scenes in movies which always seemed hotter to me as a horny kid. Then the first interracial porn I've seen got me going wild. Then when I started dating girls and watching porn it kick off. I was dwelling deeper and deeper when I started to fap over time exclusevely to IR. Veronica Raynes few ir scenes, then Shyla Stylez, Lisa Ann, Dana DeArmond etc. When one day I found cuckold porn- Candy Monroe… After that it was almost only IR. There I discovered amateur cuckold porn scene - Amber Blank etc, found about the whole fetish scene on the net and so on. When one day I stumbled upon first bbc compilation on xVidoes it was the original "omg best bbc compilation ever" it got me hooked. After that it is just a downward spiral.


I don't even like blacked that much. The older scenes are much better. Blacks on Blondes is much hotter. I wish they brought back gonzo interracial porn.


File: f2fdc9bd37728f8⋯.jpg (276.5 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1557177908278.jpg)

File: ad0ed4254e203f9⋯.jpg (55.7 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 1558374163093.jpg)

File: 8efa8f67ef3d3e6⋯.jpg (1000.73 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 1558753297844.jpg)

File: 42b2af6fc44ea15⋯.jpg (402.48 KB, 3000x1870, 300:187, aidra fox3.jpg)


I was into black cock before interracial, oddly enough.

While coming to terms with being bisexual as a teenager, I would look at gay porn occasionally and black cock always turned me on especially. They're the most attractive penises, by far.

Cuck/IR came afterwards. Admittedly, a lot of the cuckposting on halfchan is what turned me onto it. The "YOU DON'T MEASURE UP, WHITE BOI" shit got to my head. I was already into SPH/CFNM and other types of humiliation, so it just kind of naturally fit together. Black men seem more masculine and tough too, so I think that played into it a lot.

The idea of actually being a cuck repulses me initially, but still turned me on despite that. Not wanting to like it just made me even more turned on. Now I'm at the point where I would love to watch someone I was dating get fucked by black cock in front of me.


File: d45112578b436fb⋯.jpg (341.11 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, 24.jpg)


Yeah. BoB was GOAT years ago. Even Blacked was great back in 2014/2015. Now it's boring played out generic trash.



There was something about the film quality in the BoB stuff that was just hotter, I dunno why. It just feels too sterile in Blacked.com. I like the shit talking they did on BoB, was just much funnier stuff.



BoB was more carnal and rough while Blacked is more sensual and passionate or something.


File: 3ddb70c09c4fd55⋯.jpg (91.77 KB, 1349x900, 1349:900, 028-penny-pax-interraciald….jpg)



yeah but I'm talking even older than that. I'll find some good stuff hang on



This video is what did it for me. https://www.youporn.com/watch/651468/renee-porneiro-perfect-ass-lingerie-brunette-lov/

My porn tastes used to be centered around girl-on-girl, and butt stuff. Like girls eating each others asses, anal fingering, and fucking each other in the ass with toys and strap-ons. I didn't want to see men or dicks AT ALL.

I'd also check out solo anal stuff, like girls sticking plugs and toys in their buttholes. That's how this video starts out. I knew a BBC came later, but I'd always fap to the solo stuff and cum before the black cock showed up.

Then, one day, I couldn't cum quick enough, and just kept watching. That black cock looked so good in her asshole, I came buckets. Even today, 90% of my IR spanking it to anal. Black cocks belong in white, Asian, and Hispanic assholes.


File: 19be3cf1e4c7645⋯.png (304.62 KB, 540x539, 540:539, Breedaway.png)

Watched porn for a long time, never had good self esteem or experience with women so I eventually went into a downward spiral of sissy porn around 4-5 years ago. Grew out of that but it slowly evolved into a cuckold fetish instead. A lot of cuck stuff involves blacks and after I started browsing /pol/ for a while the taboo/cognitive dissonance or whatever made it so much hotter to me. Been about 3 years now and I'm even more addicted to IR now than I was in the past. I've never felt this way about any other type of porn. That being said I have taken breaks from fapping/porn for the sake of my overall wellbeing, and the urges for the more degenerate stuff do go away after a few weeks, but I never found a good reason to give IR up entirely. Part of the appeal initially was just the aesthetic color contrast and the idea of a woman giving into her lust without concern for the consequences (it's a common idea that this fetish can develop from a stereotype of blacks being "savages"). Over time I got more into the "edgier" stuff like breeding, humiliation, sissies, etc.

I don't really have a desire to act on these urges with other people, While the idea of having a girlfriend that is a slut for BBC makes me hard, I feel like it would be a bad idea for a number of reasons and I'd regret it. As addicted as I am (I have spent entire weekends edging to IR porn and making captioned images/videos for myself) it honestly doesn't bother me because I'm not doing anything I am regretting, just wasting time really.

Feels good to talk about this though, I literally found this board yesterday after years of being into IR and relying on tumblr/pornhub, which at times can feel artificial and isolating.


File: e4d0af82dd937d1⋯.png (696.23 KB, 1034x623, 1034:623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0c9bb489344636⋯.png (658.06 KB, 1149x633, 383:211, ClipboardImage.png)

The first interracial I ever watched was Indigo Augustine and Wesley Pipes (https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c59e74ce9f90) and I found it absolutely captivating, for reasons I would discover later on with Abigaile Johnson's threesome (https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58c402534762e) and that reason was the beautiful, thick, veiny dicks and how appealing they all looked together with the contrast of white and black.


Never had a lot of luck with girls, I had my first kiss late, at 19. Then at 20 a hot girl, master of bj, took interest in me, but I wasn't able to get an erection due to anxiety + medical reasons I lately solved completely. That experience broke something in me and while I went on to have a few sexual experiences with another girl in the years ahead, it was already too late. My masturbation fantasies slowly shifted from having me as the protagonist to having me completely out of it (switched to vore, sissy, cuckold, and of course IR).

Ten years later, who knows what could I do to shift again. I know it's possible but I'm not sure I'll ever find a way. I hope so.



4cuck but I guess I was always drawn to it. I liked the contrast and since most black and asian women don't turn me on, I like exclusively BMWF



also I feel inferior due to my small dick


I love Amateur porn and I was always so disappointed that most women weren't getting fucked hardcore and the videos were just so stale and boring. I discovered yogahotwife and she was so enthusiastically getting fucked by BBC. Have been liking IR porn since then.



Nice to see great minds think alike.

I feel like Blacked was the main reason I got into IR. I'd been watching it occasionally without really taking much note of it since I discovered internet porn when I was like 13, but interracial only became my go-to fetish after it started becoming more mainstream as opposed to just confined to the realm of amateur and really specific cuck videos.

I can recall that prior to getting hooked on interracial, I had gone through "phases" where all I could cum to was girls doing anal, gangbangs, bukkakes, etc, and the common thread there was degradation. From there I think that the only more degrading thing I could think of was, like you said "the idea of a woman giving into her lust (for a black nonetheless) without concern for the consequences". That and the general production value put into sourcing beautiful women and hung dark skinned dudes for contrast has kept me coming back for a few years now.


File: de31961414f3c01⋯.png (740.7 KB, 641x979, 641:979, Bet0001.png)


I can't be the only one.



Truth be told I can't remember. I know it predates blacked though.


File: 7affa21d8dc4b2a⋯.jpeg (347.41 KB, 1000x752, 125:94, eda0628342197977d3385bd28….jpeg)


Yup, and BBC oriented sissy vids.


Big fap addict through my teens and into adulthood. The usual decline of porn took me around the place but it was around five/six years ago I stumbled onto Tumblr and Imagefap I think and saw IR a lot there. Blacked came out not too long after and that kind of sealed the deal. The contrast, the scenarios, that taboo aspect they play up, the raceplay. There is a lot going on in IR porn and there is a lot of variety in there, from normal scenes, to cuckold stuff, PMVs, hypno, comics, art, captions etc.


I have told this in another thread but this seems to be more appropriate. I'll just copy and paste my old comment.

I'll tell you my story and you'll understand why I like this fetish.

I was 11 when my mother divorced my father. Since then my mother has been bringing boyfriends to sleep at home and her boyfriends were exclusively black. I listened to the groans and the noise of the bed at dawn. I masturbated every day listening to her sex. I saw panties with sperm, I saw used condoms in the bathroom, I heard dirty talk.

Once in the morning I saw a black man with a big black cock coming out of the bathroom and I was mesmerized wondering how my mother could handle it.

Result: I am the eldest son, I have two younger black brothers. Today I have a mix of Oedipus complex mixed with interracial fetish. If today I collect interracial porn with mature women blame my mother.

I usually masturbate for this picture because this woman is very similar to my mother. Almost a doppelgänger.


File: f8abaa5d8092614⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 09.jpg)

File: 0bb83fd60c47df7⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 36.jpg)

File: 076c5647b649164⋯.jpg (932.77 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 48.jpg)

>found out a pornstar that looks exactly like a girl i had a crush

>while searching for her vids, someone just uploaded a new scene of her

>i see its interracial but i download anyway

>video starts, at some point she is kissing a white guy and then the scene transition to her kissing a black guy

>my heart skips some beats

>literally watched the whole video without skipping a second

I think this was 2 years ago, from there I started watching more interracial and cuckold (IR) porn, then tumblr blogs that lead me to BNWO blogs, then twitter/discords/chans.



Yup this played a big part. As well as seeing Dana Dearmond who looks like my gf getting bbc. Then discovering bbc compilations and cuckold fetish. Bu lt I guess it all started with the first time I saw ir porn and Ir sex teams in movies. And learning bbc myth. Someting about girls almost involuntary primitve attraction to big dicks and "bad boys" that probably started it. Then it all evolved as it is..



Never enough of these Pit comics. Shame he stopped doing them.


File: 242cc60e894e128⋯.png (1.89 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9A9CBB4E-A9FC-47A8-966B-56….png)

Not this specific video but gloryhole is what did it for me. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen this Riley Reid video, I fucking crave this dick



I would be very interested in knowing whose cock that is



Riley is my pornfu. I love how she loves bbc


File: 20703a20ea04966⋯.webm (2.19 MB, 768x432, 16:9, 1431669951463.webm)


Gloryhole makes some of the best IR there is.

Purely focused on the beautiful black cock and the pretty white girl and her worship of it.

No extra bullshit.

I always wish I was her.



As a kid in Chicago my childhood bestrfriend Paul was an athletic black guy and at the time I was a short chubby white guy with a kid sized dick. We started fucking around and I basically became his fucktoy.

The superiority and desire to see a race mixed future with predominantly black genetics came from when I was dating this chubby black girl named Nel and in my own room he seduced her and fucked her on my bed and I was so arroused and conditioned by Paul that I just jerked off. He came inside of her and he finished me off onto the floor and said (paraphrased) “ she doesn’t need any of that no more “ and I dumped my nuts onto the hardwood. They have 2 daughters now. Full black beautiful children.




Heh, you have no idea.


im black and want white women


File: f0c08795d276d18⋯.gif (871.26 KB, 383x522, 383:522, 1544603939293.gif)


I turned with persons as well, I couldn't help seeing all the images of well hung black men vs tiny white dicks.



>BBC oriented sissy vids

This is what got me into it. I was a bbc sissy before I was into bbc on white girls.


File: 3dc782b00851a3b⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1140x777, 380:259, 7788998.PNG)

Interracial porn at the beginning of the 2000s was very good. I discovered Aurora Snow, Gauge, Kaylynn and Trinity Post, I ended up really enjoying their interracial scenes. I really like the color contrast. The same happens with black girls, I only watch if it's with a white man.

Another thing that made me watch even more IR was when I had my first girlfriend. Before she dated me she had a relationship with a black guy. I was very excited when she talked about having sex with him because she was a very nerdy and timid style, I did not think she was doing it.


My first anon post ever anywhere, and its on interracial fetish….ok, here we go.

I discovered my wife was cheating on me with the boss at her second job. No first hand info, just enough second hand info from FB posts and secret messages to friends covering for her, etc., that I know she is now carrying on a relationship with him.

However, "him" was always a mystery to me up until a few months ago, when I discovered that he was a big mature black guy, veteran of Iraq war, who owns/manages a VFW bar. I found a picture of him in the background of another photo on FB and he was tagged with the name she always gave me of her "boss".

Ooof, that hurt me worse for some reason. I can compete on the financial situation, and the stability front, but if I were to believe the situation about black men sexually, there was no way I was competing.

So I went searching in porn, amateur interracial porn, to kind of satisfy my curiosity and worry. And, one thing led to another, and suddenly I am having these cuck fantasies and cumming in my shorts without hardly touching myself.

So…there I am.

Fuck I can't believe I admitted it :)


Got into internet porn around 2001 with video sharing apps. Quickly realized I'd usually end up cumming to a video of a black man + white woman.. and my focus was more on his cock than anything else. Tried to resist it, but it turned me on a lot. Couldn't get into the cuckolding or sissy shit at first though.

Then long story short, my first gf, after we broke up, eventually got into black guys. A couple other girls I dated cheated on me with black guys, and I just developed the cuckold fetish around that, and then the sissy stuff after that. I've been with gay black men now and everything.



she is so beautiful

i wish she were me wife


Going to be a bit of a text wall, but I wanted to share anyway

Drugs and an unhealthy obsession about race is what go me into it.

I have a great interest in evolutionary psychology and racial differences. In my early teens I was already reading books like 'The passing of the Great Race' and books by Hans Gunter and stuff like that. Lately I have found the work of Edward Dutton to be utterly brilliant, and I am considering pursuing a career in differential psychology, if that's at all possible at this point. I've considered myself neo-nazi in my teens, have flaunted with libertarianism before becoming what I consider to be a advocate for white rights.

In my teenage years I used to consume speed. That it has a tremendous effect on your libido is no secret, but usually I used with friends. Years later I discovered just how euphoric it is to mastrubate while on drugs to porn. So euphoric that I even considered it to be better than sex.

I didn't do drugs everyday, only on weekend. Gradually I stopped using speed because the down-time is so horrible and I often slipped into a two-week depression afterwards. It made me realize that abusing speed just isn't worth it anymore, and it probably caused some mental problems in me.

I started consuming more cocaine instead, mostly during the weekend with my friends. My habits changed overtime as I no longer wanted to use cocaine in a social setting, but just sit at home and watch porn. My friends were aware of my porn habits on cocaine, and I made no secret of it.

I did increasingly become secretive about it as I got into other types of porn. I was drawn to interracial through PMV's and compilations. Initially I just enjoyed the 'vanilla' stuff, but when you've been sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours doing nothing but jacking off, you kinda get bored with that. That's when I discovered interracial.

Love it in all forms; be it cartoons like the pit from Person, or extinction propaganda, or gangbanging, or just 'regular,' I love it all. During a drugged up session I often get into all that, plus bimbofications, sometimes shemales and other stuff, but mostly it's interracial. I have multiple computer screens and I often watch three or four porn videos at the same time. It's amazing.

I typically never do that stuff sober. Last year I had an issue that, when I drink, I often pick up the pace quickly, often resulting in a black-out. It's in that state that I call my dealer and he brings me pack of cocaine. I would often spend two days doing nothing but masturbating to mostly interracial porn. It made me feel shameful afterwards, but it never outright got away. Now I'm more careful when I drink, and I haven't bought cocaine in at least seven months now.

In fact, I don't otherwise consume much porn at all. When I do, it's maybe once a week, and then only for a couple of minutes until I'm done. Even then it's not necessarily interracial. I thought I've been 'cured'

Thing is, roughly two weeks ago I ordered a pack of modalert to help with my study. It's sorta like ritalin, except it doesn't release as many brain chemicals that would otherwise cause stimulation. I didn't feel much, but I did notice that I couldn't really sleep using it. One day I decided to do three tablets of the stuff, and well I shouldn't have because I did not sleep for days.

I did feel very aroused sexually, but without the euphoric effects that cocaine and/or speed provides. Now that I have vacation I have plenty of time to consume porn. With not being able to sleep I consumed LOADS of interracial porn again last week. The effects of modalert wore off entirely, I no longer feel anything for porn, and I can just watch it with indifference, preferring real contact with women instead.

However, I don't feel as disgusted as I once felt after hours or days of consuming interracial porn. I have learned to accept that it's just a fantasy that I am extremely unlikely to ever act on. I just consider myself on drugs to be a different me, an alter ego if you will. That's how I learned to cope.

Still, I've ordered a pack of ritalin and I'm sure as heck going to abuse it, and I'm sure I'm going to consume porn everyday all day for one week straight, and I'm sure as fuck going to love it. Once that pack is empty, I'll return to normalcy again, just like it went always. I have holidays now, so there is no social harm in doing so, neither will it interfere with my work and study in this way.

I can't wait.

So yeah, doubtful if most of you are going to read it, but that's what got me into it. Was and always have been a racist, and this is just tabboo stuff for me, and on drugs it makes this stuff all the more arousing to the point that it becomes the best feeling on earth.



Aye I know what ye mean laddy



are you talking about that girl sloan harper?

i know a girl who looks like her as well




After she "retired" from porn, she went back to Arkansas and became a good Christian woman that attended church…while also being a fucking whore. I was in my early 20's at the time and lived about 7 hours north of her but visited her at least 15 times. I'd probably blow my brains out if I added up the thousands I spent on her. It was fucking fun at the time but fuck I could have put a massive down payment on a shitty condo to rent out and would have made so much more from that.



After reading this I feel like a massive winner.




I hope your drug dealer is black


I got into porn right after puberty. Got most of it from 4chan. Suddenly I see IR threads and regularly use them to get off. More and more I got into it since i wasn't getting laid myself. Now its at the point where black breeding is the hottest part about it.

Now, I get hard just at the sight of a big black dick. Just thinking about a white girl being fucked by an unprotected black dick gets me aroused. I will look at white girls and think not about myself fucking them, but thinking about a black bull impregnating them…


File: 089f1b1bc76360b⋯.gif (512.74 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 15418069.gif)

This scene




Ah yes that scene. Perfection. Probably converted loads of people.




Definitely an iconic scene but honestly I think it's fairly weak as far as Blacked goes (at least since they released this particular one). The girls just have a really soulless expression throughout the whole thing. For the amazing work that they've done elsewhere I was disappointed to see how poorly Elsa/Sydney/Rachel were at acting "in the moment" in this one. IMO it comes off as very scripted.



I would have loved more scenes from Rachel but I could see they focused more on Elsa and Sydney. Rachel's creampie was great imo.



I think it's a good introductory scene. To me they seem hypnotized by BBC :)


my highschool girlfriend dumped me for a black guy a year after graduation and i still loved her so i accepted her offer to still be friends. she eventually confessed she'd been meeting up with him for 6 months before our breakup and thats why she would barely touch me that whole time. seeing them together and having her talk about her sex life sometimes caused a huge mess of emotions but made me insanely horny.

when the bbc meme really took off i realised i was a living stereotype and just got fully invested in the fetish. my ex was already suspicious of this and i told her about it, she likes it but her bf just hates me now, and her friends find it creepy. so i just want a gf who is open to indulging me and seeking out bulls.

my ex will often go into detail about her sex life and enjoys tormenting me basically, but she is too nervous to hide a camera in their room. still the closest thing i have, and the best cum i've ever had was after getting a picture of her with a huge load on her face and tits and the story that followed.



I think what makes that scene great is the vibe of 'your women are being taken' seeing as there are six of them. Gives the impression of a kind of tribe victory over another tribe. Blacked should really do more group stuff like that as opposed to gangbangs. With a lot of that camera angle where the girls are facing the camera, preferably staring into it though I know that's too 'meta' for their stuff I guess.



This! Learning to enjoy that feeling of your women being TAKEN from you is so important


File: ae7c82ed02f6db4⋯.jpg (73.55 KB, 560x323, 560:323, 763_1000.jpg)

How many of you are interested in chastity because of this fetish? I'm not otherwise a fan of sissy stuff but I like the idea of a dick cage to cement my role as the beta.


File: c86d3907cefcf1a⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 432x503, 432:503, 564080.jpg)

IR porn has really gone down hill since the earlier 2000s. Like anal scenes in Blacked, almost an afterthought, instead of the main thing, and completely tame, almost fake anal where they just put in the tip and then nothing further happens.

I would like to see a joining of fart/poop humiliation, small penis cuckold stuff with racist, profanity laced interracial that involves evolution and creationism themes in dialogue.

An ideal porn therefore would be where a very hot white girl humiliates her white boyfriend and his small penis, forbids him to touch her, yet teases him while advertising and showing herself to black males, preferably fit, athletic, muscular, dark black alpha males. Then she will fart in her boyfriend's face, massive bellowing tuba rumbles, not little toots, as he masturbates, and then she poops, taking a massive dump that's been waiting for a week to emerge, in one thick hard log that thuds on the floor or plops deeply in the toilet, curling around the bowl or over the seat. Then the boyfriend will ejaculate on the turd, and of course there will be several pages worth of HD pics of these logs, as she cleans up ready to take the BBC balls deep in her ass, and only in her ass, completely ignoring the vagina. And it should be a real pounding and plowing, rough and intense, with lots of moaning and groaning, ending in balls deep ejaculation into the butt and the girl greedily sucking the penis dry.

is that too much to ask?



whoever made those SHITTED.com memes was onto something, there is an undeniable connection between a turd and a black penis. there is something thrilling about a hot white girl who won't even let her boyfriend/husband/orbiter touch her buttcheeks, let alone her butthole, but she'll let black men spank, eat, and fuck her ass balls deep and ejaculate inside after pounding her into dozens of orgasms. The look of a girl who has just unveiled a BBC is the look of admiring an impressively large and well formed poop log. These aspects should be explored more freely.


I lived as a white guy in a largely black part of Chicago. I had a buddy named Paul who had an athletic body that wasn’t crazy big but cut.

He jacked off in my room once and he had an 7inch cock at 14 so I can imagine he’s a big boy these days. I pulled out mine which ofcourse is just a little , at the time, 2 inch cock. We jerked off, he came directly on my cock and just buried it in semen. I finished my little ejaculation and we cleaned up.

I began just being Paul’s bitch, taking and eating loads, pampering him, etc he took my virginity.

In high school I started dating a black girl named Nida. Stopped fucking Paul and just didn’t talk about it. One day Paul tells me “ I wish your nuts were full of my cum for Nida”

Eventually when we turned 18 Paul fucked her in our own bed, and I gently tickled his scrotum and kissed his balls as he came deep into her womb. He got me in a neck hold and jerked me off onto the floor. I knew he did it so I wouldn’t compete andI basically came harder than ever and realized all I want is to make the world full of black babies and help non white men learn how to surrender to the superior genes of blacks. As well as ofcourse raising a multiracial family. My oldest daughter is white but her babies sure aren’t.

I am a true cuck. All the way. Black sperm for everyone.

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