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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: 6520f26f5f29dc7⋯.jpeg (251.34 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 1504610822445-1.jpeg)


Stage 1: Anger

>spends all his time on /pol/

>hates blacks and trannies

>lonely and resentful

>hates life and finds meaning by connecting to racial identity

Stage 2: Shame

>alienation drives /pol/ack deeper into isolation and porn addiction

>taboos become attractive

>blacked spam starts having an effect

>begin jacking off to sissy hypno and BBC

>shame from anti-white perversions drive /pol/ack deeper into politics and isolation

Stage 3: Giving In

>in loneliness, horniness, and sheer boredom alt-right sissy hooks up with a black guy

>though shy and nervous, the moment black dick enters his mouth the /pol/ack is hooked

>months or years of porn and fetishism aligns to make everything- the black man's musk, his heavy, chocolate dick, the sissy's soft white hand on dark skin- reaffirm the sissy's fetishes and send so much pleasure into his faggot brain that there is no going back

Stage 4: Dedication:

>sissy white boi begins having gay hook ups at increasing frequency

>gradually loses interest in politics

>more body conscious, begins squatting and running for a better butt

>starts practicing a campy gay voice because it turns him on

>gets into cross dressing and make up, derives submissive thrill from looking slutty and ridiculous

Stage 5: Obsession

>completely broken by black cock

>flaming sissy faggot

>is a devout leftist because white extinction makes his penis twitch, votes for whoever increases immigration

>mannerisms so excessively campy they make his family uncomfortable

>no longer socially or politically alienated, now extroverted and sassy

>has circle of faghag friends who he gossips with and makes BBC jokes around

>loves going to gay clubs and twerking his white booty for black men

>shameless size queen slut who fucks several strangers a week

>views alt-righters with mixture of pity and bemusement, uses /pol/ only to post interracial and ERP

>thanks black cock daily for changing him from an angry, resentful loner into somebody with a full spectrum of human emotion


Hot. I love seeing /pol/tards and their ideology being fetishized for BBC porn.


File: ae16b29c1673d78⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1280x853, 1280:853, tumblr_odzgabLmPF1v02pvho1….png)

Probably one of the best things about IR addiction

A more beta/cuck, non-sissy path:

>IR not really on your radar

>The QoS/Cuck/Raceplay stuff seems ridiculous at first

>Whatever, at least the bimbos are hot

>They look REALLY good sucking and getting fucked by big black dicks

>You mind the QoS/Cuck/Raceplay stuff less every time

>Best orgasms, you keep finding yourself coming back to IR porn

>QoS/Cuck/Raceplay stuff eventually becomes amusing and you can start to see how hot it can be.

>As you get more into IR, it becomes your new go-to porn and maybe you try to ease off and try some different porn

>You find it harder and harder to get off and eventually to even get hard with non-IR porn.

>It sometimes worries you but that somehow makes it even more exciting

>Non-IR porn becomes impossible to get off to. IR edits improve them drastically, especially raceplay and cuck captions

>Non-IR porn eventually becomes unwatchable

>Soon enough you love IR so much even QoS marks, blacked underwear and interracial kissing on otherwise vanilla material make your beta whiteboi dick leak

>You eventually completely embrace and even fetishize the IR addiction and enjoy getting off with other IR addicted whitebois.



that's a long ass story just to come to the conclusion that you're a flaming faggot

it sucks that this place is turning into a gay board.


File: 8f88cbbe019b822⋯.jpg (135.52 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, pressleycarterint.jpg)


>it sucks that this place is turning into a gay board.

The solution is to post more straight content.


File: bfde01b930310be⋯.jpg (911.89 KB, 2100x2170, 30:31, illust_65966320_20171121_1….jpg)


Fucking this.

I can handle bi/gay but It's annoying how much the fetish is hijacked by sissy faggotry. It's made so much worse by the fact the vast majority of them are disgusting hons.

A guy who fits the alpha black stud archetype would never fuck these gross sisses over a hot chick or even a plain one. Not even to 'punish' or 'dominate' them, because they would only be punishing themselves and lose their alpha status by sticking their dick in a hon. The sissies polluting IR fetish are completely delusional and it only undoes the fantasy for everyone else interested in the shallow bimbo size queens.

The only people who fuck hons are guys who are either desperate losers and are kidding themselves or fetishists who have no delusions about it being gay sex. A more passable or twinkish drag queen, crossdresser or trap is always preferable to these gross sissies.

Several even go so far as to be autogynephiles who get unironically upset whenever they're reminded they're male in conversation. ("Beta male? Uh NO, I'm a girl. Really.") At that point it's full-blown mental illness where a feminization fetish has crossed over into body dysmorphia. They even fail to be proper sissies anymore because self-awareness is an integral part of the sissy fetish for the self-deprecation.

Even the cringiest beta/cuck shit is nowhere near as bad as these sissy hons who lack self awareness and somehow magically think a big black dick is a magic wand for turning them into a hot chick with a real pussy, it's just fucking sad.

Say what you will about the beta/cuck IR fetish, its mostly about hot girls being degenerate shallow sluts. It's bimbo shock porn with trolling for spice. The only place for gay sex is between the circlejerking whiteboi beta loser incels.



Yes it seems like that's inevitable for every IR community site unless there is proper moderation.

We'll se how this board will end up.


>>2445 here, this is how it works for a "normal" straight dude not particularly into the cuck aspect if at all:

>Turns out I love female-initiated destruction, especially of historic/valuable things

>Initially repulsed by IR and the message it carries

>Put two and two together and realize there is no greater thing for a woman to destroy than her own lineage

There. That's it.



>Say what you will about the beta/cuck IR fetish

A lot of cuck stuff centers on emasculation. Think of the small penis humiliation, emphasis on chastity/castration, and the obsession with black masculinity. It's pretty straightforward how that winds up blending with sissification.

>They even fail to be proper sissies anymore because self-awareness is an integral part of the sissy fetish for the self-deprecation.

100% agree.


File: 20e976e9b4fb17c⋯.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Tracer_Doomfist_1.png)


Well you can have the sph and even chastity stuff without the emasculation/castration. Very true there are many who don't and will just lump it all together on the same spectrum.

"You're either a man or you're a woman. And you're not a man unless you're a REAL man. Therefore you are a sissy faggot woman proxy" etc

I don't like this kind of view because it falls apart when you spend more than 5 minutes thinking about it and it seems to be self loathing faggots with issues who fall for it beyond the fantasy.

I tend to take a more naturalistic view where desirable traits are more relative. Peacocks, for instance, can have alpha males. Even the biggest human dick doesn't have shit on a horse cock, so it's not as simple as "hurr size matters" outside of use as a meme.

I'm bi but don't find black guys very attractive and tend to find black dicks gross Vs a white one. Often too much skin and I'm not talking foreskin. If there is a black dick I like then I just think about it on a gay level and the raceplay cuck stuff goes right out the window. I'll fuck the black guy in his ass, then switch etc.

I have an 8 inch dick, am better looking and am in better shape than many black guys in cuck porn. Often I'll actually pity the black actor because they clearly just seem to be there for a gig that surely sounds good on paper for them. (Which in a certain way can be pretty fucking beta in itself.) I have seen enough porn and had sex with enough people (guys, girls, trans) to know when a scene is botched and tons of IR cuck porn is flawed. Those flaws are overlooked just for the sake of getting off - kinda like if a chick has a mole on her butt you don't like though she's otherwise an ok fap. Just the same, there's a limit.

What makes black guys suitably alpha for cuck stuff in my book is simply that the white/asian women in the scene believe them to be alpha and from that become shallow sluts.


File: 9270bf28c6b94f3⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1023x768, 341:256, tracer_1.png)


So then maybe you're wondering why not just regular cuck stuff instead of IR?

Simply because stupid is sexy and the bbc meme is fetish fuel when mixed in with bimbos. There's a self-fulfilling prophecy aspect to it that is hot, especially when you include betas getting off to it.

Real life consequences are just casualties, the same as breathplay (as in facesitting etc) leads to cases of retards dying to auto-erotic asphyxiation.

A horny, naive, living sex doll who consistently demonstrates a lack of intelligence is arousing. They are prone to be taken advantage of, particularly by males they deem to be alpha. The only difference between alpha and beta males outside of the female's perspective of them at that point is whichever male is willing to take advantage of the woman's bias is alpha.

Like I said earlier the fact the black stud guy would actually go through with it is actually pretty beta - he's just taking advantage of a free lunch like a scavenger. But it's because he's meme'd up as an alpha stud by the ditzy woman that his taking advantage of her becomes her degradation.

In the end it's just about enabling the ditzy female to be a slut. Stupid is sexy, and the desirable slut is being spoiled by having her stupidity validated. She's ultimately reduced to a breeding vessel. (Which is why raising the kid enters cuck fantasy too - it's just an extreme bad end conclusion of her being enabled as a breeding cow.)

Where in the natural world becoming the new alpha is as simple as killing the alpha and then raping the bitch to take his place, or just moving on to get a different bitch, it's the cuck who has the ultimate control. They are roleplaying - allowing all of this to happen because they are choosing to surrender control. A cuck scene without a cuck involved in some way is just two people fucking. The cuck takes on the role of facilitator, the stud's role is accessory and the bitch's role is object of entertainment. The clown-faced breeding cow.

It's especially popular in the SJW cultural climate because the fetish gets the women acting like this despite all of their moralizing.

You get a bunch of dumb cunts who think they're edgy by sucking a black guy's dick and telling whitebois to gtfo when the fetishists are just getting off on it. Getting off to the fact these cunts and their moral preaching are reducing themselves to complete sluts.

Yes, the real subversiveness of the fetish is that feminists endorse it. The extreme themes in IR cuck porn are basically parodying feminism.

SJWs are so insecure they can't tolerate a scene where vulnerability is shown to a white male, so IR cuck porn objectifies them while pandering to every SJW talking point.

If feminists had any fucking clue they would freak the fuck out, and that they support cuck fetishism only serves to further get off the fetishists who seek to objectify the women. Women who for all their preaching can only prove they will always allow themselves to be objectified. It doesn't really matter how, but it's pretty hot.

Whether white genocide ever actually does happen, feminism will forever be the dumb slut on a white male's casting couch.




I don't hang out with feminists much, but they would probably find IR fetishism racist and demeaning to black men, in the sense of reducing black guys to animistic breeding studs with big dicks. It's hard to miss how brazenly degrading interracial fetishism tends to be for the white women involved, which feminists would find repulsive. Obviously SJWs are generally supportive of interracial sex/relationships, but usually not in the way you like. They'd probably be obnoxiously exacting not to dehumanize anybody.

>Well you can have the sph and even chastity stuff without the emasculation

Nah. Small penis humiliation is emasculating. Not in the HRT feminization sense, but in the "you don't measure up as a man" sense. That sort of emasculation permeates cuckold fetishism. It's not really that there's a logic to being a small dicked cuck that makes guys into sissies, it's that many guys like cuckoldry because it's emasculating and they like sissification because it's emasculating. Cuckoldry just pushes the same button that feminization does. The only respect in which cuckoldry can be responsible for becoming trans is as a stage in fetish escalation.

Anyways, you have an interesting take on the fetish and it was cool to read your thoughts. After reading your posts I'm still not exactly certain why it's instrumental that the guy is black, because most of the breeding sow/bimbofication stuff seems totally feasible with run of the mill white alphas, but I still enjoyed your posts.



It's an interesting perspective, but not something I can fully agree with.

Especially how you're trying to emasculate black guys in your posts and portraying white cucks as "alphas". Just because said cucks are often the masterminds behind getting their girls fucked, doesn't stop them from being pathetic and inadequate.

But the idea of white girls exaggerating a black man's alphaness because they're idiots who believe in memes, and seeing black men as mere fuck tools to show off is definitely hot.

Either way, I like that people find so many different ways to enjoy this fetish.


As a mainly voyeuristic person I absolutely hate the need of normalfags to self insert themselves literally into the scene by having cucks in the corner fapping or constant insertion of faggot and sissy stuff. Shut the fuck up and fuck off, IR shouldn't be about you. Not to sound like an SJW but this fetish is not about white males. Fuck off and make way for the real attraction. I just want to see orc like niggers brutalizing elf like wyte grills. I am so annoyed by pathetic dwarfs in drag self inserting their egocentric need to attention whore about what a pathetic loser they are or how much they want to suck dick. Fuck off, nobody cares. If you get off on being insignificant and pathetic, do us all a favor and just vanish.





You're like a woman with all this fucking psychology shit you project onto IR. I just want to see hard big black things stretch out wet squishy pink things. That's it. Faggots can fuck off.


File: 4fa26660a4106ae⋯.jpg (275.8 KB, 1000x1499, 1000:1499, 4154f055f7154f3c05684227d5….jpg)


And I just like seeing women be pigs.

You can reduce or detail anything, and the OP is literally describing a psychological development of the IR fetish.

This thread's a good place for the genuinely curious to share perspectives.


>I just want to see orc like niggers brutalizing elf like wyte grills.

Some see the black guys as beastiality without the zoo - would you say that's your view?

The way you put it seems like the girl is getting raped or at least dominated - is that often a part of it?


>I don't hang out with feminists much, but they would probably find IR fetishism racist and demeaning to black men.

The perspective I describe seems common among guys who are surrounded by feminist culture - notably academia, where feminism is a stubborn cancer. I've known a lot of feminists and other fetishists who know feminists - There are a lot of guys who just find themselves happening to be in that social sphere.

Take for example a history major who keeps running into feminazis shilling anti-colonization material. He's hoping to graduate so he can spend his postgraduate years advancing a theory on say, the relationship between farms and military in a historical context. He spends his undergrad years researching a variety of subjects within history. His female peers on the other hand are commonly regurgitating shit about white men in history being rapists of native women and not deserving anything etc - the usual subversive bullshit.

Many of these skanks either flunk or go on to have careers completely limited to pandering to the tumblr market. This in itself would be fine, but it can make the journey for a lot of guys looking to have a relationship very lonely.

And this is before you even get to the walking-on-eggshells environment where trying to date a girl in academia can easily result in ruining your life. Lots of the girls are irresponsible booze hags too who always manage to get some kind of free pass. They cozy up to lecturers and get extensions for all kinds of superficial neurotic issues, often acting like spoiled little girls.

Meanwhile the guys are casting from hp to get all their work done in addition to the token feminist issues they are required to address by lecturers.

These white/asian guys become culturally divorced from the girls who should be most suited to them. From this you get guys taking agency with stuff like IR cuck porn. A lot of it is catharsis for guys who once hoped to settle down with a smart waifu and are now jacking off to all the bullets they dodged. At this intermediate stage of life it's easy to accept the role of beta in a fantasy while working on getting their careers off the ground. It's also a kind of schadenfreude for the real life cuck shit they've witnessed.

>Obviously SJWs are generally supportive of interracial sex/relationships, but usually not in the way you like. They'd probably be obnoxiously exacting not to dehumanize anybody.

This is used as fetish fuel - a dumb cunt intending to be as woke as possible but really just being a bimbo pig.

It's basically an exaggerated version of the real life ignorance of these women in a fappable package. It matches their academic incompetence where the logical conclusions of their moralizing essays happen to mean the genocide of Uganda or something. Not even kidding. It also hits at how generally flippant these SJW women are when it comes to issues surrounding white males. Their attitude turns from pretentious scholar to valley girl in a flick of a switch. It's common for SJW girls in academia to dump on subjects where white males have any adversity. "Yeah ok right so yeah we know he did a good thing getting farmers more rights and stuff but like his wife had like NO rights so just, y'know, idk. Oh yeah and they had slaves so like… [makes a "weirded out" face] y'know" Derailing subjects about white guys who achieved things in history because of petty feminist issues with no respect for the context. It has to be painstakingly explained to them by the lecturer but there's no reprimanding for their biased ideology when constantly leaks out. Meanwhile guys are frequently warned not to be racist or sexist etc. Basically - fuck white males for achieving anything in history because it doesn't meet the SJW expectations of today.

The fetishists tend to truly want as little to do with these women as possible and IR cuck porn is the outlet for their vestigial lust for them until if/when they can settle down with a girl with a brain. The possibility/probability it might never happen is just gravy for the fetish too, so there's definitely grounds for fetishizing their own patheticness and inadequacies.


I agree emasculation fetish is a well-trodden path to feminization and then sissification - I just think it's a lot like watersports and scat. You can get people who are bigly into watersports who hate scat, though watersports is often a path to scat.



Nobody will read all this dude.




not into any of the sissy stuff



Omg… I'm actually floating around stage three.. I made a fetlife with the intent of hooking up with a black man to stuck him.. I'm a fat disgusting slob though so I doubt it would help; no black guy will want me anymore than any white girl



how the fuck does it get this far for you retards



I think they are fags to begin with and this "fetish" just make them realize it.





Stop spamming this shit everywhere.



I'm not though; I've never been attracted to men, in fact I always found homosexuality disgusting. I still find white/hispanic/asian men etc unattractive. All the IR porn and sissy hypno videos though… I think I'm going crazy. Should I try to stop?



That's incorrect. BBC is so powerful it turns white bois gay.



I'm bisexual and I agree




I actually read it and was interested. But I am not an academic, far from it, I live in a rural town, maybe it is just the cultural climate of seeing white men being rejected and considered evil by feminist/liberal women (even conservative women) and then seeing IRL interracial relationships, especially with nigger studs and pretty younger white women in high school who are forbidden fruit, especially if you are an older male.


File: 05293625dd7b063⋯.png (331.65 KB, 900x703, 900:703, murdoch2.png)


Cool story bro.


File: bf29012d2ef484b⋯.mp4 (131.28 KB, 480x270, 16:9, dog.mp4)

Imagine letting your fetishes get into your personal daily life, toplel



Imagine you actually beleive in OP's story and think it isn't just erp

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