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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: e5dae394958e1de⋯.png (447.64 KB, 1600x416, 50:13, 20783_10MKIaz.png)


Can you guys recommend anything that is close to an imageboard but with a more active user base? It's pretty slow on here.

This game is called Angelica's Temptation.

You play as the bimbo wife, you'll decide for her and choose whether you cuck your husband or cheat on him etc. Haven't seen it here and it's better than cuck simulator and it's the best out there for this fetish.

Here are the mega downloads

You only need to download and run the exe. It's just a visual novel so your pc doesn't need to be good.

PC: https://mega.nz/#!tl8lXbCC!cc_5qqkCQ4BTi_WDl79yRfav51FpE6Zqo91Yctdzg-E




tumblr is the only way to go unfortunately



Wrong , there is the BlacktoWhite forum ( for IR couples, cucks and fems looking BBC )

its pretty active and not paying for memberships only cucks you from some stuff like private videos


how do we make this place more active?


sexforums are full of fakers



this has more choices than cuck simulator but worse writing and a less sexy premise

i played through the entire thing and there was never a really hot or proper moment to initiate sex so i ended up beating it without any fucking lol



Unfortuantly places like B2W are dying out because people are realizing they can make money off this by going to clips4sale or manyvids or iwantclips. What would really get it going is for the torrent scene to be more active because there's so much good stuff out there that has never made it's way to the torrent sites, it's almost a joke, even places like empornium are only able to scratch the surface of it



>Unfortuantly places like B2W are dying out

Where did you get that idea? If anything B2W is becoming more popular with single white females and couples. In fact I've noticed a general tonal shift toward it becoming more acceptable for husbands and boyfriends to maintain traditional roles as emotional providers while at the same time wives and girlfriends enjoy sex outside the partnership. And that's not to mention the cheaters I've been a member of B2W for a number of years now, I know of at least three genuine girls on there hooking up with black guys discretely. No if anything B2W and the lifestyle in general is gaining popularity.



>single white females

>on sexforums

most of them are fakes, similar on tumblr

also forums are a dying thing anyways, everything is now on social media



I don't mean the lifestyle is dying, I mean getting access to it is getting harder because much of it is behind paywalls and there's hundred of thousands of videos that rippers are having a hard time catching up. I'm specifically talking about the torrent scene

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