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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: 0a229e2e5c8c3da⋯.jpg (621.43 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 2fdc95b9b08347f2401ea87c19….jpg)


I had to explain to my sister that I'm not gay, today, when she caught me looking at pictures of black cocks on my laptop.

I've previously advised her to date black men but this seemed to really upset her for some reason. So now my sister thinks I'm gay for black men.


Let your sister discover black guys on her own. you don't have to push her in that direction.



Ya blew it.

You need to be more careful.


Most people don't share this fetish because it's weird, racist, and more than a little gay.



oh look another LARP thread. Fuck you people are annoying


>So now my sister thinks I'm gay for black men.

Well, sweetie, let's face it…



>caught me looking at pictures of black cocks on my laptop

Do you really think something like this is so unlikely? Don't let the black cocks detail muddle it. People get caught watching porn all the time, he just so happen to be looking at dicks or interracial.

>I've previously advised her to date black men

If you think is the unlikely part, you underestimate the capacity for men to think with their dick. If the difference between him getting a quality nut is telling his sister to get BLACKED, that pressure might eventually give and he'll say it.



How about you moralfagging fucks go to a political board instead of a porn board if your going to give stupid fucking advice about what people should or should not do



How is that moral advice, you're embarassing yourself IRL in order to satiate a fetish, no different than faggots that wear panties and stuff anal beads up their ass during a pride parade. It's one thing to jerk of to hot white bitches taking BBC on the internet, but actually telling your sister to fuck black guys is really pathetic, besides she isn't your slave. It's just embarassing, are you autistic or something?



It probably will turn you gay in the long run.Some of you probably don't believe that can happen,but I guess you'll find out eventually and especially if you allow this to consume you.It's not particularly fun anymore once you get to that point,either.

Be careful down the path you tread,unintended consequences lie ahead.



But you are gay, by very definition you have an obssesion with cocks



reminder that an anon on this board deleted his sister's family in the Sims and replaced them all with nogs so she could get BLACKED daily

black cocks are fun and all but don't be a sperg and start proselytizing to your loved ones about them



But that's hot, why would we discourage that?



>I'm not gay

>I have an obsession with black cocks

For fuck's sake you faggots are not only pathetic, but in denial. I'm going back to /ebon/.

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