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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: 60750746b452ea8⋯.jpg (209.43 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 20180807135247_1.jpg)


I'm just curious if anyone still plays the Civilization series on here, and if they'd like IR related Civs. I had created a mod myself and was looking for feedback. I understand Civ is more strategy and less visual stimulation, which makes it less than ideal as pornography. Is an endeavor in this genre a waste of time? Link provided is mod shown in picture for Civ V.




I don't play Civ, but the idea sounds great. I'd post this mod to loverslab.com (biggest adult mods forum/site I think there is) and ask for feedback there.


File: e2fc4aa629da038⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 1250x670, 125:67, e2fc4aa629da038a1dd6a43d1a….jpg)

File: 452f76bd5a33c6f⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 660x911, 660:911, husband1.JPG)

File: 2a39dc4c70f586b⋯.jpg (71.24 KB, 1337x776, 1337:776, pregnant.jpg)

Ive never played civ, but I like the idea of world building to fit a fetish.

Fetishes are primarily narrative based though, so the strength of the mod would really rest on your ability to write and entertain the player. Writing a story is hard work, writing with multiple branches quickly becomes a massive undertaking- add modding the game and thats a lot of work for something with a pay wall. I write for chyoa sometimes and even having 2 choices becomes a massive chore, I did some stuff with twine too with basic scripting and it didnt turn out so well.

I do wonder what the game itself adds. Stats and maps dont do much for me. Though I think I like where you're going: give her ridiculously shitty stats for warfare, economy and everything else, but have her break the game with whatever godmode-tier social/breeding stats she has. God game stuff could be fun, like banish all white men to some hellhole and watch interracial pregnancies rise, or keep them with their wives and try to stem the tide (by giving white women a choice it only slows down initially and then breeds them even faster), or have an option to make IR pregnancies illegal, or mandatory etc etc. I was playing frostpunk and I loved how people would bitch at me and you could click them to see how they were reacting to your actions. Id love to click on a white girl and read about how much she hates the new law where she has to get fucked in the ass once a week by a black man until she gives in and carries a black child.

Anyways, good luck.



I'd love to try it but my shitty PC can't run civ5.


File: 6423fcac7995946⋯.png (3.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Fallout 4 Screenshot 2018.….png)

File: 96ca998a1da399a⋯.png (4.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Fallout 4 Screenshot 2018.….png)

File: ae163e43e7b45da⋯.png (4.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 12….png)


I'll give your mod a try as soon I as I install Civ V again. Is there more to the mod other than that? The idea overall is interesting though.

Only games I get to from time to time to play with an interracial angle are Skyrim, Fallout 4 and some time ago Sims (not sure which) but it was before the sexmods and whatnot, so I just ended up putting some blondes and blacks in the same house, breed them and eventually somewhat incest them when there was enough "distance" in the family tree.

In the screenshots, some of the thins I do for fun in the games I mentioned.



That's cool, I wasn't aware there were such options available for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. I was aware of sex mods for Skyrim but not IR related. I haven't updated the mod but I do know the Blacked Civ is OP. If you were to realistically play the mod you may want to need the free territory purchases.


Nerf, i meant.



Well, the mods are IR related per se lol, and there aren't any that are, that I know of. But between the existing mods and game mechanics you can have fun.

For instance, in FO4, you have a settlement system and you can move settlers around settlements however you please. All I did was choose a settlement to which I would send all the black male settlers and blonde female settlers. Add to that a pregnancy mod and you have your fun. There isn't a genetic framework though so the children may or may not have something to do with any of the parents so whenever a blonde female is born she just stays on the same settlement for breeding purposes lol. At some point, however, you must start sending them to other settlements bc, for CPU or maybe even game engine limitation, your game will get laggy as fuck and all the scripts will go to shit.

As for Skyrim, there isn't that settlement system though. However, there's a pregnancy mod, if I'm not mistaken, that allows you to set NPCs as couples so you can make any female you want be a couple with whichever male (or female) you want. Or, and maybe this is more interesting to those with the cuck fetish, you can also set the spouse and the NPC(s) she will cheat with. With other mods you can make npcs your followers and tell them to consider a given house their home, and with that you can somewhat mimic the FO4 settlement system.



by the way, this was me lol, gotta figure out how to make an account



Regarding your mod, I had some fun with it yesterday.

Yes, the Blacked Civ is kinda op lol but since I haven't played Civ in a long while, it came in handy.

In any case, I wouldn't mind keeping it OP though. If feasible/if that doesn't imply considerable additional effort, maybe there could be a balanced and an OP versions?

Which other features are you planning on implementing? It's unfortunate that the diplomacy menu is just a grey screen though :/ A moving scene like the vanilla Civs is impossible to make but made it could feature just a still image? I think I've seen custom Civs with that.

Other tips would be for the units to be black (and the female ones white/blonde lol).

Your custom buildings were a nice touch as well! Would it be possible to replace the vanilla buildings portrait as well?

One other feature would be to customize the vanilla CIVs to just display IR related stuff; at least the one's with males, maybe just replace them with some girls of said nationality, for example.

Sorry for the long text, I'm aware that all of this isn't that simple to accomplish and that it takes time and effort. I don't know the first thing about modding but maybe I'll google around and find out how to make some of this stuff.


File: f0e3b0ffb521a93⋯.png (5.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 12….png)

File: e6a09f3ce34192a⋯.png (4.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 12….png)

File: 998ca721ac3b011⋯.png (4.76 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 12….png)



That's a great idea, unfortunately my laptop died and I haven't redownloaded the game and modbuddy for the new computer. I didn't know how to edit the soldier animations.



oh, shame ._. Modbuddy is that SDK program on steam?



Yes it is. It's a very simple game to mod. I've never modded anything before and had a very easy time of it.



Cool! Just launched it. Is it okay to build upon your mod? Is there a specific file I should open? I just tried the info file from your mod but it didn't open much, just basically a text file.



You can certainly edit mine, but make sure to let me know about it so I can try your modifications out. You'll have to watch a tutorial video if you don't know already.


Anyone can repost the original link? It doesn't work anymore.

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