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File: d597c4b75d3bd79⋯.jpg (311.77 KB, 2020x2020, 1:1, 1534906150129.jpg)


A general topic thread to discuss japanese citizenship and all it entails whatever that may be…

>Do you want Japanese citizenship?

Not really since I would rather work in the United states… I will definitely be making 3x more here than if I were to teach english in japan… I have no interest being an english teacher ANYWHERE at all, really.

>Do you want to marry somebody with japanese citizenship?

Yes of course I want a waifu. Speaking of this, does a woman lose her japanese citizenship if she gains US citizenship? How would cohabitation work?


File: d058fd4bc983008⋯.jpg (71.13 KB, 700x700, 1:1, a0774164862_16.jpg)


>Do you want Japanese citizenship?

I honestly don't want to go and become a "citizen" of Japan, since I'd be diluting their bloodline, and also the culture they have

>Do you want to marry somebody with japanese citizenship?

As I said before, no, and even less getting along with some roastie.

Japan is a beautiful place and has been a beacon for many important individuals on earth, but disrupting it would just make it a lower version of itself. I'm way more interested in knowing, if they even know about it, their thoughts on works of people in the west. Because we're well aware that we just eat all their shit up, but what do they think about the west? other than filthy gaijin


I would love to, but I need to study first. I want to be a programmer!


File: 046afde80569574⋯.jpg (945.7 KB, 4020x2172, 335:181, 1523062897434.jpg)


They worship the west. The facade of hating gaijin is just their version of the alt right. I hope you aren't some sort of purity spiraling racist right? How are you going to raise hafu daughters and hafu doctors and lawyers with that attitude?



> I hope you aren't some sort of purity spiraling racist right?

No I'm not, and I can't. I'm part of the third world nightmare that's south america. Me breeding there will actively ruin some aspects of Japan

>how are you going to raise hafu daughters and hafu doctors and lawyers with that attitude?

By not breeding. I'd end up raising hafu psychopaths if I faced the challenge.

In the times that are coming, Abe should be careful of who goes in and who does not, already letting Indians get citizenship for some reason is not going to be benefitial in the long run. Japan has ti be cautious, its not the 20th century anymore



The 20th century where they literally got bombed with a nuclear bomb twice?


File: 40738ce18b73f72⋯.png (43.75 KB, 645x672, 215:224, 1261011655782.png)

File: e807be1ed4715f0⋯.jpg (53.31 KB, 541x575, 541:575, 1261072273976.jpg)


>They worship the west

Last time I checked there's no 2ch board called /west/ dedicated to western culture.



>Do you want Japanese citizenship?

If it got me out of Bongistan then sure at least they actually seem to respect their own history and culture and are willing to keep them intact over peoples feelings.

>Do you want to marry somebody with japanese citizenship?

You way you phrased that seems like "do you want to marry for a green card" if that's the case no, I'd marry someone I know will be a good mother.


>do you want to marry for a green card" if that's the case no, I'd marry someone I know will be a good mother.

why not both


File: d1ea935a87576f5⋯.pdf (686.93 KB, 171110_point_calculation_f….pdf)


>Do you want Japanese citizenship?

Gods, yes. I'm 99% sure that Europe is going to be an absolute shitshow in a decade, tops, and I need to get out of here soon.

Problem being, I can't stand being around Americans or Australians, and that really only leaves Japan unless I want to leave the first world, but if I wanted to do that, I could just stay here in the first place.

>Do you want to marry somebody with japanese citizenship?

Not particularly. I wouldn't mind it, but I'm not after it. (Let's call hiring a poor Nip chick to become my wife long enough for me to gain citizenship Plan B)

>Speaking of this, does a woman lose her japanese citizenship if she gains US citizenship

Yes. Nip citizenship automatically excludes any other citizenship. Most citizenships in the world work this way.

I'm currently working towards getting 70 points on file related. That gets you a 5 year visa and if you have 3 continuous years in Japan over 70 points, without crimes, and with enough money to not immediately become a case for social services, you get permanent residency (read: Revocable semi-citizenship without voting rights). And after a few years of permanent residency, you get full citizenship.

I'm currently at 15 points (from age), but I'm about to get done with my first Bachelor's and am about halfway into my second. By the time I'm finished with the second, I'm going to hopefully be at N2 and can apply to Masters programs in Nipland (35-45 points extra, likely -5 for age), have a few /tech/related certificates (5-15 extra), then I'd just need a stable job over there that pays me 60k a year (worst case scenario, ideally I'd have enough shit published and enough certificates to already be over 70), which sounds doable with two masters degrees and near-native level in three languages.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Japs hate foreigners living in their country, they'll be interested in you and the culture of wherever you came from if you come as a tourist but they don't like it when gajins stay in their nation. So yeah, keep in mind that if you get lucky and marry a Japanese woman, her family will hate your guts and they will probably disown her. A youtuber I follow married a Japanese woman who had this happen to her and he was half-asian, spoke fluent Japanese and pretty much looks like a Japanese man himself.

If you want to see somewhat realistic videos on living in Japan made by an absolute nutcase (the guy is pretty much Elliot Rodger if he had the ability to get pussy) I recommend you watch his other stuff as well.

As for wanting citizenship, I'm not sure, I love Japanese culture but most people know by now that actually living there can be pretty depressing and tiring. Sure, you live in a country with some of the lowest crime rates in the developed world and the infrastructure looks great but you need to sacrifice most of your free time to wageslaving.

I would love to marry a Japanese woman as most of them seem much more feminine and caring than western women but I do feel like I'd be somewhat polluting their genepool if I were to have children with her.



>you need to sacrifice most of your free time to wageslaving.

>believing western propaganda


Japan's average working hour is below the OECD, just because some people in Tokyo work 16 hours a day doesn't mean the rest of the country does.



There's a trick to not get hated in a foreign country, and he failed at using it.

Move to the countryside, not the city, and there apply yourself in community ventures. Run the bingo for the seniors, clean up the streets, enter the local tarot round, that kinda stuff. Yes, they'll be suspicious of you at first, very much so. But here's the beauty of it: They're suspicious of everyone that has been born from anything more than three villages over. And they'll be no more suspicious of you than anybody else. As long as you aren't utterly autistic, they'll grow to like you in time. And they'll be far less likely to complain if their family actually knows you rather than the cartoonish version of your nationality they have in their brain. Note: This may not work for Americans, if you're from the US, sticking to the cartoon tends to be the better option

Doesn't work in the city because everyone's an anonymous face in the crowd there and nobody gives a shit to start with.



Also helps to not go against the traditional waiting times in that countries culture when it comes to death, divorce, etc.

To not be a mooching NEET.

To not cheat.

Fuck, if his girlfriend uttered a single word about his personality, it's no wonder her mother hates the idea.



>Fuck, if his girlfriend uttered a single word about his personality

That's the thing: she didn't. She told her nothing about the bad aspects of his personality or lifestyle, she simply told her she was going to marry to a foreign guy she had met and that was what got her "disowned". Had the parents known about all the bad stuff they probably would have killed the guy.

Anyway, that guy was a bad example.



You seem optimistic to be earning $60k in Japan, but do you think this is realistic? I could become a certified public accountant here in the states in 4 years (including post graduate study) which would let me earn upwards of $70k pretty soon after college but I heard the ONLY jobs for foreigners in Japan is teaching English. I wonder if I could maybe start my own internet business on the side (like athletic training).



How do Japanese family dynamics differ from those of say, Taiwan or South Korea? I was nearly engaged to a girl from Taiwan and she seemed very enthusiastic and she let me know that her parents would help us financially with kids etc…

I should have married her tbh but my own parents were racist as fuck against the idea.



>I heard the ONLY jobs for foreigners in Japan is teaching English

I plan to be a freelance programmer specialized in low-level optimization. That can be done over the net.

And at the very least I've seen multiple European professors in Nip universities, and I've heard of people transferring to Japan from within nip corporations in their countries.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If Tkyosam was able to get residency then anyone can do it.



this guy is a massive troll.



> Japan from within nip corporations in their countries.

yeah, I dont want to wait until Im a 40 year old wage slave though



Then go freelance anything. Internet Nomad. It just needs to reliably make you over 30k a year to get the minimum qualification for permanent residence, assuming you have enough points already.

They've also made a special arts-focused permanent residency thing a year or so ago. Might be worth looking into if you're an artfag of any persuasion.



I know how to use a camera. Maybe that counts.

Nah… I will teach english I guess, like any other retard, or maybe I'm a lucky **** and can land some sort of commerce job from my accounting degree.

I know a lot of talentless guys make money from youtube channels because it seems that the market is still unsaturated due to the fact that only narcissists and whores actually make youtube channels, but yet they still reel in as little as 30 bucks a month or as many as hundreds… I have a strong personality. maybe I can grow some extra cash income that way.

I love japan though… I want to leave this shithole called america.



>I should have married her tbh but my own parents were racist as fuck against the idea.

If you really liked the girl and saw a future with her then it was foolish of you to not go through with it because of your boomer parents.


He isn't, he has constantly shown proof for the things he talks about, his wife is seen in serveral videos. He even brings up the fact that people constantly accuse of his videos being fake.



That doesn’t change the fact he’s a troll

Manufactured outrage etc…



>I heard the ONLY jobs for foreigners in Japan is teaching English



File: b491122748f4fe8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.33 KB, 1018x1500, 509:750, 2dc4ffa027f890490613c22c7e….jpg)


I'm planning to immigrate to Japan or perhaps a remote Island in France, but in both cases I'll wait until I have a PhD or I'll marry someone that can support me. https://meguca.org/phoenix/



Why France? French is a shitty language and the country is really close to becoming a caliphate soon.


>Do you want Japanese citizenship?

No. It seems very hard to get and to fit in. But, if I had to move to Japan I'd probably do like >>2916 said.

>Do you want to marry somebody with japanese citizenship?

Why not? I think japanese women are as attractive as white ones in my country.


For the love of God, please do not try to damage the things that make the Japanese interesting: Their culture and homogeneity.

Don't get a Japanese citizenship, since it'll force you to adopt their culture, which you can't do perfectly since you were already born in different culture and have been accustomed to it for decades. You can't unlearn it and just adapt to Japanese culture, that's not how humans work, sometimes you'll yearn for the taste of your homeland.

Also, no one would know that your biological clock is ticking and you might marry a Japanese and commit racemixing, damaging their gene pool.

Getting a permanent residence permit is fine if you're thinking of working there for a few years without having to deal with insane bureaucracy that is Japanese government and living there for the rest of your life.



Lol. Japanese have taken over Hawaii, and I see like 30 Chinese people a day where I live. White countries for everyone but they don’t want to reciprocate? I can see what you mean by permanent residency as opposed to citizenship, but keep in mind that if you’re a mere resident, they can still kick you out for more reasons as opposed to being a citizen, which under international law will protect you much more.



>they can still kick you out for more reasons as opposed to being a citizen

True, but then you'll still have to face Japanese prisons once they think you've committed a crime. Those prisons are cruel, and the wardens plus the policemen won't hesitate turning you into a cripple for a simple lack of obedience. At least with Permanent Residence Permit, you'll have the diplomatic protection of your country of origin and can be deported instead of being sent into prison if they find problems with your existence.

Even if you're seriously attempting to get a Japanese citizenship, at the very least please don't marry or breed with the Japanese, and try your best to adapt into their culture, no matter how much internal temptation you have to break out of the culture monotony. If you can't do either, be a hermit.

>which under international law will protect you much more

Please elaborate what do you mean by this.



I think you may have mental illness


File: 47a12abd33aaf8a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 675.19 KB, 993x923, 993:923, 47a12abd33aaf8afcddee77104….png)



>diplomatic protection of your country of origin

Or your country of origin can ask Japan to send you back since you've publicly committed a thoughtcrime.

I'd rather risk nip prisons that I won't get thrown into anyway since I'm not a nigger with no impulse control than risk the EU adding further oppression measures as their power slips away.


>Do you want Japanese citizenship?

Yes. Japan is getting closer ties with India. So it should be easy to emigrate there and get a job.



>Japan is getting closer ties with India.

>So it should be easy to emigrate there and get a job.

How does the first sentence relates with the second?

Is there any particular agreement made by both countries to ease movement of people, or at least workers?

What benefits India and Japan has gained from it?



>Is there any particular agreement made by both countries to ease movement of people, or at least workers?

Do you live under a rock anon?


Japan to Indian techies rescue: Country wants to recruit 2 lakh IT professionals



Japs don't want your shit in their streets or your dead rotting in their rivers.



Don't hate. You do not speak for the Japanese, and they love our exotic culture.



And one can say that the Japanese don't want another Debito Arudou telling them that Japan should become the Anti-Racism Liberal Utopia he keeps dreaming of, instead of staying an authoritarian, racist and isolationist country.

So what?

There are always a certain trait an ethnic groups dislikes in others, that's why one anon said not to live in Japan permanently.

No one other than the Japanese are entitled to live in Japan, only they have the say on who gets in or out. The fact that they accepted Indians for the deal stated in >>3028 means that Indians get to visit the place, no matter what.



Chinks aren't Japanese, I've had no issues with Japanese in my country only chinks, gooks and SEAniggers cause problems.


All the Japanese I know are either neutral or dislike curryniggers, never seen one praise their culture.



Pajeet characters occasionally appear in anime but aside from them I don't really think Japs are really interested in your culture. You're probably better than muslim immigrants (unless we're talking about muslim Indians of course) but that's like saying eating trash is better than eating shit; it's both bad for you.



Idk look up rody in japan. he seems fine. hes a muslim indian in japan


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He does not look like typical Indian. Here is an Indians in japan. There are a lot more if you search Indians in Japan.


Here is an awesome Japanese lady who teaches Japanese to Indians in Hindi. Love it.




No, all muslims are cancer. The only good ones are those who don't really practice the religion and just call themselves muslim because they were raised one.


File: 702ae16e3045473⋯.png (138.85 KB, 940x469, 940:469, cancer by country.png)


>No, all muslims are cancer.

We don't get cancer, you fat american pig.



>you have to be American to hate muslims

The entire non-islamic population of the world wants to have a word with you.



>by country

>mainland norway and svalbard are different colors



>can’t take a joke


You know country and nation-state are two distinct concepts right?



I was just mildly annoyed at you thinking I'm American. Also, Turkey, Egypt and Afghanistan still have a relatively high cancer death rate compared to the west.


since i cant find a thread for my question ill ask it here to see if i get a reply.

i work for a major hotel chain in california, recently we had a new hire, a japanese woman who seems to be both very nice and very pushy.

im no weeaboo or some otaku, and i try not to give off any impression that i could be one. i began speaking to this woman a month ago.

she has been sharing stories and we have good conversations, but little by little shes been trying to convince me to try an arranged marriage using the same site she and her husband of 5 years met on.

well, its not anything i expected but the whole thing seems kinda odd too me. i really wouldnt care so much if she didnt push the subject so often.

i was always under the impression that (depending mostly on the individual) that no one would want to move from japan to another country even for an arranged marriage.

id kinda like to hear a natives opinion on the subject before i dive deeper into the rabbit hole, but going based off the statistics this is not a good idea.
















makes it easier to read fag, have you seen the word salad some of these cunts post? its annoying as shit.



No, it doesn't. It makes people less likely to read your post because you make it clear that you're a phoneposting redditor. Lurk more or get the fuck out.



He's from reddit.


>>3121 >>3120

close im from 4chan, came here since they got stale after so many years. im not a reddit fag who decided to be "edgy" and start using 8chan.



You should take your lack of capitalization and proper punctuation back there you cunt, you'll fit right in with all the other brain dead retards.


Indian here. Can any anon help me how to get a Japanese visa?



So follow the rules. Sounds like a better deal than getting butt raped and given aids by Tyrone.



>these things matter to him

next you're going to say that reddit spacing is necessary for ease of reading


tell shlomo that you like his idea of further picking apart the corpse of japan with your very presence so as to make it an undead puppet for israel just like the white countries and he might just give you one for free

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