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/meta/ thread

Alright, /meta/ thread for /meta/posting so as to keep that stuff from weighing down the other threads. Whatever you want to share or know in regards to board management or direction or whatever, bring it up here and hopefully it can be worked out for you.

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Welcome to /jenny/, a board dedicated to Youtube reviewer, pony expert, and /tv/'s first officially elected queen, Jenny Nicholson.


1. (You) farming will only be tolerated in the /meta/ thread. We've seen it all before. You know what kind of board you're on. Threads or certain posts will be deleted for being off-topic.

2. Non-Jenny waifuposting is welcome within reason. This means no over-saturation of non-Jenny posts. A general may be permitted.

3. The board is an off-shoot of /tv/. This doesn't mean that the board is at odds or in competition with the parent board. Any posts suggesting otherwise should be considered falseflagging.

4. This isn't a SFW board, but it isn't smut central either. Apply spoilers.

5. Adhere to global rules.

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General Jenny Nicholson #9

Be careful who you hang with Jenny.

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General Jenny Nicholson #8

There are too many pedos at Disney Land jenny, they can't do away with the no costume rule just for star wars nerds

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Webm Thread

The thread for webm's and mp4's.

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FiW thread

Before Jenny was famous for reviewing Star Wars, she was popular in the My Little Pony community for her parody show she created with her friend Griffin Lewis. The show was called “Friendship is Witchcraft,” and it was considered the best MLP abridged series by the majority of the fandom. Each episode of Friendship is Witchcraft was a retelling of the original episode it was based on with the characters changed a little. Twilight Sparkle was a power hungry narcissist, Rainbow Dash was a blind idiot who said “Rainbow” and “Dash” like a Pokémon, Rarity and Applejack were both veterans in some unnamed war in the past. Rarity was left with ptsd from the war, and Applejack was an apparent war criminal who had never been prosecuted. Fluttershy was an insane cult leader who wanted to bring back “lord smooze,” and Pinkie Pie was a traumatized orphan who tried to bring back her parents with gypsy magic. Jenny voiced nearly all the characters except for Celestia and Discord who were voiced by Griffin and a few minor guest voices. When the last episode was too elaborate to edit out of existing episodes, Jenny and Griffin did a live reading at a brony convention. The full show can be found here


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General Jenny 7

The blossoming swan

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Any decent rule 34 of her yet?

Asking for a friend.

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Jenny General #6

Spring Feet? Edition

Is she going to show her feet more now that spring is here?

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Jenny General #5

Previous thread



>So Jenny gets into twitter conservation with creator of The Walking Dead. He follows her, but she doesn't follow him in return?

Too cool for zombie school edition.

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General Jenny #4

Who’s Jenny meeting at the gym at 1 am?

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/jenny/ - Jenny Nicholson General #3

Mega Milk Edition

Previous Threads:



Jenny is still waiting for a Galaxy's Edge Press Pass that is worryingly absent, much like a black father, but at least she's now being represented by some literally who in his basement. Max Landis is in a #MeToo storm yet again and probably feels glad that the HBO documentary about MJ just dropped. Lindsay is ready to sue Netflix over a gif of weiners being launched at her face, no doubt a regular occurrence at the Ellis household swing meets. Bailey is busy reading children's books and being a violent drunk.

What will happen next? Does it matter? Do we matter? Find out the answers and perhaps have an existential crisis in another exciting and Reasonably Low Cut™ Jenny General.

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/jenny/ - Jenny Nicholson General #2

Apple Bottom edition

Previous Thread: >>243

Last thread finally hit bump limit. In recent news, Jenny may be doing Goosedrunks.

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I suppose it's time for the inaugural thread here seeing as the board had someone advertising "for free" all over /tv/ this evening. Which I assume was totally a thread regular and not some malicious car… /sarcasm

Anyway, Jenny's currently not uploading very much of anything right now:

• No October Ramble Poll

• No Hallowe'en themed videos (as of this morning 10/25)

• Only two videos this month (counting the September Ramble)

Thanks to her massive (and ever increasing) Patreon income, she doesn't feel pressured to push content out quickly like others still hustling on YouTube/Patreon, so I get the feeling that this output could possibly become the norm (though she herself called it "slow").

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Gahoole seems to bringing in the fury and the Jenny general was deleted. Is this it? Is this the end?

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It's happening again, a week after her last video (spike in views, little spike in subs) and her channel and views are spiking for no reason. This happened a few weeks ago, she got 2k subs over a weekend when her usual daily subs is 200-300.

Is Jenny sending nudes to one of the youtube programmers? Her channel was slowly falling behind because one of her videos trend anymore but now every month she has a huge spike for a few days for no apparent reason.