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File: b2dc9daedfe0f48⋯.jpg (350.75 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, b2dc9daedfe0f48eea93943c94….jpg)

eb726f  No.1104

Apple Bottom edition

Previous Thread: >>243

Last thread finally hit bump limit. In recent news, Jenny may be doing Goosedrunks.

eb726f  No.1105

File: 7ea2902ab72ac14⋯.jpg (791.94 KB, 1451x2000, 1451:2000, before.jpg)

File: 5febfcfd5fb9671⋯.jpg (175.42 KB, 1024x1353, 1024:1353, after1.jpg)

File: 3c2c940984d44a1⋯.jpg (248.96 KB, 963x1444, 963:1444, after2.jpg)


>In what way is Attack good?

Same reason others hate it I guess, it doesn't feel like an epic or legendary part of the sag, it feels like a believable prelude to war. I also really like the designs they did for AOTC.

<File too large. Max banner upload size is 500 KB.

I'll see if I can optimise it. Also that greentext made me think of Stephen King's Misery but also kind of hot in a confusing way





Cool, I can work with these.



Still not as revealing as what Ariel Winter wore to Disney that one time (pics related). Staff actually had to ask her to cover up but her ass was still hanging out. Maybe she thought she was going to a rave and not a theme park known for being family-friendly.

6c664c  No.1106

File: 1636203b7421c79⋯.png (1.29 MB, 617x1579, 617:1579, my mind is blown.png)

File: d024a1fbf952e18⋯.jpg (461.99 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, DyGg_0eU8AAOS4j.jpg large.jpg)

File: be6dce4b52b25b0⋯.jpg (182.67 KB, 1395x916, 1395:916, DyGhuPyUwAAUzU5.jpg large.jpg)

>see new thread is up

>go to start in by replying to last thread's posts

<oh hold on, an update on Bailey's twitter


>scramble to post the breaking news

>thread was deleted

>momentarily panic, unsure if i should make a thread or if the board somehow got l33t h4x0rd

>refresh multiple times

>op just wanted a different slice of Jenny's rump

You bugger. BUT YO, have I been out of some sort of loop on readily available intel this whole time or is it an actual sudden revelation that Bailey is in a relationship with a darkie?

6c664c  No.1107


>it feels like a believable prelude to war

I will say, I do appreciate what Lucas was trying to do with showing the failing bureaucracy being taken advantage of and all that jazz.

>Stephen King's Misery

Had that kidnapper not be a homely walrus, would he really have complained?

>I can work with these.

Don't overlook >>1089 my fine oc-producing friend.

>Ariel Winter

It doesn't help that she's out of shape. Murrica has a huge issue with people knowing how to dress themselves and for what occasion. Those pics are like something you'd see in a Walmart compilation.


>but I can 100% promise you it exists.

God bless the lucky fella who comes to know it.


>I finally opened my shirt yesterday evening

Have you washed it yet? Did it shrink or lose color? Is it a straight-up chemical biohazard?

>I honestly don't think it's even there.

Consider how much she edits her videos. Makes you wonder how much she actually does slip up on but ended up getting edited out.

342ade  No.1108


That’s her friend

c8c565  No.1109


No that’s her friend Kristinas wedding, bit weird that she wore an incredibly pale pink dress. It’s about as close as you come to wearing white at someone’s else’s wedding as you can get.

Presumably they were bridesmaids dresses and looked less white in person.

c8c565  No.1110


Interestingly, Bailey does confirm that she is straight in a follow up tweet.

acf71c  No.1111

File: 56e5ef004bbdc15⋯.jpeg (217.34 KB, 490x481, 490:481, DE056FE4-DFCA-472C-8817-4….jpeg)


> lucky fella

A part of me does wonder if when Jenny is under a guy pounding into her, she’s literally just sitting there thinking

“ok, this is normal, this is what a normal woman does and it’s how Evan and I will have children. Ohhh as soon as my first is old enough I’ll them to Pirates then Star Tours then ….”

6c664c  No.1112

File: aebb588caab360c⋯.png (1.36 MB, 624x2051, 624:2051, crises averted.png)

File: d039dac3f5ec7b4⋯.jpg (116.04 KB, 1192x1200, 149:150, Dx28-bCX4AIf-eO.jpg)



Good. I was worried for a while there.


>Bailey does confirm that she is straight

Has she ever mentioned a type? Jen's got her cowboys.


>if when Jenny is under a guy

Which of course will only happen after she's married because she's a good Christian girl. But yeah, probably the way that thought process would go.

eb726f  No.1113

File: dade4877d102cd6⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, currentweight.jpg)

File: 7db6ff2ede666a5⋯.jpg (310.66 KB, 1593x2390, 1593:2390, currentweight2.jpg)


>op just wanted a different slice of Jenny's rump

Kek, real reason is I forgot to link the previous thread so I thought I better do that.


>Had that kidnapper not be a homely walrus, would he really have complained?

I mean, yeah, she's a crazy bitch who cut off his feet. And she never put out anyway.

>Don't overlook >>1089

DLed it just now

>It doesn't help that she's out of shape. Murrica has a huge issue with people knowing how to dress themselves and for what occasion. Those pics are like something you'd see in a Walmart compilation.

She's been working out a lot and is a lot skinnier now but she lost most of her curves which sucks. Mixed feelings I guess.

acf71c  No.1114


> lost her curves

Wait, if she was just going to lose wait, why did she bother having breast reduction surgery?

71e267  No.1115


So that's where bailey is. They're doing an aksys stream with 2 randoms so I was curious


>Has she ever mentioned a type? Jen's got her cowboys.

I assume doctors or lawyers

fe4e14  No.1116


That wedding was years ago, I dunno where Bailey is today. Judging by the numbers they're doing on the stream they must be twitch streamers or e-sports people or something.

I guess it's all part of their push for twitch partnership.

acf71c  No.1117

File: f577abedf991aef⋯.jpeg (154.92 KB, 640x530, 64:53, CC9560CE-927F-405F-8524-2….jpeg)

Looks like Jenny searching tweets mentioning her name without adding her @ username again

Out if ego or fear?

acf71c  No.1118

File: 1265841b08b8d37⋯.jpeg (130.89 KB, 640x389, 640:389, 3C1BFB57-0A8B-494A-B13D-5….jpeg)

Dan brings up a good point, why does Jenny show up in non related categories like technology here?

acf71c  No.1119


That Jenny drawing is a little flattering, she’s way paler and her hair is brown not strawberry blonde

d4ef03  No.1120


Nah, haven't washed it yet, the shirt itself should hold up well, no idea how the actual print will though. Surprised she hasn't been getting more tweets from her normie fans wearing the shirt yet.


>ok, this is normal, this is what a normal woman does


>it’s how Evan and I will have children

Fuck you Evan! You bastard…

eb726f  No.1121

File: 681d2db9b23e2ca⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1192x1200, 149:150, jennyedit.png)

6c664c  No.1122


Feminist brain damage?


>I assume doctors or lawyers

Too generic. How about winemaker?


Or maybe this is how she hits on people.


Of course she'd show up on tech she's been an escaped experimental Disney automaton this whole time.



I dare say unflattering. Makes her look like a Tumblr mystery meat character.


Much better.

3b62a5  No.1123


Great improvement, captures Jenny's looks but also her vampire dead behind the eyes look.

Like, is she looking off into the distance thinking about something meaningful or trying to remember if the Haunted Mansion ride opened in 1967 or 1969.

71e267  No.1124


Ive seen that with videos in my own recommends. Youtube is just a bit shit.

3b62a5  No.1125

File: 4d6a12f4b8bb631⋯.jpeg (380.12 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, 37C0A485-4669-4D85-AA22-7….jpeg)

File: 84070971ef0ed5d⋯.jpeg (192.34 KB, 640x407, 640:407, E9DCA029-6B93-4CA4-8DC9-C….jpeg)

File: 5267d584e64c6ea⋯.jpeg (255.77 KB, 640x681, 640:681, F06967E5-B90C-4574-B938-3….jpeg)

Why did Jenny respond to som…never mind

3b62a5  No.1126


I’m pretty sure Jenny will have Girls Only fan meetups

71e267  No.1127


Were autistic lesbians? What is that tweet?

3b62a5  No.1128

File: 0c1cb760397ab80⋯.jpeg (156.9 KB, 640x519, 640:519, 003E63B8-F63C-45AA-8D55-6….jpeg)


It’s one of the tweets from that girl who Jenny will probably meet at Disneyland in a week and say she hates everything about her.

5ac4b4  No.1129

File: 4466f23ebef84de⋯.gif (483.5 KB, 300x100, 3:1, gifbannerforanon.gif)

Here's the gif banner for the anon that requested it, hope it's to your liking (can still make adjustments if needed). I can assure you I was in absolute hell having to watch Jenny absent-mindedly playing with her hair like a qt

945f6a  No.1130

File: e7305e091b57d84⋯.jpg (149.66 KB, 960x540, 16:9, jennyblue.jpg)

File: 9593a87485515bb⋯.jpg (40.21 KB, 500x372, 125:93, Spock's Klingon friends.jpg)

(thinking emoji)

f3b3b7  No.1131

File: 93832e808307424⋯.png (257.56 KB, 429x644, 429:644, Patreon Monthly Ramble Vid….png)


Now you know the "torture” I go through when taking screencaps. Frame-stepping back and forth, watching Jenny blink/look around the room, open and close her mouth and shift her shoulders around… all in slow motion.

I feel like I need heart medication sometimes

71e267  No.1132


jenny for std season 3? it cant hurt ratings

3b62a5  No.1133

Hmmm, I wonder what he said about Jenny?

Maybe something about her appearing on his show for Dungeons and Dragons.

Jenny’s being a busy little beaver while quiet on Twitter these days, and here we all think she’s just sleeping the literal days away while strolling through Youtube till 6 am.

3b62a5  No.1134

File: acde76edc0c5925⋯.jpeg (291.81 KB, 640x996, 160:249, 22073346-5294-4655-91C0-7….jpeg)

3b62a5  No.1135

File: 78e31edca046b51⋯.png (155.35 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7FA76FAA-97CA-464E-A794-07….png)

File: 385dc7f22f67a93⋯.jpeg (388.61 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, C05F09D6-88FC-49BF-B197-9….jpeg)

This guy is too big a nerd even for me and I’ve played D&D, so this is how Jenny hopes to qualify for a press pass.

71e267  No.1136

File: 41f80e81dc330cc⋯.jpg (58.11 KB, 787x324, 787:324, baileyblanket.jpg)

Baileys watching.

6c664c  No.1137

File: de747fc2f387374⋯.png (480.85 KB, 600x672, 25:28, 12349996957397979793939939….png)

File: f4aa2178477ebdb⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1428x1068, 119:89, f4aa2178477ebdb1521fa8f71e….png)


Or when Jenny strikes a cute pose but has text or scribbling on the screen/pic and you hope that nobody will notice your amateurish edit to make the capture enjoyable. Mad props to the lad who fixed 2nd pic, btw. Truly a master to the craft.


pls no. Put her on Orville if anything.


>tfw my D&D group is barely chugging along thanks to people either not showing up or people trying to steal the show with bullshit that only risks everyone's lives while our DM largely ignores backstories and absolutely hates deviating from the main story


It keeps getting more suspicious. We need to keep testing this out. One more subtle nod to confirm.

acf71c  No.1138

File: ad427fa31d2af92⋯.jpeg (183.37 KB, 640x582, 320:291, D2A0AAD8-3DA0-47A2-97B0-6….jpeg)


> Put her on Orville if anything.

As an alien species that can only communicate in dry sarcasm.


Wonder how Bailey feels about that non Jew winning even more awards with her SAG win for the marvious mrs. maise, maybe she’s finally been won over

Confirmed Jenny got her press preview pass for Star Wars Land (wonder who she gave her V card to for the tix)

d2a1e9  No.1139


Nah Bailey still hates Brosnahan, she might just be tired of talking about it.

acf71c  No.1140


Eskynee dude…I’m doing a “subtle nod”…

acf71c  No.1141

Jenny’s getting an $8000+ deposit from Patreon tomorrow, what do you think she spends that money on first when she wakes up at 4 pm.

fe4e14  No.1142

No Bailey again on the Aksys stream….

eed638  No.1143


I think it’s because they’re promoting their fighting game tournament?

71e267  No.1144

File: 437ba60edd5c803⋯.jpg (92.29 KB, 428x488, 107:122, goodjenny.jpg)


I'd marry her for her money alone.

what if jenny is sponsoring kids, I hate to say but I'd be surprised

3bfb73  No.1145


sex toys

d4ef03  No.1147

File: 654870d63d39817⋯.jpg (237.45 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 8d3a16cd-01c6-4645-b09d-fb….jpg)


>Confirmed Jenny got her press preview pass for Star Wars Land

She's probably still hustling hard for one. I'm certain she would've bragged about it by now if she was going a day ahead of everyone else. She's so insanely jealous of everyone that gets that sorta stuff (theme park invites and the like… and especially of the smaller YouTubers than her that get those perks) that she's talked about it at the end of her last two rambles. Girls's thirsty as fuck for those Disney freebies.


>no Bailey

>no watch

3b62a5  No.1148


Yeah I think she’s have bragged about it too.

> Jealous Jenny talked about smaller channels getting previews to parks at the end of her last two rambles.

Oh yeah? Love some clip snippets of those to hear what she’s saying.

I’m guessing Disney A. already knows people like Jenny will cream themselves talking about Star Wars Land no matter what

B. Is more a pop culture channel instead of vlog or activities channel so it’s less enticing

C. Jenny might be huge on Patreon but 370k is still small compared to a lot of other channels including more professional ones, probably doesn’t help her Last Jedi premier and Battlefront sponsored videos are some of her worst viewed ones.

The Avatar Land has good view numbers but I didn’t see it, does she say positive things about it?

6c664c  No.1149

File: c16eca78ac497f7⋯.png (2.05 MB, 960x1280, 3:4, crossed for the last time.png)


Besides the rent on her apartment and warehouse storage?


>girl looks like a boy

>boy looks like a girl

<whose life matters

<created to thrive




5ac4b4  No.1150

File: fb5ddf20cb7ee80⋯.jpg (73.3 KB, 407x620, 407:620, 6ebe80f54bcb5a5d04f3fccbec….jpg)


Shed make an excellent Klingon with her deadpan delivery


D&D is for soy DWEEBS, that's everyone I see who gives as shit about it. dweebs.


Not very conclusive tbh


>more theme park stuff

Fuck yes, thats her best shit!!!


>tfw you will never be a dosney insider trading press passes and insider info for some slopppy head from Jen

why live


Just watch it man, its a fucking dope video.And yeah, she mostly likes it, even thoigh she acknowledges the less popular stuff

im drunk as fuck, enjoy a pic of jennys fat ass, im gonna go pass out, peace my bros

f3b3b7  No.1151

File: dd6afd230837b7d⋯.jpg (371.24 KB, 1080x979, 1080:979, Jen's Next Video.jpg)


>Oh yeah? Love some clip snippets of those to hear what she’s saying

I'll make some clips when I get home this afternoon.

>instead of vlog or activities

This, this right here is what's holding her back. Her inability to get into that vlog-life that's keeping her on the outside. Not sure what her particular hangup is (she shares plenty about herself on social media already), but if she wants in, she's going to have to suck it up and start vlogging.

And you should watch her Avatar video, it's neat look at that portion of the park with plenty of things covered. The b-roll Patreon footage is even better!


>Fuck yes, thats her best shit!!!

This guy knows what's up.

Also, sounds like her Epcot video is almost ready to go.

945f6a  No.1152

File: 52c8d71e41caa36⋯.jpg (95.97 KB, 694x530, 347:265, Garak thinks about tailori….jpg)


>Shed make an excellent Klingon with her deadpan delivery

no, a cute and sassy Cardassian.

bonus points if it's just normal Jenny with a plastic spoon stuck on her forehead with spirit gum.

f3b3b7  No.1153



Huh, I just noticed Jenny in the reflection back there… cute top! It's very ”12y/o girl”.

71e267  No.1154

File: 37ce37b754fe752⋯.jpg (58.68 KB, 247x554, 247:554, monster.jpg)


I didn't see either.

wait what's that behind her, is that a fuckin monster mouth? this is a cursed photo.

3b62a5  No.1155


Jenny doesn’t have a fat ass, it just looks like it because her waist is a size negative 2.

3b62a5  No.1156


> Epcot video

I was going to ask what video topic Disney thought was “lit”.

So at some point Jenny will make a video for each Disney park section with DL & DW then go to Japan or Paris to do it for those parks to.

Hmm, wonder if Avatar now Epot videos is her way of getting Disney’s attention for the press pass preview for Star Wars land ”please Disney….I’lol suck your proverbial dick on camera.”

3b62a5  No.1157



Wait, who’s taking the photo if Jenny’s just standing there?

Could be s double date, Jenny’s man standing behind her and Baileys date taking her pic.

3b62a5  No.1158

> Referencing beer drinking and size

She’s got goosedrunks with bailey on her mind

3b62a5  No.1159

File: e78e1a148c9808f⋯.jpeg (218.98 KB, 640x635, 128:127, 6FFF1A89-B6D6-4C18-BBEB-B….jpeg)

f3b3b7  No.1160


Jenny mentioned maybe doing one trip a year overseas as "All the best theme parks are there." (she doesn't want to be irresponsible with her money). She specifically mentioned Rainbow MagicLand (she didn't say the actual name, but we all know what she was talking about) in reference to doing a "complete" Winx Club video sometime in the future. The poor girl is terrified of traveling alone though, so it's going to be very expensive for her to take these trips because she's going to be paying for more than one person to accompany her. I doubt most of her IRL friends can afford to just up and travel overseas on her whim, even though she could go for weeks whenever she felt like it.

>wonder if Avatar now Epot videos is her way of getting Disney’s attention

I'd expect a lot more theme park content this year up until Disney either invites her or breaks her heart.


>who’s taking the photo

I honestly don't even know when that was taken, I was just scrolling though Tumblr and saved it.

6c664c  No.1161

File: d9a773ff0afaa13⋯.png (331.56 KB, 350x442, 175:221, 12343256543654656546565654….png)



Fug, I didn't even look at the background.

>is that a fuckin monster mouth?

You know too much. Don't look into any mirrors any time soon.

fe8455  No.1162


I assume it’s Faith, Baileys sister. They’ve all been going Disney a couple of times recently.

5ac4b4  No.1163

File: 79035b9793f1be6⋯.png (702.91 KB, 1247x647, 1247:647, 2748843983373.png)


>Also, sounds like her Epcot video is almost ready to go.

That's not a paid vid is it?


>Jenny doesn’t have a fat ass, it just looks like it because her waist is a size negative 2.


I thinks its a combination of the two tbh


>So at some point Jenny will make a video for each Disney park section with DL & DW then go to Japan or Paris to do it for those parks to.

This would be so good


>”please Disney….I’lol suck your proverbial dick on camera.”

You reckon corrupt disney employees slip a few press passes out in return for financial reward or sexual favors? There must be at least one guy doing that.

71e267  No.1164


>You reckon corrupt disney employees slip a few press passes out in return for financial reward or sexual favors? There must be at least one guy doing that.

Maybe that's why jenny hated the sexy con girls so much, she suspects they got their entry through illicit means.


>They’ve all been going Disney a couple of times recently

Good, like Bailey, Faith is kind of red-pilled for a liberal. They're the gateway drug that's going to eventually turn Jenny.

acf71c  No.1165


These pics are like 6 years old. She’s lost a lot of weight since.

6c664c  No.1166

File: 2760f7189109536⋯.jpg (50.96 KB, 448x423, 448:423, ecb4fb27942ceda4091829a783….jpg)

<this is a really weird game, dad

<what do you mean you want to make sure i'm not max's?

3b62a5  No.1167


If she still had this body and even passively showed it off with tight outfits like that, she’d be pulling in $16,000 a month.

3b62a5  No.1168

File: a34b6bc78c35a60⋯.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 8A976636-4051-45F2-AEA5-67….png)


Nahh, that ship has long sailed. Max likes girls who know what dicks are and what to do with them.

3b62a5  No.1169

File: 46190bdececd498⋯.jpeg (313.59 KB, 640x699, 640:699, 22289D5F-3AF0-4379-ABC6-6….jpeg)

This tweet perfectly encapsulates Jenny’s like minded friends and how incapable she is with criticism.

> Someone didn’t like what I like, let me shit on them.

Like Jenny with Rogue One fans who hated TLJ.

ef76f2  No.1170

File: 8f414f0f2a0390f⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 023c.jpg)

Apparently, at times, she is a closet MLP lover. Allegedly, this is her favourite MLP character.

6c664c  No.1171

File: ede4e4fb7c85500⋯.png (90.32 KB, 480x358, 240:179, d244ab53273b3b2c020394b8ea….png)

By complete and random happenstance in my need for background noise, I came across a Jenny reference in some queer clopper's TLJ review: https://youtu.be/lowZyUdzsnY?t=753


It was the only name I could think of. She doesn't seem to have hung out with any other lads since what I guess is now the Max Era. So one of us clearly still has a chance.


>a closet MLP lover


Ebinly memed. She buys them in bulk, cleans them, and stores them in what is likely multiple warehouses. And this is after how many years of not just being openly part of the fandom but producing MLP content. There's nothing closeted about it. I don't remember where I got it, but I'm pretty sure this is her pony oc.

d4ef03  No.1172

File: fca5f9c5637a6d6⋯.jpg (46.38 KB, 616x410, 308:205, jen.jpg)


How is a girl supposed to play with that pony? There's not even any to hair to brush or style.


>I don't remember where I got it, but I'm pretty sure this is her pony oc

That's from an old forum (whose name I can't remember atm) that she used to frequent. It's where I got those Saw/MLP comics of hers.

71e267  No.1173

I wonder if she still cares. She could host her own forums now, her own online mlp community if she felt like it, she could host her own mlp convention. She doesn't seem to want to do anything mlp anymore though.

MrEnter reviews Jenny's old show:


5ac4b4  No.1174

File: 27f64b968a10f16⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1705x828, 1705:828, flicks2.png)


What's amusing is I checked this pseud's letterboxd and it's 99% redditcore. Her favorite films are Bambi, Mad Max: Fury Road, Annihilation and Star Wars VII. The Nolanpleb actually comes out looking better than her.


>MrEnter reviews Jenny's old show:

This guy always makes me laugh because he is quite clearly on the spectrum, he takes every facet of children's cartoons 100% literally.

2b125b  No.1175


>Taxi Driver but no King of Comedy

How you immediately know someone is a movie pleb.

2b125b  No.1176



>Only Yorgos film is The Favourite

>Liking August Osage County

It just gets worse and worse

3b62a5  No.1177


Oh shit, I’m shocked Jenny didn’t attack this guy for his negative review back then.

3b62a5  No.1178

File: f306e197af38f64⋯.jpeg (165.97 KB, 640x408, 80:51, 9B9DAD34-E566-4D36-8AF5-A….jpeg)

Why is she pretending January is suddenly the month she way reduced her interactions with fans.

She’s been doing that for a year and most tweets are her giving some random opinion and liking reply tweets from people gurgling her dick about how funny and right she is.

71e267  No.1179


does she mean her reading of triggered, or is her next video going to be long

3b62a5  No.1180


She's saying her triggered video was so long it prevented her from getting a second video down, so if she does 90 minute videos it'll be a 1 video month vs 2 30-40 minute votes.

3b62a5  No.1181

File: 80a1821039fa284⋯.jpeg (504.01 KB, 640x882, 320:441, 2A74E112-CA97-4151-8A42-6….jpeg)

By morning, I meant 12 pm and by plushie shark sleeping with me and my giant Porg I meant

> eh eh, I’m a 16 year old girl from a Japanese anime.

3b62a5  No.1182

File: 71951fe3811e690⋯.png (60.38 KB, 814x493, 814:493, Lindsay1.PNG)

Huh, Lindsay's new video stole Jenny's video style of self promotion hidden as joke references to her video.

I looked at her older videos and Lindsay didn't do it before.

6c664c  No.1183

File: 511fccf7ea459a6⋯.jpg (138.65 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, Dyb4zN0VAAAf8oT.jpg large.jpg)

New Bailey.


Did you watch it?

f3b3b7  No.1184

File: d6e6f533353a782⋯.jpg (86.22 KB, 1080x297, 40:11, Bailey knows her audience.jpg)


And Jenny was just talking about people strealing her ideas in her table too.


She looks good there… even with her arm just sorta dangling there not doing anything.

3b62a5  No.1185


Nope, did Jenny have a cameo in it?

3b62a5  No.1186


> people strealing her ideas in her table too.


f3b3b7  No.1187


<Auto correct fucking me over

It was supposed to read: "stealing her ideas in her video too".


And that's not even a word! It actually corrected the that in this post again, wtf!

5ac4b4  No.1189

File: 54e4eb6b41dccd3⋯.jpg (183.58 KB, 720x711, 80:79, lindsayandjen.jpg)


I didn't know even know Lindsay still did apolitical stuff. I thought she'd fully rebranded herself as a marxist media critic or some shit like that.

3b62a5  No.1190


Will Jenny be more or less success after gaining 40 pounds and bringing sexism and politics into everything?

> marxist media critic

Don’t forget to become a Patron, Watch her Youtube ads and signup for audible with her referral promo.

>marxist media critic

71e267  No.1191


weird.. I wonder if it was intentional. No offence to Jen but of all the things to steal that's probably her least funny joke.

2b125b  No.1193


Bailey does the same thing, it’s hardly a joke, it’s just a fun way to spice up your social media links.

3b62a5  No.1195

File: df4bdccb482407e⋯.jpeg (83.55 KB, 640x183, 640:183, 1ADD1A22-A11B-4660-B980-2….jpeg)


…does Jenny read our board?

3b62a5  No.1196

Watching “You”, I can see why it freaked Jenny out.

Its well made and written but very implausible, is that why she’s gotten even more private on her social media?

71e267  No.1197


I hope she doesn't think about us too much. Celebrity can be scary if you're not prepared, but a fan club isn't the worst thing in the world to have; and we're no where near as bad as paparazzi.

E-celebs got it easy I tell you.

a47446  No.1198

File: 9489327ab4173f9⋯.jpeg (334.1 KB, 640x769, 640:769, D7929B87-42A5-4FFE-8B17-C….jpeg)


Jenny’s honestly way more obsessed with certain Disney projects, their imagineers and my little pony than we are of her.

If they ever made a Figment tv show you know how fast the actor playing him have to get a restraining order against Jenny.

a47446  No.1199

File: 82643348e401202⋯.jpeg (87.58 KB, 640x659, 640:659, 93F9CAFC-2B0D-426F-875A-4….jpeg)

File: 6cfb8db32de872e⋯.jpeg (78.67 KB, 640x748, 160:187, CAA6CED0-DCA4-45F7-961A-A….jpeg)

File: c0f7dec9a5259a7⋯.jpeg (169.51 KB, 640x403, 640:403, 8FDC9A0F-C689-4239-A5CB-8….jpeg)

Jenny really is super self obsessed, even hanging at Disneyland she can’t help but look at all alerts about her and show off compliments about HER to HER fans.

ab2431  No.1200

File: f00d8671723446a⋯.jpg (40.55 KB, 490x534, 245:267, 009b.jpg)

f3b3b7  No.1201


>Jenny really is super self obsessed

She's still woman, Anon. They can't help it, that shit is hardwired.

71e267  No.1202

Is Baileys black friend always race-crazy? Or is this a Black history month thing

3b62a5  No.1203


Weird considering she married a white guy who’s a magician and a kid from previous relationship.

Does fucking anyone in LA have actual jobs not related to cosplaying, Youtube, marketing games?

Also, wonder if having a cosplayer friend is awkward after Henny and Bailey made that video mocking g cosplayers.

71e267  No.1204


>Does fucking anyone in LA have actual jobs not related to cosplaying, Youtube, marketing games?

Jenny claimed once that a ton of people from her Highschool went on to be internet famous. I assume that the southern Cali education system really pushes jobs in entertainment.

25f38a  No.1205


She went to high school in Northern California.

3b62a5  No.1206


I don’t know who’s pornless computer you’re monitoring guys but I assure you it’s not mine.

3b62a5  No.1207


The local San Ramen paper publishes all the grads names from the high schools, feel free to check for “famous” people but Jenny and Griffin are the most well known I’d guess.

Here’s Jenny’s year, lot of Jennifer’s but only one Nicholson. Cute she, Griffin and Bailey in same graduation. Huh, Baileys middle name is Suzanne, fits her old Jewish lady personality better.


f3b3b7  No.1208


San Ramon seems like a nice place. Weird she'd want to stay in LA now that she's basically given up on the writing career, doesn't try to act or get into other areas of film production… not too mention her extreme paranoia about being raped, abducted or assaulted.

She'd probably sleep better if the city-life wasn't always on her mind.

3b62a5  No.1209


> I'll make some clips when I get home this afternoon.

Where be those clips? I haven't seen any highlights from any of her Patreon vids in a while guys, you Patreons leaving the rest of us in the dark.

6c664c  No.1210


>Jenny was Griff's high school sweetheart



There were a bunch of webm's near the end of the last general.

f3b3b7  No.1211


Didn't have time. Today is my Friday though, so I should have plenty of time when I get home.

3b62a5  No.1212


Jenny beyond all else has a deep need to not only be recognized, literally and metaphorically.

I used to wonder why she didn't leave too, literally all she needs is a bed and camera for her channel. Going home would probably fee like she's giving up on her actual dreams of why she went to LA, it certainly wasn't Youtube success. She wants to see her name in the credits of a show or movie.

Also guessing 1. Disneyland is a huge part of why she stays (she'll probably never leave just because of that).

2. She's made a lot of new Youtuber and a few Hollywood friends you can't really make anywhere else and she wants to keep meeting new Lindsey and Maxes.

3. To use those friends and make new ones within social media and Hollywood as someone said she's trying to gain legitimacy and press access, not sure how getting in D&D will do that but we'll see.

No matter the money, at the end of the day, Jenny's still a relative nobody compared to actually famous Youtubers and most famous Youtubers aren't none by anyone over 20.

3b62a5  No.1213


> Jenny beyond all else has a deep need to not only be recognized, literally and metaphorically.

I fucked that up,

Jenny beyond all else has a deep need to not only be successful but recognized, literally and metaphorically

3b62a5  No.1214



3b62a5  No.1215


I didn't even know, just watched a bunch of those, great clips. thanks to whomever posted them.

She was trying to be sly about going Kats house for Halloween, also doing her lowkey bragging when mentioning she was doing so well on Patreon.

3b62a5  No.1216


That's a fun story, I'm surprised Jenny's a drinker.

6c664c  No.1217

File: deb89ca0eadbd41⋯.mp4 (5.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jenny, the bad influence.mp4)


Not only a drinker, she's into peer pressure.

3b62a5  No.1218


Will it ever matter to her videos how much Jenny makes? I mean whether she makes enough to pay the rent or buy a house or get a presidential suite at any hotel, will it matter if all she wants to do is talk about movies and fan fics, she can't use the money to buy press passes.

71e267  No.1219


I started looking them up but got distracted looking for boobs on myspace. There are so many boobs on myspace

d4ef03  No.1220

File: e74702372474105⋯.webm (14.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jenny Wants Those Freebie….webm)

Jenny's busy tonight; got her poll up, put out a preview of her next video… man, getting walked off that ride earlier must've put her in a fantastic mood.



>Love some clip snippets of those to hear what she’s saying

Took awhile, but here it is. Much more succinct than what she said in her last ramble (where she only eluded to what she says here).

71e267  No.1221


the impression I got was that those small youtubers get favors from their fans. Like "hey Jenny I have a job at adventure park, want to come for free?"

I hear that type of interaction a lot on livestreams

(5$ donation)"I own something something comic warehouse, want a tour of the autograph section? we can have a beer together afterwards"

Also the sucking up and glad-handing on twitter can be outrageous sometimes.

Point is, I don't know if those small youtubers actually have representation.

d4ef03  No.1222

File: 1376512306b2053⋯.png (37.4 KB, 452x699, 452:699, January Ramble Poll (resul….png)

File: 0088d19d6ecaa2c⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [2019.02.04] buzzy preview….png)

File: 0230a87d5aba763⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [2019.02.04] buzzy preview….png)

File: cd8295ff237f2db⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [2019.02.04] buzzy preview….png)

File: 1eeabc0275819ee⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [2019.02.04] buzzy preview….png)


>I don't know if those small youtubers actually have representation

Yeah, I doubt it. They're not free and a percentage of YouTube scraps probably doesn't cover their costs. Jenny really, really wants those Galaxy's Edge press preview passes though and she probably trying to cover all her bases to make sure that happens. I wonder if she'll remain at her agency if it doesn't net her anything right away?

3b62a5  No.1223


> getting walked off that ride earlier must've put her in a fantastic mood.


Wonder who she went with. I’d assume it was a date but she probably just wanted to take advantage of every guy in LA watching one of the most boring Superbowls ever.

She posted the poll at 12 am and preview 6 am, why am I still surprised by her vampire habits.

3b62a5  No.1224


Sounds like she put a lot more effort into th2 year in review video than the Internet Dark Rituals.

How was the Jenny style guide one, did she actually talk about her fashion style and why she dresses like a thirsty 17 year old on spring break half the time?

3b62a5  No.1225


A. Those glasses make Jenny look like a pedophile, I wonder if she got them from Dan? Hope they’re just for the video and never worn again.

B. Jenny signed up to get representation with a agency? Wonder if they take a flat fee or will take a % of paid promotions Jenny signs up for.

71e267  No.1226


She put a hat on her alien! I love her sometimes.

6c664c  No.1227


>overused tropes is currently winning at 166 while fan convention stories only has 91

What is wrong with people?

14613e  No.1228


Paying 8k so Jenny can make a video talking about an aspect of bad movies when she ALREADY makes movie reviews guy!

Stupid people forgetting what the rambles were supposed to be.

d4ef03  No.1229

File: f7671baad874c46⋯.png (537.11 KB, 536x631, 536:631, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS CHILD?.png)


>How was the Jenny style guide one

It was pretty good, if only for the rares she shared. She just went over the things she likes to wear, basically. She's a VERY seasonal dresser.

Grey, fitted v-necks was her one style suggestion for guys… so now you know what to wear to get her attention.


>Those glasses make Jenny look like a pedophile

But Buzzy is a little boy and little boys can't be pedophiles…



<Knott's Berry Farm

<Fan convention stories

<Jenny designs her dream dark ride (Isn't this just the '83 "Journey into Imagination" ride at Epcot?)

These are the only suggestions where she can talk about herself (and that last one is arguable) with rest being things you might see on her channel one day. Which is fine I guess, but I'd rather hear Jenny talk about Jenny.

6c664c  No.1230



It really is aggravating that the good topics get drowned in the run-of-the-mill stuff. Every opportunity to spice things up and they want to have oatmeal. Who are these people and where are they coming from? I voted for those other two as well, plus Lucas' THX-1138 because why the hell not. The dream ride if only because it humors me to think of Jenny dressed up as Dr. Wonka and sending kids down a tunnel of decapitated chickens and giant insects.

14613e  No.1231


> She's a VERY seasonal dresser.

I mean, except when it comes to dresses and skirts, only difference is if she’s wearing tights under.

> Grey, fitted v-necks was her one style suggestion for guys

That shirt she’s wearing in the preview looks like a fitted v neck, Jenny looks showing off how fit and tight she keeps herself.

14613e  No.1232

File: b9c0cbe480c32cc⋯.jpeg (71.61 KB, 640x299, 640:299, 4EAC0E55-F743-400F-8974-6….jpeg)

> Guess we’ll realize Jenny has a drinking problem today

2b125b  No.1233


It's up.

6c664c  No.1234

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2b125b  No.1235


The blooper reel is up as well.

6c664c  No.1236


On Bailey patreon. I'm still reluctant to hop on that wagon. Anything of note? Watching the vid, it's interesting to watch their dynamic.

14613e  No.1237

File: 8b0677f44161cd4⋯.jpeg (401.77 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, 423512F5-14A2-40E4-A3D0-D….jpeg)

Jenny’s wearing see through shoes…so she’s ironically becoming the Instagramers she mocks?

14613e  No.1238


Locked behind Patreon wall. Is it any good, Jenny slurring her words?

6c664c  No.1239


>see through shoes

Cali fashion a shit. Stick to flats, Jen.

14613e  No.1240


And she’s not saying where she got it so she probably doesn’t want to admit they’re like some $80 or $120 shoes.

14613e  No.1241


Gotta be honest, drunk Jenny is so basic looking it’s rather unattractive.

71e267  No.1242

600 views in 3 hours. I have a feeling this isn't going to be Baileys big break.


They kind of look like gogo boots, I want to see her build an outfit around that.

14613e  No.1243


Jenny hasn’t retweeted it yet. Let’s see what happens then.

But I am curious how much they drank, they went to Disneyland that same weekend so the hangover probably wasn’t that bad.

I saw a caption say drink 23 while zipping through the video but I don’t think it was that many glasses of booze.

3b62a5  No.1244


It’s actually weird Jenny hasn’t even acknowledged it.

Wonder if Jenny doesn’t want her fans watching an hour long video of her drinking


Bailey wants to see how the video does before Jenny promotes it.

5ac4b4  No.1245


Gonna watch this one later.


See through skirt and top when?

d4ef03  No.1246


Man, this was fantastic! Jenny's super-cute as always.


>Anything of note?

"So much raw sexual energy in my thighs."

- Jenny

3b62a5  No.1247



Can anyone grab some good bits of this video?

Where’s our snippet hero? I’d like a little taste before putting down an hour to see a 50% Jenny/bailey talking about something dumb.

3b62a5  No.1248

File: 52a706404fde6b6⋯.jpeg (294.43 KB, 640x754, 320:377, DF9F1B29-E88C-433B-92B6-7….jpeg)

Wait, what the fuck, Jenny owns furniture?

Huh, I was so sure the shitty lighting, and low quality video meant it was at Baileys apartment. Guess they didn’t share a bed that night, no the way Jenny was raised.

Guess it makes more sense, Jenny can make the video and go to bed drunk and bailey can sleep on the couch (2nd bedroom is for the plushies) or take an Uber home

3b62a5  No.1249

File: 8d914d5f51c4524⋯.jpeg (308.52 KB, 640x828, 160:207, 6687B803-2EB3-49C5-B2D7-4….jpeg)

File: 7d9f83037af9dae⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 031D4085-202E-4A3E-AC5A-56….png)


Also, if Jenny has a boyfriend, she’s definitely been fucked on that couch, it looks bigger than her bed.

870 views, this is when you ask Jenny for a retweet Bailey.

So Bailey said they recorded 2:30 hours, the videos 1 hour plus 10 for bloopers, was the other 1:20 just them burping and slurring their words?

P.S. Is Jenny wearing a plaid button up as a dress, not…that’s not a dress Jenny.

d4ef03  No.1250

File: 8657df76675331c⋯.webm (15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jenny Costume Change.webm)


> 50% Jenny/bailey

I literally only looked at Jenny the whole time (sounds creepy, I know) even when Bailey was the one reading, but those deer ears look absolutely adorable on Jen… she was completely mesmerizing.

Just watch the video, it's good fun.


>not recognizing Jenny's couch

d4ef03  No.1251

File: 017d84ba1cd41c2⋯.webm (14.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Jenny Being ''Slutty'' wi….webm)


And even though it's the highlight of her Patreon video (IMHO), here's Jenny being "scandalous".

6c664c  No.1252


>$80 or $120 for meme shoes

You just know they have to be more than that. Disgusting.


I don't know what "24 drinks and a whole lot of rum" exactly equals out to, but at one point it's pretty evident that she just checks out and struggles to keep from passing out on Bailey.


>this is an actual Jenny quote


>Guess they didn’t share a bed that night

Or maybe they did. How many times does Bailey have to drunkenly call Jen a slut for Jen to drunkenly lewd Bailey's mouth shut?



>modest 200+ view bump

It is a little odd. You think Jen's fanbase would be all over this.

>that’s not a dress Jenny.

<you pick her up for your date

<she's chosen to wear that

<wat do


Quite easily one of the best moments ever. Does make one wonder if she might regret letting that stay in the video. Like mentioned, she hasn't promoted it herself, yet. This could be the reason why right here.

27fa8a  No.1253


Nah I think if Jenny was that bothered by it she would just ask Bailey to not include it.

The only reason I could imagine that Jenny hasn’t tweeted it yet is because Bailey has asked her not to. Probably so she can see how much it can do on it’s own, and what kind of bump it’ll get when Jenny tweets it.

Jenny will probably tweet it later today. I feel like you’d know if they’d fallen out over it, there would be some kind of passive aggressive tweeting.

71e267  No.1254

File: 9fc21b557a085ae⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 528x318, 88:53, see.jpg)


See, Bailey's got it.

3b62a5  No.1255


I might be alone in this as nobody’s saying it but Jenny does not look at all attractive in this video.

I don’t know if she’s not trying or if she just has good make and great lighting for her own videos.

She wouldn’t have a mostly middle aged audience of Patrons if this is how she looked in her vids.

> Jenny’s couch

Have you seen that couch before? I don’t think Jenny’s shown it before.

Kinda proves the theory Jenny keeps recording on her bed to avoid changing anything and risk losing fans (cough make fans cough).

d4ef03  No.1256

File: d8998f0fc286c90⋯.jpg (481.04 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DiRz1YKUwAA-P3E-orig.jpg)


>Quite easily one of the best moments ever

Yup. It shows how self-aware Jenny actually is.

>This could be the reason why right here

Nah, this was only for us good goy that tossed some cash Bailey's way (and the handful of fans on this obscure board - your welcome!), it'll never hit a wider audience.

Jenny even says "Fuck" in the blooper real.


>Jenny does not look at all attractive in this video

I've always contended that Jenny was more cute than attractive… though she certainly can be. While "cuteness" is in itself attractive, it's based more on attitude and personality than looks. Of course all this stuff (all of it!) is subjective, so…

71e267  No.1257


Bailey feet.


>I don’t know if she’s not trying or if she just has good make and great lighting for her own videos.

She looks older and rougher but I kind of like that, immature people annoy me and I appreciate a more aged and developed Jenny.

14613e  No.1258


> I appreciate a more aged and developed Jenny.

As she gets and looks older but still have the immature interests of Disneyland and My little Pony, that’ll never change with her.


> You just know they have to be more than that. Disgusting.

Before she deleted the link to the socks which were sold out, they were $20 a pair for those ugly Rey socks, Jenny always gives the impression that she’s careful with money but I think with Star Wars, Ponies, Disney, she’ll spend all she wants to on it.


> Jenny even says "Fuck" in the blooper real.

In the Cosplayer outtakes Jenny calls a guy a “dick” several times.

I think working for Disney really taught her the value of being PG rated for your audience.

71e267  No.1259


>In the Cosplayer outtakes Jenny calls a guy a “dick” several times

the horny guy who hit on her or just some random guy?

14613e  No.1260


> Horny guy

She just says what’s wrong with you and tweets how she hopes he dies before talking to another guy if I remember correctly

The guy she calls a dick was someone who ruined one of her and Baileys takes by making some monster noise in the background

71e267  No.1261


Aw that's uncalled for, Jenny loves making loud monster noises, she should sympathize.

9c0d73  No.1262


whats the context to her saying this? Why did she bring up "sexual energy" ?

2b125b  No.1263


I'm assuming there was a bit before that was cut with her thigh hanging out from under the blanket. You can see her knee popping out a few times as well. I guess it got a bit far one time and she made a joke about it.

2b125b  No.1264


I dunno, I spent literally the entire video just wanting to cuddle Jenny. I thought she looked great.

71e267  No.1265


Bailey is always keeping up with that kind of thing. Poor oblivious Jenny would be walking around with her skirt open to the camera and her shoulder straps down if it wasn't for Bailey.

3b62a5  No.1266



> Bailey probably told her her knee or thigh was showing and Jenny responded that way.

So Jenny was feeling hot in her plaid “dress” and her solution was a big shirt, shorts and blanket?


I see 3 shadows on Bailey so Jenny uses 3 sources of lightening, cool to know.

Jenny hasn’t tweeted at all today, she’s either out and will tweet the pics tonight, working on the Epcot photo…maybe letting some guy with Star Wars Land press passes face fuck her in the bathroom.

Either way, so much for her upping her engagement on Twitter again. Girls got terrible follow through.

3b62a5  No.1267


Well, she was drunk and cuddling with a drunk girl in Cali = sexual assault.

003676  No.1268


To be fair she didn’t actually say she was gonna up her Twitter output, she just acknowledged that it was low.

d4ef03  No.1269


>You just know they have to be more than that


>Jenny always gives the impression that she’s careful with money

I decided to look those boots up and they're actually extremely cheap.



Yeah, this had to be it. Jenny knows that if she was sitting on the couch in shorts "exposed" that that's all anyone would be talking about.


>Jenny hasn’t tweeted at all today

She posted on her Patreon yesterday evening.

71e267  No.1270

>>1268 The way she says it makes me think she feels obligated to reply to comments.

I feel there's a connection between Jenny replying/highlighting women's comments and her feeling she has to reply to comments; like, if she's going to do something she doesn't like she might as well cushion the burden by only interacting with women and married men who reference their wife.

003676  No.1271

File: 63fb52f796088a9⋯.png (4.39 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 0C3976CC-0DB6-4487-98AA-7C….png)

File: 0d065a68e2e1ea8⋯.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1DE00604-A843-4C93-8F6D-D7….png)

File: 1774ec0463aef7f⋯.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1847A89E-C90C-45C4-8F9C-92….png)


Well Jenny finally retweeted the video, I guess now we’ll see what kind of bump it gets.

d4ef03  No.1272

File: afcd812ddce4f70⋯.jpg (121.86 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 50175875_363433954490411_2….jpg)

File: ad53e567eb078e3⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2419x3225, 2419:3225, DytuZoWUUAIdfUD-orig.jpg)

File: 5a822d6164d84d0⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, DytukWHUwAAcTtl-orig.jpg)

File: 27e754569535007⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2419x3225, 2419:3225, DytwTEIUcAEskQS-orig.jpg)

File: 6af8247a6de2cf2⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, DytwTcLUcAMm39Y-orig.jpg)


It was at roughly 1.6k an hour or two before Jenny's retweet. The bump should come when people start waking up.


<Bailey solo Aksys stream today

<which I missed because of their shitty start times (as usual)

Man, tried to watch this in the Twitch desktop app but those ads were really annoying, Jesus. I sometimes forget how intrusive that shit is because I block them everywhere else.

And did Twitter do away with their 2048px (width or height) limit? These pics are much larger now.

3b62a5  No.1273


> Jenny hasn’t tweeted at all today, she’s either out and will tweet the pics tonight

> at some rude or theme park

Called it, and there’s no way to disprove my 3rd guess didn’t also happen during this…Bailey wasn’t there and she never goes anywhere alone wonder if she went with Kat, Kirsten or Alicia


> See through boots are $30

< But socks are $20

Called it


Glad other people are noticing, yeah she knows she needs to be social to be an influencer + won’t admit it but loves the praise from everyone

3b62a5  No.1274


Where’s that giant bear?

Everything else seems to be from thunder mountain breaking down and getting to walk through the town but I don’t remember the bear with the lantern.

Also if that lantern fell and crushed Jenny, I feel like she’d have appreciated the poetic irony of a fake Disney bear ending her while she was wearing a bear hat.

14613e  No.1275


I think that’s the same plaid dress she wore in Baileys video.

Socks pulled over tights, girl knows how to stay on brand, she could teach bailey a thing or two about marketing.

But why is dressed like it’s 20 degrees at Disneyland, gloves and all?

14613e  No.1276

Did Jenny mention where she liked into the spider verse or not?

I’m kinda surprised she didn’t go on a I love it twitter rant on it.

Maybe she’s not a big fan of black Spider-Man

71e267  No.1277


Is she a fan of superhero films in general? I'm trying to remember her Spiderman review and I remember it not being enthusiastic or in-depth.

71e267  No.1278

Its far off topic, but Faith is kind of creepy. She keeps re-tweeting/sharing weird toilet photos. Like a shadow of a dick on a toilet on tumblr, and what appears to be a severed deer head in a toilet on twitter.

003676  No.1279


I’m fairly sure she’s a massive spider man fan. Well a massive tobey McGuire Spider-Man film fan at least.

14613e  No.1280


> massive tobey McGuire Spider-Man film

That’s an understatement, pretty sure Jenny would blow Tobey in front of the Mickey Mouse meet and greet line if he asked.

14613e  No.1281

File: 090dfc255e48ba1⋯.jpeg (295.37 KB, 640x812, 160:203, 5E173B8B-B531-4A63-BEB0-0….jpeg)

Don’t touch Jenny’s money, she’ll fuck you up.

You’ll take 10% and like it.

2b125b  No.1282


This is what it looks like when you realise that your entire livelihood basically depends on the whims of a tech ceo whom you will never meet and in all likelihood doesn't know you exist.

945f6a  No.1283


what donor level do you get to see the secret video of Jenny saying that people who liked Rogue One and not The Last Jedi are acting like a bunch of N-words?

14613e  No.1284

File: b79735d1e11d6be⋯.jpeg (383.23 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, 17EC3380-82C9-4441-AE5B-8….jpeg)

Patreon retweeting a hit against Dan, wonder if Jenny will defend him as I’m sure others will like Lindsey.

14613e  No.1285

File: 7ff0997bc44b281⋯.jpeg (198.06 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 98F772C2-760E-483C-B3F2-E….jpeg)

File: fe30cc50e5cb4db⋯.jpeg (44.94 KB, 640x120, 16:3, EA74653F-7A96-44C9-9F23-5….jpeg)

File: cc1931ce500688c⋯.jpeg (293.49 KB, 640x726, 320:363, 2DDBCAA8-51E5-43BE-BC80-2….jpeg)


Jenny’s having a rant but she didn’t even read the part that says they’ll change their cut from FUTURE services not current services.

14613e  No.1286


I’d tell her to read the article and come her tits but don’t wanna get banned.

Bailey, let her know would you.

71e267  No.1287


Wait, 10%? that's a bit ridiculous, if jenny makes around 10,000 patreon gets 1000? >>1284

I want to denigrate him on twitter but I don't want Jen to hate us.


And what if their services include a substitute to youtubes superchat, which currently takes 1/3rd the money. It could end up being profitable for her

14613e  No.1288


Patreon takes 5% for them and 5% for payment processing and takes care of all the upkeep for 3 million paying members and however many creators.

Compared to YouTube taking 45%.

And with Patreon, it’s really just a set it and forget it kind of thing, Lindsey’s getting money from 5600 people every month regardless of her producing monthly videos or not.

Who would’ve thought people making a living off their opinions would be so self entitled.

14613e  No.1289

File: b44f797a5f7c9ae⋯.jpeg (238.04 KB, 640x630, 64:63, 1E63CB97-A541-400D-AD84-3….jpeg)

Is this a sponsored ad?

I’d think Jenny makes enough money and Battlefield 2 blew up in her face enough to avoid that.

d4ef03  No.1290

File: 9d74b101713ca11⋯.jpg (264.84 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, tumblr_mtrtmb7vtc1qf0drro4….jpg)

File: 6bc19911ba49370⋯.jpg (279.35 KB, 1280x956, 320:239, tumblr_mtryi8URop1qf0drro1….jpg)


I wonder if the CMs are stopping these rides for Jenny now? I certainly would if she asked.


It was a ramble option a month or two ago. Jenny's not the biggest fan of comic book movies though, so I'd imagine she was lukewarm on it at best.

I kinda checked out around the time they met Doc Oc (even though that was when the story finally started moving), it was just really boring… kinda like Black Panther (though obviously not as extreme).

3b62a5  No.1291

File: 08367369fa5ce7d⋯.jpeg (184.08 KB, 640x1087, 640:1087, 2E841B23-8287-469D-A6AC-F….jpeg)

File: 1d1d69785f39323⋯.jpeg (490.34 KB, 640x1073, 640:1073, B0A9C4EE-F2A5-4076-92E3-9….jpeg)

File: e0c7919014e0726⋯.jpeg (231.22 KB, 640x519, 640:519, 616003CF-430C-491E-B053-B….jpeg)

File: a92362419802e17⋯.jpeg (451.36 KB, 640x1000, 16:25, FA3D323C-7397-4DBE-93C0-0….jpeg)

File: 85ee47fc6d75ed1⋯.jpeg (484.99 KB, 640x929, 640:929, 7AD337A0-9CA4-4DDA-8FA5-5….jpeg)


So best I can guess Jenny was at Disneyland 2/3 maybe 2/4 and definitely 2/5.

Quinton and Oddonesout were at Disneyland today and he was there 2/5.

It’s weird they didn’t hangout, Jenny tweeted about me roads wild ride breaking down and big thunder mountain but Quinten tweeted about roger rabbit ride breaking down…

They hung out there together before so it’s just kinda weird; did Quinten get what he wanted and moved on? Did he pull a Jenny and move from her to Ralph the movie maker and Oddonesout who are way bigger?

3b62a5  No.1292


> Jenny's not the biggest fan of comic book movies

Ohh, you’ve never seen her y’all about Tobey Maguire Spider-Man then.

3b62a5  No.1293

File: 73075b7e670c832⋯.jpeg (103.73 KB, 640x204, 160:51, 17305ED8-A84F-4194-BADA-9….jpeg)


> It was at roughly 1.6k an hour or two before Jenny's retweet. The bump should come when people start waking up.

It’s at 3.3k after like 20 hours, don’t think this’ll be the breakout Bailey was hoping for.

3a8abf  No.1294


It’s a shame. I’m quite shocked really, that more Jenny fans aren’t watching this.

I don’t really know where Bailey goes from here.

d4ef03  No.1295


>video is letting us in on their long-standing Red Robin activity

>it goes completely unappreciated by the masses

I hope this doesn't mean that this is the last collab video we will ever see. It was so much fun.

6c664c  No.1296

File: f8ef0efd151cc73⋯.jpg (130.66 KB, 1080x1557, 120:173, DyxYSpNUYAIwuPl.jpg large.jpg)


Yeah, well, $30 for meme boots is still terrible. I will not concede how terrible it is. Terrible.


Maybe she just really likes Battle Angel. It could just be her hopping onto a fad, but who knows, maybe there's a secret side room full of manga she's been hiding from the camera. I'm wondering why she plastered her face on one of the baddies. She could have found an Alita promo to edit herself onto and done a Battle Angel Jenny for a new banner but didn't. Why? What is this mystery?

6c664c  No.1297

File: 7237456d9a42153⋯.png (50.56 KB, 600x496, 75:62, no battle porg sweetheart ….png)

lol what a loser

>tfw no battle porg jenny gf

d4ef03  No.1298


I can't tell if she's being ironic, or what… Lindsay clearly didn't like it. Bailey said it looked cool, but then derided "weeb shit" on the Aksys stream this week (of all places). Maybe she does actually like it, I don't know.

And those boots are cute!


Didn't even give him any time to dream… damn!

71e267  No.1299


melon heads been losing a ton of fans since he did his trump thing. Jenny is, regrettably, in the sphere of political youtube; maybe not the best person for him to be with atm.


it will probably collect more viewers slowly over the years as people search "Jenny Nicholson"


She jumps on these little franchises for a while. Remember when she was a magikarp girl for a month?

3b62a5  No.1300


Going viral isn’t an option unless she convinces Jenny to do something else. This long a video was a mistake if you don’t already have a big audience.

Jenny went viral with the suicide Squad video that was like 2 minutes, everyone’s got 2 minutes, no ones going to share and say check out this super funny HOUR+ video on reddit.

She’s pulling in almost $200 a month on Patreon but 2k boost and 200 extra subs after a long video featuring her most famous YouTube friend (including Max) is probably not what she planned for so my guess is she’ll give up on the channel this year if she’s gaining like 5-10 people a day, especially as her friend is adding 20k a month.

3b62a5  No.1301

File: 118490967a36113⋯.jpeg (290.89 KB, 640x807, 640:807, 1DECF871-434E-4568-98CF-C….jpeg)


Oh shit, Kris is a girl!

Jenny probably thought it was a dude.

3b62a5  No.1302

File: e817ce0b39ca214⋯.png (401.89 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 21A3DDED-6835-43F4-ACE9-46….png)

File: 32143f37d0dd5e2⋯.jpeg (276.75 KB, 640x824, 80:103, 551656D8-FFA5-4181-BF02-E….jpeg)

File: 82681d1680b0325⋯.jpeg (192.03 KB, 640x496, 40:31, EAF0814F-D391-4719-A422-1….jpeg)

File: 5a5043eca293624⋯.jpeg (299.95 KB, 640x743, 640:743, 53D4E320-744A-45F9-8B73-5….jpeg)



No, looks like she saw an advance screening with Bailey and Lindsey and thought it was shit.

She’s doing what I think shows Jenny’s actually kind of a bitch when she disagrees with stuff.

She’s definitely going to make a video ripping the movie but until then, (like with Ready Player One) she’s going to weirdly promote it in a mocking but super dry sarcastic way.

Hell, her tweets look like sponsored tweets for the movie.

Clearly Jenny’s always thought highly of her opinions but Youtube has probably reinforced that to such a degree I doubt she’ll ever have a healthy relationship where she doesn’t think she’s right 100% of the time.

3b62a5  No.1303


Expect her to mock people for months to come if she sees them wearing merchandise from this movie with zero self awareness of a 27 year old wearing Disneyland merch half the time she’s outside.

3a8abf  No.1304


If it’s anything like ready player one, she’ll probably start wearing merch for it.

3a8abf  No.1305


There’s a difference between going viral and 3.7 thousand views. Just as a comparison Jenny recently had an hour and a half long video get 637,000 views. You’d think at least 1% of that audience would bleed through just because Jenny is in it.

Also, just noticed, Bailey is literally tweeting about this as we’re talking about it again.

2f5404  No.1306


Ehhhh it’s iffy again. It makes sense for her to be obsessing over her own numbers. I need some harder evidence or I’m not gonna believe it.

Bailey, if you’re here, send us a sign.

d4ef03  No.1307

File: ab92c7fefc71d01⋯.jpg (290.71 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_nwcjur2wFR1qf0drro3….jpg)


>She’s pulling in almost $200 a month on Patreon

You're not going to start in on Bailey now, are you?


To be fair, the Jenny reading with Bailey on the couch is NOT the Jenny her mainstream fans know. The was no cute outfit, none of her usual mannerisms, absolutely nothing they're used to. Sure, it's the Jenny we know and love, but not necessarily the one everyone else does. Like I said earlier, I really hope this doesn't discourage Bailey from doing another "Give Yourself Goosebumps" with Jen. It was too good for this to be just a one-off thing.

Next time Bailey (if there is a next time… fingers crossed), try a 180° split screen camera setup at a table. That way the viewer can better see the read and reactions.

2b125b  No.1308


Looks like another solo Bailey stream today.

3b62a5  No.1310


> She's a VERY seasonal dresser.

I still dont understand this statement, like with colors and patterns? Cause all Jenny wears are dresses and skirts, maybe tights underneath.

3b62a5  No.1311


> You're not going to start in on Bailey now, are you?

Not sure what this means but I figure being a Jewish woman in LA with a masters degree and having a marketing job for games nobody’s heard of while your pretty, skinny, head on the Disney clouds friend who until two years ago was making minimum wage now wakes at 1 pm with more cash than she knows to do with is way more cruel than I ever could be to her.

> NOT the Jenny her mainstream fans know…none of her usual mannerisms, absolutely nothing they're used to.

I don’t really watch these videos anymore, can you elaborate on how Jenny was different? I mean she acts on twitter the same way she does in her videos (which was different than her SJ show) what was different with bailey?

3b62a5  No.1312

File: 0d652851f997f1e⋯.jpeg (96.46 KB, 639x614, 639:614, 75D1C76D-C8CA-4A2B-81EE-F….jpeg)

File: 6f5555eb4b46241⋯.jpeg (224.92 KB, 640x564, 160:141, AAF5BAA2-7232-47EE-823B-C….jpeg)


Why bailey will never win over Jenny’s Youtube audience.

3b62a5  No.1313

File: 04322c762b9580d⋯.jpeg (273.75 KB, 640x878, 320:439, 81D1D17D-A324-40BB-B7D9-8….jpeg)

Still don’t get her joke, even with Real D 3D responding to her tweet.

bb84c4  No.1314


Well yeah coulours and stuff, but also like she’ll wear layers and big coats and woolly hats in the winter regardless if the actual weather demands it.

And if you watched the style guide she actually went through it season by season, suggesting that she had different clothes for winter spring summer and autumn.

754348  No.1315


Do you not have different clothes for each season? I don’t understand. Even if she lives in california it’s still colder in the winter.

d62f5e  No.1316


Well no, I have a big coat but other than that it’s just the same shirts and jeans I wear all year.

Anyway since the style guide I now exclusively wear grey v-neck sweaters like, I assume, everyone else here.

3b62a5  No.1317


> woolly hats in the winter regardless if the actual weather demands it.

Yeah, noticed that last Disneyland outfit, she was dressed like it was 5 degrees instead 45-50.

Didn’t think people wore gloves in Southern California.

3b62a5  No.1318

File: 54af08213d92df0⋯.jpeg (100.21 KB, 640x591, 640:591, 85E0CEDB-EEB4-4A78-BD2D-7….jpeg)

File: 07f358c0ee12189⋯.jpeg (183.84 KB, 640x592, 40:37, D68AE110-4D73-4B78-B0DD-F….jpeg)

Speaking of Jenny outfits, she’s worried about her look in the next video.

Also obviously that person didn’t “guess”, they’re just a Patron.

3b62a5  No.1319

File: 8480fe4b28eebd4⋯.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, FA9933FB-8C1A-4B71-89EC-51….png)

Aww, Max’s future wife sleeps like the dead just like Jenny, she just sleeps at regular human hours.

Too bad they’re not aren’t friends.

d62f5e  No.1320


Honestly who makes that reply? Like your name is Jimmy_scrambles so your account clearly purely exists just to get attention from Jenny. So you just tweet her the answer to a question she’s already told you the answer to because you’re a Patreon.

I just don’t get people.

d62f5e  No.1321


Yeah I’m still checking max’s Stories every day as well, Jenny and Bailey haven’t shown up in ages.

2b125b  No.1322


Lindsay is tweeting about Max, wonder if thats why?

6aa386  No.1323



If you look at the time stamps on the tweets, that Jimmy Scambles tweet came after she said someone correctly guessed…someone else guessed Cranium Command which is who she was referring to, and I could believe that that person isn't a patron…his name isn't on the credits list, although he could use a fake name I suppose.

d4ef03  No.1324

File: 9dad616b3e0b627⋯.webm (15.32 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Jenny Picks Some Magical ….webm)

Hmm, I can kinda see why this nerdy shit is compelling to Jenny, what with all the roleplaying and story-telling involved. Not gonna lie though, I'd probably struggle to watch Jenny actually play a game of D&D (and I could watch her do anything).


>can you elaborate on how Jenny was different?

She was just a lot more subdued than she is in her own videos. Less of a "character" and more herself.


That has to be awkward for Jenny. Especially now that Max has really been trying to better himself since going through "The Process" these past several months. I've even seen him take down some of his posts because he felt bad about even putting it out there after reflecting on what he said. It's bullshit that people like Lindsay (who is an even worse human being than Max… and protected people far, far worse than Max or herself) doesn't think he is in any way redeemable because of some rumors with zero proof of anything ever happening.

2b125b  No.1325


She’s always weirdly had it out for max, her bright video is basically an hour of her shitting on “the screenwriter” because david Ayer made a bad film out of his screenplay.

6aa386  No.1326

File: e64c87fb9627f1e⋯.png (72.84 KB, 629x570, 629:570, 2019-02-08 (2).png)


>with zero proof of anything ever happening

Found this tweet while reading what people are currently saying about Max after the news about his 2 movies started blowing up today…this is the first first-hand account of Max assaulting a women I have ever seen. Doubt anything will come of it because no one will notice it, but it does seem interesting to me in that its finally someone actually saying he did something to her rather than a vague story about being a jerk to a friend.

2b125b  No.1327


Nah it might not have been from her but I’ve heard a “he pushed me at a comic con party” story before. He’s undoubtedly a dick, but that’s about as bad as it gets.

6aa386  No.1328


Sorry,putting your palm on a women's face and pushing her back with force because she rejected your sexual advances is not just being a dick, that's assault brotha. I would bet if Jenny heard a credible story about Max like that, she would stop having anything to do with him.

2b125b  No.1329


I dunno, personally I’d much rather someone push me in my face than rape me. But maybe that’s just me.

71e267  No.1330


that's pretty funny. Its clear something's wrong with him though.

I mean, Hollywood isn't a good place to raise a kid.

2b125b  No.1331


He’s talked pretty openly about his mental health issues. Especially as a teenager. He basically ended up going to what was a special school.

71e267  No.1332


>the news about his 2 movies started blowing

I just realized this part. He has more films?

2b125b  No.1333


Yeah his career was never really derailed, Dirk Gently got cancelled because no one watched it and same for Channel Zero. He was probably just chugging along writing, I know that Deeper has been in development for a few years already, so that's hardly news.

None of this is really newsworthy, it's just whoever it was decided they wanted to write a hit piece on Landis. He's just upset too many people along the way.

The fact he did the smart thing and just went full radio silent kills them, so they have to find excuses to keep dragging this shit up.

Ultimately he's just a writer, it's hardly an audience facing job. He just fucked up, and I think he's realised this now he's older, by trying to make a social media personality of himself. He just didn't realise until it was too late that for a large number of people his personality is unsufferable.

3b62a5  No.1334


Max has a video about meeting someone in a group and that person talking all kinds of shit about him and not even knowing he’s Max Landis…basically explaining that people just repeat shit they’ve heard.

Maybe she’s telling the truth or maybe she wants Lindsey to recognize her.

3b62a5  No.1335

File: e19af6a4efe53ed⋯.jpeg (218.57 KB, 640x671, 640:671, E54394F3-F801-46A0-A3ED-5….jpeg)

File: 7d44860ecca182c⋯.jpeg (147.54 KB, 640x429, 640:429, A9A9B85C-FA1A-4310-A0E4-B….jpeg)




Looks like Max wrote and sold a feminist movie and that’s set her off.

I really want someone to reply to Lindsey and ask her if it’s awkward to be such great friends with Jenny while she’s great friends with Max.

Like their disagreement isnt is Max a good writer, it’s whether Max has abused and assaulted women…oh to have a spare throw away twitter account. Haha, tag bailey in for good measure.

As Lindsey clearly 100% believes everything about Max and Jenny likely doesn’t (Bailey 100% doesn’t believe it and tweeted in his defense once).

*Jenny opens twitter, sees Lindsey’s tweets and sadly closes the app.*

She’s gonna get screwed playing both sides one day, especially if she tries to win over Lindsey’s audience as we all have pics and videos of her hanging out with Max well after accusations.

3b62a5  No.1336

File: c527d29b441914f⋯.png (21.21 KB, 555x203, 555:203, weirdquote.PNG)

Huh, guess she saw the tweets.

Weird thing to retweet.

d4ef03  No.1338


I like how these people conveniently show up when there's attention to be had. I'm too lazy to dig, but did she say anything about this incident last time? My money's on no.


Is Jenny feeling lonely tonight? Poor girl…

71e267  No.1340


I wonder if Lindsay spoke to Jen before she tweeted, it could have been much more condemning, but she used the vague phrase "bad look"

3b62a5  No.1343


I bet that Jenny has never told Lindsey or her inner circle that she’s friends with Max and Lindsey pretends to not know to avoid creating additional awkwardness but man does the death and destruction Lindsey can throw at her if she ever falls out of favor must be scary for Jenny.

There’s a slight chance Lindsey wouldn’t know as Jenny kept it under the radar but Kat spent a whole day with Max and Jenny (for Jenny’s birthday) at Universal so that’s unlikely.

3b62a5  No.1344

…I know the FAS jokes old but Jenny gets sick and bed ridden a lot for someone with an apparently healthy lifestyle.

Either too many kids sneeze on her when she’s at Disneyland all the time or she’s got a shit immune system.

Either way, no D&D with a bunch of middle aged dudes on camera (guessing it was supposed to be for that podcast she’s been following).

She’s upped her following count again, wish we could she who she adds and removes every month, so weird she actively avoids just following tons of people.

3b62a5  No.1345

File: 30d6983883a525e⋯.jpeg (114.25 KB, 640x406, 320:203, 661B4775-0F8A-497C-811D-5….jpeg)

2b125b  No.1346


I bet it’s the kind of thing they just don’t talk about. I don’t talk about one group of friends my other group of friends.

Clearly it’s not that big of a deal for them. It’s just a twitter thing, why let it affect their personal life?

71e267  No.1347


"first ever"

If Jenny does this for a show they'll call her a fake geek over this.


>Either too many kids sneeze on her when she’s at Disneyland all the time or she’s got a shit immune system.

She lives in a heavily populated area, disease spreads like crazy in those places

3b62a5  No.1348


I mean, do your group of friends hate and publicity attack one or the other in front of tens of thousands of people online, otherwise it’s not really the same.

3b62a5  No.1349


She lives alone and works from home in LA, not Shanghai or Mumbai, how often and severely Jenny gets sick is not common.

3b62a5  No.1350


Well she is a fake geek if it’s her first game, Jenny didn’t look to actually get into Star Wars until after she got bored with my little pony in her early-late 20s.

Jenny is maybe a Star Wars fan but she’s never been a geek, moreso a theatre/writer girl.

6c664c  No.1351


>they'll call her a fake geek over this.

They can take a long walk off a short pier. I am fully prepared to watch the shit out of any D&D stream Jenny gets in on.


LA is not a clean place. It might not be an Indian shit hole, but it's still fairly smoggy. Not safe, either. She might live there, and there might be places to go to outside of the central city area, but if the majority of your time is indoors trying to distract from the anxiety of every possible horror that is just around your corner, that can't help. She needs to go rural.

d4ef03  No.1352

File: ac94ee72818a1b1⋯.png (50.81 KB, 883x267, 883:267, Lindsay Really Hates Max.png)


This retweet from Lindsay is as bad as anything I've seen on any chan (you know, where us "maladjusted adults" and 14y/o boys hang out). I think the only thing that would make it more mean-spirited would be one of their normie "text on a imaeg" memes using the gif from that on-set accident.

In all honesty, Jenny is probably better off sticking with Max and getting away from Lindsay and her little gang of sociopaths. At least there you know he's not going to rally people to attack you should there ever be a falling out.

2b125b  No.1353


It is mad, take out the phrase white dude and that could be a straight quotation from /tv/. It’s just got to be awkward for Jenny and Kat and Bailey.

The worst thing is I bet Lindsey would be friendly to him if she met him in real life, but the internet just makes monsters of us all. Even the sanctimonious ones like her.

3b62a5  No.1354


Oh, so Jenny just wants an agent (sounds like it's probably a done deal by now) free shit, free pass hotel and tickets to theme parks and conventions….and it sounds like it's just to save money.

But her argument doesn't make much sense, she complains that mommy vloggers with 10k viewers get to go so she should to but those people can't AFFORD to go, Jenny makes 8k a month and literally has no responsibilities.

She can go on vacation and make videos about it nonstop for months at a time, is she really that fucking cheap? She's probably got 50k-100k in the bank by now if she's never spending money by the sounds of it.

3b62a5  No.1355



Idk, I guess if you want companies to take you seriously try making videos not on your bed in your bedroom like your maladjusted 14 year old?

3b62a5  No.1356


It's such a bitch move to always drag his dad into insults about Max, like, it's never enough to just hit him.

Jenny NEEDS people like Lindsey to help her create a bigger female audience for her Patreon and Youtube channel (for when she's over 30 and the guys start getting bored of her) which means her and Max's friendship will never be more than a few secret hangouts every couple of months.

There is no way Bailey and Jenny aren't seeing these attacks on their friend, of course Jenny has to stay quiet but I wonder if she's begs Bailey to not say anything in Maxs defense.

2b125b  No.1357


Yeah she could pay for it, but why should she when less popular people get given it for free. She even said she’d happily pay for flights if they put her up.

2b125b  No.1358


Bailey is too smart to wade in when she didn’t have to. The only time she actually did was when someone used it to try and attack Jenny. She won’t fight Max’s battles when she doesn’t need to, I don’t think Max would even want her to.

He knows he can just live his life in piece selling scripts for films no one will ever see.

3b62a5  No.1359


She's hitting pause on an aspect of her life that she wants to do for herself and as material for additional content for her channel until she can get hire an agent who will then reach out on her behalf and hope to get her this type of access.

How cheap are somewhat capable talent agents that Jenny thinks it's easier to do that then just pay the $800 for entrance tickets and hotel?

It's clearly a point of pride for Jenny, she's too big and popular to pay for this stuff. I can already hear it sarcastically (but not) telling people to get in touch with her people.

2b125b  No.1360


What is she hitting pause on?

3b62a5  No.1361


Going to these places until they're free, what theme parks is she going to now other than Disneyland and Disneyworld?

I'm sure with how much she researches them, there are probably dozens of parks across the country she can afford to visit and make videos about if she wanted to.

3b62a5  No.1362


Oh shit, she made a reference to people talking about her shoulders in her Beauty and the Beast video.

>>1263 was totally right and damn, Jenny still remembers people talking about that over a year later.

I think comments make a real lasting impression on Jenny.

Pretty sure she even said any of this due to being drunk.

2b125b  No.1363


It’s not just the beauty and the beast video, she was giving out some shoulder in the doctor strange video as well.

It’s definitely something she seems to have stopped doing, that may have even been a dig at Bailey having a go at her for it at the time. We know Bailey is protective of her, and this video kind of shows why she has to be.

f3b3b7  No.1364

File: 0c6adb3e07994a1⋯.png (3.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1523155009351.png)


>I bet Lindsey would be friendly to him if she met him in real life

Oh yeah, no doubt. He's legitimately in the industry making millions and has plenty of connections (not only his own, but also through his father and his friends) to put together or join real productions, she's just a YouTuber on the outside looking in.


There could also be a differentiation between a normal paying customer and one that was invited; stuff like preferential treatment (moving to the front of the line, private meet and greets, etc), early/behind the scenes access, swag and the like. It's those little extras I think she would really enjoy because it would elevate her above a "normal" guest and their experience.


Jenny absolutely does not want to travel alone though. Not only that, but she also has some kind of aversion to vlogging.



I miss Jenny's shoulders…

3b62a5  No.1365


Hmm, I suspect no one, no one but Bailey can call Jenny a slut without getting any sort of reaction out of her.

71e267  No.1366


Holy shit yeah, what's Lindsay's problem?

Wait, you think Max forced a kiss on Jenny and that's why Lindsay's pissed?

6c664c  No.1367


Lindsay doesn't care a thing about Jen. She's just on the anti-Max train because it's an easy target with zero blowback. I highly doubt Max has ever done anything untowards, as is. He's as soy as they come.

f3b3b7  No.1368

File: 098320cc5d11d73⋯.mp4 (645.32 KB, 480x852, 40:71, 50133342_845009985867075_3….mp4)


What!? I'm sure her and Ani would've scrapped at least once if Jenny was playing home-wrecker.

3b62a5  No.1369


Hmm, no points about D&D, I don’t think she made it unless she’ll post about it at 2 am.

3b62a5  No.1370


Jenny wishes, then she wouldn't have to worry about hiring an agent and could get VIP treatment at any theme park in the world with her millionaire boyfriend and not need to buy a extra ticket for a friend to avoid being raped everywhere she goes.

f3b3b7  No.1371

File: 54c26449cde7289⋯.jpg (392.16 KB, 1535x2048, 1535:2048, DzBUSokU0AA1Ul--orig.jpg)

Guess she made it…


I love you Jenny, but this is too much.

2b125b  No.1372


Funnily enough the DM for this is literally a guy named Chad. There's no other clues to who else she was playing with.

Also, going through Jenny's recent twitter follows she's just started following an account called Lindsay that I'm almost 100% sure is her sister. Weird thing is though she's got 1600 followers and is a twitch streamer, how am I only discovering this now?

71e267  No.1373


twitch link? I cant see Jens followers


so it doesn't look like its a video, just a friend thing.

2b125b  No.1374


She's skylarky on twitch and darcierge on twitter. She's been doing both for years, I wonder why Jenny only started following her now.

71e267  No.1375

3b62a5  No.1376

File: a23a34e90419b27⋯.jpeg (373.47 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, F08B88EF-DBBC-49A0-9442-7….jpeg)

File: 1fb83a531b2eacc⋯.jpeg (471.78 KB, 640x1090, 64:109, 4CF4B84F-7C83-43F4-88E4-4….jpeg)

File: 1159d6181289b5a⋯.jpeg (388.82 KB, 640x1093, 640:1093, 29FE35DB-3C67-4907-BA41-6….jpeg)


Who the fuck is this dude?

And it sounds like Bailey didn’t go…

Not like Jenny to go somewhere alone but Chad is followed by Kat for some reason so guess she left safe at his apartment or podcast studio with a bunch of other dudes.


Well that sucks, very weird for Jenny to get into D&D all of a sudden…nah, Jenny’s mind doesn’t work like that, she’ll learn about it and incorporate and profit off it on her channel somehow as Lindsey teaches.

2b125b  No.1377


If kat follows him it’s very possible she went along with Jenny, I’d be shocked if Bailey didn’t go because she’s been teasing getting into DnD just as much, if not more than Jenny has over the last few months.

But maybe Bailey was just busy with her cat this weekend, presumably you would think Bailey would get involved if it became a more regular thing.

3b62a5  No.1378


So literally the only person with a real job Jenny knows is her dad.

71e267  No.1379


Lindsay with the insta filters on is hotter than Jenny. Also, she does that annoying thing that Griffin and Faith do where everything they say on twitter is a snappy quip.


Rich people live in a faerie tale never land.

3b62a5  No.1380

File: 550ea18b21d065a⋯.jpeg (268.03 KB, 640x650, 64:65, 9574EC72-8094-4685-BEA3-4….jpeg)

File: d402f044e58aa8d⋯.jpeg (194.15 KB, 640x613, 640:613, 021DF791-654B-47EF-AADC-7….jpeg)

File: 7672f4fa5a2786d⋯.jpeg (211.65 KB, 640x495, 128:99, 9846F3A1-0324-43BF-A450-7….jpeg)

File: 04535e39bc13232⋯.jpeg (522.15 KB, 640x794, 320:397, ABE3450B-D579-473B-BFE9-F….jpeg)


Guessing this is why Kat follows him and Jenny would feel safe, also guessing she met this guy through Kat since he’s friends with a bunch of girls calling themselves “they/them”.

Also she’s probably desperately horny to fuck a straight girl like Jenny.


Not to give myself away but no one needs “months” to set up a campaign you pay in a single night, pretty sure they just brought Jenny into the very last session or had a one off game.

Sounds like Jenny’s some sort of spellcaster.

3b62a5  No.1381


Kats tweeting again since going radio silent in like December 2nd, curious timing.

3b62a5  No.1382


Wait, how are you able to see Jenny’s recent follows?

I’m always curious to see the new follows are and who’s been culled.

I think it’s Jenny’s way of showing she’s grown bored with people who can’t help her or think like her.

3b62a5  No.1383


Huh, always assumed her sister lived in San Ramon but sounds like she’s in the valley…weird they don’t hangout more often or maybe Jenny just doesn’t share that.

2b125b  No.1384


If you go on twitter on desktop rather than the app the following list is in order with the most recently followed first.

2b125b  No.1385


Bailey still has a real job.

3b62a5  No.1386

File: 5d51244a16b027f⋯.jpeg (199.26 KB, 640x503, 640:503, 14EB7EBE-4EFC-4562-8C41-9….jpeg)

File: b3b4cdc2f5310bd⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, B437E183-6FAE-4448-8E6A-6B….png)


Just watched this clip of her saying this is all about me and if I say something that’s happened to me that’s not an invitation for you all to say something similar has happened, this is a celebration of me.

I can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic or if she’s that self absorbed…so basically she’s exactly like Jenny.

3b62a5  No.1387


Ehh, she streams video games as part of a marketing job and sits at a booth in conventions.

3b62a5  No.1388


…holy shit! Thanks!

Wonder who the first person she followed is.

If only we could see who she unfollowed.

2b125b  No.1389


Just from jumping about through her stuff, I think she’s just got that same incredibly dry, ironic sense of humour that Jenny does as well.

Also she has a boyfriend.

754348  No.1390


She’s talked about her job on the stream before. It sounds like it’s a real job from her description of it, but idk.

2b125b  No.1391


The first person she followed, that she hasn’t subsequently unfollowed anyway, was Bailey. So that’s cute.

3b62a5  No.1392


Has anyone just considered they're just raised really self absorbed and selfish and that's why all their jokes are related to them being self absorbed and selfish?

3b62a5  No.1393

File: 0a643a347167118⋯.png (543.52 KB, 827x479, 827:479, Dineveryport.PNG)


Just tried it, looks like Jenny started following this language researcher in Scotland not too long ago, how very strange but if she's ever in Scotland I'll be he'll be in her.

71e267  No.1394


Lindsay said something about being in marketing too, but it was phrased as a joke.

And I'm not sure what Bailey does, but it sounds like she does alot of desk work.

It could be that they stream two days a week because they only work two days a week.

3b62a5  No.1395

File: c9680da58f99f98⋯.png (18.16 KB, 864x215, 864:215, Followstimeline.PNG)


Jenny culled a lot of her old friends based on the timeline of her follows, only around 1/4 of her follows are pre-Youtube fame after which she started to follow Patton Oswald, Peyton Reed, Zack Weiss and Lindsey.

2b125b  No.1396


Not quite sure what the link is, but by the looks of it he’s a friend of Bailey’s.

3b62a5  No.1397


Huh, that's also weird, maybe he fucked her on vacation in LA.

Anyone remember Jenny following some guy and his new D&D show a few months ago, looks like she got bored of it because I couldn't find them anymore, guess she found a different batch of nerds to do D&D with Matt Colville

faa7a2  No.1398

That's Alex Martin. He was in Jenny, Bailey and Griffin's graduating high school class before he moved to Scotland.

2b125b  No.1399


Well there you go, mystery solved.

3b62a5  No.1401

File: 3eabee10cdc768b⋯.jpeg (104.84 KB, 640x214, 320:107, 7C7C1E99-4C78-4558-B906-D….jpeg)


Shit, you putting my investigating abilities to shame, I even shared the San Ramon graduating class article here last week.

In other news, the little bailey that could is chugging along.

2b125b  No.1402


I noticed earlier today, it’s the top result if you search Jenny Nicholson on YouTube, so there might be hope for it yet.

faa7a2  No.1403

I wonder if Jenny is trying to get into DnD, because once Episode IX comes out, Jenny is done with Star Wars altogether. Let's face it. She always made it known she hates the spinoffs like Rogue One and Solo. So once the sequel trilogy is over, why would she stick around.

71e267  No.1404

File: d01ac520e990b1a⋯.jpg (49.71 KB, 622x220, 311:110, recommend.jpg)


Youtube is starting to recommend it to people. Probably people who have seen Jenny's stuff.


I'd like to see her get into more traditional 'geek' stuff. Remember those simple rpg games held on websites. Its hard to describe what I'm talking about, but I think I'm talking about these


Point is, I think Jenny could read and mock some of these archived games the same way she does fanfiction.

2b125b  No.1405


It could just be that she’s looking for new hobbies. Maybe she’s finally getting bored of going to Disneyland every single weekend.

d4ef03  No.1406


>sounds like Bailey didn’t go…

Yeah, first thing I checked was if any of those die looked like Bailey's. Shame to hear she's on anti-depressants, Kirsten often tweets about being depressed too. It sucks having downer friends like that.


Damn, she hides that intimidating stature well in her stream. I wonder if Jen will try to stream with her when she gives it a shot this year? Maybe that's why the recent follow?


>Remember those simple rpg games held on websites

Jenny mentioned doing a video about "exploring things online and reading them" but in vein of her 1D fanfic video. So maybe?

faa7a2  No.1407

Since Kirsten occasionally tweets about smoking weed, you think Jenny indulges as well?

71e267  No.1408


>mentioned doing a video about "exploring things online and reading them"

Jenny reads /jenny/

2b125b  No.1409


I’d love to see that video, can we get that as a ramble topic?

3b62a5  No.1410


Maybe but if Rian Johnson’s trilogy actually happens Jenny will be all over that.

He’s the only Star Wars director that follows her and has talked to her.

f3b3b7  No.1411


Holy shit, don't say that… she will.

3b62a5  No.1412


> Weekend

Weekday, holidays, morning and evenings

But I’ve played D&D and it gets really fucking boring uf you’re not a lifelong fan (like her I’m not) and if even one of the people in the group isn’t someone you’d hangout with in the real world…then it just turns into hanging out with someone you’re not friends with for 3 hours every week.

3b62a5  No.1413




Yeah, Jenny always seems to be grabbing at straws for topic ideas, again if she didn’t look like the cute girl next door I don’t think people would fall over themselves praising all her videos.


> Shame to hear she's on anti-depressants, Kirsten often tweets about being depressed too. It sucks having downer friends like that.

I do t think Jenn is as happy as she pretends to be, after her fight with Griffin she said cry literally any time she was alone and unable to distract herself.

Jenny is condescending and has a deep need to be recognized and praised, that’s not something generally happy people seek out online from strangers.

3b62a5  No.1414

File: f15dd55a4132f29⋯.jpeg (251.6 KB, 640x727, 640:727, 0517EC4F-7D6D-450A-8813-E….jpeg)


Wait, if she played D&D for the first time yesterday then why was Jenny at this guys studio a few weeks ago?

I think Jenny’s trying to build up gamer/board game street cred because she knows she can’t follow Lindsey’s feminist video path with her type of audience and Patrons.

71e267  No.1415

Lindsay's stream is like 80% sex jokes. So Jenny's apparent asexuality is a mystery to me.

f3b3b7  No.1416

File: f22674c5d7f3408⋯.jpg (282.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_o8i40tQulY1qm6odzo2….jpg)


>I do t think Jenn is as happy as she pretends to be

When you've never lived down in the shit, it's hard to have any real perspective. And Jenny? She's on that rich white girl plane of existence.


Maybe she's been trying to pick up DM tips to run her own games. She is a pretty good writer (according to her), so maybe she has some built up creativity/ideas she needs to get out and D&D will be her outlet. Could also be related to the timeframe of her live streaming launch around April-ish.


Eh, don't let trans hypersexuality throw you. Everything is filtered through their sexuality. Everything.

3b62a5  No.1417


Ehh, and Bailey don't go two sentences without calling someone a bitch or saying fuck.

Jenny could be both of those things but the Disney corporate guest relations purged that right out of her.

Also, not to be a dick but her sister was her brother until like 2012 so it's not shocking if she thinks about sex a lot.

3b62a5  No.1418


This from her archived Tumblr? I'm sure Jenny was a great Disney employee, went from shoving horse shit to Guest Relations in 18 months.

3b62a5  No.1419

File: e978c6c5ff591e7⋯.png (294.96 KB, 844x509, 844:509, Jennyskill.PNG)

File: acae55d97c3e5bb⋯.png (17.36 KB, 560x179, 560:179, Jennyskill1.PNG)

Jenny knows how to avoid any sort of connection to the controversies Lindsey starts be it Max or Trump or race stuff and that's why bailey (who is in MARKETING) will never succeed in the same genre as Jenny.

Because Bailey doesn't know how to create a brand and persona that's detached from all of your own personal beliefs especially when it comes to race and politics.

2b125b  No.1420


Yeah, Bailey likes a lot of Lindsay's tweets, not the ones about about Max though. Same as Kat.

6aa386  No.1421

d4ef03  No.1422


Yeah, I think she actually got a couple of those during her time as a plaid.


>I stepped back because it seemed that Max had been blacklisted

<I wanted the guy who misread me (while I was drunk and high btw, teehee) to lose his career forever

I honestly would've decked this bitch for implying I was a rapist (same as any guy running his mouth too much). I'm not a violent man, but she ain't playing around anymore at that point either. That's a deadly serious accusation.

Max still didn't do anything wrong.

2b6241  No.1423


Yeah that’s the first proper accusation, and it only tells us stuff that we already knew, he’s arrogant and emotionally manipulative but still not a rapist.

3b62a5  No.1426

File: 9c9e58ae76cc0b1⋯.jpeg (354.67 KB, 640x1089, 640:1089, 95E27A67-9D67-4AAD-9C75-4….jpeg)

File: 5b4ce70d27adc86⋯.jpeg (410.01 KB, 640x1078, 320:539, 07509C95-FD6B-4B7E-B2DE-C….jpeg)

Was wondering why Jenny was so last night, thought it was because Buzzy video was done but looks like her tweet was highlighted by Twitter.

3b62a5  No.1427


Ha Jenny going to the Last Jedi premiere seems to have created big, disappointing expectations of her being invited to more things that aren’t Youtubers wanting to fuck her.

3b62a5  No.1428

File: db597c7fccfe142⋯.jpeg (289.71 KB, 640x840, 16:21, 1F8DF92E-892A-49BF-B9C7-0….jpeg)

3b62a5  No.1429


Holy shit, 7,600 retweets of her knocking Alladin, that won’t help her get those Star Wars press passes.

6c664c  No.1432


At the same, what sort of future does Star Wars actually have where the availability of passes is going to matter?

2b125b  No.1433


Well she wants in at Star Wars land. Star Wars isn’t going to go away, they might let it lie dormant for a year or two film wise after episode 9 but they’ll still be pushing tv shows and games and whatever.

Disney has spent too much money on it to not try and squeeze every penny.

71e267  No.1434

File: b200ad5e84210ed⋯.png (186.79 KB, 1346x1108, 673:554, boner.png)


Shes bad at writing, this is hard to read.

>“this is a bad idea,” I meant something like, “ooh, this is so naughty” — the classic “no means yes” defense"

if a girl said that to me I wouldn't know what she meant.

>I apologize for my boner

that would make a good quote on a reaction image

3b62a5  No.1435


In parallel with that, I wonder what will happen to Jenny’s career.

Like her channel actually plateau at any point? And if so will it be at 500k subs or 1.5 million. Will she stay a Youtubers with an agent that gets her a few invites to some VIP events and she’ll live the sweet life on Patreon into her 40s and 50s?

Or does Jenny ultimately want some theme park review show on Travel Channel or create some animated show on Disney channel?

She seems to have so many opportunities but also being a “Youtubers” which she does not like to label herself is also a big typecasting issue that’ll keep her out of a lot of deals.

3f6df7  No.1436


I dunno, I think the YouTube/Patreon bubble will inevitably burst eventually. Probably for her it’s just a case of make as much money as she can whilst the going is good and then see where she’s at when it spits her out.

She could just look to settle down with whatever she’s saved or worse comes to worst she’s probably always got working at Disneyland to fall back onto.

6c664c  No.1437

File: d16523aed74baab⋯.jpg (156.69 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DzMVZM2UcAEAgBX.jpg)

[sad robot noises]

new video out tomorrow



>show on Travel Channel or create some animated show on Disney channel?

>YouTube/Patreon bubble will inevitably burst eventually

Same thing with Twitch, making money off of internet shenanigans is a luxury. Like all luxuries, it's going to become unavailable at some point. If the entertainment angle never pans out, she also has horse farms to fall back on. She could carry out the rural lifestyle and move away from the debauchery of the big city.

71e267  No.1438


I'd marry farmgirl Jenny, but as much as she likes horses she doesn't seem to be the type to enjoy country life

d4ef03  No.1439

File: 5a5648a40819662⋯.jpg (232.06 KB, 1199x2054, 1199:2054, DzMXAJuUcAAyu4I-orig.jpg)


Why was that robot so damned depressed looking, does he have some lore explaining that?


>she doesn't seem to be the type to enjoy country life

Maybe she's learned to love the smell of urine baking on the concrete and the fresh (pollen filled) air would mess with her asthma too much? Pushy homeless people are a lot more fun and interesting than the meth-heads/H-addicts you'll find in the countryside too (as they're pretty normal when not tweaking or acting like zombies).

3b62a5  No.1440

File: 01f198bc59e3897⋯.jpeg (303.17 KB, 640x1101, 640:1101, 8362469A-ED0B-4384-A27F-1….jpeg)

Jenny complains a lot for the life she has…either she just doesn’t enjoy the solitary lifestyle of being a Youtuber or she must’ve complained every other breath when she was working a customer service job for $12 an hour, 40 hours a week including *gasp* early mornings.

3b62a5  No.1441



> she doesn't seem to be the type to enjoy country life

For as scared as she is of being raped and murdered, Jenny needs to live in a big city.

People live in rural areas to be left alone, Jenny only days that but she wants to be seen and heard and praised. That’s why she moved to LA, to meet famous people, execs, go to premiers, and break into the industry in some fashion.

While that doesn’t look like it’ll happen now (becoming a D&D streamer wont help) and her 15 minutes are up, she’s still becoming friends “Internet famous” people and going to VidCon and Patrecon and all that bullshit.

If Jenny went back to San Ramon or anywhere rural, it’d mean 100% her dreams won’t happen and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Jenny’s ego does not accept her not being right about everything.

3b62a5  No.1442

File: 4a9500babb6c840⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, DF512E04-DC2B-4272-BCA3-C4….png)

File: f3dbb5e2e847412⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 8AD3E2D3-32AA-4A04-B96E-4A….png)

This is from her trip with Lindsey and Kat.

Is it weird or childish for a 27 year old woman go play with these things, that she’s played with before on prior trips AND also ask that someone take a picture of her doing it?

3b62a5  No.1443


I don’t think Jenny will handle becoming a nobody again we’ll if/when this influencer phase of her life ends.

Lindsey and Max will get a lot of calls from her asking to go hang out at public places her old fans would recognize her, which basically is just Disneyland 7 days a week.

3b62a5  No.1444

File: 578cc03e2015c59⋯.jpeg (215.22 KB, 640x613, 640:613, 64A73491-A186-419C-80F4-D….jpeg)

Update, looks like Baileys gained 600 subs since the video came out and 400 of that plus 9.4k of the views are after Jenny shared a tweet about it.

d4ef03  No.1445

File: a170e5ddf0f3f9b⋯.webm (15.26 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Jenny, Kat & ROBO-NEWZ.webm)


>her 15 minutes are up

I don't think she's even broken out yet. She's still "trapped" on YouTube and any tastes of "fame" have been confined around that. If Jenny were to sell something or get one of her scripts optioned even, I would consider that the start of her 15min.


>Is it weird or childish for a 27 year old woman go play with these things

A normal 27 year old? Yes. Jenny? No.


Good for her. That's a nice bump for someone just starting out (and just got approved for monetization).

296067  No.1446


Yeah, I’m proud of /ourothergirl/. Also I think she looked really good in the video (although it probably helped that Jenny seemed to be actively trying not to look good).

2ee26b  No.1447

Bailey really needs to get Jenny to go to the hairdresser she goes to. Bailey's always had the better mane.

01eb88  No.1448


> If Jenny were to sell something or get one of her scripts optioned

That’s not going to happen, her desperate need/true ego to just do dry mean humor means all her scripts reek of a superiority complex.

If Jenny was going to sell a script it was when Max wasn’t banishes, who’s gonna put her in an exec meeting now, Lindsey when she’s not going on rants against Liam Nesson.


No, don’t wanna risk changing Jennys hairline as her forehead surprisingly wrinkly and that’s why she uses Japanese snail cream moisturizer.

01eb88  No.1449


Haha, what if Jenny just takes Kat everywhere once her agent gets her VIP passes to theme parks.

6c664c  No.1450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d4ef03  No.1451

File: b0a8f91fe09b78e⋯.png (477.38 KB, 772x633, 772:633, Where's Buzzy? Patreon Pos….png)

File: 77dcf553aa9f9ab⋯.webm (5.21 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Minecraftr99.webm)


I'm not a big theme park guy, but her theme park content is always really fascinating (this one being no exception). She needs to make it a more regular thing.

71e267  No.1452


>around that. If Jenny were to sell something or get one of her scripts optioned even, I would consider that the start of her 15min

Have you seen the tv/movie industry? Its just people who are willing to jerk each others dongs and complain about trump, Jenny hasn't done any of these things.


This why Lindsay hates Jenny? All her friends prefer the Jen?

2ee26b  No.1453

Just who would be Jenny's camera person if she were invited to all these press places and things? A friend or a new hire?

3b62a5  No.1454


How did Jenny get a concussion?

Did whatever guy she’s dating and getting into D&D for donkey punch her?

3b62a5  No.1455

File: e498590b9520546⋯.jpeg (235.22 KB, 640x671, 640:671, B5F650C2-20DB-430B-B66D-4….jpeg)

File: 9ff2c4519608035⋯.jpeg (259.83 KB, 640x632, 80:79, B2B1E912-5C72-47B3-AAFA-F….jpeg)

File: d631617d6d4caa0⋯.jpeg (322.4 KB, 640x995, 128:199, 5D5BA75B-95F6-48A8-9651-8….jpeg)

Haha, I so want to see Jenny just make an angry fuck Disney for not giving me a press pass video where she just talks about waiting in line all day for one mediocre ride.

But she’s got the money, she, some other Star Wars needs plus maybe some Lindsey people will play the $4000 for a VIP tour.

3b62a5  No.1456


So that’s why she’s having a terrible week, she got a concussion…did she trip on her plushies and hit her head or was it outside at Disneyland I wonder.

2ee26b  No.1457

Rough sex? Hitting the bed headboard?

3b62a5  No.1458


In genuinely surprised if her Patreons haven't asked (including a sizable White Knight portion) and if she hasn't said how. She wouldn't mention it if she doesn't want to say how it happened or talk about it.

3b62a5  No.1459

File: 3d90f490be9c32c⋯.png (55.47 KB, 530x252, 265:126, RandyMoorereference1000.PNG)


Fuck, I'll give it to her that Minecraftr99 video is pretty funny, just because I've never seen Jenny act that way.

Also, holy shit, does Jenny read every comment on her videos? She responded to mean comment within 15 minutes. I guess because they mocked her for liking theme parks, also why she called him Randy Moore.

3b62a5  No.1460

What's the website 4chan moves all video links to so Youtube can't track viewing or ad data when you watch a video?

3b62a5  No.1461


>Probably for her it’s just a case of make as much money as she can whilst the going is good and then see where she’s at when it spits her out.

Does her going out of her way to get an agent and get places to invite her help or hurt this argument?

3b62a5  No.1462

File: a817fdf367ed41a⋯.png (261.77 KB, 820x570, 82:57, Adult1.PNG)

File: 743cf5ec206dc1d⋯.png (550.96 KB, 868x584, 217:146, adult2.PNG)

Well, Jenny just liked a tweet from an escort.

8636a8  No.1463


Well I guess it’s losing a bit of money but to try and get a bunch of “free” trips out of it. Still trying to maximise what she can get while the going is good I guess.

I doubt she’s gonna ask the agent to shop her scripts around.

8636a8  No.1464


Loads have asked but she hasn’t replied to any comments yet.

d4ef03  No.1465

File: 68fbc683e53c386⋯.jpg (151.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_o5rhfj8u9e1qm6odzo5….jpg)

Maybe Jenny will explain how she got that concussion in her ramble. I seriously doubt she would bring it up and not give an explanation. I don't think I've ever met anyone that's brought up an injury (minor or major) and didn't explain how it happened, that would just be… weird.


Definitely some female she knows. She would never travel alone with a guy, and what guy would even want to travel with her anyways? I wouldn't want to hang out with some girl who thought I was going to rape every chance I got. That's such a shitty way to treat someone (especially someone working for you).

3b62a5  No.1466

If she didn’t have Channel, would Jenny still go see movies she makes fun of? I feel like studios would always win with audiences like Jenny because she’ll pay to see your movie if they’re good (and not y’all about it) or she’ll pay to see your movie if it’s bad and make a whole video about it.

71e267  No.1467


I thought it got nuked.


I bet it was related to tripping on a big stuffed animal, or getting spooked by a doorbell and slipping on the linoleum like a puppy.


Im glad Jenny's being nice to her.

2b125b  No.1468

Where are we at with the ramble? What won the poll?

01eb88  No.1469

File: 2628fe343385d6d⋯.jpeg (235.41 KB, 640x617, 640:617, 4E8B3456-C37C-4AEE-8016-9….jpeg)

File: e459cb1091a600c⋯.jpeg (317.39 KB, 640x890, 64:89, 01A80D82-51F4-463A-BD5E-6….jpeg)

Wow, Jenny’s kind of an egotistical asshole.

f4d25c  No.1470

Reliable news sources (not just haters) just reported that Rian Johnson is no longer doing his Star Wars Trilogy. I wonder how Jenny will feel about that?

3b62a5  No.1471


If true, she’ll double down and attack people who didn’t like Last Jedi.

I can’t imagine Jenny takes not getting what she wants well.

89df2e  No.1472

Nevermind. Johnson debunked it himself.

f3b3b7  No.1473

File: 5692598b983dc4e⋯.jpg (314.71 KB, 949x853, 949:853, January Ramble Results (Ne….jpg)


Unfortunately, it was a topic that not only doesn't allow Jenny to ramble, but also doesn't allow her to talk about herself. Now Jen's probably gonna have to awkwardly cram in some rambling like when she did with that Dark Ritual topic.


Man, I wish that would be how he found out he was off the project (via rumor)… shit would be hilarious and that smug cunt truly deserves it.

f3b3b7  No.1474

File: b37052a47451c5a⋯.jpg (924.2 KB, 1080x2710, 108:271, Random Dig at Max Landis.jpg)

You know, I wish Jenny would stand up for him just once… to prove to Max that she is his friend. Bailey can do it, why can't she?

4c888d  No.1475


I don’t think max would want her to. His strategy is just non-acknowledgment, non-engagement. He’s even gone quiet on Instagram again since these articles started getting written.

You can’t reduce the heat by throwing more fuel on the fire. Nothing he or anyone else says in his defence can change anyone’s mind, so why try.

71e267  No.1476


I would be scared that they'd turn their attention to Jenny and make her cry.

3b62a5  No.1477

File: f78f98c9c8013e6⋯.jpeg (149.97 KB, 640x631, 640:631, 76B2BDDE-EF57-4A32-A0C1-0….jpeg)

File: 9cccbc29255b1aa⋯.jpeg (130.69 KB, 640x398, 320:199, 03721512-1FFA-4459-A784-4….jpeg)

Jenny is being humble as ever and mentioning her concussion again without explaining how she got it.

Do people here really not think she’s arrogant?


Oh, I remember him, he was a big Jenny fan but she muted him like over a year ago.

3b62a5  No.1478


Did her $5 Patreons go down or people just not voting, if everyone can vote for everything I’m surprised the highest topic has under 250 votes.

3b62a5  No.1479

File: ccf25f2ed98770a⋯.jpeg (186.93 KB, 640x603, 640:603, 47784DD5-7B56-42A5-BF80-C….jpeg)


I guess but weird Max hasn’t liked a Jenny pic on insta since September.

And ANOTHER mention on the concussion.

6c664c  No.1480


>tfw no gangsta Jenny gf to go urban exploring with on nights where she isn't berating you over livestream for not remembering how to craft potions on minecraft

That's where her channel should be gearing towards, be sure. Her going to smaller theme/amusement parks to show them and their new attractions off. All this pop culture shit is kid's stuff. She'll have to abandon it one day.


>This why Lindsay hates Jenny? All her friends prefer the Jen?

If you were one of Lindsay's "friends" and one day Jenny showed up, where'd your loyalty be? Lindsay could take a page from Jen's book.



Either she hasn't answered because it was something embarrassingly stupid, or else she doesn't want some creepy weirdo looking around local hospitals for people admitted for head injuries. Or else it's just not our business.


>too much professional football

Sarcasm or maybe she got beaned in the head or took a fall or something. I couldn't imagine her actually playing a sport, but what if.


>still go see movies she makes fun of?

She has friends, and going to see something to mock it is something friends do. So probably. Making videos about it is just a small extension of what she probably already did with Bailey and Kat.


I blame Lindsay. Urban explorer videos when?



3b62a5  No.1481


> creepy weirdo looking around local hospitals for people admitted

They can go to any hospital they want, it’s against federal privacy laws for them to say anything, maybe they’ll say she was admitted and discharged but that’s it, sounds like this happened like a week ago.

3b62a5  No.1482


She got the concussion in a Super Bowl party? Did Jenny even tweet about the game?

She must’ve gone to one since she goes to anything she’s invited to to avoid the boredom of being home all day.

0e6f9b  No.1483

About the concussion. Jenny tweeted jokingly about her friend Steve (from the Porg vlog video), about checking up on her if and asking she was okay (any blood from your ears) the morning of Feb 10.

Meaning the concussion happened on the evening of Feb 9 or the morning of Feb 10.

0e6f9b  No.1484

Since Sunday was the 10th. It more than likely happened late Saturday night. But Jenny was still about having a fun time playing DnD on Saturday evening.

So just what the hell happened between Saturday at 11pm to Sunday at 8am?

6c664c  No.1485


She must've rolled a 1.

d4ef03  No.1486

File: 53294fdb8c6e3cb⋯.webm (12.19 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Jenny Vlogging at Walt Di….webm)


>He’s even gone quiet on Instagram again since these articles started getting written

Hmm, I never thought that might be the reason and just assumed he was busy catching up with family and stuff gathered for that funeral.


Jenny claims to be "Cry-Proof™".


That's kinda been the average since she switched to the current vote format. People seem to be sticking to around two or three votes as the total votes have tripled.


>Her going to smaller theme/amusement parks to show them and their new attractions off

Hopefully, streaming will change her attitude on vlogging (which is what that would be, essentially). Because those streams are going to be all her since the gameplay will be weak at the very best.


Jenny said she had to sit down to shower the day before her D&D game, so I figure she at one point she became exhausted, fainted and took a tumble. It's the only thing that makes sense, really. Or does someone have to be murdered for laying a hand on her?

She's definitely going to explain this in the ramble, there's no way she would keep bringing it up unless she either already recorded the story or plans to.



71e267  No.1487

File: 5b52c681efcea49⋯.jpg (90.69 KB, 809x540, 809:540, tumblr_ns4xbvXbno1qm6odzo1….jpg)

Jenny could have had a horse riding injury.

Also, Bailey today? Or is it those random gamers again.

2b1ae0  No.1488

Can you imagine the day that Jorn finally dies. Jenny will be devastated and vulnerable.

71e267  No.1489


She's lost pet horsies before, I think there were others before the two they have now.

But yeah, I'll feel bad for her.

This is morbid and inappropriate, but how do they handle the bodies of pet horses? They must weigh 400 pounds or so, I can only imagine a forklift type situation.

2b1ae0  No.1490

It's now or never if Jenny posts anything about Valentine's Day for her real life.

And retweeting a Star Wars general post, doesn't count

4eda80  No.1491

File: 5b37d99d1c02855⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1073, 1920:1073, twirl.png)

File: 78e858e77797028⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1069, 1920:1069, bitchyjenny.png)

File: 6a33368d0904937⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1077, 640:359, smile.png)

File: e74c69b5ada7696⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1073, 1920:1073, point.png)

I leave for a week and Jenny's already been concussed, Buzzy is missing and Max has been cancelled again…

Her last video was great, very comprehensive. She clearly put a lot of thought into what might've happened. This together with her Avatar video makes me think she should transition into a full theme park channel with maybe some book videos sprinkled in. Also made some screencaps, might make some banners out of them.

3b62a5  No.1492


She tweeted she was so sick she showered sitting down the day before D&D, maybe she fell?

3b62a5  No.1493


I remember her posting about this same pizza and a “friend” 3-4 valentines ago so it’s either Bailey, Kirsten or a long term boyfriend.

3b62a5  No.1494

File: 5652976006d7ebe⋯.jpeg (368.04 KB, 640x632, 80:79, 3581A01A-9C5D-4B84-A84D-1….jpeg)

d74df6  No.1495

Damn Jenny, I love you, but you don't own the monopoly on movie pitch spoofs.

3b62a5  No.1496

File: 881eac013263549⋯.jpeg (270.99 KB, 640x1041, 640:1041, 1D07B23F-DA29-42CF-8124-5….jpeg)

File: 8f4ee19103152b0⋯.jpeg (325.91 KB, 640x1009, 640:1009, C687B93D-4677-4DBF-BE35-F….jpeg)

File: b2cb28e87855fdb⋯.jpeg (379.74 KB, 640x1086, 320:543, B9093594-0DAD-417A-BCCF-6….jpeg)

File: 78b8d17410f82c8⋯.jpeg (111.25 KB, 640x246, 320:123, 1EA7A244-84BF-4175-8B6B-9….jpeg)

File: 6651fca9c551155⋯.jpeg (382.22 KB, 640x1089, 640:1089, B95D7E31-D327-48EA-96B0-A….jpeg)



She attacked that guy before and he explained where he got the idea, and Bailey of course was a bitch…how else do you record yourself? And every single YouTube does those million edits.

Now she’s telling Screenrant editor that he stole her idea, telling ya, Jenny has a real egotistical bitchy side under all her fake humble brags.

She’s probably annoyed her Buzzy video has totally stalled compared to The Triggered one.

71e267  No.1497


Really Jenny? the whole pitch thing had been done to death by the Nostalgia Critic years ago, it was one of his staples. He even did it in the same cut back and forth style.

3b62a5  No.1498

File: c4620b0d9ec219f⋯.jpeg (173.34 KB, 640x502, 320:251, F44B7F03-DC25-4B8F-A08D-1….jpeg)

File: c198e8fafd8faad⋯.jpeg (363.63 KB, 640x868, 160:217, E73DCDEC-FC6A-4829-A37D-B….jpeg)

File: 7ff881af2a6711e⋯.jpeg (249.54 KB, 640x711, 640:711, 3B8F1F69-6D09-4590-938B-7….jpeg)

The guy just called Jenny out, she’ll either ignore it or argue all night, Jenny doesn’t handle being told she’s wrong very well.

3b62a5  No.1499


Guess Jenny went to California Pizza Kitchen with somebody.

3b62a5  No.1500

File: 3141f01ee584400⋯.jpeg (309.54 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, F240949B-CD48-40DF-B3DB-5….jpeg)



Jenny’s mouth getting her in trouble

3b62a5  No.1501

File: 6edd77d2b232d20⋯.png (908.99 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 61E5C664-0945-43EC-8EB9-A4….png)

Does she wear lipstick?

d74df6  No.1502

I've always been partial to her Fifty Shades Freed video look myself.

f3b3b7  No.1503

File: 7d157efdfb3df55⋯.png (1017.41 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190215-003606.png)

Man, Twitter just brings out the worst in people… truly man's most awful creation.


You know it was Bailey. It's going to be a sad day when a man eventually comes between those two and breaks up that friendship.


Football mouth!

So what's your favorite Jenny look? "Natural" Jenny (hair down with glasses) has always been at the top of the list for me.

3b62a5  No.1504


Looks like Jenny’s just gonna ignore his response and not reply…just Iike last time and in a year will accuse them of stealing pitch video concept from her in a year or two again.

3b62a5  No.1505

File: 05cc9e4bff54714⋯.jpeg (312.66 KB, 640x790, 64:79, B36A8058-7EB6-4DB9-8A93-2….jpeg)

File: 77639328d62f2e2⋯.jpeg (156.58 KB, 640x373, 640:373, FCCBB885-747D-4054-9975-E….jpeg)

File: 5317567e8d13d9b⋯.jpeg (346.3 KB, 640x643, 640:643, 8D4A1A4F-3E9D-4D18-97B1-D….jpeg)

> You justvknow it was Bailey.

I feel like Bailey, or even Kirsten would’ve posted a pic or replied to these tweets. It sounds like a date.

Jenny goes to a lot of these and unlike Disneyland it’s probably the most adult thing she does (besides taking a dick).

376580  No.1506

I think it was with Alicia

af451e  No.1507


Is that because of the latest Instagram post? That seemed a bit general to me.

6d1128  No.1508


I still feel like if it was a date she just wouldn’t tweet about it at all, rather than be so cryptic about the secret relationship she’s trying so hard to hide.

Did anyone watch the stream, did Bailey mention any plans? She vaguely tweets the kind of stuff a single person would tweet but I just don’t know about her. There’s still the lingering mike.

Kirsten has a bf last time I checked so it’s unlikely it’s her, unless it is that important of a “tradition”.

eb726f  No.1509

File: fc21776f31957b7⋯.jpg (350.24 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, fc21776f31957b77492c465caf….jpg)

File: 3669cd0f5ed46fe⋯.png (1022.32 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 3669cd0f5ed46feaae62f9ae6c….png)



This is so bad, even if they did steal her bit (they didn't), the mature thing to do would be to let it go and be flattered that somebody would bother to pay tribute to your videos.


Bright red lipstick looks pretty comical on Jenny but I think that was probably the intent.


>So what's your favorite Jenny look?

I agree Jen looks hot as fuck in glasses but I like when she puts her hair up. Really good look on her. And call me a killjoy but I love when she wears sundresses and "normal" oufits instead of graphic tees and goofy stuff.

ef2a20  No.1510

I believe it's Alicia, because Jenny joked that this has become a tradition for "them" and Alicia is the only one we know she's eaten pizza with on a Valentine's Day before.

2b125b  No.1511


Could be then, could be.

71e267  No.1512


Someone said Jenny complained about people stealing her stuff in the latest patreon, what did she say? She's said she doesn't share ideas due to that fear aswell, I think this is her paranoia manifesting its self.


>did Bailey mention any plans?

Bailey said she would be alone but maybe she meant just not with a man.

2b125b  No.1513

File: 25432e33412e925⋯.jpg (180.16 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 50249946_349522369227622_5….jpg)


Bailey posted this on insta saying she just spent the day with her cat, so I guess we can rule bailey out.

3b62a5  No.1514


Jenny looks great on short dresses, showing some skin but what average skinny girl doesn’t?

What’s weird is in bad lighting, Jenny looks REAL bad.


Isn’t Alicia married? Weird she’d spend Valentines going to dinner an escape room with Jenny.


Fear or ego? Again, nobody here likes it but Jenny is an overpaid, underworked, qt spoiled child, looks like that’s always been the case for her. And who’s she shared to share ideas with, Lindsey or Bailey?


Jenny got FUCKKKKKKED, I’d bet awkwardly and at her bois place to avoid the hassle of moving all her plushies which is totally normal for a 27 year old woman to own.

3b62a5  No.1515

File: cafe014f21bf88a⋯.jpeg (226.04 KB, 640x423, 640:423, 526DD96F-CF11-4BD8-93B4-0….jpeg)

Oh and her Buzzy video hit a wall and is barely getting 15k a day, let’s see if her 370k subs check it out.

Eat shit Buzzy.

6718ad  No.1516

Your getting Jenny's friends mixed up.

In her Porg vlog video, Jenny goes with Steve, Steve's wife named Lauren I believe, and Alicia (who set in the back with Jenny) to go to San Diego to get the giant Porg. Kirsten and of course, Bailey, didn't go.

71e267  No.1517


>Fear or ego?

Its a common fear expressed in the game development forums I read, when people explain why they don't share too much details when they post. but in Jenny's case its strange, there's an element of wrath in her fear; as if she thinks people will take her idea in order to hurt her instead of just because they think its good. I think its the type of wrath that you see in feminists.

I always saw that anger as people having an immaturity about them, where if someone makes them feel bad, it can only be because the person wants to make them feel bad. The more mature understanding is that negative feelings are natural in social interaction and should be accepted as a given.

So how I see it, is Jenny thinks its not normal to feel bad, and attacks the thing that makes her feel that way in order to return to what she sees as a correct emotional state; failing to see that bad feelings are normal.

3b62a5  No.1518

File: e6b97b872660e72⋯.jpeg (250.2 KB, 640x474, 320:237, 470F4181-45BF-4E23-9E35-0….jpeg)


Hmm, we’ll Alicia posted a big picture board of all her friends yesterday (got a new Jenny pic) but nothing about pizza.

3b62a5  No.1519


Would explain her literally crying uncontrollably for a month after the Griffin incident unless her friends and family distracted her.

3b62a5  No.1520

File: 876276925bf7707⋯.jpeg (323.94 KB, 640x738, 320:369, 90E52282-2BC4-496F-83A3-B….jpeg)

File: 2af1a88b6704d47⋯.png (151.1 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, D965371A-A734-480B-95B4-89….png)

File: 7ce581325b8a882⋯.png (147.04 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, A400AF0C-F5E8-44B6-BC6F-BC….png)

> Bothered me for days

Is this Jenny’s #MeToo moment?

Also Jenny’s a fucking liar.

The whole thing was 5 tweets over 26 hours that started with Jenny insulting their articles, accusing them of stealing their most popular video series concept and ending with her accusing the editor of harassment.

I just dont get why Jenny’s Hollywood dreams havent panned out and the only people who like her are average Youtube nerds and weirdos.

3b62a5  No.1521

File: 189c42adcf80f07⋯.jpeg (184.16 KB, 640x497, 640:497, DBB3A825-8AA7-43C8-82C7-0….jpeg)

File: cf6ca5a0e269873⋯.jpeg (322.66 KB, 640x827, 640:827, 17BEFEC3-159C-4FFD-B900-4….jpeg)


Aaaaannnnddd Disney just remembered to forget sending Jenny Star Wars Land press passes.

Being friends with Bailey and Lindsey and all that Patreon money has made Jenny forget she’s basically nobody when it comes to real Youtube reach and power.

3b62a5  No.1522

File: 479cb5ea0556eca⋯.jpeg (259.23 KB, 640x582, 320:291, 6D56BF99-63CF-4025-A368-B….jpeg)

Guess we know where Jenny got the idea for an agent, wonder if she’ll get the same one.

3b62a5  No.1523

File: 51c0e52d699c3ad⋯.jpeg (389.35 KB, 640x1086, 320:543, 6B3922C2-73E4-4B8E-9059-4….jpeg)

File: dd1ef6ec46a907c⋯.jpeg (307.73 KB, 640x1019, 640:1019, C0E6E975-F81A-4C24-8E3E-6….jpeg)


Lindsey’s YT agent follows Jenny. Guessing done deal.

eb726f  No.1524

File: 86c9dc047b362fa⋯.jpg (174.34 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, 88ade0e0eca4e9136197039bb1….jpg)


>Jenny looks great on short dresses, showing some skin but what average skinny girl doesn’t?

I don't mean dresses in particular, just any time she dresses in a more grown-up stylish fashion I know that's silly and subjective but you get my point, just anything that isn't colorful and disney Don't get me wrong, I could gawk at her legs all day, but she looks just as nice in a turtleneck and pants.

>What’s weird is in bad lighting, Jenny looks REAL bad.

Like a magic eye picture?

>Fear or ego? Again, nobody here likes it but Jenny is an overpaid, underworked, qt spoiled child, looks like that’s always been the case for her.

It's hard to tell if it's business as usual sassy Jenny or if it's a genuine mean streak developing from hanging out with Bailey and Lindsay. They both seem like really sour individuals who could only ever make people around them more cynical and stuck up.


Welp, you caught me, the gig is up

>I’d bet awkwardly and at her bois place to avoid the hassle of moving all her plushies which is totally normal for a 27 year old woman to own.

Can you actually imagine fucking a woman with a bunch of plushies on her bed? I think that would kill my erection if I wasn't mentally prepared for it.

71e267  No.1525


>Also Jenny’s a fucking liar.

Yeah, not only that, it was a sub-tweet off of Rian Johnson so as many people as possible could see it. This is abnormal even for her. Result of her having a concussion maybe? No-valentine blues?


>Lindsey’s YT agent follows Jenny. Guessing done deal

Was the callout the agents idea? "drama is in, stir up big drama!"


>Can you actually imagine fucking a woman with a bunch of plushies on her bed?

I'd be worried they'd get dirty

d4ef03  No.1526


>I love when she wears sundresses and "normal" oufits instead of graphic tees and goofy stuff

Yeah, she looks especially cute when not dressed like Clarissa Darling.


Might also have been with that lamprey Kat. The heart-shaped pizza might be the only tradition she's actually talking about.


Of all the people to look up to and emulate, she picks Lindsay fucking Ellis… Jesus Christ.

3b62a5  No.1527

> The heart-shaped pizza might be the only tradition

That’s what I was thinking, and Jenny seems like the type of person who would think a pizza with friend during valentines would be funny and ironic with a boyfriend, except this time you’d go to a sit down restaurant (California Pizza Kitchen), an escape room activity (I think it was the same night) and end it with getting on her back, holding her thighs up and thinking about her favorite my little ponies episodes until her boyfriend is finished plowing her.

3b62a5  No.1528


Going to sleep at 5 am, at earliest, must make a relationship hard for her.

71e267  No.1529


Her room mate hated it and they didn't even have a relationship.. Was it the gay black one? I got the impression she was room mates with two women once, do you guys know if that happened or if I just assumed it out of no-where.

3b62a5  No.1530


She was roommates with at least two girls because she talked about how happy she was getting her own place once the Patreon money was like $1200, and how they’d like insult her for sleeping all day.

It was like April 2017 Patreon video.

eb726f  No.1531


>Result of her having a concussion maybe? No-valentine blues?

>Was the callout the agents idea? "drama is in, stir up big drama!"

All very likely scenarios.


I wouldn't mind keeping her up till five in the morning if you catch my drift.

3b62a5  No.1532


> keeping her up till five in the morning

Sofia the First marathon?

3b62a5  No.1533

File: 07cf09e0a988d17⋯.jpeg (210.63 KB, 640x608, 20:19, B126AB43-8B58-4398-860D-5….jpeg)

I think for how small and pointless her channel is, and how long and uninteresting this video looks to be, this was a complete success for Bailey.

2b125b  No.1534


Her videos are far better than they have any right to be, you should give them a go. That one with Jenny was actually really good.

3b62a5  No.1535


Haha, Bailey just got told off by an angrier, even more bitchy, online SJW.

3b62a5  No.1536

File: e153e92cce5fbd9⋯.jpeg (156.54 KB, 640x631, 640:631, 7E583847-E22E-4C32-BF45-3….jpeg)

f3b3b7  No.1537


It's still hard for me to envision her in an actual intimate relationship. Jenny's doesn't seem too keen on compromise or understanding.


Now Bailey just has to worry about the follow-up video. I wonder if she pitched this becoming a regular thing to Jenny? That's something I'd love to see.



I refuse to believe that's an honest comment, nobody's that insane. There's no way

71e267  No.1538

File: 21b46b0b577f452⋯.png (616.55 KB, 962x704, 481:352, angry drunks.png)


>All very likely scenarios.

No I'm stupid for not realizing, she was probably just on her period.


>Now Bailey just has to worry about the follow-up video.

Goose drunks with Lindsay Ellis. An hour and a half of Lindsay throwing furniture and cussing out Bailey.

f3b3b7  No.1539


Lindsay drinking until she's violent and unintelligible does sound like fun actually. Her Trailer Park Hillbilly would be a nice contrast to Bailey's Wine Aunt.

eb726f  No.1540

File: 4b72aa9541fedf9⋯.jpeg (49.88 KB, 599x779, 599:779, BX8abUdCMAAS8eu.jpeg)


>Sofia the First marathon?

Had to look it up and it's a kids show from 2012? Jenny's so pure, playing dress up in her twenties lmao.


This reads like one of our guys fucking around.


>Goose drunks with Lindsay Ellis. An hour and a half of Lindsay throwing furniture and cussing out Bailey.

Incoherently screeching that Monster Blood belongs to the proletariat and that Slappy the Dummy is a transphobe

c5100e  No.1541

File: d633da0bf463100⋯.png (92.84 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 1485342938248.png)



Hahhahaa, that's my fucking comment. Trolled so very softly.

3b62a5  No.1542


> Probably on her period

Is she usually bitching in the middle of the month?

3b62a5  No.1543


Where’s the cleavage Jenny? Is it not showing cause you got no bra on?

f3b3b7  No.1544

File: dcd14bfde7d4aa4⋯.png (819.71 KB, 550x862, 275:431, tumblr_nc82sfGmjn1qf0drro3….png)


So that was Sofia the First cosplay, huh? I always thought it was just one of her strange (but cute!) clothing choices.

3b62a5  No.1545

File: 4620095bde31f8d⋯.jpeg (88.78 KB, 640x203, 640:203, 3702DB06-291C-4A1B-9AD4-E….jpeg)

I wonder if it really is a weird topic or it’s a totally normal topic that to her is weird like love interests in movies or films about leaving childish things behind to become an adult with responsibilities.

71e267  No.1546


shes going yoko ono on us. its going to be her repeating the word 'porg' while a small elderly woman plays the tambourine in the background.

Almost as surreal as the star wars battlefront video. has she ever explained the part where someone was stalking her?

3b62a5  No.1547


Nope, I was always confused about who her stalker was in that, EA, gamers, her fans?

3b62a5  No.1548

“Max Landis accuser comes forward with detailed account of alleged sexual assault“


Yeah, Max won’t be able get away from this by just being quiet and Jenny, ironically just losing her only real connection to Hollywood will be immediately exposed and hurt by her continued friendship with Max post the first accusations if she ever finds another avenue into an exec office.

It’ll be interesting to see if Lindsey helps or cuts Jenny off, especially as Kats day out with Max now involves her as well and she obviously knew if the accusations beforehand.

Haha, hi Bailey, if you’re reading this, you girls are screwed.

3b62a5  No.1549


Jenny really does have the worst luck with the few men she involves in her life.

Assuming her friendship with Dan will come back to haunt her if the story of kiddo porn being shared on his old website forums is right.

And let’s not forget Lindsey >>1538

One day she’s gonna get drunk, see how her husband looks at sweet, tight, little Jenny’s body and scream all her sad jealous lungs out at her.

2b125b  No.1550


It's just the one story/non-story that all the usual suspects are circulating and recirculating. It's bad but not rape, it's not even really sexual violence or predatory behaviour. He's gone quiet on insta again, and his girlfriend has gone really cryptic on insta and twitter.

I think we're still all waiting for the big one to drop in regards to max though, nothing so far has been career threatening.


It is kind of ridiculous with jenny and men she collaborates with, there's Max, Signore, she was Chris Hardwick's show then he got done and there's Griffen who went crazy. Even one of the guys from the star wars shmoedown came out as a Nazi sympathiser the other day.

I think Hollywood might just be a bit fucked up tbh.

eb726f  No.1551

eb726f  No.1552

File: f8e610475585aa7⋯.jpg (869.68 KB, 1600x960, 5:3, Max-Landis.jpg)


>One day she’s gonna get drunk, see how her husband looks at sweet, tight, little Jenny’s body and scream all her sad jealous lungs out at her.

A cuckqueaning saga within Jenny's friendship group would be so entertaining to watch unfold, especially since they all deserve it


>It's just the one story/non-story that all the usual suspects are circulating and recirculating. It's bad but not rape, it's not even really sexual violence or predatory behaviour.

These guys like Hardwick, Landis, Signore etc. absolutely deserve everything that comes to them. This is the hysterical culture they themselves support and help to create. They are the ones throwing other guys under the bus for attention and profit. Even if their actions are not as serious as what's being purported, this is exactly how they want other men to be treated so why shouldn't they get the pointy end of the spear for once?

71e267  No.1553


>Nazi sympathiser the other day

do you remember his name?

I'm trying to see it from her perspective, because she must know what type of people they are going in. Maybe she thinks she's smarter than the other girls, wont get drunk around these men without Bailey or someone else there.

Sort of like a person going to a time share sales pitch knowing they can just walk out with the free gift without buying a time share. These men are offering opportunities to cute girls and as long as she stays smart she can cash out no worse for wear.

50fb8f  No.1554

Meanwhile, her articles for Playboy end up being the LEAST controversial collaboration she's had the last few years.

Isn't that ironic.

71e267  No.1555



guess you can add Hbomber to the list of Jenny's horrible male friends with a sketchy history with women

10aefb  No.1556




i want to cum on her face please

f3b3b7  No.1557


>Jenny really does have the worst luck with the few men she involves in her life


>It is kind of ridiculous with jenny and men she collaborates with


>This is the hysterical culture they themselves support and help to create

Jenny really needs to be weary of any guy with this "male feminist", ultra-PC, virtue-signalling personality. A shockingly high number of them seem to turn out to be actual rapists, deviants or sexual predators.

8a5b97  No.1558


I think that only really applies to Andy signore, he was the only actually throwing opportunities at her.

In hindsight her whole time at screen junkies could be seen as potentially terrifying. Jenny could just count herself as incredibly lucky she got away with it. If she did…

f3b3b7  No.1559

File: 52da2ef11d867fc⋯.jpg (265.14 KB, 1080x760, 27:19, Jenny Undercover.jpg)


eb726f  No.1560

File: 57e5634ef1d4ffc⋯.png (1.71 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 57e5634ef1d4ffc0e48afb35ba….png)


Thanks for this, as soon as I heard "trans kids" I knew something was very very wrong. I'll watch this later.


>These men are offering opportunities to cute girls and as long as she stays smart she can cash out no worse for wear.

This. Most of these soy boys would be happy with a hug or a peck on the cheek, they are pussy cats compared to the real predators. A good example to look at is Marvel, many pros hire "work girlfriends" with no qualifications but on closer inspection, these women aren't actually romantically/sexually involved with them at all. They just want women to fawn over.

3b62a5  No.1564

File: a1033fb33f5aea8⋯.png (354.89 KB, 888x496, 111:62, JennysGone1.PNG)

File: 7b208a8ea63f58b⋯.png (447.78 KB, 743x635, 743:635, JennysGone2.PNG)

It's done, Lindsey has just about totally warped Jenny to her inter-sectional feminist inner circle during Disney as the bait.

3b62a5  No.1565

File: 43f3453da76ce79⋯.png (57.98 KB, 451x835, 451:835, Jennyquotes1.PNG)

File: c67814bb8ad4389⋯.png (50.92 KB, 452x710, 226:355, Jennyquotes2.PNG)


>her articles for Playboy

Those fizzled out pretty quick, how many hot takes did she have 2?

Still so confused as to how that happened, I saw other hot take articles from other youtubers and media influences when I read hers but who's it for, hype woman won't sign up for Playboy and old Playboy readers don't give a shit that a Youtuber talked about gay puppets and Disney princess movies not actually be anti-woman.


This is totes adorbs too but I haven't watched Jennys videos in months so that's why I won't know like half the quotes they reference to her.

3b62a5  No.1566


>Jenny really needs to be weary of any guy

Ironically Andy is the least harmful for her because she worked there, all these other guys Jenny CHOOSES to be their friend, how will Jenny defend herself from the male feminist, bi/trans, female twitter mob when they say why were you their friends POST accusations?

3b62a5  No.1567

Jenny was up until at least 7:30 AM today, you're 27 and it's a Monday, wtf?

I don't think Jenny can actually handle a 9-5 job if tomorrow her Patreon is banned.

71e267  No.1568


>if tomorrow her Patreon is banned

Just what are you planning..


> but who's it for,

with all the internet media layoffs recently I say its possible that no-one is reading these articles.

d4ef03  No.1569

File: 2b94f1be9267dc5⋯.png (12.74 KB, 592x338, 296:169, Runaway Train.png)



Literally the "Oppression Olympics". I honestly don't understand why people do this shit. Is there really nothing else in their lives worth spending time on?


>I haven't watched Jennys videos in months

Wish I had fresh Jenny content to watch. ;_;

71e267  No.1570


you seen her old panels? a bit slow paced but kinda cute.



> Is there really nothing else in their lives worth spending time on?

Nothing that will get them as much attention. They want eyes on them.

3b62a5  No.1571


Yeah, I watched a lot of those ponycon videos when I first became a fan, before I became jaded.

It just shows at the end of the day, Jenny wants fans and attention even when no money was involved.

71e267  No.1572

File: 92be8223ee3dc7d⋯.jpg (127.98 KB, 904x546, 452:273, playboy.jpg)


I was curious and looked up playboy stats. All different stat sites agree, playboy is doing horribly; worse than I imagined. They can't afford to pay the Jenny, no way.

6a3f50  No.1573

Lol. Maybe they'll offer her money to do a pin up.

10aefb  No.1574


awesome pic!

eb726f  No.1575

File: 1847b3d83eb2590⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1706x2560, 853:1280, dodger-playboy-21.png)

File: d759151254e5069⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1706x2560, 853:1280, dodger-playboy-11.png)


>I honestly don't understand why people do this shit. Is there really nothing else in their lives worth spending time on?

That's Twitter weirdos for you. Guess I can't really throw stones with all the time I waste on here but at least I don't pretend it's important.


They kept making stupid decisions like removing nude shoots and putting in preachy articles. And that's on top of competing with an endless supply of free hardcore porn.


It wouldn't be unheard of. Brooke Leigh of internet fame did one (pics related). I wonder if Jenny would do it if offered. Would her natural shyness and proto-feminist leanings win out against her desire for views and cash money?

71e267  No.1576


>They kept making stupid decisions like removing nude shoots and putting in preachy articles. And that's on top of competing with an endless supply of free hardcore porn.

yeah, Jenny's average daily views are 75,000, their average views are 85,000. Jenny is practically as popular as the whole site. Maybe they hoped they could somehow absorb her fanbase and double their page views.


>I wonder if Jenny would do it if offered. Would her natural shyness and proto-feminist leanings win out against her desire for views and cash money?

Jenny as slave leia looks about as revealing as that pizza girl. So she'd probably do it given the right conditions.

d4ef03  No.1577

File: fc7eb0eb2a6eee1⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [2018.10.12] phi preview.m….png)


Jenny's body is at least on par, if not better, than that chick's. I bet with professional hair and makeup she could look even better. Jenny doesn't have disgusting tattoos either, so there's another plus she has over her.

Would totally pay to see her (tastefully!) nude.

462e71  No.1578

It's not like Jenny hasn't worn the slave Leia outfit in public before.

*never forget*

6c664c  No.1579


>she will never wear it for your eyes only

d4ef03  No.1580

File: 248dcfcbf0c774d⋯.jpg (146.17 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 51117059_1007070189502729_….jpg)

So Bailey didn't post anything from Anime Ascension 2019, no tweets, no selfies, no food/drink pics, nothing. Must've been a really poor experience for her.

I'm sure she'll say something on the Aksys stream later this week, but her lack of personal posts seem pretty telling.

ac8344  No.1581

Never my eyes only.

I would flaunt her in public, like Griffin did.

71e267  No.1582

Nostalgia chick makes 77,000 average views a day, Jenny makes 75,000

The chick isn't doing as well as she used to, but also Jenny is booming. 2020 may be a year when Jenny is a major voice on youtube.


I figured aksys would stream everything live like other people do for cons. nope.

3b62a5  No.1583


> 2020 may be a year when Jenny is a major voice on youtube.

Depends on the video, her Buzzy video has just about died at 262k views with like 5k views a day but for whatever reason Triggered book has bonkers views with 713k.

It sounds Jenny can do a lot better with left leaning stuff but she doesn’t want to offend her big male Patron population and her dads a Trump lover and she likely wants to avoid becoming, online persona anyway, what he’d mock when he sees Lindsey or Contrapoints or Hbomberguy.

So the very thing making her successful is what will keep her from being a voice, non political and ultimately pointless cute content making fun of movies and books and talking all things Disney.

3b62a5  No.1584

File: ae2cddf2b3dcabd⋯.jpeg (284.93 KB, 640x821, 640:821, 22B69108-145C-4491-AE44-8….jpeg)

Haha, someone’s trying to sabotage Jennys dreams.

Fine by me, I think not getting the press pass will be a good dose of reality for her.

3b62a5  No.1585


Actually, I just realized Jenny’s been much more quiet and just posting a lot of retweetable hot takes lately, is this her trying to really increase her twitter followers to and avoid controversial opinions or being rude to her fans to increase the likelihood of getting a press pass?

d4ef03  No.1586

File: e8e661c8a06e30c⋯.png (77.18 KB, 961x458, 961:458, Our Children Will Be Bulli….png)

I would have to talk her out of using "Citrus", but the other names are fine by me.


They didn't!? Man, I didn't even think to check while it was going on. Must've been a shit-show.


>Jenny’s been much more quiet

Probably just working on next video. Which I'm thinking is either Cars related (as she mentioned that it was "weird") or that Disney Creepypasta video (which she said was "logistically different") going by her tweet.

>increase the likelihood of getting a press pass

She has several Disney-related videos planned this year so far. My guess is that the real push for those passes hasn't even started yet. Jenny is going to be super-hype for Ep.IX when most everyone else can't wait to take a steaming dump on their work. Disney will be desperate for positive voices amongst the steady stream of hate that movie is going to get up until release. It might make her look real good in their eyes.

eb726f  No.1587

File: 4f229e8a92ab7a6⋯.png (936.14 KB, 606x676, 303:338, 4f229e8a92ab7a68f43a852a2e….png)


>Jenny as slave leia looks about as revealing as that pizza girl. So she'd probably do it given the right conditions.

>It's not like Jenny hasn't worn the slave Leia outfit in public before.

Sure, but wearing that while playing an airhead character is different from wearing something similar but for the direct purpose of titillating men. Jenny might not feel comfortable with the latter.


Jenny does have a body straight out of Playboy. I think that's half the fun, the contrast between her sweet and innocent demeanour contrasting with her sexy figure.


>Never my eyes only. I would flaunt her in public

<Anon, I don't know about this… this crop top is super tight! And these shorts ride up my ass, you can see everything!

<Wait what? They have Figment printed on them? Why, didn't you say so, give 'em here!

>like Griffin did.

Wait really? What's the story there? He always struck me as a bit of a soyboy.


I doubt Jenny will become the next Hbomberguy or Contrapoints but she may drift closer to Lindsay's territory.

71e267  No.1588

File: 2208e8d9fab5e9f⋯.jpg (53.37 KB, 598x354, 299:177, stream.jpg)


>They didn't!? Man, I didn't even think to check while it was going on. Must've been a shit-show.

It seems like I was half wrong, they had a stream schedule and aksys streamed a few competitions, but other people streamed the other events, its really confusing and strange.

6c664c  No.1589


It's been said before, the ball is being dropped super hard by management. This sort of thing shouldn't be an issue.

2b125b  No.1590


Well it’s a bit fledgling, there are inevitably going to be teething issues whilst they figure out the best way to do things. Ultimately they aren’t trying to get views, these events and streams exist purely so they can got to these Japanese companies and say look at how much we’ll push your games once we’ve localised them.

The events doing well is just a bonus, if they can make the money they’ve spent on it back purely through the event I’d imagine they’d see it as a job well done.

3b62a5  No.1591


But isn’t Star Wars Land is opening in June and Ep 9 in December, Jenny can only suck Disney’s lightsaber so hard 6 months before the movies release, we’ll see if she even gets a press pass for Celebrations in Chicago.

3b62a5  No.1592


Gotta be honest, once you’ve been to an event with a few dozen woman aroun Jenny’s/our age, she is not that impressive. I literally have a Jenny in my office who’s got the same height, skinny figure and cute girl next door face and smile and an undercurrent or trying to take everyone down while she works to gain as much attention and success as she can PLUS a bunch of other cute or hot girls too.

Jenny’s “all that” in a vacuum and nothing else, he’ll the Disney press pass event alone will probably have 30-50 Jennys

f3b3b7  No.1593


Was Bailey in charge of running this event, or did they have a separate Community Manager taking care of all this? Bailey is also surprisingly quiet on Twitter as of late. Surprise trip to Italy?

>that pic

That sounded disorganized. Shame. I really wanted to see Bailey out of the office with a few drinks in her having fun with fans. Maybe I'll buy a (pity?) water bottle from their merch store.


Yeah, if she's passed up for SWC, there's probably no chance of her getting those Disneyland passes.

f3b3b7  No.1594

File: e3dad09ccdb18be⋯.jpg (497.68 KB, 1080x1337, 1080:1337, SWC Media Applications.jpg)

I guess will know whether or not she was approved soon.

71e267  No.1596


>Was Bailey in charge of running this event

I saw Mike in the photographs and I think he's her boss, so it might be him. I don't know about the other people in the company though, supposedly there's like 20. So someone could have a job specifically related to it.


Jenny shouting at that youtube channel Rian Johnson was pissy about, needing approval by lucasfilm… hmm.

Maybe Jenny was trying to suck up a little.

Also, will jenny pretend to have a large team to get all her friends in?


> Disney press pass event alone will probably have 30-50 Jennys


3b62a5  No.1597


I remember Jenny was bummed she couldn’t go to Celebrations in 2017 because it sold out but then happily announcing she’d get to go in her videos saying she was signing up to work on Screen Junkies.

I don’t think Jenny would’ve sucked Andy’s dick for those tickets, but I believe him waving those passes around would’ve been enough for her to sign with them and it was probably worth it for her, skip all the lines and see the whole original Star Wars cast.

3b62a5  No.1598


> will jenny pretend to have a large team to get all her friends in?

No matter what she’ll need to create content to hype up Star Wars while there otherwise why give her a press pass which I’m sure is why she talked about hiring a camera man.

She probably told them she would do segments like she did when there with Screen Junkies before but who says she wouldn’t just bring Bailey, Kirsten, Alicia and/or Kat along to point a camera at her and hit record while Jenny made middle aged men feel sweaty and awkwardly.

b8a1af  No.1599

Post jiggly bughome plz

2b125b  No.1600

Did they say they weren't going to do any streams this week, or have they just given up now Anime ascension has passed?

71e267  No.1601

File: d50aa40a9e19ae5⋯.jpg (44.58 KB, 572x308, 13:7, based.jpg)


They said "streams were returning to normal" a few days ago, implying they would stream this week, but they didn't. maybe doing AA left them backed up with work

Based bailey joking about 9/11

3b62a5  No.1602

File: 20604b2998e953a⋯.jpeg (404.86 KB, 640x717, 640:717, 2717E44C-C808-4C20-85C7-9….jpeg)

Anyone notice Jenny goes to the toy section of stores like every week?

Is this sarcastically to make fun of them or is she looking for Disney toys to buy?

d4ef03  No.1603

File: 4323ba9c3aff3c8⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Patreon Monthly Ramble Vid….png)


She likes toys… and deals! No problem there.

71e267  No.1604

File: 784d2836d0a77bd⋯.jpg (50.46 KB, 450x450, 1:1, f25d5b05-aeed-48dd-b9d1-bc….jpg)


>Is this sarcastically to make fun of them

I wonder about that, her toy collection is pretty goofy looking. I think she genuinely loves dumb looking toys, like how some people love really funny looking dogs.

like whippets.

3b62a5  No.1605

File: a3039ccd3dd0de6⋯.png (413.05 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, FF351063-9E8A-4229-B4D5-71….png)

Jenny the bully

3b62a5  No.1606


I bet Jenny saw that at 5 am and waited until Bailey was awake.

f3b3b7  No.1607

File: 0050c04348bc53a⋯.jpg (511.97 KB, 1080x1419, 360:473, Jenny's on her way!.jpg)

Who's been telling about her application besides us (as of late)?

Nah! Jenny wouldn't be reading this thread… right?

Also, I'm really glad she got in. Her chances for those Galaxy's Edge press passes just went up.

f3b3b7  No.1608



Not telling autocorrect!

3b62a5  No.1609


Hmm, was hoping she’d get a bowl of humble pie this year but guessing she’s probably gonna get Star Wars Land press passes too.

> cameraPERSON/moral support

Kat? It sounds like it’s definitely gonna be a girl she’s taking with her.

Not to show how jaded I am regarding Jenny but it’d be pretty funny if they don’t approve the friend and she doesn’t go. So scared of nerd rape at a convention she forgos media passes that skip all the lines to see all the stars and sneak peeks.

Maybe she really did just pick a friend and not anyone with camera training and that’s why the delay approval.

71e267  No.1610

File: 8aeae9f13f5af01⋯.jpg (84.16 KB, 788x525, 788:525, BMhwBzXCQAA8-vJ.jpg)

File: a80c60fa74ca356⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 474x720, 79:120, signore.jpg)

Is Jen implying that there's a connection between the type of man who would attend star wars cons, and sex abuse?

71e267  No.1611

c82561  No.1612


Is that the original one or did she go on it again?

71e267  No.1613

she posted this a few hours ago, but its her second time on the show

01eb88  No.1615

File: 89676a424c9a1c6⋯.jpeg (284.07 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, E376FB20-C4AF-45CD-99D3-8….jpeg)

Super scared of rape but went to the studio with three men to record this.

Disneyland for Jenny is like candy and puppy bait for kids.

01eb88  No.1616

Is there two episodes but only one with Jenny or two and the new second episode is behind Patreon paywall?

01eb88  No.1617


She’s been on like 6-7 of these one different podcasts, she seems to mostly do it as favors with the cherry if picking up a few new names.

01eb88  No.1618

File: 98417a8878c76b7⋯.jpeg (276.11 KB, 640x797, 640:797, 546F6813-DFDA-4471-956E-C….jpeg)

d4ef03  No.1619

File: 4812c1630ccef3f⋯.png (308.27 KB, 961x1645, 961:1645, New Patreon Perk.png)

I'd be down for some of Jenny's British narration.



You know it's Kat. She wouldn't get the attention by herself that she would next to Jenny.


Yeah. It's been like ~40min of Chucky Cheese talk, ~15 of Yew Nork-like speak ("forget 11/9" lol) and 20ish of Sonny Eclipse info so far. I got like 25min left.

71e267  No.1620


Does Jenny actually know about chucky cheese? or is it surface level talk

6c664c  No.1621

File: bdb33a58b1bb26f⋯.jpg (103.73 KB, 575x763, 575:763, 778092ff9d4a26cf25e298eac5….jpg)

>Jenny has been besties with Elle Fanning this whole time



>Chucky Cheese

What I'd really like to know is if she has any personal knowledge of Major Magic.

d4ef03  No.1622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


She mostly talked about the animatronics (naturally) and some of the changes they went through, wanting to see an original 4 character setup and the bad pizza. Other than that, there was just a couple of short (non Chucky Cheese related) anecdotes from her. I got a chuckle out of those guys advertising Jenny's Patreon at the end when she's miles ahead of them there.

I'll probably listen to the other one later.


<no meta data

<no cover art

<none of the links they mentioned were provided in the post

Nice effort there, guys! Way to go above and beyond.


>Major Magic

I guess it depends on whether or not it had cool/interesting animatronics.

2c4c0b  No.1623


> wanting to see an original 4 character setup

Didn’t she see that during VidCon?

2c4c0b  No.1624


Wait she talked about Sonny in the free podcast? What’s the topic of the patreon one then?

454ded  No.1625

Is there any sign of January’s ramble, because it’s literalky march next Friday. What even won the poll?

d4ef03  No.1626


No, I only listened to the Patreon podcast about Sonny Eclipse so far.


Probably a lot more editing involved as it's not a topic that really allows a stream of consciousness. Sometimes I don't get why the rest of her fans vote the way they do, do they not want to hear Jenny actually ramble? Anyway, Sunday is one of her upload days, so it'll probably drop then.

71e267  No.1627


>Sometimes I don't get why the rest of her fans vote the way they do

"bad ramble ideas" should be a ramble topic


> and some of the changes they went through, wanting to see an original 4 character setup

I wouldn't mind a Jenny episode about Chucky Cheese. Maybe she can even get in after hours and play games alone

3b62a5  No.1628


Fuck, why’d you say it here, that would’ve been a topic she’d have loved to ramble about and woulda won, can mod delete your comment once a $25 Patron seed it and offers it?

6c664c  No.1629

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>it depends

I can't say I remember much from when I use to go as a kid, but she should've been old enough for it before it shut down. Unless they were a strictly East Coast thing. They had robots for the parties, sure. I was impressed when I was little. Don't know how they'd hold up to Her Majesty's expectations.

6c664c  No.1630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Better vid. Mildly racist against Mc's.

3b62a5  No.1631

File: 393f0e4e6c91e1e⋯.jpeg (152.14 KB, 640x669, 640:669, 028CBB12-E0F3-49FB-A5E5-3….jpeg)

Ohh shit, Jenny’s dad might end up making magic leap lenses for the military.

Microsoft staff: Do not use HoloLens for war http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47339774

71e267  No.1632


good for them, a lot of money in military contracts

a47446  No.1633


Surprised it hasn’t come back on Jenny that her dads a big Trump fan.

Probably same for him building military tech

8c36d8  No.1634


ok seriously how the fuck do you guys know all this stuff

71e267  No.1635


Im just imagining Jenny as a sexy army officer now, pointing at the cadets aggressively and scolding them for something.


are you that anime lefty pol from before?

80ffc0  No.1636


Her dads facebook, he’s clearly a republican, it shows where he works and he’s posted some pro trump stuff before, some seemed ironic some not.

He’s also really into sailing and horses.

eb726f  No.1637

File: 1215f91b166a1e9⋯.png (64.97 KB, 300x100, 3:1, craniumcommandbanner.png)




I think she just would rather not go alone as it's probably going to be loud and busy, don't know if weirdos factor into it.


>ywn have Elle and Jenny at the same time


>I wouldn't mind a Jenny episode about Chucky Cheese. Maybe she can even get in after hours and play games alone

Maybe one comparing different kids pizza places.


Those Microshaft staff really though their tech was gonna be used for helping disabled babies play piano or some shit? Idiots.


>He’s also really into sailing and horses.

That's pretty cool.



d4ef03  No.1638


Jenny wouldn't go for it, she wants her Patreon to be a nice place. In fact, she told everyone to be nice multiple times after that "Loneliness" topic nearly won and she had to ban people for being rude to other patrons.

I think I might be the only top-tier patron here and I'd never suggest something like that.


>I wouldn't mind a Jenny episode about Chucky Cheese

Yeah, I'd love to see some Defunctland-style videos from her. Maybe it'll get a mention in her nostalgia video that she has planned.

2b125b  No.1639


Great banner.

71e267  No.1640

File: ded3e7d3fbc5d66⋯.jpg (63 KB, 550x255, 110:51, jenny con.jpg)


>don't know if weirdos factor into it

well Jenny has a long history with weirdos. "can I smack your ass", the guys who confronted them in the parking lot, being smelled. Personally, I feel more comfortable with someone escorting her.


>Maybe one comparing different kids pizza places.

Yeah! when I was small there were chucky cheese-like arcades everywhere, I Don't see them where I live now but Cali seems like the type of place that would still have a lot of them

3b62a5  No.1641

File: a3de5e1af87c99e⋯.png (76.4 KB, 534x804, 89:134, Jennybaiting.PNG)



He finally learned to block his FB, but his twitter is all trump likes all day.

>He’s also really into sailing and horses.

Always nice to realize a successful youtuber never had to worry about money and now make 8k a month.

> nostalgia

Patreon or main channel?

Suddenly that Jenny needs Celebrations to approve her friends press access, she's all about Star Wars and found some random tweet (she doesn't follow the guy who suggested it) to give her an excuse to talk all star wars movies….oops, she's gonna have like 5 more star wars videos in the coming months too.

I wonder if Jenny mentioned in her celebrations press request any of her star wars videos or just said she did press for them last time with Screen Junkies. Basically (except for last jedi) all of Jenny's star wars videos are her knocking the films.

3b62a5  No.1642

File: c26ca8291b6432f⋯.png (74.26 KB, 226x215, 226:215, buzzy.PNG)

File: 249bc9b70fbd8a1⋯.png (22.82 KB, 810x149, 810:149, Jennysalty.PNG)

Jenny's not salty about Buzzy video not even hitting 300k when Triggered got crazy views in the first few days.

a58ae6  No.1643


Nope, first post on this board. Barely lurked 8chan over the past few years. Actually enjoy her yt videos as something to listen to when I'm having trouble falling asleep (I swear that's not a backhanded insult).


Look it's nice to have a more unfiltered discussion space than twitter/tumblr where people will jump down your throat for anything, so can we please not ruin it with obsessive lovehate posts? The dodger thread on /wsg/ is the creepiest and least interesting thing on the planet because of that one wierdo who does twitter recaps/shitons, would be nice for this board not to be that.


So I get the vibe she comes from money, and she's currently trying to be a script writer after working for Disney in some capacity. That correct?

Everyone seems to love going on about how she's a poor rich girl with a huge patreon following, but I don't get why people object to that. She's making money for herself on a platform for creators and her content has never been in your face with monetisation. What else do you want her to do? This is literally the best capitalist way to fund stuff that has subjective value.

6c664c  No.1644


>so-called fans give her shit ramble vids

>so-called fans don't boost her prime stuff

This is a travesty.

2b125b  No.1645


Yeah there is a weird bitterness/jealousy thing about how she’s now made it as full time you tuber, but I think most people here are still positive and supporting. I’m pretty sure we all enjoy her videos and want her to make good ones.

But it is why Bailey is good as an alternative, because she’s still grinding and trying to make it.

Personally though, I’m just here to find out what ramble topics are in the polls and to gossip about whether or not she has a secret boyfriend.

a58ae6  No.1646


Was Bailey the primary writer on Con artists? Not a fan of Goosedrunks but I gotta say Con artists was actually super funny.

2b125b  No.1647


Nah it was written by both of them, there’s no way real to know who’s more responsible for it. That second episode where it’s all just scripted stuff in Baileys apartment is really really funny.

I’d love to see more scripted stuff from them, but I think that’s just not the way YouTube content has gone.

3b62a5  No.1648

File: cde226625bd7923⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1177x747, 1177:747, You're27!.PNG)

File: 9624669061ab7b7⋯.png (198.61 KB, 566x442, 283:221, You're27.PNG)


They're not even following her so they're not sponsors.

3b62a5  No.1649


>Nope, first post on this board


> so can we please not ruin it with obsessive lovehate posts?

Who the fuck is "we" newbie? Why don't you shut the fuck up instead of trying to dictate discussion here on your 2nd comment.

Or you can go back to twitter and tumblr.

3b62a5  No.1650


>would be nice for this board not to be that.

haha, tell you what, go read general discussion 1 then come back here to say how this board should be.


d4ef03  No.1651


>Patreon or main channel?

Main. It's going to be a 90s/2000s "nostalgia driven list video" according to her.


>I don't get why people object to that

It's literally just the one guy. A couple of us are actually patrons of hers, most like to see her do well and have zero objections to how much money she makes.

The only thing that sorta bugs me about all the money she makes is that she doesn't reinvest that into her channel by purchasing better equipment. Of course that might just be from a lack of technical ability in that area.

eb726f  No.1652

File: 60960603268031f⋯.jpg (175.55 KB, 708x1200, 59:100, 60960603268031f85e2b159452….jpg)




>well Jenny has a long history with weirdos. "can I smack your ass", the guys who confronted them in the parking lot

Storytime? I didn't hear about either of these incidents. Only the "everybody clapped" tier made up PUA encounter.

>Personally, I feel more comfortable with someone escorting her.

It's worth mentioning that Bronycon and conventions in general are always gonna have a higher density of weirdos. Star Wars Celebration seems like it have a much more normal crowd even if they are still nerds/soyboys.


The Buzzy video was way better than that over-long "Trigger Warning" read-through, I guess the alt-left was waiting for someone to cover it and bumped the numbers.



I don't give her any money and consume all her free entertainment but I will still call her greedy Jenny Shekelson if I feel like it because I can and it tickles my sides.

a58ae6  No.1653


Is it really working freaking out because I used a common turn of phrase from where I'm from? Nobody is trying to take your board away from you. The point stands that passive to outright aggressive commentary on every small thing an eceleb does is stupid and destroys any discussion space it takes place in by having it descend into a series of autists screeching because someone liked a tweet. I'm not telling you what to do, just realise the consequences of this sort of behavior. At least >>1650 ripped on me in a way that made me rethink what I said.


Having browsed the last thread it does appear there is one person who says a majority of the stupid shit based on the posting style. Impossible to know with no trips or IP logs though. I really don't understand the mentality, if you don't like an eceleb just ignore them? That said there's no point in acting oblivious to the fact it's likely infatuation.

2b125b  No.1654


In one of the con artists outtakes videos a guy randomly comes up to her and says like I’m a naughty boy and I need a spanking or something weird like that.

You kind just of hope he did it as a dare something because he saw them filming.

3b62a5  No.1655



Nobody ever asked if they can smack Jenny’s ass, she would’ve talked about it a million times during #metoo and in tweets with Lindsey.

That was the ‘I’m a naughty boy, smack my ass’ from comic con, pretty sure that guy was copying Steven Suptic who used to say stuff like that a lot on his old YouTube channel before creating Suger Pine 7.

Jenny tweeted she hoped he’d die before taking to another girl.


> That said there's no point in acting oblivious to the fact it's likely infatuation.

1. You’re assuming it’s all the same person and you’ve already mixed up people here.

2. Dumb to think a guy bashing a girl means he likes her, it’s not elementary school, even if that’s where Jenny’s interests still lay.

Jennys got some nasty tendencies (she’s gotten better at hiding it with increasing fame and exposure) with how she views her opinions, the criticism from fans and just people she disagrees with. Her Last Jedi defense video shows some of it.

She’s basically Lindsey Ellis if Lindsey was skinnier, cutier and kept her politics out of her videos.

2b125b  No.1656


I feel like I’m the only one here who actually likes Lindsey Ellis videos.

6c664c  No.1657


gtfo our board, Lindsay

f3b3b7  No.1658


>I don't give her any money

==GASP!== *faints* Why are you putting our babygirl at risk of going hungry, Anon?


I don't even like Lindsay Ellis as a person. She has one the worst kinds of personalities imaginable. I hate that she keeps teasing me about her suicide, just do it already. The Earth will be just a little better off without her in it.

2b125b  No.1659


I don’t particularly like her as a person, I certainly don’t think we’d be friends if I knew her in real life. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching her videos.

I don’t think her content is particularly personality based, it’s also no where near as political as people on here make out either. The way people here talk you’d think her videos were like contrapoints or something.

fc4eaa  No.1660


> Suicide

based on the numbers, especially people with gender dysphoria, Contrapoints is way more likely.

Fat, liberal, white woman who always complain about how hard life is for them (cough *making 15k a month for bimonthly videos* cough) are looking for more Patreons and will never stop the money train. Half Lindsey’s life is going to Cheesecake Factory at different cities she’s presenting at.

It’s the successful ones who turn everything into a joke who do it, like comedians or sad musicians.

Honestly, Jenny or Griffin are way more likely than Lindsey. Must be hard for Jenny, 90% of what she enjoys has a fandom that’s 90% children.

3b62a5  No.1661


Listening to the podcast, Jenny sounds like the result of two guys designing a girlfriend.

The guy designed the body is into classic 1950s-1960s women, healthy bust, tiny waist, not much ass, tall enough but not too tall and very cute though not in a slutty sexy way.

And the guy designing the AI software for her interests and activities was a pedophile, who really loved places children frequent.

71e267  No.1662


>Suddenly that Jenny needs Celebrations to approve her friends press access, she's all about Star Wars

Jenny still has a reputation among star wars critics. Like there were a couple who mocked her, who we talked about in the last thread. So I don't think it would be too out of left field for her to reintroduce herself to the star wars community.


yeah.. but really, in what twilight zone world would buzzy be popular.


>and she's currently trying to be a script writer after working for Disney in some capacity

She spoke about that early on, but seems to have put that on the way side. Max Landis might have been her bridge to a writing career in Hollywood but he went and got me too'd.


>But it is why Bailey is good as an alternative, because she’s still grinding and trying to make it.

its weird, I got the impression that Bailey comes from a richer family than Jen, but she's way more down to earth. I think its because she lived in… NY or NJ I forget. one of those as a kid, so she's got that roughness that makes her relatable to the common man.


>They're not even following her so they're not sponsors

Maybe her dad did work for them back in the 90s, its possible.



it was actually "spank my ass" last minute in this video


and I don't remember a lot about the parking lot story, I think some men cornered them with their car and blocked their path.


I would watch her videos if she was an ok person. all the stuff around #change-the-channel really soured me on her.

3b62a5  No.1663


> its weird, I got the impression that Bailey comes from a richer family than Jen

Jenny’s dad is a game developer and Baileys dad owns a marketing company

> she lived in… NY or NJ I forget.

Never heard that, I know she’s from San Ramon like Jenny and in an old tweet or the old archived tumblr she says in like middle school she and bailey were friendenemies due to each being besties of the same girl

Pretty sure she’s just a well off Jewish girl from NorCal, just sounds like she’s from NY/NJ because she bitch, slit and fuck all the time like a failing comedian.

3b62a5  No.1664



> Only the "everybody clapped" tier made up PUA encounter.

> the parking lot story

What story? Im surprised this isn’t ringing any bells for me.

ef3df5  No.1665


Bailey’s made it sound in the past like she isn’t particularly well-off (offhand comments about not being able to afford to do something with Jenny, etc.) plus I think she said her mom is a teacher? I don’t think she grew up rich at all.

f3b3b7  No.1666

File: 89a27f256d0c9e2⋯.jpg (167.68 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_oauukdeUWB1qm6odzo4….jpg)


I seen they did the Putt-Putt series, this might be for her nostalgia video.


>I got the impression that Bailey comes from a richer family

Probably because she's part of the chosen tribe amongst the chosen people (Ashkenazi). They got the hookup wherever they go.


Maybe she's just tight with money like Jenny is. Most people who grow up wealthy are.

6c664c  No.1667


>grew up a poor Jew

No wonder she lets Jenny take the lead.

eb726f  No.1668

File: 78590e8bd690271⋯.jpg (187.1 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 33028116_184791908902690_6….jpg)

File: 177d4bb27646114⋯.png (32.46 KB, 534x1457, 534:1457, 5e15bed18ed02e3f271737b8f2….png)



That's so fucked up and weird that he would just go up and ask her to do that when Jenny is so obviously the spankee


Video essays are really wanky, especially so when they are about failed 20th century economic theories.


>==GASP!== *faints* Why are you putting our babygirl at risk of going hungry, Anon?

I'm a tight bastard, i'll probably pay the $2 at some point, binge for a month then cancel.


>The guy designed the body is into classic 1950s-1960s women, healthy bust, tiny waist, not much ass, tall enough but not too tall and very cute though not in a slutty sexy way.

Her body type reminds me of a taller Emma Roberts. Tiny waist, smedium bust, and a backside that looks flat at first but is surprisingly perky/fat.

>And the guy designing the AI software for her interests and activities was a pedophile, who really loved places children frequent.

Are we 100% sure Jen is not some some sort of little girl transferred into a womans body like in Big or Shazam?


>What story? Im surprised this isn’t ringing any bells for me.

Pic related. I don't know what's funnier, the fact that Jenny thinks guys are running day game at Disney World or that in her story she just effortlessly BTFO's this poor guy.

3b62a5  No.1669


Bailey didn’t grow up poor, can basically guarantee you that.

Poor girls don’t get masters degrees out of state in English…or was it marketing. They work retail and certainly not for their dads marketing company in LA.


No, I’ve heard this one (in fairness even I’ll admit Jenny has beautiful eyes) but the comment says

> the parking lot story, I think some men cornered them with their car and blocked their path.

I wanna know what this is about, 99% sure this didn’t happen and someone is remembering wrong or us OG Jennyfags would know the story.

There was a story like 2.5 - 3 years ago of some drunk dudes blocking Jenny’s car, at a red light when she was driving back home from Disneyland but she never got out of her car and they moved when she indicated she’d call the cops.

3b62a5  No.1670


I mean that’s not even a sad story for Jenny, it’s a funny one where she busted a dude attempting to pick her up.

71e267  No.1671

File: 48da62055cf5834⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 586x112, 293:56, batteries.jpg)

File: 3021b1138d171b3⋯.jpg (86.57 KB, 586x410, 293:205, jennyiscold.jpg)

File: db1ff4fd342e92d⋯.jpg (68.53 KB, 568x512, 71:64, baileyiscold.jpg)

File: b5d8fa9623cfce9⋯.jpg (22.03 KB, 593x112, 593:112, baileyisstuckup.jpg)

File: d2518bfcfbe070f⋯.jpg (21.77 KB, 582x112, 291:56, jewish.jpg)


>There was a story like 2.5 - 3 years ago of some drunk dudes blocking Jenny’s car, at a red light when she was driving back home from Disneyland but she never got out of her car and they moved when she indicated she’d call the cops

yeah I was remembering wrong, this is the story I was mis-remembering.

I found these while looking for the story though

55fb2d  No.1672

I know there was also the story of Jenny and Bailey leaving the movie theater and trying to return to their car, but a guy kept following them and trying to hit on them.

This is why they were upset last year that new AMC policies won't let them bring mace into the theater anymore. (They check purses.)

ef3df5  No.1673


Where does it say she has a masters?

3b62a5  No.1674


Yeah some big dude asking for money.




The patriarchy doesn’t mean you tweet about burning and smoking cars instead of calling 911 ladies.

f3b3b7  No.1675

File: 1935b990c94f1d9⋯.jpg (212.27 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, tumblr_o5kd3wiLnE1qm6odzo2….jpg)


Going by these tweets (as a boyfriend); Bailey is going to get you in a lot of fights and cause a lot of awkward moments in public and Jenny is going to be tied to your hip, squeezing tight at every loud noise.

ef3df5  No.1676


Can you take a pic or something? I don’t really know how to navigate that site lol

3b62a5  No.1677


Unless you pay for privacy, people can see if you look them up.

Just make a fake account then look up bailey Meyers in LA in the search, her pics on her profile.

ef3df5  No.1678


Okay that was really easy, I feel like a dumbass haha. I found her but it says she has a BA in journalism, which is a bachelors, not a masters. It also seems like she’s been working real jobs pretty consistently since she graduated… definitely a better work ethic than Jenny.

fc4eaa  No.1679

Hmm, wonder what Jenny’s idea to beat the Star Wars opening day lines is at 33:20

What a dick move to only cut that part out instead of the whole section.

fc4eaa  No.1680


I remember a masters in there from some university in Washington state or Oregon

Jenny from everything we’ve found worked at Disneyland because she wanted to die 3 years from age 23-26 give it take.

ef3df5  No.1681


Yeah, you’re remembering wrong, man. I just looked, it says a bachelors from university of Oregon.

fc4eaa  No.1682

Some interesting Jenny tidbits on the new podcast, this is what the ramble topics should be.

“I can’t swim and I don’t like the sun”, Los Angeles must be hell for Jenny.

3b62a5  No.1683

File: 631026e45e6fd4a⋯.jpeg (301.03 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, 8AD70BC6-E265-4DED-A4FB-5….jpeg)


I was sure there were two education lines in her linked in….looked into it, guessing I misread her minor as a masters.

3b62a5  No.1684

File: de44d94d07ea657⋯.jpeg (58.48 KB, 640x333, 640:333, 81D62A2C-7E18-44BD-9F3A-C….jpeg)

File: 0ccbc49aed98486⋯.jpeg (192.62 KB, 640x747, 640:747, B3D5CCAD-F653-406D-A60B-3….jpeg)


> I guess the alt-left was waiting for someone to cover it and bumped the numbers.

Well, you fucking nailed it.

3b62a5  No.1685

File: bfcab91bbf76c83⋯.jpeg (254.67 KB, 640x726, 320:363, 084F3A94-758F-4F45-B942-4….jpeg)

…wait, did Jenny buy or get gifted a Nintendo Switch just to play Pokémon (which she pronounces weird in the new podcast) and never mention it or play anything on it again?

f3b3b7  No.1686


>this is what the ramble topics should be

Hey! I take offense to that…


It was a Christmas present, I believe.

2b125b  No.1687


On her sister Rianne's website, she says that she was born in Philadelphia, so I guess she lived there at some point.

I'm sure Bailey said on some podcast she was on that her dad used to run Nintendo Power magazine in the 90s, or some Nintendo magazine and the hosts were really impressed. So I'd say she grew up fairly well off.

71e267  No.1688


>Just make a fake account then look up bailey Meyers

Name the account "Dan Olson" and say you're looking for a job in child model photography


Is Jenny mainstream now?


>her dad used to run Nintendo Power magazine in the 90s

Bailey should ask him for any material he has left over from the job and do a video in it

1bae72  No.1689

Yeah, Bailey's not a California native like Jenny. She moved there when she was about 11 or so.

eb726f  No.1690

File: cf817320e2c2165⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 736x550, 368:275, cf817320e2c21653f84e6f0ad7….jpg)


>tfw Jenny will never hold you tight when she gets scared

>tfw she will never nestle her head into your chest

>tfw she will never awkwardly pull away and pretend like it never happened

6c664c  No.1691


>Bailey will never force you into social drinking at places you don't really want to be

>she will never push you to fight bigger men while she takes on their women

>you will never spend your weekend nights getting patched up in your bathroom then unwillingly dragged to bed because she's in the mood

2b125b  No.1692

File: 7345520a93ac035⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 50995300_120028782431258_4….jpg)

File: 4264a62c5ba2e95⋯.jpg (81.32 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 51344796_712577822470986_9….jpg)


I always figured Bailey more as a sitting at home drinking wine drinker, she seems to hate people too much to be a social drinker.

02bc95  No.1693


Great knee pics there.

eb726f  No.1695

File: 4fe5d86e21d20f0⋯.jpeg (20.55 KB, 500x375, 4:3, just.jpeg)


Is it bad that that actually sounds great? I'm too lonely for this

3b62a5  No.1696


…holy shit, is that a Red Dwarf meme? I saw a few episodes on PBS way back when I was a kid.


> Is Jenny mainstream now?

Well, Jenny does promote her brand by wearing her Internet Famous hate every time she’s out with friends.

Maybe they all went to buy the book after watching Jenny’s video.

> Name the account "Dan Olson" and say you're looking for a job in child model photography



> Christmas present

She hasn’t tweeted about it in a while, guessing she beat Pokémon and retired the console next to her PS4 she retired after playing battlefront with Kirsten before the Last Jedi premier.

d4ef03  No.1697


<being Jenny's rock, the only person in the world she truly loves/trusts


<the rough and tumble life taking on the world with Bailey

I gotta say, both of these scenarios sound absolutely fantastic. I'd take either tbh.


>guessing she beat Pokémon and retired the console

Maybe it'll see some action if she gets that streaming thing going?

Also; the ramble is inbound today.

722395  No.1698


>the ramble is inbound today.

Did she say this somewhere?

d4ef03  No.1699


It was heavily implied in the Top-tier Patron message.

2b125b  No.1700


She should post on her Patreon more regularly, like updates on how videos are going and when we can expect them. Rather than just keeping us in the dark all of the time.

I guess she doesn’t want to create deadlines for herself, but it would be nice.

eb726f  No.1701

File: 16a4e7f3a673251⋯.jpg (506.4 KB, 2059x1349, 29:19, ip_1463511.jpg)


Yeah, i'm a big Red Dwarf fan. It's still airing today.


>I gotta say, both of these scenarios sound absolutely fantastic. I'd take either tbh.

That greentext would be a good little seed for a story.

3b62a5  No.1702

File: 36c3a225c8a3282⋯.jpeg (305.16 KB, 640x682, 320:341, 2D8CAF97-DEB7-4E5C-8518-3….jpeg)

….I don’t know if this is a compliment or insult to the quality, upkeep and cleanliness of her apartment.

But I do t think you’re supposed to have spiders inside your bed.

f3b3b7  No.1703


Yeah, that'd be nice. I rarely hear good things from creators about posting there though (lots of technical niggles). This is where her livestream could play a key role; once it's set up/running smooth, there's almost no effort needed to get herself out there anymore. She could jump on for an hour and catch everyone up, show off any Disneyland purchases, humble-brag about her life in LA, or just meander through a game/the internet killing time.


>ywn jump around on Jenny's bed all night and bite her on the wrist when she wakes up

3b62a5  No.1704


I’m very hesitant to believe the streaming will happen and if it does, she’ll stop almost immediately after she’s overwhelmed by the audience + realizes she’d have to share personal info to keep a show going.

Remember Jenny only has 1 hour of content for every 3 hours she records, I think live stream Jenny will say a lot of things she’ll regret.

f3b3b7  No.1705


>after she’s overwhelmed by the audience

Livestream chat is a whole different beast than Twitter or her own Patreon, but Jenny supposedly has a tough hide. She should be fine. I'm left to wonder though… when is she going to stream. Usually during the day/evening she's out and about and only starts tweeting or whatever after midnight (PST) when she gets back home.

>I think live stream Jenny will say a lot of things she’ll regret

Is there a better advertisement than that? Really, that's the draw. To see a more "raw" Jenny without all her edits. At the very least, she should enjoy being able to talk about a movie without having to prep a shoot and edit it.

3b62a5  No.1706


I think with her dry, sarcastic and sometimes just mean dense if humor, she will say things that’ll offend people or show she’s not what her videos have shown her or her “brand” of being.

71e267  No.1707

File: 86a5c0264f2e4e3⋯.jpg (90.03 KB, 712x790, 356:395, Jenny exploitable3.jpg)

File: 244a44292e315d6⋯.png (117.16 KB, 622x572, 311:286, Jenny exploitable2.png)

File: d666e7947971db8⋯.png (172.66 KB, 622x572, 311:286, Jenny exploitable.png)


exploitable tweet

fc4eaa  No.1708

File: ead3001dc2f29cd⋯.jpeg (334.82 KB, 640x955, 128:191, 492BBD7D-B862-4131-A7EA-4….jpeg)

Podcast explains how this pic happened and that Alicia is from FL originally.

b30a00  No.1709


So no ramble then?

d4ef03  No.1710


>paying $20 to get close to the alligators

That show was actually pretty good… and nearly 40min longer than the one that cost $5 to listen to. I know that have more episodes there, but without Jenny as a guest I really can't be bothered to listen to one.


Maybe she's going to wait until she has her next poll ready. Which should be withing the next day or so, but you never know with Jenny.

fc4eaa  No.1711


See if they made a 2nd episode the first time she guest starred but I don’t recall them talking about it.

3b62a5  No.1712


> nearly 40min longer

Holy shit, the free podcast is 2 hours, she hung out with these guys and talked Disney for 3.5 hours?

> The image quality was 240p

Always surprised how much tech stuff Jenny knows, it’s gotta be in relation to all the tech stuff she reads about Disneyland.

d4ef03  No.1713


No unfortunately. They only go back to Oct. 28th 2018.


>she hung out with these guys and talked Disney for 3.5 hours?

Oh, I'm sure you could get her going for much, much longer. It's a real shame Jenny's theme park content doesn't quite get the numbers as some of her other stuff, it's always fun to listen to her talk about something interesting that she genuinely enjoys… I suppose Star Wars will have to do for next couple of months though.

3b62a5  No.1714

File: ebae1028da11a28⋯.jpeg (307.95 KB, 640x798, 320:399, 5CD35101-84B6-4AEF-B547-E….jpeg)

Jenny’s friends man…guess she’s always had the same types of friends as Lindsey and that’s why they become besties so fast, Jenny’s just better hiding all her “they/them” friends.

3b62a5  No.1715


> Jenny's theme park content doesn't quite get the numbers as some of her other stuff

Buzzy is eating a bag of dicks, it's at 286k views, at this point I think Triggered is still gaining more daily views than Buzzy.

3b62a5  No.1716

File: 6b56bbb2e3c0033⋯.png (404.07 KB, 500x837, 500:837, line1.PNG)

File: a954a9818ac8d40⋯.png (227.63 KB, 560x788, 140:197, line2.PNG)

File: aa43979a4f7f382⋯.png (71.93 KB, 518x730, 259:365, line3.PNG)

File: 2d94075ee11b8c3⋯.png (74.67 KB, 503x747, 503:747, line4.PNG)

Well this was fun, Lindsey really likes to fuck up Jenny's infamously impressive universal networking abilities.

Jenny makes a joke about Youtubers (in response to a tweet from her friend/no name dancing Youtuber), Lindsey and the inner circle laugh it up.

Boogie thinks she's being serious and agrees.

Lindsey see's a non-feminist, popular Youtuber and just fucking rips into him with her bois cheering her on.

Jenny likes all of Lindsey's tweet until that point then Jenny just disappears.

Wonder if Jenny secrets DMs people like, "I'm sorry, I didn't know that would happen."

71e267  No.1718


Why is Lindsay being condescending and name-calling to totalbiscut? He died last year.

8397a8  No.1719


He was still notoriously a dickhead. Dying of cancer doesn’t change that. Dickheads die of cancer every day.

And to be fair to Lindsay in this case, saying that you can’t be friends with anyone without 100,000 followers is such a douchey thing to say.

71e267  No.1720

File: 992c8aecdb2038e⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 992c8aecdb2038ef1d042c136c….png)


>saying that you can’t be friends with anyone without 100,000 followers is such a douchey thing to say

yeah but he was just being honest, most youtubers practice that too, but wont admit to it.

Like Lindsay's wedding was a who's who of Lefty youtube. I wouldn't want my industry peers at my wedding, especially if I only spoke to them a dozen times.

3b62a5  No.1721


And Jenny says the majority of her “friends aren’t Youtubers, don’t care about YouTube and don’t watch her views” but she spends all her time with her Youtube friends so it’s a moot point.

3b62a5  No.1722

File: 3de31387802d827⋯.jpeg (352.42 KB, 640x890, 64:89, 1BEDE0B4-A46D-401B-8EBC-3….jpeg)

File: 179dc7e4ae9699a⋯.jpeg (431.12 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, 21AE6014-5592-41FE-839F-9….jpeg)

After saying nothing about the Oscars, I guess Jenny wanted to cover her bases with Lindsey and also complain about Green Book wining best picture.

3b62a5  No.1723

Jenny got blocked by Screen Rant, she really forgot her aww shucks routine when they talked about Rian Johnson and her determination that everyone believe the guy stole her pitch video idea, he’s responded to her twice now telling here where he got the idea.

Just in case you guys forget she’s got an ego almost as bad as Lindsey.

eb726f  No.1724


>Why is Lindsay being condescending and name-calling to totalbiscut?

Totalbiscuit was a centre-left GG supporter so a bunch of far left people hate him for not bending the knee enough.

8397a8  No.1725


We know far less about her social life than we think. We know who very few of her friends are. And bailey doesn’t count.

3b62a5  No.1726


Hmm, don’t know about YOU, but I’d say a few of us here know a good bit about her nonYiutube friends.

3b62a5  No.1727

File: 19017c755b5af17⋯.jpeg (156 KB, 640x1089, 640:1089, 5AD06AA0-DBD1-4B38-99A2-7….jpeg)

File: da39d405cd59d33⋯.jpeg (138.82 KB, 640x1074, 320:537, 5026C92A-90B2-44D8-BA69-A….jpeg)

File: c06fb7a57060a85⋯.jpeg (142.86 KB, 640x1084, 160:271, A5E089D8-572A-414B-838D-5….jpeg)

> Homeboy blocked me

Jenny starting shit so she can be the victim, is this the guy made fun of in her Buzzy video?

d4ef03  No.1728

File: e64b659cabb31e0⋯.jpg (193.83 KB, 1080x339, 360:113, Bailey Patreon Update.jpg)


Bailey took your advice.


Well yeah, nobody here is stalking her… and if they are, why they being so stingy with the info?


Twitter Jenny is always so aggressive. Proof again that Twitter is a blight on humanity.

3b62a5  No.1729


> if they are, why they being so stingy with the info?

Stingy? I gave y’all the limbo tumblr account.


> Twitter Jenny is always so aggressive.

No sir, that’s the real Jenny, she accidentally lets her guard down.

Nice Jenny is fake, she’s a lot more like Bailey than people think, she’s just better hiding it. It doesn’t make sense otherwise for Jenny to have friends like Lindsey, Bailey, Kat, Chelsea, etc and be the one timid polite girl in the bunch?

d4ef03  No.1730


>Nice Jenny is fake

I don't know if I believe that. With everything she's shared about growing up struggling to make friends at school and work, I just can't imagine she'd be completely over that timidness she's had the majority of her life.

Old habits die hard and all that

3b62a5  No.1731

Wonder when Jenny’s going to play her spellcaster on D&D again. Is she not playing weekly?

3b62a5  No.1732


Maybe she had trouble making friends because she was a mean spirited bitch and thought she was right.

Ever notice how all her friends, before and after Youtube are fat ugly chicks, think it’s strange Jenny hangs with only girls she’s prettier than?

5f0346  No.1733


Speaking of, did bailey stream today?

d4ef03  No.1734


Nah, all that says to me as that she wasn't anywhere near the top of the food chain socially. The Stacy's didn't want to be friends with her or the girls she befriended.

b30a00  No.1735

File: 8ab238928a65ed7⋯.jpg (225.55 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 51193710_351353365469168_3….jpg)


Yeah, didn't watch it though.

0ba206  No.1736

I'm glad I'm not the only one who realizes Jenny never ever hangs around with or is friends with "Stacy's."

It's the most curious thing about her, for me.

Why is that? Insecurity? Old habits? Ego?

71e267  No.1737

File: 1c257da7b72171a⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 588x254, 294:127, jennybeef.jpg)


I remember this, Jenny was mad because as a former employee she felt territorial about people snooping backstage


>Maybe she had trouble making friends because she was a mean spirited bitch and thought she was right

It can be both her fault and not her fault. I see her socially as a 7 year old. You know how it was when you were a kid, its all laughing and everyone's a friend until someone does/says something wrong; then its all crying and fighting.

I think Jenny saw herself as a sweet playful girl, and she didn't understand why no-one else liked her.

Im reminded about the Cosplay girl incident. Her friendship was rejected and now when she talks about it she brags about the girl not having friends anymore. As if not having friends is her karma for keeping jenny from having friends (by not being jenny's friend)

Maybe Jenny sees giving out friendship as some sort of power move, and all the popular girls are btfo'd whenever they're denied her powerful friendship

3b62a5  No.1738

File: 48bc98196988444⋯.jpeg (225.52 KB, 640x717, 640:717, E061B9FC-C030-4F19-B2DD-3….jpeg)

File: 7aa034db220462b⋯.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, A24FF98B-C299-4F6F-B078-E2….png)

> First Order not empire

I fucking dare one of you to tweet and correct her.

3b62a5  No.1739

File: 4cea0c3f3080442⋯.jpeg (368.58 KB, 640x923, 640:923, 22757239-FA86-471E-809C-7….jpeg)

Making a 7:30 am smoothie but was awake till least 2 am.

Guess she’s got an event today.

What y’all think, she’s running on 5 hours or she didn’t sleep at all?

71e267  No.1740


I remember her saying in an early ramble that she gets only a couple hours of sleep before work sometimes. So sleeping for just a bit seems like a Jenny thing to do.

fc4eaa  No.1741


She said 6 am is not that late to go to sleep.

And she was working at the time plus making YouTube videos, I don’t think it was a choice to sleep that early.

I think she gets at least 7 hours of sleep usually cause you can see her go Dark usually like 2-5 am and start tweeting again at like 10am-2pm

If she’s doing something today her sleep cycle is too whacked to let her sleep at 12.

fc4eaa  No.1742



d4ef03  No.1743

File: 058445afdff5dd2⋯.jpg (451.34 KB, 940x1109, 940:1109, February Ramble Poll.jpg)


>Why is that?

How would Jenny even relate? Her interests, sex life, etc are completely different, she doesn't work a 9 to 5, have kids or a husband. Ain't no Stacy gonna want to talk about Star Wars or Figment, that's not "life" to them.

Oh, and February's ramble poll is up. Last months ramble still being worked on apparently. Those highly structured topics that are similar to something you'd see on her public channel must be a ton of editing work.

71e267  No.1744