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File: 9abc57f43aa83b8⋯.png (694.95 KB, 1341x896, 1341:896, mm1.png)

58e82d  No.1878

Mega Milk Edition

Previous Threads:



Jenny is still waiting for a Galaxy's Edge Press Pass that is worryingly absent, much like a black father, but at least she's now being represented by some literally who in his basement. Max Landis is in a #MeToo storm yet again and probably feels glad that the HBO documentary about MJ just dropped. Lindsay is ready to sue Netflix over a gif of weiners being launched at her face, no doubt a regular occurrence at the Ellis household swing meets. Bailey is busy reading children's books and being a violent drunk.

What will happen next? Does it matter? Do we matter? Find out the answers and perhaps have an existential crisis in another exciting and Reasonably Low Cut™ Jenny General.

d2db5a  No.1879

File: bdce66acd66a7f5⋯.png (50.02 KB, 743x358, 743:358, Bailey Patreon Update.png)

>that Jenny Extended Universe™ update

Well, Bailey (perhaps on the advice of >>1700) continues to make use of her Patreon to actually keep her patrons informed of what's coming instead of leaving it a barren wasteland right up until her stuff goes live.

>non GooseDrunks video

Maybe she'll give us some vlog-style Disneyland content… since Jenny won't.

15d8c5  No.1880

File: 4a5743bb5b63838⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 368x270, 184:135, baileypat.jpg)


shes doing pretty good. that's lake half my paycheck.


>Lindsay is ready to sue Netflix over a gif of weiners being launched at her face

they should replace it with her mugshot

19eac4  No.1881

File: 9a057ae20d114fb⋯.jpeg (428.93 KB, 640x1097, 640:1097, EE861166-B8CE-4003-8887-4….jpeg)

Jenny’s following another He/Him…why?

19eac4  No.1882


Bailey doesn’t look like she has many friends, it’s basically Jenny and that black girl so it’s not hard to believe everyone else moved on to other things in college and she just said yes to any requests from Jenny and Griffin.

9e3790  No.1883


She does hang out with her sister a lot. But it can be difficult when you hit your mid to late twenties when your single and your friends aren't. She should cherish what she has with Jenny whilst it lasts.


She's been doing loads of patreon posts today, but like shouldn't be working. Is that what she does all day, just thinks about the patreon.

d9a3ff  No.1884

I wonder of the two, who will get married first. Bailey is the heterosexual oldest of three sisters, the middle one is ace and the youngest is a lesbian.

Jenny is the heterosexual youngest of two kids, with the oldest being….well you know.

I always figured Bailey would marry first between the two of them, if I'm being honest.

15d8c5  No.1885

File: 29a86a9c253fc84⋯.jpg (110.84 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D075rRlVYAE8pcS.jpg)

File: 7bb5f248c9037e1⋯.jpg (122.28 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D075su0VAAAgWmU.jpg)

File: 10752f4356091d2⋯.jpg (113.98 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D075vTvU0AAwtoG.jpg)


Bailey is trying, I don't know if Jenny is

Jenny just posted these

8bb9e1  No.1886


>it's the night of the wedding

>you're trying to warm her up

>she won't stop asking how you think she should rearrange her stuffed animals

d9a3ff  No.1887

>Then you joke that you're about to turn her into a "stuffed animal."

15d8c5  No.1888

this game theory video made me think of Jenny


3:44 - 5:00 is where he talks about google stuff

do you think google considers the Jenny one of its influencers?

there are apparently influencer tiers. Jenny might be on the lower or mid level tier.

11f351  No.1889


Jenny got booty now

11f351  No.1890


she's lost weight

8bb9e1  No.1891


>muffled familiar laughter catches your ears

>you look around and catch sight of wine seeping out from the giant porg

58e82d  No.1892

File: b2dc9daedfe0f48⋯.jpg (350.75 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, b2dc9daedfe0f48eea93943c94….jpg)


>they should replace it with her mugshot



>"So Jen, it's the big night… do you want me to…cause I could…"

<"Do you think Figment should go next to the Porg or next to Bulbasaur?"

>"Jenny you…uh…you do know about how marriages have to be consummated to make them binding right?"

<"Frankly, I don't see what that has to do with the plushie dilemma, are you gonna help or not?"

>"Jenny I thought tonight could be special for us, don't you reminder going to the bridal boutique and picking out so-"

<"Can you just be quiet for a minute? BB-8 is missing"


>Jenny got booty now

Jenny's always had a great butt, presumably from all the horse riding. I think most of us just assumed she'd lost some mass back there due to slimming down but nope, still there and still awesome from the looks of it.

206383  No.1893


It’s March 5th Jenny, why are you wearing such a short skirt like a thirsty whore?

206383  No.1894


> Jenny got booty now

Very debatable due to >>1890


> still awesome from the looks of it.

Those pants look very baggy and misleading, unlike someone can find a pic of Jenny’s ass in a bikini I won’t believe it. But she did say she cut her foot slinging down one of the pool slides at Disneyworld so we at least know adult Jenny has worn a bikini.

206383  No.1895

File: 781080a528530fa⋯.jpeg (567.01 KB, 640x1093, 640:1093, 0C729984-1946-472E-BCE8-5….jpeg)

File: 172b03dc3c2a05e⋯.jpeg (185.02 KB, 640x1092, 160:273, D6932079-4072-4B79-B8AD-9….jpeg)

File: 82401303a374465⋯.jpeg (203.96 KB, 640x1089, 640:1089, B736A527-D37F-4568-AAEA-2….jpeg)

File: 46d769853ae2260⋯.jpeg (164.03 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, F36828AA-A82B-4C0E-AEB1-F….jpeg)


How does Jenny find these awful websites and awful outfits? Not sure where she got the plushie Dino

9f1e38  No.1896


>Not sure where she got the plushie Dino

Pretty sure she got that when she went to the la brea tar pits museum with her family last year. Its not a plushie its a foot rest I think

206383  No.1897


She looks like she’s purposefully trying to look awful.

Like the pretty girls who think looking frumpy ironically is funny because…”you know, I’m actually super cute.”

d2db5a  No.1898


>that's lake half my paycheck

Hang in there, Anon!


>who will get married first

My money's on Bailey. There's no way she isn't already feeling the ever-increasing pressure from her Jewish family members (immediate and extended). They've probably been demanding grand kids since she got out of college.

I don't know if Jenny could ever trust someone enough to spend time alone with them and to even begin to build a relationship.


Can you imagine living around this level of cute all day? That's life-shortening. And that waist… mhmm, so slender.


It's always summer in LA!

d9a3ff  No.1899


I wonder if the whole dinner fallout with Griffin make her re-evaluate her relationships with men. Is she even less open than she was before?

Can she even trust dudes any more, either as friends or potential lovers?

47c00d  No.1900


Nah it’s impossible to tell with Jenny because she’s so closed off in general. She basically only tweets about her views on pop culture nowadays we no so little about her personal life.

At least with bailey she tweets a bit more mundane day to day stuff and mention unsuccessfully online dating.

Jenny is just a void.

206383  No.1901

If Max asks her to come hangout at his apartment because he’s sad and lonely, 1-10 what are the odds she does?

8bb9e1  No.1902


She's there right now.Playing boardgames.

15d8c5  No.1903


I think Jenny is trying to distance herself from him. I could be wrong, but It was like a month after Andy getting fired before Jen made her comment about being glad he's gone, so clarification about max might not come anytime soon.

d2db5a  No.1904


>potential lovers

That's something she doesn't seem to need or even actively seek out. You only ever see her hang out with dorks and married men (typically with some minor celebrity status to lose should they try anything) … and if she's not out with those sorts of guys, she has one of her girls out front running defense.


>Jenny is just a void

That's a bit much… she's just been slowly turning into an obnoxious LA girl as the quiet girl from San Ramon fades away. That's all.


I honestly don't see her hanging out with Max anymore. She's so paranoid about being alone and unprotected that getting stuck with Max somewhere would be a complete nightmare scenario.

58e82d  No.1905

File: a228c98c2d523f0⋯.jpg (257.01 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, a228c98c2d523f01d8beadd326….jpg)


>Those pants look very baggy and misleading, unlike someone can find a pic of Jenny’s ass in a bikini I won’t believe it.

This is more contentious than that video with the Covington kids, I doubt we'll ever know the truth.

>But she did say she cut her foot slinging down one of the pool slides at Disneyworld so we at least know adult Jenny has worn a bikini.

Could've been a one-piece even better tbh


>Can you imagine living around this level of cute all day? That's life-shortening. And that waist… mhmm, so slender.

Stop anon, my heart…


I dunno, 1? Judging by her paranoia about creeps, she probably wouldn't want to be anywhere near an alleged predator. I don't think Max and Jenny have been close for a long while anyway.


>That's a bit much… she's just been slowly turning into an obnoxious LA girl as the quiet girl from San Ramon fades away. That's all.

How long until Jenny pivots to beauty tutorials, clothing hauls and vlogs from starbucks?

47c00d  No.1906


Yeah sorry, I meant void of information rather than having no personality. Thanks to the max blackout we have absolutely no idea about what she does in her own time other than when she hangs out with Bailey.

It’s still very possible she has a secret boyfriend, the only real counter argument is that it seems very unlikely.

We only know about Jenny what she allows us to know, and her life is now very carefully curated.

583e21  No.1907

The sad thing is, she'll never allow a ramble topic to be voted on if it involves dating or even potential dating.

Like, not even something specific to her, but a topic in general like "Jenny's dating advice", "how to act on a first date," or the dreaded "what I typically look for in a boy."

We'll never get those topics. The closes was when she said guys look good in grey v-necks or something.

9e3790  No.1908


Do we know if anyone has tried? Going for the dating advice angle doesn't sound like a bad idea.

17796d  No.1909

The fuck is this? You guys are acting like Justin Bieber fans. Stop stalking this thot and go get laid.

d2db5a  No.1910


>beauty tutorials

This was legit going to be a ramble suggestion of mine awhile back, but I couldn't quite get the wording where I wanted it to be without sounding "creepy"… because I'm a guy, you see. I'd totally watch Jenny put on her face and do her hair though, but that's definitely something a girl has to ask for.


Jenny's too self-aware for something like that… and does anyone really want that sort of advice from her? I think even girls can tell she's not the the one to be taking relationship advice from.



Well, if you stalked her like a good car, you'd know she's no thot.

206383  No.1911

File: f246cc8d42ab994⋯.jpeg (93.39 KB, 330x346, 165:173, BF6C381D-DC89-48FC-BDE3-B….jpeg)


> her life is now very carefully curated.

Some have read enough of her pre fame tweets and old tumblr to get a good idea of her before she turned into a brand.

> It’s still very possible she has a secret boyfriend

Which is why I’m only 75% sure she’s a virgin and 90% sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

She deleted the old tumblr because she couldn’t delete individual posts that she deemed too personal for her new big fan base.

And that old tumblr says nothing about boyfriends and has no photos of her hugging any cute boys, just hanging out with the same people then that she’s with now.

If someone fucked it, it was Griffin. He even got to met Jorn.


Sidenote, wow, Patreon money and lack of work have done wonders for Jenny.

206383  No.1912

File: a3cdbe51381f592⋯.jpeg (152.46 KB, 640x376, 80:47, 91B071CA-E574-4741-91F7-6….jpeg)

We know what Jenny did today.

d9a3ff  No.1913


To be fair, it's not THAT uncommon for scruffy 17 year old girls to grow in to be decent looking 27 year old women.

d2db5a  No.1914

File: 37e013f10547c96⋯.png (20.47 KB, 594x372, 99:62, Jenny's Bed.png)


>that old tumblr says nothing about boyfriends

That's not entirely true… lol.

9f1e38  No.1915

Ani tweeted today "Okay we’ve all had quite enough with The Bad Men Who Lie"

Does anyone else get the feeling from this and the deleted tweet that she sounds less like a women who found out her boyfriend sexually abused women, and more like a bitter ex that found out her boyfriend is fucking his YouTube friend?

206383  No.1916


Ohhhh, Id squeal like a school girl if that happened and she called Jenny out.

> but what if he fucked desperate Bailey

15d8c5  No.1917



not sure how I'd feel, my poor jenny being used for sex by someone who looks like max. Just so gross..

d9a3ff  No.1918


Max is definitely in the lead of any possible candidate. Even "The Shark" likes him. But your scenario is too entertaining to be true. We're not that lucky. Griffingate from this past fall will be as good as it will ever get.

c7ea1c  No.1919

File: 3ac6ca500d28040⋯.jpg (417.88 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, Jenny at Disneyland.jpg)


I just can't see Jenny as "the other woman"… she's still too sweet. A few more years in LA and she might become a selfish, man-stealing hussy, sure. But currently? Nah.

c7ea1c  No.1920

File: 97adc4859a35b9b⋯.jpg (83.27 KB, 1080x280, 27:7, wat.jpg)

>Jenny liking capeshit

It's like I don't even know you anymore!

d9a3ff  No.1921


Read her next few posts. She was being sarcastic.

15d8c5  No.1922


look out Jenny there's a sneaky pervert behind the tree filming you!

206383  No.1923


Hyper girl power feminist capeshit

> You don’t know Jenny

I on the other hand fucking >>1912 called it and even knew who she’d go see it with

Only Superhero movie she’s talked about in positive light sides this, Wonder Woman on her Patreon a long while back

206383  No.1924

File: b84865c89d26029⋯.jpeg (293.58 KB, 640x994, 320:497, 94724917-454B-42D8-9385-8….jpeg)


Is she? Because it sounds like she’s saying the Stan Lee cameo isn’t emotional not that the movie isn’t good.

206383  No.1925


Is Jenny a full coverage panty or just thongs girl?

I remember her saying she likes dresses cause it feels like you’re wearing nothing, so a thong would go with that but dresses and thongs all year round sounds so cold and Jenny’s said she doesn’t handle the cold well.

206383  No.1926


How much cheese did Jenny eat? And why are there Youtuber receptions for the movie? It’s already out for the public to see now.

15d8c5  No.1927


Jenny is being evasive, so I think she didn't like it but she will only fence sit due to the politics around it. She might end up saying something like "Its not my thing, but I admit too many people disliked it for the wrong reasons." as she did with ghost busters

1de81c  No.1928


This was visually answered in her video where she got the big Porg. Just look at her as she's trying to get the Porg in the car.

206383  No.1929


Didn’t she say she liked Ghostbusters too? Not loved but liked it and thought it had some funny jokes.

206383  No.1930



I THINK I remember but if I forgot then likely means full coverage…?

1de81c  No.1931


Is Lindsay being silent with her opinions on the movie?

206383  No.1932


Captain Marvel ends

< Lindsey: That 👏 was 👏 amazing!!! I feel so powerful and heard!!!

> Jenny: Yeah, it had some pretty funny lines.

< Lindsey: Didn’t you just love it, don’t you feel like you can do anything now?!

> Jenny: Yeah, I’m not a big superhero fan but that was definitely one of the better ones.

< Lindsey: Of course you love it, I knew all my friends would love this film.

> Jenny: Umm, yeaahhh

< Lindsey: Make sure you tweeted about the movie! It’ll drive those sexist trolls crazy seeing power woman support each other!

> Jenny: Yeavh, totally.

Cheese set up table

< Lindsey: Ooooo, cheese!!!

> Jenny: Ooooo, cheese!!!

206383  No.1933



Grace from Betond the Trailer liked it and recommend it even though she says it’s kind of Captain Feminism and Brie’s character a Mary Sue, so if she liked it, Jenny definitely liked it.

15d8c5  No.1934


yeah, but that might be because she wants to do a video on it. maybe

1de81c  No.1935

Disney just announced when Galaxy's Edge opens. How long until Jenny responds to the news

1de81c  No.1936

Or should I say, how long until she wakes up and responds to the news

33520c  No.1937

Anyone else notice Jenny goes to somewhat exclusive stuff only with Lindsey.

33520c  No.1938


Ohh, May 31 is pretty soon, Jenny’s gonna get more desperate for that press pass.

1de81c  No.1939


Because Jenny's her padawan

33520c  No.1940


If Jenny was fat this would already be sad.

But since she’s not, at what age (for each of you) is her posing with movie merch (ironically or not) and plushiesgoing to be just sad.

I say by 32 no plushies can keep this from just being sad and lonely.

d2db5a  No.1941

File: 0d29415aa078c36⋯.jpg (168.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_o6p4a165DB1qm6odzo1….jpg)


Shorts, spats or nothing I think she's said in the past.


>May 31st

Damn, Jenny better put aside any non-Star Wars videos currently in the pipeline and start pumping those Disney/Star Wars hype videos out. Maybe some trilogy retrospectives and how "great" Nu-Wars fits in or a glowing Captain Marvel review… you know, just start sucking every Disney cock she can get her mouth around. Times running out!


If she were my girl? No limit. If not, 35-ish… give it take (if she can keep that body in tip-top shape).

8bb9e1  No.1942


>jenny will never walk around in your apartment wearing nothing but spats

91049a  No.1943


>How long until she responds to the news about Galaxy's Edge

Lol. And there she goes. Saw this a mile away.

33520c  No.1944


> They want people to come twice for both openings of different rides because of money

Does Jenny not care or just not notice blatant corporate greed?

33520c  No.1945

File: 69d8936235d35e6⋯.jpeg (169.15 KB, 639x805, 639:805, 6FEC5A77-B88D-4ACF-B3A5-3….jpeg)

This is actually hilarious, Jenny has a few funny gems here and there.

15d8c5  No.1946


as long as shes cute its going to be acceptable whatever age

you know I was wondering why a lot of people have been popping in and saying "youre creeps" but then I remembered that guy from Blizzard games put 8chan back on the front pages for a while

9e3790  No.1947


Lol she deleted all that because someone made a mass shooting joke.

33520c  No.1948

File: cc694616561e070⋯.jpeg (161.93 KB, 640x666, 320:333, E65B3D90-2182-4EE4-9396-1….jpeg)


Glad I caught it.

Also looks like she’s resigning to the idea she might not get the press pass.

33520c  No.1949

She’s at 230 followers, following sometimes fandoms and sometimes some sort of blogger or video maker.

Curious who’ll be the 10-15 people she’ll purge in a month or two.

I wonder if that’s how she stays so skinny, just purging.

8bb9e1  No.1950


How lame. If she had been born literally anywhere other than the west coast, would she have grown up with more nerve?

58e82d  No.1951

File: d8d0b53b254a3c3⋯.png (1015.97 KB, 1200x970, 120:97, qt.png)


Yeah, I don't see why some here think Jenny should be with Max. Even if the #MeToo stuff is bullshit, he's a rich asshole and a manchild (not in an endearing Jenny way either)



At the risk of sounding like a perv, I checked out the video and it looks like a thong. They're quite popular nowadays because of how comfortable they are.


How far is Jenny going to go for that press pass?


It's still beyond cute at 27 so we'll see. I do like it when she dresses fashionably though, her dress sense is great when she actually tries.


>you know I was wondering why a lot of people have been popping in and saying "youre creeps" but then I remembered that guy from Blizzard games put 8chan back on the front pages for a while

Who cares to be honest. My life sucks. I'll talk about whatever I want.

d2db5a  No.1952


>or never lounge around your place in nothing but one of your dress shirts and her glasses


Jenny and her weird love of Saw…


She did get approved for Celebrations, so she does appear to be seen as the right type of "influencer" or media. She better push that agency hard for those press passes. I do wonder how quickly she'll drop them if she doesn't get any of the freebies she desires though? Because that's what this whole endeavor is all about; free stuff.

206383  No.1953


> I do wonder how quickly she'll drop them if she doesn't get any of the freebies she desires though?

Was thinking some thing, poor Leah nervously refreshing her email every hour waiting to hear from Disney while Jenny texts daily for updates.


> I checked out the video and it looks like a thong.

Didn’t know Jenny was a slut

> Max a rich asshole and a manchild (not in an endearing Jenny way either)

Jenny didn’t seem o mind the half dozen times they hung out including her 26th and 27th birthday parties.

15d8c5  No.1954


>e better push that agency hard for those press passes

I'm still suspicious about that agency, its probably bailey. and her representative's name leah sounds an awful lot like leia, just saying.

206383  No.1955


> leah sounds an awful lot like leia

Haha, that’s probably why Jenny picked this girl out of their agency…if they’re real.

c7ea1c  No.1956

File: 1fc80f8232a9822⋯.jpg (676.29 KB, 948x1423, 948:1423, Cute!.jpg)


>I'm still suspicious about that agency

Yeah, it does seem pretty sketchy. Jenny must've got a great price/deal with them if she didn't go with real representation from an LA-based agency. I'm honestly hoping they can deliver as I want more theme park content from Jenny. That stuff is infinitely more interesting than Nu-Wars.

7d0d0f  No.1957


Not to be alarmist but there is two shadows taking the picture in the full version of that, assuming one is Kirsten’s boyfriend who is the other?

The shadow has a proper camera and it doesn’t look like it’s the angle this photo was taken from, so could it just be a Disney photographer, and this photo was taken by Kirsten’s bf, meaning there was just the three of them there.

Even more interestingly how is the light source behind the photographers, it must be a spotlight rather than the flash from a camera or phone.

c7ea1c  No.1958

File: c75f01a0cb73cce⋯.jpg (449.54 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, D1IegM8U8AAeEs9-orig.jpg)


For these event meet & greets I believe it's Disney's photographers and you just download your image via their pass system in the app.

Jenny's a good girl!

951628  No.1959


>I'm still suspicious about that agency

Another excitement mystery of the Jenny Mythology.

7d0d0f  No.1960


That must have been just the photo from who I assume is Kirsten’s boyfriend then. Because it’s a terrible photo, Kirsten is really blurry and Jenny’s eyes are practically glowing.

951628  No.1961

So. Will she talk about past flings on the "college years" ramble?

Or will she ignore it?

206383  No.1962

File: a714b0b4654079d⋯.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 848817EC-7F1E-4769-91A9-B1….png)

File: a36495ce449f2fd⋯.jpeg (408.81 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, 8EEB18A1-5971-4404-844A-C….jpeg)

File: 99b22d5086eb8a0⋯.jpeg (577.53 KB, 640x892, 160:223, 31933E6E-A35C-44F3-8C89-B….jpeg)

File: 014dc6586365a6d⋯.jpeg (564.67 KB, 640x762, 320:381, 10571BC2-FDEE-493F-BD12-1….jpeg)

File: eafb5100f888a24⋯.jpeg (314.72 KB, 640x654, 320:327, 98FDF22A-CAD7-4F53-8E04-4….jpeg)


Yeah, those professional cameras are the ones Disney photographers use and they can take bad photos too.

I’d even say the 2nd person may be Kirsten’s boyfriend or just a 2nd Disneyland employee hanging with the photographer, sometimes there were 2/3 hanging together when I was there.

Jennys thighs looking a little thicc

Wow, they Disneyed late, Kirsten stayed over at Jenny’s, so doubtful boyfriend was with them; weird if he was and left without taking her home and no way Jenny lets a guy stay st her place.

Looks like there was a 90s night yesterday and sweetheart night on Feb 7, if anything guessing Kirsten went to sweetheart one with BF and this one with Jenny.

Nice having 2 bedroom apartment to yourself in LA, thanks Patrons.

951628  No.1963


I'm pretty sure Jenny stays right there in Anaheim, pretty close to the park.

So it makes sense that her scattered LA friends, like Bailey and such, stagger to her place when they stay out real late at the park over there.

206383  No.1964

File: 3584ee9e8af9ecf⋯.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 4A5A6D4A-383D-4721-B55E-F1….png)


You might be right. There seems to be a shadow around the 2nd persons neck that looks like it’s because they’re holding a phone horizontally to take a pic or they’re just wearing a jacket with a thick collar.

But either way, one of those two shadows is definitely a Disney employee.

Is the 2nd a secret Jenny boyfriend?

206383  No.1965


If they were flings talking about them would make her sound like a slut in college, not good for her brand.

If she had real and lasting relationships we’d have seen and heard about it on her old tumblr.


I thought she was in Inglewood, someplace a little nicer than Anaheim since she can come and go whenever thanks to Patron.

206383  No.1966

File: dc6541abb364269⋯.jpeg (710.41 KB, 640x858, 320:429, CBDCF809-4D21-4681-A240-5….jpeg)

So much to do, no wonder they were out all night.

> Jenny shares so little with us now…

15d8c5  No.1967


In Jennys toy warehouse?

Im imagining Kirsten wading through Jenny's spare stuffed animals to get to the bed, pulling the covers back, and there's more stuffed animals under the covers.


I assume she would talk about MLP, but she almost never does, I think she's embarrassed by it.

actually, was she out of college by then?

2013-2016 was her mlp years I think. Twilight the musical was 2009, that was her last year in HS. So depending on how long she went to college there might not be an overlap, or it overlapped just one year.

951628  No.1968


We already know about MLP. We know about her written play. We know about her trip to Japan.

What new details will she give out that we don't already know?

Personal stuff?

331fef  No.1969


< Thanks for letting me stay over

> Of course, anytime!

< Goodnight!

> Have a blessed Disney Night!

< …

> Where are you going?

< To the spare bedroom

> Why?

< To move the plushies off the bed

> haha, you’re so silly, that’s their room

< what do you mean?

> …that’s their room, I can’t ask them to all leave

< Where will I sleep?

> Oh, why on the couch here

< oh

> My parents said it’s super comfy when they slept on it last year

> ok I guess

*Jenny never blinked during this conversation*

331fef  No.1970


No she was using recording rooms at her college for MLP stuff sometimes. There’s a thing she posted about someone walking in on her recording herself fake crying for a character and just awkwarding closing the door after seeing her.


I think all the easy to remember good stuff she’s already shared on Patreon and elsewhere, might take her a whole month to talk about or just make up, fun stories from college.

Or she’ll share her B level content she skipped the first time.


She’ll talk about the time two guys Eiffel towered her after faking interest in Disney and MLP.

534f64  No.1971


>Jenny shares so little with us now

Obviously she doesn't want us to know when she'll appear in an open setting at a select time.


Hopefully she sees that the topic won by such a large percentage, she gives good stories.

Knowing Jenny, she'll prepare an outlined list of the 4 years. And read from there.

Hopefully they'll be a few surprises.

331fef  No.1972


What margin did it win by?

d2db5a  No.1973

File: 34350d68752403f⋯.jpg (457.16 KB, 953x1111, 953:1111, Poll Results (Mar. 8th).jpg)


I think we should temper our expectations for this ramble a little. 99% of her Patrons probably don't know what was posted on her old Tumblr, or know much of anything about her outside of what current Twitter-Jenny shares. So, she can retell plenty of stories and it'll be new to almost everyone. It'd be fantastic if she spoke about some of her more personal experiences in college, but we'll most likely just get the highlights she's already mentioned in the past.


>Jennys thighs looking a little thicc

So much raw sexual energy…


It got out ahead fast and stayed there holding a 40-50pt lead most of the time.

0e0107  No.1974


I guess as long as she doesn't repeat herself from previous rambles: trip to Japan, play writing, psychology degree

58e82d  No.1976

File: 7556ef35e0f2cba⋯.jpg (121.35 KB, 528x1320, 2:5, 7556ef35e0f2cba91e2f0c2261….jpg)


>Didn’t know Jenny was a slut

I hope you're joking, thongs are just a type of underwear, Jenny isn't a slut for wearing them.


>Jennys thighs looking a little thicc

Her thighs are god(dess) tier tbh


>She’ll talk about the time two guys Eiffel towered her after faking interest in Disney and MLP.

Imagine if she did say something like that, this board would empty out in a matter of hours

0e0107  No.1977


Right in the middle of Griffengate, I was mentally preparing myself for uncharacteristic sexual Jenny reveal.

And then……….nothing.

9e3850  No.1978


I am very interested to see what the reaction would be to finding out Jenny is sexually active/has a boyfriend. I know i wouldn’t abandon her but I’d be interested to see what others do.

8bb9e1  No.1980


What if Leah isn't her real name, but the name Jenny makes her have? Like some sort of easter egg.

331fef  No.1981

File: 4dac24032ce1249⋯.jpeg (264.71 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, 520C2DA1-98C7-47B4-92DD-B….jpeg)

What, is Kirsten already sleep on the couch? I thought Jenny out the Kyle in her living room.

8bb9e1  No.1982


I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask, but, is it me or does Kylo and Max share a sort of resemblance? Is that what she's into, weird misshapen guys with long black or "black" hair? Was the Kulo cut-out something she got to help her get over Max?

d9a3ff  No.1983


I know Jenny doesn't update her instagram as often as her twitter….but she's still got her old contact info over there rather than Leah at Vidward.

d9a3ff  No.1984


She sees herself as Rey, Max as Kylo, Casey as Finn and Kat as Rose.

No wonder she hates Poe and Chewbacca.

It's all starting to make sense.

d2db5a  No.1985


If she were a sexual creature, I'd be curious as to why she never openly embraced it. If anything, sticking to the cute/innocence routine is hindering her potential. If she turned up the "heat" (so to speak), she could make a lot more money and really cash in on her youth before it disappears.

I bet like some of the more pure Japanese idols, Jenny doesn't even know how to be sexy.


I always thought she seen herself as Sheev?

22ea2a  No.1986


Nah. She's spent the better part of 2017 and 2018 trying to build up her female audience. Both on Patreon and her YouTube vids.

She knows the key to that is not to sex it up too much like a thot.

She already knows she gets a sizable profit from male audience from just the cute routine alone.

No need to try to "sex it up" and repel her growing female viewers.

Jenny knows the business. It's no coincidence that she became friends with Lindsay Ellis. Who she can be mentored by. As Lindsay already did the "cute approachable geek girl" routine in her 20s, distanced herself from that (as she got older and her looks faded) and has gone the more intellectual route in her 30s. Where she has a bankable audience.

Jenny is thinking both short term and long term. And knows overly sexing it up, will ruin her in the long run.

331fef  No.1987

File: 1c393194e42cfca⋯.png (1012.14 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, CC382AB9-801B-494D-8598-70….png)

File: 33c7da9df8d1983⋯.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 121129EC-6A8E-4BA4-917E-0F….png)


But Jenny will never make videos about the philosophy and historical references of movies every 2 months with a team of 3.

Jenny legitimately doesn’t seem interested in making videos other than; I’m interested and it’s funny.

Being informative is a bonus.

In regards to sexing it up, Jenny would probably get a net positive with her male audience but the problem is her looks don’t make her interests.

Jenny would make a killing talking about make up, fashion and whatever dumb pretty girls do on YouTube.

But she’s already almost too cute to be a nerd girl hero and looks like she tries to downplay her body with the clothes she wears in videos vs how she show it off even going out to Disneyland.

331fef  No.1988


Jenny’s tits and thighs looking big.

58e82d  No.1989

File: d3e6e94c4635d0f⋯.jpg (195.36 KB, 1280x1758, 640:879, d3e6e94c4635d0f3ec6744bd42….jpg)


That fact that nothing came out during that saga suggests to me that she's just a normal woman. If she was some secret nympho or something similarly scandalous then Griffin would've just laid it all out.


I'd be very surprised but I wouldn't stop watching, I like her content and it's free so…


>If anything, sticking to the cute/innocence routine is hindering her potential. If she turned up the "heat" (so to speak), she could make a lot more money and really cash in on her youth before it disappears.

She could make boatloads of cash, but Jenny just isn't that kind of girl. I think the absolute highest limit of what you could expect is some sort of tasteful cosplay/posed photos with plausible deniability (like those instagram girls that always take photos in shorts and leggings but totally aren't showing off their ass.)

>I bet like some of the more pure Japanese idols, Jenny doesn't even know how to be sexy.

I bet Jenny's awkward flirting is nothing short of adorable.


When has Jenny ever sexed up her material though (or even played up her cuteness)? She makes videos on pop culture and theme parks…

206383  No.1990


> When has Jenny ever sexed up her material though

That Halloween video, come on Jenny, we all know horny guys were most of those views.

206383  No.1991


> normal woman. If she was some secret nympho or something similarly scandalous then Griffin would've just laid it all out.

Not Normal, if Jenny was a normal 27 year old woman she’d have at least one exboyfriend that Griffin would’ve mentioned.

< Jenny’s the worst, she fucked with Chad every night and used her body to break him down.

The fact he only mentioned Bailey tells me she’s always been single.

15d8c5  No.1992


hmm, maybe there isn't a bed in her spare "bedroom" maybe it really is just storage

206383  No.1993

File: 626ef5d6755bdd1⋯.jpeg (481.02 KB, 640x1101, 640:1101, 20AED015-24D3-4302-8E5F-9….jpeg)

Girls united against Max.

206383  No.1994

File: 79f4958fe1e755d⋯.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 8647957A-D361-43C5-874B-39….png)

Jenny wants the D.

206383  No.1995

File: 63ab7c19bb15247⋯.jpeg (285.25 KB, 640x576, 10:9, C6A59E5D-D557-4C47-BCEC-6….jpeg)

File: 775f7147ca8e0fa⋯.jpeg (357.31 KB, 640x720, 8:9, A907EC6F-856C-46EF-9C4D-D….jpeg)

File: 671a1b078b9f40d⋯.jpeg (221.65 KB, 640x522, 320:261, 4543618F-0ED0-46E4-A143-6….jpeg)

Jenny’s such an easy lay if you compliment her.

8bb9e1  No.1996


>No wonder she hates Poe and Chewbacca.

I'm assuming Griff is Poe, but who's Chewy? Lindsay?

8bb9e1  No.1997


>National Women's Day pushed by men

Imagine being so thirsty.

>such an easy lay


d9a3ff  No.1998


Lol. I meant she hates them because there's no one in her real life to compare them to.

Bailey would be Leia though.

d9a3ff  No.1999


Someone with a fake twitter account should do the same thing, and see how long it takes for her to like it.

15d8c5  No.2001

File: c2e1ed763b5246b⋯.jpg (20.55 KB, 580x110, 58:11, shooting.jpg)

File: f4f65bbed71ab1d⋯.jpg (20.49 KB, 586x114, 293:57, 911.jpg)

Does anyone remember the joke exactly?

I looked through all the tweets sent to her that day and I could only find one that says "execute order 66"

I will say its a bit weird for her to have an issue with it when a few days prior her and her friends were joking about 9/11

8bb9e1  No.2002


It is forever lost to time.

206383  No.2003


Do people not read the comments posted since they’re last visit here?

I posted it here minutes before she deleted it, scroll up.

We got lucky with this one, usually they are lost to time but I’m not the master detective Jennyfags for nothing.


206383  No.2004


Jenny will 100% like any tweet that mentions her, especially if it tags others which makes it less creepy.

She likes tweets saying her work helps get through a long day, a difficult time in their life, or just says how amazing and funny they are.

Jenny is a total slut for praise and holy fuck she’s a ninja when it comes to pulls people into her sphere to network with.

If she has a LinkedIn it’d be 500 people deep by now.

206383  No.2005

File: 4c58a448698b242⋯.jpeg (216.14 KB, 640x646, 320:323, 5EF4A013-4F46-49D2-B79F-5….jpeg)


These are referencing two things, the first has already been tweeted and the 2nd is still on her twitter.

If you wanna accepted here, you need to learn some basic Jenny analysis skills.

206383  No.2006

File: 66915ee550e72f8⋯.png (42.77 KB, 641x342, 641:342, Themoreyouknow.PNG)

206383  No.2007

File: 01c880c668c6750⋯.png (12.37 KB, 576x274, 288:137, JennyR.PNG)

c7ea1c  No.2008

File: 7ad19295a982d93⋯.jpg (858.09 KB, 1311x874, 3:2, Jenny Star Tours.jpg)


>tasteful cosplay/posed photos with plausible deniability

Girl won't even give us any shoulder anymore, she's such a tease. You know, I would love an actual photoshoot from her one day, I think pretty much every picture of her so far has just cellphone quality.

>I bet Jenny's awkward flirting is nothing short of adorable

Jenny virtual date video when!?


>She likes tweets saying her work helps get through a long day, a difficult time in their life, or just says how amazing and funny they are

That's her "We Got This Together" Patreon video (>>162) for me. I don't enjoy anything MLP, but she absolutely kills it in that video. Never fails to put a smile on my face and cheer me up.

15d8c5  No.2009

File: 5802e1ce4503761⋯.jpg (112.44 KB, 894x1200, 149:200, D1QVA3BUcAA_vZQ.jpg)

File: f3414ef17bb36ce⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 572x194, 286:97, dino.jpg)

Jenny's showing it OFF lately!!!

Also, my dream of eating dinosaur will soon come true

8bb9e1  No.2010


Lawd almighty.

c7ea1c  No.2011

File: 15a7d1f37c2cff6⋯.jpg (324.79 KB, 2048x1537, 2048:1537, D1QVASAUwAATCY3-orig.jpg)



I feel like "Fine Jewelry" on the packaging needs several quotation marks around it, because it looks like cheap plastic.

Also, new preview it's up!

11f351  No.2012



fuck i would cum all over her…

shes doing this on purpose!!!

c7ea1c  No.2013

File: 8ea15b66ac46f7f⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190309-191952.png)

File: cedf0add2ab903b⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190309-192016.png)

File: 6485e45fb66ddfd⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190309-192407.png)

File: a21b61f3074728e⋯.png (132.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190309-192430.png)

File: d55c221c9eab8cd⋯.png (292.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190309-192448.png)

Some caps from the preview. Sounds like another 90min. video according to her.

58e82d  No.2014

File: 1ad7dd767c7c0e2⋯.jpg (37.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1ad7dd767c7c0e2fbf6e7e53ef….jpg)


Yeah, I can believe that.


You serious? Those soyboys probably couldn't get laid in a brothel.


I might be a little swayed by that Reasonably Low Cut™ top, but she looks absolutely gorgeous here, hot damn.


Probably saw dollar signs after the Trigger Warning video. Not complaining though, watching Jenny tear into a book for 90 minutes is comfy.

c7ea1c  No.2015

Some excerpts from the first chapter she skipped:

"He withdraws his fingers from inside me and places them one by one into his mouth, licking them clean. His eyes flash with bursts of gold, so bright they look unnatural—one moment they’re as dark as pitch, the next they’re lit up like a flaring sun. He runs his tongue along his bottom lip once he’s done with his fingers, as if he’s savoring the taste of me. “You want me,” he whispers."

"His teeth graze my neck, lightly at first and then harder, making me hiss at the brief stab of pain. He pulls back, taking hold of my right wrist first, then my left, pinning both my arms high over my head. My back arches, causing my breasts to rub against his chest. A burst of adrenalin fires through me, circling around my body, burning between my legs, and I can barely take it anymore. I want him. I want him inside me so fucking badly. His need for me is obvious; his dick is rock solid, pressing up against my belly. I angle my hips up without thinking, and Jass grinds his teeth together."

"I’m going to fuck you, Reza. You can make me leave, if that’s what you want. You can force me off you. Hurt me. Deny me. This is your chance. But if you don’t, I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to make you come until you scream my goddamn name. Make your decision."

"I offer myself up to him. My legs fall open, and the man with the golden eyes grins wickedly. He releases my hands, groaning as he thrusts himself into me, and a wave of pleasure crashes over me like a violent storm wave battering against a rocky shore. “Gods, Jass!” I dig my fingernails into his back, and he bares his teeth, thrusting into me once more. I can’t get enough of him. The flat planes of muscle that make up his chest and stomach all shift and tense as he moves, and I’m hypnotized by him. He’s perfection. There isn’t a line of his body that is out of place, and I can’t stop myself from watching him as he fucks me. My heart’s hammering out a frantic drumbeat, my ears ringing. Jass bows himself over me, and his mouth finds mine. His tongue is in my mouth, laving at me, gently tracing the line of my lips. He tastes strangely sweet—like a small citrus candy my parents used to give me when I was small, back before they died."

Goddamnit, I would've paid money for Jenny to read this first chapter…

206383  No.2016

File: 5e0b0b7bd54a0eb⋯.jpeg (267.29 KB, 640x1017, 640:1017, 62B99451-F8C3-4E41-B78C-1….jpeg)


> Fine Jewlelry

I’m surprised she even tagged them, this account is totally dead.

206383  No.2017

File: 7f725153b5fa306⋯.jpeg (214.64 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 4619F3D4-DE19-4EC5-BC11-C….jpeg)


So next video is a book review and she just tweeted another book she’s going to review.

Guess she’s hoping for a repeat of Triggeree getting crazy views.


I want to say I see Jenny blushing while reading this but she watches Game of Thrones with her parents every year so doubt anything makes her cringe.

206383  No.2018

File: ba10803337effd3⋯.jpeg (16.34 KB, 213x300, 71:100, 4CC14AAB-D254-4C0A-900A-3….jpeg)

File: d83dd987c99633e⋯.jpeg (343.87 KB, 640x685, 128:137, B64CA723-D57E-4CEB-A5FC-2….jpeg)


Holy shit, Jenny’s got some tits on her.

Wait, she goes to the gym, thought she said she doesn’t.

Hmm, maybe push up bra?

206383  No.2019

File: 035bbc123f1da23⋯.jpeg (253.02 KB, 640x885, 128:177, 4E3B8290-4A09-4922-AD67-1….jpeg)


Speaking of tits Max will probably cum on. Here’s ani flashing ya.

206383  No.2020


Calling bullshit, those boobs look huge because she has a size negative stomach and waist.

206383  No.2021

File: d94feffca1219eb⋯.jpeg (373.16 KB, 640x828, 160:207, 0D7B1D5C-6797-4ED7-A6F3-1….jpeg)

How does she have any shelf space left even?

And how much did penny pinching Jenny drop on this thing?

11f351  No.2022



glad you got this

c7ea1c  No.2023

File: 2248cf36b18d481⋯.jpg (620.33 KB, 1080x1471, 1080:1471, Almost there!.jpg)


>Wait, she goes to the gym

Only ironically.

8bb9e1  No.2024


>Goddamnit, I would've paid money for Jenny to read this first chapter…

Maybe if you were a $25 patreon..

206383  No.2025

File: 4187150d0b12b7a⋯.jpeg (396.46 KB, 640x1051, 640:1051, 93D07D0A-7B3E-4399-B4DA-6….jpeg)

File: 06e6ffd770bb7a1⋯.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, EC08094C-E6E9-4C44-9E66-7B….png)

File: 0e0a6d10f997e61⋯.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 28EC6CDC-A172-42D8-9E52-04….png)


I remember her making jokes about how she avoids the gym and there’s no way Jenny wouldn’t have whines or low key bragged about going.


…? Did you mean this >>1945


> Thong is a type of underwear

Good, clean girls don’t wear thongs…I coulda sworn you could see a whole panty outline in the Porg video, maybe I just didn’t want to know the whorey truth about our girl, Bailey probably introduces her into that life.

Just me or she looking like she gained a few in the thigh department since Last Jedi premier? I mean, wouldn’t blame her with her only making new friends with fat online feminists.

206383  No.2026

File: 64ce5d8aa783a5d⋯.jpeg (35.59 KB, 494x412, 247:206, AE284751-B602-487C-8BB4-D….jpeg)


What the fuck is wrong with Jenny’s knees?

206383  No.2027


New video about Kyle REN?

8bb9e1  No.2028


Reptilian Jenny is best Jenny. Do they really look that weird to you?

c7ea1c  No.2029

File: 98d349123bf8eef⋯.jpg (211.87 KB, 1080x641, 1080:641, Ballin'.jpg)


Check it.


It's a "Not Reylo" published Reylo fanfic. Jenny's going all out on this one, she did that Star Wars crawl, added a bunch of clips and isn't restricting the length too much. The chick looks to write romance novels, so Jenny's probably going to be skipping over a few sex scenes (as not to get demonetized).

206383  No.2030


> It's a "Not Reylo" published Reylo fanfic

Im so confused, Black Moon Rising is a Reylo fanfic?

c7ea1c  No.2031


Well… not quite. It's an original work that simply draws a lot of parallels to Star Wars. During the preview Jenny uses clips to help illustrate these similarities between the two universes as she's reading (and where the bulk of her enjoyment in this book probably lies). She said it came up in a Amazon independent publisher search for "Kylo Ren".

1ae250  No.2032


Is it a bit of a fifty shades of grey job? Where it started as a fanfic but she’s changed the names to publish it.

15d8c5  No.2033


maybe they're in her hours of unused content that she throws away.


I have noticed that a lot of Lindsays minions do book reviews, I think its a feminism thing. Like only women watch those so its a good way to build an army of woman.


nice. I can understand what max saw in her


shes talked about the ways she has of getting ponys on the cheap. thrift stores like good will, yard sales, bulk lots on ebay


I think shes just leaning against one leg.. shes still perfect its just an illusion!

15d8c5  No.2034

File: 6d6f9183fe40cfb⋯.jpg (71.45 KB, 584x488, 73:61, poor bailey.jpg)

aw baileys not feeling good

e3a5b0  No.2035


Damn. She really needs someone to give her the D

c7ea1c  No.2036


I wonder if Bailey ever tried being nice to her man? She doesn't need the attitude 24/7, nobody's going to think she's less of a feminist or weak if she turned it off every now and then.

e3a5b0  No.2037


Isn't she still with the bartender dude?

377963  No.2038


I don’t think they were ever together, I think he must he gay or something. I think they’re just friends.

e3a5b0  No.2039


Once when Bailey accidentally locked herself out of her apartment, she tweeted she had to wait for him to come over with the spare key. I just assumed they were dating.

377963  No.2040


I know he cat sitted for her before, that could be why he had a spare key at that time. They’ve been on holiday together as well though it is odd. But she’s tweeted about online dating/ tinder and being single at the same time he’s appearing on her Instagram so it’s very confusing tbh.

It is possible he’s like a cousin or something.

15d8c5  No.2041

File: f35ed830ffb0514⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 524x120, 131:30, griff21.jpg)


he might be one of the past relationships haunting her. Jenny and griffin were besties after they broke up so its not too strange to think bailey and bar man might be in the same boat.

dc9f92  No.2042


>Just me or she looking like she gained a few in the thigh department since Last Jedi premier?

Yeah, i've noticed and I am not complaining whatsoever


Every woman under 30 with a twitter account has "depression"

377963  No.2043


Nah tbf, Bailey is actually on anti depressants, so we know she’s had a doctor diagnose her.

e3a5b0  No.2044


This is why I think Bailey will marry before Jenny. She may not give off the attitude, but Bailey is constantly thirsty and looking for a companion.

206383  No.2045


> Bailey will marry a nice Jewish boy

Wonder if she’ll drive them to an early divorce, he’ll be some big feminist or he will break her into acting like a lady

Either why, he’ll probably make enough money let Bailey be a full time Youtuber.


You think Jenny gained the wait after spending so much time with Lindsey or because Max told her he likes girls with a little meat on their bones?

206383  No.2046

File: 524ff32210fdc48⋯.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 40D6B3CD-F2B5-46A8-9418-9F….png)


That shirt a little tight or Jenny getting a little gut?

The button design makes it look like she can just pop it open like breakaway pants.

8bb9e1  No.2047

>you will never gently tease Jen over her little belly

206383  No.2048

File: bf2c95d10f9eda4⋯.jpeg (232.44 KB, 640x697, 640:697, 7C852EFA-D34E-426A-A3EF-F….jpeg)

File: 3dd6132948566e3⋯.jpeg (146.73 KB, 640x342, 320:171, F5207E9A-D8B3-4328-BE60-7….jpeg)

Hmm, never thought I’d roll my eyes while Jenny says no homo and naughty girl

15d8c5  No.2049


you can do that on twitter you don't have to be her bf.


I remember that song being talked about a lot at the time, nobody thought it was meant to be taken seriously.

206383  No.2050


> you can do that on twitter you don't have to be her bf.

Was literally about to joke I just tweeted that to Jenny

8bb9e1  No.2051


>you can do that on twitter

It's not the same.

d2db5a  No.2052

File: 929e7b0b143f13d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1257x721, 1257:721, tumblr_o2vvkgremz1qm6odzo3….png)


>you can do that on twitter

You can't playfully kiss her tummy through Twitter…

15d8c5  No.2053

It would be funny to pretend to think shes pregnant

"what a cute little bulge! is this your way of letting us know a baby jenny is on the way??"

206383  No.2054

File: 35ac89f68dae324⋯.jpeg (422.39 KB, 640x1092, 160:273, DD2F0D72-A9A9-48D6-8295-9….jpeg)

File: 4fdf81dfcc26a0c⋯.jpeg (438.48 KB, 640x1093, 640:1093, 7B1A43E4-2BC4-4A79-B303-8….jpeg)

File: 2394b10d6c7937d⋯.jpeg (415.7 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, DBA4002E-1497-4094-AD93-D….jpeg)

Jenny’s been adding to her pro trans stance on the low key back end.

I might have been wrong about Jenny not following Lindsey’s lead exactly.

206383  No.2055


Nah, gotta be more subtle.

“OMG, Jenny, congratulations!!! Is the father famous?!

9e3790  No.2056


Considering her sister I don’t think her pro trans stance should come as any surprise, or even low key.

dc9f92  No.2057








This whole string of posts cracked me up because I remembered that video where Jenny is talking about how tummy is such an unsexy word. Also a little chub around the mid-riff is cute but it's one of those things you can never bring up because however you word it, it sounds like a neg/insult.

15d8c5  No.2058


that reminds me, has anyone watched the sisters show? I couldn't last more than a few minutes, shes a bit bland.


>Also a little chub around the mid-riff is cute

like bailey in that one stream

9e3790  No.2059


Bailey is cute and chubby in every stream.

206383  No.2060

File: 7f6546fa5ba99a2⋯.jpeg (507.56 KB, 640x1059, 640:1059, C919ED1A-10D2-4912-9B3B-2….jpeg)


Fun fact: She got a rash “everywhere the pipe cleaner touched” in her Leia outfit, think she thought it’d be a cool thing to add to it.

That top she made really covers everything, Jenny didn’t let those nerds see an inch of breast.


But she’s usually somewhat subdued to about her support because it can quickly be politicized but as she expands her Lindsey-ish female fan base she probably cares less and less thought that Patreon list still looks 90%+ make.

206383  No.2061


> chub around the mid-riff

Is this new for Jenny? I thought she didn’t have an ounce of fat on her last year.


> anyone watched the sisters show

Watched a vid where “she” said something like guys just because I share something doesn’t mean you should share it too, this is about me and my experiences.

So someone Jenny is the humble one between the top even though Jenny advertises herself any time she’s out with friends AND mentions how she tweets about being recognized later.


Is that all Jenny’s hair? That seems like way too much, the twisted braids seem fake.

28b088  No.2062


I'm 75% certain that the sister is also the one that went with her to the Battlefront II gig. And was recording her.

(no secret boyfriend)

8bb9e1  No.2063

File: 6f33a755b3a1df2⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 300x100, 3:1, jennypopcorn.gif)

So I was sorting and came across this, which was made last thread. Bannerlord, you want to get back to fixing this so it fits 500kb? Would be a shame if it never gets in.

d2db5a  No.2064

File: 7e531f760a7f386⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Terrible Snakedog - 2016.0….png)


> has anyone watched the sisters show?

Nah. I was curious about the voice there for a bit though.


>Jenny didn’t let those nerds see an inch of breast

Griffin tried (bless his degenerate gambling soul).


>secret boyfriend

Jenny strikes me as the obsessive type. If she ever had a man there's no way he wouldn't be heavily featured… and she'd be traveling to film stuff more often (as he'd be there to protect her).

28b088  No.2065

Bailey giving hints on twitter that she smokes weed with the whole $4.20 thing. I swear, between her and Kirsten, our innocent girl Jenny must smoke some every now and again.

15d8c5  No.2066

File: f7303be9ac3edc3⋯.mp4 (4.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Wholesome channel.mp4)


well, she drinks enough to get drunk, so why not. Its a bit disappointing, I wish she was a good girl like her sister

dc9f92  No.2067

File: 08af6a586534787⋯.gif (698.86 KB, 300x100, 3:1, jennypopcornfixed.gif)


Completely forget about that one. Here's an optimised version. Also if anyone wants a banner made i'm still taking requests.

206383  No.2068

It is weird how often people just recognize Jenny, I wonder if her fans are just constantly on the lookout for Jenny whole at Disneyland.

206383  No.2069

File: 0ae6d2e491acb9b⋯.jpeg (383.84 KB, 640x819, 640:819, 0556F16A-A905-4C14-A443-D….jpeg)

206383  No.2070


Kirsten’s too?


Jenny got drunk in the video with Bailey right.

People who watched it said Jenny was less fun and interesting when she got drunk towards the end of it, she just got quiet and sleepy so she probably doesn’t get drunk very often.

I’d be a maybe on Jenny getting high, maybe with Bailey or Lindsey.


> Jenny would heavily feature boyfriend

I mean that might help reduce the sexual interest from guys (would cost her Patrons) but with Jenny being mentored by Lindsey, she’s learned to not share things that would just increase people fascination with your personal life.

We’d dig into the guys life for sure and others would too.

From her personality and history I think she’s single on purpose, doubt she even gets herself off. But her cameraman for Celebrations could’ve easily been her boyfriend.

If we start seeing her go to events “by herself” then she’s probably there with a boyfriend as she’d otherwise include a photo with whatever’s friend she went with on Twitter as Jenny can’t help but share every time she goes out.

9e3790  No.2071


>Jenny can’t help but share every time she goes out

I don't think that's true at all, she only seems to tweet when she's doing on brand things, i.e.Disneyland or the Alita thing, with people that we already know like Kat, bailey or Kirsten.

I can only imagine she does other normal social things with people we don't know about. Like the concussion, who was the guy who text her about that the say after? I think he was the same guy who went with her to get the giant Porg.

We only know what Jenny wants us to know, she could have whole circles of other friends we haven't even scratched the surface on. That's the kind of place a secret boyfriend could be. In her normal non public facing social life.

d2db5a  No.2072

File: df277b7f78b0c8b⋯.png (235.13 KB, 800x800, 1:1, D1K1_9YW0AAF4QV-orig.png)


Still religious, huh? That's interesting. Usually they're complete degenerates once they hit the surgery phase. The voice is a surprise as well, with her towering stature I assumed the worst.

>so why not

Any evidence of her ever smoking (anything)?


She says that if you see her to come say hi and not just take a pic of her from a distance because that bothers her. The rules might be drastically different for guys though, you may need to strictly adhere to the rules for talking to women (be attractive and don't be unattractive).


>she could have whole circles of other friends we haven't even scratched the surface on

Tracking, managing and hiding all that for years would honestly be really impressive. She could shop those skills out to actual celebrities.

cd77a9  No.2073


That’s true, after I posted that I remembered her saying she went a lot of escape rooms, and how much she liked and recommended the one she went to that day but I think she’s only shared pics from one escape room if I remember right.

cd77a9  No.2074


> Like the concussion, who was the guy who text her about that the say after? I think he was the same guy who went with her to get the giant Porg.

I think his name is Steve and he’s another fat girlfriends husband.

cd77a9  No.2075

>she could have whole circles of other friends we haven't even scratched the surface on

Maybe but all her new friends are Youtubers connected to Lindsey or Star Wars.

Or Max.

The rest are older friends who we can find on her archived tumblr, lot of MLP friends, some college and some high school.

Jenny right now has more friends than I think she’s ever had in her life.

6c113a  No.2076


>Kirsten's too

Kirsten is the main one who blatantly talks about smoking weed on twitter.

It makes me wonder about those times she spends the night at Jenny's place.

9e3790  No.2077


I assume most young people in LA do it at least a little bit, I kind of always figured it would just become like drinking. Is there still a social stigma over there?

cd77a9  No.2078


No, would Jenny not worry about tweeting something she’d regret if high?

cd77a9  No.2079



I mean, I guess if Lindsey can date, marry and have a husband without anyone seeing him then Jenny can have a boyfriend but Lindsey’s just a fat feminist.

Jenny’s the oddity.

9e3790  No.2080


No more than I’d imagine she’d worry about tweeting whilst drunk. She doesn’t seem to be a habitual tweeter. Her tweets are well thought out, I’d say she only tweets because she has to maintain a social media prescense. That’s why all her tweets are on brand, I’d imagine she has to put effort into coming up with something to tweet.

I wouldn’t say she has any compulsion to tweet whilst drunk/high. So she has little to no risk in that regard.

6c113a  No.2081


Making Max thirsty online.

cd77a9  No.2082


Are you saying all her “random thoughts” about how she’s been thinking about Voldemort’s applying to be a teacher or Star Wars aren’t genuine and it’s just her way of marketing herself?

> Is Jenny fake?

9e3790  No.2083


I don't think they're that spontaneous, more like she has a thought and thinks that'll make a good tweet, or maybe she just thinks I've not tweeted today maybe I should try and think of something.

cd77a9  No.2084


Also, with 62,000 followers I’d assume she gets tweeted at all day but seeing this tweet and looking at all tweets tagging Jenny, there’s a few dozen, maybe a 100 at most.

So only a fraction of a fraction tweet the people they follow which makes sense why it’s more a marketing obligation for her.

I think a part of Jenny would love to tweet anonymously about her viewpoints but another part of Jenny lives getting so much attention to her opinions and millions of impressions when her tweets blow up.

cd77a9  No.2085

File: 3acc815f8e64f9a⋯.jpeg (126.38 KB, 640x481, 640:481, 0439F0BD-5457-46CA-8AF6-C….jpeg)

15d8c5  No.2086


that's everyone on twitter though, even people with 2 followers.


> That's the kind of place a secret boyfriend could be

to be fair, she hid her sister, who has a pretty big online presence including a fanbase. and we wouldn't even know she had one if it wasn't for 8 or so tweets mentioning her. a hidden boyfriend or two sounds plausible to me.

9e3790  No.2087


The sister being a popular twitch streamer was such a bizarre revelation, it came out of nowhere and I don't know how none of us picked up on it. I'd even looked for a social media presence of hers before and came up empty.

We did know she existed though, Jenny had posted pictures of her before, from the Boston trip and other places. So Jenny wasn't exactly hiding her.

I do wonder what made her decide to start following her on twitter after all this time though.

cd77a9  No.2088


Nah, we knew about the sister from photos and mentions on archived tumblr.

Tumblr is what makes her seem single, like if she was always single, then it’d mean she’s naturally prone to be single and just hanging out with friends.

Old boyfriend we’d know about, new one we wouldn’t but her entire 20s suggests she’s not interested.

4fd1ee  No.2089


Did she bring a date to Lindsay's wedding?

Even if it was just a friendly "+ 1" for the event?

cd77a9  No.2090

File: e70f929aa50d449⋯.jpeg (233.54 KB, 640x655, 128:131, 51FFAFF1-5FD1-493F-A3B8-D….jpeg)




> Starting to get Jenny really does hide a lot of her personal life.

Jenny owns a car, why would she even Uber unless she’s going to Disneyland or someplace with no parking.

Here I thought other than groceries or hangouts with friends and family she’d tweet about, Jenny basically didn’t leave the house.

Maybe she goes out every day with all that Patron money and needing a month at a time to make a video it’d makes sense.

cd77a9  No.2091


> Jenny using Uber to suck a different dick every night

LA has ruined our girl

206383  No.2092

File: f4530734ffbcfbc⋯.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, D465689C-40C1-45EB-B370-5D….png)

For a second I thought Jenny liked a pic from an old boyfriend on twitter but it’s some dude she followers with a different girl.

Guessing they’re high school or college friends.

9f1e38  No.2093


>sister being a popular twitch streamer


Her channel gets an average of 9 viewers, and she only has 433 total followers. She is not popular at all and does not make a living as a streamer on twitch, more just a hobby she seems to do for fun. Where she is at least somewhat popular is twitter, where she has 1700 followers on her current account and had 8000 on her old one. I have no idea where she gained those followers, but it for sure wasn't twitch.

206383  No.2094

File: 0420f5e27390b08⋯.jpeg (176.21 KB, 640x322, 320:161, 1DC64C61-5270-4D91-8C25-0….jpeg)


Jenny’s sister looks like Chelsea Manning.

206383  No.2095


Where you going Jenny, you got a video to finish editing!

d2db5a  No.2096

File: ce238def0f39ad9⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1240x697, 1240:697, Gang I can’t even tell you.png)



Her and Bailey must've went out, they started posting around the same time. I think it's cute how these girls seem to have set a 12am curfew for themselves to get home.

206383  No.2097

File: 05d045017abfab1⋯.jpeg (273.4 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, 5EC91930-8DB1-413F-9659-2….jpeg)

File: c2ecc8a16604a1e⋯.jpeg (108.25 KB, 640x226, 320:113, 3D45ACE7-58DF-4A88-BFA3-C….jpeg)

File: 7632dd3b722567c⋯.jpeg (334.68 KB, 640x812, 160:203, 5E74EE05-8048-4312-97BA-0….jpeg)


Hmm, maybe but Jenny posted 4 hours ago and then an hour ago

And Bailey sounds like shevrecirded a goosedrunks tonight.

I’m guessing if Jenny went out it was much earlier during the awkward Uber ride.

Maybe coming home from secret boyfriend after getting pounded Sunday night. Mans gotta work on Monday.

4fd1ee  No.2098



4fd1ee  No.2099


Maybe the awkward uber ride is because she was getting picked up at Max's house.

Driver: "Hey, you werent raped at that guys' house, were you? He a famous rapist."

Jenny: "…….."

Driver: "….let me turn in some music…"

Michael Jackson plays

45f2e8  No.2100


That would be hilarious, especially because didn’t John landis direct thriller. Young max almost definitely met Michael Jackson.

4fd1ee  No.2101


>Maybe coming from secret boyfriend after getting pounded Sunday night.

Hopefully she won't get another concussion.

15d8c5  No.2102


>Young max almost definitely met Michael Jackson

wow.. everything makes sense now

206383  No.2103


We cracked the code almost as hard as Max donkey punchs Jenny.

206383  No.2104


Lot of online reviews are saying Captain Marvel film wasn’t great and the hero wasn’t good.

Maybe Jenny’s lackluster “good” tweet was her way of nicely saying she didn’t care for it without being attacked by her new Lindsey fans.

Lindsey has been pretty quiet about it too.

45f2e8  No.2105


Everything I’ve heard about it is exactly what you’d expect, it’s another mediocre marvel film along the same level as doctor strange and any man.

It probably is fine, the kind of film that you’d call good but never think or talk about again. I think they had to give it the big “feminist” push because no one would care about it otherwise. It gives it the black panther lift of elevating an unremarkable cookie cutter film to cultural relevance purely through, probably unearned, discourse around the film.

44cadd  No.2106

If you like comic book/Marvel movies it's fine/okay movie.

If that stuff ain't for you then don't watch it.

It's certainly not terrible and the end of society, like a lot of people online would make you believe.

8bb9e1  No.2107


>RLM found the board

Mike? Jay? Rich?

0c1171  No.2108



I just saw the movie, is all

And have access to common sense

0c1171  No.2109

Believe me, if I were RLM, I'd ask Max about his relationship with Jenny

cd77a9  No.2110


Even the Leia outfit didn’t show this much Jenny cleavage.

cd77a9  No.2111


They also ripped Brie Larson a bit of a new one with her phrasing. Even though white male reiviewers is the reason she got her Oscar.

15d8c5  No.2112


> think they had to give it the big “feminist” push because no one would care about it otherwise.

Heres my conspiracy theory, they're doing an Avengers in 2020 right? and there's an election in 2020, Trump vs a woman most likely, so they're setting up the "powerful woman" bull crap to coincide with the time where all the ladies in America are going to be up their own asses with empowerment or whatever. that's what I think

e28db2  No.2113


The 2020 Marvel movie is going to be Black Widow.


cd77a9  No.2114

File: 8bbcddd71e5c94f⋯.jpeg (320.8 KB, 640x888, 80:111, AB8F14CD-DAC0-43E0-8806-0….jpeg)

Jenny’s active again…honestly I always assumed if she wasn’t online shopping dumb shit, reading Disney blogs, watching Netflix, working in a video then Jenny was just asleep.

I just realized she probably goes out every other day or more with all her money and free time.

d2db5a  No.2115


>Jenny posted 4 hours ago

I'm sure she just got bored and decided to watch some spider videos.


The movie is serviceable only because of Sam Jackson. Bries character (whatever her name was) learns nothing and has essentially zero growth… her "arc" ended just like it began; by shooting her trainer like an asshole. There's also a couple of cringey moments in there that really drag the film down. I didn't hate it, but there was little to like.

Jenny never fails to surprise when it comes to movies she likes though. Would love to hear her thoughts on the film. Now's a good time to suck-up to Disney with a glowing, defensive review, Jen!

206383  No.2116


> You want a press pass Jenny?

< Oh yes, I’ll do anything for it

> Anything? Well suck that Disney Marvel dick Jenny

< Ok!

> Get your hands off my belt, I meant metaphorically

< ….?

> Make a positive review of our movies this year starting with Captain Marvel

< ohhhhh…ok

58e82d  No.2117


<Hey park employee! Hey! Hey! It's me, Jenny!

>Didn't I tell you you to maintain a distance? Those threatening letters you sent really upset my wife

<But I made FIVE videos about Disney properties, I can get my press pass now right?

>'Fraid not, they all got distributed to the bearded shill clones we secretly birth in the Disney™ Bio-Labs

<Oh, shucks…well can I buy one then?

>Maybe, don't come cheap though, chances are i'll have to butt-fuck you on the price just to make it worth my while

<Can do! I'll just hike up my skirt here and… you have lube right? Cause i've heard that's impor-

>Ma'am, please turn back around, I didn't actually mean… just get me 10K in an unmarked paper bag and we'll call it a day

<Oh… well do you wanna see my novelty buttplug anyway?

>If you don't leave immediately i'm calling security

<(whilst being escorted away) But it looks like the Epcot Centreeee

206383  No.2118


All jokes aside, Jenny probably would let you butt fuck her for a press pass.

But now that they have two launch days and the first will probably have less out of town era, she won’t give you her V card for it.

961c6b  No.2119

All jokes aside, she's already started to rip into the Aladdin trailer.

That press pass will just keep slipping away from her

15d8c5  No.2120

well shes hanging out with Lindsay still, Lindsay who is trying to take down Max.

either Jen isnt friends with Max or Jenny has the most unhealthy social life I've heard of.

Honestly, try to realize how surreal it is to have one friend actively aiming to destroy another friend

961c6b  No.2121


For all we know, Jenny might get off on it.

The biggest answer I want to know is, has Jenny hung out with Max since the girlfriend left him

d2db5a  No.2122

File: f6ea1a75be1016c⋯.jpg (303.76 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D1iBHaSV4AAy_Yt-orig.jpg)


>or Jenny has the most unhealthy social life I've heard of

Poor Jenny is just happy to have anyone call her friend (because she's always had trouble making them). Kat is obviously just using her… and Lindsay? She's a fucking sociopath and I hope Jenny is keeping her at arms length incase she ever falls it of favor with her.


Has Max show up in his other friends (you know, any of those guys he regularly posted) Instas since the "new" accusation surfaced?

1ee4c4  No.2123


I’ve not seen max anywhere, he’s not been in Ani’s, from what I’d guess at this point Whitney has finally abandoned him as well. He’s not shown up in Steve Zaragozas. The only possible one is rob fee, but tbh Ive not been checking any of their Instagram stories.

d2db5a  No.2124

File: 39ea91c13702c8b⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,101010 ….jpg)


>Ive not been checking any of their Instagram stories

Yeah, me neither. Though I didn't do that often even when Max was posting.

Oh, and I guess Jenny has a new shirt up on Redbubble… I don't get it.

15d8c5  No.2125


did Jenny draw that? is it a pre-existing thing?

58e82d  No.2126

File: 0e20ec2659ba6c9⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1798x960, 899:480, porg.png)


>All jokes aside, Jenny probably would let you butt fuck her for a press pass.

Jenny is a good wholesome girl, that big beautiful bum is exit only!


I guess she's given up on getting a pass, or perhaps she hasn't connected the dots between shilling Disney and getting free shit.


Her friends seem like assholes but I understand why she'd hang out with them. They're all Disney obsessed, all reasonably smart/witty, all left leaning etc. They have stuff in common. And I have to imagine under all that marxist brainwashing that Lindsay isn't actually that bad of a person.

206383  No.2127

File: 902fb05f39ad164⋯.jpeg (367.91 KB, 581x1050, 83:150, 434719A6-C5ED-45C5-843C-D….jpeg)


What the fuck are you wearing Jenny?

Yeah, Jenny’s personal life seems way more expansive than I thought.

She probably goes out with different friends all the time, her only constraint is her friends not having free time or money.

206383  No.2128


What kinds of conversations do a “online researcher”, a historical feminist film critic and all things Disney super fan y’all about?

Are they all ripping Aladdin or does Jenny just awkwardly add bits to Kat and Lindsey’s conversations about how hard life is for women?

ce6474  No.2129


She mentioned in the January ramble, she made a lot more friends in 2018.

206383  No.2130


Rob Fee doesn’t follow Max anymore.

206383  No.2131


That’s around the time she started hanging out with Lindsey’s friends.

I don’t think at this point Jenny would just start becoming friends with random people unless they’re associated with her life in some way, like those D&D nerds she went and played with once.

15d8c5  No.2132


We've seen the occasional video clip of their ladies nights, seems like girly giggling and "oh look look look! OMG oh look at that" not a lot of coherent thoughts

206383  No.2133


Seems to be due to them hanging out with Jenny.

I remember Lindsey said in a Youtube video if a real Purge happened Jenny would just go to all the gangs and say “oooohhhh”.

Would be surprised if that’s what Lindsey would y’all about with Hbomber or Contrapoints.

But then again she made like an 8 part Transformer video so who knows.

206383  No.2134

File: 91f2e5dfde55230⋯.jpeg (277.48 KB, 640x1024, 5:8, EE9680DB-CDB4-47C9-88A6-8….jpeg)

File: ff92d2323eee230⋯.jpeg (445.19 KB, 640x1086, 320:543, 0A597EC6-321B-48D9-B77F-8….jpeg)

Hmm, Jenny still hasn’t slept yet.

Don’t know if she’d make the perfect mom or a horrible one.

ce6474  No.2135

Still, am I the only one who notices that Jenny never hangs out with girls better looking than her?

206383  No.2136


Doesn’t matter, Quinten Reviews and a few dozen other guys will still buy it.

8bb9e1  No.2137


>not a lot of coherent thoughts

Typical women, amirite?


>you will never be caught by Jenny and the gang out during peak purge hours

206383  No.2138


> Jenny doesn’t hang with girls prettier than her

Nope, Ive thought how weird that is for years. Not even in her old tumblr pre fame. It’s one of the reasons I don’t think she’s as nice as people think, she’s got a big ego but just hides it behind sarcasm.

206383  No.2139

File: 78f12dcb95e50a4⋯.jpeg (377.6 KB, 640x1044, 160:261, 01DE633F-7E5E-4861-8BF3-6….jpeg)


Here’s her description of the shirt

206383  No.2140

File: 60eb57b30684d08⋯.jpeg (202.03 KB, 640x708, 160:177, C27AEA04-FC1D-4C2C-96DA-7….jpeg)

Also what kind of asshole makes a custom shirt based on a typo in a fan fic?

206383  No.2141


That dress is real tight around the ass area.

Some said this shows she’s a thong girl…but I remember being surprised at seeing a full pantyline in the video.

d2db5a  No.2142


I'm wearing mine right now.

15d8c5  No.2143


I heard shirts can be big money, where channels 10 times Jen's size can sell over a million dollars in shirts. I wonder if Jenny is making a lot? I'm sure sales don't scale to the point where Jenny could make 100k, but she might make alot

206383  No.2144


I looked and her account has like 30 followers so I doubt she’s making much, she’s doesn’t promote them much.

Her crash bandicoot was like an Easter egg merch even until she tweeted how no one found it and linked to where you could buy it on red bubble.

ce6474  No.2145


I mean, it's not like LA/Hollywood has a shortage of pretty girls.

66fa70  No.2146


Yeah, and I’ve checked pretty girls work at Disneyland so why is Jenny on friends with the fat ones?


Double checked and Jenny has 87 followers on Redbubble so if like 250 guys buy a shirt Jenny’s cut is like $2500.

But that’s peanuts to get getting $8000 a month vs one off shirts every few months.

It’s crazy Jenny will warm half a million dollars off Patreon by 30.

8bb9e1  No.2147


You still haven't post proof. I think you're a liar.

1290ce  No.2148

Old question.

Does anyone know what that Saber dude did, that made Jenny nuke her old tumblr?

1ee4c4  No.2149


That’s pretty damning I’d say. He’s running out of friends. I hope he doesn’t kill himself. I do wonder though, would it make the news if he did?

1290ce  No.2150


It would.

Just for being John Landis son alone, would get the attention.

66fa70  No.2151


Wasn’t Saber, tumblr was another dude, if you follow the message he posts and Jenny replies to that creeped her out, he posts the name of his real account and I checked it out and it’s a different guy.

Jenny just assumes anyone fucking with her is Saber, sucks for him but lucky for everyone e else.

1290ce  No.2152


Then what did the Tumblr guy post?

66fa70  No.2153


It’s on my computer at home, I’ll find it after work for ya.

1290ce  No.2154


Thanks. It's become a chore to keep up with Jenny's life. Lol

15d8c5  No.2155

File: 88baec6b6bbe412⋯.jpg (65.83 KB, 636x368, 159:92, 3guys.jpg)

File: f8936cfa802c5ca⋯.jpg (75.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jenstalk.jpg)


I'll refer to him as "saber" because we don't know for sure who he is. Pic related was tweeted around the time of the incident so I think Jenny is unsure too.

but "saber" was accused by Jenny and Bailey of contacting their friends and family in order to find out about Jenny.

At the same time Jenny said that people were finding obscure personal info about her on tumblr and she deleted it

but Bailey did confirm that the deletion was related to this person

so taking these two statements together, its implied that the people he contacted were hidden deep in her tumblr's history ie, not just Bailey or Chelsea

66fa70  No.2156


Yeah but Saber is someone she replied to directly on Twitter. I’ve seen his picture from other sources, that picture is a different person than the personal tumblr picture.

And both personal pictures were from different platforms well before anything occurred with Jenny so it’s 100% not the same person.

Jenny just hasn’t dug in to see that and assumes it’s all the same guy, she probably thinks he’s the one who stole her mail too.

9e3790  No.2157



Who was meda then? I know that's some guy they've called out on twitter before.

66fa70  No.2158


Just so e other guy from twitter, Jenny can be creeped out by more than one guy.

The fact that she doesn’t know anything about the tumblr guy probably makes her think it’s all him.

66fa70  No.2159



And meda has gone radio silent since November. Jenny threatening to send you restraining order can do that I guess.

66fa70  No.2160

Well, this is way less fun than musing if Jenny would like some pound her ass for Star Wars Land press passes.

66fa70  No.2161


*let someone

15d8c5  No.2162

File: 3c4be26e4532a5f⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 590x125, 118:25, jennyexperiments.jpg)

is it an HD video? is that why it takes time

58e82d  No.2163

File: 7fce685b508f450⋯.png (360.21 KB, 510x717, 170:239, disgust.png)


>Well, this is way less fun than musing if Jenny would let someone pound her ass for Star Wars Land press passes.

Jenny is a good girl! No man is slipping into that tush, press pass or otherwise. You'd have to put a ring on it, and even then probably not.

66fa70  No.2164


That might be it, I thought it was some sort of after effect but just needing a longer processing time is pretty easy technical thing for Jenny to do.

Wonder if she included Last Jedi clips in the video.

6c6685  No.2165

Since Jenny is vegan, I wonder where she gets her protein from?

d2db5a  No.2166

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Vito finally put his video up! It was really the only reason I even subscribed to him. Jenny is so hyper, holy shit!


I'll pull it out of the hamper tomorrow after work and take a pic… jeez.


Maybe she started using a decent codec to render her videos so they don't look like complete ass anymore. Still being on her laptop could explain the wait.

15d8c5  No.2167

File: 814ccb3ffdb40a8⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 578x110, 289:55, meat.jpg)

I think she still eats dairy and egg


remember that channel that said Jenny was a tard and they want to do a video on her? Vito did an episode of their show with them

206383  No.2168


Ha, nice catch. I remember Bailey saying they were paired with a guy who makes video and not liking the Last Jedi.

Wonder if Kat was hating him the whole time.

206383  No.2169


I think Bailey also said Jenny got drunk and threatened the other teams.

15d8c5  No.2170


at the end of the video it says that Kats the only one who is cool with him, weird eh?

206383  No.2171

File: 463482266d31fac⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 68F9186E-96A7-407F-BB9C-CD….png)


Super fucking weird but also…

Jenny is recording the whole thing but only posted a few photos after winning.

Joes Jenny have a vlog she doesn’t actually share or did she come off poorly in the recording and didn’t want to release it?

15d8c5  No.2172


knowing how she likes being original it may be that vito doing a video ruined it for her.

e208bc  No.2173


All three of them look really cute in this.

206383  No.2174

File: f97a2752ef3db8a⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 2F942B74-F673-406B-A6FB-25….png)

File: c3c16754330c5a0⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, F4B359DC-9E4A-44E7-BF4B-A4….png)

File: 85c07b81448c6a7⋯.png (60.7 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, E6C5874D-173C-4654-9664-18….png)

File: 50eda7c93042ce3⋯.png (81.1 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 981583A2-1042-4CD1-BF20-68….png)

File: dbb7dbdd2a0805b⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 880490B6-B18A-4478-8082-47….png)


Well, she didn’t even want to talk to him afterwards so maybe she’s mad about it too.

Jenny was so fucking loud, like an obnoxious 17 year old, I’d say she was drunk but with how Lindsey describes her and some videos of events she’s gone to with friends, holy fuck.

Jenny IS a valley girl, she just is careful to market herself differently on her channel.

206383  No.2175

File: 3d534e46c295cb5⋯.png (642.48 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 0F6CED98-89A5-4B61-BCA8-3E….png)

File: 41e45456a678302⋯.png (637.41 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 1A0D5A93-B025-4936-A76A-08….png)

File: 507ce7e317f96ee⋯.png (734.36 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, A764CFFF-2A95-4480-A2CA-5D….png)

206383  No.2176

File: bba962e27a0512d⋯.png (483.6 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, ABE8FC1F-48E1-466D-B43B-69….png)

File: 7fb7ee78e26bdc8⋯.png (483.54 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, C8472959-D5FB-4AC0-8E48-92….png)

File: 428c7f906777890⋯.png (476.9 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, D4DE1170-3BD6-4999-B4B7-58….png)

Bailey commented, being her usual pleasant self.

Guessing Jenny will pretend it didn’t happen or talk about it on twitter.

206383  No.2177

File: c4dae8e81e78cd2⋯.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, A0AD6A86-4431-46DB-BFCF-C9….png)


Really digging in there

e208bc  No.2178


I think she’s been pretty nice about it, all things considered. He really is just monetizing embarrassing footage he took of them without their permission. She’s being polite.

206383  No.2179


He’s a Youtuber and she knew he was when they met, did she think he wouldn’t post his footage from the event?

It would’ve been super nice of him to ask to post video of them but if they say no, he basically has no footage of the event.

Oh shit. that’s why Jenny never posted hers, he was in all the shots and the SJW Internet thinks Vito hates woman (not kidding) after his Last Jedi dragging video hit like 3 million views.

This guys anti TLJ video has about 2x the views of Jenny’s biggest video.

e208bc  No.2180


I get why he posted it, I just also get why she seemed annoyed. Can’t really fault anyone here.

c7ea1c  No.2181

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's up!


Man, that's such a garbage attitude to have towards someone. Bailey must be really hateful to be around as I can easily imagine her causing awkward interactions almost constantly. Fucking chill, Jesus Christ.


Well it's not like he isn't also making fun of himself in the video and he posted a few weeks ago that he was going to upload this, so it wasn't some surprise release. They could've easily collabed on the final footage used if they only communicated with him.

9e3790  No.2183


Anyone know what the new thing is she did?

206383  No.2184



206383  No.2185


It’s basically this >>2155

but an earlier message that says, hi you blocked this account so I made this account.

And this essay is what he’s replying as apologizing for.

If you still wanna see it let me know

206383  No.2186

File: 48802348e052473⋯.jpeg (462.38 KB, 640x1085, 128:217, 3C843B6D-5729-4B16-8140-D….jpeg)


The ego and balls Jenny has to release a 100 minute YouTube video. Bet this is on the expectation it’ll do crazy views like triggered and if it doesn’t who cares, Patrons won’t leave her.

What is that red stick thing on the thumbnail?


Is my account freaking out or did Vito update the thumbnail fir his video with Henbys new video?

206383  No.2187

File: 6d0f5038ee12f9a⋯.jpeg (363.55 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, C39D7F68-6FD5-4FEB-94C7-8….jpeg)

File: 911be8a438a2a18⋯.jpeg (260.31 KB, 640x1094, 320:547, 20459578-BAE8-41F6-961E-7….jpeg)

Hmm, interesting results when you search for Jenny on Social Blade and considering it’s been 27 days since her last video and Jenny’s averaging 470 subs a day, I think Jenny’s basically done it, she’s always going to get enough new subs that join her Patreon to replace those that fall off.

She can live off 8ka month well into the future with only Patreon videos.

206383  No.2188

File: 36394c872088a75⋯.jpeg (115.64 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, 7586598A-6486-41C5-8030-5….jpeg)

File: f258d5873a7bb9f⋯.jpeg (274.28 KB, 640x1099, 640:1099, F87B0937-E100-4BB7-A317-7….jpeg)

File: 9f00ac7c2aabfdf⋯.jpeg (452.12 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, A4B60478-65D2-4132-8639-4….jpeg)


WTF…Jenny’s funded a giveaway for 8 copies of the book.

Her sarcasm has no bounds.

206383  No.2189

Why are so many comments on the new video about people listening to Jenny to fall asleep?

c7ea1c  No.2190


An Amazon giveaway for the book (I didn't win one unfortunately).


>did Vito update the thumbnail fir his video

lol, looks like it.

487c83  No.2191


She said on Twitter that she was doing something different with this video that would take another 6-12 hours to process.

c73062  No.2192


I'm shocked that they actually do. Especially Bailey.

15d8c5  No.2193


>Is my account freaking out or did Vito update the thumbnail fir his video with Henbys new video?

he does describe her as a "much bigger youtuber" so I think he knows how to get views off her

and I hope bailey was joking about the "legs and feet" thing, she was dancing so what do you expect

487c83  No.2194


I don’t like the implication there that Bailey ever looks anything but cute.

075371  No.2195


I'm just saying you can tell they dressed up for the event for going downtown at night.

Believe me, of all of Jenny's friends, I'd be quick to get up on Bailey, if I had to choose

58e82d  No.2196



>and I hope bailey was joking about the "legs and feet" thing, she was dancing so what do you expect

It's a subtle brag. The implication being that her legs are just soooo perfect that this poor guy couldn't control himself and must have been drooling over her, when clearly he's just trying to film what was going on at the event.

a5a144  No.2197

Man, if Vito's video is an accurate account of hanging out with Jenny, Kat and Bailey………then Jenny just might be in last place for me out of the three.

Jut as far as hanging out though. Not…….other things, I'd want to do.

206383  No.2198


> An Amazon giveaway for the book (I didn't win one unfortunately).

Are you sure that’s what it was? It’s weird that would take 6-12 for the raffle to start.

You guys think Jenny should’ve mentioned Star Wars in the title? I don’t know if as many people will search or care about Reylo as do Triggered.

And just like Triggered, I’d bet money the viewing average for this will be well under 50%, especially from non subbed people to Jenny’s content.

How many ad breaks has she even put on that long a video? That could double or triple her money off the same video.

206383  No.2199


> hanging out with Jenny, Kat and Bailey………then Jenny just might be in last place

Yeah no kidding, Jenny’s way too much but again I think Bailey and Jenny joked about this and on her stream didn’t Bailey joke Jenny had like 3 drinks?

If not…oh man, can you imagine how annoying Jenny would be at Star Wars Land.

56c8cf  No.2200


The funny thing is, Jenny might be more chill on a regular date.

By why would Jenny ever want to go on a regular date, when you've got all these events like Alita Escape and Galaxy's Edge in the LA area.

Also, hypothetically speaking, if you were in Vito's place, how would you go about getting Jenny to come home with you if we were acting like she was in the video.

56c8cf  No.2201


^*if she was acting*

206383  No.2202


Has Jenny become a total hype fan/valley girl with a calm, meticulous, and professional demeanor online?

Like if Disney sponsored her for some events she’d be screaming and woooing in half those videos?

I remember her saying how at the Last Jedi premier she yelled wooo during the hyper speed ramming scene and everyone heard her because the sound cuts in that scene.

Who fucking cheers AT movies?

206383  No.2203


> how would you go about getting Jenny to come home with you if we were acting like she was in the video.

You wouldn’t, you’d take Kat, the calm girl chatting with and smiling at you the whole night.

Jenny’s the failed drunk girl attempt or worse…or ask her about Disneyland history.

fba66e  No.2204


For that night,

Marry: Kat

Fuck: Bailey

Kill: Jenny☹️

fba66e  No.2205


That was the Hollywood Premiere too, wasn't it

Oh, Jenny.

Just imagine the sounds she makes from an orgasm.

8bb9e1  No.2206

File: 5e9c3979c4df437⋯.jpg (19.94 KB, 525x490, 15:14, 24dc64acec752656a70a6f09a1….jpg)


>Kill: Jenny

Sounding a little treasonous there, friendo.





d2db5a  No.2207

File: 4d150994a7b30ff⋯.jpg (6.53 MB, 5472x4080, 114:85, PROOF.jpg)


Personally I loved her energy. That event looked pretty ghetto and Jenny still had the time of her life. That's what you want if she's going to be dragging you to every other event in LA (because they ain't all going to be winners).


>how would you go about getting Jenny to come home with you if we were acting like she was in the video

First, I'd pit myself against Bailey and make her treat me extremely poorly (should take literally seconds), then I'd use that bitchyness to play Jenny against her. My goal would be to separate Jenny from Bailey so I could speak to her one on one. There's no chance otherwise with Bailey there spoiling her mind.

Oh who am I kidding, Jenny would have me completely disarmed with her cuteness. I would be no match.

487c83  No.2208


Isn’t the ideal scenario to be friends with Jenny, going out with Bailey and then once bailey breaks up with you because she’s so self sabotaging you get together with Jenny as she finally realises she’s getting too old to be single and you’re the only single male friend she has left that hasn’t failed her or possibly raped someone.

d2db5a  No.2209

File: 3ff0e1c649ed5ef⋯.webm (13.34 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….webm)


>she finally realises she’s getting too old to be single

I'm convinced this day will never come.

66fa70  No.2210


> Just imagine the sounds she makes from an orgasm.

Why imagine, find the clip she tweeted of her seeing the animatronic shark head back in Halloween at a haunted ride with her dad and sister.

I think she legitimately climaxed.

Jenny doesn’t feel physical pleasure, only mental satisfaction from themed events and parks.

66fa70  No.2211


> I'm convinced this day will never come.


729dd6  No.2212


Isn't there a myth that girls who ride horses can get orgasms from riding rough on the saddle

d2db5a  No.2213

File: b2797e68938f44a⋯.jpg (150.4 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_o6duin3ehz1qm6odzo1….jpg)

File: ce8f332122359a2⋯.jpg (192.07 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_o4kqx4VpoE1qm6odzo1….jpg)

File: f928624d6e39b6f⋯.jpg (159.66 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_o4kqx4VpoE1qm6odzo2….jpg)

File: aada089b497fa12⋯.jpg (276.93 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, Csg1mP0UsAA_1te-orig.jpg)

File: 6976cf4c3e57f2f⋯.jpg (472.83 KB, 2048x1679, 2048:1679, Ddr5t5fV4AAmcKi.jpg)


>having to compete with Jorn

Never gonna make it. ;_;

372b59  No.2214



729dd6  No.2215

Someone post that pic of her wearing the hat with HORSE on it, and BOYS crossed out.

d2db5a  No.2216

File: 5c763e0f4c15c02⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 581x480, 581:480, tumblr_mo4g720Vhs1qm6odzo1….jpg)


>ywn be Jenny's horse

66fa70  No.2217


Also Jenny learned to ride equestrian where she’s basically doing two small hops then a big hip.

There’s a video of her riding Jorn in that pattern, her legs and hips are made for that.

It’s truly a loss she’s never banged some lucky bastard cowgirl style.

5e7776  No.2218


How do you she hasn't?

c698ae  No.2219


I think that's the hidden, eighth symptom of fetal alcohol syndrome.

5e7776  No.2220


I know everyone here jokes about the FAS.

But Jenny's showed a picture of her mom when she was in her early 30s holding baby Jenny.

And Jenny's mom's face looks just like adult Jenny's face now.

So Jenny doesn't have FAS, or at least 1st generation FAS

66fa70  No.2221


That’s a topic of discussion about if Jenny’s got a boyfriend or if she’s EVER had one.

That fact none of us can prove she had a BF (except maybe Griffin for a minute) with all the info she’s shared pre-Youtube fame (when she used to post her cell phone number on tumblr) almost prices she’s always been single and loving it.

9e3790  No.2222


It just seems so improbable though. Not to have at least had a few short term things.

66fa70  No.2223


That’s possible but Jenny doesn’t seem like a girl who’d fuck a short term boyfriend so it’s possible she’s had short terms boyfriends and is a virgin.

274bee  No.2224


I doubt she still has her v card.

If anything, she did stuff in college.

But she may have come to the conclusion for herself while in LA, that it's either fame or the dating life for her.

And she chose fame.

9e3790  No.2225


Yeah I'll go along with she's never had a "serious" relationship, but no way she's a virgin.

15d8c5  No.2226

File: d6e5522e853de12⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 528x96, 11:2, vitojen.jpg)


its more common these days especially with feminist types

besides, jenny likes to be in control of herself and sex takes that away.

Vito changed the thumbnail back, I think there's a little passive aggressive back and forth happening

66fa70  No.2227

File: e82befbce7860a6⋯.jpeg (317.21 KB, 640x1100, 32:55, 6637A333-C19E-40D9-AB6E-2….jpeg)

Creep Dan checking out little kids movie.

66fa70  No.2228


Don’t know, just don’t see Jenny getting pounded awkwardly on a twin with a cute boy from lit class.

66fa70  No.2229

File: e9536c14f8bd0b7⋯.jpeg (43.08 KB, 589x211, 589:211, 4DFF03E6-9B43-4997-846C-7….jpeg)


Asked him why Jenny recorded the event but didn’t post anything, Vito said it was probably because of him.

66fa70  No.2230


Cause remember bailey said Jenny texted her and told her they were going, and Jenny was the most excited and brought a camera with a little hand gripe so she must’ve wanted to make a video or share it with Lindsey as a joke…so having a Last Jedi hater with them probably left a salty taste in her mouth.

15d8c5  No.2231


Jenny: "Im almost done editing my battle angel lolita video"

Lindsay: "that sexist movie that the misogynists used to attack captain marvel and WOMEN? no you're not"

11f351  No.2232


after seeing this 100 % Jenny has been fucked drunk. she hides so much of this side of her personality

66fa70  No.2233


> Jenny fucked drunk

Hmm, maybe in college?

Bailey wasn’t there to protect the puss

d2db5a  No.2234

File: f99ada24310ab6d⋯.jpg (182.89 KB, 1080x661, 1080:661, Innocence.jpg)


I've never known a girl (like Jenny) to pull off the innocence thing so we'll and not be… well, innocent. Sex it's a real power trip for women and they use and abuse that once they discover all the things sex with them actually unlocks in life. None of her friends really seem to treat her as a sexual rival either… people are so much nicer when you're not competing with them on that front (even subconsciously).

If anyone ever got in there though, it was Griff.


Poor Vito. He seems like a level-headed (if a bit obnoxious) dude who just can't win with Disney foot soldiers, blue check marks and "feminists".

66fa70  No.2235


I can never tell when Jenny is being fake and sarcastic.

Also she likes snakes the way she likes spiders, in a very public outspoken way but never interested in getting one.

206383  No.2236

File: e7c3165c69f3162⋯.jpeg (335.12 KB, 640x1083, 640:1083, 189487CF-799C-4A5A-87B9-2….jpeg)

Jenny talking Game of Thrones.

Also, Lindsey has like pet snakes or some shit.

206383  No.2237

File: c7e498f0caf55ce⋯.jpeg (283.61 KB, 640x685, 128:137, 107B82D6-6279-4B7F-AA09-1….jpeg)


Jenny’s brain is weird or her ego huge.

She originally tweets Lindsey about a GOT convo she’s having with others, then 2 hours later just makes a related tweet but without tagging anyone like it’s for her audience when it’s related to something others were talking about.

206383  No.2238

File: 120fab7a618da36⋯.jpeg (565.4 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, 80AFCD57-CBA5-44EC-9BE3-8….jpeg)


Pretty sure Jenny will get a hotel room to get a reservation at Star Wars Land.

206383  No.2239

11 pm dinner? Yeah, Jenny’s single as fuck.

206383  No.2240

File: 708055163bbc3cd⋯.jpeg (159.82 KB, 640x547, 640:547, 5E9B5B9D-576F-43D4-B382-F….jpeg)

206383  No.2241

File: c711c18fc4c505c⋯.jpeg (410.28 KB, 640x908, 160:227, 62C2CEFC-E26E-4FF5-AD6C-D….jpeg)

File: b261f89349c22eb⋯.jpeg (444.9 KB, 640x822, 320:411, 25736959-0005-47AD-8BF8-2….jpeg)

In 36 hours the new book review has 2/3 the views of the Buzzy video and if it does as well as Triggered, Jenny will be making a lot more of these month long videos this year, they’re by far her most popular recently.

Just so surprised how many people who aren’t subbed to Jenny are seeing an hour 40 video about a book they’re not interested in and clicking play.

206383  No.2242

File: 872c6267d2d8a11⋯.jpeg (250.68 KB, 640x713, 640:713, 73B39E3B-616A-4BC8-B303-5….jpeg)

File: 00aa50114488e86⋯.jpeg (187.07 KB, 640x582, 320:291, 60A2CA1E-75D2-46F5-9456-8….jpeg)

File: 04dd6607f8d1c80⋯.jpeg (169.16 KB, 640x612, 160:153, C0A35229-FCF8-438F-953B-B….jpeg)


Question answered.

I’m more shocked whenever Jenny talks about video games, maybe she’s practically for streaming that people here said would start next month.

71c230  No.2243

Looks like Bailey's moving into a new apartment

206383  No.2244

File: 4c4d72abf8a038a⋯.jpeg (163.83 KB, 640x412, 160:103, B7A5233C-CCAC-4B96-8B27-C….jpeg)

File: 181af9b40fd83fc⋯.jpeg (285.31 KB, 640x1005, 128:201, CAE4195A-058E-4FCC-90F3-0….jpeg)

File: 98fd1674a8a1056⋯.jpeg (179.81 KB, 640x518, 320:259, D5DB0704-0ACA-4C46-8219-9….jpeg)

Ohhh shit, will Jenny eat a humble pie or just forget she’s been shitting on Depp for years.


Because of parking fees, fucking LA man, can’t believe Baileys still there. Success didn’t happen for you go home Bailey, before Jenny has to support you and awkwardly appear in all your videos.

8bb9e1  No.2245

Interesting timing that only days after Jenny pulled a tweet because of a mass shooting joke, there was a mass shooting.

15d8c5  No.2246


is youtube trying to push book reviews?


hmm, if footage of the wife abusing the daughter came out, would Jenny apologize


>Because of parking fees, fucking LA man

What does it say that Bailey doesn't move in with Brandon and his girlfriend, theyre always looking for roommates… It might just say that she wants to be on her own.

629238  No.2247


Who's Brandon ?

76c8e9  No.2248


I think it says that Bailey turns 28 this year and that Brandon is like 22.

cf10dc  No.2249

Oh right. Bailey's streaming partner.

Doubt Bailey would want to live with roommates again. Especially with Sammy Davis Jr

d2db5a  No.2250

File: 61682abd3808ba0⋯.jpg (658.57 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20190315002250_1.jpg)

File: a6e31a2a43f6701⋯.jpg (646.76 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 20190315002201_1.jpg)


>Lindsey has like pet snakes or some shit

Well, reptiles have about the same emotional level as her, so they're a natural fit.


>streaming that people here said would start next month

Still entirely possible, there will be another ramble in between, so she might have an update. My guess is that if video games are involved, it'd Switch and PC games as that is all she would have.

…speaking of PC games; I found out last night night that the Sonic Adventure games were on PC after seeing that sale on Steam (something Jenny wanted to replay). Guess I even owned one of them SA:DX (I have 500+ games, so I hardly know what's in there). And goddamn, is that shit ever hard to control. I couldn't even run in a fucking straight line.

Good luck to Jenny if she plays that.

15d8c5  No.2251

this is an obscure joke, but you know how snakes are fed fetal mice, from pet stores? I imagined Lindsay feeding the snake her aborted fetus.


>Still entirely possible

I forget, did she confirm she would stream?

874291  No.2252

Looks like Bailey's married friend Krystina is pregnant.

How long before Bailey feels the need to scratch that itch?

66fa70  No.2253


Jenny’s got a PS4 too from when she and Kirsten played it and posted a photo holding the controllers before going to the premiere.

66fa70  No.2254

Jenny’s been quiet all day, bet she’s at Disneyland celebrating another big video hit with viewership.

c7ea1c  No.2255


Confirm? No, but she sounded like she definitely wants to try it. I think think she'll enjoy how low-effort it is once set up. It's basically just "turn it on and go" once you're settled. Don't know if she'll enjoy the low viewer count for her 3am or later (peak Jenny hours) streams though.


But Bailey already has a son…


I didn't know that was hers, cool. I wouldn't mind watching her play through Kingdom Hearts.

66fa70  No.2256


> I didn't know that was hers

I think I saw it on her tv shelf counter when she was showing some toys stuff off.

9e3790  No.2257

File: 8d627164151be45⋯.jpg (166.45 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 53419791_299551907384177_1….jpg)

New Goosedrunks is up!

c7ea1c  No.2258

File: 94acbd98475ed66⋯.jpg (193.18 KB, 1080x439, 1080:439, Jenny toeing the line.jpg)

God, I hate when a psycho mentions either site when they lose it… then I get associated with their insanity instead of just being a guy who likes communication without the usual filters. I'm so glad we moved off 8/tv/ so the chance of her seeing these threads is pretty much zero.


Can't wait to watch this when I find the time.

9e3790  No.2259


Yeah it is a bit annoying for us all to be lumped in with the white supremacists when we’re actually a diverse group of unique creeps and weirdos.

I’m actually really happy with how this board and these threads have gone since we left tv, the gossip and detective work is more cohesive and easier to follow and the whole tone is far more positive.

15d8c5  No.2260


>Don't know if she'll enjoy the low viewer count for her 3am or later (peak Jenny hours) streams though.

A morning show would be nice, with sleepy Jenny


those rumors of the site shutting down, combined with this.. maybe the site owner will decide its too much trouble

c7ea1c  No.2261

File: ad724516f90fd09⋯.jpg (433.06 KB, 1280x1807, 1280:1807, 5ad09db4-7434-4a7b-87ef-cf….jpg)


>lumped in with the white supremacists

He would've fallen in with a cult, white supremacism simply found him first. He was a retard who became exactly what he hated.

>the whole tone is far more positive

It is nice not having people constantly shitting on Jenny. She doesn't do anything near offensive enough to justify the sort of hate gets elsewhere on either chan.


>sleepy Jenny

I don't know of I could handle that sort of cuteness.

9e3790  No.2262


It is a shame, this whole furor could be the death knell of this site. Is there a place we could go elsewhere?

206383  No.2263

File: 3cff448b16db2c8⋯.jpeg (321.63 KB, 640x1009, 640:1009, E755F233-B0A1-4179-9F6C-B….jpeg)

File: 134d9cb74f90352⋯.jpeg (390 KB, 640x688, 40:43, 1343B306-0BED-45D4-9352-0….jpeg)

Jenny loves that an actual girl bought that dumbass shirt and not just guys who wanna fuck her.


> whole tone is far more positive.

Except for me and like 2-3 others, y’all love Jenny.


Discord? I keep hearing about it from YouTube rewards on Patreon but am not sure what it’s about.

Or a private reddit page we’d moderate.


Jenny doing her part.

523879  No.2264


God, your life must be so boring to spend so much time obsessing over a Youtuber you don’t like.

c7ea1c  No.2265

File: 4adebacc645ba87⋯.jpg (355.29 KB, 1080x1031, 1080:1031, There Make Be Snakes Fanar….jpg)

File: 19596a114cb5dcb⋯.jpg (98.96 KB, 1286x1229, 1286:1229, D1we3DKUgAIeYix-orig.jpg)


We'll meet at Cosmic Ray's once a year on Jenny's birthday and exchange coded information.


Did the novelty of fans wearing her merch wear off already? She doesn't retweet very many posts anymore. Because I've seen more than a few fans post in their shirts and almost nothing has made it to her Twitter page.

And I caved and ordered her latest tee… I'm weak.

8bb9e1  No.2266

File: 280bb3a1bc8f7ff⋯.png (485.67 KB, 538x730, 269:365, 12380805745745686906795683….png)


Watching it now. Already happy I am.


>that red tumblr nose



It's been a whole 24 hours or something since it's happened. If we're still here now, we're probably not going anywhere again anytime soon. The UN will want to keep this place operating so they can observe and possibly counter future actions. They need us.

15d8c5  No.2267


>The UN will want to keep this place operating so they can observe and possibly counter future actions. They need us.

I just realized how many government officials and law enforcement agents have come to this board. they probably archived the whole website… poor Jenny never asked for erotic bully fanfic of her to be preserved in whatever the New Zealand version of area 51 is.

206383  No.2268


> Your life must be so boring

Yes…but also surprisingly no.

I forget Jenny exists most of the day then I remember during the boring moments & get curious. Would love to make it stop tbh.


She’s retweeting girls, so if she’s not retweeting guys that makes sense, she’s trying to get more female viewers and gay men like Lindsey’s channel.

206383  No.2269

File: 10d79de2a64bbdd⋯.jpeg (304.43 KB, 640x842, 320:421, 868A829F-95C8-4093-9012-6….jpeg)


You think Jenny would delete this retweet if she knew Fatima wanted to finger her

206383  No.2270

File: c69580b6b873db5⋯.jpeg (219.12 KB, 640x739, 640:739, 6857FE92-ED6B-4608-9EFE-0….jpeg)

No wonder Jenny looked so terrified on the incredicoaster with lindsey.

8bb9e1  No.2271


>she will never give you this look

9e3790  No.2272


>she will never give you any look

8bb9e1  No.2273

File: 5eebb7a5f4e2605⋯.jpg (52.56 KB, 739x600, 739:600, 1408748114877.jpg)

206383  No.2274

Jenny tweeted at 3 am and 8 am…does she sleep 5 hours a day or does she sleep at 8 am everyday?

9e3790  No.2275


I think you'd drive yourself mad trying to follow her sleeping pattern. She's all over the place.

c7ea1c  No.2276


>Jenny never asked for erotic bully fanfic of her to be preserved

To think, that's going to be some is the last remnants of humanity… archived in a government facility somewhere. I hope future beings can decode and appreciate one man's story of sexually dominating Jenny.


I've posted a similar cap for eons (unfortunately I don't have it on mobile), nice to know Jenny likes it.


She lives like a NEET, with no schedule whatsoever.

206383  No.2277


> nice to know Jenny likes it.

Just to clarify, Faltima said she really wanted that snake T-shirt of Jenny’s and did a drawing of it which Jenny retweeted.

Faltima likes the pic.

Nothing indicates Jenny likes it.

794a29  No.2278

File: 06781e750ef98ad⋯.png (487.36 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 3B0EB328-2E90-42A3-A21D-D7….png)

File: aed572c8cc772e2⋯.png (224.01 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 229A8D73-B5CB-4247-A954-87….png)

File: 55add96922e1790⋯.png (149.93 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FFC172FB-9AE8-47AC-BF7A-DB….png)

Nathan Grayson of Kotaku tweeted several weeks ago that his girlfriend had been playing Breath of the Wild and spending all her time getting the best horse. Then today he tweeted that he watched someone play bomberman on switch, a day after Jenny tweeted about it.

I’ve been suspicions about him for a while because I can’t understand why Jenny doesn’t follow him on Twitter. She has hung out with him at least twice that we know of, including on Halloween. With how vigilant she is about networking, why wouldn’t she follow him, and especially because he seems to have been good friends with Kat for a while. The Zelda tweet about horses made me curious, I was waiting to see if Jenny would ever tweet a screenshot like “look how cute my horses are”, but this bomberman tweet is pretty fucking telling to me. Why would he be randomly tweeting about a 2 year old game right after she did. I really don’t want to say it, but I’m pretty sure he’s secret boyfriend.

206383  No.2279

File: f52c5955b508e1b⋯.jpeg (234.3 KB, 640x676, 160:169, 96D7D3CA-4851-4F08-AA7C-8….jpeg)


9 am to 4 pm today looks like.

9e3790  No.2280


I thought he was Kat's boyfriend.

794a29  No.2281


That was never confirmed. They have known each other for a while but that’s about all we know. I think she introduced them and now they are together.

9e3790  No.2282


That would be a shame, because judging by his tweets he's so fucking boring.

206383  No.2283


I think you might be on to something here, he perfectly fits the mold of feminist, gamer nerd, LA hipster plus he kind of reminds me of Griffin BUT

others have mentioned before and while checking out his twitter so did >>2280

I think he’s with Kat (he took Jenny & Kats pics during Halloween) which can explain why he’s talking about this stuff if Jenny’s at Kats place or vice verse, even maybe Jenny’s telling Kat about certain games to play but it is weird Jenny wouldn’t follow Kats boyfriend who’s in the “industry” in LA.

Having said that, if he was just Kats friend, she could’ve set them up and he could totally be Jenny’s boyfriend.

Kinda shocking but we always joked on 4chan Jenny was picking up Chads at bars so least she’s not doing that. He seems like the type of guy to wait months or till marriage, she Jenny feels comfortable when he fucks her.

9e3790  No.2284


I guess he's just someone else to track obsessively now. At least he'll make it easier if he feels the need to brag about having an anonymous girlfriend.

9e3790  No.2285


Private instagram as well. What a chump.

206383  No.2286


> he's so fucking boring.

Guessing so is Lindsey’s husband. Stable, sensitive, understanding and boring.

This way the girls can go to all the conventions, theme parks, Youtube events and vacations they want (with or without these guys) and he’ll be waiting at home with some tea and a foot rub.

But least Jenny’s guy can bang that fantastic body, not sure what Lindsey man gets.

Since the guy shares zero personal pictures, I dare someone to reply to that tweet and ask him point blank if he’s dating Jenny Nicholson (hell tag her) and if they block you then it’s confirmed.

9e3790  No.2287

File: c0857539e1f0b42⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 1080x804, 90:67, 53499924_10156202203128424….jpg)


His facebook says he lives in San Francisco, and this pic is from March 11. I'm pretty sure he's Kat's bf.

794a29  No.2288


He’s also followed by Lindsey Ellis. Jenny follows random dudes she meets out and about because they both like weird soda, why wouldn’t she follow a leftist industry guy like him unless she wanted to keep him a secret?

9e3790  No.2289


He is friends with Jenny, Lindsay and Kat and facebook, but not Bailey.

206383  No.2290


Last thing,

1. Fantastic detective work.

2. I don’t think Jenny ever had Breath if the Wild and she’s pretty good about mentioning the games she owns…maybe she played his copy?

3. If true, he’s at her play watching her play for hours. Besides her dad, he’s probably the first guy inside Jenny’s apartment, shocking stuff.

206383  No.2291


Jenny’s home town (San Ramon) is an hour from San Fran.

794a29  No.2292


His twitter says he’s in LA, pretty sure he moved there a while ago. He and Kat have been good friends and traveled to industry events together. The closest thing I found pointing to them being together was he made some post about his gf playing xcom 2 and she was making tweets about playing it at that time as well, BUT that was the week the game came out so lots of people were playing it, so it’s not very strong evidence.

Those tweets came from 2016 or 17, and maybe 8 months after them he wrote an article for Kotaku about emotionally cheating on his girlfriend and the Witcher 3 making him feel bad about it or some shit. I remember in it he talked about it being the best relationship he had, and he never physically cheated, just grew close to someone else. So if they were dating back then it seemed like the girlfriend in the article would have been Kat. Who can say if they got back together, or remained friends enough that Kat could be ok with hooking him up with Jenny.

9e3790  No.2293


I'm not convinced yet, the only concrete link is bomberman and that his girlfriend likes horses. Kat has tweeted about horses before, lots of girls like horses, it's not just a Jenny thing.

It's definitely something to keep an eye on moving forward though.

794a29  No.2294


About Jenny playing zelda, I do think it’s weord she wouldn’t have mentioned playing it or tweeting pictures of her horses if she was playing, but perhaps she is saving some of that for her live stream. Also, he wrote an article about watching his “friend” play the game, so it could have been a thing where she didn’t want to mention the game knowing he would be writing about it so that people wouldn’t be suspicions. They let their guard down both tweeting about bomberman if that’s the case.

It’s also worth saying for those unfamiliar. Nathan was the guy at the center of the gamer gate controversy, that wrote articles about Zoe Quinn whole be was fucking her without disclosing their relationship, leading to the whole “ethics in games” stuff. So it would make sense that Nathan would want to keep a relationship secret, to protect his gf from any such trouble.

206383  No.2295


> I'm not convinced yet

Hmmm, agreed.

> It's definitely something to keep an eye on moving forward though.

Also agree.


Yeah, I guess the fact he said he watched his “girlfriend” play breath of the wild (which we can’t link to Jenny) but he watched “someone” play bomberman (which we can connect to Jenny) shows a clear distinction in these two people he’s talking about.

Also if he deletes those tweets or makes his FB super private in the coming days, we’ll know Jenny’s sphere checks us out here.

Basically impossible Bailey wouldn’t follow Jenny’s boyfriend on FB (still follows Max) does she follow him on Twitter?

9e3790  No.2296


No, only Kat and Lindsay follow him on twitter. I still feel like you can't read too much into Jenny's follows on twitter. She only just started following her own sister a few weeks ago.

It could just be she only follows people who have tweets she interested in reading and she doesn't care about esports and his views on gaming.

c7ea1c  No.2297


I just don't see Jenny playing BotW. That's a much more complex game than she likes. The Bomberman thing could be explained by him watching Kat play against Jenny.

>I’m pretty sure he’s secret boyfriend

I don't know, it's really hard to imagine her with a man, her personality is soooo… you know.


We can always overanalyze his tweets. Nothing stood out to me after a cursory glance through his history though.

Love all the detective work though.

15d8c5  No.2298

Jenny deserves better, someone who works for kotaku? please no.

also jenny's shirts are way more popular than I figured, there must be at least 10 times as many people who bought one than there are who tweet about buying it

206383  No.2299


> perhaps she is saving some of that for her live stream

Ehh, we can verify if she ever streams.

> thing where she didn’t want to mention the game knowing he would be writing about it

Feels like unrealistic 4d chess conspiracy

> Nathan was the guy at the center of the gamer gate controversy, fucking Zoe Quinn

Oh shit, then I have a hard time believing Jenny (with her options and generally happy to be single lifestyle) would get into a relationship with a guy with that history or baggage.

Even if she didn’t know when they met, you know Jenny googles the shit out of everyone she meets for networking purposes.

Ok, I’m falling back into him being Kats BF and Jenny not following him cause she isn’t interested in him to any degree but being associated with him through her friend.

9e3790  No.2300


>I’m falling back into him being Kats BF and Jenny not following him cause she isn’t interested in him to any degree but being associated with him through her friend.

That's where I'm at right now as well, it'll be fun to keep an eye on it though.

206383  No.2301


> her personality is soooo

Perpetually stuck as a 14 year old way too excited to go to Disneyland for the 10th time in the same summer with her parents?

206383  No.2302

File: 12880711d2c99e3⋯.jpeg (175.27 KB, 640x1048, 80:131, 75FE0549-B226-416B-9051-D….jpeg)


What do you mean, cause her followers on Redbubble aren’t many.

15d8c5  No.2303


I assume you can buy from her without following her

has jenny said anything about her representation yet?

206383  No.2304


I’m sure but are you saying she’s sold 100 shirts, 1000?

206383  No.2305

File: 15b522f731889cb⋯.jpeg (281.87 KB, 640x1051, 640:1051, 9E7E1B82-8AF5-4CD5-A723-B….jpeg)


Jenny gained a 124 Patrons in 8 days, nice little raise.

c7ea1c  No.2306

File: d475392abdad3d8⋯.jpg (536.37 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, tumblr_o3nxhrw0TU1qf0drro1….jpg)


How long do you think you could last in Jenny's world as her boyfriend?

Keep in mind:

• You'll be going to Disneyland multiple times a week.

• Going out. Every. Single. Night.

• She shows little interest in sex (but she'd be nice enough to let you use her body if your a good car).

• You'd be sharing the bed with her giant Porg.

• Dealing with her veganism (which means you're likely gonna be a vegan too)

• She'd be the breadwinner of the house.

I think I could hang in several months before she'd wear me down. The vegan thing would be absolutely killing me the whole time though. Tried that for a month and was literally always hungry and had almost no energy.


>I assume you can buy from her without following her

I grabbed both of her shirts and I don't follow her.

9e3790  No.2307


I'd be willing to give it a try, also unless something has changed recently she's a vegetarian not a vegan. She's talked repeatedly about how much she loves cheese.

d2db5a  No.2308

File: 5231882c6c8c9b5⋯.jpg (497.95 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D11CminU4AAnXgs-orig.jpg)


>she's a vegetarian not a vegan

You're right… but either option looks rough.

a9f109  No.2309

File: 44a0f0202d7e0e9⋯.jpeg (306.26 KB, 640x1023, 640:1023, 589EE340-3D52-49BB-B9E6-B….jpeg)

File: c35e219bdecdc4f⋯.jpeg (364.04 KB, 640x1002, 320:501, 7E8A9DCD-5FD1-4463-BB25-0….jpeg)


That looks like salad Jenny had for a snack a few days ago.

Ok, does literally everyone in Hollywood follow Jenny from the director of Star Wars to the writer of the new Pokémon movie?

Jenny making a Marry, fuck, kill joke?

206383  No.2310

File: 7add8942e58e188⋯.jpeg (360.35 KB, 640x928, 20:29, B475BF9F-1133-4BDF-9691-F….jpeg)

Hmm, another reminder Jenny’s got a whole life of activities she does that we never know about.

Why did I assume if she wasn’t tweeting about it, it was just a grocery run or getting toiletries.

206383  No.2311


This is s rather raunchy tweet for Jenny to like, not at all on her cute innocent girl brand.

206383  No.2312

File: ac88e891b9364e5⋯.jpeg (450.24 KB, 640x1086, 320:543, E0020D89-2438-4FCC-A6F1-1….jpeg)

206383  No.2313


Considering how terrified Jenny is of being raped and murdered, I’m surprised she was driving around LA at 1 in the morning.

9bba2f  No.2314


When the car is moving it is hard for the murderer to catch

206383  No.2315


But she’d have to walk to her car at some point.

9e3790  No.2316


Why do people always get so pissy about the fact she doesn’t want to constantly broadcast her plans and location.

She doesn’t want to meet us, that doesn’t mean she’s some kind of insane agoraphobe incapable of living a normal life.

15d8c5  No.2317

I had a dream last night that Jenny had a photo on twitter where you could see her vagina. I thought it was pretty slutty of her.


wooooow namedropping yourself just to get Jens attention, what a weiner

2be9bc  No.2318


Because they don't understand boundaries like thinking someone is cool and enjoying their work doesn't entitle you to their friendship/devotion

2be9bc  No.2319


I ended up looking into this a while ago but couldn't find anything but dead ends.

It's a regular squarespace website with privacy protection, and all the images are stock so no hints there.

Fun trivia the title of the contact page is book your stay. The creator's page is also called commodities.

A condensed version of the sitemap found at https://www.vidward.com/sitemap.xml :

> https://www.vidward.com/contact1

> https://www.vidward.com/home

> https://www.vidward.com/commodities

> https://www.vidward.com/purchase

> https://www.vidward.com/apply

> https://www.vidward.com/our-mission

> https://www.vidward.com/blog

> https://www.vidward.com/careers

A whois history revealed the previous owner of the domain to be a chess coach for whom it expired in 2009. https://pastebin.com/DH4h3eSd

On 2017-07-03 it was registered through GoDaddy. It then appears to have expired on 2018-07-03.

On 2019-13-01 it was purchased for a year through squarespace.

So unfortunately nothing there.

Next is the business name. The business is listed as being in Portland.

I was unable to find vidward in the City of Portland (https://www.portlandoregon.gov/revenue/lookup/index.cfm?) , Portland new businesses list (https://www.portlandoregon.gov/revenue/article/{714133,711449,708393}), the Oregon secretary of state lookup (https://sos.oregon.gov/business/pages/find.aspx) or the national trademark database (https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks-application-process/search-trademark-database).

It also doesn't seem to exist on LinkedIn or anywhere other than this website and Jenny's twitter.

Is Portland her hometown?

At this point I feel like the only option for finding out more info it catfishing them via contact, but I'm not gonna do that so one of you can.

Honestly my best guess is Jenny was approached by a friend or decided to do this herself. Literally the only mention of this company is her twitter and the website.

Make herself look more professional for bigger sponsor money and put a bit of a firewall between herself and wierdos. Perhaps expand to management of other people as well for a passive income stream.

Also, not sure if it's been seen before but in this vids comments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hieeq0KxUFw) what appears to be Jenny's old yt channel is linked (https://www.youtube.com/user/jennyeni)

Plus a cool playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLewuL5ddZAtL6Gl1KkAZJFLvghfcTKda8

9e3790  No.2320


They could be listed under a different name, vidward could just be a part of larger company.

The old youtube channel is a good find, shame there's nothing good there. I assume if there ever was it's all unlisted now. Jenny's got an annoying habit of unlisting videos.

2be9bc  No.2321


Very true, but I feel like it would be unusual to take the webpage live before creating a legal entity/finishing the website properly. I guess time will tell.

9e3790  No.2322


Knowing Jenny she’s probably chosen them because they’re taking the least money and giving her the lost control over what she does, so them being new or makeshift makes sense.

I assume more established companies that know what they are doing would charge more and might force certain products or sponsorships on to her.

9e3790  No.2323


Most control not lost control.

de0207  No.2324


When I first started watching Jenny videos, I did look up and find that stupid fake bully PSA, that she and Griffin did. I enjoyed it. It's funny.

Plus it's a full look at 21 year old Jenny.

15d8c5  No.2325


"your oldest videos on youtube" would be a good ramble topic


I almost want to contact the website and ask if they want me as an intern; but I cant help but think its a honeypot for jenny obsessors to out themselves

de0207  No.2326

On her instagram, she still has the old link and not vidward.

So odd. You would think her representation would make sure all aspects of her social media have their link on them.

9e3790  No.2327


She hardly ever uses her instagram. It wouldn't surprise me if she forgot about it. That's a way we'll know if this management are nagging her or anything if she starts to become really active on social media.

68d23c  No.2328

I would willingly decorate her cervix with my potent semen - purely voluntary, of course.

206383  No.2329



> people always get so pissy

What are you talking about?

Jenny has consistently shown she’s worried for her safety from fans but even before that mentioned the priority of finding in a safe part of LA.

Where did you read I was angry that she was outside at 1 am?

Most woman wouldn’t feel comfortable out at 1 am.

9e3790  No.2330


>Considering how terrified Jenny is of being raped and murdered.

Thats what I meant. I see that kind of comment on these threads all of the time and I think it paints Jenny in an unfair way.

As though she was paranoid and going to unreasonable lengths to protect herself.

Same conversation came up when she decided to not go to star wars celebration.

"Jenny is paranoid" is kind of becoming the new FAS for me, and to be honest I'm just bored of seeing those kind of comments.

9bba2f  No.2331


I agree. It really just sounds like people resentful that this woman who doesn’t know them doesn’t want to meet them. And it’s not like her wanting privacy comes from nowhere, she literally has a stalker!

15d8c5  No.2332

File: 838736e88b9bd68⋯.png (54.66 KB, 608x449, 608:449, fbi.png)

come on guys, the fbi is literally reading our shit right now, maybe we should talk about anything but whether or not Jenny should feel in danger

Look, Jennys talking about JK Rowling being a doucher again! I hate JK too, what has she even spent her billion on, a 40 room mansion? what an a-hole! what happened to "its not about the money its about the kids"

I'll tell you what kids could use a billion dollars, Hatian kids, you know youtube says Hatians eat dirt cake?

8bb9e1  No.2333


>it was a dirt-eating Haitian stalking Jenny this whole time

206383  No.2334

File: aec358916cdbecf⋯.png (754.14 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 322E5136-5142-49B9-BAD7-48….png)

File: 8e04c3135c76e1a⋯.jpeg (255.86 KB, 640x980, 32:49, F20EBA3B-A111-46E6-BEEA-C….jpeg)


Interesting, wouldn’t shock me too much if Jenny made a fake agency to get all the benefits of representation without the pay because she’s shown unless she’s giving money to Disney, she’s super cheap.

The possible fake agents name being Leah (Leia - Star Wars reference) would also make sense


> honeypot for jenny obsessors

The contact us still just auto feels into a restraining order


I found a few goods videos on Jenny back in the day, in case you all haven’t seen these.

Here’s 19 year old Jenny on Jorn bareback.


The play Jenny wrote in college that won her the $800(?) to go to Tokyo was recorded by her dad


Jenny winning a costume contest at the Age if Ultron showing (she has insta pics of her costume and prizes). Those nerds love her.



Unlisted video with Jorn on her channel


Girl in Cosplay outfit saying Jenny kinda slut shames her for her outfit (13:58) with a recording of their interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pktA4ybi40&feature=share

Star Wars podcast Jenny does at 2016 comic con just when Jenny was getting hit on YouTube


Jenny singing MPL con event in 2015, she’s a good singer, weird she has totally left that behind except for the MLP song she did for Patrons

https://youtu.be/f28QkYuvJdEwhich only 1.1k people ever saw (feel free to watch)

And the twilight videos from Griffins old channel



I know I have it but can’t find on YouTube the video of Them buying Jorn

206383  No.2335


> "Jenny is paranoid" is kind of becoming the new FAS

But Jenny is paranoid

9e3790  No.2336


Did her dad delete, or unlist, the video of taking baby Jenny and her then brother to Disneyland in like 92. Or did I imagine that video?

15d8c5  No.2337


I'm confused about why Jenny has never done a video where she's riding Jorn or that heavily features him. Most of her audience is probably not familiar with horses and I think they would be fascinated by it.

Also, the catabomb video was from her youtube and is probably still there, she linked to it on her tumblr before she deleted the account.

8bb9e1  No.2338

File: b8d54c97b040814⋯.mp4 (11.1 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Bareback Canter.mp4)

8bb9e1  No.2339

File: e9e04e74457e600⋯.mp4 (5.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Come Here Jorn.mp4)

8bb9e1  No.2340

Can't get the others, just barely fail to get her singing on stage. Which isn't that much of a loss, you can't really hear her.

206383  No.2341


> she literally has a stalker!

She either has none or many, not one.

Her issue is cyber stalking but Jennys whole profession is online…seems to be a gray area between stalker/fan when you actively WANT people following and telling others to follow you on twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Redbubble and Patreon but just also being a passive one otherwise she gets uncomfortable.

She says people are contacting her friends and family but we know most of her friends are also actively trying to grow their own online influence using each other’s audiences to grow and her family don’t have online accounts except her sister who’s also an online performer.

That’s why I think Jenny is a bit of a hypocrite.

She wants people to like her enough to watch her talk about a fan fic for almost two hours and pay her money and retweet her but not so much that she sees your name more than once a week talking about her.

206383  No.2342


Ive seen that video, it’s defin real but he might’ve taken that and buying Jorn videos down, his Facebook got set to private a while back.

206383  No.2343




Just FYI for some perspective guys.

Jenny has openly insulted and mentioned how uncomfortable she is with the people on 4chan and 8chan so she absolutely considers everyone here a stalker and would block us all if she could.

Maybe don’t assume the other people she’s talking about are any different or dangerous, they were just too dumb to stay off her radar.

We’re just as much the reason she won’t meet fans when she goes to Vidcon, when way bigger Youtubers do meet and greets.

9bba2f  No.2344


She wants to create content without being murdered. What a hypocrite!!!

d2db5a  No.2345


>"Jenny is paranoid" is kind of becoming the new FAS for me

She only seems "paranoid" because we're guys and her over-cautious attitude is "weird" to us because we don't live like that (thank god). In all honesty, she's just being smart about her safety. The bit of ribbing she gets for it is just that, a little ribbing. 99.9% of the fans who want to meet her aren't going to hurt her.


>I know I have it but can’t find on YouTube the video of Them buying Jorn

Did you save it and if so, can you upload it? It was taken down/made private before I got home to save it (so I only got to watch it once).

9e3790  No.2346


Just for perspective, even as someone who enjoys participating, these threads are objectively really really creepy.

We’re a bunch of single bored and lonely men/boys, probably all with poor social skills, that are digging through her online presence to uncover as much info about her personal life, her past and about her daily routine.

It would be weird frankly if she wasn’t terrified of us. The existence of these threads is terrifying.

We’re all bad people for participating. But it is what it is, I give her, and Bailey, financial remuneration for my creepiness and frankly I’ve got nothing better to do. But you can’t begrudge her the idea of hating us. I hate us too.

206383  No.2347


So what’s the difference between you and someone Jenny calls a stalker?

Other than Jenny doesn’t know you?

9e3790  No.2348


Not much, although I have no intention of ever encountering her in real life. I can’t say that for all of us here.

We’re all online stalkers to some degree and the only worry is that through detective work we aid actual stalkers who would try to meet her in real life or possibly do her harm.

8bb9e1  No.2349

File: d4ad748b0f0d5f5⋯.png (814.32 KB, 500x723, 500:723, 12345324536476425623612643….png)



Oh come on now, let's not make things into something they aren't. She puts her information out there just like she puts her content out there. It's not our fault for piecing things together. Use to be, the rule of thumb for being on the internet was to not put out your personal information. It's not our fault that these people ignore this rule. None of us are actively following her home at night, none of us are actively planning to kidnap or murder her or send her explosive ponies for not doing reviews we think she should be doing. She isn't terrified of us, she's terrified of the stigma placed on us thanks to other people that flock to these sites. It's safe to assume nobody here skins puppies for kicks, right? Or fucks dead people? No ebin hackers that go kiddy diddling diving on le dark web? Alternatively, even if that was the case, isn't it better to have the monsters like you rather than hate you? She can hate us all she wants, we can hate ourselves all we want if that's our thing, but we are not the worst people she could have on her watch. We're not Griff.

9e3790  No.2350


You don't know that though, I'd like to think we're all nice people who wouldn't hurt a fly. But it only takes one.

I'm not saying stop the threads, I'm just saying don't blame Jenny for hating us and being scared of us.

206383  No.2351


That's my point, people here are saying Jenny has to be this way because of stalkers but we're they're not just curious like us but want to do harm yet I've seen nothing violent on here.

Hell, I'm probably Jennys biggest critic here but I actively don't want to meet her.

I've seen 1-2 truly creepy dudes talking about hearing Jenny's voice in their head or wanting to fuck Jenny really hard but those were on her facebook with their real names so I doubt we're giving them anything.

Besides, we're never given out info of where she lives she's pretty smart about that but it's pretty easy to know where she'll be during the holidays.

7ca7d0  No.2352

But she mentioned stuff like Christina Grimmie before, both in her ramble and on twitter. So really, with that kind of stuff, she should be concerned.

She's just one woman, without a system of professional protection, like famous musicians or actresses have.

It only takes one "fan/stalker", like Christina Grimmie's, to end it all. And Jenny's as reasonably famous as she was.

So you can't really blame her.

206383  No.2353


>but we're they're not just curious like us but want to do harm yet I've seen nothing violent on here

Typoed the shit out of this *but we're assuming others Jenny considers stalkers want to do harm instead of being curious like us.*


ONE girl, literally ONE girl who was killed due to a stalker from Youtube fame in Youtubes entire history.

More Presidents and celebrates have been murdered than Youtuber just to put that into perspective

8bb9e1  No.2354


Just saw this pic now. Well met, anon. Well met.


No, I don't know, but it still stands that by all sights, we are not the them she wants to make us out to be, and therefore not a source of any self-hatred any of us should be feeling just for liking her.

15d8c5  No.2355

I don't know a lot about crime statistics, but if 1/10 people were either a rapist or murderer or something generally bad, then it means that a hundred thousand or more rapists/murderers have seen Jenny and know who she is

If I were a jenny I'd be scared

206383  No.2356


Found the buying Jorn video, not sure where to upload it for ya.

Also found a portion of a Patron video of Jenny talking about loneliness and generally how difficult it is for her to make friends, she sounds like literally a different person than the (drunk?) crazy annoying shrill girl at the Alita escape room video.

eb0dbf  No.2357

Keep in mind, during her My little pony: friendship is witchcraft abridged days, she was always interactive with fans.

Meeting them at get-fighters at the hotels at cons, going out to eat with them, giving them hugs.

It was a relatively smaller crowd. But it's not like Jenny never did stuff like that before.

She learned a lot about the biz since then and she's a lot more famous.

8bb9e1  No.2358



That seems generous. It's got to be fewer than that.


I would also imagine that a lot of her hesitation to interact in person came from her time as a brony. Bronies can be really sick, disgusting people.

d079c7  No.2359


^at get-togethers

206383  No.2360


yeah, she's learned how to make money from her work.

But let's be honest, if anyones gonna hurt Jenny, it's that MLP crowd, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm not even single.

206383  No.2361

You don't have to be a brony to love this


206383  No.2362

You guys checked out the little videos thread we have here? Seeing some old gems I'd forgotten about.

Jenny is surprisingly smart for someone who into Disney.

She said kinesthetic here >>173 and I had to google it

Is this the fan fiction tv show she eventually talked about on Patreon? >>183

206383  No.2363

File: 56e5ef004bbdc15⋯.jpeg (217.34 KB, 490x481, 490:481, 56e5ef004bbdc15f40922e93e….jpeg)

File: 9ca9c5e816807cd⋯.png (771.93 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 22954b158790475697d359c2e6….png)

File: 4be88bbc8daa552⋯.jpg (259.62 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DoPoHz6VYAELRmZ.jpg)

So Jenny isn't afraid to show off her body, she's just afraid to show it off for the men watching her videos and paying her on Patreon, strangers at theme parks get it free.

206383  No.2364

File: 05b1d577951764a⋯.jpg (328.25 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 05b1d577951764a943de30ea29….jpg)


So much for all that talk of Jenny being a virgin

206383  No.2365

File: 3aeed3750d763d1⋯.mp4 (5.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Halloween Scare.mp4)


catabomb video is here No.179

Also, 99% sure Jenny comes in this video

8bb9e1  No.2366


Pure until marriage, heathen.

9e3790  No.2367

Kat and Nathan are both in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. Read into that what you will.

c7ea1c  No.2368


>not sure where to upload it for ya

Mega would be great, and thanks a bunch!

Also, you guys talking about her fame need to keep in mind just how not famous she actually is… the majority of people need an explanation of who Pewdiepie is, unarguably the brightest star on YouTube. He's sub Z-list celebrity with his 80+mil. subscribers and Jenny doesn't have 0.5% of that.


Jenny is at home, used up and recovering from them tag-teaming her all week?

15d8c5  No.2369


ugg. of course they would be, didn't gdc kick a man out because in the 80s he threw a hot tub party and some twitter bimbos said that hot tub parties are misogynist

I'm surprised Kat and Nathan don't LIVE at the gdc

15d8c5  No.2370

File: a4e4f4e1a11b683⋯.jpg (24.47 KB, 568x160, 71:20, australia.jpg)

also, more memes from Bailey. is upside-down Australia mainstream? or is bailey anon?

only the FBI knows

2be9bc  No.2371


Why can't you accept the very fair points of >>2346 ?

A majority of people in these threads are able to do some internet sleuthing and bring up non-threatening publicly shared stuff. Yeah it's weird but no one is going to get hurt from it.

You know that the Jenny/Pewdiepie comparison is meaningless, because one of them is an attractive young female who exists in communities that often contain socially disenfranchised young men. 300k is more than enough to pick up someone who doesn't get the boundaries of what is weird vs what is threatening.

Evidently there's at least one person well on their way there in this thread.

206383  No.2372

File: 71298845f41dc40⋯.jpg (100.54 KB, 500x413, 500:413, 71298845f41dc40e7dce53a2fa….jpg)

File: b0a79d5e9b6a1e1⋯.jpg (117.93 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 20106352_1479324532148896_….jpg)

File: 316f7080ab8f498⋯.jpg (75.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_lx2dtb06aO1qm6odzo1….jpg)


In fairness, Jennys been wanting this since she was a teen, fans and money and recognition. Now she see's when you have fans they want to know more about you and your history and suddenly shes shocked.

8a7e9c  No.2373


This is the funniest new picture I've seen since coming here. Thank you Anon.

9e3790  No.2374


Oh God, who did Jenny's makeup on @midnight. It doesn't look good at all in that picture. I don't think I ever saw that show, maybe it looked better under proper studio lighting.

8a7e9c  No.2375


I saw the episode when it aired, and thought the same thing.

I guess you can put it down to tv/film having their own makeup people. And these are the results.

Just another reason why Jenny should be in control of her own brand.

206383  No.2376


Ive collected an unpleasantly high amount of pics. Maybe I should upload as a file.



Enjoy 16 year old Jenny getting her horse.

15d8c5  No.2377


Andy sues defy for being wrongfully fired, 3 months later defy media goes under. connection? maybe it was easier to close doors than to open your business to legal scrutiny, a court case can be almost as intrusive as an irs audit after all.

9e3790  No.2378


No I think defy media going down was bigger than just Andy Signore. New Media industries are an absolute shitshow, Jenny's smart to keep herself as independant as possible.

The only thing she's got to be aware of is that she's still utterly dependant on patreon and youtube for income. Youtube isn't going anywhere but demonetization rules are an arbitrary minefield.

Patreon feels very volatile, one stupid decision by the guy who owns could ruin Jenny's life.

206383  No.2379

I know you’ll don’t approve but I’m genuinely curious what Jenny does when you can see she’s liking tweets but not saying anything.

Watching Netflix, researching investments with all that Patreon money she’s saving or out with secret boyfriend or friends squealing at a theme park near pamphlets or shark animatronic?

206383  No.2380


Did Defy get bought out?

206383  No.2381




Disney threw away 675m on maker studios, the real money is in running these channels not being the talent


So Jenny not joining those was very smart, I don’t know where she gets it (maybe she’s read Disney business books by Bob Igor or something) but she’s actively a VERY smart business woman which she does not give off at all on her main channel videos.

She’s probably already planning for eventual Patreon downfall when that company goes down or there’s a recession.

206383  No.2382


I guess we only assume Jenny’s we’ll known because we’re her sphere of influence, literally no one at work I’ve mentioned her to knows her and we’re all the same age.

2be9bc  No.2383


>Now she see's when you have fans they want to know more about you and your history and suddenly shes shocked.

Stop with the mental gymnastics. No one is shocked people want to know more about a public figure. What Jenny and many of us in this thread don't like is a small number of people constantly making certain kinds of remarks. Looks let's be clear here. A majority of males who are fans of Jenny have some kind of sexual interest in her. That is just how the world works, and I she probably doesn't have problems with that because she would have been dealing with it since she hit puberty.

The issue is when they verbalize said thoughts without reciprocity. When people are building up to sexual encounters of any nature there is normally a process of flirtation that acts to establish mutual interest and signal an inclination to consent (note here that flirting != consent). It's a nuanced interaction.

When people make constant sexual comments about someone without reciprocity it doesn't fit into this process and thereby makes is appear that consent is not important to the person making the comments. That is why people find it uncomfortable, and the people they are made about find them threatening. I should point out here that I'm going to refer mainly to sexual comments, but romantic comments fall under the same umbrella. The "secret boyfriend" thing is in there.

Now, how does this fit into constant negative commentary? There has been a trope developed by society that when public figures don't pay attention to a fan in the way they want (often sexual, but not exclusively) said individuals become bitter and make constant negative commentary. This is abnormal because normally if you don't like something you stop exposing yourself to it. Instead, you have people who are angry at a person but continue to feel driven to interact with them. That feels threatening, especially if you add a dash of one sided sexual attraction to the mix. Yes you are being stereotyped. We feel ok doing this because it is such an accurate stereotype and one that is very negative for all involved, so better to err on the side of caution.

What's my purpose in writing all of this? 5 years ago I don't know what my comments in this kind of thread would have looked like, but I don't think I would like them today. I've grown as a person since then, but can understand the though processes of people who make them. The only reason people like myself think it would be good if you grew to think like us, and thereby cause these meta discussions is that we think your current mindset may hurt other people. This is not about censorship, this is about trying to help others grow.

I'm not expecting any proper responses to this, but I really hope 3-4 people in this thread who act in the above described ways see it and just pause for reflection. I'm not trying to judge, I was there to. I'm trying to offer a path forward that has made me and those I interact with a happier person.

9e3790  No.2384


No, defy just ran out of money and stopped paying people.

Allegedly it was just a ponzi scheme that used brands/creators they signed to get investment and then kept aggressively expanding to make themselves look more attractive to further investors.

c7ea1c  No.2385


>Why can't you accept the very fair points of >>2346 ?

Nah, that guy ain't pinning his hangups on me. Personally, the Jenny threads are more like a news feed. I don't have the time or inclination to keep up with everything Jenny does and other Anons kindly post whatever they have so I can stay up to date. Sure, some may have gone too far in the past (like when she was in Boston), but was the first guy to tell them to dial it back.

She could hate/fear me all she wants, I don't care, but it would be a waste of her energy. She should save the effort for people taking it that extra step offline.






Ooh, that reminds me, I was going to strip the DRM from my iTunes copy and upload it for my fellow creepy stalkers in these threads.


>and I she

You slipped up there, Jen. You need to chill, often times (most of the time) words are just words and fun is just fun. People post goofy one act "scenes" or ask hypotheticals all the time, no different than bullshitting with friends. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions overheating guys bullshit, and neither should you… Jenny.

9e3790  No.2386


I like how you called him jenny twice but only used a spoiler for one of them.

I don't really know how to feel about these threads, on one hand I really enjoy them and don't know what I'd do without them, but I do feel guilty over it and kind of makes me feel like a bad person.

I certainly wouldn't ever tell anyone I was aware of them, but then again I wouldn't ever tell anyone I was a jenny nicholson fan either. Or indeed a fan of any youtuber.

Thinking about it now, I think I just feel a lot of shame about my personal interests in general. Sorry if it felt like I was taking it out on you. But I just don't like when people are being harsh on jenny when she's acting, what appears to me, perfectly reasonably.

206383  No.2387


>That is why people find it uncomfortable

> consent is not important to the person making the comments

> The "secret boyfriend" thing is in there.

> That feels threatening, especially if you add a dash of one sided sexual attraction to the mix

wtf are you talking about?

You think people making a sexual joke about Jenny are flirting with her and should first get her permission?

You think people discussing if she has a boyfriend is a form of sexually threatening statements?

Are you high?

206383  No.2388


> Boston

Yes, a few of us got OVER curious due to the boyfriend vacation talk being in overdrive at the time and wanting to verify but it was never due to anger, just curiosity and confirmation.

Evidentially we verified it was just a family trip.

I should mention this was during Jenny's public stating her discomfort with people knowing where she is and she's at the same time she's tweeted all the public places she's at.

15d8c5  No.2389


>You slipped up there, Jen

do you think it is? is that how they know so much about the website?


>, but I do feel guilty over it and kind of makes me feel like a bad person.

I'm here because Jenny makes me feel like I cant interact with her community over twitter/youtube. And theres a difference between interacting with a person, and interacting with their community/channel.

The difference is that I never aimed my comments at Jenny specifically or would ever want a reply from her, in fact, I think its weird when youtubers reply to comments that weren't aimed at them. Jenny is too territorial about her social medias and she doesn't seem to be comfortable with a fan community existing outside of her control.

I guess I'm saying, for me, if it isn't 8chan where is it? where do I go to engage the other fans if Jenny's twitter and youtube are unwelcoming.

9e3790  No.2390


>if it isn't 8chan where is it?

I agree with this totally, there just isn't another community like this for fans of Jenny.

206383  No.2391


Dude, IF Jenny even knows about this thread it's because some asshole here emailed it to her hoping for brownie points.

We're probably 15-20 people or less and we're just talking, without a filter.

If you want a filter, you can go to Jennys Reddit subreddit, it's got like 300 subs and the top banner says "Do not post creepy comments or threads, you will be banned."


206383  No.2392



Wait, remember Griffin said Jenny and him used to be dicks during MLP time and Jenny used to check out the 4chan for MLP. That might actually be Jenny.

> The only reason people like myself think it would be good if you grew to think like us, and thereby cause these meta discussions is that we think your current mindset may hurt other people. This is not about censorship, this is about trying to help others grow.

2be9bc  No.2393


I get this is a reactionary response but cmon misrepresenting what I've said is just weak.

> You think people making a sexual joke about Jenny are flirting with her and should first get her permission?

No, I do not think that making a sexual joke about her is flirting.

I guess we just have different ideas of a joke. Most of the shit in here is just a sentence about her being a prude with no actual humor in there.

> You think people discussing if she has a boyfriend is a form of sexually threatening statements?

No, I think they act as a point in a larger pattern of behavior. I'm not sure what you mean by "sexually threatening", I'm saying the pursuant nature of the behavior is threatening. Sexual desire is a motivator in this behavior.


haha no, I am not part of the Jenny camp. I originally wrote "I doubt she has problems with that" but edited it because I thought it sounded like I was saying she shouldn't have problems.

I agree I like the 8chan format because I feel like I can discuss with only a board tied ID to me. It's a good level of accountability while still promoting open discussion.

206383  No.2394

File: 06daa3906bb16d5⋯.png (873.45 KB, 819x888, 273:296, Jenny Community 2.PNG)

File: a268cd22f614883⋯.png (155.06 KB, 1173x488, 1173:488, Jenny Community.PNG)


>where do I go to engage the other fans if Jenny's twitter and youtube are unwelcoming.

9e3790  No.2395


Yeah that's always been one of the great mysteries to me, why is the Jenny subreddit so dead. I don't get it.

206383  No.2396


> misrepresenting what I've said is just weak.

Ok then, condense & streamline what you meant with those paragraphs about changing here without censuring peoples opinions or their ability to make a joke or insult.

206383  No.2397


Most people like twitter more for interacting with creators, I don't think I've ever seen a Youtube channels subreddit be even close to their subs count.

9e3790  No.2398


Yeah but for like discussion or something, their opinions on the videos etc.

15d8c5  No.2399


theres like 2 comments a week there… I wonder if it would go over well if I did make a topic

206383  No.2400

File: 99afc265f84525c⋯.png (37.78 KB, 565x346, 565:346, BfGf..PNG)

Hmmm, I was so sure this guy wasn't banging Jenny but if he's with Kat this is really weird interaction, why would he just not say anything instead of this?

9e3790  No.2401


hmm, that is weird.

2be9bc  No.2402


It's 511 words, it's really not long to read.

You cherrypicked 4 fragments and then synthesized them in isolation to make 2 outlandish statements. There's a word for this that I don't like using because it's thrown around on the internet way too much. Based on the definition of

>a form of argument and an informal fallacy based on giving the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while actually refuting an argument that was not presented by that opponent

I feel safe in calling that post a strawman.

> about changing here without censuring peoples opinions or their ability to make a joke or insult.

I think I made it pretty clear I only want to change people's thinking processes so they don't make "jokes" or insults, not change their ability to. Why the hell would I be on 8chan if I wanted to do that- Twitter/yt already exists. Before you call me the thought police, I will repeat what I said in that post

>The only reason people like myself think it would be good if you grew to think like us, and thereby cause these meta discussions is that we think your current mindset may hurt other people. This is not about censorship, this is about trying to help others grow.

Hell I made >>2319 so I really don't think you can start saying I'm an whiteknight or someone from Jenny's camp. I just think there's a difference between researching a company and fixating on someone's sex life.

9f1e38  No.2403


yeah as I thought they are not dating. And if they were together 2 nights ago with Jenny why not talk about it then? Dont think Kat was with them when Nathan was watching Jenny play Bomerman. I really think he is secret boyfriend.

9e3790  No.2404


Making a call like that still relies on thinking that jenny is the only girl in LA playing bomberman. It's a clue but only as part of a bigger picture that doesn't exist yet.

9e3790  No.2405


Not even a girl, he just referred to it as "someone". Could still be coincidence at this point.

We never had anything from Jenny about Zelda did we?

15d8c5  No.2406


maybe theyre flirting


>We never had anything from Jenny about Zelda did we?

I'm 35% sure bailey talked about horses in botw during a livestream,

it had something to do with this


206383  No.2407

File: 3f523a90aaef620⋯.png (63.02 KB, 565x526, 565:526, Nathan1.PNG)

File: f2f59cb411dbe5c⋯.png (280.76 KB, 568x791, 568:791, Nathan2.PNG)




I'd believe it but would be fucking shocked if this is the guy Jenny decided to date with online fame, tons of money and at her attractiveness peak.

Since Boston became such an issue, I guess no one should tweet or email him and just ask if he's dating Jenny. Guess if we're patient this question might answer itself sooner or later.

Still, with his gamegate history and being a fucking gaming reporter, so weird to think Jenny would pick him over some Disney fanatic like her, also weird there's zero history of them ever interacting online. Like did they want to date the second they met and decided to keep it secret from that moment?

He's tweeted about Disney twice in 2 years and both times bad.


> Jenny about Zelda did we

Nope, people are saying she played it but didn't say anything because she was practicing for streaming and ok fine but that seems very unlikely otherwise why share Pokemon and Bomberman?

and you're write, his girlfriend played Zelda and "someone" played bomberman, maybe Jenny (who's just a friend of a friend) or maybe someone else. Or maybe since he follows Jenny, he saw her tweet and decided to start talking about that game and how the character is gay now.

9bba2f  No.2408


Yeah, Bailey has said BotW is her favorite game in multiple streams

206383  No.2409


Bailey's talking about Red Dead 2, because she only owns a PS4, remember she was getting Paypal donations to buy one.


but the fact that he mentions watching them on Switch is interesting.

9bba2f  No.2410


She’s said before she has other systems. I think a switch and an old n64? Makes sense, she’s literally in the industry.

206383  No.2411

File: 452893e9c01f063⋯.png (346.66 KB, 618x857, 618:857, Bailey1.PNG)



She last talked about the game last July.

206383  No.2412

Ok, I'm back to MAYBE this guys with Jenny but unlikely.

Just everything about it seems off, except him being a guy Kat and Lindsey would like.

Also, in what universe does Bailey not involve herself in every aspect of Jenny's life including becoming friends on twitter with Kat and Lindsey.

There's no way Bailey wouldn't follow this guy and there'd be no reason for her to keep it a secret as she's a gaming marketer and he's a gaming journalist.

8a7e9c  No.2413

I'm not sure Jenny could be with a guy with that opinions of Frozen. Even if he was trying to be ironic.

c7ea1c  No.2414


>I like how you called him jenny twice but only used a spoiler for one of them

I thought it was funnier that way.

>Sorry if it felt like I was taking it out on you

It's all good. I like when things get meta. It really satiates my stalkery thirst to learn more about people.


>Jenny makes me feel like I cant interact with her

Honestly, you can't unless you hit a certain criteria or the conversion is entirely under her control. Jenny's fans actually mean very little (if anything) to her, she'll ban a patron as quickly as she would block someone on Twitter. That sort of behavior shows her utter contempt… I'm not saying she doesn't have the right, just that that's the way it is.

/jenny/ is the only place to discuss her without having to worry about incurring her wraith.


>hating Frozen

Literally Hitler.

15d8c5  No.2415

the guys a game journalist right? I know he's like a fake one but I'm sure he's exposed to most popular new games at one point or another

15d8c5  No.2416


also, it could have been a lets play

206383  No.2417


> Jenny's fans actually mean very little (if anything) to her, she'll ban a patron as quickly as she would block someone on Twitter. That sort of behavior shows her utter contempt

Not contempt, it’s a mixture of her ego (she’s does not handle good with criticism or disagreement well) and her knowledge that ever Patreon is easily replaceable right now.

8a7e9c  No.2418


Did any of you guys read her response to that guy on Reddit that dissed her a few years ago? It was mostly about videos and Con Artists. But she also digs into the guy about him criticizing her looks.

efe78c  No.2419


Which one? I remember her starting a fucking argument with a guy in the comment section of his video where he was hitting Jenny point by point in her Creepy pastas suck video.

She deleted her comments the same night but before it I was replying to her like what are you doing arguing with this nobody!?

3bddb4  No.2420


No, I mean it's on Reddit on her spiderjewel account. Just check for comments from spiderjewel from a few years ago.

I thought everyone here knew Jenny used to post on Reddit under spiderjewel.

206383  No.2421


Yeah, I do but not sure which thing you’re talking about.

I think I remember though, it’s the one where she says he cared enough to look up her past and mention that she was working at DL.

9f1e38  No.2422

Here are two videos from Nathan's twitch stream featuring Kat. He doesn't appear to stream anymore, these are both from January 2018. In the first she is just hanging out chatting with him, but in the second she is in the background. She is barely noticeable except for a few times she moves around, and its hard to see what she is doing back there, maybe lying on the bed? At 2:30 you can see her lean over and grab something, and can pick up the purple she had in her hair at the time.



206383  No.2423


Man, it’s crazy we’re basically a free P.I. Agency.

206383  No.2424


That salad looks exactly like the one Jenny tweeted about a few days ago, where’d you get the picture?

206383  No.2425


Hmm, is Kat the type of liberal feminist that’d fuck a dude then recommend and set him up with a cute, funny and weird friend she has?…I feel like absolutely, yes she is.

9f1e38  No.2426


haha yeah I was thinking the same thing. Not sure if her appearing on his stream tells us much, just thought it was interesting how cozy she looks there.

206383  No.2427


That could be the bridge between me feeling like Jenny wouldn’t date this guy in a million years and Kat (and maybe Lindsey) telling Jenny to give him a chance.

But with everything we’ve gathered…it makes more sense Jenny might be a friend of his?…but fuck, why wouldn’t she follow him on twitter.

c7ea1c  No.2428

File: 802e528db3236a5⋯.jpg (352.05 KB, 1339x2048, 1339:2048, DN16shxUQAI0OPT.jpg)


Bailey posted it. I laughed my ass off when I seen that miserable excuse for a snack. The mouth-feel on that alone seems gross.


If Bailey hasn't fixed Jenny up with anyone in all the years they've known each other, the new girl isn't going to accomplish that. Jenny is innocent until proven slutty.

9e3790  No.2429


I'd guess it's because he mostly tweets about esports nowadays.


I think Bailey is concentrating on getting her own bf let alone worrying about setting Jenny up with someone.

206383  No.2430


Maybe Jenny’s not into Israel living Jewish guys, that probably the only ones Bailey knows.

206383  No.2431


Huh, did the Patrons tell her it's cool if she removed the dollar amount from her Patreon page?


This fits Jenny's personality really well, where she says something stream of consciousnesses and only realizes after saying it how rude it comes off.

206383  No.2432


>She mentioned in the January ramble, she made a lot more friends in 2018.

Any chance we can get a clip of it in the webm thread?

206383  No.2433

Can't find now but earlier I saw a video of Jenny talking about loneliness in one of her Patreon videos in the webm thread.

Jenny talks about trouble making friends cause she gets shy with new people & has a weird sense of humor, but that people gravitate towards her (makes sense why her friends are fat chicks) and how she reflects on how happy she is to have friends. I think she's really loyal to the friends she has.

THAT is why I'm so fascinated by Jenny, she's just so fucking weird, witty, articulate and incredibly knowledgeable about so many topics


one of the most opinionated, annoying, childish, wildly entitled, mean spirited, materialistic, basic bitches ever.

Fascinating to see(to the extend she shares) how those two sides merge. Like what's fun for Jenny when not at theme parks, she's super cheap but out of loyalty or desperation does she buy her friends DL annual passes or pay for the dinners there so she doesn't go alone?

And all these new friends she's making, does she like them more or less than her pre-fame friends?

That's why I'm curious about her time out that she doesn't share, I think there's an unseen Jenny between that Alita video and the on brand stuff she shares.

d2db5a  No.2434


Would Bailey be that much of a wreck to where she wouldn't try to help Jenny out? Her life doesn't appear to be in shambles.


Yeah, no problem. Gimme a bit.


>I think there's an unseen Jenny between that Alita video and the on brand stuff she shares

Maybe, but she's also really excitable… just like a child (which is adorable).

d2db5a  No.2435

File: 89e7526aeba7fa3⋯.webm (14.84 MB, 960x540, 16:9, Jenny's Staus Quo Changes.webm)


I also left in a few other things she brought up so it wasn't just a ~10sec. sound byte.

dc1c6a  No.2436


I think Bailey is lonelier than she let’s on, she’s up her instagram selfie game a lot lately, and she recently tweeted how she couldn’t sleep because she was thinking about how she blamed herself for messing up all of her past relationships.

She even managed to mention fear of dying alone in her last goosebumps.

Its the kind of thing she brings up enough in a joky manner that it might genuinely be something that bothers her a lot. So it just seems to me Bailey isn’t gonna go introducing any guy to Jenny that she isn’t going have a try with first.

15d8c5  No.2437


I've noticed bailey is actually acting clean on twitter, no starting fights or anything. either aksys had a word with her or that patreon success is inspiring her to be better

by the way, I know the fbi obtaining 8chan info is a meme right now, but that's literally what happened. Kiwi farms had the same request 8chan did only they didn't comply and shared what the request entailed. Short story is, we literally are all on an CIA database now, probably all of our real names too if you don't use a vpn

b3d188  No.2438


Bailey's past relationships is an interesting topic.

I mean we talk about Jenny, and the only one we know of for sure is Griffin.

But what about Bailey? What past relationships of her are we aware of? I thought one was the bartender, but you guys convinced me he's just a friend.

206383  No.2439


Could you post this in the webm thread, that whybutsveasily accessable in the future.

There’s a lot of good clips there, if people have new Patreon clips, y’all should post them there.

206383  No.2441


> CIA database now, probably all of our real names too if you don't use a vpn

Ehh, I don’t think they’re sending the helos for guys talking about if a Youtuber has a secret boyfriend.


I mean Baileys right there next to Jenny seeing the money and success she’s gotten being cute and sweet.


> Bailey isn’t gonna go introducing any guy to Jenny

Maybe not this second but Jenny & Bailey been in LA for a while, lot of time for Bailey to try getting Jenny some dick until giving up.

Jenny got

Circle D job March 2014

Guest Relations December 2015

Quit to be YT “full time” July 2017


Hmm, you know, Baileys such a sidekick I never even cared but you could probably do a twitter advance search and see.

She had 2-3 tumblr accounts unlike Jenny’s consist account, so it’s a little harder to say anything with certainty with her but yeah maybe her tumblr would show any boyfriends she had.

206383  No.2442


> Circle D job March 2014

> Guest Relations December 2015

> Quit to be YT “full time” July 2017

This is all the work I’ve ever managed to verify for 27 year old Jenny. 3 years work followed by 100k+ success on YouTube.

b3d188  No.2443

That reminds me.

What was Jenny and Bailey doing post graduation of college in May 2013 until they each moved to LA area around Spring 2014?

I know they did a few goosebumps live streams. But that was before I followed them.

Like what did they do for a living? Were they back in San Ramon? Did someone mention Jenny was in an aprtment?

The whole post-college until LA era is a mystery to me.

efe78c  No.2444


I always thought she was just living home but yeah, a while back someone said she lived with someone at an apartment for part of the time before moving home.

They said there was a live stream were Jenny says her roommate didn’t like Bailey or something but they weren’t able to verify.

I’d expect Jenny would’ve mentioned living in an apartment out of college in her Tumblr, like how she partly documented both her move to LA and her move to her new place after her Patreon took off.

So personally I don’t really believe it.

Guessing she just hung out at home in San Toman talking about my little pony, joining the Star Wars fandom and writing tv pilots that’s go nowhere.

Then decided to get a Disneyland job while trying to break out in Hollywood with the irony being she could’ve stayed home and ended up doing the same Youtube videos.

efe78c  No.2446

Jenny’s 232 twitter follow is some girl who follows her and does Leias voice on the Disney Star Wars legends show.

Pretty curious what 10-15 people Jenny will purge soon.

Also looks like Jenny got up early today, 11 am “early” guessing she’s going to some event or is recording a video.

efe78c  No.2447

Can someone explain what the issue is with Jenny’s Lightsaber video and why she’s never posted it?

15d8c5  No.2448


was it incorporated into her screenjunkies show? I remember it not having too much to it, that episode

206383  No.2449


I don’t think so, she said in a Patreon video it’s in production hell.

206383  No.2450

Holy shit, this place has catalogued all the tv tropes Jenny’s talked about.


206383  No.2451

File: 563864c157ddf01⋯.jpeg (191.8 KB, 639x935, 639:935, 27181A02-B68C-466A-8082-4….jpeg)


> Fetish Retardant

d2db5a  No.2454


>She even managed to mention fear of dying alone in her last goosebumps

Finally watched that the other day and she's really good at keeping these entertaining (despite being limited… at least on the surface). Her constantly comparing the Blob Monster to a dick had me cracking up. Nothing wrong with "raw" PopTarts though… I actually prefer the frosted brown cinnamon sugar ones untoasted

Her blooper reel for it was pretty lame though, no PopTart rant or anything of note, really.


>no starting fights or anything

How un-Bailey like!

>we literally are all on an CIA database now

Neat! Any agents here want to chime in on their favorite Jenny video?


>Senator, my question is about your stance on online privacy and any ramifications of Government regulations regarding those rights?

>In 2018 and 2019 you posted frequently about a young lady famous for her YouTube videos on the "hate-site" 8ch.net

>A young lady who would later disappear in Disneyland


<E-excuse me?

>One Jenny Nicholson, sir.


<I recall, yes… vaguely.

>Vaguely, sir? You made several hundred posts regarding this young woman, prying into her private life and frequently posting images and video files of her.

<Well, that was a long time ago… and if you're insinuating I had anything to do with her disappearance, I'll have you know it was strongly rumored that she decided to just up and live inside the park one day.

<The feral cat population has been in check ever since those rumors began and Cast Members no longer have to hunt them after hours.

<There have even been blurry photos capturing a spindly figure in what appears to be a tattered Porg costume living inside Galaxy's Edge!

>Senator, calm down… you look a bit flustered.

<I just don't see the relevance of all this, that's all.


>>"Times up, now for a rebuttal."


Go ahead and repost it there if you want.

>if people have new Patreon clips, y’all should post them there

Wouldn't this split our already low traffic?



be98ac  No.2455

File: 7094094f7e369f8⋯.jpg (497.59 KB, 1280x1629, 1280:1629, 065.jpg)


I love her new look, don't you?

206383  No.2456


> The feral cat population has been in check ever since those rumors began and Cast Members no longer have to hunt them after hours.

I see you also listened to the podcast where Jenny talked about this

> Go ahead and repost it there if you want.

I’m not sure how…

> Wouldn't this split our already low traffic?

Nah, if anything it’s best to have all Jenny clips in one central location with no comments, that way they don’t get spread out over general convo threads as we make more and more of them.

They’ll also be easier to find and reference in all future comments and threads

8bb9e1  No.2457


>dozen-some-odd posts here about how weird and creepy some anon thinks he is about liking Jenny

<this exists

b3f809  No.2458


You should officially count Screen Junkies as a job separate from "YouTuber." She actually had to go to work and work in a desk, attend meetings, etc.

We know Bailey at least has been an uber driver, nanny, worked retail and various marketing jobs.

I can't find any photo proof of Bailey boyfriend (not counting bartender) outside Bailey mentioning past relationships, which she does a lot. Including her first date in middle school.

15d8c5  No.2460


She was on contract until now? weird. I wonder why she didn't do anything, even just the odd appearance now and then. I bet there was office politics going on.

fac887  No.2461


No she was doing a review of the whole year so her contract expired March 2018 but she didn’t work there from October 2017. I don’t know if she was actually full time.

206383  No.2462



Yeah was about to say, weird they signed her for a year but after canceling her show after 6 months, they just had her appear like 2-3 times.

Including once to debate if Last Jedi was good against that idiot who couldn’t argue to save his life.

Pretty sure she only got the SJ job due to Andy and once he was ousted everyone probably though her leaving was for the best, her shows viewership were terrible and her personal channel wasn’t growing at all.

100% Defy Media probably interviewed her and asked if Andy made sexual advances at her, must’ve been so awkward for someone like Jenny.

206383  No.2463


My guess is they probably hoped to do 2 seasons within that year contract if her show was a success or Andy would’ve made an executive decision and done it anyway…maybe that’s when he would’ve tried something

> Typically I wouldn’t do this but for you Jenny, we’ll green light another season

15d8c5  No.2464

File: 3fc9162ed152e00⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 580x156, 145:39, assballs.jpg)


Oh I thought it was 2019


>100% Defy Media probably interviewed her and asked if Andy made sexual advances at her, must’ve been so awkward for someone like Jenny.

I would pay 200$ for a copy of such an interview

also toy story 4 looks like shit, I don't know what she means

206383  No.2465

Looks like the Toy Story 4 trailer has really excited Jenny, she’s tweeting all about it this morning.

And she tweets at night and mornings like a normal person, instead of 3 am, weird.

Maybe she’s really excited for the Disney takeover of Fox happening at midnight.

206383  No.2466

File: b20fe6c9881ea35⋯.jpeg (307.49 KB, 640x890, 64:89, F73BD4DA-294A-4664-A43C-D….jpeg)

File: e3e5554537d1a27⋯.jpeg (220.96 KB, 640x643, 640:643, 77AE1409-7430-486F-87AE-2….jpeg)

File: 4f9d2c440148dae⋯.jpeg (226.14 KB, 640x701, 640:701, 1EE688E4-D2D5-47C5-A0C4-F….jpeg)

File: b7920749e6f27dd⋯.jpeg (129.71 KB, 640x397, 640:397, 88B891F5-6D14-48F5-A787-A….jpeg)

Weirdly snide remark, I thought Jenny had stopped doing that, also the only people saying Luke was ok to kill Ben in his sleep are Last Jedi defenders.

Ohhh, that’s why Jenny’s being that way, she gets weirdly aggressive protecting that film.


Why does Jenny keep assuming a Disney animated film would even touch religion?

206383  No.2467

File: 4e24fb0affed998⋯.jpeg (81.23 KB, 734x640, 367:320, 63E75564-4DF6-4594-8B39-2….jpeg)


> I would pay 200$ for a copy of such an interview

< Did Andy touch you

> Ewwwwwew

Pay up

206383  No.2468

File: 5df0192f7fa1a9f⋯.jpeg (306.38 KB, 640x694, 320:347, 21FFAC01-C63B-41A0-9D72-8….jpeg)

There goes Jenny, picking a fight.

206383  No.2469


And didn’t she say they blocked her on twitter, so what did she purposefully go to their site for this?

15d8c5  No.2470


this is all about them "stealing" her bit. I wish she were open about that fact

2e9697  No.2471


Who would have ever thought the day would come where Bailey's cool and collected on twitter, while Jenny's spitting venom at someone.

efe78c  No.2472


> Stealing her bit

The guy who does pitch meeting has repeatedly told and shown her the John Mulany bit that inspired Pitch Meetings. He even tweeted her a link to the bit.

She’s probably crazy jealous he can do 1-2 videos a week and each gets half a million views.

Looks like her Reylo video has fizzled out, might do half what Triggered did, she probably should’ve click baited the video Livy including Star Wars.

Writing Triggered is probywhy the other one got 800k views.

2e9697  No.2473


Isn't she the one she who said she didn't want to only do pitch meetings and wanted to be more versatile with her content?

The screenrant guy's basically doing what she gave up.

efe78c  No.2474


This guys way better at it.

I can just see the 45 minute long pitch meeting videos Jenny would need a month for that I’d get bored watching 15-20 minutes in like her other stuff.

d2db5a  No.2475

File: 306603381efc075⋯.png (148.21 KB, 825x813, 275:271, Bailey Patreon Update (Mar….png)


I've uploaded it in the other thread, not sure I'll remember to do that in the future.



With Bailey trying to be nice, someone has to pick up the slack between them.

efe78c  No.2476


> And she tweets at night and mornings like a normal person, instead of 3 am, weird.

Spoke too soon, looks like she went to sleep at 8 am

0228ca  No.2477


Whatever you do, don't remind her of that.

Remember, that's her number 1 general grievance

efe78c  No.2478


Yeah I remember how much she hates it and I get not wanting people to tell you when to sleep

but she’s kidding herself if she doesn’t get why people think it’s fucking weird to sleep at 6 am - 8 am

bab928  No.2479


Isn't it more like 5am to 10am?

9f1e38  No.2480


Griffin has a new video out, just a spoof of podcasts. No mention of Jenny. Seems like he abandoned his idea to do a tell all video about her. Funny because just 2 week ago he tweeted in response to someone asking what is something they have quit that improved the quality of their life and griffins answer was youtube. Guess that didn't last long.

206383  No.2481

File: 0e96e59ed01eaa2⋯.jpeg (300.24 KB, 640x916, 160:229, AF349AFC-5AA5-412C-8106-2….jpeg)

File: 39c7c1849aa0d3e⋯.jpeg (359.96 KB, 640x905, 128:181, 226333B2-D0B4-4012-AA33-F….jpeg)

File: 1436acdaa9fe12f⋯.jpeg (282.15 KB, 640x683, 640:683, 1E6C5469-90BA-46B5-BE2B-2….jpeg)

File: 22b3c6751a03125⋯.jpeg (392.29 KB, 640x827, 640:827, BCD0B397-1D7E-4570-9974-2….jpeg)

File: 47ca7bf5729a042⋯.jpeg (308.35 KB, 640x780, 32:39, 515D7990-9EE6-4B9E-9752-8….jpeg)

Welp, Jenny complaining about Patreon till even Hank Green schools her on the fact if someone else could do what they can, it would’ve been done by now…resulting in Jenny talking about a evil popcorn themed event.

Man, Jenny does not handle criticism well!!!

206383  No.2482


Make more videos or learn to diversify Jenny.

Patreon is looking little shaky and there’s literally no other job you can do on YouTube or working 9-5 that’ll pay you a 100k a year to read bad fan fiction.

I’ll be honest, would be interested to see what Jenny, Lindsay and Contrapoints would do if suddently the tens of thousands of dollar Patreon train stopped tomorrow.

d2db5a  No.2483

File: b27bb906b544c56⋯.jpg (244.08 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, Cu6ywSAXEAAmck7-orig.jpg)


If is all comes crashing down and she really wanted to make money and not hold down a job, there's always Professional Thottery to fall back on. She's a got a few good years left on that body of hers and guys are always complimenting her feet.

9e3790  No.2484


It's a shame with griffin, knowing even if he has a youtube video blow up he's just gonna gamble all that money away immediately.

15d8c5  No.2485

File: c023b6903216bb4⋯.jpg (41.25 KB, 573x380, 573:380, griffinriseup.jpg)


woah look at this genius, "competing with a billion dollar virtual monopoly is easy!"


Like how Lindsay started her own website to compete with channel awesome I'm sure they'd start their own patreon service and it'd be just as big a failure


"women can be kind of snakelike sometimes, for sure"

maybe I'm reading too much into it…

51d97a  No.2486


>maybe I'm reading too much into it

I don't think you are

aac9bf  No.2487



We should all get behind this really, we might tease something juicy out of him.

Does he stream anywhere? That’s what we need, to catch him on a stream.

d2db5a  No.2488


>"women can be kind of snakelike sometimes, for sure"

I'd be bitter if I lost Jenny too.


Just find him in his favorite casino and take him to a buffet. He'd probably spill his guts for a $20.

d52c61  No.2489


A shameful patreon exclusive of secret Jenny details would get him a lot of quick cash.

I'm terrible, that I'd probably pay for it…..

…….And regret it afterward.

8bb9e1  No.2490


Look at those whacked-out druggie eyes. Griffin, the eternal failure.

206383  No.2491


I mean Jenny’s complaining because Patreon which lets her make $8,000 a month is raising its fees to FUTURE creators by 3% which would cost Jenny about $240.

Nobody wants to give away 240 but that company is why she’s making more than a nurse while working 10 hours a week.

206383  No.2492


Can’t tell if Jenny is just greedy because she’s used to making more money every month for over 2 years, or scared of how easily her new comfortable lifestyle money could stop.

fe3fd2  No.2493


I think shes getting social pressure to "take a stand" as "a big user" She probably gets lectures by Lindsay to do this. Its very good networking advice and may leave her with a clan of cronies like Lindsay has.

aac9bf  No.2494


I think that’s what it probably is, a bit less nefarious maybe. Not quite to gather cronies but just a bit of success guilt and the feeling it social and moral obligation to not pull the ladder up behind her.

Also it helps prove a point if her and a few power users can flex their muscles on Patreon though and get them to cave, so they can tell themselves the site needs them as much as they need it.

It relies on Patreon not realising that they are empty threats though, realistically Jenny and others aren’t leaving over this. Hank Green knows, Patreon is fine as long as no one offers it better.

aac9bf  No.2495


Or maybe she’s just trying to be a good person.

d2db5a  No.2496


I wonder what changed his mind? He seemed extremely assmad when Jenny denied him, I thought for certain he was going to get his revenge (no matter how petty). Would Jenny have just taken it on the chin or have counter-attacked with a "diss video" of her own?



That's a lot of plush snakes! No but seriously, that's her primary source of income and changes to it would have anyone worried about it, especially when it's out of your control.

>10 hours a week

I think you're really low-balling that. Just working on her old-ass laptop is going to push her time "on the clock" well above 10hrs/wk. without even factoring in how many times she watches and rewatches her videos to make sure it's coherent and flowing at a decent pace.


Get out of here with that nonsense!

15d8c5  No.2497

File: 305b4dde9093849⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 582x360, 97:60, griff11.jpg)


>I wonder what changed his mind?

I think he was testing the waters to see if something could take off, it never did. His fans didn't rally against Jen and Jen's fans never turned their back on her.


If Jenny makes her own payment site, will you guys migrate, support Jenny on Jentreon.com?

c186b6  No.2498

File: 11cab5a4fe587b4⋯.jpeg (195.89 KB, 640x630, 64:63, CEAC8792-02CE-491D-9E86-1….jpeg)

Jenny going to Disneyworld again?

…or is this her getting a hotel room at Disney hotel to ensure she gets a an early reservation for Star Wars Land?

9e3790  No.2499


100%, got to get Baileys Jentreon exclusive content.

c186b6  No.2500

File: e09f37adb783485⋯.jpeg (330.95 KB, 640x812, 160:203, CBF699A0-3866-4146-B0EB-0….jpeg)

Hmm, Jenny got a PO Box but hasn’t told fan about it so it’s personal use but she still deals with a regular mail guy too…weird.

Maybe it’s only for friends or family after getting her mail stolen?

c186b6  No.2501


Also, why suddenly being up her P.O. Box?

Just because she’s bitter that the mail guy was mean and she wants her fans to know and agree with her?

15d8c5  No.2502


mail guy is flirting with her

But jenny is doing a misdirection, the issue is clearly that she lets her mail pile up, not that she gets too much.

Jenny does that a lot though, which is weird. she will tell the true story and then give her biased angle, its better than lying but its confusing.

c186b6  No.2503


She's not good accepting ever being wrong, like literally I don’t think she’s ever said she’s wrong.

Even yesterday with Hank Green telling her if someone else could do what Patreon does for 5% they would but Jenny just left the conversation.

She did that with accusing the Pitch Meeting guy then didn’t respond (on two occasions) after he told her John Mulany inspired his videos not her.

And she’s made no response to Vito after he posted that video with Jenny not being in the best light and no sharing any footage with him.

I’ve got a few screenshot at home of her going insulting people and sharing it on tumblr.

Whoever her Youtube career stalls then fails, you guys will see a surprisingly bitchy side of Jenny.

397389  No.2504

Is anyone here in the $25 tier?

Please create a ramble topic that is actually worthy to vote on.

Please please please no Jenny's top 10 sidekicks or who's Jenny's top 5 Pokémon.

Also, I guess without saying: don't post it here or someone will trace it back to you.

397389  No.2505


"guess it goes without saying"

15d8c5  No.2506

File: 603b72619618469⋯.jpg (420.59 KB, 1793x1816, 1793:1816, 603b72619618469b43f313ecb2….jpg)


Jenny's underwear fashion guide

c186b6  No.2507


Half the time she probably forgos thongs and just wears short shorts or spanks to avoid accidentally showing that ass in her million different short dresses and skirts.

d2db5a  No.2508



>that video with Jenny not being in the best light

I thought she was super-cute in that. Vito has my eternal gratitude.


>Please create a ramble topic that is actually worthy to vote on

I feel attacked! She never takes me up on my "Masturbate for 40min." topic though… man, she wouldn't even have to say anything. That's easy money right there.

>Jenny's top 10 sidekicks

I don't think that guy's ever going to give up on that topic. He's probably hoping she'll eventually just give in like with that horse naming video.

e2255f  No.2509

What possessed Bailey all of a sudden to get all business savy on her Patreon?

206383  No.2510


Seeing Jenny’s success then realizing she’s Jewish.

206383  No.2511



> Bonus content for Patrons

Pretty sure this is half of the people who support Jenny is for the exclusive video, the other 50%-60% dont watch those.

c7ea1c  No.2512

File: d2f008c89da208a⋯.jpg (262.96 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 53229906_2052966871667064_….jpg)


It's bringing in some real money now, if she wants to maintain or grow she needs to give it some attention. I'd consider moving up to $2 tier depending on the quality of those cocktail making videos. If is just a text recipe I'll likely pass.


I stay at $25 primarily for the ramble suggestions. I wish she'd let us patrons at that level vote on stuff for her public videos though (picking plushies, choosing from a selection of outfits, etc.)… she just needs a touch more engagement to really sell that tier. She could name her price for exclusive jennies, I'd be down.

9e3790  No.2513


I'm a bit annoyed about it actually as someone who's been on her patreon since basically the beginning, the extra videos are gonna have to pretty good to justify doubling up.

I'd feel a bit weird giving Bailey double what I give Jenny when Jenny is doing a 40 min ramble vid every month and Bailey is just doing a few minutes of outtakes and a recipe video whenever she gets around to making a goosedrunks.

206383  No.2514

Sometimes been off about Jenny on twitter, her regular pattern is active 10 pm to 6 am - 8 am, but now she’s going dark around 10 pm and tweeting around 8 am - 10 am then quiet most of the day.

Either Jenny’s being going out a lot more often and not sharing pics or she’s got some kinda job…making recording a lot more videos?

c7ea1c  No.2515

File: 33a06f006ed7e71⋯.jpg (88.2 KB, 443x726, 443:726, PSX_20180719_051759.jpg)


Yeah, a 100% price increase for a video of unknown quality (if she can even manage it) is asking a bit much. That first video is going to make it brake it, I can't wait to see how much effort she puts into it.

>I'd feel a bit weird giving Bailey double what I give Jenny

There an easy way to fix that "problem"; just give Jenny more money! Don't you think she deserves it? Look at that sweet face!

15d8c5  No.2516

File: f28215df50297cf⋯.jpg (86.01 KB, 443x726, 443:726, jennydup.jpg)


probably my best edit


>I don't think that guy's ever going to give up on that topic

are you allowed to change it each month?

c7ea1c  No.2517


>are you allowed to change it each month?

Yeah, of course. If she rejects it, she'll let you know why she give you a bit of time to come up with something else.

36026f  No.2518


>Anon submits Jenny's dating life ramble

Jenny: "Anon, that's too private. I don't want my viewers to mistake the relationship between me and them to be anything but distant acquaintances. Why don't you submit a topic like Jenny's favorite foods, so I can make a list."

f2dd81  No.2519


I don’t understand. Isn’t it just a new tier? She’s not forcing you to increase your pledge, is she?

206383  No.2520

File: 66a95e38d47cfdc⋯.jpeg (352.88 KB, 640x1098, 320:549, 3FD4FAB0-3ACB-4372-9E41-9….jpeg)

File: 060551508e82345⋯.jpeg (393.6 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, F006A8CF-0B5B-4AD2-A9B3-4….jpeg)

Thought something happened to Jenny when she went to pick up her mail as that was her last tweet, then saw her liking her sisters tweet from 4 hours ago.

Is her sister kidding, or is the insane ego genetic in her family and that’s why she’s talking about her feelings on physics?

206383  No.2521


Looks like they have the same crazy sleep patterns.

15d8c5  No.2522

File: 2ff7cac0a3591d5⋯.jpg (16.82 KB, 576x106, 288:53, jokes.jpg)


I think shes joking, based on her other tweets, she has a very "the Onion" style sense of humor.

9e3790  No.2523


Well she's forcing you to pay more if you want to be a bailey completionist. As we all should strive to, she's holding out on the 1 dollar people.

9c8ab8  No.2524


I feel like maybe I’m stupid, but I thought that was how patreon works? She provides more bonus content and you pay for the amount of it you want, right?

d2db5a  No.2525

File: 5f96d7d67c178a9⋯.jpg (577.85 KB, 1080x850, 108:85, New Tiers.jpg)


If I were a girl, that may have a chance (however slight). Jenny probably knows what I'm looking for in a suggestion though and see would right through me. Man, can you imagine Jenny taking about her romantic life (if it even exists)? That's some Ramble of the Year material right there.

Oh, and Bailey's revamped tiers are up. Honestly, it's looking good. Still not much there at the $10 level, but it is an improvement over what it used to offer.

8bb9e1  No.2526


When's the Yang Gang edit?

7135d3  No.2527


She basically copied and pasted Jenny’s Patreon.

7135d3  No.2528


> Can’t fathem why you’d pay that much

Ugggg God, sane fake ass marketing Henny does

Like when a can girl pretends a $5 tip is world shattering

9b9642  No.2529

I don't know guys. I may do the $25 for a couple months on Bailey's Patreon.

Just because I'll give myself a Patreon Name that would make even Bailey blush, when she calls it out.

Like "Anita Donkey Punch" or "I. M. Comingalot"

8bb9e1  No.2530


Jen routinely bans people for stuff like this. You don't think Bailey would do the same?

7135d3  No.2531


Jenny makes $8,000, Bailey is less of a prude (has probably sucked couple dicks) and is working with $350.

9e3790  No.2532


Allegedly but the only other patreon I'm on is Jenny's and she spoils you by giving away everything worth while for a dollar. All the more expensive stuff is just guff. Like appearing at the end of videos or voting/suggesting ramble topics.

7135d3  No.2533


Nah man, you just think that cause you watch the Patreon videos, but over a 1000 people pay her and don’t watch it.

Jenny knows Patreon is about access to HER. It’s all about Jenny not the content.

That’s why the more you pay, the more access you have.

$1 you see the video, $5 you’re credited and get to vote on the video she’ll make (directly deciding her actions) and $25 you get to talk to her 1-1 about what video she should make.

More $$$ = more Jenny access.

7135d3  No.2534

File: 09b6a9d2afc1425⋯.jpeg (345.2 KB, 640x924, 160:231, 0DD5A8DF-5397-4844-AE14-C….jpeg)

> Jenny’s gonna line up to tour a line…

9e3790  No.2535


People are weird, I'm just here for the content. I get anything out of the whole findom/sugar daddy aspect of patreon.

If I was Jenny or Bailey I'd want everyone on the 25 dollar tier on a watchlist.

9e3790  No.2536


That should obviously say don't get anything out of it.

7135d3  No.2537

File: 04e60fa2a6b4f5b⋯.jpeg (312.17 KB, 640x1000, 16:25, 32EEDA17-9087-4A84-814A-B….jpeg)

File: fc051c2c9664413⋯.jpeg (113.85 KB, 640x420, 32:21, A9F82149-90D3-4B7A-A403-B….jpeg)

So many better, more personal Patreon topics being left on the table so Jenny can make lists about movie sidekicks and dark rides.

15d8c5  No.2538


Jenny had friends after all, hmm.

d2db5a  No.2539


>not changing your name to: "I'm a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells… and I like to kiss my own butt."


Remember, every top-tier patron is at the mercy of the $5 patrons. You can't win 'em all.

7135d3  No.2540


> Jenny actually had friends

A. Jenny might be pulling Patreon heartstrings with those stories. She seems to have a decent number of high school friends, though just a handful of college ones, one guy (black gay one) and girl.

She literally wasn’t THAT shy with those tweets and how she met Griffin.

I remember she said she thought Griffin was funny in like Drama class and when she saw him in the class the following year she decided they’d be friends.

206383  No.2541

File: 302405d8939d7a4⋯.jpeg (259.58 KB, 640x925, 128:185, D3C5CBD7-513B-43B4-98F6-8….jpeg)


> I need to snap a pic when I get home.

…why can’t she snap a pic right now looking at the tweet?

206383  No.2542

File: 9db72dc9dfb2130⋯.jpeg (429.64 KB, 640x1100, 32:55, C877A597-F8D4-4468-80AC-6….jpeg)


Jenny the sheep

206383  No.2543

File: bfd71dd44f748c3⋯.jpeg (154.61 KB, 640x487, 640:487, 0DE4A783-2594-42DF-8830-1….jpeg)


Why would she put her irreplaceable plushie in her car? Was she showing it off somewhere?