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File: 2d0e708b8f9a60a⋯.png (588.26 KB, 710x386, 355:193, walking dead ash.png)

67b242  No.3415

Previous thread



>So Jenny gets into twitter conservation with creator of The Walking Dead. He follows her, but she doesn't follow him in return?

Too cool for zombie school edition.

d1ae96  No.3417

File: d6a3c1c6975bf8a⋯.jpeg (186.11 KB, 640x549, 640:549, 3A827058-637B-4105-8DC9-7….jpeg)

File: c156955e9d0a0ea⋯.jpeg (260.36 KB, 640x790, 64:79, D7C98431-6C2E-4463-98BF-6….jpeg)


Never mind, I found the answer in Jenny’s typical sarcastic manner.

Weirdly enough, only found it cause I wanted to ask if her tweet about sports bras earlier last month meant she wore them a lot more often than we thought or not.

Jenny seems like she’d be more into Bralettes.


I’m also very surprised by this, maybe she’s worried he’d see her other tweets bashing the show and that’s make stuff awkward.

d1ae96  No.3418

When I was a big Jenny fan at the very start of her going viral on YouTube, I was hoping she’d get a lot of success, something crazy like 10k a month.

2 years later she’s almost there, I had no idea she’d make the same content and just picket the money.

No big vlog trips, no editor or green screen or even a desk, just more plushies on her bed.

743a04  No.3419


>Man, that'd be the worst… heartbreaking even.

what if it was a tattoo of jorn and underneath it said "ill always love you'


I thought she'd do animated stuff or her own movies if she had the money. she should re-do the future plans ramble

15d3f0  No.3420


It's truly amazing that she's made her (unchanging!) format work so well for her. It's been years and she's only gone up in both income and subs. It's a testament to her charm.


>what if it was a tattoo of jorn and underneath it said "ill always love you'

Gang tattoos are unironically the only "acceptable" tattoos a person can get. All tattoos complete trash, but so are gang members, so it works.

67b242  No.3421

File: 84249ec7acfc80b⋯.png (142.62 KB, 580x480, 29:24, three filthy goyim.png)

oy vey

oy gevalt

d1ae96  No.3422


It drives her crazy a non Jew is playing that character without a ounce of irony the other way around.


Ehh, maybe it maybe it just shows Jenny’s got one format she can do well and the second people lose interest she’s fucked.

Lucky for her even at 27 she can still pass for a 20-21 year old with plushies talking about Disneyland but the second her age catches up with her it’ll be really weird and sad.

Or if she gains weight and all her Patreons no longer than she’s cute and fuckable.

85db6f  No.3423


I think she’s got a fair point though, if it was any other minority than Jewish they would be outrage. But no one cares about Jew face.

85db6f  No.3424

Wow it’s insane how fast we’re getting through this threads nowadays. /Jenny/ is really taking off.

d407a5  No.3425


Yeah, I agree. We like to give her shit but isn’t this literally a book they use for a religious holiday, too? Even if you don’t have a problem with the casting of the show this does seem a little above and beyond that.

d1ae96  No.3426

Jenny’s being really quiet on twitter since announcing she’s going.

I’m guessing she’s excited planning all the events, parties she’ll attend and furiously going through her dress and plushies collection to see what will get to go with her or if she needs to buy new stuff.

85db6f  No.3427


It’s just the fetishisation of Jewish culture, it’s like that thing she tweeted the other day about non-Jews having “Jewish” weddings. It’s just weird.

d407a5  No.3428


Exactly. Sometimes I think she overreacts, but I think she’s been toning that down lately. I can understand the offense here. It does seem bad.

d1ae96  No.3429

We talked about Jenny’s writing abilities and one stage play win is all she’s her had.

I think this joke she tweeted is also a brutally honestly reflection of her depth of character abilities.

Like a Jenny script is just a PG episode of Family Guy with lots of funny references.

d1ae96  No.3430

File: 13c7e0f27a148e8⋯.jpeg (138.87 KB, 640x329, 640:329, 7A1E33D7-381A-435F-B0B0-1….jpeg)

e5e01e  No.3431


>>sometimes I think she overreacts, but I think she's been toning that down lately

Because she no longer has a man

afe106  No.3432

File: f2940a085a9a072⋯.jpeg (133.01 KB, 640x988, 160:247, C55C546B-A001-4D7A-8ED6-3….jpeg)

File: 73148d24ecfdaa9⋯.jpeg (71.31 KB, 640x884, 160:221, B6C211E9-2242-4A67-8E2B-3….jpeg)


Just in case anyone missed this in the last thread.

This MIGHT be Jenny in a cheerleading outfit from a CM competition (I wasn’t able to find video footage to verify anything but the teams performed for guests and they cited, Jenny’s team won).

Personally I have my doubts.

e5e01e  No.3433

Looks like the reason Jenny hasn't been on social media in awhile is because she's making her Celebration costumes.

15d3f0  No.3434


Sounds like she made herself a costume for the video… I think.


>Jenny’s got one format she can do well and the second people lose interest she’s fucked

You might be right on that one; Millennial Falcon and those videos with Bailey failed to get any significant views or gain any traction.


Let's hope it stays small enough not to catch Jenny's attention.

67b242  No.3436


<Jenny General #100 next week

afe106  No.3437


> Costume for the video

Sounded like originally the video wasn’t going to have costumes in it if she was going to upload it last week (as she apparently said she would) but I guess now she’s extending her costume video by including one or more costumes in she’ll make.

Maybe she’ll talk about Celebrations in it.

I’m still a bitter bitch about it and want to hear how she got the 2nd pass.


Yeah, she’s was real quiet since announcing.

So she had nothing prepared until she knew for sure she was going?

Jenny’s got a time management problem, everything is last minute with her.

afe106  No.3438

File: 75fd25f4b41f5dc⋯.png (222.77 KB, 605x488, 605:488, NewJennyFollow.PNG)

File: ca4553b7a9bdc4d⋯.png (690.29 KB, 871x874, 871:874, NewJennyFollow2.PNG)

File: 7c2889ccca756c9⋯.png (644.2 KB, 892x846, 446:423, NewJennyFollow3.PNG)

Jenny has started following someone new

< Are you following Robert Kirkman, are well established writer now that he's following you?

> Umm, maybe….no!!! It's this weird flamboyant Youtuber

His profile says he's in LA but he's not even following Jenny, guessing she found out about him just now cause she liked 2 of his tweets yesterday.

377019  No.3439

Chelsea has been following the guy for awhile. Maybe Jenny learned about him through her.

Or Jenny just surfs YouTube and found him.

Still weird, she didn't follow Kirkman.

When will Jenny release her short Star Wars costumes video?

We've had the preview for awhile.

Did anything good come from Bailey's Thursday stream?

743a04  No.3440


reminds me of griffin


>Still weird, she didn't follow Kirkman.

he seemed a little thirsty, maybe Jenny picked up on that too

aba14e  No.3441


>Maybe she’ll talk about Celebrations in it

If we hear anything about how she got it, it will probably be in the next ramble (which will likely be next month sometime).

afe106  No.3442

File: fd5014056bfea36⋯.png (389.87 KB, 565x558, 565:558, JennyintheHouse.PNG)

Ok, honest admission, I've been thinking that Jenny as started to fake being this ultra innocent, cute nerd girl as she's been growing older but wanting to keep an illusion (which could still be right) but holy fuck is Jenny cute, innocent and childish in her Vines from 4-5 years ago.


Oh and she went to this dudes house for him to play the piano in her year 20s…wondering if he fucked her or if they were there with Griffin?


I remember him moderating some Friendship is Witchcarft panels at Brony conventions.

Can anyone download this and put it in the webm thread? Jenny doing a quick song but also showing that forehead wrinkle she's gotten rid of with hats and Japanese snail moisturizer. https://vine.co/v/OHKAI5gWFEM

67b242  No.3443

File: 2f449db18b408b6⋯.mp4 (683.87 KB, 480x480, 1:1, tNo53mZu.mp4)


does this work?

afe106  No.3444

Yes sir!

67b242  No.3446


>tfw still have yet to watch a single Bailey stream

feels bad


Hurrah. Nice trips.


>wondering if he fucked her

chaste until marriage

aba14e  No.3447


>Jenny as started to fake being this ultra innocent, cute nerd girl

You can't fake what Jenny does. She's simply cute… and that's that!

>Can anyone download this and put it in the webm thread?

I have them all downloaded, I can dump them in that thread tomorrow when I get home. Only a few need to be made into webms I think (weird audio).

afe106  No.3448


> I can dump them in that thread tomorrow

I await your morning dump.

P.S. One of the vines verified what stable they keep their horses at and holy fuck, Jenny's dad spends over $1,500 a month on boarding.

Yeah, Jenny was never middle class unless that's NorCal middle class.

743a04  No.3449


>$1,500 a month on boarding.

that's how much an acre of land costs in texas. they should move to texas and live with a heard of horses

and what the fuck did her dad do on Bubsy that got him so much cash, or was the family wealthy before?

67b242  No.3450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you've somehow missed this, Jenny briefly appeared in Hackfraud's new review. Not shitting on Hackfraud or anything, nuWars is trash, just saying: brief Jenny appearance.

aba14e  No.3451


>Jenny was never middle class

Her going to a private college should've told you that.


What sort of appearance? I can't skip around because of some premier bullshit and I ain't watching that.

67b242  No.3452


Very momentary. Hackfraud was saying that some girls might have liked it, and did a quick shot of Jen, then moved on about shitting on the feminist angle of the flick.

aba14e  No.3453

File: 79cdaca884cceff⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [2017.12.14] The Last Jedi….png)


It's a bit strange that TLJ still upsets people so much. I "hated" (a strong dislike really) it at first too, but now I'm fairly neutral on it. Yeah, the story is dumb, Rian is a retard and a good 40-45min could've been edited out without changing anything, but it's not really offensive. That could just be my affinity towards bad movies/TV making me soft on it though (I watch schlock all the time and love it).

Jenny's unwavering love for TLJ is even stranger… maybe she truly does love Star Wars?

afe106  No.3454


> Jenny's unwavering love for TLJ is even stranger… maybe she truly does love Star Wars?

I think this the reason, everyone who lives TLJ shits on people who dont and tells them to get over it (as Jenny has) but continue to vehemently defend it which only further pushes those who hate it to talk and further explain why it’s bad.

I was too young but was there such a back and forth about the prequels? I think that was disliked by everyone but kids.

afe106  No.3455

Is Jenny like spending this week going out to dinner and fucking a secret boyfriend before she leaves for another week for Celebrations?

Why is she MIA on twitter?

afe106  No.3456


Time stamp?

a766d9  No.3457


I still genuinely enjoyed it and enjoy rewatching it, there's stupid stuff in it and the Finn/Rose stuff sucks but I really like the rest of it.

It's definitely better than Force Awakens.

15d3f0  No.3470

File: 6e2e1193aa3dbed⋯.png (119.35 KB, 961x575, 961:575, Jenny - Us.png)

>Jenny liking Us

I'm the only person I know IRL that doesn't like this movie… one of the most annoying movies I've watched recently.


>I await your morning dump

They're up.


Oh hey Jenny!

afe106  No.3471


What’s sad about this is Jenny used to always share a picture of her at the movie theater, she never goes alone.

Don’t know if she doesn’t like that at all or didn’t want to show who she went with but yeah, Jenny getting more private by the day.

afe106  No.3472


So, which of her Youtuber friends disliked the movie and will she tell them how they’re wrong in a list format?

afe106  No.3473

File: 5ab2b3c1f7238e5⋯.jpeg (191.45 KB, 640x607, 640:607, D2C58DEA-25E0-4DDE-81E6-1….jpeg)

File: aea4672ee1a48f2⋯.jpeg (222.41 KB, 640x581, 640:581, A25D1C08-3005-4596-898E-1….jpeg)


And I’m always shocked when Jenny says she wants to do something and if it’s not Disney related, it takes her like a weeks if not months to get around to it.

Jenny, you wanted to see Us, you don’t work, why did it take you 3 weeks?!

5e2dfb  No.3474


Todd in the Shadows

5e2dfb  No.3475


Bailey saw it 3 weeks ago

afe106  No.3476

File: 514bcbc7fd82844⋯.jpeg (397.98 KB, 640x742, 320:371, 50E1D2DC-B361-41E8-A2D9-D….jpeg)

Does Jenny own a bikinis?

afe106  No.3477

File: 5d523cd840469f1⋯.jpeg (260.82 KB, 640x874, 320:437, A3DEDCC0-2AF5-4DD1-9C5D-7….jpeg)

File: b6c1742c5e36968⋯.jpeg (269.67 KB, 640x557, 640:557, 812638F5-DF35-4ADF-841D-F….jpeg)

I could swear Jenny’s said she can’t swim, did she wear a life vest at the Disneyworld pool?

846fbe  No.3478


In her last ramble about college, she mentioned (clarified) she can swim (barely). But she sucks at it and would prefer not to.

a766d9  No.3479



Yeah she said she can just about swim, but she can't tread water so doesn't like hanging out in a pool or the sea.

I don't know how someone can live their life like that tbh. Especially in somewhere like LA. She pulls the sun burn excuse, but I'm pale and burn easily, I just use good sun tan lotion.

b40b82  No.3481


holy shit…

From the look of her traps and shoulders and legs and height, 90% its jenny

Look at her cheeks on her face too, from the side.

a766d9  No.3482

File: 324f905236e7f9e⋯.jpg (107.99 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 11033008_405052326323258_1….jpg)


This is the only other picture I could find. Good luck I guess, anyone got an enhance button on their computer?

afe106  No.3484

File: c2d284ecad8f100⋯.jpeg (410.08 KB, 640x919, 640:919, BDBF6D55-69F1-4A47-89FA-1….jpeg)

Hmm, Jenny’s said she does not like waiting more than 20 minutes in lines, especially because her friends aren’t big SW or theme park fans like her.

So I guess we’ll have to just guess how Jenny will get these items without waiting in line. Short of her camera person being a big fan too.

My guess…She already said what she wanted, so one of her fans or friends will pick it up alongside their own items while there so charmed life Jenny won’t have to wait at all.

743a04  No.3485


>I was too young but was there such a back and forth about the prequels?

the internet wasn't too popular then so I don't think any kind of schism formed, but people didn't like Jarjar, and the less mainstream forms of media like magazines freely shat on it. it got positive press from mainstream TV though

that's how I remember it atleast

afe106  No.3486

Huh, I can’t believe it took me this long to realize Jenny routinely will tweet about trending topics to get retweets and followers.

All this time I thought all the followers were from YouTube but she never actually mentions her social media and how many people look at the YouTube descriptions for that stuff.

Jenny’s marketing game is on a whole other level. Just like her great idea to encourage people to sign up on Patreon and keep them with a new video every month.

Someone ask her about Celebrations, I wanna know how she or her agent/management got her the 2nd ticket.

afe106  No.3487

File: d13990de7678a5e⋯.jpeg (547.83 KB, 640x1051, 640:1051, 15411A70-0D50-4B7F-8EE4-9….jpeg)

File: c9e02f0895116ce⋯.jpeg (132.42 KB, 640x986, 320:493, E299C9CA-EB06-4385-8B8F-F….jpeg)


99% sure this is Jenny and Alicia and matches the bow in her hair


I knew this photo was wrong but couldn’t remember why when I posted that other pic.

The only way that other photo could be Jenny is if she changed right after performing or tried out as a cheerleader understudy but didn’t perform the night of, which MAY actually have happened.

I’m positive she talked about this on the archived Tumblr because there’s a picture of her holding the trophy with Alicia and I remember reading her saying she was surprised she got to be in this when she tried out. Not at my computer to control F but it’s there somewhere.

afe106  No.3488


P.S. Jenny’s the one in weird leg stance, short black skirt and orange shirt. Not the cheerleader in front of her also wearing pink bow.

afe106  No.3489

Its kinda shocking how a Youtube channel starts to wether away if you don’t keep putting in new content. Like Jenny’s got almost 90 videos, there are hundreds of millions of people watching YouTube but without new videos she won’t get new subs.

I wonder if the YouTube algorithm only recommends videos for constantly updating channels.

Likely for Jenny, that doesn’t appear to be an issue on Patreon.

fcff9a  No.3490


Whatever Jenny doesn't already know about the Youtube algorithm, she's got Kat, since that's literally her area of expertise.

Curious. Which one of Jenny's inner circle is going with her to Celebration?

Could we all just going about this the wrong way. What if she's just taking her sister.

I always suspected her sister was the one that went with her to Battlefront II.

a766d9  No.3491


Great spot, I literally posted that pic as a joke because I thought it was useless. But wow, I think you might be right.

85d600  No.3492


>Which one of Jenny's inner circle is going with her to Celebration?

Here are the possibilities as I see them, in order of probability. Did I miss anyone?

Kat- seems to be Jenny's bff these days and her go to gal to do stuff like this with

Kirsten- I'd say there is like a 90% chance shes going with either Kat or Kirsten. Kirsten went with her to the Last Jedi premier so she might be the biggest Star Wars fan in Jenny's group.

Alicia-Seems close enough with jenny to be worthy of the invite, not as likely as Kat or Kirsten but more likely then others.

Probably Gay Casey-They keep in touch well enough and I could see him doing something like this, if she is going with a dude he is probably the highest probability.

Bailey- Would seem like a high possibility, except the fact that she hasn't tweeted about it and probably would have been complaining that her badge got denied if it was her.

Lindsey (sister)- know almost nothing about her, so no idea if she likes Star Wars, kind of hard to place her odds wise, just think she is less likely then some other of Jenny's friends

Lindsey (fat YouTube friend)-Her and Jenny are close I just think she would have talked about it if she was going and also she seems a little above going just to be Jenny's camera person.

Ken-Could be a fun little father/daughter trip and he seems nerdy enough to like Star Wars

Nathan-As the person who brought Nathan to yall's attention with the Bomberman tweet, I've actually kind of backtracked on thinking hes secret bf. I think the evidence mostly suggests he is Kat's bf but we still cant completely discount the possibility.

Chase Donnally-I believe he went to High school with Jenny and Griff and might have been in or worked on Twilight the Musical. Throwing him into the mix because he was the camera man on Con Artist and I thought at some point I saw evidence that he does camera work professionally now. I swear at some point Jenny followed him on twitter but I dot think she does anymore.

Griffin-His recent appearance on her credits scroll is weird. he is such a weird guy so its hard to gauge if that really him, if its his way of trying to apologize, or if it hints they may have made up and are trying to be friends again. It seems unlikely but if there is a dude going with her, hes one that she trusted to go to these types of things with once upon a time.

Max-I'm personally really really concerned that max breaking up with Ani has something to do with Jenny, and her and Max are together now. but because of his recent allegations popping back up, he has gone silent on insta so we have no idea who he has been hanging out with. even if Jenny is currently dating him, it would be so weird if he went just to hold a camera for her and as her protector, and people would see them together walking around which is attention I don't think Jenny wants.

Some other rando we dont know about-This would be interesting but I feel Jenny is transparent enough with who she hangs out with that its highly unlikely she would do a convention with someone we dont know about.

afe106  No.3493

File: 09f5ea8f7723127⋯.jpeg (659.35 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, B4C01B80-7299-4853-A46E-2….jpeg)



Thanks and I THINK this is Jenny all the way at the very back in the second pic.

Helps that almost no one else is wearing a black skirt, (and and her hatred of pants has no bounds) but again, she could’ve been a cheerleader understudy as she’s got one of the better bodies in that bunch.

afe106  No.3494


> Jenny is transparent enough with who she hangs out with that its highly unlikely she would do a convention with someone we dont know about.

This is why I doubt the secret boyfriend or close guy friend that we don’t know about angle, because until very recently Henny shared a lot of personal stuff.

And even when we doesn’t want to share, we here commectbthe dits and find out. I just think it’s nearly impossible for Jenny to have a boyfriend in her life without both being extremely secretive about it and it existing probably under the last 3-6 months otherwise we’d know.

And under that mindset, it’d mean Jenny has voluntarily been single for (except for whatever period in HS with Griffin) her entire adult life…unless people think she’s a casual sex kind of her which I don’t.

afe106  No.3495


Parents and sister are bigger Star Trek fans but sister is a possible.

I was so sure she’d take a guy for safety but doubt she’d want to pay for a guys own hotel room, guess a girl she can share a room with makes more sense and further makes her comfortable.

For Jenny the fear and anxiety is likely doing stuff alone or being caught alone, (she said once she feels like people stare at her for being too tall when she’s alone which is why she wears hats) not needing some guy to physically protect her but having someone back her up is all she needs.

afe106  No.3496

That’s weird, Jenny’s twitter changed from 233 to 234 then back to 233.

Wonder if she’s rethinking a new follow or starting a fresh purge.

You know she’s gonna follow 10-15 new people she meets at Celebrations.

aba14e  No.3497


Jenny has an obsessive personality type, if she had a man, trust me, we'd know… she likely wouldn't shut up about it or be afraid to travel anymore (because she'd have protection).

c39244  No.3498


I wish whoever was smart enough to figure out how to get a searchable file out of the old tumblr account could find a way to make a list of her twitter follows that could automatically be compared to the list when the number changes so we can see who she unfollows. I did notice that she unfollowed the possibly transgender soda guy she followed after meeting him out randomly one night. Poor guy.

ce72e7  No.3499



Keep in mind that everyone on your list except Lindsay, Griffin, and possibly the sister all have 9 to 5 jobs. Unlike Jenny, they can't all put in vacation a quick 2 weeks beforehand, change their plans at the drop of a hat, and go to Chicago.

Add to that, Kirsten is recovering from being injured.

Chase was their cameraman at San Diego Comicon because the dude moved there after San Ramon and has been living there ever since, I believe.

Bailey has relatives in Chicago, and has been there a few times.

I doubt it's her though, like you said, she would have mentioned it.

There's a chance Alicia could get her shifts switched at Disneyland in order to go. She's a big possibility. As unlike Bailey and Kirsten, Jenny's yet to invite her to one of her big events.

Ken's (dad) is a big Star Trek fan. Not a Star Wars fan. If this were a Trek con, 100% it would be him. Doubtful Jenny would take him to after parties though.

Griffin-that ship has sailed.

Lindsay Ellis-too high profile. Ain't her.

Kat-strong contender but what's her job/college schedule.

Sister-the biggest unknown

So far, Alicia's in the lead.

c39244  No.3500


Didn't both Kat and Kirsten take a week off to go to Disneyworld with Jenny last year. I think Kat's job gives her a lot of leeway for that kind of stuff. This is all somewhat silly speculation in my opinion though because I bet we will see pics of her with whoever she is with, if not posted by her, posted by others.

c2e4f7  No.3501


That Disney world trip was planned months in advance.

Jenny only found out the 2nd pass got approved a week ago.

It ain't Max. If Lindsay was too high profile, Max would be downright nuclear.

Anon is right, that if it HAD to be a guy, it would be Casey.

My top 3 in order are Alicia, Kat and the sister.

c39244  No.3502

Wonder if Max is making Jenny watch Wrestlemania. If we get any wrestling tweets from her tonight id bet thats whats going on.

3235b7  No.3503


Max is famous enough, that he's had a few Blind Items.

I'm always worried I'll come across one talking about him and "a YouTuber."

743a04  No.3504


"one girl even enjoyed reading dirty comments people made about her on 8chan during sex"

c39244  No.3505


I keep thinking that he is going to be silent on insta for a while longer, maybe weeks maybe another 2 or 3 months, and then he will just post instagram stories with Jenny hanging out at his house on the couch. If we ever see her on his instagram story either 2-3 days in a row, or if they are just hanging out at one of their places without going to do anything, that will be the confirmation they are dating. I get nervous every time I check instagram to see that he has posted a new story.

371e8a  No.3506


Speaking of which, go to Ani's twitter post from Friday.

Girl's having nightmares about Max.

Sounds more and more like he did her wrong, rather than what he did to other people.

c39244  No.3507


I agree. Someone said they cant imagine jenny being "the other woman" and I kind of agree, but I can see a situation where Jenny and Max were flirting and she told him she cant be with him if he still has a girlfriend and that lead to him breaking up with Ani.

I feel like I made one of those monkey paw wishes, because all I wanted was for Max to get me too'd again with a more substantial claim this time. And it happened! But it happening only lead to Max going silent on Insta so we lost all info about what he is up to, and Ani breaking up with him, leaving him free to hook up with Jenny.

5ccef7  No.3508


Dude, I swear to this. Way back before Max got MeToo'ed the first time and before he nuked his twitter.

There was a random female and male on twitter in a discussion, which basically led the female to say either "an open sex relationship between friends of opposite genders is no big deal" or it was "friends with benefits is great and has no bearing on your relationship with your partner." I'm paraphrasing.

Max then @ that conversation to Jenny.

Jenny never responded. But I was like WTF. And this was before I knew Ani existed.

Ever since then, I was sure Max has or at least tried to get inside Jenny.

c39244  No.3509


You're not helping with my anxiety about this anon :(

5ccef7  No.3510


Now you know how I felt when Max released that YouTube vid about Carly Rae, that took place in his home, and you here Jenny's voice on the other side of the camera.

(Verifying that jenny has been to his home with just the two of them.)

c39244  No.3511


i remember that video and someone saying that before but i never could find the part with jenny's voice. Was it 100% her? When its just small samples Ani's voice can sound a lot like jennys.

afe106  No.3512


Was Kirsten still working at Disneyland then or had she already left that job?

Disneyland seems to be ok with switching shifts aren't for trips and Jenny and Alicia went to DW a few times while they worked at DL.

afe106  No.3513



Honestly I'm surprised woke Twitter hasn't found out and come after Jenny. I'm guessing her tween Disney material and lower sub numbers have kept her safe but if she had 1m subs, he'd be getting some flak for hanging out with Max well after the first accusation though no proof they've hung out since the 2nd wave.

I'm fucking shocked Kat hung out with him, her whole career is to fight online what Max did in person. That might come back on her too.

c39244  No.3514


Not 100% certain but I thought Kirsten quit Disneyland after the Circle D ranch closed but I do not know for sure.

c39244  No.3515


Especially with the video Lindsay did on Bright, where she just glazed over the whole thing by pretending it didn't have a writer, which was such a weak way of calling him out. Like she was kind of winking and nodding to those who knew the story but not caring to really put him on blast.

5ccef7  No.3516


Hasn't Kirsten worked at an animal shelter for almost 2 years now.

afe106  No.3517




Dude, I used to be in the same boat as you, but a few things have released that feeling from me.

The honest truth is not only is Jenny never going to be interested in any of us, she probably hate us.

Jenny will have a dick in her some day, it may have already happened in college with some nobody or MAYBE in HS with Griffin but it will happen. I'm on the side that she's a happy virgin and maybe even mildly asexual and more interested in animatronics than any guys dick but with her brother/sister, it's unlikely Jenny wants to grow old and single.

I actually like Max, he fits Jenny's personality a lot better than some woke bitch like Nathan so personally, I'd be ok with those two together, and Bailey would probably cream herself with joy if Jenny converted to Judaism to marry Max.

Max likes to share his life. The only things that annoys me more than Jenny just getting whatever she wants (Charmed Life, love that phrase whomever told me), is not feeding my curiosity.

So at the very least, Max would show off his relationship with Jenny a lot more than Jenny ever would with someone else.

Things will happen we have no control over but short of Jenny never getting with anyone, I think Max would be pretty good for us.

afe106  No.3518


I took that as an attack on Max, since she never mentioned that David Ayers totally rewrote Max's script.

Lindsey has always bashed Max on twitter, it's weird that Jenny is besties with both of them, it's even weirder that Kat hung out with him all day.

I'd love to see if Jenny has talked about this with Lindsey or Max or it's just an awkward thing they don't talk about when she's spending the day with one or the other.

5ccef7  No.3519

The weirdest thing for me is that The Shark defended Max on twitter from Anons. I'm talking 'bout The Shark. THE SHARK!!!!

Why on earth would she do that unless Jenny and Max were REALLY friendly…..

aba14e  No.3520


>I was sure Max has or at least tried to get inside Jenny

Can't say I blame the guy… with his money/connections I would've busted my ass spending my way into her… heart?


Is this video still up somewhere?


>I'm fucking shocked Kat hung out with him

I'm not. Kat is hungry for any bit of fame she can get her hands on. That's why she's always researching people with an audience.


>never going to be interested in any of us

Not with that attitude she's won't!

c39244  No.3521


ok yeah I found a tweet from Kirsten from October 23, 2015 saying she started working at a county animal shelter 4 days prior, so that matches with when Circle D ranch was closing down.


I am not opposed to Jenny being with someone, and I get that a lot of people are like you and like Max. I personally find him very annoying, and as much as you all might rip on me for saying this, I honestly do want whats best for Jenny. Max has admitted to abusing girlfriends in the past. Ani was recently posting instagram vdieos about how an ex of hers used to ask her why she stuggled with money so much, and how no one else he knows stuggles with money. It was for sure Max she was talking about, and thats the same pattern of behavior he admitted to with past relationships, that kind of emotional abuse. When he doesn't like something about a girl, he insults and condescends to them and says hurtful things. I remember that one interview where he said he could never be with a girl that hasn't figured out her orgasm. Do any of you think jenny has that figured out? Like even if she isnt a virgin, its hard to think she is some expert at sex stuff. Max says he has changed, but look at what hes done to Ani, seems like the same old shit and I think he would do this same bullshit to Jenny when he finds something about her that annoys him. Its just who he is. Furthermore, when Max recently had some new film projects announced, everyone on twitter was calling him a rapist and shitting on him, no one had forgotten about his me too stuff. If it is revealed Jenny is with him, some of the backlash will fall to her for not believing women and legitimizing abusers, especially now that there is a specific allegation of an assault out there.

You are right that her being with Max would lead to us getting more Jenny vids, but they would be cringe worthy for me and not something I would ever be comfortable seeing. Steve Zaragosa, Mike Carlson from podcast the ride, Kat hell even Griffin would be some people I wouldn't mind seeing jenny with. Max would literally be the last choice for who I would want her to be with.

c39244  No.3522


>Is this video still up somewhere?

If I'm thinking of the same one he is, its this one:


5ccef7  No.3523

Jenny's been awfully quiet tonight.

afe106  No.3524


Fucking thank you!!! I think she was only this quiet after what happened with Griffin, shes weirdly quiet these days.

She should be bouncing off the walls tweeting about getting her way for Celebrations and everything she'll do there.


I think Jenny is not as sensitive as you think, but I also tink if she got dragged by woke twitter for being with Max…I mean, it jjust shows her for what she really s, Jenny is an extreme opportunist. Jumping from interest to interest to gain fans, influencer friends and recognition and praise.

Remember she insulted Max on tumblr before becoming besties with him, while also courting the likes of Lindsey, contra points and Kat.

Like I always say, I think some humility for Jenny would be good.

44e1b9  No.3525


Jenny's latest video. A little funny at times but it honestly just feels like filler because she has nothing else to talk about right now, I guess.

Also at her comment:

>This is why I carry a taser

oof, you guys better keep your distance lmao

afe106  No.3526

File: 093bb7ff2abd90a⋯.jpeg (371.03 KB, 640x1090, 64:109, B4D2B0EC-2D55-4FDE-8800-1….jpeg)


What’s the context of that comment?

And I thought Jenny was making costumes to include in the video but I guess not…why did it take her a week after posting a preview to edit the remainder of a 7 minute video?

What’s she been doing all these days quiet in twitter?

afe106  No.3527

File: bea8c98db597b02⋯.jpeg (419.46 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, 86E20AC8-71B7-4483-9C68-B….jpeg)


Wtf is going on with this video?

afe106  No.3528

File: 6702f7e6ca8981a⋯.jpeg (398.13 KB, 640x1085, 128:217, 7C24858B-B2B1-45BF-AE7F-F….jpeg)


Hahaha, Jenny likes it when you brag about giving Jenny money.

afe106  No.3529

File: 87368aa6b925d60⋯.jpeg (306.35 KB, 640x1091, 640:1091, 12359EF1-5C72-4D82-B436-5….jpeg)

File: 2a8bd51a590b7f1⋯.png (158.4 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, F555E2F1-95FC-484D-848B-38….png)

> Homestuck Darth Maul


aba14e  No.3530

File: 960c428fc787649⋯.jpg (424.88 KB, 1080x825, 72:55, Jenny's Patreon Post.jpg)

I can't believe it took her so long to complete another 3min and change. I got a few laughs out of it anyway. "One half portion!"


I guess she we shooting her next video (maybe). One more before she heads out and to split the all the upcoming Star Wars videos.

afe106  No.3531


Oh, another 40-50 minute ramble shitting on a Disney movie she didnt like. Guessing she went back to see Dumboo this week and take notes like she usually does with these films.

Weird Disney bent the rules to give her that 2nd pass.

Jenny always says she doesn’t make videos for movies she likes (other than TLJ) because people would think it’s a boring video.

But I think it’s more a reflection of Jenny’s limits, a video praising a great movie is just as enjoyable as one knocking a bad one. I just do t think Jenny can turn off her sarcasm.


> "One half portion!"

Can you explain that joke? Been seeing a lot of references to that.

I don’t watch Jenny videos anymore, trying and failing to lose interest in Jenny.

afe106  No.3532

File: 209c952b7c56904⋯.jpeg (232.63 KB, 640x928, 20:29, 98BA126D-5B3E-4EC8-839B-C….jpeg)

File: f3559810149b230⋯.jpeg (110.67 KB, 591x804, 197:268, 34DE9CEA-9B66-48F2-ACCD-1….jpeg)

1. Damn Jenny’s wearing a low cut top and definitely no bra. If she wasn’t wearing that button up, she’d be seeing the top of her tits.

2. Look at Jenny talking about the frame rates of her rendering software, she’s becoming a techie.

afe106  No.3533


Oh and her forehead wrinkle is gone, her Japanese moisturizer works. If you check out her 2+ years ago pics, that wrinkle is real prominent and real bad.

86d795  No.3534


A modern take on a classic film is rife with opportunity, especially for someone who lives and breathes Disney like Jenny does. Could be good and detail why the remake doesn't live up to the original. I will say that is rather difficult to come up with interesting points for a film you like other than you really enjoy "the thing" repeatedly. So I can see why Jenny always goes for the sarcastic/critical take on a film. There's just more meat (low-hanging fruit?) there.

>Can you explain that joke?

That's just one of Unkar Plutt's lines from TFA.

81ba16  No.3535

So the Dumbo video is coming after her trip to Chicago, I assume?

Star Wars Chicago Celebration starts Thursday, so I assume Jenny and mystery camera person leave on Wednesday.

I'll be checking Jenny's inner circle's online presence the next few days, to see if I can spot who's going.

81ba16  No.3536

Jenny actively twittering with Rian Johnson now. Maybe he did get her the 2nd pass.

I told you guys he was the person of interest, she couldn't reveal, from her Celebration Orlando video two years ago.

afe106  No.3537

File: 1770f23295ee21b⋯.jpeg (331.34 KB, 640x1105, 128:221, FC592BEE-F0FD-4D9E-95A3-4….jpeg)

File: 565e366d94bd0ff⋯.jpeg (323.39 KB, 640x931, 640:931, 16F75EC3-8932-4F33-987E-2….jpeg)

File: 9050fcb33fee6c9⋯.jpeg (158.94 KB, 640x374, 320:187, 6A3AE665-5795-4CE3-890B-B….jpeg)

Rian responds to Jenny so fast, just like Robert Kirkmen did. Oh and Jenny knocked the new Walkind Dead show AMC is making.

Quick question: Does Jenny sleep like 5 hours? I always see 4-6 hour gaps in her tweets where I assume she’s doing something offline but maybe she just doesn’t sleep much.

I guess if she goes quiet all day soon we’ll know.

Wonder how a Deadpool cosplayer was mean to her and if it was literally one person like 5 years ago and she’s never let it go.

81ba16  No.3538


No, she's right. 95% of the time, Deadpool cosplayers are purposely annoying as hell. Trust me, I've been to a few cons.

Jenny and Rian are BFF. Whatever JJ does in Episode IX, Jenny will compare it to the masterpiece that is her The Last Jedi.

afe106  No.3539

File: 414d54aedfe7ad5⋯.jpeg (141.14 KB, 640x360, 16:9, D80F16A8-B078-49B6-BAA4-F….jpeg)

File: acaad667935d7a3⋯.jpeg (193.34 KB, 640x647, 640:647, 52AEB5E6-8D97-4A0E-AF81-7….jpeg)

File: 8b3669b1aed8459⋯.jpeg (71.27 KB, 640x206, 320:103, 9704610D-0395-4665-B3E4-E….jpeg)

File: 4167b282b5bb5bb⋯.jpeg (222.93 KB, 640x680, 16:17, 7E34EA2C-1C13-4D33-9D33-D….jpeg)


But Jenny’s not even a Dumbo fan.

Also, what the fuck, does Jenny read EVERY comment on her videos in the first day after posting? How did she find these two?

afe106  No.3540


> That's just one of Unkar Plutt's lines from TFA.

I mean what was Jenny’s joke? Everyone’s saying they cracked up at that but don’t get it in the context of her video.

a88f4a  No.3541


She was specifically referring to how annoying and sometimes creepy Deadpool cosplayers can be at cons and just wanted to mention this is why she comes strapped lol

d1ae96  No.3542

Hmm, taser would be good for Jenny but think she’d be too scared to have one, mace is probably her deadliest weapon alongside cuteness.

d1ae96  No.3543


Looks like she went to bed at 8 am, she’s eitger working on her trip details (looking for stuff to do and DMing who she’ll hangout with), working on her next video or spent all night reading her YouTube comments.

15d3f0  No.3544


>she’s becoming a techie

Fuck, I wish her videos were 60fps… it's only 30 though (which now looks smoother on the majority of other people's monitors than 24 did).


>Does Jenny sleep like 5 hours?

If she's been having trouble sleeping, rolling on five hours of sleep or less daily is a real possibility. I went months on less than four (often times with a day or two awake in between).


It's just a real dumb costume idea coupled with the way she says it that make it funny. Watch the video!

7e09ca  No.3545


She could be sleeping for 5 or 6 hours at night. And then napping for a few hours during the day.

That’s what I’d do if I was unemployed.

d1ae96  No.3546


> it's only 30 though

Hmm, wondering if she’s purposely not doing 4K or 60 fps because she looks better with lower resolution otherwise her skin might not look as good, especially any wrinkles (like the forehead one) would be easier to spot.

Jenny’s not dumb, she won’t admit it, but she knows people watch because she’s pretty.

d1ae96  No.3547

File: d2828d1a25644dd⋯.jpeg (284.64 KB, 791x415, 791:415, F5378456-EFD8-4992-BD2B-0….jpeg)

Aww, we’ll never see Jenny joke about her and Griffin cosplaying the Kim Possible movie.

974519  No.3548


I'd love to watch an ultimate battle royal for Jenny's hand.

Lindsay vs Max vs Griffin vs Bailey in a cage match.

743a04  No.3549


>Honestly I'm surprised woke Twitter hasn't found out and come after Jenny

the people who would instigate that are her allies already.



d1ae96  No.3550


> the people who would instigate that are her allies already.

Which just shows them as a bunch of hypocrites.

But also, Jenny’s gota know Lindsey has that tweet if she ever falls out of favor or goes against her.

“So disappointing to see Youtubers hangout with sexual abusers” with a picture of Jenny and max attached.

a766d9  No.3551


It is weird, but I think it just goes to show how much of it is just virtue signalling to win internet points. She’ll call out max landis on twitter but she won’t let it affect her real life or her relationships with people.

It is interesting to see how long max will stay silent for now, or if he’ll ever come out of hibernation. I was convinced he’d pop up on rob fees Instagram story yesterday for wrestlemania, but he didn’t.

d1ae96  No.3552

Looks like she recent likes avtweet about no VIP tours at Star Wars Land for a while.

You might be on to something about her not sleeping a full 7-8 hours.

d1ae96  No.3553

File: 42352a75c7173b9⋯.jpeg (500.45 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, 60FAB7E1-50CB-46C8-B5EB-7….jpeg)


Yeah, but her fans do not like it when she shows it’s all online BS.

For all we know, she might actually be friends with Max, just doesn’t show it online.

Her whole inner circle hung out with Armoured Skeptic and ShoeinHead two very not SJW types though, they’re not alt right or anything.

15d3f0  No.3554


>That’s what I’d do if I was unemployed

This is likely what's causing her to not keep a solid sleep schedule; having no schedule at all.


Jenny would have to work really hard on her makeup if she moved up to 4K and we all know she loves to put in the absolute minimum amount of effort. Not only that, but she still edits and encodes on a laptop and my 9900K takes forever* working on 4K video. I'd love to see how much time it would take her laptop to export a ~45min 4K60 video with her bajillion edits.

*Not actually forever, but much longer than I'd like.


>Lindsay a giant phony

Color me shocked…

d1ae96  No.3555


> she still edits and encodes

Is this hard? I really wanna learn the basics of editing.

d1ae96  No.3556


Jenny keeps making life hard for herself, does everything last minute and uses a 2 year old laptop to edit, why doesnt she buy a powerful PC?

743a04  No.3557


I think one of her friends needs to tell her its easier for her to do it.


sort of easy

d1ae96  No.3558

File: 899f197a9ba0c83⋯.jpeg (279.26 KB, 640x798, 320:399, 22CFFD11-829B-40FE-8A18-0….jpeg)

I wonder if Jenny responds “no, I’m actually a pretty well known content creator and influencer.”

d1ae96  No.3559


Actually, she probably just sends them a link to her Youtube page.

16246c  No.3561

File: 38bb23ae3126759⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 76618244-5CF8-4FB6-A374-E1….png)

File: 0a11e4a74d462ce⋯.jpeg (249.43 KB, 640x628, 160:157, BB115C63-B17A-4CC5-84A8-5….jpeg)

Wait, so she recorded Dumbo while editing SW costumes? Could that be why she’s so quiet, writing the script for this?

Appreciate her putting 110% on outfit.

44e1b9  No.3562


Aww Jenny is so figgin adorable when she takes a lot effort into her outfits. I hope she realizes how cute she is.

16246c  No.3563


Huh, little weird she’ll be editing a video while at Celebrations, guess she isn’t planning to go out to many parties and orgys.

Wouldn’t you be too tired to edit a video if you were planning on doing full day events for all 5 days? She’ll probably go to like 2-3 panels and somehow to the 501 sold out party and that’ll be that.

I mean she posted her video for April, she’s got till May to edit this one.

afe106  No.3564


Two things.

Is she recording her video and somehow checking her audio at the sane time independently to make sure they both good? If so, what would signify the audio isn’t good?

2. “One of those night”, what does that even mean Jenny, you have one of the easiest lives possible.

743a04  No.3565


Jenny as a bride??

67b242  No.3566


She looks like a genuine princess here.

7e09ca  No.3567


Oh shit, max landis posted an Instagram story today. He’s back.

afe106  No.3568


Jenny’s reviewing the Dumbo movie.


Maybe, but he might just be saying he’s ok.

Well Jenny’s gone back to being radio silent. Not sure if she’s editing, preparing for her flight tomorrow or Thursday or something else/trying to fix her sleep cycle.

ece402  No.3569


Huh? Is it gone? I can't see it.

afe106  No.3570

File: 459384c35d0bfea⋯.png (804 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 35233ED3-F7F2-4CAC-9AB1-9D….png)


You have to click the display pic on a profile to activate a story.

01c27a  No.3571


I can't do that on my phone.

What's he basically say?

743a04  No.3572

jenny says shes leaving now. is that early?

16246c  No.3573

File: 140ec5a7a56a5ad⋯.jpeg (168.33 KB, 640x539, 640:539, F4F48803-3B16-48D8-82F6-6….jpeg)


Sounds like she’s packed, could just be a joked about not backing down because she loves hats, curious to see them actually.

Hmm, I’d say Max’s rainbow is him happy to spend a week with Jenny in Chicago but no way they’d go to a massive fan event and risk exposure if they were together.

And Disney would never give Max a press pass while he’s being #metoo

Wonder if Jenny is packing her most basic but also cutest bra and undies…honestly, would guess Jenny does not even own lingerie.

16246c  No.3574



Or maybe he finally fucked Jenny last night before she leaves.

16246c  No.3575

File: d13f69d0686665d⋯.jpeg (326.55 KB, 640x1104, 40:69, BC30ED14-A934-4FA6-8F30-6….jpeg)

Jenny’s fixed her sleeping it looks like and watched a indie drama(?).

Very unlike her movie tastes.

16246c  No.3576

File: 058b416c6cb9436⋯.jpeg (131.23 KB, 640x920, 16:23, 956630DC-625E-4B98-8E90-7….jpeg)


Never mind.

44e1b9  No.3577


All Jenny seems to do is record quirky videos, buy Star Wars shit, go to theme parks/movie theaters, hang out with her friends, and tweet random shit.

Maybe she's a little depressed/stressed out and is a little ashamed to admit it?

a8b870  No.3578


No. The event starts Thursday. So it gives her all day Wednesday to get settled in.

Probably the same amount of time she used with Screen Junkies when they went in 2017.

Has any of Jenny's friends hinted that they're going with her?

a766d9  No.3579

File: 048155df373a870⋯.jpg (135.31 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 55847257_169741150685790_6….jpg)

New Bailey video is up! Just when you thought you couldn't fall in love with her more it turns out she hates hereditary too.


58c617  No.3580


Our Side Girl is going for a new style with a movie review video.

Look at Bailey. New Place. Broke up with her ex. New style videos.

I wish I could sneak in and be a rebound guy for her, and just hit it and quit it. Girl could use the D without any attachments.

I would proudly volunteer.

67b242  No.3581


>hit it and quit it

Heartless monster.

b3ed10  No.3582


I'd send her flowers the next day so she wouldn't feel slutty and cheap.

(If she were good)

663c98  No.3583

Hmm, maybe Jenny did fly today, nothing from her all day.

663c98  No.3584


And funny enough I just got here to SoCal for vacation.

Guess I won’t see her and tell her to check out /Jenny

Jk, I feel like if she saw me, she’d instantly be disgusted by my soul and in my shame Id turn and run away Bailey style.

Then she’d tweet about how her outfit makes guys ran away.

06710c  No.3585


The question now is………who went with her?

663c98  No.3586


I feel like if it’s a friend, she’d give a shout-out and share a photo with them or video.

15d3f0  No.3587


Well, Bailey is streaming right now… so that rules her out.

d407a5  No.3588


We knew it wasn’t going to be her. She has a 9-5 job where she would have to ask for time off, and Jenny only just found out she was going.

44e1b9  No.3589


I feel so stupid. I never knew Bailey was so freaking pretty and interesting watch. Like what the hell, how did I not know about her content before?

I guess I have bunch of new videos to watch now, yay

06710c  No.3590

I always get a kick out of Jenny and Bailey calling each other names on twitter

06710c  No.3591

Also guys, Griffin is asking to reconnect with people on twitter or just connect with new people.

If you want to become Griffin's online friend and try to get him to spill some details, now's your chance!

67b242  No.3592


>you will never be their bantz buddy


That is absolutely pathetic. Somebody put him out of his misery already.

663c98  No.3593

No mention of Chicago, I don’t think Jenny went today.

No way she wouldn’t announce she’d landed and was excitedly preparing for the day or at the very least, a picture of how cute her luggage looks.

e5bbf5  No.3594

File: 55233b9ffa525fc⋯.jpeg (192.64 KB, 640x1081, 640:1081, 60D6FE6D-9D78-4938-8E86-D….jpeg)

File: 1d119255521ca38⋯.jpeg (318.45 KB, 640x1065, 128:213, 242BD392-A94D-4EB1-B9FC-D….jpeg)

File: 318a2137f2693d5⋯.jpeg (429.52 KB, 640x1097, 640:1097, CB577D2B-C071-47A8-AA25-6….jpeg)

Hmm, wonder why Henny deleted and retweeted this and why she liked his comment both times.

e5bbf5  No.3595

Oh and Jennys Star Wars costume video just crashes and burned.

Between last night and tonight it’s gotten about 20k views.

06710c  No.3596


She deleted it but re-tweeted it with the actual YouTube clip

06710c  No.3597


Today, she's probably getting on a normal persons sleep schedule to be ready for the trip.

Air travel for her and a majority of the people going, is tomorrow on Wednesday

e5bbf5  No.3598


Yeah, looks like she went to sleep last night at a normal tone and woke up at about 8 today.

e5bbf5  No.3599


Also for all the complaining she did about her impressions and sub numbers, are there really that many people with smaller fan bases getting media passes for stuff like this as she claims!

Or does she just feel entitled?

e5bbf5  No.3600

File: b5a30044920e0a1⋯.jpeg (291.65 KB, 640x618, 320:309, 6447AF45-D614-4F6D-B656-E….jpeg)

Ugg, I’m still a jealous asshole that she got to go instead of being rejected by Disney/Lucas Film.

But a Charmed Life is what it is.

06710c  No.3601

Still can't tell which of Jenny's friends is going with her.

Though we know it's not Bailey or Kirsten

743a04  No.3602

File: d2d0f2d4bd6303d⋯.jpg (21.57 KB, 576x140, 144:35, griff22.jpg)


>If you want to become Griffin's online friend and try to get him to spill some details, now's your chance!

I would but I don't feel like making a new throwaway account

wait is this the message? kind of douchy

06710c  No.3603


Looks like he deleted the original tweet I mentioned and then put that one up, specifying he meant content creators.

dc684e  No.3604


Sounds like he just wants Jenny to talk to him again. In reality though it could just be he’s desperate for a collab to get him started again.

663c98  No.3605


You guys think Jenny literally just hired someone? A stranger to go with her?

She tweeted at 1:30 am, Jenny don’t ruin your sleep cycle!

c5e7c6  No.3606


Can't be. She's possibly sharing a room with this person. Jenny doesn't seem like the get a work-for-hire stranger type.

Kat hasn't been on social media in awhile. Maybe her. And I still haven't ruled out Alicia. Jenny hasn't taken her to one of these events yet.

Has anyone checked Casey's social media, just in case?

>>Ani (Max ex-girlfriend): "I can't imagine being attracted to a man who isn't in therapy."

Then why are you so surprised at being let down Ani? Sheesh.

743a04  No.3607

I forgot, did Jen confirm she has a cameraman? or is it just conjecture

also, bailey said she likes ripped abs, so if anyone wants to go for it, you know what you got to do

d407a5  No.3608


When did she say this, is there a tweet?

743a04  No.3609


the last aksys stream, I think around 1:30:00

d407a5  No.3610


Do you remember what the context was?

743a04  No.3611


oh she just said one character in the game was her 'husband' because she likes his ripped abs

44e1b9  No.3612


I mean I love big tits, but I'll still marry a woman if I love her enough and she has plenty of other great qualities lmao

I doubt Bailey is that shallow guessing most guys aren't hella ripped

c5e7c6  No.3613


Meanwhile, Jenny is shallow enough that if you don't like Disneyland, you ain't getting any from her.

d407a5  No.3614


Yeah she dated that one guy for three years and based on the photos I’ve seen of him, I don’t think he had the most ripped abs

c5e7c6  No.3615

Jenny's retweeting her sister now.

Maybe sister is the one going to Chicago with her. Would make sense.

a766d9  No.3616


That is a funny tweet to be fair.

743a04  No.3617


I don't get it

speaking of her sister though, shes like the 4th streamer I know who just started Minecraft; people who never did it before; is there something going on with that? Minecraft pedo-gate just started too

86cc58  No.3618


Yeah I saw, maybe this is her way of introducing her to her fans and she’ll e the one at SWCC.

Her sister seems to have the same issue as Jenny where she’ll just say stuff, with Jenny it comes off cute but with Lindsay, it sounds a little dickish.

e5bbf5  No.3619

Has Jenny still not left yet? Is she going tomorrow morning?

32cccf  No.3620

are we 100% sure Jenny is going for all 5 days of the con? The Episode 9 panel is on Friday and the Galaxies Edge panel is on Saturday, maybe she hasn't left yet and isn't even leaving today.


>though we know it's not Bailey or Kirsten

How are we sure its not Kirsten? The arm injury? They would have planned the trip before that happened and the media passes would be tied to a specific person's name, so she couldn't just change it last minute after the injury right?


>haven't ruled out Alicia

it could be Alicia, does she have a twitter? I only know of her instagram. But I always thought Kat was the front runner and still think so unless we learn something else. Kat is her go to gal these days.

e54c64  No.3621


Kirsten is still in a cast and taking meds. And because the dog injury happened at work, she'll probably liable to get workers comp.

She's not screwing that up by flying to a Star Wars Con, with one hand in a cast and the other trying to film Jenny. While on doped up on meds.

e5bbf5  No.3622


Hmm, if it was Kirsten and she could t go Jenny would’ve said oh sorry I’m not going because Disney won’t let me change my camera person and I’m just not safe!!!

So let’s remember Jenny was talking about how the camera person wasn’t meeting the social media impressions the convention passes required but hers were quite a bit higher (ironically her knock against Aladdin got like 10k retweets and 3-4 million impressions by itself. So maybe it is her sister cause Kats barely ever on social media?

You know, for a girl who often does nothing on a daily basis other than go to Disneyland (I’m seeing why with this crazy LA traffic, Jenny move outta here) it’s weird so often we find mysterious to solve and pretty impressive how often we do solve them.

More impressive considering there what, 5-10 of us here?

32cccf  No.3623



Yeah these are good points about Kirsten, probably safe to rule her out (doesn't hurt to keep an eye on her today and tomorrow just in case though).

9f4283  No.3624

To me it's looking more and more like the sis.

Jenny all of a sudden retweets her.

It was very late notice of finding out about the 2nd pass. Too late to book a suitable hotel room for the Con. The camera person has to share a room with Jenny.

Jenny has lots of friends. But would she really be able to wrangle them that quickly to stop whatever they're doing in their own lives just to be her glorified "right hand man" on this trip. This isn't like when she had Kirsten get a free ticket and take her to the Last Jedi Premiere.

Jenny is actually expecting this person to put in some effort. Not to mention, be her "safety" in case bad encounters.

It's easier to pull in a close family member to do that for her. Especially her close sibling.

She won't even have to discuss any monetary compensation with the sister.

743a04  No.3625

File: 4d3410b2ae4754b⋯.jpg (12.25 KB, 172x164, 43:41, jennyfashion.jpg)

snooped around the sisters stream. she said she'd be streaming in a few days and this was 3 days ago. so I don't think its her if she has a stream planned

except, she also said she had something epic planned for the stream. so.. star wars celebration stream? I guess its inconclusive

743a04  No.3626


I forgot to give context to the picture, she wears the same glasses as jenny, I thought it was cute

e5bbf5  No.3628


Is it weird to anyone how much Jenny’s trans sister looks like her?

44e1b9  No.3629


I can actually see that being a problem lol

>You don't like Star Wars or going to theme parks that much? Yeah this isn't going to work. I'll find my own way home, thanks though.

15d3f0  No.3630


My money has always been on Kat. She doesn't have really have a job with regular hours, she will hang on for dear life to anyone with the tiniest bit of fame and will probably do absolutely anything they say to maintain those parasitic relationships.


You sure? Jenny seems to really love experiencing the parks through fresh eyes.


>something epic planned for the stream

Hotel room live stream with her and Jenny?

743a04  No.3631


>Hotel room live stream with her and Jenny?

that'd be sweet, Jenny has been talking about streaming right? maybe this would be practice for her


might be why she went trans, looked more like a girl than a boy.

9f4283  No.3632

Oh shit! Did you guys see Griffin's latest tweet?

Not about Jenny. But man…

2928ae  No.3633


He must have deleted it? I'm not seeing anything oh shit worthy there. Did you happen to screenshot it?

9f4283  No.3634


Just him saying he doesn't care about money anymore. That he's done making music online. Seems like he's trying to decide what to do next.

Whoever checked the stats earlier here, about his channel going down, must have been right.

Jenny hasn't spoken for a while. Plane trip today? Getting hotel rest tonight?

2928ae  No.3635


>Jenny hasn't spoken for a while. Plane trip today? Getting hotel rest tonight?

One last day of passionate sexual intercourse with her Maxy-boo before spending a long weekend apart from her beloved.

9f4283  No.3636


One day, I might make a fake account. And "bring up" Jenny as a subject to Ani on twitter.

Just to see how she would respond.

e5bbf5  No.3637


> Bring up Jenny to Ani

Yeah, that’s be interesting

> Oh that bitch?…what about her?


> Jenny hasn't spoken for a while.

It’s extremely rare for Henby to not tweet for 24 hours because she always has random thoughts she tweets or fake “random” stuff to stay relevant with her followers.

I feel like she would have shown off the luggage or Star Wars stuff she packed.

If she hasn’t left it, there’s a chance I might see her on my way to Anaheim tomorrow. If I do you guys want me to give her any messages?

< 8chan says show your tits!?

> Also are you fucking Max…or Nathan…Nathan Greyson?

e5bbf5  No.3638

File: 8aa6482c6908d33⋯.jpeg (248.58 KB, 640x944, 40:59, 90D49423-C31C-4802-8A06-B….jpeg)

Jenny’s new video just died, it didn’t even boost her subs.

aba14e  No.3639


Yeesh, that guy is so emotional… maybe Jenny likes that (or she's into women).


>If I do you guys want me to give her any messages?

Just snap a photo (make sure she sees you take it) and run a away. That oughta fuck with her.


I know Jenny doesn't think so, but TLJ took a giant dump on on the franchise. Outside of her Solo video, all her Star Wars stuff underperforms. Today is the big day though… we're finally getting that fucking trailer.

aba14e  No.3640

File: 2bfd0c6572d771a⋯.jpg (97.02 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 57056704_337964157068826_5….jpg)

File: 8ce5493fda6c7b5⋯.jpg (101.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 17663230_1850128255253431_….jpg)

Way to friend, Jenny… way to friend.

cf4c9d  No.3641

Who was Jenny’s latest follow on Twitter it looks like she followed someone tonight

9f4283  No.3642

Jenny's in Chicago now.

She took the "soon @ SWCC" to just "@SWCC"

She's sleeping now most likely.

9f4283  No.3643


And now Griffin's deleted that tweet.

Griffin must still come here. And read our posts. It's the only explanation.

743a04  No.3644


I woke up from a dream about jenny and max, I got real "sexual predator" vibes from it. is it a premonition?


I can see that being true

aba14e  No.3645


I wonder how Jenny is going to deal with the Midwest spring temps this week? High 30s-low 50s is really comfortable for me, but I assume she going to be freezing her cute ass off outside.


If he does, why ain't he posting any rares? Don't be stingy, Griff!

743a04  No.3646

I don't think its the sister with her, her twitch title has changed to "rise and mine". this implies there's going to be a stream today, a minecraft stream rather than a sister convention stream

6d81aa  No.3647


Oh well.

The mystery continues

743a04  No.3648


I'm going to keep her twitch up just in case it starts and theres a Jenny in the background sleeping in a hotel

5d1ef8  No.3649


I noticed that but don’t have desktop twitter access to see.


Unless she purposely didn’t update it for a while, she must’ve gotten there pretty late because she hadn’t made the change till least 10-11 pacific time.

I have a hard time believing Jenny would go anywhere with an arrival time of 1 am considering safety but if she’s with someone who makes her feel safe…

Also tho means she got there and updated her twitter name but didn’t tweet out. It’s like past 10 am there and she hasn’t tweeted out, that’s weird.


> The Episode 9 panel is on Friday and the Galaxies Edge panel is on Saturday

That's another thing that annoys me about her insistence on getting those media passes, she’s obviously only going to a few big panels and that’s it. Jenny isn’t going to the clone wars panel or a panel about one of the new books.

In a more jut world, Jenny would at her apartment right now passive aggressively tweeting about how FUN the con looks.

0aa687  No.3650


> Jenny is going to deal with the Midwest spring temps

I’d be happy about that but Jenny probably has a hotel room wherever the convention is happening and won’t feel the temp outside coming from and going to airport or grabbing a bite to eat.

a01677  No.3651

Jenny's finally tweeted.

She's there. She's looking at Thursday schedule times

743a04  No.3652

I might have to take it back about the sister, she hasn't streamed yet so whatever stream she has planned may be done when she gets back. maybe shes just very forward thinking

e5bbf5  No.3653

If Jenny at no point talks about or shows who the camera person is, I’m going to guess it’s someone we don’t know, maybe even a boyfriend, though it genuinely seems like Jenny just isn’t interested in having a bf.


> Just snap a photo (make sure she sees you take it) and run a away. That oughta fuck with her.

Sorry, looks like I missed her.

But keep an eye out for any nerds tagging Jenny on twitter after getting a pic with her at SWCC.

e5bbf5  No.3654

Are we thinking too personal? What if it’s one of the Steele Wars nerds she’s gotten to help her and she got them a hotel rooms months ago?

15d3f0  No.3655


I wonder how close she got to the event given that she did everything at the last possible moment. She can outspend practically everyone else going so the expensive suites wouldn't be off-limits to her, the only thing getting in the way would be her cheapness.

15d3f0  No.3656

File: 1305e9a8bb00651⋯.jpg (436.01 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D35fdRfWwAEhhSI-orig.jpg)


>But keep an eye out for any nerds tagging Jenny on twitter after getting a pic with her at SWCC

Someone finally came through. What a strange outfit…

d3794f  No.3657


A female purple Jar Jar.

Man, Jenny's weird.

Still trying to figure out who went with her

63ffd5  No.3658


Can anyone make anything out in the reflection of Jenny’s glasses

c2ebaf  No.3659

It's Kat!

Kat just said on twitter she's there!

Mystery solved

67b242  No.3660


>jenny is on the darth jar jar train

That makes it undeniable canon for me.

c2ebaf  No.3661

Congrats to everyone who said it would be Kat.

I thought it would be the sister but I was wrong

63ffd5  No.3664


That’s a bit anti-climactic. Now what are we gonna talk about for the next three days.

87091a  No.3665


>Now what are we gonna talk about for the next three days.

Jenny and Kat-bffs or something…more?

f96505  No.3666



Kat's with Nathan.

But since Jenny and Kat are bffs now, and spending a lot of time together….this is how we got our wires crossed that Nathan was banging Jenny instead.

87091a  No.3667


Yeah I suspect you are right…ever since I saw that they swapped cloths during their Disneyworld trip I have been a little suspicious, but maybe thats just a thing girls who wear the same size do? Nathans twitch stream with her in the background seemed pretty telling. Always worth keeping an eye on the situation though.

a766d9  No.3668


I think it’s probably that Kat is her best friend who has a lot of free time on her hands.

It’s probably why Jenny seems to be friends more with other creators in general lately. They’ve all got a lot of free time on their hands.

Having said that, Kat isn’t actually a content creator is she?

87091a  No.3669


She is "a visiting researcher at the Department of Informatics at the University of California, Irvine." As best as I can tell, she doesn't create content, but researches the social impact on the lives of those who do? Kind of hard to nail down exactly what she does, but she always comes off sounding pretty knowledgeable, albeit pretty left leaning, in the interviews I have heard.

55f693  No.3670

File: 0173aa91bc9f1f1⋯.jpeg (505.79 KB, 640x1092, 160:273, F18F9027-06D5-4D7B-90A5-A….jpeg)


> she’s obviously only going to a few big panels and that’s it.

Well, fuck me, I was wrong, but I feel like if she’s comfortably walking around…her “camera person” has to be there or Jenny was just lying to get another pass.

We’re still positive she didn’t lie about the 2nd pass?

You arrive on the Convention floor and immediately see Jenny…it was all worth it.

55f693  No.3671


No, Jenny reserved the flight and hotel months ago.

55f693  No.3672


Haha, Kat didn’t have the juice to get a press pass. Thanks to Jenny pushes her over, now she’ll probably get into way more stuff.

55f693  No.3673


Is that the lightsaber from her production in Hell video she never posted?

P.S. she’s not jar jar she’s the guard who helps Jar Jar and the jedis, she tweeted about finding him in a wookpedia post.

55f693  No.3674


Visiting means she’s probably just working there temporarily on a research grant funded by a 3rd party media or gaming company or maybe the university itself.

Doubtful Kat teaches anything.

55f693  No.3675

File: d9e30450b3efed3⋯.jpeg (209.91 KB, 640x537, 640:537, 4E1E2B89-6C3F-42B9-A08E-6….jpeg)

Jenny just followed another person.

And nerds are tagging her.

70212d  No.3676


It's confirmed that Kat is her camera person

55f693  No.3677

File: e7e3be38ab361ca⋯.jpeg (70.84 KB, 640x183, 640:183, AF982796-5F4A-4441-973E-E….jpeg)


> camera person

Doesn’t sound like she’s doing her job while Jenny’s going around the convention.

And good to know Jenny trusts a 5’6 Asian woman to protect her from dangerous fans.

Nice to know they’re comfortable enough to sleep together.

Maybe with Nathan.

63dca3  No.3678


Thursday at Star Wars Celebration is for buying merch and getting autographs.

The real convention shit starts on Friday.

Kat will need to be on full Jennypatrol mode then.

ca7067  No.3679

Jenny taking a lot of pics with fans tonight. And they're posting it on twitter.

Our girl is enjoying a bit Celebrity

87091a  No.3680

File: 23abc3796ba2ef5⋯.jpg (262.25 KB, 1534x2048, 767:1024, jsw2.jpg)

File: befee1539f26045⋯.jpg (447.18 KB, 1498x2048, 749:1024, jsw3.jpg)

File: 500417bd7ccd79d⋯.jpg (320.55 KB, 946x2048, 473:1024, jsw4.jpg)

a13011  No.3681


Jenny can hold my "lightsaber" anytime

15d3f0  No.3682

I wonder if Jenny won any of the panel lotteries? Media has to enter just like the regular fans (unless Rian or someone at LucasArts gets her in).


Honestly? I'm going to go out on limb here and say Jenny has yellow fever. There's always been Asian girls in her life and she doesn't seem very interested in men… she latched on to Kat pretty hardcore as well. Am I alone in this thinking here?


>good to know Jenny trusts a 5’6 Asian woman to protect her from dangerous fans

All she has to do is sacrifice herself so Jenny can get away… and maybe put up a decent fight since Jenny has asthma and probably can't run very far very fast. Kat just needs to be a glorified meat-shield.

87091a  No.3683

File: 27fb97cdf94988f⋯.jpg (531.38 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jsw5.jpg)

File: 4fc169b0fbb6de5⋯.jpg (120.26 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, jsw6.jpg)

Jenny followed a couple new people on instagram and 1 new dude on twitter,all that she apparently met while waiting in a long line (the caption for the group photo says "So glad to have met these awesome people @starwarscelebration it was great spending 6 hours together 😂😂"

55f693  No.3684


There we go, Jenny and Kats costumes make more sense now. Kat is Jar Jar.

55f693  No.3685

File: e9be2583403c251⋯.jpeg (347.17 KB, 640x913, 640:913, 989B57ED-0C99-455A-9746-C….jpeg)

File: 42959b9032eaa8b⋯.jpeg (143.32 KB, 640x334, 320:167, 51E772DD-7973-4AF5-80D0-D….jpeg)


This is probably the merchandise line for Jenny to buy this shit.

And while looking for that older tweet, Jenny confirmed it (awesome way to spend 3 hours Jenny, Kat must love her to do this) and Jenny has started talking about harassment issues, guess Kat was whispering in her ear

15d3f0  No.3686


This is literally the textbook definition of paranoia. Jenny really is fucked in the head…

55f693  No.3687

File: a0ac1816bea70ee⋯.jpeg (504.79 KB, 640x1055, 128:211, 844154B2-3B42-4A12-8DE5-2….jpeg)

File: 54f9a293c36da78⋯.jpeg (735.17 KB, 640x1056, 20:33, 9A3B3FEA-2CED-4732-AF05-3….jpeg)

Ok, if you haven’t seen Jenny online and you ask her out 3 times while she looks like this, what kind of ugly ass girls go to SWCC?

55f693  No.3688

Ok, so exactly what she worried about happened, what protection or safety is Kat offering?

Seems she just wanted a friend there for free and lied about making it a safety issue.

15d3f0  No.3689


After reading the rest of her posts, that dude was completely unethical for sure, but unless she's using cash only he really has no more information about her than anyone else who has ever rung her up at a restaurant or business (especially if they run online promos she may have signed up for - including third-party things like Groupon). It's all dependent on the POS software what information gets exposed during the transaction (as some businesses require more info be displayed than others for regulatory purposes), which he (or anyone working the register there) has no control over.

Shit, I half expect my debit/credit cards to be stolen or cloned every time I use them at a local business. Our "fancy" chipped cards here in the States are no more secure than the old magstripe ones. If she truly wants privacy; use cash. Or in the case of this event; she should've used throwaway information on her application (temp email, friends address, etc).

Security begins and ends with you, Jenny.

But then there's also upper-security guys like me with database access who can see everything about anyone we've done business with in the last five years, so…


I think she looks cute!

55f693  No.3690

File: 3d21335726910ff⋯.jpeg (2.05 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, CB4C009A-18D9-4307-A63D-8….jpeg)


Yeah I think so too, who’d email a girl to ask her out for the 3rd tie but again, how was Kat being there help Jenny.

Went to Disney today, fun place, can see why Jenny goes so often.

15d3f0  No.3691


>how was Kat being there help Jenny

She just wanted to get her away from her man and create some opportunities… Jenny wants that pussy.


>Went to Disney today

I kinda want to go one of these days, but the idea of standing around on concrete and tarmac in the blazing California/Florida heat for several hours is a real turn off.

67b242  No.3692


>what kind of ugly ass girls go to SWCC?

The second pic here >>3683 gives us an idea.

55f693  No.3693

So Jenny waited in line today, sidvshe get someone to get her into the sold out 501st party tonight?

Charmed Life says yes.

15d3f0  No.3694


Some guy was streaming from the 501st party and I didn't see Jenny around the main dance floor or tables (the quality wasn't too great though so I may have missed her).

For a girl who went there with the sole purpose to vlog about the show, she's been pretty fucking light on pics and details about what she bought/did. Not even a single pic of her at any of the photo ops around the floor today.

04598d  No.3695

File: d057068a0b41268⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 638x666, 319:333, no touching.jpg)


well, she had an incel talk to her. she's probably already booked a flight home for tomorrow morning.

15d3f0  No.3696

File: 9b07f01ec0aafd2⋯.jpg (317.47 KB, 1080x761, 1080:761, Order 66.jpg)


>asking out a girl while not being a Turbo-Chad™

I hope they find him, smear his name and string him up!

44e1b9  No.3697


My homie had the fucking balls to ask Jenny out a couple of times and he done FUCKED it up, lmao bruh does he even know what #metooo era he's living in? Stupid bastard

55f693  No.3698


Disneyland is way too expensive, right now peak pricing is $150 a day which is fucking insane but there’s a special deal now for 3 days for $200.

Otherwise we just went to Downtown Disney which is free as we checked out DL and California Adventure last year.


Well that dude is fucked.

04598d  No.3699


guy's probably got his mass shooter manifesto half-written already. better they take him out for this than after he shoots up a mosque.

67b242  No.3700



I'm confused. He asked her out once, she declined, and he needing to scan her badge is somehow a threat? Is the issue that he asked her out, or the issue that he "had her information"? What information would he have access to that would warrant this kind of reaction?

55f693  No.3701

File: 4e6f28c65435910⋯.jpeg (273.39 KB, 640x684, 160:171, 3F03BB0C-B79A-493A-BE3F-8….jpeg)

File: 2e8a1daba6ddfbd⋯.jpeg (322 KB, 640x761, 640:761, E7317F15-9FE3-42EF-B9E7-6….jpeg)

They’re so cute together!


Jenny, if only someone had explained privacy issues when you’re a social media star.

87091a  No.3702


Because that anon didnt post the whole thread that jenny tweeted, he left out the part where the guy was able to see her personal email address from scanning her badge, which she said she hasn't given out publicly and he emailed her asking her out again using her personal email after she left.

44e1b9  No.3703


Yup, my dude fucked up when he didn't give up after being declined the first time (I'm sure Jenny was polite about it, knowing her) but he gon' learn today

d407a5  No.3704


Okay, that IS bad.

44e1b9  No.3705



04598d  No.3706

File: 18f000feaf88acd⋯.png (14.88 KB, 604x146, 302:73, y i k e s.png)

67b242  No.3707




Well then. I knew there had to be something more to it. Lo and behold. Wonder if this lad's appearance matches his actions. Sounds like something Elliot Rodger-tier.

a13011  No.3709


Dude had Jennyfever and didn't think straight.

I knew that dudes at this con were going to hit on Jenny. Didn't realize it would be people that (temp) worked there.

But yeah. Jenny's reporting on this dude, because he worked there, had her info, and this was wrong.

But I wonder have many normal visitors are just hitting on her while she's out and about?

87091a  No.3710

So the guy Jenny stood in line next to that she followed on twitter today went to the 501st bash. I wonder if he got her in, and that is why she followed him. Whats strange is that Jenny didn't follow that guy on Instagram even though his profile was tagged in the picture, but she followed everyone else in the pic there. But the she followed only him on twitter.

44e1b9  No.3711


Yeah I'm starting to wonder if Jenny is even more adorable and alluring up close now lol

63ffd5  No.3712


I imagine it has to be constant, these places have to full of lonely thirsty guys on the lookout for attractive nerd girls. Thinking this is their big chance to find a girl who likes the things their into.

Honestly I can only imagine it’s literal hell on earth.

63ffd5  No.3713


Just solid, wall to wall cringe.

15d3f0  No.3714


Which begs the question: where does one try and pick Jenny up?

63ffd5  No.3715


At a bar when she’s drunk and Baileys gone to the toilet. You’ve got until bailey comes back to get her to like you.

15d3f0  No.3716


OK, let's say I've gotten Jenny wet with a hello, a smile and a couple of flexes… do I have to exfil her from the bar and get her back go my place before Bailey hunts me down? Or does Bailey drop out of protection-mode once she sees that Jenny its sufficiently seduced?

If I have to escape with Jenny, that might only make the shark angry.

67b242  No.3717

File: f518f4a88075062⋯.png (579.55 KB, 647x761, 647:761, 12332453426642365436543643….png)

cf4c9d  No.3718


Step 1: be born to famous movie director

Step 2: tweet at her telling her to get a better camera

Step 3: spend 2 years getting her to trust you, despite your horrific reputation

Step 4: brutally break up with your girlfriend when Jenny is ripe for the picking

Step 5: smash her harder then she smashes Shark Wahlberg every night.

a13011  No.3721

1. Mention some obscure and fascinating bit of theme park trivia that very few (like her) would know.

2. Tell her you've been to a specific unique, but famous theme back. (Properly do your research Anon)

3. Say something about her that's cute, but no one else tells her. Like nice contacts. Nice glasses. Cool hat. Etc.

4. Ask her if she wants to get something to eat, but apologize that you're a vegetarian (watch her eyes light up)

5.Now you're ready to mention her outfit is cute (not sexy)

6.Mention you've got a piece of that obscure theme park's merch back in your room and you want to show her. (Order it online beforehand)

7. In the room, tell her she's very smart and funny. That's what you love best about her. Tell her your serious.

8. She's hasn't ridden Jorg in awhile, so let her be on top.

743a04  No.3722


is that doug walker?


>But then there's also upper-security guys like me

have you ever looked up youtuber names on the off chance?


I hear that some of the drama-tubers are going, they might pick this story up

a13011  No.3723

For those who want Jenny to eat a piece of humble pie, you're in luck.

She's not authorized to go the biggest panel on Friday, the one about Episode IX.

63ffd5  No.3724


Seeing shit like this makes me begin to think GDPR might be a good thing.

63ffd5  No.3725


It does seem a bit silly, all that fuss for the second pass and going all the way to Chicago and she’s not even gonna do what was presumably the main reason she’s gone for.

55f693  No.3726


…I’ll see if she still gets in anyway by asking Screen Junkies or Collider to help her but OMG, if she made the whole trip without getting into ep 9 panel…haha YEESSSS

I know you guys think I’m a jealous dick but doesn’t make me wrong

3f74d9  No.3727


The queue for the panel has already started, so either way, if she ain't in line now she ain't getting in

55f693  No.3728

File: 6cd9c016089c1da⋯.jpeg (255.07 KB, 640x601, 640:601, 99122C11-AF99-44CE-A22D-D….jpeg)


That’s on me, I thought I got it all but the 2nd to last tweet was hidden in her chain.


> the drama-tubers are going, they might pick this story up

I’m sure Celebrations is super happy they made the exception to give Jenny a second pass.

And sounds like she’s already trying to lower expectations of her Celebrations video.

Jenny basically flew to Chicago for a Star Wars cosplay and to wait in line for plushies.

Bet now she’ll go to the clone wars or Mandalorain panels (if they have them) to try and get some video content that legit fans will actually be interested in, Jenny will fake interest.

Oh P.S. if any of you saw Jenny at the MLP premier, she said she liked it in that Screen Junkies video but on JTEs podcast, she said it wasn’t good so Jenny knows how to fake it for the camera.

3f74d9  No.3729


To be fair, Signore surprised her with that Little Pony Premiere, when she was already in New York.

If she knew beforehand she would have told them do t waste their time

15d3f0  No.3730

File: 661a356e5830f20⋯.jpg (226.74 KB, 1067x1423, 1067:1423, D39dAfBX4AA4RBQ-orig.jpg)

File: 414fb71ed61efa5⋯.jpg (282.85 KB, 1079x1422, 1079:1422, D39dABFXkAAFkxW-orig.jpg)

File: d9b00ef31eede47⋯.jpg (210.28 KB, 1079x1420, 1079:1420, D39aymGWkAAdkwM-orig.jpg)

File: 451ce1e741f21cd⋯.jpg (461.25 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D39axARXoAEpc7c-orig.jpg)

File: 5c0ca271b43dfc0⋯.jpg (246.76 KB, 1079x1421, 1079:1421, D39awU-WkAANCEo-orig.jpg)


There's no getting past her, is there?


This sounds highly specific…


>have you ever looked up youtuber names on the off chance?

While the business I work for is large, it is still very "local" and I doubt many YouTubers visit our primary facilities/satellite businesses. Plus, I'm actually one of those weird ethical people that still manage to exist in this increasingly terrible world.


Your data is typically safe, it's just that the smaller the business, the less check and balances they can afford. It's really no different in the real world to shopping online (ie; Amazon vs. a little personal shop). The lengthy and detailed logging of information only comes into play with potential money laundering opportunities; exchanging US currency for in-house currency (think casinos and XBL/PSN points), very large purchases (jewelry, cars etc) and dealing directly with foreign currency.

a2f306  No.3731


Secy jar jar? How. . .

55f693  No.3732

File: 1126219c30a13ca⋯.jpeg (178 KB, 640x551, 640:551, EB18C5DA-279D-4B17-8F4C-F….jpeg)

Jenny just live tweeting from her room?

55f693  No.3733

File: 04f0ddc8525bb54⋯.jpeg (451.03 KB, 640x1094, 320:547, 7FC15CB8-1DE1-452E-8E89-C….jpeg)


Well, least Jenny got a cartoon cel.

Will she post a video from her bed alongside Kat about her reaction to the panel?

15d3f0  No.3734

File: d4c4fb836da0186⋯.png (89.72 KB, 961x628, 961:628, Yikes!.png)


I can't believe she didn't try to have someone hook her up last minute. I also saw people "selling" their badges for the main Ep.IX hall today.

She has the money, why doesn't she use/abuse it?

743a04  No.3735

File: a457b66eb75607f⋯.jpg (57.96 KB, 444x464, 111:116, baileybelly.jpg)


b40b82  No.3736

File: 80fd4a7a92089be⋯.png (150.99 KB, 500x471, 500:471, 80fd4a7a92089be18b1aebd765….png)


Those legs!!!

d407a5  No.3737


That is the weirdest angle. What’s even going on there??

44e1b9  No.3738


The man fucked up, but for him to be castrated of any sort? Damn women really out here for blood these days lmao

743a04  No.3739

File: cf7d83eb078ce84⋯.png (106.45 KB, 852x731, 852:731, D3-CPosWwAIo9DT.png)


bailey was stretching at the end of the stream

theyre desperately trying to quiet her but she keeps sharing the tweets, I think Kat is behind the scenes egging her on

15d3f0  No.3740

File: 74032e116184009⋯.jpg (151.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 310105_2308541265529_14421….jpg)


Couldn't you just live there? Those would be my pillows or blankets, I'd eat breakfast, lunch & dinner off of them and pamper them more than my very own. Jenny would never have to shave or apply lotion to them anymore as I'd gladly spend however long it took doing that for her.

Creepy, I know.


People have completely lost touch with reality. I mean damn, he was only playing the hand he was dealt (though he should've called it after strike one), he didn't try to rape her or anything. People got no chill anymore.

743a04  No.3741

File: 35af87169c77826⋯.jpg (68.6 KB, 612x412, 153:103, oh bailey.jpg)


>People have completely lost touch with reality.

I thought he was being sarcastic, but nothing on his twitter seems rightwing, he could be one of those people who says what he thinks femenists want to hear to appease them.. like this guy on baileys twitter

44e1b9  No.3742


Nah I feel you bro, I would worship the living fuck out of Jenny's legs

67b242  No.3744

File: a2912416dd3ae86⋯.png (1.27 MB, 887x1331, 887:1331, a2912416dd3ae86632e1408b77….png)


Somebody needs to cut down on the bagels.




Supremest of gentlemen.



That's clownworld for you.

55f693  No.3745

Again, so Jenny is just hanging in the hotel room eating Kat out and tweeting about the convention downstairs.

Was all the trouble with the media pass even worth it?

15d3f0  No.3746

File: c5be36bc555bb4c⋯.jpg (109.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, D3-Me1CXoAAqfcG-orig.jpg)


>so Jenny is just hanging in the hotel room eating Kat out

That's why Jenny didn't film her reaction to the trailer, she was knuckles deep in Kat and chowing down on some Asian cuisine. The Diet Cokes were just a chaser after Jenny had her fill.

eaed50  No.3747


How fucking dare you. Bailey is the one.

67b242  No.3748


The chubbier one.

55f693  No.3749

File: b28772da68979e3⋯.jpeg (614.61 KB, 640x1060, 32:53, 03B655D0-CB7C-41DF-B2A4-D….jpeg)

Went dolphin viewing 25 minutes from Anaheim while Jenny watched the live broadcast from her hotel room.

Why does Jenny even live here, Hollywood gig isn’t happening and she has zero interest in anything not Disney/Corporate related.

d407a5  No.3750

File: 0a75f46025360ea⋯.jpeg (1.45 MB, 2320x3088, 145:193, 9999EE53-4D8C-4B4F-8ACA-4….jpeg)


Think it was just a bad angle. She posted this yesterday on Instagram.

743a04  No.3751


when are you visiting san ramon?


didn't know she played a uke

44e1b9  No.3752


what a freakin' cutie

eaed50  No.3753


Literally the best. Anyone here still pining after Jenny is just kidding themselves. Bailey is more attractive and funnier.

44e1b9  No.3754


I'll always adore Jenny for obvious reasons but man does she seem so difficult to deal with. Jenny never acts she even wants a relationship, can't handle that she's internet famous, and seems rather boring outside her theme park/Star Wars world.

Bailey seems so much more approachable and normal; like hella dating material

55f693  No.3755


> can't handle that she's internet famous,

But wears her Internet famous hat when she’s outside at public events with her Internet famous friends.

eaed50  No.3756


Literally. At this point Jenny feels like some kind of inhuman monster. Bailey is the one.

743a04  No.3757

I'd date bailey, but if Jenny's channel failed leaving her life in shambles, I'd be there to help her pick up the pieces

61994c  No.3758

At this point, I think we all know Jenny's high maintenance. In fact, she's on a whole other level due to her specific tastes.

Bailey is more like the girl of the people. While Jenny tweets to complain she's not getting that extra Star Wars Con ticket. Bailey tweeting she's poor and can barely make ends meet.

Jenny's get hit on, shrugs it off, but tells the world about the wrongness of the situation, almost emotionlessly.

Bailey gets in to disagreements about X-Men with hardcore fanboys. But asks could they at least come complain at her, on her jobs' livestream, so she can at least, up the views.

Truthfully, I dig Bailey's personally a little more, because I too grew up as the oldest in a family of siblings. So I know where she's coming from.

Jenny's more like daddy's little princess.

I'm still fans of both though.

a766d9  No.3759


Don't get me wrong I still love Jenny, but right now if I had a choice I'm pretty sure I'd choose Bailey.. It's tough to describe but Bailey just feels more of a real person. Jenny is so hidden behind her youtube persona now that she's just gone. There might be a real girl there underneath but it's tough to tell at this point,

Also at this point being a Bailey fan just feels more genuine, she's still striving, working at being a youtuber despite having a normal job.

44e1b9  No.3760



Damn this is some real ass analysis; I really couldn't agree more with you guys.

On that note, I really hope Bailey's channel and popularity grows because she deserves it. I just wouldn't want it to get to her head like it sorta did her friend that we made a whole damn board for.

55f693  No.3761

Jenny’s following another new person.

She’s pretty quiet about the convention but guess she’s meeting some nice people she’ll unfollow in a month.

a68fc9  No.3762


Weird I see the number went up but looking at her follows list on my desktop it still shows that guy she waited in line with as her last follow. Maybe if he has a private profile it doesnt show or something? Not sure, but this happened a few days ago as well.

1811e2  No.3763


Sadly, after looking over at everything I just typed about comparing Jenny to Bailey…

I now realize why Jenny and Max are so compatible.

But it's for all the wrong reasons…..

a68fc9  No.3764

no one tweeted any pictures with Jenny today, I wonder if she was pouting in her hotel room all day about not getting into the panel. She could be checking out other part of the city, like I know there is a game of thrones thing happening their this weekend as well. does anyone know what day the reylo ghost hunting trip is?

15d3f0  No.3765

I think you guys are being way too hard on Jenny. Yeah, she's an obnoxious brat right now and does her best to keep up this distant attitude, but it's only because she has to. She needs those defenses to cope because she's essentially all alone. If you were to give her the love and attention she needs, I think that sweet girl from San Ramon would come bubbling immediately back to the surface.

Oh well, more Jenny for me I guess.

44e1b9  No.3766


Great, now I feel like kind of a jerk for not taking this into consideration…because I'm not gonna lie fam, I use to seriously wonder if Jenny and I could be a thing had I naturally met her irl and not through her channel.

55f693  No.3767


Nah man, get that thought out of your head.

Jenny was never interested in any guys will trying to get a Hollywood writing gig or a Youtube channel going.

She’d have maybe friend zoned you but more likely just brushed you off as most of her pre YouTube fame male friends are gay.

d407a5  No.3768


I think we’re allowed to like both of them. I think that’s possible.

55f693  No.3769

Has Jenny left the hotel room today?

Is today the Reylo Ghost hunt?

15d3f0  No.3770

File: ac1c8e37c54cd9a⋯.jpg (412.63 KB, 1080x1237, 1080:1237, ADORABLE!.jpg)


>had I naturally met her irl

I still wonder if this is possible to do while avoiding the friendzone (and not get dunked on via Twitter).


I think we all agree that Bailey is (in a sense) easier than Jenny… or at the very least, more approachable.

44e1b9  No.3771


>Jenny just now finding out about Rocket League and freaking out about it

Ok, that's pretty freaking adorable

55f693  No.3772


…I’m sure Kat introduced her but maybe even Nathan?

55f693  No.3773


I’m guessing this means she didn’t leave her room today but maybe she’s going to the Reylo hunt today or tomorrow.

55f693  No.3774


Wait, is there a live competition right now or is Jenny watching Youtube Gaming it Twitch during the convention?

55f693  No.3775

File: 6908f71120b8782⋯.jpeg (331.12 KB, 640x1086, 320:543, DFFB3840-87DA-44BD-B37A-F….jpeg)

File: df8b3438ace2365⋯.jpeg (400.53 KB, 640x925, 128:185, 3DE3052E-8DC8-4D23-9104-0….jpeg)

File: 24ac71b19d6a7d5⋯.jpeg (627.86 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 912C4879-B70A-46CF-838E-7….jpeg)

> More hearts

I’m pretty sure this is a Breath of the Wild reference since Link gets more hearts as you progress and gain experience to expend your health.

So Kat is the girl training her horse that Nathan was talking about.

Jenny always gets her plushies.

67b242  No.3776


>gotta level up to beat the big boss

Well you know, Bailey, you have every chance to still do that competitive Pokemon run with Jenny and trash her team for all of us to see.

15d3f0  No.3777

File: 0922da341012e6d⋯.jpg (267.55 KB, 2063x1547, 2063:1547, D3-aKtFWwAIwJvQ-orig.jpg)


I checked when she posted just to see what she was watching, but there were no pro comps running when I looked, maybe Kat was catching up. Looks like she stayed in and watched TV all day… I guess traveling to watch TV can be fun.

55f693  No.3778


> I guess traveling to watch TV can be fun.

Haha, not the humble pie I wanted her to have but a humble slice.

Did Jenny legit not leave her room today? I was hoping to see more costumes.

55f693  No.3779


> competitive Pokemon run with Jenny

Did Bailey discuss this?

67b242  No.3780

File: 4686175e17dfe94⋯.png (336.57 KB, 804x820, 201:205, shots fired.png)


Only as an indirect joke, which is a real shame. Imagine the bantz. The content. The memes. All they'd have to do is upload one video every two weeks of their individual run, and one video a month of them dueling. How could it not be a high quality event?

743a04  No.3781

File: 46dcc3cbb8fcd2b⋯.jpg (42.7 KB, 588x212, 147:53, bail.jpg)

does she feel left behind by jenny?

ce72e7  No.3782


It's the whole ex-boyfriend thing.

She's lonely.

Realizing she might end up an old wine aunt, crazy cat lady.

She needs the D bad.

Dildo's can only go so far for women. They can't hold you in bed and tell you they love you.

55f693  No.3783

File: 7e47c86db81f725⋯.jpeg (135.51 KB, 640x866, 320:433, D4B4C4EF-C9A7-4597-B524-5….jpeg)

File: 10c32863408f91f⋯.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 5BE6DE2A-AE75-476B-9292-FA….png)

You guys think Jenny and Kat are this close in their hotel room?

Just walking around in their undies putting on makeup and getting ready.

55f693  No.3784

Galaxies Edge panel is at 11 today, if Jenny does go then this trip was a glorified cosplay and Jenny wasted everyone’s time fighting for that 2nd press pass.

I mean, does she sound super excited to be there? She sounded soo desperate in the Patreon clip you guys posted here but maybe the irony was she just wanted to see the Ep 9 panel in person.

2e57a7  No.3785

Wild Vidward speculation: Bailey's website (goosedrunks.com) is new (first registration 18 days ago).

But, it's also a squarespace that appears to have been put together graphically with a very similar template the vidward's site.

I'm aware squarespace is the largest sitebuilder these days (does wix exist anymore? haven't looked into this in ages) but it's a small hint that maybe Bailey is vidward.

Other things, where does Bailey stream? Just on aksysgames twtich?

55f693  No.3786


Bailey works for a marketing company, I’d be shocked if they would’ve said no to Bailey going to Celebrations if they’d offered to make one video for her company.

100% Jenny just didn’t ask her and honestly, for a while I thought Jenny was drifting away from Bailey but in fairness Jenny tags bring Bailey along sometimes like when she took her to Lindsey’s house or took her alongside Kat to the Alita popup?

Wait, is Jenny just embarrassed that basically all her LA friends are white girls so that’s why she hangs with Kat?

55f693  No.3787

Can’t wait to see Jenny’s Celebrations video of her waiting in line to buy merch.

Guessing it’ll be in a month or two

ce72e7  No.3788


Lol, no.

As said before, Bailey and most of Jenny's other friends have actual jobs. They actually work for companies. They have commitments just like you and me.

Jenny, Lindsay and the rest of the YouTube clique work for themselves.

The only difference with Kat is that she's a post-grad research consultant.

So she doesn't have commitments like Bailey. But she doesn't have her own thing like Lindsay, ContraPoints, etc.

She's (pardon the phrase) the perfect sponge for Jenny.

743a04  No.3789



this is her channel, I don't know if she has a second goosedrunks one but this one looks empty


>Can’t wait to see Jenny’s Celebrations video of her waiting in line to buy merch.

I was hoping for a celebration superchat live stream, but I guess it isn't happening. from what I've seen of the other livestreams the reception sucks anyway

b6bbb4  No.3790

File: cdc88efe3f74cac⋯.png (10.26 KB, 414x384, 69:64, 1493926980725.png)


>not "jennyral"

Guess this isn't the board for me.

eaed50  No.3791


Bailey doesn’t work for a marketing company anymore. For like almost the last year she’s been working in the marketing department for a games localisation company.

There’s nothing even tangentially work related she could have done at Star Wars celebration.

456c09  No.3792



Not to mention Bailey had to work live on her company's livestream Thursday night.

She doesn't have team to go on continental spanning Adventures with Jenny.

743a04  No.3793

no-one reporting on Jenny's unwanted romantic encounter yet. I wonder if this really will go under the radar.

948fd0  No.3794

Jenny seems to be enjoying herself at the Galaxy's Edge panel.

00bed6  No.3795

File: aee2c4488a810ce⋯.jpg (494.11 KB, 2047x1895, 2047:1895, jsw7.jpg)

15d3f0  No.3796


>They can't hold you in bed and tell you they love you



I get the feeling they're much closer…


I do wonder if she went in with a plan this time though because she honestly could've been dropping her floor reports daily instead of waiting until way after the fact. Jenny could use someone standing over her shoulder cracking the whip to keep her focused.


>Knight of Jen

How many puns do you need, man!?

00bed6  No.3797

File: 9d6d344091679db⋯.jpg (296.87 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, jsw8.jpg)

948fd0  No.3798


She looks like the spawn of the Emperor in this pic

b40b82  No.3799



b40b82  No.3800


Is that her face after a fuck?

948fd0  No.3801


Look at her twitter. She was at the Star Wars Celebration Panel today where it talked about the Galaxy's Edge attraction coming to Disneyland.

a766d9  No.3802


I think it's just the very bright top down lighting and awkward stance, but god she looks unattractive in that picture.

afe106  No.3803


So many tweets about it, hmm, gonna day Jenny will make 1 (maybe a shorter 2) Celebrations video and the bulk will be about Galaxys Edge, she blasted so many tweets about it, she went full fangirl.

Also looks like she lined up with everyone else for the panel and sat way far back and on the 2nd level.

Another slice of humble pie for 8k Jenny.

afe106  No.3804


Omg, haha, what the fuck Kat, tell her to move away from the light and turn on the guys flash.

Will Jenny be able to use any of “camera person” Kats footage?

67b242  No.3805


>dark lord jenny and her apprentice, darth gorg the simple

aba14e  No.3806


>takes a pic with harsh top-lighting

Great photo, you ass! You both look horrible.


>Another slice of humble pie for 8k Jenny

Jenny having to wait in any line is torture for her.


>Will Jenny be able to use any of “camera person” Kats footage?

Good question. Those photos with her plushies were full of blur yesterday too. You suck, Kat!

afe106  No.3807

File: 124e6ce4be606a8⋯.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 880D4D62-DA46-4181-AA78-6D….png)

File: 4904e797334df32⋯.jpeg (262.29 KB, 640x699, 640:699, B6A374BB-C34A-4E87-AD00-C….jpeg)

File: c6c8124e7255cfd⋯.jpeg (479.28 KB, 640x1048, 80:131, B9314529-2624-4101-836C-7….jpeg)

Looks like we missed one Thursday.

So we have Hennys cosplay for Thursday and I guess Star Wars themed outfit today…did Jenny really not leave her hotel yesterday?

Just sent Kat out got soda.


Also unflattering dress.

Plus that girl does kinda look like Jenny.

00bed6  No.3808

File: 2b7644681355c9a⋯.jpg (298.99 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, jsw9.jpg)

67b242  No.3809



>unflattering dress

or a bun in the oven

a766d9  No.3810


Oh God, could you imagine jenny trying to raise a child?

afe106  No.3811


Is this yesterday? It looks like she’s wearing the Druid dress so unless she changed today or Thursday, this is Friday?

00bed6  No.3812



wtf. Is that why Ani was so pissed, she found out Max impregnated Jenny?

00bed6  No.3813


also explains why she spent all day yesterday in her hotel room, must be exhausting for a girl who is pregnant enough to start showing to be on her feet standing in line all day, needed a day to recover, it all makes sense now.

afe106  No.3814

File: 7864c05ea72ad41⋯.jpeg (287.9 KB, 640x711, 640:711, 5462E67E-4A16-46AB-A394-C….jpeg)


What is with Jenny and awful lighting Celebrations photos?

…guys, is cute Jenny just good lightening?

afe106  No.3815


Source? Need to figure where in the timeline this is.



Awww, she knew she’d get Max’s baby a while ago and that’s why she’s been on a plushie craze, it’s for her bundle of joy.

aba14e  No.3816

>Jenny pregnancy talk

That's it, I'm calling the police!

00bed6  No.3817



afe106  No.3818


Little more specific, like day it was posted?

00bed6  No.3819


like 20 minutes ago just search her handle on twitter

00bed6  No.3820

File: ad636ef1ce8c6ed⋯.jpg (578.14 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, jsw10.jpg)

afe106  No.3821

File: c0716a049d45c4e⋯.jpeg (458.11 KB, 640x897, 640:897, 69326507-F3C3-43B3-8FF1-5….jpeg)

File: 270017683e7d86c⋯.jpeg (237.44 KB, 640x654, 320:327, 120C0912-292C-4D4C-9F21-C….jpeg)


Wtf, Jenny changed from this >>3797 to a whole new one already, like right after Galaxy Edge panel?

Or did someone not post their Jenny pic until the next day, eyebrow less Jenny I’m guessing is Friday since >>3808 and >>3795 from pre panel look like the same dress under that jacket.

afe106  No.3822



Never mind, she’s changing into different outfits daily. I give up on timelines.

67b242  No.3823



I have this scenario where Jen's father sends down her childhood nanny to make sure the baby doesn't die from neglect. Jen will make them both live in the closet and beat her for not keeping the child quiet during recordings. Max will beg Jenny to marry him and move in to his place, but she'll refuse on the grounds that the plushies are too comfortable at her apartment.


Filthy heretic. Cute Jenny is cute regardless of whatever horrendous lighting.


It's my kid, so good luck on those charges.

afe106  No.3824


So Jenny’s become a cosplay Instagram model, everything she hates, but without the Instagram part…does that make it better or just dumber?

a766d9  No.3825


Hmm, apparently Jenny has a chipped tooth. Also you'd think her Dad would have had enough money to shell out for braces for her.

00bed6  No.3826


No wonder she needed all that soda, shes drinking for 2!

afe106  No.3827

File: 711cc05db2d6841⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, E208688A-A220-4761-9536-5F….png)

Jenny is pretty cute with low lighting if the video is low res.

2017 Celebrations

afe106  No.3828


Oh and same dress she wore today.

afe106  No.3829

File: b542d4875825601⋯.jpeg (285.09 KB, 640x1087, 640:1087, 261063C9-CCF7-42CE-91CF-0….jpeg)

Kevin’s trying to get a piece. 3rd outfit change today for the party Jenny?

Why isn’t Jenny tweeting pics of all her outfits?

afe106  No.3830


Jenny’s a bad friend.


Hmm, wouldn’t say Bailey is more attractive, she’s got a great ass and tits but unless a girls working out and really watching her diet that also means she’ll have some weight on her arms and a bit of a gut. On camera Jenny with her tings waist and skinny legs will always look better but under you in bed, Bailey would probably feel and look better, Jenny’s ribs and hip bone probably poke out which looks creepily underage in women.


Ok so this is probably Friday


And this is todays 2nd outfit.

afe106  No.3831

So…at what point is Jenny supposed to like report stuff from the convention to earn her pass?

I’ve been seeing all the other Star Wars people posting videos and talking about it but Jenny’s just joking about it or not saying anything, Jenny you got press passes for a reason.

44e1b9  No.3832


Lmao girl just wanted an easy pass to the convention let's be real fam

a766d9  No.3833


I’m assuming she’s filming stuff that she’s gonna spend a month editing together.

afe106  No.3834

File: fb8b76270088703⋯.jpeg (540.05 KB, 640x1101, 640:1101, 00FC8AC1-E900-4F49-88E8-D….jpeg)

> Hi guys, for safety reasons I don’t like saying where I’m going or others saying where I’l be.

8chan: Hi guys, let’s stop talking about where Jenny will be.

< Hey, is this party I’m going to got room for one more?

Screw Jenny and anyone who tries to shame me for guessing where Jenny’s at from now on.

00bed6  No.3836

File: 9753f7c1af6e1c4⋯.jpg (326.91 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, jsw11.jpg)

44e1b9  No.3837


The poor thing; I sure hope she isn't having to do that. I would gladly be her roommate to split the rent with her.

67b242  No.3838


>making this post only to delete it

How curious.

743a04  No.3839


cursed photo

they both have the same(ish) haircolor, skincolor, shirt color, pants color, combined with the off-white lighting that makes them look flat and discolored


but jenny has gotten drunk since then…

00bed6  No.3840


>but jenny has gotten drunk since then…

Trying to pass FAS on to another generation what a good girl!

743a04  No.3841


I meant since the breakup not since yesterday.

aba14e  No.3842


>freeze to death

>49° in Chicago right now

I had to roll the windows down on the car for about 15min on my way to work today because it was too hot inside… in 36° weather. Shit was extremely comfy.


This is why Jenny needs someone to keep her focused on business (especially when she's considered media). She could've been uploading at least a short 5-7min floor report every day. Instead she shows up with zero plan, a shitty camera person and wants to edit a completely unrelated video with her free time. I would've had her practicing talking about products in some shop (preferably in a public space) and editing that footage down into a fun report weeks in advance.

I'd even make her dedicate time while there to gather a/b-roll in and around the city (think restaurants, tourist sites, etc) for complete trip review when it was all over. Just a tiny bit of professionalism goes a very long way on YouTube.

Jenny could be so much more if she only put in the work.

47e515  No.3843


That was me…sorry.

She made another cat post in the last few minutes…so I figured my post talking about her latest Instagram pic, became irrelevant.

d407a5  No.3844

afe106  No.3845



What was the comment?




Where do you guys feel finding these, I just looked on twitter tagging her name and this pic didn’t came up within the last few hours.

afe106  No.3846

File: 9fac35547259ebe⋯.jpeg (420.92 KB, 640x920, 16:23, BB63EEBE-9092-411B-AB9F-8….jpeg)


She makes 8k a month and her income and fan base keeps growing when she’s not even trying, I think she’s content.


Wtf is that a Party in the USA song lyrics with Porgs Parody?

Cute belt.

44e1b9  No.3847


Someone on here was making a joke that Bailey probably blows her landlord for the rent lol

d407a5  No.3848



aba14e  No.3849


I was really only talking in this specific context of being "media". Because trust me, I know exactly how lazy Jenny is as a $25 patron.

743a04  No.3850


I want to rent my place out to her

darn, I thought maybe I found one on Jenny but no, just about their harassment policy signs they have up. I almost want to start tipping people off about it, but I don't want to bug Jen.


afe106  No.3851

File: 70ed56b60a18611⋯.png (944.66 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, CBD1C9A1-97A4-4C04-9049-DE….png)

File: 8587946923efb4d⋯.jpeg (103.21 KB, 640x264, 80:33, D863EB7F-D1B7-4B42-8E92-9….jpeg)


Well boys, none of us are welcome at Celebrations.

Ok so did Jenny go to the Old Republic Party or what?

afe106  No.3852


Yeah, I mean, …yeah, I (and I’m sure Jennybkniws too) doubt that Disney keeps track of the people they give Media badges to see if they’re properly reporting on the convention.

If they did, they’d probably not give 1 much less 2 passes to Jenny again for the next Celebrations since she’s basically just walked around the convention floor and asked about parties. And caused some harassment embarrassment for Celebrations.

And we all know Jenny will want to go since her boy Rian will be there talking about his trilogy.

afe106  No.3853

File: 3748469bfee688c⋯.jpeg (398.01 KB, 640x1093, 640:1093, 7A0BF905-1594-42F6-A8D0-6….jpeg)


But Jenny helped her fans get back to materialism to jot anger Celebrations too much.

aba14e  No.3854


I wonder if that strict policy stifled any of her plans for capturing show floor footage? You know Jenny probably planned to mock some the lamer costumes and products there.

00bed6  No.3855

File: 5aebcad3a3de61c⋯.jpg (497.15 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jsw12.jpg)

I think tonight might be the reylo meet up if that is still happening, that other girl in the picture is that BB kate girl from twitter who i think is with that group.

00bed6  No.3856

File: ce03bdaadd7c9ac⋯.jpg (399.34 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, jsw13.jpg)

It appears that when Jenny and Kat were taking some pics with Jar Jar some other dudes saw them and recognized who he was only because of their costumes, and then somehow ended up turning that into getting pizza with them.

44e1b9  No.3858


Ayy Jenny and Kat gettin' turnt

afe106  No.3861

File: b7c0d41117b16d6⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 6A6367B3-3B22-4489-A1EC-90….png)

File: abffcf123747766⋯.jpeg (299.87 KB, 640x1006, 320:503, 10F883B3-C04D-4B21-B3C3-8….jpeg)

File: 0b1d91e4a3e4763⋯.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 44F1D610-DAFA-4736-84DC-B2….png)

File: 29ad520668b5640⋯.png (1.46 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 78183120-D640-40E9-82B7-93….png)

File: a371e3408e44e37⋯.jpeg (322 KB, 640x758, 320:379, 1E3C35A1-BDE0-444B-8B3C-6….jpeg)


Jenny’s following the guy who took the photo…is he a new follow or does Jenny know him from My Little Pony days?

Doubt Jenny just went out with Kate and Kat, guessing she went to the The Old Republic party?

Jenny loves to show her tummy even when she’s freezing.

67b242  No.3862


Am I misjudging pixels, or are we seeing the rare belly button?

00bed6  No.3863


yeah its weird because the way hes tweeting it seems like they didn't know each other but weird that she just happens to beet a brony out and about, and her follow number didn't change tonight no not sure whats going on there.

afe106  No.3865




>>3861 (You)

So Jenny changed 4 times today if you count swapping out her favorite skirt for…PANTS!?

Holy fuck, first time in at least 18-24 months Jenny’s confirmed worn pants and OF COURSE, they show off her stomach.

afe106  No.3866

File: 269b1b1089c8ce0⋯.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, AACBA725-C63D-42B5-965C-CD….png)

Charmed Life has restarted for Jenny, her total pure joy in this photo instantly makes her month long fight for Kats pass worth it for her I’m betting.

No photos from the Old Republic party, hell they might not have even gone, they went to get dinner, saw this guy then met some harmless bronies and got dinner with them.

If the Reylo ghost hunt is tonight, Jenny will probably meet the first confirmed ghost and it’ll be a fan of hers.

Bye bye Humble Pie, it was nice while it lasted.

afe106  No.3867


This also confirms Jenny made one cosplay outfit which was just hats.

afe106  No.3868


3 guys and 3 girls, which one is taking Jenny home?

00bed6  No.3869

afe106  No.3870

File: c37b0f196c4c8fb⋯.jpeg (179.74 KB, 640x1075, 128:215, 2BEC14DF-FBBA-4F56-AEA9-8….jpeg)

File: 7f09c45de38b111⋯.jpeg (356.34 KB, 640x773, 640:773, AF53659F-7FDD-4B0A-99EA-6….jpeg)

File: 114165de8227c0f⋯.jpeg (378.04 KB, 640x807, 640:807, 5FB1DC1D-5E53-48AA-9E3A-A….jpeg)

File: a4c77bc3f8f3418⋯.jpeg (409.1 KB, 640x817, 640:817, 69845266-3868-46D2-9692-1….jpeg)

These time stamps make no sense. They took the photos, agreed to have dinner together (at 10 pm Chicago time) and found a restaurant in under 10 minutes?

Must’ve happened hours ago and they just posted them later around the same time.

Looked at the Old Republic party, it doesn’t look like it was sold out but a lot of cool cosplay outfits which if Jennybwas there, I’m sure she would’ve tweeted out or the people there would’ve tweeted pics with her.

afe106  No.3871


And 3 minutes after sitting for dinner, they’re posing for pics on those blocks?

Nah, they had their fun then started posting once they sat for dinner.

afe106  No.3872

File: f1eea3e79de69d1⋯.png (788.83 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, C61F4583-4FDA-4574-BAD5-91….png)

File: c65c99a6751b9ac⋯.png (1.29 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 466B2215-DD30-4521-8F18-EE….png)

File: 6d8a6f485e9baa3⋯.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 010CCEF0-1A52-4C82-B633-A4….png)

Yup, Jenny went to the SWTOR party, the hotel entrance of the Mariott Marquee it was hosted at matches the google maps shots.

afe106  No.3873

File: 66645cb6aed9623⋯.png (11.13 KB, 528x134, 264:67, PK1.1.PNG)

File: 7f006d5e69ef5d5⋯.png (604.11 KB, 923x843, 923:843, PK1.PNG)

File: 97df727fd78aa2b⋯.png (356.07 KB, 975x439, 975:439, Forrest.PNG)

File: a51c031e2737e7d⋯.png (105.81 KB, 327x450, 109:150, Forrest1.PNG)


Ok, she's known this brony for a LONG time, he's the 17th person ever she started following on Twitter, he's all the way at the bottom of her follow list and he tweeted her about meeting up at SWCC.

But who the fuck is this Forrest guy?

00bed6  No.3874


>But who the fuck is this Forrest guy

thats the other guy she stood in line for the merch store with on thrusday. Its weird, because off all the people in that group she only followed him on twitter, but didnt follow him on instagram, while she followed all the other people in that group on intsta but not twitter.

afe106  No.3876


That is very fucking weird, why would you follow all these people just for waiting in a line with them, she'll probably unfollow them (if she remembers) later.

Not sure why Jenny would even open up her Insta, she never uses the freaking thing, she hasn't even uploaded any Celebrations photos there.

afe106  No.3877

File: 4702a4522c0df47⋯.png (365.03 KB, 566x674, 283:337, Kate.PNG)

Going by this pic with Kate and Kat in the backround, I'm guessing they hung out at the Republic Party for at least an hour starting at about 9:20 and going by the other pics left around 10:30?

00bed6  No.3878


damn good catch on Kat on the background! Seems about right on the timeframe, from what I saw that SWTOR party looked lame unless you are a fan of the game so dont think they would have been there long.

00bed6  No.3879

File: ffefe36500cdfc0⋯.jpg (456.59 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, jsw14.jpg)

00bed6  No.3880



This guy in the white outfit is the same guy she hung out with at the SWTOR party.

00bed6  No.3881

File: e6c5eaf0f80d35f⋯.png (318.29 KB, 637x675, 637:675, 2019-04-13 (3).png)

LOL then right after telling Jenny it was awesome hanging out with her tonight he tweets this. Gotta respect the dude for shooting his shot.

44e1b9  No.3882


Man there's been some THIRSTY ass niggas at this convention, huh? Poor Jenny. It must be so hard being a cute girl at these sorts of things.

15d3f0  No.3884


Get a load of this guy acting like he wouldn't take a shot.

47e515  No.3885



743a04  No.3886

Jenny looks like shes having fun but what kind of video is she going to make out of all this? I hope its not just "fun things I did at celebration" I hope its more like "how to accessorize your costume with toys" and it features the stuffed things she bought there as well as maybe a few photos of cosplayers using toys. that's the kind of thing I like

afe106  No.3887

File: 9978334ddfac61e⋯.jpeg (577.3 KB, 640x1055, 128:211, F38FAD4B-B682-4998-AE26-B….jpeg)

File: 69a074a2610baaf⋯.jpeg (211.32 KB, 640x469, 640:469, D5B8918B-CBF9-4285-A6ED-E….jpeg)


Jackets off and Jenny showing tummy…or does she have a white under her shirt? Man Jenny loves to role up nerds.

She already said she was going to the party, why didn’t Jenny post any pictures from the event


No response from Jenny from any of his tags.

afe106  No.3888

File: 41b125c65038a13⋯.jpeg (297.32 KB, 640x806, 320:403, AB22D3AD-9816-4120-9BAC-A….jpeg)

File: ba89453eee6142e⋯.jpeg (272.72 KB, 640x552, 80:69, C09D718D-6E4D-4C88-8534-C….jpeg)

743a04  No.3889


painful to watch. if you want Jennys attention you got to be 'somebody' doesn't matter what kind of somebody, just someone famous or popular

afe106  No.3890

Wow, all that talk of hot glue burns and all Jenny did was put ears on a Jar Jar hat.

Man Jenny’s lazy.

But she looks to have had fun meeting so many fans and not making a single vblog (remember the one she did in her hotel room in 2017) about the convention.

I’d say this was a bust compared to her access in 2017 with seeing everything they did with the original cast and stuff and she didn’t get in.

But everything else looks fun, Kate is going home today and if she was behind the Reylo ghost hunt then it’s probably not gonna happen.


> Fun things Indudvat Celebrations

Yeah, Jenny will spend a day making a list video and be done. She misses Disneyland

afe106  No.3891


* The ep 8 panel vs ep 9 panel she didn’t even get it in mean.

afe106  No.3892

The Mandalorian Panel is happening now, are you watching Jenny?

Jenny is tweets about snow outside her hotel and Porg plushes.

Even Red Letter Media just made a video ripping Star Wars for bringing back the emperor with "No ones ever really gone"

…Jenny, girl you a lazy bitch.

afe106  No.3893

File: 5b8cecd70de5c21⋯.jpg (228.88 KB, 1200x584, 150:73, D3-EnfSW0AMzyIx.jpg)

afe106  No.3895

File: 3da83e11edf9b4e⋯.jpg (207.26 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D4IHsStWsAMU1ba.jpg)

File: 22e273a33edb9a1⋯.png (1.11 MB, 663x780, 17:20, Hotel1.PNG)

Took a minute but found where she took this pic on google maps.


> Jenny probably has a hotel room wherever the convention is happening

Short of Jenny going home with a guy last night, I was totally wrong about her willing to spend money on a nice hotel closer to the convention. She's almost 2 miles away from the convention!

She's at a 3 star hotel even I wouldn't go to, I paid for a nicer place when I was in SoCal this week than Jenny and Kat did for this one…MAYBE she's that cheap or maybe she waited to long or both but come on, she pulls in over 100k!!!

Typically I wouldn't do this but Jenny's literally broadcasting where she'll be so whatever.

32cccf  No.3896


Dont remember seeing this one…is this from Thursday?

afe106  No.3897


Posted Friday but she says she met her "yesterday".


I don't think we have any pictures of Jenny on Friday, she legit might not have left the hotel.

It's hard to verify though cause of her multiple outfit changes yesterday.

32cccf  No.3898

File: d951490cb4be50e⋯.png (445.47 KB, 606x938, 303:469, 2019-04-14 (2).png)

File: 3587acf0ea58eb7⋯.png (334.38 KB, 634x802, 317:401, 2019-04-14 (4).png)


>Short of Jenny going home with a guy last nigh

What did they mean by this?

15d3f0  No.3899


Love the crisp white shoes.


Those Kylo Ren sneakers look pretty dope as well. Much better than the photos on the site make them look. Maybe I'll order a pair this week.


Awww… what a cute amount of snow!

>She's almost 2 miles away from the convention!

>3 star hotel

Goddamn, why is she so cheap? I feel like if you took her to a nice restaurant she'd be stuffing bread in her purse and wanting to steal the silverware.

Why do we think she's a spoiled rich girl again?

afe106  No.3901


> Why do we think she's spoiled

Got a horse at 16, dad has been paying $750 a month to board it for the last 11 years. Free private college and dorm.

Jenny spends plenty of money, it just all goes to Disney items.


Guessing he told her about the weather and she was shocked that it might snow in April.

Those tweets would be weird if she was fucking him the night of.

Though he is from Orange County so he probably lives not far from Jenny and talked to her about Star Wars and Disneyland…pretty good way to get into her pants.

afe106  No.3902

File: 8f7e71b45be791c⋯.png (233.54 KB, 484x826, 242:413, First tweets.PNG)

I don't want to get another boyfriend/fuckboi thing started but I just did an advanced search and this guys been following Jenny over 2 years and tweeting her a lot over that time …


Jenny's responded about 18 times over that timespan.


Whoever keeps an eye on Nathan can keep an eye on this guy, see if they end up hanging out when they're both back in Anaheim.

32cccf  No.3903


No this guy is one of those that tweets Jenny almost every day and appears in the comments section of her Patreon pretty often. Hes just one of those more vocal fans, so it makes sense that over the years she would have responded a few times. I am positive he is just a fan and also, not nearly enough clout for Jenny to ever fuck with him outside a fan convention like this.

afe106  No.3904

File: 25b9f75dbea9bc7⋯.png (114.75 KB, 638x850, 319:425, Smooth.PNG)

File: 32955085944d48e⋯.png (478.63 KB, 509x812, 509:812, Smooth1.PNG)

File: c8367fbaa620513⋯.png (270.46 KB, 507x795, 169:265, Smooth2.PNG)

File: 1f0e4cba09724c6⋯.png (470.81 KB, 510x887, 510:887, Smooth3.PNG)


This guys actually pretty clever, all his tweets focus on something that Jenny likes, reinforces how cool the thing she likes is and asks a question about that thing to engage Jenny in a conversation.

afe106  No.3905


> outside a fan convention like this.

So you're saying this guys dick was in Jenny? His twitter doesn't say He/Him so I don't think Kat would would give the go ahead.

32cccf  No.3906


Im saying Jenny understands the purpose of Star Wars celebration is to interact with and meet other Star Wars fans, so when she meets someone like him, she feel obligated to converse and be engaging, because its not weird for someone to want to talk to her at a place like this. If she was just out and about anywhere else, she would just shut him down and do a twitter rant about creepy fans trying to talk to her in real life.

743a04  No.3907


notice how dad had jenny stand next to him, not the girl?

a766d9  No.3908



Oh god I bet he's been rehearsing for meeting Jenny. How long do you think he followed her around Chicago before finding the right time to approach her.


Jenny's got her hand on his shoulder, maybe it was her idea. Where's her left hand?

0792c5  No.3909

What are the odds that Jenny got some this weekend?

(Kat doesn't count.)

a766d9  No.3910


I dunno, I imagine there's a lot of it going on at this kind of thing. But it might have been a bit awkward if she's sharing a room with Kat.

The problem is, once again, we just don't know what kind of girl Jenny is in that regard.

67b242  No.3911


Well, she's saving herself for marriage, so none.

0792c5  No.3912


Ken….is that you again?

32cccf  No.3913


If shes the person we think we know…less then 1% chance.

If shes been leading a secret life with secret boyfriends, casual hookups with Max and/or Nathan, is actually a lesbian with Kat as her gf, then all bets are off I guess, but our silly little memes about her are most likely just that. I mean I do actually believe there is something there with Max, but I guess we only know what she allows us to know for the most part.

aba14e  No.3914


Daddy spoils her no doubt, but Jenny herself doesn't live like she has money. For a woman, her impulse control is well above the norm. It's honestly kind of impressive.


I can just imagine poor Kat having to film awkward nerd sex for Jenny.

a766d9  No.3915


Speaking of Max, he posted another Instagram story today, about game of thrones. Hopefully he’s putting feelers out there for an instagram comeback.

It’s weird how happy it made me to see them. I feel like he’s our only opportunity to see things Jenny wouldn’t show us. I just hope she hasn’t dropped him as well.

743a04  No.3916


>I mean I do actually believe there is something there with Max

I can imagine Jenny crying into her pillow over Max, wishing she could change him. he found her in that neat little transition period after she got popular but before she became the apple of everyone's eye. She probably thought of him as "the only one who saw her potential"

0792c5  No.3917


The whole Max situation is weird.

She's introduced him to her longtime bff Bailey.

She's introduced him to her gay best friend Casey and her new hanger-on Kat.

Max is no longer with Ani.

The only personal obstacle left is Lindsay.

Does Jenny keep her hidden rendezvous with Max a secret, not because of Max's controversy, but because of Lindsay.

All that's left is for Max to meet her family.

I guess it doesn't matter. No matter if Jenny kept it a secret, Max would find someway to brag about it.

a766d9  No.3918


Of course the one thing you're missing here is that Max himself needs to be interested in her that way. I'm still unsure, from what we've seen I think he just finds her funny more than anything else.

32cccf  No.3919


Haha, there are a lot on unknown variables at play here but that doesn't seem to be one even a little bit. I dont think he slide into her twitter timeline to tell her to get a better camera just because he finds her funny. hes been lusting after her since before they met, and him wanting her is one thing I would bet my life on. I'd say its the other way around, that Jenny really wants to believe that she can have interesting male friends who dont want anything more from her than to just be friends.

32cccf  No.3920

Do we think Jenny is flying home today? Maybe she will be back in time to catch GoT with Max.

0792c5  No.3921


We'll, Griffin wanted money from her.

That's one thing she doesn't have to worry about with Max

aba14e  No.3922


>the only one who saw her potential

Ah, the classic "A Star is Born" story huh? Honestly, that could probably still work for him as her Hollywood dreams appear to be abandoned.

>Coca-Cola Arubesh shirt on eBay in XL only

Fuck, I really want one but that's too tight in the shoulders. Why didn't they have them in "fan" sizes so I could grab a XXL?

0792c5  No.3923


Doesn't Jenny wait until she's in San Ramon with her family to binge watch GoT?

Isn't that her tradition?

b40b82  No.3924


hes the guy that sees sex as something fun, even if he didnt see jenny as a gf or even qt he would still fuck her

a766d9  No.3925


See I dunno, you've got to think this all happened at a time when he was just going around collecting youtuber friends, he was all over the place, screenjunkies, sourcefed, rlm, kinda funny. I think that's just something he found interesting at the time.

You have to remember Max is a weird guy, he doesn't seem to interact with people like a normal person.


>Star is Born

Shit, can definitely see Max becoming a wreck and killing himself, but it would require Jenny becoming successful, can't see that happening.

32cccf  No.3926


true but can you name one other single individual youtuber Max did that with? I guess I remember he once kind of reached out to Hbomberguy like that and they ended up having a weird interaction. And also I think Jenny basically bet Lindsay Ellis in a similar way. I just cant help but think of blooper real from when he was on Millenial Falcon and they both seemed thirsty for each other. And that one dude that claims he @'d her on a tweet about "friends with benefits" relationships or whatever. I guess only time will tell.

afe106  No.3927


Without twitter fame, this is how I imagine Jenny would have been in around 5 years, with a sweet, nerdy older man who provides all Jenny needs and she gives him a cute little girl.

In all timelines, Jenny has a Charmed Life.

005506  No.3928


That dude was me. And it was the truth.

afe106  No.3929

File: a0e6bf4e19f6276⋯.png (61.11 KB, 490x631, 490:631, Ghost Hunt.PNG)

I don't think the Reylo ghost hunt was a real thing, the girl who talked about it and asked Jenny about it said it'd be on a Friday but nothing from her twitter.

aba14e  No.3930


>can't see that happening


On the flip-side, Jenny can never fail if she never tries.


That guy's wife or girlfriend will visit him at work one day to find that picture framed on his desk where he's been telling everyone that it's a family photo from their visit to Chicago.

32cccf  No.3931


yeah I guess it was a joke, although I saw someone else tweet about it in a completely different twitter convo which is why I thought it was real, my bad.


I'm usually a "trust but verify" guy with the stuff people say on here, but even though I cant verify that because the tweet is gone now, i still think you are telling the truth. The only thing i'm not sure about is if the context of the tweet might have clarified why he would do that in a way anyone could see. Like maybe he was highlighting a ridiculous twitter thread for her or something like that. Really wish I could have seen it.

a766d9  No.3932


yeah that's the only thing of hearing about stuff without seeing the context. A lot of us can really struggle to see irony sometimes, especially with twitter stuff.

afe106  No.3933


> we just don't know what kind of girl Jenny is in that regard.

I mean, even if Jenny was a dick hungry slut, I don't think she'd sleep around with the EXACT people who'd definitely know who she is and who's friends would know who she is, that could easily lead to people telling friends or posting about the time they fucked Jenny Nicholson from Youtube.


> Jenny herself doesn't live like she has money. For a woman, her impulse control is well above the norm.

Is it though, she's a single woman who lives in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in LA, rent is min $2,000 for her. Add on the hundreds of dollars a month she spends on toys.

Add on her endless outfits she buys all the time and which she almost never shares pics of because A. She knows we here exist and B. She doesn't want to look rich and C. She doesn't want to be known as some insta model.

> Does Jenny keep her hidden rendezvous with Max a secret, not because of Max's controversy, but because of Lindsay.

Kat was Lindseys girl before becoming Jenny's and spent the whole day with Max and Jenny is still friends with him on Insta and facebook.

I would be shocked if Lindsey doesn't know about Jenny and Max being friends, that level of obliviousness would shock me.

It would also hurt Lindsey's friendship with Jenny and Kat if she found out they were keeping it from her.

> Jenny flying home to catch GoT with Max.

Jenny always watches GoT with her family (super awkward considering the amount of sex), I remember last season she didn't watch the whole season until she got home and I guess binged it with the fam. >>3923 I see you brother, always nice to see a Jenny expert.

> Coca-Cola Arubesh shirt on eBay in XL only

The fuc, this shirt, it's in stock at this store. https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/4588987-coca-cola-star-wars-aurebesh-distressed?utm_source=paid_search&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=PLA&utm_content=tshirt-unisex&feed_sku=4588987D1V&&utm_source=paid_search&utm_medium=ppc&utm_campaign=PLA&ar_clx=yes&ar_channel=adwords&ar_campaign=Shopping_Top_Level_T-Shirts&ar_adgroup=T-Shirts&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIspnprM3Q4QIVuR-tBh0L7Q4aEAQYASABEgKxZPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

743a04  No.3937

Jenny always acted above male attention, even during her twilight the musical days which was arguably pre-public image.

she was a feminist back then too I think, because a couple years later (around 2013) she broke a business deal because the partner made disrespectful jokes about women. they weren't even that disrespectful.

afe106  No.3941

File: 4b77912c31b7d77⋯.png (316.63 KB, 476x682, 238:341, FakeJenny.PNG)

Oh shit, it wasn't even Jenny who recognized Ahmed Best. Jenny's a fake fan!

On Worst Things Ever podcast Jenny stated how awful the Prequels are.

So if she said they loved the prequels, it was in the same way she loves awful nonsense movies like Beastly because of how bad they are.


How are none of her fake twitter fans not saying how shocked they are that Jenny is wearing pants? These images are as rare as Jenny in bikini tops.


I'd actually still want to tweet her and ask what happened, if it was cancelled or she was just joking, but yeah, I guess it was a joke.


I love we have the old tumblr archived and people can look that whole thing up.

afe106  No.3942


> How long do you think he followed her around Chicago before finding the right time to approach her.

Probably a good while, had a whole carefully set discussion.

It sounds like he was smart enough to "bump" into her it at a time where Jenny used the company so probably when she was in a line or just waiting for something.


Can we talk about the fact that Jenny was "shaking and wobbling" down the stairs at the Last Jedi Premier after party after seeing the fight scene finale? That shit was like 35 minutes before the movie even ended.

It's hard to imagine slut Jenny when a Star Wars movie scene makes her legs jelly.

Maybe that's why she's single, no man will pleasure her like a Star Wars movie, a MLP song or a shark movie.

a40af6  No.3943


Or riding Jorn


Hey follow Jenny expert.

I have a theory that Jenny's first sexual experience (masturbation) was after watching Tobey Maguire Spider-Man.

Do you concur?

afe106  No.3944


haha, that's a real possibility but Jenny seems like the kind of girl who isn't comfortable with masturbation and likely doesn't do it because she gets more satisfaction from non-sexual acts.

67b242  No.3945

File: 464b80004434c09⋯.jpg (590.06 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jenny in silent hill.jpg)

>you will never be trapped in a supernatural hell with jen

afe106  No.3946


Ehh, I already found the hotel she's at and pretty good cheese the area of the hotel she's staying.

afe106  No.3947

Was this convention was a bit of a wash for Jenny, especially compared to the last she went to?

From what she's shared anyway, she's gone to one panel, one party and barely met up with any Youtubers (unless they're being private, I don't even see anything from Connie about her seeing Jenny) but she did meet a lot several twitter friends she's made and by accident met Jar Jar.

In the Patreon video, she sounded really excited because this was the ending Celebration of the Skywalker series.

Maybe she meant the crowd energy and that stuff but I thought she was talking about panels and seeing celebrates and big events. I mean, she meet and befriended Rian Johnson last time but nothing even close to that happened here.

If it was about the crowds, she met a LOT of her fans which which she does love, no matter how humble she pretends to be.

Seems Jenny thought this Celebration was going to be as good as her Last Jedi one with Screen Junkies, where she didn't have to wait in line, got in for all the best panels with a good seat and everything was taken care of for her - nice hotel near the convention, on a schedule so she was constantly recording and talking to people and seeing everything they had to offer, plus visiting Disneyworld on the last day.

Here, she didn't get into the biggest panel, and was pretty quiet most days, even about the panels and events. Plus her cheap ass got a hotel 2 miles away in what to her is freezing weather.

Was she quiet for privacy or did Jenny just not really do anything, I'd bet she didn't because she barely tweeted about the actual convention, even her Old Republic Party pic was from someone else and she was there for like an hour before leaving without mentioning it by my guess.

I'd say this whole thing looked like a waste of time and not worth all the 2nd media pass drama.

Publicly Jenny will say it was a good time but I think in a little while, on a podcast or something she'll say that it wasn't that great and Last Jedi seemed like a better overall convention.

afe106  No.3948


On the plus side, guessing Jenny did a ton of editing for her Dumbo video.

a766d9  No.3949


Maybe she was so quiet because she was too busy enjoying herself.

32cccf  No.3950


You could be right but I also think people are assuming a lot from her silence. Maybe she wants to save the coolest things she is seeing/doing for her video. I would be surprised if she really spend all day Friday in the hotel, she probably found something else to do around the city like the Game of Thrones exhibit or something, and maybe we will get a picture dump when she gets home and feels safe. It could be like the Boston trip where they take turns picking activities, so Thursday and Saturday were jennys days and Friday/Sunday are Kats, where she just wants to go to a boring museum or something.

a40af6  No.3951


She got into the Galaxy's Edge Panel at the very least. So I say it wasn't a wash for her.

a40af6  No.3952

When Jenny gets back, how long do you think it will be before she goes to Disneyland?

1 day?

2 days?

0 days?

32cccf  No.3953

I wonder if their flight got cancelled today because of the snow or if they really are staying all 5 days. I doubt she would have any interest in the Phantom Menace 20th anniversary tomorrow since she said its a really boring movie.

743a04  No.3954


>I'd say this whole thing looked like a waste of time and not worth all the 2nd media pass drama.

yeah, she can make it worth it if she feels like it but I don't know if she wants too. she scrutinizes the impact her videos have on the algorithm and that ultimately decides what videos go up or get made

32cccf  No.3955

File: 98b227ae933a316⋯.jpg (436.57 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jsw15.jpg)


Well it looks like they stayed today as well. Very weird no one posted any pictures with her, on twitter at least. I have not found a good way to search instagram for anyone taking pictures with her. It seems like she posted this picture 40 minutes or so after the convention closed for the day.

aba14e  No.3956

File: 93f2a2e76f978b3⋯.jpg (290.75 KB, 827x552, 827:552, A CUTE!.jpg)


Jesus Christ she's fucking cute… it's physically painful.

67b242  No.3957

File: ff66a7f69606699⋯.jpg (178.26 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D4KHz3mWwAAWYOq.jpg)



<here they are, sir

<they've been running about the relay station like this all day

Would you let them off with a warning?

aba14e  No.3958

File: 017ce656dd89e2b⋯.jpg (189.34 KB, 504x628, 126:157, Vader & The Emperor.jpg)


I feed Kat to the nearest Gorax and give Jenny anything her heart desires.

32cccf  No.3959

File: 95e09854c262cff⋯.png (42.81 KB, 637x420, 91:60, 2019-04-14 (6).png)

1. Sounds like Jenny is being a real sweetie to people she is meeting. I'm sincerely jealous I couldn't be there to have a moment with her. I would have been awkward as hell but she would have been nice.

2. Dude talking about a yoda hat, so we haven't seen all the outfits she wore on the convention floor yet.

3. He mentions jennys "friends". Who else was she with besides Kat? Kate had already left. Was it the brony guy? Who else might they have met up with?

afe106  No.3960

File: 090af0fd934fadd⋯.jpeg (456.57 KB, 640x936, 80:117, 1DBDA8EA-D427-41D3-B16F-0….jpeg)

File: 2de17de845154a2⋯.jpeg (501.85 KB, 640x1096, 80:137, 8D1C93F9-FA2C-400C-867A-8….jpeg)

File: f49250acc97cc8f⋯.jpeg (421 KB, 640x921, 640:921, BC8EE1F0-BBE7-47E2-A274-4….jpeg)




The area looks kind of empty, can’t tell if Jenny was walking around all day or just went for an hour cause the floors are so barren.


> Jenny SW days and Kat non-SW

that’d make no sense, Kat is there to be a camera person for Jenny at star Wars Celebrations, that’s literally the only reason they were given passes.

Also, since when does Jenny meet up with people who sound so desperate to hang with her or say they love her? She even gave the guys kid a toy, weird.

afe106  No.3961

…have you guys noticed Kat never appears to be holding a camera in literally any of the photos?

Her whole “press video” might legit just be recorded on Jenny or Kats phone.


Very cute, where’d you find this, old tumblr?


Hmm, Jenny’s usually not quiet when she’s enjoying herself, she shares that, what she’s shared today and yesterday seemed to be events that might have taken one or two hours, not the whole day.

Though I’m still confused why she didn’t share any pictures from the Old Republic party, that actually might be something she recorded for her Celebrations video.

32cccf  No.3962


Yeah it kind of seems like she just went for a little while towards the end of the day so that they could do all the photo ops without having to wait in long lines.

afe106  No.3963


…”friends” did he meet her today? All her pics are only with Kat.

44e1b9  No.3964


It just seems like Jenny's has been rather nice to just about everyone there at the convention. And it's not weird, it's sweet she gave a baby her toy saber.

04598d  No.3965





I want her to have my porglets.

afe106  No.3966


I've never seen her with that inflatable one, all the ones she typically has in photos are solid plastic.

afe106  No.3967

So timeline

Thursday - she gets there, walks the convention, meets tons of fans and waits 3 hours in the merch line, gets harassed by a employee and tweets at 3 am she's not getting into ep 9 panel.

Friday - Basically radio silent other than some jokes about Ep 9 trailer. Might have stayed up all night editing Dumbo video then watching Panel then gone to sleep.

Saturday - Galaxies Edge panel, 3-4 outfit changes, Old Republic Party for a bit with Kat and Katie, meeting Jar Jar and pizza with some brony she's followed for like 6 years.

Sunday - Tweet dreading snow in Chicago, silent until 8 PM showing her and Kat on a couple of empty photo ops.

This seems like such a lame week to me but to Jenny walking convention floors may have been exactly what she wanted since she goes to Celebrations, Comic Con, VidCon, D23, etc.

Taking pics with tons of people who love you and praise you might be super fun for her and that seems to be just about all she did.

She did ZERO vlogging or promoting of the event to warrant her Media Pass but for Jenny this might be the most fun or active thing she's done in a while.

Her life seems to be fairly boring but for bursts of exciting stuff that happens, then back to boring editing at home.

afe106  No.3968

File: 9538dfb949bba98⋯.png (302.59 KB, 475x509, 475:509, Howmuch..PNG)

How much did ourgirl spend on this?

02972a  No.3969


We have to remember at their core conventions are just boring. They exist only so that people can buy merch. You have to know that going in.

I went to a big Star Wars one a couple of years ago and it was the most bored I’ve been in my life.

44e1b9  No.3970


I’ve never been to a convention myself, what the hell do you even do other than walk around, but merchandise, listen to some panels, and check out hot cosplay girls that you’ll jerk off to later?

afe106  No.3971

File: 9d62af9b092d6ac⋯.png (24.93 KB, 561x235, 561:235, ThirstyHusband.PNG)


Can you imagine being this guys wife.

> Honey, who is this girl? Why are you saying we want to meet her and…she's the funniest person on the internet?

< Shut up, if we're lucky enough to meet her you pretend she's amazing and smile and take our photo, you WILL NOT BE IN THE PHOTO with Jenny and me.

afe106  No.3972



With her love of Cosplays and going to theme parks a million times over, is Jenny…is Jenny just a boring, basic bitch with a tight body?

02972a  No.3973


You also get to pay extortionate amounts of money for billy Dee Williams autograph.

Yeah they aren’t good. I don’t know what people get out of them tbh.

afe106  No.3974


When I was in SoCal, my girl wanted to go to Downtown Disney, it's free and we went and did some window shopping, it was fun.

But the idea that I would fly to another state, pay money to get into Downtown Disney just so I can pay money to buy Disney merch, while being in a packed area with other Disney fans, some who dress up, is fucking retarded.

That's basically what conventions sound like, paying money for the honor of buying overpriced shit.

I mean at least Disneyland has rides, that at least I kinda get.

afe106  No.3976

Screen Junkies just did a shoutout to Jenny in their Ep 9 trailer review.

Roth said she thinks the Chewie eating a Porg scene was put in by Rian Johnson as “fan service to one fan” because Jenny mentioned it in her Ep 8 theory video and “Rian really likes her work”.

Could you fucking imagine!?



afe106  No.3977

File: 8b04e4601b76d66⋯.jpeg (316 KB, 640x730, 64:73, A8155C04-FA3D-45F8-A24A-6….jpeg)

a40af6  No.3979


I actually thought the whole ride alien horse through the casino was a shout out to Jenny as well.

743a04  No.3980


I thought that the reason the film was so odd was because Rian was inspired by twitter fandom, which is heavily ironic; Jenny included


I don't think they cost too much,1000 is the cost for extremely famous animated films and no-one cares about the ewok show. who knows the kind of markup they have at a con though.

15d3f0  No.3981


>a nice 2 bedroom apartment in LA, rent is min $2,000 for her

After shopping around for awhile last night, her place looks a bit too ratty to cost that much, $1.5k tops. Most of the $2k+ apartments look a lot nicer than hers (inside and out).


>She did ZERO vlogging or promoting of the event

She acted more like a guest of the convention than a member of the media there to cover it. She should've set up a booth…

<Meet YouTube's own Jenny Nicholson®! Live and In Person!

<$10 Cover! $20 to have your picture taken with her friend's cellphone camera!

02972a  No.3982


Bit of a weird shoutout, especially because the timeline of that makes zero sense. It just felt like a random name drop and an opportunity to win internet nerd points by shitting on Rian Johnson and last Jedi.

But it got a view from each of us so I guess mentioning Jenny worked.

afe106  No.3983


> 1.5k Max for Jenny’s ratty apartment

What we’ve seen if the place is nice, spacious and Jenny is big on safe areas so it’s going to be in a more expensive area.

2 bedroom in a nice area has to be 1.5k minimum

afe106  No.3984


> Timeline doesn’t make sense

But what if Rian added it in reshoots? Crazy but it’s possible.

Ok guys, Jenny’s gone silent again, what we thinking she staying at the con till tomorrow or leaving today?

And do we get s photo dump once she’s home safe or any extra content will be in her Celebrations video in a month and the whole 5 days will only be 10 minutes of content for her as she at no point is seen holding a microphone so she’s probably just going to sit on her bed and give a numbered list.

4248af  No.3985


Rian was already a fan of Jenny after she went viral with the whole "its stupid if Luke is Rey's father" skit.

Her ideas lined up with his.

That's why he was happy to meet her at Celebration 2017.

Too late for TLJ principle photography. For reshoots? Who knows.

Doubtful though.

743a04  No.3986


>But what if Rian added it in reshoots? Crazy but it’s possible.

George Lucas did that up until two weeks before release, and this still Lucas film. I buy it.

now that max is gone Rian might be her new connection

afe106  No.3987


Jenny shows up in his new trilogy as a BB unit repair technician.

02972a  No.3988


Yeah but not even in terms of knowing rian but in terms of Jenny getting really into porgs. How long before release did porgs become a thing?

aa462e  No.3989


More than likely

aa462e  No.3990

Jenny on all fours, in her latest picture. Perfectly under the bricks, in place, begging for doggy style.

Be still, my heart

663c98  No.3992


I don’t even get the point if that, why is she crawling through a barren fireplace?

You’re just ruling people up Jenny and you know it.

663c98  No.3993

I see a camera on Kats hand in the new photos but Jenny’s already calling it her Galaxys Edge video…

Will she not to a video about overall Celebrations?

Today’s photos look like they’re mostly or only from yesterday, Jenny and Kat wearing same outfits except for different hat and different jackets for Jenny.

e863be  No.3994


tfw you're piledriving Jenny from behind.

And ramming her head, over and over, into the wall.

But it's okay because she's wearing her plush Rebels helmet.

a766d9  No.3995


Yeah it sounds to me like she's just gonna use the footage for a Galaxy's Edge preview vid. Hopefully she'll post B-roll like she did for the extra disney world footage from the avatar land video.

663c98  No.3996


She was going to make a video about that park anyway, she’s def making one when she goes to the park opening.

What a waste of a 5 day media pass.

663c98  No.3997

File: a1f4fb63370fede⋯.jpeg (283.53 KB, 640x705, 128:141, A115F573-2346-431D-9D5C-D….jpeg)

Sounds like Jenny’s already given up on it being a top quality video.

15d3f0  No.3998


Quick question: are we sure she has a two bedroom? I've not ever seen one pic showing a hint of her having a second bedroom (and I went through everything last night).


I can just imagine her excitement about that… ”It's working! It's working!"


Classic Jenny…

663c98  No.3999


She routinely has guests sleep over including her sister and dad, and her hallway pics show too many doors for it to be 1b1b.

She also did a tour of her apartment on her Patreon when she first moved.

Not to mention, where she’s putting all those plushies.

e863be  No.4000


I believe the Halloween Costumes video was also filmed in the spare bedroom

e863be  No.4001


And her Kylo Ren standee

e863be  No.4002

Hey guys. This Saturday is 4/20.

So if Jenny doesn't tweet all day……Or if it looks like she's hanging out with Kirsten or Bailey…

Then we'll know she's getting high.

67b242  No.4003

File: 8fd66c98816400e⋯.jpg (200.15 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 1d2b7be0c121b4abeff6d70512….jpg)


>getting high.

You mean solemnly remembering the life and loss of Adolf Hitler.

15d3f0  No.4004


>hallway pics show too many doors for it to be 1b1b

Yeah, I could go either way there. Given her apartment layout there's definitely room for one depending on where her place is in the building.

>where she’s putting all those plushies

One thing I noticed is that pretty much all apartments in California are never short on closet space. Most bedrooms usually have two.


You just know Jenny would still go on a Holocaust themed dark ride no matter how tasteless or over the top (especially if it had animatronic features).

ebaca2  No.4005

File: 50a0f26befda4f0⋯.jpg (450.88 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, jsw16.jpg)

663c98  No.4006


Yeah, this is all yesterday.

Did Jenny and Kat not change today or is she in her hotel during the snow and posting pics from yesterday?

Another day in so far today for Henny unless she’s going right to the airport today.

15d3f0  No.4007


I love how everybody mentioned just how nice she was when they met her… I mean, what were they expecting from ourgirl? Is she showing that bitchy attitude a little too often projecting the wrong image to these people, or what?

Might be time to bring back that ultra-sweet voice, Jen. You appear to have a PR problem.

ebaca2  No.4008


Just feel like they met her and were charmed by how kind she was. Didnt see it as them saying they expected her to be mean, just that from the sounds of it she didnt just say hi and take a picture, but actually stepped aside from whoever she was with to have a real conversation with people. I'm sure people feel like they are bothering her when they approach her, so for her to then engage with them in a meaningful talk must feel pretty nice.

663c98  No.4009


That’s what I’ve seen, like she’s super polite in person but her videos, especially older Screen Junkies ones where she’s making fun of something, make her look sarcastic, mean and cold.

But also, even if Jenny’s a bitch with a huge ego, she’s smart enough to know this is the absolute worst place for her to have an attitude or create a bad impression with fans.

a766d9  No.4010


She's always given off the impression that she's happy to meet fans, probably even more so in a convention setting where she's expecting it.

663c98  No.4011


I think that’s a lot of assuming, only one person said she did that and she was probably talking to Kat and maybe Katie for hours that day anyway.

4f953d  No.4012


I guess the feel of this con made Jenny go back to her Brony roots, as far as behavior

663c98  No.4013


That helmet looks a lot less legit and lot more plush in this picture.

663c98  No.4014


Why, cause fans approaching her? Or her going with a friend and getting individual treatment from the con people?

663c98  No.4015


> meaningful talk

I’m not even sure how this is possible, she’s not talking to these people for 30 minutes, she’s probably asking if they are having a good time or recommend anything.

Remember, she’s shy and awkward per her own admission but also worked as a Disneyland Guest Relations employee for 18 months. So she knows how to calm people who would complain and have them leave with a smile.

5e0c7e  No.4016


Her walking the floor and meeting people

5e0c7e  No.4017

Looks like the 2020 Star Wars Celebration is in Anaheim, Jenny's home turf.

Expect our little lady to attend again

663c98  No.4018


She’ll be happily tweeting about this soon.

663c98  No.4019


But isn’t 2020 a little soon, especially if there won’t be another movie to promote.

663c98  No.4020


will she demand two media passes again?

663c98  No.4021

Jenny’s continuously liking tweets but not posting anything, I think shesvstating at Celebrations today.

Maybe doing a last ditch effort to interview some people to get more content when the convention is almost empty.

663c98  No.4022

File: d484a0309c439eb⋯.jpeg (419.86 KB, 640x1087, 640:1087, 3CD295E5-3F98-4FA2-8B87-3….jpeg)

Ok I’m just confused now.

Is Jenny wearing the same outfit today she wore yesterday including the plush helmet or is she only posting photos from yesterday?

Not sure if Kat changes yesterday with her jeans instead of silver skirt or Jenny didn’t change today.

743a04  No.4023


maybe she's making a big impression to justify further free tickets.

ebaca2  No.4024

File: 8e9446f08fcb309⋯.jpg (174.07 KB, 1022x1024, 511:512, jsw17.jpg)

663c98  No.4025

File: 81e83d86b2c0a44⋯.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 065AAA20-E7BB-4D5A-94D4-AC….png)

File: 76ee928694c2112⋯.jpeg (525.91 KB, 640x1081, 640:1081, CC0DF2DC-EE81-40DF-BB59-1….jpeg)


She’s wearing the Hot Dugs shirt she made fun of, guess she just bought every they had for sale at the merch store after waiting for hours.

ahh, all the different shirts explained, pics she posted today are from today, she wore the same skirt two days in a row, girl needs to pack more outfits.

663c98  No.4026


God I hope this was at the convention and Jenny isn’t so socially retarded to wear a plush Star Wars helmet to an aquarium that normal adults go to.

5e0c7e  No.4027


To be fair, this is her sixth day in Chicago. She was bound to wear something more than once.

Plus Jenny would be a relatively light packer, so she'd have room for the shit ton of merch she bought that, she now has to take home.

663c98  No.4028

File: 703111c1d9e9253⋯.jpeg (203.3 KB, 640x986, 320:493, 0B24A83C-6921-458A-B67A-B….jpeg)


Is Kat wearing a cape?

And is this one of the infamous snakes?

663c98  No.4029


How much we thinking she spent on merch, she was in the merch line only one day but from the pics Kat took, it looked like Henny only bought like $100-$200 worth of stuff.

afe106  No.4030

File: efbdc19aff6fc23⋯.jpeg (287.94 KB, 640x437, 640:437, 91E62913-F8AA-4D26-BDF5-8….jpeg)


This is how you light a photo

cf4c9d  No.4031


is jenny hover handing that guy lol

afe106  No.4032

File: 0eea59d170c7410⋯.jpeg (241.27 KB, 640x1010, 64:101, 5BDD2F6A-89D8-46B8-B4F3-9….jpeg)

Aww, Baileys trying to remind Jenny how long they’ve been friends…probably worried about being replaced.

44e1b9  No.4033

>>4031 she couldn't just put her hand on his shoulder jfc Jenny lmao

afe106  No.4034


Looks like she’s closed her hand and awkwardly touching him with half her palm.

More than any of us will ever get.

67b242  No.4035



You can kind of see the confusion on her face. She doesn't know if she wants to touch that soyboy.


>the desperation is real

ffs Bailey, get a goy bf already. Jenny isn't going to find this attractive.

afe106  No.4036


Jenny only gave him that much skin contact cause he’s wearing a Last Jedi shirt, that how she knows he’s one of the good ones.

afe106  No.4037

File: fbba5b5f9a4f022⋯.jpeg (307.08 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 34546C15-FBAC-47B3-8F54-6….jpeg)

File: 168598bf9e77fcd⋯.jpeg (488.07 KB, 910x640, 91:64, DF764DB1-65E8-4BA8-830B-4….jpeg)

Light side and dark side Jenny’s.

44e1b9  No.4038


>goy bf

Aha! I knew it! I could just tell Bailey was Jewish. No wonder why I think she's so alluring lmfao

67b242  No.4039


Where have you been, buddy? She's pretty yappy about it. I'm not typically one for the Semites, but she's definitely got the kind of appeal I'm sure the Fuhrer could excuse.

afe106  No.4040


How’d you not know? She’s not shy about defending Jewishness or Israel.

afe106  No.4041


Big tits and a fat ass?

Jenny will always be prettier on camera but Baileys body would be, dare I say, better in bed.

44e1b9  No.4042



tbh y'all I'm actually pretty new to the board, excuse my ignorance

But damn, that's pretty cool then, I like her even more now

15d3f0  No.4043

File: 9f6b9521bd53284⋯.jpg (694.08 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D4NcdjWWwAEoSBJ-orig.jpg)


I love the power move of Jenny dressing Kat as her accessory.

>Jenny, I can dress myself…

<Shhh! I'm thinking.


<I said be quiet! Just stand there and camera.

>Can I at least put some underwear on? It's cold and the curtains are wide open.


<Ah, there's my snake! Here, you're gonna wear that as a scarf.

>O-ok… *sniffles*

<Now where's that remote controlled vibrator…


>smaller arms than Jenny


Man, 30 is going to hit her like a truck (she just threw her back out, drinks like a wine aunt, treats her cat like her son, misses her youth, etc) while Jenny is simply oblivious to time altogether. Poor Bailey needs a man way more than Jenny does.

afe106  No.4044


Ehh, personally find it annoying and very stereotypical but to each there own.

I’m actually shocked anyone knew has found this board after I found it a few months ago once they banned Jenny from the /tv

I always assumed there like 5 of us

afe106  No.4045

File: 9f59926859b759e⋯.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, CA20A540-BA3D-4C2C-83EB-3B….png)


> smaller arms than Jenny

Nah, the cutout of her tops arms just makes her arm look bigger. Pretty sure Jenny’s arms are smaller than that.

44e1b9  No.4046


I can understand it being annoying though, for sure.

I honestly couldn't tell how many are regular users.

Also, this might sound lame as living hell, but I really like how seemingly normal we all communicate here. Like it doesn't seem to be the usual shitposting normal douchey way of replying like on most boards on this website or 4chan.

afe106  No.4047

Personally very unimpressed with the convention from Jenny’s eyes but you guys are probably right. Seems she loves it except for missing some stuff that she wanted to do for her Celebrations video(s?).

afe106  No.4048


Getting to chat about Jenny without censorship is the only reason I’d ever go on 4chan or 8chan.

Too many angry crazies on these sites other pages.

44e1b9  No.4049


No freaking kidding. Like it is so much to ask for everyone to chill out and be at least somewhat respectful to each other? I don't even mean that in a dick-sucking sort of way like you'd expect like on some place like reddit or wherever.

67b242  No.4050


>power move

It's not that farfetched to imagine these scenarios. If you remember when she was on Bailey's Goosedrunks, it sure seemed like there was some eye fluttering from ol' Bailey towards Jen. Really makes one wonder.


>personally find it annoying and stereotypical

That's why she needs a goy. The second she gets with another Jew, that shit's going to ramp up to insane levels. She needs an ubermensch to keep her in line.

>I found it a few months ago once they banned Jenny from the /tv

To clarify, Jenny wasn't banned, the Jenny generals were banned as a way to neutralize Margcuck spamming the board.


>I really like how seemingly normal we all communicate here

Even when there's the occasional shitposting, everyone seems to have the sense to ignore it. Like it says in the rules, we've seen it all before. It's like water off the duck's back. That porn thread could probably be taken down, except nobody's given that much of a shit about it. We've got that nice middle ground between white knights and creeps that's oh so cozy.

15d3f0  No.4051

File: 63308ee03416a65⋯.jpg (441.74 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D4PvQqeW4AA6kNt-orig.jpg)


Looks like Jenny still has a bit of muscle from her horse wrangling days.


It is a nice change of pace not to wade through FAS-posting and other derogatory comments about Jenny, huh? 8ch is still the only place to talk about Jenny (and the Jenny EU) without her getting a say in what's discussed… though I'm sure that would change if she grabbed a trip and made herself known.


>Really makes one wonder

Her charm must be irresistible in person.

15d3f0  No.4052

File: ee32eabb6791483⋯.png (46.13 KB, 961x388, 961:388, Real Talk.png)

This tweet really cracked me up, holy shit!

44e1b9  No.4053


It definitely is a nice change of pace, for sure. Sometimes the incredible attention to detail and the seemingly excessive amount of analyzing can be a bit much for me, but I let it slide knowing where I am, because ultimately it's a small price to be able to talk about Jenny freely.

67b242  No.4055


only way for her to get a trip is if she'd be given mod/janny status, which would almost certainly never happena timestamp and open communication would be naturally fantastic, although that would also almost certainly never happen

>irresistible in person

Almost cultist-tier. I'd follow her into an occult innawoods commune to await Ragnarok.

15d3f0  No.4056

File: 07675d810e84707⋯.jpg (123.64 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 55899990_588266011654052_3….jpg)


>Sometimes the incredible attention to detail and the seemingly excessive amount of analyzing can be a bit much

Welcome to Jennyology class! You're here to discover details about both the individual and the business of YouTuber Jenny Nicholson. With years of social media posts, images and videos collected, archived and analyzed (spanning well back to her teenage years), you will gain a deeper understanding about the adorable personality that is Jenny Nicholson. Giving you the edge in the fast-growing and ever changing e-celebrity industry.


I don't think she would ever dare acknowledge us personally either. She would never want to "empower" or legitimize this board.

>Almost cultist-tier

I hope she uses that power wisely.

5e0c7e  No.4057


>>Poor Bailey needs a man way more than Jenny does

I've been saying this for months. The break up with her bartender boyfriend of 3 years has been really hard on her.

Thank goodness her youngest sister goes to college in the LA area now, or I'd be worried about Bailey. Especially with Jenny off having Jenny Adventures and Krystina being married and pregnant.

Bailey should go back to using Tinder again to get some D, like she did in her early 20s. Bailey turns 28 in May. Girl's going to feel really depressed without cock.

Which one of you guys in the SoCal area is going to volunteer?

5e0c7e  No.4058

Oh shit!

Max has liked Jenny's Celebration pic on Instagram.

Dude's showing his thirst

8ff615  No.4059


Baileys got her new friend Addison now. They’ve been going to every brunch place in Hollywood together.

743a04  No.4060


she was like this before a few months or a year back. I think her and Jen maybe go through phases


If they really want to destroy him they'll target Jenny. It will be interesting if the fight comes down to Jenny and the Lindsay gang verses Zoe Quinn and her gamergate gang. Militant feminist gangs battling to the death.

probably wont happen but its fun to think about

afe106  No.4061

File: 97696f79643379b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, F337EFF3-EC65-4602-AC66-1F….png)

File: c3d684869f9dab3⋯.jpeg (213.95 KB, 640x653, 640:653, 799FED51-66F7-469F-B320-8….jpeg)

File: ac85df65d6f077f⋯.jpeg (490.63 KB, 640x1004, 160:251, 46EC112F-4275-4446-981E-7….jpeg)


Exactly what I was thinking, she has a line right in the middle of her abs.


Yeah, I saw that one too, I see a few backhanded comments here and wonder if they’re from people here, if not they’d probably fit in here pretty well.

Wonder if Jenny bans these guys.


Hmm…interesting Max tip toeing back in this way. Puts Jenny in an awkward position. P.S. Wow, Jenny can spread her legs wide, guessing because Jenny hikes her skirts well past her belly button.


I don’t think Lindsay (or for that matter Kat) would ever go against GamerGate survivors to protect Jenny, at best they’d just be silent support for Jenny.

afe106  No.4062

File: 8216a2f75dd4cd7⋯.jpeg (619.98 KB, 640x1056, 20:33, CB9FDDA5-5AF5-4EBB-B99F-F….jpeg)

File: 456a6a7f147fd98⋯.jpeg (582.42 KB, 640x1085, 128:217, D8825E1E-99E6-454F-BB10-0….jpeg)

File: 766e6c1610c4106⋯.jpeg (468.27 KB, 640x997, 640:997, 2146237D-8A03-43C0-9BED-1….jpeg)


I know it’s over analyzing but I like clean information.

Jenny wearing 3-4 outfits on Saturday but the same outfit Sunday and Monday has messed up the timeline.


two things, aren’t classy women supposed to buy skirts that only open partially on the side?

why do Jenny’s completely open up from the center front like some slutty catholic school girl.

And for all the talk of not being able to handle cold, Jenny lives to show off that tummy.

afe106  No.4063

File: 232fa8b0af8b28c⋯.png (822.54 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 8823073C-72A4-454C-9205-1F….png)

File: 938d0c3e332ef35⋯.jpeg (769.57 KB, 640x1000, 16:25, 53F43A64-ECDC-4471-9C72-1….jpeg)


You can literally zip off Jenny’s skirt in a second.

Not very innocent.

And is she crawling in a fireplace because she drank one too many Sam Adams at this bar?

The symbols on the back right look like Guinness logos.

dfb024  No.4064


>>Aren't classy wome suppose to only buy skirts that partially open on the side

Dude, I hope you're joking. Otherwise, what century are you from? You do realize this is 2019, right?

Seriously, why are you judging Jenny by such ridiculous dress standards nowadays, when there are genuine sluts out there actually dressing really skanky.

afe106  No.4065


Joking about the slut part, not so much about the skirt designs.

I’ve literally never seen type and I work with 20 woman Jenny’s age.

dfb024  No.4066


I've seen teen and college students wear them

663c98  No.4067


Jenny’s not a teen or college girl, she’s 27.

Its whatever but Jenny wants to be treated like a mature adult, content creator and not a sexual object to her many male fans but her outwardly appearance says the opposite pretty often.

dfb024  No.4068


It's too bad Jenny doesn't work at an actual job. (Like Bailey for instance on the non-streaming days).

I'd be curious to see how Jenny would dress professionally.

Even at Screen JUNkies, their dress code is severely laxed.

And of course Jenny wore uniforms when working at Disneyland.

743a04  No.4069


>I see a few backhanded comments here and wonder if they’re from people here,

I hear that type of criticism about her from a lot of accounts, I think its just going around


reminds me of her ladder story, are they just trying to look up her skirt/check her butt out?


jenny in business formal would look great in my opinion

663c98  No.4070


> reminds me of her ladder story, are they just trying to look up her skirt/check her butt out?

Ohhh, I didn’t think of that tweet in that context, I don’t see anyone else there but if some dude said that, surprised Jenny would just crawl through it.

Surprised if she’s that gullible or easily swayed with her ego.

The Disneyland story was just showing how far she’d go for Disney access.

15d3f0  No.4071

File: 98c515abca70883⋯.jpg (294.84 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, D4SCeRkW4AI385j-orig.jpg)


If I hung out with her as often as he did, I'd be Jonesing for another taste too. It's been a while.


Think Jenny would get mad if I asked to kneel alongside her to take a pic with her skirt?


>jenny in business formal would look great in my opinion

Jenny in a nice blouse and pencil skirt would absolutely end me.

f2a197  No.4072

Jenny and Kat have to be flying home right now

663c98  No.4073


I thought that with Celebrations ending and no tweets

but Jenny has been liking tweets every 2 hours or so but maybe she’s just using Wi-Fi on the plan.

Weird she did tweet anything about ending Celebrations or leaving Chicago.

663c98  No.4074

You guys think Jenny’s sad to go home and go back to sitting and editing a video for 2 weeks?

Also, we taking any bets on time home before going to Disneyland? I think she’ll go today or tomorrow.

2ffcbe  No.4075


That's right. It's still early west coast time right.

If she gets home before the end of the afternoon, she'll go today.

279297  No.4076

File: 507d6b20795f3ac⋯.jpg (173.92 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D4Sze85W0AAfLhg.jpg)

So…who's Jenny's friend with the hairy arm?

eeaabf  No.4077


I think it was a Star Wars fan she randomly saw with the Porg at Chili's


Did Jenny even attempt to hang out with StarWars Media people that she's actually familiar with?

Like Steele Saunders or the Star Wars Explained guy? Or even Campea?

It seems like she purposely avoided all of them.

I'm not complaining. It's just something I noticed on her trip.

279297  No.4078


You feel like one of them would have tweeted about if they did. We’ll have to just to keep an eye on YouTube to see if she pops up in any videos.

663c98  No.4079

File: 4ebeec56c68f398⋯.jpeg (221.86 KB, 640x505, 128:101, 3749F4EF-8E99-4A30-92C7-1….jpeg)

File: acd8874d8785ae0⋯.jpeg (331.02 KB, 640x1100, 32:55, 1E390F4A-E4CD-4A6A-8C41-1….jpeg)


> Avoided Star Wars Youtubers

Noticed that, she probably didn’t want them to ask her to do a video or podcast.

So she might have done a lot without us knowing but they’d have definitely posted that for retweets.


Looks like she’s still in Chicago, the Porg pic was just some guy she saw next to her table that had a Porg and a fan was in the picture, checked his profile and he’s in Chicago too.

Jenny’s talking about Emotional Maturity again, I’d say she got that from Lindsay but remember she has a psychology(or sociology?) degree, her dad spend 50k so she can tweet about friends knowing you just want to vent.



eeaabf  No.4080


Wow. Jenny's spending a full week (with Kat) in Chicago.

There's no way any of her other friends would have tagged along even if they wanted to.

d26c78  No.4081


I’m much more worried about her showing up on Max’ instagram tonight. I may be reading too much into it, but for me Max liking her instagram post means they are still friends, or at least she didn’t tell him off. When was the last time we saw her on his insta? Halloween time? The newest round of allegations didn’t come out until February. I find it hard to believe they have not been hanging out at least a few times since October, Max just didn’t post about it. I really can’t tell how much of it is my paranoia, since Max and Jenny being together is my worst possible timeline, but everyday I believe more and more that it’s real and it just makes me sad. Ah well guess today’s gonna be another bad mental health day for me, all because some guy liked a picture.

279297  No.4082


Weird I thought for a lot of us here jenny ending up with Max would be best case. I know personally I'd rather her end up with max than some leftie youtuber or nathan grayson journalist type.

663c98  No.4083


Dude, Max and Jenny isn’t that bad.

A. He’s the best fit male with similar interests and self assured egos.

B. He can help her with her writing and living an active lifestyle.

C. Probably introduce her to a lot of sexual aspects of a relationship she’s likely never thought of or done.

D. Jenny may sooner or later get big enough to be looked at by bigger Youtubers outside her interest, be found out forvdating Max and get dragged on twitter for being a hypocrite feminist who’s dating a guy that’s at minimum been accused of being a mentally abusive boyfriend.

Seeing the fallout of how Kat and Lindsey will respond will be interesting too.

I’m a big fan of humble pie for Jenny and Max won’t be able to not share parts of their life/relationship!

Win win win for me.

279297  No.4084


Speaking of that now, it is getting to a worrying point now where living vicariously through Jenny and bailey is about the only thing keeping me going at the minute. Lately it feels like seeing them happy is the only thing that makes me happy.

It's actually terrifying how Bailey's recent depressed period has affected me.

663c98  No.4085

File: 9aecd63beac1ff2⋯.png (728.25 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, FD2B7274-DBB2-4134-9A09-19….png)

File: 9f70f69eb95bfd6⋯.jpeg (153.78 KB, 640x1089, 640:1089, D511CD46-05CF-4B04-B51B-0….jpeg)

Almost called it, I thought this was a snake. Guessing she got more than one.

Looks like Jenny’s going home…and as any normal 27 year old, she went through security carrying a plush eel, that she bought for herself.

b40b82  No.4086


Max has fucked over every person he has ever been in a relationship.

eeaabf  No.4087

Jenny's at the Chicago airport now.

Will Bailey be on the stream today?

Max is radioactive right now. No matter how much his personality gels with Jenny's, some of us don't want him to take Jenny done with him. Especially with how media is nowadays.

Yes, we want Jenny to eat some humble pie. But not swallow a whole loaf of Landis.

The bad thing is with how secretive Max is these days and with how Jenny always been secretative about her love life. There is definitely a chance they're using each other as a Hollywood booty call.

I still want to know the details of why Ani broke up with him though.

663c98  No.4088


Butter part of me that wants to see Jenny get humbled.


But before that, he’ll take Jenny to every theme park in the world and share it on insta.


Dude, Jenny’s just a spoiled girl who’s lives a good life and been lucky to be pretty on camera and not a total moron.

Don’t invest so much of yourself in her life, trust me, just burns away your own life and joy.

Find things you like, make some friends and live life. I managed to do that and it makes a world of difference, helps put a distance between you and Jenny and she becomes more of a show you can check on, but not depend on.

eeaabf  No.4089

Anybody here a $20 tier?

Should we look forward to another month of boring ramble choices?

663c98  No.4090


> There is definitely a chance they're using each other as a Hollywood booty call.

Unless Booty Call is a Disneyland ride, Jenny’s very unlikely to be into that.

279297  No.4091


To be fair she probably had to carry it because she didn't have room in her case to pack it.


That's the only worrying thing, he does seem to be pretty toxic in relationships.


Yeah bailey did actually make it in despite her back, it'll be interesting to see how she does.


The worst part is, objectively I'm acually doing alright, I've got a good job and I go out drinking with my mates on a friday. But it's getting to that point now where one by one theyre all getting in serious relationships and Im desperately alone because ultimately I hate myself.

The thing is I'm trying to buy a flat right now and finally move out of my parents house but that's just putting me under more stress. I think right now, following Bailey/jenny and especially taking part in these threads is just a bit of an escape.

Sorry for the vent, I just feel like it's fun contexualise this bizarre obsession I've developed for myself.

279297  No.4092


Does anyone have an update on how the latest ramble voting went?

663c98  No.4093


No worries man, I come here several times a day too, we all vent and relax in different ways but I’ll admit this isn’t really healthy for either of us talking about her, I just find her really fascinating, Bailey not so much.

Have you tried gaming? great feelings of relaxarion and accomplishment and takes my mind off checking “what’s Jenny up to” when I’m alone and bored.

ebaca2  No.4094

File: 0de1b8709a0aa62⋯.jpg (132.22 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, jsw19.jpg)


>the Porg pic was just some guy she saw next to her table that had a Porg and a fan was in the picture, checked his profile and he’s in Chicago too.

lol this guys brother was in line next to her while boarding the plane and they were talking about him

663c98  No.4095


Oh shit, Jenny hasn’t done her March ramble yet or posted the April topics.

Damn, she’s a lazy girl.

Like her Patrons should be her most important focus, to be so chevalier about all these people paying you 9k a month, dats gonna come when the Patron numbers will start dropping.

ebaca2  No.4096


she's been posting them towards the end of the month but got caught up on everything last month by posting 2 rambles in March. She has been getting the poll up real late, like sometimes on the last day of the month.

I agree that if she was smart she would be hyper focused on keeping the patrons happy, but her patreon is growing at an absurd rate, she made a big deal not too long ago about breaking into the top 200, and already she is the 134th biggest on the entire platform. Before the number starts dropping it will start growing slower and then maybe stagnate for a while, but right now its no where near a place where the number starts going down. Maybe a max Landis induced scandal would cause that, but lets be real even if people find out about them being together Jenny will be able to spin it and everything will work out for her like it always does.

5c55c4  No.4097


That's what Jenny wears while on a plane?????

There's a fine line between being cute and absurd.

Nah…I take that back.

Kat's wearing the same weird hat thingie…so it's less weird.

But if Jenny were by herself…I'm sure normies would be like "Why is this crazy chick here."

I'm still at work. Anyone check out Bailey's stream?

663c98  No.4098



Yeah, honestly, Jenny looks mentally slow walking around in that outfit.

I’d be embarrassed if I was her boyfriend and I was in a major international apart with her dressed like that.

663c98  No.4099


> got caught up on everything last month by posting 2 rambles in March.

That caught her up for the Jan and Feb matches but she’s missing March Ramble and still needs to post the topics for April.

663c98  No.4100

Unless they tweeted from the plane, that flight looks kinda short.

Feel like if Kat has a Disney annual pass (single day tix are $150) they’re probably going to DL.

5e8ac5  No.4101

File: d3b688c0c8b0f6c⋯.png (1.38 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, A325F873-F065-47A7-958C-5E….png)

Jenny already looks like a wholesome mom (only missionary) taking her 5 year old to Disneyland.

743a04  No.4102


Neither seems like the type to say sorry so I could see it being bad for them.


I think a lot about jenny while I work, coming up with theories mostly. like today I convinced myself that her "hot cosplay girl video" is what got her fired from screen junkies.

1. it was a video implying cosplay girls expose themselves for attention

2. Andy was accused of going after none other than cosplay girls.

3. that one Junkie employee was clearly put off and most likely complained.

think about it, would they fire a woman after a misogyny related controversy? the only woman on the SJ team with a solo show? not without a good reason.

I think about her a lot but it's not really on an emotional level.


she looks like her name should be "aunt sue"

afe106  No.4103

File: c5ce297ea07b106⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, F81A939E-BAAF-4821-83B5-72….png)

File: 8fa3ff403d1df1f⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, B564B7C0-9A3F-475E-85D4-21….png)

File: 3dfa28f90f29ee0⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 9CF69148-44CB-4633-BDF9-EC….png)


I think they ended her show cause it got terrible views and wasn’t worth having its set and crew. (technically she was on contract for a whole year but the show ran for a 6 month first season.)

Im pretty certain Andy was the reason she got the show (There’s a tweet when he said he’d love to give her a show, right when she got hit on YouTube and was trending all the time) and if he had stayed there, he would have given her a 2nd season, without him she was done.

BUT, there actually is a video from a cosplay babe saying how Screen Junkies made her feel objectified and it shows her being interviewed by Jenny.



Not sure if Jenny was in character but she was real cold when talking to her in the video, vs everyone last week saying how nice she was at Celebrations.

afe106  No.4104

Disney’s home, we can stop trying to figure out what party or who she’s getting pictures with. We can finally relax knowing she’s either on editing, watching a Netflix, grinding Porg or Max or at Disneyland.

afe106  No.4105

File: 818ad48d3883e76⋯.jpeg (115.26 KB, 640x551, 640:551, 65081256-FF9E-4AA5-847F-0….jpeg)

File: 18cc55d249cdfcb⋯.jpeg (81.97 KB, 640x352, 20:11, 2E9EECCD-27ED-4737-BF44-8….jpeg)

ebaca2  No.4106


>not sure if Jenny was in character

I think everything she did for screen junkies was in character. There might have been a ramble where she briefly talked about that but i cant remember which.

b40b82  No.4107



do you mean pumped and dumped?

Even tho thats hot in reality that may be to much of a "humble"

afe106  No.4108


Ehh, I'll take it but personally I'd like her Patreon to to go down a few thousand, to the point where the thousands she gets from Youtube ad revenue actually matter to her and it's not a matter of pride to see her channel still growing and getting views, but necessity.

But as someone else mentioned, her Patreon is surging every single month so Jenny will be closer to making 15k a month on Patreon than it coming down to 2k-5k a month.

So yeah, Max fucking her and dumping her.

Or woke twitter at some point realizing she's besties with much, much less (maybe?) dating him and dragging Jenny…I'll take that.

Jenny's shown not much actually gets to her, but when something does, she just breaks apart for weeks straight, it's good for the soul to not get your cake and eat it too every single day of your life.

Oh and so far no Disneyland pics from Jenny, either she's there and not posting for "safety" or she's home snuggling up to her Porg.

afe106  No.4109


Oh and I know, I know, I sound like I basically hate Jenny but come on, at this point in her life, what's a "bad night" for Jenny?

She's only managed to save 50k in the last 12 months, or she hasn't gotten free theme parks tickets to more places yet…has to go to bed at 2 am so she'll be able to wake up in time for lunch at noon with her min wage friends?

ebaca2  No.4110


>either she's there and not posting for "safety" or she's home snuggling up to her Porg.

Do you think the tweet she posted about the safety video was something she did in the air or after she landed? its hard to tell when her plane actually took off, she might only be arriving home right about now.

15d3f0  No.4111


Not even a blowjob on your birthday after the kids are off to school kind of mom? It'll only take about ten minutes Jenny, c'mon!

Man, Disneyland is going to be a whole new experience for her when (if?) she becomes a mom. Not gonna lie and say I wouldn't like to be there too.



Taking joy in the suffering of others is weird and petty no matter how who try and rationalize it. But to each his own.

afe106  No.4112


Nah, she landed hours ago, >>4094 pic of them getting ready to board their plane and that was 7 hours ago, a flight between Chicago and LAX is like 4.5 hours, she's definitely home and she just tweeted a joke about Ep 9 so she's probably home resting, might've gotten dinner with Kat after they landed.

What's weird is she said the safety video was on Delta but all the direct flights are other airlines, only Chicago to LA flight with Delta I could find is one with a layover that goes to Minneapolis and takes an extra 2.5 hours…there's no way Jenny is that fucking cheap, but why lie about which airline you're using after the fact?

afe106  No.4113


> suffering of others

Not saying I want her to lose a leg dude, just not fall into piles of cash and praise every time she talks about a shitty movie or reads a bad fan fic.

44e1b9  No.4114


When just about every single one of us, including her own friend Bailey, have to grind like hell every day to just get by, it gets just a little annoying thinking about how easy Jenny has it.

Shit, I wish I was a super cute girl who talked about stupid shit in a somewhat monotone voice with major sarcasm and people just throw money at me lmao

cf4c9d  No.4115


Haha I think you just proved me right? She was on a delta flight,only one flight from delta that takes 2.5 hours longer then the 4.5 hour a direct flight would take, she boarded 7 hours ago…

I can see her buying the cheapest tickets in case she didn’t get a pass for Kat and couldn’t get a refund.

b4787d  No.4116


Yeah I think that was half irony, half Jenny’s genuine disdain for sexy cosplay girls. I think Jenny’s thing is that she loves cosplay but thinks it should look a bit shit/embarrassing.

afe106  No.4117

File: a866272a52242b7⋯.png (59.3 KB, 1131x949, 87:73, Flights.PNG)

File: 0c2699c2af5d8cd⋯.png (82.55 KB, 565x773, 565:773, Job Offers.PNG)

File: 65de2fa00f9026d⋯.png (67.47 KB, 571x579, 571:579, Job offers2.PNG)

File: c21d5dd9e2c963c⋯.png (36.79 KB, 655x387, 655:387, job offers3.PNG)


Yeah, that makes about as much sense, her tweet times were a little off, I just thought she had wifi on the plane but I think she could've been in one of these Delta flights today too.


> have to grind like hell every day to just get by,

Annoying Jenny has never had to worry about that, earliest job I've seen is her at Disneyland and that was a choice b/c she loves Disneyland and wanted a job while trying to make something happen writing wise living in LA.

Her videos start trending nonstop for over a year and people all over Hollywood get interested in her,

Andy literally just offers a job AFTER the show-runner for 12 Monkeys praises Jenny on DAY ONE of the Suicide Squad video.

She even hangout with the show runner and his people but looks like they don't tweet each other anymore.

Oh and P.S. I decided to see what Rian Johnson had tweeted to Jenny during all this and only saw a few tweets but looking at Jenny's to him there were a lot more, looks like Rian like Lindsay and some others has deleted a lot of his tweets.

Wish I knew a way to fully backup all of Jenny's tweets because she will evidentially delete thousands of her tweets and her early pre-Youtube fame ones are great to see to get a sense of the real Jenny.

afe106  No.4118


Actually yeah, does anyone here know how to backup and share Jenny's tweets in a downloadable file?

15d3f0  No.4119

File: 4c813da37326219⋯.png (102.49 KB, 961x530, 961:530, Jenny Shower Thought.png)

I wonder if Jenny has come around on Padme? I've been rewatching the prequels (I'm a third of the way through Ep.II right now) and they're actually a lot more watchable than the sequels are. Honestly wish there was a little more romance here in Ep.II… Hershlag is so adorable!


>just not fall into piles of cash and praise

But she deserves at least that much, Anon!


You can only archive your own and it usually requires dev API access (to get around the 3,200 tweet limit).

743a04  No.4121


>including her own friend Bailey

yeah that's weird, her dad owns a company, she went to school in upper middle class san ramon, but all Bailey's childhood stories imply shes lower-middle class. Maybe his company is shitty.

also, there was a lot of Jenny talk in last night's bailey stream incase anyone wants that

dc4683  No.4122


Any good stuff come out of the licestream?

743a04  No.4123


a story where Jenny got Bailey a Christmas ornament, and told her to wear it around her neck because she doesn't have anywhere else to put it (being Jewish she wouldn't have a tree) that was a cute story

28df03  No.4124


Yeah Bailey also eluded to how much money Jenny makes from Patreon. But said Jenny treats her all the time. She is a generous god.

b40b82  No.4125


>"bad night"

Ill give you that if she ever has a relation ship with Max she will look back at alot of it and 100% have a "bad night" after the fact but to want that for anyone is kinda fucked up fam… but hot

0040fb  No.4126

Does anyone know more about her older "sister" besides the obvious?

Like what she does for a living or what city in California she lives in?

Not trying to stalk her. Just curious to make comparisons of her to Jenny's life.

743a04  No.4127


her streams are too dull for me to watch, I do sift through them sometimes though and all I know is she lives with her BF. her house seems good, not big but not small. I think she probably works, just because she rarely uploads and rarely posts on twitter.

ed2088  No.4128


I wonder if she lives closer to Jenny in LA or closer to San Ramon.

15d3f0  No.4129

File: e3411d39fc029ea⋯.jpg (363.57 KB, 951x823, 951:823, Current Poll Results (Apri….jpg)


Here you go!


>her Patrons should be her most important focus

She bans them all the time. We're no more special to her than a Twitter user or random YouTube commenter.

afe106  No.4130

File: 46a64a9c7f330fb⋯.jpeg (325.27 KB, 640x785, 128:157, 49AA3250-08E5-46C1-9EE1-4….jpeg)

File: 579c4eedb3c62a1⋯.jpeg (203.8 KB, 640x666, 320:333, 1D9E4A3D-C45C-464B-AFB0-4….jpeg)


Hmm, I know Jenny’s falls asleep like a log but this would be surprising if she did on two short flights.

Jenny was really leaning into cuteness last night but seriously, Jenny switched her Disneyworld hat for her Star Wars helmet on the flight and went to sleep in it?

At what point do we say grow up?

Did it dumb or sad when she’s in her 30s or when she no longer looks cute and/or 17?

afe106  No.4131


Please, no Last Jedi commentary!!!

afe106  No.4132


> Bailey talking about how much Jenny makes from Patreon and treats her all the time.

I was wonder how broke ass Bailey ever goes anywhere with Jenny.

But is she talking, treats her to lunch or did Jenny pay the bill for Kat at Celebrations and Alicia when they went to Disneyworld?

Its conflict with how cheap Jenny, at least, portrays herself as being even as she bought hundreds of dollars worth of Star Wars merch last week that will see in future videos and pictures.

afe106  No.4133

File: 80a514a9f3afa5b⋯.jpeg (586.7 KB, 640x858, 320:429, 6CC5C0AC-84C6-4B4A-8F0C-0….jpeg)

File: b0030a6a6512cbe⋯.png (925.88 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, C6DD63D9-38AF-4E26-A7B1-41….png)

Zip it up ALL THE WAY young lady.

15d3f0  No.4136


>At what point do we say grow up?

Growing up is overrated, everything about it is a pain in the ass.

>she no longer looks cute

Even when she starts to look like her older female relatives/mom (after she bangs out a couple of kids + 20 years), Jenny will always have that bubbly personality to fall back on. "Cute" will just become "Sweet" as she ages.

e6a31c  No.4137

It didn't take Jenny long to get back in the Disneyland mood.

Just check out her tweets

0d9ae9  No.4141




Sweet ladies don’t get 9k from horny guys to talk about nothing.

0d9ae9  No.4142

It’s kind of insane, Jenny makes over 100k a year to do the exact same thing she was doing when she worked at DL for min wages, watch or read something and give her opinions on it.

0d9ae9  No.4143


Why is she suddenly shitting on JK Rowling? She making another HP book video?

743a04  No.4144

does anyone remember when Jenny said she gets ideas for her star wars videos because she works at Disney where there's star wars stuff everywhere? is that from a regular video or a patreon one

0d9ae9  No.4145

File: 189ca47fdf63c2a⋯.jpeg (221.08 KB, 640x1051, 640:1051, C691C060-6DB5-47EB-893E-0….jpeg)

File: e4390f423b178ab⋯.jpeg (78.44 KB, 1033x239, 1033:239, FF2E4F42-24E1-4ECA-8B0A-3….jpeg)

Shes thhhiiissss close to 400k subs but her newest cosplay costume video really shit the