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File: 093b1a5787db577⋯.jpg (115.99 KB, 578x492, 289:246, robes.jpg)

7155cb  No.5834

There are too many pedos at Disney Land jenny, they can't do away with the no costume rule just for star wars nerds

7155cb  No.5835


>Well Max is too toxic to friend Nathan and win him over like pre accusations Max/Jenny

also Nathan slept with Zoe Quinn, who lead the strike against Max


steve got her butt in shot, I swear all her friends are horny for her

71cddd  No.5836


Did Steve fuck Jenny or go on a few dates since they’ve hung out on multiple occasions?

Also, of course ONE thing Jenny’s not allowed to do and she’ll spend all Day complaining about not being allowed to wear Jedi robes.

She’s such a spoiled child, and this is Jenny making 10k a month, can’t wait to see her lose her shit when she starts losing subs and Patrons.

d6ea73  No.5837

Ani posted this about Max.

Better read it Jenny!!!


d6ea73  No.5838


Serious question….is Steve gay?

d10ef5  No.5839


If not, he pulls it off exceptionally well.

a99141  No.5840


No he’s very flamboyant but he’s had a couple of girlfriends. He’s kind of like Max was a couple of years ago when he was in full rainbow hair mode.

7155cb  No.5841



anybody feel up to asking directly? were max and Jenny ever an item, did he like her? was he using her?

daa968  No.5842


hes had several girlfriends including his current one and they all seem like sexual freaks. he was also married to a lady for a few years. one reason people might think hes gay is because he paints his nails, but he has a pretty nuanced and thought provoking explanation on his youtube for why he does it.


d10ef5  No.5843


Oh, so he's just obnoxiously flamboyant. That's… somehow worse. The nails weren't even on my radar for thinking he was gay, it was pretty much everything else.

71cddd  No.5844

File: 74eec59d16c281f⋯.jpeg (304.04 KB, 640x904, 80:113, 4C00279B-7F77-4CC5-8E1F-6….jpeg)


Has anything ever not worked out for Jenny?

d6ea73  No.5845


>>has anything ever not worked out for Jenny.

Uh…Screen Junkies i guess.

But as soon as her show's only season ended is when the whole Signore thing happened.

So technically you could say her show wasn't canceled but stopped due to the company restructuring in the wake of Signore.

Huh……I guess things DO work out for Jenny.

a99141  No.5846


Yeah at the time I didn't even realise it was poorly received, I thought it was just lost in the shuffle when they kind of rebooted that channel.

7155cb  No.5847


griffingate, and max, her key to Hollywood, they didn't work out well

71cddd  No.5848


> Griffin & Max

Not really, Griffin was an old friend she barely hung out with who’s got money issues and his channel is going nowhere, she’s already replaced him with a dozen bigger YouTube friends.

Max is still her friend and probably still happy to fuck her or get her a meeting to sell a script. I’m guessing her writing is just isnt good enough but in 5 years when her channel is meandering and she’s not hot anymore she’ll be taken as a serious writer and sell movie and tv scripts all over the place.

91ec72  No.5849

For a girl who’s thrust is supposed to be fucked up she sure screamed and cheered a lot in the falcon ride in Steve’s videos.

91ec72  No.5850

Steve spends months getting a hotel room for the first Star Wars Land day and first hour reservations to get Jenny in a Disney hotel room where she’s tired, excited and extremely thankful.

Then she brings her fat 3rd wheel friend.

19593e  No.5851


Well shit Jenny probably shows up in a shit load of videos today. This was the first one I looked at and she shows up for a sec, at the 24:25 mark if the link doesn't go right to it. Looks like I got a lot of work ahead of me boys. Probably cant spend too much time looking till Sunday but I'll let you know about every Jenny sighting I can find.

91ec72  No.5852

File: 94b266fb586fd01⋯.png (378.68 KB, 472x547, 472:547, MeetingJenny.PNG)

Honestly at this point, if you just walk around Disneyland for 3 days, you'll probably run into Jenny at least 2 times.

91ec72  No.5853


Huh, Disney Star Wars fan, walks right past Jenny. I don't see anyone else with them, I guess it really was just Steve, Jenny and Kirsten, what a weird odd number, why did Jenny invite Kristen instead of Kat or Bailey? And who is Jenny taking with her for her hotel stay day and free reservation.

Sounds like there was no waits, why didn't Jenny go into the cantina or build her own droid?

19593e  No.5854


She also took Kristen to the last jedi premier so i guess she is the one in jennys close friends group that geeks out over star wars like her. pretty sure even though kat went to celebration she doesnt give 2 shits about star wars.

91ec72  No.5855

File: 6eda50143e2f92c⋯.png (654.25 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 81893E31-5966-439F-9932-6E….png)

File: 705368379ed7ada⋯.jpeg (312.87 KB, 640x1022, 320:511, C737DB50-E2A5-4A86-B62E-D….jpeg)


True. And thanks to Kristen we got a little peak of Jenny’s bedroom or Guest room.

7155cb  No.5856


>screamed and cheered a lot in

she's always screaming and cheering, I wonder why, but "the history of you being loud when you get excited" would be a bad ramble topic


I didn't even think about that. It will be nice seeing candid Jen

a99141  No.5857

File: 417abb6740822c7⋯.jpg (129.63 KB, 918x1199, 918:1199, D777_C1U8AASuUZ.jpg)

File: c7fc4350db33a55⋯.jpg (172.19 KB, 889x1103, 889:1103, D7778ZYUIAAbtHZ.jpg)


Looks like it was just the three of them.

fb4a38  No.5858





You guys have to remember that Kirsten used to work at Circle D ranch with Jenny in Disneyland.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is on the land of where Circle D used to be.

She took Kirsten because they're seeing what replaced where they used to work.

7155cb  No.5859


that'd be a good video, Jenny walking around saying what used to be there and what it had meant to her

91ec72  No.5860

>> 5832

Thank you for getting the live stream.

Would it be possible to grab the insta stories of Jenny piloting the Falcon? They're gonna delete in 4 hours and it's rare to see vids of her so wildly excited genuine, I'd love for us and future fans to have it stored here and the webm thread. It's all right after the videos of them in line…5 minute line on the first day, crazy.

P.S. No wonder her voice is totally gone with all that screaming.


In a year Max pulls up pictures of Jenny in her short skirts and asks why she doesn't look like that anymore.

d10ef5  No.5861


I'm sure this is something she will touch on. She said she was mainly going for the ambiance and she already mention a few Easter eggs that reference the old attractions. But yeah, she should wear her cowboy hat, a plaid shirt and jeans on one of her trips to take us down memory lane.


>Would it be possible to grab the insta stories of Jenny piloting the Falcon?

Yeah, I'll get everything up in the video thread here in a bit.

91ec72  No.5862


> Yeah, I'll get everything up in the video thread here in a bit.


Also, I'm starting to really doubt Jenny will honestly tell people just how much money she spent there.

It's funny, I think I was so jealious that I had to work 10 hours again yesterday while Jenny made 4x as much to go to a theme park opening that my subconious tried to chill me out, had a dream Jenny showed a preview video of her doing a whole skit and dance with like a k-pop dance crew. My mind trying to fake me out by saying, no no dude, she works really hard.

Her voice can be heard cracking during the Falcon run ride, maybe she was singing karaoke and that's why it got fucked up yesterday or maybe she and Kristen light up?

d10ef5  No.5876


It's all up.

>I'm starting to really doubt Jenny will honestly tell people just how much money she spent there

Everyone is expecting her to spend a fortune there though (you know, because it's Star Wars). I do wonder though how anticipated her video about the park is right now. She always seems like she's right on the edge of crossing over into a theme park vlogger as it's the content people seem to look forward to as much as one of her big book reads or film "review".

>I had to work 10 hours again yesterday while Jenny made 4x as much to go to a theme park opening

Remember, you, me and everyone else aren't as cute as she is, so a comparison can't really be made.

a2e63d  No.5877

She’s back in Star Wars land, if they are still doing 4 hours time slots it looks like she got 8-12 again.

1851a2  No.5878


She really gamed the fuck out of this. Congratulations to her because she really pulled this off.

1851a2  No.5880


I’m proud of our Jenny. She saw something she wanted and she experienced the hell out of it.

91ec72  No.5881


How’d she go again? When she got the free reservation she said it was the farthest from her hotel reservation so…did she really spend $600 to go again a day after she was there with almost no lines?

91ec72  No.5883

>>5881 (You)

And no way she spent all that money to go alone, wonder who she took this time.


Yeah, thanks to Steve yesterday we now know Jenny only tweets where she’s been after she leaves.

She got to see the Cantina during CM previews but looks like she had no luck actually buying any of the hard booze she loves…girl lying about trying the “wine”, we know the truth now Jenny, ya ain’t dainty!

91ec72  No.5884



Man this isn’t hard, give any of 10k a month and we’ll do what we want to our hearts content too.

1851a2  No.5885


I’m still proud of our girl. It’s a lot easier said than done.

a2e63d  No.5886


Kirsten was there again today she tweeted about it. Also it’s really weird that not one person has posted photos with her from the last 2 days.

7155cb  No.5887


>Jenny only tweets where she’s been after she leaves.

I was listening to a couple news guys talking about doing the same, I think its a practice old media has always done (not necessarily tweeting, but never announcing where you'll be) and new media is just picking up on it

fb0cb7  No.5888

File: bc48588099ee14e⋯.jpg (362.99 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D7_iTplUwAEHCXR-orig.jpg)


I wonder how many nights she's staying in Disneyland and if you get a reservation for every day or if it's one room one reservation regardless of the length you stay?

>Jenny springing for the $40 bag

Again, I want her to have everything she bought on her bed for this upcoming video. Just pile it all on there.

0b1348  No.5889

In other news, why am I just now finding out that Jenny finally got her own Wikipedia page….


fb0cb7  No.5890

File: 632187a9cd57ac8⋯.jpg (229.45 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, tumblr_o6bnimzXKi1qm6odzo1….jpg)


No mention of SMC or getting published in Playboy? Jenny would probably get pissed if one of us went in and filled in a ton of her details.

7155cb  No.5891


how do you edit wikipedia

91ec72  No.5892


> Lot easier said than done

Wtf are you talking about, it’s VERY easy to spend money.

I’m impressed by the fact she gets more of it every month with less and less work put in, fuckin dream!


Hmm, surprised Jenny didn’t invite Bailey along for visit #3. Wonder if she pays for Kristen.


Unless things changed it’s 1 from Steve’s hotel stay and 1 from Jenny’s. She also got a free reservation when it was open to the public.


Huh, that’s surprising…surprised it’s not deleted as I would t have thought she’d permit one. Well…guess we should pile on the rather obscene amount of info we know about her.


> Jenny would probably get pissed if one of us went in and filled in a ton of her details.

You won’t have to twist my arm.


Carefully by making an account first and editing from there or it’ll track your IP and I think even reveal it in the edits history.

91ec72  No.5894

Actually, before filling up her personal life section, we need to fix various errors like her show only being 3 months on SJ, it was 6 and Suicide Squad getting 2 million views in a day, it got 1 million after a day or two cause she tweeted about it when it happened.

Referencing her Patreon…we should make that more transparent like Jenny promotes.


Sure would be interesting if we added references she thought she’d deleted on Tumblr.

Also there are some nice articles about Jenny when she first took off, the AV Club one especially, no mainstream channels seem to promote Jenny anymore

fb0cb7  No.5895

File: 8d5cffb150fb46d⋯.jpg (318.79 KB, 2048x2022, 1024:1011, D78EOwxUwAAZdMQ-orig.jpg)


>Unless things changed it’s 1 from Steve’s hotel stay and 1 from Jenny’s

So if she paid for three days over the weekend, that wouldn't be a pass to the land every day she was staying, but just a single pass for one of those days because of the room reservation? Shit, the hotels at the park must be empty then. Because why stay if the reservation is all you're after?

>You won’t have to twist my arm

lol, you meanie!

>seriously considering ordering a set of these "thermal grenade" soft drink containers from eBay

Hmmm… man, it's such a waste of money though.

91ec72  No.5896


I’m pretty sure you get a pass for everyday you’re there but Jenny specifically said she paid for part of her friends room and for her own and said specifically it was one night and how she was lucky to not pay her whole debts worth for one night.

I’m still calling bullshit on Jenny really saying how much she spend, it’s gonna be like $3,000 and make her look bad.

91ec72  No.5898

File: f341df77be3c5de⋯.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 3E419BEB-A0BB-4425-8FD8-A2….png)

File: bdc65b6bd65bbe5⋯.jpeg (202.44 KB, 640x515, 128:103, 2FEA9A5A-20C2-4ED3-92CA-3….jpeg)

top teasing and show us…she’s saving it for the video. Where’s Steve when you need him.

If this is Jenny in 5 years…so fat her clothes start ripping, how many of you will stay Patrons and viewers?

7155cb  No.5899


security cant tell a woman to "take her robe off"

I kinda don't like how she knowingly breaks the rules, and notifies her large following that they won't be enforced. especially when she's aware the rules are meant to protect children. It feels like the kind of thing that drama tubers would be all over if Jake Paul did it.

fb0cb7  No.5900

File: cf74d39b698302d⋯.jpg (353.1 KB, 1080x637, 1080:637, Jenny's Cold as Ice.jpg)


>so fat her clothes start ripping

What's with people calling her fat this weekend? 4chan was doing it today too. Jenny only looks that much better with a bit of chub.


She probably had bags, her backpack, tennis shoes, her camera and a sweater/cardigan on as well. She probably would've gotten escorted out if it was just the robes. Skirting the rules is something a brat would do though.

fb0cb7  No.5901

File: ca56a1d26695e5c⋯.jpg (433.78 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D8B6_9MUIAE0Zpn-orig.jpg)

Is that how she walked around (fully covered)? They must've changed policy overnight or something… maybe they received a ton of complaints.

a2e63d  No.5902


Haha I’m guessing Jenny bought one for Kristen and Alicia but since Alicia is still an employee there she didn’t want to risk being caught breaking the rules.

fb0cb7  No.5903

File: fe04b9b7a5a370c⋯.jpg (347.92 KB, 951x913, 951:913, Patreon May 2019 Ramble Po….jpg)

She finally got the poll up and last months ramble sounds like it should be ready tonight or in the morning as she said she was rendering it atm.


>since Alicia is still an employee there she didn’t want to risk being caught breaking the rules

I bet Jenny was trying to peer-pressure her into putting it on too.

91ec72  No.5904


> 4chan talking about Jenny

Link? I thought she was a banable topic


Jenny seems like she only follows rules she agrees with.


> $125 robes

That is the cheapest, ugliest fucking robes I’ve ever seen, did she buy Kristen’s too?

Aww, so is it a limit of 3 guests per hotel room reservation, is that why it was Steve, Jenny a d Kristen Friday and they added Alicia yesterday to Jenny’s hotel room? Did Jenny charge her friends for part of the room cost?


> rendering now

Id be shocked if she wrote and recorded a Ramble during Star Wars Land visits, maybe she was finishing up editing and it took a few extra days.

91ec72  No.5905


Kristen went Friday and Alicia during CM previews…why has Jenny still not invited Bailey or Kat, did she get them for the free reservation?

4143fe  No.5906



I hope Day in the Life wins

a99141  No.5907


I dunno, I think favourite YouTubers and why could be pretty interesting. It could be basically just talking how she feels about all her friends.

a2e63d  No.5908


I feel like that’s just going to be an hour long advertisement for her friends in left tube and defunctland.

91ec72  No.5909


There’s a few good ones that I think would be more personal with her views.

All about escape rooms sounds fun, mysterious dreams so she can use her psychology degree, and obviously a day in the life but her fans are too dumb and she’s made it apparent she doesn’t want personal topics.

It’s gonna lose but I hope they nominate that topic again next month.


Yeah, that’s my worry too, “you guys should go subscribe to Lindsay and Natalie”.

I’m other news will Jenny be depressed at not being able to Star Wars Land for 2 weeks?

And >>5900 I looked for anything on 4chan calling Jenny fat but can’t find it.

d10ef5  No.5910




That's the thread where she was brought up.


I wonder what kind of "Day in the Life" she would come up with and present? She doesn't exactly like to share her life anymore…

91ec72  No.5911





> Jenny complaining and not following the rules

Guys, I think…I think Shelby might be a spoiled brat, how did we not see the signs and long provable history of growing up daddy’s little girl.

91ec72  No.5912

>>5834 (OP)




> Jenny complaining and not following the rules

Guys, I think…I think Jenny* might be a spoiled brat, how did we not see the signs and long provable history of growing up daddy’s little girl.

35fb17  No.5913


A problem easily solved with a good enough spanking.

7155cb  No.5914


I know, but she should really tone it down, she can't brag about breaking the rules in front of 50,000 twitter followers and not expect it to bite her in the butt eventually

7155cb  No.5915

File: aac85382a2f9a6a⋯.jpg (32.7 KB, 568x182, 284:91, jenloss.jpg)

uh oh, Jennys losing cash! hurry up youtube!

10$ lost and counting

fb0cb7  No.5916

File: 38e85d8943ef033⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 484x480, 121:120, tumblr_mmlzwsZtxU1qm6odzo1….jpg)


Of course she's a spoiled brat, it's all part of her charm! Don't you want to spoil spoil her, Anon?


This. Some "firm" discipline unlocks pouty and rebellious (but ultimately compliant) Jenny.

b31bab  No.5917

I keep forgetting that Jenny did used to talk about dating on her old tumblr, before she got famous.

Remember when she said she was mad at that one guy who said it's a good thing she's not fat like her mom, on a date.

Also on tumblr, her and Bailey used to go back and forth talking about guys.

So Jenny does (or did) have a sex life.

a44eef  No.5918


your crazy if you think she never had a dating life of any kind, even in college. but i dont remember anything on her tumblr suggesting any of those dates turned into long term relationships or any posts referring to a sex life at all.

22a922  No.5919


Oh, I agree. I'm not one of the people here who think she's a virgin for some reason.

I'm just trying to provide proof.

What I'm curious about though, is who she's with now, and if it's Max or not.

7155cb  No.5920

File: 231d24d771c6dc3⋯.jpg (45.06 KB, 582x378, 97:63, elon griffin.jpg)


one man knows all

also, tesla lost 700mil, after gaining 7 billion, I don't know what it means.

7155cb  No.5921


*I don't know what griffin means, its not really a colossal loss

fb0cb7  No.5922

File: e208a69d2c80a22⋯.jpg (217.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_ot67kwarKQ1qm6odzo1….jpg)


Ah yes, the awkward girl who was too innocent/oblivious to recognize or completely misinterprete guys complimenting her (essentially her entire life) dated regularly… I would like to believe a normal girl is inside there somewhere, but that's just not Jenny.

She can be still fucking weird when she replies to my messages sometimes. But that's why I love her!


>who she's with now

If this ever happens, I hope she doesn't hide it because A.) She doesn't have to as she's a grown-ass woman and B.) I have to know how the dude pulled it off. How to you get past that awkward shield of hers, what is the dude even bringing to the table to make her happy? Jenny likes men??

a44eef  No.5923


>replies to my messages sometimes


35fb17  No.5924


Nice try, Jenny. You won't ban us that easily.

a44eef  No.5925


I mean if you tell us Jenny is weird in PM's obviously its gonna get us curious. Not asking for any specifics that could be used to identify yourself, just what is weird about her messages in general? Like is she rude or something?

91ec72  No.5926


> Disney bans her from the parks for promoting rule betraying the endangers guests.

I’d legit worry she’d off herself or she becomes wildly more productive.


> Remember when she said she was mad at that one guy who said it's a good thing she's not fat like her mom, on a date.

No…and I feel like I’d have seen that as I searched her old tumblr when she had it and we have a downloaded version too.


> suggesting any of those dates turned into long term relationships

Wtf are you guys taking about, when did she ever mention going on dates, I’m gonna need receipts.

I can search the archive of her old tumblr but feel like I’d be wasting my time cause I or another Jennyfag researcher would’ve seen it.

And if it was on her tumblr, we’d be able to find it on her old tweets which also isn’t there.

Closest Jenny mentions stuff like that is her mocking all the guys who hit on her.

91ec72  No.5927


Gonna day it’s her public replies on twitter, or maybe tumblr/Patreon otherwise I’m just gonna day you’re making shit up.

4bfa57  No.5928


>>her old tumblr

Trust me. It was there. She was real specific that the date pissed her off because he said that. And then Bailey chipped in, because this was back in the day and when they treated each other's tumblr's like dm's

There's also some good Jenny stuff in Bailey's tumblr from back in the day too.

a99141  No.5929


I definitely remember her saying something like a guy once told her that she was much better looking than her mother before going in for a kiss.


I assume she replies when top tier patrons send their topic suggestions in.

7155cb  No.5930


>No…and I feel like I’d have seen that as I searched her old tumblr when she had it and we have a downloaded version too.

I sort of remember, she said "the worst thing to say on a first date is something something like your mom" the context implied that it happened to her

I just assumed it was griffin


I also sort of recall him saying she speaks to him before, and implying it wasn't patreon

after a while everything I read on these topics just blends together, "sort of remember" is the best I can do

91ec72  No.5931

File: 91a2f4bfc88086f⋯.jpeg (52.16 KB, 640x311, 640:311, 36D2B96A-FC06-4D9C-B4E2-1….jpeg)

File: 3715446a9c7d969⋯.jpeg (135.4 KB, 640x692, 160:173, 5AE23C24-30A3-4A9E-AE95-9….jpeg)

File: be5036c2aec5c4d⋯.jpeg (170.15 KB, 640x822, 320:411, 8EBCBF47-D28E-4A19-B069-4….jpeg)


THAT I remember, I thought she was retelling a story a girlfriend with normal relations with guys told her, like Bailey.


Yeah, Bailey went through a few tumblr accounts, I never cared enough about her life to look through them cause it was 80% reposts.


Ehh, could be the guy who said he emailed Jenny what we were saying during the Boston trip and how she replied back to him, which at the time I thought was BS.

But she’s typically very one note when she talks to people and loves breaking them to her side, just noticed this on her Instagram, she couldn’t resist the bait of someone taunting her.


> It was there

You know we have it right, archived and downloadable.


91ec72  No.5932



Regardless though, one line from possibly one date (was it around the time Griffin said they dated in HS) does equate to “Jenny used to dish about all her dates” on tumblr.

7155cb  No.5933

now that I think about it, jenny spoke to me too once. I guess she just does that kind of thing alot

fb0cb7  No.5934


You know I can't do that.


>Not asking for any specifics that could be used to identify yourself

There's no way to for me do that and not out myself. I will say it was on Patreon though.

a44eef  No.5935


The vid she just posted on twitter of her talking to Steve is adorable. Would just be the best to listen to her talk your ear off all day. Kat you are a lucky girl to be her chosen one (no homo) maybe homo

fb0cb7  No.5936

File: 1050c1b48982d44⋯.mp4 (11.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kSqg46_vlK659ODn.mp4)


>Would just be the best to listen to her talk your ear off all day

The only reason her streaming has any potential… no editing, just her going on and on and on.

35fb17  No.5937


>could be the guy who said he emailed Jenny what we were saying during the Boston trip and how she replied back to him, which at the time I thought was BS.

For the record, that was me. And it wasn't about what we were doing in the thread, it was about what we weren't doing. If you remember, there was that faggot that was sending or appearing to send Jen stuff over twitter about us stalking her and trying to find her location. All I did was tell her that, if she was getting these messages, we weren't trying to track her down and stuff her into a van.

91ec72  No.5938


She responded to a public comment or PM? Honestly, I don’t know if it really matters either way but…I was it’s a cool, she doesn’t respond to people much off Twitter.


She answered a bunch of my questions on tumblr.



> We can’t go to Toon town, oooo

Man, Jenny sounds so annoyingly spoiled.

No wonder she lost her voice, it sounds painful to talk and this is them just entering the park and she still talked all day at Star Wars Land.

Was she singing karaoke with Max after all?

91ec72  No.5939


> Jenny streaming

She’d make thousands of dollars per stream but she’d probably say stuff that’s too personal or off brand to ever risk streaming.


What, why would you do that? Someone on Twitter was saying we stalking her and you exposed us? Telling a woman you have no plans to track her down and kidnap her is not gonna make her feel better.

So you’re the one who posted the emails you sent her?

35fb17  No.5940

File: fb83eb9e8a9f1f3⋯.jpg (46.55 KB, 480x480, 1:1, e0a7da17986aee3f3fa5597c9e….jpg)


>exposed us

She already knew we existed. What was being exposed? Wouldn't him telling her we were stalking her have "exposed" us first? I don't understand your issue.

7155cb  No.5941


did she know you were the same person as her patron or was it an anonymous email.

Also, did she clarify if she had been receiving mail from someone?

91ec72  No.5942


…Jenny worked there for 3 years, this was the first time she saw that?

91ec72  No.5943


Well I remember the person who said they emailed her being a dick about it and saying something along the lines of us going to far and that Jenny’s been notified.

There was nothing about trying to clear our name because of a 3rd party bad faith actor trying to label us dangerous.

35fb17  No.5944

File: 7e289a3f8c71564⋯.webm (14.79 MB, 960x540, 16:9, jenny wants you to be coo….webm)


It was a purely anonymous email. I haven't contacted her since. The only thing she clarified was that she didn't want her location details thrown around because she had an ex-friend actively stalking her.


Unless there's a whole other emailer I'm not aware of, I've got a good deal of confidence I wasn't a total dick about anything. From what I remember:

>jen goes on vacation

>person or persons try to find her hotel

>person or persons disagree with this

>somebody posts twitter caps of sending jenny fake posts and telling her we're trying to find her

>i email her saying that's not true

>she says it's fine, but she would like us to keep it cool

>webm related

4bfa57  No.5945


>>she had an ex-friend stalking her

Interesting. I remember in her ramble right before her falling out with Griffin, she said she had stuff going on that was personal problems that she might share with us someday. But that it was separate from the "someone is stealing her mail/packages" stuff.

So if Griffingate hadn't happened yet and she specifically said it wasn't about her mail being stolen, then I guessed it had to be something big like a run in with a stalker.

I didn't think the stalker could have been an ex-friend though.

a44eef  No.5946


I dont know if anyone has the tweet she deleted about getting dinner with Griffin when he yelled at her and security was called, but in that tweet she said something like "sometime you have dinner with an old friend" and it made it seem to me like they maybe hadn't been friends for a while. I think right around that time period Griffin had said he was moving back to LA, so maybe he was trying to hang out with her when she didn't want to see him and things were bad between them even before the dinner blowout happened.

7155cb  No.5947


> ex-friend actively stalking her.

makes me sad to hear that, hope shes ok now


I wonder. But bailey would have said he was a stalker instead of just a gambler

a44eef  No.5948


maybe, Bailey did seem to be going in hard on him so if she knew he was doing creepy stalker shit she probably would have said it. wonder which friend it could have been then. former secret bf? did her fake stalker from the EA video turn into a real one?

fb0cb7  No.5949

File: 5e2175bba5c5f3c⋯.mp4 (2.66 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Pv1j4Tddh8GzPQcH.mp4)


Not just worked there, but visited several time a month for years and years. How has she not seen everything at last twice by now?


>ex-friend actively stalking her

Interesting… someone she knew in college, I wonder? Maybe he's the guy who spoiled her on men and made her super-paranoid.

91ec72  No.5950

Assuming you’re jot making all this up (screenshots would be nice).


The Twitter caps, that person posted that on the thread if I remember correctly.

Shocked she’d say talking about her on 8chan is fine, I wouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t had Kat try to make her a banned topic.


Are we sure the timeline on GriffinGate is right and it didn’t happen before she recorded that video or Griffin wasn’t already stalking her?

Are you positive she said “ex-friend”?


> But bailey would have said he was a stalker instead of just a gambler

Yeah, probably unless Jenny didn’t tell her that part.

I’d say let’s try to figure out who the stalker is but I mean it could be ANY dude or girl who friended Jenny and feel for her. From pre or post Youtube fame.

Is that why she’s moving apartments?

91ec72  No.5951

File: eb02a2b861e0f3d⋯.png (377.8 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 51A1C256-4059-42AD-89D6-60….png)

Someone mentioned how there were no Jenny fan pics during her SWL trips. Cause if stuff like this.

Another guy said he met her in a line. People just not taking pics anymore or Jenny asking them not to post it.

7155cb  No.5952


>Not just worked there, but visited several time a month for years and years. How has she not seen everything at last twice by now?

is that just a maintenance guy? it might not be part of a show or anything, so maybe that's why its special to her

4bfa57  No.5953


Well, Jenny joked on twitter with someone (two weeks before the dinner) that she couldn't become friends with ANOTHER Griffin, because who the hell knows two guys named Griffin.

So I figured they were still cool with each other at that time. And it was early in September, so right around her birthday. And we would have heard about the Griffin drama if it started happening around her birthday.

fb0cb7  No.5954

File: f74e6855863ba95⋯.jpg (109.41 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 10810065_1742718732619863_….jpg)


Sometimes she seems so easy to please.

91ec72  No.5955

File: 2ccd6698913814f⋯.png (101.98 KB, 499x814, 499:814, JGtweet.PNG)


Would love to figure it out who it is, really wish we could see who she unfollows on twitter but don't think she's shared anything about a friend going rogue. It'd help if Jenny didn't have so many stalkery admirers.

Honestly, I'm hesitant to believe you >>5944 since you won't provide a screenshot of the reply email from Jenny (including the from portion to confirm it's her) and the fact she'd still someone she knows is from 8chan that she's being stalked by an ex-friend.

Maybe she just lied to get you on her side.


Sometimes, whoever ends up with her should thank their stars Disney will never run out of new shit to sell them, every birthday, anniversary and odd celebration they'll have a new piece of Disneyland shit to gift her.


I remember that, good point.

4bfa57  No.5956


I think it's safe to say she'll get a new apartment still in Anaheim to be close to Disneyland.

fb0cb7  No.5957

File: 3b6b1fe370237f1⋯.jpg (108.46 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 61688636_116307322938890_4….jpg)


Yeah probably. She said she was going to talk about her move in the upcoming ramble and already mentioned "more space" so it's likely going to be an upgrade over her apartment now. With a potentially much higher rent, I wonder if it will make her work a bit harder to maintain her income level?

29285a  No.5958


> make her work a bit harder

Thanks man I needed a good laugh tonight

4bfa57  No.5959


Hmmm. Maybe I've been going about this all wrong.

I swear if Jenny has a mystery boyfriend, he's not going to hang out with her and Bailey (she's in LA. It takes effort for Jenny and Bailey to meet up).

But he would hang out with Alicia and Kirsten (close to Anaheim, and Jenny).

I wonder if I cross-check Alicia and Kirsten's tweets/pics with jenny, would I be able to find the mystery dude (or past mystery dudes)?

91ec72  No.5960


Where did she say all this?

And no, even if she's paying 2k now for rent, and is upgrading to 4k for a 3 bedroom place (1 for her plus 2 guest bedrooms for her plushies and friends saying over) Jenny's still saving wads of cash every month.


Unlikely, I feel like some people are desperate to prove Jenny's got a bf, with how weird Jenny is why do we insist she needs a guy who might fuck her shit up?

Besides, I'm guessing the hotel reservation is only for 3 people since Steve didn't bring along a 4th person either and there was no bf with them when he was live streaming their hangout.

91ec72  No.5961


> more space

Weird phrasing considering she levels alone and I'm almost positive her place is a 2 bedroom, especially with Kristen posting this I assume from the guest bedroom unless it's the living room. >>5855

And do you think Jenny does all this hard drinking and pot smoking because of the stalking problems she's getting and general boredom of waiting for her friends to be free so she can go out and do stuff with them or has she always been like that?

4bfa57  No.5962


I just think like any Californian single 27 year old girl, she drinks and does weed sometimes.

Simple as that.

4bfa57  No.5963


We already know Jenny's current place has a guest bedroom.

It's where she keeps her Kylo Ren standee and her extended plush collection

fb0cb7  No.5964

File: a082d921ff991b5⋯.jpg (212.4 KB, 1080x408, 45:17, May Ramble OP.jpg)


Hey, she's proven can work if she has to!


>Jenny's still saving wads of cash every month

She should get a house in the suburbs so she's just a hop, skip and a jump away from the park and has a bit more privacy. Renting is also really stupid when can easily afford not to.

As for the "more space" I mentioned; after re-reading her post, she had tossed a maybe in there. So… maybe on the more space.


>do you think Jenny does all this hard drinking and pot smoking because of the stalking problems

Could be anything. Sometimes people just want to get fucked up.

91ec72  No.5965


> Star Wars Land ending


> and me moving

I wonder if she's already moved and Kristen and her where at her new place already.

She's STILL rendering her ramble a day later?

> Sometimes people just want to get fucked up.

I thought Jenny choosing to work at Disneyland (which is the only real job she's ever had far as I can find) was her version of getting paid to get fucked up with all the Disney immersion she wanted.

91ec72  No.5966


What was the winning topic?

fb0cb7  No.5967


>I wonder if she's already moved

Nah, I think you can see her old/current place in the reflection of that Diet Coke "grenade" ( >>5895 ).

>She's STILL rendering her ramble a day later?

I don't know what the holdup is there. She probably laid out and it tossed an error so she said "fuck it, I'll do it later" while scrubbing the vomit out of her hair after she woke up.


"Jenny designs the ideal live-action Disney remake" Not a particularly rambly sounding topic, but I guess it'll have to do since her Avengers video is MIA.

91ec72  No.5968


> while scrubbing the vomit out of her hair after she woke up.

ha, we all accepted Jenny's hard drinking aspect of her pretty quickly. In honestly, I don't think it's an attractive qualify in a woman to sneak hard booze into a zoo or theme park.

> Jenny designs the ideal live-action Disney remake

Ehh, what a dumb topic, Disney is already doing most of them so maybe she'll suck Linday's dick and say the Hunchback of Notre Damn.

fb0cb7  No.5969


>I don't think it's an attractive qualify in a woman to sneak hard booze into a zoo or theme park

Depends on the frequency for me. If it's just an occasional buzz for something special, that's fine (as long she's not completely shit-faced), but if she needs that just to have a good time, that's which when it becomes a problem.

>Ehh, what a dumb topic

Yeah, on the surface it seems way too structured to be interesting to listen to. In that "Dark Rituals" ramble (another "designs" one) she clumsily had to force in some off-topic chitchat about halfway through it. It'll probably be the same deal here.

91ec72  No.5970


> she clumsily had to force in some off-topic chitchat about halfway

“Speaking if remakes, I’ll have to remake my storage for all my plushies once I move into my new apartment, that’s for sure…”

7155cb  No.5971


>And do you think Jenny does all this hard drinking and pot smoking because of the stalking problems

I remembered Mara Wilson's story about not being friends with Lindsay Ellis anymore due to Lindsay's drunken public rampage. It made me wonder two things.

1. Is this why Jenny doesn't hang with Lindsay anymore?

2. Did Jenny pick up some of her drinking habits from Lindsay?


>that’s for sure…”

she does like to say that's for sure doesn't she

443f3e  No.5972


Lindsay's a married woman now in her mid-30s.

Her not hanging out with Jenny as much was inevitable.

She's less in public drunkenness since getting hitched.

So I think in had no bearing on Jenny going out and getting lit.

91ec72  No.5973



> Jenny hanging with Lindsay

Convention season is almost here so I’m sure like last year they’ll hangout a lot soon.

Definitely for Vidcon and Patrecon and very likely for Comic Con, for D23Jenny night take Kat or Alicia but maybe she’ll spit in their Disney loving faces and take Kat instead.

Poor Bailey might not even see Jenny’s new place.

de5394  No.5974


What do you guys think Bailey should do to get from under Jenny's shadow and improve her channel?

Keep in mind, unlike Jenny, she has a real job.

91ec72  No.5975


Meant Kristen and Alicia*


Be more wholesome, be cuter with better lighting and have 15 videos all trend one after the other for no particular reason.

5f647a  No.5976



Yeah it’s really difficult for her, especially because the format doesn’t really lend itself to going viral or spreading on reddit or twitter because ultimately it’s a 40 min slow burn of someone just taking the piss out of a book.

I think her only real hope is one of her other small videos were to take off and bring people to her channel, or if she does another Jenny vid and can get that to properly take off into the 200,000s rather than 80000 views.

Tbh I just don’t think it’s gonna happen for her, which is a shame. I think it’ll be interesting to see how long she goes before she just gives up.

d10ef5  No.5977

File: 322893c9653e2f5⋯.jpg (171.62 KB, 1080x330, 36:11, Bailey Update (June 3rd, 2….jpg)


Not be lazier than Jenny for starters. There's way too much time in between her releases, so finding something quicker to produce regularly would really help her out. Jenny has a built-in fanbase waiting for her (now monthly) videos, so she can afford to put in the minimum effort and maintain her growth, Bailey is nowhere near that level yet.

I just hope we get a few more Jenny collabs before she throws in the towel.

6b60a6  No.5978

File: 88b06c1dbf8894e⋯.jpeg (369.34 KB, 640x1095, 128:219, B1E23060-6C74-4DEA-BE95-F….jpeg)

Ohh, just remembered they talked about going to SWL together, I wonder if Jenny’s big plan really was just to get a hotel reservation?

Jenny didn’t get to try anything at the Cantina so guess they just passed each other and talked for a minute but if anyone listens to the podcast, let us know when Jenny’s in it.

6b60a6  No.5979

File: 228f1ab81244071⋯.jpeg (447.95 KB, 640x707, 640:707, 7594D6EF-BFC3-40EA-8BCF-7….jpeg)

File: 6747db86b65247d⋯.jpeg (418.66 KB, 640x484, 160:121, F7D18DC8-E2F5-4B79-A213-A….jpeg)

File: 2b953cb394bb297⋯.jpeg (674.8 KB, 640x879, 640:879, F82D521B-2D70-40CC-96D9-5….jpeg)

> What kind of guy will Jenny eventually get in a relationship with.

Here they are.


They also didn’t tweet about seeing her or post a photo so they forgot Jennys ass quick when SW was in view.

5f647a  No.5980


You have to remember unlike Jenny she still works a full time job, and she hasn’t got the energy of youth anymore. In my experience once you get past 25 you just start feeling tired all of the time and basically run out of free time to do stuff a lot.

I wouldn’t be bothered to make videos if i was her.

6b60a6  No.5981

File: 2192e947a4c5a84⋯.jpeg (350.4 KB, 640x838, 320:419, 52081C53-49A8-44E1-9DD5-9….jpeg)

Interesting, her love should be this week unless she’s late moving in as she likely will be.

d10ef5  No.5982


Goddamn, that dude is small… poor bastard. I only ever seen that guy in the pink Mickey shirt before, never the other two. Is Jenny a big part of the episode? I don't really feel like listening right now (I have a million other things I need to be doing).


She could always try game streaming. Her "Let's Playley" (great name btw!) videos were fun. Being in the industry (as minimal as her impact there may be) could be a bit of a leg-up.


You think she'll get Bailey to help her move even though she skipped town when Bailey moved to her new place?

3e0570  No.5983


Jenny's at the pay grade where she can hire professional movies now.

Even for the little stuff.

My guess is that she'll move in the middle of a weekday anyway, while everyone else is at work

3e0570  No.5984



6b60a6  No.5985


Yeah, she’ll need a Uhaul unless her dad comes to help again.

a8c24d  No.5986


> let us know when Jenny’s in it.

Her part is from 32:30-40:40, but she isnt even on it that whole time, she kind of steps away and you can hear her talking to Steve in the background. Didnt say anything of note just mentioned the blue milk and other stuff she tried during the preview day.

6b60a6  No.5987

Someone here said they know Jenny’s apartment, I’m curious how much she was playing. After we have confirmation of her move, can that person diss on what her old place was?

ef1c4c  No.5988

File: 17183527df9ecb8⋯.jpg (120.43 KB, 614x539, 614:539, 17183527df9ecb87619b6eadf2….jpg)


>What's with people calling her fat this weekend? 4chan was doing it today too. Jenny only looks that much better with a bit of chub.

Agree. Who can argue with a cute little belly and a nice peachy behind?

62ace1  No.5989


When was this photo taken?

62ace1  No.5990

Slow Jenny news day today.

Just that Jenny admits to being a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan. And that Griffin says he's leaving twitter because someone in his family is about to die from an illness.

91ec72  No.5991


I believe it’s around college but maybe HS, it’s from her black gay friends photos.

I wish I’d gotten interested and checked out her Facebook before she set everything private. I can’t imagine the treasure trove of pics there.

d10ef5  No.5992

File: 999d381a5b4ada9⋯.jpg (199.39 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ramble- Jenny designs the ….jpg)

File: 32481fd537b8022⋯.jpg (203.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ramble- Jenny designs the ….jpg)

File: cc6b58315b2aaef⋯.jpg (200.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ramble- Jenny designs the ….jpg)

File: 0485e9ccb669cc0⋯.jpg (202.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ramble- Jenny designs the ….jpg)

File: 2640964fcd28fbf⋯.jpg (201.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ramble- Jenny designs the ….jpg)

That was actually a pretty good ramble as she didn't stick to the topic too tightly. Streaming is coming up soon-ish (once she sets up an office at her new place), she finally adopted Kat and she's going to be her roommate… an upgrade from accessory to pet (speculation there, she didn't say who would be her roommate yet) and she finally explained her concussion! Apparently she was rear ended while she was parked and her car got totaled (glad to hear she wasn't hurt there, sheesh).

91ec72  No.5993


Oh wow, sounds like she shared a lot of info here.

First, cute dress and showing a lot of shoulder and chest, nice change of pace. I'll say it again though, Jenny's boobs drag real low.

Unless Jenny's getting a storage unit, her new place will need a bedroom, office, 2nd bedroom for roomie and storage unless she puts a desk for streaming in the plushie storage room so Jenny's paying for a nicer area apartment for at least 3 rooms maybe 4, Jenny's gonna be dropping 4k-5k on rent.

100% the roommate is by choice because she's not comfortable living alone, guessing it'll be Kat, Alicia or Kristen as Bailey just moved.

Gonna be curious to see who it is or if she'll share at all, if we don't see the person and they never show up in streams (if Jenny actually does it) then secret boyfriend becomes much more likely as roommate.

Did she clarify what she'll stream, like games or movies?

This makes it that much more likely Jenny is single if she's voluntarily getting a roommate especially if it's one of her girlfriends.

Jenny will go from 10k to 20k-35k a month from twitch donations and superchats depending on how often she streams. She's gonna be fucking rich.

91ec72  No.5994


>she was parked and her car got totaled

How is that even possible?

Dang, I knew she drove a dark blue Prius, wonder what she drives now, a Tesla or Porsche?

91ec72  No.5995


Wait, why would Jenny put some poor person through the hassle of dealing with her being awake and recording herself or watching Netflix at 3 am on a Tuesday?

d10ef5  No.5996

File: 8088ee0bd8b20c6⋯.webm (15.25 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Jenny on Streaming.webm)


>Jenny's boobs drag real low

Eh, they're fine. I certainly wouldn't turn them down.

>Gonna be curious to see who it is or if she'll share at all

My money is still on Kat. I bet they split a really expensive apartment. I would've guessed she was upgrading to a house, but she says apartment repeatedly.

>She's gonna be fucking rich

She's been rich practically her whole life… she's never had to truly worry about money.

>This makes it that much more likely Jenny is single

Yeah, that pretty much guarantees it. One of the main reasons to get a place of your own is not having to worry about bringing someone back to it and "making noise" if people are trying to sleep or whatever.

d10ef5  No.5997

File: 383208d17092f2e⋯.webm (15.31 MB, 512x288, 16:9, Jenny on Her Concussion.webm)


And here's the second part with her concussion story.

35fb17  No.5998


>a seatbelt was the one thing that kept her from dying

Well shit.

7155cb  No.5999


that cancer fundraiser he did most likely.


on one hand Kat means more/higher quality videos, on the other hand, Jenny will be hanging out with Nathan Grayson a lot now and that's gross.


how did Jenny interact with her attacker? did she yell, cry? is there an incident report out there?

35fb17  No.6000


>is there an incident report out there?

There should be. I'm sure some supersleuth could track it down if they put in the efort.

d8071f  No.6001

So the night of the car accident was the night of the D and D guest spot.

Who did she take to that?

Also she said she was returning her friend to the friend's boyfriends house.

So was it Kat at Nathan's house? Most likely.

Small chance she was returning Kirsten to her boyfriends place.

>>yeah. It's looking more and more like she and Kat are moving in together.

It must be a big apartment if Jenny is not worried about hearing Kat and Nathan fuck. (Sorry Kat)

Jenny also mentioned driving a long way with her sister. Must have driven up to SAN Ramon right before Memorial Day weekend. That's when we saw theJorn pic.

Jenny must rally fear for her life slot, if she's purposely getting a roommate. You'd think st 27, with pretty good income, she's want to be more independent.

Sooner or later Nathan's gonna try and hook her up with one of his friends, at Kat's suggestion. So she won't feel like a third wheel in the new apartment . That'll be interesting

7155cb  No.6002


so if we find out where Nathan lives maybe we can track down some police report on the accident

>Nathan's gonna try and hook her up with one of his friends

quick, everyone befriend Nathan!

d8071f  No.6003


For reals!!

Who are Nathan's single friends?

Gotta do some research, because we might find out who's Jenny's next boink session.

91ec72  No.6004


Again, how does a parked car get totaled? Shouldn’t Jenny have neck problems if she was rear ended that bad?

For once a topic was so boring even Jenny had to share a bunch of personal stuff to stay interested in making the video.

91ec72  No.6005


> on one hand Kat means more/higher quality videos

Why is that?


> My money is still on Kat. I bet they split a really expensive apartment.

No way Kats pulling anything close to Jenny’s income, Jenny pays 2/3 for 2 out of the 3 bedrooms.

If it is Kat, she finally hit the jackpot, she scammed a well off YouTuber into moving in with her and will be able to tell Jenny every single day, how much danger she’s in from her research about online harassment and stalking.

Jenny will live with Kat until nobody wants her anymore or until she can buy a mansion in a gated and guarded community.

69eda2  No.6006


She was parked on the side of the street behind another parked car.

The incoming car ran out of the center of the street and rammed right back of her, causing her car to knock the parked car in front of her.

If the guy would have been going 70mph instead of 40nph, then Jenny would have been crushed between two cars.

I wonder with Jenny in her new place and with the safety of a roommate, will she be less fearful and more open on her media.

Like more details of where she'll be, getting wasted more, more open about dating, etc.

91ec72  No.6007

File: f5b59a2de0e3c49⋯.jpeg (105.18 KB, 640x265, 128:53, C2AC96A7-A9D1-46C6-B6D9-A….jpeg)

So Jenny’s not recording Star Wars Land video yet. If this video doesn’t go big her channels just about done growing.

Will Kat or whomever the roommate is have to constantly tell Jenny to keep it down when she’s talking to herself at 3 in the morning?

a99141  No.6008


By the sounds of what Jenny was saying, with their arrangement, I could imagine that Jenny is probably paying more than so that she gets a bedroom and the spare room to use as an office space.

I think it could be very telling who she moves in with, if it is one of her female friends it would definitely suggest she doesn't have a boyfriend, not a serious one anyway. But does it not also say the same about the person she moves in with?

Just saying, if it is Kat, it only adds more fuel to the Jenny/Kat fire.

I think in all likelihood we probably won't find out who it is though, it'll be some friend of Jenny's we aren't even aware of.

91ec72  No.6009


If we don’t find out people will say it’s a boyfriend.

If Jenny streams I think people will ask her about her roommate a lot, “tell them to come say hi to us Jenny!”

a99141  No.6010


I think the streaming is the big thing, when she streams the mask will have to slip a little bit.

91ec72  No.6011


> If the guy would have been going 70mph instead of 40nph, then Jenny would have been crushed between two cars.

Didn’t die or get whiplash. #CharmedLife

91ec72  No.6012


Oh yeah, it’s like Disney being open 24/7. Jenny will overshadow and be mean before she can stop herself or edit anything out.

Her channel subs have slowed to the slowest in years, she got more Twitter followers than Youtube subscribers in the last 30 days.

streaming might be the only thing to help her regain momentum in influencer growth.

69eda2  No.6013


Jenny wouldn't even mention having a roommate if it was for a secret boyfriend.

So we're safe there.


The most interesting aspect to the streaming…watching unfiltered Jenny.

I hope she doesn't get many comparisons to Streaming THOTs.

She already hates it when people compared her to Cam girls.


Bleh…..all of us here figured out Kat's boinking Nathan. More power to you Kat. She and Jenny are straight. Not bi.

It will just mean Kat and Nathan aren't big serious or ready to take the next step. No biggie.

How will Kat or mysterious roommate deal with jenny's clutter of plush and stupid merchandise


Will big Porg continue to be on Jenny's bed? Will she finally grow out of it?

Will Kat (or mystery rommmate) teach Jenny how to behave and live like a real women in her late 20s? And not like a teen girl high on Disney merch?

Will hearing fuck sessions of Kat/Nathan cause Jenny to feel herself and get Horner than she's been in awhile?

Basically what I'm asking is will watching a real woman, her roommate, cause Jenny to evaluate herself, and become more adult?

69eda2  No.6014


^get hornier than she's been in awhile

91ec72  No.6015


Didn’t Jenny have like 2-3 roommates like 2 years ago and that didn’t change her.

Unless whomever this roommate is will also work for Jenny, I’m willing to bet this doesn’t end well, mostly for the roomie has Jenny is a heavy sleeper.

How could it, if you have a regular life and job and Jenny’s waking up at 11 pm at the earliest and going to be around 4-5 normally and has to record herself talking fur hours.

cd08fa  No.6016


The roommates Jenny had 3 years ago weren't her friends. Jenny basically searched for people living in the area looking for roommates. Like ads and shit.

Jenny chose whoever this friend is (Kat, Alicia, other) as her ideal choice to move in with.

Since Kat seems to be more spongey than Alicia and Kirsten. It would seem to be her.

Hell, they roomed together in the same hotel room for 5 days at Celebration.

So it should work out in theory.

cd08fa  No.6017


I don't think Jenny and Kat could be gay. But if they were, I wouldn't mind. I consider Kat to be Jenny's best looking friend after Bailey ( who is definitely straight. Keep thirsting for that cum Bailey).

My only problem would be that would mean Nathan, her pseudo boyfriend, then gets to have threesomes with them.

And that would make me cry.

6b60a6  No.6018


> Jenny making a roommate a friend

A. Have we considered Jenny lied so people don’t think she’s home alone all the time?

B. Being roommates with your friend is I think worse because you just let things grow that you don’t want to argue about until there’s a giant argument about everything.

C. Five days in a hotel room sleeping and waking up at normal hours is a lot different than years of living together, and Jenny talking about Disneyland and Star Wars (which Kat does not care about) for the millionth time.

dd8640  No.6019



Unlike all of Jenny's friends from Lindsay to Bailey to Kirsten; Kat is like a cipher.

We really don't don't know her interests besides her "online moderation researcher stuff"

Since it seems like Kat is leeching off Jenny even before the apartment thing. It looks like she's willing to go with Jenny's interests be it Star Wars, Disney or theme parks.

That's why many here went straight to Kat as a guess, when Jenny mentioned choosing a roommate.

She's also the new "shark." Check out her tweets after Jenny mentioned the staff guy hitting on her at Celebration. Unlike Bailey whose just loud. "Stop touching my friend!"

Kat goes for the cerebral punch. Getting that online sway against the company, who employs the staff member. And Holy Dhit, it worked.

Basically Kat is Jenny's new bodyguard, albeit in the online media realm. And since online media is Jenny's career, it works out good for Kat for that online media research thing she does.

Basically Jenny and KAt have a symbiotic relationship now as far as careers. One feeds into the other.

dd8640  No.6020

6b60a6  No.6021


I bet Kat is friends or was with that gamer gate girl Nathan slept with.

Kats a blue haired online feminist, she’s totally open to helping spread Jenny’s legs for Nathan during a night of heavy drinking.


> symbiotic relationship

Nah, what Jenny gets from Kat she could get from any of her friends realistically, Kats not the reason the Celebrations was scared, it was because a Youtuber with 80k followers said an employee harassed her and used her personal info trying to get a date.

6b60a6  No.6022

Crazy Lindsay, Jenny net Kat last Summer in NYC at Lindsay’s wedding I believe and now she’s gonna be living with Jenny.

Fucking inceptioned poor Jenny.

dd8640  No.6023


>>I bet Kat is friends with the gamergirl Nathan slept

Dude that's Zoe Quinn. Her twitter pseudonym is Gerard Whey.

See my twitter links above for Kat and her doing bi sexual Karaoke together with another bisexual.

This proves that Kat is bi. Doing queer karaoke night with two other known bisexual women. And other LGBTQ tags on Kat's media.

What if she really is Jenny's new roommate.

I'm thinking that


is correct.

Kat and Jenny are in a bisexual, non-commital relationship.

It's all starting to add up.


6b60a6  No.6024


How far Jenny has swayed from her Disney branding.

And dang shenny shared a lot.

a99141  No.6025


Hey I didn't say I think they're in a relationship, I just said it would add fuel to that fire.

This move and mystery roommate is going cause a whole heap of reckless speculation.

dd8640  No.6026


After finding out that Kat is bi, and now that Nathan has been passed around from Zoe to Kat, things have gotten interesting.

If you go by Vito's video the her, Bailey and Kat are just friends. But I wonder if Jenny's experimented now.

If Kat's the roommate, then I have to start questioning Jenny's sexuality.

If it's someone like Alicia, I think we'll all be relieved. She's younger than Jenny and may need a roommate to make ends meet. She still works at Disneyland, so that's a plus for Jenny. And working different Disney shifts and cohabitating with Jenny's weird schedule would be no big deal. So she's the safe choice.

It ain't Bailey and Kirsten seems set in her ways.

6b60a6  No.6027


Maybe it’s some YouTuber like Steve. Jenny calls a lot of people her friends.

d10ef5  No.6028


>I think in all likelihood we probably won't find out who it is though

Wouldn't it be hilarious if she was just moving in with Max and he was the friend?


>Kat and Jenny are in a bisexual, non-commital relationship

Who was the Asian girl she hung out with in college, was she straight? Maybe Jenny has a thing for Asian chicks.

a99141  No.6029


Is anyone feeling brave and just wants to straight up ask Bailey on the stream tonight?

6b60a6  No.6030


Her college was jam packed with Asians though.

6b60a6  No.6031


“Just watched Jenny’s Patreon vid, congrats on the new place with her”.

a99141  No.6032


Is it weird though, that they've both moved around the same time, Jenny wanted a roommate but Bailey decided she'd rather live alone.

I wonder if that caused any awkwardness.

d10ef5  No.6033


I probably won't even remember to watch it later (even though I'll actually be awake this time).


Maybe that's why she chose it… it was a feeding frenzy.

b19ce3  No.6034


If wouldn't be awkward.

Jenny wants to remain to Anaheim.

Bailey wants to remain in North Hollywood.

They're friends, but their Day to Day stuff requires them in different areas

b19ce3  No.6035


Ask Bailey if she has any bisexual friends.

Also would she ever swing that way?

a99141  No.6036


Jenny said she's moving to a safer area, and also judging by her instagram I'm pretty sure Bailey moved to more East Hollywood.

b19ce3  No.6037


You're right about Bailey to East Hollywood.

But still, Jenny's just moving to a safer part of Anaheim.

Did anyone ever ask Bailey on the twitch stream if she does marijuana?

6b60a6  No.6038


> Safer Anaheim?

What, inside Disneyland, the area looked very safe when I was visiting.

I can’t believe what a scam Kat was able to pull off in 10-11 months with Jenny.

4c6af4  No.6039

See link


I keep forgetting that Lindsay and Kat get together and watch Caketube while high.

Why did it take me so long to realize that Jenny gets stoned

7155cb  No.6040

File: 72081d770709b80⋯.jpg (91.69 KB, 960x720, 4:3, c3e5f8b9e46ab3663de2983237….jpg)


>Why is that?

because Kats a camera girl, Jenny could easily do skits and stuff now that she has someone to operate the camera


pic related?


the sisters stream is a better shot "Me an my brother are gay, does lgbt run in your family too?"

35fb17  No.6041



<she becomes the new Doug Walker

29285a  No.6042


>Small chance she was returning Kirsten to her boyfriends place

Kristens boyfriend lives in New York.

a99141  No.6043


Yeah I thought she was in a long distance relationship but I wasn't sure if I'd made that up.

I assume the friend she was dropping off was one we don't know, possibly the girl from the porgventure video, because she tweeted the boyfriend, I think it's steve, texting her to see if she was ok.

60aea6  No.6044


She must have been returning Kat to Nathan's place then.

Kat (a known bisexual) invites her up to have a threesome with Nathan. Jenny says no thanks but stays in the car to contemplate it.

Boom! Gets hit by a car. Later figures life's too short. And she could have died.

Starts having a three way with herself, Kat and Nathan.

Invites Kat to Chicago.

Invites Kat to move in together.

Jenny's getting laid. We just didn't know which team.

60aea6  No.6045


Steve and Lauren are a married couple. You must mean Alicia.

60aea6  No.6046


Oh I see what you're saying.

It couldn't have been Steve's place. Steve and Lauren are married, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jenny specifically said in the ramble "dropping her friend at her boyfriends place."

Unless Alicia has a new boyfriend, it most likely was Kat and Nathan

a99141  No.6047

File: fffab1242855107⋯.jpg (28.09 KB, 1080x339, 360:113, DzDos-kVAAAQoNG.jpg)



Yeah I was referencing this tweet. It was just a guess.

I dunno, I just feel like whenever there's a friend we always assume it's Kat, and it is a lot. But I think that's just Kat is one of her only friends she'll expose to her followers.

In fact I feel like if we don't find out who her roommate is in the next few months, the chances of it being Kat decrease.

7155cb  No.6048


>In fact I feel like if we don't find out who her roommate is in the next few months, the chances of it being Kat decrease.

we may never find out, they will, unlike jenny, have their address listed all over the internet. so best to keep them a secret

6b60a6  No.6049

Weird Jenny would say she’s got a roommate now if she plans on keeping them a secret.

Seems weird to say she’ll live with someone, edit the video and leave that but when she’s doing it be super secretive when people ask we never see her roommate.

6b60a6  No.6050


No way, Jenny’s sitting this person she’s voluntarily chosen and will tell them how important keeping their privacy is.

6b60a6  No.6051


Getting high

Getting drunk at the zoo


Threesomes and lesbian actions

I didn’t know Jenny at all, she’ll share this side a lot more if/when she’s older and starts losing influence and money and becomes a has been.

60aea6  No.6054


We here, should be able to pool our collective investigation skills together, and figure out who she's rooming with, after she's been in the new place for a couple months

6b60a6  No.6055


Some here even says they know where she lives now.

I hope they’ll share after she moves out so can verify what the rent was for her 2 bedroom place.

60aea6  No.6056

What a weird day of insight.

Looking at Max's latest instagram posts, compared to Jenny, I can safely say his current life is on a way different path than Jenny's. We can rule Max out as a lover.

But now with the roommate thing, I'm processing that Kat and Jen could be lovers.

d10ef5  No.6057


Hey, let's not scare Jenny now! I only said I had found apartments extremely similar to hers in the "general area" where she lived and gave an estimated price based on those. I never specifically looked for Jenny's place (because what would I even do with that info?). And that all came about because of an innocent tweet of hers I stumbled across in a search on my commute to work one day that got me curious.

She's already way too paranoid, no need to go piling it on.

fc35c6  No.6058

jennys already posting apartment pictures and referring to "we". it wont be long at all till we know who roommate is

60aea6  No.6059

From Kat's professional resumè

"Online Crisis Support: assist journalists and media influencers (like Youtubers) from online harassment, stalking, doxxing and other distressing events in threat

modeling increasing security measures, protecting privacy and reputation, and providing peer mental health support."

No wonder Jenny keeps Kat around.

Yep, Jenny's moving in with Kat to feel safe.

60aea6  No.6060


Hhhmm. Nathan's said he can't do his usual streaming tonight, due to logistic reasons.

Perhaps like helping someone move or ??!

91ec72  No.6061

File: d79b73a2dc0d13d⋯.jpeg (184.26 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 614EB680-DCB2-4F17-9A09-7….jpeg)


Holy shit is that real?


I’m almost wondering if this is fake, why does Jenny want everyone to know she’s not alone.

Nothing from Bailey or her dad, who helped her move?

d10ef5  No.6062

File: 331981671ff6d46⋯.png (65.59 KB, 961x443, 961:443, Jenny's Galaxy's Edge Haul.png)

I thought this tweet was telling. She spent $2k easily.


I wonder how well they'll deal with Jenny's clingy-ness? She's been giving off a real "desperately lonely, please don't leave me" vibe since that whole Griffin ordeal.


Well, Max also said he was taking a few days off from Instagram, so…

91ec72  No.6063

File: e4fc66dbd16af55⋯.jpeg (298.3 KB, 640x772, 160:193, 811B6574-FBF1-45E1-9C04-5….jpeg)

File: aba79e2ad992dd1⋯.jpeg (98.59 KB, 640x280, 16:7, 41128065-F44F-4601-BF28-9….jpeg)


Hmmm, maybe, but he’s still tweeting.

If Jenny got movers or they already moved shut into the apartment he could be taking a breather to talk about homophobia.

91ec72  No.6064


Sounds like it’s Kats privacy skills verses our snooping skills, game on leech.


> it wont be long at all till we know who roommate is

Here’s hoping

d10ef5  No.6065

File: dfc093786d26d59⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Star Wars- Galaxys Edge AM….jpg)

File: cc49a78d95f416c⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Star Wars- Galaxys Edge AM….jpg)

File: 2cb5635f290a6d7⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Star Wars- Galaxys Edge AM….jpg)

File: 93c868d392ff47b⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Star Wars- Galaxys Edge AM….jpg)

File: 92e9bfe1bf27ac7⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, Star Wars- Galaxys Edge AM….jpg)

So did anyone else go through Galaxy's Edge vlog footage looking for Jenny?

fc35c6  No.6066


nice finds man. i started to look but its just so overwhelming with how many videos there are

35fb17  No.6067


Now that's the face of a man who knows personal defeat.

91ec72  No.6068


Wow, well done. The fact that Jenny's got 400k subs and talks so much about Disney and whomever made this video didn't even do a little info graph to say, oh and here's Jenny, really shows how much a nobody Jenny is outside Patreon and our board.

Also Jenny got quiet fast, Kat must've told her to shut the fuck up and not tweet anything else.


This makes me think she's the reason Jenny shares so little anymore, Kat's coaching and training.

91ec72  No.6069

File: 5208bc4b0ba4b93⋯.png (12.15 KB, 476x123, 476:123, LindsayDissingJenny.PNG)

Jenny has used that line about muting people so they're just "yelling into the void" verbatim, did she learn it from Lindsay or did Lindsay learn it from Jenny and now is calling her out after Kat told her it doesn't work.

91ec72  No.6070

File: 19581f68b3eb859⋯.png (269.36 KB, 763x330, 763:330, lindsaykattweet.PNG)

91ec72  No.6072


I'm really surprised Jenny's going to start from 0 and stream on Twitch instead of just using Youtube streaming, is that only for vloggers and not good for gaming?

Going by this video…was I wrong, does Jenny live in a one bedroom? It sounds like if she needs a little small bedroom for a desk then she doesn't actually have a 2nd bedroom for her plushies/guests but then where does she put all that shit, and where does Kristen stay when she stays over her place?


What's the insurance payout on a 10 year old Prius anyway? I'd be surprised if Jenny didn't buy a new car and actually waited 4 months for a payout.

And she keeps saying "new car" so I don't think she means new to her, I think Jenny went and got a brand new car.

60aea6  No.6073


Its real


Hopefully Kat doesn't consider us any kind of threat. (Love you Kat, please don't destroy us)

a99141  No.6074


Really Kat should secretly help us, we could set up a little cottage industry. She anonymously helps us to get info and rare Jennys and in doing so proves to Jenny what a "threat" we are and that Jenny needs her help.

60aea6  No.6075

Every time Jenny tweets about Taco Bell late at night now, I'm just going to assume she's high

7155cb  No.6076


This is great quality footage, Jenny needs a better camera


people like kat make me honestly angry, they make their money by gaming the grant system and tricking boomers. its like the suburban American version of those Indian phone scammers who talk someone into giving them their savings.

a99141  No.6077


Whats the video source for this?

a99141  No.6078


That's just academia, her research and work really has no less merit than any other humanity or social science.

91ec72  No.6079

File: 0e55de97176bbf8⋯.jpeg (183.77 KB, 640x900, 32:45, 5405610C-9A3E-4133-A505-2….jpeg)

File: 4d058a7b429af8b⋯.jpeg (127.58 KB, 640x373, 640:373, 1F1E72AE-71C5-4C9C-B3FA-5….jpeg)

File: 5dd0c6dfde98a14⋯.jpeg (121.6 KB, 640x310, 64:31, 589F8DE2-7FE8-433A-8177-7….jpeg)


Careful, unless you pay for a plan or make a dummy account with LinkedIn people you look up know who’s looked at their account I believe.


This is weird, why isn’t her roomie helping her get food?

She wants to record her Star Wars video which by the patreon video (thanks whomever put the clip up) means she’s set up in her new room ready to film in.

Funny she’ll stream from an office but keep making videos from her bed?

Jenny make sure to leave her thigh print on the park, no long dresses for our girl even when cold.

Dan and Jenny will be hanging at Disney soon, those poor kids, Jenny has no regard for rules.

91ec72  No.6080


I just noticed she’s pulled her jacked down below her shoulders. Does Jenny wear anything like normal people?

Skirts hiked up and jackets pulled down, she’s so fucking weird.

94f498  No.6081

Guys I've slept on it.

And I've come to the conclusion that I wouldn't be against Jenny in a relationship with Kat.

She's already friends with all sides of Jenny's friends from Bailey to Lindsay to Max to Alicia.

Jenny's odd hours won't effect her.

She's shown she's overprotective of Jenny.

Their careers complement each others'.

She and Jenny would be bi for each other.

They already share clothes.

They'd be cute together.

The only con, is Nathan or someone getting a threesome with him. It hurts me to think about it.

a99141  No.6082

File: f3109caa38ab305⋯.png (626.94 KB, 640x856, 80:107, cold shoulders.png)


She's not rolled them down that's just the design of the jacket, it's called cold shoulder.

7155cb  No.6083


the irony of Dan Olson commenting on Jennys "ignore the child safety rules"


>This is weird, why isn’t her roomie helping her get food?

and why wouldn't Jenny park, walk in, and order?

94f498  No.6084


Jenny would never leave the safety of the car at 2am in the morning to walk in and get Taco Bell that way (probably while high)

There are thugs out and about during those times.

35fb17  No.6085


>Jenny and Kat

>not Jenny and Bailey

94f498  No.6086


Bailey's pure hetero.

Her sisters are the ace and LGBT ones.

223e27  No.6087

Have any of Jenny’s friends mentioned moving or s nice place?

I’m genuinely curious how Jenny decided to to reward with a big nice apartment in a nice area after realizing 2 years later living alone scared her cause of a bunch of toys staring at her in her sleep.

223e27  No.6088


Kat uses Jenny, she’s a leech.

You think she’ll stick with Jenny when she’s a has been and no longer has a Patreon to take her to conventions or pay for a nice 3 bedroom apartment?

d49898  No.6089


I mean, any dude Jenny would get with(except for Max's rich ass) would be looked on as a leech to some extent.

Whatever Kat's selling, Jenny's got no problems going for it. Whether it's security, friendship, or pussy.

a99141  No.6090


Jenny and Bailey are OTP but it's just not gonna happen.

4d68cc  No.6091


It's going to be sad when one of them gets married and the other's a bridesmaid.

Imagine the wedding speech at the dinner.

35fb17  No.6092



I dunno, do you not remember some of the eyes drunk Bailey was flashing at Jen? I dare to believe.

592ed3  No.6093


>>the eyes drunk Bailey was flashing at Jen

She was thinking about those YouTube views and dollar signs

223e27  No.6094

Jenny whispering we shouldn’t, getting teary-eyed and holding Porg as Kat lifts her skirt and eats her out for the first time.

If Jenny colors her hair, it’s proof that happened.

64a556  No.6095


I don't live in big cities.

Is the whole girl dyes her hair a weird color synonymous with being bi or a lesbian?

Does it signal it or something?

35fb17  No.6096


>If Jenny colors her hair

Don't you dare meme irresponsibly with that.


That and so much more. It's pretty much a death sentence on her actual femininity and her mutation into a disgusting wretch of humanity.

223e27  No.6097


This is too big a coincidence for Nathan to not be associated with Jenny in some way. If Kats the roommate he was there helping last night.

223e27  No.6098


Kat colors hers and so do all her bi feminist online media girlfriends.

a99141  No.6099


No, it's something that's common in those circles, but I've known plenty of straight girls who colour their hair.

Half the girls at my school coloured their hair once they got to 16/17.

a99141  No.6101

File: 773e2fe473e0e4e⋯.jpg (96.37 KB, 961x961, 1:1, 10005663_934291129985741_5….jpg)

File: c52f752db3fd27c⋯.jpg (122.49 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 11261318_416317488553249_5….jpg)

File: 37c72e0e1cc7c0a⋯.jpg (143.8 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 12298904_409739692483973_1….jpg)



And as if to prove my point these are from when straight as an arrow bailey went blonde/pink for a but a few years ago.

It's just something girls do when they first start to feel independent and in charge of their own lives, and then some of them like it and stick with it.

It's kind of a meme that it's just all angry lesbians, but its really common.

7155cb  No.6102

bailey said her green eyes mean she's slowly going blind

35fb17  No.6103


Terrible. Just terrible. Blonde Bailey's a real cutie.



a99141  No.6104


Yeah it was a weird tweet, she said that when she was younger her eyes were a much darker brown, but over the years they’ve gone lighter appearing more green now.

She said she was told by an optometrist that this was due to sun damage, and basically unless she wears proper sunglasses when she goes out in the sun she’ll start to lose her vision.

I don’t know if this is a her thing or an everyone thing though.

d10ef5  No.6106


>hates Twitter, uses it constantly

How retarded is Lindsay exactly?


>does Jenny live in a one bedroom?

This is what what I assumed for the longest time. In apartments like hers, the ends of the hallways were typically just storage closets/shelves.


>Jenny needs a better camera

For real. She can afford so much better and the only downside is heavier editing requirements. She's finally getting a real computer to stream so she won't have to work on her laptop exclusively anymore. Now would be a great time to upgrade.


Still, for what she "researches" and how she goes about it (practically living with her clients/subjects), it's not very ethical. That's con-artist behavior.


And the clock starts ticking even faster… poor Bailey can't catch a break.

35fb17  No.6107

File: deb89ca0eadbd41⋯.mp4 (5.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jenny, the bad influence.mp4)


If that is legit, what'd she do, star at the sun for hours on end? Quick search says that exposure to sun can darken your eyes. Almost makes me want to call an optometrist and inquire about it. Maybe it's a Jew thing.


>How retarded is Lindsay exactly?

She applies "feminist theory" to Disney movies and lets Jenny bully her into alcoholism. She's pretty fucking retarded.

64a556  No.6108



The apartment we saw her in did in fact have a smaller 2nd bedroom. Kirsten has made mention of it before when she spends the night. It has the Kylo Ren standee in it. Probably had a futon in it for Kirsten to sleep on.



I just did the math. And come to find out that Jenny's stupid and random Flinstones tweet is at the same time Bailey's party was going on where Jenny, Bailey, Addison, Kat and Faith got high as a kite.

a99141  No.6109


>hates Twitter, uses it constantly

This is most people on twitter, not just Lindsay.


Bailey said on stream that they were just very drunk, not high.

1548d7  No.6110


>>drunk not high


You got a time stamp to when she's says that

a99141  No.6111


I can't even remember what stream it was in.

25dbfe  No.6112

Can someone give me the rundown or links to threads where the Boston shit went down? Searching 4plebs for it doesn't give anything.

d10ef5  No.6113


It was on 8/tv/ and I don't know if that thread was archived or not.

7155cb  No.6114


the rundown is, I believe, she went to salem/boston with an unknown person, and it seemed like it might be a date so people did forensics on her photos, found her hotel and wanted to wait outside to see if she had a boyfriend. also, dick crystals.

my memory is iffy though as I say here


>after a while everything I read on these topics just blends together, "sort of remember" is the best I can do

905998  No.6117



I'm pretty sure the "Halloween different costumes" video and her "My Little pony Patreon exclusive song" video were both filmed in her 2nd bedroom

91ec72  No.6118


NOBODY said go wait outside the hotel, Jenny lied, people said to call the hotel and ask for her dad and see if the hotel would confirm he’s there in which case it was likely a family trip.

I ended up finding Jenny’s a d and sister in her giant sunglasses reflection so we verified there was no boyfriend.

With how Jenny dressed during the trip, her dad likely didn’t go either.

91ec72  No.6119

When that car rammed into Jenny, I wonder what her reaction was.

I also wonder if she thought it was one of us behind the wheel going full Single White Female on her.

91ec72  No.6120

File: 2328ca2120cb442⋯.jpeg (161.38 KB, 640x411, 640:411, 00F70F3B-D8F3-4108-8E1D-C….jpeg)


Buy a new computer Jenny, this 3 year old laptop keeps breaking pieces off and who the fuck edits off a laptop anyway, so stupid.

35fb17  No.6121


>oh god, i hope my porg is okay

d10ef5  No.6122


>I wonder what her reaction was

"Oh thank Mickey I survived… now I can go to Star Wars Land!"


She's so cheap she'll probably hang on to that thing until it's completely unusable.

d62d0a  No.6123


>Now would be a great time to upgrade

that would require her to stop using the camera her Maxy gave her. too much sentimental value for her. she gave up her v card for that camera!

23b6ac  No.6124

Anyone watching Nathan's streaming right now to see if he mentions helping someone move yesterday?

91ec72  No.6125


No but do us all a solid and let us know if he does. It’s funny how many people’s streams Jenny has gotten us into without ever streaming herself (Bailey, her sister, Nathan, those D&D trans people).

And how many she’ll get us into as she networks the shit out of Twitch like she has Youtube and Twitter. She’ll be friends and streaming with Ninja before you know it, he’ll make an exception for her.

fb0cb7  No.6126


She can always make new memories with Max and a new camera…


Speaking of streaming, I wonder what her Twitch name is going to be and if she's already created it. There's a couple of "spider jewels" on there already.

fb0cb7  No.6127


Also, this guy was only streaming to nine (9) people, I wasn't jumping in there.

91ec72  No.6128


> Twitch name

Jenny Nicholson

Poor Jenny, she’s lost her voice and still isn’t tweeting anymore.

I can see Kat coldly staring at her whenever Jenny picks up her phone only to put it back down with a small sigh as Kat gives her an approving smile.

P.S. Kat is a name for strippers and girls who think they’re cooler than they are. Like if Jennifer went by Jen instead of Jenny.

91ec72  No.6129


That would’ve been perfect, you could’ve asked why he had to cancel yesterday’s stream and end it with…”hope everything is alright man.”

fb0cb7  No.6130


>Jenny Nicholson

I'm sure that's long-since been claimed by a squatter.


He's probably familiar with all his regulars, that would be a odd question from a stranger.

23b6ac  No.6131

If Jenny and Kat are going out, then Bailey was the only straight person at her own party.

Jenny-possibly bi, Kat-bi, Addison-bi, Faith-gay, Bailey-straight

7155cb  No.6132


>I wonder what her reaction was.

"is Lindsay drunk behind the wheel again"


"I hear your girlfriend is shacking up with a youtube cutie. CUCK"

059b72  No.6133

It's been months and I still can't find anything on Vidward, Leah, or anyone else using them.

Just that little site

fb0cb7  No.6134

File: 33a06f006ed7e71⋯.jpg (88.2 KB, 443x726, 443:726, Jenny's Patreon Payment.jpg)


Jenny is evading taxes through it. It's just a front.

7155cb  No.6136


after seeing bailey's setup I'm convinced that its just them making their own site. here's the question though, the stuff about hiring staff, is that a honey pot to catch the Jenny obsessives, is it for show, or is Jenny trying her hand at being a media mogul?

491c50  No.6137


Just so we’re all on the same page here, the idea she’s set up a fake website to pretend she has representation is insane right. We’re all just joking about it.

35fb17  No.6138



>We’re all just joking

What if it's just a joke amongst themselves and they didn't think anybody would really pay it any attention?

059b72  No.6139


tfw when you apply as a joke but get an interview meeting request.

The interview is mysteriously in LA rather than Oregon.

You go there and come to find out it's Jenny and Bailey in business attire, trying to be serious about making the company happen.

You want to laugh but you hold it in. Ironically you nail the interview. Realizing this is your only chance into the World of Jenny, you accept.

You quit your real job, move to LA, and work with your waifs on getting international theme park invites set up.

You score the big one and Jenny is ever so happy.

She invites you to her new place to talk shop, after hours.

What started as a joke, has now gotten you to be the predominant male in Jenny's life.

You go to 8chan to inform us, but none of us believe you. You post intimate pics that only people close to Jenny could have gotten.

You have now gained the staid of an 8chan chad. Or rather 8chad.

059b72  No.6140



491c50  No.6141

Apropos of nothing, but has everyone seen the collider guy going off about not getting a media pass for Star Wars land? I know we like to say Jenny is entitled about this kind of stuff but this guy is something else.

I think he needs to get in touch with Leah to sort him out.

35fb17  No.6142


You forgot the step where the lucky anon gets some of us in to work as his extended staff.

7155cb  No.6143


I think its fake, what other explanation is there? if it was real they'd have more dudes than just Jenny


I'd do it, but what am I going to say when they ask for experience, or why I want to work for a company all the way on the west coast, it would all be just too suspicious

4db9b2  No.6144


The funny is, I bet Jenny would be happy with any dude (even 8chan) who scored her international theme park coverage positions.

fb0cb7  No.6145


Nothing about Vidward seems real…



All of Jenny's questions are just theme park trivia while Bailey's are all about Judaism. Would you still nail that interview?


You think she would be willing just to tag along with some dude if she could split the cost?

91ec72  No.6147


LGBT are like 10% of the population, why are they 75% of Jenny’s non white male friends. That’s weird unless she’s specifically seeking it out.


Ehhh, honestly, you shouldn’t put anything past Jenny. Especially if it means Jenny doesn’t have to pay someone $500-$800 a month and can give that money to Disney instead.


Jenny talks about Star Wars a lot but this guy has been doing daily Star Wars show for 5 years. He should’ve gotten the invite but it also sounds like there was a bit of a mixup because Disney invited Collider website writers but not online personalities.

Fun fact, he’s one of the people who’s said he doesn’t like Last Jedi.


> You think she would be willing just to tag along with some dude

Oh no no no, she’d thank you and promptly give your ticket to Kat or Kristen.

91ec72  No.6148

File: 9e257033638ed08⋯.jpeg (335.21 KB, 640x751, 640:751, 780BFFA3-00DB-436C-90E6-5….jpeg)

File: d661308b10dac0b⋯.jpeg (107.35 KB, 640x249, 640:249, FAD7E12B-BE0A-46CF-BD0B-5….jpeg)


Jenny’s gonna sell so many shirts to those Twitch guys watching her.

And looks like she’s still moving/unboxing 3 days into this move.

In 2017 she moved in like April or May so she didn’t move out before her year long lease ended, guessing our lazy girl switched to a month to month lease and probably has her old apartment for weeks longer.

Also I loved how Jenny was saying she wasn’t going to play mainstream games like fortnite but weirder games like she’s going to help us discover games we’d never known about. Probably gonna be Stardew Valley or Overcooked.

Maybe a remastered Bugsey as a shoutout to her dad.

Who’s gonna help her set up her streaming system, her sister, Bailey(ha nope!) or Nathan?

d10ef5  No.6149


>she’d thank you and promptly give your ticket to Kat or Kristen

No peck on the cheek or even a hug… man. what a rip.


>Jenny’s gonna sell so many shirts to those Twitch guys watching her

<not already owning one


e831f1  No.6150


> No peck on the cheek or even a hug… man. what a rip.

Nope, but she’ll give you a thumps up.

e831f1  No.6151

I can’t believe how many retweets Jenny’s low quality tweets get these days.

She’s now getting more twitter followers than YouTube subs.

28a65f  No.6152

It's going to be so awkward watching Jenny start up her streaming.

Which personality will she show us while live?

Will we get genuine Jenny? Screen junkies Jenny? Disneyland tour guide Jenny? Twitter Jenny?

Hanging out with Bailey old school Jenny? Leftube Jenny? Gives no fucks Jenny? A new twitch personality? Or paranoid fearful Jenny?

a99141  No.6153

I wonder what happened to the avengers video, I feel like the preview for that came out weeks ago.

28a65f  No.6154


The preview for it, made it seem Jenny didn't care for it and you can tell she didn't put her heart into making the video like most of her others.

Verified on her latest ramble.

I'd rather she scrap it than put out something below par.

55b1cd  No.6155

Why didn't someone tell me Ani was talking about Max's allegations on twitter yesterday

91ec72  No.6156


Depends on how long she streams, without a script it’ll be hard for Jenny to play a character sitting alone reading comments and playing a game, she’ll slip up especially if someone asks real Disney, MLP or Star Wars questions.

But holy shit will Jenny make money, her Patreon will turn into her couch cushion change if she does it right.

91ec72  No.6157

File: 52a9a057c8f3345⋯.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 53982433-161D-48A8-B36B-9D….png)

File: bc546d670e0015a⋯.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7179C26B-0864-44DE-B326-AE….png)

Cute pet competition, where’s Jenny with her Jat?

91ec72  No.6158



063dfb  No.6159


Steve Zaragoza is good friends with Ani and talked to her this week.

Steve is also friends with Jenny and went to Star Wars Land together last week.

Yet, we all know about Jenny and Max. And how Ani feels about Max.

6 degrees of separation?

91ec72  No.6160

File: 6939f002c28b885⋯.jpeg (194.48 KB, 640x900, 32:45, 2975585F-7BB6-4C3F-82C7-3….jpeg)

Natalie, Dan and Lindsay shared their analytics so Jenny jumped I too.

60-40 female viewers but her Patreon is sooo filled with guys.

91ec72  No.6161


Also this 28 graph might be why her Socialblade shows a shift in her her views and sub counts dropping 20% - 40% per month for the last 4 mo this.

91ec72  No.6162

File: ac4f7ae72cf0204⋯.jpeg (416.84 KB, 640x969, 640:969, 5E65D5EF-B54B-4CA2-B746-E….jpeg)


> I love your work even though no ones ever heard of you

I love how self owning these tweets are.

d10ef5  No.6163


>Which personality will she show us while live?

I don't think we'll get a character at all. She doesn't have it in her to put on a show multiple times a week like say… DrDisrepect. Jenny needs to just down a couple of shots to loosen up and and try to be as natural as she can. It will be interesting to see when she streams though, she doesn't like to tie up her weekends and prefers to be out doing anything with friends (whenever possible). The middle of the night is really her only "free time" where she edits and shitposts on Twitter.

Oh, and I wonder if us Patreon subs will get anything special or if Twitch is going to be a completely separate thing like the rest of her social media is now?


What's with the "haterz" remark? Does she mean people who think she coasted to success on her being a cute girl?

0b60cf  No.6164


didnt see that but its more of the same vague bs. One tweet says "He has less “demons” and more… privilege and zero care for people who can’t directly please him in any given moment. He hurts everyone in his life, intentionally and repeatedly. Hard to read, harder to live with". This makes is seems even less like he actually did anything like sexual assault, and more that hes just mean sometimes. stop teasing us ani and just drop the hammer already, if you can.

7155cb  No.6165


yeahhh, I think her recent book videos are throwing the ratio off.


>I'd do it, but what am I going to say when they ask for experience, or why I want to work for a company all the way on the west coast

I was thinking about this, and I realized the only person who would qualify would be someone like bailey, lives there, marketing experience; Jenny is looking for someone like bailey.

guys, Jenny wants to replace Bailey!

91ec72  No.6166

File: df93e1fa91ea969⋯.png (119.94 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, E92C70E4-8A0C-4611-B49C-00….png)


Yeah and her subs have been dropping hard so her make audience is there, they just aren’t watching her new videos, her last 4-5 videos have all fizzled out. Star Wars Land needs to be huge or Jenny’s channel has plateaued.

0b60cf  No.6167


to be clear that is her rate of change not over all subs, so her channel is growing slower but its till growth. think its wishful thinking to say her channel is in any kind of danger at all

eb746d  No.6168


I can't remember the last time Jenny trended on YouTube though

e831f1  No.6170

File: 8ce66ee8fa6da09⋯.jpeg (764.27 KB, 640x1017, 640:1017, F012B678-CECB-4104-BF6A-9….jpeg)

File: cfed3005a37ef98⋯.jpeg (83.25 KB, 640x211, 640:211, B5CD94EC-E646-4DF4-83AD-0….jpeg)


Lindsay added like 50k subs last month, Jenny’s adding 5k.

That why she’s finally going to stream and branch out, she knows she can’t get bigger on YouTube without gamer viewers (so there goes that 60% female viewership) as she’s probably going to put highlights of her streams on her channel.


> Last time Jenny trended

Her Infinity War skit video last year. I always kept track of her trending videos because they didn’t make sense, she’’d trend with 60k views.


You walking to the pool at your apartment complex and see a cute girl in her late 20s whose lost her voice and has her legs bound together….what do you do?

e831f1  No.6171

File: c45262f155f8ba1⋯.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, BFD1BB1A-497F-492B-8423-0D….png)


Oh and we know what her roomies phone looks like and her poolside furniture.

81d6cc  No.6172

Meanwhile, Max is liking Instagram pics of Bailey in bed with her cat.

control yourself Max


Good catch

91ec72  No.6173

File: 2c2d316ece519b5⋯.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 6B0C108F-1F87-4A40-A072-7D….png)

File: ead2eedba412970⋯.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1B12000D-DC97-4B6E-A984-99….png)


Actually, I’m not even sure that’s a phone. Might be a kindle tablet because I do t see the touch ring on the bottom or the speaker at the top that Lats phone has as if May.

Maybe Jenny was lounging by the pool in a bikini but her feet were getting cold?

0b60cf  No.6174


there are all sorts of crazy connections like that with these friend groups. lots of people who are friends with max and people that have called max out. one of those things i wish would turn into some drama some day but no one seems to want to make it an issue.

fb0cb7  No.6175

File: 75cb1e5e5c83d03⋯.jpg (98.96 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, 62253706_421400541776754_7….jpg)


Looks like Jenny got a nice upgrade there because there's no way she's at a public pool in the center of some complex. Maybe she did go for a house…


What was up with that cat Max had?


>Maybe Jenny was lounging by the pool in a bikini

Glad to see she feeling safer in here new place already, hopefully it starts putting her mind at ease. She's been so tightly wound living by herself all those years.

0b60cf  No.6176

File: 45d5d5f7d58a0b0⋯.jpg (292.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D8buWTWUIAEr5m5.jpg)

jesus if thats an apartment complex it looks swanky as fuck. did jenny maybe buy a house?

a99141  No.6177


But why has Jenny got a pool when she can barely swim and doesn't like being in the sun?

614359  No.6178

File: 680a8963f6b9595⋯.png (759.67 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7816F30E-487D-4A3C-A031-59….png)

File: 680a8963f6b9595⋯.png (759.67 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, C77C72EE-E7FB-49C7-A7B8-C3….png)

She’s still keeping the roommate a secret even though she’s fully moved in.


> Glad to see she feeling safer in here new place already

Maybe all she needed was to not be alone at home all the time…so she’s single.


> swanky apartment or Jenny bought a house

Jenny can totally afford to buy or rent a house with her 10k a month but I think she prefers the safety of an big busy apartment complex.

Will say, that pool looks to have walls around it that are a lot smaller than I’d think a $3,500-$4,000 a month apartment would be.

Also what the fuck is that statue?


Because she can get an inflatable unicorn to jump in the pool with. It’s like 70 degrees though, way too cold for swimming around in Anaheim.

If she’s sharing these on twitter, hopefully she’ll give a full tour on Patreon to the people who made it all possible.

614359  No.6179

File: 0a38e1b10b87ebb⋯.jpeg (371.08 KB, 614x1136, 307:568, 60C3F268-5ED4-4FD2-8E40-C….jpeg)

614359  No.6180



Jenny hung at the pool for 3 hours!?

fb0cb7  No.6181

File: d53ac47f288b817⋯.jpg (703.99 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D8bDGSsU8AACdEw-orig.jpg)


>Maybe all she needed was to not be alone at home all the time…so she’s single

Yeah, there's no way she could keep having a man quiet for long, Jenny would be on cloud nine feeling safe and loved (but mostly safe).

>that pool looks to have walls around it

That's a jacuzzi area that looks to be a separate place.

>hopefully she’ll give a full tour on Patreon

She should… until she posts here telling me where my $25 is going specifically, I'm totally pitching in in the rent.

614359  No.6182

File: 9e8632fe6dcdff7⋯.jpeg (262.51 KB, 640x711, 640:711, D18DC28C-A84C-4071-8326-2….jpeg)


Not sure if it means anything but weird Kat is trying to be funny at 1 am and Jenny liked the comment so fast.

7155cb  No.6183


that's pretty distinctive, not to be creepy but I'm sure a handful of her cali-based fans know where she is now

b055ff  No.6184


It's not Max's house, is it?

fb0cb7  No.6186


Oh wow, that tail is $70… why, Jenny?


>buying products from web ads

I thought Kat would've been more tech-savvy, why is she even seeing ads?


Max's place is more modern looking.

614359  No.6187


Max was talking about black mirror and rocket man while Jenny was tweeting out so doubt it’s that.


> Tail is $70

Where is that from, Disneyworld?

97c46d  No.6188


Yeah. I think we can safely say that Jenny and Max aren't going out. At least not lately.

Whoever Jenny's rooming with, she's making the bread in the relationship

fb0cb7  No.6189


It's on Amazon ('Fin Fun Mermaid Tails for Swimming with Monofin''). I wonder if it's the roommate's of if it's for her Galaxy's Edge video which she said would have a weird opening.

614359  No.6190


Oh wow, is she not going to release the Avengers video? She’s bored at home right now wanting to make a video, why not finish editing it?

It’s only the 2bd biggest movie ever, Jenny sure is lazy.

614359  No.6191


> she said would have a weird opening.

The video opens to her sleepy in bed waking up at 6 am, then you see Steve laying behind her putting his nose against her and taking a deep breath.

Jenny looks at the camera: The things I do to get you guys great content.

97c46d  No.6192


By the time it comes out now. No one will care because of the 100 other videos that touched on the movie already. She won't get the needed views.

Plus since she's in her new place, she can't go back and edit in new scenes like she usually admits she does.

You can tell she's not in to it just from the preview.

This is the girl who dropped her Last Jedi video the day of the film's public release.

Jeez Jenny. Regular folk have to do stuff they don't like at work too but we get through it.

fb0cb7  No.6193


What a rage-inducing post. Goddamn…

97c46d  No.6194



Jenny would never show that.

Unlike others, she's a daddy's girl and not trying to rebel

266ee2  No.6195


>Max's house

maybe not anymore, but for a long time Max couldn't do anything or go anywhere interesting without making an instagram video about it. In all the videos hes posted at his home, hes never shown a pool set up like that. , and there is no way he would have access to that without posting from there at least a few times, He also posted new videos from the same old home last night, so we know hes still in the same place.


>Yeah. I think we can safely say that Jenny and Max aren't going out. At least not lately.

how on earth can you conclude that just because he wasn't hanging out with her at her pool for 1 night. Listen I would love as much as anybody for it to not be true that they are dating, but there is no way we can write it off as impossible just yet.

97c46d  No.6196


We could always just ask Ani

4bfee7  No.6197

File: 0df4169537c3d67⋯.jpeg (292.8 KB, 640x734, 320:367, 4CFF59FC-2514-4E6E-A7D1-E….jpeg)

So is Kat like Jennys in home therapy and emotional needs roommate?

4bfee7  No.6198


> This is the girl who dropped her Last Jedi video the day of the film's public release.

I never got why she only made a spoiler review then took it off when people were like, wtf why don’t you have a non-spoiler, then put it back days later.

97c46d  No.6199


Yes. And security blanket.

Didn't you guys see the link to the resumé I posted

97c46d  No.6200


Dude, follow article in the link below. And read the paragraph on Kat.


You can definitely see why Jenny lets Kat hang with her. We joke, but it's all true.

4bfee7  No.6202

File: da0351b8e7f0519⋯.jpeg (262.87 KB, 640x534, 320:267, 5F7FF7B1-9CAA-4E3F-9B2F-B….jpeg)


A. What kind of professional researcher takes a photo like that?

B. Jenny doesn’t have burnout she makes 1-2 videos a month.

C. Jenny’s lost the algorithms interest for over a year and her Patreon keeps growing without issue.

The stress for these Youtubers is they depend on ad money, Jenny’s so bored she’s taking up streaming

97c46d  No.6203


>>what kind of professional researcher poses like that?

Sitting on her own bed while looking at the camera……Jenny and her have much in common

d10ef5  No.6204


>And security blanket

<ywn eat out a nervous Jenny until she falls asleep with her sweaty thighs wrapped around your head

I hate Kat so much…

f61350  No.6205


……Naked shoulders and sweaty thighs……hhhmmm Jenny

Neither of them have been online since this early a.m. when Jenny liked Kat's text.

That's too much of a coincidence…

I guess they're tired from "christening" the new place together all night.

4bfee7  No.6206


The phone/ tablet thing in Jenny’s poolside photo doesn’t match Kats phone.

If it’s Jennys kindle (which I think she said she owned), then yeah I’d say I’m 90% certain they’re roomies.

a99141  No.6207

The avengers vid is finally out.

3f9c0e  No.6208

Guys!! Watch her Endgame video all the way through!!!

We've finally broke Jenny!

Ourgirl is now admitting literal burnout like in the article I posted about Kat.

I can't believe it!

Is this Kat's influence????

7155cb  No.6209


>The video opens to her sleepy in bed waking up at 6 am, then you see Steve laying behind her putting his nose against her and taking a deep breath.

I had to read it 3 times I kept reading "put his nose to her behind and taking a deep breath"


"change the channel" started harassing Brad Jones because he didn't stand in solidarity with them, due to them silencing his rape victim wife; Kat, your friends are who I think of when I think of monsters online, what the fuck are you talking about?


timestamp? It happens to everyone eventually, Jenny has done an ass ton of videos.

a99141  No.6210


I thought it was an awesome video. It turned from an avengers video into a video about she didn't really want to make an avengers video.

I loved it.

She called it burnout, but it's not really. She's just realising she doesn't want to be chasing views by trying to do hot topics she doesn't care about.

a99141  No.6211


At 14.57 it abruptly switches from being a shit half-assed avengers video into being a meta commentary she filmed later, when she realised halfway through editing that she had forced herself to make an shitty avengers video she didn't want to make.

Personally I loved it. It was like the most personal and honest we've seen her be on her public videos in a long time.

4bfee7  No.6212


Dang, might actually watch a Jenny video for the first time in like 9 months

3f9c0e  No.6213


Believe me. The last few minutes are worth it.

We got genuine Jenny.

Almost like "rebellion Jenny." A new side of her, at least, her public persona.

4bfee7  No.6214

Didn’t she tweet about how she had ideas for videos she wanted to do but didn’t have time for?

Now she’s burnt out from 1-2 videos a month, really?

We sure Kats not just telling her she’s burnt out to make Kenny need her.

d10ef5  No.6215


>We've finally broke Jenny!

Well I sure as hell wasn't hoping for something like that.

Patreon should've broken those YouTube shackles long ago and gave her more freedom to do what she enjoyed, but Jenny is so caught up in this whole "influencer" world (replacing normal people in her life with YouTubers being a major factor of this distorted reality she now lives in) that all of those grievances mentioned at the end of that video are of her own design. Every one of her social media accounts once began as a personal space and now she's warped them all into soulless promo outlets pushing "her brand" inviting the very commentary and attention she's grown to hate. By making herself into a character people stopped seeing her as a real person with an opinion and started seeing her as just another talking head they can either rally behind or attack in the age old pastime of tribalism.

Ironically, 8ch is probably the only place that still sees Jenny as real person because she can't force her branding or her systems of control here.


>Kat, your friends are who I think of when I think of monsters online

Fuck, for real. But! She's the one with the college degree in that area… I'm sure forcing her way into their inner circles and becoming friends with them hasn't influenced her research any.

614359  No.6216


Hmm, I wonder when she shot this video because you can hear her voice is all fucked up.

374b34  No.6217


Last video of the old apartment. after Galaxy's Edge.

Seriously. This was the weirdest video of Jenny (outside of Patreon) just for her sinserety.

I'm sure non-Patreon viewers of this video will be like, WTF

614359  No.6218

Wait…Jenny has a moderator that shadow bans people?

How do you shadow ban people and YouTube and it’s almost definitely Kat it one of Lindsay’s people.

Who’s she kiss to get Laryngitis?

I’m noticing a lot more female Patrons in the credit.

Overall I just have no sympathy for Jenny, nobody expects her to make a video every day or week like the Youtubers who get burnout and Jenny even admits her videos suffer because she keeps making the same format because that’s what people expect but they’d watch her just review the movie like a normal person.

Also I worked more hours last week than Jenny did all last month for 1/3 - 1/4 of the pay so super hard for me to say yeah poor Jenny.

dd6405  No.6219


>I'm sure non-Patreon viewers of this video will be like, WTF

No, they will praise her for being "brave" and it will make the rounds as other youtubers, especially lefttube, tweet it around and use it to ask the world to feel sorry for how hard they have it as creative types working from home on entertainment videos

614359  No.6220

I’m positive this is new for Jenny and she only feels that way because her last 5 videos have all under performed in viewpoints and her sub growth has drastically fallen.


Patreon is literally what Kat said is the cure for Youtubers view chasing ad dollars and getting burnout.

If Jenny really is burnt out making 7 videos in 3 months, she can go back to working 40 hours a week at Disneyland for 30k a year.

614359  No.6221


Because it’s all her own doing, NO ONE is bombarding her to hurry up with her once a month videos, no guy would dare.

614359  No.6222

File: cb55472d5d7ffc4⋯.jpeg (95.83 KB, 640x219, 640:219, DDC710D5-F7DE-46D0-89BD-C….jpeg)


Yup, it’s already blasting off with views. She released it at a perfect time when everyone is off work and school instead of 6 am or 11 pm.

We’ll see if by tomorrow it’s bumped up her sub numbers or kept pace with views, typically she’ll hit 100k fast but then slows down hard after 209k per her other recent vids.

7155cb  No.6223


yeah, she cares too much about image when it comes to her channel. the way she talks about video performance its like a video with low views would make her look stupid or look like she's bad at her job. Who cares?

4bfee7  No.6224

And she’s mentioning fanboys not liking her reviews, since when does she give a fuck. Didn’t she brag about being fearless and having been trained to deal with angry, unhappy people with her Disney job?

Now some mean fanboys hurt her feelings?

feb18f  No.6225

When did Jenny start giving no fucks?

975986  No.6226


>Thanos is such a dull villain

Lol what? Jenny has to be on some shit if she legit thinks Thanos isn't at least a pretty decent villain.

4bfee7  No.6227


He’s no snoke or Kylo Ren, yes Jenny, 18 months later there’s still no excuse for your adamant defense of Last Jedi even though you tried to downplay your support, she make a list of why she didn’t like it for fucks sake.

6f33d1  No.6228


Yeah. I find it funny that Jenny hates Thanos but can't stop talking about Kylo Ren.

975986  No.6229


I love listening to her talk but damn her opinions are trash sometimes

d10ef5  No.6230


>I’m positive this is new for Jenny and she only feels that way because her last 5 videos have all under performed

Man, Jenny is going to be absolutely crushed if her Galaxy's Edge video bombs. So much time, money and effort is going to be placed into that video.

>Patreon is literally what Kat said is the cure for Youtubers view chasing ad dollars and getting burnout

How long until Jenny turns on her Patrons, you think? She already made it clear that she doesn't like to talk about herself anymore, it's not a huge leap to see her getting fed up with the pressure to deliver that ramble every month (she doesn't even put the poll up until the last minute anymore).


I can see where she's coming from. My eyes practically roll out of my head when an action movie introduces the world-ending conflict that needs to be resolved. It's like; "The entire world again..!? BOOOOOOO!!!". Man, the stakes don't always have to be that high, c'mon! It's the same thing with a super-strong character; too much strength just makes him/her boring.

There needs to be a balance (ba-dum-tsh!).

975986  No.6231


Yeah I admit the stakes always being that high is kind of an annoying trope in of itself but I don't think that takes away from how fun Thanos is to watch.

I found myself thinking he was far more of a threat than many other current villains, and his reasons for doing things are a little more compelling than the stuff Star Wars be trying to push these days.

It also makes me wonder why Jenny vehemently defends Star Wars as much as she does; surely she must know it's not THAT great…right?

a99141  No.6232



Thanos is objectively a lot less interesting than Kylo Ren though, you know Thanos is evil and you know what's he gonna do at all points. and you know the good guys are gonna just punch him, and some punches just arbitrarily hurt him more than others.

Yeah you can so, oh his motivations, but they go completely put of the window in the second film, where he suddenly goes from his life's goal in wanting to wipe out half the universe to wanting to wipe out the whole universe for no reason other than to give the film greater stakes.

I didn't mind it in the first film, but I found the thanos scenes in endgame really boring, I felt myself just wanting to get through them. He's a very one note character.

At least with Kylo Ren there's the question of which way he's gonna go, and what they're gonna do with him? He was the best bit of the Last Jedi.

9aa7fe  No.6233


Agreed with you right up until

>Ironically, 8ch is probably the only place that still sees Jenny as real person because she can't force her branding or her systems of control here.

A vast number of people here don't see Jenny as a person and if you make this observation I'd almost be inclined to say you don't either. She's treated as a dreamgirl who by virtue of existing without creating a personal relationship with many of these people is then seen as something that must be broken.

Hell, I know I don't see her as a person. I know what seeing someone as a person means thanks to the relationships I have in my personal life. To me she's light entertainment when I'm trying to fall asleep, and when I've looked into vidward just a fun puzzle to crack.

I just want to make sure that with no further commentary on the content of this space, you understand this isn't how one healthily engages with a person.

That said, I also find the newest video fascinating. As you point out with the patreon that should be the remedy to financial woes and ensure that 200k videos are fine as she only has 3.5k patreons- they don't care about total views. The criticism is the issue, and one that I'm surprised is rearing it's head again. It appeared she struggled with it at first but now is having the same problem again. Hopefully she works out how to mute the people who go after her regardless of content.

975986  No.6234


Yeah chief, I'm gonna have to agree with this guy, it's difficult to see Jenny as an actual person given this cute, girl next door persona she's had going for a while. Which may, to some extent, actually exist within her, but definitely not to the level that many guys keep idealizing it to be.

And given the perceptions that we've developed about Jenny purely from online material and not irl interactions, it's probably

for the best none of us actually meet her in person.

614359  No.6235

File: a655731885680d3⋯.jpeg (252.33 KB, 640x720, 8:9, 85145B92-891D-45AD-8D5F-A….jpeg)

File: c6c3326f05cbaad⋯.jpeg (241.18 KB, 640x663, 640:663, F7F84B71-67C8-4D23-AF47-0….jpeg)

File: b6bc2ba00d8d58e⋯.jpeg (160.76 KB, 640x529, 640:529, 416F8FB1-49A5-491A-BF84-D….jpeg)

I’m sorry, how are you burnt out but also impatiently waiting for your voice to heal so you can make another video?

Also Jenny’s gone full left-tube and is attacking Marvel for not being pro female enough, didn’t she just fucking say she didn’t have a hot take on the movie?

614359  No.6236


> Hopefully she works out how to mute the people who go after her regardless of content.

Remember, she says they only show back up when she’s talking negatively (or positive for Last Jedi) about big movies and they’re not around for book reviews and old bad movie reviews.

If Jenny can’t handle fanboy criticism, enjoy her twitch streams while you can cause its not gonna Kat long with gamer fans criticism.

a99141  No.6237


She even tweeted that she's not really burnt out, that's just the phrase for being fed up when you're a youtuber.

It was just "burn out" to this particular video and I guess the idea of forcing herself to so videos she didn't want to really do.

She's criticising the pandery girl-power scene, I thought you guys would like that.

051eac  No.6238


I'm sure her manager "Leah" will help her

1da865  No.6239


Agreed about Twitch being a possible issue, but perhaps she can do the Dodger route and maintain a less abusive chat with low quantity, it's just that they all pay her via subs and patreon. Time will tell. I also reckon she'll have to shop and possibly release any screenplays under an penname to begin with.

a99141  No.6240



Nah I reckon the chat will mainly be sycophants sucking up to her and complimenting her. There will be the inevitable occasional troll but I don’t think they’ll last long.

I’d be interested to see how popular the streams are, I guess the more popular they are the more chance there will be trolls but also the more they’ll be drowned out.

I’m just worried it might be an absolute shit show on day 1 and that will scare her off from doing it again.

7155cb  No.6241

File: f5bbe9df5685205⋯.jpg (11.89 KB, 388x82, 194:41, boss.jpg)


>She even tweeted that she's not really burnt out, that's just the phrase for being fed up when you're a youtuber.

oh, I was going to say, moving to a costly apartment is a bad idea if shes burnt out.


>There will be the inevitable occasional troll but I don’t think they’ll last long.

that reminds me, bailey invited her boss on and someone said this

051eac  No.6242


Lol. Wasn't Brandon suppose to be moderating?

It was also cute when Faith came on the chatroom

614359  No.6243

File: 19a8eb0dd7904a6⋯.jpeg (313.55 KB, 640x774, 320:387, 53F8B1C6-2600-4BE8-B520-8….jpeg)

File: e1aca81e45bd8aa⋯.jpeg (376.64 KB, 640x905, 128:181, 4975B75F-5E9C-49CD-8337-F….jpeg)

File: e97fba0977a1c66⋯.jpeg (127.82 KB, 640x373, 640:373, FEAC7DC0-0E3D-478A-B6B1-E….jpeg)

File: 8673737a4a5f378⋯.jpeg (261.45 KB, 640x597, 640:597, 2E011231-4CE3-4BDA-BC21-F….jpeg)


Holy shit, I just realized if Kats her roommate Jenny will probably hire her to moderate her chat during streams.


Yeah, I just saw that. A lot of fans must’ve tweeted her wishing her well and telling her to not feel obligated to make a whole video every month.

She said she’s two 2 Star Wars Land videos, I thought she hated part 1 & 2 videos because so much of the audience for 1 won’t go watch 2.


> Jenny’s day 1 stream will be a shitshow

Maybe but so many guys will be so excited to see live Jenny seeing their words and responding they’ll throw a lot of money at her.

Her first stream might honestly pull in thousands of dollars, even Jenny can’t turn away from a months rent per day.

What’s the Youtube premiere feature? She already tweets out when the video premieres, so e of her YouTuber friends are already taking about her assumed burn out and hahaha people are still calling her out on blind Last Jedi love, Jenny and fat Buzzfeed lady finally tweeted each other.

I wonder how she’ll react to Rise of Skywalker with the reaction she’s gotten for Last Jedi.

c9811a  No.6244


>Those responses about men

>Last Jedi is objectively shit

>Hoes mad

Not surprised tbh

d10ef5  No.6245


>Agreed with you right up until

That's because to took that out of context with this part: "By making herself into a character people stopped seeing her as a real person" and twisted it into something else entirely. All I was saying is that we don't really buy into the character Jenny's selling. Because here, she's unable to control the narrative.


>Jenny’s gone full left-tube and is attacking Marvel for not being pro female enough

She's just mocking that ridiculous scene in the final battle. I actually laughed out loud there imagining how "proud" they were of that moment of grrrl power (I would've used No Doubt again like in Captain Marvel to really cap it off).


>I thought she hated part 1 & 2 videos

This is Jenny visualizing the workload and already feeling daunted and searching for excuses.

5c156f  No.6246


I liked the last Jedi. It’s my favourite of all the Disney ones.

614359  No.6247


Omg, Jenny welcome to the board!

Regardless of what Kat tells you before tucking you in every night night and after awakening you with a kiss in the mornings, literally none of us want to harm or rape you.

I just think you’re a spoiled child with an overly high opinion of yourself.

614359  No.6248


> Because here, she's unable to control the narrative.

Well her fans can’t drown us out and she can’t ban us.

664044  No.6249


Dammit!!! You're right. Kat would moderate the chat.

I can't believe you're the first to figure it out. We should have all realized it when her ramble on "new apartment + new live stream + new roommate" came out. Why did it take so long to put the pieces together?

614359  No.6250

File: 3ff542c33d0e83c⋯.png (189.89 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 2DAC7E37-E0A5-43FB-B6DC-29….png)

Also, is Jenny really ducking day she gave “damningly faint praise to Last Jedi”, like are you kidding me and her retarded fans believe that?

She created a follow up video attacking the reasons people didn’t like the movie!

614359  No.6251

> Jenny’s moderator shadow bans people

Oh shit, so that’s why my comments never showed up on Jenny’s video when I looked for them logged out.

It must’ve expired or been channel specific because I get replies on videos from other channels.

Oh well, the last 7 minutes of this video is the first Jenny vid I’ve watched this year.

614359  No.6252

File: 3dea8aa60d847a7⋯.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 4A150531-BCA9-41CD-9E77-98….png)

That a bruise on Jenny’s knee?

98ab6d  No.6253


Girls have always got bruises on their legs. They bruise super easily.

614359  No.6254

Oh and Jenny said she went for a drive after wearing the gauntlet and her wrist hurt.

Sounds like bullshit that she had been waiting until last weeks insurance payout to get a new car.

98ab6d  No.6255


We don’t know when those videos were filmed, she also mentioned Patreon allowing her to rent a car/use Ubers without having to worry.

614359  No.6256

File: 2b7a920600ea757⋯.jpeg (406.13 KB, 640x1094, 320:547, 9080BCF4-9E5F-4FD1-85D9-4….jpeg)

File: e22467691f992a5⋯.jpeg (192.58 KB, 640x965, 128:193, 9FFF8964-3286-4D2B-9F36-5….jpeg)

File: 16e4319623cfcb2⋯.jpeg (115.92 KB, 640x587, 640:587, F7B059C6-9C0A-4822-8EA9-F….jpeg)

File: 2b1357f5f8002c3⋯.jpeg (82.93 KB, 639x443, 639:443, 68F79DC4-BE70-4483-9955-6….jpeg)

File: 5ae946e50460887⋯.jpeg (186.72 KB, 640x989, 640:989, 77586CB6-2734-4B3B-815E-2….jpeg)

Is there anything Jenny’s loves more than praise and vindication about how amazing she is?

648f89  No.6257


>>is there anything Jenny loves more than praise and vindication

Dark rides that gives her orgasms

a99141  No.6258


I’m sorry is liking praise something to judge people for now.

614359  No.6259


Still makes no sense, Jenny easy has 50k in the bank, hows an at best 10k insurance worth waiting 3-4 months to buy a new car.

614359  No.6260


Believing your own hype, when you already make a living off your opinions, yeah it is. This is borderline scamming her fans.

Especially when the praise is for what she says she doesn’t want to do.

She is for no reason adamant that her fans only want to watch her rip movies but they’re not and she doesn’t have to, plus her underperforming videos show people are actually getting tired of that just like she is but she’s the one who won’t change.

Add in the fact the whole basis of her #brave stance argument (chasing Youtube ad $) is bullshit and we know it’s bullshit because Jenny has 3,490 Patrons (70 new ones since the vid).

So yeah, I’ll judge her negatively for labeling herself a victim in a situation she’s created but doesn’t even follow anyway.

Jenny doesn’t chase Youtube ads because she has patreon and she is liking tweets saying they’ll now donate to her on patreon so she won’t have to do the thing she already doesn’t do.

a99141  No.6261


Yeah, I’m drunk right now, but I’m fairly sure none of that makes sense. She realised she was making a shit video for the wrong reasons and was honest about it.

That’s a pretty brave decision no matter what way you frame it, and now your outraged but she has the audacity to press a button to acknowledge praise from her fans for making that decision.

It’s like, are you seriously angry about this? What would you rather she do?

614359  No.6262


> Hi guys, I know you want me to rip this movie for 20 minutes but I thought it was actually ok. It’s my 10 minute review.

Thats it, no need to subtly ask for more Patrons because you want to do even less work than you already do and label it as “burnout” but not really mean burnout as referenced by Youtubers which Jenny knows because Kat talks about it all the time.

a99141  No.6263


So you’d rather she make a boring video than an interesting video?

614359  No.6265


She DIDNT make an interesting video, she just complained about not making an interesting video.

Her videos aren’t interesting, half the time it’s just a play by play of a movie, tv show or book with jokes, stop sucking her dick if she was half as talented as all the dudes who want to fuck her say she is she’d have managed to sell one of her scripts by now or get a professional writing job with how many insiders follow her on twitter and having Max mentor her before MeToo.

a99141  No.6266


Why are you so mad?

Did you not find the inside look at her thought processes in the second half of her video interesting?

Why are you even here if you don't like her videos?

614359  No.6267


I’m fascinated by her, as a Youtuber and how her weird, childish yet mature mind works, she’s like a Disney channel kids show about a 14 year old with a PhD who still loves to play dress up.

I’ve seen her rise, looks like I’m seeing her just about plateau (depends on views/sub counts after this & Star Wars Land vids) and will stay to watch her slow or fast crash into mediocrity.

Interesting to see how her ego will handle that and then I’ll move on.

614359  No.6268

File: bdde2332ced2e0c⋯.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 837FB90C-C9AB-4768-B9AE-AA….png)

Max hasn’t moved.

614359  No.6269

Looks like Jenny’s new video, some some praise from other channels for her honestly will result in the biggest single day sub increase in months, around like 500-600 subs.

We’ll see how tomorrow pans out and if the views, suns stay consistent.

I’d say this shows Jenny being herself and honest with fans is a good move but she might just continue like that video never happened as long as she talks about Disneyland and Star Wars vs superhero movies.

4b1469  No.6270

File: f6b9bae60e1592e⋯.png (436.72 KB, 591x495, 197:165, Untitled.png)

>Jenny once again bitching about people supposedly hating on her for liking TLJ


>5 mention TLJ

>3 of those are positive about the movie

>1 not talking about the movie itself but jenny whining about people whining about it

>1 asking a question about whether she liked TLJ more than IW or EG

>6 comments mention Last Jedi

>1 talking about even though he hated Last Jedi he still loves jenny's content

>1 praising how great her videos on Last Jedi have been

>1 saying that although he didn't like Last Jedi he's enjoyed hearing her opinions on it and that she's made excellent arguments in defense of it

>1 guy being smarmy about how jenny "suBVerTed oUR ExpecTaTIOns

>1 saying fuck the haters Last Jedi was awesome

So out of 3000 comments 2 were KINDA negative. Gotta get dem sympathy "TLJ haters are the worst" Twitter likes I guess.

614359  No.6271


A. How’d you get that info? Archived the comments?

B. A woman saying she’s being harassed by Star Wars fanboys is very popular, gets you followers, support and recognition for being a female Star Wars fan fighting male nerd toxicity.

Can’t wait how she’ll juice Ep 9 into more influence for herself.

5f8d55  No.6272


She said she has a comment moderator (Kat?), the bad ones probably got deleted.

5f8d55  No.6273


>Her first stream might honestly pull in thousands of dollars, even Jenny can’t turn away from a months rent per day.

I doubt it but I guess we will see soon. I go back to the comparison to the Girlfriend Reviews channel. They have more subs on youtube, but way fewer Patrons and twitter followers.

They are streaming right now, and only have 200 people watching. I would expect that since all the content they make is specifically targeted at video game audiences,their viewers are much more likely to watch a twitch stream than Jenny's. However, they also dont use a facecam which Jenny almost certainly will,they that helped when you have a cute girl involved. Also, in the entire last week, people have only donated them about $20 worth of twitch bits. They almost could get direct donations, and they have a good amount of twitch subs, but it doesnt seem like they make thousand a month on twitch, so i wonder how Jenny's non-video game fanbase will translate.

I would say that with her humor and personality, if she was dedicated and kept a regular schedule, I think she could build an audience and be a successful streamer. I just dont see her doing that, so I think twitch will be something she does for just a little extra side cash for a while or she just gives up on it pretty quickly.

>What’s the Youtube premiere feature?

Its a feature that allows her to set a scheduled time for when the video would premier. So people would see it as a video they can click on before its acutally posted and see a countdown to when it will premiere. Then when it does, it plays the video one time live, where you cant click forward and time skip on the video, and there is a chatroom that everyone can join in to talk about the video as it plays. Jenny would probably be in there too. I kind of dont see her acutally using it because it would require her to know when she is going to be ready to post the video in advance, and she usually wants to post them as soon as they are done.

7155cb  No.6274


someone should comment "Nathan Grayson is your boyfriend kat"

or would that come off as too sinister

614359  No.6275

File: 47010c1a34c0e07⋯.jpeg (183.9 KB, 640x527, 640:527, 8ECA1AF5-40AE-453A-8D20-2….jpeg)


Speaking of Kat, she hadn’t liked a single Jenny tweet in a while, even with this new stuff on her video. Does that hurt or help them being roomies theory?


Girlfriend Reviews is great, but how many guys who like the girlfriend will want to watch her boyfriend play a game and while the girl they may like jokes with her man and calls him baby. They also have a much smaller Patreon.

BUT so many guys have built a personal connection to Jenny who makes every video on her bed with her CUUUUTE plushies, and they’ll see her and she’s all alone…maybe if you pay her and make a joke…just maybe…she’ll notice you and who knows what could happen.

A horny, lonely man with money is like an open venting machine for Jenny.

Oh and Jenny have Kristen laryngitis, wonder if Steve and Alicia are next and maybe thats why she didn’t take Kat, she’d care if Kat got sick.

5f8d55  No.6276


>ow many guys who like the girlfriend will want to watch her boyfriend

thats a good point. the girlfriend experience is a big part of what jenny sells, if she admits it or not.

614359  No.6278


That would be fucking amazing, pretty sure I’m shadowbanned or is do it.

614359  No.6279


I saw a Star Wars blogger with 30k subs get $200 in 15 minutes through YouTube super-chats while he streamed & talked in Disneyland walking to a Star Wars Land preview.

Jenny doesn’t need a video game fan base, the same 3,500 Patrons who pay her (half of whom don’t watch rambles) will just follow her to Twitch, like they followed her to Twitter and Patreon from Youtube. Jenny’s a personality.

I’ll make an account and watch, are those streams saved or will Jenny delete them?

Really surprised she’s going into gaming instead of live YouTube to talk movies and shows.

Jenny’s trying to grow her platform, but she barely tries with Instagram for some reason.

4b1469  No.6280


http://ytcomments.klostermann.ca/ then download the JSON file and ctrl+f in notepad++

5f8d55  No.6281


>half of whom don’t watch rambles

I've wondered about this. If someone watched the ramble on Patreon itself, instead of clicking through to Youtube itself, would the view still register? Maybe views on an embedded video don't count and most people watch the ramble that way? Wouldn't really make sense but it might explain why ramble view numbers are so low.

>streams saved

By default the streams will be saved for 2 weeks. Jenny can delete them at any time if she wants to.

5f8d55  No.6282

And as expected Lindsay Ellis just tweeted about Jenny's video telling her people to watch it.

614359  No.6283


A. I feel like Youtube wouldn’t allow videos on 3rd party sites if they can’t track the views since that would mess with their ad revenue.

B. If the stream goes poorly Jenny might delete it and just say, her streams are live only and if you snooze you lose.

614359  No.6284


The full blast networking work Jenny puts in is paying off. This might be her biggest video in terms of views and new subscribers this year if even more YTers retweet it.

Which is funny because she basically turned around to say she’s not burned out, she just didn’t want to make an Avengers hot take video, which she did and didn’t.

She literally had her cake and ate it too, what more proof do you need to believe in Jenny’s #CharmedLife.

Oh and again, Jenny have Kristen laryngitis.

614359  No.6285

This keeps happening, I happily watch Jenny’s sub and viewer count slow month by month and then for no reason one of videos which is the same as the others blows up and triples her views and sub numbers.

7155cb  No.6286


>are those streams saved or will Jenny delete them?

the sister deletes hers I think, maybe jenny will too


>Wouldn't really make sense but it might explain why ramble view numbers are so low.

I don't watch a lot of the patreon only content I get, so I can see people not doing it for Jenny

614359  No.6287


Is there anyway to save Jenny’s as it plays? I am genuinely interested in seeing the first one.

7155cb  No.6288

fb0cb7  No.6289


>Her first stream might honestly pull in thousands of dollars

I'll toss some itchy and scratchy money (bits) her way on her inaugural stream ($69.69 sound good). It'll be interesting to see if she sticks around long enough to make partner.


>Interesting to see how her ego will handle that and then I’ll move on

What if she fades away gracefully?


Trust me, I'll have this down before she even starts. Twitch streams aren't encrypted, so grabbing the original HLS shouldn't be difficult (doing that reliably on mobile might prove tricky).

5f8d55  No.6290

Holy shit Jenny tweeted that she is at Club 33. Who the hell got her in?

614359  No.6291

File: 36a7c1efdbfedcd⋯.jpeg (231.87 KB, 640x503, 640:503, 46743E36-450A-43CD-B56D-1….jpeg)


Holy fuuuuuccckkk, she didn’t just get in, she’s getting served.

Was it Max, who else has those strings to pull, Disney sure as fuck didn’t invite her.

614359  No.6292

Is it ironic that she does this a day after talking about how hard it is to be a Youtuber?

5f8d55  No.6293


She does still have lots of friends that work there its possible they sometimes give reservations to employees and she went with them. I have always wondered what would happen if some random on Patreon got access and asked her to dinner there, especially this one with the Tiki party, would she go with some random Chad?

614359  No.6294

File: 4c25635c5289afb⋯.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 18A3677B-F500-4B0D-B43E-01….png)

File: c0d699264ef92d0⋯.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, C97918EB-E2B3-4B4B-B383-AC….png)

Unlikely to be Max, but we never know when Jenny does something and when she tweets about it.

5f8d55  No.6295


Shes with Bailey. I wonder if Bailys dad got in while he is in town for e3 and brought them along. Maybe her dad is working with a Disney IP

614359  No.6296


There’s no way Disney lets min wage CMs get free reservations to a restaurant so exclusive people have to be on a waitlist to pay the 30k membership fee.

But somehow Jenny got in, fucking somehow, this was one of the big ones on her bucket list.

Haha, it’s a joke, she’ll clear out her bucket list by 30.


614359  No.6297


> Baileys dad got them into Club 33

Maybe, but if he had that kind of juice, wouldn’t Jenny being the insane Disney fan that she is have gone years ago?

Maybe Jenny got the invite and took Bailey because she left her out of the Star Wars Land events.

Maybe Bailey will explain it on her stream.

614359  No.6298

Jenny’s seat is soaking, if it was a guy who got Jenny in….the things she will do for that man.

fb0cb7  No.6299



And here I was hoping it would be me… ;_; Time to jump off the list on Monday. Fuck that guy/girl!

5f8d55  No.6300


> have gone years ago?

Bailey's dad is in town for e3. Im saying maybe he is just working for a Disney videogame for just this years conference, or possibly some other game company he is working for hooked them up, not that he has a permanent access to the place.

614359  No.6301

File: c63b2e26d87c7bd⋯.jpeg (78.54 KB, 640x207, 640:207, 0BFF7583-BD8F-4B74-B4F3-D….jpeg)

File: e9ddd8fc9d65e35⋯.jpeg (200.04 KB, 640x485, 128:97, 1AC16FDF-4650-4B9C-B86B-1….jpeg)

Haha, the 25k tweet made me chuckle, I can see Jenny doing that as she income keeps growing.

Jennys afriad of us but likes tweet from a grown man twice her age, who’s never met her, says he’s crying out of joy because she went to an exclusive restaurant and that’s proof there’s goodness in the works?

THAT is the guy who’ll put you in his rape dungeon Jenny.

5f8d55  No.6303

File: df84d5c7091f9e0⋯.jpg (238.85 KB, 1186x890, 593:445, D8lmrkBVsAEa4U9.jpg)

Looks like that Eric guy that used to work at ign got them in

ec5177  No.6304


Yeah. Eric Goldman just mentioned it on twitter. That's him and I guess his wife in right. Who's on the left of Bailey?

614359  No.6305

I talked so much shit about Jenny today.

Most others praised her for speaking out on the hardships of making videos.

And she’s just saving the time of her life doing something she’s likely dreamed of since childhood, literally an experience she will never forget and will mention in future discussions about Disneyland for the rest of her life.

So fuck me I guess.

5f8d55  No.6306


women to the left of bailey is a disney imagineer and the guy next to her is her boyfriend or husband,

614359  No.6308

Gotta be honest, I could learn a thing or two from Jenny’s networking skills.


Awesome find, he was her first guest on her Screen Junkies show (he’s now like a creative producer there) and visited her when she worked at Disneyland.

Nice his wife doesn’t think it’s weird her husband invited two young, single woman to dinner and with their married friends.

There’s no way he pulls enough to be a member, he’s gotta have connections from his time working at Marvel Entertainment.

ec5177  No.6309


TWN A rich millionaire guy visiting Club 33 and notices young and excited Bailey and Jenny, the only ladies attending who are single.

He invites them back to his hotel room to show them his….Private Disney collection…or so he says.

Jenny and Bailey acting like groupies backstage at a rock show giggle and follow him.

ec5177  No.6310



614359  No.6311

File: 14ff3549975ffde⋯.png (1.6 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 0CCF9FEF-07E2-47F9-AF07-7A….png)

File: 4f8f4425032db89⋯.png (1.67 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, ACF7FD2C-AAAE-4A79-B648-D0….png)


Jenny’s smart enough to have dressed as plainly as she could to not look like a Disney slut for Eric’s wife but look at the cut on Baileys top.

614359  No.6312


> Woman’s an imagineer

How do you know?

ec5177  No.6313


I thought we established here that Bailey's always huntin' for the D.

How else is she going to snag a rich millionaire attending.

ec5177  No.6315



But seriously I think Jenny and Bailey have both shown they've bought those dresses at different times from Tiki store from twitter/instagram in the past.

They're just wearing their dresses since that's the theme tonight.

5f8d55  No.6316


her twitter, which eric goldman linked in the group picture.

614359  No.6317


She does PR for Disney Imagineering…and now Baileys seat is soaked too.

Well, there’s Jenny’s networking chance to get a job or partnership at her favorite Disney division.

Club 33, during a special Tiki room event, with a female member of Disney Imagineering…will Jenny run into and give her number to Tobey Maguire tonight too?

422a2f  No.6318

Going from their social media through today, I thought Jenny and Bailey weren't doing anything for National Best Friends Day (another pointless "holiday").

Turns out, they planned to do one of their childhood dreams and attend Club 33. Something, very few people could achieve and remove from their bucket list. They'll remember this for the rest of their Disney worshipping lives together, and tell their kids one day.

It's all #CharmedLife for Jenny.

614359  No.6319

File: 644817aafcfff64⋯.jpeg (214.74 KB, 640x582, 320:291, 317887A5-B6AC-46FC-AEA8-8….jpeg)


Jenny will give Eric a blowjob if he asks within the next 6 months and she’ll make sure Bailey fucks him if he asks within the next 2 years.


Oh my God, she’s got Jenny and Baileys since of humor. 100% they’re going to follow her and maybe get a job out of this, Bailey will for sure try anyway.

614359  No.6320


And I’m here watching an NBC sitcom…fuck my life. I gotta learn editing.

614359  No.6321


Does that mean Jenny’s top opens that much too and she’s being modest or she just bought a more modest dress?

Let’s have a contest.

Who follows the Disney PR person first, Bailey or Jenny?

614359  No.6322


> It's all #CharmedLife for Jenny.

Oh man this makes me angry, what a bitter angry man I am.

422a2f  No.6323


No use crying over spilled milk dude. Just be happy for Ourgirls.

I mean, it could worse. Just think if you were Griffin.

I wish Disney Channel head of development or Disney Plus was attending as well. This would be Jenny and Bailey's perfect chance to pitch their script we occasionally hear about.

614359  No.6324

File: 157c1999c879f44⋯.jpeg (543.74 KB, 640x831, 640:831, 6FC3CD82-3D0B-44C7-8ADA-6….jpeg)


That’s her husband. Their twitter names are gopluto and mrgopluto and she’s got a wedding ring.

> Hi Eric, I can take you and 3 guests to Club 33

< Omg, that’s amazing, I already know who, my wife…

> Of course, and?

< Two younger woman

> Oh like your sisters….her sisters….a lesbian couple

< Oh no silly, they’re my straight single friends.

614359  No.6325


Of all the people my brain had to become fascinated with, why did it have to be Jenny.

Everyday when she wakes up at 11 am, the universe asks her if she wants things to all work out perfectly.

I don’t have a bad life but holy fuck does she have it easy.

But who knows, maybe Eric coerced Jenny and Bailey into a threesome before taking them to Club 33.

422a2f  No.6326


Your confusing Eric for someone like Max or Signore. Ain't gonna happen.

Besides. Eric's just getting them to the door. It's up to Ourgirls now to use their charm and smarts to use this opportunity and not screw it up.

614359  No.6327

File: 1b21f8377ff28d7⋯.jpeg (762.86 KB, 882x640, 441:320, 58954F20-563A-4487-BC11-5….jpeg)

Haha, the married woman sitting the single young girls and their husbands.

But perfect networking opportunity for Bailey and Jenny. I wonder how long this dinner was, we gotta remember to ask Jenny about this when she streams it Baikey.

614359  No.6328



5f8d55  No.6329


thats the thing though. I could understand how jenny gets so much if she was out slutting it up to get what shes wants. But she doesn't have to pay any cost, she just gets these things with little to no effort and it works out perfectly every time. this week she moved into what appears to be a luxury apartment with her new best friend, while going to her dream disney restaurant with her old best friend, all while gaining sympathy from all her youtube friends for how hard it is to make youtube videos talking about movies.

614359  No.6330


Max would’ve straight up jokingly asked Jenny for a blowjob, Jenny would’ve laughed awkwardly then Max would’ve just stood there and asked how badly she wanted to go.

I believe Jenny would suck a dick for her Club 33 wish to come true.

614359  No.6331


Fucking YES, word for word exactly!!!

I’ve wasted my whole day complaining here today, I’m so glad somebody, SOMEBODY here gets what I’m saying.

I’d say I’m as happy as Jenny but I assume her legs were shaking with joy walking into the club, like she said they were walking out of the theater into the after party during the Last Jedi world premiere she went to.

Ok she’s funny but she is that funny? Ok she’s very cute but is she that cute? Ok she’s nice but I fucking know she’s not THAT nice for all this shot to fall on her lap.

If there is a real life “force” and balance in the world, the opposite of Jenny is a person who stole a pack of gum and as punishment 8 cops are running a train on her ass.

fb0cb7  No.6332


>If there is a real life “force” and balance in the world, the opposite of Jenny is a person who stole a pack of gum and as punishment 8 cops are running a train on her ass

Now I feel bad for this hypothetical Anti-Jenny… she's got it so incredibly rough.

614359  No.6333


Meanwhile, Jenny’s going to have multiple orgasms tonight with her fingers down her pjs (or up her nightie dress?) reliving every step, smell, sight and feel at the restaurant.

5f8d55  No.6334

will we get a picture of the hundreds of dollars worth of merch she buys from club 33? they have a lot and you can only buy it in the club so this is her only chance, she will buy everything.

614359  No.6335


They sell merch there? That sounds so tacky for a $25,000 Club. But yes, Jenny buying everything unless her new Disney friend told her she’ll be happy to bring her in again in the future…which with Jenny’s lucky, probably happened.

5f8d55  No.6336


also wondering if they were able to get a trip to galaxy's edge in afterwards. jenny hasn't seen it at night yet. more good stuff has happened for her this week then will happen for must of us all year, might as well cap it off with 1 more privileged thing she gets to do.

fb0cb7  No.6337


Well, she'd be able to buy it without the ridiculous eBay markup (and it would mean a little more having purchased if herself).

614359  No.6338


That does sound like something that’s fall into Jenny’s lap but even that woman had reserved band on her wrist when she went so she probably can’t just walk in whenever.

But if she could, Bailey and Eric would’ve definitely tweeted about going to SWL already so ha, I’m your face Jenny, just one lifelong wish thrown your way today.

614359  No.6339

File: 4890fcbeae0d670⋯.jpeg (436.83 KB, 640x1097, 640:1097, B6EFB80E-C1E3-4446-9D84-C….jpeg)

Looking up info on Club 33, some nice expensive merch.


RIP Jenny.

614359  No.6340

File: 970155eb73c1a58⋯.jpeg (233.29 KB, 640x1102, 320:551, 4A468D87-2944-4541-A640-8….jpeg)

What’s weird is her new video hasn’t done that much better than the others, it’s slowed down a lot in views but a much higher % of the new viewers are subscribing.

614359  No.6341

File: 074ea674eab7d92⋯.jpeg (551.76 KB, 640x863, 640:863, 70E74987-181A-466E-B6AA-5….jpeg)

Looks like Baileys nights over, Jenny should be uploading pics soon I’d expect.

a99141  No.6342

File: f1a69553ccad113⋯.jpg (212.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 61479695_223613645264289_3….jpg)

a99141  No.6343

File: f89f8b0bf5480d9⋯.jpg (97.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 61832116_316646299254519_2….jpg)

a99141  No.6344


Bailey won, she's followed everyone there already.

614359  No.6345



That string of small lights Jenny has hanging above her bed is from this place when it was still open to the public and Aladdin themed before being renovated into Club 33.

Jenny told Bailey to go up the stairs to take this pic, now that’s a camera person, Kat wouldn’t have done it.

And Jenny wasn’t pulling her top closed, her dress definitely doesn’t show as much skin as Baileys.

Why isn’t Jenny talking or posting more pictures on twitter? Club 33 guidelines?

a99141  No.6346

File: 4039c2b72dca10f⋯.jpg (196.33 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, D8mql-RU8AAHhl3.jpg)

File: dfeddb6873d394a⋯.jpg (156.9 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, D8mql-RUwAANQxB.jpg)

File: bfbbc6d4a27e8d9⋯.jpg (154.25 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, D8mql-SU0AAvkRg.jpg)

File: 3b86ec66514b307⋯.jpg (158.77 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, D8mql-SUEAAhJO1.jpg)


I'm sure the pictures will come, just give it time.

a99141  No.6347

File: e2a7a2f61b47caa⋯.jpg (178.07 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D8mrIOjU8AIhILY (1).jpg)

614359  No.6348


Wtf is Jenny wearing, is that from Celebrations? I just realized it’s like 70 degrees in Anaheim and they wore tropical beach dresses.

Looks like they went during the evening too, not just lunch or early dinner.

614359  No.6349

File: b7b42bf96968ee9⋯.jpeg (631.38 KB, 640x902, 320:451, AFE16590-6C5F-4372-9659-4….jpeg)

Again, how is his wife cool with inviting this young, single cute woman and giving her gifts?

Did Eric lie and say she’s dating Bailey?

a99141  No.6350


Maybe the wife is into it….

614359  No.6351

File: 70f99e547d3baf7⋯.jpeg (542.98 KB, 640x1010, 64:101, F9B93C5E-7618-45BC-8BA8-8….jpeg)


Haha, I think she is, she’s the one taking Baileys pics while Jenny’s standing next to her taking her own pics.

It’s gonna be a late photo dump tonight and Baileys gonna give is all the details on her next stream if she and Jenny don’t do it now.

Anyone willing to watch and grab those clips next time she streams?

614359  No.6352


And don’t get me wrong, I’m still bitter and angry Jenny gets whatever she wants but some time to relax and looking at Baileys decent tits is calming.

a99141  No.6353

File: 5bbbd964c21a0b0⋯.jpg (153.31 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D8mscSYUYAUv2Ri.jpg)

File: 3001299ccaa2730⋯.jpg (140.31 KB, 1080x792, 15:11, D8msfFOU8AA7sIC.jpg)


Bailey is looking amazing in that dress.

614359  No.6354

File: 8f0a49fe4c03c87⋯.jpeg (419.71 KB, 640x793, 640:793, 175A2510-9093-4E11-9913-1….jpeg)


Looks like they show the same amount of leg, Jenny either bought a more modest version or tailored the top herself.

And she still hasn’t said or thanked Eric for making her dream come true. They even got to hand outside in the balcony!

So that’s it, with this and getting to see Walt’s apartment Jenny has seen all of Disneyland, she got 100% completion.

5f8d55  No.6355


technically i dont think shes been to the cantina in star wars land yet but that will come soon enough

614359  No.6356


…I know we have at least 1 $25 Patron here, maybe this gives you an idea for a Ramble topic that Jenny would love to talk about.

614359  No.6357

File: 72405bb131d7dc8⋯.jpeg (267 KB, 640x595, 128:119, 1172A758-2059-4BCA-A46D-D….jpeg)

File: d4fe4640ebfbc49⋯.jpeg (197.15 KB, 640x591, 640:591, 14DEE450-AC48-4EDC-B414-6….jpeg)

File: dab63c1b82b7100⋯.jpeg (242.52 KB, 640x701, 640:701, B8F8AD67-AA67-4649-81F0-F….jpeg)

I wonder if I’m so pissy about Jenny not just because she always wins but because she has the dumbest consumer goals and wishes that I don’t really care for BUT they bring her way more joy than anything I can think of.

One of her biggest life goals was an exclusive Disney restaurant, mines to buy a house and retire by 50 but even then I’ll be content if that happens, but Jenny’s overjoyed going to a dinner.

I love and hate that about her.

614359  No.6358

File: 157a14308015ce7⋯.jpeg (189.14 KB, 640x462, 320:231, 842FE5F6-9CED-4D66-AF96-5….jpeg)

File: 6311d62e5231305⋯.jpeg (565.6 KB, 640x905, 128:181, CD620E78-7904-40AA-BC73-A….jpeg)

File: 8a66d41218a62d9⋯.jpeg (203.69 KB, 640x489, 640:489, 2DF2BB63-47D7-4A1A-BC05-2….jpeg)

Well, people are now talking about her twitch channel publicly. I don’t get the putt putt referenced to streaming.

Also it looks like Jenny might not have bought Club 33 merch, kinda shocking but she is very cheap and splurged at Galaxies Edge.

5f8d55  No.6359


goldman tweeted some pictures with her holding a big shopping bag she bought everything.

5f8d55  No.6360


also hes awake at 2 am tweeting back and forth with jenny. his poor wife, he isnt even trying to hide his jenny thirst.

614359  No.6361

File: 1c4254e28f19a34⋯.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, EAA0B8C7-8642-42BA-9F36-D6….png)

File: d9aabf6bb7dbe6a⋯.jpeg (619.56 KB, 640x1041, 640:1041, 0C076894-6236-40CB-9E56-2….jpeg)


Oh, that’s some big bags.

I got distracted by her clubbing heels.

5f8d55  No.6362


putt putt was a game character, i think they were educational games you might play at school.

d10ef5  No.6363

File: 3fbb13ee86528d9⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, D8m2bpMUcAA7mXx-orig.jpg)


He must say she's gay or something. There's zero fucking chance a woman would be cool with her man hanging out with a younger (cuter) girl otherwise. To say nothing of buying her gifts.


Nobody is going to have to prompt her to gush about that… I got something better in mind anyway.

614359  No.6364


Where was his wife while he was taking pictures of Bailey and Jenny and waiting for the bird to talk?

Haha, all this time we’re worried about Max and Nathan and Andy but Eric just comes in like a fucking pimp and wins Jenny and Bailey for life.

614359  No.6365


Alright, I just thought strategically, it could be a topic that wins, that Jenny would love to talk about and that should pretty easily delve into personal info sharing.

614359  No.6366


Look at that shit, absolute joy on Jenny’s face waiting for a fake bird to move or talk.

How is a house or retirement ever gonna bring me that level of pure, childlike happiness?!

d10ef5  No.6367


>that level of pure, childlike happiness?!

I think that's a major part of her infectious charm. That joy is always so genuine.

90ff64  No.6368


Hopefully, whatever you got wins. I do not want my patron dollars wasted on hearing Jenny's take on Disney sidekicks.



You guys are forgetting Eric's wife is there with them. This isn't him inviting two young girls to just hang with him.

Jenny's too busy buying merch to think about sex.

Funny that Max liked Bailey's first Club instagram pic but not Jenny's. But I think it's because she got her pics out earlier before he went to sleep.

Besides stupid merch, I hope Ourgirls managed to get some good potential work connections from this.

614359  No.6369

File: 27a02bb70cacf84⋯.jpeg (339.69 KB, 640x775, 128:155, 12BE6133-C93B-4A93-836B-0….jpeg)

File: 557efec88434bef⋯.jpeg (268.52 KB, 640x751, 640:751, 5B5E76BF-F6AF-4D88-9C0C-9….jpeg)

File: 300849c85707416⋯.jpeg (243.91 KB, 640x686, 320:343, 046E847D-2C6B-4489-804D-3….jpeg)

There goes Jenny starting anti-Disney revolutions.

614359  No.6370

File: a5c1b1420bcd5e8⋯.jpeg (279.49 KB, 640x831, 640:831, A96DA11B-3035-4250-A06B-E….jpeg)

10485a  No.6371

Poor Jenny.

One step forward.

Two steps back.

614359  No.6372

File: 9fd4a17dc690591⋯.png (320.94 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, CC77A8C5-D297-4D59-8877-B8….png)

File: 0cf04419d1e5f0b⋯.png (350.93 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 3EEE7411-3D52-4FC5-BB96-29….png)


Yup, but that’s what happened when so many of your tweets get 100s I’d retweets.

Found where she posted that reply comment, Star Wars Their which is the highest rated video about this but holy shot, it’s sll over pop culture news and YouTube.

614359  No.6373


> Besides stupid merch, I hope Ourgirls managed to get some good potential work connections from this.

Oh I’m sure Baileys wet with excitement over having someone she can reach out to for a marketing job at Disneyland.

614359  No.6374


Every time she shares something with us, a reason to not share as much comes out.

Wonder if this will make it into her Star Wars Land video. If she’s going to dinner her voice is probably good enough to start recording it.

10485a  No.6375


Jenny would have went to Club 33 regardless, even if she had to pantomime to communicate.

And I'm sure Jenny flaunted her Tiki knowledge while she was there.

Jenny's probably all set for D23 in August. But I wonder if she's going to SDCC this year? I can't see anything she'd want to go attend there this year.

614359  No.6377


Well, for Jenny sake hopefully she didn’t give that Disney communications person laryngitis like she did Kristen.


I’m sure she’ll go with Lindsay and Kat again. Seemed like they went last year just to be there sarcastically anyway and to go to the parties. Remember they sat by John Cena at one of the parties.


> It’s not weird cause Eric’s wife is there

Eric’s wife being there is even more awkward. A Disney employee invites you to dinner with her husband and you take your wife and YOUR two single young woman?

He’ll even this is weird, why is Jenny taking his picture instead of his wife? It’s not a coincidence his wife sat between her husband and Jenny even though she doesn’t know Jenny.

a99141  No.6379


She’s 28 now, she’ll never have a flat tummy. It doesn’t matter though. She’s still objectively the more attractive of the two of them.

614359  No.6380


Isn’t “Leah” supposed to handle that stuff. Why would Jenny have gotten an email?

614359  No.6381


You think Baileys more attractive than Jenny?

a99141  No.6382


Definitely in terms of their faces, she’s got better hair as well.

614359  No.6383


I’d say that’s likely due to Bailey putting a lot more effort into her looks vs Jenny being a more natural beauty.

614359  No.6384

File: 00922304000e81e⋯.jpeg (74.74 KB, 640x258, 320:129, 54C53853-D84E-4EBF-832B-9….jpeg)

File: fd15b140d84fca6⋯.jpeg (370.22 KB, 640x1077, 640:1077, E26D6E24-AFD3-4236-A903-4….jpeg)


Actually, you might be on to something cause I just saw this on Baileys insta of her C33 pic.

Not sure if she’s got the bikini body but she can see model some clothes.

614359  No.6385

File: a76b9084e4a6120⋯.jpeg (181.67 KB, 640x827, 640:827, 7E80D90F-68EF-4832-A928-4….jpeg)

Didn’t Jenny just say she doesn’t like the pressure of fans asking for hit take videos?

Though a Club 33 one sounds right up get alley.

a99141  No.6386


No that’s not really modelling, they’ll just send her some free stuff, then she makes posts showing it off.

614359  No.6387

After last night, Eric is probably the most loved and important man in Jenny’s life. There’s very few things she won’t do for him now.

He’ll be dropped to number 3 once she gets a husband she has a baby with.

I’m shocked Max never took Jenny to Club 33, was he not a member?

614359  No.6388



Guys this is all over the web, Jenny created a whole Star Wars Land controversy unknowingly by herself. I’m surprised she didn’t try to put out the fire sooner and I love that she had dinner with a Disneyland PR person yesterday, what a crazy coincidence…

What if they invited Jenny and she invited Eric along? I hope we learn more about how she got in on her next Ramble.

614359  No.6389

File: 421278bbb654c9d⋯.jpeg (365.42 KB, 640x1009, 640:1009, 11B18ADA-9BDE-4412-ABD5-1….jpeg)


> Star Wars Youtuber

d10ef5  No.6390




I never thought she'd create another controversy with Disney so shortly after that Celebrations stuff. You're doing it wrong, Jenny!

d10ef5  No.6391


Shit, I just now seen this after having the same thought. She just outed "Leah" as not existing.

a99141  No.6392


Or more likely, leah received the email and forwarded to her so that she could respond.

614359  No.6393


But could it be that she’s showing Disney just how much influence she has?

Honestly, are we sure the PR person from Disney didn’t specifically invite Jenny and she invited a editor and report who’s got Disney experience to go with her and Bailey?

We just assumed Eric was inviting her but maybe not how it happened.

614359  No.6394


Doesn’t that defeat the purpose if all Leah is doing is forwarding emails?

a99141  No.6395


Well she works as a filter, and if she receives something that Jenny might be interested in, she probably forwards it Jenny. Then if for example it’s a sponsorship or paid trip that Jenny wants to proceed with she can then probably hammer out the details.

237fea  No.6396

File: 5e5ebb03ed01a8f⋯.jpeg (132.53 KB, 882x640, 441:320, 1b21f8377ff28d7ecec8d029d….jpeg)


>It’s not a coincidence his wife sat between her husband and Jenny

Looking at this photo, there are six plates, but one of them is sitting empty. I cant tell if Eric just scooted his chair over and that empty plate is his, or did wife walk around to be in the photo and the empty plate is hers. She is sitting pretty awkwardly so i think she might have gotten up and moved over there.

Also I'm sure its nothing, but in that empty spot there is a phone sitting on the table that looks like the one in the pool picture from the other day.

237fea  No.6397

File: 19815d5901d4875⋯.png (10.12 KB, 144x255, 48:85, phone1.png)

a99141  No.6398


Yeah looking at it, it looks like it's probably that eric's wife has come round and kind of half perched on jenny's chair just for the photo.

I'm not seeing with the phone though, the one in the pool pic looks chunkier, and I just feel like Jenny's new roommate being Eric Goldman's wife is very unlikely.

237fea  No.6399


i man i agree its orbably not the same one, but we dont know that phone was her new roommates, eric and wife could live in the same apartment complex or she could have invited them over.

a99141  No.6400


I think you're trying to hard to connect things, it's not the same phone.

d10ef5  No.6401


Well, it would've been during business hours at least. So "Leah" has that going for her potential existence.


<Honey, sit down.

He points across the table, barely acknowledging her.

<I saved you a seat, Jenny!

Eric exclaims practically beaming.

<Oh! Lemme get that chair for you!

He gets up and pulls her chair out, brushing it off before gently pushing it towards the table as Jenny sits down.


Eric says caressing her shoulders and drinking in the feminine scent of her hair.

>Haha… yeah!

Jenny giggles playfully.

His wife, arms crossed, waits impatiently for the same treatment.

<Honey, sit down over there already, you're embarrassing me.

7155cb  No.6402


I was thinking that Jenny might be depressed, just the way she talks about her "newest video", I think it was like a non-dramatic cry for help

was this visit to club 33 a way to lift her mood up?

10485a  No.6403

Looking through Eric's wife's twitter and instagram, she's almost as big a theme park freak as Jenny. I wouldn't be surprised if it was her idea to invite Jenny and Bailey.

Bailey's always had the better hair. It's got bounce and texture. As much as I love Jenny, her ratty hair is one of the lesser things about her.

614359  No.6404


> Eric’s wife invited Jenny

Hmm, there’s a picture of Eric with Jenny at DL when she was still a CM, I think his wife might’ve taken it (weird she wasn’t in the picture too, maybe she’s shy or privacy) but she doesn’t follow Jenny on Twitter and her husband has known Jenny for over 2 years.

I think she just started following Bailey now.

I doubt that invite was her idea.


Jenny’s mood is probably 200% better after club 33 but maybe only a 100% after her tweets made Galaxies Edge/Disney look bad.

But the video came out like a day earlier, no way it was related, Eric probably told Jenny about the reservation weeks ago. And this further proves Jenny isn’t burned out, she just didn’t want to make a Avengers review.

Jenny’s terrible at faking it and biting her tongue, and making a half review/half sympathy video worked out great.

Love and support came pouring in, views are decent for the video, a 800 sub boost in 2 days and most importantly 90 new Patrons in 2 DAYS.

P.S. I get someone seeing the video and wanting to make sure Jenny doesn’t need to depend on views, but when you go to her Patron and see she’s got 3,500 Patrons shouldn’t you think…oh Jenny’s ducking good, she doesn’t need my $5?

237fea  No.6406

File: 0e56f18d66fced8⋯.png (59.24 KB, 604x421, 604:421, 2019-06-09 (2).png)


>Eric probably told Jenny about the reservation weeks ago.

think we know what this tweet meant now

614359  No.6407

File: 30d3ee9c175bd99⋯.jpeg (403 KB, 640x477, 640:477, 78902F12-E983-4840-AC6D-5….jpeg)

File: 00f8bf38bae103c⋯.jpeg (374.27 KB, 640x865, 128:173, 211670F2-C870-439B-B03A-D….jpeg)


> Omg, Eric I cant believe we’re going to Club 33!!!

< I know, I’m so excited. Jenny’s going to be there, don’t embarrass me in front of her!!!

Oh and Eric also went to the Taco Bell Demolition Man pop up in SDCC with Jenny. Didn’t remember Kat being there, Kat really attached herself to Jenny after Lindsay’s wedding, I’m pretty positive she’s the roommate now cause she’s all over Jenny’s timeline photos.

He was her first Screen Junkies guest.

Looking for these photos holy shit Eric tweets her a lot, like A LOT and she doesn’t respond that often even though we know she reads all the tweets people send her.

Jenny does not mind hanging out with overly familiar men when it’s to her benefit, bet she’d hang with us if we had connections too.

Eric knew Jenny was leaving Disneyland BEFORE she announced it publicly too, that tweet sounds like he’s there with his wife for sure.

614359  No.6408


Ohh shit, you’re right.

I can’t believe Jenny didn’t freak out and tweet about this, she said she’s sharing less about her location online but still, “I’m going to Club 33 in the near future!!!!!!!!”

She did tweet while she was in the Club so again, not really keeping her location private.

614359  No.6409

For a girl who says she’s socially awkward and shy, holy shit does Jenny have an acute networking/business sense.

237fea  No.6410

max woke up this morning and liked both of bailey's other pictures she posted last night, but not jennys.

a99141  No.6411


Maybe Jenny asked him to stop. Has he ever liked any of her instagram posts?

237fea  No.6412


>Has he ever liked any of her instagram posts?

he used to like literally every single post she had, until last october when he stopped liking them for the most part. he did like her picture with kat at celebration,

10485a  No.6413


Bartender Mike and Steele Saunders liked all of Bailey's Club 33 pics too

a99141  No.6414


I still can’t get my head around Mike. It’s like he’s obviously just the bf, but I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right.

10485a  No.6416


I mean her thing on Aksys stream, pretty much confirmed it. He's the only bartender she's known for those 3 years and hung out with.

And it's only recently after her back stopped hurting and he let her use his bar for the Patreon that they've started to appear in each other's social media again (at least as far as likes)

a99141  No.6418


But it’s just they broke up at the start of the year and she seemed devastated now they’re just back together. And judging from social media I’d say it’s not the first time they’ve broken up and gotten back together.

a99141  No.6419


And I just feel like if they were together that long shouldn’t they be more serious.

237fea  No.6420


she drinks his cum how much more serious do you want them to be

10485a  No.6422


Does anyone have that tweet where Bailey mentions taste of cum. I can't find it

fb0cb7  No.6423


>Jenny’s terrible at faking it

Yeah, when she used her tired ol' "bad audio" excuse I knew she just didn't want to work for awhile (she also said her Galaxy's Edge video would take four weeks to produce). Which is understandable having just moved.


>stalker-tier hounding for years

This is the type of (((guy))) that would actually rape Jenny should he ever get her alone. He put a lot of time and effort into setting himself up that close.


You can't consider them a couple until Bailey is begging for seconds, then you know its true love.

614359  No.6424


> He put a lot of time and effort into setting himself up that close.

Not sure about the rape part, he seems like a “nice guy” like Signor but also like Signor he’s tries to insert himself into Jenny’s…life and succeed, Jenny will always remember Eric when thinking of Club 33.

And props to the guy for doing it all in front of his wife.


> Steele liked Baileys photos

Yeah, the first time Jenny went to his podcast she took Bailey along and mentioned she was in the audience.

What’s weird is Steele also liked Jenny’s Club 33 photo and her dumbo photo but not her Celebrations or Star Wars Land pics. Did she not bother saying hi to him while they were there?

a99141  No.6425


I think there's a certain arbitrariness to instagram likes, we'll drive ourselves mad trying to find a pattern or meaning in it.

614359  No.6426

Jenny still hasn’t tweeted today, I was so sure she’d wake up and post pics of the merch she bought or talk more about Club 33 but I guess there’s not much else to tell.

She took pics in the 1st & 2nd floor waiting areas, dining hall and balcony.

Guessing none of them were members because they didn’t get into the jazz lounge which a member has to be present to get guests into.

Still wished she would’ve talked about her feelings regarding it but she was very technical.

614359  No.6427


>stalker-tier hounding for years.

> This is the type of (((guy))) that would actually rape Jenny should he ever get her alone. He put a lot of time and effort into setting himself up that close.

Eric is us if she meet us without preconceived notions, we told her we were in a relationship so she didn’t think we’d try (even if we wanted) to fuck her and MOST important, had networking potential for her.

Jenny used to drop a lot of people she’d follow thinking they’d be handy. I still remember Jenny mentioned some zombie game she played, some graphic artist or coder from it tweeted her and she followed him for a few months then dropped him.

Now it’s all Youtubers and smaller channels she’s watching or building goodwill the same way Lindsay did with her.

614359  No.6428

Visiting Disney Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

That’s about all that’s left on Jenny’s bucket list right.

a99141  No.6429


You forget winx land at that theme park in Rome, and like Fantasialand in Germany.

4bfee7  No.6430



Guys, who’s gonna add this official Star Wars controversy to Jenny’s Wikipedia? You have everything from Newsweek to Yahoo to Cinemabla to reference to justify it.

We can create s whole controversy sub section. Also the controversy of her making a adoption joke that people took the wrong way.

And her Celebrations employee using her email to ask her out.

614359  No.6431

File: dbea8e822eb9152⋯.jpeg (288.55 KB, 640x703, 640:703, A437278F-9749-46E3-A239-2….jpeg)

File: 651d8c15206d0ff⋯.jpeg (278.6 KB, 640x763, 640:763, F5713F35-AFF5-4CF4-9DC1-C….jpeg)

Looks like regardless of us, the bigger Jenny gets the less she’ll share.

Also sounds like she may have started recording the Star Wars Land video.

614359  No.6432

File: ccdad19d58c7538⋯.jpeg (254.86 KB, 640x805, 128:161, C037D33D-5591-4164-94C9-F….jpeg)


I can’t believe that’s her biggest issue this this article.

614359  No.6433



…also how many of these articles did Jenny read?

fb0cb7  No.6434


>Jenny’s Wikipedia

She hasn't shut that down yet? Did you guys fill in the more personal information yet?


I wonder of this attitude would affect that Lesser Known Disney Trivia video she wanted to do in any way?


I can just imagine the face character Anakin roaming the park with his clone troopers following behind like when he enters the Jedi temple in Ep.III, seeing a random kid playing with a lightsaber and then he just starts clubbing the shit out of them while the clones take pictures.

10485a  No.6435


When is Erin from Disneyland communications gonna call up Jenny and say "This is how you thank me for getting you in to Club 33!!! By creating this PR nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

614359  No.6436


That is what SHOULD happen, but the #CharmedLife protecting Jenny will activate and Erin will instead offer Jenny a job as a Disney brand ambassador to create a Youtube channel where she gets to avoid all the different parks to show young kids who’s parents have disposable incomes.


> seeing a random kid playing with a lightsaber and then he just starts clubbing the shit out of them while the clones take pictures.

I’d consider going to Disneyland if they had that much character integrity for their characters.


> Lesser Known Disney Trivia video she wanted to do

What? When she did mention this?

10485a  No.6437


I know we've joked about it. But I wouldn't be surprised if Bailey and Jenny come out of this Club 33 thing pretty good (offers, perks).

But from twitter, it looks like it just got Jenny a chance to take exclusive pics and buy merch

614359  No.6438


Yeah, Bailey has years of experience working in marketing so she could get an entry level job there.

Jenny’s a Youtuber with 400k subs who has not only made numerous Disney And Star Wars video but has also worked there.

I’d say if Jenny wants media passes in the future like for Marvel Land or Frozen Land, she just took a giant leap to that by meeting Erin.

614359  No.6439

File: 9e07c8073ccaa1a⋯.jpeg (474.53 KB, 640x802, 320:401, 0A04941F-161D-403B-A02D-F….jpeg)


Welp, Bailey and Erin will get along great and Bailey can give this to Jenny’s pro trump dad.

7155cb  No.6440


>Did you guys fill in the more personal information yet?

im lazy

Is club 33 just a food place? it looks pretty tacky for 30,000 or however much it cost

614359  No.6441

File: 2f81c477b984fe1⋯.jpeg (367.27 KB, 640x873, 640:873, 862FEAC5-17AD-49BD-B5EA-3….jpeg)


Jenny hasn’t started following her yet but she will very soon I’m sure.

614359  No.6442

File: c2ae9757c1dbd42⋯.png (334.11 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, FB6D7661-39D1-4344-AE48-BB….png)

File: 1b259a34f7fb610⋯.jpeg (394.32 KB, 640x1087, 640:1087, 963596C3-BF4C-4059-9BD5-9….jpeg)

File: 2aeb60ca131cc71⋯.png (286.38 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 953D0FFF-7BE1-42BC-9FCA-B4….png)

Remember what I said about balance, for Jenny to have such a #CharmedLife others need to have shitacular events in their lives.

Check out Eric’s LONG tweet chain, he had a LAX trip from hell today, guess it was his turn.

614359  No.6443

File: f8192a2b72694e2⋯.jpeg (322.67 KB, 640x803, 640:803, AF260185-DA7B-40E2-80CD-5….jpeg)

File: 744aad2fee426a2⋯.jpeg (320.96 KB, 640x886, 320:443, CC9C0156-4314-4B54-8E81-1….jpeg)

File: cbe9329f920062b⋯.jpeg (150.93 KB, 640x537, 640:537, 2A965995-74BF-4491-A6C2-F….jpeg)


And some rando shut Baileys smartness right up.

36349d  No.6444


Now you can see why Bartender Mike has to break up with her every so often

614359  No.6445

File: 97b9029aeb2adf9⋯.jpeg (290.88 KB, 640x892, 160:223, E3D25A60-4C1B-4FEE-99F8-D….jpeg)

File: 16d4c20beaab253⋯.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, B8047900-8880-441A-8F8F-83….png)

Wait, WTF, Alicia’s gay too?!

Why are so many of Jenny’s friends gay woman?

Also, I’ve said thought Jenny’s ass is kinda flat but I might be wrong.

fb0cb7  No.6446


>What? When she did mention this?

One of her rambles. You know, one of those distant, lazy ideas of hers that probably won't happen any time soon (like her Disney Creepypasta video or Descendants).


>im lazy

Curious as to how she would react to her (sourced!) personal information going "on record". She didn't even say the name of her college in her ramble.


So they're like Elaine and Puddy from Seinfeld?

614359  No.6447

Hi guys, I’ve been wondering about this for a while.

When you come here do you scroll up to where you last left off or just read the last few comments?

I post a lot of stuff and worry my multiple comments drowns out single comments from the rest. I ready everything new from when I leave but not sure it’s the same for ya’ll.

7043cc  No.6448


Wow. I didn't know Alicia was a lesbian. So it had to be Jenny dropping off bisexual Kat at Nathan's house.

She would have mentioned Bailey's name if it was her. And Kirsten's boyfriend is in New York.

So many LGTBQ in Jenny's life. Even Chelsea is bi. We know about Jenny's sister. And Bailey's sis Faith is a lesbian. Bailey's friend Addison is bi.

Most of Jenny's other friends are married like Steve/Lauren and Eric Goldman. Or married and bi like Lindsay.


>>So they're like Elaine and Puddy from Seinfeld

Good comparison. I'd say yes. The character Elaine reminds me of real life Bailey anyway.

9de99e  No.6449


I check all posts i missed

614359  No.6450


If Kat was going to secret D&D hangouts with Jenny then she’s definitely Jenny’s roommate now, that car accident would’ve created a bond of a traumatic moment they both survived.

I’m guessing per what Jenny said at the charity D&D stream about the concussion being a bad omen Jenny probably won’t smartest D&D games.

Jenny’s gone dark again in twitter, either to go back to privacy be at she’s got nothing she wants to share if she’s started taping the Star Wars Land video.

Nathan will help Jenny set up get gear for streaming, and with Kats help teach her what blowjobs and threesomes are all about. Goodbye the idea of pure Jenny.

Wonder if we’ll ever see or hear Kat in the streams in the future, we must at some point.

614359  No.6451


Good! I legit feel bad that some people might be missing out on others posts which is why I try to do a single long post but if I’m on all day (like weekends, I duck up).

fb0cb7  No.6452

File: f571ac47aef9534⋯.jpg (172.93 KB, 692x897, 692:897, Jenny Hmm.jpg)


On desktop, these threads are a pinned tab and on mobile I'm still using Clover (Kuroba is still too unstable) so i never lose my place and I do read everything. Don't always have a response though.


>So many LGTBQ in Jenny's life

Raises the chances of her being gay, doesn't it..? I mean, it would be a little strange for a straight woman to have almost exclusively gay/bi/whatever friends, would it not?


>Goodbye the idea of pure Jenny

Why would she even consider a roommate if she wants or has an active sex life?

Or does Jenny like sex in groups, like most other activities in her life?

6a7c72  No.6453

Not that it matters but both JEnny and Kat are up at 3am their time, liking stuff on twitter

fb0cb7  No.6454


Kat is totally the roommate. I bet Jenny is playing dress up with her new favorite toy right now.

35fb17  No.6455


I have this thread open whenever I'm home although I tend to briefly glimpse through instead of reading everything. I'm a bad car.

7155cb  No.6456


Jenny's calling out fake news, how do her gamergate friends feel about that

adcaee  No.6457


Jenny being bi at this point is possible but not very likely.

If she's friends with all these LGBTQ folk (including sister) then Jenny wouldn't have any issue coming out already (despite maintaining her "family friendly" brand in today's liberal media.) Especially by age 27. None of her friends hide it, so why should she.

Bailey and Kirsten are both straight as a board, but they're still friends with all these people as well.

We already know the sister's story. So odds get lower for Jenny to be any kind of LGBTQ.

Experimenting with threesomes??? I guess it's possible, especially if Jenny isn't looking for commitment.

Even if you're identified as LGBTQ or not in your social media today, participating in threesomes is not something to publicize. Whether your'e liberal minded or not. Especially if you're trying to be a media influencer. That would definitely hurt Jenny's brand.

614359  No.6458

Ok I’m glad I’m not drowning out anyone else’s posts.


Also weird that Kats almost specifically avoided liking ANYTHING Jenny has posted recently including her video that everyone else retweeted and sent her support for, especially as that’s what Kat regularly works and talks about.

As if she doesn’t need to on twitter because she’s there in person.

I think Kats the roomie too.

Now why she said she has a roommate but is keeping whom it is a secret, I don’t know. Why tell us she’s moving at all, maybe she’ll show everything in her new Ramble.

I’d have just kept all that private if I was worried about my location and privacy but Jenny likes to have her cake and eat it too.


> Why would she even consider a roommate if she wants or has an active sex life?

She’s sleeping with the roommate?…with so many gay friends, we have to be open to the fact Jenny might be bi. Wonder if she’s the dominant one.

Helps partly explain Jenny the girly theme park fan and the mean opinionated analyst.


> Kat staying up late like Jenny

Did she used to do that? This was my thing about how hard having as a roommate would be, she’s home all the time, awake at the strangest hours and recording herself whenever for videos.

Even if you wanted to switch to her sleep pattern you couldn’t if you have a normal job.

614359  No.6459


Jenny may be bi but hasn’t mentioned it because she prefers to keep her sexuality and that aspect of her personal life, like dating, out of social media the same way she’s never mentioned having a boyfriend.

OR she hasn’t had one and isn’t interested in a relationship in which case her brand image would be hurt if she talks about flings with men and/or woman.

adcaee  No.6460


I guess you're right. It's a personal preference with Jenny.

I'm going to watch the Vito video again, and see if I can catch any signs of JenKat

614359  No.6461

File: 3ab2c5bff1c0731⋯.jpeg (214.61 KB, 640x659, 640:659, 647787AF-2B12-4C25-8E21-5….jpeg)

What? Has Jenny ever talked about this broadway play?

614359  No.6462


I mean, Jenny went from not knowing Kat to hanging out with her ALL the time.

I don’t believe they knew each other until Lindsay’s wedding…unless she was Jenny’s plus one which would blow my mind.

If they started dating, that would make sense for how suddenly Kat just hopped over all of Jenny’s other friends and started going to various events and conventions with her.

I expect them to go to SDCC, Vidcon, Patrecon, D23 and the rest together this summer with different friends tagging along.

adcaee  No.6463



Like I said before. I wouldn't have a problem with a Jenny-Kat relationship. Contrary to some people here, I think think they're a good match for each other.

It's the whole possible Nathan threesome that pisses me off. Lol.


Jenny's hasn't. But Nathan has.

adcaee  No.6464


It puts that whole "borrowing each other's clothes" thing from the Disneyworld trip in a different perspective.

614359  No.6465

File: 9a0c2ce27be39ad⋯.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 8DB6D221-34AC-425C-91FA-49….png)

File: afcbac36cb2dab1⋯.png (481.05 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, C237C286-931E-4B22-9808-E0….png)

A. I was going to ask if Jenny’s will reach out but doesn’t have to, Bailey will and will give the new number to Jenny.

B. Is Max being forgiven? That’s the real Ariana Grande sharing/responding his insta story.

a99141  No.6466


Ariana Grande is a really old friend of his, maybe old enough to not know any of his other friends, so she doesn't care/know she's meant to shun him now.

That's the weird thing about Max, his big MeToo moment was in many ways a falling out between him and his friends that played out on social media because lots of his friends are/were social media influencer types.

Ariana Grande is kind of the sphere above that, and is you think about it, pop music fans were more than happy to forgive Chris Brown, I don't think they give a shit about Max Landis being a bit emotionally manipulative.

614359  No.6467


> Kat and Jenny are good for each other

I really disagree, I think Kat bias and completely unethical ties to her subjects (friends and lovers) is a big problem for her research because then anyone who offends Jenny even with an opposing opinion, Kat will mark as part of toxic fandom which further poisons Jenny’s thought process of how to interact with her fans.

Also the broader way that companies and other researchers basing their community guidelines with be influenced by Kats bias research, she’s a joke but she’s been hired by various big names to “study fandoms and community interactions”.

Also an issue is that Kat and Jenny will create conscious and subconscious mindset that Jenny’s constantly being harassed and threatened in order to create a need and justification of Kats necessity in the center of Jenny’s life that her other friends can’t do.

Nathan maybe being the first guy in a decade (Im on the Griffin or virgin side) to fuck Jenny is just the shit cherry on top.

adcaee  No.6468


Jenny's more than likely "done the deed" in the last decade within reason.

Before she got famous, she used to talk about her dates on tumblr.

She's still mad about the guy that neg her mom. And the other guy that ghosted her.

The thing about Kat is…….I'm sure she can find this place in 8chan if she tried. And if she's becoming Jenny's moderator/enforcer/girlfriend.

I want to make sure she knows we're not a threat. I'm not just talking about big crime stuff. But the stuff she looks for: online harassment, doxxing, releasing personal info/stalking.

By and large, were an alright group of fellows who're Jenny's fans/critics/waifu-worshippers.

And are better than the guys who used to come on and past FAS all the time and other crazy shit to mock her.

a99141  No.6469


Yeah we’re just the weird curious loners now. The only thing that puzzles me are the guys that come here but don’t actually like it watch her content.

4bfee7  No.6470


I remember the one about comparing to her mom but I thought she was retelling someone else’s.

I don’t remember the one about being ghosted.

But that’s really rare out of 5 years of tumblr posts and they were both major failures.

If she mentioned the bad dates why did she never mentioned the good ones?

I will say she got a lot prettier the older she got so it’s possible but so much of her tumblr is her laughing about turning guys down.

Besides there three sections of Jenny’s life.

Pre Anaheim, pre and post YouTube fame.

For each Jenny seems to have a reason to not fuck around and the more her career grew.

I think the reason I doubt it is because the single bad date I recall is when she’s like still in college.

Honestly I'm basing this off the impression of her she’s left from all her social media but I’d never have guessed Jenny was much of a drinker and she sneaking in vodka to zoos.

She’s never appeared all that sex positive or sexual but she also doesn’t seem like a big drinker so yeah she could’ve had tons of sex between now and then.

I do remember that Twitter account asking if she was a virgin really got to her though.

4bfee7  No.6471


That’s me, I just find her life and career fascinating but don’t think she’s worth the money and praise and am waiting for her evidential failure.

It’s like shorting a stock, mean sure but not violent in anyway.

a99141  No.6472


Oh yeah the Jennythevirgin twitter account doing all the polls, I'd forgotten about that. That was so weird.

4bfee7  No.6474

Just to clarify since people thought it was one of us, I think she’s over paid and under worked and spoiled but I didn’t do that Twitter thing cause cause agreed it’s super fucking weird.

Also, to bring up her Avengers video burnout, it’s annoying Jenny is so positive nobody would watch her positively review a movie even though she did for Last Jedi, twice.

People will watch either way.

35fb17  No.6475

File: f3e5016249e7717⋯.png (439.21 KB, 880x970, 88:97, jenny and the twitter shit….png)

File: 9f903468ab15841⋯.png (339.53 KB, 591x833, 591:833, jenny and the twitter shit….png)

a99141  No.6476


I think it was more that no one cares about a positive review a month after the film comes out. Especially when it’s not a controversial opinion.

The last Jedi was different because the first one was out at the same time as the film and then by the second video being positive about the last Jedi had become a hot take.

4bfee7  No.6477


That’s a really good point but Jenny shouldn’t need a month for a positive review, she doesn’t have to turn every video onto a 20-40 minute comedy skit.

Honestly, I think she’s feeling let down that her videos are all stalling out around 230k-350k over the last 3-4 months.

d10ef5  No.6478

File: 6f7944573813f13⋯.jpg (879.24 KB, 1080x1655, 216:331, Jenny meta-commentary on o….jpg)


>None of her friends hide it, so why should she

>participating in threesomes is not something to publicize

I wonder it she could just be hiding these things from her dad? Learning you're not going to ever have any grand children and that your daughter loves to get her holes stuffed in a group setting would sting any man. By all accounts, Jenny is a real daddy's girl.


>She’s sleeping with the roommate?

This brings me back around to "Why is she hiding it?", especially since she pals around with obnoxious "woke" YouTubers all the time that would most certainly stand up for her if she received any backlash.


>Kat and Jenny will create conscious and subconscious mindset that Jenny’s constantly being harassed and threatened in order to create a need and justification of Kats necessity in the center of Jenny’s life that her other friends can’t do

Literally had this same exact thought several months ago. It's part of the reason I've always called Kat a con-artist. It's probably extremely cynical to think of Kat like that, but more often than not, people are only serving their own best interests and nobody else's.

4bfee7  No.6479

File: 33f3d35944be658⋯.jpeg (292.13 KB, 640x786, 320:393, 6871B3CA-069A-4695-9521-9….jpeg)

File: c35a45393ba1074⋯.jpeg (349.2 KB, 640x812, 160:203, 70578962-6298-4A3F-BE93-1….jpeg)

File: 237452483480e7f⋯.jpeg (237.29 KB, 640x702, 320:351, 8E465DDA-8C73-470C-97D3-4….jpeg)

Ok so Jenny lives in a 3 bedroom apartment, one bedroom for her, one for Kat and a small one for the streaming office.

But where is she storing all these toys and plushies she keeps buying? Will the office be a desk and just stacks and stacks of shelves holding merch?

4bfee7  No.6480


Kat could be a con artist even if she thinks what she’s doing is actually helping.

7155cb  No.6481


somewhere, in a lost and found, there's a phone with Jens number in it.


>Before she got famous, she used to talk about her dates on tumblr.

I wonder about Jennys sister, she seems like the type of person who would slip that info about Jen. too bad her streams are 5 hours long and really dull


>The only thing that puzzles me are the guys that come here but don’t actually like it watch her content.

I have my reasons.


>It's probably extremely cynical to think of Kat like that


>due to them silencing his rape victim wife;

Kat is/was Lindsay's minion, Lindsay, Lupa, and I think a few others basically pulled that manipulation on Justin's victims, telling them that GamerGate would attack them for coming forward. It would later be revealed that the change the channel organizers simply didn't believe the victims and most likely did this to spook them into not messing up Justin's life.

So Kats friends are capable of it, why not her?


she's still buying ponies?? she must have storage or something

4bfee7  No.6483

File: cfa801d6e6dccc9⋯.jpeg (255.79 KB, 640x678, 320:339, D8FDF97F-1142-49A2-8995-6….jpeg)

Surprised she’d respond to a tweet regarding such a crass line.

4bfee7  No.6484


Jenny doesn’t seem like she’d buy so much merch to keep in a storage unit, she wants to see and enjoy them.

815d0e  No.6485


Eh………in this case it was reiterating a Miley Cyrus song lyric. Not like responding to conversation about "pussy."

815d0e  No.6486


It's not like Jenny hasn't tweeted her own fair share of crass lines


614359  No.6487



I know you guys love Jenny but seriously, how hard is she working when she’s looking up Miley Cyrus songs and searching for vintage toy ponies?


> Jenny’s dad follows her so she avoids sex talk

That makes a lot of sense if she’s fucking now but I doubt her dad had a tumblr and the most sexual things people are saying they found are two references to bad dates, which is not many at all.

267b1a  No.6488

Jenny is back in Galaxys edge right now with Steve.

614359  No.6489

File: 8144277f31a01cb⋯.jpeg (454.15 KB, 640x915, 128:183, E069C9B1-B0D8-4ACC-981B-4….jpeg)

File: 5f93f92b4dd46e7⋯.jpeg (408.84 KB, 640x920, 16:23, DB12292A-6813-4432-8B45-2….jpeg)

File: b59846f9342415e⋯.jpeg (598.49 KB, 640x734, 320:367, 2CDED769-946E-40C4-B38F-5….jpeg)

You guys looking at Anis Instagram?

She created a fund and got the local news involved so one of her autist students who loved Thomas the Train could go to Thomas Land USA in Massachusetts.

Joking aside Ani is actually amazing and kind, with no making working as a teacher she made that kid and his family have a once in a lifetime experience.

614359  No.6490

File: 11a9ff9f2867a42⋯.png (1.69 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 06856D92-8EB6-4DE5-83E1-DB….png)

This is the same short dress she wore with Steve to Star Wars Land, what is with Jenny showing skin at family theme parks?

614359  No.6491

File: f25cb827ce39a17⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, EAD6A039-64F9-43CA-BCD2-3D….png)

File: 10ab7a772436f27⋯.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 41502AE9-00D0-4590-88B9-51….png)

Jenny’s at Star Wars Land again, did she build a droid this time?

I thought she said her free reservation was as far from her hotel stay as possible but it’s only been like a week.

Did she finally take Bailey and Kat?

And what is she wearing over her…shirts? Actually, since Jenny hates pants so much it’s weird she never wears shorts.

daa968  No.6492


>Did she finally take Bailey and Kat?

she built a droid last time, its head fell off when she tried to go on the millenium falcom ride because she tampered with it to try to fit it into its bag. She is there with Steve right now. >>6488

815d0e  No.6493



>>she's there with Steve right now

Are you sure Bailey's not there now? Because Bailey's tweeting about Star Wars merch this very second.

614359  No.6494

File: 366c99ab4776b35⋯.jpeg (494.99 KB, 640x1009, 640:1009, A9DA37A9-8D41-4DA7-84BA-C….jpeg)


Oh, good catch, you can hear her on his newer Instagram stories.

Was she his guest in his free reservation? We’re we wrong and it’s Steve and his girlfriend Jenny’s having threesomes with?

Is Bailey there or this a coincidence? Also fuck you Bailey, don’t butch to us when Jenny spends thousand on Star Wars shit.

eb244a  No.6495


Bailey could also be there but Steve is definitely there with her as per his Instagram

614359  No.6497


Of Baileys there is was Jenny’s reservation because why the fuck would Steve even think to add Bailey as one of the guests but I remember for the free reservation it was up to 5-6 people, why do they keep taking 1-2 with them?

815d0e  No.6498

Either bailey's there off camera.

Or Jenny is texting these pictures to Bailey. And Bailey's posting them (with commentary) on twitter

614359  No.6499

File: cdb3707e9e7e5b2⋯.jpeg (307.52 KB, 640x732, 160:183, E27456C0-3E74-409E-BB24-D….jpeg)

Haha, there are things even #CharmedLife can’t overpower.

If Bailey wasn’t there and this was Steve’s free pass Jenny will get one more try before EVERYONE goes to that land and Jenny never gets into the Cantina.

Man, free pass or did one of them pay another $500 for a hotel reservation, Stevevreally wanted more one in one time with Jenny.

d10ef5  No.6500


>And what is she wearing over her…shirts?

A sarong.


Bailey is so aggressively Jewish that it borders on the ridiculous. You'd think she would be happy that that $6k would eventually be filtered up to our Jewish masters.

614359  No.6501

File: e61fd0503ec778c⋯.jpeg (375.99 KB, 640x844, 160:211, 931E6F86-C937-4D6D-A9B4-2….jpeg)


> Aggressively Jewish

That’s what Bailey calls her vibrator

Also Bailey was there so I think this was Jenny’s free reservation pass…we’ll see if she goes again before public opening to confirm.

Weird she didn’t take Kat, maybe she’s saving that for a more personal 1 on 1 trip together.

614359  No.6502


> Sarong

Jenny if you’re cold wearing some fucking pants or a longer skirt, stop with this having your cake and eating it too shit.

614359  No.6503

I don’t think Jenny and Max hangout anymore but if they do, he’s sharing enough now that we’ll find out.

d10ef5  No.6504

File: 74032e116184009⋯.jpg (151.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 310105_2308541265529_14421….jpg)


>Weird she didn’t take Kat

She has one more scheduled visit this month, I bet she'll take her (and only her) on that one.

A more romantic visit to "The Happiest Place on Earth" perhaps?


>wanting Jenny to cover up those creamy white thighs

What's wrong with you!?


Max almost sold me on Billions tonight… that show sounds bananas. I just don't have the time though, the last series I caught up was only four season (~23min. apiece) and that took me an entire month of cramming in as much as I possibly could.

614359  No.6505


> She has one more scheduled

CM preview, Steve’s hotel reservation, her hotel reservation, and now her free reservation…what’s the 5th trip?

Or are you saying tonight’s visit was Steve’s free reservation and he included Bailey?

d10ef5  No.6506


what’s the 5th trip?

Don't know. She started to list all of them in her last ramble but stopped mid-way to be "responsible" (because we all know how often gets assaulted or raped in Disneyland, poor girl). She specifically stated no less than five trips though.

614359  No.6507

File: 0843b2971d82ab7⋯.jpeg (307.01 KB, 640x774, 320:387, EF197E09-8364-47E1-B2FF-9….jpeg)


Hmm, well she’s on someone else’s free reservation or she’s paying for another hotel room.

This tweet makes it sound like she’s not gonna get in before posting the video.

614359  No.6508


Jenny really wanted to drink those drinks, our girls a thirsty one.

815d0e  No.6509


Why does Max keep liking all of Bailey's pics, but not Jenny's?????????


a99141  No.6510

File: 96bb83c3539d902⋯.jpg (185.08 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D8wL2x2V4AAYuIX.jpg)

File: ea8a59c21ed03b9⋯.jpg (169.95 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, D8xHMwiVsAAOrrT.jpg)

File: 53d6fbb377217bd⋯.jpg (116.35 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, D8xJQRxUIAAFK7H.jpg)


Don't like to read into it but another case where Max liked Bailey's post but not Jenny's.

a99141  No.6511

File: 102716928a69bfa⋯.jpg (121.78 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 61846637_313384336276267_4….jpg)


That's such a shit quality picture that Jenny posted.

d10ef5  No.6512



Maybe Jenny told him to put a little distance between her and himself on social media.

815d0e  No.6513


But he's specifically liking the pics where both Bailey and Jenny are in the same place, but only the ones featuring Bailey alone on her instagram.

So he knows Jenny's there too, because he sees her pics.

What's he doing? Trying to make Jenny jealous.

a99141  No.6514


Maybe it's his way of liking Jenny's pics without actually liking them. Liking that she's at star wars land without actually showing up on her profile. But again, let's try not to overthink it.

I just wonder how long it will be before Max goes there himself. Does anyone know when the reservation system ends and it opens to the public?

815d0e  No.6515

Meanwhile Steve and Ani still hang out and talk to each other in twitter.

I wonder does the subject of Max come up, when Steve's hanging out with Jenny and Bailey?

d10ef5  No.6516

File: 4dcb29fe70c5312⋯.mp4 (4.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, xGAbd4NbTlZ43iaV.mp4)


Hmm, maybe Steve being there is why he doesn't like her posts. He doesn't want to make things awkward.

7155cb  No.6517


lol what the fuck


I've heard of people contacting the friends and connections of controversial people and threatening them, maybe Jenny got harassed but bailey didn't?

80627f  No.6518


If that were the case, why didn't he like Jenny's Club 33 pics, but he liked all of Bailey's?

Anyway. I don't think Max ever cheated (or got caught cheating) with Jenny, or else Steve wouldn't be hanging with Jenny.

Because looking at twitter and Instagram, Steves way closer to Ani than Jenny.


Just Bailey being Bailey

a99141  No.6519


This is why bad break ups from within friendship groups are just the absolute worst. Like having to pick between your friends.

d10ef5  No.6520


>maybe Jenny got harassed but bailey didn't?

Plausible. Bailey is pretty much still an unknown.


I could still see Max kinda protecting Jenny from all the bullshit that keeps coming up around him.


That's why any sane man will never shit where he eats. It can get real messy if things don't work out.

f3d8c7  No.6521



Here's a wild out there theory.

Didn't Max/ Ani and Bailey/bartender both break up around the same time?

And Bailey blamed the breakup on herself on twitter.

You don't think………..

d10ef5  No.6522

File: 13dba030724ab97⋯.jpg (19.55 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, bailienvspredator_36021827….jpg)


>Bailey possibly protecting Jenny's innocence from Max

Good girl, way to take one for the team!

Wouldn't she be absolutely gushing about landing a rich Jewish boy like Max though? Because that's the ideal.

eef97a  No.6523


Nah Max was like Jan/Feb and Bailey was like March/April. And Bailey is seemingly back together with him now anyway.

7155cb  No.6524

File: 3417f6749192b65⋯.jpg (96.71 KB, 528x534, 88:89, kat maga2.jpg)

File: 1089aeeaea9bbb0⋯.jpg (91.33 KB, 534x858, 89:143, kat maga.jpg)

Kat.. what are you doing, you cant betray the left like this! kat noooooo


she's back with him though, she would have to be quite a woman to get him back after sleeping with max

f3d8c7  No.6525


More than likely, Lindsay follows Jenny on Instagram (probably not Bailey) and she asked Max to stop liking

f3d8c7  No.6526



This is bad. Are you going to fill it out for Jenny, Lindsay and all their friends?

7155cb  No.6527

Is Erik Meyers a relative of baileys? he seems a little anti-feminist but bailey still chats with him on twitter, so I wonder if they're related.


I filled one out for Lindsay and Quinton a while ago, but I'd feel too guilty doing it for Jenny and Bailey, as it probably spams their email with campaign donation requests.

16b8cd  No.6528


Link to Erik?

I would never encourage doing this to real people (Kat is watching) but "Leah at Vidward" would be funny.

7155cb  No.6529

eef97a  No.6530


It’s possible, meyers is a pretty common name, but he is another comic book artist like Rhianne and Faith.

11460c  No.6531


Funny, because from what I've read Bailey and Kirsten are depressed half the time. While none of her queer friends ever are.

614359  No.6532

File: 9b9db54f90dd562⋯.jpeg (91.78 KB, 640x293, 640:293, 92C6D05D-CE8B-460D-B427-C….jpeg)


> Steve’s way closer to Ani than Jenny

I can’t find any pics of Steve on Anis insta but I see they follow each other


I feel like if Jenny got harassed for being Max’s friend we’d notice it through Kat and Bailey mentioning it or standing up to defend Jenny. We’ve all been waiting for Lefttube to notice and go after Jenny for Max but it never did.

Maybe after the second round of accusations and Ani leaving him, Jenny just ghosted Max.


Haha, that’s fucking hilarious. Hope you clicked submit.


Lindsay only follows 12 people on insta and Jenny’s not one, looks like Lindsay just sticks to Twitter.


Crazy Jenny has been a pilot every single time. Looks like she and Bailey fucked up on purpose?


> Bailey maybe fucked Max?

Thirsty bitch wishes, she’d have posted all about being with him if she had. Most famous dick she’d ever have.


Definitely do one for Kat, and sign up “Leah” and see if Bailey or Jenny mention getting a bunch of Trump emails.

Jenny and Steve are cute, it was Steve’s birthday on the 9th…you guys think she went to his party? Anyone wanna investigate?

614359  No.6533


Actually, I just realized any big event with Steve Whitney would likely go and Ani yah along so Steve might actively avoid inviting Jenny too but if he doesn’t…

I’d LOVE to see how Ani and Jenny/Bailey would react to being at the same party.

614359  No.6534

File: 2e928758a2f31f0⋯.jpeg (482.41 KB, 640x990, 64:99, 399C38B4-9BF1-4EB2-AD52-5….jpeg)

File: a88cef37c34a541⋯.jpeg (407.3 KB, 640x1082, 320:541, 5F052704-EC7C-46F6-B0E3-3….jpeg)


Don’t think they’re related, Bailey not her sisters follow him and he follows all the usual woke people so it’s just a dude with same last name it looks like.


He seems very feminist and left.

022985  No.6535


>>maybe after 2nd round of accusations and Ani breakup-Jenny ghosted Max

That's possible.

Also is Jenny purposely only friends with men when they're already married or have girlfriends?

I don't mean that in a slutty way, but in a "thank goodness he won't try to hit on me because he's already in a relationship" way.

Is she friends with any single guys?

Is that why she ghosted Max? Because since he broke up with Ani, she's scared he might hit on her.

Or maybe she just doesn't trust herself with a single Max? Or any single guy for that matter.

614359  No.6536

File: 277e373347156fe⋯.jpeg (303.56 KB, 640x1005, 128:201, 0E245BC3-A197-4E51-A402-5….jpeg)

File: f8655c447d749f4⋯.jpeg (400.45 KB, 640x913, 640:913, 769A0CF2-5DB9-45EC-A85A-D….jpeg)

File: 40f12a81ae8d47b⋯.jpeg (370.6 KB, 640x921, 640:921, 443B80C0-008F-4613-AD86-4….jpeg)

Tbh Ani is a better person than Jenny.

614359  No.6537


> Or maybe she just doesn't trust herself with a single Max? Or any single guy for that matter.

Jenny makes a Game if Thrones character change and we find out she’s a hungry slut. Maybe Kat and Nathan help her satisfy those urges.

eef97a  No.