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File: 549d6ae70a1f8c0⋯.png (61.47 KB, 640x703, 640:703, IMG_1034.PNG)

ca116c  No.7411

Horse desks and Star Wars Land

e2bbf0  No.7412



Remember: if ever in doubt about your Jenny enthusiasm, at least you're not that guy.


>Jenny Nicholson shuns pride month… and secretly hates her "sister"?

That is not at all a bad idea. Why hasn't somebody done that yet? Just make a drama channel completely based on Jenny except it's all the most outlandish stories based off the most minute details. Intentionally joke-tier. See if she can pick up on it quick enough and get some good-humored bantz going.

f8733c  No.7413


You saw how quickly she got "Jenny The Virgin" shut down.

Ourgirl won't stand for it.

e2bbf0  No.7414


No, no, see, it'll be overtly obvious. As in there'd be no way she couldn't see it for what it is.

>oh and look at how she positioned this plushy to face the top right corner of her room

>clearly somebody's a massive fan of hitler

5d558e  No.7415

Do you think Jenny pays Kat as a consultant? or does Kat think of it as pro bono volunteer work?


3d30e6  No.7416


Yeah Zeke Gonzalez is a weird one, he replies to almost every single one of Baileys tweets. I figured he might be one of us.

It’s funny though, Bailey follows a lot of her regular reply guys, and people that talk on the streams. She even follows trappyjenkins.

But she doesn’t follow Zeke.

3d30e6  No.7417


He’s one of her top patrons as well.

06e47d  No.7418



If Jenny is trying to build own production team like Lindsay (but with just Kat) then she should pay her as a consultant. Lindsay said Jenny is this only lefttuber that makes videos by herself. Ourgirl may be branching away from that.

Roommates would still be convenient for that.

Now if they're really lovers, it gets complicated.



Yeah, Bailey engages with her patrons more than Jenny since there's so few of them. Just make sure your views on issues are the same as hers, lol

Bailey hates you if disagree with her. Even when playing devil's advocate.

f174aa  No.7419


>a drama channel completely based on Jenny except it's all the most outlandish stories

This Youtuber's love of Asian prostitutes is out of control and now has one living with them full time! Complete Details


>If Jenny is trying to build own production team like Lindsay

If she just read copy other people researched and wrote while someone else edited it like Lindsay does, I'm sure she would've done it already. Jenny can't really offload the heavy lifting to anyone else though. The way she creates and edits just doesn't allow for anyone but her take care of it.

b8ae55  No.7420



Then what will Kat’s potential job be?

I guess moderator of the stream/IT/media relations

b8ae55  No.7421

f174aa  No.7422

File: a7c280c6e398808⋯.jpg (79.76 KB, 600x600, 1:1, n9j3_10755.jpg)


>Then what will Kat’s potential job be?

Protection and pleasuring Jenny.


So she still works at UC Irvine, huh? So they must live somewhere in between the campus and Disneyland… unless Kat had no say in where they were going to live.

b8ae55  No.7423



>>she’ll be talking about what typically wears content creators down and……

Wish I could see this. Because only we will know she’ll use Jenny’s life as an example without naming names.

2301c7  No.7424

File: 3c7f12bf7f86be9⋯.jpeg (151.11 KB, 640x788, 160:197, B593407B-1FD4-4270-9424-B….jpeg)


Everything will be the same, Jenny will just start picking up single dads at Disneyland.


I looked up the tweet Zeke wanted that guy to die front of his family for…trying way too hard.


No, she’s going to say it’s creepy someone’s paying that much attention and making a channel just off her, and likely file copyright strikes to get it removed.


Jenny hates people disagreeing with her too, why she never responded to the sntiLast Hedi dude who asked her for the Battle Angel footage she shoot for the pop up they were in.


If you want to meet Kat and Jenny, Jenny and Lindsey will be there like they were last year. For safety unlike the Youtubers with millions of Subs, Jenny and her 400k will not be doing a meet and greet.


Oh yeah, Kat will make money off Jenny like she does everyone, Jenny will cut her a check for stream moderating and expand that to her other accounts like YouTube. Didn’t Jenny say she had someone moderating her Youtube comments now in a recent Ramble, you know that’s Kat.

I can’t get over how fast and how much of Jenny’s life Kat has embedded herself into.


> So most of you are here because you make videos monthly

< No we do it daily and weekly

> ok, one of you is here because you make videos monthly and I want to talk about how hard that can be.

2301c7  No.7425


Can’t anyone go? I mean honestly, none of us are dangerous or crazy, if you want to record this and see or even meet Jenny, you know where she’ll be next month.

2301c7  No.7426

File: a79cd5f8bcffbaf⋯.jpeg (191.69 KB, 640x852, 160:213, 4ED74CC7-E319-48ED-B114-3….jpeg)

If you live near LA, here’s your chance to do what most of us never will. See Jenny in person.

2301c7  No.7427

File: 55454c721837261⋯.jpeg (386.36 KB, 640x817, 640:817, CD9F4357-45A2-406A-82CD-D….jpeg)

Jenny’s weird.

b8ae55  No.7428


It fulfills her particular tastes.

Horses and old trails.

Don’t forget other trivial things that Jenny likes. Spiders, snakes, ghost trains, ghost stories, and sharks

2301c7  No.7429


Actually, Kats event is for creator ticket holders so you have to pay for $200 creator tickets.

2301c7  No.7431

File: 1dd6b973acb10de⋯.jpeg (107.12 KB, 640x650, 64:65, DEBFF4DB-3CBE-448A-9CBA-5….jpeg)


Also scarecrow horror. At some point Jenny will just make shit up.

It’s also topical enough to get a lot of retweets

11d4d8  No.7432

File: bcc2af2ad49b5d7⋯.png (71.9 KB, 629x708, 629:708, IMG_1042.PNG)


Can't make it to California this year, let alone, that soon.


>>can't over how fast and how much of Jenny's life Kat has embedded herself into.

Dude, they're a couple. Beyond "just friends" at this point. We should just accept it and be happy for Jenny.

I met my ex at a mutual friend's wedding too. We hit it off. And in 8 months we moved in together. Relationships with partners move faster than friendships that take years to build up.

I asked my ex once why she clicked with me. She said part of it was watching her friend get married and realize time is short and running out.

f174aa  No.7433


>make videos monthly

To be fair, Jenny still manages at least TWO per month.


>realize time is short and running out

Now there's a punch in the gut; learning you're the passing debris in the shipwreck of her life.

11d4d8  No.7434


>>the shipwreck of her life.

She was the same for me.

Hey. Was Jenny's playboy article on Bert and Ernie like a thinly veiled pseudo-coming story about her with Kat?

78b311  No.7435

File: aa5a4181774f905⋯.jpeg (176.01 KB, 640x409, 640:409, 2D77B32A-E1D4-447E-B6BA-3….jpeg)

Old town road tweets blowing up

b8ae55  No.7436


Not surprised. It’s the most catchy pop song right now thats overplayed.

Say what you will about Jenny, but she’s a smart “influencer”

78b311  No.7437


And she tagged shadow who retweeted it to his 60k followers.

She needs to bump up her impressions numbers on twitter, it’s what companies use to ensure you actually have influence vs buying 80k bot followers.

I feel like she hasn’t had a big retweet in a while, that genie one got over 10,000 retweets and she bragged about her 6 million impressions.

e234bb  No.7438


>unless Kat had no say in where they were going to live

could be an at-home job, she just communicates through email maybe.


>No, she’s going to say it’s creepy someone’s paying that much attention and making a channel just off her

she only named and outed Meda because of how persistent he was, she may have other doxes and is just sitting on them because we haven't pushed her buttons hard enough. I don't really want to try her patience with a big troll like that


>start a jenny drama channel

>use channel to get discount


>And she tagged shadow who retweeted it to his 60k followers.

is that Lindsay's Ex? I guess shes still in the Lindsay gang even if she and Lindsay don't hang out now

b8ae55  No.7439

File: 21abba057776177⋯.jpeg (462.76 KB, 750x788, 375:394, 6CB9C71B-D53D-48AC-9CEE-C….jpeg)


She only doesn’t hang with Lindsay as much anymore because she’s married now.

But that’s okay. Her proxy, Kat, keeps her informed.


78b311  No.7440


Am curious if she uses an agency or has signed up for one of those database sites.

She’s posted stuff about other guys she’s shown she’s gotten their home and employment info.

Maybe she just checks their personal FB, LinkedIn and other public places like us.

b8ae55  No.7441


This is why we have to behave ourselfs.

Right now we’re just a rowdy part of her fandom that gossips about the things she chooses to reveal.

We can’t go beyond that, as then we’d be crossing boundaries.

c73b89  No.7442


It’s not hard, just don’t make yourself noticeable, don’t reply to her on Twitter and send her messages.

Jenny has no reason to know or care about us, don’t give her one.

78b311  No.7443


> Hey. Was Jenny's playboy article on Bert and Ernie like a thinly veiled pseudo-coming story about her with Kat?

That was a very weird article for Jenny to write out of nowhere. Still confused how that happened.

78b311  No.7444



Honestly, I’d say meeting her in person is a lot less creepy and normal than the amount of details we gather and talk about her daily.

So if you know where she is and get the chance go and do it.

c73b89  No.7445


Oh I’d try and meet her in real life in a heartbeat. Just go full fangirl and try and get a picture with her.

She’d probably love that, the key is just to make it seem like happenstance, not something you’ve meticulously arranged.

e234bb  No.7446


maybe it was frank oz's connection with star wars. someone might have said "whos a woman who does star wars, they might be able to sell a frank oz story to their fans."

b8ae55  No.7447


I’d lowkey neg her by asking if Bailey was around. “I’m a big fan.”

Just to see her reaction.

78b311  No.7448


Jenny: Oh Bailey? Yeah, shes probably looking for food, you know Bailey.

Kat: Jenny! That’s not nice.

Jenny: …Whatever! Let’s go.

78b311  No.7449


Obviously, I mean if you tell her you found out she’d be at Kats panel because of 8chan you deserved to get maced.

But shit, Jenny will be front row if not on the panel with her Asian angel.

b8ae55  No.7450


It would extra hilarious if Kat brought up our own 8chan page as an example at her seminar.

78b311  No.7451

File: fe1a8232c870bec⋯.jpeg (365.86 KB, 640x653, 640:653, B62CB107-2980-4123-A876-3….jpeg)


Haha, she just might but it sounds like the main focus is burning out.


Guys, I was joking along to them dating but that doesn’t seem like two friends.

Could Jenny actually be in a relationship with Kat?

c73b89  No.7452


I was gonna say they look cute together, but the I realised that just Jenny looked cute.

37ad8e  No.7453


>Could Jenny actually be in a relationship with Kat?

Maybe, buy if Kat isn't dating Nathan he and her have a weird relationship. In one of his twitch clips from last year, he is streaming and she is just hanging out in the background lying on the bed, barely noticeable except for a few times she moves to grab something. They are still at least good friends, as they hosted a karaoke thing together at GDC a few months ago.

In other news, Jenny liked one of Ani's random tweet jokes. Nothing about Max, just interesting to see her liking her tweets. Thats not going to be enough to get her to forgive you for sleeping with Max while you knew he had a girlfriend Jenny!

b8ae55  No.7454

File: 1227004b7f6f26f⋯.jpeg (318.95 KB, 736x692, 184:173, 0662D0FE-F11C-4120-B34F-2….jpeg)

File: 7b6e19297bfe698⋯.jpeg (58.27 KB, 607x613, 607:613, 2A8811C3-6DF9-48E9-AD12-F….jpeg)



You thought we were joking this whole time Anon? I sure wasn’t. The signs are all there.

I still wonder if Kat was the friend Jenny was dropping off at her boyfriend’s the night of the concussion.

It would seem Kat and Nathan have an open relationship. I guess. We know Jenny was at Nathan’s with Kat for Halloween.

But it seems that only Kat in one year, of all of Jenny’s friends, has met all the other of Jenny’s friends from each corner of her life. From College Casey, to Disneyland cast members, to Max, to Lefttube.

(Something that only Bailey accomplished after years.)

All that’s left is for Kat to meet Jorn and Jenny’s family.

78b311  No.7455


If Ken follows Kat or Kat meets Jorn Kat is 100% fucking Jenny and teaching her how to eat girls out.

37ad8e  No.7456


I still dont really believe it. Jenny fears living alone after someone was stealing her mail. Kat is great at making it seem like she can protect Jenny and also seems like a chameleon that will just like whatever Jenny likes to make it seems like they make perfect friends. Kat gets good work "data" from her friendship with Jenny, and Jenny gets peace of mind. There is zero evidence that Kat and Nathan have an open relationship, you just made that up because there is so much evidence that they are together, and that gets in the way of your narrative that Jenny and Kat are together. There is lots of signs that Jenny is attracted to men in all the history of things she has posted online, but I've never seen any that she is interested in women that way, and I think we'd have seen it before if it were true.

78b311  No.7457

File: c94202fced06844⋯.jpeg (301.58 KB, 640x717, 640:717, 205CB6BA-25F4-49B7-AB93-0….jpeg)

Speaking of Jenny’s social influence status, it keeps on growing.

e234bb  No.7458


>It would seem Kat and Nathan have an open relationship

its kind of what hes known for, sharing zoe Quinn with a few other guys.


>I've never seen any that she is interested in women that way, and I think we'd have seen it before if it were true.

I bet griffin would answer a question about it, too bad the fucker doesn't have his email posted publicly

37ad8e  No.7459

Lindsey Ellis retweeting tweets making fun of Max. I really wonder if Jenny and Lindsey ever talked about him, either before the latest round of stories came out or before.

2301c7  No.7460

File: 92003bd79038e09⋯.jpeg (340.44 KB, 640x850, 64:85, 06266FF3-99A8-4C3D-BE16-3….jpeg)

Old school Jenny messing with bronies and keeping her eyes on any mention of her even when she’s not tagged.

37ad8e  No.7461


well she follows that person so that tweet would have been on her timeline.

d4dd91  No.7462


Yeah but she follows 246 people, and she happened to see that?

Bailey streamed today, anything good?

37ad8e  No.7463


Funny article claiming that Max is in Massachusetts at a hospital getting treatment for mental illness. Seems like BS but just thought it was funny someone would write this.

2301c7  No.7464


If Max killed himself (he won’t but he’d have a failed “attempt”) I wonder if Jenny would feel bad or go visit him.

37ad8e  No.7465


Jenny can be pretty vicious, if it was someone else she might make a tweet lamenting that he failed, but she doesn't seem to want to address the Max situation in any way.

2301c7  No.7466


> Jenny can be pretty vicious

Thank you! It’s like nobody notices that side of Jenny, also what I think would be why relationships with her probably go badly, she’d be incredibly passive aggressive but also just aggressive.

2301c7  No.7467

Jenny backs to being quiet for long stretches…working on her video or hanging privately with friends I wonder…

Or on vacation again.

f174aa  No.7468


If Kat does know about this board, I can't believe we haven't gotten her to (obviously) post yet. Not even to defend herself against all the people constantly calling bullshit on her "work".

We know you're not above getting involved with people you're "researching", Kat… you could say hi at least.


Holy shit, this guy makes it sound like Max just rapes everything in sight all day everyday.

e234bb  No.7469


>Bailey streamed today, anything good?

she looked cute, besides that no.

7fb248  No.7470

I never realized St Mary's College is only 25 minutes away from San Ramon.

I drive farther going to work each day.

Here I am thinking Jenny was far from the comforts of home and Jorn during her college years.

f174aa  No.7471

File: e3a6be279e5f9d6⋯.jpg (88.81 KB, 1080x810, 4:3, 64322685_2269756673111659_….jpg)


>Bailey streamed today, anything good?

There was a tiny bit of singing, they reminded everyone that they're hardcore commies/Marxists via parrot voices and she (very briefly) brought up Jaws, but ~75% of the stream was Brandon going on and on about horseshoe crab blood.

I kinda wanna buy Tokyo Xanadu eX+ now that it's on sale for like $12 (Bailey makes it look like fun), but can't decide where I want to buy it. PS4 or PC?

e234bb  No.7472


I forgot about that. 2020 is going to be difficult for them due to the anti politics rule management enforces.

f174aa  No.7473

File: 125707e0b1bf8c5⋯.png (3.25 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [2019.06.24] Patreon Exclu….png)


>anti politics rule management enforces

Hmm? Bailey brings her politics up fairly frequently.

e234bb  No.7474


there was one time during the midterms when mike was muzzling her from behind the camera, and bailey had to protest that saying "go out and vote" isn't necessarily political

9e4849  No.7475

File: 077f5564ffa5753⋯.jpeg (326.48 KB, 640x717, 640:717, A2C74E49-435B-4BB9-9E57-1….jpeg)

File: 238165f319f79cf⋯.jpeg (166.18 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 66FCBCF1-EB60-4873-A0F4-2….jpeg)


Is Jenny home or just unpacking old stuff? I’m guessing since this laptop has stuff from 2015 and her Disneyland job it’s her old one from here.

And Jenny making weird Disney references at 5 in the morning, I guess she’s editing.


And her parents still paid the thousand extra per semester for room and board.


Who’s mike? Jenny’s producer on SJ was also named Mike.

That tweet had some real legs.

f73ff4  No.7476


Anon's talking about a different Mike who is the moderator on Bailey and Brandon twitch stream at their job

f73ff4  No.7477

Jenny started following YouTube Jenna Marbles.

Who, by the way, is 25 times more popular than Lindsay

9e4849  No.7478


And who was mentioned in this >>7457 tweet

Jenny’s starting to look kinda cheap and slutty, just following bigger Youtubers instead of friends and people she’s an actual fan of.

9e4849  No.7479

Haha, Jenna has no idea who Jenny is.

e234bb  No.7480


theres a lot of mikes, boyfriend mike, work mike, now jenny's mike, maybe that's why they started to refer to him by his last name on stream, so no-one confuses him with the boyfriend


was the cinnamon company responsible for bringing them together?

293d3c  No.7481


Bailey's boyfriend: Mike S.

Bailey's job moderator: Mike E.

Jenny's old producer at SJ: Mike D.

9e4849  No.7482

Those graphic tees, did Jenny design them and taking adobe illustrator lessons?

f174aa  No.7484

File: b87e3b94c984b8f⋯.jpg (100.3 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,fafafa ….jpg)

File: 06f5a10d66cbec6⋯.jpg (57.22 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,f89f2b_….jpg)

File: 39ea91c13702c8b⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, raf,750x1000,075,t,101010 ….jpg)


Probably just scribbling in paint most likely, with one made for her by someone else (the Hologram Funworld shirt).


Haha, that's great!

9e4849  No.7485


Got deleted, what was great?

e2bbf0  No.7486


>I’m going to erase this post in an hour so Katy won’t find it.

That makes no sense, anon. You make no sense.


Should've been faster to the thread. Now you'll never know.

e2bbf0  No.7489


Are you not entertained?

37ad8e  No.7492

File: 79fa906cf4c2523⋯.png (29.93 KB, 567x239, 567:239, 2019-06-26 (2).png)

File: 9674bf0500060e0⋯.png (46.81 KB, 615x331, 615:331, 2019-06-26 (3).png)

Jenny recycling old tweets again.

e234bb  No.7494


>Wasn’t me

it was me. its harmless! she can just direct it to the spam folder


that's a pretty recent tweet too

c73b89  No.7496










Everyone just delete everything eluding to it. Pretend this whole thing never happened.

e234bb  No.7497


I posted when I did it a couple threads ago, its been up for weeks.

If shes snooping she knows.

sorry kat, I wont do it again

9e4849  No.7498


Girls running out of ideas, I had a feeling her first videos were so good because she’d been thinking about it for years while bored at Disneyland.

Now she’s gotta actually work for videos.

37ad8e  No.7499

Fuck it. I know we wont get a response at all, but Kat if you really are watching, what if someone here was sorry for their contributions to this board and wanted to be better. This place feels like an addiction, and it gives me FOMO when I try to stay away. I know Jenny has said she doesn't care when people talk about her, but when shit spills off the board into the "real world" I get a terrible feeling and want out. You said on a podcast that you used to be one of us, so what advice do you have for breaking free? Do you know of any articles or writing on something like that? I know you hate our guts and think we are evil, but some of us just let our curiosity get the better of us and maybe got in too deep.

If you dont wanna respond here, any article you could tweet or something would be appreciated. I dont want to be in your cross hairs anymore, but I dont know how to make amends and get out.

c73b89  No.7500


I don't know if this was a joke or not, but I kind of get the same feeling. I don't like being a part of this, but I don't want to miss anything.

9e4849  No.7501



Don’t ask me how I know but Kat doesn’t care and won’t help you even if she saw this or you reached out.

She doesn’t believe you.

And in a more cynical view if she helped all of us who would Jenny be scared of and need Kats support for?

4835bf  No.7502

To be fair, Kat hasn't thought about anything else, least of all us, since the Trump Reddit board thing

e2bbf0  No.7503



Crikey lads, keep it together. There is nothing to break down over. Calm your tits.

e234bb  No.7504

jennys sister is pretty based, she has an anti-"sjw outrage" rant on twitch. its too long to post but its about people who use latinx or argue transgendered vs transgender, or if things sound "terfy"

I guess that's why jenny doesn't really act that way on twitter

9e4849  No.7505


Jenny’s trans sister is not SJW?

It’s gotta be related to their conservative (or whatever loving Trump makes you) dad.

He didn’t whiny bitches, such spoiler, over opinionated and vicious kids.

Jenny probably isn’t even as left leaning as Lindsey and her squad think, she’s just pro minority and trans cause of her friendships and sister.

b8ae55  No.7506




Though I don’t understand the sisters rant. I’m not very political.

Obviously I know what trans, sjw and anti-sjw is.

But what does terfy, Latinx and “transgender vs transgendered “ mean?

b8ae55  No.7507

Ok. So Jenny has a balcony. But is she in an apartment because she specially says house?

9e4849  No.7508

File: 1dcb0b584cd4b66⋯.jpeg (184.15 KB, 640x424, 80:53, 3BAB356C-881C-4E79-AF74-6….jpeg)


I know! It’s like she purposely made it sound as confusing as possible.

Maybe she’s in a condo or a house that’s two floors?

b8ae55  No.7509


And Kat responds so quickly and sarcastically that she has to be there too. There’s no denying

9e4849  No.7510

File: 8c7de23a9a68ba6⋯.jpeg (231.71 KB, 640x801, 640:801, 1357687F-83FD-4674-8F67-6….jpeg)


Kats being so coy.

Also this white knight is about to be blocked by Jenny.

a5a1b9  No.7511



I wonder when Griffin said to Bailey, that Jenny tends to talk about people behind their back including her, I wonder if it's about her left leaning polictics?

a5a1b9  No.7512


>>and this white knight's about to be blocked

I'm really tempted to reply to him "dude, she's her roommate. She's being funny."

Just to see how the girls would respond

9e4849  No.7513


You should but use a burned to be safe.

9e4849  No.7514


I typed the hell out of those. Meant to say “He didn’t raise whiny bitches just spoiler, over opinionated and vicious kids.”

9e4849  No.7515

File: c7986350c070bab⋯.jpeg (370.23 KB, 640x713, 640:713, 71430696-7A75-40A2-B6B5-1….jpeg)


I mean, how many houses really have a balcony in Anaheim?

I’m think Jenny’s just living in an apartment like she’s used to but with nicer amenities that renting a house can’t provide including 24/7 security staff.

She just calls her her house as a slip of the tongue but she called it an apartment in her Ramble.

I mean it’s almost impossible to go to the wrong house but apartment complexes can be confusing.

Besides, Jenny’s a fucking child and renting a house is way too adult for her. I’d love to know what her credit score is.

> Wait, you have to pay them back!?

b8ae55  No.7516


And of course at the same time Jenny’s tweets that, Kat responds to one of Jenny’s white knights.

Since, you know, they’re both sitting down at the table now

2301c7  No.7517

File: 8381bcf3847843d⋯.jpeg (228.66 KB, 640x639, 640:639, FAE88689-C7C2-485F-9877-5….jpeg)

Someone should ask Kat who’s going to pay her rent if no ones watching Jenny’s videos.

2301c7  No.7518


Wow, Jenny Really, REALLY wants us to know she was with someone while all this happened.

2301c7  No.7519

I was about to try to see how far she lived from around Table but there’s a shit ton of them all over LA.

2301c7  No.7520

They’re gonna slip up one day and we’ll get proof they live together.

ea115e  No.7521


Notice that none of their friends have liked or responded to those particular tweets.

They know.

I mean only Kat gets involved in this particular Jenny antic? Come on.

They roomies. For us that have been keeping tabs here…..this should finally confirm for you.

2301c7  No.7522


It’s weird but I feel like their friendship or relationship won’t end well. Jenny loses her internet fame and money and Kat moves on or Jenny gets tired of having Kat have her be scared and talk about politics and toxic fans all day.

2301c7  No.7523


Dude, Kats happier than anyone here that Jenny’s no longer friends with Max.

97d173  No.7524



Wouldn't Lindsay be the happiest?

I thought Kat was at least neutral about Max since they and Jenny and Casey hung out that one time.

2301c7  No.7525

File: cf7fe4900fd9df6⋯.jpeg (224.43 KB, 640x709, 640:709, 03EDEF93-A71D-4015-B6B4-2….jpeg)

File: 5c75584181a8f2d⋯.jpeg (224.24 KB, 640x654, 320:327, 2AC3D190-4D35-4DAB-BF66-3….jpeg)


Maybe she only hung out with him because she wanted to get further into Jenny’s inner circle.

Also gross Jenny, she’s just responding to everyone now.

97d173  No.7526

Ok. I did some research. On the night Jenny got her concussion, the night of the D&D game. One of the D&D players started following Jenny and Kat at the same time.

So I'm sure Kat was the friend with her that Jenny was dropping off, when she had her car accident.

5d558e  No.7527



<terf = trans exclusionary radical feminists

they're a particularly vocal subset of feminists. typically older feminist women who think trans women aren't women. To them there are only biological women and trans women are male fetishists. TERF is somewhat used as an insult by trans folks for these kinds of people.


<latinx as opposed to latino or latina

non gendered, non binary, more inclusive term for latin americans.

>transgender vs transgendered

<this one is more complicated

There's reasons people don't like the "-ed" bit on the end beyond it being grammatically wrong as it's bit like describing someone as "gayed" grammatically speaking.

transgender is the preferred term as its kind of like a "born this way" vs "became this way" argument, that transgendered means something happened to make them want to change gender vs they'd always felt like a different gender.


vaginal mucus is a bit of a current twitter meme.

in jk rowling's tweets people got into an argument about trans stuff and one particular guy was ranting that a big thing straight men / lesbians are attracted to is vaginal mucus and trans women don't have vaginal mucus.


b8ae55  No.7528

Kat and Faith must have just Texted each other. BecAuse they each just started following the other at the same time just now.

2301c7  No.7529

File: 43136524862232e⋯.png (176.36 KB, 1230x425, 246:85, Kat.PNG)

File: 69536ef40b7d898⋯.png (151.85 KB, 214x290, 107:145, Kat1.PNG)


Can you tell us who so we can verify?

Once verified, it'd mean Jenny verified in the ramble that Kat and Nathan are dating and Jenny knows Nathan but isn't following him due to lack of interest in his tweets.

That removes Kat/Jenny fucking but only adds to the fact that Jenny had a life and death experience with Kat that's probably bonded her together, Jenny crying with Kat in the ER after the shock of the accident wore off.

Did Kat not say anything about a concussion or accident during that time span?


Holy shit, this is getting creepy, Kat has become friends with jenny's friends sister on social media.


> Notice that none of their friends have liked or responded to those particular tweets.

Ok, logically thinking about this there's a 0% chance Jenny's living with a stranger. 1% chance it's someone she knows well enough to live with but that none of us know about or would have guessed.

We're pretty sure it's not Bailey, Kristen or Alicia because they would've said something.

Kat used to like tweets of Jenny's that related to something she was a part of, now she never likes Jenny's tweets which I think adds to the idea that she's there with Jenny when she tweets them.

I know we'll get proof at some point (very likely Jenny will slip up during a stream or we'll just see Kat) but I'm with you guys at 99% that Kat is Jenny's roommate.

Nathan talking about his girlfriend playing Breath of the Wild is also re-enforceable that Kat is dating him since she made a reference to not having enough hearts to fight "Boss Jenny" which is a reference to the health bar hearts in BotW.


She's also a total scammer, changing her look with her environment look at this pic vs newer ones. She'll have Mickey ears infused to her head soon for Jenny.

I'm not 100% sure why I hate Kat, I don't think it's her being besties with Jenny, I don't hate Bailey or any of Jennys other real friends, I think it's the fact that Kat is basically everything wrong with liberal arts, she's a fake researcher, a fake friend and a fake person who just aligns herself with whomever.

Once she latched on to Jenny away went her colorful hair and back to a muted tone she went to match Jenny.

97d173  No.7530


It was chadmanic

Kat and Faith met at Bailey's birthday. I don't think it's creepy at all.

You should give Kat a chance. I've seen some of her presentations now online. There's nothing inherently bad about her. She's good. She's just one of those post-grad students that won't enter the real world and work in the public or private sector, since she has the shield of university academia.

Compare that to people who make a living only on YouTube and Patreon. Is it really that better???

97d173  No.7531


Kat wasn't on twitter the day before accident, the night of the accident and a couple days after.

Funny enough. Bailey and Faith went to Disneyland the day after it though.

67e7cd  No.7532


I get where you're coming from as I've had trouble giving up past "obsessions" and the media in particular that they were involved in (being the hoarder that I am). If you want some real advice about letting go, just do it in small steps. Some Jenny news happens, read it and step back, some new Jennies posted on Twitter/Instagram/etc, look but don't save and then push 'em out of your mind and go do something else. Slowly but surely, you'll care less and less, and before you know it, Jenny will be an afterthought.

I've done it multiple times. It works.


Sounds like it was just a pronoun rant. That shit's a real sticking point for them.


>I'm not 100% sure why I hate Kat

She's completely amoral and phony, what's not to hate?

53761e  No.7533

Jenny and Kat are both awake right now.

And Jenny just totally put down doordash for all to see. Even after a polite response. Jenny’s one brutal influencer.

67e7cd  No.7534

File: f1c9ce734494032⋯.jpg (410.73 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D-DowamUYAAU95D-orig.jpg)


Kat of course with her history of late night tweeting… man, why doesn't Jenny just say Kat is her roommate?

2301c7  No.7535


I can see some equipment in this pic, wonder if this is Jenny’s new streaming/video room.

2301c7  No.7536


Haha, of course Kat just adopts Jenny inhuman sleeping pattern.

38e49c  No.7537



I think a Kat will work out with Jenny.

I doubt they'll have a blow up like Jenny and her oldest friend (and more) Griffin did.

And I doubt Kat will be revealed as a scumbucket, like Andy and Max, the last 2 big opportunists for her were

53761e  No.7538

Does Jenny know there’s a new Bubsy game coming out?

2301c7  No.7539


Yeah if every person who retweeted Jenny’s slam has just 100 followers, that’s 27,000 impressions.


We’ll see, let’s see if she’s still there if/when Jenny’s in-line game and money goes away.

I do wonder how all her pre fame friends feel about Jenny trading each of them in for a Youtuber version.

e234bb  No.7540




I don't know why I didn't just link to it, it starts at that timestamp, it ends at 4:36:00


I heard about that a long time ago, always wondered if her father was invited to the project

2301c7  No.7541

Does it ever bother anyone that in one year Jenny will put more money in her savings account than we have in our life savings while spending more time on vacations and theme park hangouts than actually creating content?

I remember when I was a Patreon and she was pulling in like $1,500, and thinking man it’s be crazy but if she was pulling in 10k I bet Jenny would make the coolest videos all over the world.

Turns out whether she’s making $25k a year or 150k+, she’s just going to sit on her bed and drone on about a movie or Disneyland.

2301c7  No.7542


Kens working on state of the art VR tech, he wouldn’t be invited in bubsy.

When that VR company gets bought out for billions, whatever stock options he’s been given will be worth a fortune.

53761e  No.7543


>>How Jenny’s pre-fame friend feel being replaced by youtubers

Kirsten will always be her fellow horse girl. Alicia and others still work for Disneyland, so they’ll always be relevant to Jenny.

She hasn’t kept really in touch with Chelsea, Will Sun, and others she met in her Brony days. So I guess they’re getting replaced Lindsay and pals

38e49c  No.7544



Uh. I'm an idiot. Way way back during one of her earliest rambles, Jenny said she went with her friend in the entertainment business and sat in with her during the creating process on making a show.

For the longest time I tried to figure out which comedy show/sitcom/drama show and friend she was talking about.

Never occured to me it was Chelsea on a cartoon. Duh.

e5ce83  No.7545


Successful people who work in the entertainment industry make stupid amounts of money, that’s just one of those facts of life you have to accept.

In the world as a whole there’s no real correlation between how hard people work and how much money they make for that work. Don’t blame Jenny for that.

2301c7  No.7546


I do t think that’s the Sam, she’s not spending months filming a movie or 6 months touring after spending 2 years creating a new album.


Oh dang, I thought she was talking about the guy who created the 12 monkeys tv show since he reached out to her on twitter when she first went viral and she said she’s 30 minutes from LA. Maybe it was Chelsea.

53761e  No.7547


Does she still follow the 12 monkeys guy on twitter?

2301c7  No.7548

Jenny starting shit with Disney rumor sites…

2301c7  No.7549


Also, Jenny can be a real bitch to be honest.

2301c7  No.7550

File: cd1c7e384e0ac6b⋯.jpeg (284.86 KB, 640x763, 640:763, F691E2CB-E2CE-4B42-9132-3….jpeg)

File: f03cd68b52b86ae⋯.jpeg (357.32 KB, 640x825, 128:165, 7053272A-0DD7-4EC7-A746-F….jpeg)

Doesn’t Jenny and Lindsey’s gang do the same thing?

Except Jenny just tweets it out to their legions of followers?

17978f  No.7551


Just don't quote her that "youngling" is ban from Galaxy's Edge anon.

88f781  No.7552


Some of that may be going to Griffin as hush money anon.

88f781  No.7553

File: 5b93b7e75e2031f⋯.jpeg (334.63 KB, 750x873, 250:291, 029720ED-9BD3-45EF-AE68-6….jpeg)

Damn Griffin.

e2bbf0  No.7554


Oh Griffin, Jesus Christ.

f174aa  No.7555


I almost bought the first one on sale a few weeks ago. The grotesque art and mid 90s aesthetic was oddly attractive. Man, that game reads so poorly visually.


Women, amirite?


Even Bailey got in on that, huh? They're literally arguing over absolutely nothing.

67e7cd  No.7556

File: af077bad2efb58e⋯.jpg (270.46 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, DTZT-8XVoAAnhRi-orig.jpg)

Hmm, no indication that the ramble will be ready any time soon, but there might be a Toy Story 4 video pushed out in the mean time. Just that one half-assed video this month… you're lucky you're insanely cute, Jenny!

e234bb  No.7557


>Even Bailey got in on that, huh? They're literally arguing over absolutely nothing.

bailey implied on stream that its like a game for them


you think Jens friends threatened him? she was closer to Lindsay then

ac31aa  No.7558


That’s weird.

I was going to answer you to say that Jenny and Griffin’s former mutuals no longer follow Griffin anymore. Like Chelsea and Will Sun.

But then I noticed Chelsea no longer follows Jenny either. Even though Jenny still follows her.

2301c7  No.7559


She’ll do a toy story 4 video on main channel?

f174aa  No.7560


Yeah, she said she's considering it and to not suggest it as a topic.

2301c7  No.7561


Oh shit you’re right, Chelsea’s one of Jenny’s oldest friends.

Looks like shits going down, Jenny can only replace so many friends with Kat & Lindsey before people who aren’t desperate leave.

Of course Baileys not going anywhere, she’ll happily be Jenny & Kats 3rd wheel for the occasional chance to hang with them and do cool stuff.

Alicia seems in and out and Kirsten literally has no one else so she’ll stick around.

a6a3c8  No.7562


I actually think Chelsea stopped following Jenny because she was sick of her fans asking her about her.

During the Meda stuff, which I had know idea was going on at the time, she posted on her tumblr for Jenny's obsessive fans to leave her alone asking personal questions about Jenny.

2301c7  No.7563


Well Jenny following her and liking her tweets kinda defeats the purpose of that though.

e234bb  No.7564

Chelsea and Faith are pretty close, it might imply that the group still hangs out, or its just that Faith could have met her back when they all lived around eachother. its hard to say, I guess Chel does have a lot of new friends too.

ac31aa  No.7565


It makes perfect sense for Bailey to stay in contact with Chelsea and have Faith keep in touch with her.

Since Chelsea is already in the animation industry and that’s what Faith is going to college for.

e234bb  No.7566


I looked up max and jenny on google, just to see if anything was up and I found a prayer website with "max landis" and "Lindsay Nicholson" in the prayer section

It makes me think of jenny being a cute little Christian girl, praying for her friend and sister over the website

a6a3c8  No.7567


Look at that cute smile.

What do you think Griffin said to her to make her cry?

e234bb  No.7568


she was probably crying from humiliation after he got them kicked out of the restaurant. Imagine the walk of shame from the table to the car, all eyes on them.

Im watching a RLM+ Macaulay Culkin interview, he asked if they had any unreleased episodes, they only mentioned one and it wasn't related to max. so there might not be a max/jenny episode after all.

e2bbf0  No.7569


Some sort of incoherent screaming about how much he needs money and her love and how she abandoned him to move onto better things while he stagnated into failure.

ac31aa  No.7570


Ken put a stop to that trip, real quick anon.

Ain’t no daughter of his going half way across the country with Max Landis.

Jenny: “Daddy I’m going to Chicago Star Wars con with a friend.”

Ken: “WHO!?!”

Jenny: “my friend Kat.”

Ken: “Oh that’s okay then.”

*jenny hangs up*

Jenny: “He has no clue my love.”

Kat: *giggle*

2c2921  No.7571


It was something along the lines of "you're rich and you'd never have a youtube career without me so give me money to feed my crippling gambling addiction."

Possibly with an added, "or I tell everyone all the dirt I have on you"

9e4849  No.7572


I just realized RLM makes like $30k from Patreon, they’re 3 full time workers, plus 1-2 part timers and they make hours of content a week with a fair amount of editing.

Jenny makes at least $10k a month and makes on average 2 videos a month including the Patreon.

Can you imagine if Mike and Jay were cute girls they’d have 10 million subs.

9e4849  No.7573


Nah, Henny was nothing after FiW.

Her 6 figure income is thanks to the guy who posted her Suicide Squad video on reddit and it reached the top of the page.

ac31aa  No.7574


Not just reddit. That video and later her Luke Skywalker-father-of-Rey?-skit was posted on everycomic book, nerd and geek site.

9e4849  No.7575


Sure but I think Reddit started the chain reaction.

YouTube trending all her videos for a year straight I’m sure helped.

2c2921  No.7576


I was just trying to suggest what an unhinged desperate Griffin might have said.

ac31aa  No.7577


The sad thing is how intimate he and Jenny were all those years. Not just romantically, but familiarity. And somewhat creatively.

I’m sure their families knew each other. They went to each other’s houses and such. Going on trips. Working on shit.

Jenny already said she and Bailey didn’t become friends until late senior year. So Griffin was her oldest friend.

Griffin probably knows more knows about her past (the private stuff) than anyone.

7ba325  No.7578

anybody going to share jenny deepnudes? if you don't know what i'm talking about check out /b/

e234bb  No.7579


bailey seems sad, but jenny seems really happy. so at least the problem isn't between them


I downloaded a deep fake ap once, it takes too much memory to run though.

e234bb  No.7580

File: 52cd52b54310e85⋯.jpg (26.57 KB, 534x176, 267:88, baileysad.jpg)

baileys coworker retweeted her sad post? then it must be work related

ac31aa  No.7581


It’s Bailey not going to AX2019 like Brandon?

9e4849  No.7582

Jenny confirmed she was at her aunts, out investigating skills verified as fucking on point.

e234bb  No.7583


that might be it, poor girl. the company doesn't seem to be doing that great lately, Animal park has one review on metacritic, so I don't think it was that popular, dragon café got iffy reviews, death mark did ok. so out of their three recent games only one did well.


but.. was kat with her? meeting the aunt is pretty personal

ac31aa  No.7584


Nah. I guess that can’t be it because AX2019 is in LA

9e4849  No.7585


Realizing Jenny’s replaces her with Kat, Lindsey and Alicia even though she’s known her longer.

Bailey and Jenny even have a fun frienemy history of them being a different girls BFF at different times when they were in elementary school.

e5ca13  No.7586


If Jenny's streaming becames really popular, will her friends who already stream with low views like Bailey, Nathan, and her sister become jealous?

9e4849  No.7587


Jenny streams will definitely be more popular than all her friends including Dan.

So the question, will Jennys streams be really popular or be like her Patreon where 3000 guys and 50 girls give her hundreds of dollars a stream.

No matter what I do estimate her #CharmedLife income will double to 20k a month with streams, it may add a big and needed boost to her Youtube channel too by adding a gaming audience.

Kat was asking for Left 4 Dead type co op games she can play so I have no doubt Jenny’s looking for that and Kat will show up in her streams.

9e4849  No.7588

Jenny’s liking a LOT of Chelsea’s tweets, are we sure there’s not something going on? Maybe Chelsea’s mad at Jenny and that’s why she unfollowed her.

2301c7  No.7589

Ok so Galaxies Edge is not that busy these days and neither is Disneyland overall, why hasn’t Jenny been going everyday?

Does she not have the highest tier annual pass? Those are the only ones allowed right now.

67e7cd  No.7590

File: c2c55aa92fac119⋯.jpg (256.92 KB, 956x1280, 239:320, c2c55aa92fac1191b9dc64d40b….jpg)


D'aaaaaaaaaaw! That'd be adorable.


>What do you think Griffin said to her to make her cry?

I'd have to imagine it got pretty heated, Jenny had been pretty much ignoring him up until that point with her friends defending her on Facebook. Griffin probably lost his shit immediately and started demanding answers; why she was ignoring him, why she wasn't helping, etc. Jenny doesn't seem like a girl to get into a yelling match with a man all by herself so she probably just sat there and took it. Poor girl got her heart broken.


>and/or cash

Oh, Bailey…



Jenny's livestream success depends entirely on her raw, unedited personality. Sometimes I watch streamers who play games I don't even like simply because they've got entertaining personalities (TimTheTatman, DrDisrespect, etc) and it's a lot of fun listening to them shoot the shit and react to/comment on their gameplay.

2301c7  No.7591

Not to go off topic but I really wish I’d never clicked on Jenny’s suicide squad video. This isn’t me, I made fun of people on 4chan and 8chan but hear I am daily talking about this spoiled mediocre girls life.

e2bbf0  No.7592



67e7cd  No.7593



*gasp* How dare you, Sir!

e5ca13  No.7594


Bailey's tweet made it sound like Jenny was aware Griffin had a gambling problem. And now that he was back from Vegas in LA, she was going to confront him with an intervention.

Oh Jenny. You always have an intervention with at least 3 other people. Never by yourself. And always in a confidential setting. Never in public.

I don't have Jenny's facebook? So what was going on there with her friends and Griffin?

67e7cd  No.7595


>So what was going on there with her friends and Griffin?

Honestly, looking back at that, I probably have my timelines mixed up (he made sound like he was expecting it to happen after the fact). I do think it's odd that Griffin accused Jenny of mocking autistic people when she, herself is pretty autistic though. I mean, Jenny's not going to know any better… and not that I'm blindly defending her of anything, but there's nothing she can do to change that.

2301c7  No.7596

File: 0cedbdcd3c609ce⋯.jpeg (265.92 KB, 640x678, 320:339, 4CF91DF6-26F4-4B63-896B-E….jpeg)


> How dare you call Jenny Mediocre

She’s recycling old tweets, she’s making videos about generic topics weeks after everyone else has, and people keep retweeting and rewarding her dumbest videos.

2301c7  No.7597


Oh a side note, a bunch of YouTube have gone or been invited by Universal to ride the new Harry Potter ride. I think it bothers Jenny she doesn’t get those invites since she’s bigger than most of those channels but they just do theme park videos unlike Jenny.

Also anyone find it ironic Jenny spent a year basically promising to suck a dick for a media pass to Star Wars Land and she got to see it with CM preview BEFORE the media preview. #CharmedLife

And apparently the park is basically just empty now because the cheaper annual passes are blocked, most families are waiting for the 2nd ride to open and Jenny’s not even going anymore.

2301c7  No.7598

File: 2c03f867c40d4b1⋯.png (702.92 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 286564CD-5BD9-40A7-B26E-3C….png)

File: a4c210514c42478⋯.png (851.37 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 0E0BD37C-86D4-4B86-AD51-30….png)

Steve’s spending the weekend with Ani, Whitney and I guess Whitney’s husband.

e5ca13  No.7599


Do you think Jenny's planning another trip with Lindsay's group this year?

e234bb  No.7600



steve in his underwear singing karaoke from a tv

the colour society parties have taken a considerable hit without Max

f174aa  No.7601


If she were mediocre, you wouldn't be drawn to her. Admit it, you love her.


Universal sent her a rude email once regarding privileged access before, it's probably why she inven- HIRED! "Leah".

>apparently the park is basically just empty now

For real? Shit…


These niggas poor as fuck compared to Max.

2301c7  No.7602

File: aba7afb1327f2e7⋯.jpeg (234.29 KB, 640x772, 160:193, FA5E1E12-47DF-4A49-912E-B….jpeg)

File: 3312b6bd58afdb8⋯.jpeg (230.77 KB, 640x899, 640:899, 73FCBAF3-735E-4C40-8B05-6….jpeg)


Jenny’s already said she’s going to Orlando this fall. Probably for Disneyworld GE and because she’s gone almost every year for the last 5-6.

I love Jenny realizing there’s consequences to blasting people and groups to 86k people. Weird how she realized she was blocked so fast… I may have nudged some people to make this happen.


> Admit it, you love her.

Thought about this but pretty sure it’s a sad, unhealthy fascination.

I forget Jenny exists when I’m with my girl. Better ass, bigger tits and her Disneyland fandom is the exact right amount for an adult woman unlike Jenny.

2301c7  No.7603

File: 4b5e9140e292dd7⋯.jpeg (391.27 KB, 640x1094, 320:547, F873F5F9-4E94-4436-A004-D….jpeg)


Oh and Lindsay’s learned bitching about topical stuff brings you insane views.

f174aa  No.7604


>sad, unhealthy fascination

Sounds like oneitis.

>I forget Jenny exists when I’m with my girl

I was this close to calling some girl Jenny once… man, that would've been a colossal fuck up.


Ugh, I don't know how people can stand Lindsay's videos. Not only is she visually repugnant, but she's such a smug fucking cunt. The kind of person you just want to slap as soon as they smile or open their mouth.

2301c7  No.7605

With these 5-15 minute waits at Disneyland I’m genuinely surprised Jennys not there everyday.

2301c7  No.7606

File: 86e6eb95d9b9966⋯.jpeg (226.71 KB, 640x501, 640:501, BC709CEB-9526-4FC1-A407-2….jpeg)


Oh spoke too soon, is this GE or did Jenny go somewhere?

e234bb  No.7607


what does she mean she asked if it was safe? In hindsight its a good question. but who asks that

does jenny embellish her stories or is she just wise

2301c7  No.7608


Someone said it looks like Jenny’s got a rubber latex allergy…confirmed. Jenny FUCKS RAW DOG!!! No way high school Griffin or any LA guy is walking around with sheep skins.

f174aa  No.7609



Or, OR, Jenny's never had sex.

e14b59  No.7610



It's probably why after have sex a couple of times in her teens, she stopped having it.

Young girl probably didn't realize it was the rubbers giving her a rash and not sex in general.

Poor Jenny. And she just now unknowingly told the public about it.

9e4849  No.7611

File: bd9aef01b44cfcb⋯.jpeg (375.43 KB, 640x896, 5:7, 2842B8AE-8D1F-4D10-A9DE-5….jpeg)

Ooo, Jenny’s definitely at Disney(Land?) and she’s not showing her face and only doing close selfies…who’s she hiding?

Also, doesn’t she usually hide her chest? That tops unbuttoned pretty far down.

0665cd  No.7612


None of her friends have tweeted about being there right now

e14b59  No.7613



Nathan's at a concert.

So I wonder if Kat went with him or Jenny or neither?

67e7cd  No.7614

File: dfef0d1c63fcbfb⋯.jpg (309.21 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D-RuQYPUEAA_0rf-orig.jpg)


>sex a couple of times in her teens

Jenny's a good girl, stop that!


>That tops unbuttoned pretty far down

C'mon, that's fairly conservative. She's just letting the girls breath.

67e7cd  No.7615

File: 4705b833e027a71⋯.png (453.84 KB, 594x439, 594:439, Capture.png)


Hmm, no comment from Jenny on attendance today. I wonder if she'll talk about it in her video. I guess as mentioned earlier; the place really is "empty" these days.

0665cd  No.7616


Still don’t know who went with her today. None of her friends are mentioning it.

A Disney guy asks her if she’s still there to hang out but Jenny says “we are already leaving.”

67e7cd  No.7617


>Still don’t know who went with her today

It had to be Kat. They always try to be extra sneaky about their movement.

0665cd  No.7618




Here’s a fan who ran into her and got a selfie. Check our Jenny’s full outfit

Kat would make sense. She hasn’t teeeted all day which is not unusual for her. And Nathan was at that rock concert

0665cd  No.7619

File: a56a48571308787⋯.jpeg (829.2 KB, 750x932, 375:466, E2260DEF-B7D0-4CCB-BA8A-2….jpeg)

0665cd  No.7620


Can anyone with a good screen see who is taking the photo in the reflection of their sunglasses?

2c2921  No.7621

File: ed5bd793b345364⋯.png (323.7 KB, 599x619, 599:619, Untitled.png)


I can't really tell. Looks like it could be Kat.

074c4a  No.7622


Ok, Jenny knows that a sexually flirty outfit right?showing that much top and bottom of your chest.


Why does she have two pairs of glasses?


I love she waited 2 hours to reply then playlets dumb about why he was asking if she was at the park. She’s such a brat.

I’m guessing it’s Kat unless we get verification she’s with Nathan. Jenny finally took her BFF and didn’t post a single picture of them together which is very ducking weird.

2c2921  No.7623


I think the goggles are part of the hat, maybe they're meant to be like Rey's goggles. She probably wanted to theme up her hat a bit for a trip to star wars land.

2301c7  No.7624

File: 57b336546b85c65⋯.jpeg (245.86 KB, 640x755, 128:151, EE7E47EF-155C-4C3E-87D5-0….jpeg)


Ok I’m just gonna say it, Jenny dresses more like a bimbo Instagram thot than not.

Also, Jenny you know why he asked this question, and you saw it the moment he tweeted it but waited until you were leaving to respond.

2301c7  No.7625

File: 663749ea25a8e9a⋯.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, C6E8C6FD-FC2E-4676-B6BF-9D….png)


Best my iPhone can do. Looks like whomever took the phot has some kinda costume on.

2301c7  No.7626

File: a3f81d50407bfe2⋯.jpeg (270.33 KB, 640x511, 640:511, 098BF1BE-5987-4037-8AF7-B….jpeg)

File: d40cec3a03e6b85⋯.jpeg (219.59 KB, 640x577, 640:577, F859B206-4B48-4F00-BDBF-C….jpeg)

File: 5481d698082ac3b⋯.jpeg (63.37 KB, 640x165, 128:33, 1CA64E23-B703-417C-A8F4-5….jpeg)


Huh that’s weird, Jenny was at the park for at least 6 hours before tweeting about it and left after 8 hours with barely any pics.

I’m sure she was enjoying how empty the park has been lately but so weird she barely tweeted anything while there 8 HOURS. So it must’ve been Kat, her sister or….a mystery guy but doubt she’d have an 8+ hour long date.

2301c7  No.7627

File: 112dc7ce8b25993⋯.jpeg (126.41 KB, 640x353, 640:353, 33F1A661-05A7-45D8-B6D5-C….jpeg)


Not the sister

e234bb  No.7628


looks like a fat dude. the husband from porg video?

67e7cd  No.7629


>Jenny finally took her BFF and didn’t post a single picture of them together

They must've been too lewd… Jenny probably had her hands all over her.


>Jenny dresses more like a bimbo Instagram thot than not

I fucking wish! I'd say "40y/o Disney Mom" more so than Insta-Thot. We (unfortunately!) don't get any tummy, barely any real cleavage, she doesn't wear sexy footwear (though she does have a couple of pairs of cute wedges/boots) or leggings and we're never ever going to see her in a bikini or lingerie. Hell, we barely even get any Victorian-era shoulder anymore (thanks Bailey!).

e234bb  No.7630

File: f25fea16a86653a⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 592x188, 148:47, commie.jpg)

does Chel dislike Jenny because Jenny is a rich girl?

0665cd  No.7631


Nah. It doesn’t look like Steve or his wife Lola (who worked at Disneyland with Jenny)

0665cd  No.7632


Actually it looks like two people.

65b405  No.7633



Roundtable Pizza is closer to UC Irvine than Anaheim. So…….

f174aa  No.7634


Maybe Kat got Jenny to go for a place she's been dreaming about living in for a while? Kat already vicariously owns a horse desk she was eying for years. Might as well take Jenny for all she can get.

0665cd  No.7635

There’s just something about Lindsay Ellis being bi and all her best friends and clique are too like Nella, Angelina Meehan, Elisa Hansen and Kat. (Or other like Contrapoints).

That makes me think that’s why she’s pulled Jenny in her clique too.

I mean, was any other chick at Lindsay’s wedding fully straight besides supposedly Jenny?

e234bb  No.7636

File: c56df57b095f86b⋯.jpg (87.53 KB, 584x492, 146:123, commie2.jpg)



I think it might actually be political, Chelsea is a commie and Jenny a consumerist. here she is throwing shade at Jenny's "side" on the theme park drama


do you think youtube is somehow paying Lindsay to recruit a progressive army?

0665cd  No.7637

File: c44860e8dfd2e54⋯.jpeg (271.08 KB, 750x822, 125:137, 42E8DFE2-22BB-4CDE-B4EE-8….jpeg)


Chelsea’s at the very least socialist but she leans toward communism. Hell, she loves her therapist because he is a communist

I don’t think any of Jenny’s friends share her parents’ conservative views.

2301c7  No.7639

File: 8b52b193fd43d8d⋯.png (155.12 KB, 507x621, 169:207, confused.PNG)


Nah, it's definitely one person, maybe with Mickey ears on.


Maybe, Jenny keeps like her tweets so I'm thinking something has happened if she unfollowed Jenny and isn't liking or replying to any jenny tweets but Jenny keeps liking her tweets.


I don't know man, there's a bunch of Round Table locations but I can see Kat saying Jenny you can go to DL anytime you like but I have to be at work by 8 AM and I'd really like to avoid all that traffic.

Regardless, who'd be better at scamming Jenny than someone who studies manipulation and online trolling. Jenny and her psychology degree must've be a fun challenge for Kat but with how fast she make herself #1 friend, she cut through Jenny's defenses like butter.


Lindsey's bi?


I looked at these tweets and I'm just confused, I think Bailey's still attacking the website (vs Chelsea saying all these people (like Jenny) defending Disney) but Bailey always says there's no good people here).

haha, Disneylands fucking empty and now everyones making videos about it. Disney blocked out all the cheaper annual passes so either Jenny paid $150 to get in or has the top tier pass and paid $600 for a hotel room for herself and covered half of Steves hotel room for nothing.


2301c7  No.7640


Again, no weird to anyone Jenny spent 6 hours at Disneyland before tweeting about it? but then still hungout there for 2 more hours before leaving?

Like Jenny, either you're scared for your safety and don't want to tell people where you're at or admit Kat's just making you paranoid and no ones going to rape and murder you at Disneyland.

2c2921  No.7641


>Maybe, Jenny keeps like her tweets so I'm thinking something has happened if she unfollowed Jenny and isn't liking or replying to any jenny tweets but Jenny keeps liking her tweets.

That's a move straight out of the Max Landis playbook.

2301c7  No.7642

File: 65b86d117c0c15e⋯.png (10.52 KB, 474x88, 237:44, Grad Nite.PNG)

Man, this teen probably got more of a reaction out of Jenny than 99% of dudes who've hit on her since.

72f8e2  No.7643


>>Lindsay's bi?

Yes Lindsay Ellis is bi. And every one of her female friends are bi. If not, they're lesbian or in Contrapoints' case…trans. Serious…everyone.

I'm not judging. I'm just saying it makes you think why Jenny is now in their clique.

2301c7  No.7644

Reminder, Jenny's getting an $11,000 deposit from Patreon tomorrow, what do you want her to spend it on?

0665cd  No.7645


Birth control, since she’s allergy to latex

e234bb  No.7646

File: ed84ea9eb2e1258⋯.jpg (70.85 KB, 560x464, 35:29, vito.jpg)

Faith retweeted a callout tweet, and if you see the replies, Vito, from Jenny's video is defending the guy

e234bb  No.7647


*not from her video, the other way around

2301c7  No.7648

The Black Country rapper Nas X apparently just came out, we’ll see if Jenny will talk about Pride before the night/month end.

I’m kinda surprised she went the whole month without a single word of support since 90% of her friends are gay or bi.

2301c7  No.7649

File: 34d24d2af9ae749⋯.jpeg (614.11 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 9BAD28DF-3881-4F6C-B336-3….jpeg)


Dude, if a Disney mom was wearing a top that’s 2/3s open, that’s a thirsty milf looking for young dick.

2301c7  No.7650

Jenny still silent but she liked another Chelsea tweet, sometimes definitely going on.

0665cd  No.7652

File: 077409ede1b971a⋯.png (265.77 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, D237C54F-DD7A-45E5-9E46-5F….png)


I’m telling you. She blocked Jenny because she was sick of Jenny fans asking her personal questions about her.

Here’s the original tweet about it. Chelsea deleted it but you can still see Bailey and Jenny’s reaction.

3de451  No.7653

Looks like Kat reunited with a friend on the beach today. On her instagram

e83895  No.7654


If she’d blocked Jenny, Jenny wouldnt be able to see and like her tweets.

357281  No.7655


You're right. I guess she just stopped following her. And Bailey's just embellishing


Jenny's bringing the thirst to Disneyland dads.

but she'll still shrug it off if someone hits on her in the park

2301c7  No.7657

File: 7e36a4b5121607c⋯.jpeg (472.39 KB, 640x918, 320:459, 4E53CEC5-9D0C-48B3-BBC0-5….jpeg)

File: 640ac8fce146eb5⋯.jpeg (511.03 KB, 640x914, 320:457, B680E9E8-6EB9-4EC1-8118-F….jpeg)


> she'll still shrug it off if someone hits on her in the park

And talk about how hard she laughed and make a joke about how pathetic it is when guys try so hard.


Hmm, spending the day with a friend at the beach and at home making a pie. A. Jenny you could do so much better. B. Would this explain why Jenny didn’t tweet at all today?

6bea82  No.7658

I hope Jenny's making the ramble right now and that's why she hasn't tweeted

e83895  No.7659


What’s the topic this month?

3de451  No.7660


Topic is Jenny’s thoughts on other youtubers she enjoys

So maybe we’ll get the details on how Lindsay pulled her in her clique. Though Lindsay is Jenny’s only friend that’s also a patron. So probably nothing juicy.

3de451  No.7661

File: c34b2886ca5c03e⋯.jpeg (795.48 KB, 750x831, 250:277, 2338617B-339C-4F3E-8C13-F….jpeg)

File: 206a3d99b084403⋯.jpeg (466.88 KB, 750x739, 750:739, 91A125DC-BDAC-4940-84D1-4….jpeg)

Question for you guys.

Does this cast member in the pic with Jenny during her Thunder Ranch days look like the mystery guy with Jenny, Alicia and Kirsten at Galaxy’s Edge?

2301c7  No.7662


Maybe, Jenny’s probably going home (if she’s not already there) for Fourth of July weekend and will probably be silent to try and keep it private.

Maybe Jenny already left and that’s why Kat was spending the whole day yesterday with her friend.


I can tell you how it happened, Lindsay started following Jenny on twitter, tweeted her something and Jenny said (which you can find with twitter advanced search) something like been a fan for a long time thanks for following.

Then they talked about their pin collections and how they should hangout sometime and show each other.


Yes but that might also be a woman, I remember Jenny’s thunder ranch pics where there’s a big talk girl.

2301c7  No.7663


Very soon after they did, they took photos with the Spanish car from Cars 3.

Lindsey wasted no time putting Jenny into her circle.

b6894b  No.7664

Jenny put out this months voting in Patreon.

She's also trying to load this months ramble video. So she most likely taped it yesterday and then travel home later this week.

Yesterday I was bored with lack of Jenny news so I went back through Bailey's tumblr.

Some interesting things from post-college, pre-LA move:

Jenny just got her drivers license after college graduation

The girls wrote their pilot while still in San Ramon

Jenny's brother was still her brother during this time.

They would love to watch/mock LJ Smith's Vampire Diaries and later The Forbidden Game. It seems they were like, if she can get rich writing this crap then we definitely could and make it better. In what may or may not be coincidence, LJ Smith lives a few minutes from San Ramon.

The girls used get constantly hit on post college in San Ramon. Walmart, the mall, Denny's, Red Robin, everywhere if we're led to believe. (a little of me thinks this part of the reason for their LA move. Why stay and settle down with a dude in this little town. If I'm going to be constantly hit on, might as well make it in the big city where stuff happens with better options.)

They still went to parties with Griffin.

They already read the Goosebumps book when Jenny guest starred, way back in Red Robin together.

Jenny still had some thirsty Brony fans.

They hung out 5 nights a week on average.

Bailey spent part of her last semester at college touring Europe with future youtuber NeonFiona. The usual stuff: clubs, hostels, fucking Euro dudes, drinking and of course getting high in Amsterdam.

Bailey worked retail and being a nanny to a couples' children during the post college, pre-Los Angeles year.

Still no confirmation on what Jenny did for that year. But there are hints that she worked at least part time (if not full) at the stables where Jorn is kept. And their recommendation may have helped her get the Disneyland ranch job.

b6894b  No.7665

I see Darren Hayes from Soundgarden is another person that Jenny no longer follows on twitter.

Of all her Millenial Falcon guests, I figured he'd be the one she would keep following (outside of Max)

b6894b  No.7666


^Savage Garden

3de451  No.7667


I’d love for The Millennial Falcon experience to win this months ramble. Knowing Jenny though, we won’t here skinny on Andy or Max. Even though that’s what we really want to hear.


This may said counterintuitive, but is the reason Jenny’s been less personal on her rambles this last year because Lindsay’s a patron now?

I mean, it was fine before when Jenny was just shooting the shit but now she has to deal with a fellow more experienced and successful Youtuber. One that is looking at her personal videos that she can’t help but feel she’s being judged.

f5c654  No.7668


I really, really doubt Lindsay watches the rambles. She’s probably just a patron to show support to her friend. I don’t think she’s doing for the perks.

2c2921  No.7669


Can someone screenshot the options for the next ramble?

4ec221  No.7670


> she worked at least part time (if not full)

I always wondered if Jenny worked pre Disney. Great stuff, which tumblr did you find this from, Bailey has a few.


I noticed Jenny unfollowed 2 more people. Hayes doesn’t follow her either so I’m guessing they never talked about MF episode and the Star Wars bar he got her into.

Is Jenny caught up on her Patreon in stuff?

4ec221  No.7671

Hard to believe Jenny’s the sweet, quiet, virgin working parks time at a horse boarding place going to college 20 minutes from home and her BFF is traveling through Europe, going to school out of state and fucking random Eurotrash.

Maybe Jenny’s not as much a good girl as we think

c8b313  No.7672


I got it from Bailey's current tumblr Bailienvspredator

I don't have access to her earlier helvetcake tumblr. That's where her college goodies would be kept.


Keep in mind while Bailey was traveling Europe, Jenny was in San Fran volunteering with Casey and coaching kids on boat festivals.

There's a big difference between the company Bailey kept and the company Jenny kept while in college.

She did, however, go to all those Brony conventions with Griffin. Who knows what really went down there.

4ec221  No.7673


True, Jenny might’ve slurped up some briny dicks.

Also shocked Jenny has been working for maybe 2-3 days in a row to get everything out before heading home for 4th of July.

3de451  No.7674


If she didn’t get her drivers license until after St Mary’s, then I’m led to believe her college life really was as boring as her ramble led me to believe. (Minus Japan trip and Brony cons)

e234bb  No.7675


Do you think Saint Mary's has Jennys stuff on file still, her assignments and things

4ec221  No.7676


Ehh, Jenny’s talk about how she basically couldn’t fail in some of her classes makes her sound like some straight A student but she didn’t even graduate with lowest tier honors.

Side note, Jenny likes a new tweet but still hasn’t said anything, she gonna go 2 days without tweeting?

4ec221  No.7677


And drinking unless Jenny actually waited until she was 21 before sneaking booze into Disneyland and zoos.

4ec221  No.7678

Well Jenny just tweeted about Kyber crystals being sold out, forgetting to buy blue ones and her follow count is up by 1 again.

4ec221  No.7680

File: 8261bb2673903f7⋯.jpeg (256.16 KB, 640x739, 640:739, 4282F931-BE71-4E92-8CC1-A….jpeg)

This thirsty mother fuck!

> Come over my house and I’ll give you mine

< Will your wife be there?

> I’ll lock her in a closet

2301c7  No.7681

File: 6f203e8d5291a17⋯.jpeg (621.82 KB, 640x1019, 640:1019, EEC03BBE-BFBB-41D3-9C04-4….jpeg)

File: d3e80a4be0d0c4b⋯.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 3DFB15F5-D9D2-4A4C-BDD9-DE….png)

Does this look like a balcony? Jenny’s new place is confusing. She said she saw doordash from a balcony but this looks like she has a first floor porch or walled fence?

3de451  No.7682


Could the fence be just really high?

3de451  No.7683


>>I’ll lock my wife in the closest

I don’t know his wife but you forget there are plenty of couples nowadays that both want a nubile young girl to join in the fun.




Man we were dumb for not realizing it would be Kat.

2301c7  No.7684


Jenny’s a neck beard with all these plastic $25, $50, and $200 lightsabers.


No, you can see the floor and start if the fence. Now it could be a balcony with the fence as a barrier to prevent someone from falling over but do they still make fences for apartment balcony’s i stead of stucco?

Someone better with height needs to see if there are just tall trees and this is the 2nd floor or if this is the first floor of a house.

2301c7  No.7685

File: 73260396e8dca49⋯.png (1.24 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, C8845ABD-F69E-4D98-8E4F-19….png)

Just FYI, we ever discuss Jenny’s stripper shoes when she went to Club 33?

2301c7  No.7686

File: 348b1c791f91b27⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1082x809, 1082:809, Roomates confirmed1.PNG)

File: 913257e0fc7839b⋯.png (632.94 KB, 754x398, 377:199, Roomates confirmed2.PNG)

I think someone else mentioned this but Jenny and Kat posted pics on the exact same counter, roommates 100% confirmed.

3de451  No.7687


Every girl in their 20s has at least one pair these days anon.


Yeah we discussed it and it’s what confirmed it for us.

1e0c8f  No.7688



Speaking of which, has Kat and Jenny taken any pics together since moving in together?

Are they reallly trying to be that slick about it?

2301c7  No.7689


> Are they reallly trying to be that slick about it?

They are, it’s adorable how they think they’re smarter than us but also how their online interactions have completely changed since moving in.

Kats such a POS, I’m waiting to see how long it takes her to convince Jenny to pay for a trip to Paris or Japan for “theme parks”.


I’m surprised no ones reviewing the apartment pic Jenny posted but I guess it’s a pretty vague picture overall.

2301c7  No.7690

Wasn’t Jenny supposed to upload her Ramble yesterday?

3de451  No.7691


>>it’s adorable how they think they’re smart than us.

I don’t know anon. Sometimes I think Jenny or rather her proxy Kat knows about this place. And uses it as a benchmark on what they reveal to the public.

Like how’s there’s no Jen/Kat pics lately. Because we kept driving that point here.

And then there’s the time about the concussion. No one here had guessed it was a car accident. We went with other brash theories. And then when Jenny is ready to talk about it on her ramble, she mentions she’s surprised no one guessed car accident as the cause.

And if I remember right, most of the normies on twitter were more concerned on her well being than guessing what caused it.

4ec221  No.7692


There’s like 7 of us here, I’m sure a few of the dozens of people who tweeted her made guesses of how she got hurt.

That story was still bullshit with Jenny saying she was waiting for the insurance check for her 8 year old Prius before buying a car, Jenny you make over 10k a month!

e234bb  No.7693


it was BS that she waited a month for her brain scan when going elsewhere and paying out of pocket would cost under 1000. its like she would rather visit Disney land an 8th time this year than be alive.

2c2921  No.7694


They aren't stripper shoes, they're just like strappy sandals with heels.

They're just nice summery shoes to wear with a dress.

4ec221  No.7695

So, we thinking Jenny already flew home already?

197075  No.7696


Probably flying right now. It gives her tonight to settle in. And all day tomorrow to be with Jorn before spending time with the family on fourth.

I'm hoping she finishes uploading the ramble.

In other news, Bailey will be at Anime Expo with Aksys. So if you anons want to meet her……

3de451  No.7697

File: 602eca889d724f8⋯.png (894.44 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, F0252A28-1906-4C97-BCF2-2D….png)

Griffin changed his angry twitter profile heading

4ec221  No.7698

Ballpark figure, how much do you guys think Jenny makes per hour of actual content work, I’m talking writing, recording and editing?

Do you think Kat alongside moderating her Youtube channel might start editing for her too?

9e8032  No.7699


As Jenny said before while talking about Milennial Falcon, the editing process is what she’s wants to have control over whenever possible.

I think she’ll leave moderating and the streaming technical side to Kat. While all of the “creative” process stuff stays with herself.

I wonder will Kat start moderating her Patreon though?

Editing patrons and checking all of the patron votes, topic suggestions, donation tiers and just keeping up with the Patreon page in general, probably takes up a lot of Jenny’s time currently.

2301c7  No.7700


> A lot of Jenny’s time

I mean…MAYBE 5 hours a month?

Also you can tell Kats a scammer because she’s a online community researcher specializing in harassment and safe online environments but she’s very likely doing all that clerical stuff for Jenny when that’s not ally all her job.

She just turned Jenny life into a job for herself and luxury house/apartment housing.

Jenny’s never this quiet, I’m pretty sure she’s already home.

2301c7  No.7701

Didn’t realize Vidcon is in a week.

6cbc10  No.7702


i had written a long post detailing it out, but it's not worth the effort. i think people over estimate Jenny's free time on here mostly due to the flexibility of her time. She doesn't work 8 hours a day every weekday, but i'd think i'd be close enough to that figure for a ballpark guess.

~$10k a month is $60/hour for an 8 hour a day job. I'd probably put it a bit higher than that, but not by a lot.

6cbc10  No.7703


>Do you think Kat alongside moderating her Youtube channel might start editing for her too?

i think this would be pretty unlikely. I expect that like a lot of video essay youtubers a lot of Jenny's content is "found in the editing". in that it's not super tightly scripted and that the videos are built up as she edits them from the raw footage. if she had another person doing this wouldn't be the same.

a07ce4  No.7704

Jenny's quiet but she's still liking stuff on twitter.

I hope that means she's still using her laptop at home and is trying to load the ramble.

2301c7  No.7705


You honestly think Jenny works 8 hours a day or anywhere close to a 160 hours a month?

Her last video was 22 minutes and 3 weeks ago so she’s spend over 120 work hours so far on the Star Wars Land video? Come on man, we all know that’s not true.

Combined weekly I’d be generous to say she does 20 a week which is $120 an hour to sit on her bed and edit.


There’s no way her Ramble is taking 3 days to render, she probably hasn’t finished it.

How does she spend 2k-3k on Star Wars Land but won’t buy a better laptop to cut her rendering time in half. I was sure Jenny invested her excess income but with how awful she is investing in her channel all her cash might just be stuffed in her mattress.

If Kst didn’t go home with Jenny, you’ll want to check on that cash when you get home Jenny.

e234bb  No.7706

20 hours of work per video seems reasonable to me.

but then you have to figure in the time she spends on rambles, maybe she considers sending and answering tweets and emails as work too. she also works on some future videos or videos that never get released (the battle angel and celebrations footage)

I can see it adding up to 30 flat hours of work a month + an additional 20 per video she releases that month.

9e8032  No.7707

Don’t forget those long hours per week Jenny dedicates to working out so her body stays fit for the camera.

e234bb  No.7708

I'm watching the sisters stream, shes dealing with an admirer.

he carries on about if they're friend for 30 minutes on air and then gives her 500$

if jenny streams though, imagine how many 500$ she'll get

b76491  No.7709


Geez, Ourgirl will be rolling in dough.

But will Kat catch those naughty comments in time. Surely Jenny must realize that thirsty dudes are the ones who donate the most.

e234bb  No.7710

after donating 500 he said her boobs are on point and that she's a very pretty lady, sexy as fuck, then discussed the logistics of fucking her on stream

how will jenny deal with this type of attention

I'm going to keep watching because I want to know if he knows she's a trap, if not it might be funny

68b0bf  No.7711

Damn. I hope was hoping to see Jenny's ramble.

I'm going on vacation out of country in a few hours and won't be back until July 14.

I won't have access.

How long does it take to load a ramble?

I'll see you guys in about 2 weeks. Be sure to tell me the Jenny gossip when I return.

68b0bf  No.7712


Damn that is funny if he doesn't know.

But it's not like the sister hasn't mention it on her stream before.

e234bb  No.7713

he talked about traveling to California to sleep with her and then said he owns a gun, Lindsay looks worried.

I'm starting to feel really sorry for her

Lindsay said if he wants to keep being awkward and inappropriate he has to pay more.

this is really sad, maybe this is why Jenny kept her away from her audience for so long.

"I gave you 500 so far, how much for a topless pic"

she said she doesn't do that

he spammed pride emotes at her, I think he knows about the D, darn.

I think she was leading him on as a troll, I think chat was in on it

I'll keep listening to see if something happens

4ec221  No.7714

File: 6e0d7c0de7e031d⋯.jpeg (323.95 KB, 640x699, 640:699, 9C8C6438-EA17-4E85-A8AF-8….jpeg)

Jenny’s tweeting again, guaranteed she’s in San Ramon right now.

I’m also betting she’s going to Comic Con, only reason she wouldn’t go is if Lindsey and Kat are skipping out too. I wonder if she asked and got turned down for media passes.

4ec221  No.7715


Jenny will make tens of thousands a month on stream no joke. Hard to flex on Patreon.


I hadn’t thought of that, Kat being on a 2nd computer linked to Jenny’s stream moderating comments, makes sense why Jenny would fee comfortable streaming but also will make it easy to see or hear Kat if they’re in the same room.

e234bb  No.7716


if she's with her sister they might be smoking weed, Lindsay said shes about all things weed

I don't know if the sister lives in S.R. still though.

I thought Gen 1 ponies were a uniquely jenny interest but I see them everywhere now.

4ec221  No.7717


Someone said her sister lives in LA too and she did go to Disneyland with her soon as she returned from Eurika so I guess yeah.

9e8032  No.7718

For everyone that doesn’t know. Lindsay is also the name of Jenny’s older sister.

That’s who were talking about

9e8032  No.7719


Do you have the time stamp link to where the sister mentions it?

4ec221  No.7720

That shit would be instablocked by Jenny, she’s not that desperate for 500 bucks

ec32e3  No.7721


So what happened?

9e8032  No.7722

LindsayEllis getting attacked on twitter for admitting she hated Captain Marvel ( the movie she saw with Jenny)

2301c7  No.7723


Haha! And Jennys huge “it was good” review tweet shows they’re all fucking hypocrites afraid to offend leftube.

Jenny also defended Disneyland low traffic lately.

2301c7  No.7724

File: df537bb52400948⋯.jpeg (170.96 KB, 640x442, 320:221, 58FD0C99-3AFE-454A-B0F7-4….jpeg)

Is Jenny getting an advice copy or even a manuscript to review for Lindsey?

77861d  No.7725

File: 48d1d0549a2a318⋯.png (167.33 KB, 815x489, 5:3, zachshades.png)

File: 9141dd80e5ac1c1⋯.png (321.92 KB, 917x493, 917:493, bailey.png)

Which one of you funny fuckers is baiting Zach with Bailey pics? I noticed straight away once the cat picture got posted. The poor lad actually thinks he's getting his dick wet. Keep at it but remember to get some screengrabs and archives along the way so it can't be memoryholed. I'd do it myself but my shift starts in a half hour.

2301c7  No.7726

Realized today if I had money and free time close to what she and Lindsey have, I’d care about Jenny’s life and tweets much, much less.

e2bbf0  No.7727


Oh geeze. Hope you lads are ready for the board to get spammed to shit when Zach realizes what's going on.

2301c7  No.7728

File: 1d2e21146229074⋯.jpeg (185.76 KB, 640x391, 640:391, 8E8BAF76-1337-4591-9042-4….jpeg)

Ohh, so this is why Jenny suddenly needed to talk about Disneyland crowds.

2301c7  No.7729

File: e07a509071ba882⋯.jpeg (195.32 KB, 640x632, 80:79, 4D611C56-CA06-48A1-B4FB-2….jpeg)

File: 392a2a65afaaf24⋯.jpeg (188.77 KB, 640x492, 160:123, 6F36154B-BC89-4AB2-B776-5….jpeg)

File: 04a47b18cd6e9b9⋯.jpeg (365.44 KB, 640x795, 128:159, 5B602FF9-8203-4B03-8D8A-C….jpeg)

Baileys biggest fan showed how creepy he is.

2301c7  No.7730

Spider-Man in theaters and Jenny loves opening night showings. She going tonight or tomorrow?

6cbc10  No.7731




time adds up way quicker than you'd imagine. people aren't magically perfectly efficient when they're working, not all the time spent working is going towards a result, and there's also likely a lot of work that doesn't show on screen.

i think that Jenny very likely does some work every day, even if it's an hour at 2 am. she might have a flexible schedule, but if she didn't have a work ethic she'd never make anything. seeing a movie or going to a theme park or reading a book is still work. it's fun work and maybe not all work but it's still work if she's producing a video from it.

same for "leah" work, booking a place to stay, replying to email, waiting on uploads and rendering, or moderating comments, patreon stuff can take hours, sometimes it might be a day running around, other days it might be nothing. but even an hour a day adds up.

it's hard to average and estimate because some videos are not going to have been massive amounts of time, it's not like she's going to have spent 160 hours to make "rating every porg" and some videos research is going to be basically going and finding a costume, but even that is work.

same for social media, patrons aren't exactly paying for her to "brand build" on twitter, but that's all part of "helping the channel to grow" which is basically what every content maker thanks their patron's for at the end of their videos.

but we can stick to just;

<research, writing, filming, editing.


how many hours do you think some videos like "trigger warning" and "where's buzzy" ? even reading that book more than once before reading it on camera for filming. This is hard to estimate and varies per video quite a lot, and more recent videos are skewed towards more research stuff. But there's also research that happens that doesn't ever appear on screen. all those late nights reading weird blogs and old disneyland tourist videos count as research, even if it's a thing she would do anyway. Those hours add up very quickly and are an essential part of the process.


again, it's hard to guess how much time a video gets on writing, but if it's a script doctor or if it's "rating every porg" its obvious that every video has writing put into it that is separate to the research time. she might not sit down and spend an 8 hour day writing out your bullet points for a script, but she's writing scripts and sections, or writing the post credit jokes or punching up the notes taken with her pen and pad when she watched that movie the second time. this could easily be a day or so per video, or more likely a few hours for a few days spaced out. again, there's no perfect efficiency here either. i don't think Jenny tightly script a lot of her stuff but a few hours most days day for a few weeks, is over 20 hours.


depends on the video really, but we know that for some she's filmed over multiple days. I'd figure that is probably a pretty regular occurrence, putting on the same clothes to reshoot or continue shooting. i expect, like i said before, Jenny films a lot more than actually appears on screen. Akin to video game people shooting hours of footage to trim it down to a 20 minute video. This doesn't include any setup time for lighting or cameras or set dressing or costume stuff, because i assume that most of the time that's pretty minimal.


where a suspect a lot of time is spent. Most of her editing is basic jump cuts, it's not elaborate after effects shots and star wipes but a lot of scrubbing through footage on her shitty laptop, and building the video that way. Some of the videos are hours of shooting or multiple takes. That's hours of footage to edit down, on an not great laptop. The actual work of building the video could easily be days and days of a few hours working each day on it, or a few really long late nights working on it. Even with the simplistic editing , single camera stuff she's doing i'd guess a lot of time is spent on this part. a lot more than you'd think.

we're not including rendering and upload time or tech issue times here either.

>the ramble

research, setup and writing are all pretty minimal for this, but it's an afternoon of shooting and another afternoon of editing and uploading. it's basically a days work there.

It's very hard to average out without more details but some educated guesses mean a 100 man hours in a month isn't a stretch to make there, 160 might be a bit harder to average but Jenny isn't exactly going to have an efficient workflow, and i expect that she likely does some kind of crunch toward the end of the month, with some long hours to meet those patreon milestones and deadlines.

so with some videos like the upcoming star wars one it is not hard to see the hours creeping up as the scope of it creeps and the amount of footage to sift through grows from each trip she makes or the more she reads and writes about it.

e2bbf0  No.7732

File: 3e75bfa4bed6d34⋯.jpg (356.48 KB, 1362x1666, 681:833, 3e75bfa4bed6d344ed725ea20c….jpg)

>there are Stonefriends ITT btfo Zach for the greater lulz

I feel like there needs to be some OC made or something.

e2bbf0  No.7733

File: 0179d0bb685d183⋯.png (2.14 MB, 4074x3276, 97:78, zach and lauren.png)


Meant to add this as well.

9e8032  No.7734

So is Jenny trying to be funny about deciding whether or not to go support Kat at Vidcon?

2301c7  No.7735

File: 0262883055996c3⋯.png (10.52 KB, 469x178, 469:178, vidcon.PNG)


I saw that, wtf, why is Jenny just lying now?

We all know she went, she posted fucking photos, why is no one calling her out and she has no life outside pop culture events anyway.

If Kat's going to present, we 100% know Jenny will be there.

More than half her twitter followers are new followers since last Vidcon so why say she hasn't been?

I so want to make a burner account and fucking call her out and announced we all know she's going to her roommates presentation.

2301c7  No.7736

File: 62bd49e3220f98d⋯.png (11.13 KB, 477x93, 159:31, dumb.PNG)

Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed or is a really stupid tweet to get 400 retweets in 2 hours?

5c77d1  No.7737


Maybe she’s setting bait for us to call her out.

Then she’ll know which twitter accounts also post on 8chan

2301c7  No.7738


But she posted photos of her meeting all those Youtubers to 40k people, someone saying but you were there last year doesn't mean they're on 8chan.

But this really is the perfect fucking time to say, wait, you're not going to your roommate Kats panel? It's so fucking well sit up for that goal, I really, really want to tweet that and see how she responds but I've got no burners left.

5c77d1  No.7739


Without mentioning the word “roommate” you could just say “why won’t you support one of your dearest friends Jenny?”

2301c7  No.7740


Too vague, if she knows we know and announce her to her other fans then she'll no longer need to keep it a bad fake secret.

e234bb  No.7741


no, it was in response to her admirer asking if she smoked, she said no at first because she thought he meant cigarettes but then said she was "about all things weed" when she realized what he meant.


I don't know, I stopped watching after 2.5 hours. I just started again


she can admit that? maybe shes not as shill as I thought.


Zach can't handle a woman like bailey


a regular Chris Chan


that's pretty funny, I almost wish they linked him to Baileys live stream just to see how it would play out

2301c7  No.7742


It's now at 600 RTs, man it's easy to be seen when you're a pretty girl and so many morons follow you.

e234bb  No.7743


its a pretty dark tweet too. maybe theyre retweeting it because its so unlike her

2301c7  No.7744


> So unlike Jenny

These jokes are very much like Jenny, she even said she had a hard time making friends for making dry, mean jokes.

2301c7  No.7745


Just FYI, I read your response to my comment about her hours of work. Good stuff, I don't really have much to add but to me I don't count her doing stuff she'd do anyway as traditional work hours.

If someone paid me to watch a movie and talk about it with my friends, 1-2 times a month at my leisure and at 3x my regular current salary I wouldn't say that's a job but a dream.

eba93d  No.7746

Bailey has given an open invitation to anyone to come meet her now at the Aksys booth at Anime Expo.

Now’s your chance anons!

Any question goes!

2c2921  No.7747

File: 3e831836539678a⋯.jpg (144.13 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D-meZNJUYAEGkrH.jpg)

File: 8143a40c6893518⋯.jpg (172.23 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, D-povlFUEAE930g.jpg)


I have literally no interest in anime but if I lived in LA i would have so bought a ticket just to say hello and pretend I have a clue.

eba93d  No.7748

If Jenny felt the earthquake is she still in SoCal?

e234bb  No.7749

File: 8e454ae5296efec⋯.mp4 (1.04 MB, 640x480, 4:3, lindsay1.mp4)

File: 83248cd56124ae3⋯.mp4 (914.78 KB, 640x480, 4:3, lindsay2.mp4)

File: 258bdb73d2f622d⋯.mp4 (721.02 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Lindsay3.mp4)

I think the sister thing is over. he got really bummed out when he found out she had a boyfriend, and he kind of stopped talking after that


what if shes playing along because she wants to feel involved

2c2921  No.7750


Good spot, she must still be in LA.

eba93d  No.7751



If those are the type of guys the sister has to deal with, I hate to see what Jenny has to deaf with when she finally streams

2301c7  No.7752

File: 39e4876a5efce3b⋯.png (1.56 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, A51C8FA8-881C-4548-B729-3F….png)


Bailey kinda reminds me of Dobby with her big bug eyes.


Oh shit you’re right, I’m shocked she’s not home for 4th of July. Guess she’s getting that Corn dog castle button today at DL.

That’s why she hasn’t been tweeting or uploading her Ramble, she’s been enjoying DL with Kat. Guessing she bought her a premium anal pass.


Kat will block those guys instantly and hundreds of White Knights will apologize to Jenny for how men act and donate twitch bucks.

You know, even as my resentment of Jenny grows I gotta be honest, compared to Bailey, damn does Jenny have a tight little body.

2301c7  No.7753

Oh and I’m not sure how Twitch accounts work and if they ban you by IP address but I am definitely going to ask Jenny (and tell her audience) if her roommate and chat moderator Kat will make appearances on the stream.

I might be out if Twitter burners but I’ve never had a twitch profile and I wanna see Jenny’s face…unless Kat is able to delete my comments and ban me before Jenny or others see what I write?

e234bb  No.7754


chat might move too fast for her to see it

73fe55  No.7755


Hmm, true, it’s have to be during a lull.

What so if Jenny’s not in San Ramon what’s she been doing home? Is she spending the weekend with Kat or flying home today?

45ce6b  No.7756


>> damn does Jenny have a tight little body

Why do you think we're all here anon….

How many twitch thirsties will ask Jenny to marry them?

You know there's going to be some

e234bb  No.7757

File: ee3ac55d645f6ed⋯.jpg (47.41 KB, 446x334, 223:167, loli2.jpg)

is this official? or a troll. I know that loli means "gothic" in a lot of countries so I can see it being official. but still, not a great look calling your character a loli elementary school girl

9bbdcd  No.7758

File: 3a5b9267974626e⋯.jpg (235.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20838322_135693550372270_5….jpg)

File: c8d8c5c1760fcba⋯.jpg (101.46 KB, 937x1171, 937:1171, 23734981_231591617378538_8….jpg)

File: d8bdef01344a245⋯.jpg (98.48 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 11875448_1631340237144370_….jpg)



There's definitely an appeal to a slim figure but… Bailey's thighs. Need I say more?

2301c7  No.7759

Ok, obviously Jenny is t working on her videos today so why’s she totally quiet on Twitter?

She’s hanging with friends, at Disneyland or flew home earlier today to spend the weekend with the family. Let’s see if we get any Jorn pics.

d0cba2  No.7760


She’s still in LA, she’s tweeting pictures of her pony shelves right now. Maybe shes just spent the day still unpacking from the move.

d80afc  No.7761


Jenny's sister is well known on something awful, and posts her stream on there, i would think that attracts a… certain kind of viewer base because of that.


twitch bans are by account per channel. beyond human moderators, automod bots are pretty common which time you out and remove your chat message for posting certain words.

the streamer can always see what the original message was if they want to click it. some streamers use places like overrustle logs to keep chat history so that they can see someone's chat post history.

afaik ip level bans are extremely rare and handled twitch itself.


depends which category she streams in to be honest. it's kind of up to her in a way if she allows that kind of chat to develop.

twitch really does depend on you fostering your own chat culture. becuase of the interaction the culture develops in reaction to the streamer's persona. it's very parasocial but in a very different way to youtube, because on youtube you just put stuff out into the ether and on twitch its a real time back and forth.

b60e7f  No.7762


And yet we still don’t have the ramble.

Wtf Jenny

Maybe her family will come visit her in her new place this weekend.

d0cba2  No.7763


She’s just tweeted about the trouble she’s having uploading the ramble.

b60e7f  No.7764


Look at the tweet she did about Kat.

Jenny’s slipping more and more until she officially reveals her roommate’s name

b60e7f  No.7765

File: 3b1b0a1d09e753b⋯.jpeg (250.31 KB, 750x841, 750:841, 697C8963-F52B-4FEA-ACF6-2….jpeg)


Sure Jenny. You were randomly out about town with Kat when you said this. Definitely not in your home with her looking at your laptop.

e234bb  No.7766


why is she even soliciting recommendations for pcs if she doesn't want specific advice? cant she just go on bestbuy.com then?

2301c7  No.7767


I’m glad they convinced her to get a PC, getting a laptop for streaming and gaming is just retarded.


So Jenny spend 4th of July hanging out with Kat and looking at new computers…that’s actually super surprising.


1000% confirmed roommates!

b60e7f  No.7768


Nathan spent the fourth in Texas so I guess Kat and her hung together at home.

And yet Jenny still hasn’t gotten the ramble out!

Did anyone go to see Bailey at AX

e234bb  No.7769

File: 8bfd19888f6d65b⋯.jpg (54.25 KB, 588x176, 147:44, IMG_0006.jpg)


>Did anyone go to see Bailey at AX

thanks for reminding me, she's doing an AX live stream today.

2301c7  No.7770

File: 99871472b3b9a5f⋯.jpeg (305.18 KB, 640x758, 320:379, F1EE4C26-228E-4CE2-8FB8-4….jpeg)

Looks like Jenny got under 6 hours of sleep or stayed up all night again, that can’t be healthy thing to do heading into your 30s.

Also she’s being salty Universal doesn’t think she’s good enough for exclusives or media passes.

Jenny gets rejected by a lot of theme parks it seems and her attempt to fix that by making Star Wars videos.

b60e7f  No.7771

File: 39a5d1173f7a87c⋯.jpeg (249.22 KB, 750x653, 750:653, FA5F9489-8223-4AC2-A096-7….jpeg)

File: fc285f61ac6d76c⋯.jpeg (403.86 KB, 750x676, 375:338, 3E2380B6-99AB-4A3F-8ADD-8….jpeg)

I’m surprised Jenny likes this tweet. She usually stays away from dudes commenting on how she’s attractive (from either how she looks or what she does)

Then again Jenny loves flaunting the goods

e30c45  No.7772

File: ece5f97b1a58d53⋯.jpeg (249.08 KB, 640x830, 64:83, 0A805443-551D-4F03-BA88-2….jpeg)


Pretty sure he’s being sarcastic.

e30c45  No.7773


It’s both where the guy is saying she’s hot and he’s drooling over her but she can just say oh he’s kidding it’s OK I can like that joke.

Jenny objectifying herself is ok, and she does it every day with her tummy bearing outfits, it’s others doing it she’s not happy about unless they do it while mocking other types of guys.

b60e7f  No.7774


Ah, it’s a copypasta apparently.

That doesn’t mean it’s any less true though.

Also I hope you guys realize Kat is the actual gamer girl in the household. She’s been moderating gamer girl reddit for a decade now and references the games she plays often.

Still I have to salute Jenny attempting to gain more geek cred.

You know. I actually wouldn’t mind watching an all female DnD with Krystina, drunk Bailey, Kat, Jenny and others in Jenny’s new household.

b60e7f  No.7775

Ok guys. They’re not even trying anymore!

Kat is posting pics of popcorn on Instagram with one of Jenny’s BB-8’s in the background

e30c45  No.7776


Oh yeah and it’s the same counter Jenny posted a pic from.

I thought Jenny went to bed but guess she and Kst are eating popcorn and watching tv/movies.

Wonder if Jenny will become lazier and lazier from Youtube and just live off her Patreon Rambles and streaming, her dream come true.

Kat also seems to be pulling Jenny away from her friends, I’m betting that last confirmed Disneyland trip Jenny did was for sure with Kat.

I still say this will ultimately be bad for Jenny as she’ll be pulled away from her real friends to leech’s like Kat and jacks like Lindsey.

b60e7f  No.7777


Nah. She’s not pulling Jenny away from her friends (with work I agree though).

Keep in mind friendships like Bailey and Kirsten and even her older sister enjoy boyfriends and even Lindsay is married.

Jenny’s the odd one out. The one outside looking in.

It’s safe to say that Jenny has felt a void in her life these last few months. She’s hinted at it on Patreon and twitter, in wanting a roommate and someone to watch movies at home with.

b60e7f  No.7778


^Keep in kind friends like..

e30c45  No.7779


But Kats got a boyfriend, I’d say that will make Jenny want a boyfriend too but if that was going to happen I’m guessing Bailey would’ve found Jenny a Jewish boy by now.

This is why I’m anti-Kat, what is she saying to Jenny that all her long time friends can’t? To the extend that Jenny met her and made her, arguably, her closest friend and now roommate in 12 months.

No one does that without some fuckery.

e234bb  No.7780

Kats definitely going to play matchmaker

she'll bring male friends back to the house no strings attached, and if Jenny just happens to end up liking one…

they'll all be kotaku a-holes or lefty tube wannabes though

e234bb  No.7781

bailey stream in 30 minutes. anime expo is pretty big so it will be cool to see how she does in front of a crowd

b60e7f  No.7782


See I don’t think Kat pulled her in. I think circumstances in Jenny’s life pushed her toward Kat:

Meda and other stalkers, Griffingate, Andy Signore reveal and the failure of Milennial Falcon, official Theme Park media not taking her seriously, the divide in Star Wars fandom all over media, seeing other successful gamer streams, none of her scripts reaching Hollywood and of course the Max Landis fallout. Also loneliness.

b60e7f  No.7783


Please tell me people will finally ask Jenny about boyfriends over the live streaming.

I need to see Jenny’s live reaction.

e30c45  No.7784


So many dicks wet and slippery from Kat being offered to a lonely Jenny who’s sitting in her room with plushies reading about theme parks.

Sooner or later she’ll hop on a few with Kats encouragement.

e30c45  No.7785


Feel like all that will be blocked by Kat but at some point Jenny will just have to share personal stuff cause people aren’t going to watch Jenny for her gaming skills and without editing Jenny will show non-branded sides of herself.

e30c45  No.7786

File: fd7ac2c70633499⋯.jpeg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, B4A1AA9B-6CED-46A3-BBEA-0….jpeg)

Is this Baileys stream co worker?

2c2921  No.7787


Yeah that's Brandon.

e234bb  No.7788

Jenny's back to her old hobby of horse cleaning

having kat with her must be helping her feel better, back to her pre-fame self

b60e7f  No.7789

How was Bailey’s stream?

Right now on twitter she’s acting like how Jenny was when leaving the Last Jedi premiere.

e30c45  No.7790


It was the best thing she’s ever experienced and she probably had an orgasm during?


The fucking odds I see this on a restaurant Facebook page.

Wow, she cleaned a lot of ponies today, is that what she’s been doing all day? I didn’t think she’s still buying used ponies.


e234bb  No.7791


she handled herself very well. Brandon and the C.O.O. took a back seat to her, only speaking up a few times.


>Wow, she cleaned a lot of ponies today

what if she only bought a new house so she could have more room to store toys

e30c45  No.7792


That’s very possible.

What was Baileys event, just talking?

Question: Will Jenny ever be the type of girlfriend or wife who gives blowjobs or make videos of herself for her guy?

e2bbf0  No.7793

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>what if she only bought a new house so she could have more room to store toys

Reminds me of vid related. They'll keep getting larger and larger homes and Jenny will just stuff them full of boxes of ponies. Then it'll all go wrong.

e234bb  No.7794


half talking, half letting trailers play for upcoming games


she doesn't seem like the type, she seems like she would only do things she enjoys doing

2301c7  No.7795

File: 5bdc690fbed6958⋯.jpeg (124.66 KB, 640x302, 320:151, 757ECEED-D069-4EEB-9ECD-E….jpeg)

Another earthquake in SoCal, Jenny all over topical shit.

b60e7f  No.7796


And still no ramble


2c2921  No.7797


It's up now.

2c2921  No.7798


Bailey's panel starts at about 06:10 on this link.


b60e7f  No.7799


In the ramble, Jenny confirmed she goes to the gym regularly. Keep that tight body Jenny!

b60e7f  No.7800

File: 2f2f7c8d4f31d65⋯.jpeg (230.28 KB, 750x860, 75:86, 4ACACF7B-873F-46F0-9860-8….jpeg)

remember anons that Bailey is taken (by bartender)

b60e7f  No.7801

Also Jenny was with Alicia last night around 8pm when the big earthquake hit

2301c7  No.7802


How did the gym come up?

Huh, that's a bit surprising as her past tweets made it seem like she had zero interest in the gym or maybe no free time between work and ponies.

I'm shocked she doesn't tweet about it other than a handful of times, maybe she goes alone at weird times like the time she tweeted being that at 1:30 am. We know she goes to Planet Fitness, fucking $10 a month Jenny you cheap ass.

Was it a good ramble or did she just talk about Lindsey and her lefttube group? Any good personal bits you guys can post here?


I saw that, I almost don't believe it but it's so weird that Jenny would name drop someone it's like she's trying to throw us off the Kat scent but I'm guessing Alicia was just hanging out with Jenny on a Friday night.

e234bb  No.7803


>We know she goes to Planet Fitness, fucking $10 a month Jenny you cheap ass.

I want to see a jenny work out. I bet she looks cute struggling to lift 10 pounds

b60e7f  No.7804


She listens to YouTube stuff when she’s driving or making a snack. But for Youtube channels that you have to physically watch to get the joke, she watches it when she goes to the gym.

She says she’s going to invite her sister for a live stream once she’s gets it going. And I believe this is the first time she’s mentioned to Patreon that her sister is a gamer streamer.

Jenny mentions the ones you would think of: Lindsay, shadow Todd, Foldable human, contrapoints, defuntland, red letter media, a lot of theme park channels and other obscure channel like a mortician channel and creepy mcpasta.

Someone brought up in the comments that Bailey will be pissed she didn’t mention her. Also noticed Jenny didn’t mention Black Nerd or Kat Blaque despite her being friends with them. Why are your picks so white Jenny?

The video showed her new room. Her Star Wars video will be half old apartment half new apartment

No mention of roommate or Kat.

She mentioned Kirsten by name. Become friends at the Disneyland stables and bounded over their love of Creeps McPasta.

Star Wars Land will be her biggest video maybe 2 hours long. She considers it her on par with Lindsay’s and Contrapoints videos.

Toy Story video coming in July first.

2301c7  No.7805


>mortician channel

what the fuck?

> But for Youtube channels that you have to physically watch to get the joke

That's confusing, how many hours is Jenny in the gym everyday? Everything that isn't some sort of review (like all theme park channels) Jenny would have to watch not just listen to, and I'm guessing Jenny finally got Youtube Premium if she's just listening to youtube and not watching it as that's one of the features.

> The video showed her new room.

She still recording on her bed?

How much of the video was just her talking about how much and why she likes her friends channels?

> She considers it her on par with Lindsay’s and Contrapoints videos.

Like she thinks it's as good as theirs quality and research wise? Or because she'll have a bunch of editing of the land and interviews instead of just her on her bed.

b60e7f  No.7809


She mentioned she doesn’t watch their (RLM) movie reviews anymore, so she won’t mix it up with her own reviews for fear of plagiarism. She watches their other stuff.


Still recording on her bed only now it’s from the front not the side.


No mention of any home tour this time.

No mention of Kat, but I’m shocked she mentioned her sister as a guest.

And she still acts like she doesn’t know if she’ll attend Vidcon, Comicon or Patreocon or not.

No Celebrations video coming. She still has all the foootage but it’s just her meeting people. She said the con was a hot mess and the organization was a cluster fuck (I’m paraphrasing).

She is however trying to get D23 tickets as a media pass. She’s worried if she’ll buy tickets then shelll get the media pass and but extra tickets for nothing. And if she doesn’t buy tickets and still doesn’t get media pass then it’s sucks that she won’t go. So she’s still waiting if she’ll get media pass acceptance.

She wants to do a Star Wars TROS bingo card video before the next trailer is released possibly at D23.

2301c7  No.7810


>No mention of roommate or Kat.

Hmm, so she won't be doing an apartment tour like last time.


Sounds like she went all over the place on this ramble instead of just talking about what she watches. Maybe she mostly watches her friends and didn't want to talk about them for privacy?


Surprised she's still watching Red Letter Media enough to mention them, I thought after their rip on Ghostbusters reboot and total bashing of Last Jedi she'd have left them feeling personally attacked.


Jenny's not stupid, she knows she can make 1 video a month or no video at all and just stream and make a very good living as long as she looks good.

She's seen what her body could turn into with her mom and how many middle age men are paying her on Patreon without watching or commenting on anything there.

Jenny hates being compared to a cam girl but knows looking tight and fit is the only way she's going to be able to keep that money train moving without putting more work on her content.

Also doesn't hurt her hopes of networking and Hollywood contacts.

2301c7  No.7811

I deleted and put my comments into one big post.


> She mentioned she doesn’t watch their (RLM) movie reviews anymore, so she won’t mix it up with her own reviews for fear of plagiarism. She watches their other stuff.

That's stupid, she makes maybe 1 movie review every 2-3 months and they do them almost weekly.

> And she still acts like she doesn’t know if she’ll attend Vidcon, Comicon or Patreocon or not.

Such bullshit, we know she's going to all of them, she literally has nothing better to do.

> No Celebrations video coming, just her meeting people (what else was she expecting?) and con was a hot mess) after a month of bitching about them not giving her the passes.

But now she wants media passes for D23, sometimes Jenny is such a spoiled brat.

2301c7  No.7812


> D23 tix

Looks like she'll be complaining pretty hard for tickets since the 3 day pass and Saturday is sold out so she'll miss most of the big stuff unless they give her a media pass.

So this is Jenny now, a streaming gamer, occasional Youtuber and constant media pass seeker who may or may not make a video about the cons she goes to.

2301c7  No.7813

File: e7072b4287b901a⋯.png (9.54 KB, 471x85, 471:85, EbayJenny.PNG)

Wait, is Jenny saying she passes on videos she wants to make because she can't buy associated costumes or plushie from ebay?

Man, I wish I could tell the people who pay me I couldn't do my job because I wouldn't get get the right jacket to come in to work with.

Jenny's life awesome!

e234bb  No.7814


if you put on your tin foil hat, you can see it as a confession that the only reason some videos are made, are to write off purchases as business expenses.

2301c7  No.7815

Jenny liked a pic of Ani with a horse so she’s not just following her for looks, she’s actively checking her stuff.

2301c7  No.7816


But shit she buys on eBay are like $40, she makes way more off the YouTube ads.

Guys, if this 2 hour long Star Wars Land video doesn’t go big (it should as people will likely watch it repeatedly to finish it, maximizing the views) and really get Jennys sub numbers up I think there’s a real chance this year will be the peak for Jenny unless she makes a pivot in content…holy shit, just realized that’s why she’s getting into streaming.

YouTube’s maxing our so she’s trying to pull in shaker audience and she’s a retry girl so obviously she will.

2301c7  No.7817

File: 88ce4a91004f263⋯.jpeg (115.67 KB, 640x315, 128:63, B29221E1-F4ED-427E-9668-D….jpeg)


Jenny the gym rat is retweeting gym jokes now.

Also I haven’t changed my mind on her being over played and under worked but will admit editing is really boring now that I’ve started doing it.

2301c7  No.7818

File: 2716bdc8e3d75f7⋯.jpeg (222.87 KB, 640x518, 320:259, 443A7733-3D56-4C46-B962-F….jpeg)

File: 73b31ae0160a0a0⋯.jpeg (330.41 KB, 640x723, 640:723, 56E90CC3-33D2-46FF-BFFD-4….jpeg)

Ugg, thirsty fuckers all day. You think these guys would talk about her if she wasn’t a hot skinny girl they thought they had a in with.

Also Jenny confirmed she lives in a two floor place…it’s gotta be a condo or house, there’s no way it’s a 2 story apartment.

2301c7  No.7819

File: 78db6936e1d247d⋯.jpeg (141.64 KB, 640x329, 640:329, 7248F0E1-270D-401D-83C1-F….jpeg)

…you make $10,000 a month you self victimizing asshole!

e2bbf0  No.7820


She needs that money to pay for her horses and warehouses full of ponies you f*cking mansplaning jerk!

e2bbf0  No.7821

File: 2722a2fe693aa81⋯.mp4 (8.45 MB, 426x240, 71:40, The Motherlode.mp4)

i need to learn how to make webms, fucking 8ch and it's fucking tiny upload capacity

2301c7  No.7822


GUYS! Again!

Jenny basically confirmed she's living in a rental house as it would be ridiculously expensive to live in an apartment that's 3 bedrooms and two stories tall in Anaheim.

2301c7  No.7823


With no money left to buy any passes to any conventions, she can only go using media passes!

2301c7  No.7824

Not so sure Nathan and Kat are still together (we'll see who else Jenny includes in her streams) but I wonder if Jenny will hear them fucking upstairs while she's trying to watch her cartoons downstairs.

2c2921  No.7825


Has she actually said anything to suggests she still lives around Anaheim or that she hasn't moved far?

Or are we just assuming?

e234bb  No.7826


Zach works for sikorsky helicopters? that's where darksydephil used to work

and why would he complain about 8chan to a woman? he goes on for paragraphs about it.


I looked up Anaheim houses once, a lot of them had a backyard setup almost identical to hers, so I assumed that was a local trait. It could be a general southern California thing though.

2c2921  No.7827

File: 54b57222c9bf0c1⋯.jpg (50.81 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 4976_1095087933544_7478709….jpg)

File: 122ee5f3508fac0⋯.jpg (34.24 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 380203_3892915718916_40460….jpg)

File: 1506f6b55f4a6dd⋯.jpg (46.4 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1006178_10152962602550235_….jpg)

File: ca997fe7913587f⋯.jpg (207.65 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 1795371_10202527022472084_….jpg)

e234bb  No.7828


Griffin really likes his interview idea.

he should interview Sans and Baldy. people might actually watch it then

2c2921  No.7829

File: 495dc9daace66c5⋯.jpg (41.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 534646_500501013302584_191….jpg)

File: 6d7796d0f8dbb7d⋯.jpg (85.3 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 19961181_10159879794185710….jpg)

File: 1d9c987f8925856⋯.jpg (82.67 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 19961376_10159879793945710….jpg)

File: 4d6343cb8a95183⋯.jpg (138.78 KB, 1504x1004, 376:251, 21415026_10214519168001745….jpg)

e234bb  No.7830


oh that's cool, never seen these jennies before

2c2921  No.7831

File: 4e3ce19c164e87e⋯.jpg (45.19 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 4976_1095086293503_1553060….jpg)

File: 1af93c748a3d58f⋯.jpg (90.73 KB, 960x717, 320:239, 430929_10152415892795235_1….jpg)



Just some Jennys I've not seen posted before.

b60e7f  No.7832


They’re at least friends now though.



So she lives in a gated community, with a pool and jacuzzi, two level rental house with a balcony. Somewhere in the Anaheim and Garden Grove (round table pizza) area.

2c2921  No.7833

File: 36b5bc7932d8f13⋯.jpg (97.2 KB, 528x720, 11:15, 59935_478129826872_1546004….jpg)

File: cd2dab7cd91a924⋯.jpg (65.08 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 60254_478072491872_8214135….jpg)

File: 1d0701fd27be252⋯.jpg (33.83 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 60319_10152264678035235_11….jpg)


I found a place in Buena Park that looks right, from what little we've seen, and it's not far from the round table pizza in Fullerton.

2c2921  No.7834

File: b760207f98a3fae⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 267962_10152626818460235_4….jpg)

File: 2c4bb66288a30ee⋯.jpg (402.12 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 859381_512589028784068_483….jpg)

File: 82082bd50b7b38e⋯.jpg (70.64 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 10636116_10204547076224143….jpg)

File: 5611be5ea6d5674⋯.jpg (141.44 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, 14589624_1224958057561132_….jpg)


Also some rare Baileys as well.

2c2921  No.7835

File: 9a9af85c03f68ed⋯.jpg (40.63 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 299318_2262519115004_48948….jpg)

File: 794e87a0a52200e⋯.jpg (84.93 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 316367_10150483046936873_6….jpg)

File: 034f3b547123a7f⋯.jpg (71.75 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 11196241_10155598602165235….jpg)

File: 2d7bfb6a8ca2bef⋯.jpg (54.83 KB, 595x595, 1:1, 16388042_10158296354920235….jpg)


Yeah there's loads of round table pizzas around that area.

b60e7f  No.7836


I’d Bailey’s her red in that 2nd pic?

2c2921  No.7837

File: ce9005e4079aae2⋯.jpg (217.75 KB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, 11251776_10207260145848585….jpg)

File: 748df10151368b3⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 1080x905, 216:181, 14425493_10157514193380710….jpg)

File: 2d652f16a211dd4⋯.jpg (83.07 KB, 767x960, 767:960, 14494750_10157548212130710….jpg)

File: 5847d9c33e36cf7⋯.jpg (537.1 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 21743416_10159328393905710….jpg)


Yeah looks like it, she's done purple and blonde hair before as well.

2301c7  No.7839


Holy fuck, how in the world did you find their high school grad photos?

2301c7  No.7840

File: 8519766ab04eebc⋯.png (13.85 KB, 477x118, 477:118, SadJenny.PNG)

File: 6e3f0566e196a54⋯.png (47.37 KB, 496x398, 248:199, Jennykeyboard.PNG)


What is cowboy hat Jenny pic from? She looks old enough in that for it to be post her Youtube fame but feel like she'd have tweeted about this if it was some event.

Also, I fucking knew Jenny would tweet about the dead actor from Descendants and she always tweets about topical stuff it feels like disingenuous.

Jenny was copying and pasting "A" for a week…I'm just going to say Jennys a little retarded.

2c2921  No.7842


It's from knotts berry farm in 2017.

2c2921  No.7843


That descendants tweet doesn't feel disingenuous to me, it's a show she's talked about a lot before, so you know she watched it.

Jenny is more emotional than she lets on, there was a point where she got a bit teary eyed in the latest ramble talking about one of the youtuber's dog dying.

2301c7  No.7844


> Jenny is more emotional than she lets on

I know, I remember her getting teary eyed talking about that coffee table picture book of a now gone theme park they by the beach.

But when she tweets topical stuff everyday for retweets, then it all feels the same.


That's actually really smart and something I never realized, did you search FB by school and graduation year? If so we could try that for her college graduation for more.


Huh alright, how'd you find a random pic of Jenny though?

b60e7f  No.7845



Excellent work with these rare Jenny’s and and Bailey’s anon.

Did you see anything that could be a past boyfriend for Jenny besides Griffin?

Also did you see any of Bailey’s previous boyfriends?

2c2921  No.7846


Tbh I'm not exactly sure what I did. I went down a rabbit hole, that involved a dodgy firefox extension and a bunch of stuff I have zero understanding of.

I was hoping for a lot more though. I basically tried to search for all of the tagged photos of Bailey, Jenny, Kat and Mike saz and this is all I got that I hadn't seen before.


I tried but I got nothing, I think most of the photos they're tagged in must be private, basically without being friends with one of them we're not gonna see anything.

2c2921  No.7847


I thought Bailey looked close to the guy dressed as Spiderman, but i briefly looked and into and didn't see anything.

b60e7f  No.7848


Did anyone check Griffin’s Facebook before he deletes any rare Jenny’s and Bailey’s.

b60e7f  No.7849


Come to think of it. Jenny’s never been into barbecues with her vegetarian habits. And everyday is a holiday to her anyone.

Not sure why we all thought she would go back to San Ramon for the Fourth of July.

2301c7  No.7850

File: 5750dbfb52d1931⋯.png (948.04 KB, 464x810, 232:405, Knotts1.PNG)

File: 2b638a3ba3e1a34⋯.png (817.09 KB, 937x544, 937:544, Knotts2.PNG)


> Youtubers dog dying

Which one, I saw something about a dog dying not long ago but can't remember if it was a friend of hers or not.

Jenny is following a new chick who works at Geeks and Sundry.


Ok, found that girl and got her instagram, she and Jenny follow each other but I have no idea why since I've never seen them together before or since and that photo of them together isn't on either of their instas.

what is though is this photo with the same guy from Midnight Marinara that Jenny guested on and went to Knotts with the dude (I still wonder if it was a date) so it all happened on the same day it looks since Jenny's wearing the same outfit.

2301c7  No.7851


Jenny's lanyard says class of 2009, these are high school friends, I feel like I've seen that guy before but not that girl.

Huh, Jenny looked pretty cute right at the end of high school and actually had pretty friends too. College I guess is what turned her into a fat and Asian chaser.

b60e7f  No.7852


But Jennys wearing a St Mary College shirt in that first pic

b60e7f  No.7853


Isn’t the dude in the pic the same dude in the graduation pic standing next to Griffin?

2c2921  No.7854




Yeah I guess I should have paid attention to when these photos were posted and who by. But tbh I did the whole thing in a bit of a dazed rush. Sorry.

b60e7f  No.7855


No need to apologize anon. We’re just grateful for the pics.

Does Kat have a Facebook?

How long before Jenny tweets about the new Mulan trailer?

2301c7  No.7856

File: 07031818ad63d7f⋯.png (278.45 KB, 443x486, 443:486, Chase.PNG)


There's nothing public on there, if there was rare Jenny's there I'd have saved it years ago.



Ok this shit is going to bother me, I can't figure where you found that Jenny pic, the photographer doesn't seem have it on his website and it doesn't pop up in any photos where the photographer has tagged the woman. So weird they follow each other on insta but Jenny seems to never pay attention to her instagram anyway.

But at least I know it's same Jenny went to Knotts with that guy like 2 weeks after recording the creepy pasta episode so I still think it could have been a one and done date as Jenny still follows him on tweitter but doesn't reply or like his tweets or he was working as a character park character.


Yup, that's Chase. Dude looks a lot less awkward now.


> How long before Jenny tweets about the new Mulan trailer?

If she hadn't tweeted about being said about that guy dying she'd already be talking about it, she's already liked reaction tweets about it.

2301c7  No.7858

File: ed7f5af4de6d6cc⋯.png (57.33 KB, 499x325, 499:325, Kat.PNG)

File: 3cd22ec482a7258⋯.png (42.95 KB, 591x483, 197:161, Subs.PNG)

Is Kat saying she hadn't watched this? I'd assume Jenny would've directly told Kat and even asked her to review before posting that little confessional in the avengers video.

Jenny's sub number have been eating ass lately so this shoutout looks to have really helped today.

e234bb  No.7859

File: 3783b7587a26d21⋯.jpg (36.65 KB, 600x450, 4:3, m.jpg)

I searched around myspace for any rare jennies once, found a couple of bailey and griffin, none of Jen.

Jenny seemed really unpopular, she only had like 8 friends on myspace

2c2921  No.7860


No I think Kat is saying the idea of them sitting around talking about how cool Jenny is is too wholesome.

2301c7  No.7861


Huh, that seems weird. Jenny seems plenty social but maybe it's because she has time and money and online fame.

Maybe she had fans but they were all strangers online who she'd talk to about MLP, theme parks and Disney?

2c2921  No.7862


Someone posted it on facebook. I didn't properly look at who.

I feel like there was definitely more there that I could have found, but I bottled it.

The facebook account I created for it has already been done for suspicious activity and tbh I uninstalled Firefox to prevent the temptation of doing it again.

2c2921  No.7863


I didn't grab half the Baileys tbh, there was a tonne from Krystina's wedding, but as much as I like Bailey, it'd just clog up my Jenny folder.

e2bbf0  No.7864


Who needs irl friends when you have a whole pony collection to keep up with it?


>he doesn't have a folder for bailey

2c2921  No.7865


I've thought about it, but tbh I like to keep them in the same folder.

2301c7  No.7866


>The facebook account I created for it has already been done for suspicious activity and tbh I uninstalled Firefox to prevent the temptation of doing it again.

What? What would even count as suspicious activity on FB, did you friend request a bunch of her older friends?

2301c7  No.7867



I don't give a fuck about Bailey unless it's in relation to Jenny. One unhealthy obsession is enough thank you.

2c2921  No.7868


Tbh I'm not exactly sure, but the site I got the extension from says that it is against there terms of service, it's to do with data collection I think.

I think the tool is designed to allow HR departments to search the facebook profiles of prospective employees, but I just used it to look for rare Jennys.

e2bbf0  No.7869

File: dbb97e18413d489⋯.jpg (123.61 KB, 961x961, 1:1, dbb97e18413d489f406dac9d57….jpg)


<what's wrong, anon?

<you don't want to hold my hand?

2c2921  No.7870



It's this if someone else wants to have a go, it's dodgy as fuck, but it does work.


2301c7  No.7871


That's way too confusing for me.

2c2921  No.7872


Yeah I know, I feel like a hacker because I know how to get images from instagram without just screenshotting, but this is next level shit.

e234bb  No.7873

I found an article written by Griffin where he mocks the school for having a rule against "groping, fondling, bending over, lap dancing"

this would have been around when he was dating Jenny.

"peers having fun and, worst of all, dancing. Unfor-

tunately, this is not about to change anytime soon.

According to the new school handbook, the dance

policy now states, “Students must dance in a safe and

appropriate manner. Demeaning or sexually explicit

dancing, groping, fondling, bending over, lap dancing,

floor break dancing, and moshing are not accept-able.”

2301c7  No.7874


Jenny deleted the tweet about her broken frame…did she realize she told everyone she lived on a two story house?

2c2921  No.7875


Weird, why would she care? It must be something else. Did she get weird responses to it?

e234bb  No.7876

File: 731c8c464f5ac69⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 580x248, 145:62, begg.jpg)

this is hilarious. griffins video only got a few hundred views so he's begging his fans to watch it

e2bbf0  No.7877


How embarrassing.

bf5653  No.7878


The thought of Jenny twerking in high school on Griffin is hilarious but not unfounded.

Way to go Grifdin

bf5653  No.7879



Jenny’s now tweeting how she hates her Wikipedia page and what happened with Meda.

It’s seems that’s the reason she deleted the frame tweet.

Doesn’t sound like she’s aware of us here though.

Paranoid Jenny is back

2c2921  No.7880

She's tweeting about online stalkers now. Way to make me feel bad Jenny.

The wikipedia is page is badly written though. And she's write, it makes inconsequential parts of her life out to be significant, she's not important enough to justify a wikipedia page really.

2c2921  No.7881


Yeah I feel like if she knew about us, she would have mentioned me pulling up a load of her old pics today.

It's better this way, this is our thing, I don't like the idea of our Jennys spreading off this board.

bf5653  No.7882

Jenny’s smart.

Using a white lady complaint on twitter to get her wiki destroyed/reduced.

Between that and media passes, what else is Jenny capable of getting by complaining into the Twitter void?


2c2921  No.7884


What's the point in having a massive twitter following if you aren't gonna use it to crusade for her.

You'd rather see her do this than try and sell things to her followers.

bf5653  No.7885


I’m just joking mostly.

Also she’s talking about Meda again

e234bb  No.7886

File: dc1a238802194d1⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 604x176, 151:44, jenstalker4.jpg)

File: 9639ab8ec87aa7c⋯.jpg (42.64 KB, 612x256, 153:64, jenstalker3.jpg)

I feel kinda bad now.

abdcf5  No.7887


Like I said before, this is also the reason Chelsea stopped following Jenny because she said she was sick of ransoms asking personal questions about her

2c2921  No.7888


Yeah, I'm perfectly comfortable with being a benign lurker.

2c2921  No.7889


Not just that, but because I closely follow Jenny, I watch Bailey's stuff and support to her patreon, I listen to Bailey's friend Addison's podcast purely because she's friends with Bailey. I'm one of like 400 people to have watched Griffin's latest video.

If any of Jenny's other friends started doing stuff I'd probably watch that too.

They aren't mega celebrities, but they still earn money off us, a bit of light cyber stalking is just the price of that.

The way I look at, through the money we give her either directly or through ad revenue, we affect her life more positively than negatively.

It's only really trying to meet her in real life where I think the line should be drawn.

2301c7  No.7890


> The degree to which it focuses on my friends and personal life

She's kinda being a drama queen, Griffin helped her get her foot on the Youtube map with FiW which people still talk to her about and Bailey made the cosplay videos and tweets with her daily.

And the only other personal info is where she used to work and go to school, the work one everyone knows but I guess school is personal.




Jenny is underselling herself if she thinks she's had or has one online stalker I mean, what are we chopped liver?

Also, there's a real possibility things people here have done she's associated with Meda, he's probably the reason Jenny hasn't found this board.

> The way I look at, through the money we give her either directly or through ad revenue, we affect her life more positively than negatively.

Sure but that really only works if she's none the wiser and no one's getting hurt. Jenny doesn't like strangers learning and talking about her but like what does she think will happen if she makes it big in Hollywood?

But it also sounds like she'll evidentially go after Meda, I think she thinks he's behind the wiki page, her deleting her pony forum and whatever else.

So it's a hurt/hurt situation which sucks for both those people.

P.S. If you have any Jenny tweets, search them up and save them now cause it sounds like she's considering wiping her twitter history clean like Lindsay did.

2301c7  No.7891

File: 6b4da144bb261ae⋯.png (80.4 KB, 1085x800, 217:160, Wiki.PNG)

File: 79a3169c5bad14f⋯.png (31.71 KB, 477x260, 477:260, Facts.PNG)

She RTed New of the week guy, that makes sense, his weird personality of is he kidding or is he being serious would be something she's into.

Jenny's wiki got nuked pretty bare, it basically just proves she exists and that's it.


Sounds like his only mistake was being too dumb to cover his tracks unlike us which resulted in a reverberating effect of all of us getting less Jenny content.

Is Jenny saying he's still stalking her or did but has stopped?

And also guys, stop sending Jenny pics of cheese, it's freaking her out plus she's signaling how her "friends" helped delete her last Wiki, don't you guys wanna be her friends too.

2301c7  No.7892


It's kinda sad but funny Jenny thinks it's all one guy.

e2bbf0  No.7893


>i want to be a media personality!

<oh no, people want to know things about me, how did this happen?!

Jen, come on now.

e234bb  No.7894

File: 67d43ff74e0b88a⋯.jpg (68.67 KB, 487x407, 487:407, mikesaber.jpg)


she mentioned these fun facts before


I wonder if she'll do anything to him. she seems like she wont let it go

abdcf5  No.7895


So is Mike Saber also Meda?

There’s where I’m confused.

abdcf5  No.7896

If Jenny’s this paranoid now, if she ever found this place she’s have a breakdown.

e234bb  No.7897


yeah same person. I guess some people with foreign names prefer to go with more American sounding nick names.

e2bbf0  No.7898


Too bad she'd have no power here and wouldn't be able to shut us down.

abdcf5  No.7899


Her paranoia about Meda confirms it for me that Jenny hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years at the least. And that she’s not looking for one either.

Public guys like Eric Goldman and even Max Landis (in the past) are okay for her to befriend and hang with.

But at this point, Jenny will never get with a normal guy. Stalkers have ruined her for all men. No guy will ever have a chance to hit on her.

What a waste.

2301c7  No.7902

File: 945424b1c791f72⋯.png (30.58 KB, 570x452, 285:226, moron.PNG)

File: 039190b3a0441f5⋯.png (32.91 KB, 558x567, 62:63, Perfectanalogy.PNG)


Yup, least with actors they're pretending to be other people but Jenny's selling herself and profiting off sharing her personal views and lifestyle but also wants to keep it all private?

Honestly, she's gonna complain they included Jorn in her wiki like he's a big secret?! It's a fucking horse not a cat or dog.


Ok this always bugs me because I've looked into it multiple times. That's not Meda, I looked up the OG account he says she blocked and it's a totally different guy (he had a photo of himself in one of the older posts) and the tumblr account is still active years later.

Jenny's just assuming it's all Meda b/c he's the only one she's identified. Their patterns are different too, one has a tumblr account then created a 2nd burner to contact Jenny but Mike just contacted her through the anonymous feature but still gave his full name (fucking retard) so clearly he wasn't trying to hide his identity.

They probably both asked a lot of questions and Jenny thought it was the same guy and ironically the one who said he'd read her 6 years of blogs and scared her into deleting her tumblr got off scot-free.

And this dudes just hearing Jenny say she's flattered if he want to keep watching her stuff and next thing he's being called a stalker and getting threatened with a restraining order.

Is that how Jenny refills her #charmedlife meter, scaring the shit out of confused foreigners?

2301c7  No.7903

Just to clarify, is Jenny saying her stalker/stalkers made her wiki page or that she doesn't want to have a wiki page because she's had/has stalkers?

abdcf5  No.7904


The first with repercussions of the latter.

2301c7  No.7905



The stalker made the wiki and it'll create more stalkes?

2301c7  No.7906

File: 29e9d561480316b⋯.png (13.77 KB, 469x111, 469:111, Raw.PNG)


I don't know, her saying she's still raw makes it sound like the stalking ended and she's still healing from it.

e234bb  No.7907

the wording confuses me too. the tumblr incident took place just over a year ago, if it was 2+ years before that it would be at the start of 2016, which seems too early for the stalking to begin as she only got really famous towards the end of 2016

so I think she means that its still going on, and has been going on for 2+ years

hard to say though.

e2bbf0  No.7908



More like one stalker and her experience with Griffin, on top of the losers she encountered as a brony and continue to encounter during her time on Youtube. I don't think she has multiple stalkers. Even if she did, it always has to be pointed out that she invites this upon herself by being a personality.


>Yup, least with actors they're pretending to be other people but Jenny's selling herself and profiting off sharing her personal views and lifestyle but also wants to keep it all private?

Exactly. She wants the whole cake but none of the calories. It's fine she wants her privacy, it's fine she wants to not be stabbed at a convention or thrown into a van off the streets, but there is a reason why people use to tell you to keep your personal information off the internet.

2301c7  No.7909


> I don’t think she has multiple stalkers

Uggg, I just went over this! >>7902


Maybe Jenny’s rounding up.

f3905a  No.7910

File: 610a464d41b1a6a⋯.jpeg (337.13 KB, 640x893, 640:893, 78812BF8-078F-4FB3-878A-8….jpeg)

The irony is I’m almost positive someone here was the one who found her MLP forum account I know we talked about it here.

e2bbf0  No.7911


Well okay, I concede on that point, but I stand by the rest.

f3905a  No.7913

I agree with your other points completely.

So, after the traumatizing events of her wiki page ordeal today and crying on Kats shoulder a bit did they have a long discussion where Kat told Jenny how dangerous it was for Jenny to ever live alone and not pay for their rent?

abdcf5  No.7914

Jenny’s even more scared and paranoid than I realized.


Hey, at least Kat being there means she’s not alone anon.

Will someone on twitter suggest Jenny buy a gun?

2301c7  No.7915


Why? Kats kungfu will be more than enough.

2301c7  No.7916


Just realized everyone but Jenny has the SOON to vidcon in their names…with todays tweets I'm down from 100% sure she'll be there to 99% sure.

2301c7  No.7917

Just realized Jenny's last video was a month ago today.

abdcf5  No.7918


She’s going. Every one of her youtuber friends are going.

Why did she lie about not going last year?

Jenny’s weird,

Is she scared that a faculty member will look up her personal info again?

353d29  No.7919


Did she definitely go last year? Or are we getting vidcon confused with Patrecon.

abdcf5  No.7920

File: b27bb92512a1018⋯.jpeg (438.03 KB, 750x1072, 375:536, DC57198A-80F0-4EDF-96C5-1….jpeg)


I think you’re right. I got confused because this video has Jenny (at 14:40) on the Vlogger’s YouTube video about Vidcon.

But Jenny only shows up in the night trip to Disneyland with all the youtubers after the con.

2301c7  No.7921


She definitely went, she just hung out behind the scenes with only the Youtubers. Do a twitter search on her account from last years dates and it’s her suddenly hanging with Lindsey’s circle.

That’s where she got a photo Boogie2988 and Quinten Reviews too.

2301c7  No.7922

File: 13d2e7f265ca682⋯.jpeg (216.75 KB, 640x965, 128:193, 69E1D5CF-2747-4DB2-BF69-A….jpeg)

So…Jenny has 3,600 Patrons and her latest Ramble got 80 likes on patreon?

Can any of you check to see how many views it has?

abdcf5  No.7923

If anyone cares, I’ve been going through Kat’s brother’s twitter.

She’s 29. Her birthday is March 8. And she can play the guitar.

abdcf5  No.7924


Geez. Kat’s father is Chinese-America (obviously), her mother is White and they’re both biomedical professor/researchers at the same university in the same department.

No wonder Kat ended up like she is.

0b91d5  No.7925


She may have just hung out with them whilst everyone is in town without actually going to the con. That’s what makes the most sense.


Yeah the likes aren’t the best way to tell, I watched it without liking it. It’s currently at 1.3k views.

abdcf5  No.7926

For those that have seen Jenny’s latest email, her first garden grove home, is where I got the Asian roommates from

f3905a  No.7927

File: 8681f2f9da660bd⋯.jpeg (262.72 KB, 640x654, 320:327, C389B648-B2C7-4B15-80FE-1….jpeg)


I mean her parents do something important.

And she saw them and was like, I want to be called an academic but not put in the work.


No, she was there, it’s not like Boogie2988 just bumped in her. Check the photos, she’s definitely in some background area that doesn’t have rando access.


Was that a 2 story place? I once thought I found her place but wasn’t sure.

Also Jenny’s acting like someone broke into her house yesterday and today is giving away personal info about her past living areas.

Ok 👍Jenny you poor victim

abdcf5  No.7928


It was a single floor house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a garage.

I can see why Kat wanted to be on the ground floor of a new study, rather than be in the shadow of her parents. (She mentioned before in a presentation that biology was her first choice but her love of computers and sociology caused her to change her PhD

f3905a  No.7929


That’s not a real field of study, Kats a scammer.

e234bb  No.7930


I had found the accounts but kept it a secret, someone else posted screenshots from them here so I admitted knowing about them, then we all kinda agreed to keep it on the down low because she revealed a lot of personal life stuff on the forums

they were only mentioned twice after that. she probably found out when the comic was reposted because that's the only recent mention.

2c2921  No.7931

The wikipedia page must have really got to her, shes still tweeting about it. I feel like there must be something else upsetting her really.

e234bb  No.7932


I remember an old conversation on here, where it was discussed that she doesn't like a fan community forming around her. I forget what started the conversation, but maybe this has something to do with that. Creators often resent their fan communities because it feels like they have control over the creator.

Jenny likes to have control

abdcf5  No.7933


Yeah. I found her deviantart page.

But kept it a secret.

She had an infrequent journal on it talking about stuff happening during her age 13, 14 and 15 years.

She talked about tests, hated reading assignments, getting the first horse (before Jorn).

You could tell the girl didn’t have many friends.

Also she made a Saw/MLP crossover, if you want to judge Jenny’s weirdness.

e2bbf0  No.7934

File: e9f718513f27087⋯.jpg (43.03 KB, 800x726, 400:363, crepes saw0.jpg)

File: a4492fc970b8ef7⋯.jpg (72.75 KB, 621x800, 621:800, crepes saw1.jpg)

File: d370d4d3172edcc⋯.jpg (84.9 KB, 626x800, 313:400, crepes saw2.jpg)

File: c27c46ea6b46cc1⋯.jpg (81.98 KB, 619x800, 619:800, crepes saw3.jpg)

File: c9a28d071a93bb3⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 619x800, 619:800, crepes saw4.jpg)


>Saw/MLP crossover

e2bbf0  No.7935

File: 43d91fd6feca667⋯.jpg (80.26 KB, 619x800, 619:800, crepes saw5.jpg)

File: 6dccdfcb62f9326⋯.jpg (71.28 KB, 619x800, 619:800, crepes saw6.jpg)

File: 343aa3dda0af83e⋯.jpg (81.51 KB, 619x800, 619:800, crepes saw7.jpg)

abdcf5  No.7936

Yep, that’s it

abdcf5  No.7937



I mean, nothing on it linked her to Her sister or Ken (who has his own wiki page).

The biggest things that were taken down were the mentions of St Mary’s College and Jorn.

e234bb  No.7938


really? her dad has a fucking wiki? why? did he make it himself?

abdcf5  No.7939


Yes. He made it himself. Back in 2006.


His editing name was N1choslon.

2c2921  No.7940



Jenny should write more, her scripted stuff is always funny. She's wasted on just doing videos talking about stuff.

e234bb  No.7941


this is great, her father worked on arcade cabinets before bubsy? If she interviewed him for her channel about his work in the 80s I bet it would be the most popular video she's done in a while.

maybe not, but it would be my favorite

f3905a  No.7942

File: 6f929de4e48a8c1⋯.jpeg (207.29 KB, 640x495, 128:99, 7EF5E2B7-096A-4C6C-B3AE-5….jpeg)


Haha, she thinks you’re Meda.

Poor guy is a sponge for everything.

55edab  No.7943


Personally, I'd rather see Bailey interviewing her father about working for Nintendo Power magazine in the 90s

e234bb  No.7944

File: 24fc10da14bfa42⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 616x150, 308:75, bob.jpg)

I forgot this was a real youtuber and not a niche lolcow

1444bb  No.7945


This makes me wonder.

Would Jenny ever go out with a white knight?

Or would she ignore them like everyone else?

9bbdcd  No.7946

File: 04b1644f71d6a1a⋯.jpg (105.26 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 56697195_411092916410911_5….jpg)

File: 82325afdec1fda3⋯.jpg (136.62 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 53742708_596146074198378_2….jpg)

Polite request for the cutest/hottest Bailey pics/clips you have, my folder needs filling up.

98bfe0  No.7947


Luckily Bailey, unlike Jenny, regularly posts cute selfies on her Instagram.

It also helps that when Bailey dolls herself up for date night, she takes a selfie and posts.

Since Jenny never dates, no dolled up pics 😞

2301c7  No.7948


Is she saying she thinks Mike moved on?

2301c7  No.7949


What kind of personal stuff? What could teenage Jenny share besides her favorite shows and dolls.


Or Kats egging her on all day.


Too bad you didn’t save those, it would’ve been an interesting read to see how much of her young personality stayed consistent to how she is today.

I’m surprised she says she hates reading assignments.


All the written stuff has been removed.


Ignore, especially with how many have turned out to be sexually harassing that Jenny’s known.

abdcf5  No.7950


It depended on the reading assignment.

One was a southern literary book but it wasn’t Huck Finn or Tom Sawyer.

It was a black protagonist but I forgot what it was called.

You can tell this is when she started her method of critiquing stuff.

She was really into the whole pony thing before bronies of course.

2301c7  No.7952

File: 5dd15071ba395be⋯.jpeg (167.92 KB, 640x627, 640:627, 6FAEFB95-984E-4EF4-8408-7….jpeg)

Jenny’s sub numbers have starting picking back up for no apparent reason.

abdcf5  No.7953


Why’d Sunday get such a high bump for her?

Did PhilosophyTube’s shoutout and her complaining about her Wiki page cause it?

2301c7  No.7954

File: 41c1a9c15e8c285⋯.jpeg (284.48 KB, 640x686, 320:343, CD66CAB6-76D5-41FB-85B4-F….jpeg)


Maybe but not that many people retweeted his tweet but it’s started a little snowball effect.

Meanwhile her cannibal tweet has somehow become one of her most popular tweets.

2301c7  No.7956

File: 37b3436e5100999⋯.jpeg (342.14 KB, 640x811, 640:811, AC7B1EB5-3407-43A3-88DE-D….jpeg)

> Jenny, it’s been over a month, where’s the Star Wars Land video?

< Shhhh, they’re sleeping

I mean, I thought GE video would be what restarts her channel into its 2nd or 3rd wind like Aladdin did for Lindsay but taking 1-2 months when everyone is making videos about it is too much.

abdcf5  No.7957


I wish someone would reply to jenny here like they did with Bailey and the Goosebumps bed comforter:

>> If I returned to a girls house with her and she had a lot of My Little Pony’s and plushies around, I wouldn’t want to have sex with her.

Just to see what Jenny’s response would be.

abdcf5  No.7958

Did Jenny remove her like from Ani’s photo with the horse?

Or am I the only one not seeing it?

abdcf5  No.7959

Never heard of this youtuber but she’s more successful than Jenny


e234bb  No.7960

File: cd3cab442f38c23⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 868x404, 217:101, newgriffin.jpg)

griffin is doing his "rebranding" now. I think he's going for the stupid sketch show idea


looking on social blade, a channel with 1.7mil subs is the 6,653rd biggest channel. so Jenny is still pretty small

0efb05  No.7961

File: a04985c8ccb91ae⋯.jpeg (167.64 KB, 640x557, 640:557, E0573EE6-4B65-4210-8E57-3….jpeg)

Eric Goldman making furious calls to get an invite for himself and Jenny.

abdcf5  No.7962


Man ya’ll don’t let up on Goldman do you?

He got in a position to have extra availability to Club 33 and knew it was Jenny’s dream to always wanting to go there.

Is it any worse than Steele Saunders begging Jenny to watch the complete Rebels cartoon so she can come on his podcast and talk about the finale.

Or the D&D guys making room so they can have Jenny over to play.

0fd5a8  No.7963


Speaking of podcasts, has Jenny been a guest on any new ones lately?

2301c7  No.7964


Golden also visited Jenny in her last month working at Disneyland, and was her first guest on millennial falcon, and went with Jenny and Kat to Taco Bell pop up last year.

2301c7  No.7965


Those were for their own publicity, Jenny has tens of thousands of followers on twitter for brand awareness for her to retweet to listen to the podcast (which by the way, Jenny and all of it sucked, they barely really talked about the finales events). And for D&D they wanted Jennys fans to watch and donate.

e234bb  No.7966

Jen's sister is a dsp detractor, she spent a few minutes making fun of him. from what she said it seems DSP is a frequent topic in her chat

abdcf5  No.7967


You just made me take some time to look up what the hell DSP is.

You’re killing me anon.

2301c7  No.7968



2301c7  No.7969

File: 350219343c06b73⋯.png (17.09 KB, 475x268, 475:268, monster.PNG)

What is monster of the year?

2301c7  No.7970

File: 9b65d4334830757⋯.png (23.54 KB, 815x167, 815:167, Jennysarmed.PNG)


>Will someone on twitter suggest Jenny buy a gun?

Someone beat you to it and she liked the tweet. Jenny's dad follows her so she must've already talked to him about the stalker and he definitely got her a gun or something.

27342d  No.7971


Every year on Halloween, Jenny jokes on what the monster of the year would be. She said 2018 was Scarecrow. 2017 was witches I believe. One year was vampires and so on.


Holy Shit!

abdcf5  No.7972

Lindsay and Contrapoints panel at Vidcon is tomorrow from 11:30 to 12:30 west coast time

As said before, Kat’s is on Saturday from 2:30 to 3:30

8ec039  No.7973


Is it being streamed?

abdcf5  No.7974


Doubt it.

fb2c19  No.7975

So Jenny’s now specifically telling everyone she’s not at Vidcon.

e234bb  No.7976

File: 0f2320e9816cbd3⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 574x88, 287:44, gssg.jpg)

this what jenny does?

49708f  No.7977


She lives in Anaheim already. But who knows.

Does anyone know Kirsten's age?

I didn't know she was a lot older than Jenny. Girl was already working at Disneyland in early 2009.

2301c7  No.7978


Absolutely what she did last year.

2301c7  No.7979

File: d7880a164ca3986⋯.jpeg (60.68 KB, 640x156, 160:39, A2EBE171-3B7D-4D5B-9484-5….jpeg)


From the home movie their dad posted I’m guessing 3-5 years older.

Jenny’s doing that stupid 10 year old joke were she’s saying she’s not there but she is.

Because of fucking course she’s there, what the fuck else is a 27 year old with no job and 12k a month (and likely a free premium pass from Hank Green) do.

Don’t know why but it makes me stupidly angry when she says she doesn’t know if she’s going to Vidcon, Comic Con, D23…you’re going to all that and Patreacon you fucking liar.

2301c7  No.7980

Dan Olson, Hbomber, and whatever other Youtubers In Lindsay’s circle are in town, who’s staying at Jenny’s place you reckon?

fb2c19  No.7981


None of them.

It would distract Kat from making her presentation on Saturday.

2301c7  No.7982

File: ad6fffc6758c2db⋯.jpeg (111.13 KB, 640x300, 32:15, 6E619E0D-8B27-445A-942E-4….jpeg)

Well Jenny would never go to bed that early unless she was waking up early for something the next day….

2301c7  No.7983

Jenny hasn’t posted a video in over a month but she’s still getting 25k views and 28 subs a day and her patreon grew by almost 200. She’s also gaining over 5k twitter followers a month.

I think she’s hit the point of having enough videos where she can just tweet and make Patreon followers without needing to make public Youtube videos.

2301c7  No.7984


128 subs a day on average

fb2c19  No.7985


But will the Galaxy’s Edge video be her magnum opus or will it weep on through?

fb2c19  No.7986

For anyone excusing Jenny of being a Disney shill, she’s wasted no time in dissing the live action Lion King.

2301c7  No.7987

File: 5c69b23905f79c6⋯.jpeg (585.91 KB, 640x897, 640:897, 0412638F-7739-4593-94EA-C….jpeg)

File: 7c831392be80bbd⋯.jpeg (267.5 KB, 640x804, 160:201, E893D40F-1F5F-4B2B-9EB3-D….jpeg)


If GE video doesn’t get st least like 500k-600k it’ll be a failure, this is basically her most coveted video for over a year, like by Jenny’s own wants of making something she cares about.

Also Jenny’s awake so she’s definitely heading to Vidcon.

Also damn Jenny likes making friends with fat white girls. This o e works at Buzzfeed so nice networking too.

fb2c19  No.7988


At the very least, she’ll go see Lindsay’s and ContraPoint’s panel with Kat

2c2921  No.7989


Why would she though? I still don’t think she’s going, just like she didn’t last year.

She has zero reason to lie. The simplest explanation is just that she hangs out with all her friends who are in town for vidcon without actually going to the convention.

Because why would she go? Really?

8f611a  No.7990

File: 5007bfb889989b3⋯.png (115.02 KB, 567x771, 189:257, 2019-07-11 (2).png)

Patreon people, what is she referring to here?

872b40  No.7991


Jenny was there, Boogie2988 and Quinten Reviews didn’t just run into her at the mall.

Question Reviews literally made a video about Vidcon saying how great it was meeting so many Youtubers which including a pic with Jenny, Lindsay and Kat.

Jenny just hangs out backstage because of all the Youtubers will millions of subscribers, she and her 400k is the one most in danger. No other female Youtubers, just Jenny.

fb2c19  No.7992


Link to Quinton’s video?

I can’t find it.

872b40  No.7993

872b40  No.7994


Did she talk about her hotel in the extra footage of avatar Land or something?

e234bb  No.7995


I assume its about taco bell hotel. I don't know though

who's birthday is tomorrow? why would it be a problem

e234bb  No.7996

I searched jennys twitter for birthdays in july. her father fits, even though she said friend.

problematic father birthday, related to trump?

fb2c19  No.7997


Her dad turns 60 on Saturday. But if it was him, why share the details on twitter? And say “friend”

What’s problematic about it though?

2301c7  No.7998


Her dads birthday is on Saturday…the 13th, the same time as Kat's presentation? Wow, so Jenny skipped going on for 4th of July and will skip her dads birthday for Kat?

I don't think Jenny would confuse tomorrow with Saturday, who else's birthday is tomorrow?

2301c7  No.7999

What was the June ramble topic that one? Hopefully a better one than last months.

What the fuck, Jenny did a ramble on "A perfect live action Disney movie", I completely missed that one.

2301c7  No.8000

I guess you guys were right and she and Chelsea are still friends.

Also this is a fantastic gif of Jenny during a brony con if someone can grab it and put it into the video thread - https://twitter.com/williondollars/status/1149540241046265856

2301c7  No.8001

File: e0964d06c777048⋯.png (155.75 KB, 412x274, 206:137, transweriter.PNG)

oh and Jenny started following a trans critic from Vox.

2301c7  No.8002

File: b65478e64420404⋯.png (174.44 KB, 501x279, 167:93, JGhappy.PNG)


Aww, happy memories with Griffin.

If he'd kept it cool he could've been fucking Jenny and been getting free housing right now at her place.

fb2c19  No.8003



No doubt about it.

2f6289  No.8004


Yeah but is the picture of her actually at Vidcon, or is it a picture of her hanging out with people in town for Vidcon without actually going to the con.

Stop trying to make this into a thing.

2301c7  No.8005


what the fuck are you talking about, all these Youtubers are AT Vidcon, that's why they're all together.

Do you think they all hungout outside of Vidcon then went to Vidcon, then separated again but randomly ran into each other again?

Vidcon has a whole backstage area for Youtubers to hangout away from their half a million fans. It's as much a networking con as a fan meet and greet.

2f6289  No.8006


Oh sorry I didn't realise that there was a town called Vidcon, do they all fly into the Vidcon airport, stay at the vidcon hotel and are not allowed to leave the vidcon premises until they leave?

Why would she got to vidcon just to hang out with her friends, when she can just hang out with them during the evening?

fb2c19  No.8007


Like I said before.

Chelsea, in a tweet, said she was unfollowing Jenny, only because she was sick of Jenny fans continuously asking for personal questions.

Still wonder about the birthday?

386edc  No.8008


She said details to follow, so maybe we’ll find out.

7d39a1  No.8009

For the anon that wanted to suggest a ramble on Jenny doing a makeup tutorial. Jenny’s latest tweet gives you an opening.

2301c7  No.8010

File: a43bbfd56f54963⋯.jpeg (213.99 KB, 640x802, 320:401, 14B39B62-51E0-44C2-988B-F….jpeg)

File: d623e93aa63d748⋯.jpeg (338.72 KB, 640x812, 160:203, C434A5C7-5FC7-4F49-94F5-9….jpeg)

File: 8e9a38391378a71⋯.jpeg (317.31 KB, 640x807, 640:807, AFB3516E-CDED-4B3C-A2F3-A….jpeg)



Because all the Youtubers are there including ones she doesn’t know and Jenny is a slut for networking.


And everyone thinks Jenny’s just a natural beauty. I know she uses mascara and eyeliner but wonder how much makeup she wears too.

2301c7  No.8011

File: ca4aacb8243123d⋯.jpeg (384.58 KB, 640x655, 128:131, A68577AA-3B2D-4C7F-8B33-E….jpeg)


Another view of their panel, I actually see Quinton at the back seats but boy is this place not packed for two of the biggest leftubers

84fe1b  No.8012

Next year, Jenny should either give or attend a “how to deal with stalkers” panel.

84fe1b  No.8013


I think the birthday party might be for Alicia.

Her actual birthday is in two weeks, but they may be celebrating it early like for Bailey’s birthday.

Plus Jenny just posted a screenshot of a text from Alicia.

84fe1b  No.8014

File: 919cdac6896b991⋯.jpeg (640.14 KB, 750x700, 15:14, 868F6C6A-DACA-4315-8B6A-B….jpeg)

78cfd3  No.8015


No sign of Jenny in Quintons photos though.

e234bb  No.8016


that's honestly bad. that's like the size of a college class. like 20 times that amount went to hear bailey and co. shill video games at their game con last week.

e234bb  No.8017

File: e19dc77db4b77c4⋯.jpg (50.44 KB, 929x154, 929:154, 3.jpg)

I just saw the bailey stream

things might get interesting on that point.

remember when bailey said she was sad, and it was speculated it was work related? it seems her immediate manager quit then and now its Bailey and Brandon handling the workload.


Mike, the manager was the only one keeping bailey in check. Without him, in this one stream alone, bailey insulted people angry at final fantasy redesigns, on a separate instance, made jokes about toxic fans. 2020 is a few months away, if they don't get a new boss Bailey might make things heated. /v/ reacted badly when one former employee said this (pic related) imagine what might happen if Bailey goes off on stream

0fc8b1  No.8018



They’re going to need more AX moderator Bailey and less twitter Bailey.

Will Brandon step up and keep her non-partisan?

086c5a  No.8019

File: f2d237709a5c62d⋯.jpeg (233.6 KB, 640x784, 40:49, FB46DF33-32AE-47C1-9FD5-1….jpeg)


I know nothing about Brandon beyond what I’ve read here and I’d say no he’s not gonna keep track of her.


Maybe Bailey will get an HR reprimand and become a left hero on twitter. Jenny might not back her up if she gets fired for political stuff though.


Yeah, I mean I get it’s during the workday but it’s summer and there’s half a million young YouTube fans there plus they’re leftube s in LA and have a million subs together.


Wonder what Alicia’s problematic thing could be. Also Kirsten responsonded to Jenny and makes it sound like she’s sleeping over.

086c5a  No.8020



I was about to say if Jenny did a panel and got that kind of turnout she’s probably get depressed later but she had bigger crowds when she was a brony so Jenny would probably do a panel on Disneyland or some meaningless sugar high topic and pack any room.

0fc8b1  No.8021


“How to deal with stalkers as a Youtuber”

Presented by Jenny Nicholson

086c5a  No.8022

File: f34e67f82aa8040⋯.jpeg (463.95 KB, 640x896, 5:7, 92081870-26C8-42BF-AC83-9….jpeg)

File: 9747f9258be43df⋯.png (942.81 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, E0C30D9E-4C85-4257-8747-A9….png)

I always think Jenny’s kind of average but looks like YTer SarahZ (followed by Jenny & Lindsey) is actually the average version of Jenny.

e2bbf0  No.8023


>that tattoo

Disgusting. Jenny better never get a tattoo.

086c5a  No.8024


I don’t know if this topic would do that well.

Besides Jenny would just say, figure out the identity of one and just assume everything weird is that one guy.

2f6289  No.8025

File: 36d6c3cecb5f12e⋯.jpg (155.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 65965184_1116193385247489_….jpg)

File: b419b952911d11c⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 66529537_656965261487012_7….jpg)


It's a bit of an interesting one, Mike had been sounding really fed up on the last couple of streams, I thought he was just trying to sound nonchalant to be cool but maybe he had just had enough.

It could be good for Bailey, because it creates a vacancy above her that she could fill, but it's kind of worrying signs at Aksys, that's Mike and Karen both gone in the last couple of weeks. I wonder if there's bad stuff going on behind the streams.


Yeah she's the worst, she's like what if Lindsay Ellis made zero attempt to be entertaining or interesting.

2f6289  No.8026

File: e3174e71eda8a6d⋯.jpg (219.27 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D_TOfnwU4AAxUFH.jpg)

Jenny's at seaworld with someone…

2f6289  No.8027


This is the problematic birthday.

e2bbf0  No.8028


It always floors me how people manage to go out during the summer in 80+ degree weather. I don't care if you're surrounded by water and whales, that's way too much.

0fc8b1  No.8029

File: a8bfc967fd7a34c⋯.jpeg (593.38 KB, 750x712, 375:356, 2CB321A0-5598-47A1-B5BA-7….jpeg)

File: dc8b53b1d35cea0⋯.jpeg (395.36 KB, 750x572, 375:286, 2D2E7CEB-2696-4398-B2BC-A….jpeg)


Gotta be Alicia for her birthday. With Kirsten tagging along.

Here’s a Jenny rare

e234bb  No.8030


oh I get it, jenny or bailey once said sea world is shitty for having whales in captivity.


I can't see them making too much money, their two best selling games, blazblue and guiltygear are games they had a very minor role in. I doubt they see a large part of the profit

2f6289  No.8031


Seaworld being shitty isn't a Jenny or Bailey opinion, it's kind of an everyone opinion nowadays. Did you not see Blackfish?

I doubt Mike and Karen left because the company isn't making money, I meant more like maybe there's been an internal change in upper management or they way the company is being run that has upset long term employees like Mike and Karen.

Especially because judging by what we've learned from the panels and streams the pair of them have really come up from the lowest rung of the company.

0fc8b1  No.8032


You think the company is favoring Baikey and Brandon over longtime employees?

2f6289  No.8033


I wouldn't say so, Brandon is only an intern. He's still in college.

e234bb  No.8034

I found out (from linkdin) that Mike was sort of demoted when Bailey/Brandon joined. he used to do the translations/localization, but then he was just the marketing manager. /v/ is really critical of their translations so maybe its related to that

bailey might get promoted to his job. that'd be cool

086c5a  No.8035

File: b4745821d5b7611⋯.jpeg (291.65 KB, 640x636, 160:159, 0225939E-53E0-42BA-8A46-5….jpeg)


Never seen this many people giving Jenny shit.

e234bb  No.8036

File: 794a58c91a201e5⋯.jpg (56.15 KB, 596x298, 2:1, the fuck.jpg)


is this something people say now? that we're killing brown kids

2f6289  No.8037

File: 645e41009944ec9⋯.jpg (91.81 KB, 1024x651, 1024:651, D_URcJqUYAEGAj_.jpg)


Yep. Jenny, alicia and Kirsten.

086c5a  No.8038


You guys called it. Damn we know Jenny too well.

086c5a  No.8039


And Jenny’s wearing a dumb hat, you think that time she tweeted that a comment that hurt her feelings was someone saying she should act her act.

8b58f6  No.8040


Yeah. I mean I called it.

But even I thought there’d be a +1/-1 margin of error with the people involved.

I’m starting to scare even myself.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s is daddy’s 60th and Kat’s presentation.

Which one will Ourgirl tweet about?

75d1de  No.8041


Bailey really is quite stunning when she wants to be.

Not whorish stunning or typical modern day Hollywood stunning. Just stunning.

She has a womanly factor that Jenny just doesn’t have (with her girly factor)

2301c7  No.8042


Nah, she’s got weird eyes, they’re too big.

Sooo, Jenny’s in San Diego? She skipping Kat and Kens birthday for a girls weekend?

2301c7  No.8043

File: adaea201fe2f01d⋯.jpeg (69.05 KB, 640x196, 160:49, 86BEB475-C9C1-4E68-8A7E-D….jpeg)

2f6289  No.8044

File: b621cfb7e831f3f⋯.jpg (93.89 KB, 1080x807, 360:269, 65854023_2280815545366524_….jpg)


Eyes too big? What on earth are you talking about?

e2bbf0  No.8045


>they’re too big.

Maybe for a hapa.

75d1de  No.8046

Did everyone see Jenny’s skin showing tweets from Sea World?

75d1de  No.8047

File: cdeb93328702da6⋯.jpeg (692.08 KB, 750x918, 125:153, 2B05B1B0-5AF1-4FEE-BEFA-8….jpeg)

2f6289  No.8048

File: 30190caac61107f⋯.jpg (159.47 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D_V3Oo2UwAAUTwH.jpg)

File: 37ad7ae92985638⋯.jpg (232.58 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D_Vm4hDUcAEP6vq.jpg)

File: 221a9b60ea32c2e⋯.jpg (171.92 KB, 1200x698, 600:349, D_VqI9OUwAA4ffw.jpg)


Seaworld pics.

2301c7  No.8050

File: 150b9e50deca074⋯.png (159.93 KB, 511x512, 511:512, She's going.PNG)

File: 24ff0afbe5911c3⋯.png (672.25 KB, 939x449, 939:449, Seaworld.PNG)

I'm actually kind of shocked Jenny posted all those pics and talked about SeaWorld. She really can't help herself, she had to show off going somewhere and try to pretend she's uncomfortable going there but obviously, she loved the whole thing and bought a bunch of merch.

Guys…I think Jenny's full of shit.


Well, that went from problematic to this is so much fun, look how cute I look pretty fast.

Also Jenny does not seem to dress down for her friends birthday, even then she wants to be by far the prettiest girl in

Alicia does not give a fuck, looks like they did everything at Sea World.

And it looks like Jenny's going to Kats thing this afternoon. They'll probably drive there together.

2301c7  No.8051

File: 93c5534ce299bd1⋯.png (22.5 KB, 493x220, 493:220, fullofshit.PNG)


Oh wow, Jenny's full of shit.

She's literally pretending she bought a Seaworld hat because it's sunny and she'd burn…Jenny, you own hats and you know it's daytime when you left.

Also if you're worried about sun burn, why are you wearing half an outfit?

I also noticed she's got her camera with the holder stick thing, I think Jenny just records all stuff now in her life, I thought she didn't make a video of the Alita Battle Angel pop up because she didn't get good footage but I guess she's just keeping personal fun footage for herself.

e39cea  No.8052


Considering how we know how much Jenny uses irony, how much she’s told us she’s dry and sarcastic, people here do like to take every little thing she says at face value.

2301c7  No.8053


She's not being sarcastic or ironic, the question is a legitimate criticism of Jenny saying one thing but doing another.

And Jenny is responding the way she usually does when someones has her in their sights, by mocking them with a fake answer, aka, it's sunny and I burn so I wore a hat you idiot.

e234bb  No.8054


I'm confused why she even posted pictures. Its not as if it would have blown up in her face if someone found out on their own, visiting seaworld isn't a crime

shes weird

4b8351  No.8055


It’s because it was a joke, yeah seeworld is problematic but ultimately who actually cares. It’s problematic like every zoo in the world is problematic.

It’s a joke. If she was that embarrassed about going there she wouldn’t have posted it in her public social media profile she uses to drive her income.

2301c7  No.8056


She's getting cocky, leftube is pretty far on the anti-Seaworld train and Jenny's like, I got 3,600 Patrons, come at me bitches. Here's a pic of me with the captive animals and merch.

Also, it sounds like Jenny is still in San Diego…oh shit, did she skip her dads birthday and Kat's panel to spend the weekend with Alicia, is this her contribution to pride month since she didn't say anything about it last month.

4b8351  No.8057


The whole thing with lefttube is that it is in itself an ironic joke. It’s all an idealist fantasy, do as I say not as I do. They’re not even really that leftist, they just believe in free healthcare and collective bargaining.

It’s just American “leftism”. They say the right things but live their lives as normal.

3c3789  No.8058

I wonder how Kat’s panel went

3c3789  No.8059


Never mind. It starts in 20 minutes.

So is Jenny done with San Diego and

back in Anaheim for Kat’s panel?

I wish someone could take pics either way

62e2a5  No.8060


No Jenny has not gone to vidcon. She’s either still in San Diego or at home now.

2301c7  No.8061


We’ll find out what Jenny choose and wheres at if the Lindsay gang posts any photos of Kats panel that’ll include Kat.

I mean, 100% Jenny probably already saw Kat practice it at home so it’s probably not that rude if she skips it for something else but I’m genuinely surprised she didn’t go to Vidcon like at all this year, we’ll see if she goes with the Youtubers to the Disneyland after Vidcon get together like she did last year.

2301c7  No.8062


That’ll include Jenny***

2301c7  No.8063

File: c24eb227488ca92⋯.jpeg (219.11 KB, 640x411, 640:411, 70258897-76DC-402F-87D9-E….jpeg)

File: b248c7971c8ccde⋯.jpeg (343.89 KB, 640x785, 128:157, A47D54ED-996F-4461-96FE-C….jpeg)



Lie to me and say you dont notice the resemblance with their bulging eyes.

01c000  No.8064


She has gorgeous (but going blind) eyes.

Once though, my sister saw the pic of Jenny, Bailey and Ken.

And she really did think Ken and Bailey were the parents with teen Jenny as their daughter.

Imagine my response.

e2bbf0  No.8065


Maybe, I guess, but are you saying that, if presented with Dobby and Bailey, you wouldn't know which one to fug?

01c000  No.8066

File: cbebe4ae509e8eb⋯.jpeg (413.18 KB, 750x838, 375:419, 1C8A4822-6058-407B-A089-7….jpeg)

File: 041674028fc8132⋯.jpeg (459.75 KB, 750x863, 750:863, A156BB54-920E-4BED-A2C7-D….jpeg)

Kat’s panel

01c000  No.8067

File: 68ca696e1f55c01⋯.jpeg (301.99 KB, 750x701, 750:701, E1F366D6-52AE-42C0-B891-E….jpeg)

This tweet is from an audience member during Kat’s panel.

We now know why Jenny’s less personal in her rambles.

I mean, we had an idea. But here’s the proof.

2301c7  No.8068


Jenny follows Zoe and they met last year at Vidcon and become friends with Jenny and the rest of the pack, Jenny follows her.

She even went with them to Disneyland afterwards. Jenny may well be one of the interviewees.

Jenny's fucked herself because her whole channel is personality based. She didn't want to be the Star Wars girl or Disneyland girl so she turned her channel into the Jenny channel, making videos about what Jenny finds interesting.

Jenny really needs to figure out what the fuck she wants, she makes a living making videos talking about stuff she enjoys in her personal life and wants people to pay her for it, but at the same time, she doesn't want people expecting her to share her personal life.

I'm not really sure how she can have both especially when she constantly shares her personal life on twitter and will end up sharing more of her life when she streams because people won't be watching her play games for her skills.

2f6289  No.8069

File: feea39b7707a3f3⋯.jpg (110.29 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 46665747_10161220274340235….jpg)


She's made that comparison herself, but she's being self-deprecating and you're mad if you don't think she's attractive.

2301c7  No.8070

File: bafda3f907c0868⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1072x798, 536:399, Subpar.PNG)

File: 8805ba16ae79379⋯.png (962.64 KB, 486x855, 54:95, KatVid.PNG)

File: 2a384a64dff845a⋯.jpg (120.64 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, watermark.jpg)


That doesn't look like much of a crowd and I'm not seeing tweets from Quentin, Lindsay, Dan, Jenny or anyone else…did any of them go?

Also, that cheap leech used a stock photo that still has it's watermark on her panel presentation! Holy fuck Kat, don't be such a stereotype.

I don't think Jenny's there and found a pic with Mary Sue rather girl they follow and Quinten and bunch of nobodies. I think if Jenny was there Quentin would've gotten a pic with her or Lindsey would have, definitely that perv Dan.

e234bb  No.8071


that's my nightmare, someone sees my jenny folder


maybe Jenny doesn't want to be around some of the leechier members of the group

2301c7  No.8072

File: 466b46a9ff31dcf⋯.png (334.01 KB, 954x572, 477:286, Stalker.PNG)

File: 178ee0e530a7142⋯.png (36.23 KB, 513x220, 513:220, stalker1.PNG)

I thought Jenny was afraid of stalkers?

e234bb  No.8073


she once called out a fan for being like that, the fan turned out to be a 14 year old girl. jenny back peddled

2301c7  No.8074

Jenny's watching Crawl, this feels like a movie night with Bailey kind of thing, making fun of a bad movie…if Kat's there it'll be completion of her BFF status.

9436fb  No.8076

It’s been over five weeks since Jennings last public YouTube video. Jenny’s totally copied over to Lindsey‘s version of video to make one video every month or two months or three months and expect patriae on to pay her every single month as if she was making content every month, what a sweet scam.

And after her Avengers video no one will say shit.

ca7618  No.8077


Bailey just tweeted she’s pissed because she saw it without her.

So no Bailey

ca7618  No.8078


I keep forgetting alicia’s from Florida. So she must have saw it with her at least.

2301c7  No.8079


Yeah, Jenny confirmed that so I’m guessing it was Alicia and Kirsten the Disney horse girls.

But did Kat come along?

2301c7  No.8080

Ok I’m just gonna ask y’all.

How many guys have seen up Jenny’s skirt thanks to her hiking them up all the time?

We know her friends have gotten some peaks from her old patreon video where they’d warn her about how she was sitting on a bar stool or booth.

7d70fc  No.8081


I think Kat went to some Vidcon afterparties.


Damn anon. What brought this up again out of the blue?

Any recent Jenny outfits?

2301c7  No.8082


That short skirt she's wearing at Sea World and imagining her bending and reaching out to give the dolphins and whales high fives.

2301c7  No.8083

File: 6176befcf1d82e7⋯.png (1.29 MB, 645x854, 645:854, LindsaySquad.PNG)

Well, I was wrong and Jenny didn't go to Vidcon at all this year but in my defense, they did it on a different date this year and I didn't know it was going to be Alicia birthday. And it looks like Lindsey has already replaced Jenny with less hot and more political Jenny.

Let's see if Jenny joins them for the Disneyland after Vidcon trip, if she's in LA, I'd be shocked if she doesn't go.

e234bb  No.8084


more people have probably seen her chest, I see random girls cleavage all the time but only seen up their skirts a couple times.


I wonder if something happened between them. but it could be her spending time with dad

ed2808  No.8085

So if Jenny went with Alicia’s birthday on this weekend in San Diego, I guess she’s not going to Comic Con in San Diego in a few days?

2301c7  No.8086


I really have a hard time believing Jenny would skip Comic Con, Vidcon is Youtubers she's already hung out with doing more of that, but Comic Con has a lot of cool activities and events.

I mean, if she skips both of those then this is really bad for a personality based youtuber living in LA becoming reclusive, wonder if it's Kat's doing making her more unlikely to go out to stuff like this.

2f6289  No.8087


I dunno, as time goes on I get the impression that Jenny just doesn't really enjoy going to cons anymore. If she ever did.

It's very easy to blame Kat for everything, but maybe she's just getting older and less willing to do stuff she doesn't want to do.

She's always described herself as reclusive, well before ever meeting Kat.

e234bb  No.8088



do you think this tweet informs us on her feelings


"they're having some kind of event so our likeness could be captured at any time"

"people keep staring and taking our picture so I'm kind of getting the vidcon experience"

it implies to me that jenny feels unsafe/awkward with the possibility of people taking her photo there

which reminds me of the tweets she's made before about people taking her photo without her permission.

2f6289  No.8089


Could be part of it, she's talked before how she often feels conspicuous and uncomfortable in public.

She's said before that's part of the reason she wears hats so often, it makes her feel more low profile.

2f6289  No.8090


Also Dan Olson is at Disney now, so we'll have to see if Jenny pops up in any photos.

2f6289  No.8091



But weirdly she also said that the only good bit about star wars celebration was meeting people, so it seems a bit contradictory. Unless she's only referring BB Kate.

I think maybe she's just generally uncomfortable and insecure in public settings. You'd imagine cons only inflate that.

2301c7  No.8092

File: e7b72f2cd6ad629⋯.jpeg (583.87 KB, 640x886, 320:443, E9BE306B-7267-4CDA-9FE7-3….jpeg)

File: 9e8686d47195160⋯.jpeg (639.06 KB, 640x977, 640:977, C8281D93-BF2D-4109-8675-E….jpeg)

File: 37982f3f018d435⋯.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, 4D0CABD4-196D-42BA-B3AC-91….png)


Was thinking about that, I actually feel the same way, when you’re walking alone through an area and feel like everyone’s looking and judging you.


Looks like they were at Knotts Berry Farm earlier and I was about to say they’re still there but realized Disney now owns Peanuts characters.

Jenny, Lindsay, Kat have all been quiet too long, either they’re all there with Dan or Jennys back in San Ramon. Well find out later if Jenny posts pics after leaving Disneyland.

One of the reflections might even be Jenny.

2301c7  No.8093


I think this is half and half, Jenny obviously loves praise and feeling like she’s famous, she still wears that Internet Famous hat.

But she also doesn’t seem to like being judged or like surrounded due to her fear of rape and murder.

But overall, she went to a ton of MLP panels so I think she’ll usually pick praise.

2301c7  No.8094

File: ab5424620afe4ec⋯.jpeg (295.82 KB, 640x898, 320:449, 11AC69AC-02E9-4BD8-98AC-C….jpeg)

Oh and Hbomber is becoming a brony, wonder if Jenny has something to do with this.

88d6c9  No.8095


Peanuts costume characters are only at Knotts

2301c7  No.8096

Hmmm, maybe she’s home with her dad?

031601  No.8097

File: f013653b1598118⋯.jpeg (596.65 KB, 750x919, 750:919, 3FFE1A9C-CF6A-47A9-8B63-8….jpeg)



Per the latest tweet, Jenny and Kat have been hanging out with Lindsay and the gang

50e883  No.8098

File: 54e1c5341c0eea8⋯.png (939.72 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, A06E3B73-86A0-4ECD-B567-A5….png)


Fucking knew it, of course a 27 year old wouldn’t go home for dear dads birthday.

P.S. Nathan’s there too.

50e883  No.8099


Did they all change to wear those outfits just for the photo? That’s gross, how many people wore that this weekend before them!?

50e883  No.8100

Haha, I thought Jenny was quiet because she was home editing!

So she was with them all day today and I’m starting to wonder if she was with them Saturday too but was keeping it private.

2f6289  No.8101

Just noticed Max Landis' ex Ani recently started following Bailey on twitter.

4b09e8  No.8102


That must mean Ani, Bailey and Jenny have talked to each other at some point. I'd love to be the fly on that wall.

Kat is going to ComicCon according to her header. Will Jenny and Lindsay go? Will Bailey?

2301c7  No.8103


I’m pretty sure Lindsey will go, Jenny now I can’t tell maybe she’ll go but not tweet about it until later.

She still hasn’t posted any pictures herself from Knotts yesterday even though she must’ve gotten a bunch with her pack of YT bffs.

4b09e8  No.8104


Since Lindsay's married.

And Jenny and Kat's place is near Knotts. I wonder did all of them go to Jenny's place afterward. Especially if Nathan is there too.

It would make sense.

c46317  No.8105


Does Lindsay live in LA, I swear I remember her moving there but I’m not sure.

7d06dc  No.8106

Oh shit, apparently some Instagram girl has been murdered by one of her orbiters. That’s gonna reflect poorly on us.

5f43a4  No.8107


Which one?

e234bb  No.8108


>Clark is active on the website 4chan.

oh fuck off, its these boomers who think trump was memed into the white house, that's why they always have to mention 4chan or 8chan


Bailey is a random girl to befriend. Maybe ani is interviewing all the girls Max knew for stories

50e883  No.8109


> Did you fuck him Bailey?

< No

> Did you want to?

< ….ohhhh yeah.

> Did Jenny?

< *Bailey starts running*

50e883  No.8110


Maybe but Jenny seems a little to private to invite like 8 people over.


Yeah, remember she and Bailey went to like her house warming or something. They made fun of Jenny and she was tweeting to leave her alone (jokingly I think).

e2bbf0  No.8111




If you want to venture onto /b2/, there's been threads all about it. Some whore named Bianca. I'd post the pic, but I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see that here. She was every bit the druggy whore as the term "druggy whore" could mean. Her orbiter/friend/family acquaintance/former bf took one rejection too many and decided to chop her head off for getting fresh with another guy irl. Didn't behead her completely. Didn't even manage to properly kill himself afterwards. Still in the hospital as far as I know.

5f43a4  No.8112


With the exception of the Sarah gurl, all of them are her friends.

Plus Nathan’s been over there already with Kat likely

5f43a4  No.8113


Jenny’s been to both Lindsay’s place and Nathan’s place.

Plus Kat owns half of the place. Makes sense that Jenny and Kat would invite them over and show their friends their new place.

2f6289  No.8114


Yeah they’ve probably already hadn’t some kind of housewarming or gathering at least.

2f6289  No.8115

File: a1978ee09993656⋯.jpg (212.1 KB, 1200x857, 1200:857, D_jBdj2XkAU729k (1).jpg)

Jenny picks her friends well, she almost always manages to be the most attractive person in every photo. Bailey is the only one who can compete.

e2bbf0  No.8116

File: 65efbaca717dc0d⋯.webm (2.16 MB, 216x306, 12:17, thirsty.webm)


Maybe if Kat lost a little more weight. Or if Lindsay went back to how she use to look.

5e177a  No.8117

What’s up with Bailey’s random tweets lately?

Is this from depression?

Did bartender Mike break up with her again?

Is it because Jenny hasn’t invited her to see the new place yet?

e234bb  No.8118

bailey has no supervisor at work now, so she can just fuck around on her phone

2301c7  No.8119


Yeah, Jenny’s not model but some magic way she’s always the best looking in her group.

2301c7  No.8120

Quentin posted pics of himself at Vidcon and going to Disneyland but nothing with Jenny, guess she didn’t show up or just didn’t interact with him.

5e177a  No.8121


Guess she had the excuse of Alicia’s birthday for not attending to her fellow YouTubers

At least until Sunday, when the Youtubers did something Jenny would like to do. Knotts Berry Farm.

Way to play both sides, Jenny.

I thought Kat said she was going to post slides of her presentation on Je- ……..um, I mean creator burnout on Monday.

721209  No.8122

File: f1332bc4d5b4576⋯.jpg (23.36 KB, 400x400, 1:1, q_-pbVZp_400x400.jpg)

Does anyone know if Jenny is coming to this years BronyCon? She has been quiet about it, and with it coming in two weeks, I imagine she would have made an announcement by now. I mean, it's going to be the last one.

Some anons on /pone/ would love to give her thanks for being so involved with Friendship is Witchcraft and the early fandom.

b94adb  No.8123


But does Jenny subconsciously do this without realizing it? Or purposely?

The LA area has no shortage of hot females.

But to be fair, hot chicks have never been Jenny's goals or role models. She mention in rambles that her role models are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Female comedians/writers not known for their looks.

e234bb  No.8124


if she goes she wont say beforehand.

she's been on a nostalgia trip recently so she might want to go, who knows

e2bbf0  No.8125

File: f518f4a88075062⋯.png (579.55 KB, 647x761, 647:761, 12332453426642365436543643….png)


>bronies trying to approach jenny

b94adb  No.8126

Just think if she went and Griffin also showed up!!!!

5e177a  No.8127

File: 29f3f839a3b55b8⋯.jpeg (441.19 KB, 750x1251, 250:417, DCF3A82F-74AB-4505-B575-A….jpeg)