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/just/ - FUCK MY SHIT UP

Brendan Fraser and friends


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The alimony of one man is a tragedy. The alimony of fifty thousand is a statistic.

File: 8076fc56fed2f9e⋯.png (92.23 KB, 295x229, 295:229, just.png)


>be me

>go to /tg/

>wow this place is cucked

>go to 8/tg/


Absolutely normalfags, i'm talking /v/tard-tier mentality. Fucking hell the place is practically /v/ with a much worse BO. It used to be white supremacist as fuck many months ago, albeith the mod was still a traitor, what happened?


/tg/ is /d/-lite, it has been for years.

/v/ is a decent board despite what everybody says. Just filter the obvious shitpost threads and you'll be fine.



I'm referring to 8/v/ by the way, not 4/v/.

4/v/ is proper fucked.



>It used to be white supremacist as fuck many months ago

I'm pretty sure you are a newfag getting pissed off by newer fags. All of 4chan used to be clean from the /pol/ plague.



The whole /pol/ shitstorm never would have happened if moot never fucking deleted /new/.

They were pissed off for months over that, which is what lead to /pol/ getting created.



that, and the fact that they never cracked down on stormfront astroturfing

I wish /b/ would become the forefront of chan culture again, look at it now, the commies are bigger than good old /b/


File: 2988ae57f0d230a⋯.png (115.63 KB, 1256x1075, 1256:1075, 1422144969028.png)


>It used to be white supremacist as fuck

Why would you want all thread topics derailed by /pol/ shitters like they do with every other hobby board?



I'm from /pol/ too



Me too, but I want /pol/ to stay in /pol/ and not influence /v/ or /co/. /v/ doesn't even discuss new games anymore without thinking the OP is a company shill.



thats why I never post any /pol/ memes here



That's mainly because there hasn't been a good game in around half a decade so the few non-plebbitors still on /v/ assume something is up when someone is praising a shit game.

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