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/just/ - FUCK MY SHIT UP

Brendan Fraser and friends


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The alimony of one man is a tragedy. The alimony of fifty thousand is a statistic.

File: 842051bb0a5216e⋯.png (411.92 KB, 928x938, 464:469, cuck.png)


>how would you like your relationship?



File: 4f29076d516ebf6⋯.jpg (50.85 KB, 649x615, 649:615, cant find the time to expl….jpg)


File: d15fbb24c9c8a2f⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 351x354, 117:118, f1bf064de1511885b81145bb98….jpg)

File: 02a643ad5cc3c18⋯.png (137.68 KB, 576x603, 64:67, 5bcc223f0a54645d78902052be….png)

File: cf5d19c28f753f8⋯.jpg (135.28 KB, 1032x772, 258:193, d9477ec65d04b54671d10c9ad0….jpg)


File: 471e65db6437256⋯.png (687.1 KB, 578x624, 289:312, 471e65db6437256170759f7f08….png)

File: e36f66e974c92b7⋯.png (489.31 KB, 582x1172, 291:586, e36f66e974c92b7f4923ae3293….png)

File: d69c4e8c4c46e0f⋯.png (85.93 KB, 620x958, 310:479, 5b21001a9126e1c6410958bbfc….png)

This is /just/ sad.


File: 928df9797a4266e⋯.jpg (95.01 KB, 630x969, 210:323, crack hotel.jpg)

>goes to "E3"

>has hotel booked

>disappears for 20 hours

>turns out to be staying at some crack hotel


File: 74be32d167ef9c0⋯.jpg (25.73 KB, 555x191, 555:191, BBC.JPG)

she just retweeted this


File: 540311772baef20⋯.jpg (31.59 KB, 664x344, 83:43, J F M S U.JPG)



File: 9931a0f7c52d674⋯.jpg (30.37 KB, 631x288, 631:288, ace91016257d1726d49f9d70ed….jpg)

Seems like a 100% legit story.


Who the fuck is this guy



The newest addition to the /just/ice league.



How exactly? He says very clearly here >>8249 that no matter the details of whatever happened, quote, "this bitch is out of my fucking house". He's done with her, which means he will avoid getting his shit fucked.



I don't have screens hots right now b/c I'm on mobile, but he later bamboozled himself into her believing her story after that and has decided to just take her back



That's according to her, the bitch may have been bluffing to save face.

He's been pretty quiet.


Hoping it's authentic. These men emasculating themselves into cucks to be parasited on by these whores is just some of the most disgusting and depressing shit ever.


File: 0d4a974c7811744⋯.png (55.32 KB, 585x548, 585:548, ErhoTV cuck.PNG)


Confirmed for cuck, I'm sure he'll enjoy his position on the /JUST/ league defending post modern relationshits, prepping the bull, and eating Chad and Jamals crusty remnants out of roast beef as she uses him up until a better option of beta bux comes along.


File: be03427854c6cef⋯.png (57.7 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1438048257801.png)


I can see that but who is he?



It doesn't matter who he is, what matters is his /just/


File: a73dc7299da8194⋯.png (2.77 MB, 1995x1844, 1995:1844, Lol cuck.PNG)

This shitstorm is done, shame I missed most of it. I may have arrived late to this mess but I can still compile (most) of the evidence others have scrounged up.

Probably going to be my last post regarding this. Feel free to make a better one, edit it, organize it better, or whatever. He may have cucked out in the end but at least some laughs were had.

Leave it to the e-celebs to show they're just as degenerate as the regular kind.



>just as degenerate

>implying they're not much more degenerate


File: 262e70302df8119⋯.jpg (95.94 KB, 859x1267, 859:1267, JUST FUCKING FUCK MY FUCKI….jpg)

There's one thing men have been doing since ancient times in my country and it is to murder-suicide the bitch who cheats on them.

Eventually women fear for their lives when the thought of JUST FUCKING SOMEONE'S SHIT UP comes to their minds.

Being JUST'ed happens because men today are cucks.

So brothers promise me that if you ever join the fraser club you'll make sure she's not getting away with anything ever again.

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