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Salt raifus and raifu accessories


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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 59df0fa3c622582⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Submarine COD test run of….webm)

e19283 No.468010

How do I get me one of these? I don't have the money to buy one so how would I steal it?

4e527a No.468032

Become a captain and instigate a mutiny.

d96d3c No.468039

File: ce7b5660c3dffc6⋯.jpg (202.2 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, coke boat.jpg)

You could start out with a small homemade sub running coke for the Colombians and work your way up to bigger and bigger subs.

840f24 No.468042

File: f8ce5cf67e688d1⋯.jpg (820.94 KB, 1166x971, 1166:971, 1166x971xnarco-submarinos.….jpg)

File: ba80148bd59e6ed⋯.jpg (1006.89 KB, 3200x1759, 3200:1759, Narcosub_Cutaway3200.jpg)

File: d2aea3562c84331⋯.jpg (102.85 KB, 439x549, 439:549, 110419091407_drug_subs_439….jpg)


I was just about to say something similar.

It's quite impressive that they evolved as much as they did.

no surprise since drug dealers pay better than the Ruskies post Soviet Union

This design still isn't fully submersible and still need a snorkel, but there are rumors about fully submerged, diesel electric, dead quiet narcosubs around. Maybe even with retractable snorkels.

a24a82 No.468082


>It's quite impressive that they evolved as much as they did.

The horror of private enterprenuership!

ae7ffc No.468085


>Lancha go-fast

It's not just the tech; even the names they give it seem Orkish.

cdaf47 No.468119


Those things look fairly respectable. I am pleasantly surprised, kudos to narco nautical engineers

a27d66 No.468167



Fun fact: Ever wonder why every ship in the USN uses useless subsonic missiles thus making hundreds of ships useless in terms of ship to ship combat? Ever wonder why more and more weaponry is being taken out of the hull and put on deck, while actual ship space is getting tighter and tighter? USN is the largest drug smuggler in the world. That's why it has so many boats, and why it needs empty hulls more than combat ability. The drugs are smuggled in the cargo areas, the crews have no idea its happening, they just think its expired rice.

cf5259 No.468170

How hard would be making one ?are there any guides or plans?


thats bullshit but i believe it

53834a No.468171


It's almost like you can't google, fam. They didn't give it that name. Narcos aren't that creative.


32be2d No.468282


OH MY GOD I've seen this sub. It's glorious. This is in cleveland right next to the rock and roll hall of fame and the burke lakefront airport (aka the final resting place of american motorsport where CART died).

you can explore the whole ship and push all the buttons and the geezers there are super nice and informative. Seriously you guys have to go, the guns are functional and everything.

d96d3c No.468302


Way too much of a PR nightmare if any of the thousands involved in loading / unloading ships ever spoke up.

A clever conspiracy keeps the number of people that need to know low.

a27d66 No.468356


>if any of the thousands involved in loading / unloading ships ever spoke up.

They don't know what they're moving though, it's all sealed boxes. They think it's expired food stuffs, or diplomatic packages.

500f0e No.468405


And if someone got curious and cracked one open? Never assume that secrecy trumps curiosity.

6766ee No.468426

File: ed15b55d9734dbd⋯.jpg (78.73 KB, 660x510, 22:17, narcosubmarine.jpg)


>there are rumors about fully submerged, diesel electric, dead quiet narcosubs around

Not only rumors, two of them have been seized.



840f24 No.468432


Hey neighbor, I think the steel frame one couldn't submerge itself (the hull wasn't strong enough and it would've been too risky because the pressure would've crushed it) and the other one still snorkeled and the one I posted.

I don't doubt they have it, don't get me wrong, but they still have to catch it.

0645a3 No.468442


This kinda raises the question of how importance depth really is for small vessels like this. To my knowledge, the only real reasons for a combat sub to dive is to avoid enemy weapons and to hide under thermoclines. For now at least, drug patrol and sub hunting are different; radar and visual detection are the primary ways that smugglers are going to be detected. If you are deep enough to keep aircraft from spotting you, you are probably good. If someone cares enough to torpedo you, you're fucked anyway.

There was something in the article about a SOSUS type system being installed; unless the narcos get intel on the precise location of the arrays or disable them actively, they will likely be easily tracked. The problem there is distinguishing between a genuine target and some mundane civilian vessel. I guess in that case, comparing sonar and radar returns would do the trick. Take a sonar contact bearing and see if there is a radar contact on the same bearing.

0ff68f No.468443


>narcos start making wooden dinghys around their periscopes

840f24 No.468445



There is a reason for them wrapping that steel hull (the one that had submerging problems) in kevlar.

They're trying to break up the ping.

>yfw narcos are trying to make sonar stealth subs

I wonder if they have new engineers from Russia that fuck off to South America or getting a decent amount of help from China via proxy through North Korea or Russia via proxy via Iran, FARC and other paramilitary groups got help from the IRA so this wouldn't be so far fetched

0645a3 No.468451


Regardless of how it absorbs an active ping, it will only be invisible to passive if it isn't underway. The sound of the motors and the churning props is the real deal breaker.

It would me more complicated than military usage because of the fact that the navy tends to get data on the specifics of warships; how many blades on the props, sound signature, etc. With non-standardized one-off vessels, there isn't anyway to effectively do that. It is also less complicated because I'm sure these narco subs don't have the sound dampening technology that modern attack subs and boomers do.

840f24 No.468456




They also only need to use the Sub once or twice (apparently they just sink used ones because of the amount of money they make off of one trip).

>The sound of the motors and the churning props is the real deal breaker.

pretty much, unless they've got decent hybrid-electric subs (which haven't been captured or even exist yet) we'll never know.

I do know they're marking hotspots to avoid via GPS and are only really caught when a patrol does an odd route or the captain does something stupid.

3b3c18 No.468470

File: 0820052e621279c⋯.jpg (48.68 KB, 766x499, 766:499, ohio-dvic110.jpg)


A "Boomer" is a nickname for an ICBM battery submarine.

840f24 No.468471


Thanks man.

Those subs are usually really damned quiet, so quiet infact that shit like link related happens.


5341fd No.468473


>Implying the CIA would let the USN compete with their business.

b80213 No.468488


How do subs collide in the massive ocean?

90815c No.468496


>submarines take advantage of environmental characteristics, such as ocean currents of varying temperatures (thermoclines) or varying salinity (haloclines), to avoid detection

>The British Broadcasting Corporation has speculated that though highly improbable considering the vastness of the areas in which they operate, the actual areas used by ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) are in reality limited, and overlap (alleged to often be between Malin Head and Rockall Bank). They have claimed that the use of these areas by submarines of the British, French and Russian navies has increased the risk of accidental collision.[1]

2eec19 No.468619

How did ww1 and ww2 submarines avoid detection if they were mostly surfaced? Is it because they were still rather small with most of the hull just under the surface? Still, travelling from France to Japan and back sounds like a fucking feat, yet it wasn't out of ordinary.

30d1e6 No.468622


Oceans are very large.

a27d66 No.468636


>hurr lemme look into expired rice

>cracks open

>finds pelletized cocaine that looks like rice

Come on man.

179d45 No.468654

File: 8738109df904f3a⋯.gif (107.58 KB, 400x267, 400:267, despair.gif)

File: 230fb00c748e46f⋯.jpg (200.76 KB, 1024x590, 512:295, U995_2004_1.jpg)

>mfw the only Typ VII left is rusting away as aland based museum

>mfw it will never sail the seas as a training submarine for submarine crews

>mfw it will never hunt helpless cargo vessels like in the dark, and never assault a convoy in a pack like any proper wolf would

bb6b25 No.468705


OP have you been playing Silent Hunter too?

138924 No.468753

File: 4af0a9771c2a632⋯.jpg (41.74 KB, 944x670, 472:335, a fucking leaf.jpg)


>hey, doesn't it seem weird that our destroyers keep carrying hundreds of tons of expired rice into the country, and that nobody knows where this shit comes from, where it's going, or why the fuck anybody wants or needs 500 tons of expired rice?

>nah, nothing suspicious about that

179d45 No.468787

File: 196536e51769bd9⋯.png (114.48 KB, 407x281, 407:281, 2b2wvztjyjwx.png)


Who doesn't play SH once in a while just to feel bad about Ubi killing the franchise?

3bd2ef No.468788


the ship is being taken care of even if it will never sail again. People love it and get to learn history by going aboard it. The ship will get to have a wonderful afterlife, whats the problem?

482cce No.469006


It is not used as intended. To a german, that is a problem. It just feels wrong. Its like using a car engine as a makeshift Outboard engine on a boat. It may work, but it's just not meant for that. It's autism on a people's level.

The other thing is, of course, having a submarine that doesn't do submarine shit is like having a rifle that won't shoot because someone welded a steel bolt into the barrel. Californianized. Brady'd. Vandalism.

b53c1e No.469023


If I was German, I would honestly be glad that it wasn't destroyed for its Nazi associations.

Germans in general seem okay with the Kriegsmarine, to be fair.

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