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Salt raifus and raifu accessories


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There's no discharge in the war!

File: bcc5081a1734241⋯.jpg (312.08 KB, 1400x1879, 1400:1879, 81GbRE9vHaL.jpg)

7f6b62 No.477680


Where where you when SA turned into backwards Rhodesia with whites not having state backing the niggers still want to wipe out whites tho

117390 No.477681


in my home, taking fat ogre shit

also i never understood the point of these modern osprey books. photos from this era are so easy to find that it seems kinda pointless.

4b1459 No.477689


I love those books man. I used to use them as a reference when painting models.

57a7aa No.477704

File: 365b48b2524fa60⋯.pdf (10.71 MB, Osprey_-_New_Vanguard_095_….pdf)


This. They're nice. We should dump some

117390 No.477753

File: 79c6615a79e4ad1⋯.pdf (2.59 MB, Osprey Fortress 30 Eben Em….pdf)

if you want anything in particular just ask. Most of these are too big to post but i could think something out

117390 No.477754

File: 455906995740868⋯.pdf (9.29 MB, Osprey Fortress 62 Soviet ….pdf)

117390 No.477756

File: b2911e23864c081⋯.pdf (11.29 MB, Osprey Fortress 63 The Atl….pdf)


117390 No.477758

File: 3094702d04749b2⋯.pdf (11.31 MB, Osprey Fortress 36 Us Stra….pdf)


117390 No.477759

File: 201774815b02310⋯.pdf (9.55 MB, Osprey Fortress 61 Medieva….pdf)

These ones are pretty

117390 No.477761

File: 8c62cf8f58ebd23⋯.pdf (8.72 MB, Osprey Fortress 102 Defens….pdf)

im going from top to bottom of my disc

117390 No.477764

File: 730692d1313a728⋯.pdf (8.38 MB, Osprey Fortress 103 Fortif….pdf)

i think this one has fort voix, but im not sure

117390 No.477765

File: f4c79e742e1a077⋯.pdf (6.88 MB, Osprey Fortress 104 Fortre….pdf)

tibetan aesthetics

117390 No.477768

File: 22afacfc4191b8b⋯.pdf (4.37 MB, Osprey Fortress 105 Forts ….pdf)

7d91d4 No.477772


Thanks for posting these fam.

117390 No.477773

File: 062e6aae9953e2d⋯.pdf (5.64 MB, Osprey Fortress 107 Defens….pdf)

/pol/ special

117390 No.477775

File: 0166fc5d831ec7c⋯.pdf (9.84 MB, Osprey Fortress 81 Maori F….pdf)


117390 No.477776

File: cba7f86a2c5d042⋯.pdf (4.98 MB, Osprey Fortress 97 Colditz….pdf)

new turkey

117390 No.477777

File: 567dd244d1d6acf⋯.pdf (10.67 MB, Scottish Units in the Worl….pdf)

i run out of castles

117390 No.477778

File: 7a06223e4303f7d⋯.pdf (11.27 MB, The US Navy in World War I….pdf)

this one will be close to your hearts

5cd669 No.477779


Good quints

5cd669 No.477781

File: 3a77b5838b3d7db⋯.png (55.41 KB, 132x175, 132:175, needs a name.PNG)

117390 No.477782

File: 23c8af35807087e⋯.pdf (10.25 MB, Armies In East Africa 1914….pdf)

i have 16 giga of these, but almost all of them are too big to post

117390 No.477783

File: 1ad4a700510286c⋯.pdf (6.92 MB, German Army Elite Units 19….pdf)


117390 No.477785

File: efee7ff6d009256⋯.pdf (8.57 MB, Italian Invasion Of Abbisy….pdf)

i still cant understand how can you lose war with ethiopia. Thats like losing to czechs (we actually did. We were at war with 5 different countries at once)

117390 No.477787

File: 41e7c9868317b3b⋯.pdf (9.98 MB, The Austro-Hungarian Force….pdf)

did you know that there were plans for creating austro-hungary-poland after winning ww1?

117390 No.477788

File: 58b8d9bc6356cca⋯.pdf (10.41 MB, The British Army in World ….pdf)

117390 No.477789

File: 46c31341f3470f1⋯.pdf (3.86 MB, The German Army 1939-45 (5….pdf)

gonna stop, i must go to bed. Probably will dump rest tommorow

117390 No.477898

File: 19d2d1ef8243a84⋯.pdf (10.88 MB, The German Army 1939-45 (1….pdf)

germanic edition

117390 No.477899

File: 4256837f7a7832d⋯.pdf (7.56 MB, The Waffen-Ss (1) - 1 To 5….pdf)

308459 No.478174

SA is a shit tier colony because they didn't use the exterminatus, but that isn't the fault of young Afrikaners, and probably isn't the fault of many Xs and Boomers.

""Native"" Nigerian immigrants should be stopped at the border, build a wall etc etc. Jelly kaffirs should build their own gated communities and write offensive paragraphs on the internet instead of getting /fit/ and fighting. That way, some of them might just be able to compete economically and thus prove that coppers are the real bad guys, no matter what.

b98785 No.478373
























Thank you for these! All saved! If you could post more of the bigger ones you mentioned, I would appreciate it a lot. Just make a new google account and you get 15 gb free.

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