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There's no discharge in the war!

File: e6eca9a6076f3bf⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 640x482, 320:241, This-Indian-anti-rape-gun.jpg)

9f8e8b No.491291

Rate the Indian anti rape gun.

55b074 No.491296

Isn't it just a poor copy of the enfield revolvers with a special snowflake cartridge that makes the Jap Type-26 look like a magnum?

7753c2 No.491309

File: 7b56ac06512254e⋯.jpg (285.91 KB, 900x1056, 75:88, op shops for clothes.jpg)


As usual, OP is a miserable, low energy faggot. Presumeably it's similar to this:



Nomenclature Revolver 0.32 (7.65 mm)

Calibre 7.65 mm

Weight (Without Ammunition) 0.7 kg

Length of Revolver 177.8 mm

Effective length of Barrel Bore 76.2 mm

Rifling Six Grooves R.H. 1 Turn/380 mm

Sights Fore Sight Blade

Back Sight 'U'

Feed Revolving Chamber, 6 Rounds

(News reports claim list price of ~2,000 Burger Bucks)

Everyone is using the page picture from the Ordinance site, but that can't be quite right since weight given is too high for the Nirbheek and the page is archived back at least 4 years. Granted, they probably just changed the frame to titanium to bring the weight down. It's hard to tell because their website is about what you'd expect from the gun: antiquated junk designed to meet asinine government regulations by Pajeets who were too stupid to get into a foreign work or study program.

7753c2 No.491310

Also, pro tip: If there's anything this hilarious in the first page of search results you should probably lead with it:



JULY 2, 2014 | 12 COMMENTS

Nirbheek Pistol (Ordnance Factories Board)

BY Nivedita Menon

From the curators: On December 16, 2012, a brutal incident of sexual assault occurred in Delhi, India. A young woman, traveling home on a bus after watching a movie with a friend, was beaten, gang raped, and thrown naked into the street. The young woman, who later became known to the public as Nirbhaya (or “fearless”), died two weeks later as a result of her injuries; her male companion was also severely beaten but survived. The vicious attack drew widespread condemnation and quickly became the center of public attention and news coverage around the world. In response to this charged climate, the Indian Ordnance Factory—a sub-branch of the Indian government’s Ministry of Defense—developed a lightweight revolver called Nirbheek (a synonym for Nirbhaya). The pistol was marketed specifically for women, and its makers claimed the design would guard against sexual assaults. Since its release in January 2014, however, numerous objections have been raised in response to the design—not least over the inference that women must protect themselves from the status quo rather than agitating for protection under the law, changes in policy, and more progressive cultural attitudes. Such atrocities are endemic globally, and it is estimated that the majority of such attacks remain unreported or unprosecuted. (The trial that eventually brought Nirbhaya’s rapists to justice was a rare case in India at the time.) Despite the controversial design intervention, almost two years after Nirbhaya’s death the legacy of her ordeal remains uncertain.

From the branches of a mango tree, in its spreading shade on a hot May morning in a north Indian village, the bodies of two teenaged women hang. They were abducted, raped, and hanged by their necks until they died. The men arrested for their rape and murder, including two policemen, are from their own village, from a locally more dominant caste than theirs, although they all belong to a set of intermediate castes that, in the alphabet soup of Indian bureaucratese, is termed OBC—Other Backward Classes.

Meanwhile, routinely, Dalit women are raped, often killed, in villages—largely by OBC men, higher than Dalits in the caste hierarchy, economically more powerful, though “backward” themselves. “Dalit” literally means “oppressed,” but it’s a political identity militantly taken on by the former “untouchable” castes.

Rape is a way of teaching Dalits their place—since they seem to be in danger of forgetting.

Women—whatever their class, whatever their caste—seem to be in danger.

Of forgetting their place. Of facing sexual violence.

From men whose houses they clean, men they meet at parties, boyfriends, men who offer to help tourists, organized “rioters” during well-planned inter-community violence, husbands, relatives. From strangers in gangs. (A man doesn’t have to be physically stronger than a woman if he is many and she is one.) India reports, on average, over 22,000 rapes a year. This figure doesn’t include rapes by policemen of women and transgender people—hijras—in their custody; nor rapes by Indian armed forces with legal impunity in the large parts of India under Extraordinary Laws, where democratic rights are suspended.

7753c2 No.491311


Almost as beautiful as that shade giving generous tree on a summer morning in Katra Shahadatganj is the delicate gun designed especially for women. Small, lightweight, fitting easily into a lady’s purse, with a polished handle. It nests in a maroon velvet case because, as the manager of the factory that makes the gun said to a journalist, “Indian women love their jewelry.” The gun is named after the young paramedic who was raped and brutalized in Delhi in December 2012, whose courageous, but eventually fruitless, struggle for life brought thousands out on the streets in protest.

“Nirbhaya”—Unafraid Woman—this was the pseudonym given to her by a newspaper, since she could not be named under rape laws. The gun’s name, Nirbheek, means “unafraid.”

A sleek weapon appropriately feminized, named Unafraid, for use by the woman Afraid of rape from strangers. For would you pull that gun on your boyfriend, on a policeman, on your uncle as he creeps into your bed at night?

Its cost is higher than the annual income of most Indian households. Could you afford this gleaming sinister ornament if you were that young paramedic whose father is a loader at Delhi airport, or if you were one of the teenagers hanged to death in Katra Shahadatganj?

(Talking of gleaming sinister power: the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues said the U.S. was “horrified” at recent incidents of violence against women in India, Pakistan, and Nigeria. She has written to the Indian Prime Minister, asking him to take immediate action to combat violence against women. Presumably in our perfectly equitable world, in which one in five women in the U.S. have experienced rape, a Nigerian official can write to Obama asking him to take immediate action to ensure justice in the Steubenville and Torrington rapes, the violent victim-blaming reactions to which have horrified the rest of the world.)

Cheaper than the gun, not beautiful like the mango tree, but its design smart as a whip, is an app—the Vith U App. At the touch of a button on her phone, a woman can send alerts to designated receivers: I’m in danger. Please follow my location.

Endorsing the app on television, the intoxicating eyes of a leading Hindi film star seek out your deepest fears:

“I’m an actress, celebrity. Encircled by security, but still afraid. The criminal may not be a stranger, it could be anyone. In hotels, in elevators, in washrooms, you cannot take your safety for granted.”

Design to enhance fear. The sharp awareness of that delicate bulk in your handbag; the sense of that smart program embedded in your smart phone.

To feel afraid always. So you can feel safe.

How about design to make you unafraid? Spaces, institutions, minds—unraveled and made over. Design that recognizes the intricate intimacy between life and risk, for to live is always to risk something valuable. Design to galvanize that thoughtless step into the unknown. Design that animates your careless laugh as you map the world with your stride.

1abeb5 No.491317

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Great! Women can carry guns for self-defense now!

Except what they don't tell you is that the lowest castes, who get raped the most often, are still forbidden to own firearms; this revolver is only for the upper castes and, since the government is the sole source for legal guns in India, they charge 85,652 rupees per pistol, which comes out to roughly $1,282. Which is just shy of the average annual income in India. That's right, you would have to save up almost a year's wages to buy this gun.

Well, for that price it better be pretty frickin' awesome, right?

Ha ha, no. Like everything that comes from India, it's complete shit.

It's an unlicensed clone of the British Webley MkVI revolver, specifically the model used by the Singapore Police back in the day. The Webley revolver was manufactured from 1887 to 1963 in various versions, and the MkVI that they cloned was introduced in 1915.

The MkVI was available in .455 Webley, which has been out of use worldwide since the 1940's, .45ACP/.45 Auto Rim (also discontinued in the 1940's), and .38 S&W. The MkVI in .38 S&W is still in use in police departments across Asia, including the Singapore Police model that India copied to make this revolver.

Ok, .38 S&W is less powerful than a .38 Special, but it's still decent for self-defe- oh wait, they downgraded the caliber too, because they don't like civilians having effective firearms. It's chambered for .32 S&W Long, which is roughly equivalent to .32ACP in firepower. Gun owners, in addition to serious restrictions like needing a license (which has to be renewed every three years), having to prove "immediate need", registration of the gun, a limit of three guns, a ban on semi-auto and full-auto weapons, a ban on any caliber currently or historically used by the police or military (as well as .410 shotguns, for some reason), etc., are limited to possessing a total of 25 rounds of ammunition (total, not per caliber/gun) at a time, can purchase a total of 50 rounds per year, and must bring in all of their spent brass to prove they shot their ammo up before being allowed to purchase more.

So you can't even get in any decent range time with this thing. Also, the only ammo allowed is lead roundnose.

Well, with all those hoops to jump through and the insane cost, it'd better be a quality firearm, right? I mean, it's based on a proven, solid design that was in military service for most of a century and is still in police service well over a century after it was first introduced.

Ha, no. It's shit.

Misfires and failure to eject are regular occurrences. They're also not very accurate, and the latch that keeps the cylinder closed has a habit of coming open at random moments, but particularly while firing the gun.

1abeb5 No.491318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


India has legalized a single model of semi-automatic pistol for civilian ownership, though it's even harder to get than the revolver.

It's a .32ACP straight blowback design that is a cross between the Browning Model 1910 and the Colt Pocket Hammerless Model 1903.

Oh, and to absolutely no one's surprise, it's complete shit. Not particularly accurate, and it jams on a regular basis.

1abeb5 No.491319

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A common fix for the constant jamming of the IOF semi-auto pistol is to file down the rims on the ammo, which fixes SOME, but not all, of the feeding problems.

a67ad3 No.491320


>one in five women in the U.S. have experienced rape

They're behind on their stats. It hasn't been one in five since GamerGate started. Now it's up to one in three by most reports, or according to some a nice round 50%.

a67ad3 No.491321


Oh, now I see it's from 2014, so it was written back when they ran with the 1/5 number.

55b074 No.491322

File: f621d30a8eb225f⋯.jpg (57.28 KB, 600x342, 100:57, 68988-138052.jpg)


>design that is a cross between the Browning Model 1910 and the Colt Pocket Hammerless Model 1903.

How? Why?

1abeb5 No.491323

File: ace81d10e370ef4⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 540x377, 540:377, indiawhatthefuck.jpg)

The Indian arms industry in general is complete shit.

Surplus Indian ammo is shit






>Problems include ammo loaded with mixed ball and stick powder, ammo loaded with concrete dust and pebbles mixed in with the powder, bullets sealed with road tar for 'waterproofing', bullets inserted into the case mouth sideways, ammo with double the gun powder, ammo with almost no gun powder (squibs), ammo with misshapen primer pockets, ammo packs missing rounds from the factory, heavily corroded cases in factory-sealed packages, and loose straw/hay packed in with the ammo

Indian air force so incompetent, they keep crashing their brand new Su-30 fighters; India has more accidental air crashes than any other major military on the planet


INSAS rifle's sling: the worse ever


>Complaints about the sling are: it's too tight, making it impossible to sling the rifle while wearing body armor, it breaks off of the sling swivel easily, and when mounted on the rifle the sling obscures the front sight, making it difficult to aim

INSAS assault rifle is shit


>Issues include: engraved serial numbers, selector markings, etc. are scratched in with a nail, not stamped or electro-penciled, the rifle sprays gas in the operator's face, parts of the bolt tend to break off and hit the operator in the face while firing, the rifle loses zero every time it's disassembled for cleaning, rifle overheats after going through a single magazine, sear tends to snap off when firing 3-rnd burst and make the gun run away on full-auto, plastic furniture is made by a literal plastic furniture company and breaks easily, magazines crack when dropped and melt when the gun is fired rapidly, parts are poorly fitted and are often not interchangeable between rifles, pins and handguard tend to break when disassembling rifle for cleaning, accuracy is sub-par, and the rifle jams constantly

India can't develop a decent sniper rifle, decides to bring back the Enfield since they've had the tooling sitting around since WW2


India has critical ammo shortage, despite not being at war with anyone in decades


>How incompetent do you have to be to run out of ammo in peace time?

India can't build gun barrels for the T-72 that don't explode when they fire, contracts for replacements from Russia


Indian incompetence leads to multiple ammo depots catching fire and/or exploding


>Guess we found the cause of the ammo shortage

Indian special forces claim they got their asses kicked by terrorists because the MP5 is more deadly than the AK-47 and soldiers were outgunned


>After all, 9mm is bigger than 7.62mm!

India's first domestic tank, the Arjun, is also shit


>Problems include an underpowered engine, a gun that blows up when you fire it, a transmission that falls apart, thermal optics that don't work above room temperature, and parts that wear out amazingly fast due to poor metallurgy

Can you believe these incompetent street-shitters actually have nuclear weapons and a space program?

58747a No.491325

Trump should repeal the NFA act, mandate federal constitutional carry, federal Stand your ground & castle doctrine,and go all Commodore Perry of the firearm world on China, India,Europe,and Japan.

ffd75b No.491326

Why can't Indians do anything right.

1abeb5 No.491332


Before they were shitting in the streets, they were shitting in the gene pool.

55b074 No.491335


Dravidian majority and muslim occupation destroyed most of the Aryan blood and structure left, then the Brits finally finished it off.

8b57e2 No.491339


>not least over the inference that women must protect themselves from the status quo rather than agitating for protection under the law, changes in policy, and more progressive cultural attitudes

Don't give people immediate protection options that they can use to protect their own personal safety, only ever advocate for utopian pipe dreams. I fucking hate this idea that a woman's personal safety isn't her responsibility.

1abeb5 No.491342

File: 6544f2e8726e56d⋯.jpg (197.16 KB, 1024x615, 1024:615, indiansdrinkpiss.jpg)


>Don't teach women to defend themselves, teach men not to rape!

>Don't teach kids to look both ways, teach cars not to run them over!

453246 No.491344


Because they legitimately refuse to learn from any kind of mistakes. It's like someone took the arrogance of the French, British, and Americans, tossed in the incompetance of the Italians, and just mixed it in with their shitskin blood.

94ef4d No.491346

File: db1fba4e5cd618c⋯.jpg (188.55 KB, 600x800, 3:4, pix860633968.jpg)


>go all Commodore Perry of the firearm world on… People who either don't wan't guns or can't comprehend KEEPING and BEARING arms

Why should I give a shit about them they don't wan't funs. If they did there would be more gun rights groups at the very least in these countries. Instead all we see is jack and shit with the best example of pro-weapon-of-any-sort people in these countries is japan, but they're content with jacking off to plastic pea shooters.

If we did some how get these people gun rights and opened up gun markets in these places the most likely outcome is that our gun companies will divert tons of time and energy to make cheapo beater blasters for a short while and then quickly calm back down to how it was before. Fuck them I would rather contemplate wasting dollars on a hi-point handgun as a joke on a million different occasions but then walk away knowing I could spend that money on 8 meals at wendys and if I wanted, it will still be there. Rather than to walk by and see that all the ghetto blasters were all sold to some backwards shit covered fuck, thinking he would make a killing only to be brought down to reality when he sees that all of his stock never even moved a millimeter from where they were initially placed because all the potential customers are content with being raped or waiting an hour for a cop to finally show up only so he can add his bit of jizz to the now miserable lump of rape meat.

9f8e8b No.491355


>India has critical ammo shortage, despite not being at war with anyone in decades

Are corrupt pajeet generals selling shit on the black market

9f8e8b No.491356


Also their space program is run by foreign scientists.

bce9d8 No.491449

I fully support India's efforts to expand their nuclear capabilities, for the sole reason that putting a bunch of pajeets in charge of some radioactive material is practically a guarantee that everyone near them will get cancer.

38872a No.491450

i would read a book about white man being asked by indian government to come and unfuck their military complex, and all the bullshit he must go throught.

kinda like that discworld book about post office and a bank

51d90b No.491453


>best example of pro-weapon-of-any-sort people in these countries is japan

This is your brain on anime

4eb750 No.491456


>only five shots

That will stop maybe a third of your average indian rape gang.

e43b06 No.491457


Does it fire disposable loos for them to poo in?

abc7aa No.491469


If things go poorly, a ton of Pajeets get cancer. If we're lucky, we get to watch a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

7070fe No.491474


Closest thing would be military otaku. Korea is far worse despite the constant threat and mandatory service. Europe is Europe

51d90b No.491486


Europeans can own real guns; Nips can't

38872a No.491487

File: e5c40d0012f9223⋯.jpg (68.21 KB, 1200x801, 400:267, meanwhile in finland.jpg)


pic related exists. only pro gun in asia

1abeb5 No.491560


Japs can own bolt-action hunting rifles, as well as double-barrel, pump-action, and semi-auto shotguns (with increasing difficulty for the shotguns). It's even possible to legally own a handgun in Japan, but you gotta have serious connections.

5470c9 No.491584

File: c96ff98b1aa339f⋯.jpg (101.72 KB, 1053x677, 1053:677, 1448575757533.jpg)


>go all Commodore Perry of the firearm world on China, India,Europe,and Japan.

Are you under the impression that we aren't the biggest exporter of arms in the world? India and China are also the biggest importers. Granted most of those are nation-to-nation deals with products acquired from the usual MIC cronies. So many allied nations across the world are nofuns, so it's hard to facilitate private-to-private transactions of small arms.

>Trump should repeal the NFA act, mandate federal constitutional carry, federal Stand your ground & castle doctrine

He should, but I fail to see what this has to do with your point. The only legislation that impacts this, as far as I know, is the Arms Export Control Act. I believe all exports have to be done directly through the manufacturer.

5445b7 No.491655


Kyrgyzstan also. Bunch of Rhodesian expats just do their thing and the government doesn't bother them.

e3b0b3 No.491659

How does it compare to a rohm?

11ff9d No.491667


I think I recall the street shitter police using a SMLE modified to single fire and the calibre swapped to .410

Can find a vid about it on Forgotten Weapons.

afb3c0 No.491673



Looks like some filing down of material in the pistol is required as well, like what some people do to their Jiminez cheapo plinkers so it won't be a constant jamomatic

afb3c0 No.491674


Pajeets, nuff said

afb3c0 No.491677

File: 737f7fd0d4f43e2⋯.jpeg (668.35 KB, 1214x910, 607:455, image.jpeg)

File: 39a85f198dcbed4⋯.png (476 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, image.png)


Their quality control is will always be shit just like their hygiene. As for the INSAS, all they did was polished it three times, the third being made after the Ghurkas in Nepal were pissed over the jammings that were impeding their operation against a bunch of commie maoists. If anything, Indians are the biggest jews in Asia right next to the Chinks. They express a product with a silver tongue to fool someone's poor ass and after that fuck you over with shit tier customer support.

1abeb5 No.491685

Seven military blunders that continue to haunt India


1) Pakistan invades Kashmir, Kashmir asks India for assistance and agrees to let India annex Kashmir in exchange. India not only declines to annex Kashmir (which had previously broken away from India), right when they were about to defeat the Pakis and drive them out of Kashmir, the victorious Indian government halted the offensive and asked the UN to broker a peace. The UN didn't give a shit, and now decades later half of Kashmir is still occupied by the Pakistani military, and another section is occupied by China; yes, India literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

2) India ignored Chinese aggression for years and neutered their military in hopes that this would appease China and make them back off. When China invaded, India sent troops still armed with WW2-era weapons, wearing summer uniforms, into the mountains in the dead of winter and got thousands of them slaughtered with nothing to show for it. The issues with no military advisors to the government, no joint chiefs of staff, and nepotism within the officer corps have never been corrected in the decades since.

3) During the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War, India asked Russia to arbitrate a peace agreement. India agreed to return a strategic mountain pass, which it had only captured after taking disproportionate casualties, if Pakistan would agree to a ceasefire. Pakistan agreed, retook the mountain pass, and immediately violated the ceasefire; India was never able to recapture the pass for the remainder of the war, and Pakistan currently uses it to smuggle weapons to muslim terrorists in India.

4) In 1971, India won a huge victory over Pakistan and captured 96,000 POW's, whereas Pakistan only held 671 Indian POW's. Pakistan agreed to a ceasefire and said they would release all POW's and remove their troops from Kashmir in exchange for getting half their army back. India released all 96,000 POW's. Pakistan, to this day, still holds 54 Indian POW's and still occupies half of Kashmir. India is fucking retarded.

5) In 1974, India performed its first nuclear test and successfully detonated a nuke. Instead of proudly joining the nuclear club and demanding respect, they instead insisted it was a "peaceful nuclear explosion", claimed they had no nuclear ambitions, claimed their nukes were only for mining, diverting rivers, and scientific study, not for military use, and self-imposed a ban on any future nuclear tests. All because they were apparently afraid of getting sanctioned by the UN.

6) The Kandahar airplane hijacking is another embarrassment on India's resume. After hijackers took over a plane full of hostages and announced their demands, the Indian government responded by releasing three terrorists, then bragging about how they had bargained with the terrorists and gotten them to accept only part of their demands being met. Then the foreign minister escorted the terrorists out of the country as if he were seeing off honored guests. General consensus is that India isn't any better prepared to deal with terrorism now than they were then.

7) India actually passed a law requiring that, in the Assam district, instead of forcing someone accused of being an illegal alien to prove their citizenship, the government instead has to prove they're not a citizen, which is all but impossible. As a result, illegal aliens flooded into the region and for the next 20 years, every attempt to repeal the law was blocked by politicians who were receiving money from illegal alien lobbyists. It was finally declared unconstitutional and struck down, but the damage has been done; the region is now dominated by foreigners, primarily muslims trying to take over the region, and no political party can gain a foothold there unless the illegals approve.

1abeb5 No.491688


A saga of heroism and incompetence


TL;DR: Study of the 1962 border war between India and China reveals that the Indian military was utterly incompetent and unprepared for war… and almost nothing has changed since then.

India has solved literally none of the issues that caused it to lose the 1962 border war; in fact, the government is digging in deeper and making those issues worse, just so they don't have to admit they fucked up.


5732a0 No.491701


Wasn't Rohm that company in Germany that produced inexpensive SNS revolvers before the US outlawed imports of them, or am I thinking of something else?

55b074 No.491702


If by SNS you mean pot metal, then yes. They were one of the several german companies hit by the GCA 68' import ban.

Someone I know actually carries one in .357. If he ever has to shoot it someone is going to be surprised.

e3b0b3 No.491741


Would the US bail out India in another conflict?

a2a178 No.491753


Probably. India's intentions of independence are beneficial to the US as a bulwark against Chinese power, and bailing them out would mean selling them shit.

61e943 No.491754


I thought Pakistan was more of our """ally""" and India was closer to Russia

55b074 No.491755


Both the US's stance and relations with India/Pakistan and their relations with the US are frankly bipolar.

61e943 No.491756


Makes sense, as the undisputed rulers of the world at least on paper, fucking Jews we have the right to be as inconsistent and downright dumb in our decisions as we feel, it is why we keep Britain around as an ally despite them being a detriment to our success.

b50efd No.491765


huh neat. where at? would be fun to visit.


why is INSAS tan cute and not a downsie low-cast cripple?

531900 No.491770

File: dd17e18786b9849⋯.pdf (6.85 MB, Crispy's story.pdf)


But even horribly disfigured 2D girls can be cute.

2d2203 No.491773

File: 68a140f8b2050eb⋯.jpg (136.21 KB, 766x478, 383:239, The-latest-version-of-the-….jpg)

>Indian Ordnance Factory—a sub-branch of the Indian government’s Ministry of Defense—developed a lightweight revolver called Nirbheek (a synonym for Nirbhaya). The pistol was marketed specifically for women, and its makers claimed the design would guard against sexual assaults

>0.7 kg


>revolver with fucking manual safety

Superpower in 2020 HAHAHAHAHAHA

b50efd No.491774


didn't look at it that hard before reading the 7.65, it's.32 S&W long, a pre-smokeless cartridge.

wonder how they got on that, probably some ancient police contract pistols.

1d8b3b No.491790


>The Kandahar airplane hijacking is another embarrassment on India's resume

as opposed to what kind of outcome?

hijackers already win when they take a plane, "don't negotiate" is a rhetorical only policy and has never worked in practice

part of the political challenge in fractious regions is de-escelating if you are the ruling power

"winning" will likely see the whole region becoming more unstable

other criticisms are hilarious and valid though

b50efd No.491794


>seeking "neutral common ground"



34908d No.491828


>hijackers already win when they take a plane, "don't negotiate" is a rhetorical only policy and has never worked in practice




bear that in mind that this is 10+ years before India's hijacking, Yes they were too busy pooping on the tarmac to actually rescue the hostages


sometimes it works

most of the time it's not

9b50e5 No.492259


The purpose is that she's suppose to be appealing to the cudtomers (As the Indians show her as some super next generation advance rifle in their gun shows) but is actually the equivalent of a super shy, good for nothing, clumsy servant who always messes up the most basic bitch actions (To the point it can harm others).

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