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There's no discharge in the war!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be3ea8 No.504782

>Democrats are already trying to stop space corps

Why do the democrats hate the military and troops so much?



feb26d No.504802


>Why do the democrats hate the military and troops so much?

I'm not sure specifically why the American Democratic party is anti-military, but I'd imagine that it's at least similar to the reason the UK Labour party has become increasingly anti-military.

>1: Cost

Running a modern military is pretty fucking expensive. Every penny spent on soldiering is a penny that could have been spent on any one of their social programs.

>2: Ideology

The ideology of the modern left holds that everyone, regardless of any other consideration, can live happily, peacefully, and freely alongside each other without anyone of them being out out or expected to change any of their practices or beliefs except for the evil white men of course who must change everything forever because they are wrong and evil and stinky!. Thus spending on a military is an admission that this belief is nonsense as it suggests that there might be problems that can't be solved with pure empathy.

>3: Emotion

You can never underestimate the role that emotion plays in the decision making of the modern left. Now, you can argue that this is a part of point #2, but I think it's significant enough to warrant its own point. They have lived in an echo chamber designed to re-enforce their beliefs to the point where independent thought garners more or less the same reaction as suggesting that DA JOOS are not bloodsucking demonspawn on /pol/. As such even the suggestion that it's a good idea to maintain an effective military is bad, because it produces Badfeel in the leftist - and as we all know only bad ideas can produce Badfeel, I mean it's right there in the name.


The link isn't specifically on this topic, but is still a very useful read when you find yourself asking "why do 'democrats'/'liberals'/'progressives'/etc. do/think/say X"

Out of interest, couldn't find this info in your articles, is this US Space Force someone suggesting a new command structure for US military satellites? Or are they planning on developing orbital drop troops, missile sats, and space fighters? I'd assume it's the command structure thing, even the US military budget has its limits.

a9def6 No.504807


>suggesting that DA JOOS are not bloodsucking demonspawn

While it is true that not all problems are caused by Jews, you'd have to be an idiot to suggest that Jews aren't behind the majority of the movements that have weakened Western civilization over the past several decades. Look at any such organization, and you'll find a fair share of Jews in its leadership.

If it was only a few Jews in a few anti-Western organizations, it could just be a coincidence. But when a group that makes up 1% of the population is grossly over-represented in these organizations, and when they are present in the leadership of every such organization, instead of just coincidentally being part of a few, it gets to the point where you have to admit that maybe the group is a problem. You cannot expect people to ignore the fact that a group making up 1% of the population being 50%+ of the leadership of most anti-West organizations is a bit suspicious.

>Anonymous Conservative

r/K theory does help to explain why Jews are destructive. Jews are a heavily r-selected race. Most Jewish men are effete and neurotic, and they survive mostly by latching on to foreign cultures and making money through trickery.

No, it is not the case that the Jews are "bloodsucking demonspawn." It's just that the majority of Jews are heavily r-selected, and so gravitate towards anti-Western movements. As a result, the Jews as a race are very much destructive to Western society, as /pol/ claims. It's just that the reason why they are destructive is not because they're demon-spawn, but rather because of their genetics.

>even the US military budget has its limits

The United States military budget is currently the lowest it's ever been since before the Second World War as a percentage of GDP. Throughout much of the Cold War, we spent close to double what we spend now as a percent of GDP, all while maintaining a consistent budget surplus and being the world's largest creditor until 1976.

And most of that spending is Tricare and other benefit programs, which could be running far more efficiently than they are now, saving extra money.

The idea that the United States deficit is caused by military spending is a leftist lie. Entitlement spending is what's been skyrocketing for years, not military spending.

14b082 No.504811


An even better question would be

Why is /k/ so shitty?

f99d62 No.504812

File: eef20c4217fba58⋯.jpg (162.47 KB, 737x1024, 737:1024, (summer).jpg)


>Europeans and North Americans freely mingling

>Armchair generals



>/pol/ thinking we're buddy boards for some reason

>muh AR/AK debates

Just a few of the reasons /k/ is shitty. An even better question would be why do you hate people enjoying themselves?

30fc81 No.504821

File: e7d72158050eff9⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 600x343, 600:343, russian-space-forces-patch.jpg)


Russia has Space Forces.

We need Space Forces to compete against their Space Forces.

feb26d No.504826

File: e71d6d2629828f7⋯.jpg (102.85 KB, 1600x1059, 1600:1059, Muh mineshafts.jpg)


>Mr President, we cannot allow a Space Force gap!

In all seriousness though, what is the benefit of having a new command structure (with even more highly paid senior officers and support staff) over the existing system where orbital surveillance assets are handled by the USAF and intelligence agencies? How much will it cost to implement these benefits?


The DA JOOS point was intentionally hyperbolic. Considering the way feminist groups talk about men, and self proclaimed anti-racist groups talk about white people I find that their publications read like the stereotype of the stereotypical 13 year old /pol/ack but with the groups inverted.

Also, on the point with the US military budget, even if it grew to the point where 100% of all wealth on the planet was given to the US military there would still be a finite amount of resources available to them.

e4e135 No.504828


Because the second /pol/ exodus caused a large influx of mouth breathing retards, pretty much completely destroying post quality sitewide.

ad6075 No.504831

File: 8e13858fd627a96⋯.png (386.14 KB, 402x617, 402:617, The conquest of space will….png)

Nah, we all know how it will end.

92a2cf No.504848


Because the fucking greys don't want us taking over the stars, as is our rightful destiny.

More seriously, people believe there's nothing up there to either fight over or fight.

It's stupid. These people do not understand how crippling it would be if Gookland decided to stick some rockets on their rockets, and knock a few of our satellites down.

b6c8ec No.504849


wonder how many welfare kids her welfare kids' welfare kids have had by now

feb26d No.504853

File: 36124e637e7a0f1⋯.jpg (22.32 KB, 267x200, 267:200, Anonymous rolled image i l….jpg)


>people believe there's nothing up there to either fight over

>Space has literally every (non human) resource on earth, plus probably a fair few we haven't encountered yet, in quantities that would make all of Earth look like nothing.

7c7c9e No.504855

File: 0256e666de1d114⋯.png (446.07 KB, 1127x733, 1127:733, gibs me dat, NASA.png)


>not posting the updated version

0cff46 No.504859


Because they aren't convinced that nogs can be launched into space yet.

9fcd2c No.504864


because their morality is based on weakness. They worship weakness.

9fcd2c No.504865


it seems niggers were always niggers

e2e95b No.504943


>muh /pol/ boogeymen

>muh board X is bad because it's not lolberg enough

>s-stop telling the actual truth reeeeeeeeee


92a2cf No.504956


None of this is an argument to what he has said, mate.

He said

>/pol/ thinking we're buddy boards for some reason

, not, as you imply,

>muh /pol/ boogeymen

>muh board X is bad because it's not lolberg enough

False flaggers leave


246692 No.504975

democrats aren't anti war.

they are on the other side.

48cb9b No.504986


Ian pls go.

d8622d No.504994

File: d92376e914bae2f⋯.png (375.8 KB, 366x450, 61:75, angry doggo has vibrated i….png)

<anti-MAD conventions mean we'll never have an orion drive

>we could be on mars by now if faggots didn't immediately flip their shit over the idea of nukes being used for something other than destruction

e176ee No.505033


>we could be on mars by now if faggots didn't immediately flip their shit over the idea of nukes being used for something other than destruction

>we could be on mars by now if faggots didn't immediately flip their shit whenever nukes are mentioned.

14b082 No.505282


>An even better question would be why do you hate people enjoying themselves?

An even better question would be no offense m8 but that sort of thinking is straight outta tumblr?

14b082 No.505285


>pennies for the hungry

>fat as fuck

No, that isn't malnutrition.

2ac7c0 No.505298


>mollyjew "argument" meme

<reeeeeeeeeeeee this isn't an argument because I say it isn't

40916b No.505358

>Space warfare weapons deployed by Russia

On a scale of 1 to CNN how much is that sensationalized.

b55bdc No.505362


I'd give it a light 8

Russians could put a nuke into orbit but I really doubt they're still cold war paranoic about shit since they already can glass half the planet as is.

3293ff No.505365

File: 92e19e697dcc7e4⋯.webm (7.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Russia: Next-gen combat s….webm)


Remember, Russians themselves like to play along. I'm sure various groups will try to scare US senators with this vid to convince them to waste money on power armour.

ab3a70 No.505377

File: 56493c6521151eb⋯.jpg (148.22 KB, 1000x558, 500:279, Michael Whelan, Descent, D….jpg)


>we could terraform mars by now if faggots didn't immediately flip their shit over the idea of nukes being used for something other than destruction

I'm tired of pussyfooting around low earth orbit I want to build the martian canals already.

d8622d No.505393


What if some extremely rich faggot decided to build a orion drive himself and start a space colony on his own?

ab3a70 No.505404


I was actually talking about using nukes or atomic reactors to melt the southern polar cap. Personally I think a more economical solution to travel to mars would be to convert a near earth mars crosser asteroid into a base and use it as a sort of shuttle back and forth. At least in the short term.

I really don't see Orion being viable until we can work out pure fusion detonations. Hydrogen is a lot lighter than plutonium and a lot more common.

d8622d No.505406


>mars has polar caps


5b9d02 No.505410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Starting with a base on the Moon or on Mars is an incredibly bad idea. The proper way is to start mining asteroids and establish industrial bases on the Lagrange-points of the Earth and Moon, so that you only have to launch people to space, because you can build everything else up there. And once you have self-sufficient colonies around Earth you can take your time to colonize the Solar System. Watch this man's videos on the subject.

ab3a70 No.505411

File: 2bff83edad4389c⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1368x1319, 1368:1319, Martian_north_polar_cap.jpg)

File: a6f20943ef0d304⋯.jpg (139.35 KB, 1690x1234, 845:617, South_Polar_Cap_of_Mars_du….jpg)


Boy does it ever have ice caps. They use to think it was all dry ice but they've discovered that they contain a huge amount of water ice. The southern one in particular is believed to be about 3 miles deep and contains enough water to cover the entire planet with an average of 20 ft of water. Obviously since mars isn't completely flat so there would be significant areas of both dry land and comparatively deep water.

4442c8 No.505453


I just realized that it has ERA or some shit in the arms.

Still want that camo though.


Pretty sure it would all go into the great canyon.

cb0e67 No.505458

File: 5b93afcbcd611ed⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 652x3514, 326:1757, mars.jpg)



>What if some extremely rich faggot decided to build a orion drive himself and start a space colony on his own?

Could we meme Elon Musk into building one?

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